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#kuroko no basquet

update: i am disappointed and let down by Kuroko no Basket. the ACTIVE transphobia + homophobia, mischaracterizations, misogyny, etc, came to light to me today. i will no longer be posting pro-knb content, so if you want to unfollow me, unfollow me. also follow @gracehasthoughts if you want to know the reasons why KNB sucks in that regard. 

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Kuroko No Basket Roleplay

Hello!I’m looking for a Kuroko no Basket roleplayer who can roleplay as Akashi Seijuro and they would allow Oc[Original Character]

It’s going to be 1x1 and maybe we can do 2x2 if you wanted to!

BxG, If you prefer it to be BxB i can swap my oc gender to Male! If you wanted BxB

I don’t have any triggers when it comes to Roleplaying! If you do please let me know!

[This is going to be Romance genre]

If you have any rules please also let me know.

I’ll tell you the Plots!if not then we could Discuss together!

I’m Semi-Literate - Literate! But it depends on how the Situation is so it might be short. I’m using Third PoV.

For anyone who wants to roleplay Please do let me know, Comment/DM/AskBox. This Roleplay is going to be In DM btw!

  • Use ((,//,)),\ or ]] or [[ for talking outside of the Roleplay.

You can add my discord! :

緑間 真太郎#4151

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You fail today it’s oky it happens but if you stopped today that’s not okay at all, you have to get up and try again no Matter how many times you fail there’s literally no shame in failing so get some sleep and try again tomorrow 💜🧡

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