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#kuroko tetsuya

hehehe glad to hear that! seeing this request alone made me squeal so i hope you enjoy this! (//ω//) also, unrelated to this, my exams are coming soon so i probably wouldn’t be as active but once they are over, i’ll be back to finish all the requests!!

akashi seijuro

  • if anything, he had it planned already and yet, somehow, you manage to say it first, before him
  • it’s something he doesn’t expect, and the fact that you’re able to surprise him is just something else that he loves that about you
  • “i love you too, my empress. ever since the start.” he would calmly reply, a smirk on his face as he watches your cheeks redden at his words
  • will end up giving you a lot of gifts and surprises because every time he thinks about that scene, he will just feel like showing how much he treasures and loves you

aomine daiki

  • stunned at first and just stays there rooted to the floor before he returns back to his normal self, a confident grin on his face
  • will certainly start by boasting about himself — saying things like how you shouldn’t say things like that as if would boost his ego or even claiming that he can’t help that he was just so likeable
  • but finally, he stops joking and turns serious, his voice dropping a pitch as he ensures that he has all of you attention. “i love you too.”
  • after he says that, he would quickly turn away, hiding how flustered he was

kise ryouta

  • there’s no hesitation as your words register in his head and instantly, his eyes light up
  • “really? i love you too!” he’s just so excited because he has been keeping these feelings inside of him for so long and hearing you say it just makes him explode with happiness
  • fawns over how adorable you were and complains how nervous he was because he just couldn’t decide when he should say it — but luckily, you took the first step
  • afterwards, he would be a little sulky because he realised that he wanted to be the first one out of you two to say ‘i love you’ but gets over it pretty quickly

kuroko tetsuya

  • the way you said it was so random that he pauses for a while, replaying what just happened — the two of you were on the way to get vanilla milkshakes and you just said you first ‘i love you’
  • then, he stops walking, causing you to do the same, and with a rare grin on his face as he looks at you with admiration and affection, he replies “that’s good. because i love you too, (f/n)-kun.”
  • would be so unusually bubbly for the next few days from just thinking about you that even his teammates would think that there was something wrong with him

midorima shintarou

  • he tenses up immediately, and you quickly tell him that it was okay if he thought it was too early to say the same
  • he remains silent for a while, sneaking glances at you whenever he thought you weren’t looking and trying to sort his thoughts out
  • i-i love you too nanodayo.” he looks at you, before quickly staring at his book, after seeing a smile start to form on your face
  • will be weirdly contented in school for the following weeks, leaving takao wondering if he hit his head or something

muraskibara atsushi

  • from how long he took to respond and his lack of physical expressions, you thought that he happened to miss your words — he just looks at you for a while, before smiling lazily
  • “i love you too, (f/n)-chin.” he says it so nonchalantly before passing you a potato chip 
  • on the inside, he could feel his heart beating rapidly and ends up giving and sharing with you a lot of his snacks because that was the only way he knew how to fully convey his love to you
  • also, will end up hugging you a lot more than usual whenever he thinks about you and your feelings for him
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Persona 5 x Kuroko no Basket crossover

[knb x s/o reader]

Headcanons on how KNB characters find out you were a member of the Phantom Thieves + what they do afterwards

Warning: very very brief mention of harassment/assault | mild spoilers up to Haru/mild insinuations of Akechi | mild spoilers of KNB’s “Last Game” movie

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Kuroko: Totally understands your stress. It’s hard for him to watch you like this so even though he knows you’re the one who has to study all the needed material, Kuroko wants to help you somehow. He checks up on you often to see how you’re doing, reminds you to take short breaks to eat and does his best to explain if you don’t understand something. Kuroko is positive you’re going to ace all those exams and lets you know about it often. It might look scary now but it won’t be that bad, he’s sure.

Kise: He’s not a good tutor and doesn’t really know what to do to help but he can’t handle seeing you so stressed out. That’s why he decides to at least try and study with you. Kise still doesn’t end up being a huge help as he’s getting distracted easily but his presence and support already makes you feel at least a little better. He becomes your personal cheerleader, motivating you to continue studying when you feel like quitting, bringing you tea, snacks or whatever you need to focus better.

Midorima: He actually tries to tutor you, acting like a real teacher. He’s strict when it comes to focusing because he simply knows you’re smart and can do well if you really try. Midorima needs a while to become really helpful as he starts off explaining everything a bit too complicated, soon changing his approach seeing your confused and distraught face. With some time, you start getting it and Midorima sees your smile for the first time in a while. He really hopes you’ll pass the exam just fine.

Aomine: Hearing you ask for a study date because of your exams made him raise his brow, not believing you really suggested that to him. But realizing how stressed you are, he agrees and shows up at your place soon later. It doesn’t exactly go the way you thought it would because Aomine can’t focus at all and ends up napping in the middle of your “studying”. But he encourages you that everything will be fine and you’ll pass for sure. It might not seem like much but he genuinely wants you to be more confident.

Murasakibara: He also doesn’t really help with the actual studying and himself doesn’t care much about exams. That’s why he tries to persuade you to care a little less as well because stressing so much isn’t healthy for you. But seeing it doesn’t work, Murasakibara asks someone he knows to help you out and just sticks to motivating you, bringing you food and reminding you to take breaks every once in a while. He doesn’t want you to get sick because of those exams.

Akashi: Takes it very seriously and accepts the role of becoming your tutor. He’s very patient and tries explaining given parts multiple times to make sure you really understand everything. The progress might be slow but he believes you’re going to pass those exams with ease. Akashi understands your stress but also does what he can to take your mind off the studying when you’re on breaks. It’s not healthy nor effective to study all the time so he reminds you to stop every hour and remember about eating and sleeping.

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This kind of took some time to write, but I hope you feel okay now!! I hope you like this too :) x

Scenario: GOM + Kagami comforting their s/o who had a bad day

Kuroko •

You weren’t exactly having the best of days. You had woken up late that morning and you looked like an absolute mess because you didn’t have time to get ready. You also accidentally left your homework that you were up all night doing on your desk at home, so you had to spend your recess in detention as a punishment. You didn’t have any classes with Kuroko that day and recess was the only time you would’ve gotten to spend time with him, so that just added onto your frustration.

There was this group of girls in your class who hated you for absolutely no reason than to boost their ego. Normally, you didn’t really mind whatever they said or did to you because you learned that all they wanted from you was a reaction. However, when you got back to class at the end of the day after speaking with one of your teachers and found your notes with important exam prep on it on your desk, completely covered in scribbles of insults and horrendous doodles, you couldn’t help but break down. You were absolutely exhausted that day and this was the last straw.

You quickly grabbed your things and rushed out of class, ignoring all the snickers and snide comments. You did your best to hold back your tears as you headed back home, stopping yourself from just completely losing it on the way by telling yourself that you can cry all you want at home without getting any judgemental stares. And that’s exactly what you did.

The moment you got through that front door, you let out all the wails and cries of frustration that had been building up throughout the day. You say on the floor by the door doing just this for a while before you eventually gathered yourself together and dragged yourself to your bedroom.

You pulled your notes out of your bag and tried to see if you could somehow salvage your work, but almost everything had been obscured by their awful work. You tried to redo those notes, but your experience that day had clouded your thoughts and you found yourself on the verge of tears yet again.

Just as you were about to go for round two of your breakdown, you heard the doorbell ring. Confused, you quickly rubbed your teary eyes and answered the door. Standing at your doorstep was Kuroko and Nigou, who let out a cheery bark upon seeing you which brought a small smile unto your face. “Hey, what are you guys doing here? Don’t you have practice?” you questioned, your voice sounding more strained than usual.

“Yes I did, but you didn’t come to visit and I got concerned. Also Furihata told me that you didn’t look too good in class today,” Kuroko explained as you let him and Nigou in.

“Sorry, I’m just not having a good day,” you sighed as the two of you took a seat on the couch.

You tried to explain what had happened, but you didn’t get very far as recalling the memories caused tears to stream down your face yet again. Kuroko pulled you into a hug almost instantly, holding you close and shushing you to calm you down.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain anymore. How about we do something to get your mind off of it?” Kuroko suggested softly as your tears began to stop.

“Like what?” You sniffled.

“Have you ever built a fort before?” He asked and you shook your head no. “Well, let’s do that. We can sit in it, relax and play some board games. How does that sound?”

“That sounds fun,” you said, a faint smile appearing on your face.

You and Kuroko spent about half an hour setting up a fort in your bedroom, using all the cushions, blankets and pillows you could find to make it as comfortable as possible. You drew the curtains shut and lit up the inside of your fort with fairy lights- it was truly magical. Once you were done, the two of you crawled inside excitedly, with Nigou following closely behind and making himself comfortable on your lap. Building the fort alone was able to make you slowly forget about your day, and after a few rounds of board games with Kuroko your mood had completely lifted.

“This was such a good idea. Thank you for coming to check up on me,” you smiled gratefully at your boyfriend.

“Of course. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Y/N-kun,” he smiled before placing a light kiss on your cheek.


Wednesdays weren’t your favourite days by a long shot. For starters, you had three periods of your least favourite subject and absolutely no free periods. On one particular Wednesday, you hadn’t gotten a good sleep the night before so you were extra exhausted during classes. It didn’t help that you had a headache that day too.

Of course, the bullies in your class didn’t help make the situation any better. They’d often pass snide remarks at you whenever the opportunity presented itself but you chose to ignore it, though each comment pushed you closer and closer to losing it.

The only good part of that school day was during recess, when you got to spend time with Kise, who managed to cheer you up slightly. However, your conversation kept getting interrupted by your bullies, who kept trying to pull Kise away from you, even though he didn’t seem even the slightest bit interested in them.

You thought you had managed to survive to the end of the day, but when you took your seat to pack your things, you felt your skirt get wet. You immediately stood up and realised that some girls in your class had poured a puddle of water onto your chair.

“Guys look, Y/N wet herself,” one of your bullies pointed out, making everyone around them burst into a fit of snickers as your face began to heat up.

“I didn’t, there was water—“

“I can’t believe a loser like you is dating a model,” another snorted, causing tears to well up in your eyes.

You quickly grabbed your things and ran out of the class, not noticing Kise who was waiting for you by the doorway, witnessing the entire thing.

Kise shot them a glare, “You guys are so immature,” he scoffed at them before rushing after you.

Meanwhile, you were heading towards your house as quickly as you could, trying your best to contain yourself as well as avoid any eye contact with the passersby. You just wanted to get home, where no one could see you and your soaking wet skirt.

“Y/N-cchi!” you heard Kise call out from behind you, which only made you walk faster because you didn’t want him to see you like this. He easily caught up though. “Hey I saw what happened back there—“

“Please don’t talk about it,” you flinched immediately, tears now streaming down your face.

“Sure. You can tie my jacket around your waist if that helps,” he offered and you accepted, feeling a bit better about the situation now that no one could see your skirt.

“Thanks,” you sniffled as the two of you approached your house.

Kise waited for you in the living room while you went to have a shower and change into a fresh set of clothes. You weren’t crying anymore, you just felt numb, and Kise could sense that when you dragged yourself to the couch with a pitiful look on your face.

“Hey, why don’t we go out and get some icecream? My treat,” Kise suggested in attempts to get your mind off of things as you began to cuddle up next to him on the couch.

You lightly shook your head, “No thanks, I don’t feel like moving,” you mumbled.

“Alright, then what about a movie? We can watch your favourite!” he said, hoping the cheeriness in his tone would somehow improve things. And to some degree, it did, as a faint smile creeped across your face at the idea.

“That would be nice.”

So the two of you spent that afternoon cuddled up on the couch watching a movie of your choice. The smell of Kise’s cologne brought you comfort as you began to lose yourself in the plot of the movie. As his fingers began to mindlessly play with your hair, you felt your mood slowly get better, the way he held you close making you feel loved and cared for.

Kise had this habit of not being able to hold himself back from making commentary during movies and TV shows. It was one of the main reasons you didn’t take him to the cinema with you. However, his stupid questions and lame jokes definitely played a role in your mood improving that day as you found yourself in fits of giggles every now and again.

“You have the most adorable laugh, Y/N-cchi,” Kise pointed out halfway through the movie after hearing you laugh over one of his awful jokes.

“Your jokes are terrible but thanks for making me laugh— I needed that,” you said as you looked into his eyes gratefully.

“I’m glad you feel better, but my jokes can’t be terrible if they make you laugh that much,” Kise said with a smile, his fingers still playing around with your hair

“I’m laughing because they’re terrible.”

“So mean, Y/N-cchi,” Kise pouted, making you giggle.

“I’m sorry. I love you,” you said softly, the smile returning onto Kise’s face.

“I love you too.”


You had been working tirelessly on schoolwork for the entire week that by the time Friday loomed around, you were absolutely exhausted. You weren’t able to have breakfast before you left the house that day so you were in a really bad mood. You kept telling yourself that you just had to make it to the end of the day, but it seemed so out of reach that you had began to slowly feel discouraged.

By the time the last lesson came around, you had fallen asleep at your desk, causing you to miss out on important notes during the lesson. The sound of the bell caused you to stir awake, and it took you a moment before you started to panic over the missed notes. Although your problems didn’t end there.

Everywhere you looked, your classmates kept staring at you and giggling. You didn’t look too much into it at first because you were far more concerned about your notes, however, you caught a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of the window and suddenly your notes became the least of your worries. The words “I’m a loser” were written across your forehead in permanant marker.

“You look like an idiot, but at least you’re self-aware,” one of your bullies who was clearly behind it said to you, causing some people around them to snicker.

Normally, you would’ve snapped back at her with some clever comeback, but you were just so exhausted that the whole situation was utterly overwhelming. Between this and the fact that you had missed out on the lesson, you felt yourself on the verge of tears. Before you knew it, you were running out of the class as fast as you possibly could, desperate to escape the awful atmosphere where you were the object of ridicule.

As soon as you got home, you rushed into the bathroom, using all sorts of makeup removers, soaps and cleansers to get the marker off of your skin as tears of frustration streamed down your face. Eventually, you were able to get it off, though a faint trace of it still remained, making you feel pathetic and defeated.

You headed to your room, where you laid face-down on your bed, balling your eyes out into a pillow. You just wished this day had never happened.

You were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, forcing you to wipe your tears away before you answered. It was your boyfriend, Midorima. “Oh, h-hi Shintaro,” you croaked, avoiding eye contact as you felt timid.

“Hey, you weren’t there when I came to your class after school. What happened?” he inquired, knowing not to ask if you were okay because wit was evident that you weren’t.

“I’m just not having a good day,” you muttered, “I don’t think I want to talk about it right now.”

“That’s okay. Is it alright if I hang out with you?” He asked, not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer as he didn’t plan on leaving your side until you felt better.

“Yeah,” you nodded, opening the door wider to let him in.

The two of you sat on the couch in the living room together and you were unusually silent, making Midorima feel pressured to do something to fill the silence and make you feel better. When nothing came to mind, he just pulled you into a tight hug because your face was practically screaming for one. You had been able to hold yourself back for some time, but the second his arms wrapped around you, the tears started flowing yet again.

Unsure of what to say in order to calm you down, Midorima just hugged you tighter and began to rub your back, feeling useless for not knowing any better way to help. “I’m not too sure about what happened, but I know that it’ll be okay,” he whispered to you. “I’ll be here for you.”

Hearing those words began to make you feel a little more at ease as you cried into his shoulder. He figured that his best bet was to distract you from your thoughts.

“Hey this might cheer you up,” Midorima said, perking up and reaching into his bag. He pulled out a slice of red velvet cake that was packed into a cute little plastic package. “Takao gave it to me, but I don’t really want it. Would you like to have it?”

You nodded, making Midorima feel a sense of triumph as he wiped the tears away from you cheek before getting up to grab a spoon from the kitchen. The cake was absolutely delicious, and you began to feel better and better with every bite. “Thanks. It tastes really good,” you said to him, your voice still a bit raspy.

“No worries, I’m glad you like it,” Midorima smiled.

Once you were done, you and Midorima remained cuddled up on the couch together. Now that you had finally gotten all the tears out of you, the exhaustion from earlier began to hit you. Nothing was more comfortable to you than being wrapped in Midorima’s arms, so you eventually ended up fast asleep on him. Midorima noticed that you had fallen asleep with a smile on your face and he couldn’t have felt more glad. He was happy to see you so at peace that he didn’t dare move a single muscle to disturb you. He swore that he would stay like this forever if it meant that you’d feel better.


You had been in a lousy mood ever since you had woken up that morning. You ran out of milk so you couldn’t have your usual cereal for breakfast and you even managed to get caught in the rain on your way to school. By the end of the school day, you had become a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

To your dismay, your teacher had given you the duty to take the garbage out at the end of the day. You reluctantly followed instructions, telling yourself that the faster you got it done, the sooner you’d be able to go home and nap.

You were walking across the courtyard, heading towards the garbage disposal when you accidentally bumped shoulders with one of your bullies. “Oh sorry about that—”

“Watch where you’re going, dumbass,” they scowled before aggressively shoving you so that you’d fall onto the hard concrete. It had caught you offguard and one of the trash bags managed to rip open, which caused the trash to start spilling out. “Better clean that up, garbage girl,” she sneered before walking away all high and mighty.

Just like that, you were ready to break down right then and there. You told yourself not to though, because you didn’t want to feel the judgemental stares of the other students on you. Fighting back tears, you quickly cleaned up the mess and threw the garbage away before washing your hands. You quickly grabbed your things and headed out of school as the tightness in your throat became harder and harder to ignore.

Eventually, you managed to get home, where you immediately broke down into a fit of tears. You cried so hard to the point where you ended up getting a headache. You felt silly for crying so much over something so trivial, however you couldn’t help it. Everything had just built up to that one ticking point and now you had just become a pathetic mess.

Just as the tears began to come to a halt, you heard the doorbell ring. You did your best to wipe your tears away and look presentable, though you weren’t fooling anyone. “Hey Y/N, I didn’t feel like going to practice today and I missed y— wait are you crying?” Aomine said once you answered the door.

“Oh, um, not anymore—”

“Who hurt you? Where are they? I’ll fight them,” he questioned, concern spread across his face.

“No Daiki, it’s fine. I just didn’t have a very good day,” you said, causing his shoulders to sink.

He pulled you into a tight hug, surprising you at first but you quickly melted into his touch. “Hey why don’t we play some video games to get your mind off of things?” he suggested, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

“That would be fun,” you nodded slightly against his chest.

“Great. Don’t expect me to take it easy on you though,” he challenged, making you smile. You liked how he didn’t change how he acted around you in times like these. Aomine being this cocky, playful person brought you much more comfort than if he were to be soft and quiet out of pity.

The two of you sat on the floor in front of the TV, playing. You sat between Aomine’s legs and his arms were wrapped around you, making you feel as though you were in a safe, warm cocoon of love. Although it felt like a cocoon of love, it certainly didn’t sound like one if anyone were to overhear. Both of you were quite competitive so there was lots of yelling and swearing, though it was often followed by fits of giggles.

It only took about ten minutes of being with Aomine until you began to feel much better. You had slowly forgotten about what happened at school to the point where it felt like a whole new day altogether. Every now and then, Aomine would place light kisses on your neck, almost as if to remind you that he was there and that he cared for you. It never failed to make you grin like an idiot.

“Ha! I won!” you celebrated, throwing your arms in the air triumphantly.

“That doesn’t count! You just got lucky,” Aomine tutted. “Let’s play again— I’ll win this time.”

“Sure, if you say so,” you said in a condescending tone, which made Aomine’s competitiveness burst through the roof. You giggled before turning slightly to face him and pressing your lips against his. “Thank you for coming over. I really needed this,” you smiled.

“You don’t need to thank me,” he said, blushing over the kiss that took him by surprise. “I’m just glad you feel better.”


It was a difficult day for you. You had woken up late so you were forced to skip breakfast in order to make it to school on time. Furthermore, when you did get to school, it was so hard to keep up with the lessons because you were tired and found it difficult to concentrate. You thought that having some food from the school canteen would possibly improve your mood, but when you went during recess, it was incredibly crowded there. After nudging your way to the front, you found out that they were sold out on all the food that you liked, so you just settled for a box of chocolate milk for lunch.

After recess, you had to give a presentation for one of your classes, much to your dismay. You found it a bit difficult to be presenting because all you could think about was how hungry you were, but you managed to pull through. However, in the middle of another classmate’s presentation, your stomach let out the loudest growl you had ever heard. Everyone’s heads turned to you and the teacher had to order the rest of the class to stop snickering as your face began to glow red in embarrassment.

The school day finally came to an end and you couldn’t have been more glad to be able to go home. You thought that you had survived the worst of it and you could go home and eat as much as you wanted. However, as you were heading towards the school gates, you were passing by a group of classmates who didn’t really like you. You didn’t think too much of it until your foot got caught by something, sending you toppling onto the concrete. They tripped you. You let out a small yelp of pain as you hugged your scraped knee.

You clenched your jaw in pain as you heard them laugh and say things like, “What an idiot,” to each other. Each passing moment was absolutely awful to you.

You managed to heave yourself up and you did your best to limp all the way home as quickly as you could so that you could clean up the wound as well as cry where no one could see you. You couldn’t help but flinch whenever there was a gust of wind as the air only made the stinging worse. You finally got home and cleaned yourself up, doing your best to do so through teary eyes and shaky hands.

You were about to go to your bedroom and cry into your pillow when you heard the doorbell ring. When you opened the door, you found Murasakibara standing there with a snack in his hand, as usual. His neutral expression quickly turned into a frown upon seeing the state you were in. “Y/N-chin, what’s wrong? Your face is red,” he questioned, not even bothering to greet you.

“Oh I tripped and hurt my knee, so I was just crying a bit over it,” you explained, not wanting to bring up the bullying because you very well knew that Murasakibara would threaten to ‘crush’ them.

“That doesn’t seem like all the details though,” he said, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to deduce what was wrong.

“I’m just a bit hungry too I guess,” you shrugged.

Murasakibara’s face lit up at the sound of those words. For once, he knew exactly how to help. He quickly put his snacks in his bag and turned his back to you. “Let’s go to that cafe you like. Here get on my back,” he said.

“What? I could just walk.”

“No, you hurt your knee right? Let me carry you. You weigh absolutely nothing to me anyways,” he said.

It took you a moment, but you sighed, “It’s just a scrape but if you insist,” before hopping onto his back and wrapping your arms around his neck while his hand gripped your thighs.

The two of you chatted along the way, though there were far more silences between you than usual because you still weren’t in the best of moods. The two of you managed to gain a few stares, being a 2 metre tall giant with a smaller person on his back, though neither of you cared too much. You never liked being stared at, but when you were with Murasakibara all you really seemed to focus on was him, which was a rather calming experience.

You two finally got to your favourite cafe, where Murasakibara lowered you onto the floor. Both of you ordered quite a lot for yourselves because you were starving and Murasakibara was, well, Murasakibara. It was your favourite cafe for a reason- the food and drinks were absolutely delicious and each bite and sip made your mood get better and better.

“This stuff is delicious,” Murasakibara exclaimed with a mouth full of food, making you giggle.

“Oh right, it’s your first time here. Yeah, this place is great,” you nodded.

“We’re gonna come here every day from now on,” Murasakibara declared to you.

“Sounds like a plan,” you smiled, seeing how much he was enjoying himself filled you with joy of your own.

You two continued to talk like you usually would, which made you realise how Murasakibara’s very presence improved your mood. He didn’t need to try to comfort you, he himself had a comforting aura that seemed to impact those around him. He’d often sprinkle in little compliments into conversation. They weren’t too elaborate, and they were mostly along the lines of a simple, ‘You look cute, Y/N-chin,’ or, ‘I like your hairstyle,’ but they were filled with so much adoration that you couldn’t help but feel warm whenever you were around him. It had a much more significant impact on days like these where you felt quite apathetic; it never failed to make you grin.

“Are you still hungry? Do you want me to order you more food?” Murasakibara inquired.

You shook your head no, “I’m alright.”

With that, the two of you left the cafe and began to head back home, however this time you managed to convince Murasakibara to let you walk.

“Thanks for taking me there. I feel much better now,” you smiled, the way your small hand fit in his enormous one bringing you joy and comfort.

“Hm? That’s good to hear. You’re cute when you’re happy,” he said, bending over to place a quick kiss on your cheek. You felt nothing but content in that moment with him, and you knew that only he could make you feel so loved and appreciated without even having to try.


Your midterms were around the corner and the stress was eating you up more and more every day. You were up late the previous night so you found it quite difficult to stay awake during class. It didn’t help that you had a pounding headache as well. You did your best not to stay up late because you knew that it could only impede on your mood the next day, however the damage was already done and there was not much you could do to fix it. All you could do was suppress it and try to make it through the day.

Of course, it was days like these that the bullies in your class chose to pick on you the most. Throughout the day, you’d hear their usual insults and rude comments, but you learned to tune them out. The only time you managed to escape them was during your recess, where you hung out with Akashi. It was like his presence had put this protective shield around you and no one dared to approach you or pass any comments.

The last lesson of your day was PE, which wasn’t too bad because the teacher didn’t exhaust you with too many activities. Once it was over, he gave you the task of putting away the equipment in the storage room. Reluctantly, you did as you were told and heaved the things into the room. Just as you were finishing up, you heard the door slam behind you.

Engulfed in the darkness, your claustrophobia began to kick in, setting off a wave of panic within you. You rushed to the door and tried to pull it open, but it wouldn’t budge- you were locked in. “Hello? Could you please let me out? I’m really claustrophobic!” you called out as you pounded your fist on the door.

You received no response, but you could hear the familiar sounds of snickers and giggles on the other side.

You continued to pound on the door and let out cries for help, hoping that at least someone would hear you. Your breaths started to become heavier as your panic grew larger. You kept at the banging for a good ten minutes before the PE teacher finally came to your rescue, though it felt like years. The second the door opened, you sprinted out of there, not stopping to explain what happened to your confused teacher.

Your vision was limited with the tears in your eyes and you could hear nothing but the sound of your footsteps as you ran towards your house. When you finally got to the comfort of your own room, you collapsed to the carpeted floor, hugging your knees for dear life as you tried to catch your breath. Of course, crying didn’t do you any favours and you just sat there gasping for air as tears streamed down your hot cheeks. You haven’t had a breakdown like this for ages. It was like every time you closed your eyes, you were back in that storage room with no one to help you.

It took you some time, but you eventually began to simmer down and you finally picked yourself off the floor. Your cheeks were still red and your eyes were still bloodshot, but the tears finally ran out. The doorbell rang and you took a few deep breaths to calm yourself down before going over to answer it.

To your surprise, Akashi was standing in front of you, with your backpack in hand and a look of concern on his face. “Oh hi Seijuro,” you greeted, doing your best to muster a smile.

“Y/N, what happened? You left your backpack in class,” he said as you let him into the house.

“Oh I must’ve forgotten it,” you mumbled. “Don’t you have practice today?”

“I do, but Reo told me that he saw you running out of school crying so I decided to skip and come check on you,” he explained as the two of you took your seats on the living room couch.

“These girls in my class locked me in the storage room of the gym and I got panicked,” you said softly, hating having to revisit what had happened earlier.

“Who were they? I can complain—”

“No, don’t do that. I don’t want to explain what happened again. And it would only cause more trouble,” you interrupted, feeling a familiar tightness in your throat.

Akashi was quick to notice your lack of eye contact and dejected expression and he immediately wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug. “I won’t say anything until you feel ready,” he said, reassurance in his tone.

“Okay,” you said, nodding into his shoulder.

Akashi scanned the room in search of ways to get your mind off of things. A bulb lit up in his mind as his eyes landed on the stereo set by the TV. He pulled away from the hug and headed over to connect his phone.

You watched his movements with a confused expression, but as soon as he began to play your favourite song you began to smile a bit. He walked over to you and held his hand out expectantly. “May I have this dance?” he asked smoothly, with a small smirk on his face.

Akashi very well knew that you wouldn’t refuse because you absolutely adored that song. The next thing you knew, you were slow dancing with him in the living room. He especially loved spinning you around out of the blue because it often resulted in you erupting into a fit of giggles, which he enjoyed more than anything.

“Are you having fun?” Akashi questioned, once the third song made its way to an end.

You nodded with a grin, “Yes I am. Thank you for coming and checking up on me. This really helped.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Akashi pulled you into a hug once more. With his arms around your waist and your head on his shoulder, the two of you swayed along to the music, simply enjoying each other’s company. In that moment, all your troubles seemed to fade away as the only thing that occupied your mind was the fact that you were nothing but loved and protected in Akashi Seijuro’s arms.


Waking up late and skipping breakfast wasn’t a new experience for you. It happened almost every other day. So when it happened to you yet again, you weren’t surprised and it didn’t really affect your mood in the beginning.

However, as the school day progressed, your lessons got more and more challenging and you were finding it quite difficult to keep up with whatever was going on. You couldn’t help but internally groan, knowing that you would probably have to devote some time after school to try to understand the content.

It was exhausting, but you managed to get through to the end of the day. All that was left was for you to pack your things and leave. Although, your bullies weren’t going to let a whole day go by without picking on you at least once. You were hunched over your bag, trying to organise your belongings when suddenly, freezing cold water was being poured over your head.

With a gasp, you quickly stood up, their laughter sounding menacing. Your mind desperately wanted to tell them off for doing something so crude, but all your body could do was shiver. You were more so filled with frustration rather than sadness, but tears quickly began to well up in your eyes.

You didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing you cry, so you quickly grabbed your belongings and rushed out of class, desperate to get home as soon as possible. Of course, being soaking wet in the middle of winter wasn’t ideal, but you did your best to endure it on your way back.

“Y/N!” You heard a familiar deep voice call out to you as you walked along the pavement.

Turning around, you saw Kagami approaching you with a confused look on his face. “H-Hi K-Kagami,” you said through chattering teeth, quickly wiping your tears away with the back of your hand.

Upon seeing your state, Kagami immediately reached into his bag and pulled out his jersey, wrapping it around your shivering body. “What on Earth happened? Why are you soaking wet?” He questioned.

“S-Some girls in my class poured water over me,” You muttered.

“What? That’s awful. Are they stupid? It’s the middle of winter! Come on, let’s get you home,” Kagami said, putting his arm around your shoulder in attempts to provide you with more warmth as you walked.

When you finally did get home, you immediately changed out of your clothes. As you did that, Kagami prepared some hot chocolate for you in order to warm you up. “Thanks Taiga,” you said softly as you sipped on the beverage that filled you with warmth.

“No worries. Did you have breakfast today?” Kagami asked, knowing your history of waking up late.

“Nope,” you shook your head, “I didn’t have time.”

“Yeah I figured. Okay, why don’t we cook something together?” Kagami suggested, hoping that it would get your mind off of today.

You flashed him a small smile, “That sounds fun.”

You’ve cooked with Kagami a few times before and you always had a good experience with him. He liked to fool around a lot with you as he cooked, leaving random kisses on your cheek and neck and flicking water onto you every time he washed his hands. Of course, this didn’t change this time round either and you appreciated it.

After about an hour of giggles and preparing, the food was finally done, and it looked and smelled absolutely delicious. In fact, the first mouthful filled you with so much glee that you had managed to completely get the incident in school out of your mind.

“This is so good. We could be professionals,” Kagami said, a hint of sarcasm laced in his tone.

“I 100% agree,” you giggled.

Once you were done eating, Kagami took it upon himself to do the dishes, even though you insisted that you’d help.

“Are you feeling any better?” Kagami asked you as he rinsed the soapy plates.

“Yeah. I feel much better thanks to you and your professional cooking,” you said.

“Hey, you were cooking too- give yourself some credit,” Kagami replied, finishing the last of the dishes and wiping his hands on a towel before making his way over to you. He placed a light kiss on your forehead and gave you a gentle smile. “I’m glad your feel better. Also, tell those girls that the next time they pull something like this, they’re gonna have to catch these hands,” he added, his serious tone making you laugh. You couldn’t have asked for a better person to be there for you.

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thank you for requesting! i can imagine each of them has their own way to cheer their beloved one, sorry this took a while but i hope you’d like it ❤

- Headcanons of GOM comforting their stressed s/o because of schoolwork -


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  • He notices immediately that you’ve been struggling with the assignments given by the teacher.
  • Helps you to finish while also working on his.
  • Treats you a vanilla shake because it helps to cool your head, he said.
  • Pats your head lovingly.
  • “You did well. I’m always here if you ever need anything.”
  • Holds your hand and rubs your back gently, sometimes kisses the tip of your nose.
  • Kuroko’s existence itself is already a comfort to your well-being.

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  • “I’ll finish them all for you, (Y/N)-cchi. Just rest.” “Ryouta, you don’t have to-” “No no no, rest.”
  • Insists on doing your homework because he’s sad when you’re feeling down, it’s not like he’s smart enough to finish them.
  • Constantly shows his great affection towards you.
  • Lots of kisses and hugs.
  • “You’re amazing and i love you so much, (Y/N)-cchi!”
  • Gives you pretty much everything you love.
  • “This is too much, Ryouta.” “Your happiness is my priority.”
  • He’s loud but you’re thankful because he’s literally your 24/7 support system.

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  • This poor, clueless prodigy doesn’t know how to comfort his own partner.
  • Seeks advice from Takao about what if he goes with giving you lucky items according to your zodiac.
  • Takao totally againsts the idea.
  • “Just show her some affection. You do realize you rarely do it to her, don’t you? Might be out of your character, but she will like it.”
  • He asks Takao to elaborate what he meant by ‘affection’.
  • Slaps the latter after he leans closer and tries to kiss him.
  • “Unbelieveable,” he pushed his glasses.
  • But after seeing your exhausted look from pulling all-nighters because of the upcoming exams, he decided to go with Takao’s idea.
  • He cupped your face and kissed you, out of the blue. At his lips’ touch, you could feel your heart beats faster.
  • “D-don’t stay up too l-late, and let’s go to eat at your favorite place today,” he stuttered, not even looking at you after the kiss.
  • It took you seconds to realize that he’s acting unlike his usual self to lift you up, and you can’t help but find it cute.
  • “But Shin-chan, it’s not enough. More, please?” you teased, giving him a huge grin as his face becomes redder than ever.

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  • “Babe, stop staring at it,” he took the returned exam paper from your hand.
  • He couldn’t stand you being stressed over a mere score and will look for various ways to cheer you up.
  • Gives you a massage to your stiff shoulders.
  • Whispers about how he loves you so much and failure is okay, also says that if anything, he’s much dumber than you.
  • Takes you on a night ride to let you feel the cold air because it helps to ease your mind.
  • Tells you to scream your heart out.
  • You thanked him for lifting off your burden with a light kiss on his cheek.
  • “Hoo? That’s so little reward for this amazing boyfriend of yours,” he snickered as he pulled you under his muscular built.

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  • Feeds you sweets.
  • Wraps your tiny body with his huge arms and he puts his chin on top of your head.
  • He’s not good with words, but will stick by your side and keep you on company.
  • “(Y/N)-chin, you can eat my snacks if that’s what it takes to cheer you up.”
  • Continues to shove food into your mouth.
  • “Eat a lot. Don’t get stressed.”
  • The only solution he could think of was food.

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  • 100% supportive and will try his best to restore your cheerfulness.
  • Showers you with compliments and words of encouragement to boost your self-esteem.
  • “I can’t, Sei. This is way too hard for me to comprehend,” you whined at the math problems in front of you. “Aren’t you ashamed of having a dumb girlfriend? You’re smart, unlike me.”
  • He strokes your hair gently. “It’s the other way around, i want to show you off to everyone because i’m beyond lucky to have you, my love. Also, the fact that you’re so carefree is what i love the most because you didn’t have to experience what i had.”
  • His soft gaze and smile shut you out completely.
  • Gives you forehead kisses and pats your head.
  • Assures you that you could do more than you thought.
  • “Now, let’s try again, slowly, okay?”
  • The Emperor’s soothing words are definitely your stress-reliever.

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i just love how the whole gom r so intimidating but when momoi’s around, they become softballs SKSKJSKKS ugh,, still cant forget how midorima and akashi smiled when momoi was about to join them play on kuroko’s bday ova KSJJSKJSKS

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Thank you very much!! At first, I was worried sick because I’m not as confident with English as I would like, and I wasn’t used to making headcanons. But now, to me at least, is easier than fics (at the moment, that is) I’m a very on the moment type of person, now my thing are hcs, maybe tomorrow will be fics hahaha.

Uuuuf too much text. Thanks for the compliment and I hope you like it.

  • Murasakibara’s confession is simple and completely unexpected. You two are maybe just chatting and having fun while walking home from High School. He just stops to grab something from his bag (most probably a nerunerune) and he just goes “oh, by the way, I like you. Why don’t we go on a date?” You know what? Let’s say date is code for “go grab some candies and smooch a little, maybe”.
  • Kise’s, as he is, is the most dramatic thing you can think of. The “accept this letter here, in high school, just in time for graduation as I say farewell to you because I’m studying outside the country in order to be a pilot” type of drama. It would be laughable if he wasn’t so handsome, that guy… 
  • Aomine is casual but not as much as Mirasakibara. He is probably walking with you to the station or you met shopping or something. He is like “why won’t we go on a date?” He probably wants to go too far on the first date, but that’s for another hc request(??)
  • Kuroko will be more dramatic than you think. He will probably confess to you on white day (March 14, just a month after Saint Valentine’s Day) and he will give you white chocolates. He shows up with his uniform jacket buttoned up and his hair fixed. He is 120% adorable.
  • Momoi would ask you on a date. She has all the data, she knows that there is a probability of 83.99% that you will say yes. I don’t think she will confess with words, unless she thinks that fits. I see you two dating until you are married with kids and you don’t know how that happened. Just yesterday she was like “hey, do you want to go to a café?” 
  • Midorima will wait until the best day lucky wise. He will do all the rituals, the luck would be in charge to decide absolutely everything. What day, how to confess, even the hour. Luck will tell. 
  • Akashi’s confession is basically to the point. “I like you. Let’s go on a date”. He knows you like him as well. He doesn’t lose, even romantically speaking. You two don’t know if it is a one date stand or a stable relationship that ends in marriage, but one thing is for sure. He is good at dating. But that’s, maybe, for another hc request(??)
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Haha. This is too great! Hope you like them! (Note: Nebuya is your BF. So this is THEIR reaction to YOU being mad xD)


  • He’s trying to understand what you see in his teammate… It’s not as if he hates Nebuya, but he doesn’t trust ANY male to be near you.
  • He was only looking out for your best interests, and he doesn’t understand why you’re being so stubborn about his concern.
  • He still watches from a distance, but he does what he can to not overstep his bounds. Because he needs you to see his side without making you more angry.


  • He throws his own fit. Because if you want to be selfish and naive, fine, he won’t care. 
  • He doesn’t know why you’re getting angry at him. Nebuya isn’t a good person in his eyes. Not as if he knows the guy from a hole in the ground… But Aomine has those feelings about people, and he just doesn’t like him.
  • He doesn’t dare think part of the reason is because he’s jealous.. Since you’ve started dating him, you’ve been talking about him nonstop.. And he has to pick up your slack for chores when you neglect them.. He doesn’t like to see this side… You’re supposed to be the responsible one dammit!
  • He will never approve of this relationship.. So you’ll either have to deal with it if you want to stay with him, or dump him. (OF course Aomine wouldn’t FORCE you into anything. But not as if his mind will change so easily either.)


  • He’s completely in denial about the relationship.. There’s no way someone like you is dating that overgrown muscle head… He’d rather die! (Of course Kise is exaggerating)
  • No man is worth _____cchi’s love… And Nebuya definitely falls in that category.. Not just because he’s from Rakuzan, and seems to think he’s the best at everything… (No, No one can beat him! He can spin circles around him!)
  • Kise is confused, and hurt.. Doesn’t understand why you’d settle for someone lower.. (Because he will NEVER acknowledge that Nebuya is on the same level as the two of you.) And no matter what he tries, you just seem to get angry at him… (Why are you so stubborn all of a sudden??)
  • In the end, he gives it time, but he won’t give up on proving that Nebuya isn’t good enough. (No one is good enough for you.. And he will always stand by that)


  • How can someone like you, so kind and gentle, be with someone like Nebuya? He’s trying hard to understand. 
  • Kuroko only wants what’s best for you.. He always has.. And yeah, following your boyfriend may not be the best way of showing his intentions.. But he feels he doesn’t deserve your anger.. If anything, you should be trying to understand his perspective…
  • He tries to make peace with you, but it seems as if you’re avoiding him.. And it hurts Kuroko that a man is the reason behind this.. He just wants to be on good terms again.. But he also respects that you have your reasons.. And he’ll do what he can not to upset you further… 
  • Doesn’t mean he won’t watch out for you when you least expect it.


  • He’s in such a foul mood, everyone on the team avoids him for a week… Takao tries to get in the middle, but after being smacked a little TOO hard, he uses his head and doesn’t bother him about this.
  • After all, you’re the most important person to him.. Despite his constant denial.
  • But he’s trying to wrap his mind around your relationship.. And why he had to find out the hard way… Though, from his reaction, and NOW your anger.. He can kind of understand why… Doesn’t mean he has to like it…
  • He knows it’ll pass.. It’s your first relationship, and this is brand new territory for the two of you.. But he won’t let it interfere with his relationship to you.. So he’ll give you the space.. Doesn’t mean he won’t be there when you need it.


  • He acts like a child, throwing a fit and making a mess of his room after you storm off. Honestly, that guy ticks him off.. He’s too noisy, and slams the ball a lot.. He wants to crush him.
  • He doesn’t care that you’re dating him,
  • But of course, he hates you’re angry at him.. And he doesn’t know how to fix it.. Because he will never accept that you’re with Nebuya.. (He just CAN’T Accept it..)
  • So he keeps his distance, but the second he notices an opening, he will make it up to you.. Because he wants you on his side again…
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