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Was anyone gonna tell me Kuroko no Basuke was on Netflix now or;;

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His lucky item…










“Don’t call me that”, you couldn’t help the small laugh that left you at the greenette’s response.

You merely threw him a cheeky grin when he turned to glare at you, clearly not liking his reading being interrupted.

“What do you want?”

You pretended to ponder, as if you hadn’t thought of what to do once you had his attention. You gave in at the frustrated click of his tongue.


“No”, he merely deadpanned at your request, immediately turning his attention back to his book.

You knew he would say that, but unlike any other day, you were at an advantage today. He can’t refuse you and it’s all courtesy of the stars above. Literally.

“But your horoscope said I’m your lucky item today”

“…”, check and mate.

“Someone who is (y/s/s) is my lucky item”

“And I’m not a/an (y/s/s)? Isn’t that why you asked me to come over?”

“…Of course not”

So your tall tsundere of a boyfriend was in denial. Fine, then so be it.

“Hmm…guess you don’t need me then. I’ll just head home now–”

“Wait!”, he was quick to take hold of your hand, a panic look settling on his face.


“…I…I-I’ll do whatever you want…j-just…stay…”

You were sure that was the closest you would get him to admit needing you.

“Then cuddle?”


You didn’t need to be told twice! After all, cuddling with your giant carrot was always the best!

*[ (y/s/s) = your star sign]

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I saw a few drawings from @dumdumdrawstumtums of Aomine and Kagami and between that and the dub reveal on Netflix, I had to write something for knb.  Aomine is the best. <3

Kagami plopped down atop their couch and groaned exhaustedly.  The red headed young basketball player leaned back and rested his hands atop his stomach.  Kagami ate so many burgers that the star basketball players’ belly was about as large as a basketball too.

“Ungh, we ate way too much, man…” Kagami groaned, rubbing his belly in an effort to soothe it.

The response he got was a large, lengthy burp from the other side of the couch that extended to a few seconds straight.  Aomine lazily flopped onto the other side of the couch and sighed in a satisfied manner.  His gut was huge, much larger than Kagami’s and bloated enough that he had to unbutton his pants and lift his shirt up to expose his dark skinned belly as he rubbed it.  “Ahh, speak for yourself, dude.  I could’a eaten another dozen of those suckers, man.  For real those burgers were insane,” Aomine said.  He gave his much larger belly a hearty slap and gave another giant burp that Kagami could feel reverberate the couch.

Kagami let out a burp of his own then groaned again.  “Urngh, yeah, I guess they were pretty killer.  Don’t think that I’ve had burgers that good in ages,” Kagami admitted, unable to hold back another large belch that left him covering his mouth and patting his stomach with his other hand.  “S’cuse me.”

Aomine smacked his chest and belched even louder than before and smacked his lips satisfied.  “Excuse that,” he taunted.  He ran circles all over the middle of his bloated belly.  It gurgled loudly from how stuffed it was, but that didn’t seem to bother the dark-skinned giant in the least.  “Man, feels so good being off season again.  We get to pig out way more now.”

“Dude, we eat like that more often and we’ll be too fat to even play anymore.”

Aomine laughed and said, “Don’t be a wuss.  With how much we train, these things won’t even be speed bumps.”  He smacked his gut heartily to prove his point.  Everything in his gut audibly sloshed while his stomach swayed a little from the heavy pat.

He grinned cheekily and gave Kagami’s belly some teasing pokes.

“Besides, you got way more room in there than that…”

Kagami swiped his friends hand away and muffled another burp.  “If I eat anymore or if some dumbass keeps prodding my gut like that, I’m gonna puke…”

Aomine just laughed some more and took to stroking Kagami’s belly instead.  “How’s that then, you baby?  Better?”

Kagami’s eyelids drooped and hie nodded with satisfaction, even if he flashed his middle finger up at an increasingly amused Aomine.  He sighed and lazed against the couch some more while Aomine pulled Kagami’s shirt up and ran his hands over Kagami’s exposed stomach.  They slowly ran up and down that tight burgeoning stomach, caressing it and feeling over its rounded shape.  His fingers kneaded over the sides of Kagami’s stomach to decompress the cramps in his gut.

He undid Kagami’s pants to give his burgeoning gut some room to expand, which it did.  It was impressively bloated, though not nearly as much as Aomine’s own stomach.

Aomine noted while rubbing that Kagami’s stomach felt a lot tighter than his own even more bloated gut.  There was no give to Kagami’s belly, it felt fleshy but hard.  And the way it churned sounded unpleasant, especially the way Kagami’s face usually soured when it got especially noisy.

“Man, I didn’t realize you were so packed.”

“My constantly complaining about how full I was getting didn’t tip you off?” Kagami asked.

“Figured you were just bitching.  But damn, feels like you really gotta work on your stomach capacity.”

“I’m not exactly Nebuya,” Kagami said.  “Besides, why’s it matter?  I can still eat more than most people.”

“Not more than me,” Aomine said cheekily, giving his own belly a hearty and proud slap that made it jiggle and slosh loudly.  “Real talk though, you could’ve probably eaten more if you paced yourself better.”  Aomine placed his hand around the side of Kagami’s belly and left it there while Kagami’s gut gurgled beneath it.  “You got a lotta pressure in there that you didn’t get out.  Longer it lingers in your stomach, the worse it ends up feeling since it makes your stomach feel all sour and grumbly.  Plus, it takes up prime real estate you could be occupying with burgers instead.”

“We were also in the middle of a restaurant,” Kagami insisted.

Aomine grinned.  “Didn’t stop me from letting loose when I needed.”

“So it’s my fault that unlike you, I actually have a thing called shame?”

“Yep!” Aomine responded immediately and sincerely.  “But since we’re alone now, no need to be so modest, right?”

Aomine pushed down on Kagami’s belly.  It groaned deeply until an impressively loud burp roared from Kagami’s mouth.  He panted and placed a hand on his chest.  “Ugh, shit…”

“Felt good, right?”  Aomine teased and pushed Kagami’s belly again.

The resulting burp echoed through the whole place.  That one almost left Kagami out of breath.  He slumped back and panted heavily.  “Haaah, oh holy shit…”

Aomine grinned and gave Kagami’s belly a few pats.  “Told ya that’d feel better.”  

The patting dislodged one more burp out of Kagami and left him sighing contently.  While he caught his breath, Aomine continued to stroke his belly up and down.  Kagami eventually caught his breath and looked back at Aomine.  “Whadduya say we get some more burgers to go?”

Aomine’s grin dipped.  “Say wha…?”

“You were right, dude.  That just made a ton of extra room.  Let’s get more!”

The bigger, more bloated player took his hands off of Kagami’s belly and placed them against his own.  “I mean, I actually paced myself, I’m good, man.”

Kagami’s grin turned cheeky.  “In other words, you’re too full to eat another bite and don’t wanna admit it?”

Aomine glared at Kagami but that sly grin of his returned shortly before he clutched his belly and pressed into it.  The resulting belch not only put all of Kagami’s to shame but Aomine let it loose right in Kagami’s face, blowing his hair back.  Kagami coughed and fanned the air around his nose while Aomine smacked his lips and grinned cockily.

“Well, how about that?  Guess I got some room to school your punkass after all.”

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Thanks for the request! hehe i added a small scenario in each reaction if you don’t mind!

oh before you proceed, I used wordhippo to translate some of the words/dialogues in this so please if I made any mistake correct me so I could change the dialogues if ever they’re translated wrong or rude to the language or country I used in this reaction 

Akashi Seijuro

Akashi would understand it immediately, this guy’s smart and can tell when you suddenly cuss him out in another language, he might even surprise you by replying back to you in your language leaving you pouting at how you can’t even release your frustration towards him without him understanding you

It was getting too heated, Akashi could feel a headache coming because of your argument. He didn’t want it to get too far but he just wanted you to see his point which you continue to ignore

“neoneun wangohan baboya!” (You stubborn idiot) You shouted in frustration and started cussing him out in your native language

“naneun baboga aniya, naneun danji nae yojeom-eul jeungmyeonghalyeogo nolyeoghagoissda.” (I’m not an idiot, I’m just trying to prove my point) Akashi replied calmly, still looking at you who just pouted at him. Damn him for being good at everything

Kise Ryouta

Kise didn’t understand what you said but it would immediately cause the argument to end because of his reaction towards you suddenly changing language between an argument, which just proves how you can never get angry with Kise for a long time

It wasn’t anything serious. It was just a small misunderstanding between you and Kise but soon it turned into something much bigger

Chert voz'mi, ty ne mozhesh’ ponyat'” (damn you, can’t you understand) You yelled at him

“Don’t just change language like that! I can’t understand it!” He yells as if he was whining, “You can’t just sound cool like that!”

Soon enough you felt your anger disappearing and was exchanged with laughter as you took in your boyfriend’s words. Bless him for being a dork

Nijimura Shuzo

Nijimura would probably find the whole thing amusing and soon end the fight after bursting into quiet laughter at your cuteness, you might pout because it seems like he’s not taking it seriously but he just doesn’t want to continue the argument with you

You and Nijimura glared at each other, you both hated this, arguments that didn’t make any sense, you both despised it but both of you have your pride which just can’t seem to let the matter go

Ugh why can’t you just let it go?” (Yes it’s English) You groaned out as Nijimura stared at you for a few minutes before he bursted out into  laughter making your glare harden

What’s so funny?” You scowled but he just continued laughing and pulled you against him

“You’re too cute for me to remain angry to,” He chuckled, you were still red faced but now it wasn’t because of the fight but for another reason

Mibuchi Reo

Mibuchi seems like the type to dislike raising his voice even in arguments so out of the two of you he’s the calm(er) one out of the two of you in fights, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t argue back, because he does. But once hearing you suddenly changing language his annoyance might just disappear and find the whole thing amusing

Mibuchi sighed as he listened to you talking, he didn’t like this kind of talks, it was too loud and most of the time people in it tends to say things they don’t mean

Ang tigas kasi ng ulo mo!” (You’re so stubborn) You yelled out at him and continued to talk in your other language

Mibuchi watches you in amusement as you continue to say things which he couldn’t understand, finally he cracked a smile at you which you didn’t miss

“Come on, let’s talk about this properly.” He pat the empty space on the couch next to him, motioning for you to sit and calm down so you two can fix the problem

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Got around to watching Kuroko’s Basketball and it’s a really good anime and it’s kinda cute

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Netflix Debuts ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Anime Streaming

Get ready for a new wave of fans!

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge on The Fandom Post!

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I just found out that Kuroko’s Basketball (season 1) has a dub!

Holy fuck, I gotta watch this!

4 notes

Akashi Seijuro

Akashi Relationship Headcanons

Aomine Daiki

  • Before getting in a relationship with Aomine, he should first know you really well. Just to avoid any mess but I think Aomine prefers to date someone he already knows
  • The reason for that is that he tends to be stubborn and not only that but he has basketball practices and going out with someone he’s been friends or at least well acquainted with would make things easier for both parties
  • Aomine as a boyfriend would be fun but can sometimes test your patience
  • He’s a fun guy who likes to be spontaneous with dates, suddenly inviting you out to watch him play basketball or play with him in the nearby court, calling you to eat at Maji Burger
  • But at the same time, Aomine’s lazy. He’s the last person you would want to accompany you if you want to go on a shopping spree, also there are times where he just feels tired or out of it that he sometimes cancel dates where you two go out and rather cuddle with you while watching television or sleeping
  • He’s also very playful, not really perverted but he makes dirty jokes, most of the time it’s funny because you could tell he’s trying to flirt with you though it doesn’t really work
  • He’s also that type of boyfriend where when you’re doing something, let’s say cooking something, he’s going to suddenly go behind you and slap your butt and when you turn to him, he’s going to grin and wink at you
  • It’s cute actually, it makes you laugh
  • I also get the idea that he’s the type to get jealous, it’s nothing bad but he just doesn’t like it when a guy (or girl) gets too close to you
  • If you explain that they’re a good friend then he’s okay with it, he does have his childhood friend so it’s nothing
  • But once that person shows any kind of interest on you, then he’s most likely to pull you against him and give hints that you two are going out, maybe give you a kiss if the person still doesn’t get it
  • Lives seeing you in his jersey, might even give you an extra just so you won’t have to search through his messy closet
  • He will flirt with you when he sees you wearing it, might wrap his arms around your waist and pull you against his chest and whisper something in your ear
  • Aomine’s also very thankful for you, you’re patient enough to understand him and can withstand his humor and stubbornness and still support him on his passion. He just might lose it if you decide to end things with him

Kise Ryouta

  • I think out of everyone, Kise’s the hardest to get in a serious relationship with, he’s young and he wants to experience so many things. He’s not against flings but consider yourself lucky if you manage to get this one to commit
  • But once he does, he’s very loyal to you and your relationship. Of course he still has female friends and his fans won’t disappear but he would make sure that they know that he’s going out with someone and he’s not interested in anybody but them
  • He’s also very proud to call you his girlfriend, he’s going to boast about you in his social media and wants to try all those couple challenges online
  • A happy pill, will always try to motivate you when he knows you’re feeling down or losing confidence in yourself
  • Dates with him is always fun, he can take you to a simple cafe and you will find yourself smiling afterwards as you think about the whole date
  • Unlike Aomine, he’s actually very willing to go shopping with you. You might have to be the one to stop him because he gets really excited and tends to go through racks of clothes to look for the perfect outfit for you
  • He also likes to celebrate those anniversaries and other days related to couples-especially valentines and white day
  • Very good at flirting, if he puts his mind to it can leave you a flustered mess within minutes
  • Kise’s not afraid of pda, he loves holding your hand when you two go home together or go on dates. He also doesn’t mind giving you small pecks and will pull you in his arms if desired
  • Kise would treat you with utmost care, he always reminds you of how great you are and how he’s very lucky to even get you to stay with him for so long
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