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#kuroko's basketball

Yeah! Like I take a lot of issue with the movie (as you’ve all seen lmao this is in fact still a last game salt blog) but it was also like … unnecessary and i think that kinda helped in making it underwhelming. I think part of why it took me so long to watch it (besides not wanting knb to be over and people telling me i wasn’t missing much lol) was that there wasn’t really anything that needed that much tying up. If anything this movie opened up some stuff that needs resolving, but the show like wrapped up. All of the antagonists were defeated, everyone got their character arches, and while Kagami and Kuroko weren’t the best in Japan yet they were clearly on their way there. Like any fan, i’m interested in more content, but i’d generally like there to be a reason (other than money) for something that seems to have an ending to continue. Like, I’m really not sure what a knb season four would even look like when people talk about wanting it. You can show the growth of the teams, but ultimately you’d be seeing a lot of the same unless you introduced new schools, especially since some teams did play against each other more than once already. Which brings me to another reason that last game was underwhelming: who the fuck cares about this American team? You can bring in new characters into shows/movies, but it’s hard to do in a way where people care. We cared about the GOM even as they were introduced because there was build up with all of them. Akashi didn’t come in until like late season two, really more season three, so kind of a new character, but he was still tied to the plot and thus we cared about him. This new team… not so much. They’re just this powerful team we’ve never heard of and we have literally no reason to care about them because their entire purpose is to be rude and then get dunked on and we already have two teams that serve that purpose but actually have some kind of connection to the plot and characters. Their point was also to show the GOM fighting together I suppose, but we have seen that. In middle school and in the Kuroko bday ova. They didn’t even do it effectively. They physically handicapped Mura and underutilized others. The game they teased at the end would have been a much more interesting show down since it’s characters we know and care about at least, but that could have just been an ova.
TLDR: last game was underwhelming because it was unnecessary and why should we have cared?

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I was more thinking of fan content! Like knb getting dubbed would mean new people would be introduced to the show/old creators coming back for nostalgia’s sake!

But I think there is a chance of new knb content next year cuz of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics? I remember seeing a screenshot of Kuroko and Kagami in the National team uniforms aaahhhhh I’m hoping all my fave sports anime have special merch/content next year

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Found some amazing quotes by kids on an IG account lately (livefromsnacktime) and started to rewrite some to have fun with Yōsen boys.

MuraHimu is a ship shaped for memes, why did I put them aside for so many years T__T ?

And now time to illustrate a new one o/

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Hi! Sorry for the long waiting but thank you for the request!

I ship you with….

Midorima Shintaro


Originally posted by daitsuu

(from Kuroko no Basket)

Midorima is a clever and intelligent person, who loves to be right no matter what. He’s pretty reserved, but at the same time he’s always straightforward and he doesn’t fear to say his opinion, it doesn’t matter if no one agrees with him. He’s confident, but at the same time he doesn’t mind believing in the zodiac and in the lucky items of the day, just to be more sure, in fact he takes them with him every single day, taking also much care of his fingers with his meticulous way of doing.
Actually the first thing you’ll both notice of each other is the difference between your heights, being it really visible, since he’s 6'5’’ but actually it’ll be really cute to see you together, even if he’ll try to tease you for your height (even if he’ll say that his words are only facts, but he’s actually a person who loves to annoy people with his opinions, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to admit that). But at least you could use that as an excuse to avoid to flip the coin with him to decide who will be the one to walk and take the other around, and maybe you could get a piggyback ride too, even if he will complain about it, though he doesn’t mind. Actually his always complaining is given by an habit more than the fact that he doesn’t want to do those things with you.
It could be pretty easy for both of you to argue with each other unfortunately, but at the same time it won’t happen that often, it’ll be mostly some bickerings given the fact that you seem to have a different approach with being angry, though you’re both short tempered anyway. You’re both someone who aren’t afraid to speak against someone or point out someone’s mistakes, so at the end you could just take this to another level and make it a challenge between you two, while others actually don’t understand how could you have fun that way, but at the end it’s just something you do that others don’t understand, it’s your way to understand each other and it works so why shouldn’t you keep going that way?
At first he won’t understand why you’re so protective with your friends and him too, and he won’t even realize that his being fond of you will start mostly from seeing you that way. He’ll just need some time to make his mind understand that, and some time more to stop denying that because he’s too proud to admit that so easily, he’s quite a tsundere after all, be a little patient with him and he’ll grow with it.
He’s not a big fan of rhythm games, or to say it better, he never played them, he finds them too easy for him and actually he’ll laugh when he’ll see you lose the first time, not understanding how could you lose, so just let him play instead. And he’ll lose so bad that he’ll stay there for five minutes staring at the screen as if he couldn’t believe in his loss, being actually a really funny view to see (take a picture too and show it to Takao, he’ll love it) for then getting even more proud and deciding that he won’t give up until actually winning, not being able to see how he could lose at somethng like that, but even just something in general. In a week, he just spends free time playing it and he will surely challenge you too many times to see who will do the better record.
At the same time you could study together if you want, he’s quite a genius, so he could help you, without complaining too much obviously. He actually admire you since you’re someone strong and intelligent, even if he would never tell you in front of you.

and Bakugou Katsuki


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

(from My Hero Academia)

Bakugou is a confident yet hot headed person, who hates to lose and because of that he isn’t surely the easiest person to have a relationship with. He gets angry a little easily, but he’s also really hard working and he would do anything to achieve his target, even if he could appear rude or insensitive. At the same time he knows how to care about the people he has around, it’s just that it’s not easy for him to show it in front of others, using a rude approach and speaking his mind except when it comes to affection (or apologies).
Sure, he’s not someone easy to have around, but you have the perfect personality to stand up to him so he’ll start to admire you from the beginning, even if that won’t stop him from talking in his usual blunt way. At the same time he’ll accept your straightforward speaking, finding in you someone he can trust because you’re always saying your opinion and you’re someone who will tell him that he’s wrong in front of his face without fear. He’ll actually trust you after a while, but it won’t be easy to make him admit that, since he’s not someone who talk about his feelings, preferring to use his actions instead, even if you won’t understand him.
With your short tempered personalities, arguing will be almost daily, but at the same time it’s not that bad, it’s your way to communicate and to exchange opinions, also because you know how much you can go forward because actually hurting each other and never overcoming that level. It could be also a way to release stress and to talk about topics you would have problems to talk with someone else, he’s actually someone you can count on even if it wouldn’t seem at a first gaze. And he’s really protective too, so be sure that he won’t let you get hurt, not having problems in being violent with people who could even just think about doing that. And though he won’t understand and at first he won’t accept either your protection, since he’s someone who prefers to do things alone and that doesn’t accept to be weak enough to need someone (or at least this is his thoughts), after a while he’ll appreciate having you cover his back.
He loves spicy food a lot too, so you can go eat together in your favorite restaurants, but be sure that he’ll joke about your sweet tastes, for then challenging you in eating the spiciest things on the menu. Don’t accept though, it’s a really bad idea, for both of you.
He has his own tastes in music, but he won’t mind listening to yours, being really blunt in his opinions and not having hesitations in telling you if he thinks that a song sucks actually, for then sharing with you some of his favorite ones instead. And you could also go to study together, since he’s the best of his class, so he can help you in improving your grades that much that you need to be pleased about them, but be sure that he’ll be really severe about it.

That’s all! Hope you liked them and sorry again for the long waiting ;_;

Have a nice day!

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Request: GOM having a movie night (or any kind of get together) and AoKise (especially Aomine) do a lot of PDA. [ @hkbs-world ]


pairing: aomine daiki x kise ryouta

genre: fluff, crack

trigger warnings: none

word count: 1,012

song recommendation: sucker by jonas brothers (

a/n: wrote this in class so this might be a little bad. sorry!! 😭 requests are open btw!! <33


“Can you fix yourselves, and just watch the movie?!” Midorima snapped, when he had enough of the chaos that is happening right before his eyes.

It has been 6 months since the gang got together. And Momoi being Momoi, she organized a “movie night” which took a lot of effort, and bribery so that the movie night would actually happen. It was easy to convince Kuroko, Akashi, and Kise since they are always down for anything. Akashi bribed Murasakibara with large packs of cookies, potato chips, and maiubo just so he would join the movie night.

Momoi asked Takao to convince Midorima, and Midorima being the tsundere that he is, he told Takao that he won’t go, but the green haired boy showed up the earliest at Momoi’s house, which is the venue for the movie night.

Momoi had no problems convincing Aomine because his boyfriend, Kise, is going, which means he would definitely not miss the movie night. Aomine and Kise did not see each other for 2 weeks now, which is why Aomine was so excited about the movie night.

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