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feat. kuroo tetsuro x fem! reader

genre. fluff , drabble .

a/n. omg this scenario has been stuck in my head for so long >:) i just want to stare at the city lights with kuroo please ! i hope this is what u had in mind !


kuroo watched as the lights of the city reflected in your eyes. you were both standing outside kuroo’s apartment on his balcony.

your hands were rested on the railing and your mouth was agape as you admired the view from your boyfriends apartment.

“the view from up here is beautiful.” you said, turning to face kuroo who was standing beside you, a cup of coffee in his hand.

“well if you like it that much you should just move in with me already.” he said only half joking. you blushed at the thought before shaking your head.

“i would just be a burden.” you said with a sofy laugh. “besides you have yourself to take care of.” you grabbed the cup of coffee from his hand, taking a sip out of it.

you turned around to find him with a serious look on him face. your eyes widened, “wait you’re actually serious ?”

you set the cup of coffee down of the table.

“but tetsu—” you protested. “y/n you know you could never be a burden to me.” he said softly, taking your hand and intertwining your fingers.

“i won’t force you into anything but if you want to, i’m up for it too.” he said, giving you a small smile.

you thought about how life would be like if you did move in with him, waking up to your favorite person every morning did seem amazing.

you sighed before turning your attention back to the city lights once more.

“you know what, i’ll take you up on that offer.”

30 notes

Kuroo : isn’t it weird that we pay money to see other people ?

Tsukishima : what does that supposed to mean? Prostitution? Movies? Or plane tickets?

Kuroo : glasses. I’m talking about glasses

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Kuroo and Yaku talking abour their type, as if not talking about Kenma and Lev’s hair style

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When they have an s/o who loves disney princesses.


Oikawa, kuroo, asahi, sugawara


Originally posted by herelivesthenymph

A/N: yeah still head empty on my osamu fic and yes you might tell my favorite disney princess is our princess tiana💚 i would die to have a friend like lottie, sure she’s spoiled but she’s a true friend to tiana, their friendship is to die for and i love that! If ur lottie hmu😘



  • He knows that you love watching disney and don’t get me wrong he absolutely LOVED the fact that you do.
  • One time he gave you a ticket to disneyland as your birthday gift. And the way you were giggling like a child during your visit there was a pretty sight indeed
  • And how you dragged him to meet the princesses was absolutely adorable.
  • “They’re so pretty! They are right tooru?”
  • He would just hum and grab your hands.
  • “They are but you are pretty too y/n i think you’re qualified to be the next new disney princess”
  • You knew he’s like this and you still get flustered.
  • “Awww look my princess is blushing how cute”
  • “Shut up tooru!”


  • Ok having you, someone who’s obsessed with disney is a breath of fresh air and cuteness.
  • He did have kenma basically his whole life and it’s really hard to keep tabs on that boy since he did have a bit a toxic love in games.
  • Yeah that kind.
  • But you? No, hell no
  • You love disney princesses that you pick up their habit.
  • The one where you’re humming while doing something, yep that one you pick up that one.
  • So whenever kuroo catches you doing some chores at home and humming songs from the movies he think “all we need is animals and it’s done”
  • But he loves that and it’s kinda making his ego swell a bit, like come on think about it he got his very own DISNEY PRINCESS how could he not?
  • “Hey princess what you cooking?”
  • You stopped humming when you felt a pair of arms arou your waist.
  • “Katsudon!”
  • “Can you tell me what song were you humming this time”
  • “So this is love~”
  • Kuroo hummed the part of the song and sang with you.
  • “So this is love~”
  • “So this is what makes life divine~” “so this is what makes life divine~”
  • And the entire time you two were just singing and dancing in the kitchen like you two were in a ball.


  • Ok when he knew the love you have for the disney princesses he was absolutely wrecked
  • He never complains whenever you put on a disney princess movie if you two are having a movie marathon.
  • “What are we watching?”
  • “Sleeping beauty”
  • “Oh i like their song”
  • “I know right? It’s so catchy and i love it!”
  • While you two were watching you saw how pretty aurora’s dress is so you just kinda blurted out “wow i wish i had that kind of dress”
  • Of course asahi would hear that so without any second thought he said “i can make you one”
  • It’s not like you didn’t appreciated what he said but making gowns isn’t his forte so you giggled.
  • “Baby are you sure you can make one? I didn’t really mean what i said you know”
  • “You don’t know if you don’t try”
  • He was being serious so didn’t agrue so you gave him a kiss on the cheeks
  • “Do whatever you want”


  • Having to take care of kids he sure does have a lot of knowledge in cartoons
  • And having you as his s/o who basically knows a lot about disney, he now has a vast knowledge.
  • He adores how you still like disney despite your age, still giddy when you watch a movie together even though you saw it like a hundred times already
  • “I’m a sucker for a happy ending”
  • “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’ll get married to Prince Charming one day”
  • You gasped “prince eric?!”
  • “Nooo meee!”
  • You’re a sucker for a romantic fantasy fairytale, and since this time and age balls aren’t a thing anymore it kinda saddens you.
  • As if you’ll get an invitation if there’s one.
  • So whenever you’re alone you put on some disney songs and dance like you’re in a ball.
  • Suga was finished checking some papers and as soon as he went out he saw you dancing with your eyes closed feeling the rhythm, swaying and twirling.
  • He watched you with a smile, GOD knows how much he loves you he can’t even contain the sight right infront of him.
  • And in a heartbeat he took your hands and swayed with you which surprised you.
  • “We can’t let a princess dance alone now can’t we?”
  • “My my prince don’t you have any manners? you should have asked my permission first”
  • He smirked “I’m not your normal Prince Charming your highness”

Reblogs are really appreciated

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Pairings : Kuroo Tetsurou x F!reader 

Tags : angst, idk if this will make you cry lol, Y/N being hallucinations(?)

A/N : I recommend you to read this while listen to Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars, the slowmo-reverb version. It will be more sad, I promise.

Words count : 1,372

I can’t wait to meet you.

You read Kuroo’s message with the phone position on the left hand and the chopsticks on the right hand. You gobble up one mouthful of sushi and then store chopsticks and reply to the message of Kuroo, your boyfriend.

In three hours we’ll meet =)

Kuroo’s a narcissist.
-kenma( ‘△`)


Kyannnmaaa don’t want to be told by him!

I know you missed me, we’ll meet later <3

You feel a sting hit your cheek, make you smile behind the screen and find Bokuto peering across the table, shaking his head, “You’re crazy.” He mocked.

You look at him, “What do you mean?” You asked, offended.

“You suddenly smiled for no reason. Your’re crazy.” he replied and you shrinking your lips.

Your brother’s always such a jerk, sometimes you want to stab him with chopsticks. If Kuroo were here, he would laugh out loud and help you to reciprocate Bokuto’s words. Kuroo and Bokuto have a good relationship as friends and volley training partners. Plus they have two juniors, Akaashi and Tsukishima. They always stop by your house to play.

“You literally made my blood boiled.” You protest and he just laughed until he was chocked by the sashimi he had just eaten. You scolded him with satisfaction.

“F-fuck you, get me a drink!” He told and you immediately give him a glass of water and he sips it out.

Bokuto set his breath and looked at you, “Let me guess,” he said, “You’re going to the festival with Kuroo.” He continued and you nod.

Once Bokuto finds out the answer, he smiles broadly, you realize it’s a bad sign, “Bokuto! Don’t you fucking dare…” You approached, commemorating him with your index finger pointing at his face.

He put your finger down and chuckled, “We’ll see.” He said with a grin.

“I’ll punch you in the face with a fucking chair.” You threaten and Bokuto keep his face away from you. He just went to his room giggling.


You went down the stairs with an amazing outfits that surprised Bokuto, “What did Kuroo do to you?” Bokuto’s question is to get one end of your lips up.

“He gave me confidence.” You replied and walk to the door first.

Kuroo didn’t pick you up, he wanted everything to look like a surprise. You never understood Kuroo’s way of thinking, but, you liked everything he did. You enter the car followed by Bokuto who starts the car and starts to get out of the house garage.

Your finger touches a few buttons to turn on the radio and the song starts to sound in your phone. You turned to Bokuto, found his eyes focused on the street with his lips squinting following the song Yellow - Coldplay. You can catch Bokuto looking at you from the edge of the eye, “Is there something stuck in your mind?” It’s like he can read your mind.

“Why did you let me be with Kuroo?” You asked, randomly.

Bokuto pauses for a moment while thinking. You can hear Bokuto muttering ’hmm’ like he’s looking for the right sentence to answer you, “I just know he’s a good guy.” He answered after a long thought.

You’re not satisfied with his answer, “Seriously? That’s it?” You asked.

He turned once and his eyes went back to the street, “What do you want me to say? I don’t care if you want to date Daichi, Lev, or even Tsukishima. As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter to me.” His reply make you silenced.

You’re satisfied to hear it. Sometimes Bokuto can be so serious that you’ve digested the word for word he put out. But, Bokuto is quite a supportive person even though he’s an annoying person.

You’re finally there. You can feel the euphoria of a music festival that held once a year. For this year, you have a lover who can keep you company until the show is over. Before that, you were only accompanied by Bokuto who was busy flirting with beautiful girls there.

“Find Kuroo. I’m going to find Akaashi. Let me know when you see him.“ Said Bokuto and you nodded. You guys split up for each other’s purposes.

You open your phone and find a spam message from Kuroo.

Are you ready?
Where are you?
I went with Kenma.

You’re smiling.

I’m here.
Where are you?
I’m in the middle of the crowd.

I’m behind the crowd.

You looked up, tried to tiptoe but failed because a lot of people were taller than you. Your body is crammed with other visitors enjoying music from the stage. You try to get out through the crowd and feel your feet trampled every once in a while. You keep your way out of the crowd but it’s hard.

Just like Kuroo, despite his tall body, he still struggles to find you. He overtook the people who got in his way, "Excuse me, excuse me, I have to find my kitten.”

You’re still overtaking even though you’re occasionally held back by big bodies. You stop for a second, trying to breathe fresh air as it gets hotter.

'Cause you make me feel like

“Y/N!” Someone make you lifted your chin and found Kuroo waving from a distance.

I’ve been locked out of heaven

Suddenly, you feel the visitors shifting, trying to make way for you to make it easier to get to Kuroo.

For too long,

Your eyes sparkled because you could see Kuroo clearly even though it was far away, “Kitten, come!” He shouted again with a warm smile makes you more excited.

For too long,

Your heart beats faster while you keep walking towards him. Kuroo feels his eyes watering and is ready to overflow everything in your hug. He spread his arms, giving you the chance to hug his tall body, “Hug me, Chibi-chan!”

Yeah, you make me feel like,

You can feel the world going slower. Like the slow motion scenes you always see in romance movies, things like that really happen. Your step widens, approaching Kuroo who begins to lowering himself so that he can instantly hug your waist, “I miss you, Chibi-chan!”

I’ve been locked out of heaven,

Your eyes are in tears, after all this time you’ve not seen him for so long, after all the things you’ve been through without him, for tonight, you will feel his skin touch your body.

For too long,

There’s only two steps left, your hand is wide and you jump a little, hug him before he catches you. You can feel her soft touch on your skin until the end–

For too long, ohh, ohh,

Kuroo’s body just disappeared. You can feel the shadow disappearing, flying like a grain of Dandelions blown away. Your body begins to fall forward and kneel on the ground.

Can I just stay here?

Both of your hands begin to hug your own body and your body trembles. Tears fell and you sobbed while calling Kuroo’s name many times. Even if you know, he’s not coming back.

Spend the rest of my days here?

TETSUROUU!” Your screams are full of energy and your eyesight is blurring.

You feel a hand touching your shoulder. You slowly look up and realize you’ve never been at the festival. You’re at Kuroo’s funeral. He died because his body being too tired and still forced to work. Until finally a disease attacked his weak immune system and he died.

Your ears can hear other cries from Kenma, Yaku, and Sobbing Hinata. Your tears are also getting louder, remembering the sweet and warm days with him. Your hands hit the ground hoping you could get the last 10 seconds with him. Your body begins to limp followed by Bokuto hugging you, “I’m sorry, Y/N, I–”

“Why, why, why, Bokuto!” You screams again, but this time, your hands are held back by Bokuto so you can stop hurting yourself.

“Y/N stop! He’s not coming back!"Bokuto replied and your body droops limp. The only thing that still working is your tears. You sobbed and drowned your face in Bokuto’s body.

I-I miss him, my neko, come back–please.“


13 notes

Word count: 1k
Includes: fluff, a little angst?, romance :3 (ofc), 
Note: This is an old fanfic I wrote but unlike a lot of my other writings, I actually enjoy this one. Sure, it needs a lot of work but I like it. 


He looked at me dead in the eyes with his serious face which made him look constipated. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at his expression. Then he pushed me against his bed, digging his face into the crook of my neck. I yipped in shock, yet my hands still found their place in his damp hair. I felt him smile against my skin as I sighed in peace.

-earlier that day-

I shut my locker and turned to my best friend who was leaning on the one right next to mine. They were rambling on about something that happened earlier that day. I didn’t bother to listen though, they always had something to say.

“And look who’s coming.”
Just then I heard a familiar male voice yelling at me from all the way down the hall.

“Look, I’ll talk to you later yeah?” My friend said before I nodded and they walked away.

“ y/n CHANNNNN!!!” Kuroo yelled before grabbing me into a hug.

“Hey! Let go of me before I suffocate and die.” I laughed.

“Awhh ok…” He let go of me and as I was readjusting my uniform he squatted down to my eye level.

“Listen I don’t have volleyball practice today, and my family isn’t going to hone ‘till late so I was wondering…” He looked away and blushed a little.

“Mm? Ahh you want me to come over? Gosh how scandalous~” I teased. “But really, why so sudden?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something in private.” He mumbled.

“If you wanted to talk in private why didn’t yo-” He cut me off before I had a chance to finish my sentence.

“Because I want to ok!!” He pouted. I laughed at his embarrassment and patted his head

“Alright alright fine~~ but you owe me some takoyaki.”


I took off my shoes, and set my bag down by the entrance where I always put it. Taking my hand he brought me upstairs to his room.

It smelt of his cologne and sweat. I liked it though, it was like a guilty pleasure of mine. I jumped onto his bed as he set his bag down soon after, finding his place beside me.

This whole time he seemed a little bit off. Kuroo was always loud and ecstatic. An open book to everyone at school. So when something was wrong, you knew.

“Hey churro, what’s wrong?” I asked in a concerned tone. That was my nickname for him and he always enjoyed it when I called him that.

“y/n, I need to tell you something important. But, promise not to laugh?”

“Hmm. Fine fine, why so upset?”
He turned turned to me with an expression of worry hanging from his face.

“y/n… I, uhm. I-” He continued to stutter a bit more before I finished the sentence for him.

“You like me don’t you…” I chuckled. For the longest time, I felt that something was different with Kuroo when he talked to me. He was still his happy little self with others but whenever I came around he always turned his attention towards me.

And I liked that.

I didn’t mean to be selfish with him. I knew he liked me, everybody knew he liked me. Kuroo was clearly ready for a relationship, but was I? Thinking about that question made my heart ache. I cared about Kuroo, so much so that one time I came to his house to deliver cookies and tell him about what he missed while he was sick. For the longest time I knew I had feelings for him too! But the crippling fear of him leaving me left emptiness in my stomach.

“Hey y/n! I was supposed to be the one to tell you!” He huffed.

“Oh!! Im sorry!” I replied apologetically.

“Was it really that obvious?” he asked as he looked up at his ceiling.

“To be honest, the entire boys volleyball team told me about it. Kenma said that I should stop by practices more because you preform better when I’m around.”
I finished the sentence with a giggle.

“In more ways then one…” he mumbled.

“KUROO!” I yelled teasingly as I threw a pillow at his arm. He chuckled but then got up, grabbed some pants and headed towards the bathroom.

“I’m gonna take a shower kay? Don’t do anything stupid.” He warned me.

“Yeah yeah,” I waved for him to hurry and leave. Only a few moments later he got out wearing the sweatpants he took earlier. A towel laid atop his shoulders, his chest bare and muscular. I could see them clearly from the bed (which I had made myself comfortable on).

Heading in my direction, he and sat in front of me grabbing my hand which I was using to cover up my now burning cheeks. He stared at me and I laughed. He then pushed me against the bed and dug his head into my neck, smiling in retaliation.

My hands kept playing with his hair while listening to his breaths against my skin.

“y/n…” he called. Like a needy little cat. So cute~

“Kuroo…” I couldn’t think of anything to say. Kuroo and I were close, but this time it felt different. These butterflies we’re raging inside me.

Then he shifted his position on top of me. “My friends enjoy your company, my family loves whenever you’re around, hell even the teachers push us together for projects because even they know you’re good for me. I love you y/n, so why won’t you love me back?” he said, hovering his face over mine.

I held his cheeks in my hands finally spilling the truth.

“I do love you. I love it when you ask me to come to your games even though you know I’ll already be there. I love it when you hold up my hair every time we go to get ramen because you don’t want me making a mess. I love it when you notice my shoe is untied and go out of you ay to tie it up for me even though crouching hurts your back! I love every little thing about you.” I paused to wipe away the tear that formed in the corner of my eye.

“I’m just scared of you leaving me. What happens when you find someone better? What happens if we get into a big fight? What happens when-” he covered my mouth to make me stop talking.

“I will never find anyone better than you. I promise. Nobody could ever replace the time we spent together, or fill the hole I have when you’re gone.”

His words sent arrows through my heart. Like suddenly everything began unfolding in front of my eyes. He felt the same way I did all this time. With and without.

We shared our pain and our joy.

“Well, I guess it’s decided.” I got out of his clutches and grabbed his wrist bringing him to his balcony.

We stood there, watching as clouds complimented the colours of the sunset that day.

“What’s decided? What are you talking about?” He asked in confusion and unease.

I smiled at him, and turned to face the skyline. I brought my hands to my face and yelled at the top of my lungs.
“I love Kuroo!!”

“y/n what are you doing?” he laughed.

Smiling, I turned back to him.

I love you my little churro.”

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Haikyuu Boys - Danganronpa Au

So… I got bored and I wanted to write for some of my favourite characters and I asked some people as well for who do.

Pairings: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Kenma, Sugawara x Reader

Warnings: Death obviously this is Danganronpa. But I won’t go too deep into execution or their deaths just what happened to them and for the deaths how they were killed. Also Spolier for Post-Timeskip in Sugawara’s


| Part 1 (Arrived) | Part 2 - Coming Soon |

Oikawa Tōru

So, your looking at the Ultimate Player y’all. Is it really a surprise? He a pretty boy, he’s got all the girls and guys falling for him. Like? How is he not the Ultimate Player? He makes whoever he is in a relationship with like he really does love them till he cuts it off out of no where. Killing game? One of the first to die. He’d be the first or second victim. He’d probably be an unlikeable person in it so he’d be killed because of it. 

Iwaizumi Hajime

It is really a surprise that Iwa here would be the ultimate MMA Fighter? I mean look at those guns y’all. This hurts me but… He ends up killing, I feel it wouldn’t even have to do anything with any of those bribes that Monokuma would give them. Just being in a high school forever without any contact besides people with him he’d lose it and his temper would make him end up beating up someone to their death. After that he’d try to cover up the fact it was him with putting a knife in them as if he didn’t beat them to their death but he couldn’t get away. His execution… The Roaring Opponent. He’d end up being beat up himself

Kuroo Testuroo

He’s the Ultimate Scientist!!! Like, this isn’t a surprise or anything. As for how he’d react to all of this, he tries to act like everything is fine but in reality.. He’s the mastermind… His reasoning for the killing game is to see what would happen if he put lots of people in a building and tell them to kill what would happen. IT WAS FOR SCIENCE! His prediction was that they wouldn’t actually go ahead and kill anyone..

Kenma Kozume

Excuse me? Do I really need to say what it is? Well he is the Ultimate Gamer, I mean he’s addicted to it so I don’t really know why he wouldn’t be. He’d most likely be pretty calm with everything that was happening around him as long as he had his games. He’d end up being killed by the end since he would be an easy target you could say.

Sugawara Koshi

The Ultimate Teacher, if this is a surprise then there’s something wrong. I mean in the post-time it said that he was a elementary school teacher but still I believe he’d be the best teacher!!! If you are to make the agruement ‘Well the Danganronpa characters are teens though.’ Well can’t anyone teach someone? That’s what I thought. Also I believe that he’d be one of the survivors. The reason for that, he was way too nice and was helpful so no one really wanted to go after him.

6 notes

Imagine • • •

Kuroo loved you, or well that’s what he’d said for the past few days. Quiet, calm and reserved that’s what you were but the lifeless look in his eyes when he said that was starting to crumple your attitude to life. You had no idea why and you weren’t about to ask why. It was a massive insecurity of yours that he’d one day get bored of you, maybe you’d talk to your cousin if your insecurities got worse. Today was a day when it got worse, he’d just got up and left in the morning with out a ‘love you’ or a ‘thank you for his breakfast or lunch or even a glance at you. You pulled your phone out and called your cousin, Bokuto, his husband Akaashi picked up 

“Hello Y/n. Bokuto is currently showering is there a message I can take and give to him or do you want him to call back?”

“Yeah please get him to call back.” You asked slightly panicked

“Y/n are you okay? You don’t sound good.” Akaashi said

“I- I don’t know. I think it may just be me but Tetsurō isn’t acting the same.”

“What do you mean?” Akaashi asked

“Today it was just as if I didn’t exist, despite making breakfast and his lunch he said nothing, he didn’t even look at me It was as if I didn’t exist.” You replied

“I’ll ask Bokuto-san about it, maybe get him to call Pain-in-the-ass Kuroo-san. Maybe you should call Kenma?” He suggested

“Yeah maybe, I should he is Kuroo’s best friend. Thanks Akaashi.” You replied hanging up. 

You walked back up to your gaming room you quickly pulled on and oversized hoodie and sat down in your gaming chair and called Kenma through Discord.

“Hi, L/n what is it?” Kenma asked irritated

“Has Kuroo been acting strange too you?” You asked

“What do you mean you too?” Kenma asked confused, “I got a message from you telling me not to talk to Kuro again.”

“But I never sent that. Show me the message.” you said desperately as Kenma grabbed his phone and found the text and showed it on the screen

“But Kenma that isn’t any of my accounts. I only have three accounts; my official account, the account for me and friends and the shit account I had during school. Not to mention that isn’t how you spell my name, or how you spell Tetsurō’s name I’d spell it with a double o not a single one and I don’t write you as ya nor would I swear at you, at anyone unless you broke my gaming set or something like that.” You replied picking out all the mistakes in the letter that had been in the text.

“Me and the others thought it wasn’t you but then a whole bunch of your fan pages came after us. I’m not to sure what Kuroo got but I know it was sent to you by the same account- he sent it to me on what- Here!” Kenma replied showing you a string of texts between a fake you and Kuroo, the line of the story was that you were cheating on him and if he tried to do anything you’d say that he sexually assaulted you during the relationship. 

“Kenma who else got sent those?” You asked

“A range of people, mostly friends from high school and I think some of Kuro’s friends or work friends.” Kenma replied, you nodded then hung up going through all of your contacts to find out where the damage had been delt, you guess half of them had blocked you and the others texted abuse at you until you said it wasn’t you and pointed out all the things you wouldn’t say or text. Some would come around some wouldn’t. Then your phone rang

“Y/N!” Bokuto yelled angrily

“I don’t know what they wrote to you but it wasn’t me!”

“It wasn’t?”

“No It wasn’t, Kō. What did they send you, and you know I only have three accounts.” 

“Yeah but what they wrote hurt, and-” He mumbled 

“Send me what they said.” You replied walking downstairs and making a pot of coffee today would be longer then ever you knew. Reading through the texts were horrific, “Hey Kō did Akaashi get any messages like this?”

“AAAGGAAAAASSHHHHHIII!!” Bokuto yelled, “Y/n wants to ask a question!!” 

“Hello again L/n what is it?” Akaashi asked

“Did someone claiming to be me text you on Insta?” You snivelled

“Yes, but that isn’t how you text or act so I told them that it wasn’t you then I blocked them.” Akaashi replied

“Okay thanks. Can you pass me back to Kō?” The phone was handed back to your cousin, “Hey Kō can you go pick Tetsurō up from work take him around town for an hour please and have him back around 8, he gets of at 7.” You said

“Yeah! I’ll do that I’ve been wanting to see him for ages!” Bokuto yelled. As soon as he hung up the line you got started to rummage around the fridge. Although you’d done nothing wrong you decided to make Tetsurō’s favourite, Grilled Salted Mackerel Pike. You quickly picked yourself up dried your teary eyes and then started to make your lovers favourtie dish. 

In le town

“Man I dunno Y/n wouldn’t be happy if I was out with you.” Kuroo said nervously looking around 

“That wasn’t Y/n though. They only have their official account, the shitty account from high school and the account we follow. It turns out that a whole bunch of us got messages like that, even Akaashi but he didn’t believe it cause that’s not how Y/n types. Is it?” Bokuto said, “What did they say to you?”. Kuroo pulled out his phone and showed the conversations 

“Why the hell would we believe what y/n would supposedly say? They don’t type like that unless you’d smashed their gaming set.” Bokuto said sullenly looking down sadly.

“True I-”

“What did you do to them?”


“You know how their calm and reserved?”

“Yes I know how my lover normally acts.”

“Akaashi slightly mentioned that they were sad, when they called us.”

“They called you?”

“Yeah Y/n called me first but Akaashi picked the phone up, Y/n sounded bad at the time though. Akaashi told them to go ask Kenma, I don’t know what happened but Kenma has come out on a tweet say the gaming competition this weekend will continued, so I guess their conversation went well. Then I called at around 4 ready to blow of at them because they dare to call me after the fake texts that were sent me. Y/n seemed to put a front up in front of me then I kinda broken in front of Akaashi. Then they told me to come entertain till 8.” Bokuto explained

“I- I should of talked to them.” Kuroo murmured

“What did you do?”

“I just flat out ignored them.” Kuroo whispered

“Man, they love you more then life it’s self. Even if its just one day they still can’t fully function.” Bokuto said quietly

“How do I fix this?”

“White lilies work they mean I love you. They like chocolate, ooh and remember Osamu Miya?” 


“They love any of his Onigiri. I also know that they have been wanting that new game…”


“Yeah, pre order that! They’ll forgive you quickly but also give them tones and tones of affection they need that, like lots of it.” Bokuto said, while Kuroo nodded. The pair then raced of into the night buying and ordering things for you.

At le home

After a long half an hour Kuroo stood outside your and his apartment, flowers, an envelope, chocolates, and several boxes of Onigiri Miya in his arms and Bokuto had knocked on the door then shot away. The door opened and Kuroo walked in taking his shoes of slipping his slippers on before of loading the gifts onto the dinning table. He picked the lilies up and handed them to you

“I’m so sorry I ignored you earlier my love, I shouldn’t of. These and everything else on the table are for you I should of asked you about the texts I received and I shouldn’t have been stupid enough to believe you’d ever write that.” He said sincerely. You put the flowers down and hugged him 

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” You cried 

“Kitten! What on earth do you mean?!” Kuroo asked picking you up and holding you in his arms, “You did absolutely nothing wrong!” Kuroo cried holding you tightly against his chest as you sobbed into his chest. You stayed in his arms for a while until he said softly

“Why don’t you have a look at what I bought you?” He asked pulling a chair out and letting you sit on his lap as you pulled the presents closer.

“Miya’s Onigiri!” You cried looking stary eyed to him

“Go on Kitten.” 

“Chocolates, and this envelope?”

“Open it, baby. I think you’ll like it.” He smiled

“Oh my god! Returnal! Babe that cost shit tones!” You yelled looking at the receipt. 

“I thought you’d like it-”

 “I love it! Now Let me deal with the lilies, love those by the way, and serve dinner!” You smiled kissing Kuroo on the lips. 

You and Kuroo’s life looked up after that.

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synopsis: kuroo + “Hey, look at me. Focus on me alright?” 

a/n: ty anonnie i hope you like this! tw: miscommunication, nightmares, nightmare of being left but it is just a nightmare!!


you were surrounded, people on every side of you for endless miles of you but you could still see kuroo, walking away and leaving you broken. No words were said between the two of you, but the look in his eyes of hate at you as he turned away haunted you as you sobbed your heart out. 

“What did i do? what did i do wrong? KUROO! COME BACK!” You screamed as you shook with sobs, holding yourself. The shaking increased and you woke with a start. 

“Kuroo!” You exclaimed with a sob, as you looked around, confused to where all the people went but sighing with relief as you saw your fiance looking at you with concerned amber eyes, his warm hands holding your shuddering shoulders. You looked down as you bit your lip to stop sobbing and try to calm down but it just made it harder to breathe. 

“Hey, look at me. Focus on me, alright?” Kuroo’s hold your face in his hands, moving your lip out of your hold on it and you look into his eyes, the warmth and concern there has you nodding as he rubs rubs his chin over your cheekbone, wiping away your tears before hugging you close to him. 

His warmth chases away the pain until your nearly asleep in his arms as he presses a kiss to the crown of your head. “Do you want to talk about it?” He mumbles, but you shake your head, looking up at him with a sleepy smile.

“I’m all good now, Tets.” You speak honestly, and he nods, laying down and letting you sleep because your shining eyes full of love and your  relaxed frame against him made him believe you and when morning came, he didn’t mention, just pressed a kiss to your head as he went to make breakfast, 

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little headcanons for kuroo, suna, kageyama, and sugawara as your classmates :)

genre: fluff/comfort/idk :0
tw: swearing

kuroo tetsurou

  • annoying little shit
  • will 100% poke you if you sit near by him
  • you guys cheat on tests together
  • never fully focused in class but somehow always understands all the concepts (bitch)
  • volunteers you when the teacher asks if anyone wants to read something out loud

suna rintarou

  • sits in the back of the class
  • always on his phone
  • doesn’t pay attention at all
  • constant naps in class
  • has tons of food and will share some with you on occasion

kageyama tobio

  • suuuper focused in class but almost too focused
  • poor boy still doesn’t get some of the concepts though
  • please tutor him oh my gosh he is in need of help
  • immediately turns to you when the teacher mentions group/partner work

sugawara koushi

  • will lend you his pencils!
  • steals your phone a lot and spams your camera roll
  • gets away with HELLA shit because he kisses up to the teachers
  • draws happy faces on your papers
  • gossips with you in class
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bokuto hella smooth with the ladies but he takes one look at akaashi and absolutely crumbles

  • bonus: kuroo finds it hilarious and makes fun of how flustered bo gets
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i match you up with kuroo!


songs that fit the vibe:

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

affection by between friends

Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys

Adulting by Beach Bunny

couple outfit:


i hope you enjoyed!

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kuroo tetsurou w/ a vidar

  • vidar is a vampiric flower used to drain or absorb the blood of humans. As the blood drains, the flower becomes red.

i haven’t drawn for so long :(( and since there’s no kuroo version of this fan art, i made one myself!🥺❤️

instagram: gnvr.artz
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<div> —  Tetsuro Kuroo </div><span>The game will be over if you beat him, so isn’t it more fun having enemies you can’t seem to defeant?</span>
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hi i know yall probably forgotten about me but 👉👈 if i post a kuroo fic?? 👉👈

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dust to dust - Kuroo x Reader Zombie!AU

just a little piece of something i’m toying with. this style of writing is kind of new to me, pardon how rough it is. may turn this into a little ficlet, might make it NSFW but also not sure. will def update rating if necessary.

Rating: M for Mature
Pairing: Kuroo x Reader
Genre: angst/romance/surviving-is-the-reason-i-get-up-in-the-morning


There was a time, not so long ago, you would have killed to have a man on his knees before you just like this. But this man is bloody and bruised and the rancid scent of rotting flesh is heavy in your mouth. You resist the urge to spit. The unnatural corpse to your right was once a person. A man, you think faintly. Who may have once had a family. A home.

It’s been months now, but it’s still a fight to push the image away.

The gun you have pressed to his temple is doing its job well. He is meek, eyes darting across the floor blankly. The way his shirt hangs from his tall frame and his wrists tremble make you lower the gun. This is a man who hasn’t eaten a meal in days. And his dirty clothes are covered in dry blood, none of it fresh. He managed to avoid getting bitten before your people had swooped in. He finally looks up at you and his dark, dark eyes are too dull. They are framed by a face that was once handsome, traces of good humor and vivacity still embedded in the lines around his mouth and eyes.

Keep reading

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