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I finally got my game working again thanks to my impromptu programming skills, scrolling through foruns and ofc the guy on youtube who I watched religiously.

If you do want to check out my SIMS 4 HAIKYUU LET’S PLAY please excuse the awkwardness and my dog who likes to think she owns the house.

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Bokuto and Kuroo HC

Bokuto and Akaashi are just chilling having a sleepover at Akaashi’s place. They’re playing Mario Kart at like, 3 am, and Bokuto loses. He starts throwing a fit while Akaashi watches next to him, laughing. As it is 3 am, Bokuto has awoken someone in the house, and the tell-tale sound of Akaashi’s mother’s footsteps can be heard approaching his room. Now, Akaashi didn’t say he was having his boyfriend over, especially not at 3 in the morning. Bokuto looks at Akaashi with wide eyes before whispering “SHIT” and jumping out the window into the tree next to Akaashi’s house. He climbs down and sprints down the street as Akaashi watches in awe and in laughter. Little did he know that that would be the last time he saw his boyfriend for a week. Bokuto ran to the nearest gas station, and who did he find there but his best bro Kuroo. Again, as it is 3 am, they are both a little delirious, so they decide to do something. They grab doritos, dr pepper, and cookie dough before hoping into Kuroo’s truck and leaving. They road trip all over Japan, seeing things they’ve never seen before. Bokuto managed to call their parents and tell them where they were, but he hung up before they could yell at him. After arriving home, they high five before Bokuto jumps out of the truck and sprints to Akaashi’s house. He climbs up the tree and through the open window. He gently shakes Akaashi. Now, Akaashi hasn’t been doing too good while his boyfriend has been missing for a week. His eyes are red rimmed and his cheeks are tear stained. Akaashi opens his eyes, but the first words to be spoken between are from Bokuto. “Ya wanna play Mario?”

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i love this,, thank you kjadhfasfas u know who you are, love mwa, thank you for requesting and i am sorry for the late response sajkshfsajkf thank you for liking my writing ajksfh I AM SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT KJAHSJAF

notes: kasjdhajsk this is cute ajksfh ngl i had a hard time doing this because of the timeline ugh ajkhdsajks if this diverges from canon, i am sorry, especially with the history ugh

warnings: fluff! a bit of angst if you squint, s4 spoilers? if you haven’t read the manga, then manga spoilers, i think, since i haven’t really read the story of kenma and kuroo’s friendship

words: 1.4k

summary: you can see your red string of fate which connects you to your childhood friend, kuroo tetsurou. Chaos ensues as you try to cut them but reconnect as soon as you do. p.s. he can see them too

pairing: kuroo tetsurou x gender neutral! reader || soulmate! AU

taglist: @hikari-writes @k-tets @omigogames @takemetovalhalla @foryearsnyears @sachirou-senpai  @radcherryblossom @anejuuuuoy @littybugz @lapatisseri @ubonmii @kisskenma @i800anime @saturnfarie @kontj @ghostlydiamond135 @kurooluvs @masako55 @moonlightaangel@bbakougo 

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when you were a kid, you were surprised to see a red string on your pinky finger. you remember running to your mom, asking what it is and why do you see it. 

she said, “it connects to your soulmate, baby.”

“what’s a soulmate, mama?” you asked, staring at your red string which trails all the way outside your house.

“well, just like your dad and i, soulmates are people destined to be together. it’s like, finding your other half and spending the rest of your life with them.” she said, smiling.

“papa is your soulmate?” you said, bewildered at the idea.

she chuckled, “yes, he is.”

“even if he’s already in heaven?” your mother sighed, pulling you to her, and rubbing your hair. 

“even if he’s already in heaven,” she smiled sadly. you pout, not really knowing him that well. “that’s enough of the soulmate talk, let’s go meet the kuroo’s. they just moved in.”

and as you stared at the kid a year older than you from behind your mother’s legs, you felt the tug on your pinky finger, connecting you to him. he was staring at you too with a look on his face you couldn’t really understand.

that was the start of your friendship with tetsurou, a bit chaotic to say the least. you were quite the dynamic, you two. he’s usually the chaotic one while you keep him in line. this sometimes leads to petty fights, and when you’re sulking in your room, you see the red string on your hand fall like it was cut.

what you didn’t know was tetsurou cutting them every time you fight. he doesn’t really believe in the whole soulmate shenanigans and when he met you that day, he still didn’t change his mind. sure, you were cute, but feeling like the universe decided for him is just wrong.

you were busy thinking of how you two would make up, scrunching your nose. tetsurou, on the other hand, was wide-eyed when the red string wrapped around his pinky finger again. it took everything in him not to curse at the universe.

the day came when you met kenma kozume, and you three were inseparable since. kenma completed the trio, being the rational one when you and tetsurou fight. he taught you two to play games, and you were just happy to be friends with them.

some time later, tetsurou introduced the two of you to volleyball and kenma, who then eventually played more with him. you liked the sport but you didn’t really feel like playing, so you stayed on the sidelines, cheering for them. 

then the volleyball training camp happened which led you two to fight once more, tetsurou cutting his side of the string once again. you were just worried about your best friends, making you sigh and thinking of an apology for tetsurou.

“why the hell does this keep happening to me?” he said, sighing as he watched the string wrap around his finger again.

middle school came, and you were still together, playing volleyball and video games when you three get the chance. tetsurou’s telling the two of you how he was so lonely in the volleyball club, and that there aren’t kids staying in the neighborhood. this became a thing for the three of you to gather at kenma’s house just to watch volleyball. 

a few years later, the three of you went to nekoma high, tetsurou, of course, the first one. you were, fortunately, placed in the same section with kenma. kenma, like tetsurou, joined the volleyball club. you ventured in other clubs in your first year but then joined them as a manager in your second year.

life was good, your red string still tugged you to tetsurou’s direction every time and always comes back even after you two fight. you didn’t really realize why it does cut except for the fact that you two fought, and when you think about making up for the fight, it tugs you again.

but then tetsurou gets confessions, like lots of confessions. you admit, he is good-looking but he’s your soulmate! why does he still get confessions? you were trailing your eyes at him and the person who excused him from practice. you gritted your teeth, getting up, and excusing yourself to go to the “bathroom”.

you cut your end of the string, which tetsurou notices. he doesn’t even register the confession in his head, thinking back to you. 

“how the—” you were dumbfounded. the string wraps around your pinky finger again, signifying how you can’t escape your bond with him.

a couple more people confessed to tetsurou throughout highschool, and now he’s a third year while you and kenma are in second. your mind travels back to how you met tetsurou, you’ve always been so proud how he’s become. that didn’t change the fact that he leaves after this, and you can’t even do anything.

“y/n, can you schedule a practice match with fukurodani this weekend?” manabu-san said. you nodded, already listing down the needed details, noting to contact the managers of fukurodani first.

yukie and kaori were one of your closest friends, given that tetsurou is practically best friends with their captain and vice captain. it’s weird to think how tetsurou and kenma helped you become better at this friend thing.

your string tugged again, making you look at tetsurou who was getting another confession. you scoffed, moving to cut the string again. what you didn’t see was how tetsurou was staring, wide-eyed, as you cut your part of the string, and how it connected to you once more.

he quickly excused himself, leaving the poor person alone in their tracks. you didn’t see him go towards you as you stared at your hand.

“ah, so it’s you who’s been cutting them,” you turned to him, your jaw dropping in surprise. 

“cutting what?” you said, trying to confirm what he was saying.

“that,” he said, smirking, and pointing to the red string wrapped around your pinky finger.

“how— you see them too?” you asked, a bit more quiet as you take in the information.

“yeah, since we’ve met actually.” he said, sitting beside you. “can i tell you something?”

“hm, yeah.” you remained quiet after that.

“i didn’t like the idea of soulmates,” your heart dropped at his statement. “it’s a load of bull, like it’s saying that you don’t get to choose who you’ll love for the rest of your life.”

you never really thought of it that way. your mother has always told you wonderful stories of her and your father. you bit back a sigh.

“but—” you looked at him. “even if we aren’t soulmates, i would have fallen for you either way.”

“what?” you were astounded, does he like—no, love you?

tetsurou is your best friend. of course, you’ll always love him. it didn’t matter whether the string connected you or not, because you know him. he’s the kid who, despite being the chaotic kid that he is, brought you your favorite food after you two fought for the first time. he’s the person who believed in you, who told you that your dreams aren’t a waste. 

it didn’t help how you always knew how connected you were. it made you constantly question your feelings, and gauge out the idea of liking him beyond friendship. it’s not even the string, it was because it’s him.

“i’ve been in love with you since middle school.” his revelation made your heart beat erratically. “or maybe even when we’re still kids.”

he has a fond look in his eyes as he remembers his memories with you.

“i’m just saying,” he said, now looking at you. “that even without the red string, i would have done everything to find you and fall in love with you all over again.”

you teared up, smiling at him. “you’re not just saying that.”

“y/n, i’m an ass sometimes but i do mean it.” you chuckled, a few tears escaping your eyes.

he reaches out and wipes the tears on your face. “stop crying, you’re getting snot all over my fingers.”

you gasped. “way to ruin the moment, tetsu!”

he laughed, pulling you to him, and encasing you in his arms. “i love you.”

and for the first time in your life, you’re finally with your other half, and it wasn’t what you expected it to be.

“i love you too, tetsu.”

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𝐂𝐇 𝟐𝟎 - Warmth

𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒: Y/n, a 22 year old successful model is tired of the tabloids shaming her about her dating status when she’s seen out with her friends. Unsure of what to do to stop the gossip, Oikawa suggests a fake boyfriend. Fortunately, Kenma knows the perfect person who’d go for an idea as stupid as that one.


𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 … 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭  


From the moment Kuroo saw your face, he could feel the bleak sadness drowning him upon stepping in your apartment. If the redness of your eyes, nose, puffiness of your cheeks didn’t give it away, the wet stains on your sleeve would give away your tears you shed previously to Kuroo showing up. Concern is evident in his face, stepping to sit down beside you and watch you heave a sigh from your nostrils.

Kuroo hasn’t been someone to offer the best comfort. He’s always been someone to offer understanding and solutions, but maybe you aren’t looking for someone to solve something. Maybe you’re looking for someone to just listen, and with a nervous breath, he readies himself to be whatever you could need.

“I can tell you’re not okay, so would you like to talk about it?” Kuroo eases in, watching a faint shrug lift your shoulders.

“I just need some company for right now,” you whisper, voice a little raw from crying he assumes.  

“Movie?” Kuroo asks, already grabbing the remote and turning it on.

You nod, giving him the affirmation to put on a comedy. He stills when your temple leans against his shoulder, the touch is small, insignificant to others but to Kuroo it felt like his shoulder was on fire. Not in an uncomfortable way like he wanted to pull away but like a snuggly warmth. Watching a fire crackle beneath the fireplace on a cold winter’s day. Hot cocoa comfortably pressed against his palms, the smell of chocolate filling his nostrils with familiarity. He wished he felt brave enough to sling his arm over your shoulder, but he didn’t want to step on your boundaries when you’re upset.

“You’re the only person I wanted to see right now, so thank you for coming over,” your soft voice shakes him from his thoughts.

It’s the small push that has him lift his arm to let you lean into his side; hand resting snug against your waist.

“I’m glad you feel comfortable enough around me to let me in,” Kuroo replies, watching your body relax and lean into him.

He lets you pour your heart out about Atsumu. How it hurt you deeply to unknowingly hurt someone you care about. Your heart is so big, he notes. Normally, he’d address this as something that isn’t his problem. He didn’t know, he never would have known lest the other person said something, and the solution has been presented. He sounds very clinical now that he debates over it but it’s true. You on the other hand, have a heart twice as big than anyone else he’s ever seen. Your heart cares for everyone so deeply around you that unknowingly hurting someone so dear to you put you out of commission for a while. He admires your caring heart, and he’d hate to shatter it with his clinical view on things.

“I think you handled it well, and you didn’t know so don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Atsumu isn’t gone forever, he isn’t mad at you, and once he takes his space and comes back stronger than before, everything will be okay again,” Kuroo offers, his eyes noticing a faint smile finally grace your face.

“You’re right, I just wish I knew I was hurting him by talking about you,” you confess.

Kuroo is desperate to see your smile widen, so gently he squeezes your side with a faint chuckle.

“Talk about me often?” He jokes, watching you chuckle a little bit, head tipping back to meet his eye contact.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You snort, he shrugs with a smile on his lips.

“I don’t know, would be nice to hear some compliments,” He gestures as he speaks for you to go on, your laugh increasing in volume.

“Kenma tells me your ego is kind of big, you can do without a few compliments from me,” you reply, calming your laughter as Kuroo’s tone levels into a slightly serious one.

“Compliments from the girl I’m into couldn’t hurt,” he mumbles, your cheeks burning a soft pink.

“Fine. You’re funny, handsome, very charming, and sweet,” you mumble, eyes gazing back to the movie.

Kuroo’s fingers turn your chin, making you look back at him as he smiles widely down at you. You don’t miss the faint red glazing his cheekbones.

“You’re beautiful, funny, adorable, and your heart is so full of love and care. You didn’t mean to hurt him, you wouldn’t have ever known either. You didn’t hurt him maliciously, you wouldn’t have hurt him either had you known, don’t beat yourself up,” Kuroo’s voice is filled with reassurance, and when you nod he can see the weight lift off your shoulders.

You look at him for a few minutes, studying him almost and when your hand presses against his chest, your cheeks redden.

“Can we um… cuddle? Please?” You ask shyly, averting his gaze.

“Oh! Oh yeah!” Kuroo agrees with enthusiasm, lying down and guiding you to lay on his chest.

His hand resting on the small of your back, leaving a kiss to your forehead. He can tell you’re feeling better judging by the smile that hasn’t left your face.

“When’s our second date?” You ask, Kuroo looks down at you with his thumb holding your cheek.

“Whenever you want,” he replies fondly.

The both of you feel at home.


𝐟𝐮𝐧 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐭: Oikawa has sent Y/n 45 tik toks in the time Kuroo was over in attempts to cheer her up. She watched 2. 

𝐚/𝐧: Hello!! I hope everyone has had a good day and good rest of your week! Lemme know your thoughts! Sorry I broke many hearts over Atsumu.

𝐭𝐚𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 [𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐃]: @tepescelsius @elianetsantana @honeymoneyy @channiechanchan @oceanblooming @princeabomination @kagebunshiin @tadashi-simp @unicorngluttony @tamaguchi @sunflowerirl @snowsmuse @cherrytiara @tsukkisbean @iwaizoom @aegeanblues @angyboibakugo @manic-punker @miyayassy @kozumecuddles @starry-magicshop @agaashesmilktea @amarillyis @chocbaleine  @tetsurus @ptv-hades @runningwitches @missalienqueen @fo-love @shiningstar-byulxx @appleciderslut @amberalisa  @honey-pop-pop @vicassa @angrylittleriri @webworld@boosyboo9206@skylarkalchemist@yeahhemmings-@akaashikeijisthighs@bellesowl@yakus-yakult@shut-your-eyes-kiss-me-goodbye@0-hysteria-0@fi16ns@yuuuumiiin@carpecaelo@awkwardly-anxious-latte@crybabbicus@felix-issimus@alluring-akaashi@lavenderpisces​ 

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「 𝗰𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗺𝗶𝘅 」

kuroo tetsurou x reader

synopsis → your birthday is soon and kuroo suggests an early celebration.

warnings none

word count → 614


↳ cute lil domestic fic for my bae my gootoe ilysm hoot i hope u like also kuroo !!!! kuroo i need to write more for kuroo



no response.


you sigh, resting your phone on your chest, peering down. kuroo’s head rests on your abdomen, a pout on his lips. his arms are tight around your waist, and even if you’d like to move, you couldn’t. he has your legs pinned down, after all.

“what is it, tetsu?”

he smiles softly, and you watch as he kicks his legs like a schoolgirl. “your birthday’s soon…”

you hum. “yes. and your point is?”

his pout returns. “don’t you think we should make a cake or something?”

“why not make one the day of?” you chuckle, beginning to run your hands through his hair. he leans into the touch. “do you just want cake?”

“well, yeah but i also wanna celebrate my girl’s birthday! i’m impatient, ya know.” he retorts with a tap to your hip, removing himself from your warmth. “up, up. we’re going shopping.”

grocery shopping with kuroo tetsurou is the equivalent to doing it with a child. he’ll see something he likes, run up and grab it, bounce on the balls of his feet and desperately ask if you can get it. if you say yes, he flashes you the prettiest smile and throws it into the cart like a basketball, each time without fail. if you say no, he grumbles and shoves it back on the shelf before his arms find your waist, dragging behind you as you steer the cart.

the store’s practically empty at this time of night, twenty five minutes to close is what the intercom had shouted. as the air grows chiller, you’re thankful that you stole kuroo’s hoodie when you walk back to your apartment, hand in hand. he’s warm. very, very warm.

“pleaaaaaase let me stir, i promise i won’t make a mess!” 

you shoot him a pointed glare, his lips curling into a frown as he huffs, leaning against the counter. “last time your stirred batter went flying everywhere. i don’t wanna have to clean that mess up again, tetsu.”

“that happened one time!” he whines, his head suddenly resting on your shoulder, hands caressing your waist. “pinky promise that i won’t mess up.”

you exhale, letting your head hang before shoving the whisk into his hand. “fine. but i get to decorate.”

surprisingly, he doesn’t spill it much, just a bit of the flour spilling over the edge. you get a stuttering apology, which you quickly shut up with a kiss to his lips and a reassurance. he kisses you deeper, but you pinch him by the cheeks and push him away, telling him to wait till the cake’s done for a kiss. he complains but gives in nonetheless.

“it’s an egg.”

you grin up at your boyfriend, pearly whites shining in the light. he cocks a brow, glaring down at you. together, you both look to the cake. you carved it to be egg shaped, giving it a human face. a soft blush adorned its cheeks, and kuroo couldn’t help but grimace.

“just… why an egg of all things?”

you shrug. “saw it on pinterest. thought it was cool. isn’t he cute?”

kuroo sighs, draping an arm over your shoulders and tucking you into his chest as he stares down at the dessert. “yeah, i guess it is. not as cute as you though.”

he flicks your forehead, to which you smack his hand away. a beat of silence, then a chorus of laughter. it slowly dies, kuroo’s hand coursing through your hair, yours drawing circles on his waist below his shirt.

“happy birthday loser, even if you like weird egg cakes.”

“shut up, you love me, tetsu.”

“yeah, i do. i do love you.”


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Haikyuu but I Show You the Suits They Would Wear to Make Me Hyperventilate

Sawamura Daichi:

  • A nice classy black suit 😌✨
  • Simple but h o t
  • Daichi’s legs in a nice pair of black pants? I’d die in the spot

Oikawa Tooru:

  • The man does look good in blue 🥴
  • He could also pull it off with a simple pair of khakis instead
  • Yes. That is all. Oikawa in a blue suit.

Kuroo Tetsurou:

  • with some nice silver cufflinks 🥵
  • he’s already so damn tall but I find that black suits make people look even taller so uhhhh yes pls?

Bokuto Koutarou:

  • I’ve been obsessed with check suits lately so this is 10/10
  • Ugh his back and arms would look amazing 🥵🥵

Ushijima Wakatoshi:

  • ugh it would stretch so beautifully over his chest and he would look a m a z i n g
  • Yeah brown would look so good on him 🥴

Terushima Yuuji:

  • I usually don’t include him in my threads but I saw this suit and my brain ✨short circuited✨
  • The turtleneck makes it more casual?? And honestly with the tongue piercing? Oh that’s hot
  • Terushima looks so good in yellow and I would pay genuine money to have somebody put this suit on him

Kita Shinsuke:

  • Give him some glasses too?? 🥴🥴 yeap b y e
  • Kita’s S H O U L D E R S 😭 they would look amazing in the black turtleneck

Daishou Suguru:

  • Fuck the hat. Fuck the blazer. JUST the vest and the undershirt 🥵 his biceps CHEFS FUCKING KISS
  • I would actually d i e if I saw him in this damn suit please he’d look so good 😭
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things bee is currently obsessed with:






game nights

boukaka x kuroken



things bee will likely be writing about:

see above

**reminder, babes: no ship hate here. not every ship is ur cuppa tea and that’s a-okay. scroll past the content or unfollow if needed/if you don’t like what u see but don’t ruin it for other people– this is just for fun😘**

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🎀: thank u so much babie !!<3 i hope u enjoy !


you let out a loud and sinful moan as you pushed your fingers even deeper into your sopping cunt, face shoved into kuroo’s pillow to muffle the sounds that poured out of your mouth. your thumb circled your pulsating clit and you let out a cry as you hit that sweet spot inside of you.

you were too caught up with yourself to even notice the creak of the front door opening, or kuroo coming up the steps. you could only register his voice last minute as he called out your name, wondering where you were. quickly pulling your fingers out of you and sitting up just in time for the door to his bedroom to open, kuroo standing in the doorway with a confused and startled look on his face.

your heavy breathing, your flushed face, the sheet on his bed all messed up — what exactly were you doing in his bed?

“what are you doing in my bed?!”

you had no answer, only able to sit on the bed with the covers bunched at your waist- your brain gone stupid.

stomping over to the bed, kuroo dragged the sheets off of your sticky body — only to find the sight of your puffy and drooling cunt.

he scoffed, “were you touching yourself?”

your silence was enough of an answer, and without another word from him, he began stripping himself of your clothes. you began to feel excited; until words began to leave his mouth.

“you dirty little whore. always so, so needy for me. since you’re already too stupid to speak, i guess i’ll just have to put that mouth of yours to good use.”

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Guide to being the perfect wife; or things people say you need to know how to do before marriage.

aka: my parents keep pressuring me to marry but i’m in love with 2d men. 

Kuroo Tetsuro: knowing how to tie a tie

He thought you were trying to choke him. The way your fingers angrily pulled on both ends of the tie making him jolt forward a bit, your eyebrows furrowed with your hand randomly starting to throw the ends around each other as if by magic, it would tie itself into the perfect tie. Kuroo has to leave in ten minutes and he could honestly have done this himself in thirty seconds but just like every day, you were insistent.

“Just give me a second.” You know he has to go soon, but you pull the ends to make him walk closer to the bed. You quickly press replay on the old YouTube video that shows you how to tie a tie, “If I could just get this right. It won’t be a problem!”

Kuroo breaths a laugh, you were so cute to him, every single day the past week, you have been trying to learn how to tie his stupid tie, “Why don’t I show you?” He pauses the video, he tries to guide your hands with his but ultimately it confuses him too and now it’s tangled and won’t budge.

“Ugh!” You throw your hands up, “Can’t we get you clip on ties.” This wasn’t the first time his tie got tangled, the day previously, you had spent five minutes just trying to get his head out of a tight loop.

Kuroo manages to get the tie loose enough to slip off his head, “But then it won’t look as nice. If I recall correctly, you like to pull on my ties.” He sends you a wink as he reaches into his drawer for a new tie.

You blush, he was totally right, you were infatuated with the idea of pull his tie so that he’d have to meet your lips, “Even if I have to watch this video a thousand times, I’m going to learn how to do it.”

He ties his own tie effortlessly and you send him a silent glare. A few hours later you send him a video, you’re phone balancing against a cup as you’re showing off that you finally did it. You learned how to tie a tie. You’re even texting him to hurry home so you can try it out on him.

Miya Osamu: know how to cook

Osamu knows what the sound of clanking pots and pans mean, he knows what’s coming when he walks out of the bedroom still tired and seeing bags of groceries sprawled on the kitchen counter. He knows that a storm is coming, and you were the thunder. You’re too busy to notice him and even when he wraps his arms around you, chin on your shoulder, you shrug him off. He knows how stressed you were getting, how anxious you were to get everything perfect and done because his mother was coming over.

“Let me help you.” He tries to grab one of the knives but you smack his fingers.

“No!” Your voice was shaking simply due to how fast your mind was racing. You were running back and forth, stirring the pot, washing vegetables, cutting meat, “I’m almost done, go get ready.” You weren’t even looking at him and he knows it’s going to a long battle for him.

He loves his mother, he really does, but the way she was overly critical of you; it took all of your energy out whenever she came over. When he first met you, you didn’t know a thing about cooking and now here you were taking over the kitchen.

“How do you like the food?” You weren’t asking him, your eyes were glued to his mother. You were actively seeking praise, “I tried not to add too much salt since Osamu’s been having high blood pressure.”

Osamu loves the food, you had practically cooked a five course meal but his mother seemed to think otherwise, “I think it could still use a little more salt.”

His heart clenches when he sees your shoulders deflate, but you keep a smile in front of his mother. Osamu takes one of the many plating’s of food, yours and his mother’s eyes widen at the way he begins to inhale one of the plates. He doesn’t care about his blood pressure anymore, “It’s so good. I love the way my wife cooks. I think it might be a little better than yours, mom.”

Your hands cover your mouth, letting out a giggle when he takes another plating and tries to shove it all into his mouth. His mother laughs too, nodding her head at what he was saying, “It’s very good if Osamu thinks so.”

Sakusa Kiyoomi: know how to clean

Usually he takes over the cleaning responsibilities, he’ll tell you what to do, how to do it, and if it was cleaned well enough. But he’s currently abroad for a game and that meant all the cleaning responsibilities fell on you. Sure, it was easy when it came to laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming and moping but you felt absolutely clueless when he’s texting you about cleaning the bathroom. So clueless, that you’re actually facetiming him to ask him about cleaning supplies.

“Is it this one?” You’re pulling out a random bottle, showing it to the screen. This would be the third bottle you’ve pulled out and you were starting to feel stupid about your lack of knowledge, his face shows a clear sign of disapproval, “it’s not isn’t it?” You fall to the floor, a frustrated sigh coming out, “Omi! Come home!”

He chuckles into the cell phone, he thinks maybe he could live without you cleaning the bathroom, “It’s alright, you don’t have to clean the bathroom. I can do it when I get back.”

And as much as that should have made you happy, it just made you feel guilty. He shouldn’t be the only one with the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom. So you rolled up your sleeves, did all the research  you could on the best way to clean the bathroom, and well yeah you slept a few days just to think on it but you had gotten the best supplies that everyone was talking about and started on the bathroom.

“Hello?” Sakusa enters the apartment, there’s music playing and he follows it, “Honey?”

Your back is to him as you aggressively scrub the toilet. Your hair pulled back into a pony tail, rubber gloves up to your elbows, and you’re even wearing one of his t-shirts. It was a sight for sore eyes, he was falling in love with you all over again. You stand to your feet, content with the scrubbing, you turn to the door and scream out of shock.

“Announce yourself!” You yell at him, but it’s soon replaced with a happy grin, “Welcome home.” You’d wrap your hands around him if you weren’t covered in gunk. You still lean out, kissing his lips briefly.

“Do you want to take a shower?” He asks you when you come out without your cleaning gear on.

You hum lightly, distracted just slightly at the smell of the cleaning products, “I just cleaned the bathroom, can you wait a little bit until everything dries.”

“God.” He kisses you, “Can you get even more perfect.”

Bokuto Koutarou: have lots of babies

It was no secret that he wanted a big family; the more the merrier is what he said and boy was he right. The first pregnancy blessed you with twin boys, the second pregnancy happened not too long after and gave you a beautiful girl, and it didn’t help that you were now pregnant again with another set of twins. Your husband was in absolute bliss when he found out the twins would be a girl and a boy and you were just happy that your daughter would have another female in the family.

“Mommy says you need to get dressed!” Bokuto shouts from the living room. You were currently on the bed, instructed by the doctor to try and not move around too much since you were nearing your due date; but how could you not get up at the sound of your children and husband running around.

“Let’s put on the pretty dress!” He’s chasing his daughter, his sons also jumping on him in the process and he’s running out of energy fast.

“Stop!” You instruct and every stills in their spots, “One.” The oldest of the twins gets off his father’s back to sit down on the floor, “Two.” The younger boy follows his brother, “Three.” The boys call their sister’s name, helping her to sit in between them on the floor, “Four.” Your husband crawls to sit next to his children.

They were all quiet after you settled yourself on the couch. Your daughter finally putting her dress on, your sons darting to their rooms to play a game, and Bokuto slumps himself against you, “How are we going to handle another set of twins.” He rubs his eyes, groaning at the way his daughter has started putting pretty hairpins into his hair.

You rub circles on his back, “We survived three, what’s another two that the Bokuto’s can’t handle.” He grins widely, “Also, our boys have been really quiet and that can’t mean anything good.”

He’s back to groaning, pushing himself off the couch to find his boys. When he returns, he sees the turn of your expression, the hand on your stomach, and water dripping from your legs.

“The bag?!” You yell, and he screams out that he has it, “The children?!”

Bokuto comes running out of the apartment, his kids trailing behind him, “One, two, and three.” He’s grinning despite the urgent situation, “Let’s go have four and five!”

Kita Shinsuke: know how to talk to/address the in laws.

Your hands played with his, an anxious habit you have that he’s fond of. This would be the first you met his family and it wasn’t a cute thing like the two of you were still dating, out of spontaneity the two of you married despite never having met each other’s families and despite dating for only a short nine months. Your family was not pleased, heck, they were rude to your husband, so now that you were meeting his family for the first time; you were scared of what was to come.

“They’re really excited to meet you.” He squeezes your hand as he pulls up into the driveway of his parent’s home. There were many cars parked and it only made you more anxious, pulling at his hands when he turned off the engine and tried to get out.

“What if they don’t like me?” You wonder out loud, a fearful tone in your voice, “Maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married.”

Kita knows how scared you had been since he met your family, he actually expected the cold shoulder from them because he had taken away the most beautiful thing. He brushes his thumb over your cheek and you’re almost crying into him, “You are everything I have ever wanted.” He kisses your lips, “And if they don’t like you then, we’ll just move far far away and never look back.”

You laugh, spending a few moments with him in the car to bask in just how lucky you were to have someone like him in your life. He removes his hand, patting your thigh lightly when he looks towards the home.

“Looks like they’re getting impatient.”

When you look out, his entire family is coming out of the house. Children are running in excitement, and you feel the biggest smile on your face grow at the way a banner is being held by his siblings. Welcome sister in law.

His mother embraces you immediately and when you try to refer to as mother in law, she merely laughs heartily, “Dear, we’re family now. You can call me mother.” It makes your heart warm, “This is Kita’s father, and this is his grandmother but you can just call her granny.”

Even his siblings dropped the formalities, telling you to call them by their names instead of the bland old titles your family forced you to memorize for your future in laws. When you look at your husband, your stomach fills with butterflies, and you felt like you were home.

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I don‘t know a lot about adhd so I‘m sorry if this isn‘t helpful! I did some research but it is a very hard concept for me to grasp and understand how you can truly help people with it, but I hope this will at least be a little comforting :) hope you‘re doing okay!

Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Atsumu helping a s/o with adhd



  • when you start getting frustrated he doesn‘t know what to do
  • he is used to studying with Bokuto, so he should know what to do
  • but your frustrated is different from his
  • of course it bothers Bokuto when he gets distracted but his problem is more that he gets distracted because he doesn‘t want to study - you, however, get distracted despite wanting to study
  • he can‘t tell you the same things that he tells Bokuto
  • so, instead, he takes your hand, setting your pen down and lets you take a deep breath
  • he opens the windows, hoping the fresh air will help you just as much as it helps him when he can‘t seem to focus anymore
  • though he doesn‘t know about your adhd, he still tries his best to be understanding and helpful
  • lets you ramble and get your bad thoughts out of your system
  • depending on how you feel afterwards, he will either get you to relax and take a break
  • or he helps you get back on studying, making a plan with you, setting a goal that he hopes you can focus on and work towards - something close, something specific


  • Iwaizumi‘s first priority is always making sure you‘re okay
  • so when he sees that you aren‘t doing well, he gets you away from whatever it is that is stressing you
  • even if that is your schoolwork
  • just like Akaashi he wants you to just get rid of the bad thoughts before he thinks you can move on
  • whatever is distracting you, he lets you go on and on about it, making sure you don‘t focus on one thing too much
  • he doesn‘t judge you and he doesn‘t let you judge yourself
  • it‘s not your fault that you got distracted
  • if you don‘t want to talk about what is bothering you, he settles for getting you away fromy our stress
  • Iwa knows that sometimes one can feel like they are not doing enough or anything at all
  • and he doesn‘t want you to feel guilty for taking a break
  • so he gets the two of you started on some easier, less demanding tasks for now
  • folding laundry, tidying up your workspace, taking out the trash
  • if you feel like getting back to work afterwards, he helps you get rid of whatever was distracting you before - if you can figure it out
  • if not, he helps you set a specific, neaarby goal that you can hopefully focus on, lightly tapping your shoulder every time he notices you getting distracted again


  • he is very big on critisism
  • loves critizing himself and other people around him
  • however, only if it affects his performance and/or something that he deems worth it
  • seeing you so upset over schoolwork, critizing yourself over things you cannot control has him upset
  • in his mind, there is no reason for you to critize yourself like that, it doesn‘t get you anywhere
  • it doesn‘t help you focus, it doesn‘t get you better grades, it only stresses you out more
  • he doesn‘t hesitate for even one second to pick you up and literally drag you away from your homework
  • king of distracing you
  • you‘re only allowed to go back to your work when you are feeling better and when you realize that it‘s okay for you to get distracted
  • he takes a post it note and writes down something cheesy like “you got this“ or “I believe in you“ or smth like that
  • blushes extra hard when he places it on your schoolwork
  • “Just sayin‘, ya know,“ he mumbles “don‘t overdo it, okay?“


  • the first thing that he can think of is getting you to exersice
  • he knows that it‘s not for everyone - he is friends with Kenma after all - but he also knows how good and fresh he feels afterwards
  • a good run and his mind is empty, all negative thoughts washed away, ready to go and get started on his next task
  • Kuroo is really good and convincing you to join him - Kenma again - but if he notices that you really don‘t want to do it he will leave you be
  • instead, he makes an info dump for you
  • whenever you have a distractive thought, you can write it down on a paper and throw it at him - he gives you extra points if you hit his face
  • if he notices anything in particular that might be disttracing you h gets it away from you (or you away from it)
  • Kuroo makes sure you don‘t overwork yourself
  • if you really can‘t focus that day he will let you copy his work
  • he is even willing to call up the teacher and explain to them that you are unable to do your homework or smth like that
  • he knows he can charm anyone and is more than 100% willing to do it for you - if you want
  • (he will not make that a regular thing tho, only if you are having a particularly rough day)
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So… I heard it’s Catboyvember? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yo how the hell them digital artists make those sketches and doodles look good meanwhile this ‘doodle’ takes me enough time to no longer call it a doodle anymore lololol

Idk the pose looks kinda weird, i feel like I make him looks like he’s leaning back instead of being cute but ppl pls stop by the catboyvember in ao3 bcs damn the amount of cat kuroo over there i’m crying and there’s this artist in ig called crweye i love how she draws kuroo? And most of her arts are like mini comics and i absolutely love her kuroken-


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synopsis; in this tale of romance, revenge, and treason, you, a beautiful commoner, are set to become the princess of aobajousai. will your one true love be able to save you in time?

pairing; kuroo tetsurou x reader

content; princess bride au (heavily based on both the movie and novel), medieval au, torture, mild violence, drama, fantasy/adventure, murder, minor character death, fem!reader

fic navigation



ONE YEAR AFTER YOU agreed to marry Prince Oikawa, the great square of Seijoh City was filled to the brim. The people of Aobajohsai were awaiting the introduction of Prince Oikawa’s bride-to-be. The crowd had begun forming a whole 24 hours before, but at 15 hours before, it was no more than maybe a couple hundred people. But as the moment of introduction neared, people from all across the country gathered.

At noontime, Prince Oikawa appeared on the balcony of his father’s castle and raised his arms. The crowd, which was dangerously large at this point, slowly quieted down. Rumors were flooding the kingdom, that the King was dying, that he was already dead, that he was fine.

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master | chapter 6 | CHAPTER 7 | chapter 8

warnings: unwanted (nonsexual) touching

Kuroo sat on the bench at the end of your bed tying his shoes when you approached. He sat up and turned his gaze to yours, frowning slightly when he saw the worry lines etched into your forehead. “What’s wrong?” He asked, reaching up to pull you between his legs by your hips. You shuffled forward in the tight, dark red dress you wore - the color matching the accent threads of Kuroo’s military uniform.

“I just…” You started, placing your hands on his shoulders and brushing off the nonexistent dirt. With a sigh you continued, “I’ve got a feeling.”

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