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#kuroo drabble
zeroatsu · a day ago
headcanons with kuroo t.
nsfw under the cut - minors do not read past that point.
Tumblr media
sfw ;
kuroo who always snakes his arm around your waist when walking next to you, holding you as close as possible.
kuroo who is always touching you somehow. wether it be your knees resting against each other under the table, or wrapping his hands around your waist and placing his head atop of yours whilst you cook, and so on.
kuroo who always invites you over to his house for study dates, even if you don’t really study.
kuroo who’s first thought is always to facetime/text you if he’s bored.
kuroo who stares at you lovingly from across the table, head lazily resting in his hand as he gazes upon your beautiful features as if it were the first time.
kuroo who lets you sit between his legs as you scroll through your phone or read a book.
kuroo who holds your hand when your nervous and traces little shapes and letters onto your palm.
kuroo who jogs over to you after practice, giving you a kiss on the forehead and laughing when you complain about the pungent stench of sweat.
kuroo who buys you candy whenever he goes out and delivers it to you the next time he sees you.
kuroo who trips you up the stairs, smirking when you turn around with an icy glare. “did ya have a nice trip?”
kuroo who does the same when you do it back, a pout on his lips. “did you have a nice trip?” … “yeahhh i kinda deserved that one.”
kuroo who places his hand on your thigh when you’re stressed, as a token of intimate reassurance.
kuroo who lends you his jersey, admiring the way his shirt falls around your frame.
kuroo who places his finger under your chin to grab your attention, a coy smile dancing across his lips.
kuroo who pokes his tongue out at you from across the room for absolutely no reason.
kuroo who runs one hand through your hair and one on your lower back when giving you a hug.
kuroo who always gives you random nicknames. however ‘princess’, ‘angel’ and ‘babe’ seem to be his top picks.
kuroo who traces your curves as he lays next to you at night, listening to you rant about your day, or anything in general.
kuroo who pulls you across the floor by your ankles when you can’t be bothered to get up in the morning.
kuroo who plants tiny kisses all over your face leaving for work, claiming it’s for ‘luck purposes’
kuroo who spins his pens between his fingers, loving your reaction of disbelief when he demonstrates his skills.
Tumblr media
nsfw ;
warning for mentions of the following; choking, hair pulling, spitting, praise, begging, tell me if i forgot any <3
kuroo who missed you so much at work that he couldn’t even wait to take off his suit, and ended up fucking you in a blazer and tie.
kuroo who pulls your hair - not hard enough that it’ll hurt, but hard enough to have a grip on you.
kuroo who traps you beneath him, both arms leaning over your frame as he buries his cock as deep into your pussy as humanly possible.
kuroo who throws your legs over his shoulders to get a specific angle that drives you crazy.
kuroo who wraps his tie around your throat and only allows you tiny splutters of air until you make him cum.
kuroo who spits on your cunt, rubbing his juices into your own.
kuroo who makes you beg for the slightest thing, finding it cute when you plead with him. “what’s that baby? c’mon, use your words. tell me what you need okay?”
kuroo who gives you filthy praise, ripping you from one orgasm into the next. “my good girl, aren’t you? taking me so well, what a sweet little thing.”
kuroo who takes hold of your hips and bounces you on his cock, fucking you the way that he knows makes you see stars.
kuroo who knows your body like the back of his hand. he knows what parts feel good, what parts feel better, and what parts make you fucking scream his name.
kuroo who looks after you when you’re both done, cleaning you off and running you a hot bath.
kuroo who whispers ‘i love you’ and plants a kiss on your forehead before you fall asleep in his arms, holding you there until the morning.
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 10 hours ago
thinking ‘bout kuroo fucking you in his office, bending u over his desk and shoving his knee between ur legs </33
kuroo presses you against his desk, stomach flat against the surface with one impressive hand holds the back of your neck as he fully sheaths himself inside you. “good kitten.” he growls, fucking into you when you seize around his size and girth. “you always take my cock so well pretty baby. do it again.” an interrupted yel leaves your lips when he pulls out, leaving your pussy aching from the burn. “again.” he hissed, voice admiring how you clench around him nearly impossibly tighter than before.
rutting back against him, he tugs you onto his lap, fingers attending to your needy clit. a series of pants and moans accent your lips as you utter his name. “yes, kuroo, yes, yes, fuck-again,”
edging his fingers coated in your taste, he shoves them against your tongue, forcing you to accept his demands. a deep seated groan splits from your throat as he thrusts into you with the near weight of his entire body. your legs shake, voice choking in pleasure.
“think you can do it again pretty girl?” he rasps behind your ear, nipping your lobe. “your always my best performer.”
stomach fluttering from the chaste praise, you grind against him, taking him deep again and again until his voice breaks. “fuck-stop playing hard to get…” his voice growls tightly, eyes shut to focus on the seizing of your pussy around his buried cock. “don’t you want to make me happy? my executives happy?” the gentle voice sharply hisses.
three more rapid thrusts and kuroo releases a small hissed gasp as he cums inside you, holding you still with an iron clad grasp on your waist and neck, each hand applying equal amounts of binding pressure as you lean flush against him to accept his expensive seed. “good job kitten. just how i like it.”
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risumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
“that’s wrong. you’re supposed to—“
“ugh,” you groan, slamming your forehead down to your notebook before kuroo has a chance to reach over and fully explain your mistake.
he’s a good tutor, but you suppose that’s all because he’s the TA for the class too. and you’re lucky you were able to book a slot with him before they all filled up. you’re grateful, really! but then again.
“if i hear you say ‘that’s wrong’ one more time i’m dropping out immediately,” you grumble against the notebook paper.
it’s quiet for a moment. then kuroo speaks up.
“that’s incorrect.”
you groan again, slouching back in your seat and dragging your hands down your face. it’s late, you’ve been at this for a while, and you have decided you completely and utterly hate statistics with your whole entire heart. turning your head to look over to kuroo, you’re greeted with a smooth grin that is a flip side of your pouty little frown.
“i’m dropping out,” you huff.
“no, you’re not,” he chuckles, and you nearly flinch when he raises a hand to swipe back the hair that got stuck to your forehead. “what you are doing is mixing up your steps. look.”
and there he goes, leaning up beside you with his pencil in hand. he’s talking, you know he is, but your eyelids are heavy and you’ve pulled all nighters the past two days to study for your upcoming exam and the steady rumble of his voice is just so calming.
so it’s really not your fault when your head lolls over and is suddenly resting against your tutor’s shoulder.
“just gimme a few minutes, just wanna rest my eyes,” you mumble, and his shoulder is so much more comfortable than you thought it would be, honestly.
kuroo goes stiff for a few minutes, because literally what else is he supposed to do? the person who he secretly can’t keep his eyes off during ever lecture falling asleep on his shoulder? how is he supposed to act in this situation?
timidly—though he’ll tell his friends how confident he was during this moment later—he lifts a hand up to run it through your hair. and no, he does not blush when he hears you hum at his action and then wrap both your arms around the one of his you’re leaning against.
and really, he would be more than happy to stay like this for as long as possible, but the library is going to close in just a few minutes. so, with just a bit of internal panic and a whole lot of regret that he has to do this, he shakes you a little bit—gently of course.
“the library is about to close.”
he bites the inside of his cheek and curses himself for finding this as cute as he does. so, as good as he can without jostling you too much, he starts grabbing your books and sliding them back into your bag, then doing the same to his own.
“yn, i got your stuff. we need to go,” kuroo shakes you again, and you mumble something under your breath that he doesn’t really pick up on. “come on, up you go.”
even as he raises you out of your seat and onto your feet, you still don’t unwrap yourself from his arm. honestly, he’s not even sure your eyes are open as he slings the both of yours bags over his shoulder and starts leading you towards the door.
he’d rather die than admit to his current inner mantra of ‘don’t spazz out don’t spazz out’ as he walks out the door and into the open campus air. he starts walking, and he doesn’t even know which dorm you’re in so he’s not even sure where he’s going.
“kuroo,” you speak, making him jump just a little as you break your silence. “why are you taking me back to your dorm?”
kuroo’s steps stutter to a halt and he realizes that he is in fact—although it was completely subconsciously, he swears—leading you towards his dorm building. his brows furrow as he looks down to you.
“how’d you know this is my dorm?”
“my window,” you point, to the building the two of you have just passed, right across from the one you’re standing in front of. “it’s right across from yours. by the way, you’re a really bad dancer.”
kuroo wants to die on the spot as you look up to him with a sleepy smile, and he knows he’s blushing, he just hopes you can see it from the dim campus lights.
“please tell me you’ll just forget you ever saw that,” kuroo grins sheepishly, bangs curling up a little with the humidity in the air.
“that depends,” you shrug, unwrapping yourself from his arm and stealing your bag back from his shoulder before taking a step backwards.
“on what?” kuroo asks as you turn to walk away, fingers gripping his own backpack strap. his arm still feels warm from your contact.
you look back over your shoulder, and kuroo thinks you look far too pretty under the shitty campus lights.
“whether i pass my exam or not.”
and kuroo really can’t help it when he cuts all of his other sessions with other students short just so he can squeeze in more for you. he just wants you to pass is all! he cares about everyone’s grades!
(and it’s all for naught anyways, because you see him dance a lot more. but this time in a front row seat on the edge of his dorm room bed. and he never fails to grab your hand and make you dance with him.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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adoringhaikyuu · 14 days ago
Hello i love your work!
Can i ask for
With Kuroo, Bokuto AND Suna?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: bokuto + kuroo + suna + (gn!reader)
warnings: none but suna's is a teeny bit suggestive haha
notes: not me making part two literal months later––
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
bokuto was currently sulking in front of you and you honestly had no idea what was going on. he'd stumbled into the bedroom after akaashi drove him back home and almost comically pouted once he saw you.
"come here baby," you reached for his hand and pulled him over to stand next to the bed, sitting up on your knees so you were somewhat at the same height. "what's wrong, hm?" you placed a hand on his cheek and he nuzzled into it immediately, his mood not shifting.
"you...why do you that?..."
you paused, not knowing where this was going, a furrow appearing between your brows. "like what?"
his pout somehow got even deeper and he stepped back a little bit to get a good look at you. "like that." he pointed to you, an almost exasperated tone in his voice. "i mean––look at me." he gestured to himself with both hands, "and look at you."
he huffed and looked back into your eyes. "we're just not on the same level..."
before you could snap out of your confusion and retort, (somewhat offended), that you were in your pajamas after all, he went on.
"you're jus' too pretty baby––" he stepped back right in front of you and nuzzled his head into the crook of your shoulder, leaning his weight on you as he wrapped his arms around your waist. "i can't compare," he mumbled against your neck, taking a deep breath. "i'll try harder tomorrow, kay?"
taking a second to process what just happened you sighed, holding him back and bringing a hand to play with his hair, smiling when hummed contently at the feeling. "trust me kou, you're perfect the way you are."
when he took a while to respond or even make a sound of acknowledgement, you realized he'd fallen asleep and bit back a laugh. yup, he's absolutely perfect.
Tumblr media
kuroo sluggishly made his way through the front door, thanking his personal driver for getting him home safe, his words slurring slightly, some louder than others.
with a smile, you got off the couch where you'd been waiting up for him to come home from his work event. you made your way over to see him struggling to loosen his tie with fumbling fingers.
he jumped up in surprise when your hands gently slid over his own, eyes finding yours immediately. his lips curved into their familiar smirk, his eyes tracing you up and down.
"there y'are kit–kitten." he sighed as you pulled the tie off for him. "thank you babe––you...saved me."
"you're welcome testu." laughing, you set the tie aside and grabbed his hand, ready to pull him towards the bedroom to get ready to sleep when he tugged you back to face him.
"what are you doing?" you looked at him, shocked but amused. "let's go to bed."
he ignored your words, but honestly part of you believes he could have simply not heard them. "wait why––why do you look––so..." he paused, thinking of the word, his face brightening a few seconds later. "bad!"
you paused and looked at him blankly. given his tone and the way he pulled you in closer with a smile on his face, it didn't seem like he meant it in a bad way? but he was also not sober––
you blinked. "...what?"
"you look bad."
you were starting to feel...conflicted. uneasy? you didn't even know how to explain it. when you were still silent a few moments later, his face dropped to a worried pout.
"is that not how it goes?"
before you could respond, he blurted out his next words, a victorious finger in the air. "baddie! i meant you––" he paused to hiccup, "look like a baddie." he grinned and pulled you closer, "my baddie."
you laughed in disbelief, from how cheesy he was to how ridiculous the whole situation was, shaking your head. "you're unbelievable sometimes tetsu."
he tilted his head, a cheesy smile on his face. "in a good way?"
you nodded, leaning in to give him a small kiss, "always."
Tumblr media
suna was staring at you while you both waited for the food you'd left for him heated up in the microwave. you figured he didn't have a proper meal while he was out, and he always said that he preferred your cooking anyway. he wasn't saying anything, just staring, an indescribable look in his eyes as he sat at the kitchen island.
you figured he wasn't really "here" right now, at least not completely, so you simply looked at him curiously, a slightly confused smile on your face as you turned around at the sound of the microwave beeping.
you placed the food in front of him on the counter but he didn't even glance at it. after a few seconds of more silence and more stares, you sighed.
"aren't you going to eat, rin? you need some food before you go to sleep."
he blinked. "can't eat."
you tilted your head, concerned. "what? why not? are you feeling sick?"
he shook his head, "no." his eyes scanned over your body. "just can't eat. when you look like that."
your mouth dropped open in shock as you felt a bubble of insecurity burst in your stomach. "w–what?"
he pushed the plate away and crossed his arms, staring into your soul and you crossed your arms as well, feeling a sudden anger overcome the pinch of anxiety you felt.
"well i'm in my pajamas rin. and i stayed up just to make sure you got home safely, and i made dinner for you so the least you could do is not comment on my appearance, especially if you have nothing nice to say."
with that you spun around and were ready to walk past him when his hand shot out and caught your arm, spinning you back to face him. his brows were furrowed and you tried to pull away but he trapped you between his legs, his arms meeting around your waist. he might not have been sober, but he was still strong.
"let me go so you can eat your food." you rolled your eyes, not wanting to look at him.
he simply stared at you and reached a hand up to gently grab your jaw, squishing your cheeks together. "why would i do that when i can just eat you, hm?"
your eyes shot to his in surprise but before you could say anything, he was pressing his lips against yours, humming contently against them.
he waited until you melted into it to trail sloppy kisses along your cheek, and your jaw before nipping it gently, the slight sting snapping you back from your reverie.
you placed your hands on his shoulders and pushed back to look him in the eye, still breathless and in shock. "what are you..."
he looked at you like you were dumb. "said i couldn't eat with you here." when you just looked at him baffled, he rolled his eyes and went on. "cause i wanna eat you instead."
"you––" he went back to smothering you with kisses and bites and you shook your head and laughed breathlessly in disbelief. "you are something else, rin." he hummed in response, not letting up but you slipped out of his grasp, swerving out of the way when he tried to grab you again.
you pointed at him like you were scolding a child. "finish your food. then you can do whatever you want." you knew the food would just tire him out afterwards, but he didn't need to know that.
he glared at you for a moment but turned back to the counter, pulling the plate back towards him and digging in, mumbling with him mouth full. "thank you for the food."
you pressed a kiss to his temple before running off again before he could grab you, a cheeky smile on your face. "any time baby."
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him - Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Kuroo x Fem! Reader | Iwaizumi x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Request: Hi Lovely! I just read your wonderful work "You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him and it was just amazing :) Can I request Kuroo and Iwaizumi (if you feel comfortable with them of course!) for the prompt? BTW I love all the Asahi content, I feel like he is so underrated in the fandom!
Requested by: @captain-janeway
A/N: Again, these were supposed to be shorter but, I reiterate, I have no control over myself. Also, please these are making me FEEL things. I spent three entire days writing this and I really hope you enjoy! 🥺
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou is a lot of things. If you asked people, they would call him an athlete, a nerd, a tease, a merciless captain (*cough* Lev *cough*) a smartass and a smug bastard who loves riling others up. It's true, Kuroo Tetsurou is all of these things. But to you, he is so much more.
He is the one you go to whenever you are feeling down. He is the one who teases you to death all the time. He is your 3AM buddy, and the one you can count on to be at your side no matter what. He is the one who always makes sure you are fine and takes care of you without you asking him to. He is so much more than what he shows to the world. He is caring and thoughtful and never fails to bring a smile to your face. To you, Kuroo Tetsurou is your best friend.
He is also the one you're hopelessly pining for.
It doesn't help that he teases and flirts with you playfully all the time and it makes your heart want to jump out of your chest. You cannot figure out if this is just his nature or if he actually likes you back.
You always go to his games to cheer him on and today was no different except for the fact that a lot more people from your batch were here to cheer for Nekoma, seeing that it was the Nationals. You are sitting in your seat, happily watching the boys line up on the court when someone speaks up behind you.
"Isn't that Kuroo-san? He's hot, isn't he?"
You slowly turn around to see who said that and, to your dismay, it was Sato Hitomi, one of the prettiest girls in your batch. You have always marvelled at the way she carries herself so gracefully. It irks you that she just called Kuroo hot. You turn back around to focus on the game.
You want to pay attention to what's happening in the game. You really do. But it is impossible with Hitomi sitting so near you and talking so excitedly about Kuroo to her friend.
"Wow, I never knew he was such a talented blocker."
"His hairstyle is so unique! It makes him look 10 times more handsome."
"Look at those muscles! Damn!"
"That back attack was so cool!"
"Look at him motivating his teammates. He is such a good captain"
"Woah, he looked so hot doing that."
Every word of praise she speaks pierces your heart like a dagger.
"They won!!" she says and stands up, clapping and cheering. You forget about her for a moment as you stand up to cheer and clap too. From the court, Kuroo gives a big smile and a thumbs-up in your direction. You thought it was for you but Hitomi also gives him a thumbs-up back so you're not sure now.
"Do you think I should ask him out on a date? Do you think he will say yes?" Hitomi asks her friend and your breath catches in your throat.
"Of course he will say yes. I mean, he would be stupid to say no to you," her friend encourages her.
The giant lump in your throat is making it hard to swallow. Every trace of excitement you felt for a moment has vanished.
She is right, of course. Sato Hitomi is one of the nicest and prettiest girls in Nekoma. Very few boys would ever say no to a girl like her. Kuroo really would be stupid if he said no to her. In fact, you're sure Taketora would actually murder him if he ever rejected a girl like her.
It is taking all you have to not run out of the stadium right then. No, you're Kuroo's best friend first and you came here to support him. If you leave without saying anything, he would worry and that is the last thing he needs in the midst of Nationals. No, you're going to pretend everything is okay and you won't leave without congratulating him first.
You make your way to the locker rooms where you know the boys would have finished changing by now. Kuroo is standing right outside the room, hand on his hip. He sees you approaching and the corner of his mouth twitches upwards into his usual smirk.
Pretending to be fine is going to be harder than you thought.
You smile at him as brightly as you can, hoping it will cover up what you're actually feeling.
"Heeeey! I told you you would do it!" you say, a little too animatedly, raising your hand to give him a high five.
"Yeah, it was tough going for a while but we-"
You both turn to see Hitomi running towards you, waving and smiling widely.
"Ah, Sato-san!" he smiles and waves at her.
She runs up to Kuroo and grabs both his hands with hers.
At this moment, Taketora is coming out of the locker room and, as he watches the whole scene unfold, you can swear you see a vein burst in his head.
"Kuroo-san you were so great oh my god! You-" she continues with a string of high praises for him.
Kuroo has completely forgotten that you're standing right next to him as he listens to this sudden and unexpected rain of compliments. His hands are still in hers and you can see a blush is starting to creep up his cheeks.
You suddenly realize that your cheeks are wet. You don't even know when the tears started falling from your eyes. Thankfully, Kuroo has not looked at you at all since Hitomi started speaking so he hasn't noticed. You use his distractedness to your advantage to quietly slip away. Once you are out of earshot, you run outside to hail a cab, desperate to get as far away from this place as you can.
As you're getting in the cab, you hear someone shout your name from behind. You can't be sure but it sounds like Kuroo. However, you're in no state to face anyone right now so you dive into the cab and ask the driver to drive off quickly.
2 minutes later your phone starts ringing and you check to see that Kuroo is calling you. If you pick up right now, he will know instantly that you're crying. He will probably worry anyway if you don't pick up but this way you can make up any excuse later. You set your phone to silent and throw it in your bag.
You spend the entire ride home crying quietly in the back of your cab.
Once you are home, you throw your bag on your bed and head straight to the shower. You take a long shower and feel a lot better once you are done.
After changing into something comfortable, you plop onto your bed and take out your phone.
You are surprised to see there are 17 missed calls. 14 from Kuroo, 2 from Tora and 1 from Kenma.
You open your messages and see that Tora and Kuroo have texted you.
Tora @ 4:08PM: Y/N-san please pick up the call. Kuroo-san is freaking out.
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Y/N, why did you leave without saying anything??
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Why did Tora just tell me you were crying? Were you crying????
Kuroo @ 2:43PM: Why won't you pick up???
Kuroo @ 2:57PM: Please talk to me.
Kuroo @ 3:26PM: Look, I would come to your house right now if I didn't have to talk strategy for tomorrow's match with my team. Can you please at least let me know you're okay?
You groan. You had completely forgotten that Tora was around. You're going to have to come up with a really good explanation for this. As you're about to type your response, your phone dings again.
Kuroo @ 4:16PM: After all this time if you still think...
You frown. What's that supposed to mean?
You decide to ignore it for now.
You: Hey. I'm so sorry, my phone was on silent and I didn't see your messages till now.
You: Please don't worry about me, I was crying because I had a fight with my mom. That's why I rushed home. And I'm okay now, we resolved it.
Kuroo: So, you're going to straight up lie to me now?
You: But I'm not??
You hear the bell ring downstairs. A minute later, your father shouts for you, "Y/N! Kuroo is here. I'm sending him upstairs."
He's here?!?!
You barely have time to absorb that information when you hear a knock on your door.
"Come in."
The door opens and Kuroo steps in. He closes the door behind him and turns to you, arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face.
"Tetsu, what are you doing here? You have a match tomorrow! You should be with your team!"
"You leave without saying goodbye, I find out that you were crying when you left and you won't pick your phone or reply to my messages. What else do you expect me to do?"
You hang your head in shame. You're feeling so guilty now for not responding to him immediately.
"I- I'm so sorry, Tetsu. Really. The reason I didn't pick up was because I didn't want you to find out I was crying. I didn't want to worry you. I just put my phone on silent and threw it in my bag. I didn't see any of the calls or messages until now."
"Are you going to tell me why you were crying?"
"I already did!"
"I called your mom when you weren't picking up and she told me that she hadn't seen or spoken to you since morning. So, are you going to stick to this made up story of yours?"
He's caught you right in the middle of your lie. There's no way out of this. You don't say anything. You just play with your hands in your lap, not daring to meet him in the eye.
Kuroo comes and sits next to you on your bed.
"How long have we known each other, Y/N?"
His question surprises you. You look up at him and see his expression has softened. He's looking at you seriously but he isn't annoyed anymore.
"Six years...why?"
"So, after six years of knowing me, if you still think that I have eyes for anyone but you, then you don't know me at all."
Your eyes are open so wide that they might pop out of their sockets any second now. You try to respond but you just make random noises instead of forming coherent sentences.
"What- I- you knew?? you too??? you like me?? I too- I mean! Me too- I-"
Kuroo throws his head back and laughs. He reaches over and pulls you in for a tight hug. Your heart feels like it might explode in your chest.
He gently kisses the top of your forehead and then leans down to rest his own against it, smiling widely.
"I too, Y/N. I too."
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
You don't remember how many times you must have internally thanked Oikawa for being Iwaizumi Hajime's best friend. His conventionally pretty face attracts almost all the girls towards him, letting you have Iwaizumi all to yourself.
Well, sort of. He is still just your close friend. You haven't been able to gather the courage to confess to him yet. And only the Gods above know if he feels the same way about you because he certainly has never done or said anything to you that shows that he has feelings for you too.
You're sure that if you do confess and he doesn't feel the same way, it wouldn't affect your friendship at all. If anything, he would become even more considerate of your emotions and do anything to make sure you are all right. But you didn't think you were ready to handle the heartbreak of being rejected by him. Until now.
For almost a whole year, you have skirted around your feelings for him. It is your final year of High School now and you have decided that it is now or never. If you don't confess now, you might regret it for the rest of your life.
You make your way to the Seijoh gym where you know the boys must be getting ready for practice. You are greeted with loud gasps and a chorus of "heyys" and "Hi Y/Ns!" as soon as you step into the gym. You shout and wave back cheerfully as you make your way to your friends. As usual, your eyes find Iwa and your heart does a somersault as he smiles softly at you, his eyes wide with surprise. What with the two-week long term break and your cousin's wedding right after, it has been a while since you've seen him. Looking at him now makes you realize how terribly you missed him. All you want to do is run into his arms and hug him tightly.
"Y/N-chan, you're so cruel. Making us miss you for the entire first week of our last year," Oikawa pouts playfully at you.
"Aww. I missed you all too, Tooru. In fact, I missed you all so much that I came back a day earlier just so I could see this very look of surprise on your stupid face," you say as you give everyone a high five.
"Well, I'm glad you're back because at least now you can take Iwa-chan off my back," he says and you laugh.
"Someone's already doing that, though," Makki whispers a little too loudly and earns a smack on his head by an angry Iwa.
You frown. What was that about?
But before you can enquire further, Oikawa drags you away to introduce you to the new first years in the team.
It is time for them to practice so you make your way to the bench on the side. You're not the manager for their team but you might as well have been since you spend all your free time hanging around in the gym, watching them practice.
"Sorry, I'm late!" you turn around and see someone run into the gym, huffing and panting, "I couldn't find my shoes and spent a long time looking for them."
"Ah, Noriko-chan. Come, come. We were just about to start," Oikawa waves at her from the court.
"Sorry, give me just one minute to set up," she says and runs towards the bench you are sitting on.
She looks a little surprised to see you but smiles at you as she sets her things down.
She seems nice. You watch as she pulls out a notebook and a pen from her bag and goes and sits next to the scoreboard.
She must be the new manager Iwaizumi had told you about. She is a year younger than you and you have seen her around in school a few times.
You plan to confess to Iwaizumi tonight and, as the practice nears its end, you start getting more and more restless and nervous. You will confess to him on your usual walk back home, when it's just the two of you.
After practice, you stroll over to him as he stuffs his jersey into his gym bag. You are going to do this tonight for better or for worse.
Relax. You're just going to ask him if he's ready to leave. You try to calm yourself, your heart going a 100 miles an hour already.
"He-ey, Hajime! You ready to go, yet? There's something I wanted to talk to you about on the way back."
His expression suddenly changes into something uncomfortable.
"Uhh, actually, Y/N. I'm walking back home with Noriko tonight. Is it important? I can ask her to wait."
You blink at him.
He must have noticed the disappointment on your face because he continues, looking even more guilty and uncomfortable somehow, "Sorry. I didn't know that you were coming a day earlier and I had already promised her I'd walk her."
"It's all right, Hajime. You don't need to explain. I'll just walk back with the others," you smile at him and start walking away.
"Wait, you never told me what you wanted to talk to me about."
"Ahh, don't worry about it. It was nothing important," you say, not looking back at him.
At that moment Noriko appears from the opposite direction and runs towards Iwaizumi.
"Hajime-kun. You ready to leave?"
Hajime? They're on a first name basis already?
Your stomach feels like it has been filled with a pile of rocks as you walk back to Oikawa, who is talking about a new play strategy with Mattsun.
"Y/N! Do you mind waiting for a bit? I was just explaining to Mattsun about this new technique we can try tomorrow."
"Take your time! I'm in no hurry. I'll go sit outside until then," you say and make your way out of the gym.
You spot Noriko and Iwaizumi walking out of the front gate and the feeling of dread grows in your chest. You sit on the grass, holding your knees close to your chest. Your head is spinning with questions.
How did they become this close in just three weeks? Or has it been going on longer? Is this what Makki was referring to when he joked earlier? Why hadn't Iwaizumi told you anything about her except that she was the new manager? After all, you were one of his closest friends, he would tell you if he was seeing someone.
Wouldn't he?
This is not how you had imagined today to go at all. You had woken up this morning equal parts excited and nervous because today was the day you were finally going to tell Iwaizumi everything you felt for him. But now it feels like you might never get to do that.
No. No. No. Stop overreacting. There might be a simple explanation for all this. You put your head between your knees and take in deep breaths to calm yourself. You don't want the others to see you like this.
You've calmed yourself down considerably by the time they arrive and you finally set off home with the rest of the team.
The usual banter between the boys helps take your mind off things and you find the tightness in your chest easing as the third years resort to their usual clown antics.
"Hey, isn't that Iwaizumi Senpai?" one of the first years says and everyone stops in their tracks. You turn to see where he's looking.
You inhale sharply and you can feel Oikawa stiffen next to you.
You're all standing a little way away from a really cute bakery and, through the window, you can see Iwaizumi and Noriko sitting and talking to each other.
"Hah! I told you they were dating," Makki says with a smug expression on his face.
Oikawa, in a slightly panicked voice, says, "Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions."
"Pssh, you're only saying that because you were wrong and I was right. They're clearly on a date right now! Back me up Mattsun!," Makki quips back.
"I don't care."
Their argument just fades into the background as you watch Iwa and Noriko from the window. Noriko hands Iwa a rectangular box, wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn over it. It looks like something a girlfriend would give to her boyfriend.
You're wishing a hole would open up in the ground right now and swallow you forever.
"There's a very simple solution to this, all right? We will ask Iwa-chan tomorrow. Then we will see who was right. Let's not stand here and gape at them from the window, it will be awkward if they see us. Come on, chop chop, let's go," Oikawa's panic is evident in his voice as he tries to usher everyone away from the window.
"Y/N, come on. Let's go," Oikawa says.
You hear him but you don't move. It feels like your feet are planted into the ground. He reaches out, grabs your hand and pulls you towards him.
As he does that, Iwaizumi looks out of the window.
And, just for a split second, your eyes meet. But before you can register it, Oikawa has pulled you out of view.
The rest of the group is walking a little ahead, chatting animatedly. Thankfully, none of them noticed anything.
Well, except Oikawa. You can sense he is struggling to think of words to say to you.
"Y/N, look, don't listen to these idiots, okay? They don't know what they're talking about," he says to you in a low voice.
You stop in your tracks and he stops with you.
It's not surprising that he knows about your feelings, seeing how close you both are. He probably figured it out long ago. There's no point hiding it now.
"I was going to confess to him tonight, you k-know?" and as you say that, your voice cracks.
"I w-was going to tell him everything. A-about how much he means to me, about how I have felt about him for the last one year, about how he is all I think about all the time- and- I- I-," you're trembling from head to toe as another sob escapes from your mouth.
"And what makes you think that I don't feel the same way about you?" a quiet voice speaks up from behind you.
You spin around and see Iwaizumi standing a few feet away, the last fading rays of the sun falling on his face at an angle, highlighting his serious expression.
"It's not her fault. Makki wouldn't stop going on about how he was right about you two dating," Oikawa says.
Iwaizumi just nods at Oikawa, "Can you walk Noriko home? She's waiting at the bakery."
Oikawa nods and walks off. The others have also long since gone ahead. It is just you and Iwaizumi on this empty road now.
He comes closer to you, olive green eyes looking straight into yours as he speaks.
"I've had feelings for you for a while now but I wasn't sure how to tell you. I didn't just want to tell you, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me."
He says and holds out a box for you. It is rectangular in shape and is wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn all around it.
"Open it."
You take it from him silently. It is heavier than it looks and you are careful not to drop it as you tear it open.
You gasp as you realize what it is. It is a framed painting of you and Iwaizumi. Or rather, it is a painting of your favourite photo of you and Iwaizumi. You had taken this picture on your first school trip together, both of you smiling ear to ear with the sun setting over the hills in the background.
"I had heard about a junior who paints really well and I had approached her right before school ended. That junior was Noriko and she is the one who painted this. Coincidentally, she also joined the team as a manager.
I had been meeting her to check on the progress of the painting which, of course, was an invitation for everyone to let their imaginations run wild about us.
She was supposed to give me the painting today and a treat at her favourite bakery was just my way of saying thank you to her, nothing more."
You're overwhelmed with emotions and your eyes keep flitting back and forth from Iwa and the painting.
"It's beautiful. You're beautiful. Thank you. I- I don't know what to say," you say, your voice barely a whisper
His face finally breaks into a smile.
"Just say yes to being my girlfriend?"
You link your arm with his and gaze lovingly into his eyes.
"Yes. A million times over, yes."
Tumblr media
Hope you like it!! <3
Check out this BEAUTIFUL IWA ART of the painting by @darthdutton
Reblogs appreciated. Please do not steal or repost.
Taglist: @pansexualproblemchild
You can comment or send me an ask to be added to the taglist for this series.
Check out THIS POST to know what all characters I have written and will be writing for in this series.
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kurosukii · 24 days ago
like your dad’s sitting in his office, unaware of the fact that kuroo bent you over that desk last night
Pls . Just Pls .
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — implied age gap, spanking, spitting, degradation, praise, hair pulling, mirror sex, sleazy kuroo <3.
Tumblr media
“what would he say if he finds out daddy’s little girl is letting his business partner fuck her slutty cunt over his desk, hmm?”
kuroo’s voice in your ear is soft, syrupy even, but his words are dirty and menacing. the way he punctuates daddy’s little girl and slutty cunt with particularly heavy and powerful thrusts has your eyes fluttering and pussy clenching around his thick cock.
you’re a hot mess—bare tits squished against the mahogany, a puddle of drool beneath your chin, and skirt hiked up to your waist as your warm ass cheeks receive his harsh spanks.
both your hands are wrapped around his wrist as his fingers tightly tug at your roots, your neck straining as he makes you watch yourself get fucked silly on the mirror bolted to the door of your father’s office.
“look at you. you’re such a fucking whore, sweetie,” kuroo chuckles as he smacks your ass, causing you to cry out and clench around him. he groans after immediately, throwing his head back as he feels your walls tighten around his pistoning cock.
“does princess like her cute ass spanked while she lets an old man like me fuck her pussy?” he coos, smirking when you whine as he thrusts deeply, making your body jolt on your dad’s desk.
you should’ve known that your father’s business partner had something up his sleeve when he casted meaningful glances at you when he came over to talk “business”.
it wasn’t right for a man his age to squeeze your thigh, whisper good girl in your ear, as you set down a cup of tea. it wasn’t right that he sent your father away when he said that an “emergency” came up at one of the buildings.
it wasn’t right that he locked the door and ripped your blouse until the buttons went flying, tearing your flimsy bra to shreds as he bent you over the desk. it definitely wasn’t right that he pulled your panties to the side and spit on your hole before he speared you on his cock, immediately thrusting with reckless abandon as your cries and moans filled the small room.
it wasn’t right for you to enjoy getting fucked by him, but what else can you do when he’s making you see stars and pant like a common whore who just can’t get enough of thick and lengthy cocks? he’s practically a dream come true to deprived girls like you.
it doesn’t help that he’s got a mean stroke game, reaching places in your pussy that guys your age can’t. he’s got you crying for more, and the way his heavy balls slap against your clit while he spanks your jiggling ass has your eyes crossing and babbling nonsense while you ruin your father’s once pristine desk.
“spread your legs for me—yeah, that’s it—show me how my cock’s stretching your pussy, such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
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ohajime · a month ago
read part two here read part three here part four here
Tumblr media
when you and kuroo started your freshman year of college —at different universities— your relationship became stagnant.
“tetsu, maybe we should just break up” you suggested as the middle blocker stood proudly in front of you, suited in his graduation cap and gown.
“maybe we shouldn't,” he argued, his eyes widening at your idea. “I know us being far apart isn’t really ideal, but it doesn’t mean we have to end this completely.”
“what if you meet someone else?” you rationalize, “or if you get too tired of not being able to see me all the time?”
“y/n, do you want to end this?” he asked. he shuffled, wondering if your suggestion was something that you actually wanted.
“no of course not, I just don’t want to be holding you back from having a proper ‘college life,’ if we stay together.”
kuroo looks at you and smiles, the foolish smile that you were used to, the one that you fell in love with, and he pulls you into his chest, his arms swiftly wrapping around you and his forehead meeting yours as he says “I don’t think I’ll have a proper ‘normal life,’ without you in it— let alone a college one.”
“you’re such a sap,”
“but you love me anyway,” he counters and you hum in affirmation, “look y/n, even if we’re 3000 miles apart, this doesn’t have to stop, you’re not even going to notice I’m far away with the amount times I’m going to call you and text you, alright?”
his words provided comfort, and you found yourself believing in the confidence he had that your relationship was going to survive.
but early into the first semester of college, you realised that kuroo’s promise was definitely not going to be true.
the first week of school you were busy, swamped with mountains of schoolwork and overwhelmed with the sudden change in environment, too busy to even check the vast amount of texts you assumed your boyfriend had sent you. except when you finally had the chance to settle into college life, you’d realized as you looked through the messages between you and kuroo that there weren't any new ones.
it was hard navigating your college life and social life whilst having a boyfriend miles and miles away, especially one who barely talked to you. there were plenty of men that had shown you interest, but you had to remind them —and yourself— that you were taken. there was an usual feeling with the amount of romantic attention you got— way different to highschool, no one would dare try to hit on you with the 6’2 middle blocker always by your side.
when kuroo opened his front door in the cold winter, the last thing he was expecting was for you to be there.
“y/n,” he awkwardly exclaims, his brows furrowed in confusion, “it’s a surprise to see you here, what are you doing here?”
“I didn’t know I had to book a reservation to see my own boyfriend,” you joked and you looked at him waiting to be let inside and he hesitantly stepped aside as you walked in front getting a look of the college dorm he was situated in.
“it’s a nice place you got here,” you said lying through your teeth as you gave the place a once over, it was a mess not reflecting kuroo at all who you knew always prided himself in his neat attire.
“sorry for the mess,” he says “i’m actually in the middle of cleaning, going to throw a party tonight.”
“a party?” you questioned “you’re throwing a party?” he hummed nonchalantly whilst moving around you to pick up the mess you were surrounded with.
“but you hate parties,” you continued “you used to say ‘parties were like a social examination,’ and would rue the day you were ever found at one.”
“well I guess people change,” he mumbled.
“yeah I guess they do…”
there was an uncomfortable pause before kuroo asked, “are you planning on staying here or are you just passing by?”
“well I didn’t catch 3 buses and a 3 hour long train to just ‘pass by,’” you said “unless you don’t have any place for me to stay with all the parties you’re planning on throwing.”
“no it’s fine, i’ll just sleep on the couch for a few days”
“the couch… we can share a bed together y’know?”
“yeah but my roommate has thing about not bringing randoms into our bedroom”
“oh you have a roommate,” you said ignoring the part where kuroo referred to you as a ‘random,’ “are they nice?”
“she’s cool, quite chill not really your vibe I guess,”
“she’s a she?” you asked and he gave you another simple ‘mhm’ in response, “is she pretty?”
“what’s that got to do with anything?” he questioned.
“nothing I was just asking…”
“you’ll see her at the part anyways so I guess you’ll be able to answer that question yourself”
“right the party.”
you regretted ever deciding to make the journey to your boyfriends once the party started. you were already put off by his odd mood but once the party was beginning it was like you were seeing a stranger.
even when you walked around the party — after kuroo left you on your own — you felt even worse when his friends would say ‘I didn’t know kuroo was dating anybody,’ and you tried to come up with a reasonable excuse as to why none of his self proclaimed ‘best friends,’ never heard of you but you couldn’t even kid yourself.
he found you sitting in his bedroom, staring at your phone “hey do you want a drink?” he asked his words slurring and you didn’t even need to hear his inconsistent speech to tell he was drunk as kuroo reeked of alcohol.
“no i’m fine” you said “i don’t drink remember.”
“c’mon y/n live a little...just one drink,” he persisted, swinging the cup of whatever random substances he combined in front of your face.
“what happened to you kuroo?”
“what do you mean, i’m the best i’ve ever been!”
“well I beg to differ,” you mumbled but even in his drunken state he still hears.
“what’s that supposed to mean,” he says “just because i’m not the same guy I was in highschool doesn’t mean I haven’t bettered myself”
“oh look at you kuroo I’d hardly say you’ve bettered yourself.”
“it’s not like you know me y/n”
“thats the problem you idiot,” you said feeling frustrated “I don’t know you, not anymore”
“well college life is busy, you should know that yourself”
“I know that but in spite of how hectic things can get I still at least tried to make time for you, i literally came all this way to see you”
“It’s not like I asked you to do that though,” he argued, feeling annoyed as if you were blaming the half of communication all on him.
“well are you saying you don’t want me to be here right now?”
“with the way this conversations going I can’t really say I do want you here right now,” he said with a sigh.
“fine, I guess i’ll be taking my leave then…” you stood up and grabbed the small luggage you brought with you ready to head to the door.
“y/n,” kuroo calls “have a safe trip” and with that you left not looking back at your boyfriend.
on the train ride home you stumbled across an old photo of you and kuroo and realised there’s something you need to do that you should’ve done a while ago.
“tetsurou,” you said as he answered the phone call.
“yes y/n?”
“I’m breaking up with you” you said trying to sound confident and not like you were second guessing every word you were saying.
“oh I see,” he says quietly in response before finishing with “i still love you though.”
kuroo didn’t have a chance to hear your response since the line went dead as you ended the call placing your back phone into your pocket.
Tumblr media
AN: um this was so hard to write dbshdhhs it angst ik but I promise there’s better days to come w Kuroo and y/n. Thanks to tee and eris for reading this over for meeee bro I hope you all enjoy it let me know what you think
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sunaluvs · 2 months ago
Hii can I have a scenario with kita, suna, atsumu and kuroo x reader Afraid of sex?
➳ 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐬/𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐨'𝐬 𝐚𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐞𝐱
ft. kita, suna, atsumu, & kuroo.
Tumblr media
wc: 1.2k
tags: fluff, gn!reader, mentions of anxiety/nerves, silent praise??, this thing is Soft || nsfw, minors DNI.
A/N: so i didn't mention any reason behind the fear, and didn't really make it intense or anything, so if anything you can probably imagine it as the reader's first time as well? i hope that's okay hjdhdjdh thank u for the req and i hope u enjoy <33
Tumblr media
so extremely sweet and patient about it.
doesn’t pressure you at all, and waits for you to bring it up first.
constantly reassures you throughout it and checks in on you at different points.
he wants you to feel safe in his arms, and hopes that his touch can be something you can always fall back on.
you sigh at the sensation of kita’s lips against your skin, his kisses littering the soft planes of your stomach. there’s anxiety and anticipation twisting in your gut, and you swallow in an attempt to quell the sick feeling.
the pet name is murmured low, and you open your eyes—which you hadn’t realized were squeezed shut—to look up at the man you love, who’s come back up to gently cup your face with a calloused hand.
“focus on me,” he whispers, and then his lips are meeting yours in a delicate kiss that sends warmth flowing through your body.
it’s easier, after that—to get lost in the feeling of his mouth moving against yours, the sighs he releases and breaths he takes in, the tongue that glides across your lip and caresses your own. before you realize it, the tension that strained your muscles slowly slips away, leaving you pliant to the hands moving up and down your waist, pulling you flush against your lovers form.
with his chest firmly against yours, you allow it all to wash over you in gentle waves. you let yourself feel the contrast of his rough skin against your own; feel the heat thrumming through your veins and eagerness that spills into his waiting mouth.
when you part with a small gasp, he tips his forehead against yours and repeats the words that you can feel in every touch and stroke he lays on your skin.
“i love you.”
you capture his lips once again to say it back.
really understanding.
doesn’t ask you for a reason or explanation because he honestly doesn’t need one. whether there’s nothing or everything behind why, he knows you’ll tell him when you’re ready.
gentle and slow with you throughout it all.
he’s not very good with words, but his touch reminds you that sometimes it’s all you really need.
suna’s fingers trail along the hem of your shirt in silent permission. you exhale against his lips, giving him a nod and lifting your arms to allow for easier removal.
the nerves you felt earlier return once the fabric is off, slithering into your fingertips and stomach when suna takes a moment to appreciate your loving form. but they don’t get a chance to settle, because as soon as he notices your teeth digging anxiously into your lip, he leans down to take them with his own. his hands come up to slide down your arms, sparking warmth into the skin as his fingers interlock with your own. his lips move slowly with yours, allowing you to fully relax into the feeling of him filling all your senses.
it’s sensual and dizzying and forces a breath out of you, eyes closed to focus on the downward trail his lips go on, from the delicate skin of your neck to the solid planes of your shoulder.
beautiful, he kisses onto the curve of your collarbone. perfect, he marks on the valley of your chest.
he doesn’t need to say anything, because you can already feel every word and emotion seeping through the blemishes on your skin into your veins, and it’s enough to let yourself be swept away by the tides of your desire.
doesn’t have a single issue with it.
despite what people may think, he’s also very patient with you; he takes your comfort very seriously in the relationship.
in fact, he’s actually nervous too the first time you two have sex, because he doesn’t wanna mess anything up.
but when he’s finally in the moment, his hands in your own, he slowly feels the doubts wash away from his conscience.
“this okay?” atsumu asks, looking up at you from the space between your thighs. nodding, you feel a small smile forming when you see relief slipping into the features of your lover. it pushes away some of the anxieties churning in your stomach, knowing that he just wants to take care of you the best he can—the way you know he will.
a small sigh leaves you as your hands trail down to brush through his hair, fingers caressing the strands and massaging his scalp, making him let out a satisfied hum against the skin of your thighs.
his lips travel towards the center of your needs, lips sucking and teeth grazing the supple flesh there. it makes your chest rise a little faster, your hips grinding down to get him closer to the place that aches for his touch.
a low chuckle sounds from his chest, and it makes you flush in heat and embarrassment. but like he knows what’s going through your mind, he brings his hand up to hold on to yours, squeezing in reassurance when he speaks his next words.
“patience, baby,” he murmurs, his fingers finally tugging down the fabric of your underwear, “i’ll take care of you.”
it settles the thoughts that’d fled through your mind for a minute, and when you lift your hips up to make it easier for him to take away the fabric, you squeeze his hand back in reply.
you don’t doubt it.
accepts it and moves on; doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
he’s perfectly comfortable waiting for you to make the first move whenever you’re ready, and makes it clear that you can stop at any point you want to.
another one that’s also a little nervous when you tell him you wanna go all the way.
but it’s not overwhelming, and soon enough, he regains his self-assurance enough to take care of you the way you deserve.
it’s abrupt and probably unintentional, the feather light touches on your skin that make you flinch, a short snort escaping you as you curve away from kuroo’s fingers.
looking down at you from above, his eyebrows are raised at the unexpected reaction, and a grin takes over as he tilts his head and speaks.
“ticklish, are we?”
you purse your lips and look away, refusing to give him an answer he’ll definitely exploit. but it’s too late, because before you know it, his fingers are playfully digging into your sides, forcing a laugh from your chest as you try to squirm away from him.
“tet-tetsu—” you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut at the uncontrollable giggles falling from your lips, “stop—stop it, you’re—so annoying!”
he laughs and surprisingly obliges, choosing instead to smooth over the skin with his hands while you gather yourself together, a fond smile playing at his mouth.
“well that's a nice surprise,” he teases, “think i should save it for later?"
you roll your eyes in faux annoyance, but you can’t conceal the lightness in your chest and the angle of your own fond grin. whatever doubts that’d plagued your mind were brushed aside with the comfort and ease that naturally comes with being with your boyfriend.
he leans down, close enough for you to inhale the familiar scent that lingers in all the right corners of your life, and you loop your arms around his neck to keep him there.
looking into his eyes, you see nothing but the confirmation of what you already sense in every touch and word he gifts you; the tenderness and heat of his desire to love you—all of you—in way that you know reflects your own.
"gonna make you feel good," he promises, and you give him a gentle smile in return.
"i know."
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iwasbunny · 11 days ago
𝖚𝖘𝖊 𝖒𝖊 | day five.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. kuroo tetsurou — facefucking.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. afab reader, dacryphilia, praise, facefucking, deepthroating, fem!reader, lots of dirty talk.
𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖑𝖊. 547 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. this might be.. a little self-indulgent and not tumblr eating my queued post-
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
It drove him wild, seeing your lips red and swollen as you tried to suppress the moans that he forced out of you—every mewl and moan of his name had his cock throbbing for attention.
He couldn’t help the way they were just so.. perfect, perfectly slotting against his own each time he pulled you into a needy kiss and the feeling of them dancing across his skin had him instantly craving you.
“Just like that, baby. You’re doin’—mmph- such a good job f’me.. fuck.” The grunts and groans that tumbled off of his tongue were music to your ears, filling you with even more of a need to please him as his cock finally bottomed out down your throat.
The familiar burn makes tears well up in your eyes and roll down your flushed cheeks while your nails dig into his skin, seeking anything to keep you grounded as any rational thoughts you had left quickly flee your hazy mind.
His balls rested perfectly on your chin while your nose was nuzzled against his pelvis, dark untrimmed hair tickling your skin. And his hazel eyes were half lidded, yet they were always glued to you. Completely enamoured with the way you were so perfectly choking on his length. It turned him on to no end.
“Oh, yeah, you’re gonna let me fuck your face, aren’t you? That’s right, ‘course you are.. cause you’re my good fuckin’ girl."
His hips started to rut up into your mouth, slowly at first, though his pace quickly sped up. He couldn’t help himself. Just the way you oh so obediently listened to him, with your wide eyes staring up at him, made him lose any sense of control he had.
The sudden movements only served to make more of a mess out of you as drool dripped down your chin, lewd squelches filling the room while a few praises were haphazardly slurred out by the brunette before you.
"Fucking hell—”
Your chest heaved as he suddenly pulled out of your mouth, gripping your hair firmly and pulling off of your knees and up into a messy kiss.
Large palms eagerly squeezing your thighs before he wraps them around his waist and tastes himself on your tongue. It was all moving so fast, your head was practically spinning, and a tell-tale smirk pulled at his lips as he rubbed the head of his cock against your slick entrance.
“As amazing as that felt, I think I want more of you. Now, let daddy take care of you, yeah?” A soft shared gasp escapes both of you as he grinds against you, coating himself with your slick.
“Don’t worry—I’ll make sure to return the favour and reward my pretty kitty.”
Tumblr media
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blossomkoushi · 2 months ago
Kuroo+ hate sex ending in fluff has me absolutely crazed.
>.> oh man
contains: gn reader, hair pulling, degradation
Tumblr media
“just shut up” kuroo groans, pushing your head down further into the bed, muffling your moans while his cock splits you open. the music from the party presses into his bedroom, vague voices and laughter passing by your drunken mind.
“fuck you” you gasp, managing to turn your head to the side, nearly screaming out a moan when he hits your sweet spot, cock drilling furiously onto the spot until white dots cover your vision.
“what fucking part of ‘be quiet’-” kuroo grunts, grabbing your hair and pulling your chest off the bed, pressing your back against his chest, putting his hand over your mouth, “-is it that you don’t fucking understand?”
your eyes roll back, his hips slapping harshly against your ass, you allow yourself to feel it for a moment, forget about the man that was fucking you into absolute bliss. his snarky comments and rude looks are forgotten when his hands squeeze your body and cock brings you closer and closer to the edge.
“there you fucking go, all quiet” he smirks, voice laced with satisfaction and it sends a shiver of disgusting pleasure down your spine. “you’re getting close, aren’t you? gonna cum all over my cock? fucking gross, getting your filth all over my bed”
the tension in your stomach tightens, body going rigid while you pant against his hand, your eyes fluttering shut and drinking in all his words, sultry sweet against your ear.
“fucking cum already” he groans, nearly tipping over the edge himself as your body shakes, squeezing around his cock while you cum, tingling pleasure shooting down your spine and down to your toes. “that’s it”
kuroo breathes heavily, barely letting you come down from your orgasm before he lets go of your body. you flop down on the bed, hearing the condom snap off his cock and the slick sound of him fucking his fist. with a groan, he finishes on your back, the thick white ropes landing on your sweaty skin.
with a final shaky breath he lays down with you, pulling you close and propping you up on his chest. the silence of the room is only interrupted by the continuing party outside the door.
“i still don’t like you” you mumble, lazily tracing patterns onto his chest, feeling him laugh under you.
“sure you don’t” you can practically hear his grin, triggering the usual eye roll on your part. kuroo rubs your back gently and you turn your head to watch his face and notice the familiar smirk dancing on his lips.
“don’t be so smug, you came just as hard as i did”
“i never said i didn’t” he retorts, looking down at you with a softer smile. there’s a beat of silence until he continues, “so.. you wanna go out for dinner sometime?”
your eyes widen in surprise, leaning up slightly and studying his face, trying to read if he’s serious. noticing that he is, you laugh and fall down against him again, “sure”
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo enjoys coming home to you. it’s not just coming home to you, though, that he likes. it’s your scent, your warmth, your voice. every little thing that makes you, you.
because even when the train is delayed and it’s pouring outside, he can ignore the disruptions. he knows he’s coming home to your arms, where he feels his body burn into flames. even when there are kids crying beside him and the screeching horns of cars stuck in traffic, he doesn’t mind. your soothing voice, which he often compares to a honey-like melody, is waiting for him.
and when he finally steps into the doorway of your shared home, he senses your presence. of course, without a doubt, you’re waiting for him. wrapped up in your coziest sweater, you walk up to him with open arms. oh, how he’s missed your arms.
kuroo realizes that coming home to you means coming home to the feeling of being loved unconditionally. despite him walking into the apartment completely drenched — messy hair and all — you look at him as if he holds up the skies.
“your hair is a mess, tetsu,” you say into his chest as his wet clothes stick to your cheek.
“i know, i forgot my umbrella because i was running late this morning,” he sighs as he places a kiss to the top of your head. “i should get changed. you’ll get sick, too, if you keep hugging me,” he tells you as he pulls away. but you continue to hold on. his heart beats faster.
“no, you’ve been gone all day. i deserve a long hug,” you say. he feels bad — you’ve been home for a while without his warmth, but you’re probably freezing in his arms right now.
he lets you indulge, because as much as you’re loving the feeling of his arms around you, he’s loving the feeling of your ear listening to his beating heart.
“okay, for real, get off me,” he says with a hint of teasing as he unwraps his arms from around you. and with a sigh, you oblige. he takes your cheeks into his hands and squishes them slightly. “lemme go change, and then i’m all yours.”
and as he goes off the change, you smile to yourself. he just came back from the pouring rain, yet he makes you feel so warm. he comes home to you while carrying love and security on his back.
in his fresh hoodie, kuroo engulfs you into another hug, but this time, he tilts your face up to kiss your lips gently. and with your cheek pressed against his chest once again, you know exactly what he means to say through his actions. you feel his heart beat faster as he catches a glimpse of the umbrella you left by the front door for him just minutes ago.
“thanks for waiting for me,” he says.
i love coming home to you — thank you for loving me like this, is what he means.
Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
fair warning / kuroo t.
18+, minors do not interact.
syponsis kuroo doesn’t like the way the other team talks about you, and decides to take matters into his own hands.
warnings mirror sex,, semi-public (public bathroom),, sub!reader,, jealous!kuroo,, penetrative sex,, breeding,, slight humiliation (?),, impact play,, slight overstimulation,, tell me if there’s any i’m missing <3
notes this takes place during yours and kuroo’s third year at nekoma high, both of u are 18 years old :))
Tumblr media
“i can’t believe we’re practicing with them,” kuroo groaned, his disgust evident in his tone.
yaku and yamamoto made a noise of agreement from beside him, equally as frustrated as they all but glared at the team entering the sports hall from across the room, chattering amongst themselves.
“why? what’s s’bad about nohebi?” you wondered, curiously glancing up from your checklist.
yamamoto let out a short laugh, “what’s so bad? they’re all a ‘buncha snakes, pretending to be all nice and friendly - then come game time, they use all these shitty underhand tactics to win favor of the refs,” he explained, the agitation pure and certain in his voice.
as nekoma’s new manager, you didn’t know a lot about the reputation of other schools, however kuroo had kindly laid you down the basics, specifically about karasuno, aoba johsai and shiratorizawa.
you felt much better after understanding each teams ‘personality’ and felt as though it would help you communicate with it’s individual members.
“kenma, let me go fill up your water bottle,” you told him, extending a hand to the pudding-haired boy. he proceeded to place the empty container into your palm, muttering a small ‘thanks’ as he watched you disappear through the door.
after you had left, the team glanced up at their opponents for today, tensing when they saw them drawing near.
“hey, hey, hey nekoma! how’s it going?” one team member said, beaming down at yaku who’s mouth remained in a firm line.
“good, thanks.”
the captain of nohebi then glanced around before leaning down, hands placed on his knees.
“i heard your manager is a real sight. where is she?”
a sharp pain stung in kuroo’s chest at his words, clenching his jaw shut.
“she’s just getting one of us a drink before the game,” yaku answered shortly, glancing at kuroo who shifted in his seat.
“well, isn’t that sweet? from what i heard she’s real hot too. you’ve scored a good one, nekoma,” he suddenly leaned even closer, eyes burning with mischief, “might have t’steal her from you.”
yamamoto laughed, shaking his head. “would love to see ya try. sorry, but she’s already pretty loyal to the team.”
kuroo stood up, brushing off his arms. “and she’s a lot more than just a cute face. don’t talk about her like that.”
“ah, i see. sure, captain,” the nohebi captain complied with a smirk, lifting his hands in mock surrender.
seconds later, you returned to the sports hall, flask in hand and giving kenma a gentle smile as you handed it to him.
you looked up, locking eyes with the members of nohebi, and could already feel the toxicity virtually dripping from the air.
nevertheless, you offered them a tight smile, brushing your hair out of your face.
“hey, i’m nekoma’s new manager. nice to meet you,” you greeted sweetly, keeping in mind what yamamoto had previously told you.
“shit, they weren’t lying,”
you tilted your head at the statement, but didn’t have time to be curious as a voice said back, “nice to meet you too. we’ve heard a lot about you.”
“oh is that so? hopefully all good things,” you said, eyebrows furrowing slightly.
“oh yeah, all good things,” the captain reassured.
“glad to hear it.”
you went to turn around, about to reach for your checklist when a hand touched your shoulder.
“ah, before we start, one of my team members forgot their water bottles back at school. would you mind fetching him a spare?” the captain - daisho - asked you kindly.
you shrugged in response, “uh, sure! there’s a few over hear, i’ll fetch one for you.”
kuroo was livid. the thought of him, a cheap snake, laying a hand on his girlfriend, admiring her face and body as if it were all she was worth, talking about her as if she were his.
it made him feel sick, if he was being honest.
you jogged over to the other side of the room, bending over to pick up a canister from a small bag of spare bottles.
little did you know, the team behind you gazed upon your features, making quiet noises of excitement when they saw your ass, only hiding behind a small tennis skirt and a pair of lacy panties.
kuroo watched their eyes, becoming even more aggravated with every second they stared at your figure.
you soon returned with a full bottle of water, handing it to sakishima who thanked you with a coy smirk.
“right then, shall we start?” you proposed, hoping to diffuse the tense atmosphere and just get this stupid game over with.
“yeah, yeah. you guys get warmed up. y/n, can i have a word?” kuroo asked, no, told. the look in his eyes was filled with lust and… anger? jealousy? bitterness?
right now, he was a blur to you. his usual lively attitude that he sported before a game was suddenly gone, like a fire extinguished by salty, biting water. what replaced it was something much more… wanting.
“uhm, sure,” you agreed, blinking up him. you turned around and he quickly followed, a hand placed firmly on your lower back, nudging you towards the door.
he turned to look over his shoulder, his gaze icy and somewhat arrogant. “we’ll just be a second.”
his team nodded and nohebi couldn’t help but stare, utterly bewildered by the interaction.
“wha? they a thing or something?” daisho asked, brows furrowed in confusion.
“yeah,” yaku nodded, confirming his suspicions as he got into position to stretch.
“kuroo sure won’t be happy about the way you looked at her. i’m sure he’s just giving her a fair warning,” yamamoto said cynically, causing the opposing member to scoff.
“yeah, yeah, whatever.”
a ‘fair warning’, yeah fucking right.
a ‘fair warning’ that had you bent over a sink in the girls bathroom, skirt hiked up above your ass and panties pooled at your ankles.
a ‘fair warning’ that had kuroo stood behind you, a hand wrapped around your throat, pulling up your head and forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror.
a ‘fair warning’ that had kuroo’s clothed cock pressing against your bare wetness, dampening his shorts as he leaned down next to your ear.
“you know why i’m doing this, don’t you?” he whispered sweetly, using his free hand to pull a strand of hair out of your face. you nodded, the cold air hitting your skin, causing you to shiver against him.
“i don’t like the way they look at you,” he said, his voice soft and honeyed. “you’re all mine, right?”
you took your bottom lip between your teeth, pushing your ass back the slightest bit, desperate for friction against your aching cunt. “y-yeah. all yours, ‘ku.”
his icy hand slid across your back, lower and lower until he was cupping your cunt and suffocating it’s heat.
your back arched at this, a shiver running down your spine and your hands balled into fists.
his finger ran down your slit, teasing your clenching hole as you released a small but desperate whine, thighs twitching with need. an embarrassing amount of your juices coated his fingers and shorts, blanketing them in a layer of sheen.
you gulped against his grip, finally finding the courage to speak. “m’sorry ‘ku, i didn’ mean to.”
one of his slender fingers brushed against you lips, loosening his grip on your neck. “s’okay angel, i’m just here to claim what’s mine, ‘kay?”
you nodded furiously, biting the inside of your cheek as you watched him fumble with the waist band of his shorts, pulling out his pretty, reddening cock.
precum dripped from the slit, painting your pussy white when he rubs it up against you in a taunting manner.
“we n-need t’hurry,” you hiccuped, concerned about how much he was teasing you. “they’re gonna find out.”
“i fucking want them to know. i want them to come looking, to hear your pretty little moans and whines while i fuck you against your own reflection. maybe then they’ll realize that you aren’t theirs to gawk at.”
you let out a timid gasp as he pushed the tip inside, throwing your head up at the ceiling.
“no,” he snarled, wrapping his fingers around your flushed cheeks, “i want you to look at yourself. c’mon, look at how cute you look when i fuck you.”
he forced you to stare at your reflection, the way your eyelashes fluttered in the prettiest way and your mouth lolled open as he carefully bottomed out inside of you.
your hole quivered at the feeling of being so full, causing kuroo to let out a hiss.
“fuck angel, you’re so perfect,” he praised, tracing his hand down your curves and stopping above your ass, squeezing the flesh as you squirmed against him. “you were fucking made me for me, you know that?”
his other hand traveled down your front, kneading your tits through your shirt as you mewled and cried, begging for him to move.
“p-please ‘ku! please fuck me- haa-“
he began a steady pace, fucking in and out of you as your hands shook and hopelessly grabbed at the glass in front of you.
his heart melted when you looked up at him dazedly through the mirror, rocking your hips into his.
the way you looked at him, so innocently, so needily, he couldn’t help but go harder, faster, placing both hands on your hips and thrusting into you at a great speed that knocked the wind straight from your lungs.
“f-fuck, haa- i- i can’t- nhh-!” your words twisted off into a feeble whine, unable to hold back noises of pure bliss as he rutted into you.
“go on, angel,” he let out a grunt, “scream my name.”
“kuroo! nhh- i’m-“
the man smirked and you gasped at the feeling of a hand meeting your ass.
“you’re what, princess? c’mon, use your words.”
you gasped and moaned, his name falling out of your lips like a chant, eyes squinting and legs tensing and you knew what was about to happen.
“fff- ah! kuroo, please! m’- m’gonna cum!” you squealed, one of your hands attaching itself to his, squeezing and holding onto him for dear life.
you continued to babble and plead with him to let you cum, letting out an almost shriek as he pounded you deeper than you thought was even possible.
“nuf’ please, too m’ch kuroo!” you hiccuped, tears escaping your eyes and running down your pink cheeks.
“who else fucks you this good, huh? who else makes you make those pretty little noises of yours?”
“no one! jus’ you! your th’ only one! nhh-“ you cried, thighs shaking as you felt yourself tighten around him, squeezing his cock and sucking him inside of you.
“good girl,” he praised, followed by a hiss. “fuck, m’gonna cum. gonna cum inside of you, pretty girl. you want that?”
you sobbed out several dazed ‘yeses’, begging to be stuffed full of his seed.
and so he obliged, shooting his cum inside of your gummy walls, painting them white as he let out a string of curses.
you trembled at the sensation, giving in to your orgasm and feeling your entire body tense and shake. “fuck fuck fuck fuck!”
“s’okay angel, i got you.”
you gasped and squeaked, toes curling as you felt your body wrack with sobs of pleasure. your arms gave in and you flattened against the cold surface beneath you, no longer able to see your double.
juices gushed out of your hole, a sloppy mixture of your own and kuroo’s.
“can’t let this go to waste now, can we?” the ravenette smirked, lining his dick up with your hole and pushing it back inside of you once more.
overstimulated, your legs kicked and jolted at the feeling of him entering you once more. “no! n’more, i can’t-“
“shh, s’okay,” he soothed, pulling up your underwear and turning you over once he knew his seed was still inside of you. “you did so good for me baby,”
your body still shook with adrenaline, wrapping two shaky arms around his neck and pulling him close.
“i love you,” you whispered, burying your face into his neck.
“i love you too, angel.”
let’s just say both teams were pretty quiet when you and kuroo finally made it back into the sports hall.
Tumblr media
©zeroatsu2021, do not copy, translate or plagiarize in any way.
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haikyutiehoe · 18 days ago
im thoroughly obsessed with the idea of the reader finding their hq pro volleyball crush at the local hotspring, sitting on a nearby rock with the towel just lightly covering his cock. he glances up and sees you and smirks, knowing you two can’t stand each other and somehow that glint in his eye summons you closer. as you approach, he leans back against the make shift rock and you lean an arm forward above his shoulder, your other hand caressing his bare thigh. the conversation remains light yet tense, sparring jabs back and forth until you grab him through the towel and make that cocky expression fade and flicker with the lust just hiding behind those darkening orbs. “what you doing there?” he asks, voice gently rising against your neck as you slowly begin to stroke his hard cock, still not truly convinced you’re actually jerking off your crush. you watch as his features mimic your own, pleasure saturating your visage as you actually enjoy how whiny and needy he becomes once he’s nearing his orgasm. with a large shudder and groan, he falls forward, against you, cum leaking between your fingers and coating your nails. “don’t utter a word to anyone,” he exhales through short breaths, a glare radiating behind his honest gaze.
when you eventually walk away, having tasted every inch of his creamy residue off your digits, you hear the male mutter something about cuming too much, too fast.
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joyaphoria · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo at five y/o, @ohajime​​ (i was supposed to do it with 29, but i mixed it up with another one skjfd)
Tumblr media
kuroo is nervous.
not about presenting, but about the presentation itself.
he isn’t afraid of getting up in front of the class, because his dad told him that kids his age can smell each others fear. as long as kuroo isn’t afraid, everyone will love him.
but his dad didn’t say anything about his presentation when he helped him practice, never said anything about what he thought. maybe he didn’t want to discourage him.
nevertheless, little kuroo’s mind is already made up. he’s been ready to do it for a long time now, and he’s a big boy; he isn’t afraid of anything.
well.. sorta.
“kuroo! it’s your turn.” his teacher calls out to him, and like the little cocky boy he is, kuroo gets up from his desk and shoves his hands into his pockets, walking towards the front of the class.
his friend whispers, “you can do this! she’ll love it.” and kuroo nods excitingly.
with his teachers help, kuroo places his giant poster board in front of the class, and takes a deep breath. “i chose the word: friends.”
the entire class claps to encourage him, and kuroo smiles even wider. “my older sister says that there are a lot of different kinds of friends. there are best friends, close friends, family friends, and even friend groups.”
he looks at his teacher, who nods in agreement.
“there are also friends that are called boyfriends and girlfriends.. they’re like special friends in love!”
the class goes ouu, while the teacher presses the back of her hand against her mouth, trying to hide her laugh.
kuroo’s eyes dart across the room, until they finally land on yours.
your eyes are wide and your cheeks are flustered as you stare at kuroo’s poster board, where he attempted to draw a stick figure of you, the words ‘can you be my special friend, y/n?’ written in big messy letters on top.
everyone’s eyes look to you, as you slowly say, “my daddy says that i can’t have a special friend until i’m 36.”
the class lets out a sad ‘aww..’ as you frown.
“i can wait until you’re 36!” kuroo shouts, his eyes glazed over, yet still furrowed in determination. “i can wait forever!”
the entire class goes ‘aww!’ again, but this time in a happy way, an ‘aww!’ that only gets louder when you nod, and get up to give kuroo a hug.
when kuroo went him that day and told his dad about what he did, his dad patted him on the back and told him that he would grow up into a ‘fine man’.
kuroo, with a missing front tooth and lips smeared with ice cream, replied with, “i’ll be y/n’s fine man!”
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 5 months ago
they reject you and regret it afterwards
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: kuroo + iwaizumi + osamu + (gn!reader)
REQUEST: pspspsps i hope its okay if i drop my request here since i saw that yours are open :D can you maybe do how kuroo, iwaizumi and osamu rejects reader confession ( they are best friend ) because they have feelings for another person but later they regret it when they moved on? i love it when the boys realize it later how much the reader means to them but y/n took the chance to move on and have a sexy glow up ✋😩 yessss i wanna see them suffer at the end >:) • by anonymous
WARNINGS: dumb boys hurting your feelings and you hurting them right back :/
NOTES: i feel like i’m not too good at writing angst lol but i made these blurbs instead of hcs! 
Tumblr media
kuroo let you down easy, not wanting to hurt your feelings––to be honest he did feel something for you, but he wasn’t sure if it was what you wanted it to be. he felt more certain of the feelings he had for someone else. someone you slowly watched him admire from afar until he worked up the courage to start joking with them, then offering to buy them lunch and so on. 
you still remember the awkward smile he gave you when you confessed to him, the smile that absolutely broke you because it showed you how much he didn’t want you the way you wanted him. not enough to give up his efforts with someone else. “i’m flattered y/n, but i’m sorry i just––you know i have a date this week...” 
you’d looked down immediately, unable to look him in the eyes longer and swallowed back the lump in your throat that was aching to come up in a sob. “yeah yeah, i’m sorry i just––let’s forget this ever happened, yeah?”
you gave him your most convincing smile and he agreed, wanting everything to be normal between the two of you.
but it wasn’t until he’d gone on a few dates with them to realize that it didn’t feel right. it didn’t feel familiar, the way he thought it would. it wasn’t the same comfort he felt in your presence. when they texted him, he didn’t feel the same burst of happiness he felt when you messaged him. he tried to wait it out, to see if things would change, but they didn’t. they just weren’t you.
it’d been a few weeks since you’d confessed and gotten rejected, but you decided to move on instead of dwelling on his unrequited feelings––it wouldn’t do you any good to wallow and weep over your best friend. you wanted him to be happy, and you deserved to be too. so you knocked yourself out of that sad headspace and changed yourself up a bit. you started to value yourself better than you did before, you dressed the way you wanted to but were always afraid of doing and everything about you just brightened up. and other people noticed as well. 
kuroo had kind of been too preoccupied to notice, if he was being honest. he didn’t realize what he had in front of him until he practically sprinted over to your place to surprise you and be honest about his feelings. you opened the door, already dressed up and kuroo took a step back, eyes widening as they took you in. did you always look this breathtaking?
you smiled gratefully, straightening out your clothes. “thanks, that’s what i was going for.” you walked back into your apartment to get your shoes, “not that i mind but what are you doing here?” 
he blinked out of his trance and stepped in, closing the door behind him. “oh i just––i brought us some food.” he raised the bag he was holding even though you weren’t facing him. “i was kinda hoping we could spend some time together...” he scratched the back of his head, “maybe talk about a few things...” he trailed off when something clicked in his head as he watched you slip your shoes on. “wait why are you all dressed up?” 
you turned and looked at him apologetically, “oh...i’m sorry kuroo,” you paused, “i actually have somewhere to be. can i take a raincheck?”
he opened his mouth for a few seconds as he watched you, but no sound came out. “oh um...well could i just––wait here? until you get back?” 
you looked to the side awkwardly bringing one hand up to hold your other arm. “it’s just that...i might not be alone when i come back.”
as soon as you uttered those words, he could feel his heartbeat falter in his chest, a faint ringing noise in his ears. 
“...a date?” 
you nodded with a smile and though it’s selfish, he felt a part of him dim on the inside when he noticed how excited you were. he didn’t really have a right to stop you now did he, not when you chose his happiness over your own what felt like way long ago. so he wouldn’t.
he nodded as well, “oh” he forced a smile onto his face and stepped back towards the door, “that’s exciting. i’m happy for you, really.” he turned the door knob, “i’ll catch up with you some other time then, yeah? you’ll tell me how it went.” he looked at you one last time, his gaze wavering under the undeterred happiness radiating from you.
when he finally stepped out and closed your door, all the emotions hit him at once. he didn’t know what hurt the most, the fact that he was too late, or the fact that you didn’t stop him, didn’t notice the pleading look in his eyes as he silently begged you to stay with him. 
Tumblr media
iwaizumi froze when you told him how you felt. it was the smallest reaction you’d ever seen from him before, the calmest––yet it did anything but soothe you. you could see the hesitation in his eyes, the uncertainty of what to say next in the way his mouth opened but produced no sound. you already knew what he was going to say.
he will admit, seeing the tears in your eyes that you barely managed to blink back when he rejected you did strike a blow to his heart. but he just couldn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, he wouldn’t lie to you. “i––i’m sorry y/n i just...don’t feel the same.” 
his eyes were apologetic, almost pitiful as he watched you take a step back, “right, right. that’s––that’s okay.” you tried to smile but it felt more like a grimace. “i just didn’t want to keep it to myself, that’s all. i’m sure i’ll get over it soon.” he nodded but wasn’t sure what else to say. so he didn’t say anything. 
things were a little awkward for a couple weeks between the two of you, but you didn’t want to lose your friendship, so you eventually moved on. 
it wasn’t until one day you were at the café you always went to together that you noticed him taking longer than usual to bring back your drinks. you looked over to see him chatting with the barista, both of them with nervous smiles on their faces. he came back a few minutes later with a note in his pocket that you assumed was the barista’s number and a blush on his cheeks. he placed your drink in front of you, eyes looking down, and didn’t mention anything, probably since he didn’t want to rub it in, so you didn’t bring it up either. 
but you did wonder if they were the reason he didn’t feel the same for you––you wondered if they weren’t in the picture, if he would have fallen for you instead. 
he didn’t want to hide anything from you, so he told you when he had a date coming up. you wished him luck and told him you hoped he’d have a good time and that was that. 
they ended up dating but you didn’t mind. he seemed happy and you truly did want the best for him. you started focusing on yourself and eventually found a boyfriend, one who appreciated you and loved you and you couldn’t ask for more. 
iwaizumi was happy for you as well, but he couldn’t ignore this piercing feeling he felt when he first heard the news, then when he would see you two together, on your double dates, at parties, anywhere, really. something just ticked him off. he knew he didn’t have a right to feel this way, but he couldn’t help it, couldn’t make sense of it. he couldn’t even figure out what it meant. 
only once he realized the ache he felt in his chest when you smiled at your boyfriend the way you used to smile at him, the pull at his heart when you kissed his cheek, completely enamored. only then did he realize that he was jealous, that he’d made a mistake, that he’d lost the one chance he had of being with his soulmate. 
Tumblr media
osamu had just gotten his new restaurant, he was achieving his goals, living his life without fear, and you took inspiration from that. you decided to be upfront about your brewing feelings and ask him out just as he put the finishing touches in the establishment.
he was wiping down the counter as you sat at the bar, swallowing your nerves as you watched him. “hey samu?”
he hummed and glanced up at you for a second before looking back to what he was doing. 
you took a deep breath, “would you maybe...want to go out to eat tomorrow?” 
he didn’t look up, but his brows furrowed, “yeah? why are you even asking?” 
you paused, of course he wouldn’t realize what you meant, you guys ate together all the time. you blinked a few times before clearing your throat, “um i just––i meant as” 
this time, he paused, well more like froze. he kept his eyes on the counter, his face blank, but you could tell he was internally processing everything. did he hear you right? “what?” 
you considered taking it back, but you had a feeling he did hear you, he just wasn’t sure how to respond. “um...i asked if you wanna go on a date? with me...”
he nodded and straightened up, “right.” he brought a hand up to scratch the back of his head, finally looking at you and the look in his eyes was enough to make your wavering confidence crumble. “i sort of have my eye on someone else right now...” you nodded, trying not to let the tears form in your eyes. he went on, “my new neighbor needed to borrow something and we got to talking...was thinking of asking them out, actually.” that was the final twist of the knife. 
“oh...” your voice was small ”thats––that’s great!” you smiled but kept your eyes cast down, “forget what i asked i just...wanted to see what you’d say haha,” you tried to play it off as a joke, “i got you!” 
he stared at you silently for a few seconds, clearly contemplating whether or not he believed you, but in the end, he let it go. 
you never brought up that night ever again, but you thought about it constantly. it haunted you, in a way. of course the one time you’re finally able to speak up about your feelings, it backfired. 
you were in a very upsetting and self deprecating headspace for a while, wondering if this was your sign to never make the first move, if you were the problem. it took you a little while to snap out of it, but once you did, you realized your worth and stopped looking at the world through a grey lens––you felt like you’d bloomed as a person. 
things didn’t go very far with osamu and his neighbor, but you didn’t take that as an opportunity to try again with him, you didn’t want to wait around for him, even though you thought about it for a second at first––you learned to respect yourself more. 
meanwhile, your best friend was beside himself, going through the process of reflection and realization. it’s not that he was desperate after a failed relationship, it’s more so that he suddenly realized he had someone perfect right by him all these years––it only made sense. but he was too stupid to realize that, to realize that he cared about you as more than a friend. he had foolishly mistaken his feelings for you as caring for a friend––you two had been inseparable since you were kids, he couldn’t even notice when his feelings shifted from caring for a friend to loving his best friend. 
he decided to talk to you about it, it’d only been a few months since you’d joked? about going on a date with him, but part of him felt confident that you might have meant it for real. he was sure you’d be open to it still. he called you during his break at work and found himself smiling as soon as he heard your voice. 
“hey samu what’s up?” 
he started to answer, but he trailed off when he heard you laughing at an unfamiliar voice in the background. “hey...just wanted to talk. what are you uh up to?” 
he heard you shush whoever was with you. “nothing much.” he heard you sit down.” i can’t stay for long but what did you want to talk about? i’m all ears.”
he was going to brush it off, maybe it was just a friend, but when he heard a faint ‘babe’ and what sounded like a small kiss on the other end, that was all he needed to confirm his suspicions. “yeah i just...i’ll actually call you back later, okay?”
you paused on the other end, most likely confused, but you let him go nonetheless. 
osamu sat there in his office at the back of his restaurant, surrounded by silence, complete disbelief and an indescribable ache running through his body. was he really too late? 
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ch0s0 · 2 months ago
kuroo couldn’t help but watch you as you read from your spot across from him on the couch, the silence in the apartment thick aside from the occasional turn of a page or a soft sigh. but he likes it this way, the comforting silence, just enjoying each other’s presence for the few moments of quiet you both are able to get together.
leaning his hand against his palm, he takes in the scene; the way your eyes scan the slightly yellow pages, half lidded as if you’re about to fall prey to the hazy afternoon slump that seems to always get you around this time, the way your legs are crossed at the ankles, one foot tapping the air.  you’re in your element, basking in the warm summer sun, but he can’t help but feel a bit lonely from his spot in the padded arm chair
his feet are moving before he can fully realize what he’s doing, crossing the room as he maneuvers himself down on top of you, ducking his head underneath your arms, resting it on your chest, a smile gracing his lips as he feels your hand ruffle his hair as you lay your book down on his back 
“hey” you murmur, looking down at kuroo with curiosity, wondering what sparked his sudden spell of clinginess “you feeling ok?”
he shakes his head, breathing out a soft chuckle “ignore me, keep reading, i just wanted to be close to you”
and that’s the truth, even being a mere few yards away from you seemed to make him miss you, a tight pulling on his heart that he couldn’t stand, a craving for your touch.
smiling to yourself, you pick up your book once more, managing to hold it with one hand as you keep the other in his hair, fingers idly drawing small circles on his head, some times little patterns and some times little letters, spelling out little messages as you get distracted from reading
your gaze continues to fall on him, eyes watching the warm sunlight filter through the curtains and blanket his sleeping form. he looks utterly eretheal, the light hanging onto his eyelashes, cheek smooshed against your chest
“beautiful” you breathe, your soft voice enough to cut through the silence causing kuroo to stir, lazily blinking his eyes open
“what’s that?” even being asleep for only a few minutes has left him groggy, voice already rough
“you look pretty right now” a smile tugs at the corner of your lips as kuroo props himself up on his elbows with a lazy smirk 
“do i now?” you nod, smile only growing as he leans in, his mouth connecting with yours before pulling back 
Tumblr media
[a/n: i wanted to write today, sorry if this isn’t that good but i’m gonna try and write more drabbles and timestamps] masterlist
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bl00d0ranges · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kuroo smiles, fingers digging into your knee under the table. You imagine his rage, hot and black and persistent, winding up out of him and choking you both. You place a hand over his. 
“Honey,” his mother says from across the booth. She smiles, a stupid, heavy smile, and you imagine reaching out and ripping it off her face. “You look different. Do you get the checks I send on your birthday?”
He keeps smiling, though you don’t know how.
“It’s getting late,” you say, standing up and pressing a finger hard into the house key in your pocket. “We really should get going.” 
His mother looks at— no, through you for the hundredth time that evening. She quirks a brow. “There’s really no rush. We’re having such a wonderful time.”
You look at her, and then at Kuroo. You think of every one of his features you love: his raven hair, his cheesy grin, his lean, tall figure. All of it stares back at you when you look at her, only it’s uglier, more worn out, chewed up and spit back out onto her face in a way that makes you grimace. He’s the spitting image of her. He looks nothing like her at all. You love him. You hate her.  
Just as you’re about to answer, Kuroo interjects. “We both have an early morning tomorrow, Mom.” His smile is wide and loose, and doesn’t reach his eyes. “We’re gonna go.”
She fixes her gaze on him, and you want to strangle her for even daring to look at him. “All right. I’ll walk you out, then.”
She hugs him goodbye and then you, and promises she’ll call, and he nods mindlessly and grips your hand hard. His shoulders are tense, and his jaw is tight, and he’s smiling so big you think his teeth might crack. You turn, hand in his, and feel her eyes boring into your backs. You walk a mile in the wrong direction. 
It’s quiet as the door to your apartment clicks shut, and you’re cold. Kuroo’s smile has been gone for some time now, and he hasn’t said anything since you left the diner. He drapes his coat over a dining chair and rubs his eyes and sighs, long and very, very weary. You look at him a moment, trying to feel out the situation, before abandoning all thoughts and wrapping your arms tight around his middle. 
His shoulders shake, and he buries his head in your shoulder, and his sobs are louder than you’ve ever heard before. Everything you know he’s been holding in and concealing with fuzzy smiles, every painful memory his mom left him with, comes oozing and bursting out in your arms and onto the floor, a sticky, bloody mess of emotions. She did this to him. 
“I hate her,” he pushes the words out with effort, and your heart squeezes sadly. “She’s so full of shit, and she’s a horrible mother. I am ruined because of her.”
You pull him impossibly closer and he presses his mouth against your ear, breath hot and ragged and mingled with tears. “Why can’t I ever say no to seeing her?”
You take his face between your hands and lean close. You imagine counting every one of his eyelashes, pushing the palms of your hands into his cheeks and leaving a warm imprint. You never want to see him cry again. 
Your words are slow and measured. “You two are connected by coincidence. You don’t owe her anything, even if she says you do.”
His face is heartbreaking to look at, and the thought of his beautiful features being marred the same way his mother’s are fills you with sudden, hot anger that seems to lift you off the ground. You whisper, “I would kill her. For making you feel like this.”
There’s so much more you want to say, about how much you love him, about how worthy he is to you, about how perfect you find him. He looks straight into your eyes, though, for the first time that evening, and the words die in your throat. You hug him, tighter than you ever have, and swear not to let go.
Tumblr media
8/15/2021– Thumbs/Lucy Dacus
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nekomamiiz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo loves eating you out from behind. he likes the way you shake when his tongue wiggles between your folds. or when he sucks your clit, adding the slightest bit of pressure, making you whine and push against him. really loves when you reach around and twist your fingers in his hair, holding him against you, wiggling your ass a little bit. you’re so playful, too. laughing out loud when he groans into your pussy, making you cry out for more. he can’t get enough of the sight of your back arching in pleasure, juices dripping down his chin and your trembling thighs. he pulls away with a growl, watching you press your face into the mattress and twist around to admire him. your slick is covering his face, on the tip of his nose, even his cheeks. and he just licks his lips like a man starved. he tickles your inner thigh with the back of his hand before spreading your pussy lips with two thick fingers. “my pretty girl” and “perfect fuckin’ pussy” rolling sinfully off his tongue as he dips his fingers inside you, stroking that sweet spot of yours repeatedly.  the wet squelch of your pussy even is louder now. sloppier. with one hand pumping leisurely in and out of you, he uses the other to massage the fat of your ass. squeezing and pulling, making you yelp in overstimulation. he can see that your close; your legs haven’t stopped shaking, and soft ah ah ah’s keep falling from your lips. with one more stroke of his long fingers inside your warm walls, he smacks your ass once, twice. you finally cum with a whine of his name, quivering as you soak his hand and the sheets below you. while you come down from your high, he kisses the sensitive flesh of your ass and rubs your clit softly. not with the intention of getting you off but easing your body back down to earth. you’re his princess, and he loves spoiling you after all.
Tumblr media
so @bokutoism said more kuroo and my drunk ass said BET
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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atsumiye · a month ago
Tumblr media
"i swear if i have to read one more word that i dont understand, im going to scream." you drop your head down onto the table, preparing for your forehead to smack against the wood, only to be stopped by kuroo’s hand.
you turn your head to face him and place your cheek against his palm, he crouches his head so that your noses touch and a small smile grows on your face, “don’t scream too loud, i don’t want a noise complaint from my neighbors.”
he places a quick peck against your lips and laughs as he watches your smile form into a frown.
“you know,” you lift your head up and scoot your desk chair to sit closer to him, wrapping your arms around his middle, “you could always do my homework for me. then there would be no noise complaints and you’d have a happy me!”
you rest your chin on his chest and bat your eyelashes as you look at him. you know kuroo can’t say no to you. and he knows it too. so that’s why it’s no surprise when he sighs and wraps an arm around your shoulder, “okay, how about we do it together.”
you nod, giving him a kiss on his cheek and scooting your chair back to its original position.
he keeps an arm rested on the back of your chair, occasionally rubbing your back when you get a question right (with kuroo’s very obvious hints) and giving your shoulder a squeeze when you get one wrong.
and after a very painful hour and a half, you managed to finish everything you needed. you take a deep breath, falling into kuroo’s chest and feeling every muscle in you relax, “thank you tetsu. i owe you one!”
he laughs, pulling you off his chest and holding you up by your shoulders. he pauses, admiring your relaxed face before smirking, “i know exactly what i want.” he watches as your expression slowly changes into one of regret.
“no. absolutely not. never”
“you said you owe me one, and i’d like to cash that in now, please.”
you huff, grabbing your laptop and dropping onto the bed, “fine. we can watch the stupid movie.”
kuroo cheers, finally getting you to agree to watch a movie he had been begging to see with you for weeks, but you found the plot boring so you always rejected his idea.
sliding under the covers and as close to you as possible, he pats your head, “my smart baby, you did so good today.”
and you may regret ever saying you owed him one, but watching him giggle at the stupid opening of the movie makes it all worth it.
Tumblr media
a/n: anon, i hope you like it!! and im sorry it took me so long :D
Tumblr media
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quirrrky · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
𖧵 kuroo x pregnant!reader, fluff, 400+ 𖧵 just kuroo dealing with your pregnancy ♡ also, an excuse to make out with him and have his babies 🙈
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Tumblr media
You were only replying ‘okay’ to his messages and that meant something. He learned his lessons from his past encounters with your fluctuating pregnancy hormones, so he finished work early and armed himself with your favorite food and extra pudding.
“Kitten, I’m home!” He greeted, hiding his budding nervousness with excitement and making sure he added that cute little pet name he reserved just for you. Oh, he knew you liked it whenever he called you ‘kitten’ and maybe that could spare him from your unpredictable mood swing.
God damn it! You didn’t answer! He’s sure you’re there watching random youtube videos as the sound of your phone’s speaker echoed in the apartment.
Tetsurou placed the bags he had in his hands and went right at the door of your room. He inhaled and exhaled, pep-talking himself. He’s the Nekoma Captain of the batch that gave then Karasuno star players a hard time. Yes, that’s right. He’s also a well-respected Promotions Manager for Japan’s National Volleyball Assoc. and soon-to-be best dad of a probable energizer child. There’s nothing he couldn’t handle.
Breathing deeply, he placed the charming smile he knew would sweep you off your feet. He opened the door and peeked into your room. However, instead of you greeting him back, it was a plushie thrown on his face that welcomed him. Your child was definitely going to be a spitfire, both of your genes said so.
Tetsurou sighed and threw the plushie back to you as a counter-attack. Before you could even retaliate, he dove right on top of you. You tried pushing him away, but he started raining kisses down your two-month belly bump, making you giggle involuntarily.
“Hey, stop it- stop!” You told off in between laughs, but you mean business. Seriously, it tickled!
However, he embraced you super tight and nuzzled the side of your neck, tickling you again. He peppered your face with kisses and you felt him chuckle while doing so. You knew he’s doing this annoy you.
“Tetsu- It’s annoying!”
He didn’t stop.
“I thought you miss me.” He cooed.
You turned your head away and denied, “I don’t.”
“Oooh, is that why you’re upset?” He teased back.
“Non-se-“ before you could even rebut, he already had his lips pressed against yours. He’s tasting you slowly, but with a passion that felt like he’d rather kiss you all day than go to work. Holding reins of himself before it gets too far, he gave you one last peck.
“Traitor,” you said, squeezing his cheeks. “You already ate pudding without me.”
“Huh? I don’t know what you’re talkin' about.” He feinted. “Just admit it. My kisses taste that sweet.” He smirked at you like a sexy sly cat that he was. Augh, he knew all of your soft spots. He got you again.
You both chuckled and lovingly, he bumped his forehead against yours.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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