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jxbsbokuto · a day ago
Hi! Can I request haikyuu characters with a reader who never kisses anyone before?
omg yes!! i loved it! i chose a few characters but i plan on doing a part two with others, so if there's a specific one you want just say it!!
Tumblr media
♡ sfw, fluff, romance
♡ characters: bokuto, kuroo, and iwaizumi.
♡ gn!y/n
Tumblr media
♡ BOKUTO stares at you wide-eyed as he tries to take in what you just said. You never kissed anyone? No one has ever kissed you? He can't believe it.
"Can I kiss you then?" He asks, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. "I mean, it's okay if you don't want to. But, you know, we're friends and maybe it would be better to do it for the first time with someone you're comfortable with. Well, I hope you're comfortable with me, I mean, we've been friends since forever and-"
"Yes, Bo." You cut him off, smiling fondly at the way he stumbled in his words. "You can kiss me."
A breath gets stuck in his throat and his eyes shine. He swallows hard and nods, biting his bottom lip to contain his smile.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure."
Bokuto cups your cheek with one hand and slowly leans in, staring at your lips. You can feel his cologne way stronger as he gets closer, and butterflies fly all over your stomach. You close your eyes and part your lips slightly.
His lips are soft and gentle against yours, capturing your bottom lip with ease and experience. You press your mouth on his and he takes your hand, interlacing your fingers sweetly.
You hum against him, he tastes like strawberries and you like chocolate, it's addicting, almost like a combination made in heaven. Koutarou runs his hand from your face to your nape, bringing you closer to him and deepening the kiss.
He can't stop kissing you and he doesn't want to. You feel him smiling in it and you swear your legs would give out if you weren't sitting down.
Unfortunately, you both run out of air and he pulls away, but not before giving you one last peck on your lips and one on your cheek.
"Wow." You say, blinking multiple times to make sure you aren't dreaming.
"Yeah, wow." He brushes his fingers through your hair. "Are you sure this was your first kiss? You're really good at it." You blush and turn to the side, flustered. Bokuto takes your chin with his thumb and index finger and leans in again. "I never want to stop kissing you again."
Tumblr media
♡ KUROO knew you had never kissed anyone before when he asked you to be his partner, and he was okay with that. He told you to take your time and that he would wait as long as needed. Kuroo was dying to kiss you, but he settled with forehead and cheek kisses, he made sure to show you affection in other ways too.
After a while of dating, you knew you were ready and that you wanted your first kiss to be with him, he made you feel safe and loved so you were more than comfortable to share a kiss with him.
At least once a week you and Tetsurou went on a date, and you took turns to see who would plan it, so in your week you planned to get some take-out and go stargazing with him at a park near your house.
"You know, Y/n, you're way more beautiful than all these stars." He says, running his hand up and down your back as you lay on his chest.
"You know, Tetsu, you're way too cheesy." You tease him with a playful grin.
"That's what happens when you're in love, darling."
"Oh, so you love me, Tetsurou?" You hover over him, hands beside his head with a smirk plastered over your face.
The raven-haired turns red, he didn't realize he said he loved you so nonchalantly.
"I do." He confesses quietly.
"You what?" You indulge.
"I lov-"
Suddenly your lips are on his and his eyes go wide. Once the shock goes away he takes your face with both hands and kisses you back passionately. He feels his mind spinning at how soft your lips are, how they fit just perfectly laced with his.
"I love you too." You smile and he looks at you dumbfounded.
"Yo- You kissed me."
"Yeah." You chuckle.
"You kissed me and you love me?"
"Yes, Tetsu."
He flips you over so he's on top of you, his hand caresses your cheekbone and his eyes are soft as they meet yours.
"I can't believe you're mine."
Tumblr media
♡ IWAIZUMI thinks you're joking.
"I won't teach you something you already know how to do." He scoffs.
"Iwa, I'm being serious. I'm almost eighteen and I haven't kissed anyone yet, it's embarrassing."
"Didn't you go out with Maki a while ago?"
"Yes, but after I fell into one of his 'Deez nuts' jokes any attraction I felt for him evaporated."
"Why don't you ask Oikawa? He would do it."
"We see him making out with a different girl almost every week I deserve more than that."
"Iwa, please." You beg, shaking his arm slightly. "I don't wanna graduate without knowing how it feels to be kissed!"
"Why are you asking me to do it?"
"Why won't you? I'm begging you! Please, I'll do anythin-"
When you least expect it, Hajime is pulling you in by the back of your neck and crashing his lips on yours. He secures an arm around your waist to bring your body closer to his and you place your hands on his shoulders.
You feel the air from your lungs being stolen as he licks your bottom lip, you open your mouth a little and he pushes his tongue in, exploring your mouth and taking in your sweet taste.
When he pulls away you're both painting, you stare at his chest and try to take in what just happened and he wipes the smudged lip gloss from the outlines of your lips.
"You said you'd do anything right? So go on a date with me. Friday, seven o'clock, I'll pick you up."
Iwaizumi pecks your lips then turns around and walks away with his hands on his pocket. You're left unattended and dumbstruck, but leaving you like that was better than letting you see his red face and stupid giddy smile.
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading! likes and reblogs are appreciated <3
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swellsweaters · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
ft. oikawa, hajime, kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, akaashi
drabbles + headcanons
{ warnings : none | sweet mother of fluff }
a/n : i didn't even notice that i used iwaizumi's first name until after i came back to edit this :,( man's got a death grip on my heart
Tumblr media
oikawa confesses through a love letter. it's discreet and hand-written, printed on a normal, lined sheet of paper. you could have easily missed it, or thought of it as a random scrap to throw out, but the way it sat so inconspicuously at the bottom of your locker made you open it all the same.
iwaizumi's hand wobbles as he tries to quietly write on your blank test paper. before he hands it back to you, he prints two words on the top corner of your paper: beside 'date', and the empty space to its right, is written 'me, please.' you unscramble his message rather quickly and give one of your own, in return.
kuroo did not plan on telling you ever, actually. at least until he physically couldn't contain it anymore. he had asked if he could speak with you after school, rather desperately at that and he didn't doubt he had alarmed you. but he had thought about this day for long enough, it was now or never.
in his hand, bokuto holds a delicate bouquet of your favourite flowers. they aren't overwhelming and in an unbearable mass of petals and stems, but in a small - almost gentle - bundle enclosed in a shaky fist as he bashfully turns his head away, holding it out for you to take.
he tells you accidentally. atsumu let it slip. you two were both bickering playfully, flirting if anything, and before his mind can stop him, he blurts it out to you. he falters for a moment, a look of disbelief adorned on both your faces. it only took a moment for you to realize he was telling the truth - the wicked grin accompanied by a blush gave it all away.
akaashi was never an outward person. he preferred to keep to himself. yet, here he was, with a block-letter + cheesy-punchline sign, a blue box chocolates and a shy yet confident smile for all to see. he had waited until the end of his final year for you, gathering up the courage for one last high school dance: to take you to prom.
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heyhoneyybunn · 15 hours ago
Stealing their crisps !
Tumblr media
Characters: Kita shinsuke, Bokuto Koutaro, Miya Osamu, Kuroo Tetsuro, Iwaizumi Hajime, Sakusa Kiyoomi
Warnings: fluff, crisps????
A/n: pls idk what this is forgive me 🙏🙏🙏
Tumblr media
| Part one | Part two |
Tumblr media
➵ Kita Shinsuke
Kita rarely eats crisps but he will always willingly share with you. However, when he happens to settle down for some light reading while munching on the quick snack you’re always doing your own little thing somewhere. When you stumble across him one day, eyeing the packet, you notice it’s your favourite flavour!
He easily follows your gaze, the last crisp in his hand – on a one way stop to his mouth – suddenly feels like lead as he pauses before deciding to hand it over. He would do anything for you, even if it meant sacrificing his last snack.
➵ Bokuto Koutaro
You don’t even need to ask this good boy, he gives them to you of his own accord. He sits, choosing which ones to offer you, claiming he only gives you the crisps that he deems special. If they’re a specific shape or if they look like a crisp with optimum flavour, he will offer it to you, because ‘only the best for my baby’.
“Hey look! it looks like a heart!” He exclaims excitedly, holding the potato snack up to the light before he hands it to you, expectant of your reaction. With the way he was acting you’d think he’d just proposed and was waiting eagerly for your answer. But you take it in stride, and with every heart shaped crisp he finds, you reciprocate with the same fervour because, ‘only the best for your baby.’
➵ Miya Osamu
He knows. He knows that whenever he sits down to indulge in a small packet of crisps that you’ll be there – no matter what – as soon as you hear the telltale crinkle. So, instead of admitting defeat, he improvises and adapts. Instead, he buys the bigger packets – the packets made for sharing, so that when you come bounding down the hallway, mischievous grin, plotting away like usual, he willingly pats the spot next to him extending the bag to you.
“This is…different,” you allow as you crunch on the crisp, eyeing him suspiciously over the bag.
“You wound me! Can’t I be a good boyfriend and share my snacks with you?”
➵ Kuroo Tetsuro
Always buys snacks with the intention to share, but he finds it funny to mess with you a little bit beforehand. In the end, you both sit happily together, content with sharing while watching a movie (which was his choice, because he bribed you with the snacks). And as you reach in to grab another crisp, your fingers dance with his in a tango and as you both stare at each other, startled, his usually confident and cocky demeanour dissipates, leaving behind the shy and blushy boy that never fails to make your heart race.
➵ Iwaizumi Hajime
From the corner of his eye, Iwaizumi sees you gazing at his crisps. You think you’re so sneaky, that he doesn’t notice your hands slipping undetected into the bowl and swiping a few to indulge in, you don’t think he notices your badly hidden chews, or your flavoured fingertips – so he decides to let you have your fun. You don’t notice when he slides the bowl a bit closer, turning away slightly to give you a bit of privacy, pretending he doesn’t see the few crumbs littered around your lips until the bowl is finished.
“C’mere,” he says gruffly as he takes his thumb to gently wipe away the crumbs, smiling at your flustered face as you try to maintain your act of innocence.
➵ Sakusa Kiyoomi
This mf probably eats crisps with a knife and fork because he doesn’t want to touch them with his hands, no I will not elaborate, goodbye.
Tumblr media
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universalistotalis · a day ago
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
This was bad. And Kuroo Tetsurou knew that very well.
He was supposed to hate you. Despise you, even. From the moment he saw you, he already smelled pretentiousness as if it was a strong perfume that you wore. He knew what you were doing, acting all shy and innocent, luring all his friends and team mates in. But he won’t fall for that trap. There’s no way in hell will he—
“Kuroo! You can do it, alright? I believe in you! We all do!” Your angelic voice echoed in his head and his once tensed figure, relaxed at the thought.
Like he said there’s no way in hell will he fall for you! He closed his eyes shut once he entered the gym. You may have been preoccupying his mind most of these days but that doesn’t mean a damned thing.
“Kuroo? You alright?” Your voice echoed again.
“I’m fine, just leave me the fuck alone.” He hissed quietly to himself.
“Yeah, I don’t want to disturb your meditation session but you’re blocking the doorway.”
He doesn’t want to open his eyes because he knew he’d see your figure gazing up at him and he doesn’t know if he could take that right now.
“Helloooooo! Earth to Tetsurouuu!”
His eyes opened wide at the sound of his first name on your lips. “W- what?”
“Please move, bro, these things are heavy and you’re prolonging my agony.” He saw your slight pout and he knew he was a goner.
“Oh sorry.” He whispered, opening the door for you. “You need help?”
“No thanks. Go practice, captain!” You grinned then continued your way to the storage room.
It’s funny though, how you made his heart skip a beat with the nickname “Captain” but broke his heart just the same with the nickname “bro”. Is that all he’ll ever be?
“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” He shouted as he ran towards where the balls were.
“That’s the spirit!” Lev cheered which earned him glares from the bedhead.
“Go practice your digs somewhere else, Haiba!” He scoffed.
“Well, someone’s in a sour mood.” Kenma snickered, knowing fully well what the reason is.
“Shut the hell up, Kenma.” Kuroo replied, getting ready to serve with his face crumpled.
“It won’t hurt to have a little bit of honesty.” Kenma smirked, attempting to serve beside him.
Kuroo bit the inside of his cheek because he knew, deep down, that Kenma was right. But he’d never admit it.
He needed to be honest with himself. He needed to acknowledge that he liked you and that he was wrong to have judged you the first time.
You were the total opposite of what he expected! You really were quiet and shy but once you were comfortable, you transition into this funny, smart, and wacky person that gets along well with everybody. He can’t blame his team mates for liking you so much. And though you were soft- spoken, you knew when to stand your ground and protect those around you. He knew it well because he witnessed you defend the team against the opponents’ foul play during one of the games. You were genuine and kind and sweet and cute and everything that he wished to have and he couldn’t find a single thing to hate about you now!
“Kuroo! Come hereee!” From the far side of the court, you waved at him. “Let’s plan the schedule!”
How the fuck could you just stand there and look so pretty and make him melt like a puddle?!
“Careful, Kuroo. You’re blushing like a madman.” Kenma chuckled lightly.
“It’s because of practice.” He countered.
“Nice excuse. But no.” Kenma replied with a straight face, not impressed by his friend’s dodging.
“I’m in trouble, Kenma. I think I’m falling in deep.” He sighed, shoulders slumping at the release of breath.
“I don’t know why you’re so worked up about it. She’s rare, Kuroo. If I were you, I would entrust my heart to that kind of girl.” Kenma said the words but it was like he slapped Kuroo hard in the face.
“Damn, you’re right.” He blinked.
“I know. Now, don’t keep her waiting and make our damn schedule.”
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kirsteinspark · 14 hours ago
pov: your watching a movie with kuroo and he puts his arm around you and you cuddle in close and rest your head on his shoulder and he rests his head on yours
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riniackerman · a month ago
Tumblr media
a/n: i was craving for something cute sooo… here it is :)
pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader
featuring: kuroo tetsuro, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu, suna rintaro
tws: none
Tumblr media
♡ kuroo tetsuro 
you would sometimes call him by his last name for no reason. maybe it’s because you two were close friends back in high school days when you used to call him ‘kuroo’. so of course, you had zero intentions behind your words.
but for kuroo, this man would panic and right away look down at you when his last name was heard from your voice. although he would sense relieved when he sees you’re not angry or anything.
but when you call him ‘kuroo’ about three to four times, this is when he would bring you to a private place and carefully ask you; “...did i do something wrong kitten? are you mad?”
“no? why would i be mad at you kuroo?” kuroo would sigh at your words, covering half of his face with his large hand. “th-then why are you calling me kuroo…”
“there’s no reason at all” you smile, making kuroo cover his entire face with both of his hands. “hahhhhh kittennn you’re scarin’ my heart”
Tumblr media
♡ sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa would not answer or look at you if you call him by his last name even after you two got married. you would thump your feet over to sakusa who was doing the dishes in the kitchen and say; “sakusa. look at me.”
sakusa would mumble something under his breath. “what?” you step forward, tipping your toes to hear him clearly. “what did you say?”
“...you’re sakusa too” you would look up at his pouty face with an absurd look on your face. making him stop whatever he's doing and turn around to you and utter; “...call me kiyoomi”
“no i will not, ‘m gonna call you sakusa” you would deny his plea until he is done with the dishes, he would put away the kitchen gloves and cross his arms while he looks down on you. “then there’s no point in changing your last name after i married you…”
Tumblr media
♡ suna rintaro 
“suna-” precisely 0.1 seconds later suna would cut you off. “...rintaro.”
“suna.” you would call him by his last name again, sighing at his greediness. “suna i told you to put the trash away in the morni-”
“i will really do it if ya call me rin” he whispers, leaning his head down between your neck and shoulder, pressing his forehead against your shoulder line, mumbling ‘rin’ over again and again.
“rin” he would instinctively tilt his head up at your voice, somewhat making eye contact with you, smiling slightly. “yes that’s it, i’ll throw the trash away right now”
Tumblr media
♡ miya osamu 
osamu wouldn’t even acknowledge a single bit of you when you call him by his last name. “miya are you ignoring me?” you tilt your body in front of osamu to see his lips pouted and eyes rolling.
“why are you pouting?” you scoff at him, kinda finding it cute to see him all pouty. “there’s two miyas at school, how would i know who y’er callin’?” this is ridiculous. ridiculously cute. you would try your best to not laugh and giggle. “why would i call atsumu now?”
“‘m not miya, ‘m samu.” he would deadass ignore everything you are saying and wait until you call him by his first name. “are ya lips glued? call me samu right now” he would poke your cheek, still having his pouted look on his face. making you giggle and hug him. “samu m’baby i love ya”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @quirrrky @tendouscheese @cheybabey @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @uhmkatt @savantsoulfinder @carmillous​ 
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are deeply appreciated !
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fsrintaro · 2 months ago
## ft. miya atsumu, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji
## a/n. i just knOW they are doing some stuff on purpose to make you blush
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU likes to stretch in front of you. he just knows that you are always goggling, mouth hung open at the way his muscles ripples at each stretch. atsumu knows that his near-translucent white sporting tee hugged every line of muscle on his back perfectly. “take a picture, sweetheart. it lasts longer.” he chimed over his shoulder, chuckling under his breath when he heard you shuffling away to hide your embarrassment.
MIYA OSAMU knows his portions. who would think that despite years in culinary school, he would still be 'accidentally' making extra portions? you did, but you take his food regardless. truth was, he scoured the internet for recipes, a new one each day with a different savoury taste in hopes of seeing you light up as you munch into it. as osamu cooks, his heart just melts at the thought of you bashfully accepting his food.
KUROO TETSURO likes to keep you close to him wherever the two of you were. his palm would ghost at your waist — the gesture itself was harmless as it provides you a slight bit of comfort. yet, kuroo still manages to get into your head as he draws little circles at the softness of your skin while he holds your waist.
SUNA RINTARO doesn't see a reason why you had to sit so far away from him. sure, a table for two usually has its persons facing each other but he would rather be next to you. you were interrupted from browsing through the menu as you felt a sudden jerk of your seat, the metal whining against the graphite floor as suna dragged your chair closer to his. he snuck a quick kiss to your cheek before pushing you back, your hand ghosting over the spot where he kissed you as you sat in your stunned state.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI, without a doubt, is a tall man — which is why he likes to bend down to until he is eye-level with you, especially when he couldn’t hear what you were saying. he would egg you on with a soft ‘pardon?’ as he tries to stifle his laughter when you were reduced to stammers. sakusa had the audacity to play dumb when his face was dangerously close to yours, mere inches away from kissing you right there and then, just because of how adorable you were.
AKAASHI KEIJI has developed the habit of pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear so that he could have a better view of your face. while your beauty knocks every last bit of breath in his lungs out of his body, his heart can’t help but to thrum wildly in his chest whenever you blush as he calls you pretty under his breath.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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luvbub · 3 months ago
surprising your long distance boyfriend
feat. Osamu, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Bokuto
part two
Tumblr media
You found yourself getting more and more nervous as you moved up in line. Of course you were excited to see your boyfriend after what seemed like forever- but your heart was still pounding.
The hoodie you were did a sufficient job at enveloping you, hiding your facial features. If you kept your head down, then Osamu wouldn’t be able to recognize you when you ordered food.
It didn’t take too long for you to reach the register. You lowered your head, and even though this was part of the plan, you wished you could see your boyfriend’s face again.
“Hey, what can I get for ya?” Osamu asks, and you’re wondering what kind of expression he has on his face. Clearly a customer not making any sort of eye contact with him is grounds for suspicion, but Osamu didn’t question it.
“Mm, can I get my usual please?” you ask, your voice slightly altered so that he wouldn’t recognize you outright.
“Ah, I’m sorry, I don’t remember people’s favorites” Osamu apologized.
“No? But the last time I was here, the person remembered my usual!” you pressed on, finding it hard not to break character.
“I’m literally the only person who works here, I can assure you that-” Osamu goes speechless when you finally lift your head, grinning at your boyfriend.
Osamu’s open mouth turns into a smile as he quickly rushes from behind the counter over to you. He immediately embraces you, resting his forehead onto yours. Osamu’s gaze is soft and so full of love at the sight of you.
“Well of course you can get your usual babe. You’re the only one who can”
Kuroo looks down at his phone, letting out a small sigh before sending you a text.
just got to kenma’s. I'll call you when I get back home. get plenty of rest, okay? I love you
As Kuroo walked in, he made no attempt to hide his solemn expression. Even though he was supposed to have a guy’s night with Kenma, Bokuto, and Akaashi, he couldn’t help but worry about you.
“Hey Kuroo, what’s wrong?” Kenma asks.
Kuroo shakes his head, “Y/n’s been super sick the entire day. And it’s frustrating because I can’t be right there next to them to help in any way.”
“How bad is it?” Akaashi asks, standing from his seat to hand Kuroo a drink.
“Really bad. They’ve been sleeping this entire day. And then not too long ago Y/n ate one thing and threw it up.” Kuroo answers, his eyes slowly flickering to you before looking back at Akaashi.
And then Kuroo’s eyes shifted back to you. He stared at you for a couple seconds before his eyes widened. Because when he first saw you, he saw familiarity. It only took him a longer glance to realize that this person sitting on the couch wasn’t a you lookalike, but was indeed you.
Laughter immediately filled the room. The moment you stood up, Kuroo has you pulled into his arms, still in disbelief.
“I- excuse me?” Kuroo’s surprised expression doesn’t waver. He backs away from the hug just a bit just to take another look at you, just to confirm everything. And when he sees your smiling face, he pulls you back in tighter.
“Oh my god, Y/n was right in front of you, watching you talk and you didn’t notice” Bokuto cackles. Indeed, the other three friends found it amusing that Kuroo didn’t notice you at first.
But Kuroo let them tease you, he didn’t mind at all. With you in his arms, nothing else mattered.
If there was anything that Iwaizumi’s friend group loved to do- it was going out for food. And today was no exception as he and the other three were out in a nice restaurant for some lunch.
“Say.. how's Y/n doing?” Oikawa asks, placing down his phone in front of him on the table. Iwaizumi looks up from his food, missing the mischievous expression on his friends’ faces.
“Uhhh they’re doing well!  The same as usual.” Iwaizumi answers. And while that was the truth, he felt a bit guilty. His response seemed so lackluster, but truly there wasn’t really anything exciting that was happening with you as of lately. Or so he thought.
“Aw, well I miss talking to Y/n, can we video call them?” Oikawa asks, and the other two friends eagerly agree.
Iwaizumi shrugs, there wasn’t anything wrong with doing so, and he knew that you weren’t particularly busy right now. So it couldn’t hurt to try and call you. So Iwaizumi leaned his phone against a glass of water before pressing the call button on your contact.
You could only imagine the surprise on Iwaizumi’s face when he saw the phone in front of Oikawa light up. He stared at the phone- slowly recognizing it to be yours.
And in an instant, Iwaizumi stands up from the table, scanning the entire restaurant. It couldn’t be, right?
But it was. He spotted you a couple of tables away, peeking behind a menu. Once you know you were caught, you got up from your own table to run up to your boyfriend. You practically jump into his arms, and Iwaizumi holds you close.
“I- how was this all organized?” he asks, completely surprised at what he was seeing in front of him. When did you and his friends plan this all out? How did he not notice?
But before you can even respond, Iwaizumi leans in to give you a much needed kiss. Your answers could wait.
You quietly chuckled to yourself, watching your boyfriend play the sport he was best at. You were watching in secret, obscuring some of the features of your face with a bucket hat so that you wouldn’t be immediately recognizable. 
Coach Foster allowed you to sit on the sideline bench with him and the other players in an attempt to surprise Bokuto. You could have sat with the rest of the audience, but with so many other people cheering for your boyfriend, you knew that you needed to be closer in order for the plan to work.
Your plan, by the way, was to continue lurking near the coach, acting as his assistant of sorts. And by the end of the match, Coach Foster would ‘introduce’ you to the team, to which you would rip off your disguise to surprise your boyfriend.
It was a great plan in your head at least.
But when the first set was over, with MSBY taking the win, you couldn’t help but lift your hat up a bit to get a better look at Bokuto. He was smiling amongst his teammates, happy he had done so well.
All of a sudden, his eyes immediately glanced over to you. You watched as he froze in place for a split second. And before you could even blink, Bokuto was sprinting over to you at full force, his arms stretched out and his grin even wider than before. Unfortunately, his attempt to hug you turned more into a tackle, causing both of you to fall onto the floor of the gym.
You can hear the loud gasps coming from the audience, but they soon turned into cheers when you and Bokuto share a sweet kiss.
The two of you manage to sit up, and Bokuto moves his hands from your sides to your cheeks, wonder filling his eyes.
“Oh my god it really is you” he laughed, pulling you in for another kiss before he had to go back onto the court.
Maybe it was a coincidence, but Bokuto did extremely well while playing during the match. And according to him, it was all because of you.
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adoringhaikyuu · 3 months ago
Hello i love your work!
Can i ask for
With Kuroo, Bokuto AND Suna?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: bokuto + kuroo + suna + (gn!reader)
warnings: none but suna's is a teeny bit suggestive haha
notes: not me making part two literal months later––
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
bokuto was currently sulking in front of you and you honestly had no idea what was going on. he'd stumbled into the bedroom after akaashi drove him back home and almost comically pouted once he saw you.
"come here baby," you reached for his hand and pulled him over to stand next to the bed, sitting up on your knees so you were somewhat at the same height. "what's wrong, hm?" you placed a hand on his cheek and he nuzzled into it immediately, his mood not shifting.
"you...why do you look...like that?..."
you paused, not knowing where this was going, a furrow appearing between your brows. "like what?"
his pout somehow got even deeper and he stepped back a little bit to get a good look at you. "like that." he pointed to you, an almost exasperated tone in his voice. "i mean––look at me." he gestured to himself with both hands, "and look at you."
he huffed and looked back into your eyes. "we're just not on the same level..."
before you could snap out of your confusion and retort, (somewhat offended), that you were in your pajamas after all, he went on.
"you're jus' too pretty baby––" he stepped back right in front of you and nuzzled his head into the crook of your shoulder, leaning his weight on you as he wrapped his arms around your waist. "i can't compare," he mumbled against your neck, taking a deep breath. "i'll try harder tomorrow, kay?"
taking a second to process what just happened you sighed, holding him back and bringing a hand to play with his hair, smiling when hummed contently at the feeling. "trust me kou, you're perfect the way you are."
when he took a while to respond or even make a sound of acknowledgement, you realized he'd fallen asleep and bit back a laugh. yup, he's absolutely perfect.
Tumblr media
kuroo sluggishly made his way through the front door, thanking his personal driver for getting him home safe, his words slurring slightly, some louder than others.
with a smile, you got off the couch where you'd been waiting up for him to come home from his work event. you made your way over to see him struggling to loosen his tie with fumbling fingers.
he jumped up in surprise when your hands gently slid over his own, eyes finding yours immediately. his lips curved into their familiar smirk, his eyes tracing you up and down.
"there y'are kit–kitten." he sighed as you pulled the tie off for him. "thank you babe––you...saved me."
"you're welcome testu." laughing, you set the tie aside and grabbed his hand, ready to pull him towards the bedroom to get ready to sleep when he tugged you back to face him.
"what are you doing?" you looked at him, shocked but amused. "let's go to bed."
he ignored your words, but honestly part of you believes he could have simply not heard them. "wait why––why do you look––so..." he paused, thinking of the word, his face brightening a few seconds later. "bad!"
you paused and looked at him blankly. given his tone and the way he pulled you in closer with a smile on his face, it didn't seem like he meant it in a bad way? but he was also not sober––
you blinked. "...what?"
"you look bad."
you were starting to feel...conflicted. uneasy? you didn't even know how to explain it. when you were still silent a few moments later, his face dropped to a worried pout.
"is that not how it goes?"
before you could respond, he blurted out his next words, a victorious finger in the air. "baddie! i meant you––" he paused to hiccup, "look like a baddie." he grinned and pulled you closer, "my baddie."
you laughed in disbelief, from how cheesy he was to how ridiculous the whole situation was, shaking your head. "you're unbelievable sometimes tetsu."
he tilted his head, a cheesy smile on his face. "in a good way?"
you nodded, leaning in to give him a small kiss, "always."
Tumblr media
suna was staring at you while you both waited for the food you'd left for him heated up in the microwave. you figured he didn't have a proper meal while he was out, and he always said that he preferred your cooking anyway. he wasn't saying anything, just staring, an indescribable look in his eyes as he sat at the kitchen island.
you figured he wasn't really "here" right now, at least not completely, so you simply looked at him curiously, a slightly confused smile on your face as you turned around at the sound of the microwave beeping.
you placed the food in front of him on the counter but he didn't even glance at it. after a few seconds of more silence and more stares, you sighed.
"aren't you going to eat, rin? you need some food before you go to sleep."
he blinked. "can't eat."
you tilted your head, concerned. "what? why not? are you feeling sick?"
he shook his head, "no." his eyes scanned over your body. "just can't eat. when you look like that."
your mouth dropped open in shock as you felt a bubble of insecurity burst in your stomach. "w–what?"
he pushed the plate away and crossed his arms, staring into your soul and you crossed your arms as well, feeling a sudden anger overcome the pinch of anxiety you felt.
"well i'm in my pajamas rin. and i stayed up just to make sure you got home safely, and i made dinner for you so the least you could do is not comment on my appearance, especially if you have nothing nice to say."
with that you spun around and were ready to walk past him when his hand shot out and caught your arm, spinning you back to face him. his brows were furrowed and you tried to pull away but he trapped you between his legs, his arms meeting around your waist. he might not have been sober, but he was still strong.
"let me go so you can eat your food." you rolled your eyes, not wanting to look at him.
he simply stared at you and reached a hand up to gently grab your jaw, squishing your cheeks together. "why would i do that when i can just eat you, hm?"
your eyes shot to his in surprise but before you could say anything, he was pressing his lips against yours, humming contently against them.
he waited until you melted into it to trail sloppy kisses along your cheek, and your jaw before nipping it gently, the slight sting snapping you back from your reverie.
you placed your hands on his shoulders and pushed back to look him in the eye, still breathless and in shock. "what are you..."
he looked at you like you were dumb. "said i couldn't eat with you here." when you just looked at him baffled, he rolled his eyes and went on. "cause i wanna eat you instead."
"you––" he went back to smothering you with kisses and bites and you shook your head and laughed breathlessly in disbelief. "you are something else, rin." he hummed in response, not letting up but you slipped out of his grasp, swerving out of the way when he tried to grab you again.
you pointed at him like you were scolding a child. "finish your food. then you can do whatever you want." you knew the food would just tire him out afterwards, but he didn't need to know that.
he glared at you for a moment but turned back to the counter, pulling the plate back towards him and digging in, mumbling with him mouth full. "thank you for the food."
you pressed a kiss to his temple before running off again before he could grab you, a cheeky smile on your face. "any time baby."
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# headcanons. 557 words.
# warnings. nothing but fluff.
# contains. bokuto, kuroo, kageyama, iwaizumi, tsukishima, akaashi, oikawa, nishinoya, tendou, ushijima.
# author’s note. ‘m back, mental health went ka-put but we are back on our regular shit once again.
Tumblr media
if he goes to bed before you, as soon as you climb in he’ll reach for you. even if he’s deeply asleep, snoring away, he’ll roll over and stretch towards your side of the bed until a hand or a foot makes contact with your warmth, then a sort of dopey smile rests on his face and he relaxes back into his dreams.
sometimes, you getting up early wakes him a little bit which then results in him just hugging and cuddling into you. softly mumbling ‘no, baby’ and ‘stay’ as he just absolutely refuses to let you go.
he outright denies it every time you ask him, but he has conversations with your pets. you’ve caught him mumbling to them a few times, mostly just telling them to quiet down, ‘shh, you’ll wake them up, damn cat.’
he doesn’t think you’re awake when he gets into bed most nights. but every single time he lays down, he kisses your shoulder lightly and tucks the covers around you, whispering out a soft ‘good night, baby.” and a rushed love you.
when you’re trying to concentrate on something, your glasses do the whole thing where they end up on the tip of your nose. you always look adorable when it happens and he acts like he hates it but pushes it up for you anyways, ‘fix your glasses, idiot.’
he talks to your plants because he heard somewhere that it helps them grow, he also plays favorites between them. he’ll move them around the house to put them in spots where the sun hits them so they stay healthy. sometimes he’ll even keep them near him while he works—it’s adorable.
he’s a really good dancer and sometimes he’ll randomly come up just to dip you really low and literally sweep you off your feet. sometimes you’ll ask for him to do it and the smile on his face is priceless, it’s just a mixture of love and absolute cockiness.
if one of you says ‘I love you’, the other replies with ‘I love you’ but much faster. it quickly turns into a competition, which turns the words into ‘ahluhyu’ and then complete gibberish.
if you have a stuffed animal. he makes up absolutely adorable stories and scenarios about what he thinks they’re up to during the day, and what kind of shenanigans the plushie is getting themselves into and tells them to you while you’re cuddling.
if you’re in a separate room for too long, he’ll come find you before giving you a few kisses, and asking if he can quietly sit next to you and watch you work or whatever it is you’re doing.
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · 28 days ago
# when his child comes home with a love letter !
✫ ft: dad! akaashi , sakusa , atsumu , kuroo , iwaizumi , suna
✫ a/n: the kids are in elementary school (so think kindergarten & 1st grade!) i don’t specify that reader is a parent for the sake of not using gendered terms such as “mom” !!
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI is a bit surprised when his son shows him the love letter, urging him to read it. keiji looks it over and nods along as his son tells him about the classmate he got the love letter from. he has to admit, it’s quite cute seeing his shy and collected boy so happy about a little sheet of paper covered in hand-drawn hearts. “how about we right one back?” keiji sits his son down beside him and helps him write a polite letter thanking his classmate for professing their feelings to him. and as his son scribbles out the words in his childish handwriting, keiji smiles to himself, wishing he had the courage to write love letters when he was a young boy.
✫ SAKUSA can’t help but feel disgusted. every morning, he drops his pretty girl off to school, little bows in her hair that looks like his, to learn, so why is she coming back home with a pink heart-shaped paper covered in “i love you”s? she walks up to him and holds up the letter, giggling and smiling as she tells him about the cute boy who sits across from her. “you’re too young for boys, angel, why don’t we write each other love letters instead?” he kisses her cheeks repeatedly as she swings her legs back and forth in her seat, making the prettiest letter for her dad.
✫ ATSUMU tells his daughter about how he “used to get a lot of those in my day.” to be honest, atsumu is kind of upset that his daughter got a love letter (from a boy who probably picks his nose, he thinks). she’s still young — he wishes that she’d give all her love and attention to her dad, not some random boy at school. he hides his feelings, though, and tells her, “of course ya got one, my baby’s the cutest!” and when she pulls him in for a hug that night, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she does every night, atsumu feels secure knowing that she’s so loved.
✫ KUROO chuckles when his son tries to hide the love letter behind his back. of course, he sees it and proceeds to ask him about it. his son tells him that a girl gave it to him during recess, and that he wants to ask her to be his girlfriend. kuroo prides himself in knowing that his son got his confidence. “we should get her something, yeah? what about a spelling book?” kuroo’s son glares at his dad, feeling oh so offended that he insulted his soon-to-be girlfriend. but being the incredible dad he is, kuroo sends his son to school the next day with handmade chocolate covered pretzels and a pat on the back (for good luck).
✫ IWAIZUMI feels embarrassed when his daughter comes home with a love letter. how is he supposed to tell her that these are grown-up things? he chuckles at the thought of a little boy writing her a love letter. he never wrote love letters as a kid (he always had trouble expressing his emotions to those he loves). and even though hajime wants to tell his daughter that she shouldn’t be receiving love letters, he decides against it. “daddy, can we invite him to watch godzilla with us?” how can he say no when his favorite girl wants to spend time with her dad, as well?
✫ SUNA simply looks at his daughter in awe, mouth gaping slightly, as she jumps around and giggles at the drawing of her and her classmate. he takes the love letter from her, mumbling that it “isn't even a good drawing.” but she's having fun with her little schoolgirl crush, so he doesn't say anything else. that night, he goes to her room to see what she’s up to before going to bed, and she tells him to help her choose the colors for her drawing. of course, he sits down cross-legged on her purple carpet and hands her crayon after crayon so she can finish her own love letter before she goes to bed. with a kiss to her head, he just hopes her dreams will be full of memories of her and her dad.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated ♡´・ᴗ・` ♡
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ch0s0 · 25 days ago
Hii i don’t know if your taking requests so if you don’t please ignore this 🙇🏻‍♀️
Anyway can you do haikyuu boys reacting to you getting your nails done ? (Or u could make it jjk whatever you feel like doing!)
Thanks bestie i hope this isn’t too much !🙇🏻‍♀️💕
hq guys when you get your nails done
[with: kuroo, osamu, sakusa, suna (suggestive for suna’s lmao)] [a/n: bestie i saw this in my inbox and wanted to take a swing because it looked super cool... hope u enjoy <3] (also by nails done in this context is extensions)
Tumblr media
-> SAKUSA absolutely loves it when you get your nails done but loves paying for them even more, you choose what shape and colors you want and he’ll hand you his credit card before heading out. cough cough he’s ur sugar daddy cough cough there’s a reason he’s paying for them though and that’s for the headscratches. he melts the moment you run your fingers through his locks, pointed nails scratching his head as he leans his head against your stomach. “ooo- ahh- yeah right there... that’s it” he mutters under his breath as your fingers deftly move against his scalp. a soft chuckle escapes you, hands grabbing his cheeks as you press a kiss to his temple, then one or two more. a pouty sakusa meets your eyes as you pull back, taking your hands off his cheeks and moving them back to his head. “don’t stop” he murmurs, eyes fluttering shut, a smile cracking his lips. whether you like it or not your stuck there and no lame excuse is gonna let you off the head-scratches-hook-- but do you mind? no not really
-> KUROO lmao is your manicure partner but he’s in the pedicure chair wooing the nail techs while your at the tables watching him with a bemused expression. he’s a dork- idly chatting with the lady scrubbing his feet- but he’s your dork and that’s what makes him all the more cute. his eyes catch yours as he slumps down in his chair, body jostling from the massage chair being on the highest setting. “is that your boyfriend over there?” asks your nail tech, eyes focused on dipping your nails in the colorful powder, kuroo’s laugh echoing in the background. “yeah- but with the way things are going, i think the lady doing his feet’s gonna take him away from me” you joke, eyes creasing as kuroo catches your gaze, large hand enthusiastically waving at you before lifting a foot and flexing it at you. “you like my feet?” he asks, admiring them himself before leaning over to the nail tech “will i get those free flip flops too?”
-> OSAMU’s favorite thing to do when you get your nails done is make sure that everything is closed extra tight because opening things with nail extensions can be a bitch. your favorite jar of pickles? might as well be super glued shut, you’re not getting it open without your big buff boyfriend lending his services, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “samuuuuu” you groan, head hung in defeat as you hold the jar out towards him. “whats up babe?” you motion to the jar, a pout on your lips before laying your head down against the counter. you know of his shenanigans and initially, you were determined to open it yourself, but he closes things so damn tight that its hopeless with or without the nails. he just wants a chance to flex them back muscles with a sharp pop, the lid comes off and he hands the jar back to you with a smirk “here ya go” “you suck” the way you grab the pickles out of his hand says otherwise though. 
-> SUNA might be the most invested in your nails out of all the guys- your man has a whole pinterest board dedicated to nail inspo and your texts are full of not so subtle hints of what nails he wants you to get next. its endearing, and to be honest his picks are always spot on to what you’d usually get done- plus you love that he loves picking these things out for you. “look at these love, see? very pretty” you prop your chin up on your hand, taking the phone from him. “chrome nails? i don’t know...” you trail off, furrowing your eyebrows “hear me out though- pointy tips, and a black base. it’d be really pretty” the excitement in his eyes makes it hard to say no, and within a day or two your nails are done and what color are they? black chrome. “see i told you” he chirps from the passenger seat of your car, seat reclined back as he crosses his arms across his chest. your nails do look gorgeous, glinting in the light as your hands grip the steering wheel. he can’t help but wonder what else they’d look good wrapped around.
Tumblr media
[a/n: merry christmas ya filthy animals] masterlist
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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ak1loids · 8 months ago
💌 FROM AK1LOIDS: these came out pretty cute i'm stoked ! pt 1.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my favorites suga and osamu i think <3
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shoyotime · 2 months ago
calling them your pretty boy !
Tumblr media
about. oikawa, suna, kuroo, bokuto
warnings. none except fluff | unedited !
Tumblr media
— oikawa
pauses immediately. oikawa isn't a stranger to compliments but it's a whole different thing when they're coming from you. like now, when he's doing nothing but resting his head on your lap while your fingers brush through his hair. his eyes shoot open, there's a unfamiliar expression flowing through them. maybe it's surprise, or adornment, it's lovely, though. but he is oikawa, after all. " i know, right ? you've earned yourself the prettiest boy, lovely, " you push him off your lap, a whine escaping his lips as he shifts back. giggles follow along before he lets the silence settle in between. " call me that again, " his voice is quiet, almost like a feather falling on glistening water. a smile spreads across your lips as you recite never ending trails of the said nickname again, and again, and maybe forever.
— suna
surprised, you could almost spot the faint blush on his cheeks before he breaks into a smirk. it doesn't matter what he's doing, he'll pull your closer, preferably on his lap before resting his hands on your waist line. " now, where did you learn that from, pretty? " your hands snake around his neck, a smirk spreading across your lips too. he likes it when you do that, feels like a fresh breeze in the spring that brings back a thousand magical moments he shared with you. " just saw a pretty boy on my couch and thought i should compliment him, " you reply, ever so confident and teasing with your words. before you know, his lips are onto yours, moving in synchrony before he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours. " but we both know you're the prettier one between us, "
— kuroo
his heart skips a beat or two, but you don't know, for the priceless smirk on his face is the perfect disguise. " thought you'd never notice, " he expects you to get flustered, maybe look away while trying to hide your face. but instead, you come up with something better. " am i too late with the compliment, my pretty boy? " you put emphasis on the 'my' part, a tint of read settling across his cheeks before you both break in laughter. kuroo loves nicknames, but this, this one steals his heart. it's like a rush of warmth in freezing winters, something equivalent to the feeling when he comes home at night in late decembers, and cuddling you under the warm blankets almost immediately. " a bit, call me that again and i might consider exempting you, " — " now, tetsu, that's enough, " — " wait, y/n, please. " and who are you to deny his request?
— bokuto
immediately breaks into his signature billion dollar smile before hugging you immediately. " gosh, baby, you think i'm pretty? " he showering you with kisses, probably hugging you a little too tight as you pull away, cupping his rose flushed cheeks. " mhm, you're the prettiest, kou. " he's not having it. it brings him back to the picnic date you both went on last sunday, or the little dance party this afternoon that you both had when your favorite song tunes in and you bring him in for a dance. " you're even prettier, " — " not as much as you, " — " even more than me, " and it's a competition now. it's a long verse of ' no yous ' that get incoherent as you both try to surpass each other. he kisses your fingers, looking at you with eyes dripping with love for you. " i love you, y/n " — " i love you too, my pretty boy. " yeah, he's a having a field day, now.
Tumblr media
taglist : @bubble-bootie @weeb-nation @hello0i @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @kaeyazuha @watashiwakurapikapls @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maixcore @momochimo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @strangechaos @sanzusgrl @itsmeaudrieee @ghostietales @iwaizumis-bitch @luvzsuri @carmillous
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ceijoh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
relationship: kuroo x  f!reader
warnings/contents: angst, fluff, spit kink, smut, reader choking kuroo, kuroo choking reader, 18+
Notes: happy birthday, tetsuro! it changed from their manager to ‘a’ manager, as i’m basing this one at the training camp. i know seijoh didn’t attend the training camp but we’re bending the rules here okay? you’ll see why, hopefully. there was a story that i read earlier this year (or last year) about kuroo and reader that had a spit kink it it and it made my brain go brr so it inspired the latter part of this
word count: 2.4k+
masterlist | atsumu & matsukawa’s part | daichi’s part | bokuto’s part
Tumblr media
This fucker, this absolute fucker.
You thought Atsumu was a tease?
Well let me tell you one thing, this man is the king and lord of all teasers
Your relationship with Kuroo was one that everyone knew was coming.
You were friends beforehand, really good friends. You were the only one apart from Kenma that had the patience to deal with his fake persona he put up, who took the time to really crack his shell
Everyone thought that Kuroo was a giant fuckboy™, the thing is he wasn’t.
He was too busy with volleyball, and being a captain at that, and his academic studies
He was the type of person that wanted to fly with passing colours with everything that he has ever done
But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t playful with the people that flirted with him
He wasn’t oblivious to the attention that he got from everyone, he knew that he was charismatic and attractive
But was he a fucking simp for you
Not that he’d ever show it
He’d rather tease you about it
He was the epitome of he’s only pulling your hair because he likes you
One kiss later and then boom
Relationship town
Not much changed after you officially got together, you still acted the same way with each other and you never formally announced it to anyone
Your relationship was low-key and Kuroo often commented that you were practically dating since you guys first met you just made it official between the two of you
So because your relationship was so lowkey, people often thought that you guys were single and this is where Kuroo realised something
He loves to watch you get jealous, from the way you want to stake your claim on him and then dragging him to an empty room just to make out with him
Making him remember that you belong to each other
It didn’t take you long to catch on what Kuroo was doing and while you did enjoy pulling him away to make out, it was funnier to see him get annoyed at you being so nonchalant
Which ended up Kuroo being needy for your attention majority of the time
Now, while he did like being a little annoying shit to you, he never crossed a line
He knew your ques, he knew when something would end up hurting you rather than annoying you just a little bit
So whenever he felt like the other person was coming on too strongly even if you weren’t watching, he was quick to shut that shit down and quickly run back to you
Every single time that happened, again even if you weren’t there to see it, he would spend all night worshipping you and telling you just how much he loves you
Because while Kuroo loved to make you jealous, he loved you even more
And he knows that one day his teasing may cross the line
And he doesn’t even want to comprehend what it might mean
It was at the training camp that your jealousy got the better of you
The usual teams were there, with the added bonus of Karasuno
You were watching your boyfriend talk to one of the Fukurodani managers, Suzumeda-san if you were correct in your guess
There was something different as you saw him lean in trying to understand what she was saying
You saw her face blush as Kuroo gazed at her, she giggled and Kuroo smiled in response
As sneakily as he could, he gazed over to you, watching as you tried to calm yourself down but you were doing a rather poor job at it
Even though you were on the opposite side of the gym from him, he could see your fists balled tightly and jaw clenched
Wanting to turn around and talk to the manager in front of him again and continue before heading over to you, his plans were disrupted when he saw the familiar people behind you
“Is chicken-head really flirting with someone else when he has you?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind.
Turning around you saw your previous school mates, grinning and yelling out his name you ran up and hugged him
Matsukawa easily lifted you up, face nuzzling into your neck
“Hey, save some for us,” you heard Oikawa’s voice and when Issei placed you down, you reached over and hugged him
“How are you holding up in Tokyo?” Iwa spoke into your ear as you pulled him into a hug.
“Good, I miss home though,” you replied once you broke apart from him. “I miss all of you.”
You pouted and looked at the four boys.
“Oh (Y/N)-chan, you’re just too cute,” Oikawa teased as he pinched your cheek.
“Might just have to take you back with us,” Makki grinned
“Nah, she’ll miss me too much,” you heard Kuroo’s voice and turned around, subconsciously reaching your hand for him to take
You melted yourself into Kuroo’s side and you saw Makki make a disgusted face
You watched as Kuroo greet the boys, a nice warmth feeling washing over you as you saw them get along
Before you could ask them about their lives for the past couple of years, the coaches blew their whistle and asked for them to gather around
“Oi, chicken-head, want to do four on four later?”
It was fine until dinner time, when everybody sat down with their respective teams except Suzumeda-san who sat with the Nekoma team.
Watching her closely, the team was confused as she sat next to Kuroo.
Their gazes turning to you in a panic, watching you as your eyes narrowed on the girl
Kuroo watched you from his peripheral, sensing if he had to stop this but as he saw your shoulders relaxed, he tempted fate and your emotions by still paying attention on Suzumeda
You watched quietly at the scene in front of you, taking small bites from your food, as your boyfriend charmed the Fukurodani manager.
Rolling your eyes as she blatantly flirted with Kuroo, you finally had enough when she leaned into him and whispered albeit not very quietly that they should hang out after the dinner ends and she knows a nice secluded spot so they won’t be interrupted 
Standing up, not bothering to excuse yourself, you watched over to where the Seijoh boys sat.
“Hey, little fern,” Makki greeted as soon as he saw you.
“Your boy being a dick again?” Matsukawa asked as you sat down next to him and Oikawa.
Kuroo watched as he saw you mingling with your friends  
His attention was off Suzumeda -who looked confused, and was now laser-focused on you.
He watched as the Seijoh captain flick your forehead, and you leaned back into your best friend.
Clenching the chopsticks in his hand, Kenma watched on in amusement.
His attention turned back to the poor manager who was caught in the crossfire
You missed your boys, you did, so much
Sitting with them took your mind of Kuroo and the Fukurodani manager, reminiscing over the memories all of you shared
Kuroo never admitted to you that he fears that one day you’re going to take a good look at him and realise all of the faults that he has
He’s manipulative when he wants to be, likes the control way too much, not very open regarding his emotions and would rather plaster a smile on his face to appease himself and others
He knew that you were loved by everyone you met, hell you charmed him over straight away when you transferred to Nekoma
Even managed to befriend Kenma before he himself befriended you
You were charming, funny, supportive, caring and understanding even when you didn’t have to be
And not to mention beautiful as hell
If Kuroo could he would bring a photo of you everywhere just to show everyone that you were with him, he would
Watching as you all got up to leave the cafeteria, he watched as Matsukawa wrap his arms around your shoulders as you all left
Grunting, he pushed himself from the table, much to the dismay of Suzumeda who watched him forlornly
He looked down at the girl
“Where are you off too?”
“I’m just going outside,” without another word he stalked off to where you went.
“I thought we would go outside together later,” she looked around noticing that the team was trying very hard not to pay attention to them but failing
“You know after everyone goes to bed,” there was a faint red blush on her face, avoiding eye contact with everyone except the person in front of her
He smiled at her, but this time it didn’t fill Suzumeda with butterflies like earlier that day. There was something condescending about it, and she felt small
“Why would I do that when I’m going to be busy with my girlfriend?”
He wanted to feel bad, really he did, and maybe a little of bit him did for using Suzumeda-san like that
But right now there was something else churning in his gut, overtaking every other emotion
And this is what you would have felt like during dinner right?
And during the day when he was too busy playing the game you obviously didn’t want to
As Kuroo walked outside he walked a bit until he heard the familiar laughter of yours
Walking the corner he saw you sitting in between Iwaizumi and Matsukawa, a grin on your face as your feet were on Oikawa’s lap, and Makki emphasising something in his story
He didn’t say anything but watched as you turned and looked at him
Looking at him, you could tell Kuroo wasn’t pleased in the slightest
Rolling your eyes, you took your feet off Oikawa’s lap
“What? You can flirt with other people, but I can’t talk with my friends?” You snapped
“That’s a bit shitty, don’t you think, Kuroo?”
He narrowed his eyes at the use of his surname
“Maybe, I’ll just go sit back at the table then? Since, you’re so busy here.”
“Fuck you, Kuroo.”
With that you stood up and walked away from them heading into the school
He heard Matsukawa whistle and turned to the man.
“Might wanna go get your girl, fix it before she dumps your ass.”
Oikawa smirked, “Yeah, we know how feisty she gets.”
Something twisted in Kuroo’s stomach as he heard Oikawa speak of you in such a familiar way. In a way only he should be allowed to talk about you.
“You know if you don’t treat her right, there’s plenty of other people that would love to be with (Y/N),” Iwa spoke up finally as he looked at the man in front of him.
Kuroo knew that the ace meant himself and the other three boys that were now watching him intently
Following you, fearing that he may have overstepped and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back
No, scratch that he definitely overstepped this time
Hearing that he was following you, you rolled your eyes and waited for him to catch up with you
You pulled him into an empty classroom, watching as his face as he obviously wasn’t expecting your actions
You pushed him up against the door, making sure to click the lock into place
Once he heard the click, Kuroo looked down at you, a smirk playing on his face
“Does kitty want to play?”
You rolled your eyes
“Are you fucking serious? Why would you throw such a fit in front of them?”
“You’re mine, princess, don’t forget that.”
Again, you rolled your eyes. The absolute audacity of this man.
Scoffing, “You spent the whole day trying to get me jealous, Tetsu with that manager from Fukurodani, and you didn’t see me throw a fit over it.”
Leering at you, “You mean Kaori.”
At the mention of her first name, your eyes narrowed into slits and pushed him back towards the door.
“You’re mine, Tetsu”
“Might have to remind me of that, little kitty.”
Kuroo pulled you closer, making sure there was absolutely no space between you, so you could feel what you do to him
Digging your hands into his chest, Kuroo groaned as he bent down crashing your lips together.
Pulling his shirt, you moved backwards, Kuroo following you willingly
You tugged his bottom lip harshly with your teeth, and the grip on your hips tightened making you hiss
You ground down, feeling his half-hard cock in his shorts
Rutting your hips for a while, you enjoyed the feeling, you ran a fingernail down his throat, smirking when you saw the red line appearing
Enclosing your hand around his throat, you saw his eyes widen slightly, “Mine, Tetsu.”
Squeezing it once, forcing his mouth open you gathered spit in your mouth
Puckering your lips, you slowly let the spit out of your mouth, directly going into Kuroo’s awaiting tongue
Watching your movements, Kuroo knew that this was possibly the hottest thing that will ever happen to him
Opening his mouth wider, making sure not to let your spit go to waste, he groaned and his cock twitched in his pants as the first contact was made
“You’re fucking mine, Tetsu, inside and out,” you hissed when the final strand of spit was in his mouth. Tugging his hair harshly so he was looking up at you. “Fucking swallow it.”
Making a show of it; opening his mouth so you could see everything, he gulped loudly showing you that he swallowed everything that you gave him
Slowly, you leaned down and against his lips, you uttered the words that Kuroo wanted to tattoo all over his body, “You’re fucking mine, Tetsu. Nobody will ever make you feel like this.”
Remembering what Iwaizumi said before he left the table, Kuroo reached up
“And you’re mine, princess, if I have to drill it to your head every night, for the rest of my life, that the only one I want is you, then I’ll fucking do it, kitten. Don’t test me.”
A hand came up to your throat and Kuroo tightened his hold on you.
Flipping you over easily, your back thudded against the floor, one of his hands cradling your head so you wouldn’t hurt yourself
“You’re mine, and I’m yours princess,” tugging your shirt roughly up your head, Kuroo kissed you desperately.
This time, he looked down at you, your hair splayed out on the ground, eyes wide and lips bruised, he smiled gently
Tightening his hold on your neck, he squeezed once, and as if you knew what he was thinking you opened your mouth
Fucking soulmates or what
Gathering spit in his mouth, he spat in your mouth, it wasn’t with care and precision like you did, no, he wanted to mark you inside and out as quick as he can
He pulled back and saw that the bottom half of your mouth splattered with his spit
“You’re mine and I’m yours now until forever, princess, hope you’re okay with that.”
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nymphobunnie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 562 words.
+ contains. tanaka, nishinoya, oikawa, kuroo, tendou, atsumu.
+ note. kinda stuck to the whole if you were on your phone too much theme, so yeah!
Tumblr media
he will absolutely not tolerate being ignored, this man will literally lay on top of you and purposely put his weight on your smaller form just to get you to go off of your phone and talk to him.
“Finally! Took you long enough, babe. So this is how I get ya to talk to me, hm? Stop ignoring me, I’m way better than whatever’s on that stupid phone anyways.”
he sulks, a lot. he’ll just lay close to you with an obvious pout on his face as he practically shoots daggers into your soul with how hard he’s staring at you.
“Babyyy, do you even love me anymore? Because I don’t feel like you do, so you better fix it quick..”
you ignoring him? yeah, that’s not happening. he’s immediately snatching your phone away from you and forcing you to chase after him just to get it back.
“You want it back, angel? Why don’t you gimme a kiss for it, hm? I think I deserve at least that after being depraved of your attention for so long.”
he’s so annoying, all he does is sigh. that’s it, he just sighs and sighs, making sure you hear each one because he purposely gets louder and louder till you finally ask what’s wrong.
“I’m glad you asked, princess. I’ve been here for about half an hour and my girlfriend has yet to give me my kisses. I’m feeling a little underappreciated, honestly.”
his solution to being ignored? repeatedly poking your shoulder and practically clinging onto you, he won’t stop no matter how many times you slap his hand away either not until he gets your attention.
“I knew you’d give in eventually, sweetheart. Why don’t you admire your gorgeous boyfriend instead of staring at your phone all day, hm? I’ll make it worth your while.”
he just whines and repeatedly calls your name, with a few pet names mixed in there as well. he’s just so needy but he’d rather die than actually admit it.
“Babe, baby, babe, angel, princess, love of my life? I’m dying here, give me something to work with, please.. I’m dying!”
Tumblr media
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kodzukvn · 2 months ago
𖧷 hq boys + accidental confessions
with: k. tetsurou, o. tooru, t. kei
tw: none >:)
ollie's notes: omfg :0 a SMAU?? FINALLY !! ive made you guys wait CENTURIES before i posted another one ;; also only three :P cause i lost interest in the prompt after making kei's.
pt two : m. atsumu, b. koutarou, s. rintaro
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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katsukidotcom · a month ago
[𝟔:𝟒𝟕 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐨
Tumblr media
today was normal in every aspect. morning routines within the apartment went smoothly and you and your boyfriend had decent days out before returning home for the evening. the two of you cooked and ate dinner together, enjoying each other’s company for the first time in hours. and when you were finished, kuroo, being the gentlemen he was, offered to clean up the table and take care of the dishes while you began washing up.
“have you seen my sleep shorts, tetsu? the blue ones,” you called from the bedroom.
kuroo had been responsible for the laundry this week. he was usually good about making sure he didn’t leave any lone garments in the washer or dryer and he clearly recalled folding the specific pair of shorts you were asking about. he must have put them away with his clothing by mistake.
“check my top drawer,” he yelled over his shoulder, hoping his voice was loud enough to carry over the running water. he hummed to himself as he rinsed off the last dish, setting it on the drying wrack. it was only when kuroo was shaking the soapy water from his hands that he realized his blunder. he’d been purposely trying to keep you out of his side of the dresser for the past few weeks as to conceal a certain object.
“wait, don’t look in there!” water dripped from the tips of his fingers as he rushed out of the kitchen and down the hall to stop you from finding what he was trying so hard to keep hidden.
judging by your frozen figure, he was too late.
“what’s this?” you inquired, clasping a small velvet box in your shakey hand. your eyes finally dragged away from the unexpected discovery and met kuroo’s frantic ones.
“... a ring.” if his hands weren’t already covered in suds, kuroo was sure they’d be sweating beyond his control. you weren’t supposed to find that for at least a couple more weeks. scratch that—you weren’t supposed to find it at all.
“for me?” you questioned, your tone more steady and even than before.
“perhaps,” he answered.
“perhaps? don’t tell me i’m the side piece.” you tried to joke. you knew there was no way kuroo would be unfaithful, but you were having a hard time wrapping your head around the events playing out before your eyes.
“of course not. i just meant that i never got to ask before you found it.” he shrugged, finally stepping past the threshold of the doorway and into the room. “i didn’t know if you’d say yes.”
you couldn’t remember a time where the air felt so tense between the two of you. knowing that you were partially to blame, albeit unintentionally, you cleared your throat with the goal of resolving the mess that had been created. “i know you weren’t planning on it, but you can do it now.”
“do what?” he asked, caving and wiping what was left of the foam from his hands onto his pants.
“propose, dummy.” you tossed the box to kuroo, which he caught effortlessly. “that’s what the ring is for, right?”
“then do it. i have my answer.”
a bright shade of red flushed across kuroo’s cheek as he considered your words. you were right, he had no intention of proposing so soon, but now that the cat was out of the bag, it only made sense to. it was nerve-wracking, yet the thought of walking on eggshells around you until he built up his courage sounded even worse. so, he buried the jitters ravaging his body within him before opening the box and kneeling down on one knee.
“will you—”
“yes!” your feet were moving on their own, launching you into kuroo’s chest. your body crashing into his sent him flying backward, his back hitting the carpeted floor with a thud. he didn’t have time to focus on the discomfort of it all before you were showering his cheeks and forehead in excited kisses.
“you didn’t even let me finish the question,” kuroo chuckled, pulling the ring from its case and sliding it onto your ring finger. 
“i already ruined your original plan, no harm in cutting the formalities short.” you held your hand out to inspect the jewelry, a wide smile spreading across your face.
“i guess you’re right,” kuroo agreed, lovingly gazing at you.
“not to ruin the moment any further,” you started, fighting back a laugh, “but we really need to have a talk about your horrible hiding place.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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luvbub · 4 months ago
texting ur fiancé “yo we still on for tmrw?” the day before your wedding with atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, and suna HAHA
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna
part two
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
within 10 seconds of sending that text, you get a video call from Atsumu
you quickly accept the call, grinning the second your dear fiancé came into view on your phone screen
“What the hell do you mean ‘we still on for tomorrow’?” Atsumu asks you, one eyebrow raised at what you could possibly be thinking
you respond by laughing, and admittedly your laughter and lax attitude brings a smile to Atsumu’s face
he would never admit it, but seeing your text did worry him just a bit
the rational part of Atsumu knew that you wouldn’t back out, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen
so confirming that this was just some little harmless prank was enough to ease his nerves
“I miss you so much” he pouts into the camera
“we’ll see each other tomorrow!!” you tell him, but Atsumu rolls his eyes at you
“you sure? your last text seems to imply otherwise...”
“it was a joke babe!” you giggle, watching as Atsumu’s pouts slowly become a smile
“I know... I still miss you and want you right next to me” Atsumu sighs, taking in all of your features from the screen on his phone
he’s still in absolute disbelief that in less than a day he gets to marry you
even though you like to joke around with him and send him ludicrous texts like the one you sent not too long ago, there was no doubt in Atsumu’s mind that you were the one for him
and just for you, he’d deal with a billion of your silly oddly ambiguous texts if it mean that he would be yours and you would be his for the rest of your lives
it didn’t take long for Kuroo to call you
and when you answered, you heard chatter in the background- identifying the voices as his friends’
“actually Y/n, we are not still on for tomorrow. I’ve changed my mind” Kuroo jokes around
you chuckle in response, but you can hear the surprise in his friends’ voices
“I- Kuroo what are you talking about?” you hear Bokuto ask
“yeah I was just telling Y/n I can’t do this anymore. I think I might back out of this”
the chatter you previously heard went silent, allowing you to put on your best acting performance
you began sobbing into the phone, loud enough that his friends would hear even without being on speaker
“n-no! Please Tetsu I- I love you so much please don’t leave me!” you fake cry
“sorry Y/n. I realized that I can’t be with you.” Kuroo solemnly says into the phone, watching his friends shift glances at one another, not knowing how to react
“there’s someone else huh? I bet there is” you continue your fake sobbing, adding in short breaths in-between your cries
“...there is.... it’s Tsukishima” Kuroo dramatically admits
and at this point, you’re unable to hold back your laughter and Kuroo soon joins in with his cackles
even though you two are having a jolly time, his friends look absolutely done with Kuroo
except for Tsukishima- he looks at the soon to be groom in disgust
“is it too late to withdraw as a groomsman” Tsukishima murmurs under his breath
you waited for a response, but you honestly never got one
it was unlike Bokuto to not respond to you instantly, but you didn’t think too much about it
after all, you knew that his friends planned to go out with him tonight for a little celebration
but ten minutes after your text was sent, you got a call from Akaashi
“so uh...we kinda lost Bokuto-san” he admits, and you nearly drop your phone
“I- HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FIANCE?” you screech into the phone
“look, it’s not like he’s drunk or anything. I saw him look at his phone and then he started running off saying how he needed to see you!”
and right on time, incessant knocking is heard at your door
“Y/N IT’S ME KOU” Bokuto shouts from the other side of the door
“....okay I found him Akaashi. He’s here so just swing by to pick him up please” you say, ending the call to open the door
and the moment you do, Bokuto has you wrapped in his arms
“of course we’re still on for tomorrow why did something happen?” Bokuto frantically asks, worried about you
your text had alarmed him- he wasn’t sure why you would send such a thing but he knew he had to see you as soon as possible to talk to you
you felt a bit guilty since you hadn’t anticipated him reacting like this
“aw, Kou I’m sorry it was just a little prank” you sheepishly admit, cupping one of his cheeks
Bokuto sighs in relief, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead
“oh thank god- you had me worried for a sec Y/n” he murmurs, still not letting you go
and for the next ten minutes or so before Akaashi arrives, Bokuto is still hugging you, telling you how excited he is to marry the love of his life and continuously showering you with all the affection he could offer
it didn’t take Suna long for him to read the message and respond
but this text wasn’t one you were expecting at all
‘2/10 joke’ is all the message read
so you call him for an explanation
“hello?” he asks as soon as he picks up your call
“what do you mean that’s a 2/10 joke Rin?” you ask him, pouting that your boyfriend gave you such a low score
“the text implies that its on me, the receiver of the text to decide whether or not tomorrow’s event is still going to happen.”
Suna pauses briefly, allowing you to think about his words before continuing
“so it doesn't make me filled with any concern or worry- which is what you want when pranking somebody. if you wanted to accomplish that, then you should have said something that would make me think you were the unsure one” Suna further explains
“ah I see, so all I have to do is-” you’re quickly interrupted by your boyfriend
“nope” he simply states
“you’re not going to pull that prank on me” Suna states with so much confident- as if he were the one making the decision and not you
“it won’t work anyways. Now that I've told you the plan. it ruins the whole surprise” he says, and you’re silent for a moment
“god Rin you’re so annoying you know that? the most annoying person on this planet” you joke, plopping back not your bed
“and you’re the fool for marrying the most annoying person on the planet tomorrow” Suna scoffs
and although you can’t see it, you just know he’s rolling his eyes
out of love of course
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 months ago
hi!! i really love ur works and idrk if this is where i write my request but can you write about that tiktok prank where you keep removing their hands from your owns while they're driving so they start to get irritated and grabbed ur thighs instead? u can ignore this message if u dont do reqs! love lots <3 (tsukishima, kuroo, ushijima) if possible!! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: iwaizumi + kuroo + tsukishima + ushijima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: this isn't even a trend any more cause it's been so long 😭i'm sorry but hope u enjoy <3 i added iwa cause i felt like it :) ALSO i misread the ask and only realized after i wrote everything so it's a lil different i'm sorry sfjkdghk
Tumblr media
★ iwaizumi would slowly slide his hand back the first time, thinking you did it as a mistake or something. but when you keep doing it, he raises a brow and clenches his jaw, a dangerous smile appearing on his face. when he reaches a red light and turns to find you hiding your smile, he rolls his eyes and grabs your thigh with some extra force (not enough to hurt, just to get you flustered) and faces the front like nothing happened. "cut that shit out, you know better."
Tumblr media
★ kuroo turns to you immediately, a questioning smile on his face cause he knows you're up to no good. he slides his hand back just for you to shove it off again and he lets out a huff of laughter, shaking his head. he keeps on driving with a smile that's far too casual. "you're not playing very nice, kitten. see where that gets you." he waits a second before bringing his hand back to your thigh, squeezing it cheekily when you don't shrug him off. he smirks, smug as ever, "that's what i thought."
Tumblr media
★ tsukishima glares at you so hard you're surprised you don't combust then and there. when you turn your body so you're facing away from him, his eyes narrow but he gets more worried as time passes and you don't look at him. he mutters out a quiet, but soft. "is something wrong?" when you hear the worry in his tone, you can't keep it up any longer. you let him know it was a prank and he rolls his eyes. "you're insufferable." will not put his hand back unless you put it yourself and hold it there, cause he can be insufferable too <3
Tumblr media
★ ushijima is confused and slowly places his hand back, his brows furrowing when you put his hand back on his side. immediately asks if everything is alright. when you don't respond (so you don't laugh) he turns to you, glancing every few seconds. and once he hits you with that "love?" there's no going back. you take his hand and put it back yourself––he's very confused but doesn't question it, just gives you a few loving pats before resting his hand again.
Tumblr media
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