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#kuroo hazama

Again, you already know my mind, don’t ask hahaha
Kuro and the guys singing to “I want it that way” from backstreet boys 

PD: I just LOVE shy Kei ughhh bbyyyy

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OCtober#24: In another style.

I tried Karen and Kurō in Disney style, yes, this frames are from the little mermaid. Kurō as Eric is handsome af 🤩. Just look at these cuties. 💙🤭

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Pinoko, at the grocery store: Alright Doc, remember. We’re just here for those peanut butter granola bars that you know I love. We’re just gonna be here for 5 minutes, in and out. Alright?

(*sees somebody coughing*)

Pinoko: Actually, you know what? Change of plan! I need you to go around the store and buy every roll of toilet paper you can find! Okay?!

Black Jack: But, Pinoko, isn’t that really counterproductive and does more harm than good?

Pinoko: I don’t wanna hear your rational thought right now! We’re gonna have toilet paper for dinner EVER SINGLE NIGHT! Toilet paper pasta with toilet paper meatballs! I hope you’re ready for toilet paper every night, Doc!

(Please remember to wash your hands)

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