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#kuroo headcanons
maixcore · a day ago
— silly things they’ve done. ( hq )
Tumblr media
genre : fluff, crack, gn! reader warnings : none ft : ushijima, kuroo, iwaizumi, bokuto, tsukki, yamaguchi, nishinoya, akaashi, sugawara a/n : i started from waka chan how did it end up like this
Tumblr media
✧ : ushijima walked over to you, bending down and pointing at his phone screen (which, i think, he holds like a boomer). it was a “meme” (it was not funny) and he showed it to you because he “did not know the trends, these days.” but he knew that you laughed at memes.
✧ : kuroo had a staring (more like glaring) contest with some random kid at the park. according to him, the kid was “checking you out.”
✧ : iwaizumi had just finished working out, and was planning on fixing up. he accidentally tripped on a dumbbell, cursed, and kicked it. he cursed, again.
✧ : bokuto once cried and refused to go anywhere near the kitchen because of the beetle on the counter. it was not, in fact, a beetle. It was a plug.
✧ : tsukki thought that “sold out” meant “extinct”. he cried for weeks when he saw that his favorite strawberry shortcake was sold out. he has to remind you that that happened when he was in 6th grade.
✧ : nishinoya absolutely hates ugly sweaters. as a kid, he would cry and wail and thrash around just so his mom couldn’t put it on him. he still does it now, only more dramatic.
✧ : yamaguchi accidentally drank whiskey at a gathering, mistaking it for coca cola. the things he says when he’s drunk can be quite… interesting.
✧ : akaashi once accidentally got pen ink in his mouth because he kept on nibbling on the tip. he tried wiping it on his sweater, and realized that it only spread it there.
✧ : sugawara let his curiosity get the best of him and sat in front of your vanity, playing with your cosmetics when you went out. “:0” was the exact face he made when you got home and found him.
Tumblr media
taglist (open) : @uxavity @bubble-bootie @escapenightmare @uravichii @perqabeth @therealcozyy @dai-tsukki-desu
© maixcore : all rights reserved. do not edit, modify, repost, or claim my works as your own.
Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · a day ago
headcanons with kuroo t.
nsfw under the cut - minors do not read past that point.
Tumblr media
sfw ;
kuroo who always snakes his arm around your waist when walking next to you, holding you as close as possible.
kuroo who is always touching you somehow. wether it be your knees resting against each other under the table, or wrapping his hands around your waist and placing his head atop of yours whilst you cook, and so on.
kuroo who always invites you over to his house for study dates, even if you don’t really study.
kuroo who’s first thought is always to facetime/text you if he’s bored.
kuroo who stares at you lovingly from across the table, head lazily resting in his hand as he gazes upon your beautiful features as if it were the first time.
kuroo who lets you sit between his legs as you scroll through your phone or read a book.
kuroo who holds your hand when your nervous and traces little shapes and letters onto your palm.
kuroo who jogs over to you after practice, giving you a kiss on the forehead and laughing when you complain about the pungent stench of sweat.
kuroo who buys you candy whenever he goes out and delivers it to you the next time he sees you.
kuroo who trips you up the stairs, smirking when you turn around with an icy glare. “did ya have a nice trip?”
kuroo who does the same when you do it back, a pout on his lips. “did you have a nice trip?” … “yeahhh i kinda deserved that one.”
kuroo who places his hand on your thigh when you’re stressed, as a token of intimate reassurance.
kuroo who lends you his jersey, admiring the way his shirt falls around your frame.
kuroo who places his finger under your chin to grab your attention, a coy smile dancing across his lips.
kuroo who pokes his tongue out at you from across the room for absolutely no reason.
kuroo who runs one hand through your hair and one on your lower back when giving you a hug.
kuroo who always gives you random nicknames. however ‘princess’, ‘angel’ and ‘babe’ seem to be his top picks.
kuroo who traces your curves as he lays next to you at night, listening to you rant about your day, or anything in general.
kuroo who pulls you across the floor by your ankles when you can’t be bothered to get up in the morning.
kuroo who plants tiny kisses all over your face leaving for work, claiming it’s for ‘luck purposes’
kuroo who spins his pens between his fingers, loving your reaction of disbelief when he demonstrates his skills.
Tumblr media
nsfw ;
warning for mentions of the following; choking, hair pulling, spitting, praise, begging, tell me if i forgot any <3
kuroo who missed you so much at work that he couldn’t even wait to take off his suit, and ended up fucking you in a blazer and tie.
kuroo who pulls your hair - not hard enough that it’ll hurt, but hard enough to have a grip on you.
kuroo who traps you beneath him, both arms leaning over your frame as he buries his cock as deep into your pussy as humanly possible.
kuroo who throws your legs over his shoulders to get a specific angle that drives you crazy.
kuroo who wraps his tie around your throat and only allows you tiny splutters of air until you make him cum.
kuroo who spits on your cunt, rubbing his juices into your own.
kuroo who makes you beg for the slightest thing, finding it cute when you plead with him. “what’s that baby? c’mon, use your words. tell me what you need okay?”
kuroo who gives you filthy praise, ripping you from one orgasm into the next. “my good girl, aren’t you? taking me so well, what a sweet little thing.”
kuroo who takes hold of your hips and bounces you on his cock, fucking you the way that he knows makes you see stars.
kuroo who knows your body like the back of his hand. he knows what parts feel good, what parts feel better, and what parts make you fucking scream his name.
kuroo who looks after you when you’re both done, cleaning you off and running you a hot bath.
kuroo who whispers ‘i love you’ and plants a kiss on your forehead before you fall asleep in his arms, holding you there until the morning.
Tumblr media
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lazychickensoup · 2 days ago
kuroo headcanons bc i said so
only listens to like soft study music like 'in my head by bedroom' kinda vibe.
has led lighting in his room but the ones that go around your bed.
loves pop tarts with a passion (especially the blueberry ones)
absolute MACHINE at dance dance revolution
doesn't drink soda
he has really poor mental health tbh. kenma helps him through the rough nights where he just wants to disappear bc he feels like he's either too loud or demanding to his team.
meets up with bokuto once a month to hang out bc their besties
sleeps on his stomach with his face down in the pillow like a psychopath (kenma walked in one time and thought he was dead bc it didn't look like he was breathing)
surprisingly good with kids, he wants his own someday, 3 to be exact.
despite what the fandom has made him. NOT A FLIRT? this man has never had a girlfriend. he would get confessions all day long but he would reject just because he was nervous and didn't know what to do.
has horrible style.
writes reminders on his arm but it gets sweaty and gets smeared.
literally eats toast with nothing but butter on it
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haikyutiehoe · 9 hours ago
thinking ‘bout kuroo fucking you in his office, bending u over his desk and shoving his knee between ur legs </33
kuroo presses you against his desk, stomach flat against the surface with one impressive hand holds the back of your neck as he fully sheaths himself inside you. “good kitten.” he growls, fucking into you when you seize around his size and girth. “you always take my cock so well pretty baby. do it again.” an interrupted yel leaves your lips when he pulls out, leaving your pussy aching from the burn. “again.” he hissed, voice admiring how you clench around him nearly impossibly tighter than before.
rutting back against him, he tugs you onto his lap, fingers attending to your needy clit. a series of pants and moans accent your lips as you utter his name. “yes, kuroo, yes, yes, fuck-again,”
edging his fingers coated in your taste, he shoves them against your tongue, forcing you to accept his demands. a deep seated groan splits from your throat as he thrusts into you with the near weight of his entire body. your legs shake, voice choking in pleasure.
“think you can do it again pretty girl?” he rasps behind your ear, nipping your lobe. “your always my best performer.”
stomach fluttering from the chaste praise, you grind against him, taking him deep again and again until his voice breaks. “fuck-stop playing hard to get…” his voice growls tightly, eyes shut to focus on the seizing of your pussy around his buried cock. “don’t you want to make me happy? my executives happy?” the gentle voice sharply hisses.
three more rapid thrusts and kuroo releases a small hissed gasp as he cums inside you, holding you still with an iron clad grasp on your waist and neck, each hand applying equal amounts of binding pressure as you lean flush against him to accept his expensive seed. “good job kitten. just how i like it.”
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sunkeiji · 15 days ago
# how they react to you asking for affection !
✫ ft. kuroo , akaashi , atsumu , suna , sakusa x gn! reader
a/n: some quick hcs to get back into the swing of writing !
Tumblr media
✫ KUROO when you ask him for a hug, he smiles gently, taking ahold of your waist to pull you into a tight hug. in moments like these, it feels like time has frozen and it's just you and him. he rubs your back and whispers "i'm always here if you want a hug, you know. you never have to ask". he makes sure to hug you more often, swaying from side to side until he hears a sigh of satisfaction from you.
✫ AKAASHI he's sitting at his desk when you wrap your arms around his shoulders, tucking your face into his neck — he knows exactly what you want. he turns around and pecks your cheek before pulling you onto his lap. his hands fall to your waist, rubbing small circles into your skin. "missed me, angel?" he says into your hair. his voice is low and laced with exhaustion. and when you murmur a yes, he pulls you even closer. with your arms around his neck and your head sitting gently on his shoulder, he rubs your back and keeps his arms loosely around you as he types away at his computer, placing kisses at your cheek every couple minutes.
✫ ATSUMU a huge smile erupts on his face when you ask him for a hug out of the blue. "of course, angel! anything for ya!" he says with nothing but love in his eyes. he pulls you in, picks you up, and swings you around. you're both laughing at his behavior, and he's reveling in the sound of your giggles. he puts you down, but doesn't let go. "just a bit longer, yeah? i missed ya, too." the rest of the day is filled with random kisses, cheek squishes, and a very clingy atsumu.
✫ SUNA "hmm? someone's needy today" he jokes while placing his hands on your waist, slowly bending down to kiss your lips. he pulls away and looks at you with a soft smile, making sure to stay at your eye level. he kisses you again and again until you're both smiley. and he's blushing slightly, but you don't mention it. moving his hand to the top of your head, he strokes your hair and hides his face into your neck. "i missed your lips, cutie. i'm all yours, you don't have to ask, okay?"
✫ SAKUSA he's a bit taken-aback by your request. when you ask him for a kiss, he starts wondering if he's been neglecting you. he bends down to place a kiss to your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips. "are you okay?" he'd ask. when you hum a yes, he blushes, knowing that you just missed him. he can't lie — he's just as touch-starved as you are. so, he pulls you into him and snuggles his face into your hair. "let's take a nap. practice was too long and i need to recharge."
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 6 months ago
hi could you do a headcanons with akaashi, kuroo and suna and how you’re their best friend but you like them a lot romantically and decide to confess by they’re in a bad mood so they just yell at you but then you avoid them so they realize what they’ve done and come fix it!! i love your writing btw <33
snapping at their crush who is trying to confess
w/ akaashi, kuroo, and suna!
(a/n: thank you for requesting !!! i love this prompt sm pls
anywayssss i had a hard time deciding when this would take place but, as per usual, i decided on the timeskip😚again thank you for your support and enjoy !!)
Tumblr media
aside from bokuto, you’d been akaashi’s best friend for a couple of years after high school
he was sweet and funny and everything good in the world
it was quite impossible not to fall for him, and the feelings you harbored for him were a lot to bear
but while you weren’t certain, you hoped that just maybe he had those same feelings for you
you decided that you’d confess to him and simply hope for the best
keiji sighs, shutting down his computer and banging his forehead on the desk under him.
he’s just barely missed his deadline, and he knows his boss will kick his ass for it. but now, all he wants to do is go home and sleep.
irritated and stressed out, he walks out the door of the building and is about to leave when he hears your voice.
“keiji!” you yell after him, and he exhaled, annoyed. while he’s always appreciated your company, now isn’t a good time. but he doesn’t have the chance to tell you, because you’re talking again. “could we talk?”
he looks away, mentally groaning, and turns to look back at you. “yeah, sure.”
you beam at him, handing him a cup of his favorite tea, and shift nervously. “so, i’ve been thinking about this for a really long time,” you start, swallowing the anxious lump in your throat. “and i know we’ve been really good friends for a few years, and i’ve been really grateful for that! really grateful. it’s just that...” you ramble, going on about your relationship. akaashi sighs, annoyed, and checks the time on his watch. all he can think about is getting home and into his nice, warm bed.
“could we hurry this up?” he mumbles, and your eyes widen sheepishly.
“oh! yeah. of course! i just wanted to tell you...”
and there you go again, rambling about some random thing that he can’t bring himself to care about. his patience is wearing thin, and he decides he doesn’t want to do this right now.
“and i think i have feelings—”
“look, y/n, i have things to do, okay? just, i don’t know. text me later, or something,” he mutters tiredly, shoving his drink back at you and walking away.
you stop, heart stuttering in your chest before drooping sadly. you should’ve known confessing to him was a bad idea; why would he ever feel the same way? you’re afraid you’ve ruined your friendship completely.
akaashi rubs his eyes tiredly, the morning sun filtering in through his blinds, and he sits up. he checks his phone, opening his messages to send you a ‘good morning’ text, when all of the memories from last night come rushing in.
instant guilt washes over him when he realizes how he treated you. he completely dismissed you and didn’t even care enough to pay attention to what you were saying.
before he can even realize what he’s doing, he’s out the door, and on his way to your apartment.
he knocks three times on your door, bouncing nervously on his feet. he knows you must be quite tired; you stayed up to wait for him after work, and he feels terrible just thinking about it.
you open the door, groggy and in your pajamas, and look up at him. you blink at him, eyes going wide at his presence, and you instantly feel awake.
“keiji? what— what are you doing here?” you ask quietly, and he grins at you nervously, a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes.
“i, um,” he mutters. “i know i brushed you off last night, and i just wanted to apologize. i was really exhausted from work, and—”
“look, you don’t have to apologize, or make excuses, alright?” you respond, plastering a smile onto your face. “it’s totally okay if you don’t feel the same, and it was stupid of me to—”
“what?” he interrupts, heart stopping.
“but i want you to know that i don’t want my feelings for you to make this awkward, you know?”
everything in the world comes to a pause as he attempts to wrap his head around the things you’re saying.
you... have feelings? for him?
“and even though i confessed to you, it really shouldn’t affect—”
“you were trying to confess to me?” keiji whispers, and you stare at him blankly.
“um. yeah? i mean, that was kind of the whole point,” you reply, shrugging. he’s staring at you weirdly, and you shift under his gaze. “anyway, my point was that—”
“y/n?” you pause.
“shut up,” he whispers, and you blink at him before glaring indignantly.
“what do you mean, ‘shut u—”
but then his lips are on yours, and you’re leaning into his warmth, his hands pulling you in by your waist. you wrap your arms around his neck, fingers finding their way into his hair, and he sighs against your lips, pulling away reluctantly.
“what was that for?” you murmur, dazed, and he smiles at you gently.
“i love you. so, so much, you know that?”
your heart swells, and you hide your face in his shirt. but you pull away, hitting him squarely in the chest.
“ow! what—”
“i can’t believe you didn’t know i was trying to confess,” you mumble, and he laughs.
“yeah. you still love me though.”
you can’t bring yourself to disagree.
Tumblr media
you met kuroo through your good friend morisuke, who had introduced him to you a couple years after high school
you never really believed in love at first sight, but this was pretty damn close
not only was he smart and witty, but he also had a kind heart and was one of the most supportive friends you’d ever had
you were quick to develop romantic feelings for him, and while he never explicitly said so, you could feel that there was something on his end too
you figured that nothing would ever happen if neither of you confessed, so you decided to take a risk and just go for it
kuroo has been irritated all day, and he can’t really pinpoint why.
perhaps it was the annoying lady at the cafe who cut in front of the line. maybe it was the long line of constant traffic he got stuck in? he doesn’t really know.
either way, he’s really not up to seeing anyone at the moment. but apparently you haven’t gotten the memo, as you’re standing in front of his door, knocking on it firmly.
he opens it, looking down at you, and sighs.
“tetsurou! do you think we could talk for a second?” you ask eagerly, and he looks around.
“well, now isn’t really—”
but you’re already talking, so he pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration, already tuning you out.
on most days he would be totally open to seeing you, but today has just been terrible. he just wants the rest of the day to himself, too mentally exhausted to deal with you.
“i know this is really sudden, but i just felt like i had to tell you, you know?” you explain, nervous but excited, and he exhales. “there’s just so much to say, and...” you go on, and something about the way you’re talking is just bugging him.
“i just— i think i’m in love—”
“are you always this annoying?” he blurts, venom laced under his tone, and you stare at him, hurt seeping into your expression.
he instantly regrets snapping at you, guilt bubbling up in his chest, but it’s too late anyway.
“i-i’m sorry. i just thought...” you trail off, looking down, embarrassment making your face warm. “sorry. just forget i said anything,” you mumble, turning on your heel and walking in the other direction.
“wait!” he calls after you, but you’re already out the door, leaving the building as quickly as you came. he groans, face dropping into his hands, and he shuts the door, sighing.
it takes him hours to fall asleep, feeling too guilty to get any rest in.
but he’s finally about to drift off, when his phone starts buzzing loudly. he groans, irritated, and is about to shut it off when he sees who it’s from.
“what the hell, kuroo?
tetsurou winces, pulling the phone away from his ear instinctively, and looks down at it.
yaku sighs, frustration clear in the gesture, and kuroo wonders what he did wrong this time.
“i can’t believe you turned them down! man, you’re such an idiot sometimes,” he grumbles. tetsurou’s brows furrow, and he attempts to remember whatever his friend is rambling about, but his mind is coming up blank.
“remind me what you’re talking about?” he asks quietly, but morisuke is already going on, irritation embedded in his tone.
“you know what, i don’t understand you. you show up at my door at 3 a.m., drunk out of your mind, sobbing about how y/n will never love you back, and then when they actually have the guts to confess to you, which—by the way, i was not expecting at all—you reject them?” he yells, voice getting increasingly louder with every word, and kuroo’s heart drops. “just— whatever. i don’t know the full story, but you really hurt them,” he mutters, quieter this time. his voice is sincere, and tetsurou has no idea what to say to that. “anyways, i’ll talk to you later, kuroo. bye.”
as the call comes to an end, he sits in his bed, feeling more helpless than ever, and rubs at his face tiredly.
if he had known you were trying to confess to him... kuroo knows he shouldn’t have treated you that way regardless of the situation. but knowing that you bared yourself to him in a way he’d always dreamed you would and that he snapped at you for no reason makes it hurt even more.
and before he can even think to do anything else, he’s grabbing his things and heading to your place. it’s almost 2 in the morning, but he can’t really bring himself to care.
you answer the door in an oversized t-shirt, sniffling.
“thank god, you’re here,” you say, wiping your eyes. “i thought you’d never— tetsu?” you blink. the person standing in front of you is not yaku, but instead your best friend whom you are very much in love with.
he sighs, rubbing at the back of his neck nervously. “i’m so sorry. fuck, i’m sorry,” he apologizes, and you swallow. “i never meant to hurt you, and i know—”
“tetsurou, i’m fine, alright?” you mutter, obviously lying through your teeth, and you cross your arms over your chest. “i just... i just need time.”
he shifts on his feet, swallowing. “time? time for what?”
“i don’t want our friendship to be awkward, you know? and if i want us to be friends, i can’t see you the way i do. feel the way i do. do you understand?” you explain, helpless, and he blinks.
“but i don’t want for us to—”
“mori is gonna be over soon, so maybe now’s not the best time,” you interrupt, attempting to dismiss him. he looks to you desperately, mouth opening and closing stupidly as he tries to find the words to say. you’re about to close the door in his face when he stops you.
“i’m in love with you!” he blurts awkwardly, voice cracking loudly. you freeze, heart stuttering in its pace, and look up to him, eyes shimmering hopefully.
“i want to spend the rest of my life taking you out to new places we’ve never been and sneaking you good morning kisses and cuddling with you in bed. i love you.” he rambles, out of breath. “and i know i messed up this time and i probably won’t stop messing up, ever, but i just needed you to know.”
stunned, you open the door back up slowly, gazing at him. you step up to him, closing the gap between the two of you, and look up at him.
“you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to hear that,” you mumble, and he sighs in relief, pulling you in and kissing you. “but if you ever snap at me like that again, i’ll end you.”
he laughs. “yeah, okay,” he shakes his head, pushing past you into your apartment.
“that wasn’t a joke, tetsurou!”
Tumblr media
you met suna rintarou on the eight day of your third year at inarizaki
he annoyed you at first, his cool demeanor coming off as rude and aloof, but somehow the two of you became friends, though you’re not exactly sure how
even so, you hate yourself for the misconceptions you constructed of him, and you’ve grown to realize that he’s so much more than that
following after him into your adult years, you realized your feelings for him were far from platonic
it was difficult, as you were never quite sure if he felt the same or if he was just being kind
but you also knew that he wasn’t the type to confess, and if you wanted anything to go anywhere, you had to make the first move
so you mustered up all the courage you had and went for it
suna stares up at the lettering pasted onto the front of the restaurant. he looks back down at his phone to see the texts you sent him, and back up to the building.
to be completely honest, he doesn’t feel up to meeting with you at the moment. he’s tired, and for some reason, very irritated. suna thinks the world is against him today, and not even you can fix his bad mood.
even so, he steps into the restaurant and catches you sitting at a table near the bar. you wave him over and he sighs, padding over to sit in front of you.
“so. what did you want to talk to me about?” he deadpans, uninterested. you smile at him, a little nervous.
the two of you decide to order first, rintarou asking you to order something for him. you pick up on his mood, wondering what he’s thinking about, but dismiss it. it’ll pass, you think.
“so... i’ve been thinking a lot. about, just, uh... our relationship. you’re an amazing friend, you know? and while these last few years have been amazing...” you share, going into some weird thing about friendship and the future. suna can’t really bring himself to care, zoning out and thinking about what he’ll have for dinner. he knows it’s wrong, and normally he would’ve enjoyed indulging in conversation with you, but he just doesn’t have the energy.
he checks his watch several times while you’re talking, getting increasingly irritated with each glance. he just wants this to be over so he can go home.
“but i thought you should know that i have feelings for you, and they’re not—”
“do you ever stop talking?” suna snaps, his voice biting and mean.
you reel back, his words stinging painfully, and fidget in your seat. his own eyes widen, surprised at his own actions. he hadn’t meant to lash out like that; he knows it’s not your fault for the way he’s feeling.
you stare down at your plate, pushing your food around, and rintarou swears he can hear sniffles coming from your end. his heart sinks; he wants to make it better, but he doesn’t know how. he’s not good with apologies, and he should know how to comfort you by now, but he’s coming up blank.
“i-i don’t feel so good. i think i’m just gonna head home,” you mumble, standing up and excusing yourself.
“y/n, wait!” he calls after you, hastily grabbing a couple bills and throwing them on the table before following you.
you’re already halfway down the sidewalk when he catches up to you, wiping at your cheeks pathetically. he grabs your wrist, forcing you to stop running from him.
“shit. i’m sorry, y/n. i didn’t mean to snap at you like that, okay? i know you were—” he apologizes, pausing when you turn around, eyes shimmering with fresh tears.
“look, rintarou, it’s not your fault. i never should’ve said anything to begin with! should’ve— should’ve kept my mouth shut,” you say, humiliated. his eyes narrow. what are you talking about?
“i don’t—”
“i know you don’t feel the same way, and it’s okay. i just— i just need to be alone for a little while, alright?” you murmur, and he can feel his heartbeat in his eardrums.
“feel... the same... way?” he asks reluctantly, barely even audible, and you shrug.
“i never should’ve confessed. god, i should’ve known this would happen,” you mutter, turning away from his gaze.
all of a sudden, everything becomes clear to him, and his eyes widen at the revelation. oh.
“i don’t want this to make things weird, okay? i think i just need some time to figure it out,” you say, cursing your incompetence, and turn to walk away, but he catches you, arms snaking around your waist.
“don’t go.”
you stop, breath hitching, and let yourself indulge in his warmth for a second. but when you attempt to disentangle yourself from his arms, he won’t budge.
“i love you too.”
tears begin to well up in your eyes again, and you sigh.
“i don’t understand, rin.”
“then let me make you,” he whispers, turning you around and pressing his lips to yours. his kiss is warm and firm and familiar and everything you’ve ever wanted. you chase after his touch when he pulls away, missing him already.
“i’m sorry, y/n. i had no excuse for lashing out at you like that,” he whispers, and you look up at him. there’s genuine sincerity in his eyes; eyes you’ve learned to trust for years now. you nod, letting him pull you back in and cradle your head gently.
“i didn’t think you felt the same way,” you admit, relieved. “i’m glad you do.”
he kisses the top of your head.
“yeah. me too.”
Tumblr media
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pinkchanelbag · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BOKUTO — shmacker. enthusiastic. sloppy. shamckin on it like a really good piece of taffy. probably makes those tongue-stretch aaah sounds from the effort of getting as deep as he can.
ATSUMU — slurper. can you blame him? he’s practically drooling on it. will never admit it, but he’s loud on purpose cause he likes how it makes you squirm in embarrassment. definitely makes eye contact while he slushes it around.
OIKAWA — hummer. responds to your pleads and moans directly into your pussy so you can feeeeel his voice. laughs lowly at you the whole time and hmmms in enjoyment. talks almost as much as anything else he’s doing and it’s lewd.
SUNA — spitter. honestly, he doesn’t even make much noise except for that, but goddamn does he do it a lot. just that KHWA-PTOO sound and a loooot of squelching because he never (ever) stops using his fingers. will occasionally throw in a little mockingly casual commentary. as a treat.
KUROO — breather. because he’ll die bout that pussy. damn near drowning, coming up for deep breaths, grunts of effort slipping out before he’s back down like he’s digging a tunnel to freedom. pussy drunk as hell.
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kiyelle · a month ago
Tumblr media
with: atsumu MIYA, kei TSUKISHIMA, keiji AKAASHI, tetsurō KUROO
warnings: none !
isabelle says: short but sweet! → haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ ATSUMU ⸻ pulls away from the kiss but keeps his hands loosely around your waist. he runs his fingers up and down your sides as he finally admires the view he’s wanted to see more than anything. you, in his arms. his heart skips beats as he realises that he suddenly feels a step closer to feeling complete. before the very moment he met you he had never considered love as having such importance, but now he can’t imagine going more than a second without your affection. ‘i’ve been waiting to do that for about ever, angel’
*.⋆ʚ TSUKISHIMA ⸻ tries so hard for you not to notice the way he smiles once his lips leave yours. he looks away from you and his hands pull against the strings of his hoodie, twirling them around his fingers, a nervous habit he seems to only have around you. he feels the delicate touch of your fingers on his jaw, guiding his attention back to where it belongs, and he prepares for you to make some kind of sneaky comment on his abnormal lovestruck attitude. but instead, he’s met with an adoring expression that almost makes him breathless. ‘what are you smiling at, idiot?’
*.⋆ʚ AKAASHI ⸻ brings you into his arms the second the kiss comes to a bittersweet stop. he buries his face into the crook of his neck while one of his hands pushes lightly into your back to guide you closer to him. he wonders if you can feel the heat of his cheeks against where they rest upon the slope of where your neck meets your shoulder. but then he realises that he doesn’t care, he wants you to know how absolutely in love he is with you in every way possible. ‘i’ve pretty much been dreaming of this moment, y/n’
*.⋆ʚ KUROO ⸻ leans his forehead against yours and looks into your eyes. he’ll never admit it but he’s so nervous that you weren’t as devoted to finally getting this kiss as he was. but when he sees the way your gaze lights up with hope and happiness he knows he’s too far gone to even think about kissing you as a mistake. he has to bite his lip to stop the massive grin from spreading across his face in eternal excitement. ‘i just kissed the prettiest person in the world, wow’
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs are so so appreciated!
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agasheeee · a month ago
Tumblr media
"i miss you, sorry wrong person" prank with the haikyuu boys
Tumblr media
pairings: suna x reader, kuroo x reader, oikawa x reader and kageyama x reader
warnings: cursing, typos maybe?
click on the photos for better quality :)
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
r. suna and t. kuroo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
t. oikawa and t. kageyama
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: hope you enjoy! reblogs are always appreciated <3
taglist [open]: @devilgirlcrybabiey​​​ @torus-wiife​​​ @ebiharachan​​​ @partyinthepants @nekojuro​ @kiyakemi​ @kuroaka​ @kenmaslov3r​
Tumblr media
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c0rncheez · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters - Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Sakusa and Aran
Cw - NSFW, Fem! Reader, TimeSkip!, Established Relationships, Implied Cunnilingus & BlowJobs, Short & Sweet, a lot of sexual hinting ;]
A/n ~ [PART 1] here’s another batch hehe, I think my fav is the Sakusa one!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OIKAWA [ignoring him + compliments]
He lives for attention from every outlet he can get so when the most important person in his world is purposely giving him the cold shoulder it makes him want to your attention even more
He knows when you’re playing versus when you’re actually mad at him, so he’ll purposely drop to his knees to give you a good reason to shower him with your attention. And he won’t stop till you finally meet his eyes from between your shaking thighs
And please be sparing with your compliments! Sure he cockily smirks at the endless praises he receives from fans and reporters—but when you pull him aside at the end of the day to gush about his perfect serve and how proud of him you are he can’t help but flush in excitement. Sure he appreciates all the love but when it comes from you specifically it makes him feel very…giving
IWAIZUMI [getting dolled up]
He just loves his pretty girl okay. He loves when you put in all the extra time to look so glamorous whenever you leave the house. Don’t him wrong though, you look hot no matter what but he can still appreciate the effort you add for your own enjoyment as well
It could be date night or maybe just a dinner at a friends house—no matter what you always snatch his breathe away. Whether it’s the bold eyeshadow and lipstick you decided to try that day or the figure flattering dress hugging your body he just couldn’t get enough. He also couldn’t help but sneak glances because you just look so fucking amazing all the damn time—like jeez give him a break
Don’t be surprised when you both get home and he slams you up against the front door seemingly out of nowhere. He’s been waiting patiently all day to make a sexy mess of all your hard work [the heels stay on btw <3]
KUROO [asking for help + intelligence]
It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, ask him to help you reach everything! You could even be a body builder and he’d complain if he saw you carrying heavy items without him.
So be a doll and let him feel like the big reliable man around the house. He feels so useful once you thank him and now he can’t stop grinning because he just thought of a better way for you to show your gratitude
He is also a slight sapiosexual, so whenever you are studying or speaking of something profound his dick jumps straight to the sky. Just hearing you spouting all the knowledge you have has him tackling you onto the bed—what can he say he loves baddie with a big brain <3
SAKUSA [brushing your teeth]
He knows it’s a simple thing, he really does. You are just keeping up with your dental care like every other human but it drives him up a wall regardless
You both always brush your teeth together every morning and every night before bed so he always gets a front row seat. He’s not sure if it’s you taking your hygiene so seriously or maybe it’s the minty white substance all over your mouth region. It could even be the few times when you accidentally reached a bit too far and lightly gagged in reaction.
Gosh it made him feel like such a hormonal teenager but he couldn’t help it. You’re just going to have to brush and gargle one more time after he’s finished with you
ARAN [applying lip gloss]
It’s just like the whole motion of it. You both are out on a date and you pull out your phone camera to discreetly reapply your gloss. Literally that’s all! You close your phone and cuddle back into his arm like nothing—because it is nothing…atleast to you
He’s sweating bullets though. Seeing you softly pout out to smear the pink gloss all over your sexy lips should be illegal in public by his rules. While it’s a simple motion for you to go through it’s like a sensual fantasy in his book
You reapply it so often too, you must be doing it on purpose. He always tries to be a gentleman but he can’t help but let his mind roam on what those sticky plush lips of yours would feel like all on his…would you be mad if he rescheduled the date? Because there are a few things he needs to take care of now… with your help of course ♡
Tumblr media
A/n~ plssss not me teasing y’all with Aran lmaooo👄✨ hope u enjoyed hehe
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ohajime · a month ago
read part two here read part three here part four here
Tumblr media
when you and kuroo started your freshman year of college —at different universities— your relationship became stagnant.
“tetsu, maybe we should just break up” you suggested as the middle blocker stood proudly in front of you, suited in his graduation cap and gown.
“maybe we shouldn't,” he argued, his eyes widening at your idea. “I know us being far apart isn’t really ideal, but it doesn’t mean we have to end this completely.”
“what if you meet someone else?” you rationalize, “or if you get too tired of not being able to see me all the time?”
“y/n, do you want to end this?” he asked. he shuffled, wondering if your suggestion was something that you actually wanted.
“no of course not, I just don’t want to be holding you back from having a proper ‘college life,’ if we stay together.”
kuroo looks at you and smiles, the foolish smile that you were used to, the one that you fell in love with, and he pulls you into his chest, his arms swiftly wrapping around you and his forehead meeting yours as he says “I don’t think I’ll have a proper ‘normal life,’ without you in it— let alone a college one.”
“you’re such a sap,”
“but you love me anyway,” he counters and you hum in affirmation, “look y/n, even if we’re 3000 miles apart, this doesn’t have to stop, you’re not even going to notice I’m far away with the amount times I’m going to call you and text you, alright?”
his words provided comfort, and you found yourself believing in the confidence he had that your relationship was going to survive.
but early into the first semester of college, you realised that kuroo’s promise was definitely not going to be true.
the first week of school you were busy, swamped with mountains of schoolwork and overwhelmed with the sudden change in environment, too busy to even check the vast amount of texts you assumed your boyfriend had sent you. except when you finally had the chance to settle into college life, you’d realized as you looked through the messages between you and kuroo that there weren't any new ones.
it was hard navigating your college life and social life whilst having a boyfriend miles and miles away, especially one who barely talked to you. there were plenty of men that had shown you interest, but you had to remind them —and yourself— that you were taken. there was an usual feeling with the amount of romantic attention you got— way different to highschool, no one would dare try to hit on you with the 6’2 middle blocker always by your side.
when kuroo opened his front door in the cold winter, the last thing he was expecting was for you to be there.
“y/n,” he awkwardly exclaims, his brows furrowed in confusion, “it’s a surprise to see you here, what are you doing here?”
“I didn’t know I had to book a reservation to see my own boyfriend,” you joked and you looked at him waiting to be let inside and he hesitantly stepped aside as you walked in front getting a look of the college dorm he was situated in.
“it’s a nice place you got here,” you said lying through your teeth as you gave the place a once over, it was a mess not reflecting kuroo at all who you knew always prided himself in his neat attire.
“sorry for the mess,” he says “i’m actually in the middle of cleaning, going to throw a party tonight.”
“a party?” you questioned “you’re throwing a party?” he hummed nonchalantly whilst moving around you to pick up the mess you were surrounded with.
“but you hate parties,” you continued “you used to say ‘parties were like a social examination,’ and would rue the day you were ever found at one.”
“well I guess people change,” he mumbled.
“yeah I guess they do…”
there was an uncomfortable pause before kuroo asked, “are you planning on staying here or are you just passing by?”
“well I didn’t catch 3 buses and a 3 hour long train to just ‘pass by,’” you said “unless you don’t have any place for me to stay with all the parties you’re planning on throwing.”
“no it’s fine, i’ll just sleep on the couch for a few days”
“the couch… we can share a bed together y’know?”
“yeah but my roommate has thing about not bringing randoms into our bedroom”
“oh you have a roommate,” you said ignoring the part where kuroo referred to you as a ‘random,’ “are they nice?”
“she’s cool, quite chill not really your vibe I guess,”
“she’s a she?” you asked and he gave you another simple ‘mhm’ in response, “is she pretty?”
“what’s that got to do with anything?” he questioned.
“nothing I was just asking…”
“you’ll see her at the part anyways so I guess you’ll be able to answer that question yourself”
“right the party.”
you regretted ever deciding to make the journey to your boyfriends once the party started. you were already put off by his odd mood but once the party was beginning it was like you were seeing a stranger.
even when you walked around the party — after kuroo left you on your own — you felt even worse when his friends would say ‘I didn’t know kuroo was dating anybody,’ and you tried to come up with a reasonable excuse as to why none of his self proclaimed ‘best friends,’ never heard of you but you couldn’t even kid yourself.
he found you sitting in his bedroom, staring at your phone “hey do you want a drink?” he asked his words slurring and you didn’t even need to hear his inconsistent speech to tell he was drunk as kuroo reeked of alcohol.
“no i’m fine” you said “i don’t drink remember.”
“c’mon y/n live a little...just one drink,” he persisted, swinging the cup of whatever random substances he combined in front of your face.
“what happened to you kuroo?”
“what do you mean, i’m the best i’ve ever been!”
“well I beg to differ,” you mumbled but even in his drunken state he still hears.
“what’s that supposed to mean,” he says “just because i’m not the same guy I was in highschool doesn’t mean I haven’t bettered myself”
“oh look at you kuroo I’d hardly say you’ve bettered yourself.”
“it’s not like you know me y/n”
“thats the problem you idiot,” you said feeling frustrated “I don’t know you, not anymore”
“well college life is busy, you should know that yourself”
“I know that but in spite of how hectic things can get I still at least tried to make time for you, i literally came all this way to see you”
“It’s not like I asked you to do that though,” he argued, feeling annoyed as if you were blaming the half of communication all on him.
“well are you saying you don’t want me to be here right now?”
“with the way this conversations going I can’t really say I do want you here right now,” he said with a sigh.
“fine, I guess i’ll be taking my leave then…” you stood up and grabbed the small luggage you brought with you ready to head to the door.
“y/n,” kuroo calls “have a safe trip” and with that you left not looking back at your boyfriend.
on the train ride home you stumbled across an old photo of you and kuroo and realised there’s something you need to do that you should’ve done a while ago.
“tetsurou,” you said as he answered the phone call.
“yes y/n?”
“I’m breaking up with you” you said trying to sound confident and not like you were second guessing every word you were saying.
“oh I see,” he says quietly in response before finishing with “i still love you though.”
kuroo didn’t have a chance to hear your response since the line went dead as you ended the call placing your back phone into your pocket.
Tumblr media
AN: um this was so hard to write dbshdhhs it angst ik but I promise there’s better days to come w Kuroo and y/n. Thanks to tee and eris for reading this over for meeee bro I hope you all enjoy it let me know what you think
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro is your coworker and office neighbor. He drives you insane with his constant pen clicking and chair spinning and drawer rummaging that the thin walls do a poor job of muffling. He lets his phone calls ring until the last possible second before picking up, and his printer seems to always be jammed, the incessant beeping and his fist banging against it enough to smash your head into a wall.
And when he knocks on your door, an obnoxiously wide grin on his face as you look up from your paper work, you know something’s up.
“What is it, Kuroo?”
“I told you, call me Tetsuro,” he chides, shaking his head in faux disappointment. “You act like we’re strangers,” he mutters. Rubbing your temples, you put your pen down, muttering obscenities under your breath before looking up and batting your eyelashes, an equally as large (although fake) smile plastered across your face.
“Mr. Kuroo Tetsuro, how may I be of service to you today?” And, much to your dismay, he chuckles, boyish and charming and youthful all at once, and it irritates you how despite it all, your heart manages to skip three beats at the sound.
“Well, dear y/l/n y/n,” Kuroo smirks, his eyes carrying a certain glint to them that makes you squint your own in suspicion. “My printer’s not working, it’s jammed.”
“Yes, I am aware,” you say tightly, lips curled in distaste. “I can hear you banging on it to get it to work all day.” He nods, eyes crinkling at the edges in amusement at the way you stare at him menacingly.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yes. And it’s very—” you inhale sharply, jaw clenching at the memory, trying your best to contain your anger as you breathe “—distracting.”
“Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to bother you some more now.”
Flaring your nostrils, you grit out a quiet “how so?”
“I’ll be needing to come in and use yours sometimes. I actually have my first print ready right now, if that’s okay,” he motions for his room with his thumb, making you sigh deeply and nod. There truly was no shaking him.
“Fine, sure. Send it over,” you offer one more tight smile, and he flashes you yet another dazzling grin, toothy and handsome, and it makes your heart race even faster.
“Great! Just a moment.” And he’s off, racing to his own office right next door, and you can hear the way he crashes into his chair and clicks at his keys furiously, making you crinkle your brows.
The sound of your printer coming to life makes you glance over, swiftly reaching for the paper that slides out, freshly printed ink across the front. Giving it a quick glance, you pause, eyes widening at the words.
Would you like to go out with me this Saturday? Please check a box :)
And despite everything you think of Kuroo Tetsuro, you can’t help but grin at the way both boxes say yes next to them. The small chuckle you fight breaks loose, making you laugh quietly to yourself as you stare down at the paper in your hands.
Reaching for your pen, you check both boxes—and after hesitating for a moment, you sigh before scribbling your number underneath as well, getting up to slide the paper under his door. Saturday can’t come faster, you think.
Tumblr media
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atsubaka · 2 months ago
haikyuu boys and their romance trope
w atsumu, osamu, suna, kita, sakusa, oikawa, iwaizumi, matsukawa, kuroo, kenma, akaashi, bokuto, hinata, tsukishima, kageyama, suga, tendou, semi & ushijima
nav || taglist: open
Tumblr media
✫ atsumu
extreme‼️ enemies to lovers wherein you absolutely despise each other's guts. a very slow burn romance, but i swear - the tension is suffocating as heck ✋
✫ oikawa
the popular! boy falls for the introverted girl and asks her to fake date him so his admires will back off. obviously he ends up falling for her 🙄... and BOOM there's your love story.
✫ iwaizumi
the epitome of "right person, wrong time," mixed with childhood! friends to lovers. whenever one of you is ready to confess, the other is either unavailable or emotionally unstable. this is the most frustrating trope imo
✫ matsukawa
strangers! to lovers (au) in which you accidentally break down in front of a man who you've never met in the middle of the rain.
✫ sakusa
ah... the "I-hate-everybody-but-you" kind of romance <3 wherein the cold, aloof guy has a soft soft for you, while to others he seems like a completely different person.
✫ suna
the bad boy! got dared to "date the most unpopular girl in school because of a bet" trope 💔
✫ kita
"first love never really dies." after many failed relationships, a woman finds herself desperately longing for someone unattainable.
✫ osamu
after letting go of the girl he loves for the sake of his brother, the universe gives him another chance five years later when they meet in completely different circumstances.
✫ tsukishima
the rivals! to lovers kind of love 💕 the trope where banter reigns supreme *chef's kiss* one minute you're talking each other down, but the next? ... who knows ;)
✫ kageyama
tsundere boy! with the sunshine love interest. what started off as a nusiance for him, turned out to be something worth so much more.
✫ bokuto
wherein the cynical girl who doesn't believe in love is proven wrong by an eccentric guy who just won't leave her alone!
✫ akaashi
the misunderstood! girl catches the attention of the school's most admired student.
✫ hinata
the "idiots-to-lovers" who are obviously soulmates, but they're just too oblivious to realize it 😔
✫ suga
after recently recovering from a toxic relationship, you meet the guy who unexpectedly picks up the broken pieces.
✫ kuroo
you cannot tell me that this man doesn't scream forced!👏proximity!👏trope!👏 you're failing chemistry, and the professor just got the cockiest guy in your year - who's infuriatingly intelligent - to tutor you.
✫ kenma
the social butterfly! girl falls for the anti-social guy in class, despite his blunt personality.
✫ ushijima
your typical office romance wherein the stoic CEO! has feelings for his long-term assistant.
✫ semi
unrequited! love </3 girl pines after her longtime crush, only to get her hopes crushed everytime. when she finally had enough and tried moving on, she wonders... was it really one-sided, after all?
✫ tendou
the school's sweetheart! forms a friendship with the bullied kid despite the looming prejudices of her peers.
taglist: @tetsuukuroo @amisuh
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hankuto · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he's never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it's not until you're pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
"stay," he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. "just for a little while."
and truthfully 'a little while' sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you're more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
"i gotta get up." you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. "and you do too, idiot. we're gonna be late."
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
"i'll get ready so fast," he hums.
"and what about me?"
"you'll be even faster, obviously." you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
"we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes." you laugh—and perhaps you'd feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there's a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
"five minutes," you sigh. "you get five minutes."
and it doesn't even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he'll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
# hq boys coming home to you asleep !
✫ suna , kuroo , akaashi , ushijima + gn!reader
a/n: this was inspired by a tiktok trend i saw where they’d pretend to be asleep and their s/o would come home and be all soft n cute !!
Tumblr media
✫ SUNA comes home quietly. he loves coming back from a long and noisy practice to the comfort of his little home — his plants, his kitten, and you. from the corner of his eye, he sees you asleep on the couch wrapped in a soft blanket. making his way to the couch, he whispers “i’m back, cutie” while poking your cheek and smoothing your hair back. suna’s eyes don’t leave your resting face as he tucks you in a little tighter. knowing that you’re probably exhausted from your day, he goes off to make you some dinner. to your surprise, you wake up to him pinching your cheeks. your favorite show is playing on the tv and two steaming bowls are sitting on the table.
✫ KUROO usually looks for you right as he enters the apartment — you’re used to him calling your name (and other embarrassing nicknames) when he comes home. when he comes home and doesn’t hear you call back to him, he looks around for you, smiling as he sees you asleep with your head on your desk. he wonders how you can look so content and peaceful even though you’re in a strange position, your leg propped up on the chair. that can’t possibly be comfortable, he thinks to himself before snapping a quick picture (to poke fun at you later). kuroo gently taps your arm so that he wouldn’t scare you until your eyes blink open. he offers to nap together, emphasizing the presence of the large, comfortable bed in the room. when you nod your head, he takes your face into his hands and places a soft kiss to your forehead.
✫ AKAASHI steps into the warmth of the apartment quietly and carefully. he knows exactly where to find you, as if searching for your presence is second nature. slipping out of his dress shoes, the ones that tap against the floor too loudly for his liking, akaashi steps into the bedroom and kisses your cheeks once, then twice, before smiling slightly and moving the hair from your face with his nimble fingers. he changes into his favorite hoodie and pads to the kitchen to make his usual pre-dinner tea. he isn’t fond of taking naps, so he’d much rather unwind with a hot beverage. he slips into bed, next to you, with his cup of tea in one hand. with his other hand, he gently runs his fingers through your hair. the warmth from his tea can barely compare to the warmth coming from your body.
✫ USHIJIMA wants to be in your presence right away when he comes home from practice. he’s tired, and his muscles are sore. he finds you napping in bed with your arms hugging your blanket. before climbing into bed with you, he kisses your forehead and mumbles an “i missed you.” ushijima tucks the blanket tightly around the both of you, careful not to move too much. he wraps his arms around you and falls asleep to the sound of your quiet breathing. nothing’s better than a well-deserved nap with the one i love most, he thinks.
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
reacting to their s/o wearing another guy’s jacket
w/ tsukishima, kuroo, and bokuto!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: here is the requested part 3 of the jacket series! i put the link to part 2 above :) the post linked also contains the link to part 1 if you’d like to check it out!
i haven’t written for tsukki yet so i’m excited to see how this will turn out! i couldn’t fit all the characters that were requested into this one post, so i’ll probably end up putting them in other posts; i hope that’s okay with y’all! anyways, please enjoy and remember that feedback is always appreciated! love y’all💞)
Tumblr media
okay uh.. we all know this man is MEAN
like ok whatever he might have a very small, barely visible, probably not even existent soft spot for you
but this mf is mean asf😐
today you had to meet up with a classmate to finish a school project but you completely forgot
you woke up late and had to scramble to get to school 10 minutes later than the agreed time
in your hurry, you didn’t realize that it was cold as fuck outside, and you didn’t bring a jacket
after finishing the project, you met up with tsukki, noting that his jacket looked pretty warm
“you know i love you, right?”
“...what is it this time?”
“soo hypothetically, if i forgot my jacket at home, would you possibly maybe let me borrow yours.....?”
this man said 😐
then he left you wordlessly to go to class, and you sighed in defeat
the cold was making you shiver, so the same classmate you’d worked with earlier offered you his!
you accepted happily :)
it’s lunchtime now, and you’re making your way through the hallway to find your boyfriend. you spot him talking to tadashi, who waves at you before bidding his goodbye!
kei sees you walking towards him and is about to greet you when he sees what you’re wearing and motions for you to stop.
he glares at the offensive item you’re wearing, and then looks into your eyes disapprovingly.
“what?” you ask, exasperated.
“what the fuck are you wearing?” his eyes lock onto the hoodie around your shoulders.
“this? it’s just a sweatshirt.”
he rolls his eyes at you.
“no shit, dumbass. who gave it to you?”
you cross your arms over your chest.
“why does it matter to you?”
“answer the question, y/n.”
“it was just a friend, okay? he saw that i was cold and offered.”
he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as if he doesn’t have the patience for this. quite honestly, he doesn’t.
he wants to berate himself for getting worked up about this, but observing the way the clothing envelops you in another man’s scent is making him irritated. he wants to tear it off you and make you smell like him instead. it’s possessive and probably a little toxic but it’s driving him crazy.
what’s worse is that he can’t even say these things, because he shouldn’t feel like this at all. besides, he refused to give you his jacket just this morning, so it’s probably his fault anyway.
so he turns away and starts walking, ignoring you. you run up to him and throw more questions at him, which he doesn’t feel like answering. at a certain point, you tug on his sleeve, hard, and he turns around. his eyes widen in surprise.
he hadn’t expected you to actually be fazed by his passive aggressiveness, but there’s a confused, hurt look on your face and now he feels kind of bad.
“what did i do wrong?” you ask, voice small.
he sighs, frustrated, and contemplates what to do. after running through his options, he just decides on the easy one.
he lifts the sweatshirt you’re wearing up over your head, muttering an “up,” as you raise your arms and slip the hoodie off. then, he takes his own jacket, and replaces it.
“you didn’t do anything wrong, idiot. can we move on please?” he mutters, looking away from you, embarrassment tinting his cheeks lightly. you brighten immediately.
as you’re walking, you take his hand and sigh.
“i like yours better, you know.”
Tumblr media
your dumbass forgot to check the weather forecast and now you’re stuck at school with no jacket :(
usually when this happens, your boyfriend gives you his, so you walked to his classroom before school started
he was concentrating on his textbook, probably studying for an exam
you tapped on his shoulder gently
“could i borrow your sweatshirt for the day?”
“oh, sorry baby, i’m a little busy right now. i’ll meet with you at lunch, ‘kay?”
you sighed, understanding but still a little disappointed, and walked to your first class
thankfully, the person who sat next to your desk was a close friend and offered you his hoodie!
you and tetsurou walk to the library for lunch as per usual, chatting about trivial things. both of you sit down and take out your lunches.
“oh yeah, how was the test?”
he looks up at you.
“oh, right. it wasn’t that bad, honestly. i studied a lot and...what the hell are you wearing..?”
he cuts himself off as his have finally travels down to the hoodie you’re wearing. it hangs off of you dramatically, and it’s clear that it’s not a woman’s jacket.
“what? it’s just a sweatshirt my friend gave me. i forgot mine at home today, and he had one in his locker, so he gave me the one he was wearing,” you explain.
“what?” kuroo stares at you, baffled. “you forgot yours and you didn’t even think to ask me, your boyfriend?!”
you stare at him incredulously.
“babe, i DID ask you. remember? this morning?”
“i’m pretty sure i would remember if you asked me.”
you sigh. he really is an idiot sometimes.
“i came into your classroom, and then i asked you if i could borrow your sweatshirt. you said you were busy, so i left,” you explain it to him thoroughly, as if you’re dating a child. (you kind of are😪)
he glares at you, unimpressed, and says nothing.
“babe, what do you want me to do? i mean, would me wearing your sweatshirt make you feel better?”
he grunts and turns back to his food, eating silently. so now he wants to give me the silent treatment, you think.
“alright, suit yourself,” you mumble. you pull the sleeves over your fingers, zip up the hoodie, pull the hood up, and rest your chin on your arms. maybe a nap would be good, you think sleepily.
kuroo glares at you petulantly, mentally whining at seeing you take a cozy, warm nap in some other dude’s jacket. you crack an eye open at him and smile softly, and he loses it when he sees how adorable you look. he gets up and pulls your chair out, unzipping the jacket and taking it off you.
and then in an instant, he’s slipping his own onto you and pushing your chair back in before sitting back down. you stare at him, awe coloring your features. you smile at how adorable your boyfriend is. he really is something else, pouting at you childishly as if this wasn’t his fault to begin with. you sigh contentedly, his scent flooding your senses comfortingly.
“aww, babe, were you jealous?”
“shut up.”
you just giggle.
Tumblr media
you had too many thoughts occupying your mind today
exams, club meetings, everything
so it slipped your mind that it was going to be cold and that you needed a jacket
you realized this on the way to school, but you were already almost there :(
thankfully, your boyfriend looked like he brought one
you ran up to him, hopeful
“kou, do you think i could borrow your jacket for today?”
he stared at you, puzzled
“but if i give you my jacket, then won’t i get cold?”
man kinda had a point😬
you realized he was right and sighed
“‘s okay, i’ll just ask someone else!”
you knew bokuto always had the best intentions, but you also didn’t want him to get cold
but luck was in your favor, as your classmate saw you shivering at your desk and offered you his
you and bokuto make your way into the library, settling into a secluded corner where you always sit during lunch.
you settle into his lap, and he laughs, pulling you in tight and burying his nose in your neck. he inhales deeply.
he stops, and pulls away.
“babe?” you ask, confused.
“where’d you get this?” he mutters, quiet.
“a friend of mine gave it to me,” you answer. “he saw that i was cold, and he had an extra!”
bokuto pouts childishly at you.
“what?” you ask, giggling.
instead of answering, he just takes off his jacket and pushes it at you wordlessly.
“kou, i don’t need one anymore! besides, didn’t you say you were cold? you should put it back on.”
bokuto stares at you. why won’t you accept his jacket? he would much rather have you wear his then some other random dude’s. why would you want to wear that one? wouldnt his be a much better fit?
you’ve dropped the conversation, it seems, and you’re watching something on your phone. when bokuto inhales, he can sense your scent mixed into another masculine, foreign one, and the idea is making him feel nauseous.
he tries again, pushing the sweatshirt at you and nudging you with it, until you put your phone down to look at him.
“baby, i thought you were cold! if you give me yours, then you won’t have one,” you explain. he pouts, and then looks away.
“but it’s not worth it if it means you have to wear someone else’s,” he mumbles, voice tiny. “i’d be cold for every day of my life if it meant you would only wear my jackets.”
you exhale, taken aback. bokuto is so adorable when he’s not even trying to be.
you slip the jacket off and put his on instead, inhaling his scent and snuggling into the soft, warm fabric. the sight seems to placate him, as he relaxes and pulls you back into his chest.
“thank you,” he murmurs, muffled against your neck.
“of course, kou.”
Tumblr media
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mitsukiren · 5 months ago
pairing : kuroo tetsurō, tendō satori, suna rintarō, sakusa kiyoomi
infos : angst to fluff
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurō ->
kuroo liked to make fun of people and this was something you knew now from your one year long relationship
you also knew that he wasn’t doing it to hurt or reject anybody, he just found it funny
even more so when it was you he was making fun of, he loved to see your cheeks flush with embarrassment and the famous pout he loved to see on your face
he was really forgetting that his mockery could hurt you or go too far sometimes
and while you were at the bar with Yaku, Kenma and Yamamoto, he finally crossed the line by making fun of a very unhappy period of your life that you had confided in him
he continued to laugh even as he watched you take your things and leave
When Kuroo finally came back home from the bar, he was startled by the silence. If it wasn't for the few notifications sounds your phone was making from the bedroom, he would have thought that he was alone. With a mocking smile on his face, he walked proudly into your room, founding you sitting on the bed, eyes glued to your screen, completely ignoring his arrival.
« Hey, pretty girl. » He expected to see you frown in annoyance at the nickname but you didn’t say anything, remaining focused on the tiktok you were watching. Disconcerted, he approached the bed to sit down.
« You're really touchy, you know. » He wasn't saying this to offend you, in fact he was trying to lighten the mood.
Kuroo didn't know how to apologize, simply because he never saw the mistakes he was making, however, he knew he had made a one the moment your eyes looked up at him (and if you could kill with your gaze, he would have been dead a long time ago)
« Don't look at me like that, baby. It was just a joke. »
Faced with his lack of understanding (or efforts at understanding), you decided that tonight you didn't feel like arguing or talking to him and grabbing your charger and pillow, you went to sleep in the guest room.
Kuroo hated sleeping without you and you knew it, all night he sat on his bed hoping you would come back to the room in vain.
The next day, he went out to buy your favourite breakfast thinking that you would forget his words and clumsy mockery but when he returned you were already gone and the only evidence of your return was your stuff still all over the apartment.
Furious, he waited for you all day, leaving the breakfast he had bought you on the kitchen table. When you finally came home, he almost jumped on you, sighing with relief.
« I was worried sick ! You weren't answering my calls ! Where have you been ? » No answer. You silently walked past him and locked yourself in the bathroom, leaving a surprised and bewildered Kuroo behind.
For the next few days, Kuroo couldn't sleep. He didn't even dare to talk to you out of fear of saying something else awkward that would drive you further away from him. He would just look at you expectantly whenever you came out of your room without ever receiving a sign of affection from you. He refused to sleep in your (his) bed, fearing of waking up to find the house empty, fearing that you would leave during the night like his mother did with his family a few years before.
He knew that he had neglected your feelings for his own amusement and that you had every right to leave or stop loving him, but the thought of living without you terrified him terribly.
As for you, you only hoped for a sincere apology which never came, but little by little your anger turned into concern at the pitiful state in which your boyfriend was.
As soon as you came out of your room, you were founding him waiting for you in the living room, his mouth open without him being able to say anything, black circles around his eyes and his skin paler than ever.
His silence was irritating you, didn't he think it was right to apologise ?
That night, after a week of avoiding Kuroo and refusing to talk to him, you couldn't sleep, on the other side of the door, Kuroo had been pacing for two hours now. You weren't sure if he was sleeping properly or even sleeping at all the last few days. Worried, when the footsteps stopped, you opened the door to peek into the silent apartment. A few sniffles sounded in the living room and your heart ached. Kuroo really wasn't the type to cry easily. Slowly, you approached the couch and found the young man curled up in a ball, knees against his chest, crying and shivering violently.
Your anger dissipated immediately, replaced by remorse and compassion.
« Tetsu', baby, what are you doing here ? »
At the sound of your voice, he suddenly straightened up, making room for you on the couch to sit, he looked at you with big red eyes and disbelief, as if he wasn't sure if he was really hearing you or seeing you.
« You need to sleep ! »
He shook his head sharply from side to side.
« No, no... »
« Tetsu'... »
« Don’t go without saying goodbye at least. »A new fit of tears came over him as he inhaled and coughed loudly for air. You had never seen him like this.
Catching his wet cheeks in your hands and bringing his face closer to yours, you began to stroke his cheeks with your thumbs to calm him down.
« Don't go, please. »
Suddenly you realized, Kuroo was afraid you would leave and not come back during the night when he was asleep, like his mother did when he was little.
Biting your lip to keep you from crying, you began to shower him with kisses, delighted to hear his breathing slow down.
« I understand if you want to go with Lev, he makes you smile all the time and he doesn't make fun of you...I want you to be happy. »
« I won't and don't want to leave Tetsurō ! »
You felt his body relax at your words as he buried his face in the crook of your neck with relief without daring to touch you with his hands as if he feared you would suddenly vanish in his arms.
« Thank you, thank you, I will change! I promise you that. I’m so sorry. »
Wiping away the few tears that ran down your face, you held him tighter and closer to you.
« You need to sleep, I'll be right here beside you all night and when you wake up. »
He nodded slowly but still hesitantly.
« I love you, I love you very much Tetsu'. »
« I love you, I love you very much y/n. »
Tendō Satori ->
tendō struggled during his teen years to gain his self-confidence and it was mainly thanks to you that he was as confident as he was now
you made him understand that you would never leave him and that he was the most beautiful, awesome and funny human being in your eyes
tendō learned to believe you, but maybe a little too much
he was so convinced that he had you wrapped around his finger that he stopped making any effort in your relationship
coming home late, going out all the time, not answering your texts, stopping eating with you or taking care of you...
he loved you madly, he just knew he could afford to neglect you sometimes without risking anything
but he was wrong
that night, you were supposed to have dinner together and you had prepared everything with love, you had bought a new dress and filled the house with candles and so on, only to receive a text from your fiancé telling you that he was cancelling because he wanted to go to Semi's party after all
« Babe, I'm home ! » Tendō threw his shoes somewhere in the living room, knowing that you would probably pick them up for him.
The house was pitch black despite the fact that it was midday and he found it very eerie. Maybe you were in a bad mood or sick, but he was determined to cheer you up by telling you what Goshiki did after four beers.
« You'll never guess what-» There was no one there. Surprised and alarmed, he started looking for you in every room ; the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and even the garden. You were nowhere to be found. It was not like you to leave without telling him.
Immediately, he turned the inside of his coat pockets on the couch to find his phone. As he opened the conversation, he felt his heart clench at all the texts he had never answered, however, the last message sent was his ;
changed my mind, I'm going to Semi's, eat what you made if you want and leave the door open, see you tomorrow ;) 
There was no response from you, although you had seen the message. It's true that he'd been an asshole the last few weeks.
He didn't think you'd mind, you weren’t saying anything special when he was leaving the house at midnight to go who knows where, you were just watching him without saying anything.
He finally noticed that you were never kissing him back when he came to give you a quick goodbye peck on the lips.
Perhaps he was imagining things. Still worried, he refused to see any of his friends that day, deciding instead to tidy up while waiting for you since he had nothing else to do.
He then found in the kitchen the remains of an incredible meal that you had surely taken time to prepare for the two of you and in the bathroom a beautiful red dress that you had left on the floor.
You didn't get home until 11pm and as soon as you closed the door behind you, Tendō was already standing in front of you, a little smile on his face.
« Hey, you. »
« Hey. » Your tone was cold and detached, as if you were talking to someone you didn't know or didn’t like.
« I cleaned everything while waiting for you ! » He expected this to ease your anger but it didn't provoke any reaction from you.
« Good. » You simply said before going into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich. He followed you like a lost puppy, starting to get annoyed at your ignorance.
« You could say thank you ! You're very mean to your poor, sweet boyfriend-»
« Shut up, Satori. »
He remained silent, his mouth wide open as he watched you walk off to the bedroom to lock yourself in. Leaving him to put away the food you hadn't put back in the fridge like he always did.
The first feeling he felt was anger. You were behaving like a capricious child.
« Open the door ! » He ordered from the other side of your bedroom door, knocking vigorously. « Stop sulking ! We can talk about it, can't we ? » Nothing, you didn't even seem to react to his words, he came to think you had your headphones on.
Disappointed, he sat on the floor with his back against the door waiting for you to open it.
When one o’clock came, he was still sitting there, waiting, searching on his phone for ways to « soften the blow of his lover's anger »
The next day, you left early in the morning, taking a quick look at the sleeping figure of Tendō who had finally fell asleep on the couch.
Pitying his slight sneezing, you timidly placed a blanket over his shoulder before leaving, hoping he wouldn't take it as a peace offering.
When he woke up, his first instinct was to run into the room, letting out a delighted and jovial laugh seeing the door open, only to find the room empty. You were gone again.
The days passed like that, without him ever being able to make demands or make you laugh. You were gone all day, coming home late at night and leaving early in the morning, never answering him when he asked you where you were going. He was taking care of the whole house by himself and he was beginning to realize how much effort you were putting in every day to take care of him and all that while he was away.
Soon his annoyance turned to sadness and then to worry. Who were you with all day ? Were you working ? With your friends ? Every day ?
Slowly, he began to imagine the worst. You had found someone else and it was only a matter of time before you left with that person. He was negligent towards your love and he wasn't worthy of it, but you were the only person he had ever loved, he couldn't let you go ! It didn't matter if you cheated on him, he just wanted to stay in your life ! Nothing was worse than you leaving him !
That night, he prepared a big meal with your favourite dishes, waiting patiently for your return.
When you finally arrived, he almost fell when he got up to welcome you.
« Hello ! »
« Hey. » You took a quick look at the meal he had prepared and you couldn't lie, it looked delicious.
« Thank you. » You said calmly. His shoulders slumped slightly at your continued aloofness but what more could he expect ? You weren't going to fall back into his arms, full of love. You probably weren't even in love with him anymore.
« Before we eat, I have something to tell you. »
You looked up at him curiously and he took your silence as an invitation to continue.
« I know you're probably seeing someone, it makes sense, I neglected you, I abandoned you and you're human so you found someone better and I understand, there are many people better than me ! But know that I accept it and I want you to stay, please ! I need you with me, in my life. I'm crazy about you and I can't go on without you. I know it's selfish but I love you. I need you-»
His eyes faded into the shadows of the room behind you as his lip twitched slightly, he clasped his hands together tightly in front of him, cracking his fingers nervously.
« I'm not cheating on you, Satori.» His eyes fell back on you, a light of hope and recognition in his pupils. « And I'm not leaving. Not yet. »
Delighted and relieved, he rushed over to hug you, burying his nose in your hair affectionately as a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek. You let him, relaxing into the warmth of his arms.
« I want it to change. »
« It will change, I will change. Excuse me, I don't want to lose you. »
« I know. »
Tendo knew that his relationship was hanging by a thread, so he promised himself that day to change everything for you.
Suna Rintarō ->
suna was not very expressive, no secret
you had fallen in love with his personality and you didn't really see the problem with it
but as the months went by, suna only seemed to want one thing: to get away from you
he always had an excuse not to go out, or not to answer your questions about his day, or not to spend time with you...
you didn't know how to broach the subject, since, for suna, nothing seemed to matter. he was never reacting when you were talking to him about what you didn't like in your relationship
finally, you decided to really broach the subject no matter if he wanted to or not
and of course he didn't want to.
« Stop being such a pain in the ass, y/n. Leave me alone for a day instead of always being on my back ! Find someone else to throw your hysterical tantrums at, and stop making noise absolutely all the time, how annoying you are when you want to. »
After sighing softly, he just turned around to go and lock himself in the bedroom without even seeming to realise the impact of his words on you
Suna was delighted that you understood that he needed some quiet time. After your fight, the apartment had fallen into a deep silence that suited him.
He didn't think you were particularly loud actually, he just couldn't give you back the energy you gave him. Besides, you were much more talkative than he was and he found it annoying that you were always waiting for him to answer your endless questions.
He didn't mind listening to you, but he had no desire to go with you to see your friends, or to the restaurant, or anything else.
When 3am came, Suna realized that you still weren’t going to bed, you usually liked to lie next to him and tell him about your day with passion, a big smile on your face as he responded with slight interested « hm ».
It wasn't like you to stay alone in the living room for long.
He stayed in bed for another hour, waiting patiently to see what you would do. When tiredness began to sting his eyes, he decided to look around the living room to see what could be taking you so long, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise to find you sound asleep on the couch, wrapped in a heavy blanket.
So you didn't want to sleep with him ? This surprised him because he knew you didn't like to sleep alone.
Deciding to give you time, he sat down in the armchair to the right of the couch, immersing himself in the film you were watching before you fell asleep.
When he woke up, the TV was off and the couch was empty. Faint noises from the kitchen caught his attention and he found himself excited to talk to you since you didn’t want to see him last night.
« Sleep well ? » He asked with a small mocking smile at the corner of his lips as he found you silently doing the dishes.
« Yeah. » He waited patiently for the next part of your sentence in vain.
Eyes fixed on your task, you didn't seem to want to continue the conversation. Shrugging his shoulders with a disinterested look, he decided to leave you alone. Maybe you didn't feel like talking ? Like him, every day, so he couldn't blame you.
The day went by in complete calm, you didn't put on your music in the living room, you didn't laugh out loud while watching videos or tiktoks, in fact you didn't make any noise.
If Suna liked to be quiet, he found this atmosphere particularly heavy and stressful.
The silence was so heavy that he felt like he was suffocating, and even worse, he was bored. He missed your voice and your little amused laugh every time he sarcastically laughed at the stupidity of the Miya twins.
After spending the whole day in silence on his phone, he found himself sitting up in bed, a headache starting to take hold of him as everything seemed so quiet. He came out of the bedroom to find you watching some anime episodes on the couch, headphones in your ears.
He took them out with a smart face, intent on annoying you to get some kind of reaction from you.
You just flinched slightly and raised your eyebrows as if to say « What do you want ?»
His green eyes looked at you with a certain gentleness. He loved you, although he couldn't prove it to you with actions. He could spend hours looking at you and just admiring the features he loved so much on your pretty face.
« I'm bored. »
You frowned for a moment and he saw the annoyance in your eyes but he didn't question you about it.
« Don't you have anything to tell me ? About your day or sum ? » You shook your head gently to indicate that you had nothing to say before putting your headphones back in your ears and ending the conversation.
Disappointed and lost, that's what Suna was during the few days you were silent. He spent the days watching you from afar and trying to get you to talk but never succeeding.
You seemed completely shut down.
He had noticed that you were also trying not to sleep in the same bed as him, even if it meant not sleeping.
But tonight was the night too far.
Lying with his arms behind his head, he thought about all the times he didn't answer you or refused to do anything with you because he thought you were too energetic and talkative, all the times he had probably hurt you. And now that there was silence, he missed nothing more than your sweet voice and your sincere laughter. Not being able to sleep, he got up to take you back to bed with him. To his surprise, you were still awake and as soon as he approached you, your eyes fell on him with a sad and tired look.
« Come sleep in the bed. Please. » His voice was surprisingly soft and for a moment you felt your eyes burn, but you nodded, returning your attention to your phone.
« Why ? »
« I don't want to disturb or annoy you.»
Your answer made him shudder, just as he feared. Sitting down next to you, he gently stroked your back, sighing with relief when you didn't push him away.
« I'm sorry I was such an asshole to you. I love you, I love your voice, your laugh and all the noise you make.» You smiled slightly at his words, and he smiled back at your now softer face than it had been the last few days. « I don't like your silence. I'm lonely and I miss hearing you talk. I want you to talk. Talk to me all day, tell me everything you want, what you eat, what you shit, I don't care I want to hear you.»
A laugh finally escaped your soft lips, shaken by a few suppressed sobs. Grabbing you by the waist, he guided you to sit on his hips facing him, gently resting his forehead against yours.
« I missed that laugh. We go to sleep and tomorrow you tell me everything I missed. »
You nodded shyly but he didn't seem to like your answer.
« I want to hear you baby. »
« Yes, Rin. »
Sakusa Kiyoomi ->
sakusa was not an easy boy to talk to, he was cold and seemed unreachable
yet everything changed when he met you
you were one of the few (only) people he liked to spend time with
he proved on many occasions how important you were to him
but sakusa remained sakusa
he never said I love you to you
and when the stress of the games got to his head, he quickly forgot the special treatment he normally gave you
when he got up this morning, knowing that he had an important match that evening, he could not help but get upset when he found your shoes in the middle of the hallway and following that, he started a terrible argument that was far from necessary
« Why was I thinking moving in with you was a good idea ? I'm sick of managing everything, you're really unbearable. »
deeply hurt, you let him go to his training session before the match without daring to say anything to defend yourself
Sakusa often got angry at you before games, sometimes he went a bit too far and you told him that his words were hurting you and he always replied that you shouldn't take it personally. But you were tired of him not taking into account the blows to your self-confidence that his words were putting on you.
He could have simply asked you to avoid him before the games instead of searching the whole house for you to humiliate you with insults and reproaches. That night you didn't go to his game, instead running to a friend's house to take your mind off it.
They won and Sakusa felt the stress drain from his shoulders as Hinata jumped happily into Bokuto's arms with a cry of joy.
Instinctively, he looked around the bleachers for the place where you usually sat but you weren't there. He felt a slight twinge in his heart that made him wince. He had been a bit rough with you before he left, but usually you never tell him anything about it, so he didn't worry about it.
When he got home late at night after the interviews and celebrations, he was disappointed that he couldn't take a nice hot shower with you as usual to relax, as you weren't home.
After showering, he sent you several texts asking when you were coming home only for you to respond with a cold ;
tomorrow morning. 
The next day he was woken up by the sound of the shower early in the morning. He waited patiently in the living room for you, excited to tell you about the game and to ask you who you had been to and if that person was sick.
When you came out of the bathroom, he couldn't help but smile gently. Your wet hair made you look rebellious and relaxed, the towel wrapped around your body hugging the shape of your body that he loved so much, but he soon lost his smile when you gave him a cold look.
« Hello, I know you're upset about yesterday but-»
You shrugged your shoulders with a falsely detached look on your face.
« It's okay, you were just being honest. »
You were waiting for him to contradict you by saying that he didn't mean what he said, but he didn't. He simply got up to pour himself a cup of coffee with a slight grunt of approval that left you speechless. You bit your lip nervously before returning to the bathroom.
« When you get out, we'll discuss my game and-»
« No, sorry, I'm going out.»
He found your answer surprising but chose to ignore your hurt tone, he knew you were still angry at him but he was sure you would change your mind after a while.
When you came back in the evening, you were calmer than when you left. You were calm but no less determined to be mad at him.
« Whose house were you at ? »
« A friend. »
He raised a questioning eyebrow without putting his question into words.
« Why are you ignoring me ? » He opened wide surprised eyes when you ignored him completely and went to your room to do whatever you wanted to do.
Sakusa rarely let his emotions get the better of him, and he knew exactly why you were mad at him. He had promised to stop throwing his stress and his bad temper on you. Plus, he hadn't denied that he meant the words he said and it wasn't what you expected from him.
He loved you. You knew it, he knew it but right now it wasn’t enough.
Remembering the many times he had grabbed you by the arm to yell at you for stupid things while you pushed him away, insulting him with annoyance. He didn't realise how important his arguments were affecting your relationship.
To be honest, it wasn't your silence that worried him, it was the fact that you could be scared of him or that he was going to push you away by ignoring your pain. He knew that the only way to make it up to you was to say those three words that he always tried to say but never succeeded.
But now it was necessary.
So slowly he slipped into your room,
Finding you focus on a book that you seemed to have just bought because he had never seen it before.
He waited, while a terrible stress grew in his chest at the thought of telling you something he had known for a long time but yet could not say aloud.
« I love you.»
There was a long silence that only made the pressure in his chest more suffocating than before. He'd never thought you could be angry enough not to answer. The tension only lifted when you finally turned back to him with a satisfied, loving smile.
« It took you long enough. I want you to stop-»
« Putting you through my stress and bad temper. You're mad at me for not saying I love you before and not apologizing.»
He smiled slightly at your surprised and disbelieving look.
« If you knew everything I wanted to hear, why didn't you tell me anything ?»
A slight blush appeared on his pale cheeks. Looking away, he avoided your gaze and you realised that he still wasn’t perfectly ready to be honest with you about his feelings. And you couldn't help finding him adorable.
« I don't know, just shut up and come take a shower with me. »
I'm sorry if it's not perfect, i had a lot of bad news and stress from work/school so i had a hard time finishing it, i know the sakusa one seems kinda rushed but i really didn’t how to write for him since you know he is him
i’ll write the part 2 with daichi, bokuto, oikawa and maybe atsumu idk yet soon
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ellewords · 25 days ago
COLLEGE!BF HQ BOYS    — because i have classes again and am yearning for affection </3
❥   tsukishima stops by the convenience store near your dorm every afternoon on his way to you, singlehandedly becoming your sole supplier of snacks and caffeine. you have never asked him to buy you anything, frowning when he drops the plastic bag filled with goodies on your desk. but all he does is gently flick away the crease that’s formed between your brows, “tsk. don’t flatter yourself, i was already there to get something for myself…just, let me do this for you.”  
❥   akaashi sends you website and journal articles that he thinks may be useful for your papers. he probably knows just as much about your major as he does his own, given all the time he’s spent scanning through several articles by your side during all-nighters. on the rare occasion that he can’t join you, he just emails you everything. not only that, he even sends a care package with a cute little note : you’ve got this, my love! rooting for you today, like all days. - a.k.
❥   oikawa knows that there’s a particular book in the library you’ve been meaning to check out and he’s not above using his charms for you to get it. aware of your very busy schedule, oikawa comes by the library almost every afternoon to bother the librarians check if it’s available. he’s on a first name basis with everyone and each time they try to turn him away, he replies with the same thing : “c’mon, they really need this! yeah, yeah i’m annoying but wouldn’t you do anything for love too?”
❥   atsumu wakes up half an hour earlier than he normally would to pick you up from your apartment so you could go to campus together. your schedules aren’t kind to your relationship, so he tries to get as much time with you as he can throughout the day. atsumu walks you to your class then sprints to the other side of the campus to get to his own. he grabs onto the wooden doorframe of his classroom, panting and catching his breath, “i have an excuse……love?”
❥   kuroo holds your hand underneath the table and helps you make the powerpoint presentation for your report the next day. his other hand is either poking your cheek or pointing to a slide animation that he’s insisting you include. half the time his suggestions are jokes, the other half are actually helpful. kuroo squeezes your hand twice, making you tear your gaze away from the computer and place it onto him, “can you work a little quicker, babe? wanna take you out on a date.”
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