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#kuroo scenarios
skozuii · 2 days ago
cuddling with the captains
featuring — daichi, kuroo, oikawa, bokuto, kita, ushijima.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cuddling with daichi would be him laying his head on your chest
your heartbeat truly soothes him
he would tell the good and bad things that happened that day
maybe he'd even rant, but it always comes out as ticklish mumbles which leaves you giggling
and he's in love with that reaction
he always caresses your arms lovingly, simply grateful you're willing to be there for him
that thought would create a warm spark in his heart and sometimes made him tear up a bit
it would be you laying on his chest, or on the crook of his neck
his scent is intoxicating, and it always managed making you fall asleep
you remind him of a cat who once slept on his chest
but you're definitely more precious to him than any cat in the whole wide world.
he loves playing with your hair
gentle head pats that wins your heart all over again every single time omg ㅠㅠ
smushes you in his arms with a giddy smile
that only lasts for some seconds tho. he doesn't want to suffocate you or anything
nevertheless, seeing him happy also lit up a smile on your face
he's both a big spoon and a little spoon
on tough days, he'd sleep with his back facing you
you'll wrap your arms around his waist and he'll turn around to cradle you
only hugging tighter cuz then he realizes he doesn't have to go through his hardships alone
pretty boy loves it when you run your fingers through his hair. he said it feels godly
big spoon
his hair's…. surprisingly soft? and now you play with it all the time
before dating him, you thought it would rather be spikey
when cuddling, he'd hug you from behind and smush his face on your shoulder with a hugee smile
literally a personal teddy bear
you'd sometimes face him and give a giant warm hug
bokuto's cuddles made you feel safe, especially with his buff-ness
he wants to cuddle you, for sure, but he's rather shy bringing up the topic
maybe because he's often worried of your reaction, whether you'll like it or not and all
so, you're the one who initiates cuddles 
red hue would paint over his cheeks everytime you ask
nevertheless he's always down for it
he plays with your hair from time to time
probably gets bold and pin you to the bed by shoulders only to give a soft smile and a kiss
definitely leaving you in a flushed state
super clueless at first
asking questions like "um,, how are we supposed to do this again?" "is it okay if i lay down here?" "...where am i supposed to put my arm, y/n-san?"
you find those questions wholesome
that resulted you to impulse kisses, and it always catches him off guard
after awhile, he got the hang of it
now he's more confident when initiating cuddles
especially because you once said "cuddles are nice. and if you like cuddles too then you can always ask me for it toshi-kun"
cuddling him would be you on your back, and ushijima draping an arm and a leg from your side
he would be a big spoon
but sometimes also a little spoon..
honestly, he's up for anything if it's you
Tumblr media
© skozuii — do not copy, steal, or translate my work. uploading them to other platforms are also prohibited.
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vemuabhi · a day ago
Stalker Alert
Requested by @ye-rin164​ Im so sorry Yui chan for being late. But thankyou for sticking around.
A request where Y/N is being stalked and is saved by Haikyuu boys.
Charecters : Kuroo, Sugawara, Oikawa, Tsukishima (Aged up)
(Up coming Charecters : Noya, Asahi, Atsumu, Kita) - Follow to not miss it!
WARNINGS : Angst, Scary stalkers, mentions of Blood in Kuroo’s story, Home invasion in Oikawa’s story. (If I missed any please tell me)
A/N : If anyone is suffering because of any stalkers or abusers, please tell someone before its too late.
I got some help from this source. I got to know the different types of stalkers.
copyright © vemuabhi
Please support by reblogs if you like my writings.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro – 500 words
“Sorry baby, I cant come today. I know we planned this but I’m really sorry”, Kuroo apologized as you sighed. “Okay fine. I’ll go home now. But you have to make up for this afterwards. Maybe go on a date this weekend”, you pouted as Tetsuro agreed for everything that you wished. Your boss and you were secretly dating and sometimes you both planned for dates, most of them resulted in being cancelled. But you were not angry at him, you could understand the situation and he loved that understanding nature of yours so much.
As you walked towards the parking lot you heard someone. As it was really late and most of the employees left and those who remained were with Kuroo, you felt a bit strange. Taking the phone in your hand you messaged Tetsuro.
‘I’m in the parking lot. Will leave now. Is there anyone who left just now? I heard some noise’. Waiting for his reply, You opened the door of your car and suddenly someone pushed you inside your car forcefully.
That person covered your mouth with one hand and with the other they placed a knife on your throat. By instinct, you bit their hand which made them to wince with pain, giving you a chance of escaping their tough grip. You noticed that it was none other than one of your colleague. She always was very sweet to you but looking at her now, she seemed like a devil. “Why does it have to be you?!”, she glared at you with so much hate in her eyes.
You were shocked to see her trying to attack you. Head was with so many thoughts of why was she doing that to you. But she took this opportunity and swung her knife at you. Which you couldn’t dodge properly, resulting in a deep cut on your hand. Your blood was dripping fast. As she was about to hit you again, another strong hand stopped her. You looked up as you tried to stop the wound from bleeding.
It was none other than your boyfriend. He snatched the knife away from her. He looked at your bleeding hand and pushed her away. Oh boy, he was so freaking pissed at this. A security guard came and took her away.
Kuroo gently pulled you up and took you to the hospital. After getting you all patched up, he hugged you tight and cried. He couldn’t even imagine something like this happening because he fell in love with you. He was so grateful that you messaged him while you were in the parking lot.
The next day he officially announced to everyone that you were his girlfriend. Damn if over protectiveness was a person that would be Kuroo. Making sure to always take care of you and even going to some lengths of trying to arrange body guards to you which you refused. But this big cat was so in love with you that he can’t help but be super protective of you. So forgive his behavior for now please.
Tumblr media
Sugawara Koushi – 530 words
“So, Im leaving now. I’ll be home by 11:45 i believe”, you informed Sugawara on the phone. Even though you were talking on the phone you could clearly imagine his happy face on the other side. “Yes! Finally your work is done. Damn I know I saw you in the morning but I already miss you~”
You chuckled and ended the conversation with him. Sugawara started to clean up the house a bit to make sure you don’t have more work than usual. You walked out of your office as you placed your phone inside your pocket and headed home. This time, it was a bit more late than usual. The roads were almost empty. You usually like quiet atmosphere but this was... eerie. It wasn’t of your liking. For some reason your felt a sense of danger. This made your senses to become a bit more cautious.
As you kept walking, you heard soft footsteps. You gulped and walked a bit faster than usual. The soft footsteps which you could hear earlier felt like they were catching up to you. You trying to keep calm reached for your phone and called Sugawara. He was in the recent call list so it was easy for you to find his number. As soon as he picked up, you said, “Koushi, I... I feel like I’m being followed. You said as you held back your tears.
“WHAT?!”, he exclaimed with worry and just as you feared, the footsteps which you could hear, were clearly running. By instinct you started to run ahead.
“Koushi I’m scared, They are running towards me”, at this point you were on the verge of tears. “Y/N! Search for any store or any pharmacy which is open”, his words made you to look around.
“I... I can see a open store on the end of the street”, you said in between gasps. “Go there! I’m coming now”, he said but the person behind you was almost on the verge of catching you.
“He’s here! Koushi help me”, you said as the tears rolled down your cheeks. “Hit him with your bag!” he said and you practically threw your bag at him with force, which made him to fall down. “Keep the phone on. I’m coming there. Don’t be scared!”
You rushed into the small store and looked back. Only to see that person still coming towards the store. “Koushi... I-”, you didn’t even complete your sentence then you saw a bike, clearly over speed limit rushing towards the store. The bike stopped right before the store door and the stalker started to run away but the person who got down the bike noticed it and threw a bat at the running stalker.
It made the stalker to faint. The man rushed into the store as you ran towards him and threw your hands around his shoulder. His hold on you tightened as you cried out. “Koushi I was so scared”, he gulped as he said, “Dont be. I’m here now. I’m sorry I was late”
“No you weren’t!”, you said between sobs as the stalker was caught by the authorities. Just lets say that you always had your boyfriend to pick you up, especially at nights. You were always accompanied by Sugawara. Well you had no complaints.
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru – 560 words
“I just got home now. Don’t worry baby”, you said as you closed the door of your apartment. You lived alone so your boyfriend always had a habit of talking to you till you safely made into your house. He walked you to your apartment and waited outside till you went in. You knew it was making him late but you couldn’t help but to fall in love with this behavior of his. He started this way before you both even got together. It made you friends to best friends to now lovers.
Previously you failed to convince him that you were really fine on your own. But he wasn’t happy with the area you were living in so he always made sure to drop you at home every time he could. It was genuine care of his, even you yourself were grateful for this because you were scared to walk through the quiet dark lane alone. Even the apartment had very few residence. You had no choice because you had to save money.
“Okay then bye tooru, You also need to eat dinner and sleep. You said you had some work”, you ended the conversation with him and walked towards your room. You took a shower and walked towards the Kitchen and noticed that your door was slightly open. This basically made you really anxious. You walked towards it and observed. Many things were running in your head. Did you lock the door? Did you at least close it properly? Did you forget? Did someone else... did this?
Gathering courage you walked towards your bedroom and noticed that there was no one. You walked into the kitchen and no one was there. Maybe it was all your imagination all long. But you couldn’t get relief of it. You weren’t sure why you felt like that.
Trying to not go too deep into the matter you grabbed your phone prom your pocket and messaged Tooru, just in case if he knows. He instantly called to say he was coming and told you to get out of that place asap. Just then you heard a noise from the bedroom. Your eyes widened because when you looked earlier no one was there in your bedroom. Was it because you didn’t check the closet or under the bed?
“Run!! Dont stay there!”, Oikawa said bringing you back from your shock. You ran out of your room. Soon enough you noticed a man running after you. Your tears streamed down your face while you ran down the stairs. But this made you to slip and fall down hard. The man loomed over you, trapping your form under him. Your tears were still flowing out from your eyes. But then you heard a loud bang and the person above you lost his grip on you.
You turned around and saw the familiar brunette. Tooru’s hands reached to you. Tooru pulled you up and ran out of the building leaving the unconscious man there. His priority was to get you to safety before he did anything else. He called the police and while they arrived you cried holding him tight. He rubbed your back soothingly. Mentally cursing himself for not getting you out of that place sooner. The police took the stalker away from the place and you stayed at Tooru’s place. The next day he made sure to get all your stuff from the apartment.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei – 375 words
“Maybe 15 minutes”, Kei sighed as he reached for his keys. “Why are you asking? Perhaps you are planning to pick me up like the previous time”, you raised your eye brow and adjusted your airpod as you placed your laptop in your bag.
“Wha! No I’m not”, he denied which made you to chuckle. “Okay okay, fine. I’m leaving now”, you ended the call and left the work place. The cold air made you to shiver. You usually sometimes look at your phone and check your socials but you didn’t feel like that now. You really just wanted to go home quickly.
But just as you were walking, you clearly heard a person walking behind you. Gulping you slowly turned back and tried to see if someone was coming. Sure there was a guy who was walking. Just when he noticed that you saw him, his pace increased and he started to run towards you, which made you to also run away from him. Your phone wasn’t in your pocket which made you even more nervous. ‘How should i call for help’, your tears slipped out of your eyes and you were sure that the person chasing you was almost about to catch you. ‘Kei help me’, was your thought and at the exact moment a person punched the person behind you. He apparently ran from the opposite side of the road when he saw that you were being chased.
You looked back and saw the very familiar blond haired person. Your legs came to a halt after seeing Kei, your limbs went limb after running for so long with fear. Kei’s eyes turned dark as he hit the stalker one last time, making him unconscious.
Tsukki looked at you and engulfed you in the tightest hug ever. “I am so glad you came”, you sobbed into his shoulder as he held you tighter. “I’m here. Dont cry”, he said as he held you close to him. From then on even if you had to go to the mall which was one block away, Tsukki made sure to give you a ride. He even bought a bike for himself so that you could use his car whenever he couldn’t drop you.
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haikyutiehoe · 9 hours ago
thinking ‘bout kuroo fucking you in his office, bending u over his desk and shoving his knee between ur legs </33
kuroo presses you against his desk, stomach flat against the surface with one impressive hand holds the back of your neck as he fully sheaths himself inside you. “good kitten.” he growls, fucking into you when you seize around his size and girth. “you always take my cock so well pretty baby. do it again.” an interrupted yel leaves your lips when he pulls out, leaving your pussy aching from the burn. “again.” he hissed, voice admiring how you clench around him nearly impossibly tighter than before.
rutting back against him, he tugs you onto his lap, fingers attending to your needy clit. a series of pants and moans accent your lips as you utter his name. “yes, kuroo, yes, yes, fuck-again,”
edging his fingers coated in your taste, he shoves them against your tongue, forcing you to accept his demands. a deep seated groan splits from your throat as he thrusts into you with the near weight of his entire body. your legs shake, voice choking in pleasure.
“think you can do it again pretty girl?” he rasps behind your ear, nipping your lobe. “your always my best performer.”
stomach fluttering from the chaste praise, you grind against him, taking him deep again and again until his voice breaks. “fuck-stop playing hard to get…” his voice growls tightly, eyes shut to focus on the seizing of your pussy around his buried cock. “don’t you want to make me happy? my executives happy?” the gentle voice sharply hisses.
three more rapid thrusts and kuroo releases a small hissed gasp as he cums inside you, holding you still with an iron clad grasp on your waist and neck, each hand applying equal amounts of binding pressure as you lean flush against him to accept his expensive seed. “good job kitten. just how i like it.”
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charmingkuroo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my train partner — kuroo tetsurou x reader au
synopsis: running late after extra volleyball practice, kuroo catches the last train ride home. His watch beeps at exactly 10pm as he steps on the train with a satisfied sigh. He notices there’s only one other person on the train. Quickly, Kuroo realizes there’s something wrong with his train partner
genre: fluff. angst. betrayal. written + smau
warnings/things to know: fem!reader. sort of canon!kuroo. strong language. inappropriate topics/mentions.
taglist: open
schedule: every other day @ 4pm pdt; starting October 18th
status: ongoing
Tumblr media
ⓘ *Profiles have been added*
Tumblr media
Season One (✿◠‿◠)
chapter 1: extra volleyball practice? this late?
chapter 2: you’re.. back?
chapter 3: I made a friend
Tumblr media
Extra Content (vlogs/bts with the cast of “my train partner”):
i. morning schedule ft. y/n & kuroo
ii. going on a “date” together ft. y/n & kuroo
iii. meeting our new co-star ft. kenma
Tumblr media
* be respectful of the character’s choices/decisions. after all, we can’t all be smart ;) *
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hankuto · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
this is stupid.
kuroo knows that better than anyone—knows that this is entirely unreasonable and entirely spur of the moment and entirely something he should not do—but you're standing in the kitchen, covered in flour, and the words seem to fall from his lips as if they were always meant to be there.
"marry me," he says, and he means it just as he did when he asked you yesterday as he kissed you goodbye, and just as he did the day before when you tripped down the stairs, and just as he would tomorrow if you said no.
but this time, as laughter spills from your lips, messy dough coating your cheeks, something stirs in him. something that he wouldn't find yesterday and won't find tomorrow and something that feels like hope, and delirium and you—and he thinks, if only for a second, that stupid isn't even the word for it.
"you're asking right now?" you raise a brow, motioning your fingers around your mess of a kitchen, and a silly little smile draws across his cheeks.
"i am."
"i'm covered in flour," you say.
and he grins, "yeah, and you should marry me."
you shake your head, pulling your lips together, and you give him that look you always do; the 'maybe when we're older and smarter and a little less prone to divorce' look that he's grown to dread.
because, yes, this is stupid—incredibly so—but he's twenty-one and he's pretty sure he's never going to get much smarter than this and you share a bed every night without killing each other, so, really, why not?
he holds his hand in the air, waiting to insist on asking you again tomorrow, but you laugh—soft and bright and something that aches like home—and a little okay rolls off your lips.
"what?" his fingers stutter in front of him, voice tugging at the back of his throat, and you laugh.
"i said okay."
"you're kidding," he says, a little too dumbfounded for his own good.
"now why would i do that?" you reply, a little tease catching your breath.
(oh, you must be trying to kill him now.)
"because i asked you to marry me."
"you did."
"and you said yes." a breath spills from your throat—happy little laughter swirling between you.
"i did."
and he doesn't know whether to scream, or cry, or maybe throw up, but he does know that you just agreed to marry him, so all three sound like a solid approach.
"i'm in love with you," he says, hands reaching for floured cheeks.
"well i would hope so."
and he rolls his eyes, pulling you in—lips meeting yours with a clash of flour and warmth and a breath of anything but regret—and he's sure that he'd be stupid every day of his life if it meant being with you.
Tumblr media
hi this is for @neoheros and @coophi's summer writing challenge and i am nervous and scared and about to sob into my hands but i wanted to throw a lil smth in there for fun <3 this is such a lovely idea i'm so glad i got to participate :)
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him - Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Kuroo x Fem! Reader | Iwaizumi x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Request: Hi Lovely! I just read your wonderful work "You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him and it was just amazing :) Can I request Kuroo and Iwaizumi (if you feel comfortable with them of course!) for the prompt? BTW I love all the Asahi content, I feel like he is so underrated in the fandom!
Requested by: @captain-janeway
A/N: Again, these were supposed to be shorter but, I reiterate, I have no control over myself. Also, please these are making me FEEL things. I spent three entire days writing this and I really hope you enjoy! 🥺
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou is a lot of things. If you asked people, they would call him an athlete, a nerd, a tease, a merciless captain (*cough* Lev *cough*) a smartass and a smug bastard who loves riling others up. It's true, Kuroo Tetsurou is all of these things. But to you, he is so much more.
He is the one you go to whenever you are feeling down. He is the one who teases you to death all the time. He is your 3AM buddy, and the one you can count on to be at your side no matter what. He is the one who always makes sure you are fine and takes care of you without you asking him to. He is so much more than what he shows to the world. He is caring and thoughtful and never fails to bring a smile to your face. To you, Kuroo Tetsurou is your best friend.
He is also the one you're hopelessly pining for.
It doesn't help that he teases and flirts with you playfully all the time and it makes your heart want to jump out of your chest. You cannot figure out if this is just his nature or if he actually likes you back.
You always go to his games to cheer him on and today was no different except for the fact that a lot more people from your batch were here to cheer for Nekoma, seeing that it was the Nationals. You are sitting in your seat, happily watching the boys line up on the court when someone speaks up behind you.
"Isn't that Kuroo-san? He's hot, isn't he?"
You slowly turn around to see who said that and, to your dismay, it was Sato Hitomi, one of the prettiest girls in your batch. You have always marvelled at the way she carries herself so gracefully. It irks you that she just called Kuroo hot. You turn back around to focus on the game.
You want to pay attention to what's happening in the game. You really do. But it is impossible with Hitomi sitting so near you and talking so excitedly about Kuroo to her friend.
"Wow, I never knew he was such a talented blocker."
"His hairstyle is so unique! It makes him look 10 times more handsome."
"Look at those muscles! Damn!"
"That back attack was so cool!"
"Look at him motivating his teammates. He is such a good captain"
"Woah, he looked so hot doing that."
Every word of praise she speaks pierces your heart like a dagger.
"They won!!" she says and stands up, clapping and cheering. You forget about her for a moment as you stand up to cheer and clap too. From the court, Kuroo gives a big smile and a thumbs-up in your direction. You thought it was for you but Hitomi also gives him a thumbs-up back so you're not sure now.
"Do you think I should ask him out on a date? Do you think he will say yes?" Hitomi asks her friend and your breath catches in your throat.
"Of course he will say yes. I mean, he would be stupid to say no to you," her friend encourages her.
The giant lump in your throat is making it hard to swallow. Every trace of excitement you felt for a moment has vanished.
She is right, of course. Sato Hitomi is one of the nicest and prettiest girls in Nekoma. Very few boys would ever say no to a girl like her. Kuroo really would be stupid if he said no to her. In fact, you're sure Taketora would actually murder him if he ever rejected a girl like her.
It is taking all you have to not run out of the stadium right then. No, you're Kuroo's best friend first and you came here to support him. If you leave without saying anything, he would worry and that is the last thing he needs in the midst of Nationals. No, you're going to pretend everything is okay and you won't leave without congratulating him first.
You make your way to the locker rooms where you know the boys would have finished changing by now. Kuroo is standing right outside the room, hand on his hip. He sees you approaching and the corner of his mouth twitches upwards into his usual smirk.
Pretending to be fine is going to be harder than you thought.
You smile at him as brightly as you can, hoping it will cover up what you're actually feeling.
"Heeeey! I told you you would do it!" you say, a little too animatedly, raising your hand to give him a high five.
"Yeah, it was tough going for a while but we-"
You both turn to see Hitomi running towards you, waving and smiling widely.
"Ah, Sato-san!" he smiles and waves at her.
She runs up to Kuroo and grabs both his hands with hers.
At this moment, Taketora is coming out of the locker room and, as he watches the whole scene unfold, you can swear you see a vein burst in his head.
"Kuroo-san you were so great oh my god! You-" she continues with a string of high praises for him.
Kuroo has completely forgotten that you're standing right next to him as he listens to this sudden and unexpected rain of compliments. His hands are still in hers and you can see a blush is starting to creep up his cheeks.
You suddenly realize that your cheeks are wet. You don't even know when the tears started falling from your eyes. Thankfully, Kuroo has not looked at you at all since Hitomi started speaking so he hasn't noticed. You use his distractedness to your advantage to quietly slip away. Once you are out of earshot, you run outside to hail a cab, desperate to get as far away from this place as you can.
As you're getting in the cab, you hear someone shout your name from behind. You can't be sure but it sounds like Kuroo. However, you're in no state to face anyone right now so you dive into the cab and ask the driver to drive off quickly.
2 minutes later your phone starts ringing and you check to see that Kuroo is calling you. If you pick up right now, he will know instantly that you're crying. He will probably worry anyway if you don't pick up but this way you can make up any excuse later. You set your phone to silent and throw it in your bag.
You spend the entire ride home crying quietly in the back of your cab.
Once you are home, you throw your bag on your bed and head straight to the shower. You take a long shower and feel a lot better once you are done.
After changing into something comfortable, you plop onto your bed and take out your phone.
You are surprised to see there are 17 missed calls. 14 from Kuroo, 2 from Tora and 1 from Kenma.
You open your messages and see that Tora and Kuroo have texted you.
Tora @ 4:08PM: Y/N-san please pick up the call. Kuroo-san is freaking out.
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Y/N, why did you leave without saying anything??
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Why did Tora just tell me you were crying? Were you crying????
Kuroo @ 2:43PM: Why won't you pick up???
Kuroo @ 2:57PM: Please talk to me.
Kuroo @ 3:26PM: Look, I would come to your house right now if I didn't have to talk strategy for tomorrow's match with my team. Can you please at least let me know you're okay?
You groan. You had completely forgotten that Tora was around. You're going to have to come up with a really good explanation for this. As you're about to type your response, your phone dings again.
Kuroo @ 4:16PM: After all this time if you still think...
You frown. What's that supposed to mean?
You decide to ignore it for now.
You: Hey. I'm so sorry, my phone was on silent and I didn't see your messages till now.
You: Please don't worry about me, I was crying because I had a fight with my mom. That's why I rushed home. And I'm okay now, we resolved it.
Kuroo: So, you're going to straight up lie to me now?
You: But I'm not??
You hear the bell ring downstairs. A minute later, your father shouts for you, "Y/N! Kuroo is here. I'm sending him upstairs."
He's here?!?!
You barely have time to absorb that information when you hear a knock on your door.
"Come in."
The door opens and Kuroo steps in. He closes the door behind him and turns to you, arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face.
"Tetsu, what are you doing here? You have a match tomorrow! You should be with your team!"
"You leave without saying goodbye, I find out that you were crying when you left and you won't pick your phone or reply to my messages. What else do you expect me to do?"
You hang your head in shame. You're feeling so guilty now for not responding to him immediately.
"I- I'm so sorry, Tetsu. Really. The reason I didn't pick up was because I didn't want you to find out I was crying. I didn't want to worry you. I just put my phone on silent and threw it in my bag. I didn't see any of the calls or messages until now."
"Are you going to tell me why you were crying?"
"I already did!"
"I called your mom when you weren't picking up and she told me that she hadn't seen or spoken to you since morning. So, are you going to stick to this made up story of yours?"
He's caught you right in the middle of your lie. There's no way out of this. You don't say anything. You just play with your hands in your lap, not daring to meet him in the eye.
Kuroo comes and sits next to you on your bed.
"How long have we known each other, Y/N?"
His question surprises you. You look up at him and see his expression has softened. He's looking at you seriously but he isn't annoyed anymore.
"Six years...why?"
"So, after six years of knowing me, if you still think that I have eyes for anyone but you, then you don't know me at all."
Your eyes are open so wide that they might pop out of their sockets any second now. You try to respond but you just make random noises instead of forming coherent sentences.
"What- I- you knew?? you too??? you like me?? I too- I mean! Me too- I-"
Kuroo throws his head back and laughs. He reaches over and pulls you in for a tight hug. Your heart feels like it might explode in your chest.
He gently kisses the top of your forehead and then leans down to rest his own against it, smiling widely.
"I too, Y/N. I too."
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
You don't remember how many times you must have internally thanked Oikawa for being Iwaizumi Hajime's best friend. His conventionally pretty face attracts almost all the girls towards him, letting you have Iwaizumi all to yourself.
Well, sort of. He is still just your close friend. You haven't been able to gather the courage to confess to him yet. And only the Gods above know if he feels the same way about you because he certainly has never done or said anything to you that shows that he has feelings for you too.
You're sure that if you do confess and he doesn't feel the same way, it wouldn't affect your friendship at all. If anything, he would become even more considerate of your emotions and do anything to make sure you are all right. But you didn't think you were ready to handle the heartbreak of being rejected by him. Until now.
For almost a whole year, you have skirted around your feelings for him. It is your final year of High School now and you have decided that it is now or never. If you don't confess now, you might regret it for the rest of your life.
You make your way to the Seijoh gym where you know the boys must be getting ready for practice. You are greeted with loud gasps and a chorus of "heyys" and "Hi Y/Ns!" as soon as you step into the gym. You shout and wave back cheerfully as you make your way to your friends. As usual, your eyes find Iwa and your heart does a somersault as he smiles softly at you, his eyes wide with surprise. What with the two-week long term break and your cousin's wedding right after, it has been a while since you've seen him. Looking at him now makes you realize how terribly you missed him. All you want to do is run into his arms and hug him tightly.
"Y/N-chan, you're so cruel. Making us miss you for the entire first week of our last year," Oikawa pouts playfully at you.
"Aww. I missed you all too, Tooru. In fact, I missed you all so much that I came back a day earlier just so I could see this very look of surprise on your stupid face," you say as you give everyone a high five.
"Well, I'm glad you're back because at least now you can take Iwa-chan off my back," he says and you laugh.
"Someone's already doing that, though," Makki whispers a little too loudly and earns a smack on his head by an angry Iwa.
You frown. What was that about?
But before you can enquire further, Oikawa drags you away to introduce you to the new first years in the team.
It is time for them to practice so you make your way to the bench on the side. You're not the manager for their team but you might as well have been since you spend all your free time hanging around in the gym, watching them practice.
"Sorry, I'm late!" you turn around and see someone run into the gym, huffing and panting, "I couldn't find my shoes and spent a long time looking for them."
"Ah, Noriko-chan. Come, come. We were just about to start," Oikawa waves at her from the court.
"Sorry, give me just one minute to set up," she says and runs towards the bench you are sitting on.
She looks a little surprised to see you but smiles at you as she sets her things down.
She seems nice. You watch as she pulls out a notebook and a pen from her bag and goes and sits next to the scoreboard.
She must be the new manager Iwaizumi had told you about. She is a year younger than you and you have seen her around in school a few times.
You plan to confess to Iwaizumi tonight and, as the practice nears its end, you start getting more and more restless and nervous. You will confess to him on your usual walk back home, when it's just the two of you.
After practice, you stroll over to him as he stuffs his jersey into his gym bag. You are going to do this tonight for better or for worse.
Relax. You're just going to ask him if he's ready to leave. You try to calm yourself, your heart going a 100 miles an hour already.
"He-ey, Hajime! You ready to go, yet? There's something I wanted to talk to you about on the way back."
His expression suddenly changes into something uncomfortable.
"Uhh, actually, Y/N. I'm walking back home with Noriko tonight. Is it important? I can ask her to wait."
You blink at him.
He must have noticed the disappointment on your face because he continues, looking even more guilty and uncomfortable somehow, "Sorry. I didn't know that you were coming a day earlier and I had already promised her I'd walk her."
"It's all right, Hajime. You don't need to explain. I'll just walk back with the others," you smile at him and start walking away.
"Wait, you never told me what you wanted to talk to me about."
"Ahh, don't worry about it. It was nothing important," you say, not looking back at him.
At that moment Noriko appears from the opposite direction and runs towards Iwaizumi.
"Hajime-kun. You ready to leave?"
Hajime? They're on a first name basis already?
Your stomach feels like it has been filled with a pile of rocks as you walk back to Oikawa, who is talking about a new play strategy with Mattsun.
"Y/N! Do you mind waiting for a bit? I was just explaining to Mattsun about this new technique we can try tomorrow."
"Take your time! I'm in no hurry. I'll go sit outside until then," you say and make your way out of the gym.
You spot Noriko and Iwaizumi walking out of the front gate and the feeling of dread grows in your chest. You sit on the grass, holding your knees close to your chest. Your head is spinning with questions.
How did they become this close in just three weeks? Or has it been going on longer? Is this what Makki was referring to when he joked earlier? Why hadn't Iwaizumi told you anything about her except that she was the new manager? After all, you were one of his closest friends, he would tell you if he was seeing someone.
Wouldn't he?
This is not how you had imagined today to go at all. You had woken up this morning equal parts excited and nervous because today was the day you were finally going to tell Iwaizumi everything you felt for him. But now it feels like you might never get to do that.
No. No. No. Stop overreacting. There might be a simple explanation for all this. You put your head between your knees and take in deep breaths to calm yourself. You don't want the others to see you like this.
You've calmed yourself down considerably by the time they arrive and you finally set off home with the rest of the team.
The usual banter between the boys helps take your mind off things and you find the tightness in your chest easing as the third years resort to their usual clown antics.
"Hey, isn't that Iwaizumi Senpai?" one of the first years says and everyone stops in their tracks. You turn to see where he's looking.
You inhale sharply and you can feel Oikawa stiffen next to you.
You're all standing a little way away from a really cute bakery and, through the window, you can see Iwaizumi and Noriko sitting and talking to each other.
"Hah! I told you they were dating," Makki says with a smug expression on his face.
Oikawa, in a slightly panicked voice, says, "Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions."
"Pssh, you're only saying that because you were wrong and I was right. They're clearly on a date right now! Back me up Mattsun!," Makki quips back.
"I don't care."
Their argument just fades into the background as you watch Iwa and Noriko from the window. Noriko hands Iwa a rectangular box, wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn over it. It looks like something a girlfriend would give to her boyfriend.
You're wishing a hole would open up in the ground right now and swallow you forever.
"There's a very simple solution to this, all right? We will ask Iwa-chan tomorrow. Then we will see who was right. Let's not stand here and gape at them from the window, it will be awkward if they see us. Come on, chop chop, let's go," Oikawa's panic is evident in his voice as he tries to usher everyone away from the window.
"Y/N, come on. Let's go," Oikawa says.
You hear him but you don't move. It feels like your feet are planted into the ground. He reaches out, grabs your hand and pulls you towards him.
As he does that, Iwaizumi looks out of the window.
And, just for a split second, your eyes meet. But before you can register it, Oikawa has pulled you out of view.
The rest of the group is walking a little ahead, chatting animatedly. Thankfully, none of them noticed anything.
Well, except Oikawa. You can sense he is struggling to think of words to say to you.
"Y/N, look, don't listen to these idiots, okay? They don't know what they're talking about," he says to you in a low voice.
You stop in your tracks and he stops with you.
It's not surprising that he knows about your feelings, seeing how close you both are. He probably figured it out long ago. There's no point hiding it now.
"I was going to confess to him tonight, you k-know?" and as you say that, your voice cracks.
"I w-was going to tell him everything. A-about how much he means to me, about how I have felt about him for the last one year, about how he is all I think about all the time- and- I- I-," you're trembling from head to toe as another sob escapes from your mouth.
"And what makes you think that I don't feel the same way about you?" a quiet voice speaks up from behind you.
You spin around and see Iwaizumi standing a few feet away, the last fading rays of the sun falling on his face at an angle, highlighting his serious expression.
"It's not her fault. Makki wouldn't stop going on about how he was right about you two dating," Oikawa says.
Iwaizumi just nods at Oikawa, "Can you walk Noriko home? She's waiting at the bakery."
Oikawa nods and walks off. The others have also long since gone ahead. It is just you and Iwaizumi on this empty road now.
He comes closer to you, olive green eyes looking straight into yours as he speaks.
"I've had feelings for you for a while now but I wasn't sure how to tell you. I didn't just want to tell you, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me."
He says and holds out a box for you. It is rectangular in shape and is wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn all around it.
"Open it."
You take it from him silently. It is heavier than it looks and you are careful not to drop it as you tear it open.
You gasp as you realize what it is. It is a framed painting of you and Iwaizumi. Or rather, it is a painting of your favourite photo of you and Iwaizumi. You had taken this picture on your first school trip together, both of you smiling ear to ear with the sun setting over the hills in the background.
"I had heard about a junior who paints really well and I had approached her right before school ended. That junior was Noriko and she is the one who painted this. Coincidentally, she also joined the team as a manager.
I had been meeting her to check on the progress of the painting which, of course, was an invitation for everyone to let their imaginations run wild about us.
She was supposed to give me the painting today and a treat at her favourite bakery was just my way of saying thank you to her, nothing more."
You're overwhelmed with emotions and your eyes keep flitting back and forth from Iwa and the painting.
"It's beautiful. You're beautiful. Thank you. I- I don't know what to say," you say, your voice barely a whisper
His face finally breaks into a smile.
"Just say yes to being my girlfriend?"
You link your arm with his and gaze lovingly into his eyes.
"Yes. A million times over, yes."
Tumblr media
Hope you like it!! <3
Check out this BEAUTIFUL IWA ART of the painting by @darthdutton
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iwasbunny · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# drabble. 573 words
# warnings. spanking, dacryphilia, degradation, daddy kink, afab reader, praise, sadistic themes, daddy kink, light begging and dumbification.
# contains. mean daddy kuroo breaking his little brat.
# note. this was totally not self-indulgent, whaa-
Tumblr media
Your mind was all fuzzy and your head blank, as you blinked away a new set of unshed tears that were quick to roll down your flushed cheeks. Even more loud whimpers pour out past your lips at the feeling of another firm smack against your ass, the slight stinging aftershocks making you suck in a breath.
“What’s the matter, pretty baby. Thought you said you could handle it?” He asked, the teasing tone in his voice clear as day, you could hear the smugness practically dripping off of his words but before you could even utter a single word, Kuroo’s hands were gripping your jaw and forcing you to look up at him with that pitiful fucked out expression all over your face.
“I don’t wanna hear any excuses, doll. Now, how many was that? Told you to count, didn’t I?” Your eyes widened comically at the mistake you made and he swears, he almost cooed at the sight of you, sniffling pathetically and begging for him to stop. “D-don’t know, daddy—please! ‘m sorry, didn’t mean to forget-”
Your begging was barely heard, just a passing whimper that went in one ear and out the other, as he lets his hands come down hard against your already bruised skin, “Uh-uh, I told you to count and you couldn’t even do something as simple as that. You know what that means, don’t you?”
As much as you wanted to argue with him, you knew it’d only land you into more trouble and so you brainlessly nodded along to his question. “Mm, dumb little whore just doesn’t know how to listen.”
His calloused fingers danced against the marks he’s made on you, loving the way you shuddered from just the warmth of his touch. They moved lower and lower, till they were rubbing against your clothed cunt and just as he expected.. your panties were soaked, dripping in your arousal.
“Begging me to stop when you’re this fucking wet, princess. I knew you liked it, bet you wanted to get punished, my cute little pain slut.”
There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as he pushed your panties off to the side, digits now circling your clit while he smirks at the way your hips rock against his hand in an attempt to chase the pleasure. And when you least expected it, he pulls back, unexpectedly delivering a harsh slap right on your sensitive slit which makes your body jerk in response, the pain and pleasure making your thighs quiver.
“Count for me, princess. Don’t make me ask again.”
That was all he had to say to make the words roll off of your tongue.
“Hngh—o-one..” and this time he couldn’t even be bothered to hold back a chuckle, not when you looked so pathetic bent over his knee like this. “Atta girl, now..”
“..why don’t we see how long it takes for me to make you cum, just like this.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: after a stressful day at work, your boyfriend kuroo gives you some special treatment, that you well and truly deserve.
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ PAIRING: tetsurou kuroo x fem!reader.
ʚ♡ɞ WC: 2.8K.
ʚ♡ɞ RATED: mature, 18+, mdni.
ʚ♡ɞ GENRE: post-time skip!au, smut.
ʚ♡ɞ CW: please read !  smut, ( characters aged to twenties ), soft dom!kuroo, daddy!kink, breeding!kink, oral sex and fingering ( female recieving ), uprotected sex, bath sex, choking, squirting, marking, reader has a shitty job.
ʚ♡ɞ A/N: hi all!! i hope you’re having a nice weekend, here’s another commission— this time from my beloved @doinmybesthere !! first time writing kuroo so i hope you enjoy mwah :(( <3
ʚ♡ɞ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is what you deserve.
the head of the man you love between your precious thighs, soaked with viscous arousal — as if it were honey, judging from the way he eats you out— like a man starved of a meal for too many moons. kuroo’s tongue works your sticky and swollen folds, collecting what drips from your hole in his mouth before it escapes him, repeating the process over and over as if tasting your sweetness is what gives him energy.
you deserve to be worshiped like this, kisses pressed against your throbbing clit until your thighs tremble with the bite marks on them, the ones that write words of love and praise against your skin. kuroo is more than happy to oblige— eagerly swirling his tongue around your fluttering hole, plunging it inside you after he’s felt you’ve whined enough, pressing it hard against your gummy walls.
to be treated like something your lover can’t get enough of, valued like you’re priceless, is what you deserve— not to be talked over in board meetings at work when you’re clearly the only one who knows what’s going on, not to be patronised for being the only woman in the room ( and the only one with a brain )— you’re too smart, too talented and good at what you do to be treated like such crap.
but your boyfriend, your tetsurou, understands.
he understands that you’re overworked and underpaid, earning too little for the effort you put into keeping the company you work for afloat— countless hours you could have spent resting in his arms after coming back from the office are used up by managing excel sheets that could have been done by interns...instead dumped on your overqualified self.
kuroo knows that you deserve better too, that’s why he treats you like a goddess and kisses the ground you walk on, welcoming you with open arms after you’ve walked home in the rain despite the possibilities of catching a cold, running you a bath with your favourite scents— vanilla and manuka honey because it makes you feel warm and soothes your racing heart. tonight, he’d even stripped you down to nothing before letting you slip into the hot water, kissing every inch of your skin— mapping out scars and beauty marks, with adoration hotter on his lips.
tonight he’d sunk to his knees in front of the woman he loves, golden irises like a million burning suns, focused on you as open mouthed smooches— both wet and warm had led him to your needy cunt.
all in the name of helping you feel better, treating you how you should be.
“t-tetsu,” you sigh, high pitched and breathless, into the steamy air of your bathroom— the sound echoing off the walls and intertwining with the lewd sounds of kuroo slurping at your dripping sex. you lean against the bathtub, gripping its rim for support. “tetsu! my love, the bath...i-it’ll run cold if we don’t—“
you don’t have it in you to finish your words as kuroo thrusts is tongue in and out of your puckered hole, curling it every time it breaches your walls, accompanied by the bump of his nose against your puffy nub— he sniffs, inhaling the scent of your sex as if you’re a rose pulled from eve’s garden and the very sound makes your body shudder and heat flare up across it. “you’re always so concerned about everything that isn’t you, aren’t you sweet girl?” the dark haired man pulls his ravaging mouth off of you and clicks his tongue with mock disappointment, though his eyes locked with yours speak volumes of infatuation and greed hung up on the way you taste. “i already told you, tonight is about you. there’s no rush and the bath water isn’t goin’ anywhere,”
he’s right, tetsurou is right and you know that he is. the truth is, you feel shy, with doe eyes and parted lips— shaky thighs and a slick sex, you feel shy that he’s able to make you feel better in such dirty ways. that days of bad work can be erased by simply sitting on the face of the man you love.
“but tetsu— the bath,” you whine, shiny lipped and teary eyed as he replaces the loss of his mouth with two fingers at once— immediately curling them to find the sweet spot inside of you that makes your juices roll in waves and coat his digits with ease.
kuroo sighs and the pad of his thumb is pressed flush against your hardened pleasure button— the added pressure causing galaxies to form along your vision, glued to your bathroom ceiling. “so much mouth for me, sweet girl,” he hums, smile on his lips and a stare like hot liquid gold that would make you melt if you touched it. “but none for those nasty men at work, huh? ‘m just tryna make you feel good, show you what you really deserve but it seems you don’t want that,” although his words are just a little bit cruel, they’re spoken with such softness that it makes your gooey pussy spasm and your entire body tremble.
but despite that, kuroo keeps his fingers going, their tips brushing against your velvet lined walls and scissoring to make you scream into the high heavens and yellow artificial light— your tummy burns with lust and teters on the edge of release, all you need is one little push which your boyfriend refuses to give. he doesn’t speed up, only fucks your cunt with enough pace to string along your high and you know exactly why.
“c-can’t ride your face, it’ll take too long ‘n the bath will go cold, ‘n you’re being mean,” you circle your hips and clamp down, trying to coax tetsurou into a faster pace so that you can finally cum.
and it’s as if the angels above have heard your prayers, seeing you tormented by the world was enough for them to stop the torture your boyfriend was putting you through— his fingers pull out of your fluttering heat, coated in a shine before he uses them to knead your plush thighs and push them further apart. “you’re right baby, daddy knows, that was a little too mean, eh?” kuroo coos up to you, blowing warm air on your quivering cunt, watching with keen eyes as a fat droplet of your arousal runs down your slit. he catches it with his tongue before it can go to waste— taking in your hot face and teary eyes with love. “y’just so cute when you ride my tongue, sweet girl, so why don’t we work together here? jus’ move your hips a little, make yourself cum for me, as much as you want,”
work together.
the phrase makes you tingle from top to toe, letting kuroo’s large hands extend to your ass— skin licked with sweat— so he can pull your pussy onto his awaiting, eager mouth. you don’t know what’s hotter, the steam in your bathroom or your body on fire with desire as his tongue slides between your swollen, sticky folds once more. “god, you’re so wet f’me, taste so good— you’re so good sweet girl, better than anyone deserves,” kuroo mumbles, praise muffled by your hips that rut gingerly into his face— the words vibrate against your core and cause you to cry out, one hand releasing its grip on the bathtub to tug on the midnight locks of your boyfriend’s hair.
being praised, told that you’re good makes dopamine fire across your brain—you know that you are, but hearing your boyfriend say it makes your heart beat harder in your chest and down in your pussy too. for a while, kuroo stills, letting you lift your hips and use his tongue at your will, running it up and down your leaking cunt before his fingers return to draw star shaped patterns against your needy clit.
“wanna—!” you cry out, the stimulation from your boyfriend’s slippery tongue sending hormones running through your veins and arousal to seep from your pores. you lean back to grind your hips faster and harder into his mouth— smooshing your puffy pleasure bud against his nose— leaning almost far enough to fall into the tub behind you— but kuroo has a bruising grip on your thighs that keeps you in place. “wanna cum, please daddy! please tetsu!”
tetsurou pulls away...only just, swallowing deep— his face shining with evidence of how turned on you are. “as much as you want, darlin’, tonight’s about you,” he practically moans into your ravaged mound, returning to carnally devour the rest of you.
and then the earth is shattering beneath you, the scorched delight that had been building firmly in your lower belly suddenly feels like it’s snapped and crashes over you in intense waves. you cum hard, kuroo’s name a sinful spell on your bitten and raw lips, your cunt sopping and dribbling its candied nectar before you can even realise what’s going on— you lose consciousness to the cosmos, your release painting kuroo’s cheeks as you gush and gush until your body simply can’t anymore.
your boyfriend slows the movement of his tongue, careful with your sensitive lower lips whilst he cleans you up and doesn’t waste a drop of your cum— bringing you back down from cloud nine and into your foggy bathroom again. “here with me again, sweetheart?” tetsuro asks, massaging the small of your back, kissing your inner thighs once your breath returns to you.
“mhm, here daddy,” you confirm, looking down with hazy eyes— swallowing the sight of your lover with his dark hair matted against his forehead and his cheeks wet.
“ready for your bath?”
you barely manage a nod, your limbs shaky. “uhuh, please daddy,”
the mop of midnight black hair rises from between your legs, aiming straight for your lips— kuroo’s tongue rolls into your open mouth, and you taste the essence of yourself during the feverish storm in which you push off his clothes. neither of you part, too caught up in exploratory grips and grazes even as your boyfriend takes your hand and helps you sink into the pool of scented water beneath your feet. the hot water sends soothing waves throughout your body— only amplified when kuroo pulls you into his lap, your sensitive cunt landing right over his solid erection.
the pair of you sit together, your bare breasts and hardened nipples rubbing against tetsurou’s chest— arms strong from his sporting days hooked around your middle to keep you close to him. “you work so hard, sweetness, busy every day and they don’t even appreciate you enough,” he almost simpers, his tip that oozes into the bath water—brushing through your tender, milky folds, making you collapse against his wet skin. “when was the last time i had you like this baby?”
“dunno daddy,” you mumble wetly, your face twisting erotically and eyes rolling when you buck your hips feverishly over your lover’s— begging for him to push his hips up and shove his cock past your awaiting folds. you need him, to help you forget and to make you feel loved.
“i don’t remember either, princess, so ‘m sorry,” he grunts, saliva pooling on his tongue as one of his hands cups your face and the other the curve of your waist— amber stare growing dark while swirling with blazen thirst for you and only you. kuroo’s hips thrust up, smacking your ass dewily and sending water sloshing over the side of the tub. “‘m sorry for not being able to wait anymore,”
all at once, you’re filled up with cock that stretches you wide open and sits heavy in the pits of your stomach— churning up your insides and scrubbing your brain blank of any stress from your awful job. all you can think, see and feel is kuroo—overwhelmed by the feeling of the forked vein on the underside of his girth rubbing against sensitive nerve endings along your ribbed walls. there’s a beat of silence after your bodies come together as one, where the bathroom air that’s filled with steam is joined by puffs of starved lovers desperate to send each other to the gates of heaven.
“move, tetsuro, please, please...” comes your abrupt gasp, while you begin driving your hips downwards, taking more and more of your boyfriend into your sweet, slobbering pussy. you know that you're wet despite being deep in the water, warm and gushy on the inside as you ride kuroo’s dick—building up momentum between your damp bodies.
your boyfriend smiles big, his cheeks flushing from the humid air— tugging you forward and pushing you backward over his girth by the perverted grasp he has on the meat of your thighs. “y’workin’ so hard for this cock, baby. i’ll give you whatever you want,” he gripes, impassioned, the motion has him bearing down on your g-spot constantly, not giving you time to breathe outside of deep hitting thrusts when kuroo plunges into your pretty pussy. “make y’cum so much, make you feel so much better,”
you cry into his strong neck, pressing kisses against his salty skin, littered amongst the condensation to sedate yourself— kuroo grabs the back of your head and tilts you up to stare deep into your eyes with every moan you let out, mirroring the gape of your mouth and furrow of your brows when his cock strokes your insides just right. his pelvis mashes against your clit while he helps lift you up and down on his dick as it stands at full attention— never missing a beat or an opportunity to hit your pleasure spot. the way you move together, pushing and pulling like flowing water ( practically throwing buckets of it out of your bath )— meant to be dance partners in the routine of love.
he doesn’t know where to hold you while you dance, while you fuck madly— tetsurou’s hands rubbing the bubble sudds all over your tits and back and down to your ass each time he kneeds the doughy flesh. “fuck! gettin’ so tight, so warm— missed bein’ inside you, hate that work’s keeping you away from me,” your boyfriend slurs, tongue heavy in the pallet of his mouth, barely leaving the warmth of your spasming pussy.
you’re slippery down there, letting him glide against your gummy walls and coating him in your essence— the scent of sex fills the air and your juices flow into the bath water. it’s filthy and passionate all at once but you can’t get enough. “gonna cum, daddy, gonna cum again—!” you squeal, rutting desperately against him for your release.
“atta girl,” kuroo praises you, finally deciding on a position for his wandering hand and letting it cup your throat— squeezing hard and tilting you any which way so he can suck bruises against your slack jaw, not caring who they’re seen by at work tomorrow. it doesn’t stop him from rocking into your tight heat, bringing you closer to the edge, especially when his thumb, slightly pruned from the water, rubs harsh circles into your clit. “cum for me baby, like you deserve. you’ve earned it,” he whispers softly against your cherry bitten lips.
so you do, screwing your eyes shut and wailing loud as your core contracts and your release splashes out against kuroo’s cock— this time your hips still, locking while the rest of your body carries the aftershocks of your orgasm. your boyfriend keeps thrusting, pushing water out of the bath and chasing his high in the depths of your viscous, gooey walls, brushing your cervix and your hips alike until he finally floods your womb with a scorching white, cum oozing from your pussy down to his shaft— forming a frothy, stringy ring at his base.
you sit in the lukewarm bath a while longer, a mess of heaving chests and sore limbs while your sticky foreheads stay stuck on one another. “fuck baby, you’re so good, ‘m so proud of you,” tetsuro breathes weakly, arms locked around your waist to keep you in his lap and his seed from leaking out of you. “doin’ your best all the time, not just for me but for your bosses too…” he pauses, running a thumb over your swollen lips as you sleepily smile up at him. “if they keep treating you like crap, you should come work for me,”
at this, you shake your head— still loopy but so content to be in the arms of the man who loves you so much. “‘m not gonna give up, gonna go back ‘n show em how much they need me,” you say tiredly into his skin, wanting to prove yourself.
“that’s my girl,” kuroo only smiles then, grabbing a loofa and some of your favourite lotion as he starts washing you down— giving you more of the princess treatment you truly deserve.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 28 days ago
haikyuu boys + comparing reader to others
Tumblr media
request from anon : So can you maybe do how Suna, Kuroo and if you would like someone on your choice compares the reader ( their best friend) to another girl but the reader loves the boys ( and actually wanted to confess to them)
fic notes / warnings : kuroo, suna + gn!reader, swearing in kuroo’s, angst, drabbles, wc: ~0.5k each
from elle ! no thoughts, only pain ;-; y'all this is just pure angst idk what else to say but i do hope you like reading this despite the pain <//3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
there’s always been a sense of awareness within yourself that, perhaps, you weren’t the most extraordinary person in the world. you’ve come across several people far more attractive, kind, courageous, intelligent, or fashionable than you are. for most of your life, you’ve never really let that bother you, simply accepting it as a part of life. no one will ever be good enough for anyone, especially not themselves.
but gosh, would it kill him to stop rubbing it in your face every chance he could get? you know. you know more than anyone how you could never compare.  it’s always “michi is so attractive”, “yori is so kind”, “kazuo is so smart”, “why can’t you be more like them?” when is it going to be your turn? when will it be “yn, you’re all these amazing qualities”?
to make matters worse, these words come from the man who had stolen your heart. for your own sake, maybe it was time to finally do something about it. 
Tumblr media
❥   kuroo t.
the second you caught sight of kuroo making his way towards you, the exact dopey grin that made you fall for him in the first place plastered on his features, you immediately turn the other way. this had been the routine for the past few days and truth be told you were getting antsier by the minute. at the end of it all, he was — and still is — your closest friend. ignoring him was never something you thought you’d ever end up doing. still, you furrow your brows and push the lingering feeling of longing in your veins. you wanted him to feel your absence. 
and it seemed like you were successful, hearing rushed footsteps that certainly weren’t your own on the walk back to your apartment building. it couldn’t be anyone else’s but his. the voice that called your name over and over, pleading you to stop walking was one the same one you had fallen in love with. the hand that gripped your wrist, making you stop in your tracks, was one you’ve been familiar with for years now. when you turned around to look, all your suspicions were confirmed. yet you couldn’t find it in yourself to feel happy about it. 
one look at your face and kuroo knew he had fucked up. never had he seen you look up at him with such disdain, brows furrowed and a disappointed scowl on your face. 
“why have you been avoiding me?” kuroo sighs, letting go of the grip on your wrist. 
you scoff, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “you really don’t know?”
“damn it, yn! just tell me, stop being so immature.” he snaps, rolling his eyes. “you know, eiko would never-”
your eyes widen, cutting him off before he could even have the chance to finish his statement. you uncross your arms and your fists clench to the side, gaze alight with an anger he had never seen before, “there! that’s exactly why! all you ever do is compare me to other people. oh they’re nicer, they’re more attractive. i get it! i will never be like them, but fuck-” 
“yn, listen-”
“no. you listen.” your chest is heaving, the tone of your voice falling to a deathly calm. kuroo much preferred the fiery anger from a few seconds ago. he feels much smaller under your piercing glare, keeping his eyes down to his feet while you continued talking. “you hurt me, okay? i love you and all you keep doing is hurt me.”
his gaze snaps up, “you love me?”
you don’t give him any sort of direct reply, not a word or even a nod, but a wave of guilt washes over him. kuroo had been completely unaware that he had been hurting someone who meant so much; to him, he was simply speaking his mind. still, he moves to take your hands in his, “what can i do to make it better?”
you shake your head, removing his hands from yours before walking away, “figure it out yourself.”
Tumblr media
❥   suna r. 
“so…lovely weather we’re having. don’t you think, yn?”
he waits for you to respond at his fifth attempt at starting a conversation, only to be met with complete silence. suna’s chin is resting on the palm of his right hand, confused eyes blinking back at you and you’re trying your best not to look at him. you knew that one look at suna and he’d have you like putty in his hands. one look at the pout that formed on his bottom lip and you’d be forgiving him before he could even apologize. you forced yourself to keep your gaze trained on your book, despite the fact that you had been reading the same sentence over and over for the past three minutes.
“is it now? i hadn’t noticed.”
suna sighs, recognizing a certain amount of indifference in your voice. it’s a tone that he has never heard from you before; you’ve always replied to him with a kindness and a sweetness that he grew accustomed to. perhaps, he’s been used to it so much that he had begun to take it for granted. his shoulders slump, his right hand meeting his left as they balled into fists on top of the wooden table. 
“is everything okay…between us?” suna sighs, a small furrow appearing in between his brows. he knew you weren’t the type to get upset for no reason, he must have done something for you to be acting this way. unfortunately, he just couldn’t figure out what.
‘it’s fine.”
“yn. you and i both know it’s not.” he begins to rub his temples. suna is slowly losing his patience, annoyance lacing each word that moved past his lips. little did he know, your patience was also wearing thin by that point.  
“why don’t you ask etsuko, i‘m sure they’re better at making conversation than i am.”
“don’t act like you don’t know.” you sigh, shutting your book and finally giving him the entirety of your attention. you had been making these little passive aggressive comments for the past couple of days: stay with yoshi, they’re kinder. mieko is more fashionable, go to the mall with them, why ask me? the fact that he hadn’t been picking up on where your frustration lied made anger surge through your veins. your stare holds him down in his seat, “can’t believe i like you when all you ever do is compare me to other people.”
“you like me?” suna replies, and it’s the most emotion you’ve seen expressed in his features in such a short amount of time: surprise, excitement, and eventually sadness and guilt. his voice is barely above a whisper, despite the cafe being relatively empty, “yn, i— i’m sorry…i didn’t know.”
“of course you didn’t…” you trail off, shaking your head to yourself before moving to leave. 
suna grabs your wrist before you could walk past his seat, “…i like you too.”
“it doesn’t feel like you do.” you smile, but he could tell in the way it faltered how forced it was, “find me when you can express that better.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
summary: having an internship in the promotions division of japan’s volleyball association is hectic, but your cat-eyed and mischievous boss makes it worth it.
genre: smut, timeskip au
warnings: 18+. dubcon, abuse of authority, age gap, sleazy kuroo (he says ‘pop your cherry’ PLS), coercion, corruption, virginity loss, pet names (kitten), mentions of drug/alcohol consumption, unprotected sex, slight pussy job, praise, biting, nipple play, fingering, creampie, cumplay
word count: 3.6k
author’s note: for yuli babe’s @anime-nymph firsts collab! thanks for letting me join! i missed writing for my first boyfriend hehe <3 (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI) @hqintheclub
no beta we fall like heroes LMAO
Tumblr media
[9:25 AM]
they were right when they said you’ll experience a lot of ‘firsts’ in college (if you hadn’t experienced it in high school). the first hit of the joint, first shot of vodka, first heartbreak, first time having sex.
and yet here you are in your last year of college, cherry still intact and pristine. you’ve done all the other stuff a college student would have done, except for the sexual exploits.
but who could blame you? the sexual experiences—which are closer to horror stories—that your friends tell you is enough for you to lock your pussy in a chastity belt forever.
college boys are not it, you decided. luckily, you weren't victimized by their cheap colognes and even cheaper pick-up lines, you had your hands and trusty vibrator after all.
being swamped with final projects and applications for internships was also a good distraction. you weren’t expecting much eye candy anyway, and you doubt that there would be a man who would ignite the ‘flames of desire’, as your friends so eloquently put it, in you.
as it turns out, you were so wrong.
“see me in my office in five minutes. i’d like to discuss something with you.”
the clicking of your fingers on the keyboard stops as your eyes slowly look up from the monitor towards the smirking man standing before you.
kuroo tetsurou was nothing you imagined your boss to be like. when you applied as an intern, you expected a man with a beer gut accompanied by an airy attitude of a has-been or a sulking man who didn’t get drafted, effectively ruining his dreams of being a professional athlete.
but no, the heavens just had to grace you with an attractive, well-groomed, and hulking 6’5 of a man who just happened to be your boss; a man who also has the power to decide if you’re eligible for graduating.
seeing him was the first time you felt the desire stirring in your gut, squirming uncomfortably in your pencil skirt whenever the smoky scent of his aftershave would waft around the office.
kuroo clears his throat, one eyebrow raising as his lips stretch into a thin line at your lack of response. he fiddles with the lapels of his suit jacket, silently watching you underneath his lashes as you scramble for a reply.
“y-yes, kuroo-san! i’ll s-see you in a while!” you reply, voice shaking as your body heats up from his honey gaze. kuroo’s smirk grows wider, winking at you before he stalks off to his office, nodding at the other interns and employees watching the exchange.
as soon as the double doors to his office close, the clicking of keys resumes, along with shameless whispers of what the boss would want to discuss with you.
what did he want to discuss with you?
five minutes pass and you begin the dreaded walk to his office, not minding the whispers and barely hidden envy of your colleagues.
your mind racks up all the possible topics of discussion: you filed the reports assigned to you, personally delivered the memos to—
“come in.”
huh, guess you knocked on the smooth wood of the door amidst your ramblings. you take a deep breath and turn the knob, hearing his cheery voice as you enter his spacious and sleek office.
years and years of service to the association has clearly benefited him, looking like a ceo with all the monochrome colors accentuated by streaks of red furniture and decorations.
he rises from his luxurious chair, suit jacket draped over the back of it as he gestures for you to take a seat on the plush, blood red couch. you definitely don’t miss the way his tanned and muscular forearms contrast nicely against the white fabric of his dress shirt.
your heart’s thudding harshly in your chest as your nervousness begins to plague you, will he reprimand you? you’ve done all your tasks diligently and efficiently, surely he’s not the cliché nice on the outside, terrible on the inside kind of boss, is he?
“relax, i’m not here to scold you or anything,” he chuckles, joining you on the couch. he’s a little too close for comfort but you don’t mind, his warmth is a comforting presence in the fast-paced environment you find yourself in.
“you’re here because i’d like to reward you.”
you’re thankful that you were only reaching for the glass of water he was offering you, because you would’ve done a spit take if you had taken a sip. kuroo laughs at your reaction, gold eyes twinkling in amusement.
“my bad, didn’t realize that it would sound inappropriate,” he says, but he doesn’t look sorry at all. in fact, his eyes suddenly have a hidden gleam to them. “but i’m serious, you’re doing a good job. my best intern, to be frank.”
his praise at your stellar performance goes straight to your core, making your thighs subtly rub together to alleviate the growing discomfort between your legs. but nothing passes kuroo’s sharp gaze—he has you, a sweet inexperienced intern,  wrapped around his finger, softly purring like a feline basking in the warm sun.
his voice becomes huskier as his large hand rests on your exposed thigh, the warmth from his palm making your stomach flutter with desire.
this is wrong, you think but make no move to stop him from leaning closer, his scent invading your senses as his hot breath ghosts over the sensitive skin of your neck. your eyes threaten to close, almost giving in to the slow and gentle rubbing of his hand until you feel his teeth nibble on the column of your throat.
“kuroo-san, i—” you protest, attempting to remove his hand from your thigh but his grip only tightens, stopping you mid-sentence as his other hand cups your cheek and softly caresses it with his thumb.
“shh, call me tetsu when we’re alone, kitten.”
his soft whisper against your neck, along with the new pet name, makes your eyes grow wide as alarm bells ring in your head with the situation taking an unexpected turn.
you can’t help but shiver though, the low timbre of his voice sending tingles all throughout your body as he continues to mark and kiss your neck. no, you have to get yourself under control, you have to strengthen your resolve.
he’s your boss for christ’s sake, someone old enough to be your uncle—a hot uncle. but still, he should know better.
“t-this is unprofessional, kuroo-san. i will—” you squeak, but you’re quickly silenced by kuroo rubbing your lower lip sensually with his thumb. “you’ll what? tattle on me? don’t think you actually want to, kitten.”
“you clearly like this,” he whispers sultrily, emphasizing his point when his hands and lips lazily drag across your supple skin. “you like it when i rub your thighs, nip at your pretty neck…”
“you’re melting in my arms, my sweet girl.”
his skilled seduction breaks your resolve, warm lips and soft fingertips earning a desperate moan out of your throat. you feel lightheaded, the air in the room becoming stuffy as you breathe heavily.
kuroo smirks at your burning cheeks and heaving chest, satisfied with how desperate and wanton you look. he doesn’t waste a second in claiming your lips, smirking at your surprised squeal.
your eyes close on their own accord as kuroo expertly maneuvers your body, pushing you until you’re lying on the lush cushions of the sofa. muffled moans and pants leave you as you tug on his messy black hair, kissing him like a starved woman—which you most definitely are.
he becomes even more shameless as he grinds on you, hard cock digging into your covered pussy as you kiss each other sloppily, spit and saliva mixing. kuroo matches your pleased sounds with his own, low groans leaving him as his touch ignites tingles on every part of your body.
he tastes sweet, like bubblegum candy, but you don’t have more time to appreciate it because his hands are slipping under your skirt, bunching them up to your waist as he reveals your damp panties to his hungry gaze.
planting one last kiss on your mouth, kuroo pulls away as his hands slowly drop from your waist down to your thighs, spreading them wide as if he’s presenting you like a gift before him. eyes glazing over, he boldly stares at the wet patch on the thin fabric that perfectly outlines your folds.
kuroo licks his lips slowly, making you shiver at how predatory he looks. like a frightened kitten, you whimper and squirm. your movements make kuroo groan when he notices fresh slick gushing out of your cunt.
“won’t you let me touch your pretty pussy?”
you immediately gasp at the crude words coming out of his mouth, eyes fluttering at the vision of his fingers driving deep in your cunt. kuroo chuckles at your reaction, making you sport a doe-eyed expression, pupils blown wide with unbridled desire at the picture it paints in your head.
nodding vigorously, you bite your lower lip as his fingers reach out to rub your slit through your panties. to hell with this being unethical, you think but your train of thought gets interrupted when you moan at his warm touch, throwing your head back on the sofa.
the realization that he'll be the first man who’s going to touch you so intimately dawns on you like a bucket of ice-cold water, but it's not like you’re complaining—he clearly knows what he’s doing.
so you let him take the lead, leaving him to draw lazy circles on your clothed clit. deciding that he’s teased you enough, kuroo swiftly pulls your panties to the side and starts touching your bare skin. you cry out at the new sensation, his thumb steadily drawing circles on your clit as you whine and squirm under his touch.
kuroo is entranced—he’s never encountered a woman who’s as responsive as you. you’re a hot mess, nipples clearly poking through your blouse, lips swollen from the kissing, and wide eyes just begging to be touched, to be filled.
the idea of you being inexperienced has definitely crossed his mind and judging by your reaction, he’s near to confirming his suspicions. his dirty thoughts of you make his cock throb; you’re a sweet intern, not knowing that she’s entered the lion’s den.
kuroo shakes his head, knowing that he stalled long enough. without warning, he inserts two fingers into your quivering cunt, making you moan loudly and shout his name.
“tetsu—!” you whine as both of your hands scramble to hold his forearms. he gives an experimental roll of his wrist, eliciting more cries from you. kuroo’s cock twitches in his pants. “oh? so you like that? you’re so damn tight, kitten. mind showing me how you play with this cute little cunt?”
his fingers are thicker and longer than yours, reaching far deeper than you could ever go. he’s definitely more skilled too, unlike your shy and fumbling fingers.
but who are you to resist the boss’s orders?
you give an ample squeeze to his forearms, your hips rolling on their own volition. clearly, your body is more adept at searching for pleasure than your mind. so you sigh and close your eyes, succumbing to him.
“c-curl your f-fingers, please,” you request after a few moments. “like this?” kuroo asks, eyes flashing when you jerk and moan loudly. you instinctively squeeze around his digits, feeling them curl inside your wet walls.
your grip tightens on his forearms as you follow the motions of his fingers, hips rolling and jerking as your toes curl in your heels.
“yeah, just like that. fuck my fingers, kitten. shit, you’re so beautiful.”
you keen at his praise, moaning loudly when kuroo reaches for your blouse, tearing the fabric and making the buttons fly everywhere to reveal your bra-clad breasts.
“you expect me to resist a sweet young thing like you? tsk, i’m only a man,” he whispers, leaning down to your ear as he fucks you with his fingers. his other hand pulls down the cups of your bra, revealing your hardened nipples to his predatory gaze.
loud squelching noises accompany your pleasured moans and squirming. kuroo’s warm and large calloused hand feels so hot on your tits, his skilled fingers twisting and rubbing your sensitive nipples.
you can feel the juices sliding down your ass, ruining his once pristine couch. your legs begin to tremble as you feel the tell-tale sign of your incoming orgasm.
your toes curl in your heels, mindlessly chanting kuroo’s name as your eyes well up with tears, body overwhelmed by the pleasure you’re receiving.
if this is how you’re reacting to his fingers, then you can't even begin to imagine what it would be like if his cock is the one plunging in and out of you.
“t-tetsu, f-fuck, i’m gonna cum—!” you wail, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you cum with a loud cry of his name. your feet are practically cramping in your heels, legs trembling as the powerful orgasm courses through your body.
kuroo groans at your fluttering cunt, wet walls sucking his fingers in as you desperately try to come down from your high.
“strutting around in your tight little skirt just makes me want to have a taste.”
he hisses, pulling his dripping fingers out as he puts them in his mouth, eyes closing as he groans at your taste spreading on his tongue. he makes quick work of his pants, tugging his underwear down until his cock springs free. it bobs against his abs and your eyes widen at his length and girth.
you’re not backing out, no, you’re far too excited and ready to have him, but he’s just so...big.
“i-i’m a virgin, tetsu…” you say nervously, biting your lip as your fingers fiddle with your rumpled skirt. his dick twitches as his eyes practically glow with hunger. he’ll be the first man to ruin you? fuck your slick and warm pussy?
“fuck, kitten. my cock will be the only thing you’ll ever want after i’m done with you.”
kuroo says, his voice strained as his wet fingers stroke his cock until more beads of pre-cum falls from his slit. he was right, you’re as inexperienced as they come and he can’t wait to fuck you.
“you want me to pop your cherry, hm?” he coos, knuckles nuzzling against your cheek. your throat bobs as you try to ease the lump that’s stuck in it, the words he said are crude but you can’t help but shiver at what's about to happen.
you look up at him with a pleading expression on your face, cheeks burning with a thin sheen of sweat as kuroo’s body looms over you. the heat from his cock makes you squirm in anticipation, your small whimpers filling his office.
your breath catches in your throat when you feel the weight of his length rub between your folds. a loud whine escapes from you when the tip of his cock nudges against your clit, kuroo’s hold on his shaft tightening the more he rubs himself between your lower lips.
“just a little more, kitten—god damn,” he chokes out, teeth biting his lip as he suppresses the urge to hastily thrust inside your virgin cunt. you’re so wet and warm, making him sigh dreamily at the slick that’s coating his shaft.
just like when he fingered you, kuroo doesn’t give any warning when his cock hovers over your pussy as his large hand guides himself, breaching past the tight ring of muscle. your hands immediately scramble to grip something, anything, just so you can have an anchor for suddenly taking him.
your hand squeezes the cushions of the sofa while the other holds the back of your knee, spreading you open for him. your whimpers and moans reach kuroo’s ears, making his eyes flutter as half of his cock rests snugly inside of you.
the stretch stings, but it's quickly soothed when kuroo’s thumb presses on your clit. he draws lazy circles on the bud, making you gush out more juices to ease his entrance. your bare chest heaves at the added stimulation, causing your breasts to sway slightly.
you’re so tight that it’s actually making him dizzy and see stars. kuroo exhales heavily, willing himself not to prematurely blow his load into you like a teenage boy, especially when only half of his length is inside your cunt.
your lower lip is so swollen with how much you’re biting it; your eyes are hazy and foggy as the feeling of him stretching you is the sole thing in your mind.
only when the entire length of his cock bottoms inside of you does he allow himself to make a sound—and he sounds so sexy.
kuroo moans, biting his lip as he hangs his head down, honey gaze watching your glossy eyes, breasts rising and falling as you breathe heavily from having something so big inside of you.
this is nothing compared to your fingers and the vibrators you’re accustomed to. this one is hot and heavy and pulsing, riddled with veins that deliciously throb against your walls.
kuroo starts to move, eliciting pleasured cries from both of you. fuck, he needs to get his shit together before he embarrasses himself.
he slowly pulls out until only his tip remains inside, giving you a few seconds of reprieve before he quickly thrusts back in. his bright eyes go round at the way you and your tits jolt, your mouth forming into the perfect ‘o’ when you moan at his thrust.
kuroo instantly finds himself addicted. the heat finally gets to him and he frantically pries open his dress shirt until the buttons pop off with the strain, revealing his chiseled abs glistening with sweat.
his hands hold your waist, lifting your ass off the couch as he rests you on his lap before resuming his quick and deep thrusts. the new angle hits your sweet spot directly and you’re instantly reduced to a moaning and whimpering mess.
you cup your bouncing tits, your fingers pinching and tweaking your nipples as your moans turn broken from kuroo’s thrusts. muttered and incoherent words fall from your lips as his balls smack against your ass, the loud slaps of skin meeting skin echoing in the office.
the both of you are a sight to behold—your blouse unbuttoned, kuroo’s abs clenching as he thrusts inside of you, your tits bouncing with every powerful movement he makes.
it’s a scene taken directly out of a porno and you would definitely be embarrassed at how cliché it is, how easy you were if it weren’t for the expert movements of kuroo’s hips and witty tongue dishing out dirty remarks that have your cheeks flaming.
you can't think of anything else but the feeling of his cock driving into you again and again, along with his hands that are simultaneously gripping your hips and tweaking one of your nipples, you’re a goner.
“want me to go faster? harder?” he grunts, not waiting for your reply as the strength of his thrusts increase, his abs clenching from how tightly you’re squeezing him. “fuck i can do this all day.”
“w-where should i—shit, you’re so tight—fuck you next, huh?” he stutters, thoughts of you having sex on table, chair, against the wall, and any other solid surface has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
just like him, you can’t resist temptation. you’d let him fuck you anywhere he wants to.
“fuck, i’m close,” he growls, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he feels his balls tighten, preparing for his impending release. his grip on your waist tightens while his hand on your nipples travel down your body, until he’s playing with your pulsing clit once more.
“m-me too, tetsu, oh my god,” you wail, legs trembling as your back arches, allowing his cock to rub against your sweet spot perfectly. your hands find purchase on the back of your thighs, having the unobscured view of kuroo’s pelvis bumping into you.
“where do you want my cum, kitten?”
“i-inside m-me please!” you cry loudly, legs wrapping around his waist as you pull him further into you. you’re on birth control anyway and you don't want to be separated—not even for a bit because he feels so good.
kuroo’s loud groan of your name followed by the thick and hot ropes of cum spilling into you triggers your orgasm as well. high pitched whines of his name coming from your throat as your nails scratch his forearms, pussy fluttering around his cock as your cum mixes with his.
the soft thrusts of his hips make your mixed juices spill out of you, dribbling along the crevice of your ass as it drips on the sofa below you. kuroo hisses, large hands squeezing your waist as he empties the remnants of his load inside your overflowing pussy.
his chest heaves with every exhale he makes. the exhaustion finally catches up to him, causing him to crouch over you and make you squeak at his weight. he chuckles weakly, supporting himself with his shaking arms as he messily kisses you.
“your pussy’s the tightest i’ve ever fucked, baby.”
his husky voice whispers against you, tongue slipping out to boldly lick your swollen lips. his dick jerks and you squeak when you realize he’s still inside of you.
you’re about to tell him to pull out but a timid knock rings through the room, making you immediately remember where you are.
a panicked expression replaces the blissful one, your hooded eyes instantly widening, but kuroo doesn't pay it any mind, opting to bite your lower lip and dragging it out until he lets the sensitive skin go.
he lifts himself up for a bit so his hand can reach your mouth, his thumb rubbing the area he just bit as he smirks at the dumbfounded expression on your sweaty face.
“i’m going to have to make it a habit of rewarding you, kitten.”
[10:07 AM]
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ohajime · a month ago
read part two here read part three here part four here
Tumblr media
when you and kuroo started your freshman year of college —at different universities— your relationship became stagnant.
“tetsu, maybe we should just break up” you suggested as the middle blocker stood proudly in front of you, suited in his graduation cap and gown.
“maybe we shouldn't,” he argued, his eyes widening at your idea. “I know us being far apart isn’t really ideal, but it doesn’t mean we have to end this completely.”
“what if you meet someone else?” you rationalize, “or if you get too tired of not being able to see me all the time?”
“y/n, do you want to end this?” he asked. he shuffled, wondering if your suggestion was something that you actually wanted.
“no of course not, I just don’t want to be holding you back from having a proper ‘college life,’ if we stay together.”
kuroo looks at you and smiles, the foolish smile that you were used to, the one that you fell in love with, and he pulls you into his chest, his arms swiftly wrapping around you and his forehead meeting yours as he says “I don’t think I’ll have a proper ‘normal life,’ without you in it— let alone a college one.”
“you’re such a sap,”
“but you love me anyway,” he counters and you hum in affirmation, “look y/n, even if we’re 3000 miles apart, this doesn’t have to stop, you’re not even going to notice I’m far away with the amount times I’m going to call you and text you, alright?”
his words provided comfort, and you found yourself believing in the confidence he had that your relationship was going to survive.
but early into the first semester of college, you realised that kuroo’s promise was definitely not going to be true.
the first week of school you were busy, swamped with mountains of schoolwork and overwhelmed with the sudden change in environment, too busy to even check the vast amount of texts you assumed your boyfriend had sent you. except when you finally had the chance to settle into college life, you’d realized as you looked through the messages between you and kuroo that there weren't any new ones.
it was hard navigating your college life and social life whilst having a boyfriend miles and miles away, especially one who barely talked to you. there were plenty of men that had shown you interest, but you had to remind them —and yourself— that you were taken. there was an usual feeling with the amount of romantic attention you got— way different to highschool, no one would dare try to hit on you with the 6’2 middle blocker always by your side.
when kuroo opened his front door in the cold winter, the last thing he was expecting was for you to be there.
“y/n,” he awkwardly exclaims, his brows furrowed in confusion, “it’s a surprise to see you here, what are you doing here?”
“I didn’t know I had to book a reservation to see my own boyfriend,” you joked and you looked at him waiting to be let inside and he hesitantly stepped aside as you walked in front getting a look of the college dorm he was situated in.
“it’s a nice place you got here,” you said lying through your teeth as you gave the place a once over, it was a mess not reflecting kuroo at all who you knew always prided himself in his neat attire.
“sorry for the mess,” he says “i’m actually in the middle of cleaning, going to throw a party tonight.”
“a party?” you questioned “you’re throwing a party?” he hummed nonchalantly whilst moving around you to pick up the mess you were surrounded with.
“but you hate parties,” you continued “you used to say ‘parties were like a social examination,’ and would rue the day you were ever found at one.”
“well I guess people change,” he mumbled.
“yeah I guess they do…”
there was an uncomfortable pause before kuroo asked, “are you planning on staying here or are you just passing by?”
“well I didn’t catch 3 buses and a 3 hour long train to just ‘pass by,’” you said “unless you don’t have any place for me to stay with all the parties you’re planning on throwing.”
“no it’s fine, i’ll just sleep on the couch for a few days”
“the couch… we can share a bed together y’know?”
“yeah but my roommate has thing about not bringing randoms into our bedroom”
“oh you have a roommate,” you said ignoring the part where kuroo referred to you as a ‘random,’ “are they nice?”
“she’s cool, quite chill not really your vibe I guess,”
“she’s a she?” you asked and he gave you another simple ‘mhm’ in response, “is she pretty?”
“what’s that got to do with anything?” he questioned.
“nothing I was just asking…”
“you’ll see her at the part anyways so I guess you’ll be able to answer that question yourself”
“right the party.”
you regretted ever deciding to make the journey to your boyfriends once the party started. you were already put off by his odd mood but once the party was beginning it was like you were seeing a stranger.
even when you walked around the party — after kuroo left you on your own — you felt even worse when his friends would say ‘I didn’t know kuroo was dating anybody,’ and you tried to come up with a reasonable excuse as to why none of his self proclaimed ‘best friends,’ never heard of you but you couldn’t even kid yourself.
he found you sitting in his bedroom, staring at your phone “hey do you want a drink?” he asked his words slurring and you didn’t even need to hear his inconsistent speech to tell he was drunk as kuroo reeked of alcohol.
“no i’m fine” you said “i don’t drink remember.”
“c’mon y/n live a little...just one drink,” he persisted, swinging the cup of whatever random substances he combined in front of your face.
“what happened to you kuroo?”
“what do you mean, i’m the best i’ve ever been!”
“well I beg to differ,” you mumbled but even in his drunken state he still hears.
“what’s that supposed to mean,” he says “just because i’m not the same guy I was in highschool doesn’t mean I haven’t bettered myself”
“oh look at you kuroo I’d hardly say you’ve bettered yourself.”
“it’s not like you know me y/n”
“thats the problem you idiot,” you said feeling frustrated “I don’t know you, not anymore”
“well college life is busy, you should know that yourself”
“I know that but in spite of how hectic things can get I still at least tried to make time for you, i literally came all this way to see you”
“It’s not like I asked you to do that though,” he argued, feeling annoyed as if you were blaming the half of communication all on him.
“well are you saying you don’t want me to be here right now?”
“with the way this conversations going I can’t really say I do want you here right now,” he said with a sigh.
“fine, I guess i’ll be taking my leave then…” you stood up and grabbed the small luggage you brought with you ready to head to the door.
“y/n,” kuroo calls “have a safe trip” and with that you left not looking back at your boyfriend.
on the train ride home you stumbled across an old photo of you and kuroo and realised there’s something you need to do that you should’ve done a while ago.
“tetsurou,” you said as he answered the phone call.
“yes y/n?”
“I’m breaking up with you” you said trying to sound confident and not like you were second guessing every word you were saying.
“oh I see,” he says quietly in response before finishing with “i still love you though.”
kuroo didn’t have a chance to hear your response since the line went dead as you ended the call placing your back phone into your pocket.
Tumblr media
AN: um this was so hard to write dbshdhhs it angst ik but I promise there’s better days to come w Kuroo and y/n. Thanks to tee and eris for reading this over for meeee bro I hope you all enjoy it let me know what you think
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro is your coworker and office neighbor. He drives you insane with his constant pen clicking and chair spinning and drawer rummaging that the thin walls do a poor job of muffling. He lets his phone calls ring until the last possible second before picking up, and his printer seems to always be jammed, the incessant beeping and his fist banging against it enough to smash your head into a wall.
And when he knocks on your door, an obnoxiously wide grin on his face as you look up from your paper work, you know something’s up.
“What is it, Kuroo?”
“I told you, call me Tetsuro,” he chides, shaking his head in faux disappointment. “You act like we’re strangers,” he mutters. Rubbing your temples, you put your pen down, muttering obscenities under your breath before looking up and batting your eyelashes, an equally as large (although fake) smile plastered across your face.
“Mr. Kuroo Tetsuro, how may I be of service to you today?” And, much to your dismay, he chuckles, boyish and charming and youthful all at once, and it irritates you how despite it all, your heart manages to skip three beats at the sound.
“Well, dear y/l/n y/n,” Kuroo smirks, his eyes carrying a certain glint to them that makes you squint your own in suspicion. “My printer’s not working, it’s jammed.”
“Yes, I am aware,” you say tightly, lips curled in distaste. “I can hear you banging on it to get it to work all day.” He nods, eyes crinkling at the edges in amusement at the way you stare at him menacingly.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yes. And it’s very—” you inhale sharply, jaw clenching at the memory, trying your best to contain your anger as you breathe “—distracting.”
“Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to bother you some more now.”
Flaring your nostrils, you grit out a quiet “how so?”
“I’ll be needing to come in and use yours sometimes. I actually have my first print ready right now, if that’s okay,” he motions for his room with his thumb, making you sigh deeply and nod. There truly was no shaking him.
“Fine, sure. Send it over,” you offer one more tight smile, and he flashes you yet another dazzling grin, toothy and handsome, and it makes your heart race even faster.
“Great! Just a moment.” And he’s off, racing to his own office right next door, and you can hear the way he crashes into his chair and clicks at his keys furiously, making you crinkle your brows.
The sound of your printer coming to life makes you glance over, swiftly reaching for the paper that slides out, freshly printed ink across the front. Giving it a quick glance, you pause, eyes widening at the words.
Would you like to go out with me this Saturday? Please check a box :)
And despite everything you think of Kuroo Tetsuro, you can’t help but grin at the way both boxes say yes next to them. The small chuckle you fight breaks loose, making you laugh quietly to yourself as you stare down at the paper in your hands.
Reaching for your pen, you check both boxes—and after hesitating for a moment, you sigh before scribbling your number underneath as well, getting up to slide the paper under his door. Saturday can’t come faster, you think.
Tumblr media
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mysterystarz · a month ago
haikyuu boys and their post-breakup regrets :
Tumblr media
characters: akaashi keiji, bokuto koutarou, kuroo tetsurou, oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime (and g!n reader)
genre: angst
warnings: none besides straight up angst
a/n: so i impulsively decided to write this because sometimes music can really move you — listen to reflections by toshifumi hinata to set the mood ! (the slowed version linked is just beautiful)
also @solkeiji i hope this is a good amount of pain JDNWNXMANS ily
wc: 0.3k
reblogs are appreciated <33
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI regrets not telling you he loved you more. He was a man who chose to show his love through his actions, with every touch symbolizing the depth of his emotions that never seemed enough to be encompassed into a simple “I love you.” It was only after the two of you had parted that he realized that perhaps, a simple touch didn’t have the same meaning to you as it did to him.
BOKUTO KOUTAROU regrets not giving you your space at times. He knew you loved him, and he knew you’d always be there for him, but there were days where your proximity was the only thing that allowed him to truly feel like the love enveloped him, warm and fuzzy. Now that he’s alone, he realizes that maybe, you needed some time to yourself, and he never gave you that.
KUROO TETSUROU regrets not taking you seriously at times. Teasing each other was a normal part of your relationship after all, but perhaps his dismissal of some of the things you insisted on took a toll on you. Now anytime you don’t even acknowledge him when you see him (despite all you used to be), he realizes how terrible it may have been for you.
OIKAWA TOORU regrets not spending more time with you. He adored you, he truly did, but in between his pursuit of his passion and your constant support (you never once complained), he lost track of the time he spent alone with you. Now sitting up at night, he wonders if you would’ve stayed if he’d set aside more time for the two of you to be yourselves.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME regrets not cherishing the things you did together. He loved you, and he was almost certain you’d always explore more together, but now that you’re not together, he realizes those moments were ones he wouldn’t trade for the world, and he let them slip through the cracks of hands.
Tumblr media
©mysterystarz all rights reserved, please do not plagiarize, translate, or modify my fics in any way even if credited
taglist in reblog! (i’m too lazy to add it now, but i’ll add it soon)
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amalthea-000 · 4 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex ⅲ ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst, fluff, arguments and what nots
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to, harsh words about the way you dressed but v light (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! kuroo, ushijima x f!reader
wc: 1376 words
note: again, please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first!  i never thought this would peak ur interest but here ya go part three !! thank you so much! love lots!! i changed it to ushi because i felt like it, sorry it took so long. please read a/n at the end :))  for: @agaashii @arrogantsonofabiscuit @kurooisdbest and anonyabe 🥰❣️
s/o to the love of my life : @haztory​ , for helping me, <3
| masterlist | pt. 1 with miya twins | pt 2. suna & iwa |
Tumblr media
° kuroo testurou:
- you never have to worry about the way you dressed or act around kuroo. with him, you were comfortable being yourself and so is he, to you. this is something you treasured about your relationship.
“kitten, i’ll meet you at the party later! wear something pretty!” 
you’re kuroo’s plus one at a charity event the association is throwing. you spent hours getting ready, it’s been awhile since you got all dolled up for a party, mostly because you were focusing on your chosen career. you weren’t big on lavish dresses and sparkly cosmetics but you did your best to look grand for your boyfriend.
you park the car outside the venue, kuroo wasn’t able to join due to prior engagements he had at work, and you were totally fine with meeting him here, earlier he was pouting, reasoning he wanted to make a grand entrance with his gorgeous partner, you chuckle at his silliness. you were walking up the decorated stairs when you saw him, less cheerful than before, his face wore scowl and his mind far, you tried to get his attention, waving and calling his name, at the third try he finally looks up.
“you’re late, where were you?“ 
no greeting? “hello, to you too.” you were surprised at how he apprached you, you dismiss this because you don’t want to spoil the evening with an argument with him, you figured something must’ve happened at work that didn’t go well. kuroo takes a good look at you, mistaking it as him checking you out. you were about to tease him when he made a sour face and said, “out of all the outfits you own?” what was that supposed to mean?, you scoffed at him but he cut you off- “anyway, we don’t have time to change let’s go.” you starting to get pretty annoyed but you didn’t wan to spoil the night with pointless fight with an upset kuroo. 
the party was really fun, you’ve ment some of kuroo’s co-workers before, even saw kenma. but kuroo’s voice kept ringing in your head and he was acting weird this evening, “so, mind telling what’s with your comment earlier?” you asked, he looked at you from the driver’s seat, “what do you mean?” he knew about it, but didn’t want a discussion right now because he definitely know how it would turn out, he heard you sigh, “look, tetsu i did my best to dress up for you ok? can’t you apprec—?” he gave you a sarcastic laugh, 
“really? that’s your best? when I was with aika, she knew how to present herself,” your hear dropped “and she certainly wouldn’t pick that.” he exagerrated the last word, pointing a finger at you. what. the. fuck. to say you were offended was an understatement, you were seething but more so, your heart broke at your boyfriends’ words. your arguments never got to a point where you two would insult each other. “i don’t know what happened at work but don’t fucking pin your sour mood on me just because something didn’t go your way at work.” you spat
as soon as kuroo realized his words, color drained from his face, he couldn’t look at you but he could hear your shallow breaths. “kit—” it was your turn to cut him off “don’t even, kuroo,” you take a deep breath “’cuz, i might punch you right now.” luckily, you arrived at your shared apartment, you got out and slam the car door, leaving a shocked kuroo in the car. 
you still slept in the same bed that night but as soon as kuroo woke up, you were gone, he figured you just went to the bathroom, he waits but to still no sign of you, he rubs the sleep of his eyes and walked around the apartment calling out your nickname but only his voice echoed back. it took him a minute but as soon as he’s aware, his heart sank at the pit of his stomach.  
all he could do was stare at the wall, you deserve this, a little voice in his head said but hope started to bubble when he saw a note with your handwriting stapled on the fridge
“we’ll talk about what happened when we’ve both calmed down, kuroo.“ 
he winced at the cold use of his last name, he’d truly messed up, nevertheless this was a silver lining, isn't it? you’ll come back, right? 
° ushijima wakatoshi:
- you were aware of ushijima's lovelife or lack there of. he was quite inexperienced but ushijima had his little ways to show you his love. like they say, it's always the little things, and every efforthe did, never failed to make your heart flutter or make you a flustered mess.
it was off season and both of you were stuck together, not that you're complaining, in fact, you've been waiting for this juncture. the thought of domesticity with ushijima, like actually waking up beside him, tending to his little garden in the backyard and stargazing picnics that he secretly enjoys, tickles your heart, partnered with a lovesick smile on your face.
like any other couple, you've had your share of arguments and disagreements, surprisingly most of the time, ushijima tries to understand your side and you're able to communicate properly. unfortunately right now, tension is high in your household, you can't remember when it started but you knew that it was about telling him to relax with you when all week he's been working out in his makeshift gym. "stop it, y/n. i don't want to do that with you" his deadpan tone still rings in your head and each time it sends a pang to your heart.
you brushed that off, wanting to understand that he was still getting used to staying home during off season. but everyone has a limit
ushijima has been “struggling” to adjust all week, his mind & body has been so used to training and volleyball that it didn't cross his mind that he’d brushed you off with cold words. adjusting wasn’t the only thing plaguing his mind but also your relationship, being with you is very different, you were more attentive, independent, more caring and you weren’t afraid to tell him what you think, while he appreciated that, it was all new to him, almost overwhelming. the friction between the both of you these past days was quite obvious but he fails to percieve the reason why. 
so, what does he do? he calls tendou. he was the only one he trusted, aside from you, and maybe he can give an insight on what is happening right now.
when you finished folding the remaining garments from the dryer, you tried to call out for ushi to help you carry some of them but he wasn’t responding, after the third try, you made your way to the living room but you heard him talking to someone, “ah, must be satori.” you mumble, you were about to walk away when, “.... y/n is very different from rena. she needs constant communication, it is quite confusing....” your face fell at the conversation he’s having with his friend, “.. i guess rena and i have some similarities.. ” did he prefer her over you? was that it? you’re heart couldn’t take it, so you step back but you hit something. 
the sound caught ushijima’s attention, when he looked behind, he saw you with an expression that made his heart twist, before he can say anything you beat him to it, “really wakatoshi?” you shoot him a sharp glare “love, you misunders-” you scoff at him, “i think it’s quite clear what you mean, love” mocking the nickname, he tried to reach for you but you step back, “don’t.” you were quick to walk away and lock yourself in the bedroom, you layed on yourside of the bed, aggresively wiping your tears. you actually fell asleep, even though it was eleven in the morning, the weight of the situation was rather tiring.
ushijima sighed and let you be, but there was an undeniable sting in his chest, “you okay, waka-chan? that was rough” tendou was still on the line, “i need your help, satori.”
Tumblr media
hello guys! cliffhangers, come get yer cliffhangers! anyway, part 2? or open ending?? wahh!! as u can see i have a soft spot for captains huhu but yeah just wanted to get this out. again like i always say vv subpar haha i’ve been mia due to really bad anxiety and stuff but i’m getting better haha i hope you guyys are doing okay! pls tell me about it, i love interacting with ya’ll! anyway i hope u like this! wahh and sorry if you don’t!! hydrate and sanitize muah <3 -khlara 
ps. it’s like 4 in the morning, i will edit this i promise huhu :(( i’m trying something new huhu, anyway 3 more parts with other hq men to go and they are drafted get ready!!
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit @gayerthanthee @iiishaa @dai-tsukki-desu @kerokenma @edimeow​
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c0rncheez · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters ~ TimeSkip! Oikawa, Kuroo, Ushijima, Bokuto, and Suna
Cw ~ NSFW, Crack, Fem! Y/n, Chaotic! Y/n, Slight Degradation, Slander, Cunnilingus, Dirty Talking, Edging & Teasing?, CatGirl! Y/n, They’ve all had enough of your shit
A/n ~ [PART 1 & 3] also I hope these make u snort atleast a little
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ahh baby you like that shit?” Oikawa grunted over you, “You like when I’m fuckin you so deep, hmm? So deep in your slutty little pussy-”
You looked him dead in the eyes before seriously asking—
“You really think you got a big dick??”
To this day he slanders your name to Iwaizumi, to this day!
You were just asking a question, damn. 🙄
Tumblr media
He was eating you out while you sat content on your shared couch.
He heard your slight giggles but just assumed that your tv show was amusing you. Well he thought that until-
“Gobble Gobble!”
Eh? He stopped dead in his movement. Please why were you doing this.
He went back in to slurp on you again but-
“Gobble that pussy up, ROOSTER BOY!”
All he could do was fucking sigh, this was the third time this week you’ve done this. He just had to fall in love with an idiot, huh 🤨.
Tumblr media
You both just got home and were in a heated makeout session against the front door.
You took the initiative to fondle his heavy bulge and whisper nasty shit in his ear.
“Aw baby, look at these big ole breeder balls, filled with hot thick juicy cum, is it all for me?”
He froze for a millisecond.
“Honey, I think you’ve been on tumblr too much” He gently patted your head.
Tumblr media
You both were trying a new position in bed. It was quite intricate but you both were having fun. Until you decided to be difficult.
His thrusts into you were picking up speed as he got closer to his orgasm-
Your exclamation scared the crap out of him as he pulled out of you quickly.
“Baby! What wrong?? Are you hurt?” He worriedly asked.
“Nah, I’m good. Please continue.” You casually stated before opening your legs back up for him.
He was so lost but went back to his ministrations. But about 3 minutes later—
Tumblr media
He always liked when you cosplayed and dressed up cute for him. So tonight you were wearing his fav cat ears, and skimpy cheerleader uniform, and a black tail to match. He was so turned on that it was starting to hurt.
“Come here, kitten” He patted his lap while he sat on the edge of the bed.
…But you didn’t move. You just stared at him from across the room—wide-eyed.
“Did-did you…” Suna didn’t know what to say quite frankly, “Did you just hiss at me?? Babe—”
You ran out the room, completely failing at hiding your laughs.
The bewildered face Suna had as he sat on the bed was too good. If only you had a camera.
Suna on the other hand... spent the rest of the night trying to process what the FUCK just occurred.
Tumblr media
A/n ~ YALL ASKED FOR PART 2 😭😭 so here it is, pls the ushi one kills meeee, pls don’t learn how to dirty talk from tumblr yall, I BEG OF YOU
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hankuto · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he's never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it's not until you're pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
"stay," he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. "just for a little while."
and truthfully 'a little while' sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you're more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
"i gotta get up." you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. "and you do too, idiot. we're gonna be late."
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
"i'll get ready so fast," he hums.
"and what about me?"
"you'll be even faster, obviously." you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
"we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes." you laugh—and perhaps you'd feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there's a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
"five minutes," you sigh. "you get five minutes."
and it doesn't even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he'll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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glassheartjukebox · 8 months ago
thigh highs
haikyuu’s reaction to seeing their crush in thigh highs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
captains -> liberos
feat. daichi, oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, ushijima
“i slithered here from eden
just to sit outside your door” - from eden
a/n: just got a pair in the mail and i thought fuck it! why not project onto fictional men!
Tumblr media
when you walked into the gym in your school uniform plus a new pair of black thigh high socks, his first reaction was “goddamn”
his second immediate reaction was PROTECT
he knows how noya and tanaka can get
and he doesn’t want to subject you to that
that’s definitely the only reason, he definitely doesn’t just want you all to himself oh no no
he approaches with his usual endearing smile
what is unusual is his bright red cheeks
you notice that as he talks to you, he’s leading you out of the gym
you humor him, choosing to wait until you’re outside to question him
“you’re acting weird. why are you red? why did you lead me out of the gym?”
his eyes widen, clearly trapped in his own dumbassery
“i just wanted to talk to you!” he replies
“that only answered part of my question daichi.” you said, clearly unimpressed
suddenly he was avoiding eye contact and rubbing the back of his neck
“honestly? i didn’t want noya and tanaka to freak out about the... new addition to your uniform.”
it all clicked right then for you
“is that why you were all red?” you teased
playing with the top band of your thigh highs you looked at him and asked, “do you like them that much daichi?”
why not tease a lil?
Tumblr media
oikawa is very observant, and immediately noticed the new thigh highs
“ooh what are these,” he smirked at you, gesturing to your thighs
you knew you looked good, and decided to play dumb
“oh! they’re thigh highs! my legs get a little cold during class and i found these at the mall. do you like them,” you smiled at him, feigning innocence
clearly expecting a flirty reply, oikawa stuttered a lil
“i- they look very nice! very fashionable!”
at this point, you were struggling to hold back your laughter
your oblivious response to his obvious attempt at flirting had clearly caught him off guard
and he had no idea to continue without sounding like a complete perv
you’d achieved the impossible: flustering oikawa
not only that, but he obviously liked them a little too much
you: 1, oikawa: 0
Tumblr media
flirty bastard part 2
not as smooth as oikawa usually is
you two already had a flirty banter based friendship, so this shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for him
for whatever reason, the thigh highs almost made him go feral
but alas, kuroo is a man of self restraint
so, as he approached you, he looked from you thighs to your face and wiggled his eyebrows
“those are new,” he smirked at you
“wow, i didn’t know you payed that much attention to me kuroo. if i didn’t know better, i’d think you had a crush on me,” you giggled
he clutched at his chest, “you really know how to kick a man when he’s down. first wounding me by wearing those thigh highs then teasing me? you’re ruthless”
you both busted out laughing, and all of your friends rolled their eyes
you two were oblivious to each other’s feelings and insisted the other one was just teasing you
in the middle of some casual conversation, the morning bell rang
you bid your goodbye and went to walk towards class until kuroo grabbed your elbow
he leaned in right next to your ear and whispered, “by the way, i do really like those thigh highs kitten.”
Tumblr media
he. is. o v e r j o y e d.
“hey! y/n! i loved your socks! they make your thighs look great!”
he says this a little too loud, earning a very exasperated look from a akaashi
you give akaashi a sympathetic smile as a he splits from bokuto, clearly trying to save himself the embarrassment
by the time bokuto is next to you, you’re bright red
every enthusiastic, bokuto exclaims, “you’re so cute when you blush!”
he’s not trying to be embarrassing
but bokuto does not hide his crush well
mostly because he has no intention to you
he’s a genuine guy and he wants you to know his feelings for you are just as genuine as he is
“thank you bokuto,” you say softly
despite the embarrassment, you can’t help but give him a shy smile
he has no idea what he’s doing to your heart
“you already look pretty in your uniform but the socks make you look even better!” his smile is contagious and you begin giggling
in a moment of boldness, you get on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek
“thanks bokuto, i’ll be sure to wear them again tomorrow.”
now he’s the flustered one
Tumblr media
he hadn’t seen you yet today when he arrived to practice
the only reason he found out was because he heard goshiki talking about it
“y/n senpai was wearing the super long socks that hugged their thighs today! i didn’t think they could get any prettier!”
ushijima was intrigued, but he kept his mouth shut
instead he focused on practice until the thought slipped his mind entirely
however, you and your thighs took a front seat in his mind as soon as he stepped out of practice and saw you talking when your friends in the hallway
goshiki was right, they did make you even more attractive
the little bulge of skin that came over the tops of the socks was really screwing with his head
as soon as your friends departed, he approached
“ushijima, are you okay? you’re a little red, could you be getting sick?” there was genuine worry in his voice
tendou who had caught onto the situation snickered from the other end of the hallway and sighed, “ah, young love”
“no, i am fine,” he replied before adding, “i came over to tell you that you look very nice today.”
after that he departed without another word, leaving you flustered at the rare compliment he gave you
Tumblr media
©glassheartjukebox all written content belongs to this user. do not repost, modify, or copy content
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iwaitsumi · 12 days ago
Characters - Atsumu, Kuroo, Suna, Iwaizumi.
A/n - I personally like how Iwaizumi’s and Atsumu’s parts turned out, enjoy.
ATSUMU he’s so excited to see you, practice was extra hard today and all he wanted to do was cuddle with you while you play with his hair. “Hey darlin’ I’m finally home!” He yells while making his way over to you. You were in the kitchen preparing some food when he comes in with a smirk but then stops dead in his tracks when he sees what you’re wearing. That’s definitely not your jacket and it’s not his either. You quickly flash him a cute grin before turning back to the food. “Whose jacket is that?” When you turn around to look at him, he literally looks like he’s about to kill the person whose name you’re about to say. “Oh it’s Samu’s. It was cold so he let me borrow it.” Lowkey runs up to you, knocking over all the food while whinnying about how gross Osamu is and that you shouldn’t wear his clothes. “Babyyyy, take it off! It smells like him, mine are so much more comfier!” Please he’s literally so jealous. Makes you take it off and put one of his on then sticks his tongue out when he sees Osamu.
KUROO him, Bokuto and Akaashi were practicing together while you sat on the benches and waited. It was kinda cold outside and you forgot to bring something warm with you so Bokuto being the little bean he is, decided to give you his hoodie. When they finished, Kuroo went over to you and mans literally gasps and slaps his hand over his heart. “Kitten, I thought you loved me.” You’re literally so confused- “tetsu… I have no clue what you are on about, I do love you.” He walks over to you and points at the hoodie you’re wearing. “Oh the hoodie? It’s Bokutos, he gave it to me because I forgot to bring my own.” He’s pouting so hard right now. “You could of just asked for mine!” “You were busy and I didn’t want to distract you.” Kisses you right in front of everyone and whispers in your ear “Don’t worry kitten, you never distract me.” Gives you his own hoodie then has the audacity to say he wasn’t jealous, his excuse is that you look better in his clothes. He’s such an ass.
SUNA he notices straightaway. You two were having a sleepover with the twins and Atsumu gave you his hoodie because you didn’t bring one. When Suna comes back from the kitchen, he’s quick to notice that you’re wearing someone else’s hoodie. He’s so triggered but acts like he isn’t bothered. “Uhh, whose hoodie is that?” He’s wearing a little frown that most other people won’t notice but you can see it clearly. “It’s Atsumus. He gave it to me because I forgot my own.” “Oh… I see.” He literally turns his head away from you and acts like you’re not there. “Is someone jealous? If you wanted me to take it off, you could of just said.” You say with a smirk, he turns to look at you with a scowl then stands up and walks off. You’re just there like oh? Comes back a few seconds later with his own hoodie and throws it at you. “Wear this. You would look good in it.” He had a barely noticeable blush creeping up his cheeks.
IWAIZUMI he’s so possessive but not in bad way. He trusts you and all but doesn’t like it when someone try’s something with you. You wanted to see what he would do if he saw you wearing another mans hoodie and let me tell you - this was not a good idea. So you asked Oikawa if you could borrow one of his jackets and he agreed. You were sat on the coach watching tv when you heard the front door opening. Iwaizumi came home from his morning workout and walked over to you to place a small kiss on your forehead. But when he pulled back he saw that you were wearing a jacket he hasn’t seen before. “Did you buy a new jacket?” “Oh no, it’s Oikawas. He let me borrow it for a bit.” And you thought his natural frown couldn’t get any scarier… He looks like he’s going to throw Oikawa out a window the next time he sees him. “You what?” Lmao he’s so offended. Ends up just stomping off. You chased after him while saying that it’s all a joke and that you would never actually wear Oikawas clothes. “You’re such a brat.” Picks you up and lands a hard slap on your ass but then he kisses you and tells you if you ever feel cold you can always steal his clothes.
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miyarins · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring. miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō
warnings. slight suggestive mentions + swearing. other than that, just fluff + crack.
post note. not proof-read
word count. 0.9k
Tumblr media
✩ atsumu stared at you, with pursed lips as he watched you look around through the romance section of the book store. you let out soft hums, focusing on reading plots as the faux blond muttered pick up lines to try and ask you on a date. he attempted to make one on the spot before failing, now trying to remember a popular line that works. he grabbed a random book, skimming through the plot and the first page before tapping you. your eyes looked up at the novel you were holding, your head tilted as you wondered what he wanted. he swallowed the lump in his throat, his cheeks burning red as he started to sputter out words. “hey—this.. could be us” atsumu managed to spit out, causing you to stand up straight as you stared at the title of the book.
there was an unbearable silence between you both, making the male speak up “sorry was that too crin-” “are you referring that we could have intimate foreplay everyday…?” you blink, a laugh emitting from your lips. atsumu grew an even darker red, coughing on the saliva that built up in his throat and shook his head, hitting his chest to clear his throat. “no no- fuck i thought this was about a lovey dovey relationship” he furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the novel cover. you let out another laugh, shaking your head in disagreement. “‘tsumu, it's a friends with benefits to lovers trope” you hum, leaning towards him with a soft smile on your face, gently kissing his cheek. “but, we can leave out the friends with benefits and be a lovers trope, if you’d like,” you suggest, watching atsumu nod his head aggressively.
✩ iwaizumi cleared his throat, awkwardly staring at you in the middle of the stadium hall, attempting to give you a soft smile. you waved and approached him, glancing at the hands behind his back. the male quickly ran through the imaginary script in his head before clearing his throat to grab your attention before speaking. “hi, i’ve been trying to find the words for this..” he mutters out, words constantly running through his mind as you gave him a reassuring smile and told him to take his time. somehow, that made him even more nervous and anxious, reaching to rub the back of his neck and look somewhere where your eyes weren't there. you let out a soft snicker as you saw the embarrassment grow in his cheeks, watching iwaizumi stumble over his words was quite entertaining. you snapped your fingers in front of his vision, “what was it haji?” you question, making his eyes snap back to you, letting out a shaky exhale.
“okay, so i was thinking that we could be like jack and rose and y'know.. go out toni-” just as he was about to finish his sentence, screams and shouts could be heard and the stadium doors were busted open. iwaizumi looked towards the doors and widened his eyes as he watched fangirls run towards the main area. he grabbed you by the waist, holding you close as the both of you got trampled. the male felt himself get knocked over, bracing himself for impact as he fell on the bouquet he held with you in his arm. he cursed under his breath, staring at you as you let out a soft laugh, staring at him. “i would love to go out tonight.” you replied, iwaizumi sighing in pain and in relief.
✩ kuroo constantly wanted to look for you everyday, even if he was tired and just wanted to get the day over with. once he saw you approach him, he gave you the same grin and ruffled your hair before starting your daily teasing and bickering. his heart skipped each time you laughed and playfully pushed him while walking through the university halls. he planned to make this day normal before inviting you out for some casual dinner after classes finished. kuroo was ecstatic when you agreed to go out with him for the night, immediately heading to a quiet restaurant he loved to go with you when the both of you were in deep stress. he sat down with you, ordering what you usually get before having a conversation about classes and how they went. throughout the night, kuroo started to get more nervous as he talked with you, overthinking and regretting this plan.
you started to take note of how he would play with his hands and stare at them attentively. as the black haired male took a bite of his dinner, he hovered a hand over his mouth and spoke. “i guess this is a date or whatever,” he started, grinning when he saw your face and how you protested. “but.. uh, y'know i wanna take you on a real o-” he almost finished, instead, choking on his food that he was about to swallow. you widen your eyes and moved to lean over, giving him a glass of water and patting his back a bit too harshly. kuroo coughed and drank the water, clearing his throat and thanking you. “idiot, don’t ask me out when you have a mouth full of food” you scoff, shaking your head as he grinned and looked at you. “so i guess that's a yes?"
Tumblr media
© miyarins (2021). reblogs are appreciated! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ ‧₊˚✩
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ellewords · 7 months ago
haikyuu boys + comparing hand sizes
Tumblr media
request from @dammit-jjk​ :  hihi im back! i really loved your head pats hc!! do you mind doing a hc about measuring hand sizes with tsukki, akaashi, and kuroo again? much love!!💕💕
fic notes :  timeskip!tsukishima, akaashi, kuroo, x gn!reader, fluff, kinda suggestive but blink and maybe you’ll miss it, headcanons
from elle !  ahhh i’m so glad you enjoyed your previous request ! i hope you like this one just as much <33
Tumblr media
➹   tsukishima k.
you held out your hand to him, and of course the logical side of him thought that you were asking him to hold something for you. so he holds his hand out as well, and he just stands there, waiting for you to hand him your phone, your bag, a water bottle maybe? 
but instead you roll your eyes and lay your hand flat against his, noticing how your fingertips couldn’t even reach his when you align your wrists together.
tsukishima furrows his brows as he watches you practically study the way your hand rested on top of his — like you were memorizing every line, curve, and detail. 
“what exactly are you doing?” tsukishima asked, looking around the empty halls of the sendai city gym. practice had just ended and he didn’t need any of his teammates catching how absolutely adorable you’re acting.
“i’m comparing the sizes of our hands, what does it look like i’m doing?” you said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, like it was such a stupid question to even ask. 
“really? because it looks like you’re embarrassing me in public.” 
you roll your eyes. despite the sharpness in his words, you could tell it wasn’t something to think too much into. 
he just stands there, letting you observe each other’s hands. tsukishima may not show it outwardly, but he was melting. you just looked so focused, your gaze was intense, but there was a small smile on your face. he’s whipped and just doesn’t want to admit it
but boy oh boy, when you intertwine your fingers, his heart feels like it’s going to explode — he’s going crazy and it’s your fault hmph. 
his entire face is red bet >:)
“is this also your weird way of asking to hold my hand?”
“so what if it is?”
tsukishima bit his lip, trying to stop the smile that made its way to his features, “you don’t even have to ask, idiot.”
he pulls you forward, finally leading you to the gym’s exit. he sneaks a glance at you, only to find your gaze focused on the way his hand held yours, a faint blush spreading across your cheeks. 
“didn’t know you had a thing for my hands, yn.” tsukishima teased, leaning down so his lips was just a few inches from your ears and sending shivers up your spine. 
➹   akaashi k. 
one word : flustered
literally does not know what to do, what to think, or what’s gotten into you
you were in bed one night — about to go to sleep — when you suddenly grab his hand, pressing your palm up to his.
“uh yn? what are you doing?” akaashi asked, head tilted to the side as you stared at your palms pressed together. 
you ignore him, and he’s just left to stare at you, completely intrigued at how entranced you were in the way his hand almost covered yours. 
he never thought of his hands as some point of interest. he likes to think that nobody’s really paid any attention to them. yet here you were, absolutely fascinated by them.
a soft smile plays on your face as you move your hand around, still pressed against his.
it’s clear that akaashi took care of his hands too — barely calloused, fingernails well trimmed, skin unsurprisingly soft.
“your hands are so pretty ‘kaashi.” you mumbled, intertwining your fingers together.
he shook his head, but still gives your hand a gentle squeeze as his fingers laced tightly between yours, “they’re just hands, my love, nothing special about them.”
“really? well i think they happen to work wonders.”
akaashi chokes on air, a deep red blush coloring his cheeks at the implication of your words
you giggle, already expecting that kind of a reaction from him. you noticed he often kept his hands behind his back — like he was hiding them from the world. 
“i really like your hands, sweetheart. you write the most amazing pieces with them, and they fit mine so perfectly…” you continued, while there was a slightly teasing tone in your voice, he could hear the genuine love and affection in your words.
“well, if it means anything,” akaashi takes your fingertips and presses them to his lips, “i like your hands too.”
➹   kuroo t.
this mf
you were always fascinated with the way his hand engulfed yours when he held it, how warm they felt.
he had just come home from work, immediately pulling you to the couch as soon as you got home. 
kuroo snuggles his face in your neck, mumbling something about missing you the entire day.
but instead of a reply, you take the hand that gently rested on your waist and rest your palm against his, admiring the way it was obviously much larger than yours.
the biggest smirk spreads across his face once he realizes what you’re doing
“hmm. what are you thinking about, kitten?” kuroo asked, and you could just tell that he wasn’t going to let you live this down. 
once again you don’t answer his question, wrapping your hand around his thumb, emphasizing the very noticeable size difference 
and he’s just there, eyes wide, wanting to absolutely scream at how adorable you were being — but he thought your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate that lmao
his heart was going insane in his chest, and he’s just so overwhelmed with love because look at you !!! you have no right being this cute >:) 
kuroo pouts when you eventually let go of his hand. 
“aw, you done now?”
“yeah. but for real tetsu, your hands are unnaturally big.”
“oh?” kuroo asked, an eyebrow arched up, “you know, that’s not the only thing about me that’s—”
“say one more word and i leave you for kenma.” you groaned, pushing him away from you, “i’m getting some of that pro-gamer money.”  
yeah, that shut him up for a bit. he’ll still constantly bring up your fascination for his hands for months though >:(  good luck bec you’re stuck with him and he has no intentions of letting you go ;(
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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