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#kuroo smut
maikawa · 2 days ago
hi hi im not rlly sure if u take requests for specific characters bcs u didnt specify it in ur rules i dont think or maybe i didnt see it hehe..(◎_◎;).. but can i request for haikyuu boys headcanons to a sub with big doe eyes. preferably if u could do kuroo iwaizumi & osamu 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
haikyuu boys + doe-eyed sub
— haikyuu boys who love their s/o's who stare at them with big wide eyes while they fuck 'em and just stare
kuroo tetsuro + iwaizumi haiime + osamu miya
warnings :: implied virgin! reader, corruption (teensy bit) praise, himbo! reader as well, petnames
mai's note :: anon!! you have big brain, thanks for requesting mwah, writer's block hitting me hard:'(( my writing kinda sucks here lol
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
he loves to see you stare at him, mouth agape and blankets of sweat and tears covering your face. big wide doe eyes watching how his length slips inside you so easily, a smile on his face. "shit— you always look like that, look so innocent but you're such a slut f'me."
you turn your head just to pout at him, not mattering that you had your legs spread, his hands diligently spreading them, a satisfied groan escaping your boyfriend's lips when he stares back at you, tears falling down your fat cheeks that makes him bottom out, tip kissing the tip of your cervix before he came all over your insides.
you hiss loudly, kuroo pulling out slowly and kissing your forehead. "can't help myself, specially when you look at me like that, baby. so pretty like always for me."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
when he first started seeing you, a girl almost 7 years younger than him, he was nervous, but when you looked at him like that, wide-eyed and innocent, he can't help but take that innocence away.
he has you leaning against his chest, two fingers buried deep inside you while he eagerly listens to your sinful moans, your face buried at the side of his shoulder, his free hand grabbing your cheeks to make you look at him then back at the sight of your insides swallowing his fingers.
eyes as wide as ever. he thinks you look so precious, watching intently. "you need to learn how to please yourself baby, 'm not always gonna be around to do it for you."
you just nod meekly, squeaking that you're not gonna be good at it, and he chuckles. "gonna teach you some lessons okay, and when daddy's away, you're gonna send me videos, showing me how much you've missed me, and how much you've learned from me. you're a good girl, right?"
Tumblr media
osamu miya
he's just a sweetheart everytime you two do it, teaching you, his apparently innocent partner how to do things right, and you just nod and moan and stare at him with wide eyes, he swears he could see hearts in your pupils whenever you get pounded, biting your pretty red lips.
and when you complain that it hurts, and hiccup like a poor little baby, he shushes you. "my good girl can take it, you can right? yeah you can." his pretty grey hair brushing against you as he praises you, "you can do it, for me baby?" he whispers all the time, and when you whisper back a quiet yes, he smiles. but when you really get into it, you moan like there's no tomorrow.
sultry moans of his name "'samu!!" and the occasional grip of the sheets make him wonder about your innocence, what with your begging and groans about wanting him to cum inside you like a whore, maybe the wide-eyed appearance fooled osamu.
Tumblr media
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meiansmistress · a day ago
kuroo x fem!reader, 969 words, nsfw mdni 18+ cockwarming, tired kuroo, unbetaed. is this situation real enough? you decide
Tumblr media
The house is quiet when Kuroo shuffles back inside. He knows he’s late for the third day in a row, and the usual dinner smell doesn’t linger on the apartment like usual. You aren’t in the living room, so he loosens his tie and ventures to the bedroom, saying your name as he opens the door.
You’re already in bed, curled up with a book, wearing your favorite ratty sweater and shorts. It’s a far cry from the lacy lingerie you greeted him in three days ago, but he can’t blame you. He felt like an absolute asshole turning you down, because you looked so pretty and needy all perched on the bed.
“I’m sorry baby, not tonight. I’m really tired,” he had said, and though you nodded your head and said you understood, Kuroo knew he upset you. He can’t remember the last time you slept together, his time consumed with paperwork and late nights at the office, prepping for the beginning of the year.
“Hey beautiful,” he smiles as he sets his belongings down, throwing his tie over the chair in front of the vanity.
You look up from your book with a little smile. “Hi. How was work?”
“Tiring, but what else is new?” Kuroo doesn’t even bother stripping himself of the rest of his clothes as he kneels on the bed, crawling up to your legs and putting his hands on your ankles. “Not in that pretty lingerie set tonight?”
“Tetsu,” you sigh softly, and it’s all he needs to know.
You’re disappointed. Why wouldn’t you be? You’ve talked to him about your needs before—how you want him more than he’s giving you, how sex is important to you and your relationship. He’s repaid you by telling you he understands and then denying you in your best pair of lingerie.
“Sorry,” he murmurs as he leans down, pressing soft kisses to your ankles, then your calves, up to your knees before he looks up at you. “You looked pretty.”
“Did I?” You smile, setting your book aside.
“Mhm,” he agrees, hands ghosting up your inner thighs until his fingers hook in your shorts so he can snap the elastic band. “I think you look pretty now, too.”
“I need to shower,” you mumble as you lift your hips so he can slide them off, and shit. You’re not wearing any panties. His fingers ghost along your folds, and you exhale, shifting your hips to he has more room to work with.
“We can shower together on a bit,” he replies, working his fingers a little faster up and down your cunt. You push into him, biting on your bottom lip when he parts your folds and rolls his fingers over your clit. “Hey, can you get on top for me?”
You look confused but you nod anyway. It only takes a little maneuvering to have his back against the headboard and you straddling his lap, his pants and boxers discarded as you unbutton his dress shirt one by one. You grind your folds into his cock, mouth moving against his languidly like you’re re-exploring him after a few weeks apart. Kuroo groans when your hand finds his cock, pumping him a few times until he’s hard enough for you to sink down on him.
It burns slightly from the lack of prep, but you don’t seem to mind, your face scrunched up in pleasure. You try to move but Kuroo shakes his head, keeping you firmly on his cock with hands on your hips.
“Let me.”
He licks his thumb, finding your clit and making you moan. You let him circle and press on it, nails digging into his shoulders underneath his dress shirt. You grind down on him as he works, lips finding his and working your tongue into his mouth. Kuroo helps you rock with a hand on your ass, pushing and pulling so you easily glide on his cock.
Your walls clamp down on him when he sucks on your bottom lip, your eyes glazed over as you push toward his thumb. The sounds that tumble from your mouth make his cock throb, your breath hot against his lips as you rock into him.
“Tetsu,” you whine, fingers dragging his undershirt up to move all along his stomach. “Can I move?”
“Not yet.” He grins against your lips as he holds you down, keeping you from bouncing on his cock. “You have to cum first.”
You huff, but Kuroo knows it’s all an act. Your lips fall open, eyes slipping closed as you give into the pleasure, rocking as much as you can on his cock for more friction. His thumb slips easily now that you’re wetter, drawing circles and pressing just right until you’re gasping. He can feel it before you say it: your walls start to spasm, your moans go quiet for a moment like your body is preparing—then you’re crying out, tumbling over the edge, clinging to him as you shake.
When you lift your head, he kisses you again, drawing circles around your tongue. He lets you bounce once—just once—before pushing you to your back, your sweater slipping up to expose your stomach. Kuroo grins when he realizes you’re not wearing a bra either, making it easy for him to slip his hands inside and grab your tits as he runs his cock along your wet folds.
“Good job,” he breathes before he pushes inside again, bottoming out and stilling.
"Good job?" You laugh, looking up at him with darkened eyes, arms splayed out above your head. Kuroo thinks he’d marry you in a heartbeat if it hadn’t already been four years.
He leans down to kiss you before slapping his hips into yours hard enough to make you inhale. “Let me make up for lost time.”
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renaissansse · a day ago
Tumblr media
“You think I’ll let you leave me? After seeing how well you take my cock, how pretty you are struggling to fit it all at once in your mouth - and how whiny you get when you just want to be so stretched on it that you just hurt yourself riding me, you think I will let you go? Dream on, doll.”
Sakusa, OSAMU, Meian, Hanamaki, KYOUTANI, Oikawa, Terushima, Semi, TENDŌ.
“Sweetheart, you know that you’re only mine, right? You might look at those men, wonder about how good they might fuck you - but you’ll always come crawling back to me, begging me to pound you the way you know only I can, making you feel good the way only I can, alright?”
KUROO, Matsukawa, Suna, ATSUMU, Tomas, Futakuchi, Akiteru, SUGAWARA, Bokuto.
“You know how good I am to you, how much I love you, how much me being in you means to me, but if you continue that love, I am not sure how long I will be able to maintain control over myself. Be careful of how you behave, because I don’t want to be forced into doing things I would not want to.”
Iwaizumi, Kita, Tsukishima, DAISHOU, Ushijima, AKAASHI, Keishin, HINATA, Daichi.
Tumblr media
sans’ corner: MDNI! Thank you for reading. Reblogs and interactions are encouraged and very appreciated.
© renaissansse, 2021.
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bratinc · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 658 words.
+ contains. kuroo, tanaka, and bokuto.
+ warnings. fem reader, degradation, praise, blowjobs, slight exhibitionism, praise.
+ note from val. yeee- this might’ve been a self insert but.. oh well.
Tumblr media
takes it as a challenge, he won’t even bother muting his mic.
he’ll just spread his legs to give you easier access and let you do your thing.
bites his lip and frequently looks down to watch you sucking his cock because he thinks you look so pretty on your knees for him.
he cusses a lot more than usual and might accidentally moan when you take him deeper into your throat.
covers it up really well, the only person who can really tell when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be is kenma.
“Fuck! I’m—shit, I’m hit! I need fucking back up.”
he’s barely paying attention to the screen, his character just kind of stands there awkwardly
the only reason he’s still playing his game, is because he’s stubborn and he doesn’t want you thinking you won.
won’t give you the chance to tease him because as soon as he’s close he’ll just slam your face down on his cock.
he probably ends up apologizing afterwards and says he was just in the moment
he’s so excited.
the moment you put your hair up and get on your knees infront of him, he’s got a huge smile on his face and he’s pumped up.
he looks so good when you’re giving him head that you end up getting horny too
those low groans and growls that he lets out are music to your ears.
gets super distracted and barely even acknowledges his teammates that are yelling at him through his headphones.
“Sorry, they’re— fuck! they’re- um, they’re— uh, I-I gotta go do… stuff! I’ll be right back.”
he’ll mute his mic and stop holding back all his moans, letting his filthy mouth run free.
“Yeah, baby. Fuck! Just like that keep— keep fucking going. Ah, shit! You’re gonna make me cum.”
he will cum all over your face or down your throat, there’s no inbetween.
definitely the type to brag and hype you up to his friends, might accidentally tell them what you guys just did.
as soon as you take his cock out, he’s giving you all his attention.
he won’t even remember the fact that he was playing a game literally .5 seconds ago.
loves to caress your face when you’re sucking his cock, he’ll just gently rub your cheeks.
also has a very intense stare on your face the entire time.
he’s obsessed with watching you struggle to take his cock into your throat.
an absolute god at praise, he doesn’t shut up the entire time, praise him back and he will be on cloud 9.
he’s always moaning out you’re name, telling you how good he feels and how pretty you are.
“You’re so cute, puppy. So fucking p-perfect— god! I love so you much, you’re amazing.”
he’ll start thrusting into your mouth when he’s close and by the time that he’s about to cum he’s basically fucking your face
definitely forgot to mute himself and gets really embarrassed when his teammates say they heard everything
Tumblr media
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kabuukicho · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
thinking about roommate!kuroo, who hasn't had pussy in months because he's been so busy at work, all his socializing is done during lunch hour and when he arrives from the office, two hours before he heads to sleep. roommate!kuroo, who always looks but never touches, who makes jokes about sleeping with you that he means like 90% of the time. roommate!kuroo, who doesn't touch you because he's not an asshole, but beats his dick within an inch of its life behind closed doors, imagining your ass in your tiny shorts that he knows you wear to tease him.
roommate!kuroo, who perks up when you want to share your weed stash, helping you block the smoke alarm and hotbox in your shared bathroom. roommate!kuroo, who grins at you through a haze, bravery overcoming him to tell you he wants to shotgun the next hit. roommate!kuroo, who helps you sit on the sink so he can reach you better, who leans down to exhale a shit ton of smoke into your mouth. roommate!kuroo, who gets so fucking turned on when you moan and decides to fuck it, diving in for one of the hottest kisses you've ever had in your life. roommate!kuroo, who doesn't even care about what happens to the blunt, hands roaming all over your body, helping you yank your underwear off.
roommate!kuroo, who can't help but give in as you beg for his fingers to stretch out your tight little pussy as your hands desperately paw at his bulge beneath the volleyball shorts he likes to wear at home. roommate!kuroo, who, when he finally kicks off his shorts and slides his cock into you, groans about how you're so much tighter, so much better than his hand, than every fantasy that he's ever had of you.
roommate!kuroo, who grabs you by the waist to press you against the door to fuck into you, one hand shielding the back of your head from the hook you were dangerously close to hitting. roommate!kuroo, who nearly fucking screams when you wrap your legs around his hips and beg for him to cum inside you, making him readjust his hold on your hips to make sure he's fucking you well and good. roommate!kuroo, who cums so hard his hips stutter before pressing forward so he bottoms out completely.
roommate!kuroo, who guides you to the floor as he's too weak to stand, kisses you immediately after, whispering hotly in your ear that you're so hot, you're so fucking hot, so fucking tight and perfect, you were so fucking good for me. roommate!kuroo, who groans when your pussy clenches in the aftermath of your orgasm. roommate!kuroo, who asks you if you want to go for a round two.
and roommate!kuroo is thinking of you as he smokes a fresh joint; you, who's kneeling between his legs as he sits on the closed lid of the toilet, sucking on his cock.
Tumblr media
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rocorambles · a day ago
Pairing: Kuroo x Reader
Genre/Warnings: NSFW, Yandere, Yakuza/Gang AU, Forced/Arranged Marriage, Dub-Con/Non-Con, Humiliation, Forced Food Play, Threatened Pet Play, Implied/Hinted Infidelity, Possessive Behavior
Summary: You learn the hard way just how possessive Kuroo Tetsurou is of his belongings.
You don’t know much about Kuroo Tetsurou other than the fact that he’s an objectively attractive man and that he isn’t the normal wealthy businessman that he pretends to be. It’s practically a widely known “secret” that he’s the heir of an elite Yakuza family.
But never in your life would you have ever thought you would become entangled with such a dangerous man and you vaguely wonder if this is what a deer in headlights feels like as you’re petrified when he and his entourage rudely barge into your home out of the blue one day.
“Marry me and I’ll clear your family’s debts.”
You’re not naive enough to be unaware of the gambling, alcohol, and drug addictions that your father and brother are guilty of and you’re not stupid enough to think that Kuroo is really giving you a choice. His words are law and yet you still feel betrayed after the decades that Nekoma had left you alone, knowing there was nothing to gain from threatening you or using you as leverage against your scumbag family members who could care less about you and your fate. So why focus their attention on you now?
Kuroo is not a good man, but he considers himself a fair man. You reap what you sow. And it’s why he had left you alone, only relentlessly hounding your father and brother to pay back their accumulated debts. You don’t mean a thing to him, but internal politics have forced his hand. He doesn’t necessarily believe in love, but he had thought he would have found some woman to marry and bear an heir for him. Turns out even that bare minimum is hard to find and he scoffs at the memories of money hungry vixens, spies of other Yakuza families sent to seduce him, and countless other worthless whores who had sought his attention.
But he has no choice but to announce a wife soon per family protocol and to show that the Kuroo lineage will continue strongly and you’re the only woman he can think of who has no ulterior motive against him, who has no family or friends who will or can do anything to stop him. He knows everything about you after years of having your father and brother in his debt and you’re the safest bet to get the job done. Just another poor soul left abandoned in a sketchy part of town that will seemingly disappear from existence with few if any raised brows or questions.
You don’t really know what to expect as Kuroo Tetsurou’s fiance and you brace yourself for unwanted caresses, fake proclamations of love, maybe even being bound to his bed until your marriage. But none of the above ever happens and you’re surprisingly hurt and wary of how cold and disinterested he acts towards you, practically ignoring your existence and barely uttering any words or even looking at you when the two of you happen to cross paths.
You’re nothing more than a means to an end and you can’t help but feel humiliated as he casually tosses expensive clothing, bags, and jewelry your way. It’s clear he sees you as nothing more than a glorified doll or pet, something he can just throw money at and call it a day. And it only becomes more obvious that you’re just something for him to possess when he clips a gorgeous, almost ostentatious diamond necklace around your neck at your official engagement party. It’s beautiful, but you see past the pretty sparkles, see it for the collar it actually is, for the sign of his ownership of you.
But as much as you hate the weight of it around your neck, as suffocated as you feel with every second it lays wrapped around you, you know better than to remove it and you grimace at the flicker of appraisal you see in hazel eyes whenever Kuroo’s gaze lingers on the extravagant strand.
Yet you wonder if it would have been better if he had kept his distance, if you should have been grateful for how he kept you at arm’s length despite his unspoken possessiveness. Loneliness is better than the fear and violation you feel on your wedding night as Kuroo pins you to the bed, barely a flicker of emotion on his face other than a sigh and a low groan every now and then as he robotically pistons in and out of you, the sheer size of his cock spearing you open and the feeling of being used little more than a breeding hole bringing tears to your eyes. And when he pulls out after dutifully staining your womb, he silently turns to his side, his back facing you, not a single touch, word, or even a glance in your direction.
Night after night it’s the same. The only relief you have is the way your body molds to his form, the way you’re literally being trained to take Kuroo’s shaft at a moment’s notice. At worst you can just lay there and take it. At best if you really close your eyes and imagine apathetic hazel eyes replaced with a loving gaze, you can even feel pleasure. But it always ends the same and you curl into yourself, burrowing under luxurious linens in search of some semblance of comfort when Kuroo immediately separates himself from you after stuffing you full of his seed.
You’ve never felt more relieved than when you see the positive results on your pregnancy test and although it’s lonely being utterly ignored again and untouched as Kuroo avoids you like the plague with his duty to his clan now complete, you know this is the better option. In a way life almost seems normal as you’re given more freedom and privileges to leave the compound to go on walks and shopping trips. The perks of being the mother of a prestigious clan’s heir you suppose and other than the entourage of bodyguards that surround and trail you, you enjoy yourself as you slowly take back your life.
Kuroo never visits you or talks to you other than the occasional shared meal and event the two of you need to attend for appearance sake. And despite the gold band around your ring finger and your growing stomach, it’s easy to forget that you have a husband, that you’re a taken woman, especially when none of this was ever really your choice. Maybe that’s why when the cashier of the cafe you visit almost on a daily basis for a pastry begins to become fond of you, sneaking free desserts to you, showering you with smiles and small talk, insisting on sitting with you and keeping you company on his breaks, you let him.
There’s not even an ounce of guilt or a single thought of Kuroo as you bask in the worker’s attention, heart fluttering and warming at the idea of someone genuinely caring for you and liking you. After all you don’t plan on letting this ever evolve into anything outside the cafe doors and don’t you deserve to be loved? To be treated like a woman? To daydream about a romance you never got to have?
You don’t think Kuroo would care much even if he did find out and you’re sure he’s too busy playing with the countless bodies that warm his bed every night he spends away from you.
Oh how wrong you are.
Being raised as an only child means Kuroo’s never had to share his belongings much and as he’s grown older, he’s found he doesn’t much like sharing. And you’re no exception. So when one of your bodyguards sends him a photo of you smiling, eyes sparkling as you look at the cafe worker sitting across from you and when he sees the look of desire in the employee’s eyes, jealousy tears through him.
He knows it’s unwarranted, that you had practically been forced to bear his name, his child. But hasn’t he provided for you? Hasn’t he gifted you anything you could possibly want and more? Doesn’t he ensure that you’re fed with the finest ingredients and dishes money can buy? And you dare spit in his face and directly betray him like this? Flirting with another man when you’re stuffed full of his child?
“Clear my schedule for the week and make sure I’m not disturbed. I’m going to be spending some quality time with my dear wife.”
Sweet words, but the tone they’re spoken in is anything but and the hard glint in hazel eyes betrays that you won’t be enjoying your alone time with your husband.
Your eyes are heavy with sleep when your bedroom door suddenly slams open. Terrified, you shoot up into a seated position, eyes rapidly blinking to erase the bleariness as you look to see who’s intruded at such a late hour, only for your heart to pound even harder and faster when you realize it’s your husband.
“Kuroo, I- I didn’t expect you tonight-”
You jolt, cowering when you’re cut off by your door slamming shut, the sound of Kuroo turning the lock and trapping both of you inside almost deafening in the silence. And then you’re pinned to the bed by hazel eyes fiercely glaring at you, trying to somehow sink into the cushioned surface as your husband stalks towards you, discarding his clothes piece by piece along the way.
“When you signed the contract regarding our agreement, you forfeited your life over to me. When you signed our marriage license, you became mine and mine alone. Correct?”
You hesitantly nod.
“And that’s my child growing inside of you, isn’t it?”
Again you shakily nod.
“Since we’re on the same page on all of that, what makes you think it’s okay to blatantly flirt with another man? To entice someone and flaunt yourself at someone who clearly desires you?”
Your heart sinks and you’re stuttering, mouth trying to form words and failing as Kuroo finally reaches the edge of your mattress, slamming his arms on either side of your head, hovering over you, a knee strategically placed between your thighs.
“Maybe I should just keep you chained to my bed.”
You see red, not thinking straight as you froth and rave. Anxiety, desperation, and hopelessness at his words has you lashing out in any way you can and Kuroo looks on amused as you hiss venomous words at him like a cornered animal who realizes there’s no way out. He patiently waits, gazing down at you as you shout at him, asking him why he even cares what you do in your free time when he just ignores you all the time, when he practically pretends you don’t exist, when you’re sure he’s been warming his bed with more than enough partners to make up for the lack of intimacy between you two.
And when you’re done, chest heaving, mouth panting as you try to catch your breath after your tirade, he mockingly coos down at you, a smirk playing on his lips as he places a chaste kiss to your lips, laughing when you flinch at the physical contact.
“You’re right, sweetheart. You don’t mean a thing to me. But you do belong to me and I don’t share my belongings. Honestly it just sounds like you missed me. Is that why you decided to act like a whore? Because you were lonely? Well then, let me fix that and remind you exactly who owns you.”
You flail, hands shoving against Kuroo’s chest, legs and knees attempting to kick up and out at anything they can reach. But it’s of no use and Kuroo just chuckles as he easily pins you down, taunting you with saccharinely sweet reminders to behave and relax. “After all, you don’t want to harm the life growing inside of you, right?” You freeze at his words, hands protectively wrapping around your stomach and he coldly smiles.
“Good girl. Now let me give you that attention you were so desperate for.”
Looking back, you think you prefer the cold, indifferent way Kuroo had fucked his seed into you, treating you as little more than something to breed, to ensure his claim as heir. At least there was no pretense that it was anything more than that, more than an obligation on both your ends.
This feels too passionate, too tangible and your face and body heat at the hungry look in hazel eyes, the possessiveness in his hold. You can feel the imaginary noose of his ownership over you tightening as he takes his time to explore every inch of you with his tongue, teeth, and hands, can feel his smirks as he pinpoints and maps all your weak points, exploiting them until you’re moaning and writhing underneath him. You try to deny him the pleasure of seeing you fall apart because of him, but it’s no use and humiliated tears fill your eyes as he intently stares at you as his fingers curl in and out of you, his thumb toying with your clit, his mouth sucking a pert nipple, a self-satisfied smug expression evident on his face as your back arches and you climax around his fingers, convulsing and trembling as he doesn’t stop even after you’ve come back down, driving you into overstimulation.
You can’t keep track of how many times he’s had you falling over the edge, how many orgasms he’s forced out of you. It’s dizzying how easily he goes back and forth between fucking you rough and fast, treating you like a filthy sex toy to bend and break as he pleases, to gently but thoroughly making love to you in a mockery of true physical intimacy between lovers. You fade in and out of consciousness, falling asleep and waking up to the feeling of his mouth, his fingers, his cock thrusting in and out of every hole, the taste and feeling of thick seed heavy in your mouth, your cunt, your ass, all over your body.
Hours pass. Days pass. It’s all a blur of humiliation and pleasure as you’re forced to eat your meals in lewd ways, only allowed to eat off his body or out of his hands, threatened to be forced fed out of a dog bowl if you don’t stop resisting. Everything is closely monitored by your husband, every trip to the bathroom, every shower and bath not taken without your husband pressed against you, his hands and mouth lingering on you in some shape or form. And then a week is done and you can’t even feel or think, body exhausted, mind broken as your naked figure lays sprawled across your bed, barely registering the tender kiss Kuroo presses against your lips as he dresses and readies himself to return to business.
You gratefully wait for his footsteps to recede, for the sound of your bedroom door closing behind his exit, for the peace of finally being left alone. But you should have known that it would be too good to be true for this to be completely over and you quietly sob at his parting words.
“I’ll make sure to be a better husband and give my poor lonely wife all the attention she wants and more. You’ll never be lonely ever again, sweetheart.”
You flinch at the cruel laughter that follows his mocking, not even having to look up to see the pleased sneer on his face as he finally leaves you to wallow in your despair.
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Tumblr media
#genre: Smuttt
#includes: Multiple boys
#warnings: breeding, creampie, degradation, praise, daddy kink, mommy used, organism denial, dacryphilia, spanking, slight marking, afab reader.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Loves pushing your legs up to your chest, so he has a clear view of his dick splitting your pussy. There’s a creamy white ring surrounding the base of his dick indicating you’ve already cum multiple times and he’s already shot a few loads into you. He loves the feeling of pushing his cum back inside of you and hearing you whine about how full you feel but he just wants to make sure it sticks because his pretty baby deserves that. You’re clawing at his chest telling him you can’t take it anymore so with a few more sloppy thrusts he buries himself deep inside of you and releases his third, no fourth load. He lays his forehead against yours and lowly whispers “fuck baby, you done so well” “Mmh feel so full, I don’t think I have room for anymore” “shh shh I know baby i know, just want to make you a mommy”. He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum dribbles out of your pulsing hole and makes its way down the crack of your ass. With careful deliberate movements he rubs his cum into your pussy and pushes two of his thick digits back into your hole to plug you up, “can’t have you wasting anymore baby or else I’ll have to fill you up again”
Osamu, Ushijima, Daichi, Iwaizumi, Aone, Asahi, Ukai, Yaku, Matsukawa, Bokuto, Washio, Reon, Miein, Daishō, Atsumu, Bokuto, Akashi, Lev, kuroo, Kita.
Something about the way you breathily whine out the word daddy makes him go feral. It makes him feel as if he’s in charge of looking after his pretty baby in and out of the bedroom. Face down into the mattress with your eyes rolled back and tongue lolled out while he hammers into you from behind while you scream his name as if it’s a prayer “daddy daddy fuck!” “That’s right baby, daddy’s right here. Does that feel good? You like it when daddy fucks this pretty pussy?” “Mmh yess! Don’t stop please” and you know it was stupid to tell him that because there’s no way that he’s able to physically stop with how tightly you’re clenching around him. Every time he pulls out your pussy grips him and tries to suck his cock back in “Look at your greedy fucking pussy, won’t even let me pull out” “fuck, it’s just for you daddy, all for you”. And he knows that because you don’t think any other man can make you cum like he does, and no one will ever be able to take your daddy’s spot.
Daichi, Ushijima, Sakusa, Aone, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Yamamoto, Hanamaki, Iwaizumi, kyōtani, Konoha, Bokuto, Hinata, Semi, Goshiki, Tendō, Terushima, Akashi, Sugawara, Suna
Tumblr media
A sick thrill runs through him as you wither and squirm on the bed, begging him to go faster, harder, add more fingers, use his tongue but he just ends up doing the opposite of what you’ve begged him to do. You can’t count how many times you’ve been on the brink of cumming and he’s pulled you away from it countless times and it’s so frustrating you could pull you hair out. “Fuck, please baby! Please, I can’t do it anymore, just make me cum” “Aww but I’m having so much fun” he mockingly pouts. He knows it’s cruel to keep toying with you like this, but he can’t help it, knowing that he’s the only one that can push you over the edge surges him with power he shouldn’t have. He loves seeing you at his mercy, pleading with him to just let you taste the sweet nectar of release and him bringing you so close before pulling away. He leans in close to your face and kisses your wet cheeks before licking the salty drops that remain, looking into your red eyes he whispers, “how badly do you want it?” “So bad baby, I’ll do anything”. A slow smirk makes its way across his face, and he raises one eyebrow in interest, “anything?” He hums. You hurriedly shake your head “yes yes” as you buck up into him. He pulls away and situates himself against the headboard and pats his thigh “well if you want to cum tonight you’ll have to do it yourself pretty baby but down worry I’ll enjoy watching you ride my thigh”
Atsumu, yamaguchi, Sugawara, Daichi, Sakusa, Tendo, Ukai, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Komori, Tsukishima, Terushima, Shirabu, Semi, Osamu, Suna, Konoha, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kenma, Ennoshita
Tumblr media
The feeling of his hand coming into contact with the supple flesh of your ass and the gasp you let out has him twitching in his shorts. It’s his go to punishment whatever the case may be. He has you sprawled across his lap, skirt pushed up and ass on display. He makes sure he doesn’t stop until your ass is bright red, and you can see outline of his hand, a permanent reminder that you’re his. Loves making you count how many spanks he’s given you because he enjoys watching you struggle to get the words out through whines and tears. But he doesn’t do this just for his enjoyment, he does it for you. Because even though you may whine and complain about how it stings and that you won’t be able to sit tomorrow, he can see the arousal pooling in your panties and leaking onto your thighs. With one hand he’ll massage the globes of your ass and with the other run his fingers through your slit, catching your clit, “I thought you weren’t enjoying this baby but it looks like you’re a slut after all. Enjoying the punishment I give you like a true whore but don’t worry it’ll be our little secret” “Mmh , I’m not a slut! I promise it does hurt it’s jus-” “shhh no excuses, you’re dripping onto my legs and making a mess, so if you want a reward then you’ll sit there quietly and take it like a good girl” “….yes sir”
Sugawara, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Takeda, Kenma, Yaku, Oikawa, Kyōtani, Kindaichi, Fukiage, Sakusa, Kamasaki, Daisho, Washio, Konoha, Semi, Tendo, Hyakuzawa, Hiroo, yamaguchi, Kita, Suna, Aran.
Tumblr media
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hours-of-eros · 13 hours ago
— About Kuroo Tetsuro, Gift
Tumblr media
Heads empty. Just Kuroo Tetsuro buying you those cute little bells anklets as a gift. And when he has you on your back, legs on his shoulders, he can’t get enough of the sound the bells makes when he’s pounding your tight little pussy.
« You okay kitten ? You look like you’ve seen god. »
A cocky smile spreads across his ridiculously handsome face as you’re blinded by your orgasm.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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katsupeach · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ch 6 / ch 7 / series masterlist
summary: You’d sworn you didn’t want anything to do with your father, or with your family business. You’d left the country for college, and by the time you’d started your second year of grad school your old life felt like a distant untrustworthy memory.
So when he calls you in late November to tell you he’s dying, your carefully constructed boundaries crumble. You agree to come home for Christmas, on the condition that you help him sort out his will.
By the time your plane lands, it’s too late. He’s died under mysterious circumstances while your plane was in the air. Chaos ensues, when millions of dollars, thousands of weapons, and a thriving criminal enterprise are willed directly to you - and your husband.
Just one problem? You’re not married. Yet.
genre: fluff, smut, angst
cws - mafia tropes, guns, threats, violence(physical), yan!oikawa for plot reasons, blood mention, drug mentions, reader’s father is dead, and in this chapter we have his funeral and she eulogizes him. All characters in their mid twenties. f!reader. reader’s skin shows bruises(sorry couldn’t get around this for plot reasons), readers celebrated christmas as a child.
- this ones a little short - sorry -
“Oh,” Futakuchi sighs, gathering you in his arms, nestling you against his broad chest. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he pauses, “I, I didn’t realize. You know,” you feel his lips on top of your head, “Kuroo’s a fantastic liar. He sold my father the last bad deal of his career. So you don’t have to feel guilty about trusting him.” You sniff.
“He felt good,” you confess, chest aching. “It felt warm and soft and safe.”
“We don’t know what happened,” He says, rubbing your back, “I, sweetheart,” he pauses, thinking about what he knew of your past, about your father, cursing himself for the generic nickname, “It doesn’t mean you were wrong.” You sniff. “We’re gonna figure it out.” He kisses your forehead. “We are. I swear on my life, alright?”
“Alright.” Something tugs at the back of your mind, something Kuroo said, but you reach for it and it isn’t there. “Alright.” You repeat, trying to keep your apprehension from your face.
“Sit down,” Futakuchi says, guiding you to a chair as you try to focus, you try to breathe normally. “What, um,” he looks nervous, “Are you, uh, panicking?” You blink a couple times and nod, “I don’t know what to do,” he muses, “Do I touch you?” Your eyes swim with tears as you feel the walls bowl around you, remembering, and kicking yourself, how easily Kuroo had handled your tears, how perfectly he’d comforted you. Had that too been a manipulation?
“Do you think he killed my dad?” Your voice comes out more air than sound.
“I, uh,” Futakuchi settles on honesty. “Yeah, yeah, I do.” You can’t help it; something in your chest snaps painfully and you burst into tears.
“I’m an idiot.” You blubber and he hands you a handkerchief, “I’m so fucking stupid. I’ve been. I’ve been bantering with mobsters like I could ever possibly have the upper hand here.” You wipe your eyes. “Akaashi was right about me. I’m not ready for this.”
“You’re not stupid.” Futakuchi says, patting your head. “You aren’t or I’d tell you. If you were stupid, I’d be avoiding you. We don’t need the money so badly I’d doom myself to life with an idiot for a wife, alright? You're not stupid.” You blow your nose.
“I just bought all his shit,” you choke out. “I just bought it - hook, line and sinker. Oh,my god,” you lunge forward onto your knees, grabbing a garbage can. “I slept with him and he killed-” You retch and Futakuchi moves quickly, rubbing your back softly.
“We don’t know what happened. We only know he was there.” He says firmly. “You’re a scientist, right? We're still gathering data, I mean, fuck my hunch, okay?” You wipe your face with your good hand.
“I’m sorry,” you sob, “I’m so sorry. I’m just, like, reeling.” He nods and lifts you off your feet, cradling you like a child.
“This is my fault.” He says, holding you tightly. “I didn’t realize you were so, ah, attached.”
“I’m not now.” You say, snuggling into his chest. “Fuck him. I won’t, I won’t be manipulated.” You’re not looking up at Futakuchi, whose face he manages barely to keep the guilt from creeping onto. “Tell me it wasn’t stupid to trust him.” You sniff.
“It was,” he searches for the word, “Desperate.” Futakuchi confirms. “You were alone in a country you haven't lived in in years, being pursued by violent men who meant you harm.”
“Yeah.” You swallow. “I just, I’m sorry for full on crying like that. That's so fucking embarassing.” He shrugs.
“You’re okay.” He pauses, “Maybe enough sleuthing for one night, though, alright?” You shake your head.
“I wanna look at the pictures one more time, please. I could have missed something.” You wipe your face. “I feel like, there’s something here I still don’t understand.” He nods, setting you on the ground, and you hobble back to the desk. When you study the images, details become more clear. Oikawa’s got his fist around Kenma’s arm and Kuroo doesn’t look angry when he’s kicking the door down. He looks... focused. You file those details away and let Futakuchi lead you away to dinner.
“So you’re gonna marry my brother?” Sana eyes you warily across the dinner table. Futakuchi’s heart leaps in his chest but you manage a weak smile.
“Maybe.” You answer.
“You need a big white dress for that.” She advises with all the wisdom of an old queen, “And a cake.”
“And flower girls!” Amaya screams and Sana scowls at her sister.
“WE HAD A PLAN!” She yells back, “We were gonna butter her up FIRST!”
“If I marry your brother, you can be flower girls,” you say quickly and Futakuchi raises his eyebrows at you over the meal.
“Making wedding decisions without me?”
“Speak now or forever hold your peace.” You shrug. Some instinct drives him to rest a hand on your thigh, watching you glance away shyly from his touch.
“I suppose I’ll have to live with it,” he says, with a dramatic sigh. It’s odd. This is the first meal you’ve had in Japan that feels like a family gathered for the holidays, even though it’s just the two of you and the girls. There's something warm and comforting about it.
“I don’t wanna eat the broccoli,” Sana whines loudly, whipping some peas at Futakuchi, whose eyes narrow.
“Do not,” he snaps, “play with your food.”
“I’m. Not. Eating. This,” Sana says, putting her hands on her hips.
“Kenji?” You hear from the stairs. An older woman in a long white nightgown, with beautiful green eyes and dark hair, stands on the landing. “Sana, eat your peas, darling.” She narrows her eyes at you. “Kenji, who is this?”
“Mother.” Futakuchi stands. “This is Frank Karasuno’s daughter.” You stand as well, but she stays on the stairs. Sana shoves her peas in her mouth. The older woman regards you for a moment, then looks back at her son.
“I’m out of pain medicine.” She says quietly. Futakuchi nods.
“I’ll have some brought to you right away,” he says. She sighs deeply. You imagine that her grey eyes were once green, like her sons, but they look like they’ve been leached of color. You watch something occur to her in real time, unlike her son, all of her feelings play on her face immediately.
“Karasuno,” she says gaze snapping to you, a small smile on her face. “He was, he was old school.” You nod, unsure of how to respond. “How is he?” Futakuchi’s heart breaks into a sprint in his chest. Would you know how destabilizing it would be for her to hear he’d passed, in such a similar manner to her husband?
“He’s well, Ma’am,” you say, bowing a little, he relaxes. “Thank you for asking.” She turns and disappears up the stairs without another word.
“Thank you,” he whispers, a little taken aback by how this small gesture has further endeared you to him.
“You’re welcome, Kenji.” He takes your good hand and gives it a squeeze. “Can I ask you a favor?”
“Anything.” It’s the most honest thing he’s said all day.
“Please don’t make me sleep alone.” You mumble and guilt crashes over him like a tidal wave. The memory of the deal he’d still kept on the table flies to the front of his mind, he’s sure Oikawa is desperately awaiting his call. “I haven’t yet,” there’s a note of quiet desperation in your voice that pulls him back to the present, “And I know it might be awkward, but I, I can’t. I don’t know what to or how to-” He leans over and impulsively kisses your forehead, cupping your face with one hand.
“Of course. Don’t mention it.” You conclude dinner and spend the evening watching TV. You’re sitting on the couch and he’s got an arm around your shoulder when there’s a banging on the door that sends you into a dizzying panic.
“Oi,” You hear, “Oi, I’m late, but I’m here. Ya gotta fuckin’ let me in.” Futakuchi massages his temples.
“Can someone let Miya in?” He gestures to the staff and someone runs to the front door. Miya, that name rings a dim bell in the back of your mind. “Tell him I’ll receive him in the study.” Futakuchi says, quickly all business. “Get her a drink,” he points to you, “And show her to my room.” He squeezes your hand. “I’ll be right up.” He blusters out of the room and you mindlessly allow the servants to help you upstairs to Futakuchi’s room, which has cream colored walls and rustic accents, dark wood bookshelves and soft couches. A closet full of formal clothes and a desk covered in paperwork despite him having his own study. They put a full glass of scotch on the bedside table, no ice.
“Excuse me,” You ask quietly, sitting on the bed, peeling your socks off. “Could one of you grab me my coat?” You want your cell phone but you don’t want to give away that you have one. The servant nods and disappears, returning with the heavy wool thing Akaashi gave you a few minutes later. You dig in the pockets and pull out a chapstick that must have belonged to Akaashi. It smells faintly of vanilla, and you wonder if it’s been in the coat all summer. You use it quickly, and the servant disappears, leaving you alone. You fumble for the phone.
You: hi
Mattsun: hey honey
You: you were right. Kuroo was there.
You: oikawa was too.
You: I need to know what you know, no games. I need to know right now.
Mattsun: whoa there sweetheart
You: seriously issei
Mattsun: alright, alright, tell ya what I’ll get my shit together and meet up with ya
Mattsun: you’re gonna be at Inarizaki soon, the day after tomorrow. It’s out in the middle of nowhere. I’ll find ya.
You: issei
Mattsun: what’s up?
You: I’m freaking out
You: I thought I could do this, play the game, but I can’t I’m just a stupid girl
Mattsun: first of all dont say shit like that
Mattsun: second of all, the idea that you not being able to manipulate others being a negative trait is goddamn wild alright
Mattsun: you have always been kind and trusting and I know that’s biting you in the ass rn
Mattsun: but baby, it’s good. It’s a good thing about you.
You: you promise?
You: wait
Mattsun: what
You: Kuroo’s calling me
Mattsun: uhhhh
You: i’m not picking up
You: i can’t.
You swipe away the phone call and, miles away, much closer to the heart of the city, Kuroo leans back at his desk and rubs his eyes.
“I should have just told her.” he mumbles, exhausted, and Kenma glances at him.
“I mean, no.” Kenma looks back at his laptop. “Objectively, you shouldn’t have.” Kuroo fidgets.
“Honestly, I’m worried about her, out in the backwoods of suburbia with Futakuchi. Soon, she’ll be with Kita, even further from me. I-”
“If you were going to fall this hard,” Kenma says gruffly, “You shouldn’t have brought her to the meeting. She would have married you.”
“I didn’t know,” Kuroo says, sounding wounded. “I didn’t know that this would, that I would feel like this about being without her.” He rubs his eyes. “I’m an idiot.” He huffs out a short little sigh. “Of course she’s not taking my calls.” Kai sighs.
“Kuroo,” He says, “If you want her, then save her. It’s that simple. You have one shot to be her knight in shining armor and it’s this. Call Daichi, get off your ass, and plan something. You don’t want Oikawa to hurt her, then stop him. But I’m not gonna watch my best friend sabotage his own happiness with inactivity.”
“Daichi’s not gonna go for it,” Kuroo massages his temples, “Not since I-”
“So make him go for it,” Kai laughs, a touch of mania to the sound, “You’re Kuroo Fucking Tetsurou, convince him.” Behind Kai, a heavy snow is falling on the lawn. Kuroo nods slowly.
“I,” he stops himself, “You know what, that’s, that’s right. I am Kuroo Fucking Tetsurou,” Kenma groans in the background, “And I’ll make him go for it. Get me Daichi Sawamura,” He says, tapping his intercom, “And let Bokuto Koutarou know to expect a call from me after.”
“Hey,” You whisper into the phone, “I might have to go at any second, so um, I’ll be quick.”
“Of course.” Akaashi is all business. “You’re safe?”
“I’m safe.” You confirm and you hear a rush of static as he sighs with relief. “I just. . . I think Kuroo might have been involved with what happened to my dad and I wanted to talk to you,” you take a shaky breath, “who knows me so well, about it.”
“I’m listening.” Akaashi says, going to stand by the window in his office to watch the snow.
“I’ve seen some photos, Futakuchi showed me some pictures, security footage that’s definitely my house, of Kuroo and Kenma and Oikawa.”
“Oikawa?” Akaashi says.
“Ah,” you make a kind of strangled sound, “It’s actually Oikawa and Kenma, and then a photo of Kuroo and you know, um, Lev Haiba?”
“I do.” Akaashi confirms. “He’s shot me.” You can’t keep the giggle from your lips. “What?”
“Who hasn’t Lev Haiba shot at this point?” You ask and Akaashi thinks about it.
“Bo, but that’s because I was standing in front of him. Listen,” he says, “Photos can be doctored. They can be. That's open and shut and it’s in Futakuchi’s best interest to demonize Kuroo.”
“I know.” You fidget.
“You want me to come get you?” Akaashi says. “I’ll kill everyone in the building if I have to, to get to you.”
“His little sisters live here.” You say quietly, a shiver running up your spine. “I don’t need rescuing either, though. I, um... I appreciate it. I’m gonna hide the phone and not let him know I have it.”
“Good plan.” Akaashi says, cursing himself for going straight to violence, straight to threats, pressing his lips together. “You know I love you, darling.” You swallow.
“I do.” There’s a pause. “I do, love you Akaashi.” He nods, staring out at the falling snow, unable to stop the words that come next.
“I should have gone to New York.”
“Yeah, probably,” you sigh. “But I don’t blame you. I ran away.”
“Not from me, though.” He crosses his arms, holding the phone in the crook of his neck. “I should have known about Oikawa. In high school. I should have noticed.” There’s a silence.
“I should have told you.”
“No,” Akaashi says, “No, no, there’s no blaming yourself here, alright? The adults in your life should have behaved better. He should have behaved better.”
“I,” your voice catches in your throat. “He’s going to hurt me, Keiji.”
“I don’t think so.” And you hear an edge to your ex-boyfriend's voice. “I’ve actually got an appointment to threaten his life tomorrow morning. If he lays a hand on you, he’s going to be aware of the consequences. And I know,” he says roughly, “that you don’t like violence and that it won’t help me win you and I would do it anyway to keep you safe.” You hear steps on the stairs and your heart aches in your chest, remembering slow sunlit mornings with Akaashi and Bo, of how safe you felt lying between them.
“Love you, gotta go.” You throw your phone in the pocket of your coat again, letting it crumble on top of your suitcase, getting all the way in bed, sipping the scotch when Futakuchi comes in.
“Hey,” he says, closing and locking the door behind him. “So Miya is here from your next place, Inarizaki. I talked him into not barging in here to see you. He's pretty extroverted and you seemed tired.” You nod. He looks self conscious as he tugs his tie off and strips slowly. It’s not until he’s in a t-shirt and boxers that you clear your throat. “Yes?”
“Embarrassing.” You say softly. “But I need help getting undressed because of my, um, hand and foot.” He blinks once, then understanding sets in.
“Of course.” He nods. “Of course, I uh,” he glances at your suitcase, “You have pajamas in here?” You think about it.
“I’ve been sleeping in, um,” you look sheepish, “Ah, when I was with Keiji and Kou, I just slept in their clothes.”
“Would that be what you’d prefer?” He says, cursing his own stiffness. “I mean-”
“Sure.” You say quickly and he digs through a drawer, showing you a t- shirt. He steps out of his own pants, turning his back to you as he changes into a clean pair of boxers, throwing a shirt over his head. He comes to you and gently tugs your shirt up over your head, carefully moving it over the cast on your wrist.
“You should see another doctor about this.” He mutters. “Kuroo probably should have taken you to the ER.” You swallow and he hooks his thumbs in the top of your leggings.
“You can um-”
“I’ve undressed a woman before,” He says curtly, but there’s a teasing glimmer in his eyes.
“Really?” You say dryly and he pushes your leggings down, working them over the cast on your ankle.
“Watch it.” He snaps. “Or you can sleep in the princess barbie jeep in the garage.” You giggle despite yourself and he looks up at you, surprised by the sweet sound. “Sorry,” he says, when he realizes he’s staring. “I just, it’s nice to hear you laugh.” You sigh.
“It’s been a difficult few days.”
“Almost a week, now.” He muses, finally getting your leggings off and then helping you into his shirt. You dive under the covers and snuggle in. “You cold?” He asks and you nod. “I know it’s an old house. The heat doesn’t always work when the fire goes out downstairs.” He pauses and touches an intercom. “Can we have someone stoke the fire, please? It’s freezing up here.” Someone responds in the affirmative and he relaxes, but only slightly, hesitating again to join you in his bed, even while he watches you shiver.
“C-can you just,” you glance at the space next to you. “So that we can-”
“Sure.” He cuts you off, biting the inside of his cheek. He slides under the covers and reaches for you impulsively. You snuggle up to him, leaching off of the warmth of his body, surprised by the hardened muscle under his t-shirt.
“You’re pretty cut for a lawyer.” He rolls his eyes. “I'm serious.”
“Well, it pays to be ready in my line of work,” He rubs your back, then pinches the bridge of his nose with his free hand, unable to hold onto the ruse any longer. “Shit, I, I’m about to do something stupid, so, so bear with me, please,” You look up at him, confused. “Oikawa offered me,” He says and he feels you stiffen, “Hold on, don’t shoot me yet.” You don’t laugh at his joke and he rolls his eyes, “Oikawa offered me a substantial sum of money to just just turn you over to him,” he reaches for his phone, “And I have to let him know I won’t be able to take him up on the deal. I, I can’t sleep next to you and pretend I’m still considering it.”
“You just decided this right now?” You retort, withdrawing from him back into the cold of the sheets.
“I’ve been deciding all day.” He says sharply. “Are you going to freak out if I call him now?” You think about it.
“Probably not.”
“Are you going to come back over here?” He says, studying you and lifting the arm you’d been nestled under. “If I’m not going to take the money, I’d like to gloat a little.” You roll your eyes and scoot back over to him. He smells like pine and cedar, like old complex cologne. He takes his time nestling you on his chest before dialing Oikawa. You can hear the call connect and hear the deep voice that answers.
“Iwaizumi,” chirps through the phone.
“Yeah, hey,” Futakuchi says, rubbing a pattern on your back, “If you wanna pass along that I’m unable to take Oikawa up on his offer, that’s fine.”
“You’re making a mistake,” you hear Iwa say, “You don’t even know her.” Futakuchi sighs.
“Yeah but it’s harder to look someone in the eyes and ruin their life,” he says with an air of performative casualness, “Not that you would know anything about that.”
“Fuck you,” you hear and you can feel Iwaizumi’s eye roll, “You know what? Tell him yourself.” There's some muffled static.
“I hear you have bad news for me,” Oikawa simpers. “Not that I blame you for wanting to keep her for yourself, Futakuchi, but you’re new in town. Thought you were looking for allies.” Futakuchi shakes his head.
“I’ve found one.” He says simply, and he gives you a squeeze.
“Can I talk to her?” Oikawa says, and there’s a note of desperation to his voice. Futakuchi’s evil smile grows, moving the phone from his ear. “Sweetheart, you okay if I put him on speaker?”
“Fine.” You say, propping yourself up on his chest.
“No,” Oikawa says, “I want,” frustration bleeds into his tone. “I need to speak with her. Without you.”
“Then I suppose you’ll have to wait till I’m not with her,” Futakuchi traces a pattern on your back and something about the way you lean into warmth of his body tugs at his soul, igniting a soft protective flame.
“Fine.” You can picture Oikawa, raking his hands through his hair. “I want to apologize.” It takes a second to find your voice.
“For.” You hear him huff angrily, and imagine him drawing himself up to his full height. “For, for high school. For hitting you when you were here, for, for scaring you so much that you thought you needed to fucking shoot me, which, jesus christ,” he laughs, but it’s joyless. “Maybe you could apologize for that at some point.” His tone is razor sharp.
“What about for Iwaizumi at the airport?” You match his tone.
“I couldn’t let anyone else have you.” Oikawa protests. “No one else, no one else should. You don’t-” he’s so angry he’s stammering. “No one else cares about you the way I do and I don’t care, I don’t care if you fucked Kuroo or Bokuto. I don’t care. I just want you to come home and be here.” Pain bleeds into his anger.
“My apartment in New York was my home.” You say softly.
“I need you,” Oikawa says, venom dripping from his words, “to come here with an open mind, alright? I need that. I don’t want to have to,” he grits his teeth, “to force that on you.” You open your mouth to respond but he beats you to it.
“That’s enough.” Futakuchi says icily, cutting him off. “I don’t think I’m going to let you threaten the girl I’m in bed with,” you hear a violent stream of curses from Oikawa. “And if I find out you’ve been anything but a perfect gentleman to her,” He says, “I’ll find your weakest link, break him, and then turn him over to the cops.” He hangs up. “Alright, c’mere.” He holds you tightly. You wrap your arms around his neck. “I got you.” He says and you nod, hooking a leg around his waist.
“Thanks.” You mumble.
“You’re safe here.” He whispers, flicking the light off. You inhale deeply and listen to the settling of the old house, smell the smoke from the fireplace below. In the silence, you imagine his sisters sleeping, his mother. You imagine the grounds stretching out from around the house, rolling hills and gardens. What would they look like come spring?
“I feel safe here.” You say in the darkness. “Kenji,” you ask and he looks down at you. “What did you mean when you said Kuroo sold your dad the last bad deal of his career?”
“Ah,” Futakuchi rubs your back. “Mobsters don’t die of natural causes often and, uh, my father was no different. That wasn’t... Kuroo didn’t kill my father, but he shorted him on a deal that ended up costing him his life.” You shiver.
“None of us are probably going to meet your moral standards,” he says quietly. “Kuroo probably correctly characterized him as having done the least damage, generally. He has the reputation of being a good man when he can afford to be. BBut someone’s probably already discussed that with you, correct?”
“Lev.” You mumble. “Said that I should focus on finding the person who could make me the happiest.”
“Haiba’s an idiot.” Futakuchi grumbles. “But he’s right about this. Look up for me,” he says and you obey. “That’s a good girl,” he presses a thumb into the center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. You feel the faint throbbing behind your eyes dull. “Is that a little better?”
“Yeah.” You sigh. “A partner, huh?”
“That’s what I’m looking for.” He says plainly. “And I would protect you,” something stirs in his chest. “And care for you, if you’d let me.” He leans down, heart thrumming in his chest, and presses his lips to yours. You accept the kiss, feeling his hands in your hair, the weight of his body pressed against yours. You moan softly, groaning a little as he slips a thigh between yours and you grind against it. The room is still cold and you cling to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he slips a hand under your shirt, cupping and squeezing at your breasts.
“Fuck,” he breathes, kissing down your jaw and burying his face in your neck. You luxuriate in the warmth, “You’re so pretty,” he mumbles and you gasp in pleasure as he rubs his thumbs across your nipples. “So pretty,” he repeats,
“Ah,” you cry out when he pinches one of them and withdraws his hands quickly, wanting to watch your reaction to him sliding your panties to one side with cool fingers. “Kenji,” you whimper, and it goes straight to his cock, throbbing in his pants, “Kenji, please.”
“Please what,” he asks, innocently, like he can’t feel how wet you are, like he doesn’t know you’re empty, begging to be filled. He watches you squirm uncomfortably, trying to get around saying it, trying to get around admitting what you want.
“Touch me.” You try after a couple seconds, and he thinks about letting it slide, but this, this is too good, it’s too close,
“Like this,” he asks, mockingly, circling your clit but barely brushing the soft nub, “This is good for you, right?”
“M-more,” you almost whine, “n-need more, please,” you breathe. “Like,” He cuts you off by rubbing it the way he knows you're begging for, sending a jolt of electricity up your body, “Like that,” you choke out, “Need-”
“Whaddya need,” he says, watching how easy it is to play your body like some kind of instrument, “tell me, tell me what you need.”
“You,” you whisper, “You, Kenji, Kenji, need you.” It takes all of his willpower not to rut against the bed at your words,
“Keep sayin’ my name,” He grunts, slipping a finger inside you, “Be a good girl, and
keep saying my name,” you hear him only mostly, his touches are somehow both deft and gentle, he curls the finger against that one spot, pulling another gasp from your lips.
“Kenji,” you obey, hands scrambling to find purchase as he adds a second finger, “Kenji, Kenji, oh my god,” You grab the blankets, and then let go of them, bracing yourself against the headboard.
“Yeah, baby,” he says, finally losing some of that steely composure, “how does it feel?” You squeak.
“So, so good,” you breathe, “Oh my god, Kenji, don’t stop, please,” you beg, “Need
You, need you to keep going,”
“I know you do,” he coos, the mocking tone back in his voice, “Know you need me, so bad, huh?”
“So bad,” you repeat, your voice warbling.
“Gonna let me take care of you,” he asks, curling his fingers again at an unfair angle,
one that makes you cry out loudly. You nod emphatically, tightening your grip on the headboard.
“Noted,” he says, glancing up at your hands, and pulling his cock from his boxers, “I’ll tie you down next time.”
“Please,” you beg, and feel him withdraw his hands, feel the head of his length at your entrance.
“Yeah,” he snarls, easing himself inside of you, “Yeah, fuck, baby, wanna see you cum
for me,” He keeps playing with your clit as he starts fucking you slowly, luxuriating in how warm and wet you are.
“Kenji,” you moan, feeling your walls stretch to accommodate him, arching your hips up to meet his, “Kenji, more, please,” Your grip on the headboard is tight.
“Patience, baby,” he smirks, “You’re pretty demanding, huh, for someone functionally at
my mercy,” he lays on top of you with your legs folded into your chest, letting you feel more of his weight, “Pretty bold to keep begging, to keep with the more,” you feel him bury his face in your neck again and bite down, “And the please,” he growls, swiping his tongue over the affected area, “And the Kenji.” He picks up the pace, fucking you harder, dragging his cock against that bundle of nerves deep inside you with every thrust, “Fuck, you’re tight.” You hum in ecstasy, he lifts his head and presses his forehead to yours.
“Kenji,” you moan again, and he slams his hips against yours, “M’so close.” He hasn’t stopped paying attention to your clit, still playing with it in a way that’s making your eyes roll back in your head. “So close,” you warble.
“Don’t you dare,” he says, and there’s a mean hard edge to his voice, “Cum without permission,” he says. “Keep begging,” his free hand digs into the dough of your hips, “I wanna hear it.”
“Please,” you beg, “Please, please, Kenji, want, need to cum, I need you to make me cum,” you bite down on your lower lip, holding back your is starting to ache.
“Wanna feel you cum with me,” he pants, “Hold it for me,” he says, and you let out a high pitched, needy whine, “I know, baby,” he coos condescendingly, “Shit, I know it hurts,” and the power of his own impending orgasm nearly takes him by surprise. “Cum for me, cum for me, baby, now,”
“Oh my god,” you manage, before your orgasm breaks over you like a tidal wave, you barely feel his thrusts turn sporadic as his own high hits him, as he cums deep inside you.
“Fuck,” he snarls, collapsing on top of you as you spasm beneath him, he holds you tightly against his chest. You sigh and shudder against him. “You okay,” he mutters, “You’re too cold, I’m gonna grab another blanket for you.”
“Thank you,” you murmur, trembling a little. He smooths your hair and kisses your forehead.
“Love to me,” he says quietly, pausing to study your face in the darkness. “Love to me, is caring for another person, in all senses of that word.” You nod, and he leaves, you hear him walk down the hallway and open a closet. Could you live like this, you wonder, working with your husband, could you raise your kids alongside Sana and Amaya, and pay forward the old school legacy your father left behind? Could you sleep next to Kenji, and allow him to care for you? With his sharp tongue and soft heart? If Futakuchi can read your face when he comes back in, he doesn’t say anything.
He tucks the extra quilt around you carefully, his brow furrowed. He kisses the tip of your nose, and then shrinks from the gesture, as if embarrassed. You curl up next to him, and drift off to sleep, sober, for the first time since you buried your father.
“How is she?” Kita says, holding a finger up to the man sitting in front of him to answer his desk phone, his voice laced with earnest concern. He’s sitting in his office, ignoring the paperwork in front of him. Atsumu leans back on the guest bed.
“Futakuchi says she’s alright, I’m gettin’ breakfast with her tomorrow. But uh,” He sighs,
“Can’t imagine she’s doin’ good, you know?”
“I felt horrible for her, at the funeral.” Kita presses his lips together. “I hope she’ll be able to find some peace out here.”
“Anyone who can’t find peace in nature ain’t a good wife for ya, anyway,” Atsumu says with a crooked grin. “And uh,” he fidgets, “I know you think yer doin’ a good thing, that yer rescuin’ her or whatever, but Kita,” He says, “Don’t do it if ya don’t love her, alright, I don’t wanna see ya like that.” There’s a pause.
“Miya.” Kita says, just slightly softer.
“Yeah, boss?”
“If you would show that emotionally intelligent side more often, I think you’d be ranked higher in this organization.” There’s a pause.
“Well, fuck you, too,” Atsumu smiles. “I’ll keep her outta trouble till we see ya tomorrow.”
“Thank you.” Kita says, hanging the phone up, and turning to the person sitting in front of him. “It’s a long drive for you,” He looks at the man over, “Daichi Sawamura.”
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kuroosimp1000 · 2 days ago
Seemingly Erratic Behavior
this is for @bratinc 's toxic collab, which I am thrilled to be a part of!
CW: fem reader, toxic relationship, manipulation, possessiveness, marking, degrading, one slap, PLEASE let me know if I missed one
WC: 735
Tumblr media
It's funny because the reason you were drawn to Kuroo, in the beginning, was his mysterious cheekiness, and his incalculable nature. You thought his devious smirk was so sexy. You liked the thrill of wondering whether you would get a sweet kiss on the lips or hickeys from your neck down to your thighs. You liked when he leaned in close to you, it could be a peck on the cheek, a bite to the ear, a whisper of "I love you, you look beautiful" or a whisper of "I want to bend you over this table and fuck you in front of all of your friends". He always had you blushing like mad, breathing heavier with your thighs pressed together. Your reactivity was the reason he was drawn to you. Ever since you first met it seemed like every move he made had you startled. He was hooked in no time. As you got comfortable with each other and the reactions started to die down, he felt he had no choice but to ramp up his actions. It moved to pinches to your thighs, a bit of titty groping on campus, small things that grew greater and greater. Over the years it led to where you are today.
Now you get anxious when you hear him pull into the garage. Kuroo loves to fuck with you, seeing you scared, begging to stop, begging for more, crying with fear and with pleasure, never knowing what's coming next. When he calls for you, it's always a 50/50 chance of how it will go. Sometimes he'll surprise you with chocolates and flowers, charming you with his thoughtfulness, only to call you a spoiled, greedy pig when you indulge in the gift. Sometimes he'll greet you by caressing your face lovingly then slapping it one second later, grabbing your checks in his hand one second after that. Sometimes, he'll squeeze your mouth open and spit into it, then proceed to cuddle you gently for the rest of the night.
Kuroo is obsessed with you, calling you while he's at work and tracking your phone. You rarely leave the house anymore to avoid the interrogation and accusations when he gets home. He's so possessive, insisting that you belong to him and him only. "No one else should even be looking at my beautiful girl. For my eyes only, okay?" and you agreed, because this man is bigger, stronger, and crazier than you. You're not allowed to touch what's his, that includes your pussy. He seems to know as soon as he comes through the door if you've gone against him. Depending on his mood that day, he might fuck your needy body senseless since you're a whore who can't function if she's not stuffed. He might tie you up for the rest of the night, cumming on your face before going to bed and being forced to sleep like that, unable to wipe the cum off of yourself.
If you're completely honest, you're obsessed with him too. You hate when he smothers you with attention, but when he isn't looking at you at all, you find yourself wondering why. You always do everything he asks of you, you want to please him so bad. You look forward to his calls during the day, always answering on the first or second ring. You want to make him happy because you love to see him smile. When he goes on his business trips, you have such a hard time sleeping without him. When you finally fall asleep, you dream of him. You crave his touch as well. You can't get yourself off anymore, he's ruined you. Your tiny fingers do nothing, you need his large hands with their long fingers and you need his thick cock. He knows it too. He knows that no one will be able to please you after him. It's just as well because no one else will ever get the chance.
You really do love Kuroo, and in the end, that's what keeps you from leaving. That and the fact that he would probably track you down immediately, and the mystery of what he would do when he finds you is too much for you to handle. The way you crave him and fear him at the same time is dizzying, and he lives for it. He's never letting you go, and you know it.
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titsuya · 2 months ago
I'm very horny and you have a knack for finding the best stuff... Do you have any cool visuals? <3
Tumblr media
all my hq bfs w/ f!reader
warning: twt p*rn. minors dni. 18+.
a/n: ive been waiting for this ask my entire life
navigation (18+)
Tumblr media
» haji loves that skirt, but he also loves fucking your cute cunt and filling you up with his cum. <3
» frat boy haji gets takes you to his car because all the bedrooms are full and takes you for a ride. <33
» big, buff daddy dilf haji who loves your tight cunt so much it nearly makes him cry. <3333333 and he likes it rough ;)
» hajime just LOVES when you compliment his hands. <333333333
» the only way to make rintarō smile is to wake him up by riding his dick like a good girl. <3
» me you and rintarō on y’all’s day off <3, he’s so vocal cause “you feel so fuckin’ good,” <3333
» rintarō loves creampies & cumming in your mouth… but he loves that you’re a “slut for daddy” and that you’ll let him paint your face <3333 (2 bonus visuals for my daddy)
» fuck fuck fuck he loves your tits so fucking much, squeezes and sucks the life out of them <3333333333333333
# SAKUSA KIYOOMI (tw… squirting… a lot of it)
» kiyoomi loves eating you out and making a mess out of his good little slut <3
» also loves fucking you so hard that you squirt on his cock </3 calls you a nasty little slut even though it makes him cum so hard
» brat tamer kiyo <///3 fucks you stupid, slaps your face, makes you squirt, but you love it so much
» worshipping kiyoomi’s pretty body <333
» keiji is so vocal with his heavy pants and higher pitched moans and it makes you feel so good
» 🥺 being keiji’s pretty lil puppy and you were so good while he was gone at work, so he gives you a little reward <3
» keiji’s finger work so well… he knows how to hit that spot, how to make you gush
» loves fucking you to frank ocean. even when you’re all cuffed up <3
» sometimes, kou loves watching his little crybaby grind all over his cock <3
» and sometimes, he just can’t hold himself back so he fucks up into you :))
» daddy likes double stuffing your pussy with cum, especially when you beg for him to put a baby inside you <3333
» 69-ing is kou’s favorite. you guys both feel good and that makes him soo happy.
» waking up his little bimbo princess with his cock ! tw somno
» daddy likes to see his cum on your pretty pussy before pushing it into you %^**>>{^^
» tsumu likes pressing your face into the mattress as he fucks you and makes you squirt
» knows how much you like being filled up so he fucks both your holes at the SAME time ! (tw anal)
» samu gets so hard when he see’s you doing anything remotely domestic
» loves holding you close and kissing you while his cock is stuffed deep in you
» breeding kink!!!!!!
» king of eating and making a mess of your pussy
» such a good daddy </3 blindfolds you with his work tie and worships your body all night
» he’s also a rough daddy <3 likes to choke you a ton
» he can be really mean nd tease you to make you think you’re getting his cock <///3
» “shhh, can’t be too loud, kitten, we’re in public, you know that.”
» rin thinks you’ve been so mouthy with him lately so he decides to have him and his friends shut you up (psst, atsumu on the left, suna in the middle, samu on the right)
» misbehaving and embarrassing rin in front of his friends? now he’s gonna embarrass you :)
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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sweetsbysatori · 16 days ago
sugardaddy!hq boys helping their sugar baby study for college exams
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
pairings: kuroo x f!reader, akaashi x f!reader, shirabu x f!reader, iwaizumi x f!reader, bokuto x f!reader; (she/her pronouns, afab!reader)
warnings: explicit language, SMUT (18+, minors DNI!!), fingering, vaginal sex, spanking, oral (m!receiving), a teeny bit of dubcon for iwaizumi, sugar daddy hq boys, age gap (10+ years), lmk if there’s anything that i missed!
notes: i just performed poorly on an analytical chemistry exam that i did not prepare for well enough so this is how i cope! likes and reblogs are always appreciated :D
part 1 | part 2
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
sugardaddy!kuroo who helps you prepare for your upcoming accounting midterm, teaching you all of the useful Excel shortcuts so that you’re able to complete your balance sheet with ample time to double check your work. and when you excitedly come home and let him know that you got the highest score in the class, he throws you onto his bedsheets, fucking you at any pace that you want-- rough and fast or passionate and slow-- anything to reward his princess for being so pretty and smart <3
sugardaddy!akaashi who proofreads your essays. he’s an editor for a shonen manga magazine, so his brain easily catches argument inconsistencies, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. he sits on his plush leather chair in his home office, carefully typing away on his laptop-- adding commas here and there, fixing phrases for parallel structure, and occasionally building on your argument to make your points clearer and more cohesive. meanwhile, you sit underneath his desk; your knees ache and your jaw is sore from sucking keiji’s cock for almost an hour. he swears that he doesn’t need any repayment-- that seeing you succeed is more than enough of a reward-- but you insist, and who is he to deny his precious baby? <3
sugardaddy!shirabu who tutors you for the MCAT. it’s been over a decade since he graduated from med school and an even longer time since he had to take that wretched standardized test, but he figures that it’s always a good idea to review basic biology and chemistry. that’s how you find yourself in your current predicament-- your skirt is flipped over and your baby pink panties pool around your ankles. kenjirou lands a harsh spank to your ass, the flesh stinging from the impact. he’s spanked you 20, maybe even 25 times at this point-- one per every question you missed on the practice exam. you whine when you realize how many more you have to endure, but don’t worry, it all pays off when you score in the 99th percentile! <3
sugardaddy!iwaizumi who quizzes you for your anatomy practical. he’s a firm believer in hands-on learning, so he’ll lay you on his bed and point to various joints and bones on your body. he’ll make you answer with the corresponding anatomical term— he points to your elbow, you confidently respond “olecranon;” he taps your kneecap, you respond “patella” with a giggle. but not long after, his fingers slowly trail up your thighs and gently ghost over your core, making your breath hitch. his fingers push your cotton shorts and panties to the side, index and middle fingers running up and down your slit and collecting your juices. you hesitate, protesting that “it’s not on the exam!” and with a devilish smirk, he shoves two fingers into your needy hole, replying, “i know sweet thing, but you’ve been working so hard that i think you deserve a study break” <3
sugardaddy!bokuto who never went to college, so he doesn’t fully understand how stressful finals season is. but when you come to him crying, complaining about how none of the topics you studied was on your organic chemistry final, his heart shatters. he immediately tries to make you feel better, and what better way to relieve stress than by splitting you open with his thick cock, rubbing tight circles on your pretty clit, and letting you cum and cream all over him as many times as you want? once your tears of sadness morph into tears of pleasure, you whine and beg for him to move, to give you more, and he eagerly obliges. koutarou is the best sugar daddy you could ask for, so generous and understanding <3
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kshira · a month ago
Tumblr media
ft. sakusa, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, kuroo, kenma, bokuto, atsumu, tendou
tw. fem!reader, cursing, dirty talk, praise, fingering, handjob, m!oral, creampie, f!oral, soft dom! w/ sub! reader
an. a mixture of pussy drunk and them being needy for you, this is day six and i hope you enjoy <3
✰ kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
he’s hesitant to touch you, eyes glossing over your naked body, sakusa thinks you’re like a delicate gem, so beautiful to look at but afraid if he’s not too careful you’ll slip through his fingers; and shatter. a tremble of his name and he’s pulled from his lingering thoughts, “what do you want, princess?” his larger body leans down, eyes scanning over your face when he finally touches you, fingers skimming down your soft skin and that’s when he realizes; he wants more. the voice, the begging tone of you calling out to him—sakusa needs to hear it. “kiss me” he urges, lips brushing across your own “i need you to kiss me while i make you cum” and sakusa drops the clueless act, skillful fingers playing with your slit, dipping in your wet hole and his deprived tongue exploring the insides of your mouth. he swallows every moan you recite to him, his cock throbbing every time you beg for more, it builds the warmth in his chest, masks his vision with want and sakusa is growing desperate. “cum for me, please” his voice is muffled between your lips, digits pumping faster—and your voice; driving him to crash you into your orgasm. he feels your legs shake, your cunt gushing all on his fingers and sakusa watches the gem shatter from below him; and it’s such a beautiful sight.
“but princess, i need you” oikawa pouts, throwing his hands over your body as you try to get out of bed, “look how hard i am” he grabs your hand guiding you under the covers at his brief bulge “you make me this hard” he coos, eyes growing bigger when you grab him. “s-see? s’hard f-for you” oikawa stutters out, watching your hand slowly jerk him under the fabric, “f-fuck, just like that” your wrist snaps harder, fisting harder and closing his trembling lips with your own. oikawa struggles to concentrate on your hand, lips swallowing his choked moans—his neediness overflowing his brain. “wanna cum, wanna cum for you princess, please” oikawa whines, eyes rolling as you pump harder lingering your lips down to the sensitive skin on his neck. “fuck fuck fuck” he chants now, hips bucking into your hands, his cock throbbing against your palm. oikawa’s bronze eyes meet your gaze, lips parting with moans when he lets go, white ribbons painting his stomach, and oikawa keeps looking at you; but he had to. after all, he couldn't cum without you.
“need help?” iwaizumi grins, his calloused thumb soothing circles on your bare thigh. “can my pretty girl not ride me anymore, getting tired?” he taunts, lips curling into a sweetened smile, iwaizumi pushes the strands of hair from your face gazing at your fucked out expression; you looked tired. but you kept going, shaking your head and continuing to bounce on him. iwaizumi groans, swallowing the thick lump in his throat, he’s been holding out for so long; in all honesty he was so close to tipping over as soon as your warm cunt engulfed him. “move your hips like this, yeah? make me feel good princess” he muffled the moan, resigning in your neck; mostly to cover the soft pink shadowed on his cheeks, his arms wrapping around you to mask the tremble of his fingers. he silently thrust inside you, bouncing you harder on his lap, cock smoothing against your walls and soon enough you begin to unravel. tight coil snapping beneath your stomach, gushing around him—iwaizumi can finally let go, coloring your velvet walls with pretty whites. “see angel? you can’t cum without me” he places a kiss on your cheek, and he’s lying through his teeth though because it’s the other way around.
his eyes are trained on the tv, arm lazily slung across your shoulder as you watch faded figments of the tv, the pixels descending into your brain while something else clouds it. you look down at his lap, gut turning at the faded outline of your boyfriend's crotch. your eyes gaze back up at him, his face is relaxed with lips pursed in concentration. matsukawa darts his eyes over to you when you start palming at his crotch, cock throbbing under your grasp as soon as you start rolling your hand across it. “whatever you do, don’t fuckin’ stop” he says, gritting his teeth with his chocolate orbs studying you. “need your mouth now” he demands, pulling his cock out from under your hands and slapping it against your mouth, “suck, please angel.” his head slams against the back of the couch, groaning when your mouth slides against his length, the stretch held in your mouth burns but the whimpering coming from your boyfriend is well worth it. “y-yeah, just like that, please more” he moans, fingers threading through your hair and aiding you down further, your head bobs—mouth slurps and chokes around his length. “you know once i cum down that pretty throat of yours, i’ll want more” matsukawa groans, feeling his body completely crumble to your touch.
“fuck, don’t stop” kuroo pushes your head harder on his cock, the tip of his tongue swiping his bottom lip “needed this all day, angel.” his fingers grip your hair “but you know what’s better?” cumming in that pretty pussy.” kuroo looks down to you, head cocking sideways “don’t you think?” and you have no right to answer, only using his temptations to fuck you more when you get between his legs, but as soon as he is above you, clothing stripped, lips locked—he’s falling apart. “t-tight, shit, you’re so tight” kuroo eyes close shut, driving on the instinct of rolling his hips and moans slipping from his mouth, he’s drowning, waves above his head at the feeling. falling forward to fuck you deeper in the bed, hands flying up to hold him from the ruthless pounding. “gonna—gonna cum” kuroo recites the words, chanting them back in louder volumes when his cock sinks to the deepest parts of you, a gurgled choke when he feels your weeping cunt gush around him. he sucks a breath in, gathering the oxygen to fuel his lungs but it doesn’t feel as good as suffocating under divine waves of you.
“go ahead and do what you want with me” kenma whispers, pushing your hair behind your ear “i’m all yours.” and a pinch in your stomach throbs at his words, rising your orbs at him, he smiles “fuck me the way i deserve” he lays back, hands gripping harder on your plush hips “i know you can do that.” you gulp, watching your boyfriend hovering your cunt over his cock “only you know how to fuck me so good, my pretty girl.” kenma sighs, a relief of tension draining through his system when you sink down, hands shaking at the heat sliding on his length “y-yeah, that’s it.” your head unstable at the stretch, face knocking down on his shoulders, gasping at the pleasure rushing through your veins, kenma brings a hand up on your back, rocking you against him “you’re doing good—so good for me princess.” tired eyes look at you, watching your body curl against him, mindlessly getting off on him and kenma is sober but he feels so drunk; mind clouded with nothing but bright colors taunting his orbs. in the world he paints so black and white, you splash colors on him, “you wanna make me cum?” he breaks the silence, muffled whimpers leak from his shoulder, yet he hears the simple yes. he smiles, “make me cum then” kenma doesn’t know why but shades of new colors invade his mind as you cream around him, life isn’t so simple when he has someone making him work for something more complex.
bokuto is behind you, pounding into you from the back as it’s his favorite way to fuck you—watching all your beautiful curves move in delicate directions at the drills from his cock. they’re sloppy, pausing every so often to smooth a hand over your back, he’s only been in for seconds but god—it feels like a lifetime to him. they’re needy thrusts, angled just right to curve his cock deeper in you and he’s already at the end of his rope, dick throbbing for release and every time he thinks about it; there’s only one ending. “don’t wanna” he pouts, shutting his eyes tight, head tilted towards the ceiling, praying mindlessly to a god for time to slow the fuck down. but not all prayers are answered and evidently that’s now; as he cums inside you after another shock worthy pump. “not done baby, i swear” and bokuto is a man of his words, flipping you over, legs thrown over his shoulders and he’s back at it again, fucking through the sensitivity lined on his dick and straight into your weeping cunt. his jaw is tight, eyes watching your face contort into nothing but beautiful features and he wants this moment just for a little bit longer, or if possible just rewind everything because seeing you, watching his cock disappear inside you; it’s a moment worth living in forever.
“my precious angel, aren’t ya so cute?” atsumu hums, face buried in your cunt, absently licking inside your hole. “so sweet cumming on my tongue” he coos, bringing a thick finger up to slowly sink in your pussy. your back arches off the bed, spine crumbling under the weight of your boyfriend's tongue lapping at your clit, fingers curling in your tight walls. “that’s it baby, give me another” atsumu groans when you do as he says, liquids coating his finger, airy moans fluttering from your lips. he takes it all, everything you have atsumu wants it, he craves how good he makes you feel—the way your body moves and trembles for him. pride fills his chest watching you cry out, clawing at his broad shoulders, he can fuck you with his tongue, make you cum with one curl of his fingers but with his dick; you can’t stop begging for more. “i got ya baby, gonna fuck ya so good” atsumu hovers over you “cause i’m the only one that can make ya feel this good, right pretty baby?” and he takes the audible gasp as an answer when he slides in, heavy arms above you buckling at the sight and once is never enough with him—not when he’s the one that starts begging for more.
tendou is a clumsy lover, he stumbles to take your clothes off, trips over his words when he’s finally hovering over you. his heart feels so heavy, he can barely breathe looking at you. his chest is tight, like his head is barely above the surface. and it feels like this everytime, with you—he feels immortal, life shouldn’t be this good with you or your cunt. “look at me, please princess” he asks delicately, he never wants attention drawn on him but right now tendou wants you to watch, he wants to see the faces you make, the moans you expel— and maybe, your eyes locked on him; he won’t feel so lost. “does it feel good pretty girl?” tendou softly brings his hands up to your face, cupping it within his grasps, his cock slowly sinking inside you, you gasp hands grabbing at his shoulder “i’m right here, not going to move till you say so—okay angel?” and he’s reassuring himself with the words, looking into your eyes for the answer. it’s tied within your orbs, flickering happiness to him. tendou smiles back, shakily grabbing your knees and spreading you further, slowly pumping inside you, the warmth overflowing on his cock—the wetness coating him and dripping down to his balls and tendou is so afraid always to tumble over into this unexplainable bliss but with you, it’s a free fall.
Tumblr media
tagging— @chronic-claire-universe @ravenina14 @mattsunmakkilovebot @bakugousmrs @hqintheclub
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hxdruss · 6 months ago
how they fuck.
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS. sakusa, bokuto, matsukawa, kyōtani, iwaizumi, hanamaki, kageyama, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, yachi, kenma, kuroo, goshiki, aran, osamu.
UPDATE. i was recently informed that the account some of the videos are from has been suspended, which makes me really sad because that destroys the entire point of this post lmfao. but as of 7/27, iwaizumi, hanamaki, yamaguchi, tsukishima, hinata, sugawara, daichi, kenma’s second video, kuroo, and goshiki’s videos are still accessible!! sorry for the inconvenience :(
WARNINGS. smut. f!reader mainly but some can be gn! or m!reader. individual warnings for each video.
NOTE. i had these saved from my 600 follower event and wanted to do something with them, and then i saw something like this for mha and wanted to do my own for hq. i really hope all the links work or this is gonna be awkward bc i didnt check...
Tumblr media
literally just nsfw twitter vids with short drabbles.
sakusa hovering over you with his hand around your neck, slapping your cheeks as he degrades you and tells you how much of a fucking slut you are.
tw: one face slap. choking.
bokuto after being away for almost a month because of volleyball, telling you how much he needs you as he fucks the both of you into overstimulation.
tw: overstimulation probably. a bunch of cum.
matsukawa tying you up and overstimulating you until you’re crying, begging for him to put his thick cock in you already.
tw: gag. blindfold. bondage i guess.
kyoutani holding you down as he thrusts into you, telling you to never flirt with his teammates again because you belong to him, right before he pulls out and cums all over you to mark you as his.
tw: rough sex. blindfold. face slapping.
iwaizumi teaching you a lesson for teasing him all day, rubbing up against him in front of his friends, touching him and yourself after he repeatedly told you not to. he was going to make you regret testing him, but first, he’s going to fuck you dumb until not a single thought forms in your pretty little head.
tw: rough sex. manhandling. face and pussy slapping. fingering. squirting.
hanamaki letting you ride him to your heart’s content, admiring the sight before him as he tells you how beautiful you are as you cum around his cock for the nth time.
tw: soft sex. nothing really.
kageyama taking his post-game energy out on you as he pulls on your hair and massages your tits, hoping seeing you cum for the nth time will finally tire him out.
tw: a little hair pulling, that’s it though.
kageyama feeling his face turn red at the sound of you chuckling lowly, calling him a good boy as he cums, his release dripping down your breasts.
tw: tit fucking.
yamaguchi cumming after you pull your hands away, whining and whimpering at the smile that comes over your face at how fucked out he looks from your simple touches.
tw: handjob.
yamaguchi rubbing his cock against your cunt before slowly sliding into you, listening to you praise him as he tries to hold off from cumming too soon, knowing this reward of you allowing him to set the pace would only last so long.
tw: soft sex. nothing else i don’t think.
tsukishima slowly down when you get close, running his hands all over your body as he tells you how dirty you are for liking the way his hand hits your ass, only to praise you for taking what he gives you so well.
tw: a little hair pulling. one spank.
hinata fucking his hand to the thought of you, knowing he’d be punished for it later, but traveling for volleyball and being away from you for so long is really starting to take a toll on him, and he needs some sort of release sooner or later… you understand, right?
tw: male masturbation.
sugawara surprising you by giving you permission to ride him, telling you that you can set the pace for once, but he can only keep his promise for so long before he’s thrusting up into you, praising you for being so good for him as he fucks you into overstimulation.
tw: not rough but fast (?) LMFAO. a little spank at the end (not really though).
daichi not being able to keep his hands off you when he sees you cooking in the kitchen, bending you over the counter and fucking his cock into you, letting himself use your body until he can’t anymore.
tw: rough sex. some spanking.
daichi sending you a video while you’re away on a trip for work, showing you just how much he needs you knowing you can’t do anything about it but wait patiently, his strict rule of not touching yourself without permission ringing in the back of your mind as you rub your legs together.
tw: male masturbation. a fuck ton of cum.
yachi crying underneath you as you stuff her full of your strap, spanking her ass every once in a while just to hear her cute whines about it being too much, but you know deep down this is exactly what she wants.
tw: sex toys (a strap).
kenma letting you ride him because he knows how needy you are, but making you go slow so he can focus on his game, ignoring your pleads for more as he reminds you who’s in charge.
tw: nothing i don’t think.
kenma palming your tits as you let out little whimpers for more, trailing his hand down your stomach to rub your clit, telling you to ignore him and continue playing on your phone as he touches you teasingly.
tw: nothing.
kuroo making you face away from him, telling you if you make him cum that maybe, just maybe he’ll let you turn around and see his pretty face. he keeps his hand on your ass, slapping it when you slow down or get close to your orgasm, reminding you that you can’t cum until he does.
tw: mmm nothing again.
telling goshiki he can touch himself as much as he wants while you’re away at work, but he’s not allowed to cum or you’ll punish him. so he does as you say, pinching his sensitive nipples as he whines for more, hoping and praying this would be enough to satisfy him until you get home.
tw: use of toys (dildo).
goshiki humping his pillow until he gets close, whining and moaning as he fucks his hand and cums all over his stomach. he knows it’s not enough, it’s never enough, he needs you but you’re not here, so this is the best he’s going to get until you can take care of your poor little boy.
tw: male masturbation. pillow humping.
aran coming home from a game to see you touching yourself in his favorite pair of lingerie without his permission. he’s on you before you know it, quickly thrusting into you at the pace he wants, knowing it’s too much for you, but ultimately not caring—you disobeyed him, what did you expect?
tw: rough sex.
osamu holding you in his arms as you shake from the intense orgasm he just gave you before reminding you that you’re not done until he cums. he rubs his hands up and down your soft body, calming you down before he makes you ride him.
tw: rough sex. choking.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 879 words.
# warnings. dacryphilia, degradation, afab reader, praise, daddy kink, slight brat taming and size kink.
# contains. mean akaashi, tendou, atsumu and kuroo—repost.
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
Akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “Fuckk-”
His chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
Softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “You can take it, princess. I know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
Tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “Stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
You think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
He basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “Look at you, bunny. Taking my cock so well, hm. Cumming jus’ from that? Didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
Atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “Too much? ‘S too much for ya already, doll?”
It doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
And there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “Thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? So why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
Kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. He watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“You begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” His rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
You know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat.
“Good girl.” He grunts out.
“Now, shut up and fucking take it. I don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
#Includes: Multiple boys (Ushijima, Sakusa, Atsumu, Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Tsukishima)
#genre: Smut
#warnings: choking, belly bulge, size kink, dirty talk, praise, dacryphilia , gagging, afab reader, pet names.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Sakusa: Relishes in the feeling of his hand wrapped tightly around your throat. Not just during sex but whenever. It makes him feel like he’s fully in control and you’re at his mercy plus the image of your eyes rolling to the back of your head every time he does it just edges him closer. And without fail the feeling of you gripping his wrist and clawing at his hands when his dick gets too much, sends him over the edge and has him pulling out and cumming all over your puffy pussy.
Ushijima: Everyone knows he’s a big boy and the same can be said about his dick, mans got a horse cock. Loves watching you struggle to take him but the best part…him pressing down on your belly bulge. He’s so big that you can see him through your stomach and the visual of him going in and out of you makes both of you groan. He’ll press down on it and say things like: “look how deep I am baby” “do you feel me in here love? Let’s see if I can go deeper, you can take it”
Atsumu: This man loves dirty talk. Will whisper the nastiest shit into your ear just to feel the tight clench of your cunt that drives him mad. Will ask questions like “does that feel good baby?” knowing you physically can’t reply and watch with amusement as you try to moan out a reply, but don’t worry he knows his baby’s too fucked out to respond and his aim is to get you to a place where you’re seeing stars.
Kuroo: The way he looks at you. With low lidded eyes and an easy seductive smirk. Often gives you that look when you’re riding him and begging him to do something, but he just leans back against the headboard with his hands tucked behind his head and watches you struggle. He finds the desperation in your bounces so fucking hot, how eager you are to get off and begging him to help just makes his smirk stretch wider. Its only when tears of frustration start to well up in your eyes that he decides to put an end to your torture and places his hands on your waist and plants his feet on the bed, then harshly thrusts up, “my pretty baby can’t do anything without my help, don’t worry I’m here now kitten”
Oikawa: The noises he let’s out. Has the prettiest moans and whines that make your pussy leak like nothing else. Most of the time you’re just trying to get him to moan and make noises and he doesn’t understand what’s so hot about them, he finds himself a little insecure of the noises he makes because they aren’t ‘masculine’ and deep. What has you creaming around him nine times out of ten is when he moans right into your ear while slowly thrusting in and out of you and in a high-pitched whine tells you how good you feel.
Iwaizumi: Holds you close every time. That’s why his favourite positions are missionary and spooning. Wants to feel every single part of you when he’s buried deep inside of you because it makes him feel even more connected to you and increases the intimacy of it. In missionary he’ll be practically flush against you, your legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck, while he’ll either be sucking softly on your neck or ear or making out with you, tongues wrapped around each other and breathily moaning into each other.
Tsukishima: When he thinks you’re being too loud, he’ll put two of his long digits into your mouth and order you to suck. He loves shoving them a bit too far down your throat, so you gag a little and tear up. Will watch those pretty tears cascade down your face with a smirk as he continues delivering hard deep thrusts, “shhh you’re making too much noise baby, wouldn’t want anyone to here how fucked out you are”
Enjoy sluts
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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iwaizumis-bitch · 3 months ago
you pervert!
perverted things the haikyuu boys do (pt 2)
nsfw (no actual smut), minors go away please
hajime iwaizumi couldn’t resist accidentally spilling water over you when you were in your white t-shirt. he couldn’t resist seeing your face heat up and nipples perk up at the sudden coldness. not when you looked so cute and embarrassed, apologising and changing into a different top quickly.
miya atsumu always preferred to use his phone calculator than a real one. you were certain he was working out the equations you were helping him with. you were not even close. he’d take out his phone, turning it downwards towards you, before taking a few photos of your legs in your little skirt, saving them for later.
tetsuro kuroo loved coming up behind you and scaring you whenever he saw you. you would always jump up in shock, before laughing and telling him how ‘it’s not funny!!’. he knew it wasn’t funny, but the way your breasts jiggled whenever you’d jump always made his day a bit better.
koushi sugawara always had a hand on you. he was the kindest person you had ever met, so of course you thought he was only being friendly. you didn’t think anything of it when he’d sling his arm around your shoulder, resting on your breast, or when he would pull you into hiss side by your hip, squeezing down innocently.
yuu nishinoya (biggest perv) pulled all the classics on you. ‘hey, can you make your elbows touch?’, he’d ask, doing the motion himself. you copied him, pressing your arms together as your cleavage became much more visible. or maybe he’d ask you to say ‘aaaah’, or ‘mmmm’, with your mouth closed, keeping the noises in his memory.
kiyoomi sakusa was your neighbour. he was so sweet, always helping you carry all your groceries in. always letting you walk up the stairs first so you could lead him the way to your apartment, right? he wasn’t being a pervert, letting you get a few steps up before he started walking so his face was mere inches from your ass. and even if he was you would never find out.
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sunaerin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
+ intimacy + audio
+ haikyuu boys (timeskip) x f!reader 
+ MDNI - 18+ was just in the mood, thought i’d share with you all
+ pt. 2
Tumblr media
Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio + Adorn - Miguel
+ You are their pillow princess: There is no doubt about it, these are the boys that would treat you like a queen. Willingly taking on the role to serve you and have you cum at a minimum of four to five times per session, their priority is for you to feel good and cum hard, to make you as wet as you can be - nothing else. 
You want him to eat you out the whole time? - say less, he’s on his hands and knees licking up your pussy till you can’t cum anymore. You want them to pound into you in a specific position - say no more, just let him know. These boys skillfully use their hands to split open your labia, to get an easier access to your cunt, especially your clit - for their favorite part... to suck on it and watch you squirm at the feeling of pure ecstasy. They will use every area of their tongue to eat you out, and won’t be afraid to get dirty and wet - again, because if you feel good, then he’s done his job well. Just let him pound into you a couple times, for his own carnal desires, and that’ll be more than enough for him. 
From prepping to aftercare, these boys are the best at what they do. They would NEVER cum before you, and it’s almost astounding how well they are able to pull out before he can release just for them to put it back in your wet pussy, pussy dripping with his spit and from the remnants of your past orgasms, when he knows he’s safe… always making it his priority to fuck you so damn good all the time.
these boys show you that intimacy comes with persistence - persistence of finding their partner’s best spots. They will never be content with what they know, they always want to know more about you. Your sweet spots, what makes you vibrate in pure bliss, your most sensitive regions - regions that make you squirt, places that make you moan harder than usual. He’s committed to finding more about you, simply so he can please you. 
Killer part, where you literally die everytime you see them... thinking you lucked out on the “hot boyfriend blessing.” They are the best at rolling their hips into you, slowly and methodically moving like a slow wave, thrusting into you at the right angle - an angle that they were able to perfect after the many times of simply serving you. They flex their stomach as they penetrate their angry red, beautiful cocks into your adorned pussy - deep within in your caverns - just the way you like it. He asks you, “baby, you like this spot, right?” “tell me, this feels good.” “you like me fucking you like this?”
+ Bokuto, Asahi, Lev, Yamaguchi, Aran, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Ennoshita, Kai, Kindaichi, Aone, Kita, Kyotani
Tumblr media
SUGAR - SiR + P*SSY FAIRY - Jhene Aiko
+ These are the boys that wouldn’t mind fucking you in public and tease the shit out of you: these boys will not hesitate to whisper lewd and racy thing into you ear, all while groping your ass in public. You're out with friends? don’t matter - he knows you can’t resist him, the same goes for him, he’s downright bad for you. He finds it amazing how, despite being with each other for so long, you still manage to make him salivate. You’re his angel, his most prized possession - what better way to flaunt his prize than in the eyes of an audience. Unable to press down his desires, he pulls you into the public restroom, and locks the door. The moment he turns arounds, he’ll be expecting his good girl to be on your knees, unzipping his pants, setting his cock free - Daddy’s girl knows what to do. fuck...
You start to palm his member, as you give him cute kitten licks to his head, with just enough pressure on the base of his semi hard cock, you start to swirl your hot tongue, looking up through your lashes, taking in all his precum... the way he likes it. 
When he’s hard enough, he’ll look at you and eye you a signal - a message for you to start doing your job. 
Honestly... his length never fails to impress you... but fuck that shit is a bit too long for you.... but whatever Daddy wants, he’s gonna get. 
Knowing what he wants, you smirk, and flatten out your tongue and lick him from the base of his cock all the way to head, all while massaging his balls - not afraid of getting dirty, your spit start to move down his balls and start to travel down his thighs... while you start to drool through the sides of your mouth.
These are the boys that wouldn’t hesitate to fuck you against the sink, having you scream out his name. Why? It brings him more thrill when he stuffs your mouth with your panties, while whispering into your ears, “you like it when daddy fucks you like this?” “what a whore, crying like this in public” “such a good girl, look at you taking all of me, i’m going to make you feel so good” “cum baby, cum loud, let everyone who owns this fucking pussy.” 
They never fail to let you know that they own you, and that in itself makes your cunt clench as you feel your juices and his hot seeds slowly trickling down - the aftermath of your love making flowing down your legs as proof for others to see that - he owns you. (these are the boys that show you that intimacy doesn’t always need to be repetitive and safe - intimacy can be found in the thrill).
but the best part is when... just when you feel like you’re ready to go... he pulls you close to make a love mark on your throat, big and red enough for other to see, and he blows on it with his cool breath... proud of his artwork - you’re his canvas and his favorite color to paint you with is milky white ( :
+ Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Matsukawa, Iwaizumi, Futakuchi, Tendou, Terushima, Oikawa, Kunimi
Tumblr media
Bed - J. Holiday + Take You Down - Chris Brown
+ These are the vanilla boys (breeding and missionary are their best assets): I REPEAT THESE BOYS ARE THE BEST AT PUTTING YOU IN THE BREEDER’S POSITION, AND FUCKING YOU IN MISSIONARY. Your man lives for intimacy, for the emotional, sexual, and physical connection that comes with sex. The fact that he’s connected to you as one, with his cock fully penetrated into you, drives him, almost, to the brink of insanity.
He desires to always make eye contact with you, watching you struggle to take his length, but still screaming out his name Daddy for him to fuck you harder, that he’s “so big, Daddy fucks me so good” - yea, that fucks with his ego a bit.
Assertive and dominant in bed, but still gentle enough to take it slow when you say “s-slow down! Fu-fuck ngh It’s too much!” ... sometimes he fucks you a bit too hard that you can’t breath... But, nonetheless, he’ll have his arms firmly secured next to your head, trapping you fully under his body, as he swiftly puts you in missionary, with his cock still within you, all while saying “you like that baby?” “look at me, baby… look at me, I want to see your pretty eyes'' all while maintaining a perfect rhythm, and they never lose it. 
As he slowly ruts into you, he puts his thumb into your mouth and he tells you, grunting with every thrust, “y-youre so good to me, the best fucking gift that the world gave me.” Youre his treasure, his gem, that he will never share with the world - youre his and his only.
Missionary is intimate, it’s what drives him. He kisses your face, leaves marks all along your neck, your breasts, your stomach, and your thighs. But before he moves down to your core, he always watches how his cock moves so delicately in and out of your bruised cunt. Fascinated at how someone so much smaller than him can take him so well... 
So when he makes it down to your sex, he is the one that appreciates it the most. He kisses it, appreciating at how pretty your pussy looks, stroking it with his calloused fingers, slowly circling your clit as he blow cool air... while he makes hickeys for your soft inner thighs. And before he eats you out, he’ll spread open your labia, draw a spit to your slit and watch it run down... lubricating it to your ass. 
Ready to now enjoy his meal, expect him to treat you well - it’s his own way for him to say “i love you.” He flattens out his tongue, licking you from top to bottom with long, excruciatingly slow, splitting you open with two fingers into your vagina, and one into your anus. 
He doesn’t care if sex is messy. If you squirt more power to you, and an ego boost for him. He’ll just wash the sheets later, it’s not a big deal. But when he  comes back up to you, mouth full of your juice, he kisses you harshly making you taste how fucking good you taste, as you pull on his hair coming down from your high - knowing you were ready for the real deal he then proceeds to man handle you into the breeding position.
This is where he goes feral. With your knees touching your chest, feet dangling from his shoulders, tears running down your face, as you speak incoherent words about how good he makes you feel… The possibility of him literally fucking a baby into you is what helps him to reach his climax. But, he never cums on his own. He always asks you to save him your last, so that you guys can cum together. 
His face is contorted with sweat dripping from his forehead, he places his forehead on top of yours and asks  “baby, you ready? Cum with me.” the moment you say yes, that’s when he starts pounding into you like there’s no tomorrow. Him fixating on seeing you plump and full with his baby helps him to release, with his ass flexing whenever he thrusts into you ropes of hot cum pointed directly to your womb. 
(When he cleans you up, he would look at the viscous fluid, proud of what he’s down, spewing out of your slit. Once he’s deemed too much came out, he’ll push back his cum inside of you. The idea of you being pregnant with his baby will forever be his dream - but until then, he’ll be more than happy just to have you full with his cum.)
+ Sakusa, Akaashi, Osamu, Hirugami, Ushijima, Meian, Bokuto, Oikawa, Daichi, Sugawara
Tumblr media
It Won’t Stop - Sevyn Streeter + Too Deep - Dvsn
+ These are the boys that heavily enjoy car sex: He would drive to a secluded area, looking at you from the driver’s seat, while taking out a condom from his wallet “hey beautiful, want to move to the back? I promise it won't take long.” 
Car sex with him is the best, the thought of fogging up the windows, with the hot perspiration coming out from both mouths, being sweaty and uncomfortable in the small confinements of the car forces the both of you to make it quick, but still manage to not sacrifice the quality - he fucks you hard.
It’s a different type of intimate from what he does to you in bed. It’s normally him fully naked in the back seat, with you saddling on top of him. He has good access to your perky breasts, so when you're bouncing on his shaft, he would alternate between massaging a tit and mouthing the other - watching your areola get hard inside his mouth just so he can softly bite it and watch you wince at the pain. You have your arms around his neck, breathing heavily against his ears... and just for payback you’ll moan “fuck is that all you got... daddy?”.
Your thighs start to burn with the constant bouncing, so it’s not until you ask him for help - well... you begging -  that he smirks, immediately putting his hands onto your waists, which he then proceeds to frantically push himself into you at god knows what speed.
The moment he’s about to cum, you can just tell from the burrow forming on his forehead, with his excessive biting, and the unsteady breathing that he acquires. He gropes your ass harshly, and before he releases, he’ll give your plump ass a couple of smacks. Seeing the ripple of your fat and his hand imprint on your bum - he makes use the last ounce of self restraint he has to further penetrate his length deep within you - so close to having him touch your cervix.
Knowing that his car would muffle the sound, he cums hard and loud “fu-fuck, baby.. Keep riding me like that, yea j-just like that” “you're doing such a good job, daddy’s got you.” with his head tilted back, you can see the trail of sweat running down from his forehead to his throat and wanting to taste him, honestly everything about him looks delicious, you lick up his sweat in one swipe, from throat to forehead, and end off with a “Daddy’s yummy.” To him.. youre so cute so he simply responds “Your legs tired baby? I’ll massage your legs when we get back home because you're my good girl.” 
After his breathing calms, he pulls you close in for a kiss, a sign of thank you for being so good to him. .... he’s still inside of you too.  
Car sex with him is intimate, it leaves you both breathless, tired and feeling wasted but its sex that you love the most because it’s one of the rare times where you get to have more control than him - in reality, he’s your fucktoy.
+ Kuroo, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Osamu, Suna, Matsukawa
Tumblr media
Come here - Sabrina Claudio + Beauty & Essex - Free nationals & Daniel Caesar
+ These are the boys that need a bit of a push - shy if I may add: He’s a softie, a shy boy. He can get bit nervous every time sex is initiated, or when a pure make out session leads to something more - he never fails to ask you “do you want to?” What a consensual king. They aren’t innocent, but just the fact that he gets to experience such an intimate time with you.. Yea, that makes him tremble a bit.
Constantly asking if this or that is okay, it’s nothing bad... it just comes to a point where action is needed fast, and you need him like that instant... but he still asks if you’re okay?... not reading the signs that you’ve been giving him that youre, in fact, more than fucking ready goddamn. 
That’s when you look at him, dead straight in the face, telling him to “fuck me now, and fuck me hard.” Sometimes he wouldn’t really know where to place his hands, so you’ll have to guide him along. It’s rather cute that he’s still so nervous around you. Placing his hands to your ass, when you’re doing cowgirl, telling him to grab it, spreading your cheeks wide, while fucking you dumb - harder, baby harder. 
Just because he’s nervous, doesn’t mean he’s bad. Once those initial jitters surpasses, he knows what to do - he’ll slowly gain his confidence.
But, never will he do anything that he hasn’t gotten your approval for. He trusts you, and he trusts that you’ll let him know what works for you or not.
But, if there is one thing that he can never get the courage to ask you... to give him head. The idea of you kneeling in front of him, simply pleasuring him, playing with his balls, with spit drooling from your mouth, and tears etched in your eyes... yea, he couldn’t ask his princess to do that. 
But being with him for some time, you’ve acquired knowledge of his body language, that you start to know when he’s itching for his balls and his dick to be sucked. Time to time, when he comes home from work, knowing your man’s been stressed, and has been nothing but good to you - you decide to reward him. You lead him to the couch, kissing his face, his neck, removing his shirt to stuck his tits, kiss each and every ab on his stomach, licking him back up from the v line on his hips, up his neck, and up to his lips to give him a kiss before you further proceed asking “you feel good, Daddy?”
Going down to your last location, you kiss his inner thighs - soft and gentle, sucking his skin and biting the area that you just made a mark - you make him jolt in desire and pleasure, he reaches for your head but still so shy of asking for more. 
You start to slowly palm his erection, keeping eye contact, all while telling him how good of a daddy that he is, and all you want is to make him feel good, as a thank you for being the best. 
Freeing his member, you take small kitten licks to his head, taking up all of his precum. He’s a bit too long for your throat to wrap, so you properly wet his pretty cock with your saliva dripping down and try your best to have him fully into your mouth with one hand at the base and the other massaging his sack.
Despite being the shy boys, he sure gets off seeing your eyes, eyes spilling with tears... struggling to take all of him in, looking so pretty for him… he’s believes he’s the luckiest man in the world and that makes his balls twitch - it’s game time.
Hinata, Kageyama, Sakusa, Kenma, Yaku, Lev, Inuoka, Kita
Tumblr media
SWV - Summer Walker + Mushroom Chocolate - Quin X 6lack
These are the boys that are in love with you, but are too afraid to admit… but their actions speak louder than words: He’s secretly in love with you, but initiates a friends with benefit relationship with you, because he’s scared as hell of rejection. pussy He wants you, but is afraid to lose you type of guy? he’s a bitch. He’s not sure if he pursues you, if you’ll be willing to even consider him - youre a goddess to his eyes, and all he is a coward. So, he’ll act like a king, just so that he can fool himself to believing he can have you. sigh, but he’s your pretty bitch. 
How you notice that he might be feeling a bit more for you is when you catch him saying things like, as if you were already his, like “youre mine” “this fucking cunt was made for me” “baby, look at how good you are for me, youre my perfect angel.” spewing out all these romantic and sweet phrases that you would never catch him saying when he wasn’t horny.
He will flips you over to your stomach, pin you down with the weight of his body, grabs both your hands and ruts into you - as he bites and sucks your sensitive ears (ngl...the sounds of his tongue squelching right against your ears does something to you). 
Using sex as a chance for him to believe that you’re his, he dies every time he hears your soft moans and cries, desperately calling out to him and begging for more. You can feel his hot breathe on your face, and it makes you unconsciously clench, which drives him over a bit - dangerously close to cumming.
He kisses you passionately, always craving to pleasure your body from head to toe, and it wasn’t until you realized that he would always kiss your forehead so tenderly, looking so lovingly into your eyes, before alerting you that he’ll be “going in”... is then that you realize... this fool might actually like you... back. 
Realizing that it was something you could tease him with and edging being your favorite thing to do to him.... you decide to wear the big girl pants and take initiative of this weird relationship, with the intent to make him your man bitch , so you decide to play a his little game.
As he thrusts into you… you look him in his eyes, while you seductively moan “you’re all m-mine. D-daddy, you’re all for me. C-cum all for me, cum all over this pussy, fuck.. i-it’s all yours” You swear you saw his brain short circuit, making him almost bust his nut... and being unable to control his unexpected rush need to release he starts to pound into you, with his blushed out face hiding in the crook of your neck, embarrassed that you found out his secret. It takes some time for him to calm down, a bit longer than usual… because he cum a lot... because... the thought of you overpowering him made his balls tickle a bit too much for his liking. 
He’ll get up from the crook of your neck and force you to look at him - but, this time his eyes are loving instead of the usual hard front he gave you. 
With one of his hands on your jaw, he squishes your cheeks together so that your lips could protrude out like a fish - he smirks at how cute you are and then proceeds to give you a kiss. A kiss unlike the ones you’ve shared before, a kiss that’s honest and defeated at your presence- because you’ve just beaten him at his own game, so he’ll be a fool to not give in now. 
+ Hanamaki, Futakuchi, Suna, Semi, Oikawa, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Konoha
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kurosukii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
starring ⇢ suna, sakusa, kuroo, osamu, iwaizumi, oikawa
a/n : frothing. unedited. has been sitting in the drafts for so long. this one goes out to my fellow pillow princesses out there. ♡ @hqintheclub​
warnings : degradation, praise, edging, overstimulation, daddy kink, riding, use of sex toy, fingering, mating press, spanking, hair pulling, soft pussy slaps, oral (f receiving)
word count : 693
Tumblr media
“all you do is spread your legs for me, huh?”
suna growls as he mercilessly pounds into your dripping pussy. he’s been at this for hours, and he’s showing no intention of stopping.
he takes holds of your ankles, draping them over his broad shoulders as the anklet with his initials on it shake and tinkle right beside his ear.
the new angle hits your sweet spot better than ever as your sharp cries and whimpers send shivers down suna’s spine. you sound heavenly. how could he ever resist pounding his princess?
“this is what you wanted right? just lying down while i fuck you? so stop whining and take it like a good girl.”
“you’ve been whining like a needy slut.”
sakusa hisses, long fingers curling and scissoring inside your quivering cunt as his other hand firmly presses the hitachi wand against your throbbing clit. 
he prides himself as a man with an unwavering patience, having to deal with three rowdy men on almost a daily basis. and when it comes to you? that patience is impenetrable.
it’s the very same patience that allows him to keep you on the edge, fat tears rolling down your cheeks as you beg your precious omi to let you cum. but would he? you don’t do any work, anyway—you just lie there and take it.
“daddy’s going to make you cum, angel. he just wants to teach you a lesson on being patient.”
“always need me to take care of you, no?”
kuroo growls, his thick thighs smacking against yours. your face is smothered against the pillow, drool and tears staining the fabric as you whimper brokenly—fuck, his cock is so big.
then his hand suddenly tugs on your roots, pulling your head back while his other hand rains down consecutive slaps on your bruising ass.
you only have yourself to blame, bothering him while he was working on something important? isn’t it enough that kuroo pounds your pussy every night? letting him do all the work while you just lie down and take his cock?
“just can’t get enough, huh? my girl is so addicted to my big fat cock.”
“been waitin’ for my pussy, pretty baby.”
osamu murmurs, reaching up to plant a swift kiss on your slick cunt, his large hands gripping your thighs as he brings you down on his face.
it’s osamu’s lunch break and you wanted to visit him—you just didn’t expect that you’d be grinding on his face and moaning wantonly in the privacy of his office.
and of course osamu wouldn’t think twice of eating his favorite meal. you know he loves food, but he definitely loves your dripping pussy even more.
“yeah that’s it, baby. ride my face like that, taste so god damn sweet.”
“fuck, tell daddy just how much you want it.”
iwaizumi groans loudly, squeezing your hips as he brings you down on his throbbing cock, your tits bouncing with every movement.
you’re supposed to be doing the work in this position but iwaizumi just wouldn’t let you. he loves having a full view of your trembling body, pussy getting split by his fat cock.
you’re his favorite girl, right? and iwaizumi wouldn’t let you lift a finger if he has anything to say about it. the sting of your nails on his shoulder blades and whimpers of pleasure is enough for him to know just how much you like it.
“yeah? you gonna cum? want me to fill you up? fuck, you’re such a pretty princess.”
“stop squirming angel, can’t eat your pussy properly.”
oikawa chastises you as he pulls away from your glistening sex, his lips shiny and dripping with your juices and saliva.
his brown eyes glow with hunger as he slaps your pussy softly, earning a high pitched mewl from you as you wiggle around his grip.
you look like an elegant painting—legs spread out, inner thighs wet with your slick, and your cute cunt waiting to be loved by oikawa’s mouth. how can he suckle and lave away at his pretty girl’s pussy if you keep moving?
“mmm, taste so good. won’t you cum in my mouth, sweetheart?”
Tumblr media
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