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#kuroo testuro
verydonegoldfish · 2 days ago
Priest: Kuroo Tetsuro, you may now read your vows.
Kuroo (reading off of a hot pink sticky note): Kenma Kozume- you're dope as fuck and I love you.
Kenma (tearing up): This is so cash money.
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kagsbyjane · 16 hours ago
pairing: kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
warning: none
tags: angst, unrequited love.
summary: " someone will love you, but someone isnt me. "
a/n: credit to the artist of this picture. i couldnt find who im sorry :(
Tumblr media
we are just a series of maybe,
maybe you like me,
maybe, if i waited you long enough, you'll like me,
maybe we are meant to be.
but i forgot to consider that there will always be two sides of everything, and that maybe--
you dont like me,
you wont be mine,
we arent meant to be.
all the thoughts filled your mind as soon as you back away from your phone. your vision is getting blurry, breaths are getting shorter, the sharp pain you feel in your chest as you inhale is stronger than before. its not enough, my best is not enough. maybe if i were a little more pretty, he will accept me? why? you are always there for him, 5 years is not a short time but not long enough for him to notice your feelings, or he just chose not to notice. being his best friend has its perks, but no one ever warn you about this pain.
tetsurou: hey shorty, i think that we are better off as strangers. i keep on hurting you if i still stand by your side. i know all your sad tweets were because of me. the last thing i want is for you to lose yourself because of me. im sorry i cant return your feelings..i kind of have my eyes on someone. and im not gonna be selfish to ask you to still be my friend so im letting you go. but you know you can always come to me and we can be friends again whenever you're ready. thank you for all the fun memories and please know that i wish for the best for you. im sorry.
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charmingkuroo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my train partner — kuroo tetsurou x reader au
synopsis: running late after extra volleyball practice, kuroo catches the last train ride home. His watch beeps at exactly 10pm as he steps on the train with a satisfied sigh. He notices there’s only one other person on the train. Quickly, Kuroo realizes there’s something wrong with his train partner
genre: fluff. angst. betrayal. written + smau
warnings/things to know: fem!reader. sort of canon!kuroo. strong language. inappropriate topics/mentions.
taglist: open
schedule: every other day @ 4pm pdt; starting October 18th
status: ongoing
Tumblr media
ⓘ *Profiles have been added*
Tumblr media
Season One (✿◠‿◠)
chapter 1: extra volleyball practice? this late?
chapter 2: you’re.. back?
chapter 3: I made a friend
Tumblr media
Extra Content (vlogs/bts with the cast of “my train partner”):
i. morning schedule ft. y/n & kuroo
ii. going on a “date” together ft. y/n & kuroo
iii. meeting our new co-star ft. kenma
Tumblr media
* be respectful of the character’s choices/decisions. after all, we can’t all be smart ;) *
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nkogneatho · 12 hours ago
Au where Kenma and Kazutora saw each other coming out of the salon to find they have the same hairstyle and highlights. They started talking about minecraft and later became besties.
Shoyo and Chifuyu came to pick them up from the salon, talked about having a stupid (affectionate) partner (Takemitchy and Kageyama), and became friends too.
While overprotective Baji and Kuroo are at each other's throat, fighting who looks cuter, Kenma or Kazutora.
Kenma and Kazutora are emo besties now. Chifuyu and Hinata go to the ramen shop together. Baji and Kuroo are still arguing.
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itachiyama · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
request: “Hello boss! I really love your stories especially those fluff ones NYAHAH. may i request fluff with kuroo, kenma, and your choice of character, wherein they get plain rice bento after arguing with their wife. Turns out, meat was actually hidden underneath the rice. Thank you boss!” sent in by @iyvoryxx
characters: kuroo tetsuro, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shoyo
a/n: hi hello !! jdjsksjd this is the cutest request ever im sobbing. im not really all that inspired to write for kenma so i replaced him with hinata, hope that’s okay i may or may not have glanced at your reblogs to see that you like him dnsnsndn
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 pulls out his bento during his break with a softness in his eyes, guilt overwhelming his conscience when he realizes you still packed him his lunch despite the screaming match from yesterday. With a heavy sigh, he picks up his phone, FaceTiming you before even opening his box.
“Tetsuro?” He swivels in his chair with a pout on his face, making you hold back a grin.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbles. You raise an eyebrow, not expecting an apology, having prepared yourself for a pouty boyfriend for receiving “no meat” in his lunch.
“You’re… sorry?” He nods, standing his phone up against the small cup that held his pens, guilt on his face as he begins to open his bento. Your eyes widen as you realize he hadn’t seen the inside yet, excitement filling you that you’d get to see his reaction live.
“Yeah, you made me lunch and everything even after I was so mean to you last night, I don’t deser—” he pauses as he glances down at what you’ve packed, staring at the plain white rice before him. You snort as his mouth hangs open, trailed off mid sentence from his shock.
“Yeah, here’s lunch. Enjoy,” you grin, making him scowl at you through the phone. Grabbing it, he brings his face closer to the screen.
“You gave me plain white rice? No meat? No nothing? I’d never do that to you, you know. Clearly you don’t deserve me,” he huffs, but his lips curl into a pout in disappointment. Rolling your eyes, you shake your head before deciding to reveal to him your little trick.
“Look under the rice, loser. Don’t ever yell at me again, or I actually will give you plain white rice.” He tries to fight it, but slowly, a smile wins over his resolve, spreading across his face as he digs around and finds the meat, just as you’d promised.
“Kay, I’m sorry I yelled at you like that, I should’ve been kinder. I love you,” he murmurs.
“I love you too, Tetsuro.”
“You mean Tetsu.”
“Bye, Tetsuro,” you grin before hanging up.
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 picks at his rice with his chopsticks with a pout on his face, shoulders slumped as you stare at him with a raised brow through the phone. He looks at you with sad eyes, wide and innocent, making you scoff.
“Don’t look at me like that. Hopefully this makes you think twice before you go around being a grump like last night,” you say firmly. He whines.
“How’ma s’posed ta eat plain white rice? It won’t fill me up the way I need ta play at ma best,” he insists. You snort, making him sag his shoulders even more at the lack of sympathy.
“And did you think about being at your best when we were arguing last night? No. You decided to be at your worst and be a big jerk. Well this is what big jerks eat.” Atsumu glances down at his bento once more, looking at his lunch for the day with utter disappointment.
“Ya didn’t even give a note,” he cries. “No ‘have a good practice Tsumie!’ what happened ta that?” You purse your lips to hide the smile.
“You don’t deserve a note.”
“‘M sorry,” he mumbles under his breath. This time, the smile can’t be contained, and you let it appear across your cheeks widely.
“What was that?” Atsumu huffs, crossing his arms and looking away from his propped up phone.
“Said I was sorry.” With a giggle, you nod happily, accepting his apology.
“Good. You should be. Now look under the rice, there’s plenty of meat for you to be a big strong setter and play at your best. And when you come home today, you’ll be nice, won’t you Tsumu?” He digs into the rice with his chopstick, eyes lighting up when he sees that he didn’t in fact get just plain rice.
“Yeah, I’ll be nice. Sorry baby, yer too good ta me,” he mumbles, giving you a soft smile through the screen. Smiling back, you blow a small kiss at him.
“It’s okay. I love you, see you when you get home, baby.”
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 calls you immediately, eyebrows furrowed and scowl set deeply onto his face, glaring at you as you pick up.
“So you’ve decided after one fight you no longer love me, huh?” Rolling your eyes, you look at him deadpan, making him turn the camera to hold at his bento. “Look at this,” he gestures at his food with a hand.
“Yes, I’m looking. I see food, what’s the issue?” Turning the camera back to his face, he scoffs.
“The issue is that you’ve pretty much admitted that you don’t care anymore because of one fight.”
“Om—Kiyoomi, do you realize how ridiculously dramatic you’re being?” His eyes stare at you in disbelief, expression almost disgusted.
“Oh so now you can’t even call me by my nickname? Okay, l/n,” he emphasizes your surname on his tongue, making you snort. Pouting, he sighs in defeat as he slumps in his chair, staring at his meal dejectedly.
“I don’t wanna eat this,” he mumbles. “It’s boring.”
“Well, you got what you deserve. This is why you shouldn’t be snappy with the person that packs your lunch on the daily,” you chide. Groaning, he rubs his hand over his face, staring at the ceiling and counting to ten under his breath.
“You know, most people make their boyfriends sleep on the couch or something when they’re mad. This is ridiculous.”
“If I made you sleep on the couch, your back would hurt. I still love you even after a fight, you know,” you say softly, making him sigh before he brings his phone closer and looks you in the eyes.
“You’re worried about my back but not my stomach?”
“Pretty much,” you nod. He shakes his head, squinting at you for a moment before clearing his throat.
“I’m sorry, love. I was out of line yesterday.” Smiling to yourself in contentment, you nod approvingly.
“Good, now look under the rice and eat your damn meat, you ungrateful jerk. And I’m setting your angry face as my new lock screen,” you giggle, making him pause from happily poking at the newfound meat in his bento.
“You took pictures of me through the screen?”
“I’m blocking you.”
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 stares at you with puppy dog eyes, lips pouting and head tilting as he tries his best to convince you. You stay strong, firmly shaking your head no.
“It’s not happening, Shoyo. I’m not driving all the way there to bring you a new lunch, you can survive eating this for a day. Maybe it’ll teach you a lesson—”
“Baby, I learned my lesson,” he whines, looking at you through the screen with a doe-eyed expression. “I learned it really good, I promise, please don’t make me eat the rice alone,” he begs. Shaking your head, you continue eating your own lunch, making sure to display the meat for him to see clearly.
“Well, learn it some more. If you want to be rude, you have to deal with the consequences, so here they are. You can always drive yourself home if you want to eat it with meat so bad.” Hinata groans, face finding his hands as he buries it into them, peeking through his fingers to see if you’ve had a change of heart. You haven’t.
“But coach will yell at me if I do,” he insists. “Please, pretty please? I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you, promise.” Pretending to ponder it for a moment, you put your chopsticks down and stare at him through the screen.
“You have to wash the dishes for the rest of the week if I do, do you agree?” Quickly, he nods, face breaking out into a large grin as his eyes light up.
“Yeah, you got it, I’ll do them for the rest of the week, babe. You’re the best,” he says excitedly, making you smirk to yourself.
“Okay, no take backs, got it?”
“Got it.”
“Okay. But first, look under the rice,” you snort, not being about to contain your laughter any longer. Tilting his head in confusion, he pokes at his rice till his jaw drops, staring at the meat in disbelief.
“Well, have a good lunch, baby. Love you! I’ll leave my dishes in the sink for when you get back,” you say sweetly, blowing him a kiss before you hang up.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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amezure · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Sketch 🐥🐱 | Ko-fi ☕💕
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hankuto · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
this is stupid.
kuroo knows that better than anyone—knows that this is entirely unreasonable and entirely spur of the moment and entirely something he should not do—but you're standing in the kitchen, covered in flour, and the words seem to fall from his lips as if they were always meant to be there.
"marry me," he says, and he means it just as he did when he asked you yesterday as he kissed you goodbye, and just as he did the day before when you tripped down the stairs, and just as he would tomorrow if you said no.
but this time, as laughter spills from your lips, messy dough coating your cheeks, something stirs in him. something that he wouldn't find yesterday and won't find tomorrow and something that feels like hope, and delirium and you—and he thinks, if only for a second, that stupid isn't even the word for it.
"you're asking right now?" you raise a brow, motioning your fingers around your mess of a kitchen, and a silly little smile draws across his cheeks.
"i am."
"i'm covered in flour," you say.
and he grins, "yeah, and you should marry me."
you shake your head, pulling your lips together, and you give him that look you always do; the 'maybe when we're older and smarter and a little less prone to divorce' look that he's grown to dread.
because, yes, this is stupid—incredibly so—but he's twenty-one and he's pretty sure he's never going to get much smarter than this and you share a bed every night without killing each other, so, really, why not?
he holds his hand in the air, waiting to insist on asking you again tomorrow, but you laugh—soft and bright and something that aches like home—and a little okay rolls off your lips.
"what?" his fingers stutter in front of him, voice tugging at the back of his throat, and you laugh.
"i said okay."
"you're kidding," he says, a little too dumbfounded for his own good.
"now why would i do that?" you reply, a little tease catching your breath.
(oh, you must be trying to kill him now.)
"because i asked you to marry me."
"you did."
"and you said yes." a breath spills from your throat—happy little laughter swirling between you.
"i did."
and he doesn't know whether to scream, or cry, or maybe throw up, but he does know that you just agreed to marry him, so all three sound like a solid approach.
"i'm in love with you," he says, hands reaching for floured cheeks.
"well i would hope so."
and he rolls his eyes, pulling you in—lips meeting yours with a clash of flour and warmth and a breath of anything but regret—and he's sure that he'd be stupid every day of his life if it meant being with you.
Tumblr media
hi this is for @neoheros and @coophi's summer writing challenge and i am nervous and scared and about to sob into my hands but i wanted to throw a lil smth in there for fun <3 this is such a lovely idea i'm so glad i got to participate :)
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mariko33 · 14 days ago
How They Puthay Pound You
The title is quite self explanatory, ⭐MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
Warnings: breeding kink, unprotected sex, dirty talk, virgin reader, oral sex, daddy/mommy kink, use of the word 'kitten', cursing.
Characters: Tobio Kageyama, Wakatoshi Ushijima, Tetsurou Kuroo, Kozume Kenma
Genre: Pure Smut
Wakatoshi Ushijima
This man has endless, infinite stamina and sexual drive. I doubt Ushijima would ever be embarrassed or hold back when fucking you up. Everytime he came back from a game to find you innocently staring up at him, in his oversized shirt with starry eyes, he could already see himself fucking you against the wall, hearing your soft whines and whimpers.
Pushing you up against his bedroom wall, he pulled you into a rough, desperate kiss as his hands trailed along your hips, groaning and slipping his tongue into your mouth. You let out a gasp as he grabbed your hand and placed it on his semi hard dick, rubbing it gently. "You did this sweetheart, fix it for daddy, be a good girl".
After his huge cock nearly breaking your jaw, you landed up on all fours, being pounded ruthlessly by his cock. He didn't talk much, but all the groans and pants he let out were enough to tell you he was enjoying it and wanted, no, needed, more. After hours of him hitting your cervix and spurting thick, hot ropes of his cum deep within you, Ushijima finally laid down beside you, smiling at your fucked up state and hugging you till dawn.
Kuroo Tetsurou
Quite a cocky bastard about being able to fuck such a pretty, gorgeous woman like you, constantly whispering filth in your ears as he pushes himself further and further inside your tight pussy. Not as fast and ruthless as Ushijima, but his size and the way he ruts his hips sensually against your dripping core are another experience all together. Fucks you anywhere and anytime he feels like messing you up, (but with your consent ofc cuz CONSENT IS SEXY).
That's how you land up choking on his thick length in the bathrooms, his groans echoing in the cubicle. Looking up, you see something you'd like to save in your mind forever. So, so beautiful. His skin was covered in a blanket of sweat, hair stuck to his forehead and his cheeks dusted pink from the overwhelming pleasure. His muscles flexed and contracted each time he thrusted himself down your throat, biting his lip as he stared down at you.
Panting, he pulled out, giving your painful jaw a break. "Show me your soaking cunt, let daddy fuck it till your so sore you can't walk". Kuroo Tetsurou never lied to you. And he certainly wasn't lying when he said you wouldn't be able to walk the next day. Your mind felt blank as your pussy grew numb from being pounded so constantly, so deeply, hitting your g spot every single time.
Finally, he pulled out, your pussy clenching around nothing as cum oozed out. Chuckling, he carried you to the empty locker room, ignoring your furious mumbling about being able to walk.
Kozume Kenma
Sweet and loving, but occasionally rough. Kozume Kenma loved foreplay, pleasing you felt like another pleasure he loved more than pleasing himself. The breathy moans and stammers you let out as he latched his mouth over your clit, sucking the sweet flesh sounded so obscene yet captivating. If you ever let him, he would record how attractive you sounded, or maybe even video how your legs shook and trembled when he bit down on your soft tits.
That was every only an if and he wasn't ready to ask you. After sucking your tits and pussy, he made sure to trail small love bites from your chest to your thighs, before sliding in with ecstacy, into your hot core. "Ah, fuck your taking me so well kitten, that's it, ah, squeeze my hard cock tighter", Kenma's voice reverberated in your head. It started of slow, his cock sliding in and out with ease, dripping in his precum and your arousal.
Then, as per usual, he felt him quicken, snapping his hips quicker and thrusting faster into you as you let out loud whimpers and whines, the pleasure becoming too much to bear. He was so quick you could feel vibrations along your sensitive hole, your tits bouncing up and down as you felt yourself reaching your climax.
Gasping, you felt his hot seed filling you up, overflowing cum spilling out of you. You felt Kenma's muscular frame on top of your chest, panting and collapsing near you. Yawning, the two of you settled beneath his scented covers and fell into a deep sleep, exhausted.
Tobio Kageyama
A little awkward at first, but learns where and how to fuck you up quite quickly. The first time you pulled down his sweatpants to see his large cock, your mouth literally fell open, amazed and scared at the same time. "T-tobio, I don't know if it'll fit", you looked up at his expressionless face, which softened a little. "Don't worry, I'll make it fit", he rasped, before grabbing your small hands and wrapping them around his length.
"Shit", he cursed as he felt your hands circling him so skillfully, your tongue kitten licking his reddening tip. It only took a few minutes for him to squirt all over your face, the innocent seduction you displayed on your face too much for him to handle.
You didn't need to be prompted. The dark, lustful gaze on your bare, dripping crotch was enough for you to spread your lips open for him to see your hole, widen your legs and start begging him to pound him till you bleed. What you wanted is what you got. Hours of him tirelessly forcing his cock into you, as your cunt gripped him like a vice, cursing in pleasure and sucking hickeys possessively all over your neck.
Everytime you felt he was over, you tried sitting up only to be pushed back down, his cock once again standing tall. It must have been five am by the time he was spent, taking note of how fucked out you looked. Realising how much he had fucked you, he scooped you up and walked to the bathroom, laying you in the tub and massaging your shoulders. "You good sweetheart? Sorry, sorta lost my control. Your just too delicious to resist".
that took me two hours of scratching my head and deleting paragraphs over and over again. it’s finally done (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Tumblr media
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cahrilean · 26 days ago
Asking Them To Hookup
~ when you ask your guy bsf to hook up
ft. Atsumu, Suna, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, & Kuroo
warnings - nsfw (not really, pretty sfw but obviously centered around sex)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
General Haikyuu Taglist : @elianetsantana @succulentmom @jessie9008 @tooru--o @joyhdh @dark-dragonn @borpcorp @halfpintwriter @theworthlessqueen @hello0i @dabibruntnugget
Taglist Form
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atzuums · a month ago
Tumblr media
happier than ever — suna rintaro smau
being kicked out of the band that you started with your best friend would obviously leave you with resentment. but he never thought you would join their rival band.
pairing: character x fem!reader
genre: angst, smut, small amounts of fluff, crack
tropes: college au, rivals to lovers, ex friends to lovers, friends to lovers
warnings: cheating, lying, manipulation, violence, smut.
taglist: (closed)
schedule: every day
status: completed
Tumblr media
bands: RIOT BLCK (playlist) | 2LOV DECEIT (playlist)
01 . welcome to the dark side
02 . my pretty boy
03 . you know what you did
04 . micro dick
05 . is this a date
06 . trouble in paradise
07 . whatever traitor
08 . that kinda hurts
09 . tell me what to do
10 . fucking idiot
11 . good luck
12 . i promise
13 . tell me what you’re doing with that other guy
14 . you were my everything
15 . pinky swear
16 . leave me alone
17 . a little threatening
18 . i don’t give a fuck
19 . what the hell
20 . let me explain
21 . get out
22 . look at me
23 . if you really loved me
24 . apologize
25 . need to know
26 . the truth
27 . more than anything
28 . orange jumpsuit
29 . just friends
30 . ruined everything
31 . happier than ever
Tumblr media
fill out this form
Tumblr media
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bubbleteaimagines · 6 months ago
Calling him by his last name prank (HQ Boys)
Tumblr media
Haikyuu Boys Headcanon
Tumblr media
“Did you have fun at your practice match today, Kuroo-San?”
He’s petty. He’s straight up petty when you call him by his last name, pretending not hear you even though you clearly asked him a question. Kuroo sits and looks out the train window for a while as you try again, trying desperately to hold in your laugh due to your boyfriend’s cold demeanor.
“...Kuroo? Did you hear me?”
Silence, again. He fights the urge to roll his eyes as he bites his lip, twitching in annoyance as you try again.
“I don’t know any ‘Kuroo.’ All I know is baby or Tetsu,” He finally snaps, scoffing and looking at you as if to say ‘unbelievable.’ You can tell he’s playing it cool, but his eyes give away the fact that he’s actually quite hurt- and so does the subtle pout on his lips.
You almost coo as you see your boyfriend acting all grumpy at the use of his last name, immediately giggling and leaning in to hug him despite his protests.
“Y/N, don’t-”
“Awe baby, I was just messing around with you! No need to get all pouty and sassy Tetsu,” You laugh, snuggling into his side.
Kuroo finally stops resisting whenever you say these words, his shoulders instantly relaxing knowing you weren’t mad at him or anything. However, he can’t help but feel slightly even more upset because he genuinely fell for it.
“Yeah, well,” He pretends to wave you off, acting all tough as he looks out the window again. “I knew that.”
“Oh Tetsu-” You grin at his obviously pouting figure and shake your head, “I’m sure you did honey. I’m sure you did.”
——————————— ☁️ ——————————
“Bokuto, can you come help me move this please?”
At the sound of his last name, Bokuto instantly deflates and starts pouting the minute it sets in. I mean, he doesn’t even give you time to correct your mistake before he’s storming into your room, arms crossed and lips jutted out.
“What did you just say?”
“I said: Bokuto can you come help me move this? It’s really heavy,” You pout up at him only to find your boyfriend is doing the same, his nose scrunched up as his shoulders sagged.
So, it wasn’t a mistake. You actually meant to call him that.
There’s an obvious sadness in his voice as he slowly moves to help you, uncharacteristically quiet. The entire time he keeps glancing at you with those big eyes, pleading for you to call him something else. But no- you stick to it and once he’s done helping you, you lean up and give him a sweet kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you, Bokuto. You’re always so helpful,” You praise him, but it seems to do nothing for his sudden sour mood. Grumbling, he hastily nods and then walks out of the room, a smile appearing on your face as you hear him muttering to himself.
“...Bokuto? Did I do something? Is that why Y/N’s calling me that?”
You follow him a few minutes later and find him on the couch, hugging his knees as he barely pays attention to the TV. He tenses up when you sit beside him, eyes hesitantly glancing at you. He figures that now is when you’re gonna confront him- tell him what he’s done wrong for you to call him Bokuto and not Kou or baby, but instead-
You’re smiling.
“What’s gotten you in such pouty mood, Bokuto?” You ask him, as if you didn’t already know. But you’re waiting for him to break, which looks like it’s gonna be any second if you call him that once more time.
“Baby,” He looks at you as if to say ‘seriously?’ and then hugs his knees closer. “We’ve been dating for too long for you to keep calling me that.”
“What- Bokuto?” You act shocked and Bokuto flinches but sighs.
“Yes. That.”
“But- it’s your name, is it not?”
“Yeah but not the one you should be using,” He suddenly whines, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout. “I mean... what happened to Kou? I thought you said I was your baby owl.”
He looks away with all small blush on his cheeks and you decide you can’t take it anymore. Walking over to him, you gently sat down in his lap and pulled him in for hug, planting a loving kiss on his lips before confessing.
“Kou, baby, it was just prank,” You grin, reassuring him, and you feel his mood shift instantly. Bokuto lifts his head up and searches your face for any lies, but once he sees your grin he can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
“You mean it?” He asks seriously and you nod frantically.
“Of course baby. I’m sorry I upset you,” You apologize, and you swear that you can actually see his hair start to stand up again. While you’re hugging him and apologizing with an endless amount of kisses, Bokuto is chuckling and then he’s back to himself once again.
“I have to admit, you had me pretty good there,” He told you, impressed. You smiled.
“Really? You know usually my pranks don’t work but-”
Bokuto narrowed his eyes. “Ahem. You didn’t let me finish, sweetheart,” He smirked, adjusting you on his lap. “You got me pretty good, yes, but now that just means...I’m gonna get you back even better.”
——————————— ☁️ ——————————
“Sakusa have you read that book I lent you? How did you like it?”
At first, your boyfriend isn’t really sure if you’re talking to him, even though you called his name. But after a few seconds, your words settle in and Sakusa looks over at you to see that you’re staring at him expectantly from the other end of the couch, not at all phased over what you just said.
“It was...good?” It comes out more of a question as he shifts a little uncomfortably, sitting up a little straighter while he continues to stare at you.
“Oh? Just good huh?” You raise an eyebrow and decide to bait him a little more, since his initial reaction didn’t really show anything. “Maybe I should show you some of my notes, Sakusa. You could dig a little deeper- there’s a lot to uncover in those books.”
So it wasn’t an accident. Once again, Sakusa looks over at you but you’re showing no signs of being mad or irritated at him. So then- why did you call his last name- twice?
“Sakusa?” You notice he’s staring and do everything you can to hide your smirk, feigning curiosity as you tilt your head. “Something wrong? Why do you keep staring at me like that?”
It takes a few seconds for him to respond, a small scoff leaving his lips as he does so, but nevertheless Sakusa sits back on the couch and gives you a quiet, “It’s Omi,” while not being able to look you in the eyes.
“...I’m sorry? What was that?”
“I said it’s Omi,” He clears his throat and speaks a little louder, lifting his head just enough to see the little blush on his face. You nearly melt. “You called me Sakusa three times in a row. That’s not my name. To’s Omi. You always call me that.”
You feel like literally awing as your boyfriend shifts shyly, finally admitting that he does like being called that. Not being able to contain your excitement, you squeal and quickly crawl your way over to him, planting yourself in his lap and giving him a sweet kiss.
“Awe, you mean it Omi? I thought you said you didn’t like it when I called you that.”
“Yeah, well,” His cheeks go a shade darker and you can’t stop yourself from grinning at his adorableness. You can tell it took a lot for him to admit it so you decide not to tease him, instead peppering his face with kisses and giggling.
“Well, if it bothers you that much then I’ll stick to calling you Omi. I promise,” You beam at him and Sakusa reluctantly takes your outstretched pinky, intertwining it with his own before brining your hands up and kissing yours.
“Good. You better,” He chuckles. “And...”
“I know, I know. Not a single word to the boys about this.”
- “Not even Hinata?”
——————————— ☁️ ——————————
“Oh shit.”
The word isn’t even fully out of your lips before Atsumu is freezing up, pausing the movie to look at your surprised face frantically. He instantly turns his body towards you, an apologetic look on his face before you can even blink.
“Babe- whatever yer about to say, I can explain.”
“Miya, what the hell are you talking about?”
You sit up straight and face his panicking figure, genuinely confused by his behavior. “All I said was-”
“Miya. Ya never call me that unless I’m in trouble,” Atsumu says, and while he’s not wrong you’re beginning to wonder why exactly he was freaking out so much.
“Okay...but if I just said it as a prank...and you’re acting this way...” You narrow your eyes suspiciously. “Atsumu, is there anything you wanna tell me?”
He’s visibly nervous as he looks at you, sweat beginning to break on his face. He darts his eyes from you, to his phone, and then back to you, silently contemplating on whether or not he should tell the truth.
“Okay,” Atsumu decides to clear his conscious and finally come clean, hesitantly picking up his phone and unlocking it. “So...ya remember that um, stuff, ya had like three weeks ago? That went missing?”
You paused. “...You mean all of my Yakisoba that you swore you had nothing to do with?”
Atsumu gulped. “Look- babe- I’m not trying to make excuses, okay? But ya gotta understand that I’m a big guy and sometimes when I come home from practice I’m just so hungry that I- AH!”
“You asshat!”
Atsumu is cut off from his confession when you suddenly lunge at him, grabbing a pillow to smack his face as you straddle him and pin him down. “You told me that the damn neighbors dog ate it, Atsumu! Had me all worried at the vet, wondering if they were gonna sue us-”
“Okay, that is an exaggeration, they didn’t even find anythin’-”
“Well yeah! That’s cause you ate it asshole!” Atsumu yelps as you land a practically good blow and quickly grabs your waist to flip you over and reverse the roles.
Now, you’re the one under him, glaring at his sheepish face as he pins your wrists.
“Alright alright! ‘M sorry, okay?! But I was really hungry and yer were bein stingy with yer food-!”
“Stingy-?!” You gasped at his audacity. “Tsumu, I damn near gave you half before you devoured the rest!”
“Well I was a hungry, okay?! Yer can’t blame a man for eatin,” He said, and you huffed as you stared into his clearly non-regretful eyes.
“Oh, I sure can!” You narrow your eyes at him, “You’re gonna replace my Yakisoba as soon as you let me go! And, you’re gonna bake me some brownies, too!”
“I- what- brownies?!”
“Yes! With sprinkles on top!” You shout.
“Sprinkles?! That doesn’t even go together!” Atsumu cried.
“So? You ate my food, Atsumu! And if you want this relationship to survive, you’ll listen carefully and do exactly as I say.”
Later that night, you munched happily on your sprinkle-covered brownies while Atsumu stared bitterly at the finished Yakisoba in front of you. His ramen noodles sat unfinished and cold in front of him, a punishment and a reminder that you never, ever ever steal food from Y/N.
And he definitely learned his lesson.
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mitsukiren · 5 months ago
pairing : kuroo tetsurō, tendō satori, suna rintarō, sakusa kiyoomi
infos : angst to fluff
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurō ->
kuroo liked to make fun of people and this was something you knew now from your one year long relationship
you also knew that he wasn’t doing it to hurt or reject anybody, he just found it funny
even more so when it was you he was making fun of, he loved to see your cheeks flush with embarrassment and the famous pout he loved to see on your face
he was really forgetting that his mockery could hurt you or go too far sometimes
and while you were at the bar with Yaku, Kenma and Yamamoto, he finally crossed the line by making fun of a very unhappy period of your life that you had confided in him
he continued to laugh even as he watched you take your things and leave
When Kuroo finally came back home from the bar, he was startled by the silence. If it wasn't for the few notifications sounds your phone was making from the bedroom, he would have thought that he was alone. With a mocking smile on his face, he walked proudly into your room, founding you sitting on the bed, eyes glued to your screen, completely ignoring his arrival.
« Hey, pretty girl. » He expected to see you frown in annoyance at the nickname but you didn’t say anything, remaining focused on the tiktok you were watching. Disconcerted, he approached the bed to sit down.
« You're really touchy, you know. » He wasn't saying this to offend you, in fact he was trying to lighten the mood.
Kuroo didn't know how to apologize, simply because he never saw the mistakes he was making, however, he knew he had made a one the moment your eyes looked up at him (and if you could kill with your gaze, he would have been dead a long time ago)
« Don't look at me like that, baby. It was just a joke. »
Faced with his lack of understanding (or efforts at understanding), you decided that tonight you didn't feel like arguing or talking to him and grabbing your charger and pillow, you went to sleep in the guest room.
Kuroo hated sleeping without you and you knew it, all night he sat on his bed hoping you would come back to the room in vain.
The next day, he went out to buy your favourite breakfast thinking that you would forget his words and clumsy mockery but when he returned you were already gone and the only evidence of your return was your stuff still all over the apartment.
Furious, he waited for you all day, leaving the breakfast he had bought you on the kitchen table. When you finally came home, he almost jumped on you, sighing with relief.
« I was worried sick ! You weren't answering my calls ! Where have you been ? » No answer. You silently walked past him and locked yourself in the bathroom, leaving a surprised and bewildered Kuroo behind.
For the next few days, Kuroo couldn't sleep. He didn't even dare to talk to you out of fear of saying something else awkward that would drive you further away from him. He would just look at you expectantly whenever you came out of your room without ever receiving a sign of affection from you. He refused to sleep in your (his) bed, fearing of waking up to find the house empty, fearing that you would leave during the night like his mother did with his family a few years before.
He knew that he had neglected your feelings for his own amusement and that you had every right to leave or stop loving him, but the thought of living without you terrified him terribly.
As for you, you only hoped for a sincere apology which never came, but little by little your anger turned into concern at the pitiful state in which your boyfriend was.
As soon as you came out of your room, you were founding him waiting for you in the living room, his mouth open without him being able to say anything, black circles around his eyes and his skin paler than ever.
His silence was irritating you, didn't he think it was right to apologise ?
That night, after a week of avoiding Kuroo and refusing to talk to him, you couldn't sleep, on the other side of the door, Kuroo had been pacing for two hours now. You weren't sure if he was sleeping properly or even sleeping at all the last few days. Worried, when the footsteps stopped, you opened the door to peek into the silent apartment. A few sniffles sounded in the living room and your heart ached. Kuroo really wasn't the type to cry easily. Slowly, you approached the couch and found the young man curled up in a ball, knees against his chest, crying and shivering violently.
Your anger dissipated immediately, replaced by remorse and compassion.
« Tetsu', baby, what are you doing here ? »
At the sound of your voice, he suddenly straightened up, making room for you on the couch to sit, he looked at you with big red eyes and disbelief, as if he wasn't sure if he was really hearing you or seeing you.
« You need to sleep ! »
He shook his head sharply from side to side.
« No, no... »
« Tetsu'... »
« Don’t go without saying goodbye at least. »A new fit of tears came over him as he inhaled and coughed loudly for air. You had never seen him like this.
Catching his wet cheeks in your hands and bringing his face closer to yours, you began to stroke his cheeks with your thumbs to calm him down.
« Don't go, please. »
Suddenly you realized, Kuroo was afraid you would leave and not come back during the night when he was asleep, like his mother did when he was little.
Biting your lip to keep you from crying, you began to shower him with kisses, delighted to hear his breathing slow down.
« I understand if you want to go with Lev, he makes you smile all the time and he doesn't make fun of you...I want you to be happy. »
« I won't and don't want to leave Tetsurō ! »
You felt his body relax at your words as he buried his face in the crook of your neck with relief without daring to touch you with his hands as if he feared you would suddenly vanish in his arms.
« Thank you, thank you, I will change! I promise you that. I’m so sorry. »
Wiping away the few tears that ran down your face, you held him tighter and closer to you.
« You need to sleep, I'll be right here beside you all night and when you wake up. »
He nodded slowly but still hesitantly.
« I love you, I love you very much Tetsu'. »
« I love you, I love you very much y/n. »
Tendō Satori ->
tendō struggled during his teen years to gain his self-confidence and it was mainly thanks to you that he was as confident as he was now
you made him understand that you would never leave him and that he was the most beautiful, awesome and funny human being in your eyes
tendō learned to believe you, but maybe a little too much
he was so convinced that he had you wrapped around his finger that he stopped making any effort in your relationship
coming home late, going out all the time, not answering your texts, stopping eating with you or taking care of you...
he loved you madly, he just knew he could afford to neglect you sometimes without risking anything
but he was wrong
that night, you were supposed to have dinner together and you had prepared everything with love, you had bought a new dress and filled the house with candles and so on, only to receive a text from your fiancé telling you that he was cancelling because he wanted to go to Semi's party after all
« Babe, I'm home ! » Tendō threw his shoes somewhere in the living room, knowing that you would probably pick them up for him.
The house was pitch black despite the fact that it was midday and he found it very eerie. Maybe you were in a bad mood or sick, but he was determined to cheer you up by telling you what Goshiki did after four beers.
« You'll never guess what-» There was no one there. Surprised and alarmed, he started looking for you in every room ; the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and even the garden. You were nowhere to be found. It was not like you to leave without telling him.
Immediately, he turned the inside of his coat pockets on the couch to find his phone. As he opened the conversation, he felt his heart clench at all the texts he had never answered, however, the last message sent was his ;
changed my mind, I'm going to Semi's, eat what you made if you want and leave the door open, see you tomorrow ;) 
There was no response from you, although you had seen the message. It's true that he'd been an asshole the last few weeks.
He didn't think you'd mind, you weren’t saying anything special when he was leaving the house at midnight to go who knows where, you were just watching him without saying anything.
He finally noticed that you were never kissing him back when he came to give you a quick goodbye peck on the lips.
Perhaps he was imagining things. Still worried, he refused to see any of his friends that day, deciding instead to tidy up while waiting for you since he had nothing else to do.
He then found in the kitchen the remains of an incredible meal that you had surely taken time to prepare for the two of you and in the bathroom a beautiful red dress that you had left on the floor.
You didn't get home until 11pm and as soon as you closed the door behind you, Tendō was already standing in front of you, a little smile on his face.
« Hey, you. »
« Hey. » Your tone was cold and detached, as if you were talking to someone you didn't know or didn’t like.
« I cleaned everything while waiting for you ! » He expected this to ease your anger but it didn't provoke any reaction from you.
« Good. » You simply said before going into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich. He followed you like a lost puppy, starting to get annoyed at your ignorance.
« You could say thank you ! You're very mean to your poor, sweet boyfriend-»
« Shut up, Satori. »
He remained silent, his mouth wide open as he watched you walk off to the bedroom to lock yourself in. Leaving him to put away the food you hadn't put back in the fridge like he always did.
The first feeling he felt was anger. You were behaving like a capricious child.
« Open the door ! » He ordered from the other side of your bedroom door, knocking vigorously. « Stop sulking ! We can talk about it, can't we ? » Nothing, you didn't even seem to react to his words, he came to think you had your headphones on.
Disappointed, he sat on the floor with his back against the door waiting for you to open it.
When one o’clock came, he was still sitting there, waiting, searching on his phone for ways to « soften the blow of his lover's anger »
The next day, you left early in the morning, taking a quick look at the sleeping figure of Tendō who had finally fell asleep on the couch.
Pitying his slight sneezing, you timidly placed a blanket over his shoulder before leaving, hoping he wouldn't take it as a peace offering.
When he woke up, his first instinct was to run into the room, letting out a delighted and jovial laugh seeing the door open, only to find the room empty. You were gone again.
The days passed like that, without him ever being able to make demands or make you laugh. You were gone all day, coming home late at night and leaving early in the morning, never answering him when he asked you where you were going. He was taking care of the whole house by himself and he was beginning to realize how much effort you were putting in every day to take care of him and all that while he was away.
Soon his annoyance turned to sadness and then to worry. Who were you with all day ? Were you working ? With your friends ? Every day ?
Slowly, he began to imagine the worst. You had found someone else and it was only a matter of time before you left with that person. He was negligent towards your love and he wasn't worthy of it, but you were the only person he had ever loved, he couldn't let you go ! It didn't matter if you cheated on him, he just wanted to stay in your life ! Nothing was worse than you leaving him !
That night, he prepared a big meal with your favourite dishes, waiting patiently for your return.
When you finally arrived, he almost fell when he got up to welcome you.
« Hello ! »
« Hey. » You took a quick look at the meal he had prepared and you couldn't lie, it looked delicious.
« Thank you. » You said calmly. His shoulders slumped slightly at your continued aloofness but what more could he expect ? You weren't going to fall back into his arms, full of love. You probably weren't even in love with him anymore.
« Before we eat, I have something to tell you. »
You looked up at him curiously and he took your silence as an invitation to continue.
« I know you're probably seeing someone, it makes sense, I neglected you, I abandoned you and you're human so you found someone better and I understand, there are many people better than me ! But know that I accept it and I want you to stay, please ! I need you with me, in my life. I'm crazy about you and I can't go on without you. I know it's selfish but I love you. I need you-»
His eyes faded into the shadows of the room behind you as his lip twitched slightly, he clasped his hands together tightly in front of him, cracking his fingers nervously.
« I'm not cheating on you, Satori.» His eyes fell back on you, a light of hope and recognition in his pupils. « And I'm not leaving. Not yet. »
Delighted and relieved, he rushed over to hug you, burying his nose in your hair affectionately as a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek. You let him, relaxing into the warmth of his arms.
« I want it to change. »
« It will change, I will change. Excuse me, I don't want to lose you. »
« I know. »
Tendo knew that his relationship was hanging by a thread, so he promised himself that day to change everything for you.
Suna Rintarō ->
suna was not very expressive, no secret
you had fallen in love with his personality and you didn't really see the problem with it
but as the months went by, suna only seemed to want one thing: to get away from you
he always had an excuse not to go out, or not to answer your questions about his day, or not to spend time with you...
you didn't know how to broach the subject, since, for suna, nothing seemed to matter. he was never reacting when you were talking to him about what you didn't like in your relationship
finally, you decided to really broach the subject no matter if he wanted to or not
and of course he didn't want to.
« Stop being such a pain in the ass, y/n. Leave me alone for a day instead of always being on my back ! Find someone else to throw your hysterical tantrums at, and stop making noise absolutely all the time, how annoying you are when you want to. »
After sighing softly, he just turned around to go and lock himself in the bedroom without even seeming to realise the impact of his words on you
Suna was delighted that you understood that he needed some quiet time. After your fight, the apartment had fallen into a deep silence that suited him.
He didn't think you were particularly loud actually, he just couldn't give you back the energy you gave him. Besides, you were much more talkative than he was and he found it annoying that you were always waiting for him to answer your endless questions.
He didn't mind listening to you, but he had no desire to go with you to see your friends, or to the restaurant, or anything else.
When 3am came, Suna realized that you still weren’t going to bed, you usually liked to lie next to him and tell him about your day with passion, a big smile on your face as he responded with slight interested « hm ».
It wasn't like you to stay alone in the living room for long.
He stayed in bed for another hour, waiting patiently to see what you would do. When tiredness began to sting his eyes, he decided to look around the living room to see what could be taking you so long, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise to find you sound asleep on the couch, wrapped in a heavy blanket.
So you didn't want to sleep with him ? This surprised him because he knew you didn't like to sleep alone.
Deciding to give you time, he sat down in the armchair to the right of the couch, immersing himself in the film you were watching before you fell asleep.
When he woke up, the TV was off and the couch was empty. Faint noises from the kitchen caught his attention and he found himself excited to talk to you since you didn’t want to see him last night.
« Sleep well ? » He asked with a small mocking smile at the corner of his lips as he found you silently doing the dishes.
« Yeah. » He waited patiently for the next part of your sentence in vain.
Eyes fixed on your task, you didn't seem to want to continue the conversation. Shrugging his shoulders with a disinterested look, he decided to leave you alone. Maybe you didn't feel like talking ? Like him, every day, so he couldn't blame you.
The day went by in complete calm, you didn't put on your music in the living room, you didn't laugh out loud while watching videos or tiktoks, in fact you didn't make any noise.
If Suna liked to be quiet, he found this atmosphere particularly heavy and stressful.
The silence was so heavy that he felt like he was suffocating, and even worse, he was bored. He missed your voice and your little amused laugh every time he sarcastically laughed at the stupidity of the Miya twins.
After spending the whole day in silence on his phone, he found himself sitting up in bed, a headache starting to take hold of him as everything seemed so quiet. He came out of the bedroom to find you watching some anime episodes on the couch, headphones in your ears.
He took them out with a smart face, intent on annoying you to get some kind of reaction from you.
You just flinched slightly and raised your eyebrows as if to say « What do you want ?»
His green eyes looked at you with a certain gentleness. He loved you, although he couldn't prove it to you with actions. He could spend hours looking at you and just admiring the features he loved so much on your pretty face.
« I'm bored. »
You frowned for a moment and he saw the annoyance in your eyes but he didn't question you about it.
« Don't you have anything to tell me ? About your day or sum ? » You shook your head gently to indicate that you had nothing to say before putting your headphones back in your ears and ending the conversation.
Disappointed and lost, that's what Suna was during the few days you were silent. He spent the days watching you from afar and trying to get you to talk but never succeeding.
You seemed completely shut down.
He had noticed that you were also trying not to sleep in the same bed as him, even if it meant not sleeping.
But tonight was the night too far.
Lying with his arms behind his head, he thought about all the times he didn't answer you or refused to do anything with you because he thought you were too energetic and talkative, all the times he had probably hurt you. And now that there was silence, he missed nothing more than your sweet voice and your sincere laughter. Not being able to sleep, he got up to take you back to bed with him. To his surprise, you were still awake and as soon as he approached you, your eyes fell on him with a sad and tired look.
« Come sleep in the bed. Please. » His voice was surprisingly soft and for a moment you felt your eyes burn, but you nodded, returning your attention to your phone.
« Why ? »
« I don't want to disturb or annoy you.»
Your answer made him shudder, just as he feared. Sitting down next to you, he gently stroked your back, sighing with relief when you didn't push him away.
« I'm sorry I was such an asshole to you. I love you, I love your voice, your laugh and all the noise you make.» You smiled slightly at his words, and he smiled back at your now softer face than it had been the last few days. « I don't like your silence. I'm lonely and I miss hearing you talk. I want you to talk. Talk to me all day, tell me everything you want, what you eat, what you shit, I don't care I want to hear you.»
A laugh finally escaped your soft lips, shaken by a few suppressed sobs. Grabbing you by the waist, he guided you to sit on his hips facing him, gently resting his forehead against yours.
« I missed that laugh. We go to sleep and tomorrow you tell me everything I missed. »
You nodded shyly but he didn't seem to like your answer.
« I want to hear you baby. »
« Yes, Rin. »
Sakusa Kiyoomi ->
sakusa was not an easy boy to talk to, he was cold and seemed unreachable
yet everything changed when he met you
you were one of the few (only) people he liked to spend time with
he proved on many occasions how important you were to him
but sakusa remained sakusa
he never said I love you to you
and when the stress of the games got to his head, he quickly forgot the special treatment he normally gave you
when he got up this morning, knowing that he had an important match that evening, he could not help but get upset when he found your shoes in the middle of the hallway and following that, he started a terrible argument that was far from necessary
« Why was I thinking moving in with you was a good idea ? I'm sick of managing everything, you're really unbearable. »
deeply hurt, you let him go to his training session before the match without daring to say anything to defend yourself
Sakusa often got angry at you before games, sometimes he went a bit too far and you told him that his words were hurting you and he always replied that you shouldn't take it personally. But you were tired of him not taking into account the blows to your self-confidence that his words were putting on you.
He could have simply asked you to avoid him before the games instead of searching the whole house for you to humiliate you with insults and reproaches. That night you didn't go to his game, instead running to a friend's house to take your mind off it.
They won and Sakusa felt the stress drain from his shoulders as Hinata jumped happily into Bokuto's arms with a cry of joy.
Instinctively, he looked around the bleachers for the place where you usually sat but you weren't there. He felt a slight twinge in his heart that made him wince. He had been a bit rough with you before he left, but usually you never tell him anything about it, so he didn't worry about it.
When he got home late at night after the interviews and celebrations, he was disappointed that he couldn't take a nice hot shower with you as usual to relax, as you weren't home.
After showering, he sent you several texts asking when you were coming home only for you to respond with a cold ;
tomorrow morning. 
The next day he was woken up by the sound of the shower early in the morning. He waited patiently in the living room for you, excited to tell you about the game and to ask you who you had been to and if that person was sick.
When you came out of the bathroom, he couldn't help but smile gently. Your wet hair made you look rebellious and relaxed, the towel wrapped around your body hugging the shape of your body that he loved so much, but he soon lost his smile when you gave him a cold look.
« Hello, I know you're upset about yesterday but-»
You shrugged your shoulders with a falsely detached look on your face.
« It's okay, you were just being honest. »
You were waiting for him to contradict you by saying that he didn't mean what he said, but he didn't. He simply got up to pour himself a cup of coffee with a slight grunt of approval that left you speechless. You bit your lip nervously before returning to the bathroom.
« When you get out, we'll discuss my game and-»
« No, sorry, I'm going out.»
He found your answer surprising but chose to ignore your hurt tone, he knew you were still angry at him but he was sure you would change your mind after a while.
When you came back in the evening, you were calmer than when you left. You were calm but no less determined to be mad at him.
« Whose house were you at ? »
« A friend. »
He raised a questioning eyebrow without putting his question into words.
« Why are you ignoring me ? » He opened wide surprised eyes when you ignored him completely and went to your room to do whatever you wanted to do.
Sakusa rarely let his emotions get the better of him, and he knew exactly why you were mad at him. He had promised to stop throwing his stress and his bad temper on you. Plus, he hadn't denied that he meant the words he said and it wasn't what you expected from him.
He loved you. You knew it, he knew it but right now it wasn’t enough.
Remembering the many times he had grabbed you by the arm to yell at you for stupid things while you pushed him away, insulting him with annoyance. He didn't realise how important his arguments were affecting your relationship.
To be honest, it wasn't your silence that worried him, it was the fact that you could be scared of him or that he was going to push you away by ignoring your pain. He knew that the only way to make it up to you was to say those three words that he always tried to say but never succeeded.
But now it was necessary.
So slowly he slipped into your room,
Finding you focus on a book that you seemed to have just bought because he had never seen it before.
He waited, while a terrible stress grew in his chest at the thought of telling you something he had known for a long time but yet could not say aloud.
« I love you.»
There was a long silence that only made the pressure in his chest more suffocating than before. He'd never thought you could be angry enough not to answer. The tension only lifted when you finally turned back to him with a satisfied, loving smile.
« It took you long enough. I want you to stop-»
« Putting you through my stress and bad temper. You're mad at me for not saying I love you before and not apologizing.»
He smiled slightly at your surprised and disbelieving look.
« If you knew everything I wanted to hear, why didn't you tell me anything ?»
A slight blush appeared on his pale cheeks. Looking away, he avoided your gaze and you realised that he still wasn’t perfectly ready to be honest with you about his feelings. And you couldn't help finding him adorable.
« I don't know, just shut up and come take a shower with me. »
I'm sorry if it's not perfect, i had a lot of bad news and stress from work/school so i had a hard time finishing it, i know the sakusa one seems kinda rushed but i really didn’t how to write for him since you know he is him
i’ll write the part 2 with daichi, bokuto, oikawa and maybe atsumu idk yet soon
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agasheeee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Boyfriend Texts with Kuroo Tetsuro! 
Tumblr media
pairing: kuroo x reader
suna’s version  | oikawa’s version | atsumu’s version | sugawara’s version
warnings: suggestive themes, cursing, (lmk if I need to add anything else)
summary: basically you bullying kuroo 
click on the photos for better quality :) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: imma turn this into a series! I apologise for any typos I'm sleepy af also feel free to request any other boys :) 
Tumblr media
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itachiyama · 7 months ago
Prompt: you faint during an argument; Kuroo and Oikawa edition
Warnings: fainting, slight mentions of panic, mentions of violence (he does NOT hit you, just misunderstandings)
Read other parts: akaashi and iwaizumi , sakusa and tsukishima , bokuto and atsumu , kita and tendou , osamu and semi
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo had been silently ignoring each other for the day, both of you too angry to speak to the other, neither willing to cave and break the silence first. You’d been cleaning around the apartment, deciding to organize his desk that was a bit messy as he was in the bathroom. What you hadn’t counted on was your elbow knocking down his mug of coffee and spilling over his papers. Kuroo wasn’t pleased in the slightest, that was clear, but he also wasn’t the kindest to you when he got back, opting to yell at you for doing your cleaning while you claimed you only wanted to help. So now here you were, both of you stubbornly sitting across the table from each other eating dinner quietly.
“Can you pass me some salt?” You eventually broke the silence but were met with nothing. Looking at Kuroo, he didn’t seem to have heard you, but you knew better from the way his fist tightened a little bit. “So you wanna be petty? I said was sorry Tetsuro, it was an accident.” He glared at you.
“Yeah and now I look unprofessional because of you. I’m gonna go in with papers stained with coffee in the corner, how does that make me look?” Sighing, you put your utensils down.
“It happens! I was just trying to help, I’ve apologized so many times but you’re being an absolute dick about it. You can print new ones if it means that much to you,” you said exasperated. This only seemed to anger him further, his voice raising a bit, making you frown.
“Oh, and I just redo hours of paperwork? Because you couldn’t keep in your own space and leave my papers alone?”
“You’d been complaining about having to clear out the old ones to make more room! I just wanted to help you from being stressed!”
“Well now you’ve made me more stressed!” He stood up this time, hands slamming the table, glasses of water shaking a bit at the force. Stunned, you flinched back, heartbeat beginning to get erratic.
“For the hundredth time Testu, I’m sorry! I won’t go in there again—”
“Sorry doesn’t fix my damn papers y/n!” Standing up, you glared at him this time, anger beginning to spike. He was beginning to get awfully unreasonable about this, unwilling to just drop it.
“What’s your issue Tetsuro? You’ve been moody this whole day, and I’m sick of it. Get your attitude in check okay?” This prompted him to only get angrier, however, looking at you with a condescending grin.
“Oh I’m sorry y/n, I guess I can learn a thing or two from you about being less moody. You seem to ruin your boyfriend’s work and easily act like nothing is wrong so I suppose your good at shoving things under the rug!”
“Shut up y/n, you’re the most insensitive and self absorbed person I’ve met. All you do is wander around in your own bubble, no care in the world to who you’re inconveniencing or not!” Finally, tears of frustration rolled down your face, as you stared at Kuroo in shock. What was a minor accident on your part was beginning to escalate into something much larger in scale than it had to be, and Kuroo was beginning to drain you with his constant jabs.
“What else do you want—”
“You’re still sitting here talking about yourself! ‘I apologized,’ ‘I made a small mistake,’ ‘I was just trying to help,’ maybe I don’t need your help y/n, and maybe I don’t need you!” Despite trying to tell yourself he didn’t mean it, that it was just in the moment, his words cut deep.
“Why would you say—”
“For fucks sake y/n, again? All you do is make it so you’re the victim! My things got ruined! Mine! This isn’t about you! Not everything is fucking about you!”
“Shut up would you!” The room was beginning to spin and his voice was starting to make you flinch with each word. Slowly, you hugged yourself, tears beginning to fall more rapidly. “What was even going on in your head that you just had to go through my papers? You saw I was stressed! Did you really have to make things worse?”
“I really didn’t mean—”
“Well you did! You always do! I can’t escape the stress, not at work, not at home with you! What is so hard about leaving my things—” he never got to finish the sentence that he was screaming at you because before he could, you’d slumped into your chair, eyes closed, not responding as he called your name.
It took a bit, but eventually, Kuroo coaxed you awake, seeing your eyes flutter open from your spot on his chest as he cradled you to him. Peering up, you adjusted to your surroundings.
“Hey y/n,” he said softly. Sighing, you tried to leave him arms, but he wouldn’t let you. “I’m really sorry y/n, I overreacted and ended up overwhelming you. I’m so sorry,” he whispered. Shrugging, you lay limply by his side.
“It’s whatever.” Looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows, he shook his head.
“It’s not whatever, I shouldn’t have—” he was interrupted by you turning around and facing away from him. “Y/n? Babe?”
“Just drop it Tetsuro, I’m not in the mood.” Heart sinking, he tried to turn you to face him, but you refused.
“Babe, I know you’re upset but—”
“Tetsuro, I’m pretty tired okay? You’ve yelled at me quite a bit and it’s been exhausting. I’m sorry I got in your way and I’m sorry I seem to bother you so much, so I’ll leave you alone more from now on and keep to myself.” He knew it was his own fault, but that didn’t stop Kuroo from feeling the guilt seep in, crushing him under its weight.
“I’m really sorry y/n, I didn’t mean any of it, I really do promise. I just snapped from the pressure. It was way too much though, I know that, and I swear it won’t happen again. I just... I don’t know, works been hectic, and I’ve missed you, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you, and I just wanted a break but the papers getting stained just made me blow up.” Slowly, much to his relief, you turned, facing him once more.
“You could talk to me if you’re stressed, I’d have listened. I don’t try to make everything about me.” He shook his head, grabbing your hand and laying it against his cheek, kissing the palm.
“You don’t. I was being a dick. I’m really sorry y/n, I never meant to push you so far.” Sighing, you came closer, fully closing the gap between you.
“I’m sorry about your papers Tetsu, I should’ve known better than to invade your space in the middle of working.”
“You were just trying to help, and the worst my coworkers would do was make a joke here and there. I shouldn’t have reacted that way.” You smiled gently at him, leaning in and kissing him briefly. Leaning his head against yours, Kuroo closed his eyes, basking in your presence. “I’ll never speak to you like that again, I love you okay?” Smiling, you cupped his cheek.
“I love you too Tetsu.” Once more, you closed your eyes, this time much calmer as you fell into a slumber in Kuroo’s arms.
Tumblr media
“Tooru you know for our date this Saturday? There’s this place that opened—” Oikawa sighed, rubbing his temples as he sat on his phone. Looking up and meeting your eyes, he gave you a tired look.
“Y/n, I’m busy this Saturday too okay? I have more practice to do for the upcoming game.” Deflating, you looked at your hands.
“Oh,” you whispered. “But Saturday is date night,” you reminded him. Groaning, he threw his head back, looking at you once more with furrowed eyebrows.
“Y/n seriously? You can’t see I’m busy this week?” You felt your heart sink even more, staring at your lap dejectedly, earlier excitement gone.
“But Tooru, we haven’t had date night in two weeks, you canceled the hour before the first time, and then the second time you said you were too busy too. Are you really that busy on your day off?” Glaring at you, he scoffed, looking back at his phone.
“Well I have things to do right now y/n, if you’re not gonna understand, then I’m not gonna waste my time on it.” Tears welled in your eyes, the feeling of hurt, of your insecurities peaking that your boyfriend didn’t enjoy spending time with you as you did, starting to bubble up in your chest. As the tears slid down your cheeks, you sniffled, trying to wipe them away.
“W-what about Sunday? Maybe Sunday will be a better—”
“Are you actually serious y/n? Are you still on about the damn date? Like we don’t go on enough dates? Are you seriously that desperate to go out? We’ll have a damn date when I’m not fucking busy, jeez!” Frowning, you tried your best to wipe your tears, looking at him to defend yourself.
“I’m not desperate if we haven’t had date night in two weeks! We set that up so that we’d have a night to ourselves even if we got busy, and you’re just blowing it off—” once again he cut you off, rising to his feet and tugging at his hair in frustration. The muscles of his arms flexed tensely, veins popping as he got more worked up.
“You are so clingy! Maybe I just need a break from you, have you ever thought of that? Maybe extra practice is more enjoyable than being around you at this point.” This time, a choked sob escaped you as you stared at him in disbelief. Oikawa only rolled his eyes.
“Tooru, what has gotten into you?”
“Nothing! It’s you!”
“I haven’t done anything! You’ve been blowing me off, canceling dates, you’re on your phone during the few times we get to ourselves at home, I just miss you!” Laughing bitterly, he shook his head.
“You miss me? Jeez y/n, I live with you! What else do you need? Do you want me to merge myself at your hip?” Wiping your nose, you stood up.
“Tooru, stop twisting my words, I didn’t even say anything bad! I just miss the way we spent at least one night with each other! Don’t you miss spending time with me? You’re usually the one that needs more attention anyway!” Whipping his head around, he looked at you with narrowed eyes, pupils dark and cold, staring at you venomously.
“I’m the one who needs attention?”
“I’m the one who’s clingy huh? I need to be smothered 24/7?” Hands getting clammy, your heart raced in your chest.
“I suppose I’m the one who always needs to be coddled, so desperate for a damn date night huh? No concern of whether or not you’re busy?” Your breath hitched, panic setting in as his voice kept rising while he stalked closer and closer to you, face red and angry.
“Okay, let’s just drop—” but to your dismay, he cut you off once more, even angrier than before.
“Drop it? You wanna fucking drop it? After you started it?”
“I’m sor—”
“You wanted a date so desperately didn’t you? Now you’re just gonna drop it? Make up your damn mind y/n because all you’re doing is pissing me off!” And just as he raised a hand up, you gasped, flinching violently. He paused midway to brushing the hair out of his face, eyes wide as he watched you fall back onto the couch behind you, eyes closed and body limp.
You opened your eyes again a while later, body sore as you sat up, trying to get past your disoriented state. A small sniffle rang through your room, and slowly you registered that your boyfriend was sat at the foot of the bed.
“Y-y/n?” Sighing, you stared at your hands. Oikawa let out a shaky breath, wiping away the tears. “Y/n you know... you can’t think... I-I’d never actually... I could never hurt you like that,” he whispered out eventually, heart breaking in his chest as the words left his mouth. Slowly, you met his eyes, seeing the pain in his orbs. Letting out a breath, you nodded.
“I know, it was just... things were escalating and it just happened so fast, my body acted before my mind.” He sniffled again, trying to reach for your hand. Grabbing it, he squeezed gently.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Let’s go on that date on Saturday, I’ll take you on one on Sund—”
“I don’t really want to go on a date anymore. I just wanna be alone.” His lips trembled, face paling. Shaking his head, Oikawa looked at you pleadingly.
“I know I was wrong, you had every right to be upset over two missed weeks, so just let me make it up to you, I...” he trailed off when he noticed you wiping away your own tears.
“You said so many awful things to me over this date. It just won’t be enjoyable now, it’ll just seem forced. I don’t wanna go out anymore, and definitely not if you don’t want to.” Breath shaky, he exhaled, trying his best to keep his composure for you.
“No, I didn’t mean them. I was being a jerk, and I shouldn’t have lashed out at you. I should appreciate you more. I’m really sorry okay? Please, I’m so sorry. I’ll... just let me take you on a date, or we can even stay in and have one indoors! I’ll cook, and we can build a fort, and I’ll spend the time you deserve me to spend with you.” Looking at you pleadingly, trails of tears streamed down his face as you stared at him. Despite the way he’d hurt you earlier, you saw the regret and sincerity in Oikawa’s eyes, and more than anything, you missed him. Nodding slowly, you sighed.
“Okay. I guess. But I wanna stay in, I don’t think I have the energy to go out this week.” Nodding rapidly, he came closer, his hand just stopping before he could touch you. Silently, he begged for permission. You nodded, giving him the sign to pull you into him.
“Okay, anything you want. I’d never ever hurt you y/n, not like that. You’re everything to me okay? I love you.” Leaning weight into him, you finally relaxed, letting Oikawa hold you tightly against his chest.
“I love you too Tooru.”
I didn’t feel like proof reading this so if there are any spelling or grammar errors let me know. I’ll look over it sometime tomorrow if I remember
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For the ‘HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act’ can we get a pt 2 but with Bokuto, Oikawa, and kuroo?
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT2
A/N: I always get second hand embarrassment writing theses lol but its so funny anyway I hope you enjoy this love !!
Part1 || Part3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Doesn’t even realize his child has just walked in until your pushing him off
↣ Trips and fumbles attempting to cover the two of you up
↣ This sweet darling feels terrible knowing his child saw him like this he practically goes into emo mode until you reassure him it’s okay … it takes a while though
↣ You were caught giving Bokuto a blowjob. Bokuto’s cock was touching the back of your throat as his head was thrown back
↣ He tries to explain but he is having the hardest time fumbling over his words please save him
Bokuto was standing up with his head thrown back fucking your face. He was so engulfed in his own pleasure his mind hadn’t registered the relentless pushing against his pelvis. He looked down at you to see your widened eyes staring at the door wiping the drool that had been dripping down the sides of your mouth. He turned his head to see his small child peeking from behind the door rubbing their sleepy eyes.
“Mommy? What are you doing to Daddy?” your child asked, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
Bokuto ran to the bed, more like tripped to the bed grabbing sheets tossing them over your head and wrapping his lower half.
“Mommy was- …we- … I- … you- ..why aren’t you in bed baby owl?”
“I heard noises and i got scared” your child whined leaning their small tired body against the door frame.
“Oh baby we’re sorry” you yelled as you tried to find your way out from under the sheets. Your head finally peaked my from sheets hair messy from the struggle,
“Mommy was just helping Daddy clean himself… it’s a really private thing that Daddy gets embarrassed about you see so Daddy how about you put baby owl back to bed because we’re done cleaning aren’t we” you said out of breath turning towards a red Bokuto who was looking back and forth between the two of you now dressed. He nodded his head quickly scooping your child up cradling them.
When he came back he laid flat face first on the bed, cheeks still flushed red .
“” Bokuto whined face down on a pillow.
You had long talk explaining to Bokuto how it would be okay and that your child wouldn’t avoid him and most likely wouldn’t even remember this
↣ Lets out the loudest highest scream, you’re surprised his voice can even go that high
↣Gets so scared he pushes you on the floor don’t worry you’re okay but… ouch
↣ Oikawa is going to find a way to explain this all away no matter what he has to say or do
↣ You were caught riding Oikawa while he nibbled on your neck
↣ If he could Oikawa would literally evaporate at this moment
You were bouncing up and down on Oikawa, head thrown back moaning into the air. Oikawa’s lips were glued to your neck leaving his print on your neck with low groans. The loud creaking of the bed seemed to drown out the small knocking that had been consistent against the door. You both were removed from your cloud of pleasure when a small voice called out
Oikawa released a screech that rang through the room so loud you were sure you’d have your neighbor knocking on the door asking if everything was okay. Before you could even turn your head to look at your child Oikawa was pushing you off onto the floor scrambling to find clothes. He threw clothes towards you and threw on the nearest thing he could find. You wanted to be angry but upon seeing the apparel Oikawa had put on your anger turned into fits of laughter. Oikawa was wearing your silk night dress muscles protruding, walking over to your now giggling child. Your child was barely even worried about the scene they had just witnessed so focused on the way Oikawa was now flexing in your gown making them laugh to tears. Oikawa walked them back to bed and came back to your shared room swaying in your gown.
“Looking good shittykawa” you laughed laying in bed
“ Y/N-chan don’t be jealous that you can’t pull off such a bold look”
You laughed pulling him in for a kiss
“You’re bold look saved us from a lot of explaining”
↣Kuroo can’t even think straight his mind is coming up with a million excuses all at once and none of them seem to make sense
↣If he could Kuroo would want to finish what you started thank goodness at least one of you has a little restraint
↣When Kuroo lies his voice gets a little high pitch so his excuse comes out a little high which almost makes you burst into laughter
↣ This one is kind of hard to explain off because you were getting fucked in missionary with your hands cuffed to the bed
↣You can give yourself a pat on the back because you were the main reason your child was able to believe any explanation given
Kuroo was hovering over you thrusting into you at a constant pace while your body laid limply on the bed cuffed to the edge moaning out his name. He had been groaning in your ear about how you were his dirty little pet. Your mind was fuzzy with pleasure that all thoughts seemed to escape you when a small voice called out asking in the most delicate voice
“May I come in?”
Kuroo’s movement froze as he hurriedly pulled out tossing your clothes to you, throwing on his own. You forget the restraints holding you back and make an attempt to get up only to be pulled back down. You whispered-yelled to Kuroo who was hopping trying to get into his shorts. He quickly unlocked you from the cuffs and tossed you a shirt. Before either of you could make another move the door was creeping open to a wide eyed child looking like a baby Kuroo. You were sitting with one arm cuffed to the bed while the other covered your exposed chest. Kuroo stood balancing on one foot staring at the door.
“H-hey little one” his voice was already raising and you knew he was preparing for a lie.
“We were just uh well we…um... you see when two people love each other-“ he started in a high pitched voice but was cut off by you speaking up.
“We were cleaning, that was all the noise… what are you doing up” you chimed in yelling over his voice wanting to save your child from the birds and the bees talk.
“ Wanna sleep in here with you” your child mumbled as they climbed into bed laying in the middle. You watched as they drifted off to sleep sighing a breath of relief and turned to kuroo
“ Really? When two people love each other” 
“That was all I could think of!”
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moments in between!
includes: rintaro suna, keiji akaashi, testuro kuroo
warnings: none
notes: this is based on real life interactions. no i am not going to elaborate.
Tumblr media
feeling eyes following your every move, you turn to your right to see suna’s green cat-like eyes stalking you as you do the most mundane tasks. ‘what?’ his hands go up as if he’s surrendering, smirking to himself as he shakes his head, ‘nothin’’ next to you, atsumu chuckles, ‘he thinks you’re cute.’
you groan, unable to reach the one book you need, looking around to see if there’s any chairs you can hopefully climb, you see none other than akaashi swiftly walking towards you. he reaches up, one hand around your waist as the other grabs the needed item, ‘you wanted this one, right?’
looking at the clock, it now reads 1:34 AM, and here you are, still working on that stupid assignment you should’ve finished hours ago. ‘shouldn’t you be getting home?’ kuroo’s voice jolts you out of your seat, he glides his way through the chairs around you as he takes a seat next to you. you furrow your brows at his actions, ‘shouldn’t you be going home?’ repeating his question back to him, he chuckles as he pulls out his phone, ‘i’ll wait for you to finish.’
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hankuto · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he's never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it's not until you're pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
"stay," he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. "just for a little while."
and truthfully 'a little while' sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you're more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
"i gotta get up." you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. "and you do too, idiot. we're gonna be late."
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
"i'll get ready so fast," he hums.
"and what about me?"
"you'll be even faster, obviously." you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
"we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes." you laugh—and perhaps you'd feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there's a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
"five minutes," you sigh. "you get five minutes."
and it doesn't even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he'll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
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