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#kuroo tetsurō

[12.07 AM]


paring: kuroo testuroo x fem!reader

synopsis: it had been a week since you fought, a week since kuroo decided to stay away from you and camp at the office till he cooled off. but he eventually gives into how much he misses you and decides to go home. though kuroo expects to be welcomed home by silence, much to his surprise, he’s welcomed home by you.

genre: angst-ish + fluff

w/c: 1k


Kuroo takes a deep breath when he steps foot into your shared apartment. His knees weaken when he’s welcomed by the traces of your natural scent lingering in the air. His chest rises and fall, the tension in his muscles dissipate at the smell of home.

The door clicks shut behind him, toeing his shoes off before stumbling into the living room. It’s quiet, just as he expected it to be save for the faint chirping of crickets that’ve snuck into the house, and much to Kuroo’s surpise, the sound of your snoring nearby.

Kuroo squints his eyes, focusing them through the dark and in between the shadows. If it hadn’t been for the porch light filtering through the blinds, he mgiht’ve missed you curcled into a ball, sleeping soundly on the couch.

He raises his brows. You waited for him? Have you been waiting all this time?

With a pout on his face, he treads towards you carefully. He sets his suticase on the floor before shimmying out of his blazer, letting it hang off the edge of the couch.

A soft grunt slips Kuroo’s lips as he knees before you, adjusting his legs beneath his weight. His expression falls, his heart squeezing at the sight of you; eyes red and swollen, cheeks stained in tears. You had been crying.

Oh god, he thinks. I’m in so much trouble.

For two reasons: one, he had made you cry and two, Kuroo realizes how much he loves you.

Because even with the drool sliding down your chin as your mouth shamelessly hangs open; or with your hair fuffled into a bird’s nest, feathering over your face, or the way you furrow your brows deep enough to make a crease on your forehead, Kuroo realizes he’s never been more in love with you than he is now.

As much as he’d like to drink in your natural beauty and add it to the long list of reasons why he’s lucky, you should sleeping on the bed. As light as a feather, he rests his hand on your shoulder, gently shaking you from your sleep.

“Mmmm,” You take a deep breath and sigh, eyes fluttering open. Kuroo’s greets you with guilt in his eyes and a lopsided smile.

You gasp, instinctively throwing your arms around him and pulling him close to your chest, making him yelp in suprise. His body tenses for just a moment, but he quickly melts into your arms.

“You’re home!” You croaks, voice dry and fresh from sleep. You thread your fingers through his thick, black hair, lightly pulling it like you’re checking to see if he’s real. “You’re really home.”

You bury your nose into the material of his shirt. He’s a blend of sweat and cheap lavender soap; a smell of home you desperately missed.

“I’m so sorry,” He pleads into your neck. His lips as cold as his breath; it tickles your skin and makes your hair stand on it’s ends.

You’re barely awake–not enough to process what’s going on, so it takes you awhile to catch his apology. Your eyes are still adjusting to the dark, a bit spotty here and there. Your body feels like it’s floating, and everything else around you feels so out of grasp.

Everything but your hold around Kuroo.

You shake your head. “I’m sorry. I don’t even remember what we fought over.”

“Does it really even matter?”

No, it doesn’t because after the first night without Kuroo sleeping by your side, nothing else really mattered and you soon forgot why you had fought in the first place.

You whine when Kuroo pulls himself away, even if its just by a little. He cranes his neck back just give him a good view of your face, and it sends a twinge to his chest when he catches how red your eyes are beneath the light.

His lips fall to a frown. He brings his hands up to your cheeks, pulls you close, and peppers kisses onto you eyes. He whispers a line of apologies, each one more sincere and desperate than the next.

You feel can feel him tremble in your arms, and maybe if he wasn’t so close to you, you wouldn’t hear how ragged his breaths have grown. But you do. And it only takes but a moment for you to realize he’s crying. 

You push him back, your hands resting on the sides of his face while you peer up at him. He tries to blink away his tears and his bottom lip is protruding; he looks broken. 

“I’m sorry.” You say in a strained whisper.  “I’m sorry, too.” 

His lips curve into a small smile. 

You sit up, the cushions bending beneath your weight as you position yourself to face your boyfriend completely. You bring your hands back up to his face, and he rests his hands on top of yours. 

You study his face. His eyes are hollow with no trace of light. Exhaustion and guilt paints clear in the outlines of his face. Your man looks like he’s been through hell and back again. 

“What’re you thinking about?” You ask. 

“Have you been sleeping on the couch all week?” You nod. “Why?”

“I don’t like sleeping alone on the bed,” You explain, your eyes falling to your knees as you grow sheepish. His eyes burns holes into our skin as you continue to explain and you can’t help but fidget. “Plus, I was wondering when you’d come home.” 

“I’m home now, and I promise I won’t go anywhere else.” 

You coil your arms around his neck, making a gap between your legs before pulling him into another hug. He hums at the warmth of your body, relaxing into your hold. 

“I should probably shower.” He says. “I kinda smell.” 

You shake your head. “I don’t mind.” 

“I haven’t been showering properly.” 

“I don’t care!” You counter, burying your head into his neck before getting another good sniff. “I don’t care if you smell like flowers or pee, I’ll still hug you all the same.” 

Kuroo chuckles lightly, shaking his head. 

You’re always so fickle, always so stubborn. You never do what he asks, moving about to the beat of your own drum; and you always act so childishly. And for a moment he remembers why you fought, but he sweeps it under the rug and let’s it collect dust. 

Because just this once, he’ll let it slide even if he was in the right. 

Just this once, he’ll bend. 

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Kuroo headcannons


🐓oml this man is such a nerd and a dork so whenever you need help on your homework he’s got you although he’ll throw in some like very hard questions just to see you struggle

🐓some of y'all think kuroo is a Playboy… the only thing that man plays is volleyball. sure he gets some Valentine’s Day cards but he declined them. Bc at that point he had a phat crush on you. bc he a simp

🐓he loves spoiling you with gifts and other thing because he loves seeing you happy. it also makes him happy he thinks your adorable 🥰

🐓study dates are very often. also cafe are also common dates. one time he took you to this cat cafe and the foods and drinks there where so cutes. there was these cute couple cat cakes and the inside was filled with melted chocolate so obviously you two got them you also shared a drink together it was so cute 🥰

🐓kuroo is a very big cuddly person he lets you sit in his lap and hugs you from behind as you guys are doing whatever.

🐓hes also a very good cook. And your are too so sometimes you guys have cooking battles with weird challenges. Like someone has to shop for ingredients for the other person or your dish can only have 15 ingredients put in lol it’s very funny and in the end you guys end up having a feast

🐓kuroo Has some very weird sleeping positions like one time you caught him sleeping on his stomach with his head in the pillow you thought he was dead but soon found out he heavy sleeper. there also this one time you found him on the floor with his legs still on the bed so when you got up you accidentally step on his crotch…….

🐓poor kuroo you felt so sorry for him although he said he was fine but you knew darn well he wasn’t

🐓jealousy with kuroo is not very often but it does happen. One time you guys Where going on a date to the movies and you had to go to the bathroom and when you got out of the bathroom you bumped into someone you thought it was kuroo because he probably got impatient but it was some other dude he started flirting with you obviously you told him to back off because you have a boyfriend but he wasn’t going away. Soon kuroo actually got impatient can came to check up on you to see that some other guy was flirting with you and picked you up and took you home a demanded cuddles.

🐓that whole day he was very needy and a little piss of. but he wasn’t mad at you he was mad at the guy who was flirting with you. he hated when other guys wanted you when you where all his.


a/n: hey guys my inbox is open for any request so send me some and I’ll do them. Also i don’t only do haikyuu I can also do some other anime's😄

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Aww ok!!❤️ I think I’ll go with Kuroken for now bc I have never written bokuakakuroken I’m sorry😅

Kuroo x Kenma

  • Kuroo confessed
  • For his birthday Kuroo got Kenma a Videogame
  • Kenma never had heard of it
  • Kuroo explained that he had a friend that made the game and it wasn’t out yet
  • Kenma was freaking out internally bc
  • Fuck the guy he’s had a crush on for so long got him a game before it was even released!
  • So he wanted to play it on the spot
  • He wasn’t allowed tho
  • A few days later tho he got on it
  • In the Game you won letters and when you beat the bosses
  • Kenma was almost through with the whole game
  • In the Last Level you had to put the words together and that way you won
  • The words built where:
  • I
  • Like
  • You
  • Kenma
  • Be
  • My
  • Boyfriend
  • Please?
  • Kuroo<3
  • And Kenma just stared at the screen for a second
  • And then ran to the Kuroo home at 3am
  • To his luck Kuroo hadn’t slept since he had given Kenma the game so he was awake
  • So Kenma was just standing there and they were looking at eachother
  • And Kenma just pulled Kuroo down into a kiss
  • Because they don’t need words

Look at Fuko being sappy again🥲 I just really love this idea and this ship

Requests still open ❤️✨

23 notes

Kuroo #1

Okay I read deciphered and d.k. kuroo is doing things to me so dont imagine that smirky bastard fucking you on the hood of his car, completely railing you. Your hands are leaning on the car, your legs on his waist and him just fucking into you. I need to stop right here.

“Youre so fucking tight kitten. Come on.”

“You want me to go harder? U sure? Dont come crying to me when you cant walk tomorrow.”

47 notes

Will do☺️✌🏼

Kuroo x Daichi

  • Kuroo confessed
  • He asked both Suga and Yaku for help
  • Yaku laughed at him
  • Suga laughed at him as well but did help him
  • Bokuto wasn’t asked bc Kuroo knew how his confession turned out
  • I think Kuroo like tried a bunch of really bad pickup lines at first
  • But Daichi just thought it was a joke
  • So Kuroo got a bit frustrated
  • Suga tried to like spy on Daichi
  • Like he was that best friend that asks the guy you like what he thinks of you
  • Like he was that person
  • Who am I kidding? I’m that person as well
  • So Kuroo is romantic for once
  • He like got out his suit, bought flowers, made dinner,put up candles etc.
  • And Daichi is completely perplexed
  • I bet Kuroo had rose pedals on the floor and everything
  • They are the couple that like is on calls for hours into the late night
  • Daichi is fed up with Bokuroo‘s shit
  • He asks himself what he did to deserve this
  • Then he’s sick and Kuroo drives all the way to miyagi
  • And Daich asks himself what he did to deserve this

Hope you liked it✨ threw some couple headcanons in as well❤️

Requests still open 💅

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Haikyuu HC!

Pairings:Kuroo x F!Reader,Akasshi x F!Reader, Tsukishima x F!Reader

Warnings: Yelling,cursing, hurtful words 🥺

Genre: Angst to Fluff

A/N: Have a good day!💜



Originally posted by whxrecxre

“Tetsu would you please listen to me? You ignoring me isn’t gonna work.” You grumbled to your grumpy boyfriend. Kuroo’s been pretty busy with volleyball and hasn’t been home as much making you miss him, now you were here asking him if he can take a day off to spend a day with you. He obviously didn’t agree “You know I can’t Y/N, we have a big game coming up next month I need to practice.” He started to get annoyed with your whining, he wasn’t in the mood to argue. “But please tetsu? You haven’t been home and I really miss you so please tak- “Didn’t you fucking hear me?!?? I said fucking no!” You flinched at Kuroo’s loud voice, you bit your tongue trying to hold in your anger in. “Please baby calm down I’m just asking- “Are you dumb?!? I just fucking said no! God why do I put up with your shit?!? Hell why did I even fall in love with such a idiotic person?!?”

Your breathe hitched in your throat as you backed away slowly, and towards the stairs towards your bedroom. “Y-you really don’t l-love me?” You hiccup fat tears already falling down your cheeks, you didn’t even care to wipe them away. Kuroo turned his head towards you eyes widened, a chord in his heart struck. Shit did he really just say that to the love of his life?

“W-wait Baby I’m so sorry C’mere please I-didn’t- he tried to grab your wrist only for you to run upstairs and close the bedroom door, “Shit, did I really just fucking say that? God Kuroo you idiot!” He mumbled to himself groaning in guilt, he took a few deep breaths before walking upstairs.

Your body shook as you let out heavy sobs, you snuggled into the warm blankets while hugging your kitten plush Kuroo got you a few years ago. You started to overthink the argument getting more scared and more upset until you heard knocks at the door, you didn’t answer it. Only snuggling deeper into the covers, “Baby can I-I please come in? I have something to tell you.” You wiped your tear stained face letting out a hiccup, still not going towards the door only slience as an answer. Kuroo sighed “Please kitten, trust me I didn’t mean any of that hurtful shit please baby you know I love you. Your my everything.” You let out a shaky sigh “I-it’s n-not locked.” Your voice was raspy due to the crying, Kuroo opened the door only to wince. Seeing you cuddled up in bed with your kitten plush and a tear stained face. “Oh baby… C’mere, I swear I didn’t mean any of that.” Kuroo crawled on the bed before bringing your shaky form to his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You slowly hugged back before feeling more tears run down your cheeks. Kuroo hushed your whimpers while cupping your face and wiping away your tears, he pecked your forehead, “Baby you know I would never leave you, I love you with all my heart. I’m always gonna be here kitten.And I’m very,very,very sorry for yelling at you like that.” You looked up at him letting out a sniffle “Y-you s-still l-love me r-right?” You asked with hesitation, Kuroo gave you a frown “Oh princess, of course I still love you. Mmm I’m sorry my love, I love every single part of you.” He kissed your nose letting out a chuckle as your scrunched it up. “I’ll tell you what, I can take the last few days of the week off. We can spend every day together, how does that sound kitten?” A smile spilled on your face making Kuroo smile back “There’s the smile I missed.” He softly grabbed your chin leaning down to give you a loving kiss to your lips, “I love you kitten so much, don’t forget that.” You wrapped your arms around his waist snuggling into his warmth “I love you more Tetsu.”



Originally posted by bigtittyelle

“Keiji I really don’t see what’s the big problem with my dress.” “Well I don’t like it, I don’t want creeps undressing you with their eyes.” You and Akaashi were going out for dinner since you haven’t had a dinner date in so long, you recently bought a very pretty light pink dress. You found it very stunning and beautiful and decided it would be perfect for tonight. “Keiji it doesn’t show that much, it’s a normal dress and it’s perfect for tonight.” Your crossed your arms in a pout not wanting to go in your closet and get picky with your clothes, “Babe I’m not asking you again, go change.” You can tell that he was getting irritated by his tone, you still didn’t approve his order. “What’s up with you baby? Your never like this, you mostly love the first outfit I pick.” You walked up to him softly cupping his cheeks only for him to slap them away making your eyes widen, “Well I find that dress slutty! You wearing it makes it slutty, I don’t need other creeps looking at you with dirty looks! It’s disgusting really how you dress! Didn’t know I was dating such a slut! Maybe you want to show off all of that huh?!? Maybe you enjoy the- he stooped his sentence looking down at you, your face was covered in fat tears. Your body shook and your eyes were wide looking at him with shock, “Y-your s-saying i-i- i dress like a s-slut?” You hiccuped while clinging onto your dress feeling insecure that your boyfriend really said that, you felt nauseous. You throat became dry as you coughed up some sobs, Akasshi’s eyes were wide. He can’t believe he just said that about his love, he immediately grabbed your body. “NonoNono baby, hey calm down breathe love. I’m swear I-I didn’t mean that, my anger was getting the best of me. Baby please believe m-me, your a beautiful women and I love you so much.” You felt his heartbeat beating faster and faster making you worried, you looked up from his chest seeing tears fall down his cheeks. His breathing was coming in pants making your eyes widened “B-baby calm down i-its o-okay i-i promise.” You softly coo at him bringing his head to your chest, he immediately clinged to your body. Sobs shaking his body making your heart break, “I-I’m s-so s-sorry b-baby i-didn’t m-mean it i-i swear!” You lifted up his head pressing kisses to his forehead “Shhhh baby it’s okay I forgive you. I know you didn’t mean it, don’t worry I love you no matter what. Just breathe my love.” He listened to your slow heartbeat, he closed his eyes letting out shaky slow breaths. “Good bubs, a few more.” You ran your fingers through his hair making him more calm down, for a few more minutes you hummed into his ear softly.

After a few more slow breaths and some head kissing, you heard soft snores. You looked down seeing Akaashi sound asleep in your arms, you chucked softly before pressing more soft kisses to his head. “We can go out tomorrow, I love you baby so much. I know you didn’t mean it, your looking out for me. Don’t worry my love, I love you no matter what.” You pressed one last long kiss to his head before rocking his unconscious body.



Originally posted by tsukkis-gf

“Fuck you Kei! Can’t you listen to me for one second?!?” “I don’t know if I can with your loud mouth why don’t you shut it?” Your chest was heaving up and down from anger and frustration, arguments with your boyfriend Tsukishima weren’t always like this even tho he can be an asshole sometimes. “Oh my fucking- IM JUST ASKING YOU TO STOP YOUR HURTFUL WORDS AND BE A NICER PARTNER TO ME! Your words always put me down and it makes me feel like shit!” Your throat was sore from the yelling and your head was hurting from your stress level, Tsukishima just scoffed at you. “Aww you too sensitive to handle that? Awww poor you, maybe I should find somone better. Somone who can actually take a joke, someone who doesn’t boo boo all the time, somone who actually gives a shit about me! Somone who actually loves me! Oh wait that’s too much for you isn’t it?” Tsukishima gave you a smirk before letting out a “tch” before walking towards the living room, he stopped his walking to the sounds of whimpers. “Oh my god are you being a baby- he tuned around with wide eyes seeing you on your knees sobbing, he mumbled out a “Shit” before running towards you. “Hey,hey,hey princess look at me please.” You flinched when he grabbed your hands, making him wince. He pulled you into his chest arms holding you tightly letting you sob into his chest, he hates his attitude and how it makes you feel bad. “Baby I’m so sorry please look at me.” You didn’t look at him too scared to look at him, Tsukishima’s heart struck hearing you trying to regain calm breaths. He cupped your cheek now making you look at him, you tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let you. “Baby.” Your heart warmed up hearing your favorite nickname “Look at me and breathe please.” He mumbled while kissing your forehead, you took a few shaky breaths before looking at him. He frowned at your tear stained face, wiping away the tears leaving kisses on your cheeks. “Listen to me, i didn’t mean any of that hurtful shit I said to you. I’m so glad I met Somone like you, I don’t know what I would be doing if I haven’t met you. I thank you for being In my life, I love you so fucking much. And I promise I’m always gonna be here for you, just please believe baby.” You let out a small soft gasp before wrapping your arms around his neck giving him a big tight hug, he was caught off guard before returning the hug. “I love you so so so much Tsuki, I know you didn’t mean it. Even though sometime I do believe the words you say.” You looked down with sad smile and small tears forming in your eyes making him cup your face again with his soft warm hands, “Oh baby I’m so sorry, I hate making you think that. I promise every mean shit I said to you isn’t true, I love you so fucking much and that’s why I will marry you one day.” Your eyes widen with a smile before yanking the collar of his shirt towards your face, your lips pressed against his. His eyes were wide getting caught by surprise before returning the kiss, you broke away from him. He ran his fingers through your hair making you giggle softly, he placed one last kiss to your lips before wrapping his arms around you again.

“I love you so fucking much baby, I promise I’m always gonna be here for you.”

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𝐂𝐇 𝟐𝟓.𝟐 - I Really Like You

𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒: Y/n, a 22 year old successful model is tired of the tabloids shaming her about her dating status when she’s seen out with her friends. Unsure of what to do to stop the gossip, Oikawa suggests a fake boyfriend. Fortunately, Kenma knows the perfect person who’d go for an idea as stupid as that one.


𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 … 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭  


The door shutting behind you didn’t ease the pooling guilt and sadness in your gut. Although, seeing the concern in Kuroo’s face alleviated some of your negative feelings. His arms wrapping around your waist to draw into a hug allowed the feelings to melt into a secondary concern.

“What can I do to cheer you up? Dinner should be here soon,” he reminds, mumbling against the shell of your ear.

A faint smile graces your lips, chin pressed against his shoulder.

“I already feel a little better, but you can choose a few funny movies and we can cuddle some?” you offer, head tipping back to look at him.

Kuroo’s face held an expression of adoration you’ve seen on him a few times, but it made you happier to see it deliberately aimed at you. Catching it in its rawest moment, his fingers holding your chin

“I’ll fire one up then,” he mumbles before kissing your nose and retracting himself from the embrace.

He chose the hangover to start with, a movie he enjoyed. Both of you laughing, making jokes about the movie only to be interrupted by dinner. The dinner itself was nice, you both enjoyed your selection of sushi rolls. You found yourself curled into his side afterward, head tucked against his shoulder as you ramble on about a scene; fingers gripping your chin to turn your head and Kuroo presses a quick yet soft kiss to your lips.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I got here,” he mumbles.

Heat rushes to your cheeks, your body turning more to face him as your hand cradles his cheek against your palm.

“Kiss me again,” you whisper, nose nudging over his.

He leans in again, pulling you closer as the kiss changed from the previous quick one to a slower, sensual kiss. There isn’t a sense of urgency, it’s as if Kuroo wanted to take his time with his kiss. Keeping the pace slow as your lips moved together in sync. His tongue gliding against your bottom lip, only entering when your lips part for accessibility.

It’s a loss of time, the time spent kissing Kuroo. It felt like time froze yet blurred together at all once. You could only
focus on the warmth of his hands as they dropped to your waist, pulling your body onto his lap. Your hands nestling comfortably on his shoulders, nose nudging over his. The movie fell mute in the background as your exhales clouded your mind. Kissing Kuroo felt like forever, an infinity you could get lost in, noses nudging against one another until one of you pulls back.

His lips are a cherry red, slightly swollen, your thumb brushing against his lower lip; watching a smile light his features. A yawn escapes your lips, turning your head as to not yawn in his face.

“Wanna lie down?” He whispers, and when you nod he turns off the TV.

“Carry me,” you mumble, tugging his shirt as you stay put on his lap.

A faint chuckle left his lips and slid his hands under your thighs to lift you. Your chin rested on his shoulder as he carries you into the bedroom, lying you down on the bed and getting in beside you. Your head rests against his chest, his arm slung over your waist.

“I really like you,” you whisper.

“I really like you too,” he whispers in return, “I’m all yours.”

“I’m only yours too,” you pause, hiding your face as a blush cloaks your cheeks, “I can’t wait to stop calling you my fake boyfriend and call you my real one.”

You miss the thoughtful and happy expression in Kuroo’s eyes.


𝐟𝐮𝐧 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐭: Kuroo accidentally ate too much wasabi at one point during dinner and made his eyes water

𝐚/𝐧: yall are so pressed over tsumu BUT in other news, coconut mall is great writing music 

𝐭𝐚𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 [𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐃]: @tepescelsius @elianetsantana @honeymoneyy @oceanblooming @princeabomination @kagebunshiin @tadashi-simp @unicorngluttony @sunflowerirl @snowsmuse @sophieshortcake @tsukkisbean @iwaizooms @aegeanblues @angyboibakugo @manic-punker @miyayassy @kozumecuddles @starry-magicshop @agaashesmilktea  @amarillyis @ptv-hades @runningwitches @missalienqueen  @fo-love  @shiningstar-byulxx  @appleciderslut  @amberalisa   @vicassa  @crescenttooru  @boosyboo9206  @skylarkalchemist  @yeahhemmings-  @akaashikeijisthighs  @bellesowl  @yakus-yakult  @shut-your-eyes-kiss-me-goodbye  @heyyourecuteyeah  @fi16ns  @yuuuumiiin  @carpecaelo  @awkwardly-anxious-latte  @crybabbicus  @felix-issimus  @alluring-akaashi  @lavenderpisces @tsumurai @melonmayhere @ephemeralsunny @xo-lovelyreign-xo @kellesvt @iish @shrimpypenis @jeffsbarbershop @channiechanchan

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………………….Ok…..I’m ok….I’m totally fine……………



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(Prompt List from which this came)

Series Masterlist

Ahhh yessss!!! Thank you!!! I loved writing out the idea, I NEEDED to make up more shit for these dumbasses thank u for enabling me 💕💕💕💕💕

Part 1 of (?)

I’ll try to make five mini-stories per part ;) I might not always know what characters to write, so feel free to reply with the name or names of whoever you might want me to include in the next one. it’s not limited to just the people i’ve mentioned in the prompt, and I will probably try to write p much anyone i see requested

warning(s): • ed (eating disorder) tw for number 3 (III), it’s not given much seriousness for the most part except for a single mention of someone doing so due to a peer recommendation, but i still want to leave a warning in case that might be something someone reading may want to avoid. love y’all, all of you are very strong for being alive today no matter what struggles you feel you have or haven’t experienced :) • sort-of spoilers for the ending of the book, The Giver, in number 5 (V)



Hinata’s room wasn’t large, but there was a set of bunk beds in the corner and he had no roommate, so he was completely satisfied with the space he was given. He had a small kitchenette and a bathroom, and a minifridge sat, unplugged near the TV. 

Eagerly, the ginger leapt onto the bottom bunk, giggling to himself as the mattress took his weight and the wood frame of the bunk beds thudded against the wall a few times; it repeated the thudding every time he readjusted. The remote for the TV wasn’t far out of reach, and the bed knocked the wall at least a dozen times before he managed to fish the remote off the floor. When he turned it on, his ears were blasted with a scream from the horror movie that seemed to be on, the volume turned absurdly high.

Once the shock wore off and the volume was set to a normal value, Hinata flopped onto his back, staring up at the bottom of the upper bunk with a breathy laugh.

Unfortunately, his smile fell off his face as he heard a series of demonic pounding against his door. Not wanting to make whatever creature was on the other side angrier, Hinata bolted over and turned the knob, his visitor nearly falling into him as the door swung open.


Some of us are trying to sleep, you bastard! Can’t you fucking keep it down?!?”

“It’s… It’s 2:30 PM…”

The black haired angry guy paused, pulling a phone out of his blue jacket’s pocket. “Oh. You’re right.”


“….I’m going to go, now.”

“…Yeah.” Hinata closed the door, his ears ringing a little. He turned back to his room and stared at the wall, bewilderedly muttering to himself, “What the heck just happened?”



“Hey, you!” Hinata hears. He whips his head around, not spotting anyone nearby. It’s only when he turns in the bench, his knees resting on the seat, that he catches the mess of spiky black hair approaching through a set of bushes.

“He saw me through that?”


Hinata jumped. “H-Hi!”

“You,” the tan man pointed at him, his other hand occupied in keeping a black gym bag from falling off his shoulder. His teal and white tracksuit stood out from the greenery harshly and contrasted with his warm tan skin in a distinctly ‘cool’ way. “Do you workout?”


The guy got close enough to grab his wrist and lift his arm up, his eyes roving all over Hinata’s body. Hinata didn’t really feel as bashful as he did confused.

“Not a lot of muscle, but it’ll do. C’mon.” The guy started to drag Hinata away, his hand firm but not painful where his calloused palm met the redhead’s arm.

“Wh-Where are we going??”

“To the gym. I need a workout partner.”

Luckily for the both of them, Hinata chose not to wear ripped jeans and instead had on a pair of black bike shorts and a white t-shirt. “Okay then?”

The black haired guy paused, peering over at Hinata in surprise. “You want to?”

“I mean, I wasn’t expecting it, but how can I turn down a chance to blow some steam?”

The tan guy’s jaw dropped a tad, his eyebrows scrunching as he squeezed Hinata’s hand, a smile growing on his face. “You’re a real one, you know that?” he informed, continuing his dragging.

Hinata’s free hand came to rub at his hair, cheeks pinking.

It was when they got to working out, however, that Hinata found that their exercises focused mostly on completely different areas. Iwaizumi, as he came to introduce himself, did mostly upper-body work, whereas Hinata preferred ab and lower-body work. Iwaizumi bridged the gap by adding Hinata’s routine to his own.

“Iwaizumi-san, you’re so cool!” Hinata exclaimed from the side, hyping him up.

Once their exercise was done and Iwaizumi seemed sated, they went for fast food. Hinata tried his best to pretend that he didn’t notice the excessive amount of junk Iwaizumi crammed into his stomach. 

The soreness Hinata ignored on the way to the restaurant caught up to him as they started their trek back, which Iwaizumi seemed to have noticed, as he squatted to the floor (”Oh that was good form.”), offering Hinata a piggyback ride.

“You did indulge me. What kinda asshole would I be if I didn’t take responsibility?” he reasoned, urging the redhead on.

And so they continued along. Hinata clung to the man, mumbling quietly whenever Iwaizumi’s fingers, holding him by the thighs, spasmed–usually for readjustment, but also occurring occasionally when he would go down the stairs or step on uneven ground, as to keep him secured. They dug perfectly into the muscles he just worked, some of the pain ebbing away under the unintentional ministrations. Iwaizumi’s ears warmed a little, though Hinata didn’t notice.

Iwaizumi dropped him off at his dorm a little before sunset, thanking him for joining him and ruffling his hair. Hinata enthusiastically returned the gratitude, bowing and waving at the other as he made his way down the hall and stairs, disappearing from sight.



Hinata shrieked as he found someone partially collapsed on the hallway floor just outside his dorm. “What the heck?!” he shouted, although he glanced over at the door to his right (that irritable bastard neighbor of his) and quickly hushed himself. “Are you okay?” he whisper-shouted, shaking the person’s shoulder. They shifted their head, shoulder-length hair brushing along his hand and tickling him a little. 

Hinata looked them over again, suddenly noticing that their arm was extended to their side, face directed in that same direction with light coming off the phone cradled vertically in their palm.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“You’re??? Literally on the floor??”

“Yeah, it happens.” Lethargically, the bleach-blonde got to their hands and knees, Hinata moving an arm under their chest in case they needed support. His arm jumped as the person groaned, his forearm touching their stomach just as it let out an angry grumble. 


“…Don’t worry about that. It’s been making those noises for the past two days.”

Hinata stared intently at the person, who finally looked up into his eyes. The redhead stood and backed up, retreating into his dorm for a moment before reappearing. The blonde didn’t seem to expect this, having laid back down, and they nearly jumped as a few croissants were dropped into their arms.

“Please eat.”


Hinata observed them, making sure every bite was swallowed and smiling encouragingly once they finished. Afterwards, he passed the person a bottle of water.

“Do you feel any better?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

The two of them awkwardly lingered, Hinata squatted on the floor and the other person having adjusted to sit criss-cross. Eventually, the blonde pointed behind themself and said, “I’m going to go home now.”

Hinata colored, bowing his head. “W-Were you going to eat in there? I’m sorry if I spoiled your meal by making you eat my food!” 

“No, I actually don’t have any food in there.”

“You weren’t gonna eat? When was the last meal you had?”

The person shrugged. “I had gummy worms a few hours ago.”

“Gummy worms aren’t a meal.”

“A man can dream, can’t he?” th–he murmured, deadpan. Hinata pursed his lips, vividly remembering when Natsu would go as long as she could without eating “because Satomi-chan said it’ll make me look like a model!”, his eyebrows creasing in distress. 

“Hey, can you come over to my dorm in a few hours?”

Instead of asking why, the guy shrugged and agreed. 

“There is… a lot of food here.”

 “Eat up,” Hinata directed cheerfully. The guy slowly made for the apple pie Hinata bought on a whim, although once he sat down, Hinata set up a plate for him with some meat and veggies. “Do you have any allergies or food restrictions? I probably should have asked before I… made all this…”

The guy paused in his reluctant acceptance of the plate handed to him. “You made all of this?” he asked in mild wonder.

“Yeah! My mom would have killed me if I left home without knowing how to cook!”

Allowing his eyes to rove over the assortment once more, the guy set aside the apple pie to pick up his fork and dig into the plate carefully, his eyes lighting up subtly. “It’s good,” he commented honestly, making eye contact with the redhead, who beamed at him. 

“Thanks!” Hinata observed the guy for a few more seconds before smiling to himself, mentally cheering. He hummed his special eating song (which was only slightly similar to his bathroom song) as he gathered his foods of choice, knowing he was inevitably going to grab seconds even as he sat down with a nearly overflowing plate.

“Um,” the guy said, prodding at a carrot and looking like he had to actively try not to get offended by its existence, “I’m Kenma…. Kozume Kenma…”

“Oh! I’m Hinata Shoyo, um, nice to meet you!” Hinata nearly face planted into the mashed potatoes at the edge of his dish in trying to bow in his seat–he only just barely caught himself, a few strands of hair instead collecting some drops of gravy. 

Hinata was startled by the soft snort across the table, catching Kenma pressing his face into the sleeve of his red sweatshirt, head tucked down and away from Hinata like he was doing his best not to show that he was laughing at him. 

“It’s not that funny!” Hinata whined, pouting. Kenma seemed to take even more amusement from that, though he slowly returned to facing Hinata with a small smile and furtive eyes peeking through his hair.

“You’re amusing,” he murmured, finally putting more food into his mouth. He hummed slightly at the taste and gave the carrots a chance. When Hinata wasn’t paying attention, he stopped chewing and tried to swallow them as fast as he could, not wanting them to stay in his mouth for long. He covered for himself by downing a glass of water. 

Hinata offered to refill it for him, still fuming a little over being made fun of. Kenma took the chance to shovel his remaining carrots back into the dish they came from. Hinata squawked in offense. 

“You gotta eat your greens–er, oranges?”

“I could always eat you instead,” Kenma offered, not necessarily meaning it in any flirty way, but rather because he was a feral creature. Hinata squeaked and yanked his hand away, retreating hastily to his side of the table. 

“Do I need to add human meat to the shopping list for tomorrow’s meal?”

“You could always get some fresh; there’re plenty of people in these dorms.” Kenma blinked, backtracking. “’Tomorrow’s meal’?”

Hinata nodded. “I want to make sure you eat. Is that okay?”

Kenma twiddled his thumbs, wishing he could look into a screen to avoid the redhead’s eyes. “Y-… Yeah.” His response earned him a grin so radiant he felt an impulse to turn down some brightness settings. 

The redhead’s smile became curiosity as he watched Kenma’s mouth move despite not fully hearing what was being said. He was sure he misheard, seeing as his ears and eyes caught the words ‘flag’ and ‘route’. His questioning glance was waved off and they continued their meal, Kenma delighting in the apple pie once he got to it.

They exchanged numbers in front of Kenma’s dorm, Hinata waving until the door shut gently, then returning to his own room, already planning meals for the next week.

Kenma wished Hinata didn’t wake up so early, but the redhead made him food and entertained him, so he couldn’t really attack him the way he would anyone else. 



Within his first week at the HQ dormitory, Hinata ran into the same shirtless man 7 times…. per day.

“Ah, it’s Chibi-chan again. I keep running into you–don’t you have anything better to do?”

Hinata rubbed his nose, which had landed in the center of the ravenet’s pectorals and started turning the slightest bit red. “Don’t you have a shirt?” he groused nasally.

“Fortunately for you… nope! Bye.” Hinata scowled as the ravenette winked and blew a kiss, annoyed that the man not only bumped into him on a far-too regular basis, but that he hadn’t apologized even once.

It didn’t help that he kept calling him that stupid nickname, even when Hinata, like this time, shouted down the hall that, “My name’s Hinata Shoyo, darn it!

And, like every time prior, the redhead only received a hyena-cackle that echoed off the walls.

“My roommate left his shirt here again.” Kenma told him as he removed the garment from the side of the couch Hinata was about to sit on. He continued playing his game with one hand, the controller making a few sounds that made Hinata jump every now and again as Kenma helped him get adjusted. It was kinda impressive that he could headshot someone like that with only half his attention directed to the TV… well, unless Hinata was getting less attention than he assumed he was receiving.

Hinata suddenly registered Kenma’s words. “Your roommate? Does he have like, messy hair? Is it black? Does he laugh like a crazy person?”

“Yes, to everything. Have you met him?”

The redhead nodded, though he added a verbal affirmation since Kenma wasn’t really looking at him. “I keep meeting him! I usually crash into him like bam!, and sometimes I fall on the floor like boosh! And he never says sorry for it!” His hand motions, also ignored, nearly had him smacking into Kenma.

“Yeah, he’s like that. I don’t really mind it, and he can be kinda nice, but he also likes to annoy people.” 

Kenma didn’t mention the fact that his roommate also loved watching people he found attractive get annoyed. (“It’s like a kink–” “Ew, don’t tell me about it.” “–since their faces scrunch up and they get all angry; it’s kind of a turn-on, you know? Hey, don’t just turn your volume up! Kenma! Listen when people are talking–!”) 

“I can talk to him if he bothers you too much.”

“Ah, no, it’s fine… Does he just, like, forget his shirt?” Maybe it was because he was a little jealous of the man’s physique that he was so fixated on the shirtlessness. Kenma shrugged.

Hinata’s hand caught on the shirt Kenma moved to the arm of the couch, and he came to a decision.

“Chibi-chan, when will you learn to look where you’re going?”

“When will you learn to wear clothes?”


“Since you forget your shirt all the time, I’ve actually got something for you.”

Hinata proffered the article of clothing, jumping up to at least place the garment on top of the guy’s mess of hair. He laughed at how ruffled the man looked, most of his face obscured by the fabric–what little was visible looked so befuddled that Hinata doubled over laughing, ecstatic.

“Wh-How did you get my shirt??” 

“I know a guy.”

Hinata’s laughter was interrupted as the man tore the shirt off his head petulantly and pulled it over Hinata’s shoulders. The redhead’s arms slipped through the sleeves as he thrashed, the ease of it likely due to the size difference–specifically in regard to those biceps. (Maybe Hinata should introduce him to Iwaizumi? He’s sure they’d be great workout partners considering the state of the guy’s upper body.)

“Hey! What’s the big idea?! You trying to fight!?” Hinata’s head came out of the shirt, the collar dropping down his right shoulder as he glared. The man hesitated, staring at him with his jaw dropping a little. Hinata wondered if it was because he didn’t expect him to get mad. 

“It suits you,” he breathed, a smirk pulling at his lips. “Maybe you should wear my shirts for me from now on.”

Hinata stuck his tongue out. The man’s eyes latched onto the pink muscle, licking his lips before nibbling lightly on the bottom one. 

“C’mon, Chibi-chan, I think it’s a good offer.”

Hinata sent a punch into the guy’s chest, and while there wasn’t enough force for it to hurt, it left him him reeling from a sensation that probably shouldn’t have resulted from the hit. “Darn rooster-head.”

He laughed it off, wrapping his fingers around Hinata’s wrist (noting how much smaller it was than his own and how his hand enveloped the whole thing easily), his mind wandering for a brief moment about how Hinata’s mouth would look forming expletives; how his inflection, his tone, and his pitch would shift as he’d curse him out; and how Hinata’s eyes would burn as he glared deep into his. The intensity Hinata had the potential to bestow upon him could be likened to that of the hazardous summer sun.

Temptation hit him like a truck, but he turned the redhead around and gave him a gentle shove. “Don’t you have anything better to do than squabble in the middle of a hallway?”

“I hate you,” Hinata grumbled, storming off without noticing that he was still wearing the shirt forced upon him. ‘Kuroo Tetsuro’ was written across the back like a territory marker.

Humming to himself, Kuroo saved the images of the cute angry redhead into his brain and decided that it was time to ruin his roommate’s day with kink conversations again. (Maybe this time Kenma would listen, or even add input, considering the situation.)



Hinata didn’t want to question the person sitting in the washing machine with a book and a disinterested expression, but, well, he had clothes he needed to wash and he did not want to be in such a remote room after midnight.

“Um, hi.”

The black-haired fellow blinked at him, their face still as bland as ever. Hinata noticed a book in their hands, and he could make out the word “Grey” written in English on the cover.

“Hello,” the person greeted, nodding their head in lieu of a bow. The washing machine’s chamber rotated slightly, then slowly went back to its original position. Hinata worried about the person, seeing as they didn’t react at all to the movement. “Can I help you?”

“I need to, uh, wash…”

“Oh,” they interrupted, “Sorry. Give me a moment to finish this chapter, then I can get out without needing a bookmark.”

Hinata put his laundry basket on the machine as gently as he could, squatting beside the door of the washing machine silently. He did his best to look around, but eventually his gaze would wander back to ravenette chilling in the drum of a washing machine, taking in their side-profile and peering into the pools of green-blue scrolling across pages from behind a pair of lenses. 

“What are you reading?” Hinata asked, if only just to give himself reason to be looking at the other.

The person placed their thumb in the book to mark their spot and presented the cover to him; he managed to make out the number 50 and the word “of” alongside his previously identified “Grey”. “It’s supposed to be a smutty BDSM book, but it’s very bad.”


“Ah,” the person said, “It means it depicts sexual content in an explicit manner. So instead of a ‘fade to black’, implied sex scene, you end up reading porn.”

HInata’s face burned, steam practically coming out of his ears as he processed  the ravenette’s statement. “O-Oh. Um. I. Uh…”

“You can do it,” they encouraged, “Keep trying.”

“That’s… nice… do you enjoy s-smut?”

Hinata’s eyes were squeezed shut, his blush travelling down his neck and shoulders. Maybe he’d be entirely red, like a strawberry candy. He bit the inside of his cheek, wondering why he pursued this conversation when he could’ve left the person and well enough alone.

“When it’s actually well-written, sure,” they scoffed, laughing lightly as they took in Hinata’s flustered expression. His hair was ruffled, the other giving up on finishing the chapter and instead making to exit the washing machine.

Hinata stood with the other, watching them dust off their clothing and step out of the laundry room, waving over their shoulder. “Sorry for interrupting your reading!” he called, the other smiling back at him to show that they forgave him.

“G-Good morning!” Hinata cried, almost quite literally. He couldn’t really be blamed for his shock, seeing as it wasn’t every day that one finds an adult crammed into the cabinet that’s supposed to house the communal coffee mugs. Hinata’s finger tips, which were absently reaching for a mug he technically knew wasn’t there, hooked into the ravenette’s belt loop. 

“Good morning,” they replied. They glanced around, as though keeping an eye out for someone, and then smiled down at him. Their book was splayed open in between their legs, the edges of the covers seeming to be of a different color scheme than the last. Hinata bit his inner cheek as they reached down to ruffle his hair, very gentle. When their fingers caught a tangle, they gingerly separated the strands. Hinata could’ve purred.

Eventually, they withdrew their hand, chuckling as Hinata blinked blearily out of the daze he fell into. He did his best not to pout.

“Did you want a mug?” 

Hinata nodded. The ‘petting’ he received brought back the drowsiness he came into the kitchenette to alleviate in the first place. The person reached above their head to the shelf remaining, where the tops of a few mugs and glass cups could be seen. 

Hinata glanced back at them once he’d taken the mug and got ready to start a pot of coffee. “Would you like any?” They considered for a moment before nodding, thanking him as they returned to their book. “What are you reading, today?”

“The Giver. It’s about a society where they got rid of pain, fear, war, and other negative things. Everyone looks and acts the same, and so there’s no hatred or conflict between people.”

“That sounds nice,” Hinata said, “Although that sounds like a boring life. Like, if this dorm was like that, with everyone the same, it’d be so lame!”

They hummed at him, head leaning back as they considered his words. “That’s true. I definitely prefer this kind of life. Even though pain and suffering are awful, they make everything nice all the better. I wouldn’t have met you if I didn’t have any issues reading in my room.”

Hinata’s cheeks warmed, his hand coming to rub the back of his head. “Y-Yeah. But, in that type of place, I’d be someone else, right? Since I would have to be like everyone else?”

“That’s true. Oh, the coffee’s ready. I’m going to get down, so don’t worry about my cup. I’ll get it ready.”

“Okay. Do you need any he–Ah!

Hinata’s attempt to aid the other in their descent backfired greatly, as he ended up pinned beneath them, their knees caging his hips and palms on either side of his head. Some of his hair was caught beneath one of their hands, his head rocking as he tried to subtly dislodge the strands, although his breath caught from the sting.

“Sorry, sorry.” 

The two of them scrambled to rise, Hinata calming a bit once his scalp ached a little less. “I’m so sorry, I got in your way!”

“No, I should’ve waited a second to jump. Did I pull your hair hard?” they asked, upturned brows relaxing upon Hinata shaking his head. “Let me get your coffee ready, too. As an apology.”

“That’s okay, you don’t hav–”

“I want to. C’mon, let’s get off the floor.”

Hinata took their proffered hand.

He soon found out the person’s name was Akaashi. Akaashi seemed to like a wide range of genres in the books he read, one day reading erotica, and the next reading an analysis of human psychology in relation to technology. Most of the more complicated topics sailed right over Hinata’s head, but he found some amount of enjoyment in hearing the other explain plots. 

Such as today, where he bemoaned the idle explanation his roommate gave when Akaashi managed to rope him into discussing the ending of The Giver. 

“–And Bokuto-san told me that Jonas and the baby got abducted by aliens at the end of the book, and the society they came from was the only bit of humanity left. The aliens showed him a hallucination, or something, and now Jonas and the baby are in their spaceship.”

Hinata had stars in his eyes, thinking about how he wouldn’t mind reading a book if it had an ending like that. Akaashi sighed heavily. “What’s wrong? It’s not like that’s actually what happened, right?”

Akaashi pressed his forehead into his palms, eyes disturbed. “I couldn’t deny it. The book was open-ended, and it isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, since they literally got rid of the differences between people aside from select individuals. He didn’t even read the book, just sat and listened to me explaining it, and yet he made a solid, defensible claim.”

“Are you gonna be okay?” Hinata asked, head tilted and hand cupping Akaashi’s shoulder. The ravenette shook his head. Deciding to give into his urge to comfort the other, Hinata sat beside the elder and gave him a hug, nuzzling their heads together as a supportive gesture.

The wounded sound Akaashi let out was probably misunderstood.



“This…” Hinata tiredly glanced around, “This is my bed.”


His head fell back to the pillow, far too tired to question the other–not that the answer(s) would satisfy him. Akaashi seemed to be using his body pillow (not with anything on it, of course; it was a long pillow for snuggling, not anything else) to support his upright position as he read, a light curving over the top of his book to illuminate the words and pages. Hinata, being a snuggler and nowhere near awake enough to care, pressed his body to Akaashi’s side to satisfy his need for contact. “Night.”

“It’s mor–…” Akaashi paused as Hinata’s breaths evened out, his expression softening, “…Goodnight.” His fingers carded through orange locks, attention unintentionally directed more to the silky texture of the strands than the literature in his grasp–ironically, it was a cheesy teen romance novel.

Neither of them knew when Akaashi repositioned himself and joined Hinata in slumber, and neither of them questioned it when they woke up. Strangely enough, it didn’t seem strange at all.


Ahh, that was a pleasure to write! I had a lot of fun with all of these, especially Akaashi’s part. Who was your favorite? Do you have any ideas for something a character would do in this dormitory? Any characters you’d like me to come up with habits for? Or maybe you want me to actually explore more of the idol group part of this au?? Please send your thoughts in the replies or my asks! I love these antics.

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