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love knows not its depth: a christmas miracle
Tumblr media
pairing: kuroo tetsuro x f! reader  genre: romance, fluff  wc: 1.2k  a/n: a little out of date, writing about christmas in january, but as requested by @meitanteisachi - hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You aren’t sure what to expect out of Christmas this year. 
The past few Christmases followed the same pattern. Work all day before picking the girls for dinner at your parent’s place, Kuroo only showing up long past your daughters’ bedtime, empty handed. Your mother makes snide remarks about his absence when the girls can’t overhear, and it hurts that you can’t refute her words, tell her that she’s wrong about him. 
But this year - he promised to do better. And he has done better over the past few months. 
He’s taken over bringing the girls to school, picking up his fair share of chores. It’s no longer a surprise to find him home for dinner at least thrice a week, and his weekends are now dedicated to you and the children. It’s more than you asked for - not that you asked for much at all in the first place, but he’s exceeded your expectations, so you should be understanding now, especially since Christmas is a working day, and it’s likely that Kuroo has to clear as much work as he can before the holidays over the turn of the new year. 
He does send you a cryptic text not to worry about picking up the girls from childcare and to come straight home for after work though, so you dare to hope, cultivate a small bloom in your heart that keeps you warm throughout the day. 
“Mama! Look at what papa cooked for dinner today!” 
The telltale smell of fried chicken wafts through your little castle, your humble abode. Kuroo’s in a neon pink apron in the kitchen building up a mountain of perfectly golden fried chicken, Fumiko strapped to a chair by the counter so she can walk the proceedings, Aiko talking at you about her day at breakneck speed - papa stayed home even though he said he wasn’t sick, mama! And we watched lots of movies and went to buy cake even though he said it was supposed to be a surprise, whoops - Kuroo makes a strangled noise as Aiko lets the cat out of the bag, but she presses on - but we did have naptime, papa insisted- your poor husband visibly lets out a sigh of relief as he’s absolved of a mortal sin - even though Fumiko was naughty and cried, and I didn’t, mama - 
“That’s great Aiko”, you say distractedly, catching her up in your arms as you gawk at your home. You’ve not put up the Christmas tree once the kids came along because you were focused more on keeping your little monsters and yourself alive, so the sight of a full height Christmas tree adorned in red and gold brings back memories of your early days of marriage when you and Tetsuro would put up a cheap, second hand Christmas tree and exchange little presents for each other when the clock strikes midnight. 
“Tetsuro -”
“Surprise! Santa came early”, Kuroo says cheekily, waving his spatula at you. “Put down your things and take a shower. Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes, I promise!” 
You must look like a deer stricken by headlights, though a more apt comparison would be a partridge stricken by a falling pear in its tree. 
“What are you doing?” 
Kuroo’s smile falters, the light in his eyes dims, a faded gold. “I -” you watch as he gathers himself for a moment. 
You look around again, noticing the details you missed the first time around. The laundry’s all done, folded nicely away. The floor is clear of dust. There are fairy lights all around the apartment, a hastily tucked away paper bag that indicates your favourite cake is probably sitting in the fridge, and Kuroo even went through the trouble of dressing not just the girls in adorable christmas themed dresses (Aiko, the sugar plum fairy, Fumiko, a chubby cheeked elf) - but Yaku your elderly dog is grumpily sporting a pair of fuzzy reindeer antlers too. 
In one’s life, there are days full of sunshine and days full of rain. You’ve felt them both - the contentment basking in sunshine, the despair of being caught in a freezing cold downpour. But today, Kuroo Tetsuro is trying to make the best of all of it by creating a rainbow - in yuletide shades no less, of red and green, white and gold. 
It’s a Christmas miracle, one that he’s created just for you. 
“Mama - look! Papa even got some mistletoe cos Fumiko saw it on TV - we watched a lot of TV today while papa was cooking, he also said to keep that a secret”, Kuroo huffs a sheepish laugh - “and she wouldn’t stop crying ‘til he got her some, she’s such a baby, mama!” 
It’s definitely not mistletoe that Aiko has in her hand - a sad looking branch with a cheery red ribbon twined around it, but you take it from her, holding it above her head before pressing a kiss to her smooth cheek. 
“Mistletoe, huh”, you remark, as you make your way into the kitchen, breaking your journey with a quick peck to Fumiko’s forehead as your younger daughter giggles, slapping the countertops to express her glee. 
He’s biting his lips, looking nervous as you advance towards him. “Fumiko really really wanted mistletoe, but you know it definitely doesn’t grow around here and I wasn’t going to call Yaku and get him to deliver a sprig of it from Moscow, he’ll chew my ears off so - Fumiko cover your ears, sweetheart - I snuck downstairs with Aiko and broke off a branch and tied a ribbon on it to make it look pretty but I think she’s kinda happy with it at this point - “ 
He breaks off as he notices that you’re standing really really close to him, flushing pink when he realises the branch he pilfered from some poor bush is being held over his head. 
“Merry Christmas, Tetsuro”, you murmur, before brushing a kiss to the corner of his lips. 
“Merry Christmas”, he breathes. Hope brings light back to his eyes, as he savours the honey in your smile. “I - forgive me -”
(for the holidays he’s missed, the times he put you aside) 
“I’ll forgive you if you cut me a huge slice of cake - ”
“Done”, he says immediately, flinging his apron aside to rush to the fridge. “I mean, if you really want to spoil your appetite like that despite me cooking so much karaage - ”
“You could’ve ordered KFC, don’t complain!” 
“As if I’m going to feed you and the girls that sort of processed junk - seriously, princess, for someone who loves food so much, you stoop real low at times - “ 
“I’ll show you how low I can stoop, Kuroo Tetsuro, you come back here - ”
Your bickering is interrupted by Fumiko lobbing a stray spoon over in a bid to join the fun, and you have to stop Aiko from joining in what she thinks is an all out food war. But when you wrangle the girls into their seats and Kuroo finally settles all negotiations with them to eat their veggies or no fried chicken for them - Aiko, I don’t negotiate with little terrorists, Fumiko, brocoli won’t poison you, I promise -  you realise Kuroo Tetsuro has exceeded your expectations.
A Christmas celebration, your family all together. 
It’s the best Christmas present he could’ve given you. 
Tumblr media
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a/n: an outtake from my longfic love knows not its depth, and you can check out its prequel, castles in the air. 
Tumblr media
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— when you are scared of failing
Tumblr media
notes: hurt to comfort, fluff, various!hq x gn!reader, scenarios
a/n: okay whatever this is, please show it some love ;-;
m.list | not proofread
Tumblr media
maybe, it's because TETSURO doesn't know how to give up. maybe, it's because since a young age he's been telling himself that "failure doesn't measure the amazingness of a person". but when he finds you weeping on the bathroom floor because you just failed a test - again - he knows the feeling of betrayal and discomfort that's flowing in your body, he's been there too; that's why he doesn't say anything, he sits next to you, wrapping an arm around your body and kissing your cheek in a comforting way. sweet.
KOTAROU's signature phrase is "live on, don't be discouraged" and he always repeats you that. he always looks pumped up and cheery, almost as if he has no worries in life. but he actually knows what it's like to feel like you aren't enough, like no one has your back and failure is always catching up to you. but when you call him, needing comfort and love, he doesn't waste a second and you already find him by your side. "i love you baby, next time you'll make it, i'm sure" is what he tenderly whispers in your ear, chasing away the insecurities that swarm in your heart.
SHOYO wants you to feel appreciated 24/7, and that is why he showers you with compliments, from morning to evening and then again the next day. he always wants to show you that he cares. but, nonetheless, sometimes you still feel under the weather. there are days when you unworthy of standing next to the famous volleyball player, you feel that only failure has paved its way in your life, leaving you with no more opportunities. but shoyo is there, next to you. and he holds your hand tightly as multiple "i love you"s leave his parted lips.
when KEI looks at the sparking pools hidden in your eyes, his heart warms up and a smile replaces the usual sarcastic smirk. maybe, it's because he senses that you're hiding something deep inside, something you din't share because you think it's stupid or because you don't want to burden him. and he also knows of your fear of failing, which has been chasing you since the ol' school days. when he sees the worry and panic, as you fidget around, trying to stop the tears from flowing, he simply holds you in his arms and lets you know that he's there with you.
you know that KYOOMI isn't into pda. he doesn't like touching in general, yet he makes the effort when he's with you because he cares about your relationship. he isn't a big talker, either. but when you need reassurance with words, he gives it to you no matter what. "omi...i'm scared of failing i-" you try to tell him in tears, with a stiff and broken voice. but he, on the other hand, wipes your tears and holds you as if his life depended on it, a faint blush dusting his cheeks because of the not-so-usual action. "failure is part of being human. don't get discouraged. i'm here, by your side."
SHINSUKE was known for being a reliable volleyball captain ever since your highschool days. well, that's partly because he was thoughtful and helped everyone, while also being steady and firm when having to make a decision. "[name], don't worry about it and just keep going. i'm here, with you", he always repeats when he realizes that your heart and mind are in turmoil. you ask him multiple times what would you do if you were to fail everything, you ask him about how he manages failures - even though you aren't really sure he's ever failed. "when i fail, i just start all over again. i might fail a second time, but that doesn't mean i can't try a third one."
Tumblr media
© akaakeijii / do not plagiarize, reblogs are very appreciated <3
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Bokuakakuroken supremacy
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‚character xyz wouldn‘t mind a chubby s/o‘
no, you don‘t get it.
EVERY character would LOVE to have a chubby s/o. it‘s the default, not the exception. sorry, i DO make the rules.
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burnt brownies
kuroo x m!reader
summary: you tried baking with your boyfriend. smoke alarm? screaming. cakr? on fire. kuroo? scared as fuck. hotel? trivago.
genre: crack
wordcount: 850
a/n: aaahdfsjfjhdjfh help mee this is so weird tf
Tumblr media
"kenma, bestie," [name] whines into his phone, lying on his bed. "i already told you, i can't help you." kenma responds. "come on, kenma. the luigi to my mario, the link to my zelda," "you should be telling kuroo this." he snorts.
"dude! please," [name] exclaims, sitting upright. "i need ideas. i invited kuroo over. and i have nothing planned." "[name], that sounds like a you problem." "ugh, i fucking hate you," he hisses into his phone. "fine! not like i needed your help anyways. i am perfectly able of using my brain for things other than memes." and so he hung up.
he pulled up good old google, the love of his life (after his... boyfriend, of course.) and searched up things to do. and none of them seemed interesting enough. [name] let out a loud groan, deciding to open up notes to try and brainstorm ideas. he was about to open up a new note when he noticed the most recent one.
"what the fuck."
HEY HEY HYEWEUUSSDFDSkjsf.,qe324t?:q_)d beanz.
"that is the last time i let anyone borrow my phone." he grumbles, not bothering to delete it. 'im hungry...' he realized. "god, i need to focus. after some ramen."
and so, [name] lumbered down the stairs, stomach growling, towards the holiest place in the house- the kitchen. he grabbed a cup of instant ramen and shoved it into the microwave, still browsing the fridge and pantry. "ew, the hell is that smell?" his nose crinkled up in disgust once he smelt something so disgusting and foul coming from the fridge. it smelled like rotten eggs. after sifting through seemingly the entire fridge, [name] finally discovered the source of the smell. a very old, very expired, pack of cookie dough.
this gave the male an idea. "we could bake!" he exclaimed. "oi! shut up, [name]!" his sibling yelled from upstairs. [name] wasn't bothered though, now that he had found a reason to have invited kuroo over to make it seem like he didn't not have an idea in mind beforehand. (im sorry what the fuck did i just write-)
after a while of looking at recipes and gathering the ingredients, [name] got a text from kuroo saying he was here. and sure enough, the doorbell rang. "yo, rooster." [name] snickers, before quickly yelping as kuroo harshly ruffles his hair. "there, now we match," he smirks. [name] rolled his eyes, walking towards the kitchen. "if you're okay with it, i thought we could bake a cake."
"what flavour?" he asks. "vanilla. i tried looking for cocoa powder or anything else to use, but i didn't find anything. figures," [name] shrugged.
[name] was in charge of the wet ingredients, while kuroo handled the dry ingredients. things were going fairly well, every once in a while one of them glanced back to the recipe.
"[name]," kuroo says slowly. upon hearing his name, [name] stopped cracking the eggs. he turned around, blinking. "what?" "look." he points to the dry ingredients he was mixing in a bowl. the other male gulps, scared for what happened. he peered into the bowl to see...
chocolate chips forming a smiley face. "wh-" kuroo began cackling. "what the hell, kuroo?! i thought you fucked the batter up or something-" [name] screeched, punching the taller male in the gut. he let out a soft, "oof-" and [name] let out a small laugh. "weak."
kuroo snorted, poking his boyfriend's ticklish spot on his neck. "o-oi!" [name] tried to push kuroo's hands away, but to no avail. and so the kitchen erupted in hellish screams soft laughter.
after a while, they ended up with a semi-pleasant looking batch of cake batter. [name] went to open up the oven, pausing when it wasn't warm inside. he double-checked everything, making sure it was actually on. "did something happen?" kuroo asked. the other male shook his head.
"oven isn't working." he said. "damn." "...i gotta piss." [name] declares. "see if you can get the oven working," "what do i look like, a mechanic?" but [name] was already gone.
after the relieving bathroom break, [name] walked down the hallway to the kitchen. all of a sudden, the smoke alarm went off, and he bolted. " kuroo, everything okay in-" he paused, looking at kuroo standing in the far corner of the kitchen, looking nervously at the... cake?
it was smoking, and even though the batter was extremely pale, it was pitch black. a small fire started on the cake, and [name] screamed, grabbing the nearest thing he could find (which was thankfully a glass of water) and threw it onto the cake.
[name] looked at kuroo. kuroo looked at [name]. "what happened, exactly?" the former decided to break the silence, bewilderment washing over his face. "honestly? no clue." "should have called kenma. maybe he's played some sort of cooking game." [name] added, sighing at the smoldering chunk of cake.
"wow. though your probably right, it hurts that someone like kenma probably could have done something better than..." he signals to the entire kitchen with both of his arms. "...this."
"so, never again?" "never again."
Tumblr media
holy shiiiiiiit dude this was sumthin sorry jsdfhsdfk
- taiga
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heloimtee · a day ago
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Class doodles lol
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ohnomyallegra · a day ago
Kuroo: oh my gosh
Yaku: What?
Kuroo: What if soy milk was just milk introducing itself in Spanish?
Kenma, playing Mario Kart with Lev: Is that unholy screeching I hear?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bobear doodles >:)
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## ft. miya atsumu, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji
## a/n. i just knOW they are doing some stuff on purpose to make you blush
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU likes to stretch in front of you. he just knows that you are always goggling, mouth hung open at the way his muscles ripples at each stretch. atsumu knows that his near-translucent white sporting tee hugged every line of muscle on his back perfectly. “take a picture, sweetheart. it lasts longer.” he chimed over his shoulder, chuckling under his breath when he heard you shuffling away to hide your embarrassment.
MIYA OSAMU knows his portions. who would think that despite years in culinary school, he would still be 'accidentally' making extra portions? you did, but you take his food regardless. truth was, he scoured the internet for recipes, a new one each day with a different savoury taste in hopes of seeing you light up as you munch into it. as osamu cooks, his heart just melts at the thought of you bashfully accepting his food.
KUROO TETSURO likes to keep you close to him wherever the two of you were. his palm would ghost at your waist — the gesture itself was harmless as it provides you a slight bit of comfort. yet, kuroo still manages to get into your head as he draws little circles at the softness of your skin while he holds your waist.
SUNA RINTARO doesn't see a reason why you had to sit so far away from him. sure, a table for two usually has its persons facing each other but he would rather be next to you. you were interrupted from browsing through the menu as you felt a sudden jerk of your seat, the metal whining against the graphite floor as suna dragged your chair closer to his. he snuck a quick kiss to your cheek before pushing you back, your hand ghosting over the spot where he kissed you as you sat in your stunned state.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI, without a doubt, is a tall man — which is why he likes to bend down to until he is eye-level with you, especially when he couldn’t hear what you were saying. he would egg you on with a soft ‘pardon?’ as he tries to stifle his laughter when you were reduced to stammers. sakusa had the audacity to play dumb when his face was dangerously close to yours, mere inches away from kissing you right there and then, just because of how adorable you were.
AKAASHI KEIJI has developed the habit of pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear so that he could have a better view of your face. while your beauty knocks every last bit of breath in his lungs out of his body, his heart can’t help but to thrum wildly in his chest whenever you blush as he calls you pretty under his breath.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ what it'd be like if the hq boys had a crush on you!
characters: kageyama tobio, semi eita, toru oikawa, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, akaashi keij, suna rintaro
warnings: fluff!! swearing here and there :) slight rivals to lovers in suna!
a/n: I WAS ABOUT TO NOT INCLUDE SUNA BUT MY WHORE INSTINCTS TOOK OVER THIS IS SO SHAMEFUL. thinkin about making a pt 2 with other characters but omg this took forever. hate to toot my own horn, but i kinda went off... (kags might be a bit ooc,,, but i think that's on me, not him </3)
Tumblr media
poor, precious kageyama tobio who is so clueless in matters of love and how to 'woo' someone (that's the word his mother used when he asked), that he resorted to ask the members of the volleyball club.
the only useful advice kageyama tobio got was from sugawara, asahi and daichi, who told him to 'just be himself', because even though he's 'prickly on the edges', he's naturally a kind and reassuring person.
kageyama tobio who tries his best to spend as much time as possible with you, whether it be asking to tag along with you everywhere- to the school office, to the vending machines, to your locker, etc. it's the little moments that really count to him.
kageyama tobio who gets flustered whenever hinata, tanaka or nishinoya teases him about his little crush on you before telling them to 'shut up, idiot!' when they jokingly say 'man up and grow some balls!'
when you offer to study with him during exam season, kageyama tobio turns into a blushing mess, stammering over his words as he tries his best to get out a 'yes please, i would appreciate that a lot!'.
kageyama tobio, who you're still scared of a little sometimes because he's got that towering height to him and a stern appearance, but you're reminded of just how dorky and awkward he really is and it brings a smile to your face.
kageyama tobio, who's gone to the vending machine so many times with you that he knows your favourite drinks and snacks, listening to you muttering about which option you'd want. he buys it for you sometimes and he insists that he doesn't need repayment as he waves your complaints off by sipping on his carton of milk.
kageyama tobio knows your birthday and always makes an effort to bring it up whenever it's the week before to let you know that he remembers.
he saves any photos you have together because even kageyama tobio doesn't really enjoy looking at pictures of himself, it's worth saving it as his phone home screen because you're in it- and he won't change the home screen for months- years even.
kageyama tobio who is actually really funny and has a good sense of humour that he effortlessly makes you laugh.
you offer your headphones to kageyama tobio when he asks you what you're listening to, and he's so silent as well that you think he might secretly dislike your music taste until the next time he approaches you and asks to share earphones.
kageyama tobio, who doesn't realise you're at one of his games until you're running down from the stands and congratulating him, bringing him into a huge hug that makes him short circuit. 'this is nice' he thinks as he finally gets the hint from hinata to hug you back, the affectionate gesture of you making the effort to come and actually watch him play makes him feel warm, and he prays you can't feel how fast his heart is beating.
kageyama tobio, who ALMOST confessed to you on total accident, because he actually sent you a love song (that you've listened to many times before) and told you it reminds him of you.
you jokingly ask kageyama tobio whether if not he likes you or something, followed by an emoji so he knows you're kidding (because he's actually quite clueless about your sarcasm through text and needs indicators), and he almost falls off his bed.
kageyama tobio ACTUALLY confessing after one of his volleyball games, when he's still high on adrenaline and excitement over the victory that he can't help but tell you.
kageyama tobio who hears the cheers of his friends when you accept his date offer and doesn't even have the heart to tell the volleyball club members to 'shut the fuck up!' when you reach up to his cheek to place a kiss there.
Tumblr media
semi eita, who's the sweetest boy you could possibly have a crush on, and if he liked you back? you've struck gold.
semi eita, who leans his ear down to hear you if the room is too loud, and if that doesn't work, he tells everyone else around him to 'shut up' so he can listen to you successfully.
semi eita, who huffs in amusement when you draw on his skin and you stop, thinking he doesn't like it, but he compliments the little smiley face you've drawn and you beam at him, your smile making him internally panic just a little. he draws a matching smiley face on your hand.
his features make his gaze look naturally intense and determined and he's aware of how this might scare some people, but with you, semi eita tries to look as gentle as possible, because he doesn't want to scare you off.
semi eita who shares his food with you, but rejects anyone else who tries to take some as well.
semi eita, who doesn't realise that he's doing this, but mentally makes a note of things that remind him of you. that bouquet outside the florist he just walked past? the colour scheme reminded him of you. the specific scent of a candle? he thinks you'd like it. an outfit he saw someone wear? he can hear you gush about it.
he's an incredible listener, but semi eita always has something to add to the conversation and it's easy to keep talking with him.
when he got your number, semi eita unconsciously added a heart emoji next to it before deleting it and mentally scolding himself.
semi eita, who freaked out when you laid your head on his shoulder on purpose since you were so tired, but as you went to sit back straight, semi smiled and told you you could take a nap on him if you wanted. now it was your turn to freak out as you mentally remembered his offer.
semi eita, who was relentlessly teased by tendou when you actually fell asleep on his shoulder next time.
after that, semi eita isn't as shy about physical contact- granted, he still asks for permission, but he'll take your hand in his without realising. first time he did so, you were incredibly flustered and when he notices that he's holding your hand, he also becomes incredibly flustered. it's a mess because you're both spluttering words, flushed in the face.
you've definitely compared hand sizes together and semi eita loves it so much that he just does it whenever, smirking at the difference.
gestures of affection occur naturally. it's common for semi eita to greet you with a welcoming hug when he sees you at the start of the day, you'll hold on to his shoulder to get his attention and he'll drape his arm over your shoulder when you're walking somewhere.
it's so natural, that when you and semi eita start dating, you immediately are comfortable with each other's bodies (not even in any suggestive way, you've just traced the lines on his palms so many times.)
semi eita has written songs about you before and only showed them to you when you started dating.
semi eita who makes you so effortlessly happy that you're bursting at the seems with love for him. you'd be happy to know that he feels the same way, wondering what good deed he did in a previous life to have you now.
Tumblr media
oikawa tooru, who searches every room he enters, hoping that maybe you're in the same one. when he finds you, he yells your name in a cheery tone before jogging over to you.
oikawa tooru, who inserts himself into any situation that includes you. group project? he's already moving over to your desk before you could even look at your best friend. school trip? he's taking the seat beside you, end of story. pairing up with someone during physical education? oikawa's wandering towards you (even though you're intimidated by the man's athletic abilities.)
oikawa tooru, who seeks for your validation. you come to a few of his volleyball games per his request and feels his ego shoot up by miles when you tell him you're proud of him and that he's amazing.
you learnt how to make paper rings and taught oikawa tooru how to as well, and he gave his first one to you. you took it gratefully and handed him one of your more successful ones and he wore it around for the whole day. he keeps it on his desk now.
oikawa tooru, who could be swarmed by a group of fangirls, but when you walk past the school grounds talking with a bunch of friends, he's calling your name and breaking away so he can talk to you.
everyone can see how smitten oikawa tooru is for you, except you, and it frustrates everyone to no end.
oikawa tooru has been friendzoned 27 times by you, and counting.
"why would oikawa go for someone like me?" you would say to your friends, and it's a genuine question, because someone as dazzling and bold as oikawa tooru did not belong with you.
oikawa tooru, who overhears you and feels his heart drop.
oikawa tooru, who knows what it's like being insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin, comforting you when it matters most. he repeats what he wants people to say most to him, "you're incredible and that will never change, you're loved for a reason y/n and you're enough."
you're a little embarrassed that he caught you at a time of vulnerability, but oikawa tooru waves off your apology and tells you that he's always happy to help. he just hopes you'll stop burdening yourself with bottled up thoughts.
oikawa tooru, who hates losing you in a crowd, so he'll grab onto your shoulders like a conga line.
"i'm pretty, you're pretty, i think we would make a pretty good couple," oikawa tooru once told you. that got him a whack from iwaizumi and a harmless eye roll from you.
oikawa tooru, who shows off photos of you to his nephew and takeru has had enough of his uncle gushing endlessly.
oikawa tooru, when asked 'who's the prettiest person you know', says your name first without hesitation. he then adds on a pathetic "i'm still pretty amazing myself, but it's exhausting carrying these good looks all the time".
oikawa tooru, who squealed in delight when you finally agreed to go on a date with him.
Tumblr media
miya osamu, who is one of the most caring people you've ever met.
miya osamu, who brings food just for you, even if he has to put up with atsumu's relentless teasing the night before as he prepares both their lunches. osamu shuts him up by saying 'i'll let ya starve tomorrow if ya don't shut the hell up'.
miya osamu, who carries your books for you if you don't have enough hands and follows you back to your locker if you forgot something for next period.
he faces the brunt of atsumu's teasing most of the time, but miya osamu never cracks, countering his twin's teasing by insulting him back- which most likely ends in fight. however, when you tease miya osamu, his face heats up and he stumbles over his words, but he doesn't really mind because he gets to hear your laughter.
miya osamu, who's competitive but especially when it comes to you AND he's jealous. if he overhears people talking about you, there's a good chance he'll stare them down in the hallways and scare them away- which is really effective with his 'the more intimidating miya' status.
miya osamu, who will give you piggy-back rides willingly. you know the thing where you'd jump at someone who is carrying things in both hands and see how they'd react? miya osamu would drop everything in his hands just to catch you, and he tries to get mad at you but can't because you're too busy sprinting away, giggling and laughing whilst osamu just looks at you hopelessly.
having a crush on miya osamu is easy because he knows how to charm someone and it's working on you.
miya osamu who is quite invested in self maintenance. you have regular discussions about haircare, skincare and even what makeup osamu should use. he's an introverted soul, so don't be surprised that miya osamu has a cleansing night where he spends it by himself, cooking up a new dish in a bathrobe whilst he waits to take off his face mask.
miya osamu, who is your best friend before he is your crush- and you never really know where you stand with him.
miya osamu, who sits in the library with you after school just to kill time. you swear you're going to study but that never really works, not when osamu keeps challenging you to games of 8ball on messages.
miya osamu is realistic and won't let unnecessary bullshit get the better of him, and he's the first person you go to when you need to be smacked down to earth. as you panic about an overdue assignment, he's the first to tell you that 'an overdue assignment by an hour is nothing, besides, you're probably not the first student that broke their laptop and lost everything. ya need to talk to the teacher- and stop panicking!'
miya osamu, who is not above throwing paper at the back of your head during class whenever the teacher is turned around. you've resorted to ignoring him which was a bad idea because he then proceeded to throw stationery.
miya osamu confessed in the way he knew best, through food as he prepared a bunch of your favourite sweets and left a note on top- a love letter if you will, but osamu was repulsed that you called it that, so you opt to just say he left you a note. it was definitely a love letter.
you begin to come over to the miya household on days when miya osamu wants to have his weekly cleanse and he shows you the products he uses.
miya osamu, who let you wear his volleyball uniform once and demanded for you to take it off before he actually let you keep it. maybe after high school he'll give it to you, but certainly not when he still needed it.
miya osamu, who regularly discusses his dreams and ambitions with you.
there was a place for you in miya osamu's future, right by his side as he was yours.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro, who declines any feelings he might have for you.
kuroo tetsuro, literal embodiment of 'i'll deny i have a crush on y/n, even though it's so painfully obvious'. kenma is so tired of his shit.
kuroo: what are you talking about? y/n is just a friend kenma: oh great, so that means i can set her up with someone else right? kuroo: ...
kuroo tetsuro, who's stupidly giddy every time he hears about you and his head turns around very quickly whenever he hears your voice. he's quick to give you all of his attention.
kuroo tetsuro, who buys food from the local 7/11 for you- especially when you forgot to have lunch or didn't have time to eat that day.
kuroo tetsuro, who will point out cats on the side of the road and you take a photo of them. it's got to the point where you have a whole album of cat pictures named 'pussy pics'. kuroo features in a few of them sometimes and you joke that he's a cat.
when you're cold, kuroo tetsuro is more than happy to offer you his blazer. he doesn't get cold, it's okay (that's what he tells you).
kuroo tetsuro, who's already thought about his future and what he'd like to do, and he can't imagine you not being in it- despite constantly denying that you're just a friend.
kuroo tetsuro, who tries to ignore the way your face falls when he friendzones you for the nth time.
kuroo tetsuro, who finally acknowledges his feelings for you when he overhears you being asked out by some other guy in his year. he wants to intercept and pull you away, but he can't really do that when he sees you smiling and accepting the date offer.
kuroo tetsuro, whose stomach drops every time he thinks about you going on a date with someone that's not him, and he's so very anxious for the day to come.
kuroo tetsuro, who's bitterly texting you and asking how it was when he opens your snap. kuroo tetsuro, who is over the moon when you tell him that 'it was okay, but i probably won't go on another date with him'.
kuroo tetsuro, who is courageous and daring, but can't seem to confess to you because every time he thinks about it, he chickens out.
you have matching friendship bracelets with kuroo tetsuro, and he wears it everywhere. during school, volleyball practice, when you hangout, even when he sleeps. it's just easier that way and he's not bothered to take it off just to forget to put it back on.
kuroo tetsuro, who loves taking mirror pictures with you and posting them on his stories. you look so cool in them, trust me, it's pinterest worthy. your most-liked photos on your feed are mirror photos with him.
kuroo tetsuro, who watches you play games with kenma, and when you're both too engrossed in the screen, he throws a volleyball at the back of your head to get your attention.
kuroo tetsuro, who could be the best boyfriend ever if either of you just stopped being scared to 'ruin' the friendship.
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji, who really enjoys having you around and spending time with you.
akaashi keiji, who expresses love through the little things, like carrying things when you don't have a pocket or bag, remembering what kind of chapstick you use or willingly having your hair bands around his wrist.
akaashi keiji, who passes notes with you during class- surprisingly, because he's such a diligent student.
the love language between you two is basically books. it started when you left your copy of a novel to read for school with akaashi keiji, who offered to annotate it. when you got it back, there was a little 'he's my favourite character, he's so funny' written on the pages with an arrow to a certain name. you start adding on your own little comments to his books.
you leave little notes of encouragement in akaashi keiji's textbooks, and he smiles so widely every time he finds them. he keeps all of them too, not having the heart to throw them away.
akaashi keiji, who can be brutally honest that you let him know that you appreciate it when he is. you come to him for genuine advice and it always makes him feel validated when you listen intently and take in his words.
akaashi keiji, who you've actually had several conversations over fashion with, because even though he doesn't exactly have the best closet, you send him photos of outfits you think would look good on him.
and when he buys the appropriate clothes to build an outfit, you hype him up for it because what the fuck, why does akaashi keiji look so good in a turtle neck.
falling for akaashi keiji was so easy, easier than falling asleep, because he's always there for you and he's got this unassuming charm to him. the second you realised you'd began to slip, you simply just let it happen.
bokuto is a really sad third wheel, even whilst you two are just friends, but akaashi keiji can't help but pay attention to anything that's not you.
akaashi keiji, who goes to sleep at 11:30pm, but he's sure there's no harm staying up for another half hour just to talk to you.
sometimes, akaashi keiji writes poems for you... but he'll never let those see the light of day.
you're tempted sometimes to write a 'you're cute <3' when you annotate his books, but ultimately decide against it and go to draw a little heart instead.
the way your heart skipped many beats when you read 'do you wanna go out with me?' on the pages of your book. you confront him about it and he's so shy... but beams when you tell him that that it's a date.
going on bookdates is a MUST with akaashi keiji.
just wow, dating akaashi keiji would be the best thing to ever happen in life.
Tumblr media
suna rintarou, who you actually kinda hate because of how annoying he is.
suna rintarou, who loves provoking you. tripping you over as you're walking out of class, messing up your hair just as you're about to speak to a teacher, smirking at you whilst you're in the middle of presenting something for class- you just hate him to put it simply.
you get back at suna rintarou for every time he messes with you and it's become a continuous back and forth.
he would be attractive with his aloof, uninterested vibe, and it's not like suna's a bad looker, he's just so annoying- but you could see yourself having a crush on suna rintarou. not like he'd want you to though.
suna rintarou's love language is bullying.
suna rintarou, who impresses you with his athletic abilities, but you have to mask your shock every time he hits one of his impressive volleyball spike.
you sometimes like to mock him whilst you're with friends, slouching and digging your hands into your pockets as you rant about the last thing he did to provoke you, unaware that suna rintarou and his perceptive eyes were watching you. he's amused though and walks away with a faint smile.
speaking of perceptive eyes, suna rintarou notices you almost everywhere. not just you but he only ever gives two thoughts about you, complimenting your outfit in his head before glancing away.
suna rintarou, who sees his chance when he notices you talking to osamu (who you share classes with).
he asks about you, trying to sound disinterested but osamu notices his bullshit right away. you're the same, asking about suna rintarou whilst pretending like you don't care. osamu tells atsumu this and the twins decide to take it into their own hands.
you don't know why miya atsumu has decided to talk to you, deciding that it was the cherry on top when suna rintarou approached and sat down next to his friend.
suna rintarou once responded to your story on instagram and you begin talking for hours without realising.
one day as you're walking to school with a cup of coffee in hand, miya atsumu notices and shoves suna rintarou in your direction a little too hard. he accidentally bumps into you and spills your drink.
suna rintarou is apologising profusely, feeling terrible that he did that but you shut him up by saying, "you can apologise by taking me out on a date". he's dumbstruck, but agrees.
suna rintarou begins to panic, because he wants this to be the best date of your life.
Tumblr media
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timeofdeathnote · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
this is all i ask for
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cokecorp · 25 days ago
preview 18+. MINORS CAUGHT INTERACTING WILL BE BLOCKED ON SIGHT. unprotected sex (condoms are your friends!). profanities. breeding kink. praise kink if you squint. use of daddy/mommy. female reader. not proofread.
you have one new message! i know i said i would post that Megumi car sex thing i was working on but tumblr deleted all my drafts so here i am, currently crying on a beach in mexico #holidayruined </3 tough luck aha. anyway, i’m also horny so take this little thing that i just wrote with a very specific set of men in mind. i've listed them below the drabble :) thanxxx for reading! ily, do good today xx
the room is thick with the smell of sex and the lewd sounds of your shared moans as he paints your walls with his seed for the third time of the night, filling you up to the brim.
he would be lying if he said he wasn't tired, arms trembling from holding up his weight for the past hour and repositioning his forearms on the mattress, but he won't stop; he can't stop, even if he wanted to.
he can’t stop, not until he’s pumped you full with at least five rounds of his creamy, hot milk; not until he feels it gush out of your sodden cunt every time he thrusts into you, not until he’s absolutely sure you're knocked up with his child.
“gonna, h-hah, gonna let me fuck a family into you?”
he grips the bottom of your thigh with one hand and raises it to rest atop his shoulder, allowing him to grind down into you at a certain angle that scatters your vision with white spots and has your jaw falling slack as the head of his cock repeatedly knocks your cervix, his pelvis rolling simultaneously against your puffy clit. a broken whimper of his name leaves your saliva-coated lips at the way he's hitting deep; so deep that you swear you can feel him in your womb.
it's a sort of pained pleasure, the way your nails dig into his back upon his new ministrations and he can only shudder at how your walls clamp down on him, squeezing every ridge and vein of his cock so perfectly, “y-yeah, y’like that, huh? 's my pretty baby gonna make me a daddy? gonna walk around for days with my cum all stuffed up inside you?”
a whine of agreement leaves your lips at his question, the low timbre of his voice sending sparks of warmth up your body. the thought of his cum being held in your womb for days and days on end pushes you near another orgasm, your walls pulsating uncontrollably around him.
he lets out a low groan in response, feeling the blood rush down to his cock, and hangs his head so that his lips are situated by your ear, “say it; tell me how good of a daddy ‘m gonna be.”
“g-gonna, ngh- gonna be such a good daddy!”
“‘n you’re gonna be such a good fuckin’ mommy, f-fuck,” his hips stutter in their rhythm as your walls clench unbelievably tight around him, and a guttural moan of your name escapes him as you milk his cock for the fourth time of the night.
he thinks to himself, just one more round; but, no. he knows even through the sweat dripping down from his hairline, even through the way your thighs spasm under his grasp, even through your laboured breaths that tell him you’ve had enough, he knows his hunger won’t be satiated. he wants— no, he needs more, more, more.
“this lil’ cunt’s all mine, gonna fill you up so good, princess.”
IWAIZUMI. m.atsumu. M.OSAMU. kuroo. SAKUNOSUKE. chuuya. kunikida. NANAMI. sukuna. diavolo. LUCIFER.
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magicmooshka · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu boys at karaoke but they’re singing MONTERO
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ Boys + their viral tweet
alternatively, hq boys as tweets on the TL lol
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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terrakiyo · a month ago
Tumblr media
kuroo wants to kiss you, so badly, terribly, deeply.
he wants to kiss you. but he also wants you to kiss him.
‘is there any difference between the two?’ yes, absolutely, obviously, he’d say.
kuroo wants to kiss you and kenma’s sick of hearing him tell him that.
kenma swears that the time his best friend spends whining to him about how he desperately wishes to press his lips against yours would have been better spent actually trying to do so.
it’s so stupid, he thinks when kuroo sighs for the umpteenth time in the hour.
“stop it.”
kuroo sighs again just to spite him. “i can’t help it.” lies. “it’s an involuntary reaction.” he’s such a liar.
kenma clicks his tongue, brows furrowing. his gaze snaps up from his console to the man (read: idiot) sitting in front of him.
he groans. “just ask for a kiss.”
the look kuroo gives him makes him want to throw his console at his stupid face.
kuroo shakes his head. “are you out of your mind?”
“no. you are.”
truly, kenma’s not sure how much more he can handle. he hates seeing that dumbstruck, puppy-eyed look on his friend’s face. not that it’s a bad thing, rather he hates having to see it every day.
he frowns. “is it so hard to walk up to them and ask for a kiss?”
“oh, please, you’d be doing the same thing,” kuroo scoffs, “besides that’s just creepy.”
“creepy, is staring at someone from a far, whining to someone about how much you want to kiss them— oh, sorry, how you want them to kiss you.”
silence falls between the two of them.
“i hate you.” kuroo mutters.
and kenma doesn’t miss a beat, “i hate you more.”
there’s another pause.
“what would i even say?”
“what should i know?” kenma huffs, “i’d be doing the same thing you are.”
“maybe i should just keep looking for now.”
“shut up.” kuroo rests his head against his hand.
he sighs agains. and then he yelps when kenma hits him under the table.
“just talk to them.”
kuroo squints at him. “why do you want me to do that so badly?”
“i made a bet with yaku and lev.”
he blinks at kenma. “you suck.”
“you suck more.”
there’s a pause before kuroo opens his mouth to speak again.
“how much did you bet on me?”
kenma doesn’t look up from his console. “enough.”
kuroo bites the inside of his cheek. he contemplates between walking up to you and talk his way into kissing you, or staying where he is, looking at you from afar (like a stalker, kenma would say).
really, the former sounds like the better option.
“i’ll go talk to them.” he whispers.
and he does, because he wants to kiss you, badly, terribly, desperately. and unbeknownst to him, you want the same thing too.
Tumblr media
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katsukidotcom · a month ago
[𝟔:𝟒𝟕 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐨
Tumblr media
today was normal in every aspect. morning routines within the apartment went smoothly and you and your boyfriend had decent days out before returning home for the evening. the two of you cooked and ate dinner together, enjoying each other’s company for the first time in hours. and when you were finished, kuroo, being the gentlemen he was, offered to clean up the table and take care of the dishes while you began washing up.
“have you seen my sleep shorts, tetsu? the blue ones,” you called from the bedroom.
kuroo had been responsible for the laundry this week. he was usually good about making sure he didn’t leave any lone garments in the washer or dryer and he clearly recalled folding the specific pair of shorts you were asking about. he must have put them away with his clothing by mistake.
“check my top drawer,” he yelled over his shoulder, hoping his voice was loud enough to carry over the running water. he hummed to himself as he rinsed off the last dish, setting it on the drying wrack. it was only when kuroo was shaking the soapy water from his hands that he realized his blunder. he’d been purposely trying to keep you out of his side of the dresser for the past few weeks as to conceal a certain object.
“wait, don’t look in there!” water dripped from the tips of his fingers as he rushed out of the kitchen and down the hall to stop you from finding what he was trying so hard to keep hidden.
judging by your frozen figure, he was too late.
“what’s this?” you inquired, clasping a small velvet box in your shakey hand. your eyes finally dragged away from the unexpected discovery and met kuroo’s frantic ones.
“... a ring.” if his hands weren’t already covered in suds, kuroo was sure they’d be sweating beyond his control. you weren’t supposed to find that for at least a couple more weeks. scratch that—you weren’t supposed to find it at all.
“for me?” you questioned, your tone more steady and even than before.
“perhaps,” he answered.
“perhaps? don’t tell me i’m the side piece.” you tried to joke. you knew there was no way kuroo would be unfaithful, but you were having a hard time wrapping your head around the events playing out before your eyes.
“of course not. i just meant that i never got to ask before you found it.” he shrugged, finally stepping past the threshold of the doorway and into the room. “i didn’t know if you’d say yes.”
you couldn’t remember a time where the air felt so tense between the two of you. knowing that you were partially to blame, albeit unintentionally, you cleared your throat with the goal of resolving the mess that had been created. “i know you weren’t planning on it, but you can do it now.”
“do what?” he asked, caving and wiping what was left of the foam from his hands onto his pants.
“propose, dummy.” you tossed the box to kuroo, which he caught effortlessly. “that’s what the ring is for, right?”
“then do it. i have my answer.”
a bright shade of red flushed across kuroo’s cheek as he considered your words. you were right, he had no intention of proposing so soon, but now that the cat was out of the bag, it only made sense to. it was nerve-wracking, yet the thought of walking on eggshells around you until he built up his courage sounded even worse. so, he buried the jitters ravaging his body within him before opening the box and kneeling down on one knee.
“will you—”
“yes!” your feet were moving on their own, launching you into kuroo’s chest. your body crashing into his sent him flying backward, his back hitting the carpeted floor with a thud. he didn’t have time to focus on the discomfort of it all before you were showering his cheeks and forehead in excited kisses.
“you didn’t even let me finish the question,” kuroo chuckled, pulling the ring from its case and sliding it onto your ring finger. 
“i already ruined your original plan, no harm in cutting the formalities short.” you held your hand out to inspect the jewelry, a wide smile spreading across your face.
“i guess you’re right,” kuroo agreed, lovingly gazing at you.
“not to ruin the moment any further,” you started, fighting back a laugh, “but we really need to have a talk about your horrible hiding place.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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lieutenantkasatka · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
this one goes to all of the ao3 fics where they live together in college, being the incredibly domestic, most lovesick couple you've ever seen. but, uh, without actually being a couple. because, you know, they're kinda dumb and unaware they're in love with each other and it's requited and have been for ages.
you know. that dynamic
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atsumiye · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
oh to be academic rivals with kuroo throughout your entire lives. and you guys end up going to the same uni and are in the same major.
and all the classes you have together have become a daily competition of who gets the higher score and who can answer more of the teachers questions correctly.
so your last final before you graduate, when you get your grades back, you run up to kuroo, holding your exam behind your back.
“what did you get kuroo?”
“97” he grins down at you, “what did you get?”
you throw your exam in front of his face, his eyes move to the giant ‘98’ in red ink on the right corner of the paper.
“looks like i beat you, yet again! and on the last exam too. you won’t be able to try and one-up me anymore”, you giggle. “you gave great effort though”, you place your hand on his bicep and squeeze, letting a fake pout grow on your lips.
“you did great y/n, guess i really can’t beat you can i?” he grins and laughs with you.
“say it.”
“say what?”
“that i, y/n, am the greatest student to grace this university and am worlds beyond kuroo tetsuro in all aspects of life.” you cross you arms and smirk.
“i’ll say it”, your smile drops and you tilt your head, “on one condition.”
“and that is?”
“that you go out with me.” he takes one step closer to you. “let’s cut the rivals act and just admit it.” he takes two more steps closer to you until your back hits the desk. he places one hand on the desk behind you and another on your cheek. he leans his face forward so your noses are almost touching, “you and i keep this little act running because we enjoy being around each other.” he runs his thumb across your cheekbone, “so let’s date.”
you bite on your bottom lip and mumble out a quick, “sure, just call me.”
you grab your bag and leave, trying to hide the smile on your face (which kuroo totally notices.)
and kuroo gets ready to leave and run after you, shoving his exam into his bag, a 100 written in red ink on the right corner.
Tumblr media
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wing-dingding · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm sure someone has already compiled them all but here they are!!
I reblogged this with the Sakusa and Komori one!
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fsrintaro · a month ago
Tumblr media
## warning(s). fem!reader, virgin y/n, oral (f and m receiving), mentions of cream pie, mindbreak, cum eating, cumming on chest, y/n has tits :00, kuroo is a tease
## wc. 2.5k
Tumblr media
it was a pretty boring friday night for the two of you. through your friendship, the years spent with one another have been reduced to sitting on the floor, playing the long-forgotten game of truth or dare.
a grin slowly grew on kuroo’s lips before his finger tapped at his cheek, as if he was in deep thought. “have you…ever screwed someone?” he drawled. the excitement from forcing out dirty secrets from one another barely kept kuroo from bouncing his knee as he anticipated your answer. “or have gotten some action at the very least?”
you blinked at him before hanging your head to avoid eye contact. the answer to his question then settled upon kuroo.
but why would you be hanging your head? to you, it was embarrassing. nearly everyone that you knew has done it and bragged about how many bases they have covered as if it was a goal. as your eyes bored into the ground, you failed to notice the glint in kuroo’s eyes — the glint that signified the rush he felt throughout his body, how his breath hitched in his throat that you have yet to feel the highest of highs.
“wanna…wanna know how it is like?”
you were reaching for a cup of water before you froze in your spot. a million thoughts ran through your mind before you settled on one. “and how do you plan to do that?”
while it was not explicit, your admission was pretty clear to kuroo, making him raise his palm to his mouth to cover his smirk.
“simple,” kuroo murmured as he tilted his head, closing the distance between the two of you as he seals your lips with his. your hasty fingers bumped into his as you reached for the hem of his T-shirt and pulling it off his body while he does the same to you, hands grabbing the cups of your bra to pull them down as your boobs spilled out.
kuroo pulled away from the kiss, eyes flickering downwards at your exposed chest.
“stay on your knees for me sweetheart,” he says as he gets on his feet, fingers fidgeting at his belt buckle to pull it off.
as he pulled his pants down, your eyes immediately widened at the hard bulge that was protruding from his dark underwear. your mouth gaped open when you watched kuroo slowly pull his aching cock from its confines. deep down, your clit throbbed at the sight of his cock that was erected proudly right in your face. thick veins ran through the length of his dick and was carried by heavy balls at the base. kuroo was big.
“have you done this before?” kuroo says as his hand moves lazily along his cock, using his pre-cum as lube to rub along his length. his knuckles grew white as he clenched the girthy base of his cock. he was big, far too big for comfort given that it was your first time. as you shook your head in response, kuroo felt blood surging downwards, cock growing harder by the second at the thought of his cock being your very first.
parting your lips against the head of his cock, you looked up at kuroo to meet his eyes, giving him a small smile, and that seemed to do him in. his hips started rolling on its own accord, making you gag at the sudden intrusion of his cock into your mouth. Kuroo groaned, whimpering and vulnerable to you. it was dangerous how you were such a quick learner — every ounce of his body is dedicated to will himself from cumming there and then.
unintelligible whines and pleaded poured out of kuroo’s mouth. he needs to tell you to slow down, he has to, otherwise he knows he might embarrassingly blow his load prematurely. still, as he praises you and warns you to take your time, his body betrays him by keeping your head still as he guides his cock into your mouth again. it was sinfully addicting — the way your soft tongue swirls around the veins of his length, the way you try to mask your gags just so you could continue pleasuring him.
“please, sweetheart,” he grunted abruptly, his fingers tightened around your hair as he lurched forward. “l’me cum in your mouth-ngh fuck! please.”
your eyes flickered upwards to meet his ones that were hazy and lost in the pleasure of your ministrations. popping your mouth off his length, your mouth trailed south and your tongue darted out to flatten against his cock. your other hand was circling gently at his angry tip when his hand cupped your cheek, thumb smoothing at your cheekbone.
“you drive me fucking crazy, sweetheart.“
you hummed in response. your mouth moved towards his heavy base before taking one ball into your mouth, sucking gently.
he threw his head back in pleasure, body shuddering at the adrenaline pumping through his veins. “fuck….i’m coming-oh fuck fuck imcomingimcoming-”
cheeks sucked in, the lewd slurps of your lips against his wet balls filled the room. you flinched when you saw spurts of hot white flowing from his tip, landing all over your face. kuroo’s chest was heaving as he tries catching his breath but damn, was it taken away when he saw your doe eyes sparkled in confusion and arousal from how his cum was coating your entire face.
kuroo dropped on the ground to his knees, hand stretching to cup your face before pulling you towards him. he peppered kisses all over your face, tongue darting out to lick at his cum, making you shiver at how dirty it was — or rather, the intimacy of his tongue that flattens against your skin to clean you up before pulling you into a kiss. the flavour of peppermint erupted in your mouth along with the saltiness, from which you guessed was from his tongue.
the kiss was sloppy and messy. it sounded wet from all the hot kisses the two of you pressed onto the other’s lips as you keened to each other but it conveyed the message that kuroo was trying to tell you. he needs you, now.
“kuroo,” you rasped. you had no idea that your voice would sound like that but it seemed to appease kuroo from the way he was sucking on your neck.
“yes, sweetheart?” he hums into your skin, his hot breath fanning the crook of your neck followed by the cooling wetness of his lips finding its way back to your neck.
“i-i need you.”
you felt him stop in his place, a slight smile spreading on his lips against your skin before continuing. “need me where? i’m already here.”
rolling your eyes, you opened your mouth once again to retort back. instead, your mouth fell open in an empty gasp when you felt kuroo’s hand slither between your legs to cup your pussy. you had no idea that your thighs were clenched until kuroo’s hand had to dig your thighs apart to touch you.
“what, here?” a small hum of approval barely slipped past your lips before a gasp follows as one of his fingers dips between your legs, feathering along your slit over your underwear.
kuroo deftly hooked his finger over the hem of your underwear before pulling it down to your ankles. a small gasp escaped your lips when you felt how exposed you were under his dark eyes that were raking over your figure, finally fixating between your legs. instinctively, you closed your legs out of shyness but instantly felt his rough palms part your legs once again, letting him have a full view of your glistening folds. he couldn’t stop. as he brings you back on the couch, kuroo’s eyes never left your pussy nor did he stop talking about how pretty it was or how beautiful it would be stretched around his cock.
soon enough, his head was lost in between your legs. your back immediately arched as you felt his wet tongue dipped between your lips to drag from your hole, and upwards to your clit. your hand found solace in his dark locks, fingers weaving and tugging at flick of his tongue against your clit.
you felt his lips curl into a smile against your cunt when your walls clenched down on his fingers that were stuffed deep in you. kuroo’s lips then wrapped around your clit, sucking vigorously as his fingers started pounding in and out of your little hole.
“gotta train this virgin pussy for my cock. you sure you could take me?”
at that point, it wasn’t a matter of if you could because you needed him. your eyes would dart between him relishing in your sopping cunt and the cock that twitched against his stomach as he ate you out. you bit your lip, nodding at him, only to let go out of it when you let out a guttural moan as you came all over his fingers. as kuroo retracted his fingers from your pussy, you caught sight of his glistening fingers.
your face flushed at the sight of your slick coating every inch of his fingers, smothered all over his mouth. a deep throb ached between your legs when you watch his tongue swipe against his lips before sucking his fingers in his mouth, tasting you once more.
his hands grabbed your sides, flipping you over on your stomach.
tilting his head, his eyes trails over to your ass — of which he grabbed with his hands with a loud ‘slap’. cold air breezed past your cunt as he parted your cheeks, exposing your glistening cunt to him.
“arch your back a little for me, love. just a little-yes, fuck yes.” as you followed his words, he moaned at your obedience before watching how exposed your cunt was to him in your position.
you were beautiful in every aspect. your slick drips at your cunt and down your thighs, shining under the light above the two of you. taking his hard cock that was resting against his abdomen, he parts your lips with his cock. your hole clenches around nothing as you felt the veins of his cock rub against core. you immediately gasped when you felt something thick nudge at your hole.
his hips bucked forward, finally enveloping his cock with your pussy and oh, did you feel so warm around him. your wet pussy immediately made a wet squelch as his cock penetrates you. the two of you simultaneously moaned at the warm contact. his hands gripped your hips, lifting it as he pulled you back down on his cock. your body shuddered, choking out a sob as you felt so, so full.
“fuck t-tetsuro!” you whined. as he rocked his hips against yours, every ounce of shock and pleasure suffocated you. “oh god, too big. tetsu, too big!”
he ignores you, of course. your mouth says one thing but unlike him, you did not get the chance to watch how your pussy lips stretches out at every admission of his cock into your hole. you did not get the chance to see how your wetness gathered into a translucent ring of white at the base of his cock.
he smirks as you wail, watching your arms shake before giving out under you, your face pressed against the smooth leather of the sofa. it might be too much for you, he muses inwardly, but he can’t stop—it seemed like his hips had a mind of its own, moving to get his dick wet with your arousal.
“you fe-feel ngh…so good in me. fuck me, oh my god.” your whines were muffled against the sofa, hot breath fogging up the surface. soon enough, you were bouncing on his cock on your own accord, your hard nipples rubbing against the leather.
“where—” kuroo choked out between thrusts. not once, did his hips falter as he pistons his cock deeper into your cunt.
“wh-what? what do you mea-oh,” realisation struck you when you felt his fingertips dig into your hips, holding you closer to him as he bucks his hips against yours. “on my…my-“
“my…my,” he snickered, clearly amused at how you were so lost in pleasure that you couldn’t form a simple sentence, “my what, sweetheart?”
“t-tits-ngh! my tits please.”
kuroo cursed under his breath. his head thrummed at the rhythm of his racing heartbeat, the only thought on his mind being your dirty dirty cunt begging to be ruined.
his hands shifted from your hips to your chest, hands squeezing at your mounds. a blissful hum sounded from kuroo’s throat as he felt how hard your nipples were, tempting him to tweak it between his thumb and index finger. instead, kuroo pulls you towards him such that your chest rests against his back before hooking his arms around yours to trap you close to him, with nowhere to run as he fucks you senselessly. at this angle, you could feel his tip hit you in all the right angles deep in your needy pussy. your slick slowly dripped from your hole to coat the length of his cock, dripping onto his balls that were slapping against your ass as he continues spearing you continuously with his cock.
your mouth hangs open, all sense in your head fucked out just by having your pussy stuffed with kuroo’s cock. although all you could muster was mewls and whines of his name, it was clear to him that you were close.
“that’s my girl. y’said you have not fucked anyone before but really, you’re just a dirty dirty girl.”
“are you close for me? you feel so fucking tight for me right now-oh fuck.”
“gonna fuck this pussy until no other cocks can satisfy you.”
every word, every sentence only pushes you further over the edge. kuroo knows that from the way the walls of your cunt tightens around his cock at every plunge of his cock. sniffles sounded from you before you felt the ache in your stomach eased as you gushed all over his cock.
“fucking beautiful” he moaned in your ear, watching you come all over his cock.
kuroo took one last hard thrust into your pussy before he took his cock out of your pussy with a loud squelch. he grabbed your shoulder, swivelling you around to make you face him who was frantically jerking at his cock. you watched as kuroo’s eyes focused on your heaving tits that he was seconds from coming all over, his lips captured by his teeth and forehead glistening with sweat.
his breath came out erratically, followed by a moan as spurts of white shot from his cock, falling onto your tits. kuroo’s cum was warm and thick and he made sure to live up to your demands by coating you with all the cum that he had, until it dribbled down his cock. shifting closer to you with cock still in hand, he rubbed the tip of his cock all over your tits, finishing off by rubbing circles around your nipples. he dipped his head so that he could watch your hazy eyes that was still clouded in lust from the after-math of being fucked senseless.
kuroo moved to catch your lips in his before pulling away, whispering against your lips, “wait till you find out how it feels like to be filled with my cum.”
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