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Wed- iwaizumi obviously. cause then i can do all of the above. wait no i wouldnt kill him. ok u get the point

Bed- kuroo,,,, beautiful man

Behead- suna, i love him im just less attached to him 😢

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Chapter 3: Into the Murky Waters

Read it on AO3 here

A/N: A day late but it’s here!


“I think after we visit the police and get their files we should head back to my place and sort through everything. If we’re lucky we might be able to visit one or two of the crime scenes before the sun goes down, but it would be best for us to all have the same idea of what’s going on.” You speak while putting your arms through your coat, the cold air hitting your face as the group walks down the streets.

“Sounds like a plan to us.” Nodding, Iwaizumi pipes up and leads the group further along the streets of Yokohama.

The police station is busy as officers pace quickly through the corridors, quietly chatting amongst themselves. Two men stand by a desk, one looking up for a brief moment before nudging the other with sickly green hair. The latter frowns upon seeing your faces, but walks over. 

“Officer Suguru, nice to see you again.” Kuroo speaks, a sly smile spread across his lips when he sees the man. You recognize the officer as well, having worked a handful of cases with him, although he treats everyone at the agency as though they are lesser than.

“Can’t say the same about you.” His voice is stern, almost spiteful while his eyes glaze over the group lined up.

Alrighty then,” you interject. “We’re just here to pick up the files and maybe ask some quick questions, then we can get out of your hair. Sound good?”

Suguru makes eye contact with you and clicks his tongue. “Follow me.” He turns on his heel and starts to walk off, not bothering to see if you all follow. “ We’ve been covering this case for about a month and a half with absolutely no leads. As soon as we think of something, a piece of info pops up that discredits the entire theory. I told the chief not to bring you weirdos into this but we’re starting to get desperate considering the media still doesn’t know.”

“Figures,” Oikawa pipes up. “Once they know it about this they’re gonna be up your asses.”

“Thanks. Not helpful.” Suguru shoves the handle down on a door and pushes it open with his hip. Inside the doorway is a conference room with one box sat on the long table. “This is what we’ve got so far.”

Iwaizumi walks over and pops the top off. “That’s it?”

“Yeah.” The box isn’t even half full. You assume that most of its contents had already been given to you by Takeda and Ukai. “Again, we called you freaks to help us.” Suguru stands by the door, arms crossed.

“Well, if you don’t mind, we can take these off of your hands and we’ll let you know if we have any questions.” Ever the charmer, Oikawa puts the lid back on top of the box, and slides it off the table and into his arms. Suguru has a displeased look on his face, but doesn’t respond to the banter. “Tell the Chief I said bye!”

The four of you hastily make your way out of the office, away from the prying eyes of countless officers. With a sigh, Kuroo lets his shoulders relax. “I knew from the first step inside that place that they wouldn’t be any fucking help.”

“As soon as I saw Suguru I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.” The thought of the green haired piece of shit makes you mentally gag. “It would be better for us to just get back to my apartment and go over it ourselves.”

With a silent agreement, everyone quickens their pace to the subway.

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I told myself i wouldn’t do angst for this fandom but i’m having feels about quentin and eliot again so i’m softening the pain with anime anyway have this magicians au

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“I’m just a really nice person.”

• Haikyuu!! Rewatch Gifs → [13/?]

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a/n: this request is so cute!! thank you so much for the idea, i hope you love it darling!!


  • it wasn’t a bad idea when iwaizumi offered to help you carry your stuff since he noticed how much you’re struggling to carry them at once
  • you gladly accepted the offer as he trailed beside you while the both of you made your way to class
  • unfortunately, the same time it occurred, oikawa was slaughtered by some of his fangirls, saying how cute it was for iwa to carry your stuff
  • the fact that the girls’ reaction were so genuine, giggles muffling through their mouth just caught him off and he actually thought they were joking
  • and well, that was until he decided to wait outside your class, and seeing the sight of you and his bestfriend was much of a sore eye
  • oikawa gave out a small hmph, childishly walking over to where you are before forcefully tugging your stuff from iwa’s arms.
  • “oi, shittyka-”
  • “iwa-chan! i was supposed to be the one to do all of these to MY s/o!”
  • “hey-” “don’t HEY me! shoo away!”


  • it was all his fault if we’re going to be honest
  • atsumu was having another of those unruly fights with osamu, too focused on punching each others’ guts while you and the rest of the team had to watch from the sidelines
  • the more time passes by, the closer they’re getting to where you were standing
  • and this of course, doesn’t go noticed by the two idiots
  • your boyfriend was about to deck a punch across samu’s face and he immediately moves to avoid his fist
  • through osamu’s eyes, it all happens in slow motion, his sight quickly moves to where you are, seeing how atsumu’s fist is close to accidentally making contact with your nose
  • and that’s when samu uses his palm to stop his twin, having the perfect timing to where atsumu’s eyes widens when his fist is a centimeter close to your face
  • he freezes for a sec, having osamu clicking his tongue in annoyance
  • “woah, did you see that? osamu just stopped his twin from hurting y/n-“
  • “kinda romantic you say”
  • “ahh when he gets protective~”
  • with a snap of the finger, atsumu turns to look over the group of students who were watching
  • “yeah, but if it wasn’t for him then y/n would’ve gotten hurt.” suna cuts him off with a tone of duh


  • this never should have happened
  • but you just wanted to have your fun, so what part of that should kuroo go against hm?
  • while he was practicing his spikes and blocks with the third and second years, lev had his break and so you decided to have a lil moment with him
  • yk that parent child relationship
  • lev was much taller than you. so you wanted to know what it felt like to be the same height as him
  • he suggested you’d climb on his back while he circles the whole gym as you experience what it feels like to be “nekomas ace”
  • you were hyped!! beyond excited to the point where you giggled when you were positioned behind lev
  • his hands helps your legs in position, your arms circling around his neck while he runs around the gym
  • at first, kuroo didn’t care- he was actually chuckling by himself when you and lev had your cute moment
  • your small laughs made him feel relaxed and so he didn’t have the heart to stop you from what you were doing
  • a bunch of students passes by the gym and sees you and lev from the opened doors
  • “aww, they’re so cute! i wish a had a romantic relationship like them too~”
  • “cuties~”
  • as soon as those comments reaches through kuroo’s ears, his mind goes blank for a split second
  • and now he’s like, “okay, first of all. what the fuck?
  • the fact that some people assumed that you and lev were dating is what makes him feel angered
  • his eyes narrows, feet unconsciously moving to where you were with lev
  • “lev, yaku is calling you for practice, you better stop lazying around and go back to the court.”
  • says some lame excuse just to stop people from cooing at your interaction
  • lev doesn’t even notice how irritated kuroo is rn, he just happily nods!!
  • he puts you back to the ground before jogging back to the net
  • and before you could even give your boyfriend a reply, he pulls your wrist forward, kissing you straight on the lips. then lets you go and walks away
  • you could feel his smirk when he turns away from you. the betrayal 😀


  • so there was this morning assembly in school and everyone had to be present
  • the chairs were assembled well, having a seat for every student
  • fake news tho. you came in late by that time and to your surprise you didn’t have an extra seat
  • you were standing further in the corner, a few meters close to where the third years were seated
  • luckily for you, bokuto was seated on the back row, he grins as widely when he sees you, waving over while you gave him a smile back
  • long story short he offered you his seat, changing places with you and now he’s the one standing behind you, hands holding the back of your chair
  • this doesn’t go unnoticed to some students. while the assembly was on going, some were whispering how cute it was for bokuto to offer his seat to you
  • it shortly goes through akaashi, who has been seated a little further away from the back row
  • “did you see how bokuto offered his seat to y/n?”
  • “yeah, and apparently he’s leaning behind them right now”
  • “that’s so cute!”
  • akaashi raises an eyebrow when he hears your name
  • the girls were giggling to themselves, and he casually turns his back to where bokuto was seated
  • he sighs at the sight, eyes narrowing while avoiding the way his body was eager to stand up and hold your hand right then and there
  • he just wants to let everyone know that the both of you are dating :(
  • he had to wait for classes to end, seeing you during practice so he can wordlessly entangle his fingers with yours
  • akaashi doesn’t say anything, but he’s been feeling lowkey touch starved
  • wants to feel atleast his arm making contact with yours
  • he’s been standing closer to you than ever, making sure that your shoulders are touching
  • he even asks you to wear his jacket the next day
  • “hm? what’s this jacket for keiji?”
  • “just incase you get cold. and plus, you need it more than i do.”
  • you grin, “okay! i love youu~”
  • “i love you more :)”
  • all that just to let the whole school know where you stand <3
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I’m matching you up with Kuroo!

First of all, you said you were smart and god I hope you can deal with his stupid little science puns. While Kuroo isn’t attached to you at the hip, I think he’d call you out a little for not taking good care of yourself. Just little texts reminding you/asking you if you ate, asking you what you’re doing, etc. He loves that you’re giving and you care for others, but Kuroo might encourage you to be selfish a little. Even if it’s just with him (it’s fine he finds it hot).

He doesn’t seem like the type who’ll go all out for every relationship milestone, but pls he’s such a good boyfriend. He has the perfect balance between Clingy Behind Closed Doors, yet understands that as an individual you want/need your own little space sometimes.

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okay, wait. give me a moment to gather my thoughts 😳

kuroo tetsuro will definitely fuck you on a desk. not JUST his desk, ANY desk you’re at. it doesn’t matter whose desk it is - gods, it could be the president’s desk and he wouldn’t care - he simply wants you to sit on it and open your pretty legs, wants you to cage him in.

his thrusts are fast, his kisses are sloppy. he wants to pleasure you - wants you to beg for his big, fat cock. he wants you to scratch his back, leave evidence of what you’ve done.

“aren’t you a pretty kitten? cumming all over this expensive desk, hm?” he will ask, grip on your thigh strong - he’ll sure leave a bruise, but it’s not like you care. they are vulgar; purple, hot. “c’mon, kitten. what’s on your mind?”

you can’t answer, though. and he takes that as a good sign - he’s left you too pleased, you can’t even talk, probably can’t think properly.

his favorite thing when he’s taking you on a desk? your fucked out expression. your mascara is ruined; black streaks running down your cheeks. your red lipstick? smudged. it only adds on to how pretty you look, he thinks - your tear filled eyes, your parted lips.

kuroo can’t get enough of just that, though. he’ll sit down on the chair - one of the fancy ones, it looks like a throne - and you’ll sit on his dick; bounce on it until your cum is spilling in his cock, making a sticky mess.

and after that? you’ll suck him off. he loves the way you clean the mess up - loves the way you make him feel, the way your tear filled eyes look up at him, how your wet lashes look curlier.

of course, kuroo tetsuro is always kind and lets you touch yourself while you suck him off. he likes the way you make yourself moan with your pretty fingers, likes the way your whines send vibrations all through his cock.

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I love you a lot. | BoKuroAka


A/N: omg hi miaaaaaaaa thank you for requesting and i’m sorry it took so long but i hope you still like it hehe i have no idea how to write cheesy fics but a;lsdkfj i try my best @ticklygiggles

Summary: Kuroo and Akaashi find Bokuto crying in the living room and try to figure out what’s wrong. 

BoKuroAka + 23. “H-How long have you been standing there?”


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no matter the amount of times you tell tetsuro that he can’t stay at the library past 9, he’s still going to be standing near the doors waiting to walk you to your dorm.

you walk ahead of him, already used to the routine you’ve fallen into. and to others it looks as though tetsu’s chasing after someone that wants nothing to do with him - which could be the case - but he couldn’t care less. he knows that he isn’t ‘chasing’ because you’ll always be there to meet him halfway, rather it be slowing your pace or waiting for him in front of your dorm building, he knows he’s not the only one putting in a little effort.

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nekoma masterlist

kenma kozume

study date hc’s with kou minamoto, denki kaminari, kenma kozume, and yuu nishinoya.

kuroo tetsuro

none at the moment!

lev haiba

none at the moment!

morisuke yaku

none at the moment!

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PART FIFTEEN | masterlist


“So you’re saying.. what?!” said Kuroo, confused

You were telling them on how the three of you could escape the beach faster, from what you heard from Chishiya

“I’m saying, I’m going to spy on the bastard’s room and try to find how since he’s so smart.” you rolled your eyes, tone turning to a mocking one at the last part

“What if they catch you?!” Akaashi exclaimed, widening his eyes. You stretch your arms and let yourself fall into Akaashi’s bed

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a/n: you’re so sweet for this! i hope you’re having a great day darling, i hope you love it <3


  • his first instinct is to laugh at you like a damn hyena
  • he wouldn’t even hesitate to show you how he’s literally dying out of laughter. he REALLY doesn’t give a fuck


“dont. say. a word.”

he looks over to you, who was rubbing your cheek to where the phone landed on. kuroo leans further against you, an arm wrapping around your shoulder, mockingly biting his lip to stop himself from smiling. “does your cheeks need the massage, kitten?”

you groan, “tetsu! shut up!”

and that’s when he actually laughs, showing no sign of mercy while he pulls his phone to text kenma what just happened.


  • he finds it a little cute, a soft smile looms over his lips while he picks the phone up from your face
  • he chuckles before kissing the tip of your nose

“you have to be careful next time, sweetheart.” akaashi silently laughs, his body laying sidewards so he could face you. he uses his fingertips to sweep your hair to the side while you pout.

“keiji, it’s not funny!”

“i never said it was, y/n.”

you huff, “it’s really obvious from the way you’re smiling right now!”

he waves off your statement, laying one last kiss over the area your phone had fell on before ushering to take a long nap with you.


  • poor bby is so concerned
  • though, he’s finding it a little funny, the way your face frowns is what makes him rethink his feelings otherwise.

“baby!! are you okay?!”

“y-yeah kou, just a little shocked about it-“

“do you need ice? how much does it hurt baby? do you need me to massage it?” he panics even more, “we don’t need to go to the hospital for this right?!?!?!?”

please calm him down!! he loves you too much and you just couldn’t help but grin at how your boyfriend is looking at you with doe eyes filled with worry and pain.

you reassure him it’s okay, telling him that you instead needed his cuddles and kisses.

he happily jumps on top of you, speading big fat smooches over your face while your giggles is what keeps him from going.

“i hope this makes you feel better!! POWER HUG!!”


  • now he’s the really concerned one
  • kita blinks for a while before observing your expression, then holding your cheek, caressing the area where your phone had landed on

“love? are you okay?”

you smile, gazing over kita who continues to cradle your cheek. “i’m fine shin!”

he sends you a sweet smile too, tugging your face closer to land a kiss over your temple, then he lets your head rest against his shoulder, making sure you don’t lie down with your phone up in the air ever again.


  • has the biggest shocked expression
  • he stares at your for a split second before asking if you’re okay, immediately taking your phone away while he moves his face closer to yours so he could inspect you

“baby, i’m fine, i swear!” you tell atsumu for the ninth time and he just scrunches his eyebrows in response.

“are ya sure?! that was a really hard fall yknow?” he pouts.

a thought then appears on his mind, letting out a short hum before looking at you determined.

“ya wouldn’t get mad if i stomp on your phone for a sec, right?”

“tsumu, baby no-“

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-ˋˏ  haikyuu characters as messages my friends sent me ˎˊ-


“after the earthquake the first thing that my grandma did was check the bacardi on the top shelf” ➜ noya, ennoshita, fukunaga, mattsun, akaashi, tendo, komori, atsumu, osamu, hoshiumi, sachiro

“what‘s the title of the song that goes “all i do is win win win no matter what”?” ➜ noya, asahi, KAGEYAMA, HINATA, yachi, LEV, kindaichi, koganegawa, aone, BOKUTO, USHIWAKA, goshiki, kita

“your feet were as dark as my future” (her feet were so dirty) ➜ asahi, kinoshita, narita, TSUKI, yams, kai, akaashi, taichi, komori, gin, suna

“i had pneumonia once, i loved it. lmao there was one time i couldn’t even breathe” ➜ TANAKA, kuroo, kenma, fukunaga, MAKKI, KUNIMI, TENDO, osamu

“i’m about to eat dick” *sends pic of candy shaped like a dick* ➜ NOYA, TANAKA, kuroo, yaku, FUKUNAGA, MAKKI, MATTSUN, BOKUTO, TENDO, hoshiumi

“i haven’t had sex in a long time i feel like my virginity has been void” ➜ suga, SAEKO, kuroo, yamamoto, oikawa, MAKKI, MATTSUN, YAHABA, konoha, yamagata, TERUSHIMA

“remember in high school when we would tell the teacher we were going to the comfort room but we would comeback with food hidden in our skirt pockets” ➜ SAEKO

“fuck you i didn’t have any data but i got some just to reply to you” ➜ daichi, tsuki, yaku, inuoka, iwa, futakuchi, konoha, semi, SHIRABU, aran, atsumu, suna

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