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#kuroo tetsuro x reader

on their backs

fukunaga, mattsun, aone, akaashi, ushiwaka, sakusa, kita

idk where it started but have you guys seen that post about people who sleep on their backs are wack?? yeah definitely not,, these guys find it more comfortable to sleep on their backs and barely moving throughout the night, it’s also hard to cuddle with them so good luck. they also probably sleep like a log lol

on their side

daichi, kageyama, tsukii, kiyoko, kai, iwa, aran, osamu, sachiro

normal people who switch sides when they sleep, but i also feel like they turn so much in their sleep that it’s disturbing like you could be enjoying your sleep but you keep on feeling the bed shift cause they twist and turn around all night?!!,, these bitches love to cuddle or to be cuddled

falling off the bed

hinata, noya, yamamoto, futakuchi, gin, hoshiumi

idk why but these guys seem like the type of duded to roll off their beds in the middle of the night and have the audacity to wonder why they wake up on the cold floor the next morning,, probably sleeps like a rock as well HAHA

on their tummy

tanaka, yachi, kuroo, oikawa, konoha, suna

i feel like these people just plop down on the bed and call it a night,, like if they share a bed with you they would not care if they’re laying on top of you and literally just sleep right away,, but at the same time it’s kinda hot idk esp for the boys when they wake up and you see their bare back and their muscles when they move hehe also if you varound they probably keep an arm around you

fetal position

suga, asahi, kenma, goshiki, komori, atsumu

yoo hear me out on this one, i feel like these guys get easily cold?? that’s why they sleep in a fetal position even if they have a blanket on them, they like to conserve body heat idk and sometimes probably sleeps on the edge of the bed and fall off the bed once or twice a week and wakes up with a bump on their head because of it

sprawled out like a starfish

tadashi, yaku, makki, kaganegawa, bokuto, tendo, terushima

sleeps without a care in the world, like literally they sleep with their limbs stretched out like you have no space in the bed to sleep,, probably rolls around the bed also like one hour they have their head facing the headboard then the next they’re flipped over like a complete 180 like how tf did you spin in your sleep?!?!!?

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𝙱𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚙 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜 |

Includes: Miya Atsumu, Kuroo Tetsurou, Suna Rintarou, Sakusa Kiyoomi

A/n: I needed to write angst bc I’ve been going through it alright haha wow I hate men: this is also unedited

Tw: angst, mentions of friends with benefits


𝙰𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚞 𝙼𝚒𝚢𝚊

— Atsumu truly thought you were the light of his life. You weren’t just someone he loved dearly, you had become his best friend and the person he could rely on whenever he needed it.

— He adored you more than he could’ve ever imagined. But maybe he should’ve taken the relationship more serious, maybe he should’ve let you know how much he truly cared for you instead of pushing you away out of fear.

— Everything you said to him always repeated itself like a broken record whenever he closed his eyes.

— Lying awake during sleepless nights had become almost unbearable everytime he imagined the way you cried, imagined the way you told him that you just couldn’t do this anymore.

— He wanted everything to work out, he really did and he was trying his best to make sure that you feel appreciated and loved.

— But maybe he fell short. Maybe he just wasn’t the man to make you smile anymore; to give you butterflies each and every time he kissed your lips.

— He would berate himself for his faults and shortcomings, he knew he wasn’t always the best boyfriend but he tried.

— He can’t focus during games, his serves always hitting the net and falling short because he couldn’t seem to focus on anything except for your empty seat within the crowd.

— Where you would normally be sitting was an empty seat, cold and unreserved as he watched someone else sit there.

— Something must’ve snapped inside of him when he saw another girl sitting there, his heart aching in his chest as he turned around and screamed at her to get up, to don’t ever sit there ever again.

— He felt bile begin to rise in his throat as he lowered his gaze, his fists clenched as he tried to shake off this unimaginable pain he felt.

— His ears were ringing and he felt tears beginning to pool beneath his eyes before he walked off court, the locker room door swinging open before he leaned his forehead against the wall, wondering why you weren’t there and why he just wasn’t enough

“Please just come back to me, I can’t do this”


𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚘 𝚃𝚎𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚞

Kuroo never let his emotions influence his decisions regardless of the outcome. But when it came to you, he couldn’t be cynical. He adored you and valued your emotions more than his own.

— He was always there for you, never leaving you alone whenever you needed someone the most.

— He wanted you to feel loved, wanted you to feel secure as long as he was by your side.

— So why did you have to leave, where did you go? Why couldn’t you have come to him in confidence about your doubts and insecurities, why couldn’t you trust him?

— He felt as if a part of him was being destroyed within and he couldn’t even begin to grasp what type of hold you had on his emotions.

— He desperately tried to talk to you, he tried so hard to reach out and make things right again but you only gave him a cold and unmoving stare before slipping out of his grasp once more.

— “(Y/n), please just talk to me, please that’s all I want.”

— It was hard for him to stay focused during class because his mind was plagued with the image of you talking to another guy in the halls, a sweet smile on your lips as he spoke. The same smile you always looked up at him with.

— Seeing you smile like that at someone other than him made his blood boil, it made his hands twitch in anger and it made his jaw tense as he watched as the boys eyes flickered towards his briefly before returning to you.

— He couldn’t help but feel enraged by the sight before him, what did this guy have that he didn’t?

— When he finally gained the strength to turn around, he felt his heart shatter upon realizing that he couldn’t bear to see you with anyone other than him.

— “I hope he makes you happy, but please just know that I love you.”


𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝚁𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚞

He had said he didn’t want anything serious with you when you were laying by his side, completely bare and vulnerable for only his eyes.

You remembered those heavy words, the words that caused you an immense amount of pain when they finally settled and registered.

When you nodded slightly and turned your back towards him, he knew it was for the best. He knew he couldn’t be what you truly desired; he couldn’t be there to emotionally support you and hold you up in your times of need.

He wanted to, believe me, he wanted to more than anything but he was doubting himself because of his own insecurities.

Being friends with benefits was the closest thing he could think of that would slightly resemble that of a relationship.

— He wanted to hold you close to his chest and tell you that he loved you because truthfully, he did.

It caused a war in his mind knowing that may never feel that way towards him, so the closest thing to being able to hold you close and kiss your lips without having to spill his truth was having sex with you.

He knew it was selfish to keep his thoughts to himself. He knew it was selfish to be insecure and doubt himself without even understanding how you felt about him.

He was insecure. He didn’t want to drag you down into his mess and ruin something so perfect; someone worthy of someone so much better than him.

When he pulled his shirt over his head and stood up from your bed, head hanging low as he ran a hand through his hair and looked down at you with the look of distraught in his eyes, you could’ve sworn the world around you began to crumble

You deserve better than this so I think I’m gonna just go, sorry.”


𝚂𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚜𝚊 𝙺𝚒𝚢𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚒

His silence had often been mistaken for a lack of empathy and understanding. You seemed to be the only person who understood his silence, the only person who could read him without assuming what he was thinking.

Loving you was effortless, you made loving easy.

— you were someone who Sakusa knew that he could rely on if need be, and you were someone who he could trust wholeheartedly without a single doubt.

You’d become close during your time spent by his side in highschool. You made him experience a joy he’d never felt before and it changed his outlook on life greatly.

When he joined MSBY, it seemed as if he was finally pursuing his goal of playing volleyball professionally and he had you to support him through his journey.

It wasn’t that he was neglecting how you felt, he thought you already knew how grateful he was for you.

Expressing his gratitude and love for you was something he once did often, but as the days grew longer and the nights grow shorter, it seemed as if he had almost forgotten about your feelings completely.

He was always exhausted after practice and understandably so, but when he began snapping at you for minor inconveniences and for simply touching him, you began to feel yourself slipping away from him.

To him, you were the one who was making things difficult and he failed to recognize how much his words had impacted your relationship.

So when he came home to an empty apartment, the lights off and a folded note left on the front table, he felt his blood run cold.

You hadn’t been sleeping with him at night and he had failed to ask you as to why you’d been distancing yourself from him.

You hadn’t been touching him or even really sparing him a glance because of the tension that he ultimately created.

How had he not noticed how he had been making you feel? Had he really been engendering you all this time without realizing?

He dropped his duffel bag on the floor and he unfolded the note you had left for him and he read the words you wrote over and over again until they finally settled.

Sakusa never thought he would know what it felt like to lose you. All this time you’d slowly been slipping away and it broke him knowing that it was his fault.

Kiyoomi, I need time alone. I’m sorry, I just don’t think I can be with someone who takes me for granted. I love you but sometimes you make loving hard.”

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Hello to anyone that reads this, should I open a ko-fi account for commissions and/or donations?? I just want to ask this because as of today I only have 3 more drawing requests and once I finish all of them I would only have 18 vacant sheets on my watercolor pad and I plan to save some for drawing commissions from my city here in the Philippines. The main reason as to why I want to open such is to support my passion without needing to ask money from my parents because they already have spent quite a large sum with ceiling repairs (3 rooms) and etc. Thank you!

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++ missed you // kuroo x reader


kuroo gets home from a business trip and it’s been a while. basically 2k+ of foreplay bc i have no self control

pairing: kuroo tetsuro x f!reader 

wc: 2.3k

warnings: 18+, smut, voyeurism ? (u watch him jerk off), oral (both receiving), fingering, teasing, edging


i missed you so much

his voice is breathy and rough, half growl half sigh, as he assaults your neck with open mouthed kisses, punctuated with delicate nips of his teeth. one hand is entangled in your hair while the other grips your waist, pulling you in as close as possible while you straddle him on the couch.

you weren’t able to make it to the bedroom. from the moment your boyfriend returned from his business trip, both of you were too impatient for each other’s touch.

“i missed you too, tetsu” you whisper back between mewls, your hands clutching greedily at your lover’s messy black locks. your hips seem to move on their own, grinding into the hardness that’s already starting to form in his pants. a low hum of approval reverberates from the crook of your neck.

“you have no idea how much i thought about you, baby,” his hot breath travels up your neck until you can feel it on your ear, where his gravelly voice whispers, “lost count of how many time i fucked my fist to the thought of you while i was gone.”

his words send a shiver straight to your core as he tugs lightly on your earlobe with his teeth. suddenly, an idea dawns on you. you break away from him, a heated glint in your eyes as you lean back to look at him. kuroo stares back at you in a puzzled daze.

“show me.”

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how kuroo fell in love with u brainrot headcanon

- i just know this man doesn’t have that many girl friends

- and he doesnt rlly approach anyone that easily

- so yall guys became seatmates one time

-then one time kuroo cracked a lame ass joke, my guy didnt expect for u to ride his silly jokes

-yall became so close u two shares inside jokes that only the both of u know

-kuroo is a talkative guy to his close friends. he always packs a lot of gossips. as the moment he saw u in class he will never shut up-

-will definitely join u wth your friends at lunch sometime

-asks u if u wanna watch him play on their afternoon volleyball practice 

-will offer to walk u home after that

-loves to treat u without him noticing. treats u with snacks after school, will buy u things that reminds him of u, brings u to different boba shops, etc

-lover boy doesnt even know he’s already a SIMP-

-when kuroo trusts u enough for him to tell u about his family problems yup yup he’s a goner

-he even calls u late at night just for him to let out his frustrations.

-he will eventually make u talk about your day or life. he doesnt even realized he just wants to hear you talk to him, laugh with him, he wants to know u more !


-and when u both ended the call thats when kuroo realized he’s in love with his best friend.

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A/N: This is not silly at all! It’s so cute to write, thank you for bestowing me with this anon. It’s my attempt at anything nsfw-ish so (please forgive) I hope I can do your request justice.

Also, you are gorgeous and the right person will love you no matter what, even if you don’t sometimes. 💕

Warnings: insecurities, vague nsfw hints (characters aged up)



Originally posted by sykuui

Kuroo Tetsurō:

• The Captain was careful when crossing your boundaries so it was perfectly consensual to be sitting in his lap like this with his lips leaving pleasure on your lips and neck.

• Until his skilled fingers tips gracefully glide up your spine underneath your clothing - you nearly falling off and onto the floor of not for his fast reflexes.

“I knew you’d fallen for me, but you didn’t have to physically prove it (Y/n)~”

“You- you didn’t feel anything did you?”


• That second he knew something was up, startled jump or not. So you explained how you had a thin layer of hair covering various areas of your body and how you felt about it. Of course, Tetsurō listened thoroughly, thumb running up and down your forearm in a comforting manner.

• “It’s like ‘peach fuzz’, it’s cute and soft.” Kuroos’ smile was innocent, factual knowledge he’d picked up from somewhere but it was unexpected to you.

"That’s not… I don’t know what I wanted to hear but…”

“I don’t know what to tell you, I adore every inch of you, I wish you could see yourself the way I do. Love you like I do - so I’ll have to show you.”

• And oh he did. His touches remained gentle this time, rough strokes quickly amending themselves into loving caresses that left your back arching.

• There was no remaining thoughts to linger on your insecurities, far too consumed with believing everything Kuroo had told you mere moments ago.

• “Maybe I should call you peachy from now on? For multiple reasons, primary one being you’re sweet.” Hovering over you, his husky voice and scheming smirk left you pushing him away with faux annoyance.

“I hate you Kuroo.”

“No, I’m kidding sweetheart! Please, love me~”


Originally posted by feitansrisingsun

Tsukishima Kei:

• Intimacy became natural with time, both growing comfortable in one another presence - especially once pinned to his bedroom wall. However, the quietest pleas of “Wait, wait.” left Tsukishima pulling away from you in concern as your hands darted to pull the tips of his fingers from nearly breaching your stomach.

“I’m not - I have - I’ve always had small hairs in that area.”

• It was a moment of silence, the Middle Blocker raising a bemused brow before shaking his head.

“I don’t care (Y/n).”

“…oh.” Sensing your anxieties, your boyfriend (attempted to) amended his bluntness.

Look, I mean it doesn’t bother me. You’re still you.” Kei was hesitant when he’d spoken, being better with action rather than meaningful words even at 18. So it was a forehead kiss that accompanied them.

• Things grew heated once more, warm hands exploring what clothes were made to hide and you couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy it. His movements didn’t hesitate when grazing areas you’d deemed less favourable, nor was any pleasure lost wherever he went.

• "Dinosaurs were covered with scales, feathers and potentially fur and I love those. I don’t see the problem.”

“Are you saying I’m a dinosaur Kei?” Though a try at reassuring you, it left a curious look on your features and the quiet mumbles of an explanation following left you melting underneath him once more.

“I’m saying that I love you… no matter what…”


Originally posted by usernameaelaaa

Yamaguchi Tadashi:

• This boy is already as nervous as it gets, it’s at times like this he wishes he could ask his upperclassmen for advice - but being a third year means he is the upperclassman.

• It’s when you gasp mid way through undressing, his fingers retreating from caressing your skin as you wrap your arms yourself.

“Sorry (Y/n)! What did I do wrong, are you uncomfortable? We can st-“

“No, it’s not you Tadashi. I just - I got a bit self conscious…”

• Yamaguchi paused momentarily, eyes gracing your body before meeting yours in pure admiration with a hint of concern.

“You know I think you’re beautiful, what… what is it?”

“My hair, it’s there.” A vague general gesture hovered over your torso, unable to meet the soft gaze of your boyfriend.

• “Don’t worry, it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

Yamaguchi, I know but still.”

“(Y/n), you don’t mind my freckles right?”

“What?! No, I think they’re beautiful - why would-“ You almost seemed offended, a bubbling anger surfacing at how he found fault in himself as you argued back.


Oh. That was his perspective too.

• How could you not kiss him after that, Yamaguchi being caught off guard at first but soon melding into your warmth. Falling back onto his bed and gladly bring you down with him.

• Admittedly, more than understanding was shared in those delicate moments, hot touches reaffirming that every part of you was intoxicating with honey-like whispers drowning out any insecurities for the night.



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kuroo’s voice is deep next to you. his arm is draped over your stomach. your leg is thrown over his torso. it’s the simple things that make your heart fly.

“it’s you.”

his phone’s brightness is up to it’s maximum level, and you squint your eyes — whining at the harsh blue light. he rolls his eyes, thumb swiping up, swiping down, and lowering it just for you.

you raise an eyebrow, “that’s a kitty,” you inspect the image even closer, head raising upwards, “a very grumpy looking kitty.”

“i know,” he takes his phone away from your confused eyes, cackling, “it’s very fitting, don’t you think?”

he looks at you with a small smirk, and bites his lip to prevent himself from laughing again. you were just proving his point. wearing his hoodie that was two sizes too large for you. your eyebrows are furrowed, and a pout rests on your lips. you could have been that kitten in your past life. you probably were.

kuroo was going to do something (that being kiss you) but your mischievous voice interrupts midway.

“look,” this time, you show him your phone. shoving it right underneath his dark irises with a ferocious grin plastered all over your face, “it’s you.”

kuroo’s mouth falls open.

“now—now tha—that’s just rude!”

you start to lose it. you clutch you stomach, phone falling with your hand. your boyfriend simply watches you kick your legs back and forth. under any other circumstance he would’ve drowned in your harmonious laughter. but his humiliation was shooting through the roof.

“you think you’re real funny, don’t you?” he crosses his arms when you make no plans of stopping your giggling.

“m-mhm.” you manage to say between laughter. the image of kuroo’s face when you first showed him the cursed picture attacks your mind again. tears form in your eyes, “oh— oh god.”

his cheeks burn. both at your adorable antics. he wanted to kill you and kiss you at the same time. a thought clouds his head and he smiles. hands wrap around your stomach. you freeze.

“he-hey!” fingers trail along your skin, and you wheeze when they begin to wiggle. they feel like feathers. ants all over your body. you can only continue laughing, “qui—quit it!”

kuroo only pulls you closer, “now, now,” and his hands only speed up, “why don’t you laugh some more?”

tears fall freely from your eyes. your cheeks feel heavy. stomach twists with knots. even his lips feel ticklish against your skin.

“tet—tetsurou!” you holler, trying to escape by moving closer to the edge of his bed “i—i can’t breathe—“ until,

a thump is heard on the floor. kuroo’s hands are empty. immediate concern fills his brain. he peers downwards, “are you okay?!”

you sit on your butt, legs bent. you stare at your lover with anger, frustration, vexation— but above all, with a warm heart. his hair was far more better than the picture (you suppose). and you’d be his kitten anyday.

you get up and tackle him in your arms. he falls backwards, as you cage him between. you smile at one another,


and press your lips together. like feathers.


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NAGI: This mf is so skeptical and not interested in it at all. Nagi only wants to know after he hears his friends and their gfs talk about zodiac signs. He starts calling it ‘witchcraft’ when you explain the basic traits of a Taurus. Please keep calling him out, his ass gonna start saying ‘No baby I’m not even like that 🤔’ mf if you don’t go play on your ps5 that I bought you and be quiet….❤️

KENJI: He starts getting mad after you explain the basics and then start dragging his entire chart. He’s so petty he starts subtweeting you on his main…Kenji babe you know we can see that right…?? Let him get himself together, he’ll come back around I promise.

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more timeskip kuroo thirst god bless 🙇🏻‍♀️ pls i can’t stop thinking about this that’s so fucking hot

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Summary: The fact that Y/N and Atsumu Miya’s marriage is a rocky ride is an understatement. Atsumu is an emotionally constipated fool who deals with anger issues. Growing up while seeing an unhealthy relationship, Y/N has no idea how healthy relationships work. Caught in a whirlwind of supressed feelings and denial, they struggle to keep the flame of their high-school love alive, but can a relationship survive on these dwindled down embers? And the fact that a sudden encounter with Kuroo Tetsurou distorts Y/N’s existing ideals about healthy relationships doesn’t help her marriage at all.

Pairing: Atsumu miya x female reader, Kuroo Tetsurou x female reader

Genres and warnings: fluff, angst ( a hell lot of angst, because I’m a sadist lmao), heartbreak, swearing, mild and non-graphic sexual contact, toxic relationship, manipulation, mild violence, self-depreciation

Note: I recommend listening to Hozier’s “Cherry Wine”, the story is themed around the song, and the story makes more sense if you’ve listened to the song. Plus, I wrote the story while listening an infinite loop of that song, so its only natural that I want everyone else to listen to it as well XD. I absolutely adore Hozier’s music, if you haven’t guessed already.

The OC is very emotionally dependent in the first few chapters, but it gets better as she slowly rediscovers herself. I do not support any form of physical or emotional abuse, nor does this fic glorify any kind of abusive behaviours.

All characters are aged up, and the events occur in post-timeskip timeline.

(Atsumu is an absolute sweetheart in the anime T_T it broke my heart to make him an asshole in this fic (ಥ﹏ಥ) don’t let this fic influence your opinion of the actualy Tsumu in any way, I love that boy so much (˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ))

A huge thanks to my friend @delphic04​ for being a beta reader for this story and correcting the batshit crazy number of grammatical errors and plot holes. Idk what I’d do without you ˚‧º·(˃̣̣̥∩˂̣̣̥)‧º·˚

And thanks to @cafemiya​ for giving me inspiration to write after a really, really long time. Go read her fic “handmade heaven” ya’ll its such a masterpiece hfjfhgfhfhgfhgfhfg- I cantt (ok i need to stop fangirling now lmao XD

This is my first fic on tumblr, I hope you enjoy it! More parts to come soon( soon=when I finish a shitload of assignments I had been putting off for too long).


                                ╔═════ ∘◦ ✾ ◦∘ ══════╗

                                              Chapter 1
                                ╚═════ ∘◦ ❈ ◦∘ ══════╝


⏪ ▶️ ⏩

“Calls of guilty thrown at me
All while she stains
The sheets of some other”

⏪ ⏸️ ⏩

(Present day, 4th year of marriage with Atsumu)


You sat on your couch, draining your 5th glass of wine while blankly staring at the golden wristwatch adorning your wrist. While softly brushing your fingers against the painful gash on your left cheek, you detach the silver lock on the watch and let it dangle from your fingers. When had he gifted you this? Right, it was on your 2nd anniversary. The fact you both had held together this shipwreck of a relationship for for two more years, was nothing less than a miracle. Looking back, you should’ve seen the signs, you should have seen the storm coming.

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𝒔𝒊𝒃𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈  𝒕𝒆𝒙𝒕𝒔

pairings kuroo x gn! reader, kenma x gn! reader, akaashi x gn! reader, bokuto x gn! reader
tags fluff , humour
authors note i want to be their sister more than their girlfriend :/
summary basically y/n giving her brother’s a hard time and giving them annoying nicknames :)

79 notes

ofccc, this is unedited so im sorry if it’s bad.


“distant memory”

kuroo x reader

genre: angst.


your whole life, all you knew was kuroo. when you were young and you fell off the swing, he was the one explaining why disinfectant work while he bandaged your wounds. he was the one who made you smile during boring classes in middle school and the same one that would sneak love notes into your back pack in high school. even in college, he was the arms you wanted to melt in and he felt the same. 

for the longest time, you believed he would be there for you until you were both old and wrinkly. that you’d marry him and start a family. there was no reason to believe other wise, he was your tetsuro after all. 

that was until recently. you didn’t know when but at some point you could feel the warmth that came with sleeping with your head against his chest disappeared. 

kuroo would get to bed later and later each night, exhausted from work. conversations at the dinner table lacked their usual banter and he seemed dissatisfied with his life. 

he would always be working over time and you couldn’t even count the times you went to bed with the cold empty outline of him there. you felt like you were trapping him, holding him back and you realized it was time to put set him free. 

“y/n, i’m home!” he called out, shaking off his shoes and sliding his house slippers on. he expected you to be getting ready for bed at this time, or at least watching late night television but instead he found you in the kitchen. 

you knew he was coming home late, he always did that on thurdays, you untied the apron around your waist as he came over and kissed your lips. 

the two of you seemed like a normal couple but no one else could tell that his lips lacked their familiar softness and sweet taste. 

“what’s all this?” he gestured the meal that you prepared, ready for the two of you to eat. you flashed him a quick smile; “i just thought we could have dinner today.”  

his mouth hung open for a moment, he was deciding whether of not to make an excuse that he was too tried and that he was just going to go to bed. but as his eyes met yours, he could tell you needed to talk to him about something. he could always tell. 

his footsteps felt heavy against the kitchen floor as he pulled out his seat at the table, noticing the small, minimalist flower bouquet that was set in the table. was that always there or did you just put it? 

it dawned on him how much he’d actually been paying attention. or more accurately, how little he’d been paying attention. stealing a quick glance at you, who was digging to pull out cutlery, he could feel an ache in his chest. 

you set down the dishes, a fake smile on your face as you too your own seat.

“i made your favourite.” kuroo nodded, looking down at the fish with the feeling of dread. he knew something was up and he was about to explode. he could tell you were seriously wanting to talk about something.

for minutes the only sound in the kitchen was knifed and forks gliding across plates with an etching squeak. until you finally found the courage to speak.

“tetsuro, i think we should break up” it was like ripping a band off head on, not trying to beat around the bush.

you tried to sit up, trying not to cry as you watch kuroo’s mouth fall open, any expression leaving his face.

clearly kuroo wasn’t capable of responding, your statement taking any thought out of his head. you used that as an invitation to continue,

“i just don’t think we have what we used to.” you set down the knife and fork, “we’re not us anymore. you’re always working late, we’re barely talking, this is the first dinner we’ve had together in weeks.”

“y/n we can make this work, i’ll-i’ll come home early, i’ll date you on dates-”

“no tetsuro, i’m sorry, i don’t think we can go on.” you cut him off, feeling warm tears on your cheeks, finding it impossible to meet his glassy eyes.

“y/n i love you, i don’t want to loose what we have, i’ve known you forever.” he breathed out, watching you feel uncomfortable in your seat. had you stopped loving him back?

“i think we’ve already lost what we had, tetsu.” you said softly and his fists clenched.

“you can’t just give up, we can fix it! please!”

you stayed quiet for a second, shaking your head and hiding your face in your hands wiping your tears away.

“maybe we could get back together later but you and i we can keep going on like this.” you guesture to the space between the two of you. sighing, you stood up making your way to your shared bedroom, or at least what used to be your shared bedroom.

you picked up a small bag with essentials; “i’m staying at a friends place tonight. i’ll come back in the morning for my things.”

kuroo stood in the door frame, adimit on keeping you there. “y/n please don’t do this.” his voice was low, soft and fragile sounding.

before walking past him you grab his hand and look up into his eyes, you both stand in tears but you both deep down know it’s the right decision. there was no point in staying in a relationship where neither of you felt love.

“i’m sorry tetsuro, i have to.” you reach up and swipe a tear from his cheek. so, just like that, you were gone, nothing but a distant memory.

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yes sir | kuroo tetsurou 

pairing: kuroo x f! reader

word count: 9.1k

summary: starting work at a new place is always scary, but having a friendly boss can make things better. except this boss happens to be devastatingly handsome and impossible to resist. 

warnings: smut, unprotected sex, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, slight pain, dacryphilia, degradation, dumbification, oral (f! receiving), voyeurism (kind of), breeding kink (kind of), dirty talk, swearing 

a/n: …i literally have no idea how this got so long. just really long plot with really long porn. anyways, i love me some sexy business man kuroo, so i hope you like what i’ve made!


every ding of the elevator had your heart beating faster and faster, awaiting your arrival at what was hopefully the correct floor of where you were starting your new job. the entire process had been nerve racking- your first real job that paid well and required some level of professionalism and use of your degrees rather than the multiple shifts at sketchy diners you were used to. it was exciting, rewarding, and completely horrifying to step foot into an unknown world.

the final ding ringing through the small space, along with the gradual stop of the elevator snapped you out of your trace, bringing your attention to the metal doors sliding open in front of you. taking a deep breath, you smoothed over your business attire, shifted the bag hanging across your shoulder, and took a step towards a new beginning.

unfortunately, this new step was caught in the divot of the elevator, sending you lurching forwards, hands splaying out in panic as your unbalanced body hurtled for the ground. thankfully, a firm arm caught you around the waist to save you from impending disaster, swifty pulling you back upright. the flustered expression on your face was impossible to hide- you would give anything to just disappear right then and there. turning to thank your sudden savior, you were met with a strikingly tall and handsome man with a sly smirk and some unruly bedhead. despite the nest atop his head- or perhaps, including it- he was devastatingly attractive, the sharp black suit jacket hugging his frame only accentuated his good looks further.

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f! reader

tw: voyeurism, breeding, possessiveness 

husband! kuroo , wife! reader

character; t. kuroo

wc: 659


kuroo was insatiable. 

which is how you ended up in this situation. you thought he’d invited you to his office because you thought it was an emergency. yet, here you were. tits pushed against the cool wooden desk. how many orgasms did you have? three? six? you’d really lost count at this point. you knew he wouldn’t let you leave until he finished himself. maybe he’d truly invited you down to make his colleague jealous. he knew he was very infatuated with you, even if you hadn’t realized it yourself. kuroo would watch his eyes anytime you were near. he even went as far to ask kuroo about you. 

“i bet he would kill to be me right now, what do you think?” he chuckled. his pace was fast, harsh and unrelenting. feeling as though he had a point to prove. “bet he can hear your beautiful sounds all the way from outside the office. i bet everyone can hear." 

"tet– tetsu slow down! feels too g- good!” you moaned out. you tried to keep your noises down, you really did. what could it do to your lovely tetsu’s career if he got caught fucking his wife in his office? you glanced up towards the glass door you entered to reach him. don’t think he didn’t notice though. 

“maybe i should fuck you against the glass, yeah?” tetsuro checks his watch that you’d bought him for his birthday, “he usually walks throughout the department ‘round this time, you know." 

the thought of him watching you getting ruined had kuroo’s mind going crazy. knowing how his colleague felt about you, then having to witness you getting absolutely destroyed. it almost pushed him over the edge, but he remembered he had a purpose. 

you felt him pull out, immediately whining and the feeling of emptiness. he tapped the side of your thigh, a silent signal to stand. you stood and began to pull your long sundress down to cover your ass before he interrupted you. 

"you didn’t think i was finished, did you?” he snickered. he gripped your hips as he walked you towards the glass before pushing you against it. you quickly turned your head to protest,

“are you out of your mind? do you know what could happen if he sees?!” you exclaimed. all he did was a simple 'tsk’ before yanking your dress down by its straps. 

“like he’s gonna say anything. if anything, the sucker would be jerking himself to the sight of you”. his response left you quiet. of course you were still worried, but you were more focused on the feeling of his tip slowly stretching you back open. you never felt anything less than full whenever tetsu was fucking you. and thats just what he did, began fucking into your tight pussy faster than before. he had a purpose today. 

“fuck, i’ve been really- thinking lately, wanna start a family, wanna make you a mommy.” he grunted as his pace increased. those words had much more of an impact on you than you thought. clearly, tetsuro noticed this too. 

“like that, princess? i felt how your cunt clenched around me,” he gasped “gonna give you however many kids you want, love." 

you cried out, you couldn’t hold back anymore. "please, tetsu! wanna give you babies!” you moaned, erupting a dry laugh from him. 

“gonna cum inside this pretty pussy- fuck- cum with me, Y/N." 

and with that, you let yourself go, feeling his seed filling you up. he pulled out, giving you the chance to fix yourself up before finally speaking. 

"damn, he never did walk past. maybe we should go again?” he suggested. 

“you’re insatiable, get back to work” you sighed before reaching for the doorknob to walk out. 

“you love me!” he shouted as he bursted into laughter. 

maybe tetsuro kuroo seemed insatiable to the naked eye, but you were all he would ever need in this world to be satisfied.

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࿐ character(s): Ushijima Wakatoshi, Daichi Sawamura, Kuroo Tetsurou

࿐ genre: sfw, soft/fluff, comfort, tiny angst if you squint

࿐ type: headcanons (hcs)? / imagine

࿐ requested by: @dumpsterfireinc 

⌦  shymale!reader (he/him)

‘if I can request comfort hcs for Ushijima, Daichi, Kuroo, and Oikawa who have a crush on as shy male!reader who thinks the boys should be with a girl and not him.’

A/N: i had to drop oikawa on this one since i cant seem to get his personality out?? i- uh-. i apologize- also my way of writing hcs is weird? idk why i like writing like that, but eventually they’ll shift- somehow- (i’ll probably make a proper hcs post if you want-)

1-16-2021: sorry in advanced if this took waaay to long. im doubting my writings. kinda shit but im just burnt out.


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hq boys as things my exes/past flings did lol

a/n: lol these were all pretty toxic relationships/flings but i’m romanticizing the good and sweet things i remember them doing but inserting the hq boys instead to make me feel better lmaooooo. also these were barely proofread bc im lazy soz , hope u enjoy <3

- bokuto kotarou will buy your favorite candies every time he goes to the supermarket or convenience store. it just happens so naturally, always making sure to grab a pack of whatever you love right before checking out. he has his “creative” ways of gifting them to you too, despite it being such a simple gesture. he stuffed it in the pocket of his hoodie that you had asked to borrow for the day. you later found out that he left your fav candy in the pocket, along with a note “hehe love you, have a great day <3”

- oikawa tooru will always have a pack of gum on him and will chew at least three sticks a day. you don’t mind it all as you look forward to inhaling his minty breath. but when he’s with you, about to pop in his second stick of the day, just after eating his lunch, he will bite one end of the stick and will make you bite the other end. pulling away from each other so that the piece of gum splits into two. he softly chuckles every time you two meet each other’s face closely, sharing the stick with you.

- akaashi keiji will never miss the opportunity to touch your hands. whether it’s a quick brush against your knuckles or a tight squeeze while watching a scary movie. he always seeks the comforting touch of your hands. even though your hands sometimes get clammy due to anxiety, or even if your hands are rough and dry from the cold weather, he would completely disregard that, only wanting to feel safe with your touch.

- tendou satori will constantly send you the most rare, cursed memes. at least five times a day. when you’re in class, when you’re at your after school club meetings, or when you’re fast asleep at 4 in the morning. even when you guys are right next to each other. he’ll be on fuckin reddit or discord and will find the funniest memes ever and send them straight to you. he never sends the same ones either. everyday, he has a fresh batch ready to send you throughout the day. you appreciate it tho, since you guys share the same crack humor lol, it’s perfect.

- kuroo tetsuro always wants kisses. as many he can steal from you in a day. but his favorite way of meeting your soft lips is when you ask him for chapstick. you tend to almost always lose or forget your chapstick at home, while kuroo is responsible over his belongings, including his small tubes of mango or peppermint lip balm. you ask him for some but he clowns you for being so forgetful and instead applies a bunch on his lips then kisses you so the product smears all over yours.

- miya atsumu writes you little love letters every month. with his shitty but adorable handwriting, you struggle to make out some of the words. but you safely keep every single one, stashed in an old crafting box. reading them every now and then. his words are genuine and full of love. despite his grammar and spelling errors, you know he means well, and you appreciate it greatly. you especially love the joyous expression he has on his face as he hands them to you.

- hinata shoyo loves nothing more than seeing your beautiful face. anticipates receiving selfies of you randomly throughout the day. he could be feeling sad from not having scored any points from his practice match that day, but as soon as he opens his snaps sent to him of you, trying out the different snapchat filters, his mood instantly brightens up. he screenshots every single one of them too. the notification “shoyo screenshotted your snap x10” leaves you a blushing mess.

- kenma kozume allows you to play video games with him, which is notable considering he rarely lets anyone he knows irl to play with him. you were eager to spend more time with your boyfriend, urging him to teach you how to play. he instantly assumed you were a beginner to almost all the games he played, so he prepared himself for the amount of patience he was going to need. but to his surprise, you quickly got the hang of the things and were able to kill more enemies than he did. this eventually became a contest every night, seeing who could eliminate more opponents.

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full length mirrors | kuroo tetsurō


welcome to another one of my self-comfort writings :’)) this one focuses on body image, based on real experiences 

keywords: shopping date, frozen yogurt, kinda fluff? kuroo being a goofball and comforting boyfriend at the same time


when kuroo suggested going clothing shopping, you were more than ecstatic.  a whole afternoon of him all to yourself; a afternoon of trying on clothing, window shopping, treating yourself, teasing him, what can be better? 

“am i your personal baggage carrier now?” kuroo smirks, glancing down your hold on his arm. normally, you’ll hold onto his left arm, but today, his left arm is occupied by shopping bags. 

you smile at his remark and continues to skip towards the store you insisted checking out. “you signed up for this when you became my boyfriend; it’s in the boyfriend handbook to help carry their partner’s bags. everyone knows this :)”  

“hm, apparently everyone but me.” 

as the two of you walk, you can hear the gentle bumping of the bags held on kuroo’s arm. the ceilings are so high, the large windows allows sunlight to pour into the mall, the people walking towards you looks so cheerful. and rich … they all look like they only shop at designer stores.  

there’s a pair of teenagers walking towards you; a boy and girl, hand-in-hand, with ice cream cones in their other hand. they both have wide smiles on their face. kuroo catches on quickly. “you want ice cream, don’t you?” he asks, even though he already know the answer. 

you excitedly nod in response. “i’ll pay to repay you for carrying all the bags-” 

“oh really?” his right hand finds its way to your left hand and gives it a squeeze. “you know, i don’t really mind. it’s an arm workout ;)” 

“still, your poor arms must be dying already-” 

he quickly furrows his eyebrows. “what do you meann, there’s no way my arms are hurting from carrying just four bags,” he says defensively. “i’ve lifted-” 

“yeah yeah-” just as you’re about to go on how he’s afraid to arm wrestle bokuto, you spot a frozen yogurt place ahead. “babe, look look, let’s go,” you excitedly say, tugging on his hand. 

“that’s not ice cream.” 

“but it’s frozen yogurt! almost the same thing-” 

he softly smiles as he lets you drag him towards the waiting line. “who’s gonna tell you that frozen yogurt and ice cream are very different?”  he says, shaking his head in amusement. 

“they both taste good and that’s all i know.” 

“that’s a long line,” kuroo mumbles upon seeing 20 people waiting behind the counter. “maybe we-” 

“maybe we can go to other stores and then come back … maybe then the line won’t be so long and if it still is, we can get ice cream instead :),” you suggest, determined to be able to both shop well and eat well today. 

kuroo thinks about it for a moment and nods. “sounds like a plan … where did you say you wanted to go? was it victoria’s s-” 

you glare at him. 

he smirks back. “what?” he shrugs innocently. 

actually, i want to get new pants-” 

“mm … yoga pants, perhaps?” 

you glare at him again, quickly looking down at the floor in sudden embarrassment. you try to match your footsteps with his. 

he looks far off into the distance, pushing back the smile threatening to appear. 

“i was thinking more of jeans and sweatpants.” 

“so where is this store you’re going to buy your jeans and sweatpants?” 

“right in front of us :)” you reply, tugging on his hand once again as you two walk through the black door frames. the store’s full of clothing racks, posters, mannequins, and a giant screen behind the cash register. a funky song plays in the background and for a moment you’re afraid kuroo’s gonna break into a dance and give you second-hand embarrassment. but he doesn’t; instead, he follows your lead as you make your way to the jeans section. 

as you look around the stacks of jeans, kuroo checks himself out in the full-length mirror beside you. (why is he like this :’) okay, not full-on check himself out, but subtly fix his hair and clothes. “babe, c’mere,” he calls out to you. 

you look up with a raised eyebrow. 

“c’mere,” he says, waving his hand. 

you walk towards him and he turns your shoulders for you to see the mirror. 

“we can pose like those mirror selfies that other couples do,” he smiles. 

except you don’t smile back. all you can see is the way your thighs stick to each other, you see how stubby your legs look, how your arms just awkwardly flail on the side. all the excitement you felt a few seconds ago plummeted to the ground. it fell to the ground and got crushed under a rock. probably a giant one. a hole starts to form in your stomach. why do i look like that? i’ve been walking around … looking like that

you quickly suck your stomach in, biting your lip to stop the tears threatening to spill down. no, i’m over-thinking. stop being over dramatic. stop, you think. kuroo side-eyes you, wondering why the smile he loves so much isn’t appearing. 


“i don’t need new jeans” you softly say, leading him out the store; leading yourself away from the reflection you hate so much. 

kuroo narrows his eyes as he lets you pull him by his sleeve. “but you looked so excited to buy new pants … is it because of my yoga pants remark?” 

you softly chuckle at the remembrance of his remark he made a few minutes ago. “no it’s not that, i just realized i don’t need new pants. i have so many pairs already, remember?” you say, forcing a nervous laugh out, hoping he’ll drop the topic.

he stays unconvinced. “well, since you don’t look as happy as before, i’m sure some frozen yogurt would help with that.” 

“…no it’s okay.” you say, avoiding his gaze. “i don’t feel like eating right now.” 

“…you sure?” he softly asks, reaching for your hand again. “are you feeling sick? headache? cramps? stomachache? legs hurting from walking for so long?” 

“nope, none of that. i’m feeling just fine!” 

he gives you a silent look. “you know, you’re pretty bad at lying to me.” 

you don’t reply. you don’t know how to.  

“as someone who cares about you,” he says, leaning a bit down to get a better look at you. “i’d like to know the real reason behind you not wanting jeans anymore. if it’s hard to say out loud, give me keywords and i’ll guess.” 

you look at him for reassurance, like the way you always do. “thighs.” 

“…thighs?” he questions. “wait, where are we walking to? we’ve been walking around without a set destination. do you want to sit down on one of those benches?” 

you nod as he leads you to a bench. kuroo places the shopping bags on the end of the bench and sits beside you, your hand still in his. 

“thighs … let me piece all the puzzles together. you started not looking as happy when you stood beside me when i mentioned the couples mirror selfie…” he pushes his hair back with his other hand. “do you not like couple mirror selfies? no wait, that doesn’t have anything to do with thighs. did you bump your thigh against a corner?”

you shake your head, a bit amused at where he’s going with this. 

“…help me out, babe. did they not have jeans in your size? were they too expensive? were-”

”i wouldn’t look good in them anyways” you blurt out. 

his eyes widens as he suddenly realizes. “i don’t see what you mean. you would definitely look better than just good in those jeans. how’d you know if you haven’t even tried them on?” 

“just look at me,” you mumble, squeezing the fat on your thighs that takes up more space on the bench than you want them to. 

he frowns and rubs his hand over your right thigh. “why’re you frowning upon your body? the body that i love so much? if you’re not give it love, might as well trade it with me-” 

you laugh at the thought of walking around in kuroo’s body. what is it like to be 187cm (6′1″)

he smiles upon hearing your laugh. “seriously, you look beautiful. your face, your tummy, your thighs, those jeans don’t even deserve to come in contact with your legs-”

you give him a small smile, knowing he’s trying his best to lift your spirits. you know how much he loves you, he’s never failed to show it. after a few moments of kuroo rubbing your thigh in silence, you softly ask,“…can we still get frozen yogurt?”

an big grin creeps onto his face. “that’s the spirit,” he chuckles, standing up and collecting the shopping bags on his arm again. he holds out his hand and pulls you up from the bench.  

“also, when we get back home, can you give me a piggyback ride so i can see from your point of view? that way, i’ll know whether i want to trade bodies or not” 

“of course,” he laughs. “but the trading offer is closed. you’ve gotta learn to love the one you have.” 

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𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤: kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤: angst & heartache <3
𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔱: 550
𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶:  let’s give it a minute before we admit that we’re through


your bones ache with fatigue, weighing you down and making you feel like you’re sinking into your mattress - sinking and sinking, further and further. and truth be told, you wouldn’t mind to disappear for a while. just shut yourself off of all the emotional turmoil that’s tearing you up from the inside, all the unshed tears and mind numbing headaches tormenting you without any mercy.

it’s been a while, since you’ve felt like this - since it’s been this severe. but kuroo’s words still ring in your mind, playing them on loop like a broken record meant to target your heart.

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