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#kuroo tetsuro x reader
sxtooru · a day ago
hq boys and handjobs;
Tumblr media
character(s): bokuto koutarou, kuroo tetsurou, tsukishima kei, miya atsumu.
warning(s): nsfw! handjobs(not too many descriptions bc i suck at detailed smut(how ironic)), reader with a vagina, gender not specified, also a bit of edging, not proofread.
a/n: sooo if you wanna you can send me your thoughts on things like this and overall if you wanna request smth don't be shy, my inbox is open! love y'all, stay safe <3
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bokuto loses it the second your hand lays on his upper thigh, slowly rubbing up and down, and he feels so hot just thinking about what's coming next. lets out the sweetest moans, knowing how much it pleases you to hear him; and even though it's not better than the feeling of your pussy, surrounding his cock, your hand still feels so good against the sensitive skin of it. kōtarō whines on and on about how he wants to cum for you and only for you, such a sweetheart and the way his free hand clutches your shirt, bringing you closer to bury his face in the crook of your neck. panting and whining, sometimes sucking the skin of it just to distract himself from finishing too fast(and failing because it's too good, hell), and then cumming so hard he has to take a moment to get himself together, poor baby, i love him :(
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ with kuroo it's really intense, lemme warn you with that first. his breathing heavying as you hurriedly take his cock out of his pants, sharp gaze following every one of your movements only to stop at your face the moment your soft hands envelope him in a tight yet pleasent grip. tetsurō feels so good, so so good under the charm of your own lust-filled eyes and slightly parted glistening lips and he wants to push some of his fingers down your throat but the steady and sweet rythm of your hand is doing so many things to him, he is losing his mind. it's his small groans let out with his velvety voice, it's the way he stares right into your soul, and for a moment it becomes too much to handle as he lets go with a long pleasing moan; hand cupping the back of your head to bring you in for a sloppy kiss and, ugh, kuroo is so hot, i can't-
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ atsumu is a mess but, god, does he love it when you touch him like that. he can't shut his mouth at some point, blabbering about how he is gonna cum soon if you keep squeezing him like that. he's got a lot of options on what to do but istead he chooses to grip your jaw and bring you in a for a kiss, deep and fast just so he can hear your sweet moans too. tsumu enjoys everything you give him yet the desperation takes over him most of the time; his fingers line between yours, palm enveloping your hand in a hot trap, helping you, showing you the best way to move it, and he feels like he is im heaven, cumming just a few seconds after.
Tumblr media
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kuroosthings · a day ago
Tumblr media
"I'm not nervous."
You stare at kuroo with a knowing look and he immediately crumbles.
"Yeah okay, maybe I am. I just think I can ignore it if I try hard enough." Pursuing your lips, you walk over to the mirror where he stands. His hair seems to be more unruly than usual, and he visibly stresses over it. A soft sigh escapes your lips and he turns to look at you. Pouty lips and wide eyes, your husband looks like a desperate kitten.
"Hey if you don't stop looking at me like that you're never gonna get to actually leave the house." His cheeks glow red and a grin decorates his face. You gingerly wrap your arms around his neck.
"Yeah well, the way this preparation is going, I don't mind spending the day with you." You hum in understanding, fingers fixing his collar. He keeps fidgeting with it so much that you have to slap his hands away at this point.
You knew tetsurō was a very nervous man. 'Guess you could say all my systems are nervous' he'd obnoxiously laugh out when you tried to calm him down. For such a stupid joke, the sigh you'd let out everytime he cracks the joke would always turn into a fit of giggles as both of you lose it. When you started going out, he'd been weirdly good at hiding how nervous he'd truly be. He could hide the shake of his hands when he asked you out, the trembling of his fingers when he first kissed you, and the twitching of his eyes when he told you the three magical words.
But it didn't take more than a few months with him to identify his patterns : picking at his nails, fidgeting with something with the excuse of fixing it, pulling at his hair (sometimes that got really bad). And it took you a few days to figure out how to calm your fidgety lover down; he was simple though, really. All it took was a distraction, and you've found you're really good at being one. Especially now when he was stressing over a promotion that both of you knew he deserved.
"Say tetsu." You start.
"I was talking to your sister the other day-" "-oh no-" "-hey, she's really sweet and fun to talk to!"
He turns to face you, "she's only sweet to you because she tells you about all these embarrassing stories about me." His cheeks are starting to redden and you bite your cheek to hold back a smile. "Both of you have fun each time you talk at my expense."
"Yeah well, how else was I supposed to know that you cried over five feet apart?" He groans. "That's the thing, you weren't supposed to know!!"
"Uh, yes I was. I needed to know that my future husband would be a hopeless romantic. The cutest," you pause to boop his nose, "most emotional dork."
He shrugs your hands off at this point and turns to look at you, completely forgetting the mirror. You smile giddily at your success of your distraction; you can practically see the gears in his head turn away from the promotion. "I am not emotional, I'm only softhearted thank you very much."
"Yeah tetsu you're a tooootal softie."
"Well now I don't want to be a softie anymore." He turns to walk to the door, picking up his keys on the way. You follow him with a bounce in your step, "hey you didn't even hear what she had to say this time!"
He walks faster, "I'm not sure I want to darling."
"Oh my god we're on darling bases right now, are you asking for a divorce?" You follow all the way to the door and then stand to watch in entertainment as he rushes to unlock it.
He stops to stare at you for a second. You halt in your steps at the sudden quiet and stare back. Before you can process it, you're suddenly engulfed in a kiss that pulls you to the tip of your toes just to keep up with him. His arms snake their way around your waist, you swear he was standing a whole mile from you a minute ago; you can hear his loud heartbeat matching with your own. Your lips turn up in a comfortable smile as his hands trace circles on your back. You may be good at giving him distractions, but tetsurō was way better at sweeping you off your feet.
When you pull away, you're greeted with the sight of his flushed face. Maybe the kiss lasted longer than it felt, because you're both gasping for air. But the sly smile that sits on his lips makes you want to just kiss him again — had you had enough time that is.
"Woah casanova, what was that for? A simple goodbye kiss would suffice."
He pinches your side teasingly, "nope, had to teach you a listen, you little brat." He rubs his nose against yours and then joins your foreheads. "I also had to remind you that I love you so much it's unbearable sometimes. You've gotten really good at distracting me."
You gasp offendedly, "goddamit you noticed." "Only a little." He pecks your lips lightly, looking at you with dreamy eyes after.
You're out of his arms now, pushing him towards the door. "Okay shoo now, you gotta go and do well on this so you can stop worrying about it." "You're so eager to get me out of here, is there something you're hiding darling?"
"Get out." "Okay okay sorry." He stumbles to the door again.
You watch him walk out the door warmly, happy knowing that he has more control on his nerves right now. But then you remember.
"Wait tetsurō!"
He turns, "yeah?"
"I love you too."
"I know."
Tumblr media
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sleepy-zel · a day ago
Hearts and Triangles - Kuroo Fluff
Sorry for the inactivity. I'm back to my writing schedule now! I'll also post my schedule to Tumblr so I remember lol. Thanks for understanding, my loves!
Reader is shy ig? Idk, pretty normal :)
Kuroo took a bite out of one of the muffins you'd made. "Holy crap, this is-"
"Amazing!" You finished his sentence with a grin. "I know, I made them with your little sister. They taste so good, she's definitely a master chef."
He lay with his legs sprawled out with you sitting in the little 'nest' in between them. You rested your head on his belly, drawing hearts and triangles onto his soft skin.
"I really wanna kiss you." You whispered, barely realizing what you were saying.
"I really need a tissue!" You corrected yourself, sitting up with wide eyes. "Right, right," Kuroo said with that stupid smirk on his face. You hated the fact that you loved it. He sat up too, his face resting too close to yours.
He slowly folded the wrapper to his muffin into a heart, grinning that dorky little grin as he did. Before he handed it to you, he rested his hand on your cheek, moving closer. Your eyes closed and you kissed, a smile forming on both of your lips as you began laughing, foreheads touching. "Do you still need a tissue?" Kuroo asked, doing that stupid smirk again.
You rolled your eyes, resting on his belly again. "No, you dummy."
"I'm upset and offended." He said sarcastically. "How could you call me that?!"
You continued tracing hearts and triangles into his skin.
"Dummy." You repeated.
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yesitsmewhataboutit · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey Everyone!! I’m so excited I hit 500 milestone and now I’m doing my own Collab!!!
This will be my Spin The Wheel Collab!! You can chose a character and a theme (SFW, NSFW, or Angst). After that I’ll spin 2 wheels and assign you AU theme and a song. Your fic will have to be based off the AU and song (or mention the song) I’ll already have a list of SFW, NSFW, and Angst songs for the wheel, plus lists of AUs.
Joining example: “Hi! For your Collab could I join with Mikey and NSFW.”
My response (after I’ve spun the wheel): “Yup. Your spin landed on….. your AU is hybrid and song is Often by The Weekend”
You have to have an age in your bio and be 18+
Dark Content is allowed
You can join with fluff, angst, smut, anything. But like I’d rather not have to read bad ending angst so have mercy on my heart and consider a happy ending 🥲
I will be reading all fics that are joined and they’ll be set in my queue to reblog at high traffic hours
To join: Send an ask or a dm
If you aren’t comfortable with a certain AU please tell me (in the ask or a dm) and I’ll make sure you don’t get assigned that AU
On the wheel, there will be the option of “freestyle au” meaning you can chose/come up with your own
If you have a question on your AU just send an ask or dm and I’ll explain it or help with ideas
Character repeats are ok!
Some songs might be under both SFW and NSFW
If another writer chooses the same character and theme I won’t let you have the same AU and song. You could have one, but not the other
Word count minimum is 650(no maximum)
Headcanons allowed as long as it fits the word count minimum
Fandoms included: My Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, Haikyuu
You can join up until January 10th. Due date is January 14th
X female, male, and gender neutral all accepted
Threesomes and poly all accepted
You don’t have to be following me to join
Please tag me in the final work when you post it and put it under the tag #yoko.collab
Please reblog when you’re added :)
Special thanks to @kirishimasensei for being a major help in coming up with my theme and ideas
Some of these song and AU combos are gonna be so funny
⬇️Below is all AUs included and the Masterlist ⬇️
All AUs- Hybrid, Omegaverse, Vampire, Soulmate, Apocalypse, Werewolf, Omegaverse Werewolf, Supernatural, Athlete, Bodyguard, Blind Date, College, Club, Fake Dating/Engagement/Marriage, Mafia, Mermaid/Merman, Neighbor, Nurse, Podcast, Freestyle, +1 Vampire, +1 Omegaverse, +1 Werewolf
The +1 are for a AU plus another spin and you get both. Just cause I love omegaverse au and vampire au so much teehee
I’m a softy and if you ask nicely I’ll let you do a second fic of a AU of your choosing or if you want to add one of the +1’s😶‍🌫️
Sfw: Shinsou Hitoshi / Blind Date + Omegaverse AU, Butterflies by Queen Naija — @lil-pine-mha-drabbles
Sfw: Denki Kaminari / Soulmate AU, All You Need by Victoria Monét — @lil-pine-mha-drabbles
Sfw: Katsuki Bakugo / College AU, Best Part by Daniel Caesar (Featuring H.E.R) — @sukisluv
Sfw: Katsuki Bakugo / Mafia AU, Perfect by Ed Sheeran — @lavenders-writing
Sfw: Tomura Shigaraki / Bodyguard AU, Ellie by iAmJakeHill — @astralwaifu
Tokyo Revengers-
Nsfw: Kenma Kozume / Nurse AU, P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) by Jhené Aiko — @kuroosimp1000
Nsfw: Tetsurou Kuroo / College AU, Or Nah by Ty Dolla $igh (Featuring The Weekend, Wiz Khalifa) — @tetsusangel
Nsfw: Tooru Oikawa / Supernatural AU, Ride by SoMo — @simpcxty
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kuroosimp1000 · a day ago
Seemingly Erratic Behavior
this is for @bratinc 's toxic collab, which I am thrilled to be a part of!
CW: fem reader, toxic relationship, manipulation, possessiveness, marking, degrading, one slap, PLEASE let me know if I missed one
WC: 735
Tumblr media
It's funny because the reason you were drawn to Kuroo, in the beginning, was his mysterious cheekiness, and his incalculable nature. You thought his devious smirk was so sexy. You liked the thrill of wondering whether you would get a sweet kiss on the lips or hickeys from your neck down to your thighs. You liked when he leaned in close to you, it could be a peck on the cheek, a bite to the ear, a whisper of "I love you, you look beautiful" or a whisper of "I want to bend you over this table and fuck you in front of all of your friends". He always had you blushing like mad, breathing heavier with your thighs pressed together. Your reactivity was the reason he was drawn to you. Ever since you first met it seemed like every move he made had you startled. He was hooked in no time. As you got comfortable with each other and the reactions started to die down, he felt he had no choice but to ramp up his actions. It moved to pinches to your thighs, a bit of titty groping on campus, small things that grew greater and greater. Over the years it led to where you are today.
Now you get anxious when you hear him pull into the garage. Kuroo loves to fuck with you, seeing you scared, begging to stop, begging for more, crying with fear and with pleasure, never knowing what's coming next. When he calls for you, it's always a 50/50 chance of how it will go. Sometimes he'll surprise you with chocolates and flowers, charming you with his thoughtfulness, only to call you a spoiled, greedy pig when you indulge in the gift. Sometimes he'll greet you by caressing your face lovingly then slapping it one second later, grabbing your checks in his hand one second after that. Sometimes, he'll squeeze your mouth open and spit into it, then proceed to cuddle you gently for the rest of the night.
Kuroo is obsessed with you, calling you while he's at work and tracking your phone. You rarely leave the house anymore to avoid the interrogation and accusations when he gets home. He's so possessive, insisting that you belong to him and him only. "No one else should even be looking at my beautiful girl. For my eyes only, okay?" and you agreed, because this man is bigger, stronger, and crazier than you. You're not allowed to touch what's his, that includes your pussy. He seems to know as soon as he comes through the door if you've gone against him. Depending on his mood that day, he might fuck your needy body senseless since you're a whore who can't function if she's not stuffed. He might tie you up for the rest of the night, cumming on your face before going to bed and being forced to sleep like that, unable to wipe the cum off of yourself.
If you're completely honest, you're obsessed with him too. You hate when he smothers you with attention, but when he isn't looking at you at all, you find yourself wondering why. You always do everything he asks of you, you want to please him so bad. You look forward to his calls during the day, always answering on the first or second ring. You want to make him happy because you love to see him smile. When he goes on his business trips, you have such a hard time sleeping without him. When you finally fall asleep, you dream of him. You crave his touch as well. You can't get yourself off anymore, he's ruined you. Your tiny fingers do nothing, you need his large hands with their long fingers and you need his thick cock. He knows it too. He knows that no one will be able to please you after him. It's just as well because no one else will ever get the chance.
You really do love Kuroo, and in the end, that's what keeps you from leaving. That and the fact that he would probably track you down immediately, and the mystery of what he would do when he finds you is too much for you to handle. The way you crave him and fear him at the same time is dizzying, and he lives for it. He's never letting you go, and you know it.
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sukunababy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 18. Dumbification
Tumblr media
Pairing: husband!Tetsuro Kuroo x f!reader
Synopsis: Will Kuroo be able to survive No Nut November?
Warning: thigh riding, cunnilingus, doggy style, dirty talk, dumbification, creampie, pet name, multiple orgasms
wc: + 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"Thirty days without sex," he smirks, tightening his fingers around your hips, "of course I can take it."
You thought he was going to lose the first day, but he didn't give in.
The first week went smoothly, every now and then he would stop and look at you more intently and give his usual smirk, but nothing more.
The second week the stress was wearing on him. "fuck, when this shit is over you're going to be praying that I take pity on your poor flesh". Every time you got out of the shower, he had to look away as you bent down to pick something up, and his breathing got heavier. Evenings on the couch were the hardest time, when you curled up on his chest and traced his pecs with your fingertips, his voice became more sensual as he growled the dirty things he would want to do to you.
Week three was hard on both of us, but you were the one who needed to feel his hands on you the most. "It's no fun if you're not the one touching me" you whisper removing your towel, sitting astride his bare thigh as he lies in bed, "don't you dare" he growls as you approach sucking the skin of his neck, filling it with small bites all the way to his shoulder. "I miss your hands" you whisper taking his hands in yours to rest them on your bare breasts.
At the light touch Tetsuro growls, your nipples swelling slightly and you begin to move back and forth on his beefy thigh. "Chibi-chan, you're not going to make me lose" he says leaving your breasts and grabbing your hips, his fingers sinking in as he holds you close, "if you're going to do it, do it fast but not a word" he moans softly as you suck harder on his neck, "and don't be loud, my cock is about to burst" he confesses as you thrust your hips faster brushing against his bulge.
"Fuck" you murmur in his ear as you keep grinding on his thigh, "please touch me" you whimper as he grips your hips tighter to keep you firmly on him, "fuck no" you gasp taking a long breath.
In that moment he sees you even more beautiful, your hair tousled, your face a little red from fatigue, drops of sweat running down your neck and sliding between your breasts, "I'm coming" you moan increasing your thrusts.
Kuroo takes a breath of relief when your hips stop moving and you bury your face in his neck, "damn, that was close" he whispers stroking your hair.
"Damn, it's about time," he murmurs leaving sloppy kisses behind your ear. "wake up wake up princess. It's the first of December, start praying for your pussy because by the time I'm done with you it'll be Christmas" you feel his smile get wider as he slides down your back, sucks and bites your sweet flesh down to your hips, "I've waited too long, you know I like you reactive when I fuck you" he says biting your ass.
"Fuck," you moan when he lifts you up slightly and slides your panties down to your ankles, "baby, it's one o'clock in the morning" you murmur crinkling your eyes to better read the time on the alarm clock display, "yes, it is" he murmurs continuing to kiss your body, his boner presses on your butt, "don't fall asleep" he threatens grabbing the base of your nape pulling your hair.
When you feel his warm lips sucking on the skin of your ass your hips instinctively rise, "good girl" he praises you before going even lower and settling between your legs, "fuck, I missed you" he whispers pushing his tongue inside you, your lips part to let out a silent moan.
His hands slide down your belly and caress your back before grabbing your ass and licking deeper inside you, "baby, I feel so good" you moan with your face buried in the pillow, Tetsuro behind you giggles sending vibrations into your sweetest spot, your body fills with goosebumps as you come only thanks to his tongue, "Tetsu, fuck" your breath doesn't stop increasing with each lick of his.
Your clit swells in his mouth, you can feel how his teeth nibble and tease your lips. Leaving your pussy still trembling, Kuroo climbs your body, pushes your thighs together and lifts your pelvis, "hold on, princess" he growls in your ear as he sits astride your butt and pushes the tip of his cock between your moist hole.
You feel him thrusting fast against you, his tip meticulously hitting your G-spot making you whimper, "baby, slow down ah" the words come out slurred as he leans over you.
His steel hard chest is hot on your bare back, his hands clasp yours making your fingers intertwine, "fuck, you're swallowing me so good" he moans sucking on your earlobe, each thrust bringing you closer and closer to the edge, "Tetsu, I'm going to c-cum, shit" you moan clutching his fingers.
You can feel the accelerated beat of his heart as drops of sweat imprint your bodies, he lets go of your hands and grabs your hips, pressing your body against the mattress as he continues to thrust inside you, you hear him murmur a series of obscenities as a warm liquid fills your insides. 
His thrusts don't cease, "I need to cum again" he whispers as you clench his cock inside you, your eyes roll in the back of your head as you feel him grab your ass so hard that your pussy lips spread.
Kuroo cups and squeezes your ass roughly, you can feel your mixed cum sliding down, and the second orgasm flushing your body quickly and roughly, your tongue rolls out as drool pools at the sides of your mouth, "baby ..." you moan.
You can't think straight anymore, Tetsuro keeps fucking you incessantly, his libido that has been at rest for thirty long days, doesn't seem to want to know about running out, "fuck, please, I can't take it anymore ..." you cry as you try to get up on your weak arms, he pulls out of you, and spins you onto your back, "I haven't fucked you stupid yet, so just hang in there a little longer" he says with a grin on his face.
You start to see white when he rubs his big cock on your clit, "so good" you moan pulling him towards you, your arms laced behind his neck as he holds onto the headboard with one hand.
When he pushes into you your back arches pushing your breasts against his chest, your sweaty bodies slide over each other, "princess, hold on" he warns you moving his hips faster and when you bite his shoulder he comes moaning, "fuck" he grunts not stopping sliding in and out of you.
His sweaty forehead rests on yours as you both try to catch your breath, "I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow" you whisper making him laugh.
He covers your face with kisses as he pulls out of you and sits on his heels, between your legs, cum slides out of you falling back onto the sheets, "fuck" he moans massaging his neck.
"It's okay," you giggle lifting yourself up and wrapping your arms around his waist, "I'll put them in the wash tomorrow" you say rubbing your nose on his vigorous chest. Kuroo wrinkles his forehead, "okay, but how do we do about the headboard" he says with a smirk.
When you follow his gaze to the headboard you can't suppress a laugh, the second bar, where he was holding himself, is completely destroyed, "shit" you giggle into his chest as his cock gets hard again.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @akinokisetsu @kuroohoeee @cookiesformytummy @ghostietales @kamizama @eremikakisses @softjaegerhours @Nelvvyyy @NamiKawaiiNeko @haobrcndy @heichouswife @nezsded @mutsu422 @justcellie @tangorohamado @atshena @br4tsuki @shawtybethicc @akiko-cum @whalecage @daddykakashisensei @dibhachu @kamustyles @akaashi-todorki @katsuki-baby @zekesblckgf @smilling-death @suga-tofu @bluellama7 @tojibreedingme @tirzamisu @all--that--jazz @hoe-for-sukuna @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @duskamethystgirl @dabishutup @dabismyprettyboy @dabibemydaddy @tojibigfatgun @toshiswifey @haitanisprincess @dabiloveme @dabicomebackhome @dabislilcumslut @dabiyandere @gojousprincess @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @ryugujidrakenken @manjirosbabe @roonilwazlibswhore @Hxrzvf @ob-levi-on @saccharinegrll
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frogtanii · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
starring - miya atsumu | miya osamu | kozume kenma | kuroo tetsurō | bokuto kotarou | akaashi keiji | sugawara koushi | sawamura daichi | oikawa toorū | iwaizumi hajime | sakusa kiyoomi
summary - as an up and coming youtuber, you thought it would be beneficial to join a content house with your old childhood friend meiko, but as time went by, you realized things were not as they seemed. with only 6 months left on your contract, will your housemates finally open their eyes and see how horribly they’ve been treating you or will you leave with a heavy mind and an even heavier heart?
genre - youtuber!au, college!au, ANGST, ANGST ANGST, literally cannot warn u enough it is so much angst, tiny bit of crack, eventual fluff, eventual choose-your-man endings, enemies to lovers type beat, reverse harem
warnings - TW ATTEMPTED SEXUAL A*SAULT AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, hi yes ANGST, manipulation (not by you to the boys or the boys to you), ur faves are rlly mean at first, swearing, drinking, just everyone sucks but you & atsumu lol, minimal fluff, not soft at first (it takes a minute)
taglist - CLOSED!
status - on hiatus!
profiles 01 || profiles 02
i. lol who asked
ii. not the tyra slander
iii. a crack in the facade
iv. movie night :/
v. evidence. please.
vi. too attached
vii. not helpful
viii. vacation!!!!!
ix. shattered
x. ick
xi. come quick
xii. tell me everything
xiii. talking it out
xiv. k fuck you meiko
xv. cigarettes and tears (tw sexual assault‼️)
xvi. whenever you’re ready
xvii. charmed
xviii. but... why?
xix. try, for him
xx. alone time :)
→ missing screenshots from xx ;-;
xxi. actual murder
xxii. a boy worth fighting for
xxiii. exiled
xxiv. stfu, jesus
xxv. insecurities :(
xxvi. a gift, truly
xxvii. did a number on you,,
xxviii. the yn project
xxix. you are loved :)
xxx. literally shut up iwaizumi
xxxi. walk for me, serve
xxxii. god speed your love to me
xxxiii. ‘bunched panties’
xxxiv. take care of yourself, iwaizumi-san
xxxv. so... this is it
xxxvi. brand new manager-chan
xxxvii. investigation: start!
xxxviii. whatever it takes
xxxix. she’ll be okay
xl. get in losers, we’re going shopping
xli. disruption
xlii. be better
xliii. what you deserve
xliv. ok, go off queen
xlv. intermission
xlvi. can we talk?
xlvii. lemme see the drip
xlviii. frozen
xlix. the least he could do
l. let me be here for you
li. the doctor and the asshole
lii. change for the better
liii. that’s a lil sus
liv. limo karaoke
lv. one way or another
lvi. stress pets
lvii. deflection
lviii. it’s over
lix. not like this
lx. i’ll be just fine
miya atsumu - me and my husband
kozume kenma - home
bonus content! below the cut :)
what everyone does (like their content lol)
official room aesthetics!! (also by me ahaha)
much better floor plans lmfao (by @/vixisti)
kenma dripped down (by @/anythingremotelynice)
finished bokuto!!! (by @/tadaimari)
wind nonnie’s love letter to yn <3
memorableminds meme dumps one & two
rated e’s fanart baddie fit & swimsuit
hehe funny meme submission (by @/anarchybaby)
meme dump!! (by @/justanother2dsimp)
tsumu’s dinner fit (by @/peachiikichu)
tsumu lookin FINE (by @/anythingremotelynice)
masc poker face fits by @/halethemenace one
the boys’ dinner fits (by @/moooonyyy)
kuroo’s beach fit (by @/aozorasannn)
hehe meme dump!!! (by @/sakusasonlywife)
omi’s dinner fit (by @/tsukkiholicc)
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kenma’s beach fit (by @/chocolatiernerd)
tsumu cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/kiwibirbs-library)
sakusa cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/anythingremotelynice)
sakusa & mc drabble (by chai anon ((SO GOOD)))
cherry wine cover (by @/toshis-switch)
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mostly atsumu memes!! (by @/attentionwhoreuwu)
atsumu n yn meeting drabble (by strawberry mochi)
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fight for me animatic (by @/lausterdomyamong) ((INCREDIBLE OMFG I LOVE YOU))
sims house stuff!! (by @/liferuinedby5idiotsand1genius)
suga hiding (by @/a-mi-nion)
pov: ur meiko (by @/lausterdomyamong)
tsumu n samu angst drabble (by noah anon (beauty))
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riniackerman · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: i was craving for something cute sooo… here it is :)
pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader
featuring: kuroo tetsuro, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu, suna rintaro
tws: none
Tumblr media
♡ kuroo tetsuro 
you would sometimes call him by his last name for no reason. maybe it’s because you two were close friends back in high school days when you used to call him ‘kuroo’. so of course, you had zero intentions behind your words.
but for kuroo, this man would panic and right away look down at you when his last name was heard from your voice. although he would sense relieved when he sees you’re not angry or anything.
but when you call him ‘kuroo’ about three to four times, this is when he would bring you to a private place and carefully ask you; “...did i do something wrong kitten? are you mad?”
“no? why would i be mad at you kuroo?” kuroo would sigh at your words, covering half of his face with his large hand. “th-then why are you calling me kuroo…”
“there’s no reason at all” you smile, making kuroo cover his entire face with both of his hands. “hahhhhh kittennn you’re scarin’ my heart”
Tumblr media
♡ sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa would not answer or look at you if you call him by his last name even after you two got married. you would thump your feet over to sakusa who was doing the dishes in the kitchen and say; “sakusa. look at me.”
sakusa would mumble something under his breath. “what?” you step forward, tipping your toes to hear him clearly. “what did you say?”
“’re sakusa too” you would look up at his pouty face with an absurd look on your face. making him stop whatever he's doing and turn around to you and utter; “ me kiyoomi”
“no i will not, ‘m gonna call you sakusa” you would deny his plea until he is done with the dishes, he would put away the kitchen gloves and cross his arms while he looks down on you. “then there’s no point in changing your last name after i married you…”
Tumblr media
♡ suna rintaro 
“suna-” precisely 0.1 seconds later suna would cut you off. “...rintaro.”
“suna.” you would call him by his last name again, sighing at his greediness. “suna i told you to put the trash away in the morni-”
“i will really do it if ya call me rin” he whispers, leaning his head down between your neck and shoulder, pressing his forehead against your shoulder line, mumbling ‘rin’ over again and again.
“rin” he would instinctively tilt his head up at your voice, somewhat making eye contact with you, smiling slightly. “yes that’s it, i’ll throw the trash away right now”
Tumblr media
♡ miya osamu 
osamu wouldn’t even acknowledge a single bit of you when you call him by his last name. “miya are you ignoring me?” you tilt your body in front of osamu to see his lips pouted and eyes rolling.
“why are you pouting?” you scoff at him, kinda finding it cute to see him all pouty. “there’s two miyas at school, how would i know who y’er callin’?” this is ridiculous. ridiculously cute. you would try your best to not laugh and giggle. “why would i call atsumu now?”
“‘m not miya, ‘m samu.” he would deadass ignore everything you are saying and wait until you call him by his first name. “are ya lips glued? call me samu right now” he would poke your cheek, still having his pouted look on his face. making you giggle and hug him. “samu m’baby i love ya”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @quirrrky @tendouscheese @cheybabey @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @uhmkatt @savantsoulfinder @carmillous​ 
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are deeply appreciated !
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tetsvhoe · 6 months ago
iwaizumi's part
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader ; miya atsumu x gn reader
genre/s: angst/fluff, hurt/comfort
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: this blog was orginally intended to be my hurt/comfort brainrot because i exhaust the haikyuu angst tag literally every night. when i ran out of things to read i was like, fine i'll do it myself.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
he's literally my favorite idk why i keep hurting myself with these. maybe it's because subconsciously i feel like i don't deserve love and i- yk what nvm.
the recurring theme i see in kuroo angst is him not having enough time for you because of his career;
he's young, well accomplished, charismatic. he had his whole life ahead of him and he could have anything – anyone he wanted. that frightened you, especially when you felt like he was slipping through your grasp and there was nothing you could do.
"i'm trying to understand kuroo, i really am. but you've been so dodgy with me lately!" you flung your arms in the air exasperated.
"are you really though? all i see is you trying to make everything about you!" his back was facing you, his tall figure hunched over the kitchen counter, yet you didn't miss the harsh glance he threw your way.
"i'm not making this about me, i just- i was just asking for a little bit of time. this is our relationship after all," your voice strained to get the words out. tears threatened to spill as you hastily take a step forward, trying to reach out for him.
"nari never nagged me this much and i was just the same to her," he mumbled under his breath, the words slipped before his mind could process them.
you stumbled back, quickly retracting your hand and clutching it to your chest. you stared at his back with wide tear-filled eyes in disbelief. you breathed a small "what?" at a loss for words.
kuroo's eyes widened in realization as he quickly turned to you. it was your turn to hide your face away, not wanting him to see the fresh warm tears that stained your cheeks.
he opened his mouth to say something that could mend the situation but he came up with nothing. mentally, he was cussing himself for even bringing that up just so that he could justify his actions, or in this case lack thereof.
"your ex never asked for attention because she was getting that from other people behind your back," you mumbled monotonously, fists clenched. your voice wavered but words cut through just as sharp. "if you'd rather have that than deal with me, you're free to go."
of course you didn't want him to leave, but he was out of line for even comparing you to someone you both knew hurt him terribly.
he tried to take a step closer to you. his heart sunk at the way you ever so slightly shuffled away from him.
"hey, i know i'm sorry. i just- i said it to make myself feel better. i was wrong," he pleaded, voice now softer.
you let out a tired sigh, quietly making your way into your bedroom. he trailed behind you like a lost puppy. he was praying for you to say something– cuss him out, shout in frustration, anything. the silence was unbearable.
"i'm really sorry. i... i didn't mean it," he tried again.
"i know. i'm just tired and really hurt."
you quickly washed up but he could hear your quiet sniffles through the door. he sat by the edge of the bed, chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he racked his brain on how he could make up for what he said. though when you finally walked out of the bathroom with such empty eyes, he's at a loss for words once more.
you couldn't even spare him a glance as you wordlessly crawled under the sheets, nearly falling off the bed as you tried to scoot away from him as far as your bed allowed.
you tensed up as you felt him hastily wrap his arms around you and rest his head against your back. tears started to stain your pillow even after you thought you've cried your eyes out enough earlier.
"i'm sorry, love. please let me make it up to you." you could hear the trembling in his voice and your heart ached for him too, despite the situation.
"do you... still think of her? am i overbearing?" you choked back a sob.
he tightened his grip, shaking his head vigorously. "no, no, not at all! i know i was being lazy and i wasn't putting in enough effort but i was too much of a coward to admit it."
you turned to face him. "so the next best thing was to compare me to your ex?" you scoffed bitterly.
he was stricken with guilt as his eyes brimmed with tears, suddenly feeling small under your gaze. "i know, i was so wrong for that but please let me make it up to you. i'll do better. i love you so much."
he buried his face into your hair and only sobbed harder when you finally wrap your arms around his shaking figure.
"i love you too, tetsu but i'm still upset. let's just talk about this in the morning okay?"
he nodded, whispering a chorus of thank yous and i'm sorrys.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
idk why atsumu is always portrayed as a womanizer in fics. i don't think he's all that interested in a lot of girls as he's preoccupied with volleyball.
which is why it came as a surprise when atsumu started dating. who knew he could commit to something other than his favorite sport? he still wasn't fond of overbearing fan girls though. sometimes you wondered if he saw you on the same level as them– a nuisance to him.
"i thought you said you'd understood the demands of my job before we started dating," he spat, arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed.
"i do! but extended training hours and weekend practices aren't your job's demands, atsumu. that's just you wanting to spend every waking moment playing but you have a life outside of volleyball," you argued back, nearly pulling your hair out of frustration.
you've been at it for hours and it felt like talking to a wall. it wasn't like you wanted him to quit, you just asked him not to spend so much of his free time training when he was barely spending time with you.
"by life you mean you, right? what you want my world to revolve around you, is that it?" he scoffed in annoyance.
you let out a groan. it was almost as if he was purposely pissing you off. he kept cherry picking at your words only to use it against you.
"are you even listening or do you just hear the words you want to hear? that's not what i was asking for. at all!"
he stubbornly turned his head to the side to avoid looking at you. without thinking, he grumbled, "this is why i hated dating. no wonder akira's the only relationship i had that lasted."
there was a deafening silence that followed as you stood there, mouth hanging open.
"what did you just say?"
as he slowly turned to look at you, the weight of his words started sinking in. anger and annoyance was quickly overcome with guilt, especially when he saw your tear-stricken face.
"i didn't–"
"if you hate dating so much go ahead and break up with me already you asshole! i'm tired of being the only one in this relationship." you stomped out the living room and into your bedroom. you snatched the nearest bag you could and started stuffing it with clothes.
"what are you doing?" he asked, panicking even as he tried to steady his voice. "hey, slow down. let's talk about this okay?" atsumu tried to seize your hands to stop you from leaving.
you yanked your hands back and shoved your overnight bag onto the floor. "i have been trying to talk to you for the past hour, atsumu! why is it you only wanna listen now?" you sobbed, unable to keep your tears at bay any longer.
he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, mumbling, "i didn't mean what i said back there. i'm sorry."
you sat to bury your face into your palms as the exhaustion of the night caught up to you. you were tired, emotionally and physically. "i try so hard not to be a bother to you," you whispered, voice small and strained.
atsumu's heart sunk at your state. he hated himself for being the one to cause it. he bent down and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush against his chest. you were still mad but didn't have it in you to fight him for it.
"you're not a bother, angel. i was being a dick. i wasn't trying to understand you. i'm sorry." he stroked your hair gently, nervously waiting for a reply.
after several minutes of silence, you finally croaked out, "if you think this relationship isn't going anywhere then what even is the point?" your eyes were dull and lifeless as you pushed yourself off him.
panicked at your words, tears started to prick his eyes. he shook his head vigorously. "n-no i don't want to break up! i just- i said it to piss you off. i didn't mean it, baby please..."
he stared at your eyes intently for some kind of sign that you haven't completely given up on him, but you were too tired and hurt to sympathize with him at the moment. the panic in his chest grew larger by the second.
"i'll take a leave. i'll spend more time with you, i promise. please give me another chance. i really didn't mean it like that. i love you, only you. i... really don't want to break up," he rambled.
sighing, you finally gave in– not that you forgave him that instant. he did promise to make it better after all. "fine, i just- i need time to think, okay? i'm spending the night at my friend's house."
he gently grabbed your hand, stopping you from grabbing your bag again. "you don't have to go. i can sleep on the couch if you want, or stay at bokuto's," he mumbled in between little sniffles.
after giving it some thought, you let out another sigh and quickly stood up. "never mind, let's just sleep on the bed," you deadpanned, making your way to the bathroom. meanwhile atsumu's eyes glimmered with hope as he listed the things he wanted to do to make up for his mistakes.
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tetsuphobia · a month ago
Tumblr media
this is stupid.
kuroo knows that better than anyone—knows that this is entirely unreasonable and entirely spur of the moment and entirely something he should not do—but you're standing in the kitchen, covered in flour, and the words seem to fall from his lips as if they were always meant to be there.
"marry me," he says, and he means it just as he did when he asked you yesterday as he kissed you goodbye, and just as he did the day before when you tripped down the stairs, and just as he would tomorrow if you said no.
but this time, as laughter spills from your lips, messy dough coating your cheeks, something stirs in him. something that he wouldn't find yesterday and won't find tomorrow and something that feels like hope, and delirium and you—and he thinks, if only for a second, that stupid isn't even the word for it.
"you're asking right now?" you raise a brow, motioning your fingers around your mess of a kitchen, and a silly little smile draws across his cheeks.
"i am."
"i'm covered in flour," you say.
and he grins, "yeah, and you should marry me."
you shake your head, pulling your lips together, and you give him that look you always do; the 'maybe when we're older and smarter and a little less prone to divorce' look that he's grown to dread.
because, yes, this is stupid—incredibly so—but he's twenty-one and he's pretty sure he's never going to get much smarter than this and you share a bed every night without killing each other, so, really, why not?
he holds his hand in the air, waiting to insist on asking you again tomorrow, but you laugh—soft and bright and something that aches like home—and a little okay rolls off your lips.
"what?" his fingers stutter in front of him, voice tugging at the back of his throat, and you laugh.
"i said okay."
"you're kidding," he says, a little too dumbfounded for his own good.
"now why would i do that?" you reply, a little tease catching your breath.
(oh, you must be trying to kill him now.)
"because i asked you to marry me."
"you did."
"and you said yes." a breath spills from your throat—happy little laughter swirling between you.
"i did."
and he doesn't know whether to scream, or cry, or maybe throw up, but he does know that you just agreed to marry him, so all three sound like a solid approach.
"i'm in love with you," he says, hands reaching for floured cheeks.
"well i would hope so."
and he rolls his eyes, pulling you in—lips meeting yours with a clash of flour and warmth and a breath of anything but regret—and he's sure that he'd be stupid every day of his life if it meant being with you.
Tumblr media
hi this is for @neoheros and @coophi's summer writing challenge and i am nervous and scared and about to sob into my hands but i wanted to throw a lil smth in there for fun <3 this is such a lovely idea i'm so glad i got to participate :)
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risumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“that’s wrong. you’re supposed to—“
“ugh,” you groan, slamming your forehead down to your notebook before kuroo has a chance to reach over and fully explain your mistake.
he’s a good tutor, but you suppose that’s all because he’s the TA for the class too. and you’re lucky you were able to book a slot with him before they all filled up. you’re grateful, really! but then again.
“if i hear you say ‘that’s wrong’ one more time i’m dropping out immediately,” you grumble against the notebook paper.
it’s quiet for a moment. then kuroo speaks up.
“that’s incorrect.”
you groan again, slouching back in your seat and dragging your hands down your face. it’s late, you’ve been at this for a while, and you have decided you completely and utterly hate statistics with your whole entire heart. turning your head to look over to kuroo, you’re greeted with a smooth grin that is a flip side of your pouty little frown.
“i’m dropping out,” you huff.
“no, you’re not,” he chuckles, and you nearly flinch when he raises a hand to swipe back the hair that got stuck to your forehead. “what you are doing is mixing up your steps. look.”
and there he goes, leaning up beside you with his pencil in hand. he’s talking, you know he is, but your eyelids are heavy and you’ve pulled all nighters the past two days to study for your upcoming exam and the steady rumble of his voice is just so calming.
so it’s really not your fault when your head lolls over and is suddenly resting against your tutor’s shoulder.
“just gimme a few minutes, just wanna rest my eyes,” you mumble, and his shoulder is so much more comfortable than you thought it would be, honestly.
kuroo goes stiff for a few minutes, because literally what else is he supposed to do? the person who he secretly can’t keep his eyes off during ever lecture falling asleep on his shoulder? how is he supposed to act in this situation?
timidly—though he’ll tell his friends how confident he was during this moment later—he lifts a hand up to run it through your hair. and no, he does not blush when he hears you hum at his action and then wrap both your arms around the one of his you’re leaning against.
and really, he would be more than happy to stay like this for as long as possible, but the library is going to close in just a few minutes. so, with just a bit of internal panic and a whole lot of regret that he has to do this, he shakes you a little bit—gently of course.
“the library is about to close.”
he bites the inside of his cheek and curses himself for finding this as cute as he does. so, as good as he can without jostling you too much, he starts grabbing your books and sliding them back into your bag, then doing the same to his own.
“yn, i got your stuff. we need to go,” kuroo shakes you again, and you mumble something under your breath that he doesn’t really pick up on. “come on, up you go.”
even as he raises you out of your seat and onto your feet, you still don’t unwrap yourself from his arm. honestly, he’s not even sure your eyes are open as he slings the both of yours bags over his shoulder and starts leading you towards the door.
he’d rather die than admit to his current inner mantra of ‘don’t spazz out don’t spazz out’ as he walks out the door and into the open campus air. he starts walking, and he doesn’t even know which dorm you’re in so he’s not even sure where he’s going.
“kuroo,” you speak, making him jump just a little as you break your silence. “why are you taking me back to your dorm?”
kuroo’s steps stutter to a halt and he realizes that he is in fact—although it was completely subconsciously, he swears—leading you towards his dorm building. his brows furrow as he looks down to you.
“how’d you know this is my dorm?”
“my window,” you point, to the building the two of you have just passed, right across from the one you’re standing in front of. “it’s right across from yours. by the way, you’re a really bad dancer.”
kuroo wants to die on the spot as you look up to him with a sleepy smile, and he knows he’s blushing, he just hopes you can see it from the dim campus lights.
“please tell me you’ll just forget you ever saw that,” kuroo grins sheepishly, bangs curling up a little with the humidity in the air.
“that depends,” you shrug, unwrapping yourself from his arm and stealing your bag back from his shoulder before taking a step backwards.
“on what?” kuroo asks as you turn to walk away, fingers gripping his own backpack strap. his arm still feels warm from your contact.
you look back over your shoulder, and kuroo thinks you look far too pretty under the shitty campus lights.
“whether i pass my exam or not.”
and kuroo really can’t help it when he cuts all of his other sessions with other students short just so he can squeeze in more for you. he just wants you to pass is all! he cares about everyone’s grades!
(and it’s all for naught anyways, because you see him dance a lot more. but this time in a front row seat on the edge of his dorm room bed. and he never fails to grab your hand and make you dance with him.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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sunasbabie · 6 months ago
-ˋˏ things they do in the relationship ˎˊ-
warnings: a little suggestive
Tumblr media
goes inside the bathroom when you’re showering
⤷ suga, kageyama, kuroo, yamamoto, OIKAWA, makki, yahaba, kyotani, bokuto, akaashi, ushiwaka, goshiki, shirabu, sakusa, kita, ATSUMU, SUNA, osamu, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
makes dirty jokes all the time
⤷ suga, noya, tanaka, KUROO, yaku, fukunaga, mattsun, FUTAKUCHI, KONOHA, TERUSHIMA, komori, ATSUMU, SUNA & korai
Tumblr media
gropes you out of nowhere
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, IWA, yahaba, kunimi, tendo, hayato, sakusa & SUNA
Tumblr media
doesn’t hide his dick from when he has a boner
⤷ kuroo, KENMA, oikawa, mattsun, makki, kyotani, futakuchi, bokuto, SAKUSA, komori, aran, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
proclaims his love to you 24/7
⤷ noya, tanaka, kai, yamamoto, OIKAWA, kindaichi, bokuto, kita, atsumu & korai
Tumblr media
plays with your ass when you’re on your stomach
⤷ yaku, kenma, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, aone, bokuto, konoha, semi, shirabu, KOMORI, aran, gin, SUNA, osamu & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
asks for cuddles all the time
⤷ asahi, noya, tsuki, hisashi, yams, kai, kenma, inuoka, OIKAWA, iwa, kunimi, akaashi, goshiki, SAKUSA, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
drools on you when he falls asleep
⤷ yams, makki, kindaichi, aone, koganegawa, akaashi, semi, reon, terushima, kita, osamu, akagi, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
picks their noses in front of you
⤷ hinata, noya, fukunaga, lev, makki, futakuchi, atsumu, osamu & korai
Tumblr media
pees with the door opened
⤷ suga, kuroo, fukunaga, MATTSUN, MAKKI, iwa, konoha, ushiwaka, terushima, aran, suna & sachiro
Tumblr media
farts in front of you
⤷ daichi, kageyama, narita, KUROO, kenma, fukunaga, OIKAWA (then he blames you for it), yahaba, futakuchi, BOKUTO, konoha, goshiki, taichi, komori, aran, gin, ATSUMU, suna, osamu & sachiro
Tumblr media
sings off key
⤷ tanaka, hinata, yaku, oikawa, makki & gin
Tumblr media
sleeps practically naked
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, kyotani, koganegawa, atsumu & osamu
Tumblr media
makes you breakfast all the time
⤷ daichi, asahi, ennoshita, yams, kai, oikawa, IWA, aone, AKAASHI, sakusa, KITA, omimi, OSAMU & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
bites you out of nowhere
⤷ noya, kuroo, makki, konoha, komi, tendo, OSAMU, gin, akagi, SUNA, korai & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
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omikazu · a month ago
Tumblr media
— how they like to be comforted after losing a match | haikyuu ♡
Tumblr media
— the type to melt into your arms, leaning into your reassuring touch and burying his face into your neck. he holds you close, muttering about how he's going to get the next one. might even cry if it was a particularly hard defeat because he feels safe around you.
daichi, asahi, OIKAWA, yaku, yamaguchi, aran, SHOYO, akaashi, koganegawa
Tumblr media
— the type that doesn't really want to talk about it, just his favourite food along with your presence makes him feel better and takes his mind off the loss. secretly enjoys the back rubs and reassuring arm squeezes you give him, even though he doesn't admit to it.
iwaizumi, USHIJIMA, kuroo, AONE, tsukki, kita, SUNA, sakusa, osamu
Tumblr media
— the type that sulks like a child, visibly crestfallen over the loss, expects to be spoiled rotten for the night, and of course you oblige, running your hands through his hair and muttering encouraging words and babying him until that sulk turns into a smile.
nishinoya, tanaka, BOKUTO, yamamoto, kenma (yes, him. don't fight me on this), hoshiumi, SAKUSA, kageyama
Tumblr media
— the type that takes the loss too hard and overworks himself to the point where you have to intervene and give him a pep talk and convince him that overworking himself won't lead to anything good, give him a big hug, he needs it.
goshiki, OIKAWA, aone, KAGEYAMA, shoyo, hoshiumi, ushijima
Tumblr media
— the type that takes it as a learning experience. putting aside the hurt and the humiliation, he works hard and thinks of how to beat them the next time, even getting excited over the cool plays the other team made, wanting to either try them out or think of how to counter them, share his excitement and encourage him to get them next time, because he definitely will.
oikawa, ATSUMU, kageyama (aka the crazy setter trio)
Tumblr media
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kuroosweakness · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
domestic things the haikyuu boys do to show that they care
Tumblr media
 ↳ it all seems too good to be true. that’s because they’re not real :’ 
Tumblr media
━ sakusa kiyoomi 
- always let you shower first so you can get all the warm water. (but don’t too long, don’t leave him without any hot water at all :’) (or i guess u guys can shower together ... ) 
- puts your towel in the dryer before your shower. he has many, many reasons for this: 
your towel will be nice and cozy when you walk out the shower 🥺 
he’ll have to hand the towel to you, meaning he’ll have a reason to go inside the warm, steamy bathroom 
he’ll be able to wrap you tightly with the towel the moment you step out. sakusa can’t leave you abandoned with just a towel, so naturally, he’ll sit you on the bathroom counter (even with you sitting on the counter, he’s still taller <3) and dry your hair, comb your hair, pat your body dry, lotion your body, blow-dry your hair, and all the other steps of your skin-care routine 
imagine standing next to each other, staring into the mirror as you both brush your teeth, him softly side-butting you, you side-butting him back (except he moved to the side and now you just awkwardly side-butted the air ... there goes his satisfactory smirk 🙄<3) 
(just before drying your hair, he’ll rub strands of your hair between his palms to make it stick up, and stand back to admire the view. you’re adorable) 
(oh to be pampered by sakusa :’)) how does it feel to have won life?) 
(it hurts knowing we’ve never seen animated sakusa smile) 
━ kita shinsuke 
- he always walks on the outer side of the sidewalk when the two of you are walking side by side to keep you safe from the road. it’s a small, subtle gesture, but a gesture that doesn’t go overseen. this also means his left hand will always be holding your right hand 
- picks things up for you. on his way home, he’ll always call and ask if you want anything. if you have a delivery package you need to pick up, he’ll do it for you. if you want a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe, he’ll buy one for you :)
- he loves and cares for your family like his own. this goes a long way. it truly shows how important you are to him
(to those who doesn’t have a very ... good family or a family that wouldn’t be interested in caring for your partner, i’m sorry to hear about that babes :’( i can relate, we’re in this together!)
━ oikawa tōru 
- always talks in terms of “we” instead of “i”, “me”, and “you”. he always includes you in conversations so you never feel left out! whenever you are, he wants you to feel acknowledged and included. 
- defends you in every conversation. if someone were to talk badly or make unwanted remarks about you, oikawa will be right there to drag them down.  oikawa may talk a lot but it’s gotten him the advantage to be really good with his words. try winning an argument with him, you can’t (unless ur iwaizumi lol)   
- anyone that stares at you for too long, he’ll give his harshest glare. oikawa’s one of those people who can just sense bad vibes from people. he tells you all about his instincts so no “bad guys” can get to you
- relationship with oikawa = lots of pillowtalk 
━ miya atsumu 
- if you carry purses/bags around, he always offers to hold onto your purse/bag when you go to the bathroom. he’ll casually sling it over his shoulder like it’s his own, no awkwardness here! he’s proud to be your boyfriend and it shows. 
(guys who carries purses for their partners with confidence > other guys)
- if the two of you walk out of a store into pouring rain without an umbrella, atsumu will tell you to wait inside the store while he goes to start the car. he’ll drive to the front of the store so you won’t have to get wet from the rain 
(i just know atsumu’s one of those guys who looks so hot while driving without even trying- darn him <3) 
━ akaashi keiji 
- beings extra everything around for you. band-aids, hair-ties, gum, cash, an extra jacket in his trunk, a cup in case of stomach-emergencies, and even a pair of socks in case the rain seeps through your shoes. he has it all. feeling safe is one of the many good feelings you feel around akaashi 
- when you share a small umbrella, akaashi always makes sure it completely covers you, even if it means water is dripping down his shoulder. 
- when he comes across a good book, a good movie, good song, he’ll have that spark in his beautiful eyes when he tells you all about them. he wants you to also enjoy the good in his life :) (he also tells you about his past mistakes/incidents to warn you about the bad) 
━ bokuto kōtarō
- goes to bed before you, lying on your spot of the bed to warm it up. when you walk into the bedroom, you’ll see bo’s head sticking out of the covers with a huge grin. he’s so cute without even trying djkfldj 
- adores massaging you. he’ll regularly massage you, run his hand across your tummy, sit you in his lap, squeeze you with his biceps, play with your thighs, yeah it’s quite obvious how much he loves you. 
rough day? regular day? be prepared to lay on your tummy so bokuto can give you a massage :) don’t be too surprised when he attempts new massage moves that “our professional massager did on us! (msby)” 
you know what else he loves? when you massage him! he loves coming home with sore muscles to a home-made massage by the person who never fails to make him smile. not the best massage in the world, but you’re trying and he loves it more than explainable. 
- brings you the remote without complaint. puts your plate back to the kitchen without complaint. puts your clothes in the laundry basket without complaint. 
━ miya osamu 
- always offers to carry the grocery bags. even if he can barely see past the pile of bags in his arms, he’ll insist on carrying them. his competitive side comes out during times like these; he’ll try to impress you by carrying more and more each time. even with how heavy the groceries may be, he hasn’t dropped/broken anything ...yet! 
- leaves the last bit of food for you. last slice of pizza? yours. last bit of milk left? for your cereal. last piece of cake? yours. he never eats the last piece without checking with you first, no matter how hungry he is. eating food without leaving you any is like betrayal. 
- blocks the sunlight out of your eyes with his arm/hand. especially in the morning when the sunlight glares through the window. 
━ suna rintarō 
- charges your phone for you. sometimes, he’ll tap on your lockscreen to check your battery percentage when you go to sleep and charge it when the battery bar is low. you don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone with suna around. 
- turns off his phone when you talk to him so you can have his full attention
- untangles your mess of cords. he always glares and heavily sighs whenever he sees tangled cords. no one knows how, but suna’s exceptionally good with untangling stuff 
━ kuroo tetsurō
- cleans the hair from your shower for you. he really doesn’t like it, but he knows you hate it more, which is why he does it for you. even though it’s not a favorite activity of his, he doesn’t really mind, it’s natural. 
- he’ll talk to the people/call the people you don’t want to. if you don’t want to say your drive-thru order, he’ll do it for you. if you want to know the price of a shirt but there isn’t a tag, he’ll talk to a store-worker for you. instead of being annoyed at you for “not being to do simple things”, he’ll help you out without a single word of complaint. there’ll be some teasing, but no harm done. he’s very understanding and patient
(my bias is showing. he’s my comfort person, what can i do :’) 
- he made up a code with you. four tugs on the hem of his shirt means you’re not feeling well/uncomfortable. (there are also many other signals and code words)
this is especially helpful when you’re out at parties, big events, malls, etc etc. as soon as he feels your tugs, he’ll whip around and study your face, leading you to a quieter place to ask how you’re feeling. if you want to go home, then home it is. 
Tumblr media
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neoheros · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the morning after kuroo marries you, he wakes up to grey skies and a loud storm just outside his window.
it’s still dark out, just the greying skies filling the atmosphere as it’s too early to have any sun, but maybe it’s the storm, or maybe it’s the fact that he’s in bed next to you, but he just can’t seem to bring himself to fall back asleep.
he glances at the clock — barely four am.
you lay on your back, kuroo’s arm under your head as he does the same next to you, and apparently, you’re sharing the same fact that you can’t fall back to sleep either.
“do you know how to pay taxes?” you say out of the blue, the hours of peaceful quiet suddenly broken as you’ve decided you’d finally gotten enough of it.
kuroo looks down from the ceiling to you, the arm underneath your head shifting to pull you closer.
“no.” he tells you, chest heaving upwards.
“i don’t either?” you turn to your side, facing him better, “who’ll help us with that?”
kuroo kisses your forehead, telling you lightly, his voice melting with the rain, “we’ll ask kai, he knows everything.”
you glance at the window, the coldness of the room mixing with the cold outside, and something inside you acknowledges the fact that the whole marriage thing probably hasn’t sunk in yet.
“oh,” you nod, “well, do you know how to change a gas tank?”
and kuroo shakes his head, “we’ll get those electrical stoves.”
you turn your head slightly to look at him, pushing yourself out from his embrace to sit up, "do you know how to work a washing machine?"
and to that, he throws a pillow at your face.
"stop worrying!" kuroo sits up with you, "we’re getting married and you’re worrying about laundry."
you prop yourself up on the headboard, following suit as he does too, and between the dark room, the storm outside, and the heavy weight in your stomach from yesterday’s events, you have a feeling neither of you are going to sleep anytime soon.
you frown, shaking your head gently, "i don’t want to be married to a man who doesn’t know how to add fabric softener to my clothes - i love my clothes!"
he rolls his eyes, "i’ll learn."
it’s finally starting to sink in - to kuroo, at least - the entirety of it all. the fact that he’s in college, broke and stupid, and apparently, married to you.
he’s broke and stupid and married.
and if it were anybody else, he’d probably be freaking out right now too, but then he looks at you, worrying to wits end next to him, and all he can really do is try not to kiss you.
"tetsuro, are you really sure—"
he doesn’t let you finish, "if you ask me again if i have any regrets about yesterday, i’m kicking you out."
as far as he’s concerned, he does not have a single regret about this at all.
"you don’t mind living in this tiny apartment with me?" you look at him, shoulders rising as you laugh, pointing around the place as you do so.
kuroo shrugs, following where you point, and he takes your hand, "we’ll make it our own."
and between the chipped paint and unmade bed, the two of you have been doing a hell of a job at it already.
the apartment isn’t done yet, far from it, but with the rows of picture frames of you and him and everyone else in the walls, he likes to think you’re both off to a good start.
"does it feel like we're making a mistake?" you put your head on his shoulder.
"no." he still has your hand in his, and with it, he touches over the wedding band he’s got the privilege of putting on you just yesterday.
he looks at you for a second, "it just feels like you and i."
you roll your eyes, pushing him away, "cheesy."
thunder is rumbling from outside, and kuroo finds himself pulling you back down under the covers, close to him as his arms fall on you in an embrace.
his stomach is swirling and he takes back that statement before — he does have regrets in marrying you.
you bring your hand with the ring up to your face, humming lightly, "we’re married."
and kuroo laughs, "oh, that, i know."
"you'll insist to the fix broken things in the apartment and i'll circle out repair shops in the phonebook." your shoulders rise, mouth curling upwards into a short smile.
kuroo scoffs, pushing you away, "i am appalled at your lack of support in me trying to fix things i don't know how to fix."
and you look at him, rolling your eyes, "what if we break a window?"
and he looks back at you, "why would we break a window?"
"well," you shrug, crossing your arms over your chest, "would you try to fix that broken window by putting seran wrap over it and sticking it with hello kitty band-aids?"
"no." he scoffs, and he kisses the side of your head, "i like barbie band-aids better."
you roll your eyes, laughing with him as the storm outside only seems to grow louder.
you give him a nudge, "just so you know, as we're doing that, a group of window repairmen will walk by and point and laugh at us."
"they'll point and laugh?" kuroo laughs, shaking his head.
and you nod, "in that order."
it doesn’t take a genius to find something wrong with getting married so young, normal marriages don’t even stand so well against their own odds, so marriage whilst in college? — it’s almost like a death wish.
ironically though, the cold feet or wedding bell jitters didn’t actually hit until now, because for as long as kuroo’s remembered, he’s never had a single shred of a doubt that marrying you was the right choice.
“please learn how to add fabric softener to my clothes.” you look up at him, his fingers on your shoulder slowly tap tap tapping as you do.
“please learn not to snore so much.” kuroo smiles, a teasing grin as he looks back at you.
you scoff, pushing him away, “i do not snore.”
“i sleep next to you and i’m telling you straight up, you snore.” he shakes his head, his smile getting wider.
he continues, shoulders rising as he laughs, his grin annoyingly teasing, “and not even the cute snores that go viral for being so cute, you snore snore.”
“oh yeah?” you mock, quirking a brow, “you wanna talk about sleeping habits? well, how about the fact that you hogged the comforters all night?”
you taunt, voice raising, “and it is just impossible to kiss you because of all that stubble on your face!”
“maybe i’ll have the energy to shave if i wasn’t kept up all night by your snoring!” he yells back, laughter breaking through.
you shake your head, unable to refuse the smile coming on your face, “blanket hog.”
kuroo laughs, his free hand taking your chin and pulling it closer to his, “you will be so humiliated once i think of an insult that connects with snoring.”
and he kisses you.
and it’s just like when he kissed you yesterday, or last night, or three hours ago when he first woke up with you.
it’s still hard to believe; this entire marriage thing actually happening — and as much as he wants to say he has no regrets, he knows that if he does, he’ll only be lying.
the lightning flashes.
you pull away from his kiss, laughing slightly at his impatience to pull you back, “you know, some people call that a bad omen.”
kuroo laughs, “other people call it lightning.”
there is a regret in his stomach about marrying you, and that regret is not choosing to do it sooner.
Tumblr media
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volleychumps · 9 months ago
Defending S/O From Jealous Girls (Kuroo, Kageyama, and Tsukishima )
warning(s):bullying!!!(tw) , boys who bite at anything that touches you<3
“Oops! My bad, Y/N- you should really watch where you’re going.” 
You rub your shoulder with a frown as the long-haired girl in front of you feigns innocence, eyes glinting with a venemous edge before you huff, leaning down to pick up your phone. A hand beats you to it, snatching the device in a way that had you flinching before a hand settles warmly atop your head. 
“Kitten, you good?” 
Of course. 
You sigh, seeing that the girl who had an obvious crush on your boyfriend had stepped to the side, lock of hair already twirled around her finger while her lips curled up in a flirtatious smile. Kuroo kept his feral eyes on you with a questioning look in his eyes as you offer a strained grin, taking the phone from him before glancing at the perpetrator. 
“Rika, did you need something?” 
“Kuroo-senpai, can I ask for your help on this upcoming assignment?” 
She blatantly ignores you, but Kuroo kept his gaze focused on your now shattered expression, seeing you hadn’t answered his original question. Distractedly, he merely shrugs at Rika before slipping his hand warmly into yours, tugging you along gently down the hall. 
The pissed-off expression of Rika’s still went unnoticed as you smile gratefully, following him along as Kuroo slips your conjoined hands into his jacket pocket. Feral eyes glance at your tired expression as Kuroo stops in the middle of the now empty hall, causing you to blink out of your thoughts. 
“Tetsurou, we need to get to class-” 
“Whatever you’re thinking about, quit it.” 
You tilt your head as if you don’t know what he’s talking about, plastic smile already tugging at the edge of your lips. 
Kuroo’s motions are careful as his large hands rest on either side of your neck, thumbs gently tracing the contour of your cheeks as his sharp eyes seem to pin you in place. His chest sinks when the smile on your face slowly fades, your eyes brimming with unshed heat before he sighs. 
“How long?” 
“I’m not dumb, sweetheart. So you either give me names and how long they’ve been giving you shit- or I interrogate any female I’ve ever seen you with. Your choice.” 
“...Rika’s really pretty, no?” Your voice cracks, smiling sadly as insecurity brims your tone, Kuroo’s grip on you seeming to weaken at your words. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m just not-” 
“I will take you right here, in the middle of this hall.” 
“Tetsurou-!” You scold, a smirk crossing Kuroo’s lazy features before he tugs you into his chest, tucking your head into the crook of his neck seemingly deep in thought as the raven-haired boy strokes your hair. He mumbles, other hand wrapped around your body protectively as his lips move against the top of your head. 
“If it makes you realize how beautiful you actually are, kitten, I don’t object-” 
“I can’t stand you sometimes.” 
Kuroo grins at the feel of your laughter against his neck, lifting your chin upwards to encase your lips with his heatedly as your figners clench at the back of his shirt material-
sharp eyes flitting in the direction of a teary-eyed Rika.
 She runs off from her hiding place when he makes threatening eye contact with her in the midst of kissing you harder, hand on the back of your hair entwining with the strands for effect. One was off the list now, for sure. 
“Names, sweetheart.” He pulls back gently, kissing your slightly swollen eyelid as his thumb strokes your cheek lovingly. 
“I want them by the end of the day.” 
“Oi. Snap out of it.” 
Your dazed expression becomes alert at the feel of Kageyama touching a cold can against your cheek, the blue-eyed boy arching his brow in worry. 
“Sorry, um...” You seem frazzled, looking over your shoulder now and then as Kageyama casts you a second worried glance as he occupies the space next to you on the school bench. He pokes the straw into his milk, casually tossing an arm around you afterward-
certainly not expecting to hear a yelp. 
He flinches, retracting his arm back in a jerking motion. “What?! What’s wrong?” 
“My shoulder...” You clench your teeth. “It’s really sore.” 
“Did you bump it against something?” Kageyama sweat dropped, reaching a hand up to rest on the back of his neck worriedly. The awkward tension in his movements made you laugh, but it came out a little forced. 
“Nope. I’m going to get some relieving patches from the nurse’s office, don’t wait up!” You seemed skittish, the pained look in your eye not going unnoticed by your analytical boyfriend. His calls for you died on the blue-eyed boy’s lips, sighing when you’re so rushed you leave your phone behind. 
He picks it up, about to slip it into his bag to give it to you later, until your phone lights up with a text message-
multiple text messages. 
Kageyama’s blue eyes scan them before he can think. He hadn’t meant to read your messages, but he’s suddenly glad he stumbled upon them. The word bitch was prominently used, attacking you for dating the popular setter. Kageyama could feel heat rush to his head, jaw clenching at what he was reading. 
If yesterday’s lesson didn’t teach you enough, it won’t just be your shoulder next time. 
He lifted himself out of his seat, milk box crushed within his fist. Blue orbs barely scanned the name of the sender, thanking his good memory for remembering such a useless girl. She was in your class, and he briefly remember you awkwardly bringing her up. 
“Tobio, I told you not to wait-” 
“Come on.” 
Your eyes widen when Kageyama tugs on your good arm, the aura around him borderline dangerous. Worriedly, your questions of where he was bringing you failed to drown out the ringing in your boyfriend’s ears. 
“You don’t like holding hands in front of people-” You start, cheeks heating up when you reach the front of your classroom. 
“Y/N. You know you can trust me, right?” He’s still not looking at you, staring stoically at the shut classroom door. 
Subconsciously, you touch your shoulder as guilt brims your orbs. “I didn’t want to make it difficult for you-”
“Well, that’s fine.” You tilt your head as Kageyama slams the door open, glancing back at you with anger swimming in his blue orbs. 
“Because this shouldn’t be difficult.” 
You held back a sigh. Kageyama was the type to deal with these types of things head on, for the raven-haired boy never really cared much about what people thought of him. You embarrassedly trudge behind him as he walks in with ease, stopping in front of a certain someone’s desk that had your breath catching in your throat. Everything begins to make sense when Kageyama slips your phone out of his pocket. 
“You have a crush on me or something?” He bluntly asks, disinterest flitting around his blue eyes as you watch your bully’s jaw slacken, cheeks filling with embarrassment. “Is that why you’ve been harassing my girlfriend?” 
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kageyama-Kun!” 
You shouldn’t have felt as justified as you did as Kageyama lets your phone fall on her desk, the messages staring back up at her as Aika’s eyes brim with unshed tears. 
“Expect an assault charge reported to the school tomorrow. Good job digging your own grave.” Kageyama’s cold voice sent a collective shiver down everyone’s spine before he promptly tugs you out of the classroom. You barely caught a glance at Aika’s trembling form before Kageyama’s leaning you against the now empty hallway. 
Lunchtime was over now, that was for sure. 
“Tobio, you didn’t-” 
“Let me adjust your patch. You didn’t put it on right.” He ignores you, still sorting out his emotions before he’s gently tugging your shirt off your shoulder slightly, peeling the patch off of your skin to reposition it.
“Are you mad?” Your voice was quiet as he solely focused on the task at hand. 
“Yeah.” You flinch, feeling guilty at his blunt tone- 
until his forehead touches your shoulder, his breath fanning against your skin. 
“You know I’ll protect you no matter what, right?” 
Kageyama’s chest finally settled, feeling tears of relief beginning to soak his shoulder as you smiled into his embrace, wrapping your arms around him.
“Yeah.” You breathily laugh, Kageyama’s grip tightening slightly- 
And he dug his face deeper into your shoulder, hiding a small lilt of his lips he didn’t want you to see. 
“You’re late.” 
“I told you I wouldn’t miss it.” 
You beam in the face of your unamused boyfriend, the blonde sighing heavily as the squeak of sneakers fade out into the background. What mattered was that you came. 
“Any particular reason?” Tsukishima absent-mindedly twirled a strand of your hair around his finger, tilting his head in a bored fashion as you seem to stiffen in place.
“Um, no?” 
“Who knew my girlfriend was such a terrible liar.” Tsukishima pried further, arching a brow as you chew your bottom lip, looking everywhere but him. “Seriously, what’s going through that pretty little head?” 
“You think I’m pretty?” You seem to perk up at that, and Tsukishima flicks your temple as he begins to walk off to warm up. 
“Shut up.” He glances back at you, gaze softer than his usual hard stare. 
“I didn’t say anything.” 
“Really? I didn’t notice.” 
Tsukishima’s irritation begins to show on his face before you giggle, feeling more relaxed than before as you motion that you’re going to find your seat.  You mouth a good luck to him, pretending not to notice the redness on the tips of the blonde’s ears as he spins on his heel hastily. So cute. 
Your smile fades when a smile that was just a bit too wide waves you to come sit with them. You wondered if you had a choice as your footsteps slow in their movement. 
“Y/N’s here~” 
“Looks like you can see after all. I underestimated you.” 
“Wha- You’re the one with the glasses!” 
Tsukishima smirks at how easy it was to rile Hinata up, hazel eyes flitting over to the stands. He would never admit it, but knowing you were in the bleachers somewhere-
Scratch that. He knew exactly where you were on the bleachers. 
Ice-cold, dripping with water. A water bottle being held upside down in a girl’s grasp, a girl who was vaguely familiar. 
“Tsukishima, we’re about to play-!” 
“Then put someone else in.” The tall blonde’s voice was hardened as he brushed past his team captain, fire on his heels at what he had witnessed. 
The heat in your eyes contrasted greatly with the ice cold water dripping down your back. Yuki giggled brightly with her friend stifling a laugh into her palm, a feigned pout on her lips as everyone in the stands stared at your trembling form. 
“Y/N-chan! You’re so clumsy!” Yuki squealed, bending down to pretend to wipe up some of the water on your lap with her scarf. Her voice drops to a mutter. “And forgetful. Didn’t I tell you not to come to Tsukishima-Kun’s game today?” 
Your eyes widen a fraction, trembling lips beginning to part before a warmth suddenly cascades your cold body. 
“And pray tell, why should she listen to your advice?” 
Tsukishima’s voice sounded kind, but his eyes were anything but, protectively tugging you out of your soaking seat. You feel the rise of his chest, eyes widening when you realize he ran to get here. 
Yuki’s lips trembled before a sweet smile overtakes her features. You could’ve laughed as she begins to sniffle. 
“Kei-Kun! Y/N-chan had a little bit of a spill, and I was just-” 
“Helping her?” He finishes for her, smile growing a little sadistic. He focuses his attention on you, clenching his teeth at the smile you offer him. A trembling one that said I’m okay. 
“Funny. Because I saw the whole thing.”
“I-It’s a misunderstanding-” 
“Oi.” Tsukishima’s fake smile drops, jaw clenched. You tug on his arm, not wanting to cause a scene, but he merely slips it out of your grasp, pushing you behind him. His glasses seem to shine a little as his lips quirk up yet again. 
“Ugly girls shouldn’t lie, it leaves them with nothing worth doting for, you know? Hm?” He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose, smiling a closed eye smile. “And who gave you permission to call me by my first name? It’s Tsukishima. With an honorific.” 
You wince at the harsh insult that slaps Yuki across the face, flabbergasted expression still evident on your face as he takes you by the shoulders, spinning you around with a now pissed-off expression. 
“Yuri.” He looks back, getting her name wrong on purpose. “Don’t let me catch you helping my girlfriend again, got it?” 
She hiccups over her tears as the guy she likes walks off with you, who was still trying to grasp at what had just happened as he leads you to the hallway. 
“Y-You’re match is on right now-” 
“You’re a regular! You need to be-” 
“Shut up. I know exactly where I need to be right now.” Tsukishima snips, drying off the rest of the water as he kneels in front of you, a cup of hot tea from the vending machine warming your hands. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
“I’m sorry.” It comes out rushed and distracted, but Tsukishima’s momentary pause of his movements made you think it was anything but. “They bothered you because of me, right?” 
You nod slightly, biting the inside of your cheek before he flicks your temple, suddenly irritated. 
“What a pain.” 
You gasp softly, hands tightening around your paper cup as he brushes his lips across your forehead, hand resting on your neck. 
“Tell me when things happen.” 
“Don’t bottle it up inside. It’s annoying.” 
“And stop smiling like an idiot.” 
“But you kissed me. You kissed me first.” 
“I’ll leave you here.” 
“No you won’t.” 
Tsukishima groaned, tilting his head back to sigh heavily as his heart pounds in his ears. Quickly, he presses a chaste kiss to your lips that has your eyes as wide as saucers, tugging you out of your seated position while refusing to look back at you. 
“You’re right,” You stare at his flushed neck, following closely behind him back to the tournament. 
His hand tightens in yours ever so slightly-
“I’m never leaving you alone like that again. Understand? Or do I have to spell it out for you?” 
General works: @takemetovalhalla  @faesbae  @savemesteeb @dreebbles @yams046   @let-me-have-my-own-name  @deadontheinsidebut @lifeisntjustblackandwhite   @curiouslilbeast  @aprettyfruit   @wisepandaslimeland   @h0ngh0ngh0ng   @lmkjimin   @orangegiraffe7   @dai-tsukki-desu   @kac-chowsballs   @spikertrash   @yamaguwuchi   @lord-suneater-explosion   @holaaaf  @babyybokutoakaashi   @lexysclubhouse   @disneyloving-muggle   @kuuuuroo   @theonep1ece  @that-chick212  @mjoork
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cahrilean · 2 months ago
Asking Them To Hookup
~ when you ask your guy bsf to hook up
ft. Atsumu, Suna, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, & Kuroo
warnings - nsfw (not really, pretty sfw but obviously centered around sex)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
General Haikyuu Taglist : @elianetsantana @succulentmom @jessie9008 @tooru--o @joyhdh @dark-dragonn @borpcorp @halfpintwriter @theworthlessqueen @hello0i @dabibruntnugget
Taglist Form
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anime-nymph · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alpha!Kuroo x Omega!f!reader
Tags/tw: high school setting but Kuroo and reader are 18+, jealousy, claiming bite (aka small blood mention), knotting, breeding mention, oral [f.receive]
WC: 8k
A/N: I made you wait for your request long enough @cuillen I’m sorry for that at least lol. But here it is! Bonus that it’s a submission for @daichidaichidaichi​’s Hybrid Collab, so if anyone is in need of any more feral 2D men just slide on over to the collab post -> click [ here ] <- 
A/N 2: The sincerest of thanks to @vanille--kiss and @meiansmistress for both beta reading and brainstorming with me on this fic. It wouldn't have been finished otherwise. Additional thanks to @oneblonded @bohica160 and @[will be added later] for reading through and content checking for me!<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Thanks again for helping out,” Kiyoko smiles at you as you help unload the bus. “With Yachi sick, we could use all the help we can get. Not every team is lucky enough to have managers.” 
You give the soft-scented beta a warm smile. “Of course. Not like I could say no when Kou and Daichi-kun ask so nicely.” You shoot your brother a smile that's a little too forced and he chuckles awkwardly.
Kiyoko laughs at the silver-haired alpha’s reaction. “Sugawara, did you coerce her into coming? I told you it would’ve been fine.”
“I did not!” Suga protests goodnaturedly, pouting. “All I said was that it would be so sweet of my little sister to give us a hand. She’s been to enough of our games to know what to do anyways.”
“We’re the same age, Kou.” You roll your eyes when he gives you a cheeky grin.
“I’ve got twenty-two minutes on you, so you’re still my little sis,” he teases, pinching your cheeks until you throw him off with a heatless glare.
“Alright you two,” Daichi intervenes sternly. “We’re the older ones here, we have to set an example.” 
The gentle but warning scent that rolls off of the alpha captain makes the three of you duck your heads instinctively, muttering soft apologies, but you still stick your tongue out at your brother one last time before grabbing your overnight bag and following Kiyoko into the school building.
The moment you enter through the door, you’re hit with the overwhelming scent of—
“Are you okay?”
Dazed, you turn your head to see Kiyoko looking at you curiously. You only now notice that you’ve stopped stock still in the entryway. Betas didn’t have senses like yours, not as prone to scents and pheromones. You hadn’t realized the scent of alphas would be so thick here, despite knowing volleyball is an alpha-dominated sport. There are beta and even omega scents tickling the air, not to mention plenty of unpresented scents as well, but the place still reeks of alpha. The strength of it almost makes you shake, wondering why no one is wearing their scent-blockers. It makes you realize that you should have brought your own, groaning inwardly at your past self for not packing them. You didn’t think you’d need them for such a short trip.
“I’m fine,” you respond firmly, shouldering your bag and catching up. Kou-nii and you had turned eighteen last summer, so it was only a matter of time. You’d presented two months ago, a couple weeks after Suga, both of you surprising your two beta parents. Koushi, an alpha and you, an omega.
No one was truly surprised by Kou’s status but everyone, yourself included, had expected you to be a beta. You wish you had paid more attention in your health classes, scrambling to get up to speed on alpha/omega dynamics ever since your presentation. You’re only recently getting used to the idea and everything that came with it. Everyone presents and learns their status anywhere between eighteen and their early twenties—alpha, beta, or omega. Alphas will grow bigger and stronger after presentation, develop large canines, all in preparation to "provide for their future mates”. At least that’s how it had been millenia ago, back when legend had it that the human race used to be able to shapeshift. These days all their strength does is go to their heads; cocky, typical alphas. Betas are more "neutral"; they aren’t affected as strongly by pheromones nor can they release their own, and their canines are barely pronounced. They can still mate like everyone else, but only female betas can bear children. 
And then there’s omegas.
Omegas develop wider hips after presentation, their scents naturally sweetening to entice possible mates, and their canines begin to grow in, but they’re always much smaller than an alphas. And much to your dissatisfaction, every four or five months, omegas experience something called a pre-heat—an ungodly week-long period of stomach pain, headaches, fevers, and swollen, tender scent glands. You’ve yet to experience one but you’ve heard from older omegas that they’re awful, sometimes lasting even longer than the standard week. You’re not looking forward to your first. You can only hope actual heats are better, but you’ve heard even worse stories about those, not that you think you’ll ever have to worry about them. Alphas and omegas are capable of going into ruts and heats, but only if they’ve met their “soulmate”. Something to do with perfect compatibility and their scents kickstarting something in your reproductive system blah blah, natural cycle something fertility something. You hardly paid attention in that class, thinking that you would present as a beta so none of it would ever apply to you. Even now as an omega, you have your doubts that you’ll ever be so lucky as to meet your one true mate. It’s almost a fairytale-like concept to you, having been raised by beta parents. 
Kiyoko falls into step behind you, watching you curiously as she shows you where the managers sleep. Both of you claim a corner of the room, rolling out bed mats, and that’s when the beta-beauty speaks up. “A couple of the other team’s managers are omegas too, I could ask them for that balm you guys use to block scents if it’ll help. I’m sure it's a little overwhelming, the boys are usually so focused on volleyball that they usually forget to pack their scent-blockers. And the ones who do usually sweat through them too quickly.”
“No, it’s okay. It just took me off guard. I’ll be alright.” You give her a smile and Kiyoko nods softly, saying that you both should change. 
“Don’t worry, I've heard you’ll get used to it after a while. By the looks of it, we’re the last one’s here. Everyone is probably in the gym already. They’re going to need us.”
The gym is both better and worse. All the doors are open, bringing in a fresh breeze that tempers the heat inside. But everyone is gathered all in one place, scents thickening in tandem with the competitions raging on each side of the net. 
Karasuno’s team is huddled in a circle listening to Coach Ukai, and Daichi gives you and Kiyoko a friendly smile and nod as you both step into the gym, tying up your hair as you preemptively get to work filling water bottles and pulling out towels. 
After a few minutes, Kiyoko calls to you. “Will you help with the Nekoma team? They’re about to start a match with Shinzen.” 
You nod and jog over to the Tokyo team, the coach thanking you and introducing himself then his captain, Tetsurou Kuroo. The lanky dark-haired alpha only gives you a crooked grin and a tip of his head that could barely be considered a nod as he politely waits for his coach to finish giving you a rundown. Your cheeks warm a little as you feel him regarding you quietly. His clean, earthy scent is surprisingly pronounced in the gym’s sea of odors, and your pulse only slows when he finally turns away, to one of the other boys who has his nose in a handheld device, his warm, dulcet voice teasing him for something.
“And if you need anything, or the boys get a little too excited, just give Yaku a holler. He’ll put them in line.” Your attention is brought back as the elderly coach grins mischievously, throwing a thumb over his shoulder towards one of the other players.
You peek over his shoulder, surprised to see him pointing at a shorter, sandy-haired omega who nods to you quietly with a reassuring smile. A soothing honeysuckle scent washes over you and you find yourself relaxing, immediately shooting Yaku an embarrassed look. Did you really seem so nervous for that to be necessary? Yaku shrugs at you before turning to answer one of the first years who is trying to get his attention. 
For most of the day you don’t get to see too much of your own team, kept busy helping Nekoma, Shinzen, and Ubagawa—but mostly Nekoma. While chatting with Yaku during one of their breaks, you learn that they are the only team here that doesn't have their own manager. The team itself is well-balanced, and thankfully behaved, something you’re grateful for as you watch the team they play against most often.
The Fukurodani captain is loud and energetic, laughing and playing so avidly that it draws attention from every court throughout the day. You think the big alpha is lucky to have such a level-headed team to keep himself in check, noticing the other five boys nodding and checking with each other throughout each match.
It’s the second set of today’s last match and the Fukurodani managers, who you’d learned are named Yukie and Kaori, a beta and alpha, agreed to keep score for you while you quickly refilled Nekoma’s water bottles one last time. You’re on your way back when you notice they’ve stopped playing, dawdling around too much for it to be a time out. For a second you panic. You hadn’t taken that long, had you?
On further inspection, you see that one of the Nekoma players had twisted an ankle, so the coaches insisted on a small break to force the players to cool off for a bit before jumping back into the game. They’ve been playing much more aggressively than normal. You blamed it on the sweltering gym; you aren’t even playing and you can feel sweat trickling down your neck, dewing on your temples. It has to be worse for the teams playing and training nonstop in such heat.
The two captains are laughing and shouldering each other and you glance at them curiously, handing out the water bottles to the rest of the players. They seem to know each other well, cracking jokes and chatting about what sounds like an account of the last time they met up. The Fukurodani captain catches you looking, his eyes sharpening with interest as he excitedly shoves past the other captain to come over to you.
You shift on your feet nervously as he approaches, his head tilting to the side as he sniffs lightly. “You smell familiar, have we met before? You’re a Karasuno manager, right?”
“Uh, n-no. I don’t think so,” you stutter, startled, as he leans in and sniffs again. His thick eyebrows are furrowed thoughtfully over shockingly deep amber eyes. “I’m just helping out this weekend, one of Karasuno’s actual managers is sick. My brother is on the team.”
His eyes light up excitedly. “Oh, cool! So you know all about volleyball, I bet. Is it your first time at one of the training camps? They’re kinda wild, aren’t they?” He booms out a laugh so loud that you wince a little, but you give him a small smile. There’s nothing threatening about him; he seems like an overgrown puppy to you. 
“Bokuto, leave the pretty omega alone. You’re coming on pretty strong, at least introduce yourself first,” Kuroo drawls lazily as he wanders closer to you. He surreptitiously slides between you and the larger alpha, earning a side eye from you that he doesn’t see as he levels his gaze at his friend.
It feels even warmer again as a sharp scent spikes between both the alphas. Bokuto chuckles, rubbing the back of his head as he turns to give you a sheepish grin, canines flashing. “My bad, I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I? My name’s Bokuto. Akaashi is always telling me that I’m too friendly first thing.”
“It’s fine—” you begin to say, but one of the boys calls Bokuto back over to his side of the net.
“Bokuto-san, we’re about to get started again.”
“Coming, Aghaashi!” Bokuto calls, taking a step towards him before whipping his head back around. “Wait, what’s your name again?” 
You tell him and he repeats it before grinning roguishly, “Watch us take back the set from the rooster head, ‘kay?”
Rooster head? You’re confused by that until you hear an amused snort coming from your left, looking up to see the Nekoma captain’s lips pull wide in a confident smirk, his athletic form relaxing a little as Bokuto disappears back to his side of a net. You gaze at him for a moment, then a giggle slips from your lips, and his expression flattens in surprise.
“What, don’t think we can do it?” He raises an eyebrow at you in question, apparently genuinely interested in your response as his lips turn downward in a small frown, crossing his arms, when you continue giggling.
“No, no. It's not that,” you try to stifle your mirth, “it’s your hair. I didn’t notice how messy it was until now, the nickname… it's fitting.” You cover your smile with one of your hands to keep yourself from laughing again.
His lips quirk, placing a hand on his chest in mock offense, his hazel eyes glinting down at you teasingly. “Oh come on, it’s not that bad, is it? Don’t tell me you think it's ugly.” His words render you a little bashful and you quickly shake your head. His expression softens into a boyish grin. “Alright then, now I feel better.” Your cheeks burn as his eyes don’t leave you, until he’s distracted by Yaku calling him to play. “Wish me luck, not that we’ll need it.”
“You alphas are always so cocky,” you try to tease, crossing your arms.
Kuroo snickers as he backtracks to the court where the rest of his team is gathering. “Can’t blame us too much if it's genetic, right?”
You snort, rolling your eyes dramatically to cover how he’s begun to fluster you. 
The match resumes with Nekoma barely scraping by and taking the second set, 27-25. The two captains seem to be going head to head throughout the set, grinning wildly at each other as they battle for each point. By the time it ends, both teams are covered in sweat, but no one seems too upset by the outcome, the captains high-fiving and recounting the highlights, already talking about how they could have improved. You can feel their eyes flitting to you now and then as you hand out towels, trying not to be overly aware of them, until Yukie and Kaori drag you away.
“The boys clean up the gym, we usually help out with dinner.” Kaori loops her arm through yours, giggling as Yukie brightens at the mention of food.
“And we get first dibs too.” The brunette beta’s eyes are almost clouded over at the thought, happiness oozing from her every step. 
The air outside is almost cold, making you shiver as the trio of girls make their way to the cafeteria. Both of them eye you curiously, asking you if you’re okay, and you assure them you are.
But as soon as you step inside the kitchens, the change in temperature starts to become unbearable for you. A feverish heat wracks your body, little sparks of pain shooting to your gut. You excuse yourself to the few kitchen staff to lay down, and are practically shooed from the kitchen by a pair of worried mothers. A bowl of rice is pressed into your hands on your way out which you courteously accept, but with the way your stomach is churning, sweat beading on your forehead, you really don’t think you’ll be able to stomach it. 
You collapse on your bedroll in a feverish haze, digging out the hoodie you stole from your brother and snuggling under your blankets as you anxiously surround yourself with extra pillows that you snatched from Kiyoko’s space. It’s hard to tell but you think you fall asleep, tossing fitfully and curling in on yourself, breathing laboured as the fever rises, the uncomfortable heat only getting worse, peaking between your thighs.
Tumblr media
Hazel eyes flit around the space, the young alpha dragging his tongue under the points of his canines as he picks at his food. Ever since he stepped off the court, Kuroo can’t seem to reign in the antsy, irritated feeling prickling beneath his skin. His foot taps against the ground as his knee bounces in time to a subconscious rhythm in his head.
“You played even harder than you normally do.” Bokuto sets his tray down next to Kenma’s and sits across from the raven-haired alpha, grinning slyly. “Showing off for that pretty little omega, huh? She smelled really good, didn’t she? Like honey... and vanilla.”
For some reason his annoyance grows at Bokuto's comment. “I wasn’t showing off for anyone,” Kuroo mutters, swallowing the stupid urge to growl. “I played like I always do.” His eyes flick around again as the Fukurodani managers leave the kitchens to go sit down with the others. Something feels off. Every scent seems to be sharper, making his head pound as his senses try to keep up, and even though he’s resting his pulse feels like it's boiling, practically thrumming in his ears.
“You were much more aggressive today,” Kenma observes absently, his eyes reflecting the glow of his handheld console. Bokuto nods emphatically as he shovels food into his mouth, letting the second year speak. “The whole team could tell. Inuoka hurt himself trying to keep up.”
“It's not that bad,” the first year protests immediately. “The nurse said I’ll be able to play tomorrow as long as I’m careful.”
“See? Now put your game down and eat your food, Kenma.” Kuroo brushes off his underclassmen’s words and is suddenly very interested in finishing his meal. “Practice is early tomorrow, and we need to shower before bed.” He swiftly starts scoffing down the rest of his rice, glaring when Bokuto starts talking again.
“You were pretty mad during clean up too,” the silver-haired alpha hums thoughtfully. He leans closer, inhaling deeply. “Sweating, snapping at people… You sure you’re okay, bro? Maybe you should go see the nurse, too.”
“I’m fine!” Kuroo snaps sharply, slamming down his utensil and shoving out of his seat with a huff, barely withholding another growl. What’s with the third degree? He doesn’t deserve to be questioned so closely by his own team, by his friends. There’s nothing wrong; he’s just a little pent up, probably didn’t play hard enough today. “I’m going to shower, finish up.”
The three of them glance at each other as he stalks off, muttering under his breath.
“Did I say something wrong?”
Kenma watches his friend go with narrowed eyes, pausing his game. “Don’t take it personalIy, I think he’s stressed about something. I can’t imagine what though.”
Tumblr media
Your name is being called, and you moan in discomfort as someone shakes your shoulder gently. Blurry eyes open, waking slowly to see Takeda and Kiyoko leaning over you with worry etched into their expressions. Your clothes cling to your damp skin, sweaty and shivering as you try to cover yourself back up with the blanket.
“Stay awake—”
“—you have your emergency suppressants?”
No. You’d forgotten them just like you had your scent-blockers. Why would you need them anyways? Who meets their soulmate while they’re still in high school?
Your eyes widen as another stab of heat afflicts your core, so strong that you writhe under your blankets. No. No. Is this your heat? How? Who? 
Another scent seeps into the room, making your spine stiffen. An upset whine tears from your throat as your eyes land on a worried and nervous Coach Ukai hovering in the doorway. You know to your bones that it's not him, but his anxious unbonded alpha scent is fraying your nerves. Even if he’s not yours, an omega in distress would alert the instincts of any alpha. Takeda immediately stands and sends him away.
“Go get her brother, he can help calm her down until we figure out what to do.”
Kiyoko is trying to make you more comfortable, squeezing your hand. “Do you know who it is?”
“N-no. Maybe. There was... ” You’re shaking. You’d talked to and met so many alphas today. It could be any one of them. Panic grips your chest, making your breaths quick and shallow. There had been Shinzen’s two wing spikers, Ubagawa’s libero and captain, Kuroo, Bokuto and… almost all of Fukurodani’s team had been alphas, except for the unpresented setter. You had spoken with each of them at one point. Who could it be? Oh god, you have to be the first omega ever to not recognize her soulmate. You whimper.
You can feel the cool of Kiyoko’s palm against the burning skin of your cheek, the coolness only soothing a tiny fraction of what you need. Takeda’s voice drifts further into a void as more and more voices enter what feels like the increasingly smaller space. You toss, blanket pulled taut, fingers grasping into the thin cotton, wishing, hoping, and praying that the burn within will pass with as little ceremony as it had appeared—but you know better and have heard much worse stories of first heats. 
The sound of your name being frantically called makes you raise your head. Sugawara kneels next to your bedroll and pulls you into his arms, sniffing over you anxiously as he cradles your cheeks in his palms. His warm amber eyes bore into you worriedly. 
“Are you okay? Tell me what to do. More blankets? Pillows? You need to nest, right? Or —wait, is that later?”
Even if it's not what your senses are frantically searching for, your brother’s voice calms you, at least a little. Koushi always makes you feel safe. The scent swirling in close proximity with his however makes you squirm, pleading eyes looking over your brother’s shoulder up at his best friend. 
It's Daichi. The quiet, strong Daichi you’ve always known. Deep brown eyes, taut expression etched with concern as he stands a couple of steps away, staring at his own feet. As much as he struggles against it, your scent is affecting him. You can tell. You can tell by his parted lips, his quiet pants, but mostly because his usual chocolate and cinnamon scent is starting to melt into something deeper, something more. It’s nothing but arousal, cloyingly sweet. Something about it has half of you wanting to curl your nose in distaste, but the rest of you...
It’s not him, you know it's not. If it were, you’d have known much sooner than this. But that doesn’t stop the omega within you from reacting to the pheromones of an alpha you trust, one who comforts you. Your scent glands are swelling, greedily trying to pull his scent towards you. With no way of knowing whether your alpha is anywhere nearby or not, and your heat crashing down on you, your body and mind are quaking with a desperate need for relief. For safety. Reassurance. Belonging.
“Please,” you whine, reaching for him and trying not to squirm so much. You can feel the slick pooling between your thighs, body preparing itself for… another surge of heat passes through your body at the thought, almost making you curl in on yourself. Another pitiful sound tears from your lips. 
There’s confliction on his face, hesitation. Both of you know that there’s something wrong to this. Daichi can’t help you the way he knows you want, but that doesn’t stop him from bending down to pull you from Suga’s arms, doesn’t stop him from letting you nuzzle under his chin, purring as you draw in his familiar scent. 
“We’ll watch her until you can reach our parents, they must be working late. Neither of them are picking up their phones.”
You can hear Koushi talking with Takeda, but it’s all background noise to you. There’s very little that could distract you from the throbbing heat of your core, steadily growing worse out of what feels like neglect. Everything feels too sensitive, too sharp, too… You shudder another wave of heat and pain rolls through you, whimpering when your shorts grow just a bit wetter. 
“What can I do?” Daichi’s voice is hoarse. Whether from arousal or restraint, your body could care less, zinging electric at the sound. 
You’re sure yours is no better, whispering and burying your face in his shoulder. “Can you touch me? I know it's—" Wrong, the omega within you screams. "Please, it hurts so bad.” Guilt wars within you. You must sound so pitiful. He’s not even your mate; you can’t expect him to honor such a request but you’re desperate. 
“I—I can’t do that.”
“It’s so hot,” you whine. 
Your pheromones, overwhelming and sweet, nearly choke the brunet alpha. It's all he can do not to drop you in favor of covering his nose to escape such an enticing scent. To not be the one who loses his head and corrupts his best friend's little sister. He takes a deep breath.
“Let’s take her outside.” Daichi turns to his best friend, getting his attention. “The fresh air will help cool her down.” And if we’re lucky the breeze will disperse some of her scent.
Tumblr media
Kuroo tried to sleep, he did. Everything pointed to the fact that he should have been asleep by now. After leaving dinner early, he got the showers to himself. Thankfully. Because as soon as the hot water hit his skin, arousal hit the alpha captain like a spike to the face. He dealt with it quickly, or at least tried to, before scrubbing off and throwing on some old athletic wear to sleep in. The room his team is sleeping in for the next few days had been empty and quiet, and Kuroo had laid down, still hot from the shower, the heat almost seeming to be trapped beneath his skin, warming his very bones.
He’s clean, fed, he spent the whole day exercising, and now he’s laying down, comfortable and shrouded in darkness. He should be asleep, but he’s not. After a half hour of fitful tossing, his teammates filing in one by one as they ended their night and quickly fell asleep after a strenuous day of practice, Kuroo finds himself throwing the blanket off and padding back into the hallway. It’s like his whole body is itching, but there’s nothing to scratch, his mind reeling on high alert. It's almost as if he floats down the hallway, barely taking in his surroundings, something telling him to just move. Just as he reaches where the hall intersects with another, a voice interrupts his mindless reverie.
“Kuroo-san? You’re still up?”
His eyes refocus to see Lev staring down at him, green eyes lit with surprise and curiosity. Yaku is a few steps behind him, arms crossed. Both of them are in pajamas, their eyes sleep fuzzed as if they had woken recently. Kuroo hadn’t even heard them leave the room.
“‘S too hot. Couldn’t sleep,” Kuroo grumbles, absently picking at his canines. They feel weird. “You two should get back to bed.”
Kuroo rears back in shock, his back colliding with the wall as Lev steps forward excitedly, emitting an instinctual growl as the first year gets way too close. Undeterred, his fingers pull at Kuroo’s lips, exposing his teeth.
“Yaku, can you see this?” 
“Lev!” Yaku barks, scandalized by the half-Russian’s behavior.
“But look!”
Kuroo turns his head sharply to dislodge Lev’s fingers, eyes narrowed to slits as he harshly shoves the first year away from him, teeth bared in anger. “Get the fuck off me!”
There’s a strangled sound from the omega libero, who claps a hand over his nose with wide eyes.
Lev doesn’t even appear phased by his captain’s hostility, eyes shining as he swivels his head between his senpai. “Kuroo-san met his soulmate!”
There’s a pregnant silence as Kuroo’s thoughts stutter and skid to a halt.
“Yeah! Look how long your fangs are right now!” Lev jumps back to his feet, having fallen from Kuroo’s push. “Alisa-nee’s fangs got bigger like that when she met hers! I saw it then too. So who is it, Kuroo-san?”
Kuroo turns on heel and pushes into the nearest bathroom, both his teammates on his heels, and opens his mouth, studying his reflection. Okay sure, they’re bigger, but not much more than normal… right? They’ve been growing slowly and steadily all month, ever since he presented. He teases one of them with his tongue before shutting his mouth with a snap. Now that it's been brought to his attention, they’re almost uncomfortable behind his lips, heavy even. He whirls around.
“You said this happened to your sister. Are you saying that I’m—”
“You’re entering a rut,” Yaku’s eyes are glazed. He’s still covering his nose, sweat beading on his temples. When he’d lost his temper with Lev, Kuroo’s angry pheromones had punched out, almost putting the omega on his ass. Only concern for a fellow teammate kept him from turning heel and getting far, far away. “Lev, go. We need to tell the coach.” The lanky first year complies without hesitation, loping out of the room. “But Kuroo… Who is your mate? They’re probably way worse than you right now, because heats come on way quicker than ruts do.”
The seriousness in the omega’s voice brings a fresh wave of urgency and the inexplicable need to protect—to protect… his mate. Kuroo’s mind is moving faster than it ever has, picking quickly through today’s memories and scents, whirling through them all and trying to land on the one prickling at his consciousness. But it’s difficult.
His temperature rises significantly as Yaku’s honeysuckle scent fills the bathroom, souring with the omega’s agitation and nearly choking him. It’s impossible to think; all Kuroo’s body knows at this moment is that it’s not the scent of his mate, dissatisfaction leaking from his every pore.
“I need space, I need to think. It’s… I know I met them today.” Kuroo starts backing out of the bathroom. “Tell Coach, I know you gotta. I’ll be—” Somewhere. Anywhere but here. Wherever his mate is. Every cell in his body is telling him to find them. They’re probably in pain, probably wondering where the hell he is and why he’s not there for them. Every possible alpha panic is attacking his thoughts right now, feeling like shit for not realizing sooner what was happening. Before he knows it, the alpha is outside the school.
The air is chilly, probably even cold, but Kuroo hardly notices. The heat beneath his skin is almost boiling as he stops next to one of the outdoor fountains. He needs to cool down, to try and tamper the heat because god he can’t think in this heat. The water pours out, circling in the drain as he splashes the water on his cheeks, but it's not enough. Kuroo crouches, letting the stream pour directly over his head, causing his hair to flop down on his forehead and some of the water to trickle down the sides of his face and his back. It’s downright icy. It affords the alpha a momentary relief, the cold shocking his system into compliance.
An omega, his omega, is somewhere in this school right now. Needing him. Think damn it, who is it? There's no way you don’t know who your mate is.
Then he smells it.
Kuroo’s eyes snap open, ducking out from beneath the faucet. Droplets of water go flying as he whips his head back and forth, trying to locate the origin of the scent. Mate. His feet carry him without thinking, closer and closer. He can hear voices now, his jaw clenching angrily as two alpha scents join in around his mate. He rounds the corner. 
It's you. And them. Kuroo growls as he sees you supported between two alphas. One looks a lot like you, his scent similar enough that he feels no threat from him, but the other—his glower deepens.
"I c-can't! Please, it h-hurts."
He can tell the moment you notice him. 
Kuroo's pupils narrow to barely visible slits as your arousal and distress pours off of you in waves, merging slowly with the alphas' scents even as yours desperately beckons him closer. He can't take it. His primal nature takes over, the need to take her away from any other alpha, to establish his connection to you, scent you, protect you, comfort you, take, claim, breed, to mate you.
And seeing, smelling, two alphas so close to you while you’re… it's enough to make him snap. He stalks forward and snatches you out of their arms, baring his sharpened canines as he curls his arms around you protectively. He's subconsciously cradling your head against his own scent glands, nuzzling you as he glares at the others. 
“Hey!” Suga protests angrily, stepping forward to take you back, but Daichi stops him by holding out an arm.
He’s seen this once before already. “Don’t,” Daichi murmurs, quietly relieved. He lowers his head to appear less antagonistic. Ruts can make even the most laid back of alphas unpredictable; if there’s even so much as a perceived threat to their omega, their instincts flare into protective overdrive. “That’s her mate. She’s better off with him right now. He’ll take care of her.”
While the raging heat doesn’t dissipate, the moment he touches you, your anxiety melts away. His arms close around you, possessively caging you to his body as he aims another quiet growl towards the other two alphas in the hallway. You’re not paying attention, nosing his scent glands and trying to draw in more of that dizzying scent. He smells like a midnight study date; earthy and warm like coffee, rustic like the paper of a well-loved book, an underlying crisp scent of a winter night’s breeze; all of it swirls together and brings an unconscious purr to your lips.
The sound of it immediately draws Kuroo’s attention, his growl dying in his throat as his hazel eyes snap downward to appraise you. Your body is shaking and flushed in his arms, barely standing on your own as you emit the sweetest fucking scent he’s ever had the pleasure to experience. 
And then your hands slip under the hem of his shirt, fingers just barely brushing his skin. 
It's like he's burning. Your fingers trace rivers of fire along his stomach and set him ablaze. 
The other two alphas are forgotten. Kuroo grabs your wrist and drags you inside and back down the hall the way he came. 
“Where a-are we going?” 
His grip tightens at the slur in your voice. You sound so distant, and he can still feel the way you tremble even with his simple hold on you. It looks like you barely realize where you are as he guides you through the third gym towards the storage closet. It's the only place he could think to go, far enough away from everyone else so that no one else’s scents would bother you.
The door is hardly closed when you surprise him, pushing him against the spread of gym mats as you strain your lips towards his. Kuroo concedes with a low growl of approval, lips colliding with yours as he tugs you closer. You taste even sweeter than you smell, and he quickly slips his tongue into your mouth, trying to taste more of it. You press into him so eagerly, body soft and pliant under his touch, but he’s unprepared for your zeal, and his feet slip.
One muscular arm wraps around your waist to make sure you land on him and not the pile of mats, the other leaning back to cushion the fall.
You don’t seem phased, pulling a huff of amusement from him that quickly fades as you pin him with a half-lidded stare. 
“Kuroo,” you purr, making his mouth go dry, pupils blown wide as your scent gets even stronger. “You smell so good.” You sigh, feeling drunk on his warm scent, the way it deepens, almost seeming to have a spice to it now that he’s touching you.
“Tetsurou,” he rumbles back, drawing his tongue over your scent glands and shuddering as the taste of you explodes on his taste buds. 
Your resulting mewl makes his breath hitch, but it's the way you bare your neck in submission that has Kuroo hastily removing your clothes, with you helping him. The scent of your slick makes his canines ache, his instincts screaming at him to touch, to take, to claim.
“Please, ‘s so hot. Need you Tetsurou,” you whine, arching into his touch as he pushes your back against the mat, his palms stroking your belly, then down your shaking thighs. “It hurts.”
God. Kuroo used to poke fun at the alphas that were swayed so easily by docile omegas and their sweet scents, but this is overwhelming. Maybe it's because you’re his mate, maybe it's the rut tugging at the threads of his sanity, but a couple pleading words from you is all it takes to send a blistering, debased heat all the way down his spine until it centers on his throbbing, weeping cock. The heat has him ripping his shirt over his head and kicking off his shorts, rushing back to you when you whimper for him to come back even though his hands only left you for mere moments.
He stares down at you in awe as he settles between your legs, the sheen of sweat on your body making you glow in the dim lighting. Your tits jiggle slightly with each heave of your chest, hands resting above your head like you don’t know what to do with them, thighs spreading invitingly, giving the panting alpha a generous view of the slick that’s dripping steadily from your pussy. Kuroo couldn’t stop himself if he tried, shifting back and eagerly lowering his face to inhale the heady, sweet musk. Barely a moment passes before he’s dragging his tongue through your folds, groaning and closing his eyes at the taste and prodding the slick muscle against your quivering hole and pressing inside. 
You squirm and mewl as he laps at your walls and pins your thighs open with his hands, fingers pressing little divots into the soft flesh, kneading periodically. You don’t know if he’s done this before, you’ve never done this before, but his tongue still feels pleasant, warm and eager as he slurps greedily at your core. Electricity and satisfaction buzzes beneath your skin—your alpha is touching you, he’s happy with you, he’s excited—you couldn’t be any happier than this. His scent is almost feral, seeping out uncontrollably and overpowering the room. But you feel a small twinge of impatience tugging at your core, this inexorable need to be filled, taken, overwhelming you. Your fingers tangle in his hair, tugging firmly to try and bring him up, to urge him to truly have you. You freeze and keen when he growls in warning, the vibrations tickling your core, Kuroo not budging from your efforts. The sound is soft, but the message is clear: he’s not done with you yet.
You can’t stop the loud moan that falls from your lips as Kuroo licks a long stripe up your pussy, his tongue dragging across your throbbing clit. Your hips jump and your noise of pleasure causes him to still above you, his breath hot as it dusts over the bundle of nerves. As fast as you raise your head to see why he stopped, it falls back again, another cry torn from you as he seals his lips around your clit. Slick gushes from your core as he attacks the little bud over and over again, making gruff sounds of approval every time you cry out his name. Something is coiling and tensing in your gut, growing tighter and tighter with each lash of his tongue. He’s spurred on by your slurred chanting, hips grinding mindlessly against the mat to soothe his raging cock, shamelessly spilling precum as he listens to you say his name again and again, drunk on the pleasure your alpha is providing. The thought sends hot pride coursing through his veins. His omega, you’re his. 
Or you will be.
The hazel in his eyes almost disappears completely as you quake beneath him, his eyes flicking up immediately to watch your face contort in pleasure as slick gushes out of you, your adorable voice screaming his title.
“Fuck,” Kuroo groans into your cunt, greedily swallowing as much of your sweet release as he can before rising to his knees and getting as close to you as your bodies allow. His cock is aching with the need to be buried inside you, buried inside his omega. It feels heavy in his palm, hot, nearly red with neglect as he ruts against your wet, puffy folds. He’s hesitating, wondering if he should prepare you or if you don’t need it, barely holding on to his restraint.
But you’re scrambling away from him just a slightest bit, making his fingers twitch as he wrestles with the urge to pull you back to him, and his patience is rewarded.
The sight in front of him now—Kuroo feels himself salivating.
Knees spread, face pressed into the mat, the shiny, gossamer strands of slick clinging to your pussy and thighs as you present to him. 
“Alpha, please! Need you, please fill me up, want your knot!” You have no idea what is possessing you to say such things, nothing but white-hot desperation to be one with your mate, to be nothing but completely his.
The way you wiggle your hips and plead for your alpha to take you, it's too much. All rational human thought deserts Kuroo as he pounces, burying his cock in your plush walls with a deep growl as you wail beneath him.
The intrusion is sudden, burning, as his cock splits your walls but your howling cry conveys nothing but ecstasy. You feel full, you feel complete, the slightest hint of his swelling knot turning your mind blank with euphoria as you try to push your hips back, as if you could take even more of him. The blood in your veins turns to fire as Kuroo presses on your shoulder blades, pushing you to the mat, and begins to pound into you, his other hand dragging your hips back into his every thrust. There’s a new heat building in your tummy, a swirling inferno as he rasps out praises that would have you purring if you weren’t so out of breath. Each plunge of his cock pushes all the air from your lungs.
“My sweet little omega, so perfect, taking your alpha so well. Gonna fill you up, gonna fill your tummy with my pups. Our pups, such a good mate. My mate, my omega—” He sounds as delirious as you, mumbling, the points of his teeth scraping at your mating gland as he fucks into your roughly, his knot rapidly swelling as he approaches his end. Every time it catches on your entrance, you emit a needy squeal, clamping and clenching around him as if to draw his knot inside you on your own. 
“Fuck, fuck, mate. Take it, take my knot.” Kuroo growls, voice beginning to break with strain and pleasure. His eyes gleam as you bare your neck as best you can, begging him to claim you, to cum with you and give you his knot. “My mate, mine. Mine.”
He doesn’t hesitate, his knot shoving past your entrance as he finishes alongside you, locking you in place as his seed paints your insides. His teeth sink deep into your mating gland, the sharp taste of iron exploding over his taste buds as he claims you as his. It must hurt, Kuroo thinks, but the only thing in your cries is pleasure, a blissful, dazed expression on your tear-streaked face as he gently settles you both into a more comfortable position as you both wait for his knot to go down, curling around you as you lay on your side. 
Deep purrs rumble against your back as the alpha—your alpha, you think, dazed that he’s truly yours now—gently noses and laps at your new bond mark, grooming it and wiping away the small trickles of blood as alpha instinct has its way with him. He’s slipped an arm under your head, letting you use him as a pillow. A little bit of clarity has returned to you, the haze of your heat lifting from you for a moment in your post coital bliss. You’ll definitely feel nervous later, mating and bonding with your mate so early, to someone you’ve just met; not many people are so lucky to meet their soulmates this early, but it's impossible to feel anything but elation with the heady scent of bliss and contentment rolling off of Tetsurou in thick waves, his warm, coffee scent nearly lulling you to sleep. 
But then his cock twitches inside you, his still swollen knot nudging against the rough patch of nerves inside your walls, and the blistering wall of heat returns with a vicious ferocity. It pulls a low, desperate moan from you, causing Tetsurou to shift behind you as your pussy ripples around him. 
“Are you okay?”
“H-heats—” You pant as your eyes cloud over, trying to hold back another set of moans. “—last d-days. I don’t know what to—”
“Shh, we’ll be okay.” Tetsurou hushes you softly, wincing and steadying the buck of your hips as your shifting movements tug on his swollen knot. “‘M gonna take care of you, promise. You’re my omega, you’re the most important thing now.”
A strangled keen bubbles in your throat as his knot finally goes down, allowing him to slip out of your heat, cum trickling down your legs. The sudden emptiness has the omega within you buzzing with distress until the alpha sits up and pulls you into his lap. His cock still hard, slapping wetly against his abdomen, and he guides you to raise your hips, sinking you back down on his length. You moan softly as his hands begin to drag you back and forth on his cock in a slow, steady grind as he coaxes your lips to meet his.
It’s such a chaste kiss, warm and sweet, filled with quiet affection. It’s a promise of devotion, you realize, a tingling warmth rushing through your bond mark as he conveys his feelings to you.
Then his hands are gently disconnecting you, and he’s tipping his head back and guiding your lips to his neck as he purrs encouragingly. “Bite me.”
Your eyes widen, hips stilling. “But—omegas don’t—you don’t need that... for our b-bond.” Your voice grows small at the end. Alphas accepting a bite isn’t common, not unheard of, but they aren’t needed for a mating bond. Once an alpha leaves a mating mark, leaving his mate is impossible—a primal, provisional instinct so strong that it would kill him to break it—so bite or no bite, he is your mate. Forever.
“I want you to. I want everyone to know I’m yours.”
You can feel his pulse thrumming against your cheek, steady and sure. You kiss his neck and he hums softly, pleased. He whispers your name. Like a prayer, or a promise.
He grips your thighs and rolls his hips again, making you mewl in pleasure, something hot and familiar building your core as your bodies begin to move together like they were meant for this.
You’re moving on your own now, slick sounds from your joined bodies filling the space as his firm grip helps you bounce with ease. Your teeth scrape delicately against the skin of his neck  in preparation and then white explodes across your vision. Tetsurou curses as your walls convulse, his eyes fluttering shut as pleasure melts his spine.
Your teeth sink down.
There's a weighted silence where Tetsurou feels like he's floating through the air as your teeth pierce his skin, until your whispered word raises goosebumps across the alpha's body and brings him drifting back to his euphoric present. 
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kotarotea · 2 months ago
a/n: a fluffy piece before i start spam posting angsts if i ever finish them👁👁 enjoy! if you want more, pls lmk!!
feat. bokuto, kuroo, iwaizumi, atsumu & kita
Tumblr media
— he giggles. bokuto, already light hearted enough as he is, is a fool in love. his grins are ten times wider, his strides are all the more energetic and bouncy (to akaashi’s dismay who has to keep up with him), and his eyes are brighter than ever. at the sight of you, he’s shameless in showing his rosy cheeks and wobbly grin, even letting a few laughs escape those lips as he approaches you. he’s in higher spirits when he speaks to you, jumping and raising his arms. he doesn’t even care in the slightest if he looks funny; as long as you’re smiling, that’s all he could really care for. 
Tumblr media
— he’s strangely quiet. he isn’t exactly shy in school towards teachers and especially other students so it is kind of odd that whenever he’s speaking to you, he’s only able to say a few words at a time. often times, when he’s attempting to grab your attention, his mouth opens and closes like a blubbering fish, before he simply shoves his head into his crossed arms over his desk in utter embarrassment. while you’re oblivious to his flustered expressions and bashful words, he’s constantly mentally hitting himself.
Tumblr media
— now hear me out, he’s cranky. iwaizumi doesn’t get cranky. does he get pissed off? annoyed? irritated? sure, no doubt. but never would he let himself grumble and glare at everything in sight under normal circumstances. apparently, a crush on you makes him do that. he doesn’t really understand why at first. surely, it was due to the bad weather right? or a class that managed to make his head hurt badly enough. but no. all the crankiness was born by a crush on you. the sight of you smiling to your friends, talking animatedly made him frown and his chest ache. any chance of him having a civil conversation with anyone while you were around was blown out the window.oikawa was the one who made sense of it, giving clarity to his spiker’s odd behavior: obviously, you like her and don’t have her so you’re pissed off about it. it’s cute, iwa, but seriously...weird.
Tumblr media
— this boy stutters. yep, you heard that right. mister smooth talker to anyone else in your school stutters and stammers when you’re around. he ends up playing it off by saying he has a bad cough, to which you show your worry by pressing a hand to his forehead, checking if he had a fever. well if he didn’t then, he certainly did now by the way his entire face flames red in embarrassment. how can a friendly gesture elicit such a reaction from him so easily? atsumu could probably melt into a puddle while standing in front of you if he had no self control. he’s never felt so lost for words ever until he met you. it’s an uncomfortable feeling, having his heart in his stomach and he throat clogged up solely because of the way you make him feel. but if he’s being honest, as uncomfortable as it is, he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Tumblr media
— he stares. not in a weird way, of course! it’s just, by the time he realizes his deep feelings for you, he doesn’t know exactly how to go about it, so he observes you. sure, he exchanges brief small talk with you during class but he’s far too nervous to go beyond that. during classes he excels in, he spends most of the period with his elbow propped up on his desk, chin resting on his palm, slyly glancing over at you every few minutes. you don’t notice, much to his comfort, too busy scribbling down notes and paying utmost attention to the teacher. he admires your dedication to school and your effortless beauty. although the thought of you catching him staring stresses him out, a small part of him wishes you would so he could take a longer look into those pretty eyes of yours.
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