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Kuroo, Tsuki, and Oikawa having a s/o who constantly overworks themselves in everything

A/N: Here you go! Feel free to click here to check out my other works! :3

Kuroo, Oikawa & Tsukishima with an s/o who constantly overworks themselves in everything 



  • As much as Kuroo loves his s/o, he hates it when they overwork themselves in everything. Even if they strive to achieve excellence in everything they do, this is seriously overboard. 
  • You’re constantly burning the midnight oil, working throughout the night until the early hours of morning and never giving yourself any time to rest.
  • Kuroo tries to warn you that your body might not take it if you keep up with this routine of yours, but you insist that you are alright and can carry on. 
  • Until one day, you collapsed in his arms the moment you stepped into the apartment the two of you scared. Terrified that he might lose you, Kuroo sent you to the closest hospital immediately. 
  • “You idiot, you should’ve given yourself a break.” He gave you a little scolding before taking you back to your shared home. “No work for you for the rest of the evening. You have to let your body rest.” 
  • “I’m sorry …” 
  • “Thank god you were alright. You have no idea how worried I was – I thought I would lose you!” It took you aback by surprise when you spotted tears brink at the edge of your boyfriend’s amber eyes. 
  • “Don’t cry Tetsu, I won’t do that again …” 
  • “You better fulfill your promise, kitten …” 


  • Despite being a hard worker himself, whether it’s academics or sports, Tsukishima doesn’t want his s/o to wear themselves out. 
  • You, on the other hand, are someone who aims to achieve perfection in everything you do; albeit Tsukishima is not opposed to that, he would not let his s/o overwork themselves by exchanging perfection with a cost or risk inflicted on your health.
  • Once, he noticed that it was already 3 o’ clock in the morning, yet the light in your room was still turned on. Out of curiosity, Tsukishima went to check on you, only to find you burning the midnight oil to work on a project that was due tomorrow. 
  • You had already yawned incessantly for the past twenty minutes, but you had to get your work done. It would be all for nothing if you had given into temptation and went to sleep right away. 
  • “Still working?” Tsukishima patted you gently on the shoulder. You nodded at the tall blonde. “I have to get this done, or else I’ll not get a perfect –”
  • “Drink this. It’ll keep you awake.” Tsukishima handed you a cup of milk. Gratefully, you drank it within a few seconds, unaware that he had mixed grounded sleeping pills into the warm liquid. After a few minutes, you fell into a deep slumber on your desk. He hated to do this, but your body really needed to rest. 
  • Having put you to bed, Tsukishima sat at your desk and helped you finish the remaining parts of your unfinished project. The next day, you were astonished to find your project perfect and completely done. 
  • “Tsuki, you don’t have to do this …”
  • “If you don’t rest properly again next time, don’t complain to me when I knock you out. Idiot … your health is more important than your grades –”
  • “Aw, so you do care about me ~” 
  • “I’m … I’m not, idiot –” 


  • Let’s face it: Oikawa often overworks himself too, so he’s no different from you when it comes down to the amount of time and effort dedicated into perfecting yourselves. 
  • Remember that how he wants to perfect his serves? This boy literally injured and sacrificed his knee for the sake of hitting the most powerful serves during every competition he has. 
  • It breaks your heart upon knowing that how much pain he has to endure so as to become the well-rounded volleyball player known by many in the present, so you have to remind him not to overwork himself at times. 
  • “Tooru, you have to take a break. You’ve been practicing serves for 3 hours straight and you’re not letting your body rest –”
  • “Says the one who burns the midnight oil until 3 am every day ~” 
  • “Oikawa you little –” 
  • Oikawa is more concerned about your well-being rather than his oml bless this designer trash – 
  • He has to force you to take a break after working for hours on end by dragging you away from your desk and pulling you onto his bed, demanding for cuddles. 
  • “(Y/n) please cuddle meeeeee –”
  • “I still have work to do Tooru –” 
  • “Pleaseeeee –”
  • “No can do.” 
  • “Pretty please with a cherry on top?” He bats his puppy eyes at you. 
  • There is no way you could resist the captain’s watery eyes, so you give in eventually and cuddle with him for the rest of the evening, your work left undone. 
  • You couldn’t ask for more from your wonderful boyfriend. 

Hope you liked it! :D

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Mimi’s favorite works

I was looking at my masterlist and I think these stories are my favourite ones:

Maybe I should indicate these on my masterlist.

Now I’m wondering which ones you liked the most. :)

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C- Comfort Kuroo moodboard?

always, i went with stuff that seems comforting or soft if that’s chill?

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congrats on 200!!! & these hc are SooOOo cute!! can i get how they would confess with iwaizumi, kuroo, yaku, and akaashi

A/N: i made this more story like than headcanons and got a little carried away cjwjfjjw but alas!! Here we go. It is a lot to read ehehe


Originally posted by rubydragon16

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Iwaizumi spent so much time pissed off at Oikawa for getting distracted by girls he doesn’t know what to do when he sees you
  • Catching feelings?? In this day and age??? Who has the time for it.
  • Not to mention his best friend got broken up with for not making time for his girlfriend with volleyball
  • So he tries to suppress his feelings for you. He tries reeaally hard
  • But there you are everyday, totally beautiful and kind and loveable
  • Oikawa notices Iwaizumi starts keeping an eye in the stands during games or at the girls during practice and points it out
  • Soon Makki and Mattsun are teasing him about it, too
  • They don’t know who it is that has Iwaizumi smitten but they can tell something is up
  • One day, he gets fed up with their constant chatter. It’s just a practice and you go to watch, like many other girls, but your eyes are on someone entirely different from them
  • It’s Iwaizumi’s turn to serve and the third years are all looking at him with shit-eatting grins. “Get a good serve in for your crush~” Oikawa coos.
  • Iwaizumi breathes in deep and looks straight at you off to the side. “[Y/N], this is for you.”
  • Cue a killer serve that the other side can’t recieve. He does it twice more before they’re even able to get it up in the air, and each time he looks to you beforehand
  • The girls around you are freaking out because ‘how romantic’
  • You go up to him after practice and place a huge kiss on his cheek. “So that means you like me too?” he asks dumbfoundedly.
  • You’re grinning ear to ear. “Why do you think I watch your practices?”

Originally posted by kuroostetsurou

Kuroo Testurou

  • Kuroo knows, as captain, he doesn’t necessarily have the time to process things unrelated to volleyball. He does minimal studying for classes, lets his mother make his meals, and does not, at all, pay attention to his feeling.
  • So when he first meets you, he doesn’t really get that was he’s feeling is affection.
  • It starts off as harmless teasing, really. He ruffles your hair or pokes you in the back. He tickles you mercilessely.
  • This quickly progresses to flirting. Suddenly, his touches linger. He’ll push your hair behind your ear or wipe a crumb off your lip (usually there’s not actually anything there).
  • Sometimes, he’ll come up behind you and whisper in your ear, the warmth of his breath on your earlobe always sending shivers up your spine. He’ll place a hand on your waist to move past you (he once asked you if you minded affectionate touches “from friends” and although you said no you didn’t mind, what you meant was that you didn’t mind if it was him)
  • And one day he catches you looking at him strangely, eyes calculating, and he smirks at you. “If you keep looking at me like that I might have to kiss you,” he promises.
  • “Why don’t you?” Isn’t the response he expected. You’re looking at him with a grin of your own.
  • “If you want to, of course,” you concede.
  • His eyes are wide as he stutters for word. “I’d like that?” He comes up with.
  • You’re laughter is melodic, even if it is at him.
  • “Me too. Let’s go on a date?”

Originally posted by satanic-avocado

Yaku Morisuke

  • Yaku has always been jealous of school’s with female managers (or managers at all). Karasuno and Fukurodani both mock him for it relentlessly
  • But he’s not ready for the reality of you joining as their manager
  • Now, he gets to see you in your full beauty everyday for hours at a time
  • And, he realizes when Taketora and Lev see you walk in the other gym, so do the other guys
  • At first, he subtly tries to keep them away from you. “Focus on practice!” he’d scold. “Shouldn’t you be working on recieves, Lev?”
  • But there’s only so much he can do to keep his jealousy at bay.
  • One day, you approach him about it. “You’re pretty strict on the boys, huh?” Your smile is innocent. He thinks you don’t suspect a thing.
  • “I guess,” he agrees, hoping to change the subject away from anything but his fervent jealousy.
  • “How come?”
  • “I want you all to myself.” The words are leaving his mouth before he even notices it. Quickly, he’s apologizing for being so innapropriate and so daring.
  • You’re calm and quick to tell him there’s nothing to apolgize for. “Why didn’t you say so?”
  • The next practice now that you and Yaku are official, no one goes near you.

Originally posted by yes-i-love-dreaming

Akaashi Keiji

  • Sweet baby boy realizes there’s a very cute girl in his class and he isn’t sure what to do.
  • One day, he hears you mention a favorite snack to a friend and suddenly he’s got an idea.
  • The next day, the snack is in your locker with a “good morning!” note stuck to it.
  • The day after that, it’s on your desk. “In case you get hungry in class,” the note reads.
  • He switches between the two rotations to spice it up, changing notes as the days go.
  • “Your hair was different yesterday, it’s very cute.”
  • “Your presentation was enthralling. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”
  • One day he goes to put a note in your locker and sees you’ve left a note for him, instead.
  • “Talk to me?” you ask.
  • “This is more fun,” is his reply.
  • You start having conversations with his notes and snacks. You start leaving snacks for him, as well, and it makes his heart bloom.
  • One day you leave a note that surprises him. “Are you Akaashi Keiji? You’ve had the snacks the same snacks as the one’s I’ve been leaving for a week now.”
  • Oh. So his cover is blown. Now that all is on the table…
  • “Yeah, I like you. Go out with me?” He leaves a box next to yes and no.
  • He’s surprised to see you in the gym after school when he goes to practice. You’d been chatting with some of the players, but when you see him you’re immediately bounding towards him.
  • “Here,” you hand him a paper and a snack. “I hope you don’t mind.”
  • He unfolds the note. Yes is checked off, with a heart drawn in next to it.

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✧ AKAASHI 09; misplacement
↳ just so happens things are placed at the wrong time

taglist: @hit-points @angsty-microwave@jemilktea@svtbitch@yogurtkink@thatmichaeldork@studioocey@badlywritten-hq@thoebe-fly​ @issalilmessy@berrycafe@saintlygore@90s-belladonna@95softs@thoebe-fly
(send an ask to @raekaashi to be in the taglist! <3)

interact here
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a/n: when my drafts have less than 3 chapters for SBV, me: I CANNOT POST UNTIL I HAVE 1 MORE CHAP!!! lmao, i’m just really worried the story doesn’t flow properly because i have so many revisions of chapters (the little details matter gosh) so at this point i can’t tell what’s my deleted ideas and what’s the ideas i’m going with. maybe i can post outtakes after this so i can have more time to make more chaps and ensure the flow of the story but again, idek what are my outtakes tbvh HAHA

bonus tweets: 

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