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#kuroo x reader
yutari · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, sakusa kiyoomi, matsukawa issei, miya atsumu, akaashi keiji, sawamura daichi
warnings. suggestive <3
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI lets his hand slip beneath the hem of your shirt whenever his fingers curl around your waist. he’ll scratch his nails across your skin and, if he’s been outside and his hands are cold, sneak them onto your back just to watch the way you jump. (and after you do, he’ll laugh, and bury his cold nose into your collar).
KUROO presses kisses behind your ears. he’ll brush your hair out of the way and let his lips trail from below your ear and down your jawline. you can always feel the way a smile begins to carve into his cheeks whenever he does, and he’ll always whisper little words of ardor into your skin when he’s done.
BOKUTO gets a little crooked smile whenever you laugh at something he says. it’s the kind of smile that you want to savor, one that isn’t as bright as his usual ones, one that’s reserved only for little moments. but it’s something about the crinkle at the corner’s of his eyes, something about the way he leans in and smiles like he couldn’t care about anything else when you’re laughing in front of him. you know he’s entirely dedicated to you in those moments.
SAKUSA furrows his brows when he concentrates. sometimes, you can see it on the court, the way he draws his brows together and pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. he does it if he’s studying too, but other times, like when he’s laying in bed and brushing the hair out of your eyes, his fingers following the contours of your face, he’ll furrow his brows with a little smile pulling at the corners of his lips.
MATSUKAWA leans back in his chair and swirls whatever he’s drinking (scotch, more likely than anything), and he’ll watch you with these half-lidded eyes, his tongue poking at his cheek, drawing his gaze up and down as you speak. his cheeks are a little flushed, an easy smile pulling at his lips as he tilts his head and just listens.
ATSUMU always brushes your hair out of your face. no matter where he is in conversation, he’ll lean in ghost his fingertips across your face and tuck your hair behind your ear. if he’s not in the middle of telling a joke, if it’s a sweet moment, he’ll trace his thumb along the curves of your cheek before pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose.
AKAASHI always asks you to roll up his sleeves when he wears a button up. the first few times, he’d ask you quietly in the morning, partnered with a whispered hello and a kiss to your cheek. now, though, you’re already standing in front of him, and he’s sleepily letting you guide him through the motions. he’s all half-lidded eyes and sloppy smiles, dragging your hands up to his lips to press kisses to your wrists.
DAICHI leans down to speak to you or to hear you in crowded places. he’ll bring his lips right next to your ear as he speaks, his voice low and a little gravelly, his laughter sweet when he sees the way goosebumps raise up and down your body at his tone. he does it to tease you sometimes, just to watch the way you react.
BONUS BRAINROT ❤︎ iwaizumi presses his fingertips into your thigh as he drives, one hand on the wheel and his thumb moving back and forth along your skin. kuroo makes you tie his ties for him, just to have you close to him in the mornings. sakusa and akaashi both mess with rings on their fingers whenever they get nervous. daichi, iwaizumi, matsukawa and kuroo wink at you whenever they catch you staring. matsukawa hums whenever he cooks or whenever he gets especially concentrated on something. atsumu likes to bite your lip before he pulls away from kissing you.
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shoyotime · a day ago
hq text — 'i'm pregnant' prank
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, sakusa, kita, kuroo
genre : humor
warnings : fem!reader, lots of useless humor, mentions of pregnancy DUH
Tumblr media
— oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— sakusa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— kita
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— kuroo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @watashiwakurapikapls @astroqphillic @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @hello0i @bubble-bootie @weeb-nation @strangechaos
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atsumiye · 2 days ago
handholding with the haikyuu boys!
featuring: ushijima wakatoshi, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsuro, and akaashi keiji
a/n: anon, i hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
Tumblr media
he was so nervous the first time you guys went out and you kept bumping your hand into his
so he kept like moving away from you or like moving his hand so it wouldn't keep hitting is
until you just said straight up "wakatoshi, can i hold your hand?"
and he just grabs your hand and literally never lets go
now all he wants to do is hold your hand :((
anytime you guys go out together he is always the first to initiate it
for the first few times he would like bump his hand into yours a few times until you got the message
but now he just grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers and just sits there
the grocery store, the mall, a walk in the park his hand is always in yours
even at the bar with his friends, if you came along he holds your hand so tightly
or when you guys go to dinner he holds your hand above the table from across the booth
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
touchiest man alive!!!! i mean it with my whole chest when i say atsumu is so clingy
on your first date, he didn't even ask to hold your hand, just picked you up from your house and grabbed your hand real tight
but you could see his ears turning red and it made you giggle so you squeezed his hand and he squeezed back
and now its become a normal part of your routine
he follows you around the house everywhere because he is always holding your hand
he can't fall asleep without touching you in some way
so when you guys get into an argument and you won't let him cuddle you when you go to sleep, he waits until you are fast asleep and then holds your hand
and first thing every morning, he grabs your hand and kisses the back of it and tells you he loves you
and anywhere you guys go if he has to separate from you, he gives you three little squeezes
and he won't let go until you squeeze his hand back three times
kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
another one who is so touchy right from the beginning!!
he is OBSSESED with taking those pictures of you holding his hand from behind and you are looking back at the camera
except he makes sure you are making the weirdest faces in them
like he will slow down a bit, and then say something really weird or tells the worst joke you've ever heard
and he always makes the most recent one his lock screen so he can hear you complain about it and offer to take more....but then he does the same thing hehe
but he loves to hold your hand everywhere
one time you guys went to the grocery store and you were holding the basket with two hands because it was a bit heavy
kuroo took it and held it with one hand and made sure you could hold his other hand
gives you the biggest grin after placing a kiss on your hand and then on the top of your head
akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
i feel like akaashi is more of an arm-holder?? like he loves holding hands with you but he enjoys it so much more if you are holding his arm and his hand instead
if you are holding his hand he always runs his thumb across the back of it
and he always kisses the back of your hand then brings it right over his heart and says 'i love you'
at night time, when you guys are sitting in bed he will read you a book and keep your hand in his, on his lap
and when he needs to flip the page, he will take the hand holding yours and do it so you can feel involved in flipping the page hehehe
and when you guys go for walks at night and you are cold he will stop and hold both of your hands in his and blow on them until they warm up
and once you continue walking you notice he's holding your hand tighter than before
he also got you both matching watches or bracelets and made sure that when you hold hands they line up together
Tumblr media
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nkogneatho · 2 days ago
► 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨.
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Tumblr media
Tugs on the hem of your t-shirt when they are jealous.
Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Kageyama, Kenma, Kunimi, Konoha, Goshiki, Tsukishima
Brings you everything to your bed so you don't need to bother to get up.
Sugawara, Akaashi, Komori, Osamu, Kita, Kindaichi, Makki, Fukunaga, Leon, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi
Hums you your favorite song while cuddling you to sleep.
KUROO, Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Aran, Washio, Matsukawa, Meian, Aone.
Asks to join in anything you're doing. Makeup? Yes. Arson? Yes.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @unabashednightmarepizza @loveliestmolly @half-baked-biscuit @smoothy-ve @your-girl-mj @sebbyzoldyck @cursedmoonchild @tetsunormous @nachotrash @acethecard @koifish69 @tamewkii @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @httptamaki @tequchiha @kuroo-tetsunii @hanmasin
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sakuctsu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
-# akaashi rails you while you right by doja cat plays in the background
-# atsumu rails you while harleys in hawaii by katy perry plays in the background
-# bokuto rails you while no guidance by ayzha nyree plays in the background
-# daichi rails you while drugs and money by chase atlantic plays in the background
-# iwaizumi rails you while renegade by aaryan shah plays in the background
-# kuroo rails you while six feet under by the weekend plays in the background
-# kenma rails you while uhh by framed plays in the background
-# kageyama rails you while devil’s advocate by the neighborhood plays in the background
-# kita rails you while she by harry styles plays in the background
-# oikawa rails you while killshot by magdalene bay plays in the background
-# osamu rails you while reminder by the weekend plays in the background
-# nicollas rails you while moi by lolo zouaï plays in the background
-# mattsun rails you while sex money feelings die by lykke li plays in the background
-# meian rails you while white tee by summer walk plays in the background
-# sakusa rails you while lost in the fire by the weekend plays in the background
-# suna rails you while lollipop by lil wayne plays in the background
-# semi rails you while kiwi by harry styles plays in the background
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215-luv · 2 days ago
SUNA: excuse me?? the first time you even dodged his kiss this man already has his eyes narrowed, lips in a pout and mind ready to ignore you the rest of the day until you’ve finally made up your mind. “fine, is that how it is? then suite yourself, brat.” then turns around and occupies himself on his phone, scrolling through whatever while you’re sitting there regretting your life choices - don’t worry tho, when y’all go to sleep at night he makes sure you’re in deep sleep before wrapping you in his arms tight, lips connecting with yours softly and then drifting to sleep with you under his possession.
ATSUMU: pouty baby who only wants your attention and affection. the moment you ignore his kisses he’ll be insistent on connecting his lips with yours. his usual puppy eyes and obvious pout doesn’t stop until you finally give him a proper kiss. “baby, what did i do? why are ya not givin’ me any kisses?” please you feel so bad for treating him like this. he clings onto you 24/7, even when you’ve given up on your little game this man still has his hands all over you all the time. there’s no stopping him.
SAKUSA: ??? did his breath smell? so many questions are going through his brain as you dodged his kisses and he’s so concerned please. he stares at you adjourned, eyebrows in a furrow before hesitantly asking, “ there something wrong? why did you do that?” - and you, acting like you didn’t do anything crimeful replied, “what do you mean?” the two of you continue to have an intense eye contact session whilst sakusa is on the verge of having a breakdown. with a sigh, he gets up and leaves, not questioning your antics furthermore. he’ll get those kisses soon enough anyway. as if you can’t live without his kisses <33
HINATA: the moment you dodge his kisses he breaks into an ocean of sweat as he stares at you in embarrassment. “i-is there something wrong?” he’s so confused please protect him. he’ll just look at you with those wide eyes while trying to gain a reply from you - but to no avail since you kept dodging his questions away. his eyes never dropped so fast omg stop, give him all the kisses!
KUROO: “are you going to keep playing your little game?” he stares at you unaffected as you’ve dodged his lips for the nth time of the day. as much as he’d want to be stubborn, your boyfriend couldn’t help but feel a tad bit desperate for your lips. before you could even give him a reply, his huge hand holds onto your jaw, forcefully pulling you to meet his lips as he kisses you. hard. he smirks as he pulls away, “now that wasn’t so hard, was it kitten?”
OIKAWA: mans will sprint if ever he’s asking you for kisses. i mean like body jumping over yours and arms holding tight around you. so the first time you dodged him he fell down face flat on the floor. “y-y/n-chan! what was that?!” he yells as he looks at you with a pout, forehead tinted with the color red as he stands up while looking at you suspiciously. when he bends his body to near his lips with yours, you immediately craned your neck away from him—an action that he quickly gasps at. “y/n-chan! what kind of punishment is this?!” a total drama queen.
BOKUTO: lil owl baby suddenly turns grim the moment you dodged his lips. the second time he tries to kiss you, you turned your head away once again—and that was the last stroke of the day. suddenly bokuto doesn’t know how to spike. and all day you’ve been watching in guilt because he was so sad. the saddest. literally a lost puppy in the court and it only took one glance from akaashi until you’ve finally put yourself together, running off to bokuto’s direction as soon as the whistle rings, cupping his face and giving him the kisses he deserves. “i’m so sorry baby, i promise to give you all the kisses you ask for, okay?” you told him, earning a huge grin from his features, arms wrapping around you whilst he lifts you up. “haha! you got me worried there babe! please give me your best kisses now!”
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ichigomis · a day ago
Tumblr media
puts everything on the top shelf so that you have to ask for his help every single time. he'll peek into the kitchen just to see you on your tiptoes reaching for an unreachable cup. and with the smuggest smile, he swoops in, clears his throat, and waits for you to give in and ask for his help.
KUROO, BOKUTO, oikawa, aran, HIRUGAMI, tendō, ATSUMU
Tumblr media
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jjuzoir · 2 days ago
As your Househusband | HQ!!
Tumblr media
synopsis: just some haikyuu men are your husbands… hehe </3
characters: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Kenma, Sakusa, Osamu, and Kita
word count: 2536
a/n: wow… i’m still emotionally devastated over the a3! news but whatever !! take haikyuu men as my peace offering 💞 this originally also included sugawara, daichi, aran, atsumu, and some other guys but it got too long so maybe i’ll make a part 2 </3
Tumblr media
— Oikawa
- He works his ass off for you. The house is spotless, the food is amazing, he’s always ready to do anything for you. He loves being a househusband, he was born for it basically.
- Tooru is naturally competitive so he’s got to have the best house and he will fight anyone who insinuates his place isn’t the best. AND he’s gotta do it alone, he doesn’t take that whole “hire some help” shtick, not until there’s some kids, because as long as it’s the two of you? He knows damn well no one, and he means NO ONE, can take care of his house as well as he can, thank you VERY much.
- He's known in the neighborhood for having the best cookies and knowing all the gossip. He won’t give you any of his recipes but he will tell you about how he saw someone, he isn’t saying who but—!, was buying store-made cookies.
- His favorite thing is getting to talk to you after you come from work, it’s literally the best thing ever. He loves sitting with you on the couch as you tell him about your day.
- Really likes it when you compliment him, so !! Go on, tell him you love him right now !! Isn’t the house spotless? Yes, of course it is, Tooru cleaned it.
- He knows he’s hot shit, he knows the mom’s and single people stare at him as he strolls the supermarket and he takes every chance he’s got to tell them that he is, in fact, taken and off the market by his very attractive, super intelligent, hot stuff spouse.
- Hangs out with Maki, Matsukawa, and Iwaizumi all the time. They’re known in the neighborhood as the hottest married guys and they’re always together, a very intimidating quartet but a very hot one too.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Iwaizumi
- He’s a softie. This man will make sure your meals are warm, your bed is made, your clothes are ironed, and that you’re healthy all while looking hot – and man you’re whipped but who can blame you?
- He’s the type to wake up super early to make sure you can eat a good breakfast every morning, he’ll go buy you fresh fruit and bread and he’ll make sure to make you coffee (or whatever you like) just right… *sigh* Hajime, my beloved.
- Spends most of his time between the gym, home or with Oikawa (most of their hangouts are at your house) and honestly? He doesn’t want much more, he’s living his best life.
- Has a bunch of plants he takes care of and, oh boy, the air in the house is fresh and so crisp. Could single handedly keep y’all breathing fresh air in an apocalypse. People might think you have kids because of the way he talks about his plants, and honestly, they might as well be.
- The neighborhood is kind of afraid of him after he got into a fight with another househusband, he insinuated Iwa wasn’t actually cooking for you and that he’s just average and it was all okay (he’s a big boy, he can handle criticism, even if it comes from some ugly, store buying cookie dough shit head (yes, ‘Kawa told him)) until he brought you into the mix with some shabby, petty comment about how you’re probably not even providing well enough with the way the house looks or something and Iwaizumi saw red. He works his ass off, sure but you? You’re literally what holds the household together, the neighborhood needs you, the world needs you.
- People had to step in and it took like, six grown adults to stop Iwa as the guy ran away. Then, he just goes home and bakes you some of the best cookies his ass has ever baked and cuddled you – he didn’t tell you why he was being extra affectionate but, damn can you complain?
- Would do it again for you though.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kuroo
- Really against it at first, he’s a capitalist first — husband second. But then he realized you were making more money than him and he saw how much you’d benefit from him sticking around… and it’s not like he loves his job, but he’ll only entertain you and your fantasies for a week, okay?
- It’s been 2 years already and he’d rather die than go back to work. How the fuck did he do it before? Might cry if asked to go back to his job, like no joke, he hates just thinking about it. And it’s not like his income compared to yours, so it’s not as if you’ve lost any money from him not working so please don’t scare him by telling him he might need to work again.
- Insists you two get a pet to keep him company, so he got you two a cat and named her “Blanca”, she’s now your daughter. Carries her everywhere, literally everywhere. He goes grocery shopping with her, dusts the shelves while she’s in a baby carrier, it’s embarrassing.
- He’s not the best cook, he’s not not going to lie, but he’s fucking amazing at making homemade Pizza and soups. His soups are so good? He can make almost anything into a soup.
- The best thing is that Tetsu actually enjoys this so much, like, all of them do, but there’s an inherit joy to him about being able to be… well, home to you, and maybe it’s because his parents were divorced, but being able to be such a pillar in a house is something he treasures more than he thought he would.
- Kuroo enjoys having guests over, it’s his way of 1) bragging about you and his nice ass house and 2) showing how good he is at being your husband. Man, he just loves this, he loves you.
- He’ll literally brag his ass off about you, like this man? Carries your picture anywhere and probably waits until someone points it out so he can go “Oh this? So funny you ask, like oh my god how did you notice? Anyway this is my spouse and this is how we met and-“
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kenma
- How do you make more money than he used to? We don’t know but honestly? He’s kind of in love with it. Sure, he has a few stocks (ew) but he’s retired from pro-gaming and his position as a CEO and just chills as your husband.
- Like, don’t get him wrong though, he hired a bunch of people to help and shit but it’s the thought that counts <3
- They take care of cleaning the house and cooking, while he spends most of his time playing games or making sure things run smoothly (or playing with your cats).
- However, he does know how to cook your breakfast in a very specific way and that’s kind of the one thing he doesn’t let anyone help him with. It’s his thing, he knows what you like for breakfast and will get pouty (and kinda pissed off) if someone else tries doing it for you. Kenma knows he’s not the best at cleaning and baking or cooking, but he’s very fucking good making breakfast the way you like it and he’s super specific about it too. Like, he’s mastered the art of doing it and insists on making you breakfast, especially on weekends or mornings before long business trips.
- Most of his time is still spent gaming, he just doesn’t do it professionally, he still spends his time bullying kids on Apex and bothering Kuroo (and the rest of Nekoma).
- Talking about Kuroo, he’s probably over at your house pretty often lol. Kenma and him will chill while playing with the cats, they’ll also invite Kai and Yaku to shit talk other househusbands because we all know Kodzume knows some shit about some of the other guys…
- Honestly? He mostly sits there playing games looking pretty waiting for you to come home so you two can cuddle and play Mario Kart together, and he loves it.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Sakusa
- Your house is so fucking clean, you could eat from the floor and it’d be cleaner than most people’s plates.
- Sakusa is such a health junkie, he’s constantly worrying over your health and making sure you’re eating right and not risking yourself.
- Like, this man finds out you went to McDonalds and he’s shitting himself; “Babe? Babe? What’s this? I- You know I work my ass off to make you some food, healthy food - mind you -, and you do this? To me?”
- Other than his protectiveness over you eating his lunch, he’s super chill. He’s very understanding, especially whenever you arrive late at home due to work.
- More than interested in your workplace gossip, he’s got it all figured out… extend that to the neighborhood. He knows everything that’s going on at all times, which is so crazy because he’s like constantly at home making sure things are nice and tidy, so where does he get the time? Like?
- His speciality is probably like… salad, but fancy salads. Oh, oh! He also makes you the cutest bentos for work <3 They’re all super healthy too… yes sir!
- He’s probably a master at washing and ironing clothes, he’d rather die than see you wear a creased blouse. Probably teaches you to tie a tie, and then proceeds to buy you a bunch of different ties even if you didn’t learn so he can tie them in front of the door when you leave for work so he can give you a kiss on the lips… I’m sad now.
- One of the few things I don’t see him doing is gardening, though he probably really likes having a garden, he just isn’t fond of the work so it’s one of the few things he’ll hire someone to help with.
- He’s too prideful to let anyone try and help him, like, he’s genuinely so proud of the way he keeps the house (compliment him on it, now!). He even goes shopping for fresh flowers for the different vases in the house.
- Also super particular about the candles you two use in the house and the cleaning supplies, if they’re scented they gotta smell good and fit in with the house or else he’s simply not using them.
- Also has a collection of gloves (cleaning gloves), different supplies he uses, and aprons he stores. So imagine him picking out his favorite gloves and putting on an apron as he gets to work, probably looks hot as fuck doing it… damn it, Kiyoomi, stop being hot.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Osamu
- One of the best househusbands, hands down. He always greets you with a hug and asks you about your day while taking your jacket off and kissing your cheek.
- All of your meals are homemade just for you, they’re warm and tasty and you can taste the love he has for you in each bite. Makes you bentos for work because he hates the idea of his baby getting hungry and he knows what you like, he doesn’t trust casinos to feed you well like he can and he will fight God if he so much as hears you had to eat anything that wasn’t cooked by him.
- Loves going grocery shopping because it gives him so many ideas of what to make for you, it’s where he spends all of his money – also has shelves upon shelves of cooking books and recipes for you.
- Gets kind of pissed off if you go out to dinner or eat someone else’s food, it’s his love language to you, so please tell him so he doesn’t have a mini heart attack when you turn down his food - like he’d cry, solid tears.
- Likes keeping the house clean, the house isn’t always spotless, unlike with some of the other HH, but it always smells clean and it’s tidy. He likes it being kind of messy, Osamu thinks it makes it look lived in and homely.
- The silver-head likes chilling around at home and testing recipes for you. It’s one of those things he treasures a lot, keeps imagining your happy face as you taste his cooking and he’s running around the kitchen to finish it quickly so you can come home to his warm cooking. My man is in love, love.
- He doesn’t talk to many HH unless they’re Atsumu (who’s bugging his ass for help with cleaning) or trading recipes with Kita.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
— Kita
- Everyone is so fucking jealous of you, oh my god… how did you find him and do you agree to him marrying someone else once you (mysteriously) die?
- No, but seriously… he was made for this, all of his years with his grandma have helped raise the perfect househusband.
- He cooks and cleans, he gardens in the evenings, he enjoys baking for you, and he’s always just… so excited about being there for you I’m in tears.
- He has a bunch of recepies his grandma and mother have given him throughout the years in a little box and he loves taking them out and preparing you food, they’ll all be handwritten and he treasures them so much.
- Kita admires the fact you’re providing for both of you so well, so he’s constantly trying to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed at home.
- Someone has probably tried breaking into the house to steal his recipes, so he keeps them super hidden and only shares them with Aran or Osamu.
- Has a morning routine for the two of you which basically consists of him waking up early and making you breakfast, he’ll wake you up with a kiss and eat with you, he’ll then help you get ready and kiss you goodbye at the door.
- He spends most of his time cleaning and cooking, but he’ll also spare some to the garden and going over to his grandma’s place.
- He has a very precise way of doing things, like, he’ll always open the windows immediately after you leave to air the whole house. Then, he’ll check the laundry and quickly finish it and divide it into what needs to be ironed and what not, then he’ll plug in the vacuum and spend the next hour making sure the floors are crumb-free, he’ll finish at like, 10 and get ready to shower. After that, he’ll go buy fresh ingredients for lunch and dinner, come back, start prepping lunch, he’ll invite his grandma over, have lunch at exactly 1:15 and take her home, tend to the garden from 2:30-3:45, and then go inside, iron the clothes. He then has the rest of the afternoon off and depending on the day of the week he’ll go over to his grandma’s, tend to the garden some more, go over to Osamu’s place and share recipes, or just stay inside reading. He’ll then start dinner a few hours before you come home, so that when you’re back there’s a warm plate of food waiting for you. He’ll also wait to dine with you too and kiss you goodnight, that’s probably the most important part of the day; the good morning, the goodbye, the hello, and the goodnight kisses.
- Someone, marry him or else I will!
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mattsunbae · a day ago
Tumblr media
ft — akaashi keiji, kuroo tetsurō, kyōtani kentarō & atsumu miya
warnings — gn!reader, kissing 🙆🏾‍♀️ , mentions of minor cuts, not proofread 🗣
mar’s note — feel like this is extra cringey but it’s fine 🙁 leave feedback pls <33
song to match — i love you so by the walters
Tumblr media
stepped through the front door, body aching & head throbbing. he was met with you, passed out on the couch with your legs spread out all over the place. keiji chuckled softly as he placed his bag on the floor before making his way towards you, avoiding the now memorized locations of the creaky floorboards. akaashi gently lifted up your head before taking a seat and placing it back on his lap, his nimble fingers caressing your hair and face. “so beautiful.” he whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, earning a slight twitch of your lips as you tried to restrain the urge to smile. “i love you beyond compare.” keiji whispered, thinking you were fast asleep. your breath immediately hitched as the forbidden words fell from his lips, causing a slight panic to erupt in his chest, though he immediately brushed it off. “hey, take it easy. you dreaming about me or something?” akaashi joked, a soft smile forming on his lips. you’d spare him the embarrassment — just this once though.
KUROO . . .
full on laughed as he noticed the frown glued to your face. “it’s just a paper cut y/n, chill out.” he chuckled before pulling up a chair for you. “your throne.” tetsuro bowed, beckoning for you to sit down in his computer chair. “i don’t know what’s so funny, tetsurō.” your lips pressed into a thin line as he unwrapped the colorful bandaid, discarding the wrapper in the waste basket. “lemme do it, as an apology.” kuroo snickered as you hesitantly stuck your hand out for him to patch you up. he carefully wrapped the bandaid around your finger, not missing the way your breath hitched as the fabric rubbed against the cut. it was embarrassing to say the least. you frowned and turned away from him as he continued to giggle at your attitude. “gosh, i love you. you and your little frown.” your annoyed smile grew deeper as he cupped your cheeks, leaning down to place a kiss on your lips. “what?” you received no answer as kuroo captured your lips again, because he loves you. he finally admitted it.
sighed as you laid your head on his toned chest, not hesitating to wrap a muscular arm around you. “let’s take a nap.” you said, tracing the indents of his abs, causing him to hiss from the sudden touch. “it’s nine in the morning.” kyotani shook his head in disappointment as you giggled, staring up at him with a cheeky smile. “don’t look at me like that.” he grumbled, turning away from you. “i’ll look at you however i want.” you stuck your tongue out as he sighed with annoyance. “you’re annoying, you know that?” kentaro rolled his eyes upon sight of your annoying little grin. and it didn’t help that it forced his lips up into an unwilling smile. “look at your cute lil smile, ken.” you pointed out, propping yourself up before pinching his cheeks with both hands, him quickly pushing your hands away. “gosh, i don’t know how i love you but i do.” he sighed, letting his head fall against the headboard as you stared up at him in awe. “you mean it?” “obviously if i’ve stuck with your annoying self this far.”
ATSUMU . . .
sported a deep frown as he gripped your hand, hesitantly pulling up to the appropriate airport parking spot. “ya know, i don’t have to go. i can reschedule.” he turned to you, his hand swiftly moving down to your thigh, the rough pad of his thumb drawing tiny circles on the covered flesh. “you and i both know you can’t do that, tsum.” you chuckled, leaning in to press a small kiss on his soft lips. “now c’mon, you big baby.” you exited the car before opening the trunk, atsumu reluctantly getting out of the car as well. “you’re gonna miss your flight.” you sighed, grabbing his suitcase for him. “what? not even a kiss?” he whined. you rolled your eyes before pressing a kiss on his lips, catching him slightly off guard, hence the shaky breath he let out afterwards. “damn, i love ya.” atsumu mumbled against your lips, eyes lidded the entire time. “huh?” you snapped him out of his trance as he quickly grabbed his suitcase before jogging off. “nothin, bye baby.” he cheekily smiled. “atsumu, repeat what you just said.” “I SAID, I LOVE YA.” he yelled from the doorway, heat quickly climbing up his cheeks as he jogged off.
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 2 days ago
kuroo leers over your folded body, legs hooked over his shoulder as he pounds away at you, loud and uncoordinated moans and yelps interrupting the silence of his meeting. various pairs of eyes watch as your body rocks back and forth, the boss’ thick cock continuously penetrating you in a tandem with your whines. large, ragged scratches casacades down the males exposed back, cords of muscle ripping with every new thrust designed to split your tight cunt over and over. the scent of blood dripping down his shoulders wher your nails are buried in his bicep lingers on the end of your tongue, lolled out and pretty like the doll you are meant to be.
“take it brat,” the crow-haired male growls, biting a mark into your jugular. a strangled moan matures into a broken sob as your abdomen tightens and your body withers and you cum pathetically, white substance slowly leaking out of you as he pulls out with a smirk. “good job kitten, you nearly got me there.” despite his disheveled appearance, his spiky locks still appear pristine and the distinctive glint of excitement in his eyes has yet to be seduced by your pretty pussy. “take a breathe babe, i’m not done with you yet.” two large hands pry your closing legs open again, a weak sound uttered from your lips as he aligns his cock to your tightening cunt.
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ioveangel · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
[5:12 pm] *.⋆ʚ KUROO TETSURŌ
notes: f!reader + for @hankuto, i adore u so much! my angel <3
Tumblr media
to him, every time he sees you he feels exactly the same as the first time, in awe. it’s as if nothing in his little universe makes sense anymore, his world has gone completely atilt. because how can it be that he has someone as pretty as you in his life?
he watches as you walk through the gym doors, the words he was previously speaking to kenma dissipating from his lips. a smile replaces them instead, a smile that he just knows makes him look like an idiot. but that’s simply what his is, a lovestruck idiot.
“wow,” he says, snapping out of his small trance and continuing to stretch his arms, “who’s that beauty?” he’s betrayed by the small glint in his eyes as he glances at your figure leaning in the doorway. he knows exactly who you are, and he’d never seriously want to pretend otherwise.
kenma, never being one to entertain his friend’s games, gives him an unimpressed look, “…your girlfriend.”
“you’re right,” kuroo’s arms drop to his sides as a smirk plays upon his lips, he gently bites down and looks away to hide it, “she’s my girl.” and he almost sounds giddy when he says it, instantly starting to jog towards you.
just the very idea that you’re his, and he’s yours. it sends his heart falling right into your hands and he feels like he’s swimming in his dreams. his only true breath of air being the kiss he gets to give you with your face cradled in his hands.
yeah, his love is utterly and unequivocally yours
Tumblr media
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tommybaholland · 2 days ago
when their s/o falls asleep on them
Tumblr media
featuring: kuroo, kenma, bokuto, nishinoya, and oikawa
kuroo doesn’t mind if you fall asleep on him. in fact, he welcomes it. he loves holding you and always tells you how nice you are to hold. you’re always warm and soft, he can’t help but hug you tightly from time to time because you’re so cute. he takes pride in being the big spoon and more importantly, being the person who gets to hold you in his arms so often. he likes to sit behind you with you sitting in between his legs or on his lap as he leans you back to lay against his chest. he knows there is a certain chance that you’ll fall asleep when you get all comfy in your loungewear and he wraps a blanket around you. he thinks it’s so adorable when you curl up into his chest as you succumb to your fatigue. he just wants to wrap you up like a little burrito but he waits until you’re fully asleep to move you to bed, rubbing your back soothingly.
kenma is usually the one who would be falling asleep on you as he likes to be held while he’s playing video games. you sit behind him with your arms wrapped around his midsection as he quietly plays into the night. sometimes you’ll lean your head into his back or on his shoulder when you’re starting to feel tired. he’ll know that you’ve fallen asleep when your weight fully leans into him and your breathing pattern is smooth and steady. sometimes he wishes you would just tell him when you’re tired but he knows that you try to wait up for him and he finds that endearing. he puts down his controller to carefully shift you off of his back, laying your head down in his lap before switching to a more relaxing game to help you sleep. he’ll occasionally run a hand over your head to lull you to sleep as you nuzzle into his leg.
bokuto likes when you both get to stay up late together and would want you to stay awake for as long as possible. one time you decided to watch a scary movie together and his exact words were, “please, babe, you have to stay awake or else i won’t make it through this,” with his little pouty face. you simply pat his, now deflated, hair and reassure him that you probably wouldn’t fall asleep during a scary movie. well, you made it about an hour in until you start to doze off in his arms, under the blanket. meanwhile, he’s fearing for his life as he holds you tightly against him. by the end of it, he was so scared that he thought you were dead since you slept so soundly through that. he wakes you up by shaking you gently, pleading for you to let him sleep in bed with you. even tired, you’re still amused as you remind him that you share a bed every night. 
nishinoya would try to keep you from dozing off as you’re trying to stay up late together. he’d poke you, nudge you, even squish your cheeks to try to keep your attention. he’d eventually give up as he feels the weight of your head fall fully onto his shoulder. he looks down as you shift around to get more comfortable, nuzzling your head against his shoulder. his feels warmth everywhere inside of him as you lay on him, enjoying the sound of your soft breathing. he grins to himself, “aww, someone must really be sleepy, hmm?” before kissing the top of your head. once it’s time to get in bed, he almost hates to wake you up but wants to make sure you get to do your little nighttime routine. he gently calls you awake, helping you off the couch by the hand and leading you to your room with his hands on your shoulders, playfully steering you. 
oikawa would probably make fun of you if you fell asleep on him, especially if you were watching something together. he’d let you sleep but would never let you hear the end of it after the fact. he’d ask you what you thought of the movie or show and then when you say something affirmative about it, he claps back with, “you mean the part that you saw before you fell asleep?” he doesn’t say it to be critical, he just likes to mess around with you. you can bet that he’ll hold you to it when you promise to stay awake next time. unfortunately, that next time happens to be when you’ve had a physically taxing day but you want to keep your word to him, trying your hardest to stay awake as you sit next to him. he realizes that you’re fighting the urge to let your head fall onto his shoulder so he turns off the tv and decides that you need sleep more than he wants you to stay awake, guiding you to bed and tucking you in.
Tumblr media
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gojosflame · 5 hours ago
haikyuu doms when you try to choke them <3
Tumblr media
cw : choking, slightly bratty reader, thigh riding, dumbification, condescending men lmao, light spanking
note : horny hours, wishing these men were real to put me in my place <//3 a little something to post while i work on my gojo fic
now playing : won't bite by doja cat ft. smino
1:25 ───〇─── 3:15
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
Tumblr media
you're on top of him, head thrown back and riding him at a steady pace, face contorted in pleasure as his tip hits your cervix. he is part lying on his back, leaning against the headboard as he perches himself on his elbows , mesmerized by how your breasts bounce every time you move. you take this chance to try something you've been thinking of recently, you lean forward and place both your hands on his throat, lightly choking him as you increase your pace. he is startled at first but then he smirks at you, clearly amused. he takes your free thumb into his mouth and sucks on it with a wink, right before grabbing your hips and slamming you on his dick. thrusts up into you like an animal and smiles when he sees your eyes roll back as you cling to him for support, "its cute that you tried baby"
↳ oikawa asfff, daichi!!, kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, akaashi, sugawara, sakusa, meian
he is sitting on a couch, hands folded behind his head and a condescending smirk on his face as he watches you desperately ride his thigh. you have placed both your hands on his chest for support, rolling your hips as you chase your high. he looks at your slick pooling on his thigh and groans, "poor baby can't even make herself cum?" you look up to meet his mocking gaze, so frustrated and angry, it takes over you as you shift one of your hands from his chest up to his neck; choking him as you roll your hips faster. he quirks one eyebrow and chuckles "oh you wanna play this game huh?". he brings his hand to choke you even harder, pulling you in for a messy kiss. he spanks your ass with his other hand and then pinches your clit, laughing at the squeal you let out
↳ tsukishima!!, kageyama!, ushijima, terushima, iwaizumi, bokuto, kita, atsumu, tanaka
Tumblr media
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arrogantsonofabiscuit · 2 days ago
When you hug them and don’t let go-I
Featuring:- Sakusa, Kuroo, Atsumu & Bokuto
A/n:-I wanna be babied so bad ughh.
Genre:- fluff , lil bit suggestive and use of pet names. Mentions of food in Atsumu’s part & Bokuto’s part
Tumblr media
♡SAKUSA , He enters through the front door placing his duffel bag on the floor , he sighs as the long day is finally over. “OMIIIII!!!!!” “H-hey” you hug him tightly you always did that but he never got used to it. “How was your day Omi?” you ask still hugging him. “Tiring as usual wbu?” He picks you up knowing that you won’t be leaving him soon. “It went good , on the way I pet a puppy brought you your favourite snacks and over all my day was good” you giggle as he kisses your forehead. “Shower?” “Yeah” “alright” . You were still in his arms as he was gently kissing your face under the shower.
♡KUROO , He places the grocery bags on the countertop opening the fridge to grab a drink. As he sips his drink he reads the little sticky notes on the refrigerator door and his poorly done doodle. “Oh ?” He enters the bedroom undoing his tie observing you sitting on bed wearing his jersey with a plushie in your arm. “You can hug the real thing?” “Tetsu?!!!!!” “Yeah” you rush towards him placing the plushie on the other corner of bed hugging your boyfriend tightly nuzzling your face on his neck. “So did you read my note?” “How could I not when you wrote Tetsu I love you but pls don’t be late today or else you will be sleeping on the couch? Hmm?” “The end was important dummy” “I miss you tbh that part?” “Yeah” you blush drawing random shapes on his back. “Wanna watch a movie?” “Yeah!” You don’t let go off him still hugging him enjoying each other’s company.
♡ATSUMU , You were pissed at him , I mean why wouldn’t you be when he ate the last piece of cake which you kept for yourself as a treat for getting through your day? “I am sorry Angel face! I swear I didn’t mean to” “but you did anyways” “what would make you happy?” “Nothing” “really? Even when you ate the last cookie I saved for myself?” “I-“ “what?hmm?” “Tit for tat I guess now c’mere” you snuggle your boyfriend pinching him when he tickled you. He gets up from the bed to get something to drink. “Nooooooooo come backkkk” “clingy are we today Angel face?” “Yes” “🥺” he settles down hugging you as close as possible enjoying the movie.
♡BOKUTO , He was in the kitchen making some late night snack as he was super hungry. You wake up to a cold bed searching for your boyfriend. Finally deciding to get up and search for him, you start walking down the hall way and you could hear some humming sound along with some clatter of the kitchen utensils. “Kou?” “Baby!!” He rushes towards you with a pan in his hand. “What are you doing?” “I was hungry and I heard you say that you are hungry as well” “I said that in my sleep?” “Yeah and so I decided to make something to eat” you hug him tightly whispering a small thank you as he kisses your forehead. He continues to make some snack with you koaled on his back.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading.take care <3
Reblogs are highly appreciated <3
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choozari · a day ago
can i request tsukki, kageyama and any other hq boys that u want hc? Their reaction to their s/o casually calling them pretty boy and saying that they (the boys) have a kissable face
haikyuu boys reacting to casually being called pretty boy with a kissable face !
> ft. kageyama, tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
♡ tobio
“w— what are you saying?!” “ you mean that?”
gets super shy
wouldn't dare look into your eyes
looks down because his face?? you think it's pretty??
his heart kinda wants to leap out of his chest right now
is hella flattered, bites his lip as he tries to prevent his blush
“t— thanks, i think you're pretty, too.”
♡ kei
“stop saying nonsense.” “that's hardly a compliment.”
huffs, scowls, glares
tries his best to look annoyed to hide the embarrassment
anything to make it seem like he didn't like what you just told him
but the blush on his cheeks cancels every reaction he tried to show you
“come here, idiot.”
♡ tooru
“i know, right?— wait, i was just joking!” “how about you kiss this pretty face?— come on, you wanna kiss me so bad!”
his ego skyrockets even more
only because your compliments are the only compliments that truly matter
would chase you around for that kiss when you playfully denied it from him
“well, pretty people gotta stick together, right?”
♡ hajime
“shut up !!” “don't randomly say things like that!”
you think his heart could take it?
no, it can't
would blush furiously
would hug you from behind and look down fondly at you
“if you think i'm pretty, then what are you?”
♡ tetsurou
“you think i'm pretty?” “kiss me then!”
wiggles his eyebrows
grins so wide it's almost scary
would engulf you in a hug and kisses your nose
“you have a kissable face, too, and i wanna kiss it right now.”
♡ koutaro
“really?! i think you're prettier!” “okay, give me a kiss!”
tackles you into a bear hug
would nuzzle his face into yours
it would put him into a very good mood
smiles so bright and genuinely, it's contagious
“you're way, wayyy prettier !!”
asks are open<3
- love, zari
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therescrackinmytea · 2 days ago
Hold me, I insist ft. Captains
Fluff! And a lame attempt at humour
Fem!reader in Oikawas I think?
A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve done one with all 9 of the boys but I finally managed to do it! This is basically the boys asking you for cuddles and it’s kinda long whoops 💀 Some are soft, some of them are little shits. I appreciate all feedback and reblogs, so pls don’t be shy to tell me what you think, I promise I don’t bite! Enjoy ❤️
Tumblr media
Daichi - He scratches at the back of his neck, a soft blush threatening to creep over his cheekbones. You were comfortably sat on the sofa, immersed in a book and sipping at a large mug of tea. How was he supposed to go about this? He could always just ask you but the idea of asking you for affection just felt so… needy to him, not to mention embarrassing! In fact, this whole thing just felt far too desperate for his liking. But he was exhausted from a shitty day at work and the only thing that kept him sane the whole day was the thought of coming home to rest in your arms. He groaned internally, shyly sitting beside you and clearing his throat that suddenly seemed incredibly dry.
“Uh, darling?”
“Yes, sweetie?” You didn’t even look up from the page you were on as he took a deep breath and spoke in a soft murmur.
“Can we… Can we cuddle… maybe?” His skin heated up as you peered at him over your book, trying to hold in your giggle when you saw how pink his cheeks were. So cute!
“Come here,” you say softly, patting your lap and letting him weigh you down as he situates himself between your legs and releases a satisfied sigh.
“I needed this.”
Tumblr media
Kuroo - Between fleeting kisses on the cheek before work and the few tired moments he gets to hold you as you fall asleep, Kuroo was feeling a little bit neglected. He knows it not your fault, if anything it’s his own for agreeing to take on extra work. And he knows you’re busy right now but it’s been such a long week for him and he’s been deprived of your touch for far too long. This qualifies as an emergency.
It’s late in the evening and you’re typing away on your laptop, finishing off some boring document for some boring client when you hear him shout for you.
“Sweetheart! Get in here, quickly!” You don’t know if it’s because you’re tired or because you want an excuse to get away from the screen, but you’re sure that you hear an urgency in his tone, so you rush to your bedroom to see what’s going on.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
There he is, duvet turned down, pillows fluffed, Netflix queued, lounging on the bed in just his pyjama pants and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He holds his arms out to you and wiggles his fingers to beckon you over.
“Cuddles. Now.”
“Are you serious? I thought something had happened!” you huff in annoyance but you still crawl into bed next to him - though not before pulling his ear for freaking you out.
Tumblr media
Oikawa - Oikawa sighs dramatically for the 15th time just as you leave the room once more when your phone rings with yet another question from one of your coworkers. It was supposed to be your day off together and you were busy giving your precious attention to other people instead of him.
“Princess,” he whines, loud enough for you to hear from the other room. “Where are you my pretty girl? I’m soooo cold and lonely without you.” You return to see him pouting from where he’s draped over his seat and you do feel a little bad - not that he needs to know that. It was supposed to be movie day after all. You raise an eyebrow at his exaggerations, resting your hands on your hips.
“What’s wrong with you?” you ask him flatly and he just cocks his head to the side and smiles innocently.
“What? I just wanted to see if you’d finally come and now that you’re finally here, I think you should finally cuddle me. Not that there’s much to cuddle, I’ve wasted away without you here.” Narrowing your eyes, you stalk towards him and punch his arm, perhaps a little harder than necessary, smirking when he lets out a yelp. You flop down on top of him, feeling his arms cage you in against him, all the while grumbling lightly about how annoying he is.
“I’m here now, please stop your whining.”
Tumblr media
Bokuto - You turn the heat down on the pot of broth that was bubbling merrily away on the stove just as you hear the soft taps of bare feet wander into the kitchen. A towel is slung around his neck as he tiredly uses one end to finish drying his hair that currently flops down against his scalp.
“Are you done yet?” He asks with a yawn, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“Nearly,” you say, patting his cheek as you continue to chop up vegetables and he lets out a noise of frustration.
“Babyy, put down the knife and come cuddle for a bit, food can wait,” he begs, tugging you around to face him so that you’re away from the pesky chopping board.
“If you wanna starve, then sure.” You shrug nonchalantly, knowing how he can’t cope with an empty stomach.
“But I’m starving for your cuddles sunshine!“ he complains childishly, punctuating that fact by holding you tighter. “See? Please? Just a few minutes?” You know it won’t be a few minutes but his round eyes and cute little pout demolish your resolve and you heave a sigh, letting him lift you effortlessly into his arms to carry you away.
“You’re going to be the death of me, Kou.”
Tumblr media
Ushijima - There’s a special kind of peace that Ushijima finds in the quieter moments in your home. Watching you do mundane tasks around the house, your brows knit together, eyes narrowed in concentration as you fiddle with something finicky between your delicate fingertips. It was nice. Homely.
He wasn’t usually one to cling to you either, letting you come to him whenever you needed anything and being content to receive affection when you wanted it. But when he sees a lock of your hair escape the loose bun it’s tied in and fall into your eyes, he feels his heart squeeze in his chest. You’re just so lovely.
He approaches you quietly, gently tapping your shoulder to gain your attention. He holds out his hand to you and you take it without a word, letting him pull you stand before him.
“Can I.. hold you for a moment?” he asks in a hushed voice and you look up at him, giving him a small nod and a smile that makes your eyes twinkle. He wraps you up in the warmest of hugs, strong arms engulfing you completely as he gently sways you both where you stand.
“Let’s go sit down for a bit, hm?” you suggest after a while and he hums in agreement. You settle yourself in his lap and he lets himself indulge in the warmth you bring him.
Tumblr media
Kita - He’s already comfortably sat up in your bed by the time you finish up in the bathroom, waiting patiently for you to come join him. He always preferred to go to bed at the same time as you, so he wouldn’t even lay down without you. Kita watches as you sit at your vanity, finishing off your skincare routine. Your eyes flick to his through the mirror every so often as your fingers massage your cheeks and you have to bite your lip to stop yourself from grinning at him. Patient he may be, but you can tell that he’s silently willing you to hurry up through his stare just so he could hold you.
Once you’re done, you flick off the lights and clamber into your side of the bed. Deliberately, you don’t immediately curl up to him, instead waiting to see what he wants from you. He looks at you quizzically, wondering why you’re not seeking out his embrace.
“Come here,” he says softly, patting the spot beside him and you pout in the dark. Always so composed. You are, however, rewarded with his deep, rumbling hum of satisfaction when you snuggle up to him, squeezing you affectionately in his grip.
Tumblr media
Futakuchi - If you asked Futakuchi why he made excuses to cuddle instead of just asking you, he’d simply shrug and say that he didn’t. Why would he ask when his way was so much easier (newsflash; it really wasn’t, he just hated being flustered).
He knows that there’s something you need at this time of night, right before you settle down for bed. He knows that you can’t complete your routine without it so he purposely puts it in his bedside drawers. And now all he has to do, is wait.
“Babe, have you seen my lip balm anywhere? I can’t seem to find it,” he bites back a smirk, shrugging as you sit beside him on the mattress, humming in thought
“Check in the drawers?”
“I already did.” You narrow your eyes at him but he remains passive.
“Have you checked in here?” He asks, pointing to the exact spot he knows the little tube is in. You sigh, leaning over him to pull open the drawers and look inside - only for him to trap you in his arms and pull you into his lap.
“Gotcha!” He grins, tugging you towards him so you fall onto his chest. “If you wanted to cuddle me so bad, all you had to was say so,” he whispers and you scoff, rolling your eyes at him.
“I mean it didn’t even cross my mind but if it makes you feel better to think so, then okay baby,” you coo, pulling at his cheeks and wiping the smirk right off his handsome face.
“Shut up.”
Tumblr media
Terushima - When Terushima is in the mood to do something with you, he will go about it in a way that he knows will irritate you just a little bit. The way your eyes narrow to slits and how your lips curl in annoyance is just too cute to him. He thinks you look like an angry little kitten.
Today, he wants to cuddle. He wants to swaddle himself and you in cosy blankets, your head laying on his chest as you snuggle up to him for warmth. He wants to feel the sort of comfort that only you can give him.
So he gathers your favourite blankets, especially the fluffy black one that you refuse to part from in winter. He finds bags of snacks, both savoury and sweet, before he gets your favourite movie ready to play.
“Babe, get your sweet ass down here! I’ve got something for ya!” He yells, and waits a moment or two before you come into the room, an eyebrow raised.
“Go sit down,” he says, nodding towards the couch. You do as he says, plopping down into the soft cushions with a sigh. And then you’re pelted (gently) with bags of snacks. You hear him laugh as you squeak in surprise.
“Yu-!” But you don’t get a chance to speak because something soft lands on your head and muffles your voice. You yank the blankets off your head to glare him.
“Yuuji, what the fuck are you playing at?” He grins impishly, joining you where you sit and shrugging innocently, pulling you into his side.
“What? You don’t wanna cuddle and watch movies?”
Tumblr media
Daishou - The ex-captain was feeling a little bored in all honestly and a teensy bit lonely (but he’d never admit that). He came over to your apartment to hang out with you, but you were too busy flitting around the place, finishing off some chores that you’d completely forgotten about.
He watches with a slight pout on his face as you flutter in and out of the room. Sometimes there’s a basket in your hand, other times it’s a pen. You feel bad as you rush about your home, you really do. You know it’s rude of you to leave your boyfriend like this but your apartment was a mess and it was embarrassing to let him see it like this. You feel like you can’t relax like this.
Daishou’s patience, on the other hand, is running thin and he’s unable to even concentrate on the show he picked out to pass the time with. Finally, he can take it no longer and he grabs your wrist when you fly past him. You stop in your tracks and stare down at him, cheeks warm from exertion.
“Take a break with me, angel. My arms are feeling awfully empty right now.” Not even waiting for a response, he draws you close until you’re situated comfortably in his lap. He kisses you gently, fingers running through your hair and you can’t help but melt and sigh under his touch.
“That’s better.”
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ichigomis · a day ago
Tumblr media
with: osamu, sakusa, hirugami, kuroo
wherein: they (at least try to) tie your hair for you
notes: please excuse my hirugami brain rot this man is just *chefs kiss* also, obv s/o here has long (or long-ish) hair so! —fluff!
Tumblr media
❊ OSAMU's eyebrows furrow in a mix of disgust and concern (but more the latter). you're sitting in front of him, silently and happily eating the ramen he cooked up for the both of you. and if it weren't for the fact that your hair was almost dipping in the bowl of soup, he would be enjoying the sight before him.
"why are you so messy?" he sighs handing you a tissue as you just wave him off and continue eating your food, paying no mind to your mess of hair.
"um i'm just enjoying my food," you reason before slurping another batch of noodles.
he shakes his head and clicks his tongue, he knew nothing could ever stop you from enjoying your food, come to think of it, it's one of the many things he loves about you. with a small yet smiling sigh, he stands from his seat and gets something off the other room. you curiously watch him as he comes back, fiddling with something in his hands. he then makes his way behind you and starts gathering your hair, tying it up into a messy ponytail.
he inspects his work and sees that he's done the best he can (with his pretty limited knowledge of hair and hair ties), "you should be enjoying your food," he says as he kisses your head, "not your hair."
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA grimaces at the mess before him. all was going well with this little babysitting date you had planned until your nephew decided it was a good idea to play with his food. with a dissatisfied grumble, you quickly whisk him away to the bath to get him cleaned up. your boyfriend follows in behind, keeping his distance from the messy "gremlin" (as he described him) in your arms.
"kiyoomi," you call for him, busy with washing the little kid before you who fought you to put bubbles on his bath. "can you get me his towel? i forgot to take it." you shoot him an apologetic smile and he only nods and turns for the other room.
he'd do anything you say in a heartbeat, in fact, he would have never agreed to this date idea of yours if you hadn't seemed so excited about it.
he quickly grabs the yellow duck towel from the other room and walks back to the bathroom. and as he comes in the door, he pauses, admiring the sight before him.
you're perched on the bathtub as the "little gremlin" peppers you with bubbly kisses. you laugh, full and light, as your messy hair gets coated with bubbles and soap. he stays there a few seconds more, engraving the image on his mind, before he takes the hair tie you had him keep earlier from his pocket. he drapes the towel on his shoulder and takes your hair and ties it into a bun, well, at least it looked like a bun to him.
you stare up at him, face filled with bubbles and smiles, and thank him. he just nods and sits down beside you as he takes the shampoo, "need help with the little gremlin?"
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❊ HIRUGAMI takes your bag from you as you kneel down to tie your shoelaces, properly this time. your hair falls all over your face and you groan, mentally cursing gravity. from your back, you hear him get something off your bag but choose to ignore it, focusing on the task at hand instead.
suddenly, you feel his hands comb through your hair, pulling and tying it gently. you stand back up, shoelaces now laced, and touch your head. he's tied your hair up into a neat ponytail and you can't help but admit that he is surprisingly really good at it.
"thank you-" you pause as you look up at him and let out a little chuckle, "sachi?" despite your hair being already perfectly in place, he continues to keep fixing it, "sachiro!" you cup his face in your hands to get his attention and he stops, looking back at you with the biggest smile, tucking a stubborn stray hair behind your ear.
"i just want it to be perfect," he whispers still fiddling with your hair. you giggle, his touch making you into a ticklish mess.
you let go of his cheeks and let your own hands twiddle with his hair, "you don't need to though?"
"but i want to," he grumbles like a puppy and you bite your lip, this man might make you lose your mind. "for you."
Tumblr media
❊ KUROO watches you attentively as you study away on your desk, unconsciously pulling onto your hair like it was going to help. suddenly, this wave of frustration just hits you groan, ruffling your hair in irritation. you want to give up, so bad.
he's quickly by your side, wrapping you into his arms as you rest your head of tousled hair on his shoulder. he's been gauging your mood since earlier and was only waiting for you to call for him. only waiting for you to tell him that you were tired and sick of it all so he could be there if you needed him.
"i'm here, i've gotcha," he whispers as he takes your hair tie from the table and starts to put your hair up in a bun. you bury yourself onto his chest, hoping the rest of the world would just pause for a moment.
he then softly takes your chin, forcing you to look at him. he's met with your puffy tired eyes and tear-stricken cheeks, "do you need my help with anything?" he asks you with the softest voice. you purse your lip, failing to find the words, and just crash into him again. crying as if it'll make your problems go away.
he holds you back in again, cradling you into his arms. "aww my baby must be so tired, hm?" he murmurs into your hair, and you nod, just wanting to be held. and he does, for the rest of the afternoon and as long as you need him to.
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from the vault, wrote this like two months ago ;;
rbs are appreciated!
» m. list
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sugawarassoulmate · 2 days ago
thinkin ‘bout loser!kuroo and reader after the love confession 🤧
our sweet reader getting all flustered bc she let the cat out of the bag like an idiot (even tho we all knew) and now she’s blushing around kuroo like some stupid school girl and it’s the cutest fucking thing in the world. she’s still a big meanie but literally nothing she says anymore can hurt kuroo’s feelings, the boy is on cloud nine.
feel like kuroo also just drops the “l word” all the time now and he’s kind of become a love menace LOL
when he first sees you “good morning, love”, has to go to class “have a good class, i love you”, is running off to practice “i’ll try my best to text you, love you!”, or even just hanging out with you “i love you” :)
and he means it every time skskks that whole “if you say it over and over again, it loses its meaning” idea is nonsense to kuroo!!! he loves this mean lil bitch and wants the world to know it
don’t worry, he’s still doing your homework, still following you like a lap dog whenever we want him (still making your whole body shake when he eats you out) but now he’s just telling you how much he loves you the entire time
you get so fed up that you’re tugging at his hair to bring him down to your height but the fond in his eyes makes you pause for a second…and you’re just like “…i love you too now shut the fuck up”
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animebae100 · 2 days ago
ʚïɞ cute couple things you do for fall
Tumblr media
KUROO loves to take you to a haunted house. holding hands. you holding onto his arm for dear life. him wrapping his arms around you to protect you. him, secretly being frightened as well. not that he’d admit it.
OIKAWA loves shopping with you. holding nice, warm lattes (and each other’s hands) while looking at the different matching sweaters. you both, buying matching hats, to keep your heads warm. walking very close together to keep warm.
AKAASHI loves stopping at the cafe with you. you, holding your warm drink, taking small sips to savor it, while he reads you the newest book he read, taking sips of his drink as well. you, threatening to fall asleep with his soothing voice and the warm, fuzzy feeling.
ATSUMU loves jumping into leaf piles. the feeling of being a kid again, jumping into leaf piles. then panicking to make sure you don’t have any ticks. grabbing you when you least expect it and tossing you in, him following in suit.
BOKUTO loves baking with you!!! whether you’re really good at baking or not, it’s something you two enjoy doing together. the fresh smell of freshly baked treats. also the smell of smoke, while you and bo laughed your asses off. at
Tumblr media
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tying the knot: KUROO tetsurō
A/N: inspired by the official uniform art where apparently 99% of the boys don't wear their ties properly // hq fics
Tumblr media
He doesn’t do it on purpose - at first.
Nekoma’s school uniform is made up of several layers, and Kuroo doesn’t particularly like any of them. He’d much rather wear his jersey and shorts or sweatpants or literally anything else - naked, for all he cares - but instead, he’s stuck with an itchy vest and stiff blazer. The worst part of it all? The tie.
It's a choking hazard in the least fun way possible.
But he doesn’t mind the fling of irritation it obviously shoots into her spine when she sees it hanging loosely rather than knotted properly. Actually, he quite liked seeing her eyes narrow and stares at his chest for the first few weeks of school and he definitely liked how she finally gave up and began fixing his tie each morning before class.
Now he likes how her cheeks grow pink and her hands fumble slightly and her neck flushes and her eyes dart away each time they meet his.
Today is no different.
She sighs, her top lip curled upwards with annoyance, as he enters the classroom. She stops her conversation midway with her friends in order to stalk towards him between the desks.
“This is getting a bit ridiculous, Kuroo-kun.”
Sloppy. Lazy. Dumb. Tying a tie isn't hard.
He used to roll his eyes; he used to groan childishly.
“I’ve been fixing your tie every single morning for almost three full years.”
Now he switches between bated breaths and sly smirks.
She scoops the knot expertly, sliding it up his chest and he can feel her hands through the stiff blazer and itchy vest. The collar is next, as she folds it straight and her fingertips leave a trail of goosebumps on his neck.
“Oh, what would I do without you?” he hums.
The uniform - the tie - is worth it, if it means he gets to have her hands on him - even for just a moment.
“You should probably pick a career that doesn’t involve a suit.” She pats his arm - and lingers, for just a second longer than appropriate. She pulls her hand away, the burning sensation evident, and adds “- or buy a clip-on.”
He considers asking her to just come with him; to keep her hands - her eyes - on him.
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