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KUROO: you know he’s looking at you across the room with a teasing smirk and an eyebrow raise, all that translates to ‘HAHA you’re in trouble’. his cheek rests against his palm while he watches the teacher scold you for being late to class. as you go to your assigned seat you could feel the way his eyes are following your figure, and when you make eye contact, his grin widens as if to tease you before facing forward to the board with a tiny chuckle under his breath, already been thinking about a million ways to poke fun at you after class ends.
KITA: that boyfriend who has his eyes following your figure but you know it’s in a scolding way. literally he says nothing across the room but you could feel the embarrassment just by his blank stare. you’re definitely getting two scoldings—one from your teacher, and one from your boyfriend—to which you’re more terrified of confronting your boyfriend rather than your own teacher. when you tried to look up & meet kita’s eyes, you swore your brain literally went shit.
SAKUSA: was actually worried for a second there because, where the hell were you? you know how he acts like he doesn’t really care but on the inside he’s worried that something might have happened. lowkey begins to overthink but luckily he snaps out of his daze when the classroom door slides open and there you come in, all breathing and well as to kiyoomi it doesn’t seem as if there were any injuries on you either. he finally lets out the breath he was holding, but then suddenly glares daggers at you for no apparent reason, maybe it’s just for the fact that you made him excessively worry.
USHIJIMA: he’s not that bothered, let’s be honest. but even with that, he’s actually prepared to have extra notes for you incase you’re either late or absent for class. so what if you’re not here on the first period? he knows what he needs to do, and as class was on going he’s already been planning to visit you in your dorm to check on you. although, those plans falter away when you enter the classroom five minutes late. he’s calm about it, but that doesn’t ruin the fact that you’re about to be met with some interrogation after class.
KAGEYAMA: panicking. you’re literally the only reason why he attends school to actually study as you’re the first thing he finds when he enters the school premises. so seeing your seat empty made him panic a bit—like knee bouncing and body unsteady panicking. his focus went down the drain, all that’s into his mind being where’s y/n? where’s y/n? where’s y/n? where’s y/n? where’s y/n? with no ends. you better make sure you attend class early everyday. the moment he sees you on the door you swore you could see a tail waggling on his back, his facial expression translating into the words, ‘you’re here!’
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
anon asked: Now I'm just thinking how bully!Osamu would react to learning reader keeps forgetting to take birth control.
also added in loser!kuroo! 🖤
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⋆·˚ ༘ YOU TRIP IN FRONT OF HIM miya atsumu, suna rintarou, kuroo tetsurou
Tumblr media
☆ atsumu and you were casually talking after practice, walking in laps around the gymnasium as laughter echoed throughout the spacious area. you both were in charge of cleaning and taking care of the place after practice, and currently you both were collecting the volleyballs and dust mopping the floor. “i can’t believe you got hit by the ball three times today,” you snicker, teasing him over the events that happened during practice. the faux blond rolled his eyes as he put a volleyball under his arm, “ya purposely threw one at me!” he retorted, gently throwing one at you so it would hit your back. you flinched and furrowed your eyebrows, looking down at the ball before picking it up and moving to run towards him. “you’re so done!” you yell as atsumu let out a high pitched scream and ran away from you. as you were chasing him, your foot hit something which caused you to yelp and crash onto the ground. you groaned and laid there, staring at the bright fluorescent lights above you. atsumu asked if you were okay, jogging over to you before accidentally falling on top of you. he caught himself and stared right at you, his breathing getting heavy. “ah— fuck, ya ‘kay?” he mutters, his hair falling in front of his eyes. you nod and stare at him, cheeks flushing red. “no— yeah, i’m fine..” you mutter, causing him to chuckle. “you’re so cute,” he compliments, kissing your nose before helping you up. “i’m not— where’d you get that from?” you question, rolling your eyes. atsumu shrugs and smiles, moving to kiss your nose once more. “keep saying that, and i’ll kiss ya again.”
☆ suna leans against the doorframe as he watches you cook for the both of you, a soft smile appearing on his face. you feel a presence and turn, looking at him before giving him a small wave. he chuckles and returns the wave, ushering you to focus on the food and ignore him. you laugh, mainly to yourself as your attention went back to the pan in front of you. minutes later, you announce that dinner was finished, heading over to the table and placing the dishes down. suna walks into the kitchen, assisting you in grabbing utensils, opening the drawer. you walk pass him before accidentally tripping on air, grabbing the counter in hopes that it’ll help you. failing, you instead close your eyes and wait for impact. chuckles fill your ears and you open your eyes, focusing on the male in front of you. “you good, pretty?” he questions, a slight tilt to his head. your cheeks started to burn, words stuck in your throat. you realize that suna had his arm snaked around your waist and your hands were against his chest. “yes, i’m okay,” you assured, giving him a nod before he nods back and lets out another chuckle. “who would’ve known that you would be falling for me again,” you gasp and gently smack his chest as he set you on your feet, unable to stop his laughter. you laugh with him and push him towards the table. “oh, shut up. go to the table. i’ll get everything,” he presses a kiss against your cheek before shuffling towards the table, “you got it, boss.”
☆ during kuroo’s lunch break, you both decided to take a relaxing stroll through one of the nearby parks. hand in hand, there was comfortable silence between the both of you. kuroo gently squeezed your hand, grabbing your attention. you look at him with a confused, concerned look and he gives you a quick peck on the lips. “it’s nothing, i just wanted to see if you were okay,” he hums, looking away from your stare. “had me worried there, tetsu.” you say, causing him to burst out a soft laugh. “sorry, love. wanted to see that pretty face of yours too,” you open your mouth to retort before closing it, choosing to let him win the argument that hasn’t started. you decide to let go of kuroo’s grip, walking a bit ahead of him. he lets you do whatever you pleased, hands now shoved into his slacks. a smile appearing on kuroo’s face as he watched you enjoy yourself in the cooling breeze. his eyes left you for a moment before they landed back on you, realizing you were in the midst of tripping on a crack of the path. his eyes widened and he immediately ran towards you, catching you in his arms before you could hit the ground. your face had shock written all over it, feeling as if your life flashed before your eyes. “are you hurt at all? you should be careful where you’re walking,” he mutters, scolding you. you furrow your eyebrows and frown. “i didn’t see it! not my fault,” he sighs and chuckles slightly, muttering “cute” before standing you up straight.
Tumblr media
© kizmiya (2022). reblogs are appreciated! ☆
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kuroo tetsurou: how you get the girl
kuroo’s married to his childhood crush, you come back to town, oikawa introduces you.
fem!reader, fluff, childhood friends reuniting, unnecessary cursing, getting together but also established relationship(?), wc 2.1k
Tumblr media
kuroo cracks his eyes open to his phone hitting him square on the chest.
it’s not painful, not really, because whoever threw it was mindful enough; still, he yelps an indignant, “what the fuck?” because what the fuck? he’d been snapped out of his stupor violently, and glowers at his assailant.
sugawara stands in front of him, unperturbed.
kuroo resists the urge to punch his face -- himself or sugawara, who knows -- and grunts, “what are you doing here? you’re not--” his brows knit together, “wait, how did you even get in my room?”
sugawara jerks a finger at the door just in time for him to see oikawa clap kenma on the back, praising him for his cooperation. kenma doesn’t even look like he’s listening. “i know a guy who knows a guy who knows your father who knows you,” sugawara explains happily.
kuroo briefly considers pulling his pillow over his head and sleeping again, but sugawara might not be as kind this time and might make sure the corner of his phone hits kuroo’s nose.
he remembers having heard stories from daichi, and wisely decides that he would rather not face the wrath of an angry sugawara.
kuroo sighs. he’s not awake enough for this. he needs bokuto to cheer him up the way he always does -- maybe his loudness would distract kuroo enough to forget about his pounding headache. but bokuto is not here; he’s most likely also dying on his bed, but at least he has akaashi taking care of him.
all kuroo has is the violent sugawara, the annoying oikawa, the kenma who probably does not give a fuck about his current state -- kuroo doesn’t want to think about daichi’s reaction if he sees him in all his hangover glory.
“ngh,” he grunts again, less eloquently this time.
oikawa finally lets kenma escape and whirls in on kuroo, face furious. uh oh, kuroo thinks, and prepares for nuclear destruction. “i cannot,” he stresses with a hiss, “believe you had the nerve to go out and get wasted!”
sugawara nods in agreement.
“without me!” oikawa wails in utter betrayal, clutching kuroo’s shirt.
“hey,” sugawara warns.
“and without suga-chan and iwa-chan,” oikawa adds as sugawara nods in approval.
“sorry,” kuroo says, not really sorry. “you probably would’ve ruined the party anyway.”
sugawara and oikawa pull at his hair until the headache comes slamming back worse than before. “okay! okay! okay, fuck! i cede!” he screeches.
“good,” oikawa huffs. he seems satisfied enough to let go of kuroo’s shirt, patting his head comfortingly.
kuroo smacks his hand away.
sugawara hums thoughtfully as a glass of water materializes out of nowhere and appears in his hand. “i saw your father in the grocery store yesterday. he was telling me about your sad, pathetic single life.”
kuroo takes a deep breath and swears to himself to never call his father ever again.
“you met up with mr. kuroo without me!?” cries oikawa.
kuroo grumpily thanks sugawara for the water, takes one big gulp, and huffs. “my love life is none of your business. pa just likes to butt in it thinking he can find the perfect girl for me like it’s a game.” he doesn’t know anything.
“ooh.” oikawa’s eyes sparkle at the idea. “i'm in.”
“what?” kuroo shakes his head, horrified. “no, no. this might be a game to him, but i am not letting you join. one nagging romantic is enough.”
“but tetsu-chan! i’m the perfect man to help you!” oikawa proclaims. “plus, mr. kuroo is right. you’re, like, what? 50 years old and pitifully celibate.” kuroo splutters. “for a flirt, you are awful in the romance section.”
“i’m not a charity case! and stop talking about my love life like some book store category!”
“i’m not saying you are a charity case! i’m saying i know someone who also happens to be looking for a date, so you are a very lucky man!”
kuroo does not doubt that. if sugawara knows a guy who knows a guy, then oikawa knows everyone and the grandmothers of their mothers -- but also all of them happen to be in love with him.
kuroo expresses his doubt with a deadpan stare
sugawara chuckles. “i can’t force you to date but they’re right, you know. it won’t hurt to have fun once in a while.”
oikawa nods enthusiastically. “let me play matchmaker this once please!”
they both look at kuroo, who wilts under their gazes.
“fine,” kuroo murmurs in defeat, ignoring oikawa’s cheer and sugawara’s noise of approval. “think you have what it takes to introduce to me the love of my life?” he asks oikawa.
oikawa scoffs good-naturedly. “don’t doubt me.”
kuroo eyes him. “you're strangely optimistic.” it’s code word for: i am suspicious of your malicious intentions.
oikawa bats his eyelashes, tapping kuroo’s glass as a reminder for him to drink again. he does so, but still stares at oikawa.
sugawara places his hands on his hips. “tooru’s been thinking of making the two of you meet for a while now.” at kuroo’s wrinkled nose, sugawara clarifies: “about a week, which is when she met tooru.”
“she’s cute!” oikawa chirps. “not my type but definitely yours! trust me, i can tell. i know you, tetsu-chan”
kuroo shudders. “i hope she’s not using me to get to you.”
“no,” oikawa says, much more serious this time. “l/n-chan is nice. even iwa-chan says so!”
“l/n, huh?” kuroo wonders where he’s heard that name before. “okay. fine. i’ll give it a shot.”
kuroo swipes the ring on his bedside desk and slips it on his finger, ignoring the look oikawa shares with sugawara.
Tumblr media
a crunch resounds dully beneath his feet from stepping over and over the snow muffling the pavement. a shiver rides up his spine despite the heavy layers of clothing -- he’s got, like, what? three? five? and at least two of them belong to sugawara who loves his coats and jackets thick.
“if it rises even one degree i would probably be burning,” kuroo says; believable if his teeth weren’t chattering.
“don’t be so dramatic!” says oikawa, and the fact that he, of all people, is saying that is comedy gold. “you look cuddly. i’m sure the ladies would love that in a boy…! sorry, man,” he corrects himself, “you should seriously consider looking the part, tetsu-chan.”
“i hate you,” kuroo says, eyeing oikawa’s fit coat distastefully as he struts and acts as if all the ladies aren’t ogling him.
it’s about a day after the date discussion when oikawa invites kuroo to his favorite cafe to meet the girl. kuroo had honestly forgotten about it, and scolded himself for doing so.
oh, well. this is a mutually beneficial deal. if she asked to meet up then kuroo can't be at fault either.
besides, oikawa’s right. if he plays this right, maybe he'll finally find the one. and if not the one then maybe a silly fling -- that hopefully won't be throwing a fit once they figure out kuroo is not the cool suave athletic player he is, but just some idiot who pretends he knows what he's doing.
if only dating was so easy.
(if only kuroo stopped pretending that he didn’t lose interest in it years ago. he eyes his finger, and his heart sinks. just because she’s a l/n? since when did you become so desperate?)
they order drinks for both of them. kuroo takes big sips, impatient. they take a seat in a secluded corner, the warm light enough to ease kuroo just a tiny bit. he feels guilty, for some reason. he thinks he knows why, but he doesn’t know why it matters.
oikawa taps kuroo’s shoulder. “do you want to see a pic of l/n-chan before i tell her we’re here?” he asks.
kuroo stretches his arms. “yeah, why not?”
“okay!” oikawa says happily. “here you go.” and shoves his phone to kuroo’s face.
kuroo blanches. “oh no.”
oikawa blinks once. twice. he was not expecting that reaction. “testu-chan…?”
“fuck,” kuroo repeats, with more feeling this time, realization sinking on him. “fuck, you meant that l/n! oh my god, i’m so stupid, of course she’s that l/n, ohmygod--”
oikawa panics, setting his phone down to bat kuroo’s hands away, which were starting to pull ruthlessly at his roots. “stop that! what’s wrong?” he hisses. “what, what? what’s wrong!?”
“shit!” kuroo curses. “fuck! dude.”
“you’re making me nervous, kuroo,” oikawa warns feebly.
“that’s the y/n i had a crush on!”
that makes oikawa pause. “you? having a crush?”
“yes it sounds fucking insane because y/n is the only one i ever took seriously! that’s the y/n who i thought i wouldn’t be fucking seeing again so i confessed my undying love before we parted ways thinking we would only be in each other’s hearts!”
oikawa stares at him incredulously. “that’s kind of pathetic, tetsu-chan. and embarrassing.”
“shut up.” kuroo flushes pink. “i know that.”
oikawa nods sympathetically. “stay strong, tetsu-chan!”
kuroo inhales sharply. “did kenma ever tell you how i got this ring?”
“hmm?” oikawa studies the band wrapped around kuroo’s finger, eyes unreadable. “it has a backstory? i thought you were just being fashionable off-court, like me! the ring is kind of dirty now, though.” he clicks his tongue. “you should get that cleaned.”
“i’ve had it since i was 7.”
“shit,” says oikawa, suddenly serious. “wait. y/n. did you get engaged with l/n-chan at 7!?”
kuroo makes a noise. “what? no! it’s not-- well, actually. maybe you can say that.”
oikawa is elated. “oh my god! that’s a promise ring!?”
kuroo is flustered beyond belief. “yes, it’s a promise ring.” in a desperate attempt to cool off his face, he croaks, “what are you even doing here? isn’t this supposed to be a date between me and l/n-san?”
“i just wanted to be a good friend and not let you make a fool of yourself!” knowing oikawa, he is completely serious about this. “but…i feel like i don’t need to worry about anything, huh?” his smile is softer now. “don’t fuck this up, or i will be very disappointed in you, tetsu-chan!”
before kuroo can respond, oikawa’s phone vibrates on the table, buzzing their drinks. “oh! it looks like i’m gonna have to skedaddle!” he says, like an idiot. he pats kuroo’s shoulder as he rises to his feet, too aggressive to be comforting.
“if all else fails, i’ll treat you to drinks.”
“it won’t, but, i appreciate the sentiment,” kuroo drawls sarcastically, now itching with nerves as he’s hit with agitation for a completely different reason. he can’t stop staring at his ring.
oikawa gives him a thumbs up. “i like the spirit, tetsu-chan! bye bye!”
the door opens at the same time oikawa hurries off. kuroo bites his lip, using his 6-foot ass to his advantage as he searches for a familiar face. damn. his heart might as well beat out of his chest at this point.
a figure comes up to him. “tetsurou.”
kuroo grins, weakly. “shit. it really is you.”
you laugh, taking a seat in front of him. kuroo feels dizzy. “i was very lucky to meet tooru-kun, who was nice enough to tell stories about his handsome teammate.” kuroo probably should feel disgusted that oikawa is talking about him that way, but with how it comes out of your mouth, it feels pleasant.
he clears his throat. “so… you knew it was me. when you accepted.”
your smile is sadder now. “yeah. you didn’t, when you accepted.”
kuroo frowns, fingers digging on his lap. “y/n-- i--” i was seven. i thought you weren’t real. i thought it wasn’t real, “--i’m sorry. i thought--”
“it’s okay, tetsu. i understand. i’m not an idiot, you know. i heard this is the only date you agreed to go, too, so i suppose i’m lucky it was me.” you turn away from him, sharp eyes scanning the room. he knows better. you’re avoiding his stare.
that doesn’t make him any less guilty. “i missed you…”
your eyes slide back to him, mirthful. “remember what you said? the night before i left.”
kuroo blushes furiously; he knows, and he’ll never forget it. not when it’s still fresh in his mind, not when the band around his finger is a solid reminder. “of course i do. you think i’ll forget something as important as that? thought you knew me better than that, princess.”
relieved, you smile, pulling him closer by the sleeves of his hundred-something-layer clothes. “of course,” you agree, holding out your hand where he can see the ring; it fits your finger perfectly now. “thank you for waiting.”
(rain heavy on his shoulders, hands clasped together, a ring box on the floor, kuroo whispering, “i want you for worse or for better,” rings glistening, your face wet not from the rain, “i would wait forever for you.”
the rings didn’t fit you both back then. but maybe he was right to keep it that way.)
Tumblr media
a bit too cheesy for my liking but i hope it’s a good read nonetheless. thank you for reading! feedback is very appreciated! ( ◡̀_◡́)ᕤ
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
know you now kuroo tetsuro/f!reader (haikyuu!!) tags: mind rotting fluff, borderline unreadable, reader went to high school in america, established relationship a/n: did i write this because I put my prom dress on last night while I was wearing a facemask? perhapsibly
Tumblr media
9:07 PM: What are you up to?
The text message pings through as you shove three pairs of colourful socks into your overflowing sock drawer, nudging it closed forcefully with your hip. You brush your hair out of your eyes and reach for the device.
‘Almost done putting away my laundry and about to put on a facemask!’ you type out a reply.
9:08 PM: Without me? :(
‘You’re still at work Tetsu’ you snort, hitting send. ‘My pores can’t wait for whatever overtime you’re putting in AGAIN’ You send the second message after tacking on your oft-used clown emoji, dropping your phone at the end of your bed.
You shuffle into the washroom just outside your bedroom, fishing a nearly empty tube of clay-based facemask from the second drawer from the top where you keep your skincare. You squeeze a generous amount onto your fingers and then smear the cool green paste over your skin.
You pad back out to your bedroom once every inch of your chin, forehead and cheeks are coated in the rapidly drying mask, noticing a sweater you’d forgotten to hang up at the end of your bed. You pluck it up and carry it over to the closet, door still left ajar, and tuck it inside.
A flash of gauzy red fabric at the back of your closet catches your eye.
You stretch deep into the depths until you reach the very end of the clothing rack, wrapping your hands around the last hanger to pull it out.
Your prom dress.
You run your fingers over it as you hold it up in front of you, flashbacks to a prom night so many years ago playing in your mind. It was relatively unspectacular--not anywhere near the teen rom-com movie moment you may have hoped it would be. You're not even sure why you'd dragged it all the way back to Japan with you when your family moved home the summer after you graduated, when your father's job had relocated him back to the country where you'd grown up, nor are you certain why you'd bothered to bring it to your own apartment once you’d moved out. 
It's just a dress. A slightly garish, excessively formal dress, but still just a dress.
You distantly wonder if it still fits. 
You carefully peel off the comfortable clothes you’d spent the day doing chores in, mindful of the clay mask drying to your face, kicking them off to the side with your sock-clad feet. You then pull the dress on with an equal cautiousness. 
It fits, but it’s a little tight. Your body has changed since your youth, unsurprisingly, but the zipper pulls up after a bit of encouragement. You breathe out and feel the way the material pulls tight around your ribs, but otherwise it fits the same way you remember.
Outside your bedroom, the timer dings on your dryer. You shuffle out and pull the warm laundry (just a load of towels) into the laundry basket waiting in front of the machine, toting it into your living room where you plan to fold them. The cold beer you’d cracked not long prior is still waiting, mostly-full, on the table. 
So you sit watching TV, sipping beer, folding towels, wearing a facemask, in your prom dress. 
Being an adult is so weird. 
Six towels and half-a-beer in, your front door opens and you look up in surprise.
Your boyfriend stands in the genkan, frozen with one shoe half-toed off, staring at you with an equally surprised look on his face. 
His eyes are glued to the red garment wrapped around your frame.
He drops his backpack at his feet.
“Are you going somewhere?”
“Tetsu, what are you doing here?” you ask, ignoring his question in favour of one of your own, standing up with an unfolded towel in your hands, trying to hide behind the cotton terry-cloth.
“I texted you," he says as he steps a little further into your apartment, setting his spare key down on the table in the entryway. "The meeting ended early and I didn’t go out drinking with them. I let you know I was on my way,” he says slowly, almost a bit sheepishly. 
“Oh,” you reply dumbly. “I, uh, left my phone in my room.”
“So,”--Kuroo's eyes flitter down to your dress, waving his hands in your general direction--“big plans tonight that I should know about?”
“It’s my prom dress,” you say, as though that explains anything. 
“Prom dress?”
“Uh, at the end of high school we had a big dance for everyone graduating,"--you pinch the bridge of your nose with one hand, realizing belatedly you still have a facemask on. "We all wore fancy dresses and suits and ate a mediocre meal and then danced a bit while our teachers watched and then got drunk in fields on liquor we stole from our parents at the afterparty,” you explain, on the wrong side of rambling, gesticulating vaguely with the hand that has faskmask on the tips of your fingers, “so, uh… yeah. Prom.”
“America is so weird," Tetsuro murmurs, scrunching up his face.
You laugh. “You’re not wrong.”
“Why do you still have it?” he asks curiously, taking another step into the room towards you.
“I dunno,” you say as your cheeks flush hot. “I guess I brought it with me when I moved because I thought I might have somewhere else to wear it? Which is ridiculous looking at this thing now.” You fiddle absentmindedly with the skirt, accidentally wiping some of the facemask into the material.
“I think it’s pretty.” Tetsuro says, taking the towel from your hands. He cleans the half-dried clay mask from your hand, and then wipes off the bit that had transferred to your skirt. He sets the towel down on the arm of your sofa, turning back to you.
You watch raptly as he surveys the dress, reaching up and running this fingers across the beading at your diaphragm like he can’t resist, tracing it with the tip of his index finger. He peeks at you through his lashes.
“Red was my school colour, y’know.”
Your breath catches in your throat.
It's quiet for a long moment, but from the corner of your gaze you spot the time on your stove clock. 
“I need to wash my facemask off,” you say quietly. 
Kuroo hums, stepping back, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his slacks as if to shackle them.
You pick up the material of your skirt and scurry off to the washroom, quickly scrubbing the dried clay from your hot face. Once your skin is clean, you stare at your reflection in the mirror as you dry the lingering dampness from your cheeks. Your hair is pinned up messily, your skin dewy and freshly washed.
The bright red dress on your body is a stark contrast to your naked face.
You feel silly.
You aren't sure what possessed you to put the damn thing on, but you swear to bring the garment to a second hand donation bin as soon as you possibly can. You reach behind you and grasp for the zipper, tugging it down.
It stops halfway.
You meekly shuffle back out to the kitchen where Kuroo is getting a beer from your fridge.
“Tetsu,” you murmur, and he stands up from behind the fridge door quickly at the sound of your voice. You turn your half-exposed back to him. “Can you help me?”
He sets his can of beer aside on the counter and steps up to you. His tie had been loosened in the time you'd been gone washing your face.
You face forward, trying not to shiver as his fingers ghost across your shoulder blades, and then down your spine. 
He swiftly zips it up.
“No, I mean’t unzip it,” you say, tone almost plaintive.
“I know what you meant,” he whispers, and suddenly you realize he's much closer than you'd expected--his voice practically in your ear. Tetsuro presses a kiss to your shoulder, then the curve of your neck. “I just wanna admire you for a little bit longer.”
Slowly, you turn in his hold. 
His cheeks are redder than his tie and your dress put together.
“You’re so weird,” you murmur lovingly.
“You’re not wrong,” he replies with a lopsided, toothy grin. 
He pulls you into his arms.
“So did you have a prom date?” he asks as he sways you lightly from side to side, not quite a dance but close to it. His fingers trace down the back of your dress.
You hum affirmatively. “Just some guy in my year. He didn’t dance with me once all night. Said it was lame.”
Your boyfriend clicks his tongue. “His loss.”
“It wasn’t so bad, though,” you say with a smile that you bury against his chest, reflecting on the memory. “I just danced with my friends.”
Tetsuro is moving you a little more surely now, stepping this way and that in time with the swaying of your bodies. You let him guide you around in a dance with no tempo.
“So you had fun?” he asks softly, his lips just by your ear. 
“I did,” you agree, equally quietly. One of his hands finds yours where it rests against his chest, bringing it up to his mouth to brush his lips agains the back of your knuckles before twining your fingers together. 
“I wish I had known you back then," he says, spinning you gently. Your head is already swimming without the added twirl.
“You know me now,” you reply as he pulls you back to him, cradling your frame against his. 
Tetsuro laughs, and it almost sounds a little choked up.
He holds you closer.
“Yeah,” he breathes, soft and devoted. “I do.”
The two of you keep dancing in your kitchen, socked feet on tiled floor. He's dressed in his work suit, creased after a long day at the office, and you in the prom dress you don’t know why you’ve kept this long. There’s no music, just the background noise of whatever television show you’d abandoned in the living room that paints the room in light that flickers as the scenes change. Your clean towels are still left unfolded on the sofa, and there are droplets of condensation slipping down the sides of your respective beer cans as they rest unfinished.
There’s no twinkly lights, no top 100s love songs blaring, no clammy hands or adolescent nerves or hesitation.
It’s just the two of you, as you are.
It’s better than any prom could ever be.
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kaaytea · 19 hours ago
heyo can i request hcs/fic (your call) with akaashi, ushijima and kuroo with a reader whose face grows hot when they cup their hand on their cheek because they're like not really oblivious but not very familiar with touch (as in with people other than family..??) so they get flustered or something bec they don't know how to react does this make sense? - 🌻
Making their s/o flustered
⤷Includes: Kuroo, Ushijima, Akaashi
Warnings: GN pronouns!
A/n: back from the dead, lovelies <3 this was me just kinda spitballing, so I hope it's cohesive
Inside of Kuroo there are two wolves
One enjoys lovingly caressing your cheek and the other will just squish them together to see how silly (and cute) your face looks
He can tell it makes you flustered, but will continue to cup, prod, and poke at your face
Not because he's mean, but more because his chest gets all fuzzy whenever he feels your face heat up
He gets a bit addicted to the feeling in a similar way people are addicted to rollercoasters for the adrenaline rush
Kuroo will squish your face together anytime of the day—mostly for his own fun and to get a laugh at how much you resemble a chipmunk—but he needs to be in a particular mood for a more loving caress
Which happens way more than you'd think bc Kuroo is a huge sap
You could literally wake up from the worst night of sleep you've ever had and he would just reach over and trace his fingers across the apples of your cheek, whispering about how beautiful/handsome you are
And when you try to hide your face in your pillow he just scOOPS! you up to lay on his chest
This man adores you in all of your states; he treasures your flustered reactions and reassures you that it's safe to be your genuine self around him
Oh my god this man
Ushi doesn't cup or caress you face randomly
But what he does do is cup your jaw whenever he goes to kiss you
He does it because he's tall as fuck and needs to guide your face a bit so he can kiss you properly
And he doesn't do it in an aggressive or demanding way (unless you're doing something else together 👀)
Ushi treats you with a lot of respect and is super gentle when it comes to everyday affections
Like sometimes it feels like a cloud is tracing your face because of how soft his movements are
So you, completely unused to touch from other people, panic a bit
Ushijima doesn't necessarily notice how fidgety and warm your face gets after he kisses you, but he does eventually notice that you pull away from the kisses a little sooner then normal
You pulling away makes him question your comfort around him, so he kinda stops kissing you on the lips for a bit...
From then on, it's quick pecks to the cheek when he leaves in the morning for practice and when he comes back home
Even with kissing your cheek he can tell you get a bit squirmy (now that he's looking out for it ofc)
Ushijima ends up asking if you're uncomfortable around him and that's when you explain you're not used to touch and affection
Which he's completely ok with! The two of you talk it out and set some boundaries for what you are and aren't fine with and Ushi is relieved that he wasn't technically the thing that made you a bit skittish
Akaashi notices your habits, but he doesn't register them as being a reaction from him
He kinda brushes off and forgets your reaction because he doesn't caress your face that often
If he's showing affection it's usually through holding your hand, so touching your face doesn't happen too much
That is until you move into an apartment together
Because now you're around each other a lot more and that just happens to brew a plethora of romantic and cozy moments between the two of you
And for some reason, the occurrences of which Akaashi touches your face just skyrockets
He swipes his thumb across you cheeks during dinner to get rid of the rice stuck there, he traces his fingers along your jaw when you have your head in his lap, he runs the back of his index finger along your cheek before tilting your chin up for a kiss goodbye
And the worst of all: he loves cupping your cheek when facing each other all snuggled up for bed
It's maddening! Truly, it's a miracle you haven't melted into the floor boards by now because your cheeks feel like molten lava everytime he shows such affections to you
You have no clue how to react anymore, so one night you end up just pulling away and shoving your face into your pillow
An easy escape that leaves poor Kashi puzzled
He gentle pulls the pillow from your face and asks if you're alright
And you respond with a, "No! You keep making me flustered and it's embarrassing!"
Akaashi just sputters out a quiet laugh and apologizes
He has no problem with your timid behavior, he thinks it's quite sweet actually
He does learn to tone down his gestures after that night though, he waits for you to get more comfortable with sharing a space together before showering you in his affections again
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wake-uptoreality · a day ago
ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸
Haikyuu boys x you + listening to music<3
ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ ʚïɞ.•*¨*•.¸¸
Tumblr media
-Iwaizumi; Daichi; Yaku; Semi; Osamu; aone; Matsukawa.
Tumblr media
-Oikawa; Kuroo; Atsumu; Bokuto; Hirugami; Komori; Tendou; Hanamaki; Hinata; Suna.
Tumblr media
-Akaashi; Aran; Ennoshita; Sugawara; Yamaguchi; Lev.
Tumblr media
-Tsukishima; Ushijima; Kenma; Kunimi; Kyotani; Futakuchi; Sakusa; Shirabu.
Tumblr media
-Kageyama; Kindaichi; Nishinoya; Kita; Goshiki; Aone.
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kozumebunny · a day ago
Nekoma + Inarizaki in the Maid dress
Kuroo Tetsuro would wear the maid dress for you in a heartbeat. Have you seen this man? He is a being of chaos. If anything he would also expect you to wear a full on suit type of thing so he can really get into calling you master. Don't be fooled though, he is still a dork telling you science puns and facts as a way to flirt with you. He would wear one of the classic maid dresses where it has the puffy sleeves, petticoats underneath and doesn't show a lot of skin, but has the distinct silhouette. has the apron that layers over it with the tie back, and even has the frilly headband to go with it. (Yeah, he may or may not wear the cat ears for you too.)
Yaku Morisuke would rather see you in the maid dress, but he would never tell you no! He lives for spoiling you rotten. It's his love language to treat you like a princess, so him wearing the maid dress isn't totally out of the blue is it? Wears one of the hyper feminine frilly cutesy lolita style ones. He probably would also wear thigh high stockings, I don't think he would wear the frilly bracelet things or a necklace. Yaku cares a lot about comfort and those things don't speak to peak comfort for him. Would only wear it around the house for you, but that doesn't mean he fully plays into the maid/master dynamic with you. He would do things for you still if you ask him nicely, but demands is where you're starting to push it.
Kozume Kenma would say no initially. Just because he could crossdress and pull it off doesn't mean he will. If you wear it for him he doesn't really care? he thinks you look nice but will not lean into the maid/master dynamic. Would wear it for you as a casual thing. Won't make anything you tell/ask him to, it's just another piece of clothing to him. Wears a really simple comfortable one, probably Long sleeve. Not that feminine of a dress and doesn't wear petticoats. wears thigh highs because he thinks they're comfortable.
Taketora Yamamoto would absolutely wear it. Unironically tells you things like "step on him". He may even bark at you. He would just show up to practice with it and then start barking at you. This is what you signed up for, deal with it. He also may or may not be hoping that him wearing the maid dress for you will result in you wearing the maid dress for him. Not really a maid/master dynamic present, does it as a haha funny, and wants you to wear it because he thinks you'd be cute in one.
Haiba Lev wears it because Kuroo convinces him. Wears it to practice even. He just wants to do something nice for you. No maid/master dynamic because he most likely doesn't understand it to begin with.
Kita Shinsuke wouldn't wear it. Wouldn't really care for you to wear it for him either. He wouldn't be opposed to you wearing an apron and nothing else though. No maid/master dynamic, it's more of just the average we live together domestic dynamic.
Aran Ojiro would probably wear it. It depends on a lot of things like, how comfortable he is with you and in what way he would wear it. Probably a really wholesome maid master dynamic, he thinks you'd be adorable in a maid dress. Would say please and thank you when asking you to get things. He thinks its just a fun item for you to wear, not exactly a whole sexual encounter.
Miya Atsumu would ask you to wear it all the time. It's borderline annoying. "Don't you want to be my good girl??" It's insanely sexual for him and he gets off to the maid master dynamic. He lives for the idea of pure obedience. Is the type of asshole to definitely bring it up during locker room talk. Wouldn't wear the maid dress for you.
Miya Osamu would casually show you a photo of a maid dress and just ask you if you'd wear it. If you do, he will buy it for you to wear. Thinks it's a cute matching outfit idea for you both to just wear a maid dress then stay at home cooking and watching a movie. Maybe a very light maid master dynamic, he likes having you as his partner in crime, not as a maid.
Suna Rintaro would just throw the fucking maid dress at you. You're hanging out at his place, he says here and then tosses it to you. He likes the maid master dynamic. Uses it very often. Would not wear the maid dress for you unless you really wear him down. He's a stubborn ass, he won't wear it but will bug you to wear it.
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limesimagines · 13 hours ago
My "Haikyuu incorrect quotes, Y/n style" highlights
I've already made more than 12 parts, so I thought why not share my favorites.
From parts 1-7 [Masterlist]
Pronouns used: they/them
Warning: swearing
Y/n: I’m in love with you.
Kuroo: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, dork.
Y/n: I know.
Kuroo: Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-
Kuroo: Go ahead, Y/n. Let it out, cry. If you don’t, your tear ducts will get blocked up, and then when you get old, you won’t be able to cry.
Yaku: Just when we thought it was safe to let you back into the conversation.
Yamamoto: I’m this close to falling in love with Y/n.
Kai: Your fingertips are touching.
Yamamoto: Exactly.
Kuroo: That shirt looks great.
Y/n: Thanks.
Kuroo: But I bet it would look even better on Kenma’s floor.
Kenma: Are you hitting on Y/n… for me?
Y/n: Bro-
Iwaizumi: No, no, hold up, rewind.
Iwaizumi: My tongue was down in your throat just a second ago and now you’re calling me bro??
Kidaichi: Hey, uh, how do you ask someone out?
Matsun: Well, first-
Y/n: Don’t ask him, he asked me out in a graveyard parking lot.
Matsun: …And you said yes?
Iwaizumi: That’s ridiculous, Y/n doesn’t have a crush on me.
Oikawa: Yes they do.
Matsun: Yes they do.
Maki: Yes they do.
Y/n: Yes I do.
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ohmyimagines · 12 hours ago
Akaashi, Nishinoya, Kuroo and Oikawa react to you wearing their jacket
requested: HI! I really like you writing style. So could you do one with Akaashi, Noya, Kuroo, Oikawa, separately, where their s/o gets cold and wears their jacket and they think it's cute and all. Thank you very much!
A/N: I love wholesome requests like this haha, ty for requesting it! This is my first post in over a year lol so my writing has changed... Also this got longer than expected? Enjoy, hopefully I could fulfill your idea c:
Also I have some more drafts waiting to be posted. had a random spurt of motivation and inspiration recently and worked on some requests, idk if I'm gonna do more but if u wanna tell me something then request are open!
Also: This and future hq requests will take place in the timeskip!
pairings: Akaashi Keiji x reader, Nishinoya Yuu x reader, Kuroo Tetsuro x reader, Oikawa Tooru x reader
gender neutral! reader
warnings: none
genre: fluff!
Akaashi Keiji:
Tumblr media
He just wanted to go in quickly, get those documents he forgot and then come back out. It would take no longer than three minutes, he said to you after you surprised him after work to pick him up and get some food. You sighed as you looked at the clock on your phone. It’s been over 10 minutes now. Your eyes landed on Keiji’s stuff he dropped immediately the second it hit him that he’d forgotten something. There was his satchel and also his jacket, dropped mindlessly atop the waist-high wall you leaned on as you waited. You weren’t mad or anything. It’s been a few troublesome days for him because at work they got a batch of new stuff to edit and he often had to work afterhours. So today you came by to make sure he got off work on time, which he did. Only now it was getting cold on this fall evening and you regretted picking only a thin jacket to protect you from the wind. It would have been alright if you could have gotten on the train right away, sheltered from the incoming evening wind. But now you stood in front of Keiji’s office, unprotected from the cold. You were left with no choice but to take his jacket. I mean, it was right there, with no owner, discarded to the side. So you took his coat and placed it over your shoulders and immediately felt better. Not just was it a lot warmer and more comfortable than your jacket choice, it also had this very nice lingering scent of your boyfriend’s cologne, so you buried your body even deeper into the soft fabric. “Looking comfortable.” Was a comment that came from behind you not long after and you turned around in surprise as you recognized it. Caught red-handed. But not really, because the look on Keiji’s face was anything but mad. Instead, he looked more vibrant and softer and more in love than you’ve ever seen him. “Missed me that much?” You wanted to smile but kept the act up, holding your chin up “Not my fault you left your jacket unprotected, Keiji.” Your eyes wandered over him and landed on the small folder in his hand. “Can we leave now?” Keiji followed your eyes and then came up to you, embracing your figure and kissing the top of your head. “Only if you keep looking this cute for the rest of the night, but I honestly have no doubts about that.”
Nishinoya Yuu:
Tumblr media
“Ain’t this fun, Y/N? This is what life feels like!” Nishinoya declared triumphantly as he stood on the little motorboat he had rented, water droplets falling around and landing on the both of you. He shared the pose with some kind of triumphant statue of a historic hero you thought and wanted to grin at the thought, if only it weren’t so cold and rainy. You had imagined the weather to be slightly different when your boyfriend invited you on a boat trip on a river in Italy. You’d thought the country was known for warmth and sun and all that. However now it was a lot gloomier than that, with grey clouds hanging heavily in the sky and the water beneath you reflecting their dark grey colour in an even deeper shade. Yet, Yuu’s attitude made up for it and you wouldn’t wanna be in any other place in the world right now other than this both you were both on. “I’m glad you’re having fun.” You stated, speaking form your heart. Noya turned around in surprise at those solemn words. “Aw babe, you’re shaking! Can’t have that happen.” He left his position for a moment, letting the motor die down briefly to come up to you and rub your arms and press kisses all over your face. “Here, take my warmth.” You giggled. “Thanks, Yuu.” It was helping, if only a bit. “We’re almost there, promise. Just a little longer.” He pressed his lips on yours for a moment and then resumed his position as driver, the whole situation reminding you a little too much of High School, when he would kiss you the same way before leaving for practice. The cold was still lurking up to you, so you just grabbed the next best thing that seemed to help and in this situation this was your boyfriend’s neon green windbreaker jacket, that was way too big on both of you. Finally, you didn’t have to bother with the water droplets attacking you from all sides. “You look adorable, Y/N! My little lime!” You pouted at Noya but he just laughed, taking out his phone and trying to capture the moment at the same time as controlling the boat. Eventually, the weather cleared up but you didn’t take off the jacket, maybe because you actually enjoyed Noya’s new nickname for you or the fact that he was all over you, pecking your lips and pinching your cheeks like a distant relative would to a child.
Kuroo Tetsurou:
Tumblr media
Helping your boyfriend moving into his new apartment was one thing. The fact that you had to stay over at the basically empty new apartment of his with nothing but the clothes you had on was another. “Sorry for the abrupt change of plans angel face, but I didn’t get it managed otherwise. The other alternative was having Bokuto stay over here alone and I really wouldn’t have wanted that.” This was the fifth time he’d uttered this apology today, so you could just shake your head. “How many times do I have to tell you that it’s fine, Tetsuro. As long as you’re here it’s fine. We’ll manage.” You fumbled with your hands in front of your body and moved back and forth on the heels of your shoes as Kuroo came up to you, reached his hand up to squish your cheeks and press a soft kiss to your squished up lips. “Love you, babe. It’s already late though, so get ready for bed. Catch me in the bathroom if you need something.” You hummed as response and watched him vanish in the afore mentioned room. You strolled through the room lazily with no goal in mind as you heard the shower go off. Because Kuroo was only just in the process of moving in things like wifi and warmth weren’t available yet. You rummaged through some of his moving boxes in search of an evening activity when the cold hit you. Leaving the windows open was a good idea earlier to get the smell of new apartment out of the room, but now it was basically freezing. You got up with a sigh and closed the window while you basically absentmindedly picked up an old training jacket of Kuroo’s to keep you warm. Only after putting it on did it hit you what you were wearing: His old volleyball club training jacket. It was washed out now, but the white letters of NEKOMA were still vibrant against the red fabric. You smiled to yourself and returned to your previous activity until Kuroo came out of the bathroom, spreading the smell of his shower gel in the new apartment. “Y/N! Feeling melancholic much?” You smiled at him. “Are you?” You got no answer though, as your boyfriend came up to you and bent down to give you the softest kiss you’ve received today. It took a while before you parted, he’d helped you stand up and now leaned his forehead against yours, hands wandering over your arms the fabric of his old uniform. “Not with you still with me, it still feels like back then.” You almost choked back tears then and pressed a kiss to the spot where his throat and jaw met. “Keep it.” He said, then. “You look way better in it than I ever have.”
Oikawa Tooru:
Tumblr media
Visiting Tooru in Argetina was always an adventure, really. He was really busy so when he wasn’t home you often found yourself wandering the streets alone, befriending his neighbours and slowly learning the language, going shopping and trying new foods. So you often had to find a way through the streets of San José yourself, just like you had to today. “My love, practice got a bit longer so pick me up instead? Promise to take you out to eat too <33” was a message you had received from him not too long ago. Originally the plan was for him to pick you up from the apartment and then go to the beach and go eat something. Seems like things would have to change a bit now as you got ready for the evening. The sun was already setting now as you were about to leave to pick him up, the first plan was to catch the sunset at the beach. You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror now, thinking about the weather with one last glance out the window. It seemed unusually windy today, so better pack a jacket. But which one? You usually didn’t need them in Argentina, and the spare ones you had packed were all in the laundry, given that you would leave again not too far into the future. There was a small pang in your heart at the thought that you quickly dismissed then and just got to get one of Tooru’s jackets. He’d be unbearable seeing you in it, being all lovey-dovey with cheesy nicknames and way too many hugs and kisses, but today you thought you might be able to stand it with a smile. You arrived in front of the gym not too long after, seeing as Tooru specifically picked a place to stay that would be not too far from it. As you waited for practice to end and you boyfriend to come out of the glass door you were glad to have picked a jacket – it was more chilly than you’d expected, so you even moved to pull the paws of the jacket over your hands so your fingers wouldn’t get too cold during the waiting process. “Ah, mi amore, you look absolutely adorable my little Pokémon.” Two all too familiar arms wrapped around you from behind and pressed you close a body that was way warmer and bigger than yours. You smiled to yourself and reached behind to pat Tooru’s head. “Pokémon, huh?” Then you turned around to greet him with a kiss that he accepted with a wide smile. “You do share the colour with one in this.” He pointed at the jacket that, admittedly, looked a bit obnoxious with the yellow and purple pattern all over. Why did you pick this one again? “Can’t believe you run around looking like this, either.” “Ah, I could never ever look as cute as my adorable beloved Y/N-chan.” More kisses were pressed to your face and lastly on your hands, which he had captured before. He smiled at you now, the comedy completely gone from his face but instead taken over by gratitude. “Now let’s get you some food, can’t have you running around with cold hands like this, darling.”
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mushiemin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pov: your camera roll if kuroo tetsurou were your bf :”> (+ an extra manga ver of the first pic!)
i tried out a new colouring/rendering style and i really really like it!! will def be colouring like this more often :D
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215-luv · 2 days ago
“ My father raised me to act with honor, but that honor is hanging by a thread that grows more precarious with every moment I spend in your presence. You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires. Night and day, I dream of you. ”
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hyeque · 4 months ago
"where are you running off to?" [nsfw]
Tumblr media
note: crawling or moving away from hq boys while they’re going to pound town. this is definitely not self-indulgent I just think the phrase is extremely hot
warnings: dubcon, hair pulling, manhandling, vulgar language, degradation, slapping, choking, spit roasting, mentions of implied female body parts
featuring: iwaizumi, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima, oikawa, kageyama, atsumu
Tumblr media
bokuto, who a man of his size, often forgets just how strong he is. what doesn't help is his never wavering stamina to go with it. his grasp on your hips is firm and surely is going to leave bruises behind. he pounds into you loud and messy, the sound of skin on skin drowning out your whimpering and crying. each time he slams back into you, your breath is knocked out of your system. "k-kou, 'is too much!" you squirm, wiggling away from his body. you attempt to push at his thighs and the frosted-tipped-haired man grumbles, quickly pulling you back so your ass is flush against him. when you try to move away again, he simply pulls your body up before turning you around so you're now facing him. you think he's finally listening to you but then he takes your legs and throws them over his shoulders. pressing them up further to your chest so that you are in a mating press, he groans when he sinks back into you. there's an obscene squelch from how wet and messy the two of you are and you can’t help but clench around him. he bites and nibbles on your ear before saying, "baby, don't be difficult. let me fuck you like how I know you need to be fucked, okay?"
atsumu who gets antsy at a team dinner because he can’t get over how beautiful you look. from the minute you stepped in you have had several people turning their heads to look at you. he’s very proud of having you as his significant other and puffs out his chest, bragging about you to whoever he can whenever because he knows he’s lucky. but eventually he starts to get pouty when he feels like eyes have been lingering on you for too long. the setter politely announces you two need to leave early, only for him to drag you inside the backseat of his car to fuck you out of possessiveness. your legs are over his shoulders as he rams into you. eyes roll to the back of your head as he hits your sweet spot repeatedly. but after both of you cum once, atsumu’s pace doesn’t falter. it’s clear you both are too sensitive right now but he ignores that. you find yourself scooting your shaking upper body towards the door and against the window. atsumu only pouts before he grabs your neck and pins you even harder to the seat. "w-why are ya trying to run away? depriving me of ma pussy is so rude baby. its mine, right? and this fat cock is nobody’s but yers, so just sit tight and take it.”
oikawa taunts you for whining and saying that "it's too much". he prides himself in the fact that he knows his dick is a lot to handle but he also prides himself in knowing that you're a slutty whore who can take whatever, and whoever-even his best friend at the same time as him. you didn't know that iwaizumi had been watching the two of you fuck. and you didn't know that oikawa brought him to join you two. that’s how you find yourself stuffed and filled with two cocks. both men relieving their stress by using you. oikawa takes your sweet ass and iwa fills your pretty mouth up with his delicious cock. the athletic trainer grunts as he fucks your mouth, blessed that at least once he could experience what it felt like. oikawa’s eyes are zeroed in on your cunt and how you suck him in. you feel so full and overwhelmed that you try to move back from both men. your restlessness doesn’t go unoticed by oikawa and he slaps your ass. “don’t move, not until all your holes have been stuffed full.” the setter snaps. he thrusts so hard into you from behind that you end up taking more of iwa in your throat. he moans loudly at the motion and the gagging come from your mouth. he then laughs and tilts your head up so you’re looking at him before saying, “yeah princess-mmhm fuck-don’t run away. it’s rude not to finish your meal.”
kuroo who absolutely gets drunk off of watching the two of you fuck in front of the mirror. he loves seeing and hearing all the cries and whimpers that come out of you, and bursts of pride run through him because he knows he’s the cause of it. but one thing that will drive him absolutely insane is eye contact. when he looks at you through the mirror while balls deep in your cunt, he can’t help but move his hips faster. harder. this motion causes you to cry out and attempt to move away from him due to how harsh he is. kuroo only scowls before he grabs you by your hair and pulls your body flush to his chest. your back arches against him and he doesn’t hesitate to ruthlessly drive into you so that you’re seeing stars. the fucking is obscenely loud but he doesn’t hesitate to bend down and say into your ear, “where are you going? i’m not done with you yet. not until you get to fully see how fucked dumb you can be from my cock. that’ll teach you not to run away from me.”
kageyama who came home from practice still high on adrenaline. you’re making dinner in the kitchen and greet him sweetly when he comes to say hi. something is odd about the way he is unusually quiet. that confusion is quickly gone once you feel him slither his arms around your waist, hard on pressing into your back. next thing you know, you’re bent over the kitchen counter whining out pleas of, “slow down tobio” and, “too much too much!” while he’s pounding your ass. you try to squirm your way from between him and the surface and feel his grip on your hips tighten before pinning you harder against the counter. now you could really feel every inch of his cock inside of you. kageyama whines and buries his head in your neck, kissing the sensitive skin. he shuts his eyes tight as the only thing he can think of is your addicting cunt and it’s warmth. “baby please, need to feel all of you. need to be buried so deep in your pretty pussy. you can let me have this, yea? don’t runaway, need to be as close to you as possible. gonna fill you up so good.”
tsukishima who cant stand how annoyingly attractive you are. it’s much worse over time as your relationship has established because you know exactly how to rile him up. so when you show up to one of his volleyball practices for the sendai frogs, short skirt and thigh highs, flirting with everyone in plain sight–he sees red. he’s eerily quiet on the drive home, neither talking nor looking at you at all. when you reach the front door you feel bad by that point and open your mouth to apologize. “i-” “shut the fuck up.” he snaps. the next few events happen fast when he’s storming over to you, carrying and throwing you onto your shared bed. he pulls your underwear to the side, pushing his shorts and briefs to his ankles before sheathing into you hard. his hulking figure consumes you and it’s all too much for your senses, causing you to babble and cry. you try to discreetly scoot yourself up in the bed so he won’t notice but freeze when you hear a cold chuckle and harsh yank on your body. “who the fuck said you could runaway? brats like you need to fully take their punishment. stay fucking still or i’m gonna fuck your ass so hard you’ll be struggling to remember how to walk.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though. (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · a month ago
Tumblr media
FT. oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, akaashi, bokuto
W. mentions of drinking
AN. reposting :( i only found one taglist, i'll add the second one when i do :(
Tumblr media
offended because he's your boyfriend and you refuse to recognize him. it's just a series of 'y/n i'm your boyfriend,' and 'no, you're not. my boyfriend is prettier,' he's literally suffering because it's getting late and people keep giving him weird looks. tries to convince you using pictures in his phone but still no avail because, "listen mister, i know how photoshopping works." is all you say, paying no attention to his words. finally gives up and helps you sober up a bit before you recognize him and you both leave after two hours of constant suffering. literally tells you not to use your brain when you're drunk because the photoshopping move took him away.
finds it interesting and decides to play along. says "your boyfriend doesn't have to know," with his famous shit eating grin, however, is taken aback as you gasp and slap his hand away from you. kuroo is happy that even in the lack of soberness, you won't go with any other man but at this point, it's getting too much and he's just exhausted. says something like, "let's go home, y/n," and grabs your hand, only to get punched in the face. he hopes his nose isn't broken. takes you home once you realize that he's your boyfriend because "you both look a little too similar— oh, tetsu?!" you're a little too late, y/n. please buckle up because you aren't hearing a end of this anytime soon and kuroo is the type to hold grudges <3
so fucking embarrassed because you just said, "i will report you for sexual assault," a little too loud and the people around are now sending him glares. as much as he loves you, he might really be regretting some decisions and the one to let you drink alone is on the top of the list. had to clarify using pictures on his phone and other things before someone calls cops on him. for some reason you remember osamu even when you're wasted ( which he's still offended about ) and call him to help you get home. you wouldn't stop saying things like, "samu, who is this weird man? where is tsum?" and it pains him physically.
tired. it's late night and he wants to sleep so bad. doesn't take shit from anyone, just picks you up and walks out. ( akaashi is very capable of that, i know ) definitely gets weird stares about it but no one really questions since you aren't opposed to his actions. if you don't recognize him, he washes you face until you get a minimum hold of yourself. turns out you actually recognized him a while later and apologize to him the next morning. he doesn't let you drink alone ever again. kinda salty that you didn't try to stop him when he picked you up because it could've been anyone else. just be ready for a lecture.
in tears, honestly. it's not like you accidently hit him or anything. you're not even listening to him. he's the sitting beside you, begging you to come with him while you keep rambling about how amazing and hot your boyfriend is. and as much as he likes compliments, he clearly doesn't appreciate them at 2 am when you refuse to recognize him. "y/n, let's go home," — "you know, kou used to call me that," — "that's because it's your name?!" — yeah you have this moment with him and it kills you the next morning because you remember everything. when he asks you to come home a little too firmly, you glare at him and refuse, saying that you already have a boyfriend, he's not sure if he should be happy or crying. finally you pass you and he takes you home, sigh <3
Tumblr media
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strawberrykake · 23 days ago
boyfriend that will suddenly scold you out of nowhere like “where the fuck have you been all my life? what took you so long??? Do you know how rough my life has been without you?? smh” bc he realizes no one has ever made him a happier and better person than you do
—Iwaizumi, TSUKISHIMA, Suna, SAKUSA, KYOUTANI, Semi, Kuroo, Atsumu, Oikawa, UKAI, Mattsun, KAGEYAMA, HOSHIUMI, Shirabu, Bokuto, Kiryuu
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sukunababy · a month ago
𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐟!𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 + 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 ┆𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 + 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦 ┆𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 + 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 ┆𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 + 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
cw. use of ‘daddy’, creampie, fingerfucking, squirting, cockwarming, praise, mating press — rbs are appreciated — event m.list | main m.list
Tumblr media
Your nails dig into his shoulders as his cock grinds against your sweet spot, your soggy folds flutter around Atsumu's thick shaft, "you'll end up waking the kids, behave" he hisses low in your ear as he presses your knees to your chest.
"Daddy please ..." you sob arching your back, " ... cum inside me". He giggles as he watches your slit filled with his fat cock, a white ring forms at its base as he pulls back to sink hard and good inside you.
"Yeah, you want my cum in your pretty cunt, angel?" he hums spreading your thighs wide and pushing your knees to your shoulders, the lewd sounds of your pussy almost covering your sobs as you get fucked in your shared bed.
You tremble as you cling to the sheets and nod grabbing your lip between your teeth to muffle your cries.
Your walls tighten on him, sensitive to the previous orgasms as Atsumu fucks another one out of you, "that's cute, you want to make me daddy again mh?" he moans watching as your pussy swallows him good and tightens around him.
His hips slam roughly against yours as he releases his sticky load between your folds, "don't make it come out" he hisses pumping inside your abused cunt going over his edge.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll as you cum all over, Suna's fingers still playing with your hard nub as you squirm in his lap, legs spread and his breath in your ear as his cock throbs beneath you.
"Please...." you sob grabbing his arm, "Rin ... it's too much."
He chuckles pushing two long fingers into your dripping pussy, "what? now it's too much? I'm not even using my cock" he taunts you pumping his fingers deeper and deeper.
His palm meticulously strikes your sensitive bud making you moan and squirm, 'Rin ... mh please" you sob dropping your head on his shoulder, "coming ... again."
His face is relaxed, he has a smirk on his pretty face as he works another orgasm out of your slick cunt.
Your walls clench his fingers and Suna curses in your ear, "fuck, you're coming again ... dirty girl" as you squirt onto his hand and onto his lap wetting the sheets beneath you again and again.
Tumblr media
He is exhausted when he comes home and sits next to you on the couch, huffing, "hi baby" he murmurs in a barely audible voice.
"Tough day?" you ask receiving a tugged smile as an answer. "I can help you relax if you want?" you suggest feeling with your fingertips his inner thigh covered by his heavy suit pants.
Kuroo frowns and seems to want to complain when you slip your hand inside his boxers, but the speed with which his cock gets hard makes you feral. "Just ... sit on it, baby" he gasps after a few pumps with your tiny hand as he pulls his pants free and helps you settle into his lap. "That's right" he slurs stretching your tight walls and relaxing his body, "feels so good."
It was so hard to take him without being prepared but as your body relaxed in his lap you became wetter. "You know, this the best thing of the day mh" he murmurs starting to lift his hips upwards and fuck his thick cock into your cunt.
You moan shamelessly as he speeds up his thrusts, you have to hold onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling, "Tets oh god so good ... ".
He can't help it, your warm pussy feels like it was made for him, "I can feel you dripping on my balls, baby" he giggles nibbling on your jaw and grabbing your ass to make you grind even harder on him.
Your cunt clenches his cock and your eyes roll back as he thrusts his hips, making sure to take your clit with each push, "come on baby, I'm close," he says grabbing your lips with his, "cum on my cock."
Your walls flutter around his thick shaft when you come triggering Kuroo's orgasm as well emptying his heavy load against your needy cervix.
Tumblr media
Your breasts bounce in his hands as he pinches your nipples, his hips slam against yours and his cock grinds fiercely against your tender spot, "please slow down..." you moan clutching the sheets beneath you.
He smirks at you before grabbing your hips and lifting you slightly off the mattress, your legs shaking as he wraps them around his waist and continues to push his fat cock into your tight cunt.
Each thrust makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head, "Toshi ... I'm gonna make a mess" you sob as you reach your limit.
"Go ahead" he says unconcernedly, frowning as he angles himself to grind his crotch against your swollen clit, "do it, cum, angel".
Your creamy pussy swallows his cock as you arch into his hands.
You scream as you soak his cock gushing your cum everywhere, "oh fuck ... Toshi so good .." you stammer as he keeps fucking your high out of you trying to reach his too to fill you up good as he presses his lips to yours, "you're such a good girl, you me wet good" he chuckles satisfied.
Tumblr media
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kaaytea · a day ago
can i request watching horror movies hc with kuroo?!??!! (i read that kabedon one twas so good fr fr i love dorky kuroo too aaaaaaaa)
Horror Movies w/ Kuroo
Warnings: gn Reader, I have never watched a scary movie in my life
A/n: I'm glad you liked the kabedon work!! Dorky Kuroo is my favorite brand of Kuroo, so this was super fun to write <3
Here’s the thing about Kuroo, he enjoys normal horror movies, but he prefers the cheesiest, lowest budget horror films over the cult classics 
Inconsistent and patchy plots? Bad makeup and effects? Low budget CGI?!
He eats that shit up
There’s not even a chance for you to be scared because the both of you are just making fun of the dumpster fire you’re watching
Kuroo also talks a lot whenever you watch these bad films and it’s mostly him criticizing the writing and character’s choices 
He literally does not care about whether or not you’re bothered by this habit because the plot is so spotty and the two of you are barely paying attention at the half an hour mark
In the event that Kuroo wants to watch a film that has a normal budget, it is always going to be some form a psychological horror or a plot that has a mystery he can try to solve as he watches 
Kuroo likes to “engage his mind,” hence why his favorite genres are ones where he can dissect scenes and be in full detective mode
If you happen to enjoy those genres for the same reasons then he is absolutely BUZZING with excitement because now he has someone he can bounce theories off of and have in-depth discussions with after the movie is over
Rest in peace to anyone who doesn’t enjoy horror films though
Kuroo doesn’t like seeing you terrified, but he loves whenever you jump at something and immediately snuggle into him for comfort
It makes him feel . . . useful? He likes being reassured that you see him as a form of protection
Now, if you are about to burst into tears and can’t watch another second of whatever movie is on, Kuroo is quick at turning the movie off 
He’ll make you a hot drink and just sit and talk with you the rest of the night (or until you fall asleep against him) 
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detetsu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he’s never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it’s not until you’re pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
“stay,” he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. “just for a little while.”
and truthfully ’a little while’ sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you’re more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
“i gotta get up.” you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. “and you do too, idiot. we’re gonna be late.”
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
“i’ll get ready so fast,” he hums.
“and what about me?”
“you’ll be even faster, obviously.” you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
“we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes.” you laugh—and perhaps you’d feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there’s a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
“five minutes,” you sigh. “you get five minutes.”
and it doesn’t even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he’ll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated
Tumblr media
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todoroki-sweetheart · 4 months ago
Random Emotional Things the Haikyuu Boys Have Said
Tumblr media
+ genre. sfw
+ warnings. none
Tumblr media
“I can’t wait to marry you.”
You weren’t even doing anything remotely special when Kuroo said this to you, catching you by surprise and nearly making you fall of of your chair. Even with you messy hair and pajama pants on, Kuroo couldn’t help but think, ‘Yep, that’s going to be all mine one day.’
“You’d look so pretty carrying our baby.”
You and Bokuto were out sundress shopping of all things whenever he dropped this on you, a small smile on his face. You had just come out of the dressing room to show him your pick and a pregnant woman had just so happened to walk by, prompting your boyfriend to say this in the softest tone you’d ever heard him speak.
“Please don’t ever leave me, I don’t think I could ever handle losing you.”
It was after a game. MSBY had won, but for some reason Atsumu had rushed to you, tears in his eyes and hugged you tighter than he ever had before. It took you off gaurd because usually your boyfriend was so happy and hyped after winning. But that day, he spent minutes sobbing into your shoulder, even while fans and teammates surrounded him with congratulations.
“You don’t know just how deep my love runs for you. I would fucking do anything for you.”
He thought you were asleep. You knew that, because that’s the only way Suna would ever express something so deep and so personal towards you. He was stroking your back, quiet sniffles leaving him as he kissed your hair. And that night, he held you tighter than he ever had before and it took everything in you not to burst out crying as he nuzzled into your shoulder.
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hajiberry · a month ago
“I was thinking”
“That’s entering dangerous territory”, his teasing words came with a soft chuckle, before closing his book and giving you his undivided attention. “what’s up?”
“Before you say no”, you started, which earned you an eye roll, “I think we should really consider the pros and cons of having a baby”, at your words a snort came out of his mouth.
“Pros and cons okay”,
“pro, we get a super cute baby and I get to see you turn into a dilf”, looking at you he tried to fight the smile wanting to make its way onto his face.
“okay solid pro”, he said, thinking before he gave his con “no sleep for like the rest of our lives”,
“okay that’s a little dramatic”
“is it? our sleep will significantly go down for the remainder of our lives”, he said, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.
“they’re not gonna be a baby forever”, your argued,
“well yeah but, their first day of school, can’t sleep the night before. first time they sleep over at a friends house, we stay up worried. we get in a big fight with them, has us restless. they get-“
“okay okay i get it”, you said, cutting him off before he ventured further down this rabbit hole.
“do you?”,
“yes, sleep, con, got it.”, he chuckled, reaching for your waist to pull you into his lip.
“a con we might be able to overcome”, your face lit up at his words, “might”, he added for emphasis.
“well might is a start and i can live with a start”, rolling his eyes he leaned in to press a kiss against your jaw,
“just thought of another pro”, he mumbled against your skin,
“yeah, pro I get to make a baby with you”
IWAIZUMI , tanaka, kuroo, suga, daichi,
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