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#kuroo x reader

Bee bby of course U can! Thank you so much for being there for me constantly putting up with me thirsting all up in your messages 😂 I’m so glad we’re friends!

CW// fem!reader, established relationship, slight daddy kink, unprotected sex


‘I’m gonna be late home again, baby, I’m sorry’

You reread the message over and over, you were so excited to finally spend the evening with your husband. He’s been working so hard, tiring himself out. He’d come home and collapse in the bed, snoring before you can even thinking about climbing into bed with him.

You had the whole evening planned out, his favourite food was waiting in the oven, you ordered it early so it was definitely here for when he arrived. His favourite red, Lacy lingerie was hiding underneath the hoodie and sweats you wore, you couldn’t wait for him to see it, knowing how excited it gets him. With a groan you pull yourself up from the couch and wander to the bedroom, stripping yourself, pulling on the comfiest pyjama set and climbing into bed. It was cold without Kuroo, hugging his pillow close.

‘Foods in the oven for you, don’t be too late home’

Reading the text over, Kuroo sighs, his keys pushing into the lock and opening the door silently. He doesn’t care about the food, he just wants to hold you, wrap you up in his arms and never let you. Walking through the house, he sees the candles on the table, his favourite take out warming in the oven. He feels awful, awful that you stay up waiting for him and he’s never here. Silently entering the room, his eyes gaze to the pile of clothes sat on the floor. He sees red and lace and his heart shatters. Stripping quickly and as quietly as possible, he slides under the sheets. Strong arms meet your skin and you’re being pulled into his embrace “missed you” he mutters out, hands rubbing circles into your back and hips.

Looking up at your husband, you kiss his cheek softly “I’m just glad you’re home Testuro…” your lips meet his gently, pulling him closer. Kissing your husband after barely seeing him feels like heaven. “I’m sorry I’ve been away so much” he whispers, running a hand through your hair as your forehead rests against one another’s* “make it up to me then” you giggle out, teasing him “oh baby… you don’t know what you’ve just done” The grin on his face making your heart flutter as he pulls you into his lap, strong hands winding their way to your hips and thighs, pulling you close against him.

Your lips crash against each other’s, moans and whimpers escaping your lips as Kuroos strength holds your hips close, moving them against each other. You can feel him growing inside his boxers, your stomach doing flips at the idea of his cock filling you up “please” you whimper, Kuroo moving to lick up and down your neck “please what baby? What do you want?” He teases, his fingers dancing along your shorts, dipping in slowly, long fingers rubbing between your slick folds “so wet for me already… gonna make you feel so good” he grunts against your neck as he lays you down, pulling your shorts off and kissing down your chest and stomach “so good for me baby” he mutters, spreading your legs wide.

His lips attach themselves to your clit suddenly, his expert tongue rolling around your soaked pussy. The vibrations of his groaning against you making the band in your stomach tighten, muscles tensing under his touch. Two fingers push inside you slowly, curling perfectly to hit the bundle of nerves that make you see stars “fuck, ah-! Fuck daddy…” you moan out, gripping his hair tight in your fists as you gush all over his fingers, pushing his head away weakly from your sensitive cunt “please I need more… need your cock daddy please” you whine.

Kuroo could never say no to you, his sweet angel, eagerly pulling his boxers off and kissing you deeply “gonna stuff you full, fuck” he groans, running his solid length through your soaking cunt “so gorgeous… all mine. Your pussys begging for it. Begging for Me” he grunts against your lips as he pushes in, inch by inch making you feel more full. You’re surrounded by Kuroo, his biceps surround your head, arms pinned above your head. You could smell him, his rich aftershave filling your senses. You could feel him inside you, throbbing against your sensitive and gummy walls. He pulls his hips back before sheathing himself inside you again, setting a strong pace against your pussy. The way his cock kisses your cervix and how your pussy clamps down around him everytime he enters you drives him mad “you take such good care of me baby, taking my cock so well” he grunts out in between thrusts “gonna fill you up” two large fingers reaching down to rub small circles on your clit, making you arch your back, black spots blurring your vision as you cum around his thick cock. The way he abused your spot making you clench around him, sending him over the edge and cumming deep inside you, holding you tight to himself “fuck… fuck baby… god I love you” Kuroo kisses you deeply, running his hands through your hair and looking at you.

“I love you so much…” kissing your forehead he pulls out slowly as not to hurt you “how does a bath and take out sound? Hm?” He picks you up gently and carries you to the bathroom, placing you on the sink counter before running the water “I love you too Tetsuro” you whisper, smiling “Just don’t spend so long away again…”


Hope you enjoyed Bee! Loving needy Kuroo is something I crave ahahaha, please he’d take such good care of you 🥺🥺


9 notes

journeys end in lovers meeting.

a phrase kuroo grew up with. these were the words spun by his mother before she left, and as a way of honoring her, he’d always chosen to believe it.

he always took it as it was; journeys ending in lovers meeting, the hardships, difficulties, and predicaments ending as soon as he meets the person he gets to call the one, and cheesy as it may sound, for the longest time, he was really looking forward to that.

kuroo couldn’t wait to meet the one person he’d fall in love with, he couldn’t wait til the troubles in his life to finally be over upon their arrival.

but then he met you, and you were vulgar, bossy, crass, and his hardships didn’t stop.

his journey didn’t end upon your entrance, if anything, it’s gotten worse now that he’s included you in the mix, and he figured, regrettably, that you just might not be the one he’s waiting for.

and what a damn shame that was, because even if he was certain that you weren’t the one for him, he really - desperately - wanted you to be.

“you didn’t have to come with me.” you tell kuroo, your mom just a few feet behind you as she held your flight tickets in her hands.

he grins at you, feeling a chill from the coldness in the air and he wishes, amongst many things, that he brought a thicker jacket today.

airports had no business being this cold.

he nudged your side, “ya really think i’d let you leave the country without saying goodbye?”

“you have a point.” you say, smiling, and it really did feel like it was just yesterday you met him for the first time.

kuroo feels as if this is all so bittersweet. cruel and painfully violent that it almost makes him want to throw up.

the world dangled you in front of him, teasing at his affections for you that he never got the chance to say, and as much as he knew how much he loved you, his mother’s words rang back to him saying that you just weren’t the one worth it.

your voice finds him again, “hug me goodbye?”

kuroo doesn’t hesitate, pushing aside the bittersweet feelings he chose to swallow down, and he pulls you into a loose hug.

his feelings for you - the ones he never got to admit - he repeats them over and over again in his head, hoping that somehow, you’d feel them through his embrace.

you have your arms wrapped around him, and you say, still in his touch, “okay, i have to go.”

you pull away, immediately missing his warmth, and you wish he didn’t come with you to the airport at all, because now, walking through the gates is so much harder.

you hold his gaze, hesitating to walk away.

kuroo looks at you, pushing down dread that threatened to come up his throat, and he asks you, “what?”

you smile, unsure of what to say, but you still can’t bring yourself to go.

“what do you need?” he laughs, joking, “an i love you or something?”

and you’d laugh too, sure, but you can’t. you hold his gaze, hesitating to say anything else, but you’re sure he can tell you want to.

“okay.” he stares at you, laughing, “i love you.”

the two of you stand in front of each other, completely new to one another’s perspectives, and kuroo thinks back to what his mother used to say to him.


kuroo offers you a smile, even if that’s the last thing he wants to do, he figures he can’t let your final goodbye be wasted on tears.

it hits him like a truck, seeing you walk away from him like that, and he realizes that all this time he misinterpreted what his mother’s words meant.

he wasn’t supposed to meet you, he was supposed to introduce his love to you and hope that you’d do the same, and by how difficult it was for you to leave him behind, he realizes that a part of you may have loved him too.

he realizes his love for you, and he realizes them a second too late.

journeys end in lovers meeting.

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haikyuu boys comforting their s/o waking up from a nightmare pt.1 


with: kuroo, bokuto, asahi

a/n: ok so i swear i got a request with this and then it wasn’t in my inbox so its either tumblr’s a bitch or i am finally losing my marbles… either way here’s some comfort fluff… enjoy! (also pt.2 with iwa, suna, and tsuki will be up this evening)


-> KUROO: he didn’t think much of it when he felt u shoot up from bed, assuming u probably had to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. it wasn’t until he heard ur soft sniffles coming from behind him that he truly began to worry… rolling over to see u curled up in a ball, cheeks stained with tears. he’s still half asleep at this point and too tired for words so he pulls ur figure into him and holds u for the rest of the night, hoping his presence helps soothe u enough so u can go back to sleep

-> BOKUTO: it takes bokuto a few hours to fully wake up in general, so when he feels u shaking him awake, he can barely comprehend what’s happening until he opens his eyes and sees ur look of terror, and with that he’s wide awake. sitting up, he’ll hold u against him, rubbing ur back, whispering to u that its gonna be ok and that he’s there to protect u. u both end up falling asleep, u on top of him, held securely in his arms, like it would take a team to pry u from him

-> ASAHI: this guys a light sleeper, so one touch from u and he’s jolting up from bed, looking at u and wondering why u woke him up. that is, until he see’s u shaking, clearly distraught, and he’s still groggy so he’s trying to comprehend what’s going on. when u recount ur dream, he feels really bad that u had it and he’ll drag u with him into the kitchen to get a warm drink to calm ur nerves before heading back to bed. except, he can’t really get back to sleep so he lays there content to watch u drift back into a peaceful sleep


a/n: bokuto i love u

requests open


see you space cowboy

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angel baby, on the go!


a new haikyuu smau 👼


being a single father is hard, especially when you’re struggling to balance playing for a professional volleyball team and staying caught up in college. just when he starts to feel like he’s finally drowned in his work load, you show up right in time to help him out of it.


pairing: atsumu x f!reader

genre: smau, half-written, fluff

cw: timeskip spoilers, college student!atsumu, possible crude humor, multiple written parts, tba as smau goes on!

update schedule: smau coming soon!


profile cards!

  • baby daddy atsumu + others
  • his saviour and her friends

the baby diaries! — part one

  • 1) onigiri miya
  • 2) perfect little angel
  • 3) tiny crush on a huge celebrity
  • 4) atsumu slides in….
  • 5) you’re hired!
  • 6) first official gig
  • 7) cowboys and aliens
  • 8) play time, NOW
  • 9) nude model
  • 10) facetime?
  • 11) how to treat girls 101
  • 12) dinner with a professional athlete
  • 13) no thoughts, head full
  • 14) sleepover buddies
  • 15) hospital visit

to be continued….


fun, but important facts!

  • you’re both in your senior year of college
  • you just got hired at onigiri miya, partially because it was so close to your apartment.
  • working at onigiri miya is a temporary job while you try to get your career as a studio artist up and running
  • atsumu spends as much time with hana as he can, but he ends up having to leave her with his parents or osamu a lot
  • you’ve known kenma and kuroo since you were five years old.


  • request to be on in asks or in comments !!

i’ve planned out this entire smau already…

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❁ corsage: i match you up with…kuroo tetsurou


⳾*⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*⳾ ​

@fuckmeimtiredofthis​: for the flower shop fluff, can i have a corsage w kuroo? uh i’m 5’9 - i just put that w everything because i’m the tallest one out of my friends HAHA. i like music a LOT (tyler, sza, frank, arctic monkeys, backseat lovers, the marias) and late night drives and naps HAHAH i’m actually a lot like kuroo, entp and 8w5, but uh i also like to dress up w my friends and go on adventures in the city? if that makes sense? we usually end up going thrifting or to washington square park. i’m very spacey and i have a temper that i bottle up w the rest of my emotions … tea

a/n: oooh tall person !! i wish i had that height too ;-; but ahh here’s your request !! hope you like it!


  • i can see a friends to lovers dynamic here going on 
  • the two of you have known each other for a long time and had a ton of your own adventures with your friends
  • the first time you probably went out late-night driving with him was when kuroo first got his car and took you out with him for a spin
  • when the two of you go out for a drive he trusts you to be the awesome DJ to make a playlist for your night out
  • his car stereo is pretty old-fashioned though so you actually have to burn playlists on a CD to play them on his stereo
  • but kuroo doesn’t mind because that means he gets to keep the CD’s and play them again whenever he feels like it
  • he eventually realized his feelings for you when the two of you were out one night to visit a city landmark
  • he was watching you take selfies with a statue and started thinking ‘shit, i think i’m in love with them’
  • kuroo definitely thought of a creative way to confess
  • see, he keeps your CD’s in the glovebox of the car and one night, while you were getting ready to go out, he asked you take the CD case out of the glovebox
  • but inside the glovebox was a small sign that said ‘will you be my s/o?’
  • after all the excitement and laughing between the two of you, kuroo was like ‘what now?’
  • the two of you ended up going to your usual favorite fast-food place because why not?


taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist):@montys-chaos@miyumtwins@strawberriimilkshake@pocubo@sugawara-sweetheart @akaashisbabydoll @laure-chan@therainroguefanfiction@atetiffdoesart @stephdaninja @oikaw-ugh@charliefredb​ @dramaqueenweeb1469 @tremblinghearts @applepienation @doodleniella @haikyuu-my-love @waitforitillwritemywayout @kattykurr @atsumusdomain@goodfoodxoxoxo@ah-kaashi@guardianangelswings @definitely-yours @amberalisa @whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel @kac-chowsballs@procrastination-lady

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kuroo’s figure skating girlfriend at the winter olympics

feat. kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, hinata, akaashi, kenma, sakusa

requests are open!

warnings: none

a/n: hii!! thank you so much for requesting!! i thought this one would be better written as an actual story, not hcs, i hope that’s okay!! enjoy!!

you exhaled slowly as the skater before you finished their short program. you wished tetsuro could be there with you, to calm your nerves but you knew he has a job that he can’t just abandon every chance he gets. plus, he’d promised he’ll be there for your free program.

you stepped from behind the curtains and approached your coach who was waiting for you by the side of the rink. they gave you a warm smile, probably in hopes of wiping the terrified look off your face, but you knew the only person who could do that was on the other side of the world, doing paperwork in his office.

you watched as your opponent sat down in the kiss and cry, and you knew it would be your turn to get on the ice soon.

you closed your eyes, trying to use the last few seconds before your performance to go over it in your head, even though at that point all the moves were practically engraved in your brain.

as you took a step towards the ice, a voice calling your name startled you. a voice you could recognize anywhere.

you whipped around and were met with the sight of your boyfriend and all of his friends, panting and out of breath, but present nonetheless.

you ran towards tetsuro, jumping in his arms with a force that made him stumble a bit, but bokuto was right behind him, breaking his fall.

“you’re here,” you whispered, teary-eyed.

“can’t let my baby participate in the winter olympics without me and,” he vaguely gestured towards his friends, “supporting her, can i?” you kissed tetsuro, as he slowly put you down.

the coach cleared their throat and you belatedly realized everyone was waiting for your performance. you gave one last peck to tetsuro, waved at the crowd that gathered around the two of you and hastily took your place on the ice.

sparing one last, long look at the group besides tetsuro, you couldn’t help but tear up once again. you expected kenma and bokuto to be there, since they were tetsuro’s best friends, but the fact that hinata, sakusa atsumu and akaashi all tagged along made your heart swell.

tetsuro noticed your staring and playfully sent you a kiss, and you knew that even if you wanted, you couldn’t do anything but your best with him there to support you.

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𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒔 » 𝒌𝒖𝒓𝒐𝒐 𝒙 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓



𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤 : kuroo and y/n met online. after a year of knowing eachother, kuroo desperately wants to meet them, but they’re scared of what he’ll think if they do.

𝕥𝕪𝕡𝕖 : chapter fic

𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖 : angst, hurt and comfort, eventual fluff

𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 : online crushes, online friendships [ different warnings every chapter ]



» chapter 1 (coming soon)


how to get added to the taglist :

> go to the ask box and send in your username :)


a/n: here it isss!! a new version of heatwaves! cant wait to post the first chapter soon :D hope this does well aha

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General HCs For A Male S/O With Long Hair

Synopsis: Basically the title (Ft. Asahi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Aran)

Pairing: Asahi x (Male) Reader, Kuroo x (Male) Reader, Bokuto x (Male) Reader, Aran x x (Male) Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I added Bokuto and Aran for fun! This request is so cute! Requests are open!

I’m currently finishing the another request for a crackfic



Azumane Asahi

  • Loves brushing your hair while you either playing video games or scroll through your phone.
  • When you wanted to bleach your hair he clearly helped.
  • He made sure that your hair is properly taken care of.
  • On weekends, the two of you visit the local park; without tying your hair.
  • To let them breath (Season 4 Asahi’s bun looks so tight and uncomfortable, I don’t mind though)
  • He was mistaken for a girl by a child who held a teddy bear.
  • “Huh? Oh, I-I’m actually a man.” He informed the boy to avoid any misconceptions.
  • The boy definitely retorted something along the lines of “your hair is really nice, sir!” and “sorry for thinking you were a girl!”
  • Just wholesome vibez
  • You sometimes braid his hair for fun before volleyball practice.
  • He doesn’t take the off until he gets home.
  • 10/10 would recommend if you have long hair.

Kuroo Tetsurō

  • This man. Learned different types of braids just to braid your beautiful hair.
  • “No. Kuroo, you aren’t braiding my hair.”
  • “Please [Male Name]…?” He asked with hopeful eyes, those damn puppy dog eyes you sure couldn’t resist.
  • You agreed. Just because he bribed you kisses and cuddles.
  • You were a sucker for his cuddles and kisses.
  • Somehow, his hair is really soft as well? I mean, it stands in a weird way, but it’s actually really soft.
  • Voodoo magic.
  • “How do you get your hair to become like this? When you’re not using hair gel?” You asked nonchalantly, while he laid on your lap; as you brushed his soft locks.
  • “I sleep on my stomach while pressing two pillows on either side of my head. A natural bedhead.” He replied, not opening his eyes as he felt very comfortable on your lap.
  • “Wouldn’t that suffocate you?”
  • “I’m still here, so I guess not?”
  • Seriously, I can’t even breath while laying on my stomach.

Keep reading

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❝𝐎𝐮𝐭 𝗼𝐟 𝐏𝗼𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭❞

➥Chapter Seven


The ‘get together’ was being held at a decent sized club-like venue, and the second Yūji opened the doors, you realized just how packed it was. It was nothing you couldn’t handle, but when you glanced at the boys, you noticed Hajime’s displeased expression.

“Get together my ass,” He grunted, rolling his eyes. Tooru laughed, not hesitating to slap him on the back, gaining himself a dirty look.

“Oh, lighten up Iwa-chan! You’re here with me!” You scoffed, walking in through the doors. “And what are we then? Chopped liver?” The setter just smiled at you in response.

“Kageyama! Look! It’s Oikawa-san!” His smile dropped instantly at Hinata’s exclamation and at Yūji’s laughter. The raven haired setter forced an awkward smile on his face, that was more scary than anything and bowed.

“W-welcome! We’re happy you’re here!” Tooru laughed, his hand on his chest. “Tobio-Chan! I’m sure you are~”

You rolled your eyes at the dramatic brunette and waved to the two underclassmen. “Happy birthday, Hinata! Thanks for inviting us!”

The four or you exchanged pleasantries, and the boys caught up, leaving your eyes to wander around the other party guests. There were many people you didn’t recognize, but your gaze landed on an impossibly tall ravenette.

One with unmistakable, rooster-like bedhead. You felt your breathe leave your lungs at the sight of Kuroo Tetsurō, the very person you’d been talking with. Someone you had, in no way, expected to run into.

Nervous, you tugged on Yūji’s sleeve. “Yū! Emergency! Look!” The blonde’s gaze followed your pointing finger, and he grinned deviously.

“That’s great! Go talk to him, why don’t you?” You recognized the look of mischief on his face and you felt your stomach drop.

“No! Please don’t do anything stupid!”

He did something stupid. Holding you by the wrist, he all but dragged you over to the middle of the dance floor.

“What are you planning?” You hissed, desperately trying to get away. “Aw, lighten up, doll! I won’t do anything too bad!” You snorted, not believing his words in the slightest.

“(Y/N), c’mon let’s dance!” It was probably impossible for him to exaggerate your name any more than he had. You cringed, knowing Kuroo probably heard it.

You didn’t want to avoid him, per say, it was more that you were nervous. You’d never met him in person and the two of you hadn’t even been texting that long and now you were standing not six feet away from him.

Eyes landed on you, and you shot Yūji a withering look at the same time he grinned down at you.

You rolled your eyes, looking away from him, only to meet wide, hazel eyes. Your own eyes widened as you stared into the very eyes of the person you were most nervous on meeting.

“(Y/L/N)?” You waved sheepishly. “Hi, Kuroo.” A silverette gasped loudly, bounding up to you and invading your personal space.

“Woah! You’re Kubro’s mystery girl!” You blinked, stunned into silence. Mystery girl…? “BO! Dude, shut up,” Kuroo sighed, pushing him away.

“Oooh, so he talks about her~?” Yūji asked, not at all helping the situation. You face palmed, desperate to get out of the situation.

A hand gripped your wrist and pulled you out of the club. Your head snapped up, surprised to see Kuroo dragging you away from your… chaotic friend groups.

“Sorry to drag you, but I had a feeling our friends were… well…”

“Going to run with it?” You finished with a laugh. Kuroo chuckled, nodding. “Something like that.” The two of you were now standing in front of the balcony doors, neither of you making a move towards the doors.

“Want to go outside?” You questioned quietly. Your inquiry was met with a lazy grin. “Why not? After you.”

He propped the door open, ushering you out into the humid, night air. The night was still, and despite your nervousness at being along with Kuroo, it put you at ease.

You stared up at the stars, watching as they seemed to dance across the sky before you. “Do you stargaze?” Kuroo’s question broke you out of your reverie, startling you.

“Yeah, I especially love taking night time walks. Do you?” He shook his head, his stare not leaving the sky.

“No, I haven’t, but maybe I will. It’s… nice out here. Well, that could always have something to do with the company, of course,” He stated casually.

Your head snapped to him. You took a second to process his words, before chuckling a little bit. “I could say the same to you. I’ve never really gone star gazing with anyone before.”

His wicked gaze landed on you, and you felt a shiver run down your spine. “How about we get out of here and do some real star gazing then?”

Ordinarily, you’d be a little more than hesitant to go off somewhere with a near stranger, but something about Kuroo was drawing you in.

“Where were you thinking?” His grin widened, matching yours. “C’mon, there’s a park not far from here!”



➥𝘖𝘯 𝘢 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴, 𝘠/𝘕 𝘩𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘴 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘯𝘶𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳 𝘪𝘯 𝘢 𝘱𝘢𝘪𝘳 𝘰𝘧 𝘣𝘰𝘺'𝘴 𝘫𝘰𝘨𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴. 𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘥𝘯'𝘵 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘢 𝘵𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘱𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘢 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘩 𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳.

❏𝖳𝖺𝗀𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 (𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗆𝖾𝗇𝗍 𝗈𝗋 𝗌𝖾𝗇𝖽 𝖺𝗇 𝖺𝗌𝗄 𝗍𝗈 𝖻𝖾 𝖺𝖽𝖽𝖾𝖽!)

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❥Wow, it’s been a WHILE! Anyways, we’re finally about to be getting to the…good stuff👀

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aw, you’re so sweet and this request is so cute mmmm these are more like itty bitty mini scenarios but… I thought that would be more fun to read if you dont mind 🥺


lying that you’re okay

feat. the captains


  • when you first started dating Daichi not too long ago, Sugawara joked that Daichi had great intuition
  • and you brushed over that completely, only to learn that the gray-haired boy was not lying

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kuroo tetsuro

  • honestly just supports you like a mom like yes y/n omg you’re doing great baby when all you’ve done is hold the ball
  • he teases you for it alot
  • extremely nothing to be ashamed of, kuroo is a patient person when it comes to you but when he sees no progress from teaching you how to play then he won’t force it
  • everyday he’d set fun sessions with you
  • when you keep struggling to spike the ball he’d find it so cute
  • one time kuroo was sitting on the floor of the gym, taking a break while you were insisting you’d practice more
  • he just watches you with a grin as you try to volley the ball but always fail everytime!!
  • and then when you stomp on the floor annoyed that’s when kuroo goes feral
  • he’ll chuckle at your attempts, hoping that you’ll never master volleyball so he could see you acting so adorable without a doubt
  • “how ‘bout you try playing with a balloon kitten?”

kageyama tobio

  • he actually gets awkward
  • your boyfriend had second doubts when you ask him to teach you but who tf would say no when their s/o is giving them puppy eyes?
  • usually he’ll get mad when no one does their job right
  • but when it comes to you, he becomes so patient
  • doesn’t mind when you get too much mistakes, he’ll softly gaze at your figure as your try to set the ball, obviously failing
  • he’d just appreciate how you’re trying so hard to play his favorite sport
  • he corrects you when your position is unstable and he’ll tell you to do this and that
  • then he let’s out a small chuckle when you fail again
  • “don’t be sad y/n, practice always makes perfect.”

oikawa toru

  • he’d definitely tease you for it, sometimes play fighting with you and whining how bad you’re doing
  • if he’s in the extra mood he’d be sarcastic asf and cheer how great you’re doing when in reality you’re not
  • but really, he’s going to be gentle with you
  • he knows how you’re trying hard and oikawa appreciates that alot
  • one time he watches as you try to set the ball, only for it to be landing straight on your face
  • oikawa busted a lung from laughing too much
  • he’ll immediately coo when you pout at his attitude, sparing you with a tight hug complimenting how cute you are being
  • “y/n-chan we should play volleyball more!”

miya atsumu

  • he doesn’t expect the best from you, really
  • but honestly it brightens his mood to know you specifically want him to teach you how to play
  • he becomes so excited to teach you the basics
  • when you fail tho, he’ll wave it off saying it’s okay since it’s your first time
  • he doesn’t care no matter how many times you try, he’s just really happy to spend time with you
  • count the amount of times he’s chuckling + grinning everytime you try to serve the ball and it’d be over a thousand
  • he’d go behind you to hover his hand over yours, knowing so well that you’re being flustered by his actions
  • “that’s not how ya do it babe. c’mere, i’ll teach ya how to do it properly.”
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characters - kuroo tetsurō, akaashi keiji, suna rintarō, bokuto kōtarō, miya atsumu

a/n - this request is so soft wahhhhh i hope i did it justice bb <3 i’m sorry they’re kinda short but i kinda liked the vibe!


KUROO he was so quick to gently cup your face as you teared up when he remembered your favourite drink, when you tell him that you’ve never had a boyfriend before he’s a little taken back, can’t help but smile at you softly, but a bit unfamiliarly compared to his usual smirk as his thumb moves to brush against your cheek - moving to wipe your tears as they fall “well how about i promise to love you just how you deserve kitten?” 

AKAASHI he had came to your house with your favourite snacks one night when you had mentioned you weren’t feeling well, he internally panicked a bit when your glassy eyes stared back at him but he felt an ache in his heart when you told him you just weren’t used to love like this because you didn’t think you deserved it, his fingers were quick to intertwine with yours as he placed a soft kiss to your forehead “you deserve everything love, you’re my everything.

SUNA he was a bit surprised to feel his shirt slightly dampen as you lay on his chest, you had mentioned you were cold so he had just silently pulled you into him in the hopes his own warmth would help. silently tilting your head up, checking you were okay when you just said you didn’t deserve love like this, you noticed the slight upturn of his lips as he gently pushed your face into his chest as his fingers moved to smooth through your hair as he whispered just loud enough for you to hear “don’t say that, you deserve it.

BOKUTO he’d never wanted to hide just how much he adored you, always greeting you with a hug as he spinned with you in his arms wearing his usual bright smile, peppering kisses to your face as he set you down but his grin faltered as you blinked the tears from your eyes “baby what’s wrong? did i do something? ‘m sorry don’t cry” as you explained that you just didn’t feel like you deserved him he was quick to hug you tightly feeling the tears sting at his own eyes “don’t say that, i love you so much and i’m gonna prove it forever!

ATSUMU had rushed up to you after a game, pulling you into his arms “did ya see me win that for ya baby?” you teared up at the softness in his voice as he places kisses into your hairline, he almost froze at the glassy look “whats wrong, ya good?” pulling you away privately as you told him you just didn’t deserve all the love he was giving you as he pouted before moving so his face met yours “don’t say that baby, i’ll show ya just how much a love ya for the rest of ma life, cos ya deserve nothing less.

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abi i love you so much u know that you can talk to me whenever right??? ur my actual best friend and im not gonna let anything take u away from me :(

kuroo -

kuroo’s first reaction is to ensure your immediate safety. he’s not leaving your side, whether you like it or not. you’ve told him about your past before, and every detail broke his heart a little more. he knew he would be completely broken if something happened to you. kuroo cares so deeply for you and your safety is going to be his number one priority. he’s gonna put away anything dangerous and even though your pained protests tear him apart, he has to do what he can for you. “you’re never going to be alone, whether you like it or not. now hold on tight to me and don’t let go.”

kenma -

kenma immediately stops what he’s doing and his full attention is on you. whatever you need, he’s going to do it for you. and even if you don’t know what you need, he does. he knows you need comfort and relief more than anything else and he’s going to try his damn best to give you those things. he won’t make you talk about it if you don’t want to, but he’ll make sure that you know he’s right there to listen. he’s usually shy to do this, but he’ll pull you into his lap (after asking you first of course) and tuck your hair behind your ear before rubbing your back. “focus on me, that’s my girl. i know you’re trying your best and your best is enough.”

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Driver’s License (Part Two)

Bokuto x Reader

Read part 1 here

This is the fic that started this blog for me actually! I listened to that song exactly 37 times that day, and I saw like three kuroo fics inspired by it and was like we need more! So I just wrote one. It was my first fic and people seemed to like it, and now here we are! So enjoy part two ;)


Originally posted by veronica-nardi

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kuroo tetsuro

  • wants to smack the fuck out of that opponent
  • clenches his jaw while recalling what the other middle blocker just said and kuroo honestly loses it
  • everyone in the team notices it and kenma warns kuroo to calm down
  • when the match ends with a third set kuroo goes all out and beats the team in one go, focusing on every spiker approaching and going in for a perfect block
  • as the host indicates nekoma as the winner kuroo glances on the guy, sending a smirk to piss him off
  • “talk shit about them again and i’ll make sure the ball isn’t the only thing i’m going to be blocking today.”

bokuto kotaro

  • he’s enjoying his time playing with the opponents until he hears someone saying mean things to you
  • definitely not having it and clutches his water bottle in anger
  • remember when he gets pumped up during their match with nekoma? yeah, the same eyes starts to show up and the rest of the team is honestly loving it
  • bokuto even takes measures to target that specific opponent so he could spike the shit out of his face
  • akaashi doesn’t mind, he’s enjoying the scene ngl
  • the game ends in 0-2 with fukurodani winning
  • bokuto doesn’t leave until he’s able to have a talk with the guy
  • “you better be regretting talking about my s/o like that.”

tsukishima kei

  • contains all the anger but everything shows through his eyes
  • has his jerk face on everytime he manages to block the spiker whom talked shit about you
  • tsukki doesn’t let it go until he’s satisfied with the way he’s treating the guy
  • he’ll always have his eyes on the opponent, just watching their every movement so he could tear the whole team apart
  • when they shake hands tsukishima doesn’t even bother to touch him because of how disgusted he is by how the opponent acted
  • “you sure do have some guts. but sometimes people don’t have to prove they have a dick just because they actually don’t have one.”

hinata shoyo

  • sunshines can turn into thunderstorms
  • that’s what hinata is feeling right now
  • he heard the way the opponent kept saying bad things about you and now he’s got all his eyes on that particular person
  • scary shoyo? definitely.
  • attacks as much as possible until he manages to piss off that opponent
  • he’ll use all of his power to bring the guy down to the drain
  • he’ll prove to them you’re much worthy than you are now
  • even after the game ended hinata would want to meet up with the guy, even agreeing to tag tanaka and noya along
  • but since daichi is much scarier the plan doesn’t work
  • so hinata has no choice but to go to the limit where he can only send deadly glares to the opponent
  • “that guy. i want to crush him even more.”

lev haiba

  • did he just hear things right? is someone really talking bad about his s/o?
  • not on lev’s watch. he never, ever wants that to happen
  • even if he’s just new to volleyball he’d be more focused than he has ever been in the past matches which surprises the rest of the team but they’re proud of that
  • his eyes no longer says fun tbh. lev is looking kind of scary i’m not even joking
  • he’s willing to shed off the opponents pride and he does it so easily
  • his huge body takes up their opponent as it’s literally shadowing him and boy,, when he made eye contact with lev he almost pees his pants
  • “don’t you ever say that to my y/n.”

akaashi keiji

  • if you expect him to be calm, well, you’re technically not wrong
  • keeps the emotions in him and once it bottles up he’s gonna let all of his anger out by volleyball
  • does a setter dump to piss the opponent off and it works
  • he even tries to block them, disregarding the fact that there are already two blockers
  • akaashi just wants to scar the opponent with the worst loss they could get
  • it doesn’t get any better when he sees them getting all cocky
  • always has his glares on each of them, the calm and softness from his eyes could be no longer distinguished
  • “if you’re going to say mean things to my s/o you’re gonna have to say it straight to my face.”

suna rintaro

  • cool, blunt. and flaming inside
  • exerts too much effort to spike the guy straight on the face
  • his blocks get sharper everytime and he’ll furrow his eyebrows everytime the opponent gets the point
  • his eyes will always be on that certain opponent who’ve talked bad stuff about you
  • when he heard them talking he just scoffs and chews them out with his blocks and spikes, knowing too well he wants to do more than giving them a tragic loss
  • doesn’t even get closer to the opponent when they shake hands, suna will only stare intensely, boring through the eyes of the guy whom pissed him off
  • “you disgusting, little thing.”
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Shake ass pt. 3

~Nekoma version~

Karasuno Version➪ Aoba Johsai version

❤︎ Ngl so far this one has been my favorite bcs these are my BOIS.

“If he doesn’t shake his ass for you he’s cheating”

Kenma, Kuroo, Yaku and Lev



  • You were sitting on Kenma’s bed while he’s sitting in his gaming chair.
  • You’re both on your switches playing animal crossing together. He was gathering materials to help you make a fairy-core garden in your island like you said you’ve been wanting.
  • You take a break to go on tiktok until you were reminded of an idea.
  • “Ken Ken?”
  • “Yes Kitten” he asks not looking up from his game. typical.
  • “ You have two minutes to get up and shake your ass to prove you’re not cheating on me”
  • His movements halted
  • “i’m gonna need you to come again boss”
  • you giggle and repeat yourself
  • “that’s what i thought you said”
  • “so you’ll do it?”
  • “nope”
  • “why Ken” you ask with a pout.
  • “Because i’m sitting here playing a game where you live on a “deserted island” with a bunch of animals and they’re youre only friends and you owe your soul to a raccoon and a game YOU told me to get so i can help you make a garden and you want me to shake my bones to prove my undying love”
  • “yes, your point?” you ask hiding a laugh
  • you both glare at each other
  • he sighs and gets up “the effort and the stamina i need to just rise from this chair, you owe me kisses”
  • “i’ll give you thousands of kisses”
  • “goo-“
  • “if you also wear your cat ears while you do it”
  • “now this is where you got my fucked up”
  • “KEN”
  • “Y/N”
  • “okay give me like a little tushy wiggle” you beg him “with the ears”
  • “i hate it here” your boyfriend says as he puts on the ears and turns his body to give you a little wiggle.
  • “thank you Kenmaaa~” you say wrapping your arms around him.
  • “ rewards” he says tapping his lips and cheek and you happily plant kisses all around his face while he lays in bed and finishes your garden.


  • “The elements of the periodic table are organized by-“
  • “imma need you to shake your ass for me to prove your not cheating”
  • “I don’t have the facilities for that big man”
  • “Tetsuuu”
  • “The answer was Electronic structure btw”
  • “this ain’t about chemistry”
  • “this ain’t about my ass either”
  • “this is about OUR chemistry”
  • He leans back on the library chair. “Ah yes the two primary hormones of love are Oxytocin and Vaso-“
  • “So you don’t love me?”
  • “shhhhh” you get from nearby students trying to study and look through the books around both you and your boyfriend.
  • you give your boyfriend a pout “ofc i love you”
  • he squeezes your cheeks together and peck your lips.
  • “then YOU throw it back for me” he says between pecks
  • “you first” you say between squished cheeks
  • he sighs and stands from his seat and looks around.
  • turns so his ass is directly in your face and rubs his ass in your face.
  • “TETSU-“
  • “SHHHHH”
  • he laughs as he sits down and goes to the next question
  • “Which of the following class conducts electricity?”
  • “ummm it’s-“ you start
  • he inches his face close to yours face pink at how close he’s getting to you and he giggles
  • “btw um- when we get to my place i’m gonna need you to show your undying love for me as well” he says letting out a laugh at your shy expression before planting a kiss on your forehead.



Originally posted by cg-fm

  • “Explain to me where this idea came from”
  • “My big brain”
  • “Try again”
  • “okay from tiktok, happy?”
  • “yes and no i’m not doing it”
  • “So you are cheating on me huh?”
  • “No baby” he says sighing into the top of your head from your cuddles position. rubbing your back.
  • “so dance shrimpy” so say giggling.
  • “Shrim-“
  • “don’t repeat it, i’ll break your ankles”
  • “okay sangwoo”
  • Yaku gets up from your cuddles position whimpering a little.
  • You slowly put your phone up to record to show the third years later
  • totally not Kuroo’s idea
  • absolutely not
  • never
  • You put on a song and this boy is lazily shaking ass for the whole song time period
  • “you could’ve stopped two minutes ago”
  • “i was really getting in thr grove”
  • you laugh at his words and he takes his place back on your bed.
  • “i’m still rocking your shit later but i’ll wait because you’re kinda cute”
  • “KINDA”
  • “delete the video and you’ll be SUPER CUTE”
  • “…fine”



Originally posted by cg-fm

  • “MY LEV”
  • “MY Y/N”
  • You and your boyfriend screamed while running up to each other. Meeting at your usual spot after school to go on a picnic date since practice got cancelled.
  • Lev leans down to plant a kiss on your forehead only to earn a pout and point at your lips.
  • He then lowers lower to plant a sweet kiss on your lips earning a smile from you as you both walk hand in hand to your destination
  • “Okay so just repeat after me” you say with your textbook in your lap. Despite your boyfriend being half Russian he has no knowledge of the language while you on the other hand are in a Russian language class.
  • “Okay” he says eagerly popping a grape into his mouth, laying besides you.
  • “Solnishko”
  • “Solnishko, what does that mean?”
  • “It means little sun”
  • “aah so hinata” he says nodding his head.
  • “….sure babe” you say giggling.
  • “okay so the next one is Kisa”
  • “kisa? what’s that”
  • “Cat or Kitten basically”
  • “so Kenma” he says nodding and putting another grape in his mouth.
  • “Are you going to keep associating people with the words i tell you?”
  • “yup”
  • “okay next one, strashno”
  • “what’s that one?” he asks. You giggle knowing his response already.
  • “scar-“
  • “Yaku-san” he interrupts. Earning another sweet laugh from you.
  • “Lev do you love me” you randomly ask
  • “yeah why are you gonna make me shake my ass like Kuroo’s girlfriend made him do?”
  • “i-yeah”
  • “say less”
  • Your boyfriend gets up and proceeded to shake ass all around you earning a laugh from you
  • He laughs along with you and goes back to his spot, this time laying his head on your lap
  • “Next word”
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atsumu + kuroo comforting their s/o after their first panic attack


a/n: hello hello anon, i hope ur doing good too! thank u for requesting


-> ATSUMU: seeing u start to shake and the look of confusion as to what is happening appearing on ur face really concerns him. when he see’s u beginning to hyperventilate, he knows what’s going on and already has a hand on ur back, rubbing soothing circles, trying to bring u back to reality and letting u know ur alright. he wants u to take ur time, having ur first panic attack can be extremely scary and he just wants to make sure ur doing well after it. if he see’s u crying, ur automatically surrounded by his arms, the comforting and warm presence they bring with them helping to sooth u a bit. if ur one of those people who feels trapped when people touch u or r very touch adverse, he’ll comfort u from a distance, whispering reassurances and not invading ur personal bubble

-> KUROO: when he see’s u beginning to tremble and clutching on to his shirt, he’s kinda confused as to what is going on, but when he see’s u slowly sink down to the floor, heaving a bit, he realizes ur having a panic attack. he opts to just stay by ur side, holding ur hand and comforting u in a way that makes u feel better. he wants u to know ur safe, he’s there and no one can hurt u, and he will not leave ur side unless its absolutely necessary. once ur attack has passed, he’ll first ask u if ur ok, and then he’ll be quiet cause sometimes u just need a lil time to process what just happened and he doesn’t want u to feel rushed


requests open

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i’m an absolute grade A whore™ for hurt/comfort fics because i crave angst, but my heart can’t take it unless there’s a happy ending lmaoo.

ik i keep asking for fic recs but i feel no shame, so anyone have any recommendations for hurt/comfort fics in the haikyuu, bnha or mystic messenger fandoms? please let there be happy endings, i’m a baby 🥺

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discord server for haikyuu + bnha readers and writers of “x reader” content!!


discord: @babie#0723


a free place to talk about writing and things you’ve read, give/get feedback on works, and talk about anime things!!

everyone is welcome, please don’t be afraid to join!!

both readers and writers welcome


free for anyone to join between ages 14-23

  • you’ll need age verification to get access to the dark content/nsfw content channel

DNI with the discord if you stand for anything in my personal DNI list on my blog

once you join the discord, please read the rules page !! you might also be asked if you like your ass eaten by @ahegaobaku

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