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#kuroo x you
kageyuji · a day ago
his friend accidentally confesses for him pt 2
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, akaashi, kenma, kuroo ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, subtle childhood friends to lovers (kenma), mentions of nail picking (kenma)
notes: reblogs would be greatly appreciated please and thank you <33
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
you didn’t notice iwaizumi until you caught up to he and oikawa, although you didn’t seem to care about that too much at the moment. what you were concerned about was what you’d heard.
rather, what you didn’t hear.
it was your just name, followed by a few words you couldn’t really make out. and then there was the way oikawa’s face was dusted pink, all the way to the tips on his ears.
you like iwaizumi. you do, and you swear you don’t hate him, but the weird mix of panic and anger brewing in the pit of your stomach said otherwise. surely iwaizumi wouldn’t tell oikawa about your feelings for him, right?
“what are you guys talking about?”
it’s mattsun who asks, now walking in step with you. a mischievous grin is spread across his face as he looks at you, then back to the boys in front of him.
iwaizumi answers without turning around, “y/n.” your heart drops. and then he continues. “someone mentioned that them and lover boy would be a cute couple and y/n got all flustered. jus thought he should know.”
“oikawa has feelings for me?”
it’s only after iwaizumi answers that the two turn around. mattsun and you are beaming, although the other two look absolutely horrified. clearly, iwaizumi hadn’t meant to say that.
━━ akaashi;
it was a simple game, one that akaashi had played many times in his childhood, although there wasn’t much on the line then.
it was called “paranoia” or something like that — the name wasn’t what akaashi was worried about right now. his problem was that it was konoha’s turn to whisper a question in his ear, his turn to answer out loud, and konoha’s turn to flip a coin.
his dignity rested in that coin right now. if it landed tails up, he would have to reveal the question that konoha asked him. however, if it landed heads up, he didn’t have to worry about it.
in this game, people normally got rather difficult questions to answer. however, konoha knew exactly what he suggested to play this game at a party, just as he knew what he was doing whenever he sat beside akaashi.
still, it never stopped the way akaashi’s heart stopped whenever konoha leaned over and asked his question: “if there was anyone in the world that you could date, who would it be?”
now, most people would name off celebrities and models and that sort of thing. akaashi is not a liar, of course he said your name. of course curiosity ignited inside of you, wondering what question would evoke the use of your name.
konoha flipped the coin, then smiled.
“go on, akaashi. tell y/n what your question was.”
━━ kenma;
“it’s not like that!” kenma defended, his face twisting into something between pouting and glaring at kuroo. “the feeling isn’t mutual, alright? as if there even were feelings.”
you’ve known kenma long enough to know when he’s lying, and so does kuroo. it’s clear to both of you that he’s lying right now, although you aren’t sure exactly about what. well, you did, but your heart sank at the idea of kenma having feelings for someone other than you — maybe he was lying about something else?
“ooh, whatcha talking about?” you gave a half-forced smile and slid into the seat next to kenma.
kuroo, who was sitting across the table from you both, offered a mischievous smile to you. the same was not true for kenma. he looked absolutely worn out, kuroo dancing right on the edge of his last nerve.
“y’know you can always tell when he’s lying,” kuroo started. “he starts picking at his nails.”
“i do not.” kenma warned, glaring at kuroo.
he did. he had done it since you met him and you were sure he had done it long before that. you also remember the first time you noticed it — he’d broken something at his home and lied to his mother about it. all it took was for her to look down at his hands to know he was guilty.
“eh, maybe,” kuroo shrugged. he smiled again, offering a quick glance to you before looking over to kenma. “anyway, you asked what we were talking about. my intuition said that he had feelings for you, but i guess not, hm?”
you looked down at his hands, then a smile spread across your face. it was just like kuroo had said, its easy to tell whenever kenma is lying.
━━ kuroo;
the smiles worn by his teammates seemed to be infectious to everyone but kuroo. no, he was hiding his face in his hands and refusing to acknowledge their teasing.
“i don’t like y/n like that,” he defends, finally making eye contact with them. “we’re friends. thats all, nothing more.”
“but would you like to be something more?” yaku asked. a playful smile was sneaking onto his face.
kuroo didn’t answer that question. he just turned away from the libero, trying to pretend he hadn’t heard the question. it was almost childish the way that simple question melted his heart, turned his stomach upside down, lit a fire in his cheeks.
“so you wouldn’t mind if i asked them out, right?”
the question came from kenma. it caused kuroo’s heart to drop, caused his head to snap in the direction of his best friend.
no, he hadn’t outright told kenma about his feelings for you. but surely he could have figured it out? and if kenma had feelings for you, kuroo would have been able to tell. so where did the sudden question come from? when did kenma supposedly fall for you.
his mind split into several different directions, but he was speaking before he could finish his thought process.
“no, you know i like y/n! and- i’ll admit it, alright? but just stop teasing me about it, it’s not gonna happen. the last thing i need right now is for the first person i’ve had genuine feelings for reject me.”
and then his mind caught up with him. it was the only viable reason kenma would say that; of course kenma knew, he just wanted kuroo to admit it. and it had worked.
“kuroo?” your voice seemed to silence the room.
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maixcore · a day ago
— silly things they’ve done. ( hq )
Tumblr media
genre : fluff, crack, gn! reader warnings : none ft : ushijima, kuroo, iwaizumi, bokuto, tsukki, yamaguchi, nishinoya, akaashi, sugawara a/n : i started from waka chan how did it end up like this
Tumblr media
✧ : ushijima walked over to you, bending down and pointing at his phone screen (which, i think, he holds like a boomer). it was a “meme” (it was not funny) and he showed it to you because he “did not know the trends, these days.” but he knew that you laughed at memes.
✧ : kuroo had a staring (more like glaring) contest with some random kid at the park. according to him, the kid was “checking you out.”
✧ : iwaizumi had just finished working out, and was planning on fixing up. he accidentally tripped on a dumbbell, cursed, and kicked it. he cursed, again.
✧ : bokuto once cried and refused to go anywhere near the kitchen because of the beetle on the counter. it was not, in fact, a beetle. It was a plug.
✧ : tsukki thought that “sold out” meant “extinct”. he cried for weeks when he saw that his favorite strawberry shortcake was sold out. he has to remind you that that happened when he was in 6th grade.
✧ : nishinoya absolutely hates ugly sweaters. as a kid, he would cry and wail and thrash around just so his mom couldn’t put it on him. he still does it now, only more dramatic.
✧ : yamaguchi accidentally drank whiskey at a gathering, mistaking it for coca cola. the things he says when he’s drunk can be quite… interesting.
✧ : akaashi once accidentally got pen ink in his mouth because he kept on nibbling on the tip. he tried wiping it on his sweater, and realized that it only spread it there.
✧ : sugawara let his curiosity get the best of him and sat in front of your vanity, playing with your cosmetics when you went out. “:0” was the exact face he made when you got home and found him.
Tumblr media
taglist (open) : @uxavity @bubble-bootie @escapenightmare @uravichii @perqabeth @therealcozyy @dai-tsukki-desu
© maixcore : all rights reserved. do not edit, modify, repost, or claim my works as your own.
Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · a day ago
headcanons with kuroo t.
nsfw under the cut - minors do not read past that point.
Tumblr media
sfw ;
kuroo who always snakes his arm around your waist when walking next to you, holding you as close as possible.
kuroo who is always touching you somehow. wether it be your knees resting against each other under the table, or wrapping his hands around your waist and placing his head atop of yours whilst you cook, and so on.
kuroo who always invites you over to his house for study dates, even if you don’t really study.
kuroo who’s first thought is always to facetime/text you if he’s bored.
kuroo who stares at you lovingly from across the table, head lazily resting in his hand as he gazes upon your beautiful features as if it were the first time.
kuroo who lets you sit between his legs as you scroll through your phone or read a book.
kuroo who holds your hand when your nervous and traces little shapes and letters onto your palm.
kuroo who jogs over to you after practice, giving you a kiss on the forehead and laughing when you complain about the pungent stench of sweat.
kuroo who buys you candy whenever he goes out and delivers it to you the next time he sees you.
kuroo who trips you up the stairs, smirking when you turn around with an icy glare. “did ya have a nice trip?”
kuroo who does the same when you do it back, a pout on his lips. “did you have a nice trip?” … “yeahhh i kinda deserved that one.”
kuroo who places his hand on your thigh when you’re stressed, as a token of intimate reassurance.
kuroo who lends you his jersey, admiring the way his shirt falls around your frame.
kuroo who places his finger under your chin to grab your attention, a coy smile dancing across his lips.
kuroo who pokes his tongue out at you from across the room for absolutely no reason.
kuroo who runs one hand through your hair and one on your lower back when giving you a hug.
kuroo who always gives you random nicknames. however ‘princess’, ‘angel’ and ‘babe’ seem to be his top picks.
kuroo who traces your curves as he lays next to you at night, listening to you rant about your day, or anything in general.
kuroo who pulls you across the floor by your ankles when you can’t be bothered to get up in the morning.
kuroo who plants tiny kisses all over your face leaving for work, claiming it’s for ‘luck purposes’
kuroo who spins his pens between his fingers, loving your reaction of disbelief when he demonstrates his skills.
Tumblr media
nsfw ;
warning for mentions of the following; choking, hair pulling, spitting, praise, begging, tell me if i forgot any <3
kuroo who missed you so much at work that he couldn’t even wait to take off his suit, and ended up fucking you in a blazer and tie.
kuroo who pulls your hair - not hard enough that it’ll hurt, but hard enough to have a grip on you.
kuroo who traps you beneath him, both arms leaning over your frame as he buries his cock as deep into your pussy as humanly possible.
kuroo who throws your legs over his shoulders to get a specific angle that drives you crazy.
kuroo who wraps his tie around your throat and only allows you tiny splutters of air until you make him cum.
kuroo who spits on your cunt, rubbing his juices into your own.
kuroo who makes you beg for the slightest thing, finding it cute when you plead with him. “what’s that baby? c’mon, use your words. tell me what you need okay?”
kuroo who gives you filthy praise, ripping you from one orgasm into the next. “my good girl, aren’t you? taking me so well, what a sweet little thing.”
kuroo who takes hold of your hips and bounces you on his cock, fucking you the way that he knows makes you see stars.
kuroo who knows your body like the back of his hand. he knows what parts feel good, what parts feel better, and what parts make you fucking scream his name.
kuroo who looks after you when you’re both done, cleaning you off and running you a hot bath.
kuroo who whispers ‘i love you’ and plants a kiss on your forehead before you fall asleep in his arms, holding you there until the morning.
Tumblr media
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shiraishi-mai · a day ago
[1:05 am]
"You're going to burn a hole in his back," Kenma said without looking up from his phone. You chose not to answer and instead sipped on your drink. The both of you were sat in a corner after wandering around to find a place to escape the loud music and chaotic mass of people. Neither of you had wanted to go out tonight but somebody had insisted that this party was going to be the best of the year.
The man in question and target of your laser gaze currently had his arm wrapped around some girl while she was giggling into his shoulder. You could tell by his grin that Kuroo was DRUNK.
"You know he called me pretty earlier." You were trying not to sound miffed. Kenma hummed in response. During your friendship, Kuroo had called you many things - dummy, wuss, dork, etc - but pretty was not one of them. When you tried wearing a full face of makeup to school, he managed to knock your self esteem down in an instant by joking that any more makeup and you'd end up looking like a clown. When you wore heels shopping with him, he taunted you, saying that he wasn't going to carry you home when you broke your ankle.
So when you fawned over the girl in the pink bodycon dress at the party and he'd simply said "but you're prettier", you were a bit shocked.
"You're the prettiest girl here," he continued with his signature grin and a wink. What the-
"That's a first," you said with your eyebrow raised. He stared back in mock innocence. "Oh please, that's the first time you've said anything like that." You smirked into your cup, trying to calm the sudden fluttering in your chest. "And here I thought you didn't find me attractive at all."
"I didn't think I needed to tell you," he shrugged. "Thought you knew."
Your crush on Kuroo didn't develop until a few months into your friendship. People had always said you guys should date and you had vehemently disagreed, claiming he was a bit too playful for you to take seriously. His teasing and your scolding made him feel like an older brother if anything.
That is, until you started missing him when he wasn't around for a couple of days. And for some reason, you began to feel like blushing when people asked if you were dating. You even started to find yourself fixing your hair and heart pounding before you walked into class to see him.
"I'm jealous," you sighed still watching the two of them. The pair stood up and disappeared into the other room, still wrapped around each other. "Ugh and where is this coming from?? Isn't he normally awkward when he tries to pick up girls?"
"He's awkward around girls he likes." Kenma finally put his phone down.
"Isn't that what I just said?" You frowned, your brain hazy at this point. Why am I so upset? Since when did I like him this much?
"He's an idiot." Kenma murmured as Yaku emerged from the other room and approached the two of you.
"Er I think Kuroo is going to stay for a bit. He said we can go first if we want." Your heart dropped and you felt so tired all of a sudden.
"We should give them some space," you giggled and stood up. "I'm exhausted and we have to be up in a few hours so we should leave."
Yaku flinched. "Don't remind me." The thought of your 8:00am class made you want to wince as well.
"I'm going to use the bathroom before we go," Kenma got up and proceeded to walk off.
While you sat to chat with Yaku, Kenma scanned the crowd before his eyes landed on his best friend lounging on the sofa and animatedly talking. He rolled his eyes and walked until he stood right in front of Kuroo.
"Kyaannmaaaa," Kuroo exclaimed, "Buddyyy I was just talking about our recent match against Fukurodani - Bokuto was hilarious wasn't he?"
Kenma nodded. "Kuroo we're gonna go now."
"Ah okay I think I'm going to stay and hang out for a while. Miku just went to get some water."
Kenma eyed him.
"What about her?" Kuroo crossed his arms and leaned back.
"You disappeared for most of the night."
"So what? I see you guys every day." He smirked. "Aw did you guys miss my presence already?" Kenma snorted in response.
"Besides, when I went over earlier, y/n looked like she was having fun chatting with some rando so I figured I'd give them some space." He shrugged nonchalantly.
"She's not going to be around for forever you know."
Kuroo frowned. "What do you mean? Is y/n going somewhere??"
Kenma shook his head. "No but shit happens sometimes Kuroo." He sighed and turned to leave. "I'll see you at school."
The dark haired boy watched his friend walk away and let out a deep breath. He rubbed his face with one hand and used the other to unlock his phone. His expression was neutral while his fingers typed and deleted and typed and deleted.
"Kuroo?" He glanced up to see Miku. "Everything okay?"
He gave her an easy smile and closed his phone. "Of course." He patted the seat beside him. "Now about this match -".
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solarchuu · 2 days ago
For the sub boys, what abt Sub Kuroo? <3 Sorry if it's too long but this has been in my mind for days and I'm just like cjwjdbdij🤤 I looove Kuroo and I can't decide if I want to be dominated by him or I want to dominate him. Obv this little imagine –more like fic– is the latter. So just sit back and enjoy🤭 (Againg sorry if it's too long, I want to share this but I'm too shy to post it so here you go, this smut fic is for you <3)
You're his s/o and he's been asking you to give him a blowjob for the past 30 min bcs he has a practice match against Nohebi and he says "I just need to relieve some stress, and you always calm me baby". And he's been all over you the entire morning.
He has a pout in his mouth as he continue asking, and you say no for the nth time but then he smirks and you know something is crossing his damn mind when you see that smirk.
And his big idea was non other than to start grinding on you as he hugs from behind, and start kissing and panting against you neck, even a few tiny moans scapes his mouth. And you're sure everyone is looking at you but he's just so needy for you and he can't help it.
And when he asks you again, you just sigh and roll you eyes as you give in and guide him to the changing room, you don't see him but you know he has a huge victory smile in his lips.
When you reach the changing room, you enter first closing the door with his back as you harshly shove him against it. Looking at his face, you see a glint of adoration and lust in his eyes.
You then start making out, your hands are touching him everywhere, until they settle in his neck giving him a little squeeze and he moans against your mouth. You then pull away seeing as he whine and try to chase your mouth for more.
"You're so needy aren't you?" He shudders at your demanding tone "You just can't wait 'till we go home.Tsk. You've been begging me the entire morning for this".
You sit him in a bench and crawl in his lap, starting to make out again and grinding against his hard dick. After a few minutes like this, you start kissing and biting his neck and he can't stop his moans that resonates through the whole changing room.
You pass your hands inside his shirt, pinching his nipples, and he bucks his hips into you at the feeling. You moan at this, wanting him to know that despite the fact that you seem to be pissed, you still enjoy this as much as he does. "You like that? Hmm? Do you like when I play with your nipples?" You breathe in his neck, sucking his sensitive earlobe and he bucks his hips again in response. You chuckle at this before pinching and tugging at his nipples ever harder, making him moan out loud "Tell me, do you want me to suck on them?". He moans out a "Y-yes please, yes" and you humm.
After that, you pull away from his neck and scrunch up his shirt "Open" he looks at you and open his mouth, but to try and rasonate with you to not do it "But if I do that, my shirt's gonna be–" you cut him off as you grab him by his jaw and press, making him open his lips, and shove his shirt closing his mouth after, making him bite the cloth to muffle his future moans and groans.
You kiss his abs as your hands slide against his sides, going up to his chest and starting kissing the area before sucking in his nipples. Saying comments like "I love your abs", "Gosh, you work so hard for this don't you? I'm proud of you for it", "and I love your pecs too". He can't help but to let out a muffled whine at this.
When you've been playing with his nipples the rigth amount of time to have him shivering from its sensitivity, you pull away, smearing your saliva in his pecs and massaging them as he squirm away, groaning and bucking his hips uncontrollably.
When you kneel in front of him, you can see a patch of pre cum staining his volley shorts and you chuckle at this, "Look at that, you're so dirty. You want everyone to see this? Because if you don't, there's no option. You don't have other pants". And he whines at your words, knowing you're rigth, but being too horny to care for the moment.
Before you start –with his pants already down his balls– you look up at him as you clasp you hand around his base "Play with your nipples for me wile I do my job, yeah?" He only nods, looking down at your every moment with half lidded eyes.
And when he follows your order, you lower his pants further, exposing his muscular thighs to start biting, sucking, kissing and licking them. All while you pump his hard and leaking cock.
As he nears his orgasm, he starts fucking your fist at an inhuman speed. But you don't want him to cum just yet. So you pull away and he whines as he stops, taking the message.
You pass you hands up and down his thighs to calm him down before taking him in your mouth.
As you tease him before start to actually sucking him off, you look up at him and you salivate at the sigh.
He's pinching his nipples as you told him to do, his face is red and his eyes are teary and full of lust and need as they look down at you, and his gagged mouth is leaking in his saliva along with his shirt, the clear liquid landing on his torso, and he takes it in his fingers to pinch at his nipples ever better with the added friction.
You then decided you teased him enough, so you deepthroat him, balancing yourself in his thighs as you bump your nose with his slightly haired pubis again and again. The sounds of his muffled moans and whines and your gagging echoing the room.
You don't stop moving your mouth along his length, breathing through your nose.
And as he's in the verge of his so desired and chased orgasm, you two hear hurried steps getting closer to the room, but noone of you care, instead you focus on finishing sooner, his hips fucking your eager mouth meeting your rhythm. And the final push of his orgasm, is seeing Daishō in the door, looking at him with widened eyes for a moment before turning slightly red and smirking at him. "Oh, this is gonna got you in trouble, roosted head".
His words makes him moan louder when he shoot his cum in your mouth and you pull away, his cock still throbbing and some cum landing on your face.
"Not If you don't say a word" you intervine, letting your boyfriend catch his breath as you dress and clean him up.
So, to gain his silence, you ended up doing the same thing to Daishō (with the permission of your boyfriend) and nobody mentions the reddened cheeks of the two captains or the patch of saliva and pre cum in their clothes, neither the fact that they seem to be less annoying with each other. The only thing that annoys Daishō is that you, Kuroo's s/o give the best head ever.
Tumblr media
Please I beg of u make an account so I can send u a thank u message everyday
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bokutoslittledoll · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kuroo x reader (female reader mentioned in few parts)
Genre: Angst
Warning: mentions of death, mentions of cancer, slight implication of suicide, mentions of hospital, angsty in general
Word count: 1K
A/N: I have nothing much to say about this. I wrote this after days of without motivation so please support this. Any kind of constructive criticism is accepted and reblog if you like.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The night was still and brisk. Acrid air of the forgotten autumn day obscured around everywhere. As the dusk transitioned to dark night, the little fog wafted around lightly. Kuroo stood at the exit of the hospital, cigarette in hand. He took a deep puff and inhaled all the tar from the little cylindrical killing machine, exhaling the silvery ash into the stagnant night. Kuroo was never the one to smoke. Not in his 27 years of life he had taken in a drag of cigarette...peer pressure had nothing on him. Yet this Kuroo, for the past 9 months had taken in the amount of cigarettes that could probably double that of a regular chain smoker. He would pop one in his mouth, especially on days like these. Days which began and ended at hospital visits.
Taking leaves from the office became a natural occurrence for Kuroo. No matter how many times you’ve said that you can manage on your own, he refused to budge and would drive you to hospital, side hugging you whenever you both walked. He chuckles as he remembers what you said. Leaving you alone to go to hospitals? He would rather resign. Kuroo can never fathom leaving your side. Not when he had promised it under his breath. He recalls his promise whenever he sees you. Whenever he watches you snuggle deeper in his warmth while you both sleep, whenever you both work together in the office room at home, whenever he sees you curling into a fur ball during winter, whenever he sees you doing nothing but intertwining his hand in yours while lying down.
He had promised to not leave your side when he had first made love to you. He had promised to not leave your side when he slid the ring over your finger.
He had promised to the first drop of rain that descends from the sky, to the moist soil which gives out the scent of rain, to the blinding stars, the murmuring leaves, to the dense cloud, to you- his beautiful wife and most importantly to himself.
Kuroo sighs as he finishes the cigarette, the last embers of the ash fell into the bin.He looked longingly at the sky as he wondered where it went all wrong? Why, out of all people in the world, it were you who has to face this? Where did he go wrong? It felt like a double edged sword that constantly assaulted you and him, bleeding the heart till it dried.
You were the one who was receiving chemotherapy for the past three hours yet he, being on the other side of the cabin, felt the burn. His guts felt like it twisted nauseatingly.
He reminisces about the earlier days. You had captivated his attention and feelings right from the moment you stepped in his statistics class. The way you would balance the pencil on your upper lips with a pout, the way you would tie your hair in a bun without a band and let it fall over your back, the way you would squint your eyes at him if you didn’t get his puns. He remembers the way you had looked when you walked towards him wearing that white kimono on that day. The day where you stole his last name the way he had stolen your heart for him, many days back.
Nostalgia made Kuroo bleary and his thoughts became bleary when thoughts wafted around him, reaching to the conversations he had with the doctors just a week back.
“Kuroo-san, this is difficult for you, I understand but you need to know this. We are trying our utmost best and giving the top chemo to her but her case is complicated...with what we have in our hand, she can go on for 4-5 months but anything has the possibility to happen.I need you to be mentally prepared.”
Kuroo sat there, in silence. His head buzzing with so many words that were still processing. What do they mean by, 'go on’ , like you are some object?
Kuroo understood that day what people meant when they say their whole world shatters around them. He could see the cracks on his soul as they slowly crumbled, throwing him into a mindless abyss. He could feel the darkness encompassing him as he watched you slowly drift away from him. As each hour passed, he felt the twist in his insides increasing even more. And here it was, tears that inexhaustibly rolled down his cheeks giving declaration of his own succumb to the journey called life.
He now recalls the days where he just held you and cried into the air, he recalls the horrific day when they found out about this complex leukemia that nested in your body, he recalls multiple occasions where he sees you giving up on life before life gives you up. He just sees them without the capability of doing anything.
The blaring sound of the ambulance broke his trance as he now realised it was time to go back to the cabin. He took large steps towards your cabin, towards the unprecedented timeline where he could lose you any moment. He doesn’t know how he’s gonna deal with that.
Opening the door, he sees you half laying down on the bed. Your face gaunt and tired, your hair thinning out, eyes swollen from the chemo and most probably from crying. Nowadays, not a single day passes without you or Kuroo shedding a few tears. But amidst all these, you are the most gorgeous woman he has ever encountered and doubt whether he will ever encounter. You give a fatigued smile towards him when he comes closer.
“The doctors said they will observe me until morning and then discharge me.” you say. Kuroo nods at you before sanitizing himself and then lays beside you. Your hand thread around his raven like locks and his hands encircles your waist as his face nuzzled your neck. After a peaceful silence of basking each others presence, you whisper,
“Why, Kuroo? Why me?” Kuroo has no answer to this. Instead he just holds on to you, his dear life because it’s slipping away from him.
There’s no definite time when it will just completely fall off so the most he can do is clutching it to his soul before it decides to bid farewell.
Tumblr media
©—work of @bokutoslittledoll . All rights reserved. Do not plagiarise the work in any manner.
Please refrain from copying my work and reposting it to other websites without my credit. Reblog for sure but do not repost without tags and credit.
Thank you everyone for reading this.
Tumblr media
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kagsbyjane · 17 hours ago
pairing: kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
warning: none
tags: angst, unrequited love.
summary: " someone will love you, but someone isnt me. "
a/n: credit to the artist of this picture. i couldnt find who im sorry :(
Tumblr media
we are just a series of maybe,
maybe you like me,
maybe, if i waited you long enough, you'll like me,
maybe we are meant to be.
but i forgot to consider that there will always be two sides of everything, and that maybe--
you dont like me,
you wont be mine,
we arent meant to be.
all the thoughts filled your mind as soon as you back away from your phone. your vision is getting blurry, breaths are getting shorter, the sharp pain you feel in your chest as you inhale is stronger than before. its not enough, my best is not enough. maybe if i were a little more pretty, he will accept me? why? you are always there for him, 5 years is not a short time but not long enough for him to notice your feelings, or he just chose not to notice. being his best friend has its perks, but no one ever warn you about this pain.
tetsurou: hey shorty, i think that we are better off as strangers. i keep on hurting you if i still stand by your side. i know all your sad tweets were because of me. the last thing i want is for you to lose yourself because of me. im sorry i cant return your feelings..i kind of have my eyes on someone. and im not gonna be selfish to ask you to still be my friend so im letting you go. but you know you can always come to me and we can be friends again whenever you're ready. thank you for all the fun memories and please know that i wish for the best for you. im sorry.
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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risumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
“that’s wrong. you’re supposed to—“
“ugh,” you groan, slamming your forehead down to your notebook before kuroo has a chance to reach over and fully explain your mistake.
he’s a good tutor, but you suppose that’s all because he’s the TA for the class too. and you’re lucky you were able to book a slot with him before they all filled up. you’re grateful, really! but then again.
“if i hear you say ‘that’s wrong’ one more time i’m dropping out immediately,” you grumble against the notebook paper.
it’s quiet for a moment. then kuroo speaks up.
“that’s incorrect.”
you groan again, slouching back in your seat and dragging your hands down your face. it’s late, you’ve been at this for a while, and you have decided you completely and utterly hate statistics with your whole entire heart. turning your head to look over to kuroo, you’re greeted with a smooth grin that is a flip side of your pouty little frown.
“i’m dropping out,” you huff.
“no, you’re not,” he chuckles, and you nearly flinch when he raises a hand to swipe back the hair that got stuck to your forehead. “what you are doing is mixing up your steps. look.”
and there he goes, leaning up beside you with his pencil in hand. he’s talking, you know he is, but your eyelids are heavy and you’ve pulled all nighters the past two days to study for your upcoming exam and the steady rumble of his voice is just so calming.
so it’s really not your fault when your head lolls over and is suddenly resting against your tutor’s shoulder.
“just gimme a few minutes, just wanna rest my eyes,” you mumble, and his shoulder is so much more comfortable than you thought it would be, honestly.
kuroo goes stiff for a few minutes, because literally what else is he supposed to do? the person who he secretly can’t keep his eyes off during ever lecture falling asleep on his shoulder? how is he supposed to act in this situation?
timidly—though he’ll tell his friends how confident he was during this moment later—he lifts a hand up to run it through your hair. and no, he does not blush when he hears you hum at his action and then wrap both your arms around the one of his you’re leaning against.
and really, he would be more than happy to stay like this for as long as possible, but the library is going to close in just a few minutes. so, with just a bit of internal panic and a whole lot of regret that he has to do this, he shakes you a little bit—gently of course.
“the library is about to close.”
he bites the inside of his cheek and curses himself for finding this as cute as he does. so, as good as he can without jostling you too much, he starts grabbing your books and sliding them back into your bag, then doing the same to his own.
“yn, i got your stuff. we need to go,” kuroo shakes you again, and you mumble something under your breath that he doesn’t really pick up on. “come on, up you go.”
even as he raises you out of your seat and onto your feet, you still don’t unwrap yourself from his arm. honestly, he’s not even sure your eyes are open as he slings the both of yours bags over his shoulder and starts leading you towards the door.
he’d rather die than admit to his current inner mantra of ‘don’t spazz out don’t spazz out’ as he walks out the door and into the open campus air. he starts walking, and he doesn’t even know which dorm you’re in so he’s not even sure where he’s going.
“kuroo,” you speak, making him jump just a little as you break your silence. “why are you taking me back to your dorm?”
kuroo’s steps stutter to a halt and he realizes that he is in fact—although it was completely subconsciously, he swears—leading you towards his dorm building. his brows furrow as he looks down to you.
“how’d you know this is my dorm?”
“my window,” you point, to the building the two of you have just passed, right across from the one you’re standing in front of. “it’s right across from yours. by the way, you’re a really bad dancer.”
kuroo wants to die on the spot as you look up to him with a sleepy smile, and he knows he’s blushing, he just hopes you can see it from the dim campus lights.
“please tell me you’ll just forget you ever saw that,” kuroo grins sheepishly, bangs curling up a little with the humidity in the air.
“that depends,” you shrug, unwrapping yourself from his arm and stealing your bag back from his shoulder before taking a step backwards.
“on what?” kuroo asks as you turn to walk away, fingers gripping his own backpack strap. his arm still feels warm from your contact.
you look back over your shoulder, and kuroo thinks you look far too pretty under the shitty campus lights.
“whether i pass my exam or not.”
and kuroo really can’t help it when he cuts all of his other sessions with other students short just so he can squeeze in more for you. he just wants you to pass is all! he cares about everyone’s grades!
(and it’s all for naught anyways, because you see him dance a lot more. but this time in a front row seat on the edge of his dorm room bed. and he never fails to grab your hand and make you dance with him.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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iwasbunny · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# drabble. 573 words
# warnings. spanking, dacryphilia, degradation, daddy kink, afab reader, praise, sadistic themes, daddy kink, light begging and dumbification.
# contains. mean daddy kuroo breaking his little brat.
# note. this was totally not self-indulgent, whaa-
Tumblr media
Your mind was all fuzzy and your head blank, as you blinked away a new set of unshed tears that were quick to roll down your flushed cheeks. Even more loud whimpers pour out past your lips at the feeling of another firm smack against your ass, the slight stinging aftershocks making you suck in a breath.
“What’s the matter, pretty baby. Thought you said you could handle it?” He asked, the teasing tone in his voice clear as day, you could hear the smugness practically dripping off of his words but before you could even utter a single word, Kuroo’s hands were gripping your jaw and forcing you to look up at him with that pitiful fucked out expression all over your face.
“I don’t wanna hear any excuses, doll. Now, how many was that? Told you to count, didn’t I?” Your eyes widened comically at the mistake you made and he swears, he almost cooed at the sight of you, sniffling pathetically and begging for him to stop. “D-don’t know, daddy—please! ‘m sorry, didn’t mean to forget-”
Your begging was barely heard, just a passing whimper that went in one ear and out the other, as he lets his hands come down hard against your already bruised skin, “Uh-uh, I told you to count and you couldn’t even do something as simple as that. You know what that means, don’t you?”
As much as you wanted to argue with him, you knew it’d only land you into more trouble and so you brainlessly nodded along to his question. “Mm, dumb little whore just doesn’t know how to listen.”
His calloused fingers danced against the marks he’s made on you, loving the way you shuddered from just the warmth of his touch. They moved lower and lower, till they were rubbing against your clothed cunt and just as he expected.. your panties were soaked, dripping in your arousal.
“Begging me to stop when you’re this fucking wet, princess. I knew you liked it, bet you wanted to get punished, my cute little pain slut.”
There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as he pushed your panties off to the side, digits now circling your clit while he smirks at the way your hips rock against his hand in an attempt to chase the pleasure. And when you least expected it, he pulls back, unexpectedly delivering a harsh slap right on your sensitive slit which makes your body jerk in response, the pain and pleasure making your thighs quiver.
“Count for me, princess. Don’t make me ask again.”
That was all he had to say to make the words roll off of your tongue.
“Hngh—o-one..” and this time he couldn’t even be bothered to hold back a chuckle, not when you looked so pathetic bent over his knee like this. “Atta girl, now..”
“..why don’t we see how long it takes for me to make you cum, just like this.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: after a stressful day at work, your boyfriend kuroo gives you some special treatment, that you well and truly deserve.
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ PAIRING: tetsurou kuroo x fem!reader.
ʚ♡ɞ WC: 2.8K.
ʚ♡ɞ RATED: mature, 18+, mdni.
ʚ♡ɞ GENRE: post-time skip!au, smut.
ʚ♡ɞ CW: please read !  smut, ( characters aged to twenties ), soft dom!kuroo, daddy!kink, breeding!kink, oral sex and fingering ( female recieving ), uprotected sex, bath sex, choking, squirting, marking, reader has a shitty job.
ʚ♡ɞ A/N: hi all!! i hope you’re having a nice weekend, here’s another commission— this time from my beloved @doinmybesthere !! first time writing kuroo so i hope you enjoy mwah :(( <3
ʚ♡ɞ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is what you deserve.
the head of the man you love between your precious thighs, soaked with viscous arousal — as if it were honey, judging from the way he eats you out— like a man starved of a meal for too many moons. kuroo’s tongue works your sticky and swollen folds, collecting what drips from your hole in his mouth before it escapes him, repeating the process over and over as if tasting your sweetness is what gives him energy.
you deserve to be worshiped like this, kisses pressed against your throbbing clit until your thighs tremble with the bite marks on them, the ones that write words of love and praise against your skin. kuroo is more than happy to oblige— eagerly swirling his tongue around your fluttering hole, plunging it inside you after he’s felt you’ve whined enough, pressing it hard against your gummy walls.
to be treated like something your lover can’t get enough of, valued like you’re priceless, is what you deserve— not to be talked over in board meetings at work when you’re clearly the only one who knows what’s going on, not to be patronised for being the only woman in the room ( and the only one with a brain )— you’re too smart, too talented and good at what you do to be treated like such crap.
but your boyfriend, your tetsurou, understands.
he understands that you’re overworked and underpaid, earning too little for the effort you put into keeping the company you work for afloat— countless hours you could have spent resting in his arms after coming back from the office are used up by managing excel sheets that could have been done by interns...instead dumped on your overqualified self.
kuroo knows that you deserve better too, that’s why he treats you like a goddess and kisses the ground you walk on, welcoming you with open arms after you’ve walked home in the rain despite the possibilities of catching a cold, running you a bath with your favourite scents— vanilla and manuka honey because it makes you feel warm and soothes your racing heart. tonight, he’d even stripped you down to nothing before letting you slip into the hot water, kissing every inch of your skin— mapping out scars and beauty marks, with adoration hotter on his lips.
tonight he’d sunk to his knees in front of the woman he loves, golden irises like a million burning suns, focused on you as open mouthed smooches— both wet and warm had led him to your needy cunt.
all in the name of helping you feel better, treating you how you should be.
“t-tetsu,” you sigh, high pitched and breathless, into the steamy air of your bathroom— the sound echoing off the walls and intertwining with the lewd sounds of kuroo slurping at your dripping sex. you lean against the bathtub, gripping its rim for support. “tetsu! my love, the bath...i-it’ll run cold if we don’t—“
you don’t have it in you to finish your words as kuroo thrusts is tongue in and out of your puckered hole, curling it every time it breaches your walls, accompanied by the bump of his nose against your puffy nub— he sniffs, inhaling the scent of your sex as if you’re a rose pulled from eve’s garden and the very sound makes your body shudder and heat flare up across it. “you’re always so concerned about everything that isn’t you, aren’t you sweet girl?” the dark haired man pulls his ravaging mouth off of you and clicks his tongue with mock disappointment, though his eyes locked with yours speak volumes of infatuation and greed hung up on the way you taste. “i already told you, tonight is about you. there’s no rush and the bath water isn’t goin’ anywhere,”
he’s right, tetsurou is right and you know that he is. the truth is, you feel shy, with doe eyes and parted lips— shaky thighs and a slick sex, you feel shy that he’s able to make you feel better in such dirty ways. that days of bad work can be erased by simply sitting on the face of the man you love.
“but tetsu— the bath,” you whine, shiny lipped and teary eyed as he replaces the loss of his mouth with two fingers at once— immediately curling them to find the sweet spot inside of you that makes your juices roll in waves and coat his digits with ease.
kuroo sighs and the pad of his thumb is pressed flush against your hardened pleasure button— the added pressure causing galaxies to form along your vision, glued to your bathroom ceiling. “so much mouth for me, sweet girl,” he hums, smile on his lips and a stare like hot liquid gold that would make you melt if you touched it. “but none for those nasty men at work, huh? ‘m just tryna make you feel good, show you what you really deserve but it seems you don’t want that,” although his words are just a little bit cruel, they’re spoken with such softness that it makes your gooey pussy spasm and your entire body tremble.
but despite that, kuroo keeps his fingers going, their tips brushing against your velvet lined walls and scissoring to make you scream into the high heavens and yellow artificial light— your tummy burns with lust and teters on the edge of release, all you need is one little push which your boyfriend refuses to give. he doesn’t speed up, only fucks your cunt with enough pace to string along your high and you know exactly why.
“c-can’t ride your face, it’ll take too long ‘n the bath will go cold, ‘n you’re being mean,” you circle your hips and clamp down, trying to coax tetsurou into a faster pace so that you can finally cum.
and it’s as if the angels above have heard your prayers, seeing you tormented by the world was enough for them to stop the torture your boyfriend was putting you through— his fingers pull out of your fluttering heat, coated in a shine before he uses them to knead your plush thighs and push them further apart. “you’re right baby, daddy knows, that was a little too mean, eh?” kuroo coos up to you, blowing warm air on your quivering cunt, watching with keen eyes as a fat droplet of your arousal runs down your slit. he catches it with his tongue before it can go to waste— taking in your hot face and teary eyes with love. “y’just so cute when you ride my tongue, sweet girl, so why don’t we work together here? jus’ move your hips a little, make yourself cum for me, as much as you want,”
work together.
the phrase makes you tingle from top to toe, letting kuroo’s large hands extend to your ass— skin licked with sweat— so he can pull your pussy onto his awaiting, eager mouth. you don’t know what’s hotter, the steam in your bathroom or your body on fire with desire as his tongue slides between your swollen, sticky folds once more. “god, you’re so wet f’me, taste so good— you’re so good sweet girl, better than anyone deserves,” kuroo mumbles, praise muffled by your hips that rut gingerly into his face— the words vibrate against your core and cause you to cry out, one hand releasing its grip on the bathtub to tug on the midnight locks of your boyfriend’s hair.
being praised, told that you’re good makes dopamine fire across your brain—you know that you are, but hearing your boyfriend say it makes your heart beat harder in your chest and down in your pussy too. for a while, kuroo stills, letting you lift your hips and use his tongue at your will, running it up and down your leaking cunt before his fingers return to draw star shaped patterns against your needy clit.
“wanna—!” you cry out, the stimulation from your boyfriend’s slippery tongue sending hormones running through your veins and arousal to seep from your pores. you lean back to grind your hips faster and harder into his mouth— smooshing your puffy pleasure bud against his nose— leaning almost far enough to fall into the tub behind you— but kuroo has a bruising grip on your thighs that keeps you in place. “wanna cum, please daddy! please tetsu!”
tetsurou pulls away...only just, swallowing deep— his face shining with evidence of how turned on you are. “as much as you want, darlin’, tonight’s about you,” he practically moans into your ravaged mound, returning to carnally devour the rest of you.
and then the earth is shattering beneath you, the scorched delight that had been building firmly in your lower belly suddenly feels like it’s snapped and crashes over you in intense waves. you cum hard, kuroo’s name a sinful spell on your bitten and raw lips, your cunt sopping and dribbling its candied nectar before you can even realise what’s going on— you lose consciousness to the cosmos, your release painting kuroo’s cheeks as you gush and gush until your body simply can’t anymore.
your boyfriend slows the movement of his tongue, careful with your sensitive lower lips whilst he cleans you up and doesn’t waste a drop of your cum— bringing you back down from cloud nine and into your foggy bathroom again. “here with me again, sweetheart?” tetsuro asks, massaging the small of your back, kissing your inner thighs once your breath returns to you.
“mhm, here daddy,” you confirm, looking down with hazy eyes— swallowing the sight of your lover with his dark hair matted against his forehead and his cheeks wet.
“ready for your bath?”
you barely manage a nod, your limbs shaky. “uhuh, please daddy,”
the mop of midnight black hair rises from between your legs, aiming straight for your lips— kuroo’s tongue rolls into your open mouth, and you taste the essence of yourself during the feverish storm in which you push off his clothes. neither of you part, too caught up in exploratory grips and grazes even as your boyfriend takes your hand and helps you sink into the pool of scented water beneath your feet. the hot water sends soothing waves throughout your body— only amplified when kuroo pulls you into his lap, your sensitive cunt landing right over his solid erection.
the pair of you sit together, your bare breasts and hardened nipples rubbing against tetsurou’s chest— arms strong from his sporting days hooked around your middle to keep you close to him. “you work so hard, sweetness, busy every day and they don’t even appreciate you enough,” he almost simpers, his tip that oozes into the bath water—brushing through your tender, milky folds, making you collapse against his wet skin. “when was the last time i had you like this baby?”
“dunno daddy,” you mumble wetly, your face twisting erotically and eyes rolling when you buck your hips feverishly over your lover’s— begging for him to push his hips up and shove his cock past your awaiting folds. you need him, to help you forget and to make you feel loved.
“i don’t remember either, princess, so ‘m sorry,” he grunts, saliva pooling on his tongue as one of his hands cups your face and the other the curve of your waist— amber stare growing dark while swirling with blazen thirst for you and only you. kuroo’s hips thrust up, smacking your ass dewily and sending water sloshing over the side of the tub. “‘m sorry for not being able to wait anymore,”
all at once, you’re filled up with cock that stretches you wide open and sits heavy in the pits of your stomach— churning up your insides and scrubbing your brain blank of any stress from your awful job. all you can think, see and feel is kuroo—overwhelmed by the feeling of the forked vein on the underside of his girth rubbing against sensitive nerve endings along your ribbed walls. there’s a beat of silence after your bodies come together as one, where the bathroom air that’s filled with steam is joined by puffs of starved lovers desperate to send each other to the gates of heaven.
“move, tetsuro, please, please...” comes your abrupt gasp, while you begin driving your hips downwards, taking more and more of your boyfriend into your sweet, slobbering pussy. you know that you're wet despite being deep in the water, warm and gushy on the inside as you ride kuroo’s dick—building up momentum between your damp bodies.
your boyfriend smiles big, his cheeks flushing from the humid air— tugging you forward and pushing you backward over his girth by the perverted grasp he has on the meat of your thighs. “y’workin’ so hard for this cock, baby. i’ll give you whatever you want,” he gripes, impassioned, the motion has him bearing down on your g-spot constantly, not giving you time to breathe outside of deep hitting thrusts when kuroo plunges into your pretty pussy. “make y’cum so much, make you feel so much better,”
you cry into his strong neck, pressing kisses against his salty skin, littered amongst the condensation to sedate yourself— kuroo grabs the back of your head and tilts you up to stare deep into your eyes with every moan you let out, mirroring the gape of your mouth and furrow of your brows when his cock strokes your insides just right. his pelvis mashes against your clit while he helps lift you up and down on his dick as it stands at full attention— never missing a beat or an opportunity to hit your pleasure spot. the way you move together, pushing and pulling like flowing water ( practically throwing buckets of it out of your bath )— meant to be dance partners in the routine of love.
he doesn’t know where to hold you while you dance, while you fuck madly— tetsurou’s hands rubbing the bubble sudds all over your tits and back and down to your ass each time he kneeds the doughy flesh. “fuck! gettin’ so tight, so warm— missed bein’ inside you, hate that work’s keeping you away from me,” your boyfriend slurs, tongue heavy in the pallet of his mouth, barely leaving the warmth of your spasming pussy.
you’re slippery down there, letting him glide against your gummy walls and coating him in your essence— the scent of sex fills the air and your juices flow into the bath water. it’s filthy and passionate all at once but you can’t get enough. “gonna cum, daddy, gonna cum again—!” you squeal, rutting desperately against him for your release.
“atta girl,” kuroo praises you, finally deciding on a position for his wandering hand and letting it cup your throat— squeezing hard and tilting you any which way so he can suck bruises against your slack jaw, not caring who they’re seen by at work tomorrow. it doesn’t stop him from rocking into your tight heat, bringing you closer to the edge, especially when his thumb, slightly pruned from the water, rubs harsh circles into your clit. “cum for me baby, like you deserve. you’ve earned it,” he whispers softly against your cherry bitten lips.
so you do, screwing your eyes shut and wailing loud as your core contracts and your release splashes out against kuroo’s cock— this time your hips still, locking while the rest of your body carries the aftershocks of your orgasm. your boyfriend keeps thrusting, pushing water out of the bath and chasing his high in the depths of your viscous, gooey walls, brushing your cervix and your hips alike until he finally floods your womb with a scorching white, cum oozing from your pussy down to his shaft— forming a frothy, stringy ring at his base.
you sit in the lukewarm bath a while longer, a mess of heaving chests and sore limbs while your sticky foreheads stay stuck on one another. “fuck baby, you’re so good, ‘m so proud of you,” tetsuro breathes weakly, arms locked around your waist to keep you in his lap and his seed from leaking out of you. “doin’ your best all the time, not just for me but for your bosses too…” he pauses, running a thumb over your swollen lips as you sleepily smile up at him. “if they keep treating you like crap, you should come work for me,”
at this, you shake your head— still loopy but so content to be in the arms of the man who loves you so much. “‘m not gonna give up, gonna go back ‘n show em how much they need me,” you say tiredly into his skin, wanting to prove yourself.
“that’s my girl,” kuroo only smiles then, grabbing a loofa and some of your favourite lotion as he starts washing you down— giving you more of the princess treatment you truly deserve.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 28 days ago
haikyuu boys + comparing reader to others
Tumblr media
request from anon : So can you maybe do how Suna, Kuroo and if you would like someone on your choice compares the reader ( their best friend) to another girl but the reader loves the boys ( and actually wanted to confess to them)
fic notes / warnings : kuroo, suna + gn!reader, swearing in kuroo’s, angst, drabbles, wc: ~0.5k each
from elle ! no thoughts, only pain ;-; y'all this is just pure angst idk what else to say but i do hope you like reading this despite the pain <//3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
there’s always been a sense of awareness within yourself that, perhaps, you weren’t the most extraordinary person in the world. you’ve come across several people far more attractive, kind, courageous, intelligent, or fashionable than you are. for most of your life, you’ve never really let that bother you, simply accepting it as a part of life. no one will ever be good enough for anyone, especially not themselves.
but gosh, would it kill him to stop rubbing it in your face every chance he could get? you know. you know more than anyone how you could never compare.  it’s always “michi is so attractive”, “yori is so kind”, “kazuo is so smart”, “why can’t you be more like them?” when is it going to be your turn? when will it be “yn, you’re all these amazing qualities”?
to make matters worse, these words come from the man who had stolen your heart. for your own sake, maybe it was time to finally do something about it. 
Tumblr media
❥   kuroo t.
the second you caught sight of kuroo making his way towards you, the exact dopey grin that made you fall for him in the first place plastered on his features, you immediately turn the other way. this had been the routine for the past few days and truth be told you were getting antsier by the minute. at the end of it all, he was — and still is — your closest friend. ignoring him was never something you thought you’d ever end up doing. still, you furrow your brows and push the lingering feeling of longing in your veins. you wanted him to feel your absence. 
and it seemed like you were successful, hearing rushed footsteps that certainly weren’t your own on the walk back to your apartment building. it couldn’t be anyone else’s but his. the voice that called your name over and over, pleading you to stop walking was one the same one you had fallen in love with. the hand that gripped your wrist, making you stop in your tracks, was one you’ve been familiar with for years now. when you turned around to look, all your suspicions were confirmed. yet you couldn’t find it in yourself to feel happy about it. 
one look at your face and kuroo knew he had fucked up. never had he seen you look up at him with such disdain, brows furrowed and a disappointed scowl on your face. 
“why have you been avoiding me?” kuroo sighs, letting go of the grip on your wrist. 
you scoff, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “you really don’t know?”
“damn it, yn! just tell me, stop being so immature.” he snaps, rolling his eyes. “you know, eiko would never-”
your eyes widen, cutting him off before he could even have the chance to finish his statement. you uncross your arms and your fists clench to the side, gaze alight with an anger he had never seen before, “there! that’s exactly why! all you ever do is compare me to other people. oh they’re nicer, they’re more attractive. i get it! i will never be like them, but fuck-” 
“yn, listen-”
“no. you listen.” your chest is heaving, the tone of your voice falling to a deathly calm. kuroo much preferred the fiery anger from a few seconds ago. he feels much smaller under your piercing glare, keeping his eyes down to his feet while you continued talking. “you hurt me, okay? i love you and all you keep doing is hurt me.”
his gaze snaps up, “you love me?”
you don’t give him any sort of direct reply, not a word or even a nod, but a wave of guilt washes over him. kuroo had been completely unaware that he had been hurting someone who meant so much; to him, he was simply speaking his mind. still, he moves to take your hands in his, “what can i do to make it better?”
you shake your head, removing his hands from yours before walking away, “figure it out yourself.”
Tumblr media
❥   suna r. 
“so…lovely weather we’re having. don’t you think, yn?”
he waits for you to respond at his fifth attempt at starting a conversation, only to be met with complete silence. suna’s chin is resting on the palm of his right hand, confused eyes blinking back at you and you’re trying your best not to look at him. you knew that one look at suna and he’d have you like putty in his hands. one look at the pout that formed on his bottom lip and you’d be forgiving him before he could even apologize. you forced yourself to keep your gaze trained on your book, despite the fact that you had been reading the same sentence over and over for the past three minutes.
“is it now? i hadn’t noticed.”
suna sighs, recognizing a certain amount of indifference in your voice. it’s a tone that he has never heard from you before; you’ve always replied to him with a kindness and a sweetness that he grew accustomed to. perhaps, he’s been used to it so much that he had begun to take it for granted. his shoulders slump, his right hand meeting his left as they balled into fists on top of the wooden table. 
“is everything okay…between us?” suna sighs, a small furrow appearing in between his brows. he knew you weren’t the type to get upset for no reason, he must have done something for you to be acting this way. unfortunately, he just couldn’t figure out what.
‘it’s fine.”
“yn. you and i both know it’s not.” he begins to rub his temples. suna is slowly losing his patience, annoyance lacing each word that moved past his lips. little did he know, your patience was also wearing thin by that point.  
“why don’t you ask etsuko, i‘m sure they’re better at making conversation than i am.”
“don’t act like you don’t know.” you sigh, shutting your book and finally giving him the entirety of your attention. you had been making these little passive aggressive comments for the past couple of days: stay with yoshi, they’re kinder. mieko is more fashionable, go to the mall with them, why ask me? the fact that he hadn’t been picking up on where your frustration lied made anger surge through your veins. your stare holds him down in his seat, “can’t believe i like you when all you ever do is compare me to other people.”
“you like me?” suna replies, and it’s the most emotion you’ve seen expressed in his features in such a short amount of time: surprise, excitement, and eventually sadness and guilt. his voice is barely above a whisper, despite the cafe being relatively empty, “yn, i— i’m sorry…i didn’t know.”
“of course you didn’t…” you trail off, shaking your head to yourself before moving to leave. 
suna grabs your wrist before you could walk past his seat, “…i like you too.”
“it doesn’t feel like you do.” you smile, but he could tell in the way it faltered how forced it was, “find me when you can express that better.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
fair warning / kuroo t.
18+, minors do not interact.
syponsis kuroo doesn’t like the way the other team talks about you, and decides to take matters into his own hands.
warnings mirror sex,, semi-public (public bathroom),, sub!reader,, jealous!kuroo,, penetrative sex,, breeding,, slight humiliation (?),, impact play,, slight overstimulation,, tell me if there’s any i’m missing <3
notes this takes place during yours and kuroo’s third year at nekoma high, both of u are 18 years old :))
Tumblr media
“i can’t believe we’re practicing with them,” kuroo groaned, his disgust evident in his tone.
yaku and yamamoto made a noise of agreement from beside him, equally as frustrated as they all but glared at the team entering the sports hall from across the room, chattering amongst themselves.
“why? what’s s’bad about nohebi?” you wondered, curiously glancing up from your checklist.
yamamoto let out a short laugh, “what’s so bad? they’re all a ‘buncha snakes, pretending to be all nice and friendly - then come game time, they use all these shitty underhand tactics to win favor of the refs,” he explained, the agitation pure and certain in his voice.
as nekoma’s new manager, you didn’t know a lot about the reputation of other schools, however kuroo had kindly laid you down the basics, specifically about karasuno, aoba johsai and shiratorizawa.
you felt much better after understanding each teams ‘personality’ and felt as though it would help you communicate with it’s individual members.
“kenma, let me go fill up your water bottle,” you told him, extending a hand to the pudding-haired boy. he proceeded to place the empty container into your palm, muttering a small ‘thanks’ as he watched you disappear through the door.
after you had left, the team glanced up at their opponents for today, tensing when they saw them drawing near.
“hey, hey, hey nekoma! how’s it going?” one team member said, beaming down at yaku who’s mouth remained in a firm line.
“good, thanks.”
the captain of nohebi then glanced around before leaning down, hands placed on his knees.
“i heard your manager is a real sight. where is she?”
a sharp pain stung in kuroo’s chest at his words, clenching his jaw shut.
“she’s just getting one of us a drink before the game,” yaku answered shortly, glancing at kuroo who shifted in his seat.
“well, isn’t that sweet? from what i heard she’s real hot too. you’ve scored a good one, nekoma,” he suddenly leaned even closer, eyes burning with mischief, “might have t’steal her from you.”
yamamoto laughed, shaking his head. “would love to see ya try. sorry, but she’s already pretty loyal to the team.”
kuroo stood up, brushing off his arms. “and she’s a lot more than just a cute face. don’t talk about her like that.”
“ah, i see. sure, captain,” the nohebi captain complied with a smirk, lifting his hands in mock surrender.
seconds later, you returned to the sports hall, flask in hand and giving kenma a gentle smile as you handed it to him.
you looked up, locking eyes with the members of nohebi, and could already feel the toxicity virtually dripping from the air.
nevertheless, you offered them a tight smile, brushing your hair out of your face.
“hey, i’m nekoma’s new manager. nice to meet you,” you greeted sweetly, keeping in mind what yamamoto had previously told you.
“shit, they weren’t lying,”
you tilted your head at the statement, but didn’t have time to be curious as a voice said back, “nice to meet you too. we’ve heard a lot about you.”
“oh is that so? hopefully all good things,” you said, eyebrows furrowing slightly.
“oh yeah, all good things,” the captain reassured.
“glad to hear it.”
you went to turn around, about to reach for your checklist when a hand touched your shoulder.
“ah, before we start, one of my team members forgot their water bottles back at school. would you mind fetching him a spare?” the captain - daisho - asked you kindly.
you shrugged in response, “uh, sure! there’s a few over hear, i’ll fetch one for you.”
kuroo was livid. the thought of him, a cheap snake, laying a hand on his girlfriend, admiring her face and body as if it were all she was worth, talking about her as if she were his.
it made him feel sick, if he was being honest.
you jogged over to the other side of the room, bending over to pick up a canister from a small bag of spare bottles.
little did you know, the team behind you gazed upon your features, making quiet noises of excitement when they saw your ass, only hiding behind a small tennis skirt and a pair of lacy panties.
kuroo watched their eyes, becoming even more aggravated with every second they stared at your figure.
you soon returned with a full bottle of water, handing it to sakishima who thanked you with a coy smirk.
“right then, shall we start?” you proposed, hoping to diffuse the tense atmosphere and just get this stupid game over with.
“yeah, yeah. you guys get warmed up. y/n, can i have a word?” kuroo asked, no, told. the look in his eyes was filled with lust and… anger? jealousy? bitterness?
right now, he was a blur to you. his usual lively attitude that he sported before a game was suddenly gone, like a fire extinguished by salty, biting water. what replaced it was something much more… wanting.
“uhm, sure,” you agreed, blinking up him. you turned around and he quickly followed, a hand placed firmly on your lower back, nudging you towards the door.
he turned to look over his shoulder, his gaze icy and somewhat arrogant. “we’ll just be a second.”
his team nodded and nohebi couldn’t help but stare, utterly bewildered by the interaction.
“wha? they a thing or something?” daisho asked, brows furrowed in confusion.
“yeah,” yaku nodded, confirming his suspicions as he got into position to stretch.
“kuroo sure won’t be happy about the way you looked at her. i’m sure he’s just giving her a fair warning,” yamamoto said cynically, causing the opposing member to scoff.
“yeah, yeah, whatever.”
a ‘fair warning’, yeah fucking right.
a ‘fair warning’ that had you bent over a sink in the girls bathroom, skirt hiked up above your ass and panties pooled at your ankles.
a ‘fair warning’ that had kuroo stood behind you, a hand wrapped around your throat, pulling up your head and forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror.
a ‘fair warning’ that had kuroo’s clothed cock pressing against your bare wetness, dampening his shorts as he leaned down next to your ear.
“you know why i’m doing this, don’t you?” he whispered sweetly, using his free hand to pull a strand of hair out of your face. you nodded, the cold air hitting your skin, causing you to shiver against him.
“i don’t like the way they look at you,” he said, his voice soft and honeyed. “you’re all mine, right?”
you took your bottom lip between your teeth, pushing your ass back the slightest bit, desperate for friction against your aching cunt. “y-yeah. all yours, ‘ku.”
his icy hand slid across your back, lower and lower until he was cupping your cunt and suffocating it’s heat.
your back arched at this, a shiver running down your spine and your hands balled into fists.
his finger ran down your slit, teasing your clenching hole as you released a small but desperate whine, thighs twitching with need. an embarrassing amount of your juices coated his fingers and shorts, blanketing them in a layer of sheen.
you gulped against his grip, finally finding the courage to speak. “m’sorry ‘ku, i didn’ mean to.”
one of his slender fingers brushed against you lips, loosening his grip on your neck. “s’okay angel, i’m just here to claim what’s mine, ‘kay?”
you nodded furiously, biting the inside of your cheek as you watched him fumble with the waist band of his shorts, pulling out his pretty, reddening cock.
precum dripped from the slit, painting your pussy white when he rubs it up against you in a taunting manner.
“we n-need t’hurry,” you hiccuped, concerned about how much he was teasing you. “they’re gonna find out.”
“i fucking want them to know. i want them to come looking, to hear your pretty little moans and whines while i fuck you against your own reflection. maybe then they’ll realize that you aren’t theirs to gawk at.”
you let out a timid gasp as he pushed the tip inside, throwing your head up at the ceiling.
“no,” he snarled, wrapping his fingers around your flushed cheeks, “i want you to look at yourself. c’mon, look at how cute you look when i fuck you.”
he forced you to stare at your reflection, the way your eyelashes fluttered in the prettiest way and your mouth lolled open as he carefully bottomed out inside of you.
your hole quivered at the feeling of being so full, causing kuroo to let out a hiss.
“fuck angel, you’re so perfect,” he praised, tracing his hand down your curves and stopping above your ass, squeezing the flesh as you squirmed against him. “you were fucking made me for me, you know that?”
his other hand traveled down your front, kneading your tits through your shirt as you mewled and cried, begging for him to move.
“p-please ‘ku! please fuck me- haa-“
he began a steady pace, fucking in and out of you as your hands shook and hopelessly grabbed at the glass in front of you.
his heart melted when you looked up at him dazedly through the mirror, rocking your hips into his.
the way you looked at him, so innocently, so needily, he couldn’t help but go harder, faster, placing both hands on your hips and thrusting into you at a great speed that knocked the wind straight from your lungs.
“f-fuck, haa- i- i can’t- nhh-!” your words twisted off into a feeble whine, unable to hold back noises of pure bliss as he rutted into you.
“go on, angel,” he let out a grunt, “scream my name.”
“kuroo! nhh- i’m-“
the man smirked and you gasped at the feeling of a hand meeting your ass.
“you’re what, princess? c’mon, use your words.”
you gasped and moaned, his name falling out of your lips like a chant, eyes squinting and legs tensing and you knew what was about to happen.
“fff- ah! kuroo, please! m’- m’gonna cum!” you squealed, one of your hands attaching itself to his, squeezing and holding onto him for dear life.
you continued to babble and plead with him to let you cum, letting out an almost shriek as he pounded you deeper than you thought was even possible.
“nuf’ please, too m’ch kuroo!” you hiccuped, tears escaping your eyes and running down your pink cheeks.
“who else fucks you this good, huh? who else makes you make those pretty little noises of yours?”
“no one! jus’ you! your th’ only one! nhh-“ you cried, thighs shaking as you felt yourself tighten around him, squeezing his cock and sucking him inside of you.
“good girl,” he praised, followed by a hiss. “fuck, m’gonna cum. gonna cum inside of you, pretty girl. you want that?”
you sobbed out several dazed ‘yeses’, begging to be stuffed full of his seed.
and so he obliged, shooting his cum inside of your gummy walls, painting them white as he let out a string of curses.
you trembled at the sensation, giving in to your orgasm and feeling your entire body tense and shake. “fuck fuck fuck fuck!”
“s’okay angel, i got you.”
you gasped and squeaked, toes curling as you felt your body wrack with sobs of pleasure. your arms gave in and you flattened against the cold surface beneath you, no longer able to see your double.
juices gushed out of your hole, a sloppy mixture of your own and kuroo’s.
“can’t let this go to waste now, can we?” the ravenette smirked, lining his dick up with your hole and pushing it back inside of you once more.
overstimulated, your legs kicked and jolted at the feeling of him entering you once more. “no! n’more, i can’t-“
“shh, s’okay,” he soothed, pulling up your underwear and turning you over once he knew his seed was still inside of you. “you did so good for me baby,”
your body still shook with adrenaline, wrapping two shaky arms around his neck and pulling him close.
“i love you,” you whispered, burying your face into his neck.
“i love you too, angel.”
let’s just say both teams were pretty quiet when you and kuroo finally made it back into the sports hall.
Tumblr media
©zeroatsu2021, do not copy, translate or plagiarize in any way.
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tetsvhoe · 4 months ago
tsukishima and suna's part
bokuto, atsumu, and sakusa's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama's part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x f reader
genre/s: fluff, comfort
warning/s: toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive ex, like one mention of sex
gwen's notes 🤍 : totally not me projecting my own trauma and making a comfort fic out of it, nope! if you have ever experienced such things, i hope you are doing better. know that you are worth it and loved. <3
Tumblr media
the school year had just ended, what better way to celebrate than with your boyfriend who patiently motivated you throughout the year and helped you pass your minor subjects which required major effort.
you were waiting for him at a local cafe so you could both get coffee and head out to a fun little day he planned for both of you (mostly for you because you worked so hard to make it through the year despite the challenges).
a voice you hoped never to hear again called out. a voice ingrained in your head because of the terrorizing words they've constantly drilled into you.
as if straight out of a nightmare, his voice called your name, promptly paired with a prying hand on your shoulder. the world seemed to close in on you, your breathing ragged and your hands began to shake. you squeezed your eyes shut as if he would disappear if you pretended hard enough that he wasn't there.
"it's been what now, six months since i last saw you? you can't just get away with dumping me over the phone like that," he scoffed. "let's have coffee like old times. you're going to hear me out this time, you're not going anywhere." he spoke with such entitlement and arrogance as if he still owned you like before. it made your blood boil at the same time you cowered in fear, memories of his constant abuse and manipulation fresh out of your mind.
"i'm actually waiting for someone." your voice was barely above a whisper, and you hated yourself for it.
"your new boyfriend? i thought i made myself pretty clear when i told you no one would willingly want to put up with you," he sneered.
"sorry i'm late." you released a breath you didn't know you were holding and finally looked up to see kuroo with a wide grin and murderous intent in his eyes. he leaned down for a quick peck on the top of your head, clasped your trembling hands in a firm hold and hoisted you up.
"speak of the devil. it's rude to interrupt conversations like that."
"it's rude to harass a pretty lady sitting all by herself, waiting for her boyfriend," kuroo remarked with a sarcastic tone. "get lost while i'm asking nicely."
"don't make me laugh, what do you even get out of dating this unhinged bitch? surely the sex isn't enough to keep you here doing charity work–"
kuroo let go of your hand and took two long strides towards your ex. his sarcastic facade instantly melted away like a switch has been flipped. somehow, you found him even more scarier than he was two seconds ago, if that was even possible. "you're on thin ice. the next words that come out of your mouth are going to be met with my fist. i'm telling you for that last time. walk. away."
your ex put their hands up in faux surrender, feeling small under kuroo's height and deathly glare. standing at 6'2, flaunting a lean, chiseled, athletic body, and a seemingly different personality altogether, your ex was terrified – rightly so. a nervous chuckle slipped out of his mouth. he smirked over at you before backing away slowly, tauntingly.
"jeez chill out. she's not even worth getting in a fight for," was his last remark. he let out a snicker, a futile attempt to cover the fact that he absolutely almost shit his pants.
"i'm sorry," you finally spoke yet an apology was the first thing you blurted out.
kuroo cocked an eyebrow at you, the tension slowly evaporating. "for what?"
you struggled to find an answer to that so you bit your lip instead.
kuroo chuckled, "can't even leave my kitten alone for 2 minutes. someone's always trying to steal you away from me." he didn't miss the frustration that etched deeper on your features. he knew you were still shaken, probably blaming yourself, and worst of all pondering the truth to your ex's remarks. he pinched your cheeks playfully, forcing you to look up at him. "too bad because you're absolutely stuck with my annoying ass." he kissed your reddened cheek obnoxiously loud, finally earning a soft smile from you.
he held your shoulders so you could face him, a sincere look on his face. "for the record, i absolutely adore you even if that idiot made you believe you are impossible to love. i will spend as long as it takes to convince you otherwise." your eyes glossed over with unshed tears at his words, wondering what you possibly did to deserve him. "hopefully it doesn't take that long," he joked in an attempt to lighten your mood to which you nudged his side with an elbow.
you linked your arms around his, leaning into him. "tetsu, you can't fight for shit though."
he snapped his head towards you with a look of utter disbelief and offence. "guess i'll have to learn then," he chuckled before placing another kiss on top of your head.
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atsumiye · 23 days ago
handholding with the haikyuu boys!
featuring: ushijima wakatoshi, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsuro, and akaashi keiji
a/n: anon, i hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
Tumblr media
he was so nervous the first time you guys went out and you kept bumping your hand into his
so he kept like moving away from you or like moving his hand so it wouldn't keep hitting is
until you just said straight up "wakatoshi, can i hold your hand?"
and he just grabs your hand and literally never lets go
now all he wants to do is hold your hand :((
anytime you guys go out together he is always the first to initiate it
for the first few times he would like bump his hand into yours a few times until you got the message
but now he just grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers and just sits there
the grocery store, the mall, a walk in the park his hand is always in yours
even at the bar with his friends, if you came along he holds your hand so tightly
or when you guys go to dinner he holds your hand above the table from across the booth
miya atsumu
Tumblr media
touchiest man alive!!!! i mean it with my whole chest when i say atsumu is so clingy
on your first date, he didn't even ask to hold your hand, just picked you up from your house and grabbed your hand real tight
but you could see his ears turning red and it made you giggle so you squeezed his hand and he squeezed back
and now its become a normal part of your routine
he follows you around the house everywhere because he is always holding your hand
he can't fall asleep without touching you in some way
so when you guys get into an argument and you won't let him cuddle you when you go to sleep, he waits until you are fast asleep and then holds your hand
and first thing every morning, he grabs your hand and kisses the back of it and tells you he loves you
and anywhere you guys go if he has to separate from you, he gives you three little squeezes
and he won't let go until you squeeze his hand back three times
kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
another one who is so touchy right from the beginning!!
he is OBSSESED with taking those pictures of you holding his hand from behind and you are looking back at the camera
except he makes sure you are making the weirdest faces in them
like he will slow down a bit, and then say something really weird or tells the worst joke you've ever heard
and he always makes the most recent one his lock screen so he can hear you complain about it and offer to take more....but then he does the same thing hehe
but he loves to hold your hand everywhere
one time you guys went to the grocery store and you were holding the basket with two hands because it was a bit heavy
kuroo took it and held it with one hand and made sure you could hold his other hand
gives you the biggest grin after placing a kiss on your hand and then on the top of your head
akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
i feel like akaashi is more of an arm-holder?? like he loves holding hands with you but he enjoys it so much more if you are holding his arm and his hand instead
if you are holding his hand he always runs his thumb across the back of it
and he always kisses the back of your hand then brings it right over his heart and says 'i love you'
at night time, when you guys are sitting in bed he will read you a book and keep your hand in his, on his lap
and when he needs to flip the page, he will take the hand holding yours and do it so you can feel involved in flipping the page hehehe
and when you guys go for walks at night and you are cold he will stop and hold both of your hands in his and blow on them until they warm up
and once you continue walking you notice he's holding your hand tighter than before
he also got you both matching watches or bracelets and made sure that when you hold hands they line up together
Tumblr media
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maizumis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip!kuroo tetsuro, bokuto koutaro, suna rintaro, osamu miya, atsumu miya
note: suggestive‼️ this is inspired on me and my friends modeling in front of each other? yes, it is
Tumblr media
❦ KUROO was scrolling through social media, his afternoon could be described as boring, no plans on sight, maybe he was gonna go to bed earlier than usual “tetsuro? do you have an opinion on this—” he was already throwing his shirt to the other side of the living room “what are you doing?” you can see by his expression that he is confused, what was he thinking? “I thought we were getting naked?” a snort came out of you, he was quickly to react when he saw you walking towards him to sit on his lap, spreading his legs and patting his thigh “i ordered this online and I wasn't really sure about it” his hands went to your waits, gently squishing it “let me show you how good it looks on you”
❦ BOKUTO was shaving in the bathroom, looking at his own reflection on the mirror, making silly faces from time to time, the voice he felt in love years ago was what brought him down back to earth “do I look good on this, kou?” he didn't say anything, his mouth fell open while his eyes roamed all around your body, trying to just not stare at the beautiful lace bra you were wearing “i knew it wasn't that good- let me go change” he panicked, no way you're throwing that away, he was quickly to grab your body and place it on his arm, running to your shared bedroom “koutaro! put me down!” one of his hands grabbing your ass while the other pressed your chest to his body so you would fall going upstairs “the only place I'm putting you down is in bed, woman!”
❦ SUNA sat on the chair in front of his computer, focused on the game he was playing with controller in hand “rin?” no response, not even a side eye “rin.” he slightly turned his head and saw the emerald matching set you were wearing, his attention now fully in you, forgetting almost instantly about the game “how does it look? I ordered thinking of you” he leaned down in the chair, checking you from head to toes “why don't you do a little twirl for me? hm?” doing as he asked you, you spin around, looking at his eyes for a response “i really didn't get to see it, come sit on my lap so I can tell you better” his legs were now spread, one of his hands behind his head while the other was extended so you could hold it, you take his hands with pleasure and sit on him, making yourself comfortable in your boyfriend's legs “what I'm gonna do with you, pretty girl?”
❦ OSAMU was making coffee for the both of you after the typical sunday nap, ready to go cuddle again with you under the warm, cozy covers “samu! I forgot to show you this! do you like it?” his eyes were all over you, coffee long forgotten on the counter when the first thing he does is slap your ass, hard “i guess you like it, then” his hand not leaving the flesh of your ass, playing with it and squishing it from time to time “spin for me, pretty thin’” you do as your told, twirling around before placing you arms around his head, playing with the baby hairs he had “‘m glad you like it, I bought it thinking of you” he bend down to kiss behind your ear “and I'm glad you bought it, it looks so fucking good, I think my afternoon plans are being rescheduled” not that he was complaining though
❦ ATSUMU waited patiently for your permission to open his eyes, telling him you had a ‘surprise’ for him, expecting chocolates or something like that, he was confused when you called him and didn't place anything on his hands “tsum! open them!” “what is it doll— damn” he was straight looking at your boobs, excited to see the back of that red matching set you were wearing “turn around” with your back now facing him, you screamed a little when he brought you down to bed with only one move, one hand grabbing both your wrists while the other one was on your hip, placing open mouth kisses down your neck “do ya remember where did ya buy it, angel?” you raise a brow, confused at his question “I do” his smirk grew bigger with your response, the hand on your hip now going up and down your waist “gonna spoil my princess after this then”
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sunatooru · 6 months ago
Head full, only Sugawara, Kuroo, Osamu, and Akaashi breeding their gf senseless after seeing how domestic and sweet she is to them. Ranging from making meals, helping around the house, and seeing how good she is with kids.
Thank you for requesting xx
warnings: minors dni, 18+ content, time-skip spoilers, time-skip!characters  x female!reader, raw sex, breeding kink, creampie, mentions ‘kitten’, mentions ‘daddy’, mentions ‘bunny’- that’s it I think
* He needed an extra hand at a school event and was so glad when you offered to help
* It was a get to know the community thing, where the school he worked at were hoping to connect with the community more
* And with that came an influx of families and many, many young children
* He was used to dealing with kids, greeting parents politely and making sure that the kids were well behaved
* But what he wasn’t expecting was the way his heart clenched at the scene of you playing with some 5 year olds
* You looked so cheerful and fun and the kids seemed to love you
* He couldn’t help but think about you having his kids and that’s why he has you pinned against the bed as he slips himself into your cunt
* “You did so well today..” he kisses down your neck, his tongue running over your vein as he thrust forward
* He groans at the way your walls clamp around him, your lips parted when his mouth finds your bare tits
* “So good with kids....looked so motherly...” he hums, bending one of your knees higher
* “Will be so good with our kids...” he feels your pussy flutter at his words, a cheeky grin on his face as he looks up and raises an eyebrow
* “Oh yeah? You want that? Want me to fill your sweet pussy up and get you pregnant?” The way you shakily say yes has him picking up his speed
* He groans when you pull him into a hard kiss, hips connecting with yours before he shivers
* “Fuck..” he moans before pulling out after a few seconds, using his tip to catch any falling drop of his load
* He smirks seeing his thick cum filling your hole, pushing his cock back inside softly
* “Need to make sure it stays there.”
* He’s such a busy man
* His life consists of business meetings, business calls, business papers and non-business you
* He knew he would neglect you sometimes, his work load was huge and even though you told him it was okay and that you understood, he still felt guilty
* Today was another late night at the office
* He was so tired and just ready to have you cuddle him to sleep
* When he finally makes it home, he’s ready to be smothered by you but instead he’s met with silence
* It’s only when he reaches his office that he sees you carefully tidying his mess
* He watches you hum to yourself as you straighten out his paper pile and for some reason his cock twitches at your domestic side
* He strides towards you, dropping his bag on the floor startling you
* “Ah! You scared me. Welcome ho-“ cups your jaw and silences you with his lips
* He picks you up and presses your hips against his, walking towards his desk and making a clean spot for you to sit
* He grinds against you, his cock straining as he fiddles with your clothes
* He looks down at your half naked body, biting your lip as he teases your hole
* He pushes through your folds, hissing when you clench around him
* He moves his hips, mouth on your neck as he speeds up
* “Gonna fill you up with my cum, you want that, kitten? Fill you up and give you a baby? tight...mmm okay kitten, let daddy give you that.”
* Smirks at your open mouth, sticking his tongue in and chuckling when you whine
* Pins your wrists against the desk and snaps his hip hard, groaning as his hot load shoots into you
* He practically lives in the kitchen
* Always trying new recipes, cooking for the two of you and just finding so much comfort there
* He doesn’t think he can love it anymore until one day he comes back from grocery shopping to see you, in his shirt, cooking something on the stove
* The way you look, so calm and natural, has his balls twitch
* He quickly puts the bags on the table and wraps his arms around you from behind
* “What ya making, sugar?” His voice is husky, nose rubbing against your neck as he draws your ass to press against him
* He takes in your scent and growls, pulling you away from the stove, turning it off and bending you over the counter
* “Fuck, cookie, do you know how sexy you look right now?”
* Lifts the shirt up and grabs your ass, spreading it and dragging a finger over your underwear
* Strokes himself and grunts when he pushes into you
* Slaps your ass, smirking at your whines and kisses your nape
* He watches the way your wetness coats his cock, glistening as he stretches that little hole
* “Mmh bunny... sucking me in so tight...”
* gives you hard deep strokes, both hands on your hips as he snaps against you, rolling his eyes back when you clamp around him, the throbbing of your walls has him filling you up with his cum
* “Gonna fuck you after we eat...wanna see the stomach swollen soon, pretty.”
* It was such a small and simple thing that you did
* You were up in his study and decided to do a little tidying as he grabs his second coffee
* So focused on cleaning, you didn’t realise him standing there with his heart beating erratically
* He watches you carefully clean the lens of his glasses, wiping them down gently and then placing them carefully
* Such a small thing, but his cock found it most arousing
* You smile at him and suddenly he places his coffee down and drags you to the bedroom
* Stripes you naked and sucks on your nipples, tugging and circling his tongue around it before letting go with a pop
* Runs a hand through his hair when he spreads you legs open and sees how aroused you are, dragging a finger over your slit and taking a quick taste shyly
* Slides his cock in slowly, closing his eyes when he finally bottoms out, kissing your lips hard, slowly thrusting until you beg for more
* “Princess, you feel so good. Such a good girl. You feel good?” He whispers in your ear, your knees bent as he stuffs his cock into your cunt
* “That’s it baby, you’re doing so well. Hmph...can’t wait for a mini you- fuck- yeah?” He kisses your jaw when he feels you tightening around him
* “Want me to fill you with my cum? We could start a family...and fuck, mini you and I running around.” He moans loudly when your tug at his hair
* He caresses your cheek as he shoots his warm sticky cum into you, slowly riding out his wave and grinning at you
* “You’re so pretty, princess, our babies will be so beautiful.”
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solarchuu · 4 months ago
the hq captains as drawings of hands i found on pinterest <3
(a/n: i like this one hehe)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* he just loves being close to you n doesn’t realize how harsh his grip on your hands is while he’s fucking you
Tumblr media
* hes just so pretty thats it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* hes so intimate, sex is what connects you guys
Tumblr media
* hjnnnbdfffggr ARF ARF GRRRR WOOF
Tumblr media
* i dont think he really understands how different you guys are in size
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risumu · 2 months ago
haikyuu boys as things my guy friends have texted me
Tumblr media
characters: kuroo tetsuro, bokuto koutaro, tendou satori, miya atsumu, miya osamu, kozume kenma, matsukawa issei
eris’ notes: i am now realizing i should get new friends
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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bokutoism · a month ago
Tumblr media
featuring — kuroo tetsurou + female reader
warnings: begging (kind of?), oral (female receiving), orgasm denial, the use of ‘good girl’, vaginal fingering. additional notes: kuroo brainrot kuroo brainrot kuroo brainrot kuroo brainrot kuroo brainrot </3 i just want him to eat me heehee. anyways, @nekomamiiz​ as promised, here’s your tag bb!
Tumblr media
"hmm, you need to stop squirming, baby."
you're too far gone to register the smirk in his voice, his words molding against the dripping seam of your sex, hot and thick and heavy. kuroo tongues at your slit, pressing in slow and deep, before pulling away—for a moment longer than you'd like—to simply watch you pulse and clench around nothing, wet walls fluttering rhythmically and awaiting for his return.
but kuroo is as cruel as he is selfish; his gaze lingers on your glistening folds and he hums lowly, amused. he wants to see just how much more of this you can take, how long it'll take until you to listen to him.
"t-tetsu," you manage; it's a breathless utterance, almost whiny and broken, desperate. "tetsu… w-why'd you stop?"
it's cute—so fucking cute—the way you're trying to look at him, and kuroo almost feels bad when push yourself up onto your elbows, wobbling. he takes in the way your cheeks shine, painted by a thin coat of fresh tears, the way your mouth hangs open, lips wet and swollen and parted, the way your eyes peer at him from beneath the heavy droop of your eyelids—fuck, the things you do to him. he suppresses a groan.
"i told you not to move," he answers, simply. his voice is smooth, too smooth, and he chuckles lowly when a look of realisation crosses your face; you know, you know you should've listened. "only good girls get to cum, remember?"
kuroo doesn't give you time to retaliate—not that he'd listen if you did anyway—and brings two slender fingers to your throbbing pussy, prodding at your slit with light jabs and gentle flicks. his thumb presses against your clit before he's swiping at the slick gathered between your folds without any ounce of urgency, his nails languidly scraping all over your sensitive skin as he traces a series of meaningless patterns against you. it's so unfair and you can't help but whine and twitch even more, tilting and bucking your hips up towards him in a poor attempt to get him inside of you instead.
"please… please, please, please!" a hand falls to grip at his wrist, fingers looping around it weakly. you tug but he doesn't relent and you mewl. "just—i-i'll be good. p-promise!"
"that's not how it works, baby," he murmurs. a second later and kuroo is face-to-face with your sex once again, his fingers still drawing odd shapes, nails still scratching. he's so close, you can practically feel him parting his lips; the puff of warm air he deliberately blows out hits your skin and prompts you to flinch. he laughs, a chuckle. "i told you to stop squirming and you're going to do exactly that until i think you've learnt your lesson.”
his fingers leave your sex the moment he finishes his sentence and as if to prove his point, he pins you down with both hands, his grip tight at your hips. kuroo resumes his onslaught from before, poking at your sex with the tip of his tongue once again; the only difference is that he's moving slower, and he's humming and groaning and grinning against you now.
"you'll cum when i want you to," he says, voice muffled by your sex. "now be a good girl and stay still."
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