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Kuro bro AU

Ciel : hey its my shirt !

Sebastian : no its my crop top now.

15 notes

Me thinking about what to talk about next to my therapist : *mentally look at important subjects boxes and move the giant Alois Trancy & Ciel Phantomhive one a bit to the left* lets see, lets see… hm… I can’t think of anything just like that…

11 notes

I have this theory about why is Alois even more disliked in the french fandom and its because his dub voice is absolutely horrible.

10 notes

Spy mission where Ciel and Seb have to hide inside bitter rabbits mascots

15 notes

Ciel : demons are just some guy.

9 notes

Can you believe they asked Undertaker why he did what he did and his response was basically « i was bored and everyone was dead so… »

32 notes

Alois : I’ve cut your breakfeast to make it heartshaped

Ciel : … You made it smaller.

22 notes

Sebastian getting Ciel ready for bath like « Okay young master, time to get in the soup 😊 »

89 notes

Rewatching Book of Circus again (lost count to how many times).

I had to go to the bathroom, paused it, came back and I just died XD

I never thought I would get this but here we are!

29 notes

Modern Ciel be like « yeah im the boss » in his ripped jeans and platform buffalo shoes playing with his phone in meetings when it doesnt interest him

I was going to say « play with his phone under the table » but na if he doesnt care about you he is going to do it right in your face.

7 notes

Alois : My scarf ? Oh thank you, my butler made the silk with his own thread ❤️

Ciel : actually, ew ?

16 notes


Kuro modern AU where Ciel and Seb are brothers and the plot is basically this

Sebastian : give me your eye and i do your homework for two weeks

Ciel : deal.

32 notes

Alois : *pokes ciel in the middle of the night* hey

Ciel : what

Alois : Would you cry if i died ? ❤️

15 notes


Ciel being able to tell its going to rain because Alois hair is flufflin

9 notes