May i ask for some headcanons of Ciel Phantomhive with a rem! reader who is Tanaka's adoptive daughter and also a maid from Phantomhive mansion?
Ciel Phantomhive
Tumblr media
You were Ciel's childhood friend.
Since the adoption your father worked at the mansion you often play with Ciel.
Even if you were a couple of years older than him.
And you often had fun.
Until that day.
You were glad to see Ciel again later.
Mostly relieved that he was safe.
You talked a lot.
At the same time, you announced that you wanted to work at Ciel Manor.
At first Ciel refused.
But you were stubborn and eventually got your will through.
(Sebastian shouts for joy as there is finally one helpful servant in the mansion.)
Ciel would like to keep you safe.
He wouldn’t let you take part in dangerous missions.
roughly you did "normalizer" work at the mansion.
Or you helped Mey-Rin when he made a mistake.
Before Sebastian than had time to notice it.
Ciel might be able to tell you everything.
He really trusts you a lot.
In addition to this, he also trusts Tanaka.
The situation can be embarrassing if Ciel falls in love with you.
As he certainly will at some point.
Tanaka and you will notice it before him.
Ciel has difficulty dealing with his feelings.
Maybe you should help him?
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yandereaffections · 2 days ago
Hi. How do you think Sebastian from Black Butler would react to an s/o that was bother by how much time he spend with his contracts?
Tumblr media
the first few times you passively made a complaint Sebastian would simply smile, placing a kiss on your lips letting you bask in him one more time before he focuses his attention back on the orders given to him by the young master
As confident and cocky as Sebastian may seem when teasing and romantically interacting with his kitten, it doesn't mean he's ever been in a serious relationship with anyone outside a contract or manipulation. While he'll listen to your concerns and adjust his behavior accordingly Sebastian doesn't completely know what a human relationship requires
He can provide about everything you could ever imagine from a forever partner, including the ability to grow and change which never seemed to happen so easily when you weren't around. Now the demon can feel almost the same emotions that you do, with that said as time goes by your expressions loneliness will sink in his stomach more and more, he'll make up for his past arrogance sooner than later he promises dear. If it means starving a bit longer he'll let the feeling claw at his insides just to spend time uninterrupted with you
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orqqid · a day ago
Tumblr media
grell after being released from confinement </3
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cangrellesteponme · a day ago
Tumblr media
the worst fucking butler to ever live. but also look at him knitting hehe quirky little spider >:)
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shinigami-mistress · 22 hours ago
Just a manga coloring of Bard.
Tumblr media
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oya-oya-okay · 2 days ago
<<Kuroshitsuji|Black butler>> [COLORING ch140]
Tumblr media
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faioula16 · a day ago
Hi , would like to ask how sebastian will treat his s/o after a long day .. 🙈♥️ fluffy sebastian, thank you in advance
**Made this request for my dear friend cause you deserve to be loved appreciated and well taken care of. Hope this one-shot is to your liking. **
                                   HIS OWN LITTLE DEVIL
Tumblr media
"Off" You protested before you let out a deep sight. Your hand supported the back of your waist.
Soon you felt a comforting hand resting upon your shoulder. You looked to your left side to see your friend Finny smiling warmly at you. "Are you okay Y\N-chan? Today we worked really hard but thanks to you, I got praised by Sebastian...for the first time! You sure are my hero!" The gardener congratulated you in a joyful tone.
You smiled back and placed your hand upon his. "Yeah, I am okay Finny thanks. But to tell you the truth I can't wait to go back home and get some rest. My back and legs are killing me"
"Oh, right! Sorry didn't mean to hold you any longer....just-just make sure you eat something before you go to bed, okay? I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight Y\N-chan!" You watched as your friend walked away. Didn't notice the pink color on his cheeks thought, not Sebastian either who watched the whole scene inside from one of the mansion's many windows.
Just the way the gardener touched your shoulder made Sebastian feel a bit annoyed. Demons can be very possessive when it comes to their mates, especially the marked ones.
But Sebastian knew better than to not show any sights of jealousy in front of you or to others. That would hurt his pride and he certainly didn't want that. All he has to do is to focus on his main goal and priority, and this is to make you feel happy and completely satisfied at all times, to let you know that no one in this world can do this in absolute perfection but him.
With your bag on your arm, you turned on your heel and glanced over the big front gate some meters away from where you stood. You had to wait for Sebastian to join you and walk you back home like every night you'd be off your duties as the newest employee Ciel hired for the gardens' care. But that's another story to tell in the future.
Your foot tapped against the rocked ground, it was kind of unusual for your demon to make you wait for that much. After some more minutes passed you decided you could take the chance and get off by yourself after all it was a lovely and hopefully peaceful night.
But as you were about to make one step ahead, a slender yet strong pair of arms wrapped around your waist. "Why...where you think you're going my kitten?" He whispered smoothly to your ear, Before you even had the chance to give an answer Sebastian simply scooped you off the ground, holding you in bridal style and your bag somewhat was now hanging on his back.
"Uhh...can you please put me down Sebastian, you know well I can walk by myself"
"My love, you must be exhaustive. And as your lover and therefore I must make sure you get the necessary amount of rest and relaxation after such a long day" The devil spoke softly while making his way back into the mansion.
Your head rested against his chest, you wanted to protest and tell him you weren't that tired...but that would be a lie.
"First of all, I'll give you a bath. We must clean you up and put you in fresh night clothes" He gave your forehead a sweet kiss before he entered a bathroom.
Before you knew it, your clothes had been removed, and let out a sigh full of relief once the warmth of steaming water with soap bubbles embraced your naked body.  You felt his hands guiding your head back in a gentle manner until it was resting comfortably against a small shink to wash your hair more easily. 
"Relax now, I will take care of you...like always" Sebastian whispered softly, his long slender fingers rubbing every inch of your head in small cycles was more than enough to make you feel kind of sleepy. 
Halft-lidden eyes were staring down at you in a loving manner. His body lowed to leave a sweet kiss upon your cheek.
"Please don't do this now, you know it makes me feel sleepy" You murmured under your breath causing the demon to let out an amused chuckle. 
"You're right my dearest, we should leave these activities for your bedtime. Ahh, but sometimes I simply can't resist. You look too much adorable after all. So cute and defenseless to my touch, just like the little kitten you are~" He spoke with a hint of mocking in the tone of his voice.
 You tensed a bit when his hands made contact with your shoulders, arms and some more private areas but relaxed afterward since you got used to it for so long.
"My my, you're awfully tense today" Sebastian let out a sigh. "I am not surprised though, you worked very hard. Honestly, I couldn't be any more proud of you, with those idiots causing me so much trouble every single day....you're a miracle, a blessing that came in my very long existence and I will never ever let you go" Another kiss to your forehead before you were scooped up once again in Sebastian's arms. 
With your body and hair already wrapped in fresh fluffy towels.
 He dried and treated your hair, then he helped you dress up for the night in a pair of pretty cute night clothes with cat sketches, and then, In a matter of seconds, Sebastian made his way into his chamber and kicked the door closed with his foot, You watched in awe while looking around the room.
 He redecorated his room just in case you'd have to spend the night with him. “So that's why it took you so long to join me in the garden lately"
"Yes, I had to make some changes in order to make you feel more comfortable. It's the first night you stay to my place, it was the least I could do otherwise...."
"What kind of lover would I be?" Your voices said together only that you were teasing him and let out a giggle while he was fixing the pillows behind your head. Sebastian's smirk grew to your playful mimicking and walked over to his bed where he tucked you under the warm matters. 
"Now stay here, my little devil, I'll be back in a moment" He gave your lips a peck and made his way towards the door.
"Little devil?" You questioned in slight confusion. He never has called you like this before.
He glanced over his shoulder to your laying figure. "I believe this new nickname will suit you quite well compare to your personality mode" Sebastian explained and chuckled softly before he left the room and closed the door. Sudden silence filled the room and just then you realized that it was raining outside.
 So that's why Sebastian wanted you to stay with him today....or you thought so.
Just then the door cracked open and your Sebastian came in while pushing a wheeled table with a bunch of covered plates on it. "Tonight's menu we have Italian soup accompanied with stuff vegetables and greek salad. And for desert a mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake" Your gaze stared at the food as Sebastian took the bowl of soup into his hand and brought a spoon close to your lips. "Come one kitten say ahh..." 
You hesitated but once you started to his eyes you just couldn't say no to him. "Is it good?" He saw you just nodding, too busy to actually talk to him when your mouth was so busy eating the one delisious spoon after the other. A genuine smile crossed the demon's lips continued feeding you from each plate and leaving the desert for the last part. 
Once your stomach was finally full Sebastian pulled you in an embrace and patted your back gently, causing you to let out a cute little burp and him an amused laugh. He left the wheeled table with leftovers aside. With one knee, on the bed, he pulled off his tail, vest, tie, gloves, and shoes. "Time for some affection and then it's bedtime, alright darling?" Your demon clipped on the bed with his body hovering upon yours. 
His arms snaked under the back of your head like an extra pillow....your favorite pillow to be exact that he was so willing and happy to provide you with. The light of the candles around the room made your and his eyes shine brighter or maybe it was the strong bond and love you share together. You closed your eyes and smiled in bliss while his hand was caressing your face. 
You smiled, even more, when he started leaving his popular smooches all over your face and neck. You both chuckled and embraced each other impossibly close, even closer than before (if that was possible).
The side of his face resting against yours with his breath sending soft warm waves to your ear. Then he began to sing his lullaby:  https: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghk1RFr51xo
By the morning your eyes cracked open and saw Sebastian smiling down at you as his fingers traced over your cheek. "Good morning, my little devil"
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bapydemonprincess · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tinykuroshitsujipics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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anawkwardlady · a day ago
Sebastian : *quickly grabbing one of his kitten* i told you to stop scratching the young master door in the middle of the night you little brat ! We already had this conversation, he doesn't even like you, i'm the one feeding, cleaning and playing with you, ugh, ungrateful. *disciplinary cuddles*
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Tumblr media
Tanjiro Kamado is here.
Yandere Ciel Phantomhive
Tumblr media
Ciel would be really upset.
He had just come home and wanted to be with his loved one.
But now he finds a strange man in his home flirting with you.
It is clear that Ciel does not like this.
Definitely yell at Sebastian for help.
First, the intruders must be evicted to hell.
Ciel is afraid of losing you.
You are one of the only people he cares about.
After that, you have a lot to explain.
Ciel wants to know exactly what happened.
Maybe you won’t get such a better punishment.
This really takes a lot of time.
Ciel will certainly be researching your writing as well.
Writing isn’t bad but if your characters come to life you can’t continue it anymore.
He hopes you understand.
And even if you don't understand Ciel's claim is absolute.
This is your best
Yandere Sebastian Michaelis
Tumblr media
Sebastian would not initially care about your writing hobbies.
That would be a good way to keep in common sense.
Human mental health can be so easily upset.
He offered to buy a pen and paper for your shared home.
Sebastian wants to support your hobby.
Sebastian really didn’t expect this to happen.
But this is certainly not the craziest thing he has seen.
Don't even go to the top 5.
But Sebastian would be openly hostile.
He would definitely kick the characters out of your apartment.
Especially the one who flirts with you.
You can be sure that he will immediately start looking for ways to destroy them.
It won't take long.
Sebastian is the butler of hell.
He would find out if you have any magical talents or if the paper you wrote was magical on.
This would affect a lot.
If you have the talents Sebastian wouldn't let you write anymore.
He would also watch you more.
But if the fault is in the paper, Sebastian sees no problem in continuing your hobby.
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yandereaffections · a day ago
Grell with an s/o who adores her, like absolutely fawns over her, wanting Grell to rest her head on her thighs 24/7 so she can play with her hair and scratch her scalp as she just gushes about how amazing and beautiful she is. And she gets genuinely heartbroken every time Grell has to leave her.
Tumblr media
Much to the annoyance of Will and the others, your adoring behavior only has grell become more vocal on how much you clutter her mind. She'll rant every second something doesn't take her attention to whoever was assigned to accompany her on soul retrieval up to the point the second reaper will do the job themselves, persuading grell to go off to her dearly beloved simply so they can get some peace and quiet in their work
The moment she gets to the door way of your home grell is quick to call out for your name, searching everywhere for her love and jump into your arms when found, covering your face in kisses leaving behind lipstick stains
Your reaper will bask in your attention with a sparkle in her eyes until Will or another comes to 'retrieve' their coworker, dragging her out as she yells loving comments promising to come back soon. Sometimes grell is more selfless than selfish and refuses to let you be the only to adore, flips the script and has you prepped and dotted on simply to see how comfortable you are in her arms
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orqqid · a day ago
will: that demon is a vile, viscous, soul sucking entity that you must NOT cross paths with
sebastian: literally some guy who likes cats
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kirvia · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
lineup of my favorite kuroshitsuji characters! + sebastian 
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shinigami-mistress · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"I'm ready for my evaluation, darling."
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forestfolke · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rubydragon16 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Junichi Suwabe ❀ (March 29) ☆ ᴀ ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ ♥
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bapydemonprincess · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was literally them so I had to ❤️🖤
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anawkwardlady · 10 hours ago
Alois making funny faces next to Ciel, on the eyepatch side so he can't see him, until Ciel interrupts him like "I might not see you but my working eye is catching a blond idiotic thing moving on the side. Also I hear you giggle."
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rookhunty · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Girl help the Victorian children are fighting
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