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I managed to do the 1st day of the Kuro-Inktober uvu! Digital inktober that is :’)
1. October - Fav character in halloween costume
So obviously William, and he always gives me vampire-vibes uvu
Let’s see how many days I’ll do :’D

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Remember in season 1 of the anime UT showed up at the grim reaper library to return books that he ‘forgot’ to return?

As a librarian, I got thinking about the kind of fines UT would expect to have accrued for that -in today’s money. The library I work for charges 20p per each day after the book’s due date.

I’m not sure if it was stated how long Undertaker had been retired from the dispatch, but let’s say it was the 50 years as stated in the manga. 

50 years = 18250 days.

18250 x 0.20 = £3,650, or $4,705.94.

Bad Undertaker! No more books for you!

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goretober day 1 : yandere

I couldn’t think of a character I could work with for this prompt, so one of my friends suggested fem!seb ! thank you to @nadohunter for helping me with the proportions, and @butlercult for the character idea ! ❤️

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This story was written by a new writer who has English as a second language . This story involves. A pre established relationship. Hinted  kidnapping and torture. Female Reader. Probably ooc.

Y/N L/n(your name. last name)

B/m B/d(birth month. birth day)

H/c (hair colour) 

if enough people like this ill make more of it

This Story was written by mod Hannah. Story under the cut

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When Blood is Spilt, Water May Suffice (ao3 link)


E Carter, orphaned before their first birthday, lives a fairly normal life with their aunt Amanda. Besides seeing men and women fly over the rooftops.


When a young child is saved and brought to the Reaper Realm temporarily, they begin to see those who shouldn’t be seen.


Or! The fic where the Reapers all collectively adopt a child. Next chapter up either later tonight or tomorrow, I hope you enjoy! ~<3

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Right? It feels like she was only doing it to feed into fan theories. The twin theory had been around basically since the manga existed and I’ve always felt it didn’t fully make sense?

I mean I understand people love the “twist” but it’s just stupid to me? I’ve honestly avoided almost all things from my canon since the reveal as it makes me feel gross. I’m glad that I’m not the only one bothered by it?

Most of the fandom is a shitshow anyway. It’s extremely problematic and always has been even back in 2010-2013 when the fandom was at its peak.


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Actually the whole canon makes me feel as if I’m unimportant and mean nothing because “Real Ciel” died and I didn’t. Which makes me feel like my own experiences mean nothing. I fucking hate the canon.


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Fireflies is now up on my Ao3!

It was then that Ciel realized he had been wrong all along, this was the most splendid the courtyard had ever looked, and for oh-so many years he had been blind to it–lost in slumber while the world outside changed into something entirely ethereal, made ever-more beautiful by the devil’s lingering presence. “It’s peaceful,” he whispered, voice full of emotion that he himself didn’t entirely understand even as they coursed through him in blinding waves. And as if that was not enough, his attention was suddenly drawn away from his lover for the briefest moment by a sudden spark of amber to his right. It flickered and flashed and swirled with the wind, courting another similar glow before gradually joining in with a larger group forming to his left, all gliding throughout the flowers like the unwithering sparks of enticing flames. Fireflies…


I’m posting this at 3am so technically it’s still September for me since I haven’t slept. Not sure it works that way, but we’ll pretend… Also, this is my 70th Sebaciel fic, woohoo for being in fandom hell long enough to write this many! (Sorry for using my June art instead of making a cover, I was too tired)

~ Link will be added in reblog ~

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