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idk if there are still people on here who stan him but i need to promote my man!! yuya matsushita is finally back with a new project (“Youya”) and im so excited!!! pls go follow and support him on ig @/youya_jetmusic, i just know he won’t let us down

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Dear FanFic Authors:

Please, please, please, start tagging your character dynamics!!!!

(This is mostly intended for LGBTQ+ stories, but it can go to every kind of pairing)

If you do choose to have one character as the “dominant” and one as the “submissive” in the relationship, please reflect this in your tags!

If you are going to have the characters switch these roles at all in your story or even talk about switching, please please reflect this in your tags!!!! (Even if it’s just one offhand comment made by the characters, or an offhand comment if your authors notes, it’s still important to tag this!!)

Tagging is really important, and while the roles in a relationship aren’t necessarily ‘triggering’ like tags about torture and abuse, they can be to some.

It gets really frustrating when you read 3+ fics that are all really good but get spoiled because of the hidden dynamic between characters that’s different from what you expect them to be (and you don’t get any warnings from the tags) and it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

(I am NOT trying to say every relationship is about “who’s on top and who’s on bottom”, or that your view of the relationship is inferior, I am simply asking for tagged fics if the author has chosen to assign one or both roles to a characters relationship)

I know not a lot of authors are going to see this but if you do, please keep this in mind the next time you post a story or even if it helps you tag an old/completed story!

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i’ve been thinkin about black butler a lot recently and so i’d like to make headcanons for joker

  • if he were ever in a romantic relationship he would want to hold his partner a lot. it’s comforting having someone in your arms and knowing they’ll stay after a life of being lied to by one of the people you trusted the most

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Sebastian (obv from Kuro) and Uriel (from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist) are the same person so I did art lol

with a bonus Agni as Baphomet :))) (it’s ugly don’t look at it for too long)


Let me just-

(major spoilers for both mangas ahead)

  • Sebastian and Uriel:

- the rich, orphaned, noble, insufferably bratty MC’s “butler”

- absolutely not human

- named after someone from MC’s past

- dark hair, same length too

- saying “young master” 24/7

- g l o v e s, h o t

- technically mildly antagonistic as they are both supposed to kill the MC at some point (it’s more complicated than that for Uriel but still)

- they both infiltrate the MC’s school?????????

- everyone agrees that they enjoy inflicting pain

- appear right after MC’s parents die

- butlers the whole fandom simps for

- “British”

- weird eye colour

- could and would kill you

  • Agni and Baphomet:

- better butler than the aforementioned asshole

- dead lol

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