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#kuroshitsuji headcanons
phantom-fool-writes · 5 months ago
Black Butler characters taking care of their you when you're sick.
(You being their s/o, of course)
Ciel Phantomhive
Tumblr media
Makes sure that you're comfortable, and that you stay in bed and rest.
Has a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea made for you.
"Sebastian, you are to show them the utmost hospitality. Make sure they are comfortable and well cared for."
Spoils you rotten.
Sneaks in some dessert for you two to enjoy together.
"Shhh... don't tell Tanaka, he never lets people eat sweets when they're sick."
Sebastian Michaelis
Tumblr media
Prepares a nice warm bed for you, with lots of fluffy pillows and warm cozy blankets.
"Is there anything I could get for you?"
"Oh dear, you have a fever. Let me see what I can fix up to help with that."
Keeps the servants in check, so their antics don't wake you from your sleep.
Frequently comes in to check on you and make sure you're alright.
"Yes the young master is in a bit of a bad mood today, I wish you could see it, it is quite amusing."
Prince Soma Asman Kadar
Tumblr media
"It's time to go out! Take me around tow-! Hey, are you feeling ok? You... You have a fever!
He cuddles with you to help you feel better.
"Don't worry! I'll have Agni make you some curry! That will help cheer you up!"
Instead of just getting the servants to do things for you, he insists on helping you himself.
He plays cards and games with you while you're stuck in bed.
He tries to give you kisses but you keep telling him you don't want to make him sick. He gets sad he can't kiss you.
Tumblr media
"It's time to wake up my dear... Huh? You seem ill... Are you alright?"
Once he checks your condition, he makes sure you're comfortable.
He cooks your favourite meal for you, and it makes him smile when he sees how happy it makes you.
He'll lay down with you and kiss your forehead, trying to comfort you.
He still tends to the prince during the day, but always take the time to check up on you.
"Prince Soma, please leave them alone, they need their rest. If you keep peeking your head into the room, they'll never fall asleep."
Elizabeth Midford
Tumblr media
Always spoils you when you're sick.
"Paula! We need some tea for them, on the double please!"
Gets you lots of stuffed animals to cuddle while you're feeling under the weather.
"Oh you poor dear! When you get better we'll have to have a big tea party to celebrate!"
She gives lots of hugs and is eager to get you whatever you need.
"Father has sent for a Doctor, you'll be better really soon!"
The Undertaker
Tumblr media
He has lots of medicines that he looks through, trying to find the best one to help you out.
"Don't worry my love, I'll make sure you get better as quickly as possible."
He'll probably close the parlor for the day to take care of you.
"Drink up! I know it doesn't taste great... But it'll work like a charm!"
He draws you a nice warm bath and if you have long hair, he'll wash and braid it for you.
He lights some candles and closes the curtains in the bedroom so you can get some rest, it's a very soothing atmosphere.
Grell Sutcliffe
Tumblr media
Hugs and cuddles you when you're sick.
"Go away William! They're sick! So looks like you'll have overtime again darling!!!"
Tries and fails at making tea for you.
"You'd better believe I'm taking the day off for you darling! I can deal with Will tomorrow."
Gets bored without having you around, so she stays to talk with you.
"I've been deadly efficient at taking care of you, haven't I sweetheart?"
Thank you so much for reading! I know I haven't update in so long, but I'm gonna try to post a little more regularly. I was inspired to write these Headcanons today cause I got a nasty ol' headcold (nothing related to Covid, I assure you) so I hope you enjoyed them!
~Phantom 👻✨❤️
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yandereaffections · a month ago
Hol up, what would sebastian do after literally doing everything to woo his darling, (like taking care of them, cooking for them, and even helping them with difficult tasks) only for them to say "you're like a father to me" or even "if we ever had kids with our individual spouses, I'd let our kids date". This concept is just so hilarious to me akdhxu
Tumblr media
He wouldn't really have a response, rather Sebastian will give you one of his iconic smiles and let the day continue with him treating you just as well, almost as if you never made those comments at all
All he needs to do it make it so your train of thought reroutes, obviously you don't have any suitors to fill in that fantasy of yours due to Sebastian scaring them off, keeping you to himself, if he's quick about it he can take that moment your reevaluating what you expect to come in the future he can place himself in the husband roll without you fully acknowledging it
Change what would be your child of another man into his own, a happy family with you, children will have their own friends with others. Forget about him having a kid with anyone else that's simply repulsive to him, he'd rather create a family with you than be a father figure to you
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ozetia · 2 months ago
Can you write about how the kuroshitsuji boys would initiate sex / foreplay ? If you're comfortable with that 👀
How the kuroshitsuji boys/women initiate sex
Tumblr media
I am more than comfortable with this my love. Thank you @lacharcutiere for proof reading ♥︎
Sebastian -
Every night you sleep in this top, after all it is twice your size. He knows you’re only wearing bloomers underneath so his advances are predatory. His eyes stalk your body taking in every curve and detail before wrapping his hands underneath your tits. He prefers initiating via actions not words. His breath tickles the back of your neck, making your hair stand in anticipation before he starts guiding his hands down to your thighs, he rubs little circles on your thighs before making his way back to your shirt. Sebastian breathing becomes heavier, suggesting you’re about to fuck, before he begins to undo the buttons of your shirt one by one. Whilst doing this he lets his fingers tease your skin sometimes taking a little longer to undo a button to run his fingers along your collarbones and over your tits. He backs you onto the bed before holding you under him, his figure lurking over you as he bends down to kiss you before finally taking your bloomers off.
Undertaker -
Casual touches are passed throughout day and night: he sees you bending down putting something away so he comes closer, standing right behind, you hands placed on your hips. When you jump from the sudden intrusion he cries out and laughs before walking, away but he is infact very turned on. You stand in your shared bedroom changing your sweaty work clothes. Your top that was placed on your bed stand must’ve been misplaced as you can’t seem to find it; instead your top is on top of the drawer in the middle of room. Turning to put your top on, you spot Undertaker leaning against the doorframe watching you, eyes covered but arms folded. You can never tell what he’s thinking without looking at his expressions, but he’s practically undressing you with his eyes. The sexual tension makes the temperature in the room almost unbearable but yet again he turns his back, returning to work with his ‘guests’. It’s the end of the day and as everything comes to a close, you close your eyes until you feel Undertaker tugging your body closer to his, fingernails leaving scratches on your arms as he flips you onto your back.
Grell -
Leaves a note on the door. The note contains the message of ‘ u wan sum fuk.’ She’s behind you all bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for your answer.
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wemaryyyy · 3 months ago
Sebastian Michaelis boyfriend headcanon
Tumblr media
Sebastian would be a very caring boyfriend.
He has finally found a good partner for himself and he is really going to take care of your every need.
A relationship begins either with your special kind of soul or with an exceptional kindness to a person.
He will be interested in your kindness after learning that you are not an angel.
Humans know how to be very greedy and shitty creatures and Sebastian really doesn’t understand why you are so kind.
Sebastian would respect your religion whatever it is.
( Or so he want's you to believe. Really he has no intention of sharing your soul with God, an angel or anyone else )
He makes sure you take care of yourself and your well-being.
Sebastian enjoys hugs and kisses
Especially in public places because it upsets a humans.
It brings him great pleasure.
Sebastian’s kisses are often very plump and long.
You get kisses very often.
He usually has a big spoon.
If you have cat ears Sebastian would love it.
(You don't want to know how much)
You are no longer allowed to walk outside late.
Sebastian if who knows how dangerous people outdoors move in the dark.
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So a couple of months ago I got this request.
Could do a head cannon about Sebastian and Finny falling for Ciel’s young nanny (who’s independent and sweet but can kick butt)? Like a spit fire kind of? Please?
You can read it here
In that request, there was a part where Ciel's Nanny hit Sebastian with a frying pan and since at least one person asked for it I make it a whole headcanon now.
I hope you like this @ladyredfox88
Sebastian Michaelis x Reader: Frying pan of love.
Tumblr media
It all started when Elizabeth came to visit Ciel.
And soon she noticed that you and Sebastian reminded you very much of Ciel's parents.
You were as caring as the real parents.
( Ciel would be a very pampered child )
Elizabeth decided to say this out loud.
And it's just a shame that Sebastian was hearing this.
( Not really)
Since that day, Sebastian has teased Ciel for this.
His most common phrases are "You have to ask your mother this thing", "Now is the time for the little boy to go to bed", "Ciel do you want me to read you a fairy tale?" and "Ciel maybe one day you'll be a big boy"
Usually, Ciel gets angry about this and after that Sebastian has a lot more fun.
Sebastian is a real demon.
You once noticed that Sebastian went a little too far.
So you decided to get a frying pan and if Sebastian continues to tease Ciel you will hit him with it.
You that it wouldn’t hurt him but maybe it would give him a little lesson.
Sebastian's shocked look was worth seeing.
He had never assumed you could hit him with anything.
It was the last time Sebastian teased Ciel while you were near.
He doesn’t want to know what object you’re hitting him next.
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Sebastian and Undertaker with a Tsundere! s/o
Tumblr media
@fanfictionsworld asked : Undertaker and Sebastian with a s/o whos is tusndure and her love language is hitting them and calling them names like idiot.
A/N: I had written this previously but I think it got deleted, so here's a new and more detailed one.
Tumblr media
Sebastian is extremely confused at first. You claim to like him, yet your words and actions say otherwise? But once he learns that it was a means for you to express your love, Sebastian is charmed by your rare love language.
And he is not going to spare you of any teasing. Neither do your harsh words nor your weak little hits are going to get him, try all you want. He will make sure to tease you in every chance he gets, not leaving until you run out of ways to defend the heavy blush on your cheeks.
A normal conversation between the two may look like Sebastian giving you a compliment for a tease, and you countering with something like 'shut up' or 'idiot'.
"My, you look adorable today, kitten." "Shut up."
This demon is very insistent on seeing your face flush, and he is going to try everything in his power to achieve that sight. He wants to make you completely speechless.
He really enjoys being with you, adores your wits and personality. You don't have to be all cutesy with him to prove that you love him, he knows that you express your love in this way, so mean comments and sarcastic remarks will suffice.
Undertaker absolutely adores this beautiful personality of yours. He is unfazed by your remarks, in fact, he thinks it is a nice form of entertainment and makes a good source of laughter.
Another big tease. There is no way he's going to let a day pass without teasing you.
This idiot here lives for enticing a reaction out of you, and so he's always making suggestive jokes or give you light, subtle, teasing touches. And then he laughs at whatever reaction you give him.
Don't mind him though, he simply thinks you look adorable with those angry pink and embarrassed cheeks. It almost wants to make him squish your cheeks.
He understands that you're not the one who can express their love in normal standards, so if this is the only way you can, he's gladly gonna accept all of it :)
Tumblr media
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moonlessae · a month ago
Sebastian Michaelis and his demon mate
Instead of meeting in the location of the series, I did it in hell/underworld because in my head their love story blossoms there. As there is no information on what Sebastian's place of origin is like, I made my small interpretation of it.
On the other hand, for those who don't know Sebastian’s real form, in chapter 136 there’s a glimpse of what he looks like. I can't get over him wearing boots with high heels.
Warning: nsfw and direct/ indirect of fem!reader
Tumblr media
Over the centuries, he has had many demonic partners; but never serious, only passing ones. As in to only satisfy his sexual appetite, which can sometimes be insatiable. There have been times when a demon has become attached to him and proposes to be their mate. Whenever this happens, he’ll be completely aloof to it and reject them on the spot. Why? He does not see the importance of having a partner, so much that he considers it an inconvenience. Especially as the kind of demon he is: intelligent, skilled and cunning. Why does he need someone else when he himself is perfect?
“Know your place,” he spat, stamping his heels on the floor, “Or I’ll make you remember it.”
This contrasts to the popular belief that all demons should have a mate as means of popularity; the more, the merrier. Which is normal to see demons being in a polygamy relationships just to show off to others how many people can be involved with. Which is ironic because most of them end up having an orgy.
However, it all changed when he met you. It was as if meteors lined up in his path and there was an instant connection between the two of you. He had never experienced this before in his life, and he knew he had to have you as a mate, for eternity.
He’d not be surprised to learn that there are other competitors who want your hand. Unfortunately for them, he’ll be the only one to have it; and would be ready to battle with whoever is in his way.
Where were you in his whole life? Why did he know about you until now? He often asks himself these questions as he plans on how to court you, but in the end chooses to go with his usual charm as he always had done. It includes: hunting and gifting you the finest souls, protecting you from harm, being attentive of your needs and behaving courteously at all times.
In a few words, he’d be a pure gentleman with you. For that reason, you rejected each of his advances because you doubted him and his actions. Since the vast majority of the demons in hell are dishonest, including yourself, and only seek others for sexual purposes. Therefore, you don't want to be anyone's plaything.
Why would anyone give you a soul when everyone else is mean when it comes to sharing it? Why does he always hold your hand every time you go up or down a step? Why does he want to see the damned humans being thrown into the fifth river with you? There are so many behaviors that you can't stop but to question them.
When you do it for the first time, he’ll be surprised because he’s not used to that response. But he’d not be discouraged and continue to pursue you. By which, it’d intensify as he gets to know you, making him more captivated by you. It gets to a point that he'll be willing to wait for you, even if it takes years and years.
“Is okay,” staring at your dazzling eyes, “I have all the time in the world.”
Despite your indifference towards him, you slowly begin to fall for the tall demon as well. It was hard not to when he is; intelligent and eloquent in his speech, and behaves gallantly. Compared to the other demons who usually treat their partners like objects and some are brutes.
At the same time, you were afraid to accept his proposal because once you do, there’s no turning back (there's no such thing as divorce). In addition to this, you have seen the failures of others and how they suffer for it; their spouses drop their façade and reveal their true intentions, causing them to stop their loving acts. That being said, you did what your head thought was the right thing to do.
"What do you mean they're gone?" he asks in bewilderment at the elderly woman who happens to be your neighbor, "I saw them two hours ago.”
She places her hands on her wide hips, "They were here but now they're gone! Are you deaf or what?!”
“Do you know where?” he inquired, massaging his temple. After a long courtship, he thought he had achieved his goal of making you fall in love with him. So he has been looking for you to propose you properly. But now he can't find you... anywhere.
“How should I know!” throwing her hands in the air, “I’m not their mother! Besides, they’re 347! Not 15!”
Since then, he has not seen you for a long time. During your absence, he has not stopped searching for you; both in hell and earth. Before he knew it, 200 years had passed since your disappearance.
"Oh, my dearest," admiring at the sunrise where your face is glued to the sun, "Where are you?"
Now, he’s a butler for the Phantomhive family and has a contract to the head of the manor, Ciel Phantomhive. In this position, he has learnt and does mundane activities that he thought he’d never do; a few of them have hurt his pride. All for the sake of consuming a soul, he knows that making these sacrifices will be worth it in the end — the thought of it makes his mouth water.
There are times where he imagines what you’d think of him going to such lengths to protect a spoilt teenager. He doesn't even want to think about it, because it’d be another deep wound to his pride; and would find it hard to come to terms with it.
"All my effort will be rewarded," he muttered bitterly, still feeling his cheek burned by Ciel's hand; only because he had mistaken the flavor of his morning tea, “Then I will return as the excellent demon that I am.”
One night, as usual, he was in his bedroom feeding his cats until he stopped abruptly. Is his nose playing tricks on him? No, it has never failed him. He can recognize this scent from miles away.
"It can't be," he gasped, jumping out of the window to follow the smell he hadn't smelled in decades, “(Name)?”
Indeed it was you alone in the human form. Apparently, all this time, you were on an extensive voyage around the world to broaden your horizons. Secretly, to also forget about him, but that didn't work out. How can you forget a demon of that kind?
On this trip you have had more than enough time to reflect, and have come to the conclusion that being his partner isn't a bad idea. This increases even more when you hear that he has not given up on you nor the proposal of being your mate. As much as you want to accept it, the fear still pulls you from doing so.
In a sense, he could feel that you are troubled with something, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. Like most males, he also has trouble understanding the opposite sex. Thus, he has chosen not to ask you and find it by himself.
“Dear,” taking off his coat to lay it across your trembling shoulders, “Follow me, it’s cold out here.”
You hugged the material to your body, to smell his aroma up close, "So, Sebastian, what have you been doing?
He stares at you for a moment, "I'm a butler…”
Your lips curl into a smile, holding back laughter, "You... a butler?” Of all the things that exist in this foolish world, this is the least you think Sebastian would do. Scratch that, you can't visualize him taking orders from anyone, especially a human.
"Yes," he replied forcefully, not meeting your eyes.
"That sounds fascinating..."
Upon arriving at the manor, he’ll tell Ciel the whole truth of your identity so he can hire you as a maid; with the argument of more combat-trained employees, the better. Sebastian is going to make sure of it, because he's not going to let you go, not this time.
"Congratulations, my beloved,” placing a light kiss on your hand, "You’re now part of the Phantomhive family.”
The same thing happened to you as Sebastian, it took you a while to get used to doing the tasks that humans do in their daily lives. Of course, he took this opportunity to teach you and would be very patient in your mistakes. When you are making progress, he’ll pat your head lovingly whilst giving small praises.
“You did well today, (Name).”
Because of this, the Phantomhive staff was amazed by the effect you have on Sebastian. Who is strict and sometimes rude to them in their work, but as soon as you’re in the picture...he gets soft? This has caused all of them to question you on how you do it. Specifically, Mey-Rin, who is your roommate and every morning sees a new bouquet of flowers at the door; with a note that has your name written on it in elegant cursive.
Is Sebastian embarrassed to publicly show his romantic intention with you? Not at all, in fact it boosts his ego and shows everyone that you’re off limits. And yes, he knows he's not in a relationship with you... yet.
As time went by, fights and experiences at work brought you two closer than ever. So much that you have felt the "tingle of the devil'' every time you're near him. You've heard of this before, but never thought it was true since it is rare to occur to demons. Simply put, it's a visceral feeling you get when you're around your soulmate. You just hoped Sebastian didn't feel it....
"Careful, my dove," eying your trembling form on the stairs as you dust the ceiling, "I don't want you to fall because of my presence."
...perhaps not.
One way or another, you have finally decided to say yes in spite of your worries. After all, you've been wanting this for centuries and you can't wait any longer. As the demons would say: "To hell with it.”
In the forest, the place where you reunite once again... you have expressed your acceptance. This did not surprise him because he already knew that you're attracted to him and it was only a matter of time before you approved him. Besides, he had already figured out why you were indifferent to him, and it made sense.
"(Name), as long as we both breathe,” extending one hand to you as the other is on his chest, "I’ll devote myself entirely to you, for all eternity.”
Right there, you had your ceremony under the full moon. It was simple but meaningful; both of you in your real forms and surrounded by nature. You didn't mind not living up to the expectations of making it extravagant like everyone else does, this was enough to make it magical.
"I do," they both said in unison and leaned down to bite each other's neck with their fangs to leave a marital stamp only visible to demons. With eyes closed, his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling closer to his body to savor more of this blissful moment. He hummed with delight as you did the same, causing his fang to sink deeper to fully mark you as his.
Unlike his counterparts, he has no intentions of having more mates when he has someone as perfect as you.
Tumblr media
Just as he promised, he’s devoted to you. Therefore, his acts of love did not stop, and never will. Not a day will go by without him doing so, even with his busy schedule. He always finds some way to spend time with you or know about your well-being.
When it comes to danger, there are times when he protects you first than Ciel. He recognizes that you are capable of taking care of yourself, but he’d not stand to see you in pain, let alone dead.
Waltz, waltz, and more waltz! He adores it and takes every opportunity to do it with you. Along with the melodic music coming out of a gramophone as you both dance gracefully in the moonlight.
In his pocket watch he has a picture of you pinned to it. He likes to see it when he is away from you on a mission, a silent form of saying he misses you. For this reason, he is very protective of it; making sure not to break it during fights and becomes aggressive if someone touches or dares to break it.
There are no words to describe how incredible it is to have sex with him! Given his experience, he knows to give ultimate pleasure to you. In which, it’s also going to be chaotic in the sense that you would lose yourselves in ecstasy and unleash demonic powers; causing the mansion to shake and everyone to wake up thinking it was an earthquake.
Speaking of demonic powers, he prefers to have intercourse in your true form because it is more appealing to his eyes. Since it’s the image that he found you gorgeous.
By default, demons are lustful creatures and can't resist wanting to have sex with you: dragging you to the closets to have a quickie before serving a meal to Ciel, lapping your cunt behind the tall bushes between breaks and doing sixty-nine early in the morning in his room. Moreover, given your unnatural're constantly doing it every day without being fatigued.
When mating season approaches, both gets hornier and it is complicated to hide it from others. Not that he minds getting caught or having sex in front of them. So, as a way to handle it until the night comes (to have sex somewhere desolated or else the manor would break apart from the intensity), you kiss passionately in secret; teeth and noses crushing, sucking tongues and exploring each other's mouth with it. As you're held so tightly; hands gripping his hair as he gropes your chest and bottom while being in a moaning mess.
This man knows how to eat pussy and loves to do it. Therefore, he spends a good time between your legs; eating, sucking, lapping, pumping and curling his fingers in your wet walls. Also, he wouldn't mind his head being wrapped by your thighs because it allows him to go deeper into your core.
Tumblr media
I hope you like it as much as I like writing it! I’ve made their story in a general sense and not detailed, so that there would be space for you to fill in!
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pillow-anime-talk · 10 months ago
favorite types of kisses.
synopsis: Where do they love to be kissed? And where do you love to be kissed by them?
# tags: headcanons; current relationships; romance; fluff; kisses & PDA in general; sfw & suggestive
includes: gender neutral reader ft. ciel phantomhive, sebastian michaelis, grell sutcliff, undertaker, snake & lau {kuroshitsuji}
author’s note: huh, so i watched ‘kuroshitsuji’ and i’m a full-fledged simp now.
Tumblr media
↘ Kisses on the CHEEKS; are Ciel’s favorites. They are kisses for literally any occasion – for good morning, for goodbye, for good luck at work. It’s a kiss that can be made while saying wishes, for a good night’s sleep or for a safe journey. When you peck Ciel on that part of his face, he feels appreciated and at peace. Your lips are extremely delicate and warm, perfectly harmonizing with the cool and porcelain skin of his whole body. Additionally, when you show him affection, he has the courage to smile slightly, not even worrying about Sebastian’s later jokes about his own, crimson blushes. Your kisses are soothing and the Young Lord can never get enough of them, so give them to him as often as possible.
↘ Kisses on the NOSE; it’s the kind of kiss Ciel gives you on many possible chances. They are cute and you’re cute to him too, so he usually kisses you on the nose when you’re happy or when something incredibly fantastic happened, for example, you won a game of chess with someone or you received something from your parents (or from your future husband) like tickets for spectacle you really wanted to go to. Pecks on the nose are short and precious, but incredibly memorable and heart-warming. Plus, they’re sometimes very playful, so you can experience that side of Ciel that no one else can see now or ever.
Tumblr media
↘ Kisses on the HANDS; it’s the most intimate kiss for a demon, for a butler, who has no right to touch others, even with gloves on. That’s why when you hold them and kiss his wrists, knuckles, fingers, nails, he feels so sinless. He feels human and just plain good. However, the tall man still wonders, how can you voluntarily kiss his hands? After all, these are hands that have taken so many (often pure) lives. Which had seduced so many people before. Which are cold, rough and unhealthily pale. And yet you still do it, always with the same innocent smile on your charming face that makes Sebastian feel that he has some positive emotions inside him, in his black soul. You will definitely be his death one day.
↘ FOREHEAD kisses; it’s the most tender kiss you can get from another person, from a lover, from a partner, from a person who’s the whole life for one side of couple. Sebastian doesn’t kiss you often. He only does this on important occasions, such as when it’s your birthday or when it’s Christmas. However, when you get hurt or you are sick, I’m sure that you will feel his lips on your forehead more than once, not only so that the black-haired man can feel your body temperature, but most of all, to make you feel that he’s close to you and you can always rely on him, even if it’s some small, even stupid thing or request. After all, he’s not simply one hell of a butler, but also a simply one hell of a good and kind lover, if you want to.
Tumblr media
↘ JAWLINE kisses; Grell is a hot lover. They love every kind of kiss, however, there is one particular that they would literally die for. Jawline kisses are one of the sexiest kisses lovers can give each other. When you kiss them on the jawbone, Grell feels like you’re standing on the verge of kissing their lips and biting them on the pretty neck. It’s exciting not knowing which way you’re going to go on. This pinch of uncertainty and surprise is something they adore. Kissing on the jawline is also quite sloppy, and that happens quite often in your relationship, because after all, you both get busy with your own activities, so you have to show your affection quickly to enjoy each other more afterwards. However, it’s definitely worth waiting for the next such kisses.
↘ Kisses on the BARE SHOULDER; with Grell you feel cherished and desirable. They appreciate you like nobody else, compliment you like nobody else, caress you like nobody else. Your figure is the best canvas you can imagine for Grell, and your arm is like the first touch of a paintbrush. You love being kissed on the shoulder for two reasons – they’re intimate and affectionate, and at the same time, they can lead to more. You have a strange soft point for the Grell’s smile, and their teeth are your greatest weakness. Do you know how beautiful your shoulder look when Grell kisses or bites you there? They’ll definitely take some photos and toss them between the pages of their notebook as little bookmarks.
Tumblr media
↘ Kisses on the CHIN; he’s damn tall and likes to tease you so badly. He lives for fun, so watching you try to kiss him on the lips or on the face in general is his daily pleasure. You practically never reach where you want, so you end up kissing him on the chin, and at one point that kiss became a favorite for Undertaker. Why? Probably because it’s the kiss you ask for the most, the one you care about the most, the one you want to feel the most. You’re so adorable when you jump or stand on tiptoes to reach for a peck. And... don’t think that Undertaker will ever make things easier for you. You gotta try harder, shortie.
↘ Kisses on the LIPS; however, there are days when your boyfriend demands a kiss, when he wants intimacy that only you can give him. Therefore, he immediately kisses you on the mouth, without any prior warning. For example, when he’s sitting at his desk in his shop, he suddenly pulls you onto his thicc lap and gives you a few quick but warm kisses right on your lip-balm-tasting mouth. You love these moments because a kiss on the lips is the kiss closest to those in love, it’s a kiss reserved only for two people in a relationship. So, could there be anything better than showing affection in this way to a person who means so much to us? Definitely not.
Tumblr media
↘ Kisses on the NECK; he will never admit it, but he likes the closeness you give him. He appreciates the sense of safety you show him every day. When you kiss him on the neck, on the scales that once seemed to him to be a defect or on his Adam’s apple he additionally feels that you want him like a normal and simple person, that you feel love and desire for him. It’s lascivious to kiss someone’s neck, you know that? That’s why when you do that, Snake melts. Your kisses on the neck, light bites, skin sucking are something that he associates with what he likes the most (apart from you, naturally), and these are his beloved snakes. When you kiss him on the larynx, he knows he’s helpless and vulnerable to you, so keep doing it and show him a lot of affection, okay? The boy definitely deserves it.
↘ Kisses on the TEMPLE; Snake is a sweet guy. He’s a bit shy and usually communicates with you through his pets who always help him tell you about his own feelings. When Oscar, Emily or Wilde tell him to give you a kiss on the temple, who would he be if he hadn’t obeyed their silent commands? He kisses you on the temples because he reaches to them perfectly. He kisses you on the temple because he thinks it’s a kiss that suits you both perfectly. He kisses you there because it’s a kiss that means a wish to protect you. You are important to him, and he wants to be as close to you as possible. He want you to know that he’s right next to your figure and these kisses always informs you about his presence and intentions through. You loves it, really.
Tumblr media
↘ Kisses on the EYELIDS; his eyes are closed most of the time, which is why he likes to be cared with your kisses. I think his facial skin is really soft and smooth, so kissing his eyelids is pure pleasure for the two of you. Lau has a soft spot for your scent, so when you bend over to give him a peck on the eye, he smirks silly, inhaling your sweet perfume scent or your morning scent after a nice night in the soft sheets. Every time you kiss his eyelid, he may even be tempted to open his eyes to see you better. And he definitely don’t regret the moment when he does it, because your smile is the brightest thing within a radius of several kilometers.
↘ EAR kisses; sometimes he’s just an idiot. He knows this is one of your most sensitive places, very prone to tickling, to his nice breath, to his wet but hot tongue. He likes to tease you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like being teased. Kisses on the ear are intimate and private, they are often surrounded with a few whispers or compliments, and you love to feel appreciated and praised by him. Lau is the perfect lover, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but no matter what the situation, you can count on him to give you a long kiss on the earlobe in the next few minutes. Your reactions are his favorite, so don’t count that he would ever stop doing it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smalldbd · a month ago
headcanons of being sebastian michaelis's housewife
bc work has been hard for me recently and my newfound happy place is daydreaming ab being sebby's cute lil housewife <33
notes !!! this is pretty self-indulgent and will definitely be littered with projection lol ,, i try to keep this as gender neutral as possible, though i do use the term housewife throughout all of this, since i am a female-aligned/presenting non-binary person who is comfortable with the term !! ^__^
- right off the bat, sebastian would not be opposed to this idea at all !!! he adores the idea of being able to come home to his lovely partner every single night, their soft embrace greeting him from a hard day of work <333
- he would reaaaaally appreciate this type of thing especially during any contracts
- like ??? he gets to work and then come home to his darling welcoming him with a tight hug and covering his face in kisses every single night ???????? sebastian would be on-board with this from the absolute beginning !!
- also depending on who he's working for at the time, it may be a nice idea to have you at a separate location while he is working, sometimes being too close to his contractors can be pretty dangerous for other humans :((
- i think for the most part, sebs would prefer to take care of the cleaning, primarily bc yk he’s a demon n all so he can finish it in just a few short minutes (seconds, even). though, if you really insist on doing the cleaning yourself, he’ll cooperate with you and leave the cleaning to you on certain days
- as for the cooking, he’s fine either way!! he is a demon and has no need or desire to eat human food (it all tastes stale and lifeless to him anyways T T) but he loves the little moments where you both can cook together in the kitchen
- disappointed mom stare when sebastian finds you eating sour gummie worms at 2 in the morning you need sLEEP-
- sebby would Not understand your obsession with video games, like ,, at all PFFT
- it would be fun to see him get all bent out of shape over you having an attachment to a fictional character though LMAO
- cue sebs being pouty about you fawning over pulling childe <333
- sebby would pretty much leave the decorating to you. he’s not a human, he’s never put much value on what decorates where he’s staying
- “disappointed but not surprised” look when you decorate the house with what he deems to be silly things
- “darling, why are these neon-colored worms hanging from the ceiling?”
- “no my love, we cannot put monster high curtains in the living room.”
- what happened to you not caring about the decorating sir 🤨
- he’ll never ever admit this a day in his life (okay Maybe he would), but he adores coming home to you wearing nothing but one of his shirts and your underwear
- even if it isn’t sexually, he likes how intimate it feels, yk?
- like Wow ,, you two have really built a home together, a place to feel safe being vulnerable
- and then sebby gets a pillow thrown at his head for staring but it was with love cue pouty sebs
- sebastian is a sucker for your affection 100%
- like he just came home from another day with his current contractor, and now he gets to rest his head on your stomach/chest and have you brush your fingers through his hair and massage his scalp while he unloads from the day?? um YES?????
- granted, affections like the one above are only allowed once you two have been together for a while, maybe half a year or so
- before that it’s just holding his hand or resting your arms around his gay little waist or just covering his face in kisses
- sebby has a serious problem being vulnerable (and if you’re like me, so do you lmao😭) so moments where he can drop the pristine butler (or whatever he has to be) act and just be yours, your sebastian, makes his heart melt, so don’t take them for granted, ‘kay?
- and obviously there will be times where he won’t be in a contract and can just be at home with you, or go out and about (money had never been a problem with him obvi)
- cue my ass dragging him to build a bear
- anyways
- i do kinda wanna mention this bc it’s my own personal hc and also one i’ve seen around but
- being a housewife to sebby wouldn’t be as sexual an endeavor as people believe it to be * dodges various things being thrown at me as im boo’ed off stage*
- i see sebastian as asexual—he doesn’t see a need for it or even a desire in itself, but if his partner wants it or anything along those lines, he’s fine to provide winkwink
- he’d 100% be a sucker for you wearing his clothes while he’s away
- also (very self indulgent here but) he would absolutely spoil you with plushies lmao😭
- especially if you like them??? my guy will spend thousands of dollars on plushies to fill your bed with and then complain when there’s no space for him to cuddle you
- so this is a given, naturally
- but you guys have a lot of cats
- you have at least one named screwdriver i don’t make the rules (yes i do)
- primarily strays though because :(( babies need lovies
- just to spite him i think most of the cats would prefer you over sebastian LMAOO
- you and AT LEAST one of the cats have matching clothes (like a lil hoodie for da cat and a matching hoodie for you <33)
- okay this is getting really long so i’m gonna stop here but i might add on to it as time goes on or if anyone wants more hc’s LMAO😭😭
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adorekurapika · 6 months ago
hello! how are you? (♡´ᵕ`♡) may i request headcanons for ciel phantomhive with a s/o who flinches at almost everything? i have a lot of trouble with this at home and especially outside too. . doors slamming, doors opening, and practically everything thrown or flying at me startles me to death ╥﹏╥
— 𝐜𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
paring: ciel phantomhive x reader
warnings: teeny mentions of reader getting hurt but not really 
details: gender neutral
word count: 0.3k
💭 : i’m doing good! and i guess this is my personal apology for hurting you all with verity 🙇🏻
˗ˏˋ in which ciel tries to help you with your strong flinching reflex  ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ when ciel first was engaged to you, you were both children, so he didn’t know about how you get startled easily
⤷ as you both grew older, however, he started to notice how you would jump when someone would enter the room without knocking first
⤷ at first, he found it amusing, the way your face would scrunch up and your body would jolt
⤷ but as he saw your flinching become for frequent, he started to worry
⤷ it just... wasn’t normal for someone to flinch so frequently
⤷ once he had witnessed you flinch when sebastian lightly closed the door behind him 
⤷ you practically jumped out of your seat
⤷ ciel’s mind starts to wander to the worst possible ideas, had someone hurt you and caused you to have such a strong flinch reflex?
⤷ he decides there’s no way he can know unless he asks, so he asks you bluntly why you have such a strong flinch reflex
⤷ you’re shocked when he asked and what he thought was the reason, but you quickly dismiss his ideas and tell him the truth
⤷ “there’s not really a reason why i have a strong flinch reflex... i just do. i get startled by loud noises and sudden movements easily.”
⤷ although he’s still left confused, ciel starts to understand the situation more
⤷ he tells sebastian and the servants to be careful around you and to make their presence known when they’re in the same room as you
⤷ he also tries his best to keep his voice down and to limit his outbursts (he’s known to slam his desk quite often)
⤷  he gets so angry when grell makes her spontaneous appearances
⤷ he thought you were having a heart attack when you first met her
⤷ your hands flew to your chest, right where your heart was, your eyes widened and you flinched away from her
⤷ yells at her and tells sebastian to get rid of her 
⤷ don’t tell anyone but ciel thinks the way you react when you’re surprised is cute
Tumblr media
𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙡 𝙩𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩: @dexpairs-blog ,
Tumblr media
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radioactivesweet · 4 months ago
Hey! Could I request some angsty hcs for Sebastian Michaelis? Perhaps him finding out that his s/o has fallen terribly ill and there is little chance of them surviving? (Maybe even throw in their death for some extra sad spice?) I hope I'm not asking too much ;-; thank you though!
Third request in a row I had to rewrite because my computer keeps pulling pranks on me- btw hope it’s angsty enough!
tw: illness, death
Tumblr media
Sebastian had never cared about humans, they could get sick or involved in accidents, and died in a way he would have considered miserable. He had assisted to the decay and eventual death of many humans, apathetic. He said a countless number of “condolences” to grieving families, he took part in funerals, brought flowersm without being the slightest touched emotionally. Before he met. Now it was different, he was different. You are the one who pushed a demon to pray before the same god he was supposed to despise.
When Ciel first told him about your condition, Sebastian could hide well his shock – what shocked him the most though, was realising that he had ended up developing human feelings towards you – but the other servants seemed to know he wasn't as indifferent as he tried to be. They were all sharing the same anxiety and concern. Ciel, too, was distracted from his works, and giving his employees some time off, Sebastian included.
Sebastian spent that time beside you, trying to reassure you, to convince you that things will get better, that you will get better, that next spring you two will take long walks together again. Yet he knows better, you both do, you won't see again the blooming flowers under the timid spring warmth, that that winter will never come to an end. He tried to reassure you, but mostly, who he wanted to fool, was himself.
Sebastian has tons of knowledges about everything, medicine too, so he already could tell your diagnosis, but still he hoped that the doctor hìwho kept visiting you could bring him good new – which never arrived. It was just a matter of time, he knew, before everything ended.
When Sebastian saw the green glowing eyes of a shinigami outside your window, you were already asleep. It was snowing. He left the room. Trying to stop the shinigami from doing their work would have only been a waste of time. Sebastian bid you adieu, kissed your forehead gently and went away.
He didn't take part during the funeral and nobody could find him. Sebastian didn't want anybody to see a demon cry in the pitiful human way.
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sleepingdeath-light · 3 months ago
Relationship headcanons for Sebastian and/or Claude x reader please
Relationship Headcanons | Sebastian & Claude
Tumblr media
thank you for requesting, anon!
these are written with no particular order or reader insert in mind and are more general, so apologies if they appear disjointed in anyway!
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian is a generally possessive and protective partner—both natural consequences of his being a demon and his view of humans, such as yourself, as being significantly more delicate and fragile than himself. This would come out in an array of positive and negative ways that would impact your relationship:
Not letting you go out alone (whether he or someone he trusts accompanies you or if he keeps an eye on you from a distance)
Linking arms when you’re walking in public
Placing his hand on the small of you back or wrapping an arm around your waist if he feels someone is getting too close
Carrying more of your workload to ensure you don’t overwork yourself
Keeping a close eye on your health and all but forcing you to rest and recoup whilst he performs your duties
Marking you during sex
and so on.
He would likely value a partner who is competent and at least somewhat able to protect themselves and the young master.
Someone who could be easily and smoothly integrated into the staff force at the estate
Someone who could handle their own in work and life, allowing him the space to perform his own duties without interruption
Someone who could at the very least learn how to understand Ciel and keep him safe from human threats—be that through evacuation or actual self defence
Someone who would understand that he isn’t human and has a different way of expressing himself and his care for his s/o
And someone who could keep up with his heat cycles when they came
Sebastian also strikes me as being a jealous partner—which would be at the root of most of your arguments.
That gentleman was standing too close
You were talking to them for too long
You had no reason to entertain that guest when they were so clearly waiting for an opening to take you
He always has an excuse to scold you for lengthy interactions with humans he doesn’t trust—which lead into arguments
During these arguments, Sebastian is unbearably levelheaded—never even raising his voice or lifting his gaze away from whatever it was he was doing to acknowledge your upset
It’s his main flaw as he doesn’t exactly empathise with your emotions and stress, as being possessive and jealous are natural aspects of his species. It’s just natural for him, so all he’s able to do his try to calm you down and scold you for raising your voice and losing your temper with him
Though, as he is a demon, he’s talented when it comes to conflict deescalation with humans—and excellent at make-up sex on the occasion when that fails with you
So, in the end, you always stay together
he won’t let you go so easily
Though, his possessive nature does make him more willing to perform PDA:
He’ll place his coat or jacket over your shoulders and rub your arms when you’re cold
He’ll offer you his hand when you’re travelling up or down certain areas (say, exiting a carriage)
He’ll offer you his arm when you’re walking, placing his hand over your own intermittently as you converse
Kisses on the cheek (in the estate) and on the back of your hand (in public)
Guiding you with a hand on the small of your back, or just resting there as you stand side by side
And other societally appropriate ways of showing affection—saving more intimate displays for the privacy of your quarters
He’d also call you Kitten, Love or Darling regardless of your company
On a similar note, whilst he isn’t so much inclined to brag about you, he will openly praise you to your colleagues and encourage them to learn from you.
He’d scold others for their mistakes whilst uplifting your accomplishments as a staff member at the estate
Your work ethic is so much higher
You’re so much more dedicated to your work
You constantly return overwhelmingly positive results in your work
You pay more attention to detail than the others
and so on
Frankly, it’s a miracle that the others haven’t started avoiding you all together—instead finding his attitude to you almost endearing (and a point of joking ridicule in the eyes those as confident as Baldroy)
Sebastian would also be the most likely to initiate things in your relationship—viewing it as a simple pastime initially before settling into his uncomfortable attachment to you:
Your first kiss likely coincided with the end of your first date (itself initiated by Sebastian)
He had invited you to go for a stroll with him through the countryside whilst you were accompanying the young lord up north
It was a late afternoon walk, up through a sparsely trodden path that wound through the fields and up through a small woodland before dropping you off at the other side of town
Your arms were linked as you walked, conversing lightly as he consistently flattered and complimented you—sometimes being subtle, other times being much more forward
By the time the sun had started to set, you were completely flustered and unable to meet his eyes, keeping your eyes focused on the path underfoot and the approaching opening in the trees
Though, just before you stepped out into the urban area again, Sebastian stopped and turned to you, tilting your head upwards to face him with the tip of his index finger
Then, giving you ample room to move away, he leaned down and pressed a warm, but chaste, kiss in your lips—pulling away with his signature smirk before remarking about how you should be making your way back before the young lord notices
However, as much as Sebastian initiates, he also doesn’t tend to partake in human niceties unless he has to. So, you’d have to be the first to say “I love you” in your relationship.
At first it was a pleasant remark stated between bouts of laughter on one of your many evening outings
Then it became routine
You’d say it in the morning
You’d say it before you went to sleep or retired to your rooms
If one of you would be away for a while, you’d say it
and so on
Though for a while, Sebastian would only respond with “and I you” and similar things—never actually saying it to you in return or by his own volition
Until one day, when you were out having a small picnic in the estate’s garden, when he turned to you, smiled and finally said “I love you”
And, even to his own shock, he really truly meant it—allowing the phrase to slip into his daily routine whenever he saw you
I feel like his main love language would be gift giving, or possibly physical touch (but that’s more of a consequence of his possessive side).
When shopping for the young master, he’ll purchase you stuff he thinks you’ll appreciate
Jewellery (mainly necklaces)
New clothing for you to wear on outings with him (including things to wear in the bedroom)
Your favourite foods (whether it’s confectionary or general meals)
Small trinkets
Things you mentioned liking or showed interest in
Similarly, he doesn’t feel much of a need to receive gifts from you. However, he’ll occasionally show interest in things just to humour you and to see if you’ll remember—almost like a test to see how dedicated you are to these things. So anything that shows you recall he says and pay attention to his likes and dislikes, he will appreciate.
His favourite places to kiss you are:
Your lips
Your cheek
The backs of your hands
Your neck
Whilst he doesn’t need to sleep, Sebastian will sit or lay beside you until you fall asleep. He’ll be intimate and communicate with you until then, but he always leaves to perform his other duties about the estate. So, no matter how hard you may try (getting him to lay with you in his arms, holding him tightly, etc.) you will never wake up beside him like you would a normal partner.
In conclusion:
Sebastian is a partner that’s able to adapt to your needs and wants through small shifts in his behaviours, speech and schedules
But he’s also extremely possessive—which tends to be at the root of all the arguments you have as a couple
He’s neutral towards pda, willing to perform it but only to the extent that it doesn’t threaten the persona he puts on
He initiates most things in your relationship, but was the last to say “I love you”, preferring to give gifts than say it until it became a routine exchange
He adores you as his mate but won’t outright brag about you, instead using you as an example of the ideal employee and person at the estate (a mostly subconscious choice)
He’ll teach you to protect yourself, but also keeps an eye on you at all times—ensuring you won’t get injured, threatened or taken from him (very protective)
He’s very liberal with giving you affection and intimacy when you’re alone or in trusted company
And he’ll stay by you until you fall asleep to ensure your comfort and keep up the appearance of normalcy until you are made aware of his non-human status
Claude Faustus
As is in a demon’s nature, Claude is incredibly protective and possessive over you as his partner. Though, this goes above and beyond what Sebastian does.
He won’t let you out of his sight unless you’re in an area he knows very well or near the other demons in his jurisdiction (Hannah and the Triplets)
When you’re away from the estate, he’ll always have a hand on you somewhere, keeping you close to himself and showing that you’re taken
(Your back, your waist, your shoulder, your forearm, your hand, etc.)
He’ll stay with you whilst you sleep, ensuring you get enough rest—so you’ll wake up to him sitting beside you, stroking your hair or with him opening the curtains and bringing you something light to eat
As a result of his possessive streak, he’s much more aggressive with others—but he doesn’t get outright jealous unless the person attempting to court you is a demon or another immortal entity.
If they’re human, he’ll ignore their presence entirely and usher you away with an excuse that you’re needed elsewhere—glaring at them darkly
If they’re not human, he’ll attack them and attempt to kill or gravely wound them. No expenses are spared as he expresses very clearly that you are his mate and you belong to him already
In the aftermath, you’re usually too frightened for yourself and him to start an argument, so you just go along with whatever he wants
This usually leads to (with your express consent) very angry, rough sex—leaving you barely able to move in the morning after
leaving poor Hannah to pick up the slack and care for you when Claude is tending to his majesty
As a consequence, you don’t really argue, per say, as much as you bicker—and even then it’s only ever about his inability to show affection (and resolved by more intimate means). Again, demons don’t really naturally understand the need for these things so just give him time.
Claude doesn’t really brag about you, either:
Unless someone sees you kissing or being otherwise intimate, they wouldn’t even know you two were together
He doesn’t see the need to announce it or brag about you
Yes, you’re his mate and he cares for you, but you’re also human—and he doesn’t feel the need to brag about humans
So the only ones that would really know were the other staff at the Trancy estate and those who try to flirt with you and come face-to-face with a very aggressive and cold Claude
The transition from coworkers to partners was relatively smooth, with a regular outing turning into an impromptu date after you proposed the idea on your way out of the door—and he agreed.
A trip into town to collect supplies for the estate isn’t a typical first date, but nothing about working or living with demons really is
The mood was light and mostly pleasant—though there wasn’t as much conversation as there was pleasant, comfortable silence
Claude was never particularly talkative
The main difference was the guiding hand on the small of your back and the small trinket he purchased for you on the way back after noticing you admiring it
Being a mid-autumn morning, it was quite chilly, so Claude ended up placing his coat over your shoulders (not noticing much of a difference, being a demon)
So, in the end, it did end up feeling somewhat romantic and reminiscent of a planned date—even ending with a kiss initiated by Claude as he helped you out of the carriage
He also never actually says “I love you”, though will kind of reciprocate if you say it. Rather, he prefers to show that he cares for his mate through small gestures, outings and nicknames:
If you tell him that you love him, Claude will hum or nod in acknowledgement and say “I love you too”, but that’s more of a hollow gesture—where he truly shines are physical gestures
He’ll offer you his coat when you’re cold
He’ll give you his hand and pull you in to dance at random moments (in the ballroom or out in the garden), attempting to help you find a rhythm
He’ll address you kindly as “darling” or “dear”
He’ll take you out for morning and evening walks through the estate
When he returns from a mission he’ll bring you souvenirs
and so on
Claude’s love language is probably a mixture of quality time and physical touch:
He’ll shift your schedules to keep you close whilst you’re working
He’ll sit with you, reading, conversing or just listening in the evening until you drift off to sleep
If you feel ill, he’ll sit by your side and care for you (giving you food, checking your temperature etc.)
He’ll always be touching you in some way in private moments
In the mornings, he’ll kiss you on your forehead or cheek before returning to your duties
Just spending time together
His favourite places to kiss you are:
Your palms
Your wrists
The back of your neck
Your shoulders
In conclusion:
Claude is a very protective partner who values spending time with you, doing whatever he can to maximise your time spent together
He’s neutral on pda, but does tend to stay close to you, touching you somehow, and will keep a close eye on you otherwise
He’s possessive and has a massive, aggressive jealous streak when it comes to other non-human entities that usually leads to a number of physical fights if they get too close to you
But, in spite of this, you two rarely ever argue unless it’s over his lack of outright romantic or emotional expression
He’ll stay by you whilst you sleep to keep you safe and will express his care for you through physical gestures and pet names—though not in a way obvious for people to immediately realise that he is your lover as he doesn’t outright brag about you or anything like that
And, although he’s a demon, you were the one who initiated the relationship by asking him on your first date—whilst he initiated your first kiss
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yandereaffections · 3 months ago
“You look so beautiful like this…covered in all of my marks.” for sebastian pls? ^-^ (with a fem s/o)
1. “You look so beautiful like this…covered in all of my marks.”
Tumblr media
This was just one of those days where Sebastian was more possessive than usual, natural instincts demanding you smell of him with obvious claim over you. This would be rather simple if you were the same species as him yet due to this beast falling for a mere human Sebastian must mark you in ways that even other creatures can see, not just his kind
You've been stuck in his hold for quite some time now, pressed against the counter of the kitchen where he cornered you to be mercilessly smothered and marked no matter the sounds you might make. One more sharp bite to your shoulder followed by a soft placed kiss over the slightly bleeding wound before he leans back just enough to see all the bruises and bites he's left trailing all along your neck and collar bone
"You look so beautiful like this…covered in all of my marks.” barely whispered not to far from your ear yet it still sent shivers down your spine, completely weak for the creature who's taken you, claimed you now for all to see and is currently leaning in to place more, basically drunk off of the small sounds you make to keep him motivated
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ozetia · a month ago
Hiii , Can we get some first time HC's with the Black butler characters ? Much love x 💙
First time with the Blackbutler characters
Tumblr media
Sorry about the long wait, I did this differently than normal so if you don’t like it msg me. :)
Grell Sutcliff -
Grell is the living definition of a passionate possessive lover. She’s aggressive and driven by emotion so don’t be scared when she’s the same during sex. She understands that you’re a virgin and new to the field so she’ll hold back as much as she can this doesn’t mean that she will. Grell is more than likely to switch but during your first time she’ll take over unless you feel confident enough. Light kinks will be introduced during your first time like light bondage and female domination but in the future she’ll introduce knifeplay and threesomes.
Undertaker -
Undertaker is in no doubt mysterious, old and calm. Unlike popular belief he’s far from lazy. He’s more than likely to dominate and guide you through your first time to the next. You’ll be introduced to a heavy dominate and submissive kink and edging although he’ll stay away from food play for the first time he’ll introduce it later. He’s rough, slow and sensual he wants you to feel every little action he does.
Sebastion -
There’s no shocker that sebastion is sadistic and experienced. Sex isn’t seen as a bonding experience to him it’s more of an tactic to get what he wants. He’s harsh and straight to the point, being a virgin won’t change how he would act after all he’s in charge. He’ll dive straight into marking you leaving hickeys on your neck every demon, reaper and human must know that you belong to him. Sebastian however also shows hints of a breeding kink he fills you full of his cum even on your first night, it’s never too early for him to start a family.
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phantom-fool-writes · 4 months ago
Black Butler Characters Taking Care Of You When You're Sick Pt.2
(Again, with you being their S/O obviously)
(Since you all enjoyed the first one so much, and I mean you guys really enjoyed it XD thanks for over 200 notes on it!!! ❤️✨)
Tumblr media
He knows a lot about plants with medicinal qualities, so he often makes you things to feel better.
He'll draw you a nice warm bath, and if you're too weak to walk, he'll carry you to it and get you whatever you might need.
"Hey! You've got a fever! I know what can help!"
He brings you flowers to try to cheer you up.
"Well... It's raining out today... Which means I can take care of you properly! I'll stay with you for as long as you need!"
He'll cuddle you until you fall asleep.
Bardroy (or Baldroy as he's known in the Sub)
Tumblr media
"I heard you ain't feelin' well love... Anyway I can help?"
Cooks something yummy for you, to take your mind off your sickness.
"Is Sebastian gonna get mad at me? I'd like to see him try, I'm just taking care of ya, I don't see a problem with that."
"Bloody hell, this is the highest fever I've ever seen! You must be real tough."
He jokes around with you, trying so hard to get you to laugh.
He comes to check on you a lot, and gives you a kiss on the forehead everytime.
Mey Rin
Tumblr media
"Oh dear! Your fever is really high, yes it is!"
As a maid, she knows how to properly care for ill people, and she is rather good at it, though she can be clumsy.
She has spilled at least one bowl of soup on the floor before.
"I should change your bedding, yes I should... Here let me help you up."
She makes sure your comfortable constantly.
"Are you... Are you sure you don't need anything else?"
William T Spears
Tumblr media
He is very strict about you staying in bed while you're sick.
"You are ill, you require the proper amount of rest, so stay in bed, please.
"It may taste disgusting but you still have to drink it. *sigh* Humans have such weak immune systems..."
When you get sick is one of the only instances that he will attempt to take time off of work.
This is mostly because when he attempts to leave the bed, you cling onto him, and refuse to let go.
He still cares about you deeply, and does his best to take care of you.
Tumblr media
"Are ya ready for the sh- Hey... You don't look alright... Do you need to lie down?"
He will grab food for you first thing in the morning, even before he gets it for himself, so you can have lots.
He is often trying to cheer you up and make you laugh, which he is quite good at thanks to his charisma.
"Are you gonna be alright while I go do the show? Are ya sure?"
He'll hum or sing to to help you go to sleep.
He'll lie with you so you have someone to talk to.
Tumblr media
"Are you alright? You look flushed..."
He will cuddle with you under a ton of blankets so you're both nice and cozy.
His snakes will stay with you during the day so you aren't lonely.
"I think we'll have you cured in no time!" Says Emily.
He will bring you little snacks so you can eat when you get hungry.
He'll insist that you rest, and gets the snakes to make sure you stay in bed.
Charles Grey
Tumblr media
"You say you're sick huh? How can I help dear?"
Gets his servants to watch over you while he works.
When he comes home though, he gives you his undivided attention.
He will hold you and kiss you on the forehead, telling stories to you. It's very calming, until he brings up his numerous swordfights, then it gets a little rowdy, but funny nonetheless.
"Oh yeah, Phipps sent this over... I know it looks delicious... Maybe I could have a piece...? Oh come on it's a whole pie!"
"Her majesty wished for me to tell you, she hopes you are better soon and she wishes to have tea with you when you recover, and yes, of course I'll be there."
And that's it! Thank you so much for reading! I figured I should be productive and write some more! Also remember I'm taking requests! Whenever I get them, it really motivates me and I update more frequently! For now though, thanks again!
~ Phantom 👻
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Hello ! Can we get headcanons of the Black butler boys reacting to their s/o getting drunk around them for the first time ?
Love your blog , keep up the good work 🤍
Since you didn’t say which black butler boys you want to request I will write this now just for Ciel, Sebastian and Snake... You can ask this request again as soon as you want :) (and if you don't ask I think I'll do this for other characters)
Tumblr media
Snake is very confused.
You said you would go out and spend time with your friends and when you come back you will run into things and hug everyone.
What kind of friends do you have?
It will take a moment before he realizes you are drunk.
This situation is indeed new to him.
He thinks for a moment with his snakes about what should be done.
And finally Snake decides gestures to guide you gently into bed.
But it’s very difficult because you have an compulsive need to stroke and try to talk to his snakes.
(And of course you laugh all the time)
Eventually Snake gets you to bed.
He’s a little bothered because you’re trying to “chat” (hiss) to him.
He will help you in the morning when you have a hangover.
" Y / N leave Emily alone and come to sleep with me... says Oscar"
Ciel Phantomhive
Tumblr media
Ciel is very upset when you slam the door with a very hard catch when you come home in the middle of the night.
He was really startled by that loud voice.
He’s going to point it out to you but then he notices you’re drunk.
( Maybe he’ll notice it because you’re starting to angrily explain how the color of his rug is wrong )
Ciel just asks Sebastian to take you to bed.
He would watch your sleep later at night.
And you can be sure he'll talk about this with you in the morning.
(He also secretly buys a new rug after this incident)
But if you ask about it, he'll come up with another explanation.
Sebastian Michaelis
Tumblr media
Sebastian thinks this is a lot of fun.
He has to hold back laughter as you scurry around.
Humans are such amusing creatures.
Sebastian guides you calmly towards the bed.
But he still can’t save a couple of vases that break because of your drunken state.
(Sebastian has to clean up later and Ciel is not happy)
When you start telling an incomprehensible story about your trip home, Sebastian might laugh a little.
He is very sure that people do not know how to use magic that would allow them to create copies of themselves.
But Sebastian is a little disappointed that you drank yourself into this condition.
And he decides to teach you responsibility by forcing you to work even if you have a hangover.
This man is the devil
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Hi! I saw your request are open and was wondering if you could do headcannons for Sebastian and Claude with a s/o who is a chef and loves to cook for them
Also you're writing is so good I love it!💕
Sebastian, being a demon, obviously has no tastes or preferences for something as bland as human food. Yet, when you cook for him so lovingly, there is no way he would reject eating it.
You on the other hand, being a human, is prone to making the silliest of mistakes, such as forgetting to add salt or sugar to the dish, but no worries, Sebastian's got your back. Perfection always stays beside you in the form of Sebastian.
Excellence in cooking is something the demon achieved a long time ago, everything he cooks is done so perfectly that you can't help but feel jealous.
He's quite fond of cooking alongside you, teaching you to cook new dishes or sometimes accompanying you to the kitchen just to watch you cook. He finds the sight of you all focused on cooking for him quite adorable.
Sebastian makes sure you only use the best utensils, recipe books and ingredients. He always make sure to stock the ingredients on time or before they run out. If you require a special ingredient for your dish, it will be procured by him within minutes.
Romancing in the kitchen is common for the two of you, since most of the time you spend together is there. He'll cuddle you from behind while you cook, steal occasional kisses and organise candlelight dinners so that you can spend time together.
He doesn't understand why you go such lengths to cook for him, human food does not entice his taste buds at all. He insists that he should be the one feeding you, not the other way around.
But since you persist, he'll eat anyways. He's not going to let the food you cook for him with so much love go to waste. Besides, the food may taste better if you feed it to him with your own hands.
Claude will always be glad to assist you in the kitchen. And one can not ask for an assistant better than him. He doesn't even let a tiniest injury occur to you, whether it be small burns or accidental cuts.
In case you make small mistakes, Claude will immediately fix them and pretend that he did nothing. You're quite suspicious of him because all your dishes turn out to taste perfect somehow...
Your kitchen supplies are stacked regularly, with the most exotic ingredients that are impossible to find in your region. Claude is also going to teach you how to cook, and as a result, you know many cuisines and dishes that no one else has even heard of.
Claude will encourage your passion and interest for cooking, and even though he cannot taste it, he genuinely appreciates that you cook for him ardently and with so much love. It warms up his cold demonic heart.
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bugsyfics · 6 months ago
Can you do hcs of sebastian with a gender neutral s/o that is obsessed with gore? If you're not comfy with that thought its oki!
Tumblr media
Sebastian with a gore obsessed gn!s/o
♞ You love all the gruesome idiosyncrasies the Victorian era has to offer.
♞ Crudely made prosthetics? You adore. Grotesque experiments on British troops? Amazing! Post-mortem photographs to remember loved ones? Absolutely fascinating!
♞ You always read up on those gory practices and fall into a little world of your own, writing tales on such topics.
♞ And Sebastian? He was surprised with your interests at first —since you didn’t look as if you would be intrigued by the thought of maggot covered corpses.
♞ But a man like himself, a legitimate demon, of course didn’t cringe at your obsession. It tickled him.
♞ So in order to keep you satiated, Sebastian brings you obscure gifts for you to study and gush over.
♞ He’s not much of a fan himself, despite his demon “aesthetic,” but he enjoys having gore filled discussions to better understand you.
— bugs
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laudthingcat · 5 months ago
Hello hello hello~
Could I please request headcanons with Undertaker from Black Butler with a demon male reader who likes messing with Adrien (undertaker) a lot by moving around his things in the shop or leaving him heartless corpses? Suggestive content would be nice but only if you're comfortable
Have a great day and thank you in advance~
P.s. can one send more than one request, not back to back of course~
~Devilish, aren’t we?
Tumblr media
Hi hii~ Sorry it took me so long to post this y-y 
Struggling with my graduation paper and exams so I get less time to write. Thank you so much for requesting and sorry it isn't the best!
And yes, you may request more than once. You can request as many times as you want <3
Hope you will like it and have an amazing day~
Tumblr media
You have been friends with Adrian for a long time.
Always stopping by his shop when you have business around, or whenever you’re simply bored.
He enjoys your company as much as you enjoy his, but there are moments when he’d simply love to have you trapped in one of his coffins, so you could stay still.
Teasing him became a daily habit. It started when you just wanted to see him smile so you pulled small pranks on him, but now things changed.
You waited until you were sure the shop was crowded enough, so you could put in practice your new prank. Blowing all the candles lighting the room with one move, you started chuckling thinking of his reaction. Once the shop was completely dark you started leaving small surprises everywhere around the shop for your friend: corpses. The ones he loves so much. But that was such bad timing, as everybody else in the room started screaming, scared at the view. There has been a terrible incident in the city that killed a lot of people, so you really thought he’d enjoy this. Yes you could have picked a different time and yes you could have let the relatives of the dead bring the corpses, but stealing them was way faster and much more fun. Apparently, the people inside the shop didn’t find this funny, rushing outside the shop in the blink of an eye, leaving a mad Adrien looking at you from the other side of the room.
Tsk and you thought that would make him happy. Yes, you’re not going to lie, you wanted to tease him a bit, but you didn’t think he’d be that mad.  Then the most unexpected thing happened. A smile, a very creepy smile, appeared on his face. It wasn’t his usual smiley face; the one he makes when you two laugh together at silly jokes. No. It was clearly threatening. Did you just make him go nuts? He started walking towards you. Not thinking twice, you ran for your life in another room, in an attempt to find a possible escape.
Footsteps could be heard heading towards the room you were in. “A certain demon has been a very bad boy”. You widened your eyes the moment you heard that. Oh boi you really angered him this time. Being too focused on your thoughts about all the possible endings, you failed to notice that the Undertaker crouched down next to you, looking directly at your face. The sound of him clearing his throat brought you back to reality.
“What am I gonna do with you? Lock you into a coffin for the night? Or maybe some spanking so you won’t scare my customers away again and stop moving my things around~”
Gulping, you stood up and looked him in the eyes. It was going to be a long evening huh
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alittleexpired · a month ago
ur name in Sebastian, Claude, Ciel, and Alois’ phones and how they text u
Tumblr media
your name is literally. kitten 🖤 (def chronic discord admin)
-his texts are like
-Hello, dear! I truly hope you’re having a SPECTACULAR day! I may be busy today, but please message me if you need anything at all.
-v formal, he doesn’t know how to loosen up
Tumblr media
claude :
claude is not an affectionate partner. your name in his phone is just your name. maybe a :) if he really likes you. his texts r like this
-read 9:05 AM Yesterday
-he doesn’t know what ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) means. please dont send that to him he will not know how to respond
Tumblr media
OKAY so !!!!!! your name in his phone DOES have like a ♡︎ next to ur first name
-i feel like ciel actually knows how to joke around, he uses the 😂 emoji WAY more than he actually finds things funny. i think he just doesnt wanna hurt ur feels if u find something funny and he doesnt
-he sends cursed memes, he sends u the recent drake memes when he doesnt even know who drake is, he tags u in wholesome memes its v nice and cute
- Hi y/n! Do you want to talk? :) ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
- will comment 😍 on all ur ig pics
Tumblr media
your name in his phone is “mine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
- sends memes that are just. so unfunny
sends u pictures of himself where hes doing the duck lips
Tumblr media
-he spams you if you don’t answer within 20 minutes
-very affectionate in text
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