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#kuroshitsuji headcanons

sebastian michaelis x modern reader comfort fluff drabble

“my dear,” sebastian’s voice was velvety, calming (Y/N)’s aching nerves, “as much as i enjoy being surrounded by you like this, i really need to return to the manor.” 

sebastian looked down to the girl who was straddling his lap, he forehead pressed against his shoulder as she played on her nintendo switch. 

“not yet… ciel won’t wake up for-” she glanced at the clock sitting on the side table, “another two hours.” her soft voice seemed barely audible over the pitter patter of the falling rain outside, though the handsome butler heard her as clear as day. 

“yes,” sebastian confirmed, “but you know how long that device of yours takes.”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but smile. “she’s a bit slow, i’ll have to make some adjustments later today. speaking of which,” she sat her game down on the couch cushion beside sebastian’s thigh before lazily resting her chin on the butler’s shoulder, gazing out into the wet outdoors from the comfort of her boyfriend’s warm embrace. “it’s a nice lazy day…”

“i’m well aware,” sebastian replied in a voice so soft, you would never believe it belonged to such a fearsome demon. “which is why it pains me to have to leave.”

“just another few minutes, pretty please?” the girl said in a cute, near unbeatable adorableness that had the man before her questioning if he even should leave. taking his silence as a sign of agreement, the girl sunk into him once more, his arms instinctively tightening around her. 

it seems so rare to see her like this, sebastian thought to himself, so vulnerable, so unguarded…

it was only natural, he reminded himself. it took (Y/N) a very long time to trust him, but once that barrier was breached,  she was like a small, cute kitten, just waiting for the first chance to offer her endless affections, those of which sebastian happily reciprocated. as he gazed down at her once more, he felt that pleasant jolt in his heart that only she could bring. another smile found its way onto sebastian’s lips as he felt her arms bringing her closer to his body, obviously finding comfort in his warmth.

“i love you, sebastian.” the words were mumbled under a soft breath, muffled since her face was now burried in his clothed chest.  nonetheless, the demon heard her adorable confession clearly. 

pressing a gentle kiss to the top of her (h/c) hair, sebastian replied, “i love you as well, kitten.” 


sorry ,, another comfort fic .. today was not that good but im feeling much better & heading off to bed now !!! i’m glad that my last small songfic seemed to be liked by a lot of others as well !!

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Limited Edition Halloween Print List

Requests Closed

Halloween Prints Masterlist

Ordering a limited edition print: a very random mix of dialogue & general prompts for Halloween that me & friends compiled together, send in prompts and character(s) with any extra details (whether you have a specific plot idea, whether it’s platonic/romantic, a friend group or separate drabbles/hcs - atm I don’t write for poly relationships sorry!) - also check out our general ordering guidelines here

Send in a general prompt and a dialogue prompt! These will be crack/fluffy drabbles and Headcanons for Halloween, if you think it would go well with more of an angsty idea that you have, feel free to state that in the request.

General Prompts

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Hmmmmm, thank you for the ask!

He’d be confused, mainly because never come across one before and this is new to him. He thought they were myths. He would hope he could still take his soul. 

He’d probably say something sarcastic but later he would be found, researching vampires. Everything to research books to fiction so he could cater to his master’s needs.

He won’t admit it but he enjoys acquiring him a meal.

(sorry I initially read this as how would he, sorry!)

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Of course, dear!

Undertaker x the Ciels

  • He’s really possessive over the twins
  • He wants to make sure there is no danger towards them in anyway and if there is they cannot go or the danger will be taken care of
  • The twins sleep in his bed(coffin…? 🤔)
  • And he sleeps with one hand on each of them
  • He enjoys their scent and lavishes in their touches
  • When they were kidnapped he was heartbroken
  • He blames himself for not getting there in time he cries whenever he thinks of it
  • He’s jealous of Sebastian taking up so much of O!Ciel’s time. That should be him, he thinks. He should be by his side.
  • And now that he has Riel back he’s in bliss but now he just needs O!Ciel…….
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*buzzes with excitement* I love them a totally normal amount-

They are precious and I’d die for them and I have so many, many ideas for them I just love them so much

I really want to write an au for them but I want it to be perfect if I do so ahhhh

SebAlois headcanons

  • Sebastian can sense when Alois is about to do something impulsive and is always there to either clean up the aftermath or stop him
  • He’s v in tune with Alois for some odd reason, Alois knows what the other is going to say before he says it
  • Alois teases Sebastian so much, Sebastian does the same
  • When Alois has a nightmare or night terror Sebastian can sense and will be there in a flash
  • ^ holding him, rubbing his back and soothing him. Those nights will normally end with Alois curled up into a ball Sebastian’s chest and him watching over his highness
  • Sebastian could always talk him down when he started throwing a fit
  • Alois when he started to feel things for Sebastian he was very demanding that was his way to gain control of the situation
  • He’d order him to hold him and Sebastian ate it up
  • Sometimes Alois fears that Sebastian doesn’t truly love him but he is always there to talk him down and reassure him
  • Alois has ocd(& pure ocd) and bipolar and probably adhd can you tell he’s a comfort character
  • In the aftermath of season 2 Sebastian is heartbroken and takes it out on Ciel
  • But he sees so much of Alois in him it keeps him sane
  • Alois was like his drug and he didn’t mine being addicted to it
  • Everything about Alois Sebastian craved
  • The more complex the more he craves

I have so many more hcs but this is all I can think of right now but yes I love Sebastian x Alois

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2. Do they use alot of blankets when they sleep or do they prefer to use a cool sheet?

I think it depends on how hot or cold the weather is outside but typically he likes to sleep free of clothing or cloth that might entangle him during the night as he tends to kick in his sleep. So definitely prefers a thin sheet.

6. What food can they not stand the sight of?

Undertaker prefers blander foods, biscuits, tea, toast. So he isnt a fan of complexity as a component of his meal, like too many textures, flavors, or colors at the same time. In particular though, he really doesnt like lobster.

18. What causes them to avoid someone?

Someone who doesnt accept him for who he is or someone who feels the need to constantly comment on how odd he is. Undertaker has dealt with alot of rejection by society. Although he laughs it off and the pretends to be above such things, he was still a human once and he still feels the desire for acceptance. So although he’ll still be cordial to you, he doesnt like you at all.

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First one in a while so im sorry if im a little rusty!

3. What type of handwriting do they have?

Cursive, the kind thats very neat and precise but capital letters or the first letter of a new paragraph are a little too ornate.

14. Any small Knick knacks they treasure?

I feel like seb keeps a little something from every contract he enters (besides the persons soul lol). Like for example from Ciel, after hes devoured his soul, he might hold onto his eyepatch or maybe keep one of the ribbons Ciel would wear around his neck.

19. A memory from their childhood?

Sebastian never really had a childhood persay but he did have his early demons days. One of his most prominent memories from his early days was probably the first time he tasted and exceptional soul. The kind of soul one wouldnt forcibly take but would instead procure.

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this is such a dumb self indulgent hc but picture this- grelle stans dead or alive and idolises 80s pete burns ,,

her favourite song would be ‘i’ll save you all my kisses’ and any opportunity for her to belt it would be welcomed

oh my god i just ??! love her !!!!!

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I’m suffering from Prep withdrawals this weekend, too *cries* so have some zesty-lemon Sebaciel Prep headcanons! Some will make it into the fic. Some won’t, but they’re all floating around in my head…

~ Ciel, as a perfect product of Victorian repression, is almost as aroused by the sight of a bare neck or elbow as he is by genitalia. 

~ Sebastian spends most of his time in an uneasy state of semi-arousal in much the same way as he’s perpetually hungry. But he’s designed for irregular meals, and for extended mating that has little to do with reproduction. He has no scruples about seducing anyone and considers himself Quite Good At Sex, but his own pleasure is much more complex. It takes him a long time to come. And he usually doesn’t bother to try, not with mortals.

~ Ciel doesn’t like looking at himself naked in the mirror. Whereas Sebastian has trouble looking away again.

~ Sebastian is an exceptionally attentive lover. His knowledge of anatomy is breathtaking. His timing is almost perfect. Because if the creature he’s fucking fails to finish in anything less than a whimpering heap, he takes it as a personal affront and will begin the whole thing again. Do not attack his ego. 

~ Ciel is a horny lil baby. But if he had the option to simply be cuddled, he would almost always take it. He doesn’t have the option.

~ Sebastian really wasn’t happy about being stripped naked in the Phantomhive cellar when he was supposedly dead. Now, Sebastian’s shame level sits at about 1.5 %. This behaviour isn’t shame, it’s only ego. Again. Always. He simply believes himself so superior to mortals that he prefers to control when he undresses in front of them, in the same way a movie star would rather post nude selfies instead of having them leaked. He is the unbutton-but-stay-clothed-during-casual-sex type. (I suspect he finds his true form more lovely than this human one, too.) And if Ciel only realised this, he could use it as a weapon…

~ Ciel’s most sensitive spot is the bottom of his spine, right in the hollow of his tailbone. He doesn’t know it yet. But he will.

~Sebastian knows better than to let anyone know his most sensitive spot, duh. He occasionally implies it’s the frenulum of his cock. It’s not. (It’s the inside of his wrist.)

~ Being desirable is more important to Sebastian than being a top: a horny human is a vulnerable one. The demon is very, very versatile. But always dominant. One does not seduce Sebastian; one is merely permitted to believe so.

~ Ciel, on the other hand, would consider himself purely a top if he knew what the deuce that was. And he’s undoubtedly dominant too: his willpower is immense. His pride is worse. His demon is the only creature he will ever bottom for. Whether he submits is yet to be seen.

~ Ciel is intimidated by the size of his demon’s cock. He hints, one evening, that as an amorphous creature who is more than capable of adapting its form to the required needs, perhaps Sebastian might consider– Sebastian pretends he has no idea what Ciel means. Ciel is too embarrassed to continue. Sebastian is most satisfied.

~ Sebastian talks during sex. Not just a few words: almost continuously. And Ciel, poor overwhelmed Ciel who hardly knows how to breathe and kiss at the same time, Ciel is both aroused and horrified. He’s flustered. He’s noisy himself, but hardly coherent, and often ends up murmuring shut up, shut up, shut up… Until the time Sebastian is hovering on the edge of his third orgasm, blank-eyed and fuck-drunk and almost silent, and Ciel is relieved. And frightened in another way completely…

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Hey Anon! I’ve actually done some Sebastian crush headcanons here. Hope you enjoy~

While that post encapsulated a lot of my thoughts on the matter, as far as pining goes… It really depends on the situation. Sebastian has immense patience while also clearly having a great capacity for yearning, as he longs for the day he’ll finally have his meal. That said, I think it tends to be different for him romantically.

As I wrote in the last post, it takes a lot for Sebastian to even recognize romantic interest. So I do think he would pine for said crush, but he wouldn’t be aware of it. This would show itself in a number of ways:

  • Sebastian’s attention would regularly be on the object of his affections, when they’re in the same area. He would make conversation with them and subconsciously be more aware of their needs/comforts than other guests. He would be around them more often generally speaking
  • He would tend to show off more. The butler is already embarrassingly flashy, but he would do more stunts in front of a crush.
  • While Sebs’ attention is most often on his butler duties, between tasks he would wonder what his crush would be doing at that moment, or think up new ways to please or impress them. He’d never stay on the thoughts long enough for them to cement in his mind. He always brushes them off, because he’s a demon butler with bigger things to do. He doesn’t get crushes. He’s just thinking ahead, or amusing himself.

Like I said, Sebastian doesn’t really believe he can have romantic feelings, or at least anything like a sense of adoration and commitment. He’s eons old, life is fleeting, beings are predictable. He simply doesn’t care enough about a relationship that he’d want to be tied to one. Or so he thinks. It takes a special kind of person and a special kind of love to reign in this trash demon.

  • They would likely need to have a comparable, or at least substantial, life span. It can be hard to feel genuinely committed to someone who will be gone in what feels like a day to him. That said, I don’t think it’s impossible for him. This contract that he started out not caring very much about clearly means a lot to him now. He’s put a lot of work into it and basically starved himself for it, and I think some part of him is invested in the people around him, so I think it’s within the realm of possibility for Sebs to fall for a mortal.
  • Mortals are by far the most and least predictable beings there are. While their motivations and lifestyles are easily understood by him, they also have been shown to make shocking decisions and act irrationally, selflessly, weirdly, and simply unexpectedly. Sebastian is bored with life, so he needs that novelty in his life.
  • So, if his crush were immortal, like him, they couldn’t be stagnant. This is much harder to come by, as beings that live forever are much more set in their ways with no motivators to make them act in incredible ways. They have no desperation or desire or yearning beyond that we may feel like watching a favorite tv show. We may love it, feel with the characters, and be devastated by events, but it’s very unlikely that we’d be moved to action like seeking lifelong revenge or becoming a hero based on that feeling of loss.

I feel like that was a very big chunk to read, so here’s some nice spacing! :D

  • When it comes to the type of love Sebastian needs, it’s, well… Very self indulgent. 
  • It can’t be too easy, but he also needs their devoted admiration. He is a pride demon, after all. After all his hard work trying to chase down a seemingly untouchable party, he needs to be shown that he is utterly adored. Worshiped, even. 
  • He would n e v e r admit it, but he adores that shit. Eats it all up. Additionally, the shock of a devotion to him of all things would make him fall all the harder. He loves attention and when it’s cranked up to that depth of love from someone he already cares about, that shit changes him.
  • Even still, his partner would need to be independent. Someone who falls for him and then only ever ogles over him while doing nothing else will eventually bore him. They need to be on equal planes. Love him, lavish him, worship him, but when morning comes, you’d better be back to going about your day and leave him wanting more. It’s all about predictability vs. novelty. String him along right, and you’ll have demon that would do absolutely anything for you, contract or no contract.

Welp, this got waaayyyyy longer than I wast expecting haha so I hope you enjoy!

Please keep ‘em coming! We need something to do in quarantine lmao.

Take care!

- Stella 💫

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I sure can! Thanks for the request and well-wishes, Anon :3 We hope you’re all doing alright as well <3

Please join me for soooommmeeeee

Sebastian’s Past Headcanons!

  • Sebastian ranks rather high up in terms of demons (which makes his interest in playing as a servant that much funnier!)
  • While demons can embody any and all sins at any point, Sebastian’s main body of Hell is the sin of Pride
    • First of all, he constantly prides (hah) himself of being an exemplar butler. He has to be the best of the best and more than this, he thrives off being the best.
    • He goes out of his way to show off with champagne towers, ice sculptures, inventing a new form of curry in buns when he probably could have won on flavor alone, and like, all of the circus arc. All of it.
    • I would say that Sebastian exemplifies Pride more so than Greed or Gluttony because his actions are more to show off than to hoard things or keep in excess. Maybe if he was greedy for attention. And while he takes great care over his meal and is extremely particular about the development of Ciel’s soul, the simple fact that he is catering a single soul to his tastes rather than slaughtering hundreds just to fill his stomach eliminates the possibility of him being a glutton. 
    • Some additional minor factors could include things like his appearance, both physical and with his presentation. Do butlers need to be sexy? Certainly not. In fact, making himself so noticeable could even be viewed as a negative attribute as a servant, who should in all aspects be secondary to his master. 
  • This ruling body ranks above all sins. 
  • This is because other sins stem from more concrete needs (need to rest, need to eat, need to carry on the bloodline, need to protect oneself from harm) and would reflect self-preservation to some extent. 
  • Sins are harmful in that they are excess at the expense of others, but many contain our needs at a base level. 
  • Even greed, which is usually portrayed as material, can be a means to ensure one’s survival as a greedy person can afford to have their needs met.
  • Pride, however, is not a bodily need, nor does it protect oneself, or ensure our bodily needs are met. While it could be viewed as a self-actualization need in its healthier form, this is not as necessary to life as is food, sleep, and from a purely biological standpoint, the preservation of the species. Pride does not help someone carry on through life, therefore it is the greater sin.
  • So, the only one higher than the leader of Pride is Lucifer himself!
  • If Lucifer is a king, the council of sins would equate to something like the circle of nobles that give the king his domain and power. 

There’s some background for you, so let’s get into Sebastian’s own situation!

  • Sebastian’s family is strict, unforgiving, and intolerant of any nonsense. Sebs was brought up to be an unwavering leader, above everything around him. Pride is everything.
  • As such, he was just as strict, with no nonsense or thirst for antics like the Sebastian we know and love now.
  • His best friend (not by his choice!) in Hell was Alana Blackmore, next in line to rule the sin of Lust.
  • She always had an eye for trouble and found the council to be too stuffy and boring. Alana would drag Sebastian into her antics, much to his annoyance.
  • Over the years, Alana helped accustom Sebastian to trouble making, even if he never participated himself.
  • That is, until Alana was cast out from the council.
  • Without his friend there anymore, life returned to its usual boring work. Bit by bit, Sebastian became disillusioned with his uncompromising, authoritarian, predictable life. He yearned for something new.
  • Like a midlife crisis, so to speak.
  • He craved entertainment, and if he could not find it, he would create it.
  • Sebastian started to visit Earth more often, when he could, stirring up trouble and watching how his actions impacted humans. He could finally let loose and play the games he missed dearly. 
  • While time and experience has given him a wealth of knowledge of humans and their history, he was always an observer or a catalyst, never part of the cast. 
  • This is why he has come to enjoy the contract with Ciel so much. Where he once had easy access to any number of souls, this contract was his way of making something his own, making it new and exciting. He could be amused by the unpredictability of humanity and his own laughable role as a servant, experiencing Earth through the eyes of its people for the first time. 
  • As such, he came to be the intense, but utterly ridiculous and comically silly demon we know now~

Stay safe friends!!

- Stella 💫

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Black butler zodiac headcanons:

Sebastian: Capricorn

Grell: Scorpio

Ciel: Sagittarius (canon)

Alois: Scorpio(canon)

Vincent: Gemini (Canon)

Elizabeth: Pisces

Undertaker: Aquarius

Othello: Taurus?

Ronald: Aquarius

William: Virgo

Agni: Virgo (canon)

Soma: Leo

Meyrin: Aquarius

Bard: Aries

Finny: Gemini

Claude: Scorpio

The triplets: Gemini

Hanna: cancer

Joker: Aries (Canon)

Beast: Gemini (Canon)

Snake: Pisces?

Dagger: Taurus?

Madem red: Virgo

Lau: Pisces

Ran mao: cancer

Drocell: Libra

(Feel free to tell me you’re headcanons~)

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*cracks knuckles* Aight here we go buddy first post after our MAJOR hiatus from college kicking our butts! 

You’ll have to excuse the brevity of the post as we’re trying to get back into the swing of things and amp up the flow of our creative juices!

Sebaciel Headcanons

  • Sebastian has always appreciated humans as a form of entertainment due to their flip flop of predictability and unpredictability, and Ciel seems to be one of the best at surprises when he least expects it. 
  • Sebastian is a first class foodie, so you can bet your ass he wants nothing less than the best. That said, because Ciel is… a challenge, let’s say (*cough*hesafuckingbrat*cough*)- Sebastian has considered on MULTIPLE occasions just cutting his losses and eating what he can. Usually though, just when he thinks he’s about to give in, Ciel trashes his life yet again and lifts Sebs spirits. Their relationship is like an emotional yo-yo for Sebastian.
  • As far as their day to day relationship, it’s pretty clear Sebastian likes to fuck with Ciel psychologically. The man made himself look eerily similar to the kid’s dead father, I mean come on. I wouldn’t put it past the demon to do petty shit constantly. 
  • For example, hinting that Ciel’s desert would be nothing short of cake and scrumptious goodies enough to stir any twelve-year-old’s aching appetite. Only for him to realize what Sebastian had meant when he said “a deliciously brown iced desert” was a fruit platter with a very very light drizzle of chocolate. 
  • Mostly he puts the earl in awkward situations where he has to improvise his way out. For example, putting him in a dress. Sebastian will tell Lady Elizabeth Ciel is fully available for a dance when literally the LAST thing Ciel wants is to step foot out on the dance floor. 
  • Inconveniencing is Sebastian’s specialty. The devil is in the details after all~
  • Despite everything though, years with the boy has formed some semblance of a relationship to him. While he loves messing with Ciel to no end and he is a vengeful beast, he does enjoy those times where they can cooperate. When they aren’t battling each other, they make quite a team in screwing other people over. At times, he’s even a touch proud of the devious little imp Ciel has become under his influence. 
  • From Ciel’s perspective, he wouldn’t admit such, but he definitely looks up to Sebastian as a father figure. 
  • Besides his natural fear of a being that could literally rip him apart which he keeps deep deep down to prevent himself from getting hurt, Ciel is especially smug at the hold he has over such a beast. Kinda like a “my dog’s bigger than yours, so just you try it, punk” mentality.
  • Ciel does admire Sebastian’s cunning and devious nature, but he’ll be damned before he ever verbalizes it. He’ll take his feelings to the grave… though that’s not to say Sebastian can taste it by the time it’s all over. 

Thanks for your ask~!

-Stella 💫

oxox, Rane

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Holy Terrain

Black Butler x Goddess!Reader

This has been on my mind for literally YEARS… so here it is, enjoy this flaming pile of garbage :-) <3


Originally posted by withthestarsandmoon

General HCs

  • You were fed up w/ how shit was going down on Earth, none of the other gods or goddesses were really doing their job, so you really just fell down to Earth and claimed a human form that fit your fancy
  • Legit tho… the other gods and goddesses were all up in each other’s business about who slept with who, and who was about to betray the next person
  • Your presence is not clearly known, but it is felt
  • For example, if you were to be in a room with a group of people, they wouldn’t look at you necessarily, but they would feel a warm, comforting feeling.
  • You don’t always stay in a human form, for example, you do have to travel as a bird, or observe like a doe
  • You don’t necessarily hold a primary “power” or heirarchy of a specific element, instead you mother all four (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)
  • You hold the most extensive knowledge in the world — you’ve been here since it’s creation, hell, even before then. You have to stay more on the reserved/quiet side at times, so information does not slip
  • You hold an undeniable authority and grace over the population, it’s as if the ground you walk on is gold


  • You came across him on your journey, he knew that you were of the supernatural sorts when he felt you
  • You’ve encountered him in his dreams, sadly Sebastian can not override your power due to the ranking you hold as a goddess
  • You’ve pondered the idea of destroying Sebastian’s form — and overall existence — but there is a balance that needs to be maintained between the good and evil, and that is where he comes in
  • You know what happened to Ciel’s parents, however, you know that he cannot hear this information, for the safety of his wellbeing and making sure that the contract benefits his growth, until his departure will be needed.
  • You’re VERY aware of the fact that Ciel has cried himself to sleep over this knowledge that you hold, he does hold a grudge against you for this
  • You pity the soul, but again, the balance MUST stay intact
  • You only visit the manor on the occasion, you have to travel to different parts of the world, thus having very little time to spend in England
  • Advising him in certain moral terms is basically the service you provide to him — again, this is a service you provide to everyone.


  • Though you absolutely cannot stand the demon, you respect his figure.
  • He has a part to play in your performance that is the human civilization, thus, you do not denounce him
  • When you are present in the manor, his human form is a lot harder to maintain, and he does feel excruciating pain at times
  • Your aura, as well as presence smothers and blinds him — demons are not used to the ethereal light, nor the warmth of a higher being.
  • He is one of the only beings that has seen your “true form”, though a putrid sight to him, it would be the most elusive experience for any other earthly being
  • He understands who holds the power when you are around, he doesn’t think twice about crossing a line with you. He cowers at you, actually, if you do bring down your wrath upon him

William T Spears…

  • Unlike Sebastian, he does not have the power of seeing your true form
  • He feels your presence just like the human population — it is not harmful, yet not extremely overpowering either
  • Absolutely CANNOT take his eyes off your human form, he can see you without his glasses on as well.
  • Instead of providing moral guidance, you provide William with history and knowledge of the earth
  • You are like a scholar to him, someone to learn from when it comes to the roots of the human population, and his form in general
  • He also sees you in his dreams when he sleeps. It’s almost as if he’s back into his human form, you provide him with the luxury of human emotion — as a punishment or as a gift is for him to determine
  • Almost tries to encounter you when he’s doing his reaping rounds in London, he is actually eager to hear more from and about you.


  • She looks up to you when it comes to outer beauty, of course, you are the most pleasant being that any creature has laid their eyes upon
  • You almost mother her, trying to relieve any confusion that she has about her form, and teach her how to hold herself up as a woman like herself in the Victorian ages
  • You gift her with the finest dresses and fabric that you find around the world, this is your way of saying “thank you” for her service
  • Unlike other gods, you do not punish her for ending her human life, you had a glimpse into what it was like, and it was nothing that you would have wanted to put anyone through.
  • You do her hair from time to time too — you love to help her realize the beauty that comes with the flaw-filled human anatomy

Ronald Knox

  • This young reaper is reckless, you try to help guide his hand through his immortality, but deep down you know he is lost
  • You get frustrated with some of the mindless flirting he does, you do not want to hurt him, but he does need to learn boundaries
  • When he knows he did something wrong when you’re around, you bet his ass is gonna hide
  • You try to show him the beauty in some of the human life, whether it be their artistic works, or just general constructs that were held
  • You help him learn a lot about the world as well, some things cannot go unanswered
  • You get him little trinkets from around the world, I have a feeling that in his human lifetime he wasn’t very aware of what was outside of his domain, so it’s kinda like something for him to look at/learn about


  • He has a foul opinion about you, though he does respect the beauty you find in death as well
  • You get in to quarrels a lot, ending with the Undertaker isolating himself from you, as well as others
  • You discuss some of the events that have unfolded in history. He does have some very extensive knowledge as well, and you both keep a “book” of events that might have been mistakenly recorded
  • When a grieving family comes in, he can feel your presence lingering in the background
  • If he sees ANY live creature in his shop, wether it be an ant or some other minuscule being, he gets suspicious that this is one of your forms, and tries to exterminate the presence immediately
  • Yeah… he doesn’t really like you, sorry bro :-(

Well, I think that’s basically the extent of what I can come up with when talking about Black Butler characters and a Goddess reader,,, have a good night/day/afternoon/whatever, bye!! ☆

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She Sure Is Strange…

So this is kinda like a character headcanon for y/n from my previous post “Season Of The Witch”,,, hope y’all enjoy!

Strengths + Weaknesses

  • You wield both black magick and light magick, unlike some witches, you aren’t tied to a specific practice
  • Since you’ve roamed the earth for so long, you can practically cast spells just with your mind, no spoken word, no extra potions or that whole show
  • You do like to take a break after a while though, yes witches AREN’T invincible but that doesn’t mean you don’t have good stamina
  • Obtaining certain ingredients is a little hard due to your constant movement around the earth, you’ve resided in a lot of countries and continents, but you do have to get use to the environment around you
  • You’re REALLY good at spotting things out that would usually go amiss
  • “Sebastian, you do realize that one of the fingers to this criminal is missing, right?”
  • Though you don’t make potions that often, when you do the manor either smells like A.) An angel from heaven covered with the most angelic and beautiful scent feasible, or B.) Like hundreds of rodents are rotting in the walls of the manor
  • With potion making comes great knowledge of tea, you honestly brew a better tea than Sebastian can
  • Sometimes you sneak out in the middle of the night and somehow end up in Asia or the South America’s, you’re only gone for like a week though, but it’s still really confusing for Ciel, Sebastian, and the servants
  • If you want to be vicious, you sure as hell can be vicious. Though Ciel usually sends Sebastian out for the “dirty work”, he does use your powers to his advantage if the crime is gruesome enough
  • Amazing at hand to hand combat, though you’ve always used magick since your creation, you do pack a really good punch
  • You can heal yourself extremely quickly, as well as revive those who have unfortunately passed
  • (You also use this for a longer and drawn out type of torture as well)


  • You’ve learned how to adapt to most cultures’ garb, you’ve dawned silk to hides, satin to leather, etc
  • However, you do have a “true form” - this is the form of which your humanity has taken since you were a babe
  • Unlike most witches, you came from a forgotten tribe/village that met its demise due to your existence
  • You were worshipped by many, but as foreigners and conqueres made their way into your homeland, they had all either been converted, enslaved, or murdered
  • You hold a grudge against certain political practices due to your homeland’s downfall
  • Back to the worship however, your true figure is dawned with gems and precious metals, due to the offerings your worshippers have given you
  • Your traditional garb is a bit risqué, due to the woman’s/man’s nude body not being as negatively looked at during that time
  • You had an ankle length loincloth with engraved gems and traditional embroidery
  • Think of your top as a bra but only with the underwire, this was beaded with the gemstones and made out of a solid gold
  • You have an amulet to keep as a reminder of your place in your original society at that time; this was the most extravagant piece by far. It was engraved with old legends that the people of your homeland used to tell
  • A head piece was the simplest, yet most important thing that you wear upon your body. This includes golden wires with gems attached, in the middle and down the sides of your face were your society’s most precious gem: (insert whatever gem here lol)
  • Your skin look like it was rubbed with ashes and earth, it wasn’t nasty or anything but moreso like a marking of which you traditionally received due to your village’s yearly ceremony
  • Though this sounds mostly human, you do have some unusual feature that dawn your face, i.e. your eyes turn all white, there are a multitude dark veins that go from the corners of your eyes up to your hairline
  • Your tongue is also split, almost like a snake’s but not quite
  • You maintain a different appearance in public and honestly in private as well, it is quite shocking and possibly horrifying if one doesn’t prepare themselves
  • You can switch from one appearance to another by uttering a phrase in your mother tongue
  • “Öėmæylı çÿōû måłâ”
  • With this phrase, you have quite a terrifying transformation actually (be warned)
  • The arm of your true form comes out of your mouth, honestly your whole body does, it just looks like your turning yourself inside out
  • Of course this isn’t your only way, you can also make it even more gruesome if you just decide to light your body on fire, and as the fire dims down and only embers are left, your true form develops
  • Honestly scared the shit out of a few of the servant and surprised Sebastian when you held your hand over a candle and engulfed yourself into flames


  • You are quite primal when you do transform, though you do hold most common manorisms accepted by whatever society you’ve been residing in, that doesn’t mean you won’t hold yourself back from your natural instinct
  • A lot more deviant and mischievous when you’re also in your natural form, though you do like to aide those who are asking for help, you usually put your interest first
  • You’re very touchy and curious depending on the subject, again, though you are a witch you do hold the prime human behavior
  • You’ll usually speak in your mother tongue, unless something really needs communicated
  • Where you came from, women were equal to men, infact their bodies were worshiped and a lot of the manorisms revolves around worshipping such anatomy
  • If someone defies you or disrespects you, you usually put them in their place or force them onto the ground to bow down
  • You aren’t used to being treated so shittily in some societies, since the philosophy was that women weren’t equal to men. This causes a lot of issues for you, and the person disrespecting you
  • You’re also very hyper-sexual at times, due to if you find someone of your match or preference
  • For example, when you met William on a killing mission with Sebastian, your instincts took over
  • You put your palm out for him to kiss and,,, well,,, got a little touchy
  • He didn’t really mind it though, your presence is horrifyingly beautiful, and you almost have this ethereal aura to you
  • This has happened on multiple occasions with The Undertaker, Ronald, Edward, Ran-Mao, Lau, and a couple other people
  • Sadly Sebastian hasn’t peaked your interest though you do tease him and almost make him follow you wherever you go if you’re feeling frisky
  • My mans just can’t get that pu$$y tho fr 🥺🥺
  • Ngl tho you’ve hooked up with a couple people multiple times
  • (even tho undertaker got some rickety ass bones he can still get it)
  • If someone doesn’t have the time to hookup with you though or you’re just too busy on a mission to catch someone’s attention, you do end up in their dreams sometimes…
  • Haha yeah those were some LUCID lucid dreams
  • (You did this a couple time when Sebastian was in his “demon heat” and decided to take a nap lol)
  • Also, did you know you could work that pole? No? Well now you can. I’m making it a headcanon bitch

How to Summon You:

  • Your worshippers usually chant your name, it literally rings through a whole town if the people are passionate/loud enough
  • Also if they put… “certain” herbs out, you litterally come running.
  • This was a sacred method in your culture actually, if the very sick or wounded needed help reliving pain they would give them herbs as well
  • HOWEVER, it was forbidden for those who were high functioning and only reserved for ceremonial and spiritual practices only
  • As long as the request maintains a certain balance between the earthly energies, you’ll do it
  • You’re actually quite caring and giving depending on the request or person.
  • Overall you have some good morals and some corrupt ones, but again, it’s all about that balance.

I fucking love this character omfg even tho it’s y/n and I tried to make it applicable to as many as possible I just l o v e t h e m. I’ll definitely be continuing this series

Also, one big reminder:


Thnx for reading bbs :-)

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“Babe, please listen! It’s not what you think!”

Shouted Ronald, as he followed followed you into your shared bedroom. “Oh really? So I didnt just see you kissing someone in the bar?” You snarled at him, tears starting to form in your eyes. “Yes! I mean no! Please let me explain!”

“You promised.”

At those words, Ronald became silent. “You said this time would be different. You promised me!” You screamed in fury, nails digging into your palms. “And they will! Starting now!” He put both his hands on your shoulders, massaging you. “No…” Those words came out as a whisper, barely audible. “What?” He frowned, his tone laced with confusion. “I said no! I won’t forgive you anymore! This was the last straw Ronald! I wont take this kind of treatment anymore. How many times have I watched you cheat and lie to me? How many!? So many time that I’ve lost count! I’m done. We’re done!” Pushing him away, you began to throw your few belongings into a duffle bag.

Once you finished, you didn’t date look at him. Knowing that if you did, you’d forgive him, telling him you didn’t mean it. That you still loved him.

But you won’t and with that, you left.

Leaving the bespectacled blonde alone in the bedroom you once shared.

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Oooh, Undertaker would absolutely adore an affectionate s/o!! I can see it now, lovely cuddles, cute pet names, sweet kisses!

he absolutely adores being by their side, cuddling and giving them kisses whenever he’s able to!!


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