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can I request sfw and nsfw headcanons for Lau? Thank you so much!

First Lau request, yay ! <3


  • Though not related by blood Lau takes good care of his sister, Ran-Mao. She may be his personal assassin, loyal to the bone, but a good chunk of him cares deeply for her. She’s capable so there isn’t much worry though.
  • Despite his easy going personality and seemingly always being lost in conversations he is very aware of what is happening…After the fact unfortunately. He is one of those people who laughs at the joke ten minutes after it has been said most of the time.
  • He smokes opium. A lot. Obviously. On his off days its hard to get him to do anything remotely productive unless it involves grabbing his pipe. Yes, he just fell asleep on one of the woman’s lap. Someone remove the pipe from his mouth…


  • This man is a kinky little shit. The women that surround him know this very well. Lau doesn’t just have them one on one but all at once. Threesomes? A regular.
  • Speaking of threesomes it doesn’t stop there. If there are five women with him then all five of them are in for a hell of an active night. Each of them gets a turn. They’re bent over the bed, getting a pounding from Lau but they’re also busy too. They’re busy eating the pussy that’s spread before them.
  • Sometime’s he’ll watch the women go down on each other, pipe in hand while the other tries to stay away from his dick. At that point someone is getting face fucked. Fuck it, everyone gets face fucked. His balls better get attention too.
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Headcanon: When Lau was a child, he had a female friend about Ran-Mao’s age that he always looked up to. They became best friends, and Lau developed a small crush on her. She then fell ill, and eventually passed away. Lau became filled with grief, like there was an empty place in his heart where she should be. This is why he surrounds himself with so many girls, trying to replace the hole in his heart where his old friend should be.

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Not in any sort of order, also not including main characters or very popular characters. The main point of this list is to point out characters that don’t get as much love as they should. If this gets a lot of likes I’ll do a female version or I’ll do individual headcanons if requested. 

1. Agni from Black Butler - This man is a tall, dark, handsome, and drinks his respect women juice. Not only is he talented and strong, but also so loyal, passionate and caring. Would definitely cook for you and help you with chores. 

2. Lau from Black Butler- A super chill guy and even though he is into some pretty shady business I bet he still knows how to treat a lady. Would be a good smoke buddy. Also would be super protective. 

3. Honestly a lot of characters from black butler are slept on.

4. Shoji from My Hero- This man would be the best cuddle partner and you cannot change my mind. Also very respectful and protective to those he likes. Could literally toss you around like a rag doll but wouldn’t unless you ask. (Honestly most of the people in MHA could toss you around) 

5. Rappa from My Hero- This man is BIG. Would also be great to cuddle. Big himbo energy. Would definitely call you names like little lady and woman.

6. Fat Gum from My Hero- SO MANY GOOD CUDDLERS. Would not care about your weight at all. Would buy you your favorite snacks and make you your favorite foods. Would be the best to have a movie night with. 

7. Again, a lot of underrated characters in My Hero

9. Stein from Soul Eater- This man is snarky and sarcastic in all the best ways. Smart, funny, hard working and can kick ass. Would be a low key flirt and tease. 

10.Mori from OHSHC- This man is literally the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Super protective, caring and a great listener. Would spoil his s/o and be a good cuddle buddy. Has the strength to toss you around but never would for fear of hurting you, but will carry you. 

11.Kyoya from OHSHC - Devilish with a secret kindness streak. Would subtly tease you whilst also being a perfect gentleman. Would also spoil you. Takes care of you and pushes you to do your best ( but not to a unhealthy amount, just wants you to be happy). Very supportive. 

12.Judeau from Berserk- compared to the other characters in the show he’s a bit plain but realistically is a catch. Not only is he a badass on the battle field but also is respectful and kind. Drinks his respect women juice and is protective of those he cares about. Also very loyal and intelligent.

13. Bon from Blue Exorcist- Very determined and respects those who share his determination. Might be a little blunt and even mean at times but is ultimately very caring, protective and passionate. 

14. Amaimon from Blue Exorcist - Such a mischievous and childish dude. Would be very fun to be friends and maybe even partners with. I like this character a lot but might not be great in a relationship because of his childish ways and not being able to understand human emotions etc. Would be a very possessive and jealous lover but wouldn’t return the favor. 

15. Bertholdt from Attack on Titan- I want to climb this man like a tree. Would be great at cuddling and a great listener. This man is also STRONG and would be able to toss you around and carry you no matter your size. 

16. Jean from Attack on Titian- Jean and Bon are cut from the same cloth, Jean is just a little bit more arrogant. A lovable asshole, kind of like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. 

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