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#kuroshitsuji reapers

Skull? Posting art after many months of silence? More likely than you think. Enjoy this Grell in a top hat portrait. I just wanted to draw Grell in a top hat and a dress.

I don’t have any idea how much time I’ve used on this but the answer is too much. Then it all was separated into nice little sessions that got disturbed by me staring totally unrelated drawing and focusing on that… and then starting another… and yet another. Guess what, I haven’t got anything worth posting done for few months simply because I an that bad procrastinator. I’ve been focusing more on writing, but rough 90% of my writing is in Finnish so i don’t thee the point of posting it anywhere. And I am too lazy to translate any of those.

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Collections in public places were always unusual and uncomfortable. During the day, there was too much going on. Too many people, too much noise. And at night, everything was uncannily still. Of course, dying out in the streets was rarely a person’s first choice, which made these assignments all the more unpleasant.

When he arrived at the end of the correct alley, Alan paused to check the book one last time.

Ian Barrett. 28. Pneumonia. A routine collection, if an unfortunate one, Alan thought to himself. He checked his watch - 02:50, so Mr. Barrett would notice him any time now. Alan preferred to wait until seen to approach; it seemed kinder, less startling for the dying that way.

“‘Ey, you,” Barrett rasped. “You ‘ere to finish me off?” Already leaning against one of the old brick buildings that flanked the alley, he collapsed in a coughing fit. 

“No,” Alan replied calmly, “just here to help.” This was Alan’s third pneumonia case of the day, and watching someone die like this made Alan nauseous every time. It was pitiful. It was familiar. … It was a painful reminder of what was to come. Just two more minutes. 

“Well, stay the fuck ‘way,” Barrett spat at him between labored breaths. “Don’ need ‘elp to die.”

As Alan got closer, he could smell the alcohol, the sweat, the piss. And, with each step, Barrett grew more and more agitated.

“Said stay the fuck ‘way, arsehole,” he hissed, drawing a knife and pointing it at Alan.

One minute. Alan summoned his scythe.

“Oh, sure, make a dyin’ man feel inferior… with your big… big fuckin’ fancy… f-fuck!” Each word was more difficult to get out than the last. This was the end. They both knew it.

“I’m just here to help,” Alan repeated, preparing for the strike.

Ian Barrett’s final words were barely more than a whisper as he plunged his own blade into his neck. “Don’… need… ‘elp.”


Barrett, Ian Daniel. Born 24th June, 1858, to Margaret Ramsey and Daniel Barrett. Died 3rd March, 1887, of blood loss from a self-inflicted knife wound. Forwarded to Assessment and Recruiting. - Sr. Collections Officer Alan Humphries.

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Oh, also, I have a Tik Tok now. There’s not a lot on there right now, but I definitely plan to do more in the future. So far I have: 

Grell Sutcliffe

Rei Ryugazaki

Rin Matsuoka

Haruka Nanase

Logan Sanders

Patton Sanders

Virgil Sanders

Roman Sanders

Deceit Sanders

Remus Sanders

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Part 2 Reaper AU

TW: Sucide

  • To some extent, reapers can manipulate human lives, by way of changing their permanent record, kept in the library.
  • Reapers themselves were human once. Humans who have committed suicide are not welcomed into heaven nor hell, instead, they are forced to collect souls for all eternity.
  • They are also a sort of “god”, much more powerful than humans and able to stand up to a demon. But they can still die.
  • One notorious cause of death we know of is a disease, called the Thorns of Death. It shows itself in a reaper much like a long term debilitating disease.
  • There is a rumor that 1,000 pure souls can cure it, but other than that, there is no hope.
  • Reapers are also BATSHIT BLIND LIKE LMAOOOOO. They literally cannot see anything without their glasses. (One notable exception). They also all have phosphorescent eyes.
  • The notable exception to the rule is the Undertaker, who seems to be able to see perfectly fine without them. (It might not apply, since he is an ex-reaper).
  • The attitude towards the job varies. For example, William views it as nothing more but a necessary annoyance, Ronald finds it boring, and Grell loves the death aspect of it.


  • En is a reaper who has been there for a while. The department finds him a bit eccentric, but he’s always done his job well.
  • His death scythe is the melt stick, lol, he got permission to modify his normal scythe.
  • He enjoys his job, he views it as much better than his past life.
  • When he collects a soul, he will always stop to applaud after watching a particularly touching cinematic record.
  • Loki is from the Norwegian branch.
  • He’s fairly new, and he dislikes his job very much.
  • He had committed an infraction at some point, (though he won’t tell anyone what he did) so he’s stuck using the “safety scythes.”
  • His past family is still alive, which brings him much pain. Besides his mother, he was mostly ignored in life.
  • When En uses some of his vacation days to visit Norway, he meets Loki.
  • He’s immediately smitten by this quiet, clever reaper.
  • Loki is a bit taken aback by En’s energy, but he gets used to him, and even eventually grows to love him.
  • En definitely returns this feeling.
  • Loki requests a transfer to the American branch, and he and En become partners. (With their job AND their personal lives).
  • All seems to be going well. Loki is happier than he has ever been in his existence, and En lives in constant awe of his partner.
  • (And here, we get the plot from Kuromyu 2 ).
  • Loki contracts the Thorns of Death, but he doesn’t tell En.
  • He hides it for quite a while, but eventually, when he gets worse, En notices.
  • En is told there is no cure. But En is stubborn. He refuses to entertain the thought of losing Loki.
  • Then he hears of a rumored cure…
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I’m So Confused…

Supposedly, these three were considered unclassified passengers aboard the Campania.


(Picture from The Phantomhive Household, as you can see on the bottom there.)

Ronald I understand, but how is Grell and William included in this? Grell didn’t show up until later, and William wasn’t even onboard the Campania.

Or was he?

I don’t know peeps, I don’t know. Wait, I think I’m talking to myself on this post…

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