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#kuroshitsuji theory

Soma’s Funeral Attire

I was re-watching Book of Murder and during Sebastian’s “funeral” something seemed familiar.


Soma has a funeral attire. It’s not like his usual clothing since he wears bright colors and shorts vests.

Even though there are differences between the clothing, (and the second is obviously more detailed) the design is the same.

I knew that I also had to check the manga. But the panels are tiny and don’t have much detail so images from the anime are also included.


^The sleeves are light colored in ch148 rather than black like the ones above.


This is a minor discovery. But in the future chapters, when Soma shows up with intent to kill Ciel(s), he probably will still be wearing his funeral clothing so let’s just know it symbolizes something(like everything in the manga).

Thanks for reading :)

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AAAAAA I’m so frustrated!!!


It was so obvious in chapter 54 that O!ciel has a twin and yet all this time I thought he was referring to his past self. He’s self that day when it happened, he’s weak self.

I feel so dumb not noticing that they would always show R!ciel being stabbed and then O!ciel was almost always shown right after, inside of the cage calling out for sebastian/help.

All this fucking years of reading this manga fshsjsksl lol I’m just really disappointed with myself. Just because of that one scene in the anime where O!ciel was lying down with a blanket calling for sebastian I had thought that it was always him that got stabbed and then he summon a demon because of that sfshsjsj my poopoopepee brain goes brtt

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At first I thought sebastian meant like how o!ciel was pretending to be r!ciel but isn’t sebastian supposed to be devoted to o!ciel until he gets revange??????? WHaT AaAaaAAAA

So does the lies becoming the truth has something to do with o!ciel’s revenge??????

Also I keep forgetting that this arc was a literal flashback AAAAAAAAAA WHAT DOES IT MEAN

I’m sorry my brain is a mess i havent slept for so long, goodnight!

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This is sus


Sebastian didn’t even stepped on joker or “killed” him the way he killed that doctor and that other dude like I get it sure sebastian wouldn’t lie and he follows ciels order and they also burned it to the ground but let us all remeber that UNDERTAKER was outside with r!ciel so he could have just saved jokers body or what not, the way he did with r!ciel *cough polaris*

If every joke is alive and snake…. No not my baby snake.

If joker is somehow alive and is polaris then poor snake, he is after all still waiting for the circus members to come back poor bby :(


Oh buy he was deemed dead by our william here but hey bizzare doll ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

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I don’t understand how a human like joker can do that????????!! Sure it could be for dramatic effect (but I doubt yana writes things without meaning) and he is a magicial I guess?? But like wtf?

The only magic trick I’ve seen him do is the flower he gave to beast too wtf

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I can’t stop thinking wether sebastian is using all of his power in fights or in general or if he’s been holding back, I mean HE IS A DEMON, the bitch can make a full course party meal in just a flash of an eye, he can remake a fucking mansion in a second to it’s original form (even the cracks on the walls and shit)

Like is this motherfucker holding back because of what ciel said to him to at least “act” like it when he’s doing something, LIKE HAS SEBASTIAN BEEN HOLDING BACK IN FIGHTS?? I NEED TO KNOW!!

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Since re-reading the manga I’ve just noticed that we never really see Vincent or Rachel take care of O!ciel or like baby him like what soma said here


We have always just gotten tanaka or R!ciel look after him and visit him, or madam red check O!ciel up


We see rachel standing there looking worried but I’ve never really seen her hug or pamper O!ciel (I guess it could be because they both easy get sick sure but that doesn’t seem right) like how she did with R!ciel here


Even when O!ciel was coughing a lot before their boat trip


She just looked worried wnd checked O!ciel’s temperature and went and go boating anyways, even if that meant leaving O!ciel behind, it could just be because she just got better after being sick too but like why would you leave your sick child behind even if there are people who would take care of him in the house.

(I mean I guess vincent made food for him but like he didn’t even come with r!ciel or what 🙄 but he went when R!ciel was throwing a tantrum 🙄)

I just find that sad. If I actually just missed out on times where vincent and rachel pamped O!ciel then tehe my bad 😋✌️

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Upcoming Conflicts 🐍

Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted. This will be a bit long(know that I’ve not seen the latest chapter yet)

Now that Mey-Rin and Ran-Mao’s mission is finished, next is Finny and Snake’s. What can we expect?


Firstly, the scenery is an “Institution for Children” which I think is a “Fancy Orphanage”. It is likely that if they are collecting food for RC, the method is similar to The Promised Neverland. Where they basically tell children they are going to their “forever home”, a.k.a. a demon’s stomach.

What I expect is we will be focusing on Snake. Finny has his moments every now and then but the spotlight hasn’t really been on Snake since the end of Book of Murder. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toboso decides to finish what was started there.


O!Ciel lied to Snake, saying he is looking for other circus members. Snake’s whole relationship with the Phantomhive’s rely on this. Wouldn’t it be sad if somebody told Snake the truth? Maybe somebody who saw everything go down. Did you guess who?


Yes, our very own blood sucker.

R!Ciel, Undertaker or some one else can tell Snake the truth. The plot can go two ways:

->Snake adapting and and yelling something like “Phantomhives are my new family!”

->Snake getting really angry at OC and him siding with RC.

From these two, one is more likely to happen since a new character on RC’s side was introduced only recently so Snake changing sides will take that characters importance. (Also I love Snake and don’t wanna lose him <3)

Now onto Snake’s past. I believe there won’t be a year long flashback since that recently happened with Mey-Rin. Another thing is, we knew at least some things about the other servants past before learning the full story.


For example, these panels from Ch44 show a part of other servants’ pasts. However, we haven’t seen anything to shape an idea of snakes past. So, I think we might get just that. A tiny entrence to Snake’s past.

About Finny: I think he will have his moment like the one in Emerald Witch Arc, but it won’t go any further than that for the reasons stated above.

This is all for now. I’ll update as the plot unveils. Thanks for reading~

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Yana is really fucking good, the fact that s2 black butler o!ciel’s soul was stolen and was then retrieved by sebastian is literally a foreshadowing of how undertaker took r!ciel’s soul from sebastian and gave it back to him AAAAAAAAA I need to stop thinking about kuroshitsuji and sleep

Edit: in the end of the anime O!ciel turned into a demon making it so that him and sebastian stay together, so I wonder if that would also be a foreshadowing in the manga or if it would be relevant at all, personally I don’t think yana would write anything without any meaning so I’m excited to see where this really goes aaaaaaaaa

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I’ve been re-reading kuroshitsuji again since waiting for new updates hurts and I’m sad. I also just wanna see all the other clues that yana has drawn and put in the panels.

I noticed in chapter 10 when Grell and Sebastian were fighting, Grell was able to see hes cinematic records and “that day” when Ciel formed the contract with Sebastian, so I was just wonder, all this time does this mean that he knew? Despite the fact that Grell does have the record of people so he could have just easily looked at O!ciel and knew.


So I guess he wasn’t really shocked if he did took a peek at O!ciels papers beforehand, so does that mean madam red knew or? But she never mentioned anything though, and only every used plurals like (you) when talking to O!ciel in their chess match


I’m also wondering who this baby Madam red was holding and referring to that she felt the need to protect


This was a mess just random thoughts, I’ve been reading this manga for 5 years and this is the first time I’ve posted something like this, I usually just kept to myself but hey hey hey tumblrblog lol

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“If I were to lose you again” ?

So have we seen this character before? I doubt Polaris is someone from Vincent’s generation…. no?

Undertaker probably there thinking “oof I felt that”



Who else is butler in the manga that we’ve been introduced to? I can’t remember anyone 😂

Istg if its someone from the previous arcs- NOT JOKER PLEASE I *soft hearted* for him


Originally posted by sokovianpropaganda

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Hello Anon and thanks for reading! So, about this idea of yours: 

“what if UT/Cedric K. Ros- (Cross?) became a Phantomhive butler under Claudia & fathered Vincent? (also a parallel to Grell!)”

It’s true that I’m a believer of the UT = Cedric K. Ros, so I agree that he fathered Vincent and Frances. :)

However, while I know it’s tempting to imagine that UT used to be Claudia’s butler (since, indeed, most iconic duos of this series are made of a master and their butler), personally I disagree with this theory for 4 reasons! 

  • Butlers aren’t the only characters who received an identity in Kuro

In fact, it’s a theme of the series for many characters to act on behalf of the identity they’ve taken for themselves (Finny, Noah’s Ark, Snake, our!Ciel himself, etc).

So while I agree that UT was possibly once given the name “Cedric” by Claudia, this doesn’t imply that it was necessarily because he was her butler. :) 

  • UT’s lockets

I’d also like to remind you that Claudia’s locket is not the only one on UT’s chain and he apparently referred to all of them as his “treasure”.

So, unless we’re to assume he was the butler of all these people represented by the lockets, I think it’s hard to assume that UT was Claudia’s butler when he apparently met many humans he did enjoy/care about, after he deserted.

Also Seb found no link between the different people represented by the lockets, so they can’t all be fellow servants of the Phantomhive household (for instance). Speaking of which…

  • Tanaka’s character

If UT used to be Claudia’s butler, then what about Tanaka’s character, who’s also a butler?


After all, we know that Tanaka has been around the household since Claudia’s days as the Watchdog, as well as since Vincent and Frances’ childhood

So I don’t think Claudia would have had 2 butlers (not considering the usual master & butler duos amongst the series) and I also don’t think UT trained Tanaka because, in ch151, UT said…


Of course, it’s hard to know whether he was telling the truth or lying in this whole chapter (since whoever he used to be is gone, now he’s only “the Undertaker”), but still, I think Tanaka as both Claudia’s and then Vincent’s butler makes more sense with what we’ve seen so far of the past.

Of course I can be wrong, but actually…

  • I think UT rather used to act as/be a nobleman 

And I made a whole post about this idea here. :3 In other words, I’m overall more fond of the theory that UT used to possibly be “Earl Phantomhive” before Vincent, while “the Watchdog” was Claudia. [x]

As for UT’s reaction to Polaris’ words in the newest chapter, hm, well…


…it’s actually hard to interpret it, because :

  1. UT could simply be worried about Polaris not lasting as a bizarre doll (since BDs need “episodes” of quality to keep on functioning, as much as they need edited records and, as we now know, blood transfusions)
  2. UT could be thinking about “not being able to rest” until he’s finished what he’s trying to achieve through the BD project, and that even if the Shinigamis catch him, or Victoria or Seb get in his way
  3. since it’s definitely a flashback arc (Ciel’s, Mey’s, etc), maybe UT could be thinking about the life he led before he killed himself

And that’s only 3 ideas out of many possibilities. 

Frankly speaking though, maybe UT once had a master he served, but then again…


UT’s character does seem to enjoy the freedom to think and act entirely for himself (or for what pleases him), because he’s been existing for a long time. So after being such a skilled Shinigami and deserting, because he possibly found some huge dirt on their higher-ups, I find it hard to believe that he’d have been happy as someone’s butler. But again, I can be absolutely wrong!

TL;DR I understand why some fans choose to follow the idea that UT used to be Claudia’s butler, considering that we had many master/butler duos in the series so far. For now, it’s simply not my favorite possibility though. :)

I hope I managed to explain my point of view? Please have a nice day, Anon! :3


Hello Anon and thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)) 

Actually, I have no idea if Yana means for UT to be a real-life historical figure but, to be honest, if Sensei wants to introduce actual historical people in the main cast then my money’s not on UT. After all, Yana is Japanese, so I don’t know how much she would know about England’s History (and, I mean, this is quite the specific historical fact). 

So who knows! Personally, I’d rather bet on Tanaka as an actual historical figure within the main cast. :)) [x][x]

Thanks again for sharing your idea and have a nice day Anon!

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Polaris’ “Master”

I’m curious about this “master” that Polaris once worked for. When Polaris mentioned losing his master once before, Undertaker made an interesting facial expression.


What is that face? Sorrow? Regret? He looks mournful. Why would he be looking so solemn at the mention of Polaris’ previous master?

It is as if the mention of the demise of Polaris’ master brought back some type of painful memory for Undertaker and made him emotional.

The only other times we have seen Undertaker get emotional is when it regards the Phantomhives





Either way It’s clear that Undertaker was familiar with the person that Polaris used to work for, whomever that was.

As for Polaris’ real identity? Who knows. Polaris could be anybody, but IMO he’s definitely not someone we’ve seen already. He may have worked for Vincent or even Claudia - Hence Undertaker’s reaction at the mention of their death - Or maybe Polaris served under some other character who hasn’t been introduced yet.

Some people are speculating that Polaris is Joker. Sorry but I just can’t see it.

And Polaris as Agni? NO………just……no

The manga is far from over so Joker and the rest of the circus trope may very well return as bizarre dolls in future chapters - maybe even other characters like Madam Red or Agni - but I do not believe Polaris is Joker (or Agni *facepalm*) .

But yeah I’m curious to know who Polaris used to work for as I suspect that person was important to Undertaker.


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Hi there! So for the title of this i know you must be really put off guard but trust me on this! Right, lets get into it.

So we know that Vincent died on that fateful day when the twins were ripped away from their family and we saw his body.


Sad, right?

But also, how strange is it that the undertaker mentioned that there was nothing left of him, only ash. BUT WAS IT HIS?


DUN DUN DUUUUN Its so strange!
Lets think scientifically for a second, 
A house burns up to 593 C (1100 F) and It takes about 760 to 1150 °C (1400 to 2100 °F) to cremate a body. Even then partial bones are left remained. But this is strange, extremely strange that only ASH and NO BONES were left. This gives the possibility that Vincent is ALIVE! 

Why did sebastian pose as O!Ciels father when he ‘died’? Sebastian has never met the dad nor know thats the same position in which he was dead. SO HOW–


I can only conclude one thing and that is, IT WASNT SEBASTIAN! It was

Lets talk about Blavat for a moment, Blavat has been acting very sus this whollle arc and clearly if he isnt a demon, HES VINCENT

Let me elaborate. All the cover art and art in general has STARS representing the twins and astrology aesthetics, who’s aesthetic is that? Blavats. Whos the twins father? Vincent. AND WHO is the father of all stars? BLAVAT.





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Spoilers up to ch. 142 //

Since I’m just now starting to read the manga, I’ve been searching all over for Kuroshit content and theories as usual and managed to find @sebastian-die-bitch ‘s theory on o!Ciel being isolated from the people who care about him. I’m not going to be debunking it but, rather, adding some more insight to justify why I support it.

Since o!Ciel’s returned and had taken up the role of the Queen’s Guard Dog, his life (from his perspective, at least) has always been set up like a chess game with him playing the central role of king. Usually, his opponents have been petty criminals of the underground but, with the reanimation of his brother, his opponent is now r!Ciel.

While it’s entirely possible to win a game without taking away your opponent’s pieces in chess, it’s much easier to do so by acquisition. That’s exactly what r!Ciel is doing in this game. By taking away the people that care for o!Ciel, r!Ciel is securing his checkmate and attempting to capture the king (as stated before as being o!Ciel).

If I had to guess who was playing which role… I would say that Lizzy was acting as his knight, the Phantomhive servants are his pawns, and I’d say Prince Soma and Lau are his bishop and rook (though I’m not sure who is who). Right now, as in chapter 142, r!Ciel is showing off three of his pieces - Undertaker, who is acting as his queen, the Scotland Yard, and the Midfords.

From this alone, I imagine that at some point in the story, r!Ciel will be forced to focus on taking down o!Ciel’s queen, his most powerful piece, Sebastian, before he’s truly able to get to him and win.

Wait, lemme add a link to their theory:

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Also I think it’s pretty canon that whoever is behind the doors (Canopus, Vega etc.) are also the leaders of the hotel, sanatorium, orphanage etc.

So from that we can tell we are going to have to solve the mysteries and that’s what the manga is going to be focusing on. When we have everyone we‘ll see…

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Reading the manga Ciel did point something interesting out:

There was a group of people who approached UT to use the dolls as military animals. (Which btw has interesting parallels to the mustard gas in the green witch arc. Hell, judging by her reaction, the queen could be part of it…but she only learned about it later. And even then Undertaker despises her.)

And Ryan and him started the group that soon turned into the aurora society…

I wonder what came first. On the one hand: It would make 100% sense if Undertaker constructed the society to prove the dolls‘ effectiveness to the group of people. (It would make sense, after all. The dolls are failed experiments. They do nothing to help him, he is basically just profiting from „Scraps“)

But on the other hand…how and why did he reveal his ability to create dolls to the other group? Undertaker has to be super secretive of it…

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Something’s been sticking in my craw for a while and I can’t explain it. I’ll likely edit this a bit later for more details later on, I still have a part two of the relationships for O!Ciel to work on, so there’s that to do. But this is something I’ve been musing around since the whole Mei Rin arc that we have right now with Ran Mao and her insane strength, added on by recent chapters. 

Anyway, point being is the chess players that we have. 

Right now we have two sides, though we don’t know all the players on R!Ciel’s side, I’m assuming that the Baron and any characters we meet right now are all pawns in the Blue Sect group, They’re blood collectors no more no less, so I’m not going to focus down on them. This leaves us with his back row. 

R!Ciel is clearly the King in all of this, as he’s the one moving the pieces. 

Tanaka I’m going to guess is the Knight, he’s protecting R!Ciel but also is not pleased by him too as we’ve seen so far in his behavior. 

Blavat I think is one of the Bishops, not sure who the second is

Undertaker I think is either the Rook or the Queen right now

Lizzy is the other one that I’m not sure on, is she his Queen or Rook. Although it looks like she’s his Queen with Undertaker as the Rook. We will get back to her soon. 

On the other side we have O!Ciel’s back board. 

Which I”m not sure who’s what yet. We have Violet and Edward, Sullivan and Lau, Mei Rin and Ran Mao (I’m wondering if she and Lizzy are alike in some way), Snake and Finny, Bardroy and Sebastian and Soma. Of these I can only speculate that Sebastian is either the Queen or the Rook, while the others seem to float between being Knights, Bishops and Rooks. 

The reason I bring any of this up at all is because I keep thinking about the situation with the broken Vase that O!Ciel broke when he was frustrated with Blavat and how it seemed to indicate that he was not only upset about his comments but also that Lizzy was being taken from him. 

Which brings us back to Lizzy. A part of me feels that she’s going to be taken back by O!Ciel, and join his side, though in my gut I have this very odd feeling, and I know this may be my mind being twisted about this. O!Ciel doesn’t want Lizzy to be in the darkness of his life, but Lizzy has been training for years to do this very job, to be the wife of the watchdog and all that it entails. This means that, she would have to eventually come down to his world (Persephone and Hades if you will) and be in the dark while drawing him up to the light as well. 

This to me means that she’s going to have to do something, like Soma, where there’s going to be a darker action she would have to take. And learning that R!Ciel lead to the death of her Uncle, Aunt, the dog and caused O!Ciel this pain may lead her to make an interesting move. 

That move being, being the one to end up killing him or ending what he’s doing. We already know that Ciel is willing to do dark things, or rather O!Ciel is, and it would make sense for the brother’s to fight, but to me it would be an interesting move for Lizzy to be the one to put an end to it, due to who she is and what she does. We know that R!Ciel isn’t as good a fighter as her, and that O!Ciel, while really good with a gun, also isn’t as good as she is with a sword, it would make sense then that she would actually be the one to protect O!Ciel and promise to protect him, because she is the wife of the watchdog and that’s him, the one she loves. 

Just an odd thought. I may expand on this later. 

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