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#kuroshitsuji x reader

Hi everyone!! So the thing is, Halloween is getting very close and I have 17 requests to fill from the Halloween prompt list, meaning I won’t be able to get them done in time (sorry about that, but I never expected I’d get so many requests!! Means a lot that I did though❤️❤️)

So! I’m giving Halloween requests priority and I’ll write other requests after I’ve finished those. I usually go from oldest to newest, but given that the season is running out, I think this is best. Keep an eye out for more writing!!! 🖊

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No worries at all, of course you can!! Hope you enjoy!

6] Scary movie marathon

21] Telling scary stories



This year, you and Sebastian had your entire Halloween planned out and it was going to be perfect. You went over to his place, armed with as much junk food as you could carry, as well as fizzy drinks, blankets and at least one extra pillow. The demon had insisted he already owned more than enough blankets and pillows without you bringing any more, but you just couldn’t resist. You hadn’t shared a movie marathon in such a long time and you had been looking forward to this one all week.

You were starting with It, swiftly moving on to The Shining and ending with the Woman in Black. When you arrived, Sebastian had already organised the sofa so that you couldn’t see the furniture for the piles of blankets and pillows (as you requested). He’d pushed a coffee table in front of it so you had somewhere to put drinks and snacks and the fire had been on for a while, leaving the room cosy and warm. With your cheeks and nose tinged pink from the cold when you had only been outside a few minutes, it was truly welcome. You added your pillow and blankets to the mix, then collapsed into the sofa together and started the marathon.

You were the first to scream. You did your best to hold it in, but you were quite literally wrapped around Sebastian in moments, clutching onto his arms with your legs crossed over his as you tried not to flinch at every screech of the violins. The first jump scare had you hiding your face in the demon’s shoulder, arms winding tightly around him and fearfully glancing back over your shoulder at the screen. Your antics actually made him laugh, though of course you found the whole affair anything but funny.

Sebastian held you tightly throughout the whole ordeal, sarcastically asking you if you wanted to turn the light on and watch something happy when you almost went down during the Shining. He smirked as you whacked him on the arm in retaliation then promptly hid in his chest not a moment later. By the end of the marathon, you were curled up so completely that your entire body fit on the demon’s lap. You had a pillow clutched in front of you and an entire pile of blankets weighing down your shoulders, hiding behind said pillow and repeatedly asking Sebastian to keep holding you. Of course all of this led to no end of teasing, but you’d rather you get teased for wanting to be close to him than be grabbed by something in the dark. He found the fact that you felt safer being held by an actual demon then sitting in a dark room haunted only by your imagination far too entertaining.

It was the early hours of the morning when the marathon ended, you awake through pure trauma and Sebastian because he didn’t need to sleep in the first place. At this point, there was already no hope of you getting any rest, so you both decided the best option was to tell scary stories. You told the best you could think of in your frightened state of mind, about a group of kids going trick or treating and getting more than they bargained for, and about a lost tourist who ended up seeking shelter in an old, haunted building. But the ones Sebastian told… they were truly bone chilling. There was one about a hitchhiker on the Yorkshire moors, another about a horrifying, demonic black dog that supposedly arrived in London during the 1700’s, brought accidently on a tea clipper.

“Legend has it, the hound still roams the streets. People claim to have seen it on foggy nights when the tide is out, prowling along the banks and looking for sailors to drag away-”

His story was interrupted by an almighty howl from just outside, the sound positively deafening. You shrieked, voice more shrill than even you thought possible, and launched yourself at Sebastian, eyes squeezed shut and heart pounding so hard he could hear it, even without you pressing your body against his in terror. In spite of being tempted to roll his eyes at the incredibly human display of fear, he held onto you tightly, attempting to tell you that it was just a stray dog, a coincidence; you wouldn’t have it. When the demon suggested going to bed might be a good idea just a few minutes later, you refused to get out of the cocoon of blankets you were in, lest something ‘get you’, though what you were expecting, Sebastian had no idea.

He carried you in the end, scooping you up into his arms like you weighed nothing and walking upstairs with you. The demon smirked and tried not to laugh when you flinched at even the slightest of noises. Your senses were incredibly heightened due to how scared you were and the demon couldn’t help but marvel at just how good a human’s hearing could get when they were frightened. You jumped at noises you would never normally be able to hear, and at one or two that sounded a little faint, even to him. He just squeezed his arms a bit when it happened, lightly shaking his head and fondly telling you how ridiculous you were being. Your whole body was shaking like a leaf, eyes wide whenever you looked up at him.

“You know, we won’t be able to have any more of these marathons if you always become this frightened,” he chided, narrowing his eyes in pure delight when you said he couldn’t threaten not to do marathons anymore, claiming you enjoyed them too much.

It was less than a minute later when he deposited you neatly in his bed, pulling all the covers up over your shoulders then walking to the other side to get in and join you. He likened you to a limpet when you were like this; you barely gave him time to get settled before you shuffled over to him sheepishly, quickly pressing yourself against his side. Sebastian smiled at you as he turned on his side and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest. You buried your face in his shoulder, still jumping at the slightest sound, but feeling a bit safer for the contact. You did eventually manage to get to sleep, though you wouldn’t exactly call it the most restful experience of your life. Your dreams were still haunted by ferocious howling and foggy nights, screams echoing through the dark.

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Sebastian isn’t a man who-

Well, he want a man to begin with.

He was a demon, a fallen and corrupted being, never meant to see the light of heaven once again- destined to damn souls and devour a few more along the way. He’s seen empires rise and fall, the start of primal man to their modern counter parts, and he’s seen the change everything and nothing at all.

But one thing he’s noticed, that human did quite well, as love.


Who was he to understand it? He used to be filled with it, that warm full feeling in his chest, the comfort and safety it brought with being vulnerable to another. But he lost it, long ago, and it’s been twisted, corrupted, forever torn and shredded into nothing.

Or, that what he thought.

He didn’t think a small, fragile, human could do so much to him.

But here he was.

Here he was kissing you, lips lighter than a feather against your own, hands holding you close to him as you settled in his lap, mindful of his strength as to not harm you.

He harmed, maimed, killed- but the though of any of that happening to you, especially by his own hand, made him want to throw himself into the void of emptiness where nothing remained.

Here he was, leaving positive bites and marks up and down your neck and chest, his heart thrumming at how you arched into him. He peels off every layer of clothing like a present, in wanting to damage the gift inside, a rose made of the finest of glass. Painted and styled just for him.

He wanted more, he wanted to be greedy, take everything you were willing to give him. But, he wanted you to do the same, soak in the pleasure he have you and feel the intense burning if his love. It felt as if you were caught in a bonfire, and got too close to the flames, but you knew the fire wouldn’t hurt you.

How you moaned his name, how you gripped at him and scratched at his back, clawing at his pale arms as your legs wrapped around his waist to push him deeper- it made him lose himself.

He was moaning, whimpering, a mess really. He even sheds a tear or two, the feeling is overwhelming, it’s overstimulating. Love? He knows it once again, he’s been blessed, as ironic as it sounds.

He buries his face into your neck, letting you cling to him as you cum again, his own release following quickly at how your warmth fluttered around him. Tears come again, love, he thought.

He was a demon in love, a pure, unsaturated love.

But were you willing to live him back if you knew the truth?

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Thank you! You did send this in whilst requests were closed and I have still written it, but please only send stuff in when requests are open (I have seen your more recent message, so thank you for that 😊). Anywho I did this as some headcanons, hope you enjoy!



  • Sebastian would probably be pleasantly surprised that he’s not the only one who acts that way towards Ciel
  • Ciel of course doesn’t want to put up with you bickering with him all the time, so that leads to the constant bickering
  • That the demon finds uproariously entertaining
  • He never laughs out loud, though occasionally he might do so ever so quietly into his hands, the slightest dusting of pink over his cheekbones
  • You and Sebastian often end up saying the same thing at the same time, either about Ciel’s tutoring or what he needed to practice next, keeping on top of the manor’s finances or eating too much cake before dinner
  • Truthfully, you’re both mother hens
  • You more than Sebastian to be fair; he has few qualms about placing the earl in dangerous situations then claiming it was alright because he wasn’t breaking the contract
  • You scolded him for that too
  • Sebastian knew you were only harsh with Ciel because you wanted him to remain safe and do well
  • That didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy seeing the earl retaliate against your attempts
  • He suspected Ciel didn’t even realise why you were doing it, which just made the whole thing funnier to watch
  • Sebastian has mentioned your bickering to you several times
  • The first time he did it you just laughed a little and turned your gaze away from him, muttering something about wanting him to succeed in everything
  • The demon just smirked at the display of embarrassment
  • He then reassured you that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, he just thought the whole thing was quite cute
  • That just made your already pink cheeks burn, much to Sebastian’s delight
  • He wrapped his arms around you and drew you close to him, teasing you for how shy you were being and running his fingertips over your burning cheeks
  • Ultimately just making everything worse
  • Ciel still didn’t seem to have worked out why you did it, choosing instead to argue back and fight out whatever point you were making
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Aw thank you!! Yes of course I can, sorry this took so long and hope you enjoy! (Song belongs to Taylor Swift, obviously)


❗️Warnings; Ciel has a panic attack/flashback.


You were in a chair opposite Ciel in his preferred sitting room, steaming cups of tea on the table between you. The chess board had been finished long since, the earl’s win, but there had clearly been something on his mind all day. You had watched him progress further and further into his mind, becoming subtly more tense as time went on. You couldn’t bring it up to him; he’d only claim he was fine then be upset that he’d let you see something was going on. As it was, it didn’t take long for him to finally break down.

A muffled crash emanated from downstairs; you suspected Mey-Rin had dropped some plates. Sebastian, with a minimal sigh, departed immediately to sort it out, leaving you and Ciel alone. You saw the panic rise in the young lord’s eyes even before his breathing rate picked up, the same tell tale signs as you had observed before.

I remember tears streaming down your face

When I said, “I’ll never let you go.”

When all those shadows almost killed your light

You said his name quietly, but gained no response. Ciel’s eyes were wide, staring out of the bay windows and seeing something from his past that you could scarcely imagine. You tried again, louder this time, but he was so lost in his memories that he couldn’t hear you. The gunshots from the assassination of his family were shattering his ears, the dead dog, the blood everywhere… He threw himself forward and covered his ears, trying to stop hearing everything. You remembered the last time this happened too, though the lord was utterly unaware he was experiencing a flashback, believing he was right there and everything was happening again.

I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone,”

But all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight

You were on your feet as he fell to his knees, moving to crouch next to him and softly murmuring words, meaningless ones, to try and bring him back to the present.

Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

The boy screamed as you laid a hand on his shoulder, at a loss for what else to do. You caught his fists as he held them at you, a scared child’s attention finally gained. That was the truth behind his eyes; a traumatised child, not an earl of the underworld.

You’ll be alright

No one can hurt you now

Features drawn in concern, you released his wrists, gaze flickering between his eyes where he had ripped the patch off, demonic contract symbol in full view. You put out your hand to him, letting him back away if he needed to.

Come morning light

You and I’ll be safe and sound

For once, to your great surprise, he didn’t make every effort to get away. Ciel all but fell into your arms, wrapping his own around you and clutching the fabric of your shirt as if it were his only lifeline.

Don’t you dare look out your window, darling.

Everything’s on fire

He didn’t speak, but you felt his chest jump with barely restrained sobs, tears escaping his eyes despite his best efforts. You ran a slow hand up and down his back, not saying anything either. He’d knocked a teacup over as he flung an arm out, the brown liquid now staining the plush cream carpet below it.

The war outside our door keeps raging on

Hold on to this lullaby

Even when the music’s gone


You glanced up as you heard heeled footsteps come briskly down the hall, continuing to hold Ciel as the door to the sitting room opened to reveal Sebastian. He wet to explain what exactly had happened, words cutting off when he took in the scene before him. Ciel was facing away from his butler, head resting on your shoulder and trying to even out his breathing, the both of you kneeling on the floor.

Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You’ll be alright

The demon locked eyes with you then, silently asking you to continue comforting his master. You gave a small nod, watching from the corner of your eye as he went about clearing up the tea.

No one can hurt you now

Come morning light

You and I’ll be safe and sound

You stayed that way until Ciel had finally calmed down, until he was breathing steadily and he’d stopped shaking. You never brought it up again after that day and neither did he, but there was a form of deep trust and understanding between the two of you from then on, the kind that wasn’t easily changed.

You and I’ll be safe and sound.

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‘Doing the do w that nun’ anon you killed me. Honestly that made me laugh so much. And yes of course you can, sorry this took so long and hope you enjoy!!


❗️Warnings; angst. More so than expected


You were beyond upset. When your relationship with Sebastian started, you were fully aware of his duties and obligations to his contractor and in turn, his duties and obligations to the Queen. The main consequence of that was Sebastian’s lack of free time, something which you were always very understanding of as he literally had no choice. You also knew he would be directly involved in many of the major police investigations happening in the area and as such would have a hand in how they were conducted. You had no idea that it would mean this.

You swallowed hard and flicked a stray tear from your cheek. As a demon’s mate, you were supposed to be afforded certain things by him as well. Like for example, him remaining faithful to you. You thought you at least deserved that. Mates were meant to share an unbreakable bond and whilst you knew there were very few extents Sebastian wouldn’t go to for the sake of obeying his master, you had at least expected he would tell you if doing something like that was an option for him, or checking that you were alright with it. Clearly not.

You blinked rapidly in am attempt to diffuse the mist in your eyes, jumping slightly when someone knocked at your door. Three quick, hard knocks in succession, and there was only one person you knew who knocked like that. The last thing you wanted to do was deal with the demon right that second, but you knew he would be well aware you were at home and as such you wouldn’t be able to ignore him. You walked quickly over to the door, ripped it open then stalked away again, not giving the butler a second glance. You stood in front of a window, leaning your hands against the sill and huffing quietly. You tracked Sebastian via his footsteps, refusing to turn towards him.

He murmured your name quietly, barely a breath behind you but you remained stubbornly staring out the window. The demon’s hand came to rest on your shoulder, which promptly stiffened without your permission. He let out a short breath.

“Y/N…” You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment. You both stood in silence for a couple of minutes, until he tried again. “Will you at least speak with me?” You had to restrain yourself from physically growling and unable to contain yourself, you spun around to face him, knocking his hand away from your shoulder at the same time. Sebastian’s eyebrows drew together in concern when he saw your red rimmed eyes and the moisture still residing in them. “Y/N I’m so s-”

“Don’t.” You were looking past him in favour of meeting his crimson gaze, trying to keep your voice steady. “How dare you,” you ground out, upset and angry all at once. “You barely leave my side when we’re out together, you have an arm around me before another man can so much as look at me, then I turn my back for one minute while you go on an investigation and you do this? And with a nun, Sebastian?! I’m supposed to be able to trust you, what were you thinking?!” You went to shove him as hard as you could but he grabbed your wrists before you could.

“Will you allow me the chance to explain?”

“Why should I!” You were angry now, yelling with the tears gathering in your eyes once more. You went to pull away from him but he held your wrists in place with enough force that you couldn’t move so much as an inch. You tugged hard on your wrists again, but to no avail. “What?!” You cried in exasperation, shaking your head. The demon waited until you were finished and looking him in the eyes.

“I needed to gather information for the Young Master, you knew this was a duty of mine right from the start, hm?” Any forms of retaliation were directly cut off when he continued as if you had said nothing. “This was the only viable option for doing so. It was a way to gain information for my contractor, nothing more. You understand that, surely.” You grit your teeth as you tried not to say anything rash, but ultimately you failed.

“No, I don’t. I knew you would need to use certain … unorthodox methods to obey your master to the best of your ability, but you never once method this or anything of the like would be an option. And the way you behave around me when you feel even in the slightest bit threatened-”

“Firstly, I didn’t specifically mention this method by name as you never asked me for the details, and secondly, I do not feel threatened by other mortals, I simply don’t trust them with regards to you. It’s not you I don’t trust.” You let out a long sigh then, feeling the fight and the anger drain from you the longer this went on. Of course he would have loopholes and reasons for why and what it would come down to in the end was that he wasn’t at fault. This just wasn’t something you could deal with at that moment. You allowed your arms to go slack and he finally released his hold on you, being fairly assured that you wouldn’t immediately run off.

“Exactly,” you muttered, “and I’m supposed to be able to trust you as well. All you’ve proved to me today is that I can’t.” You turned your gaze away from him.

Sebastian stood still as you stepped past him, once again not giving him a second glance. You opened your front door and waved a hand through it, gesturing for him to leave. He remained still for a moment as if waiting for you to start laughing at the joke. You didn’t.

You didn’t watch as the love of your life walked away, for who knows how long, choosing instead to shut the door and go back inside. You resumed your previous position on the sofa, and this time you did let yourself cry properly. You didn’t know the extent to which the exchange had hurt him too.

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Отношения с Бардом включают:

  • Прекрасно знаешь, что Барду нравится когда его называют “Шефом”, поэтому часто используешь это, чтобы поднять ему настроение.
  • По просьбе Себастьяна прячешь его огнемёт и, по возможности, стараешься научить его правильной технике готовки и терпению.
  • При тебе Бард старается меньше курить, чтобы не причинять вряд твоему здоровью, но полностью избавиться от этой привычки он не сможет.
  • Его щетина иногда колится во время поцелуев, но ты научилась не обращать на это внимания.
  • Тебе нравится, что Бардрой уверенно держится в отношениях и является для тебя надёжной опорой.
  • Ты знаешь, что на его кухне запрятано много секретов, но Бард не спешит раскрывать их даже тебе.
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Aww that’s such a sweet idea, don’t apologise!! Here you go, hope you enjoy!



  • Alright people sit down and buckle up we start in the Victorian era
  • Undertaker is doing just that, lowkey experimenting on the dead and the like as well but we’re ignoring that for now
  • You’re absolutely not working as a servant in some lord’s house, equally you probably can’t quite get up into high society given Undertaker’s occupation, likely somewhere in the middle
  • To be honest, you probably ended up involved in the Phantomhives’ underground network and you are more than capable of working the system so you can be accepted equally by both London’s high society and the working classes
  • The mortician deals with people from all walks of life and you regularly interact with them so it’s hardly surprising
  • During this time, the two of you would eat out as much as possible , just to experience the class divide from both ends
  • The funeral parlour isn’t in the best part of London, so you went to the local pub one night for dinner and a drink
  • The atmosphere was positively alive, the people inside loud and buzzing with warm energy despite the winter cold trying to deep in through the windows
  • You had a basic meal of chicken and vegetable broth, sat at a table just off the corner of the bar
  • The place might have smelt of alcohol but the people sat at another table playing music more than made up for it
  • There was a violinist, a singer and a flute player, all producing jigs, country music and the best old songs, the kind the two of you hadn’t heard in a good few years
  • Alternately, Undertaker took you out to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant London had to offer
  • You didn’t even know where he got the money from
  • He wore a sleek black top hat and tails, hair drawn back and hidden away for once
  • A crisp white shirt and a red tie, polished black loafers and you wearing your finest
  • You lost track of how many courses you ate, lost in the small orchestra playing exquisite music from the front
  • Undertaker had reserved the best table they had to offer and ultimately spared no expense
  • Afterwards, you decided that whilst the experiences were polar opposites, you had enjoyed both for entirely different reasons
  • Moving on to the early 1900’s, the industrial revolution was a scream for you both
  • Picture the most ridiculous, steampunk-looking ‘automated vehicle’ you can, complete with the crazy lights on the front and the carriage wheels, chugging out black smoke
  • Undertaker had one
  • It was such a wild thing to invent that he just couldn’t resist
  • You were the talk of his part of London, specifically how the ‘unusual’ mortician has managed to afford one was of great debate among the gossips
  • Of course, you two sat on the sidelines and watched it all unfold, grinning like mad people and never giving out any information
  • You did make the occasional comment though, only to stir the pot and confuse everyone even further
  • Your favourite memory of that car had to be when you chugged over Westminster bridge in it, the mortician tipping his hat while you just nodded at the pavement full of top hats who halted what they were doing to watch you go by
  • You laughed for ages after that one
  • It couldn’t last forever though, and when the First World War came, it was as hard on the two of you as any
  • Undertaker seemed always to be working during those four years, the list of casualties endless
  • You helped him wherever you could, devoting the rest of your time to helping out at the local shelter, nursing when the hospitals were being overrun
  • You would both pass information along the underground as well, anything to end the death and destruction
  • The Second World War passed in much the same way, though now there seemed to be even less time to rest
  • You would stand and quietly hold each other on the long nights when it all seemed endless, listening to Churchill over the radio and trying to not get too down
  • The next little while passed by uneventfully really - everyone was trying to recover from the after effects of the fighting and the Cold War was in full flow
  • When it got to the 50’s and 60’s though, things started looking up once more
  • You lost count of the number of dances you went to with the mortician, each of which he invited you to in a most gentlemanly manner
  • Eventually you invited him to a few, though he jokingly complained each time that he should be the one to ask you
  • Undertaker’s slow dances went unrivalled, both at events and whilst you were alone in the parlour
  • Those were your favourites, gazing lovingly into his phosphorescent eyes, glowing softly in the half dark as he smiled back at you
  • He would hold your body to his as close as possible, keeping you flush together whilst still moving to the music
  • He would have an arm securely around your waist, far too much contact for the dance you were doing but you had no complaints
  • When it got late and dark and you were still stepping around each other, you would lay your head on his shoulder and his hand would move automatically to your hair, ever so softly combing back through it and nails caressing your scalp so masterfully that it took far more effort than it should have done to stay awake
  • He knew that of course and would grin, wasting no time in sitting down somewhere with you in his lap, whispering sweet nothings until your eyes did finally close, albeit against your will
  • You would smile in the morning when you woke up in bed, but still wrapped tightly in the mortician’s embrace
  • Moving swiftly onto the 70’s, I just want to say if you don’t think Undertaker could disco with the best of them, you are so wrong
  • He’s a fabulous dancer, no matter what the era or style and there wasn’t the move he didn’t know
  • You would often catch him dancing away to the pop songs over the radio or on the little TV you two had purchased
  • When he saw you, not only would he not stop but he would grab you and get you to start dancing with him
  • The reaper took full advantage of the fashion for flares and all things day glow, mismatching neon socks worn proudly
  • And of course if this wasn’t the era of the best comedy movies
  • You went to the movie theatre to see all of them, got them on DVD and ultimately there wasn’t a single reference that went over your head
  • It was also impossible to pick your favourite
  • From then on, the two of you really just watched fashions and trends progress into the ones we know now
  • He has a black hearse of course, but not your average one
  • It’s all sharp angles and gleaming chrome, a skull pendent hanging off the rear view
  • When it’s Halloween season, he puts a skeleton in the back so others can see it through the back window
  • The tech side of things is definitely a bonus, phones are just convenient and there’s so much media (films, music) you can never get bored
  • You’ve been to festivals together, fringe all the way
  • Undertaker teleported you to the front when your favourite band came on; it was the best thing
  • He even hoisted you up on his shoulders at one point and when you waved at the lead singer, they waved back
  • You have a collection of memorabilia from all of them, not to mention all the concerts you’ve been to together
  • You have literally hundreds of photo albums, dating right back to when cameras were first invented
  • At the time, nobody could work out how you got a camera either
  • Undertaking itself hasn’t changed that much over the years of course and the mortician still lives and works in the same place as he always has
  • You asked him about it once
  • He said he’d been there so long by now that he couldn’t imagine going anywhere else, wouldn’t even know where to start
  • He asked you to move in not too long ago and given how much time you already spent at his place, you agreed
  • You spent your first night there wrapped firmly in the mortician’s arms, laying on his chest rather than a pillow and held securely under his covers
  • You were curled around each other with as much contact as you could muster and got all the better night’s sleep for it
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Omg I have 500 (and 1) followers!!!


Thank you all so much!!!

In honour (eventually, when I have time) I’m going to write a multi chapter fic with Undertaker. I mentioned this a while ago and this is just another teaser. It takes place in modern times but simultaneously is set before the manga begins, whilst Undertaker is still working with Dispatch and before Grell, William and Co become reapers. Reader is gender neutral as usual and it’s something of a slow burn, irregular updates are a guarantee (it’s me. I’m incapable of posting regularly that wouldn’t be any fun). I’m also planning something for Halloween, so watch this space!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and thanks again for 500!!

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Отношения с Гробовщиком включают в себя:


Originally posted by zamasu

  • Часто засиживаешься в его бюро. Гробовщика радует, что тебя не пугает окружающая обстановка.
  • Любит выпрыгивать из-за угла, чтобы напугать тебя. Но ты привыкла к этому довольно быстро, поэтому теперь всегда ожидаешь этого.
  • Гробовщик угощает тебя своим печеньем.
  • Несколько раз он показывал тебе свои глаза, но ничего не говорил по поводу их необычного цвета.
  • Тебе редко удаётся рассмешить его, поэтому он каждый раз начинает подбадривать тебя, смотря на твои попытки, но в конечном итоге просто смеётся над твоим недовольным лицом.
  • Она старается делать всё, чтобы ты не сталкивалась с Сиэлем и его приближенными, а так же держит в секрете махинации с мертвецами, поскольку не хочет, чтобы ты разочаровалась в нём.
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Отношения с Финни включают в себя:

  • Часто проводите время вместе в саду, когда Финниану нужно ухаживать за растениями. Но ты стараешься не отвлекать его от работы, чтобы ему не попало от Себастьяна.
  • Хвалишь его работу, даже если у него не очень хорошо получается.
  • Финни любит объятия, но боится причинить тебе боль из-за своей силы, поэтому старается избегать физического контакта с тобой. Но ты каждый раз успокаиваешь его и говоришь, что тебе приятны его крепкие объятия.
  • Очень смущается проявления романтических чувств с твоей стороны. Его щеки покрываются румянцем каждый раз, когда ты целуешь его. Будь то поцелуй в щеку или в губы.
  • Часто даёт поносить тебе свою шляпу и говорит, что она идёт тебе больше, чем ему.
  • С тобой он не чувствует себя одиноким и каждый раз ощущает радость при виде тебя.
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Hello!! Ohhh how sad you make me… Jk!! Not against the rules at all and sorry this took so long, hope you enjoy!!


❗️Warnings; angst. Naturally.


Undertaker was looking for a book when his daughter came into the front room of the parlour. He tracked her movements without actually turning to look at her, wondering what she would do. As it was, the book was proving harder to find than he initially thought. He turned at the quiet “Dad?” that sounded from over his shoulder, offering the girl a wide grin. She was smiling too, though there was clearly something on her mind.

“What is it sweet, hm?” The reaper asked, kneeling down in front of her on the tiles. She caught a strand of his hair to play with as it flared out around him, looking at that rather than him.

“I was just wondering…” She said, but she didn’t elaborate without further prompting.

“Wondering? What could you have to wonder about, I wonder?” Undertaker pressed a fingertip to his chin and looked over his daughter’s head in a show of trying to think, unable to keep a straight face when she started giggling. “Go on then, what’s got you thinking?” He pressed again, decidedly curious about what it was this time. Generally when she spoke like this, the question would end up being science related, specifically something to with anatomy given her father’s work as a mortician. She had a great interest for the topic which Undertaker always encouraged, thinking it was good to have a range of knowledge.

“What was mum like?”

The reaper’s lungs seemed to stop working for a moment, likely his heart as well. That was what she wanted to know? The silly grin he always wore was still displayed proudly across his features, but his mind was racing. You had passed not long after the girl was born, which meant she had no memories of you. Quite the sad thing really, though he did try to keep your memory alive for both their sakes. You were brought up in conversation quite often, usually “I remember when your mum…” or “Your mum would always say…” but never as out of the blue as this. Seconds were starting to tick by and she was still looking up at him with those wide innocent eyes, entirely unaware of the thoughts going through his mind.

Undertaker exhaled and moved to sit properly on the floor, holding out his arms to the girl and grinning even wider when she immediately ran to him for one of his ‘famous bear hugs’.

“Wanna know about your mum then, huh? Well I’ll tell you. You don’t even have to make me laugh, how’s that sound?” His daughter laughed at that and he left a soft kiss on her hair, leaning back a little but still keeping his arms around her.

“Now where do I start, I wonder…” he trailed off for a moment, lost in all of the best moments he had shared with you. He always knew you would go long before he did, a good part of why reapers weren’t to fall in love with humans, but it wasn’t like he could help it. And that you left so soon had always broken his heart, perhaps even more so than had you have lived to be 100 - not that it would have made it any easier. There still would have been nothing he could do.

“How about this then, did I ever tell you how we first met?”


You were walking quickly through the streets of London, freezing cold and wanting to get home before the rain started and it got too late at night to be walking alone. It was already a good 10pm, work having made you do overtime once again, and the part you needed to get through wasn’t exactly the safest for a woman walking alone. You glanced up at the dark sky and silently begged the clouds to hold out a little longer. You knew you were about halfway there when you glanced to the right to see the shop with the coffins standing outside of it, the local undertaker’s. With a new sense of urgency, you picked up the pace, only to shriek in terror. The door had flung open just as you stepped past it, with such unexpected ferocity that you jumped back, caught your toe on the uneven pavement and fallen straight onto the side of the road to be drenched in muddy water. When you glanced up at the sound of someone absolutely dying with laughter, you were met with a waterfall of silvery hair. When the man was finally capable of looking down at you, he ignored your dripping hair and how your clothes were soaked through to the skin, instead extending a hand for you to grab.

“Oh that was brilliant!” He cackled appraisingly as he hauled you to your feet, not letting your hand go right away. “You alright though? Didn’t hit anything when you landed?” In truth you were now so cold you couldn’t tell him definitely either way. “Well have ya got a long way yet to go? You’ll catch your death in this cold with your clothes all sopping wet like that.” In the few seconds you’d been standing there, you were already shivering. When you told him how far you still had to walk, his mouth fell open in shock.

“Look why don’t you come in for a few minutes to warm up, hm? I’ll get you some tea if you want. It’s not poison or anything; I usually have a cuppa ready for people who come to me shop.” He said the last with a wide, lopsided grin, which was really too enticing to resist.

“Even this late at night?” He stepped back to get the door for you and waved an arm for you to enter.

“You’d be surprised.”


That was only the first story he told your daughter. There were countless others, about how you made him laugh even without meaning to, about the wonderful jokes you told and how kind and loving you were. How you gave him a chance when no one else would, sang a voice in his head, though that did not come into the stories he related.

“Your mum was truly one of a kind, you know that sweet?” He said at last, the girl trying desperately to stay awake and hear more, but her eyes were closing of their own accord and her head was dropping onto his shoulder. “She was beautiful and loving, truly a first rate laugh.”

“I miss her, you know,” he whispered softly, still sitting on the parlour floor with his sleeping daughter curled into him, having finally lost consciousness some time ago. His eyes lined with tears despite his best efforts, and a breath caught gently in his throat. “I really did love her. Do love her. Always will, I think. Just that sometimes, life doesn’t need to be so cruel, does it? Just once; a happy ending couldn’t really be so bad.” He stood then, daughter held securely to him and walked her upstairs, tucking her into bed so slowly that she never woke up. “Love you sweetheart,” he murmured, closing his eyes and burying his head in his hand for a moment. “Love you too, Y/N. Love you always.”

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Will do!! Sorry this took so long, hope you enjoy!




You had been feeling worse and worse all day. What started as a simple sniffle has progressed into a particularly severe cold. You finally had to admit defeat when a violent coughing fit had you collapsed to the floor and unable to draw breath, eyes misted over with tears. Sebastian was on his knees next to you in moments, and a hand pressed to your back and eyes glinting crimson as he tried to work out what was wrong.

“Y/N,” the demon murmured, catching your arms as you fell forward once again and tried to even out your breathing. “I thought you were sickening earlier on,” he continued, then leaned down to gather you into his arms. Sebastian stood, cradling your body to his then starting to walk further into the maze of circus tents. “Come, lets get you to the medical tent.”

Time seemed to skip by in strange blocks from then on. The demon found the troupe’s doctor in no time, the man looking more than concerned at your state. The next you knew you had been laid in a bed, a glass of water on the bedside table that you couldn’t bare to drink. You remembered the doctor commenting lightly on the tattoos decorating your neck, the silver one Sebastian’s and the golden one belonging to Claude. Your heart jumped even in your weakened state, but all he said was how unusual they were - Sebastian managed to direct the conversation elsewhere. When you woke up properly, albeit only for a few moments, he was sat next next to you. He explained that the investigation needed to continue and he would be exploring further with Ciel, that you just needed to rest and Claude would probably drop by soon to check on you.

The other demon did go to see you, though you couldn’t decide how soon it was after Sebastian left. You drifted in and out a few times while he was there, seeing him press his wrist to your forehead and tut at the temperature of your skin, then hearing Alois complaining that at this rate, Ciel and Sebastian would uncover the truth about the circus first and they would lose. By the time morning came you had improved somewhat, though you were decidedly below par. You were also aware, thanks to the idle chatter of a performer injured during practice, of Sebastian’s rather choice method of gaining information. No doubt Claude was looking forward to your reaction, but you were fairly certain he would be expecting something different.

You woken, it turned out, by Sebastian’s gentle lips against your forehead, softly whispering you back into the world. He trailed his fingertips over cheek, smiling just a little when he saw you open your eyes blearily.

“We can go home now my darling,” he told you, “our business here is done.” You just nodded, finally reaching over for the glass of water.

“I’m feeling better today,” you told him, recieiving a confirmation that you looked it in return. When you mentioned he wasn’t wearing his gloves though, he paused.

“About that, Y/N, I must tell you-”

You held up a hand to prevent him from talking.

“I know about her,” you started to his great surprise, “but I know why you did what you did. It was for information, nothing more. Right?” Your concern showed through only at the very end, whereupon he took your hand.

“As you say, that is all. Thank you, my dear. You are uncommonly understanding.” With that, he picked you up and walked out of the medical tent, leaving a soft kiss on your hair and heading to the carriage which would take you home.


Claude had watched your condition worsen throughout the day. Ending up caught in a heavy downpour and then having to stay in a freezing tent overnight had given you the worst cold you’d ever had and you suddenly found you could continue the investigation no longer. You were with Claude when you finally fell into a coughing fit that brought you to your knees. A critical gaze running over your form, Claude crouched down next to you until it finished. You looked up at the demon as he ran a thumb under your jaw.

“We need to take you the medical tent,” he told you, putting an arm under your knees and around your back to pick you up. You found the doctor a few minutes later, who ushered you both quickly into the medical tent. In a few short minutes you were in a bed with Claude holding an ice pack to your forehead and the doctor going through his supplies to find the medicine you needed.

From then on, things started to get hazy. You saw the doctor leave then come back in again, followed closely - or at least you thought so - by Alois. He made enough noise to wake the dead and you must have made some noise of discomfort, for soon after that he left again, this time with Claude. The next you knew, Sebastian arrived to give you an update on the case and offer his words of comfort. He gently ran his hand up and down your arm then seemed to disappear in the next moment, leaving you alone once more.

You seemed to be suspended in space for a while, woken eventually by Claude’s gentle hold on your wrist and his thumb running over the back of your hand. As you returned to the waking world however, it was not as peaceful as you initially expected. Alois was standing just behind the demon, taunting him about something. You blinked uncomprehendingly, hearing Sebastian’s name and wondering where he was as well.

“Drink this,” Claude told you softly, handing you the glass of water you were yet to touch. You found yourself finally able to do so, even if it did make you cough once more. By this point, you were fully awake and thus able to listen to what exactly the Earl of Trancy was talking about.

“Who do you think they’ll pick, Claude?” The demon in question just huffed and turned back to you, doing his utmost to ignore his contractor. “Well? Do you think it’s you they ant to go with? Or will they pick Sebastian?” The boy then started laughing as if he had heard a magnificent joke, to the point where he doubled over to clutch at his sides. “What’ll it feel like, huh? If they pick Sebastian when it was you who insisted on staying here the whole time-!” He broke off into giggles once more, Claude restraining himself from rolling his eyes. His contractor had a point though - it would be quite the distressing turn of events if it turned out you wanted to go home with Sebastian rather than him. He didn’t need to have worried though as it turned out - much to Alois’ disappointment - as you quietly reassured him you wanted to go back to the Trancy manor, rather than with Sebastian.

Claude wasted no time after that, picking you up and holding you close to him once more, Alois walking by his side as he made to leave the medical tent for good. He pressed a gentle kiss to your hair as he walked outside, smirking lightly as you curled further into him in the frigid morning air.

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Oof this sounds a bit…rough 😈😈 Hope everyone is still doing well! I’m getting my flu shot soon so make sure to get yours as well! We’re also ALMOST at 2.8k followers! Thank you to the bunches of people who have recently followed me, so glad you could join the chaos :)

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-He was rougher than normal

-Taking you from behind, Sebastian was fast and rough, pulling your hips back harshly every time he thrust himself forward

-It was a mixture of pleasure and pain, starting to become a bit sore and painful in the not-so-sexy way

- “S-sebastian it hurts”

-He didn’t respond, too lost in the feeling to hear you

-His eyes were pink and widened a bit, his nails digging into your skin a bit

-After he held off cumming for so long, he released himself on your back before catching his breath

-He took a single deep breath, composing himself in a matter of seconds

-Cleaning your back off with a towel, you gave him a look

-He only stared back, his eyes flickering to the towel for a second before taking it from your hands and disposing of it in the trash

- “You look…unsatisfied with me, my love. Either that”, he quipped, cupping your face carefully in his hands, “or you just can’t get enough.”

- “You were…I don’t know how to say this Sebastian-”

- “Try me.”

-You pursed your lips before speaking again, “I just thought it was a bit…harmful? It felt like actual pain this time. And I feel like you kind of just ignored me.”

-He was a bit taken aback by this, which surprised you

- “I apologize for not considering your feelings (Name). I had no intention to actually harm you, rather the exact opposite. Is there anything I can do to soothe the pain?” he asked, pulling you into his arms

-Ten minutes later, he sat next to you outside the bathtub, his fingers tangled in your soapy hair

-After rinsing you off and helping you out of the tub he wrapped a fresh towel around you tightly

- “I’ll try to listen to you next time. I hope you accept my apology as well as my reparation”, he said, kissing the tip of your nose

- “I appreciate you doing this, Sebastian”, you responded, smiling warmly at him

-It was worth it in the end for him, being able to make you smile again :)

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Ooo absolutely!! Sorry this took so long and thank you so much! I am and hope you are too. Enjoy!



William tapped his fingertips against the takeaway coffee cup he was holding for the third time in a row. The reaper had managed to secure himself an hour’s break from work at exactly 8pm, given that his higher ups had decided leaving him an office all day then expecting him to go out in the field for half the night because they were ‘understaffed’ was a good idea. He was annoyed by the whole affair in any event, and the only thing set to sweeten the deal was that he intended to spend his break with you. Or he would have done, at least.

You were already in your pyjamas and in front of the television when he called up from his office to tell you what had happened, but there was no way you would let that stop you seeing him. You had lost track of how many days it had been since you’d been up when he came home and left again in the morning, so your would be movie night was throw aside in a flash. They had only given him half an hour’s notice as well leaving you barely any time to get ready, but you were determined.

William didn’t really have time to go home then get back to work, so you told him to meet you on the North side of Westminster Bridge, claiming you knew exactly what to do. As it turned out, you had decided that consisted of going to the nearest Costa you could think of, acquiring coffee then just walking around together until he had to leave again. The pair of you had already wasted twenty minutes in the shop waiting for the young man behind the counter. He very clearly liked you and was being as slow as possible to get in the maximum amount of conversation with you. As if by magic, William’s drink had appeared some time ago, but the one you wanted was taking longer. Much longer.

You glanced down at your phone once again as the man disappeared into the kitchens once more, then looked back over your shoulder at your partner.

“I’m so sorry,” you whispered, “I have no idea what’s taking him so long.” The reaper gave a short sigh then narrowed his eyes at the door the employee had just walked through.

“I do,” he muttered disapprovingly, stepping just a little closer to you and seeming to stand even taller than he had a moment ago.

“Will!” You retaliated quietly, realising immediately what he was getting at. He remained unmoved though, looking quite sternly past you when the man came out once more, still without your drink. A cheeky grin across his lips, he leaned forwards against the counter and ran a hand back through his hair, practically radiating boyish charm. William held back a scoff.

“Sorry about all this, love,” he told you, acting as if your partner was non-existent. Either he was so focused on you that he missed the icy glare the reaper sent him at the name, one that had raised the hairs on the back of your neck without even having seen it, or he didn’t think anything would come of it. Either way you were beginning to feel concerned as to what might happen if this continued any longer. You hadn’t heard what he said next but all of a sudden, William was very solid and very real as he took one last step to close the distance between you, now standing with his chest barely an inch from your back and having to strongly resist the urge to take your hand. A little electricity ran down the length of your spine as you could practically smell the tension rising and you failed to answer the employee.

Unbeknownst to you, William wasn’t jealous so much as fuming. This mortal dared to make advances on you while he was standing right there? Utterly unacceptable. And the man was so far below you that the joke was not funny at all.

“Perhaps you would like some help?” The reaper cut straight through whatever the other man was saying, voice ringing loud and clear through the empty shop. At the raised eyebrow, William continued. “Forgive me, but I can only assume you’re grinding the coffee beans by hand given how long we’ve been waiting. Either that or we can just go to a different coffee shop, namely one which stores grounds rather than the plants themselves.” The other man straightened, still standing considerably shorter than William, and sneered.

“You do have your drink, you know, there’s nothing stopping you from leaving.” The reaper’s chartreuse eyes were burning with green fire and you too had more than had enough.

“How dare you!”

Both gazes flew to you immediately and you took a step closer to the counter.

“Who do you think you are, to presume to say something like that? We came in here, at my suggestion no less, to buy coffee, not to deal with lip from the likes of you.” You gave him the most demeaning, withering sate you could muster before grabbing the takeaway cup from William’s hand and dropping it down on the counter. You then spun on your heel to face your partner once more. “Shall we?” Not sparing the employee a glance, he held out a hand to you, gaze softening almost imperceptibly when you took it.

“Glady,” he muttered in return.

You both strode confidently out of the shop, shoes hitting the polished tile flooring in unison. You were glad to find the reaper didn’t drop your hand, not even once you were far away from the shop and walking along the opposite side of the river. You went to apologise once again for the whole mess and the fact that there was now barely any time before he had to go back to work, but he stopped abruptly before you had time to finish. Still holding your hand, William used your momentum and his lack of it to turn you to face him. His other hand moved to rest lightly against your lower back when your stumbled into his chest. You went to say his name, cut off when he pressed the briefest of kisses to your lips.

“Never apologise for the ignorance of others,” he murmured, gaze trained solely on you. Your heartbeat picked up at the intensity of it and you nodded, offering him a small smile. You squeezed his hand once and then the two of you carried on walking as if nothing had happened, shoulders occasionally brushing and breath leaving white clouds hanging in the frigid air.

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Hello! Yes I am and thank you so much!! Here goes!



I match you with … Undertaker!

Ahh this is very exciting for me

So painting animal skulls is something I can see Undertaker being fascinated by. He collects skulls/other body parts (human and animal) himself so is thrilled that you do the same. Now I don’t know where you get your skulls from, but if you go out scavenging yourself you are definitely going to have a partner from now on. There is no way that Undertaker will let you go out looking for skulls and not take him with you. If you buy them, either from those little witchcraft-y looking places or online, he wants to join in with that too. He manages to get questionably good deals on these things, but he won’t tell you how he does it.

He also loves that you celebrate the dead. Obviously as a mortician and underworld informant they make up pretty much the largest part of his life and in general are very important to him, but at the same time death is a touchy subject for most humans and something they tend to shy away from. The fact that you don’t is fantastic. He doesn’t feel like he needs to keep a lid on what he says regarding death when he’s around you which him feel more comfortable/relaxed, though that does men he wont hold back his morbid sense of humour either. Not a bad thing if you find those types of jokes funny too.

I suspect horse riding is something he’s very good at given how long he’s been around so if you ever want some company you have most certainly got it in him. I wouldn’t exactly call him responsible though - he probably enjoys galloping bareback over the fields more than he does the disciplines (but he’s good at those too) so prepare for some interesting trips through the countryside. If you happen to want to branch out into carriage driving that’s something else he can do and he’s more than willing to teach you. As for animals in general, I don’t think he’s really one way or the other on them, but if you wanted a pet he’d definitely be up for it.

Undertaker’s fashion sense is dubious to say the least, though that does mean he would absolutely encourage you to wear whatever you want. Even if your proposed outfit was utterly crazy, he would accept it without question and tell you to wear anything at all as long as you felt comfortable in it. Also if anyone else had anything to say he’d give them the scare of their lives.

Undertaker probably finds it funny that others think you look scary. Let’s face it, no one’s as scary as him so others being frightened of you just gives him a massive laugh. It’s made all the funnier by how kind and thoughtful you actually are - even so he will poke fun and tell you to stop terrifying people; he’s only joking though.

 In case you haven’t noticed, Undertaker is my all time favourite so please get invested in him don’t feel pressured or anything I just love this reaper so much I -

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Whoo hoo my first matchup!! I got you, no worries at all. Thank you for waiting, here goes!!



I match you with … William T. Spears!

He too is a very hardworking, efficient individual and I think the two of you would work well together because of it. Because of your dedication, neither one of you would try to distract the other from work or education, a bonus for all involved deadlines.

To be honest, he’s probably more serious than you are, though he appreciates that it might still take you a while to open up as he’s the same way. I feel like your light heartedness would balance out his lack of it quite well but he’d like the fact you’re not too overbearing. He’d likely complain about it, but really I think William needs someone to check up on him and make sure he’s not working himself into oblivion. Also you would make him happy, even though he’s less likely to show it. He’d need you to check up on him some times more than others (though he’d never openly admit to it) and during those times you might actually manage to get a small smile out of him, accompanied with a quiet ‘thank you’. He’s not very open with his emotions even though he trusts you so it’s a case of needing to learn the little cues he gives to know how he’s feeling.

William isn’t the most affectionate either so I think you would compliment each other there too. Don’t ever be in doubt that he loves you. it’s just that he doesn’t feel the need to keep telling you something you should already know.

I think law is probably a subject he has quite a bit of knowledge on, so prepare for some debates in that field.

The arts and musical instruments aren’t something he has all that much experience in to be honest (though if he played anything I suspect it would be the piano) so he finds watching/listening to what you do to be very enjoyable. He thinks you have quite the talent in both and with regards to guitar, he especially enjoys the more calming pieces you play, often finding the melodies soothing. Painting is also something he doesn’t have much experience with but he loves seeing the pieces you create, often left in quiet awe at how good they are.

That said, reading is definitely something you have in common. He’s interested in what your favourite books are and what you recommend he reads next, always open to discussion about where the plot might be going. I believe reading would help him relax too after a long day at work, so I can imagine you two spending quiet nights on the sofa with tea and low light from the fireplace, maybe your elbows brushing occasionally. The atmosphere is a very calming one and just what the two of you need. William is interested in the fact that you write your own stories too and would like to read them if you let him. If you don’t want him to, he won’t push, but he’d be happy to just give you an honest opinion on them, as well as constructive criticism if you wanted it.

Overall, I can see the two of you being the ‘power couple’; work oriented, always ready for anything but very loving toward each other in your own ways, a side of you which others don’t get to see.

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Absolutely, sorry these took so long!!



  • I personally do not think that art is one of William’s strong suits
  • Just a vibe I get from him
  • And if that’s the case, it means he gets to enjoy what you do from the point of view of someone who could never hope to replicate it
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of art you create - be it drawing, painting, or something more physical, like woodwork or metalwork, or if crocheting or knitting is your go
  • He absolutely loves all of it
  • He thinks you’re incredibly talented and he can sometimes hardly believe that you were the one who created the thing that you just presented to him
  • The fact that you truly value his opinion is something else he finds incredible
  • Like, if it were more academia based he’d get it
  • New timetable, organisational plans, filing systems, all things he feels fully qualified to assess
  • But you’ve just made this thing and held it out to him and now you’re asking if he likes it, if it looks like the thing it was meant to look like??
  • Seriously though he loves all the things you do
  • And if you draw/paint/make/otherwise create something for him specifically? It’s his favourite thing you could possibly give him
  • It’s really personal and you’ve had to work to make it come out right, not to mention the amount of thought that must have gone into deciding what to make him
  • In his eyes that makes it truly special
  • He’ll be utterly thrilled with what you’ve created, even though he won’t outwardly show it necessarily
  • You’ll be left in no doubt that he loves your gift dearly, but he’s not the type to jump about proclaiming his love for it in the way that some might ahem Grell
  • But anywho
  • The only thing he isn’t so excited about is the sheer volume of stuff that comes with being an artist
  • Whether it’s an armada of paints and canvases, a whole collection of pencils to be used for different things when they seem to him to be identical, boxes of carving tools, piles of hardware attachments for digital artwork or really any of the materials you use
  • There’s just so much of it all
  • And it’s everywhere
  • You’re incapable of going to his place without bringing at least something with you, often ‘in case you get an idea’, and you seem to always leave something there as well
  • Initially, he made the effort to put everything you left behind in a bag and give it to you the next time he saw you, but it started happening so often that he decided what he was doing really wasn’t all that useful
  • Therefore, a better option was to just keep a permanent box of your stuff at his place, so you could take it with you if you wanted to or failing that, you could leave it there for next time
  • That said, as a direct result, you’ve called him up more than once whilst flying around your own house trying to find that one thing you need, only for him to tell you had had left whatever it was at his
  • This of course meant you then had to go and pick it up, even though William was at work more often than not
  • You’d been together a long time now and had exchanged spare keys so you could go and get whatever it was at a moment’s notice
  • You wished the reaper could be there to see you and so did he, but it just wasn’t possible
  • That didn’t stop you leaving a little note on his kitchen counter in front of the coffee machine whenever you went
  • It generally just said that you’d picked up your things, you loved him, the usual
  • But you also made sure to always draw a little sketch for him
  • Often you do a little stylised heart, occasionally just whatever happens to come to your mind
  • And as a token gesture, you always get out a sachet of his favourite type of espresso and leave it next to the note
  • Unbeknownst to you, when the reaper does finally get home from a long day at work, it always leaves a smile on his lips
  • His genuine smile is very small; you would hardly even notice it if you didn’t know him so well, and even when it’s only the two of you it’s very rare to see, but your actions do bring out his smile even if you aren’t always present to see it
  • Now the other thing is this
  • If you draw or paint and you want to draw or paint him
  • He’s quite certain he doesn’t know what to say
  • He’s never had anyone ask to draw him before and he’s torn between ‘Why on Earth would you want to draw me?’ and ‘You really want to draw me?’
  • The first would upset you and he thinks the second would make him seem foolish (it wouldn’t of course, but he doesn’t realise that) so he ends up just sort of standing there blinking at you for a moment (you left the William T. Spears speechless. Impressive) and eventually comes out with “If you want to..”
  • You just grin and grab up your supplies, not acting at all concerned about how genuinely unsure he looks and just telling him how you want him to sit, where to look, etc
  • When you finish, you proudly lift up your piece and turn it to show him, convinced it’s one of your best yet
  • Again he’s not really sure what to say, this situation is not one he’s experienced before, but thinks your work is perfect and wastes no time in letting you know that
  • He softly takes your hand and gives you one of those small, rare smiles
  • “Do you like it?” You ask, still holding the drawing and positively grinning when he squeezes your hand
  • “I do”
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Hello and yes I am believe it or not!!! Aww thank you!! Ronald definitely needs more love, here ya go! I had far too much fun writing this if someone made a comic strip or something for it I would literally cry omg Thank you for waiting and hope you enjoy!



For once, you had managed to get home from work early. You were currently apprenticing in the management division to none other than William T. Spears and he almost always kept you late to make sure every single piece of work was finished. He wasn’t doing it to spite you or anything, it was just because his own work ethic was so stellar that he refused to finish even the smallest of tasks the next day and as you were his apprentice, you couldn’t leave until he did. Quite the sad turn of affairs if you did say so yourself, but there was nothing you could do about it. Today when he had announced at a mere 4.30pm that you could leave as the last things he needed to finish up were highly confidential, you could have wept with joy. You had gathered up your belongings in a flash a left his office with a jovial “Bye, boss! See you tomorrow!” that he was fairly certain you had learnt via diffusion from Ronald.

You teleported home in a matter of minutes and laughed loudly as you collapsed into the hallway and slammed the front door shut behind you, taking in the smell of home. You dropped your keys on the first available space and went upstairs to change into comfortable clothes as quickly as possible. Your suit went into the wash and you deposited yourself on the sofa to eagerly await the arrival of your husband. You had decided this morning you would get takeout for dinner and you had been practically been able to taste it all day. You had just let out a happy, content sigh and allowed your eyes to start closing when disaster struck…

“Y/N, I’m home! How was your day?” Ronald directed his frown at your keys when he didn’t receive an answer, trying to work out where exactly you could be. The shower was switched off and you were definitely home. Maybe your intent was to jump scare him as he came in from the hall? A grin suffused his lips as he decided that yes, that was certainly what you were planning, and he then crept towards the hall door, barely making a sound so he could jump scare you first. Him bursting into the living room screaming certainly had the desired effect, though the situation was not at all what he had been expecting. You had indeed shrieked in terror, but not from behind the door. You were standing on the coffee table?

“Err, love? Y’alright?” Ronald ran a hand back through his hair a raised an eyebrow at you, completely at a loss for what to say. You tried to remain brave.

“This is my house, I can stand wherever I want.” The other reaper narrowed his eyes.

“Uh-huh. Where’s the bug?” You pointed a shaky fingertip towards the far corner. Ronald shook his head, desperately trying not to laugh. He went back to the hall to retrieve a white loafer the held it aloft in his right hand, slowly approaching the position of the intruder.

“Be careful!” You called out fearfully from your vantage point, raising a fist in solidarity when he looked back at you with his lips all but pursed.

“She says from the coffee table.” You gave a cheesy grin and half shrugged, eyes quickly going back to the corner. Ronald was muttering to himself at this point, mainly about how ridiculous you were being but also to the bug itself in a lowkey horror movie-esque voice, claiming it should just come out already; he wasn’t going to hurt it. Frankly, you think the experience did him more harm than it did the bug. There was a sudden flurry of activity as the bug - a cockroach as it turned out, the mother of all cockroaches - shot out from behind an armchair. Your husband let out the girliest scream you had ever heard a man give (excellent bullying material, though in your fear you wouldn’t come to realise that until later) and hurled his shoe at where the bug had been a few seconds prior, proceeding to turn tail and bolt back across the living room, arms flailing and yelling profanities at the top of his lungs. He took the coffee table at a flying leap landing on top of it and grabbing you by the shoulders a moment later.

“You didn’t tell me it was a cockroach, Y/N, a bloody cockroach!! This is a very important detail to miss when dispatching me to kill something for you!!”

“Well how was I supposed to know you were scared of cockroaches?!” You yelled back, “you’ve never had any issues killing bugs before!”

“’Cause up until now, they haven’t been cockroaches!” At your distressed expression, he continued. “Y/N, my heart and soul, the love of my life, I will kill anything for you, just not a cockroach!” Your eyes suddenly widened as your blood ran cold. Ronald frowned, thinking the expression was directed at him, then realised you were looking over his shoulder. You directed your eyes back to his.

“Ron… not to freak you out or anything,” a deep breath, “but where diD IT GO?!!” The both of you screamed in at the same time, trying to move around each other to get a visual. The only problem with that was your coffee table was far from stable and had been in need of a replacement for some months, so promptly toppled over with the two of you still standing on it. You quickly scrambled to your feet once more and stood back to back, Ronald holding the knife he always kept in his jacket pocket and you armed with the television remote you had grabbed up.

You moved your head critically to scan your half of the room, swallowing when you came up empty. You leaned back further against the other reaper.

“…do you see it?” You whispered hoarsely, your only answer a small shake of Ronald’s head. The same though occurring to you both simultaneously, you both slowly turned your heads to look at each other, then lowered your gazes to the floor, then to Ronald’s sock. There, large as about ten of its brethren and exoskeleton glistening in the artificial light, sat-

“Oh my god!!”

In hindsight, you weren’t sure who yelled loudest, or first, all that you know is you started running to get out of the living room and Ronald followed, with the cockroach still attached to his sock. He managed to get it off whilst still running, abandoning both sock and bug about halfway up the stairs. You both ran into your bedroom and slammed the door shut behind you. You then grabbed up the blanket from the foot of your bed and pressed it to the floor to block the smallest of small gaps between the door and the floor and prevent the thing from getting in. You then backed slowly away from the door as if you expected the cockroach to open it and straight into the waiting arms of your husband. You shrieked and flew around only to find it was in fact him.

“Ron!” You whined indignantly, lightly hitting him on the arm. He was already laughing.

“What, think I was the cockroach?” He grinned and wiggled his fingers at you then caught your hand when you gave a half hearted attempt at hitting him again. In truth, you were already laughing too hard to aim properly.

“Oh yeah? Says the guy who tried to run away from the bug sitting on his own foot!” At that moment, the hilarity of the situation hit both of you all at once and you collapsed quite literally into a fit of hysterics, landing in a tangled heap on the bed and helplessly clutching one another as the tears rolled down your faces.

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