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The Kurta clan’s finest
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LAWDY I’m such a Kurapika simp helpppp
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𝕆𝕜𝕒𝕪 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖...
 The passing streetlights becoming nothing but blurry shines of ochre, as you were blinking in and out of reality. The low hum of the wheels against the road further lulling you to give into your exhaustion.
The only thing keeping you awake being Kurapika’s gentle humming with the radio. His peaceful voice accurately hitting every note, further leaving you wanting to hear it more and more. Him carefully maneuvering around obstacles and potholes to keep the little ones asleep.
Said little ones being absolutely knocked out in the backseat, with you sitting patiently in between them. Against your left thigh, laying Gon. His bright, determined and sparkly eyes, now being shut and unmoving. His mouth hanging slightly agape. As for your right shoulder, Killua taking refuge there. His fluffy hair resting against you, his normally stoic face relaxing peacefully. Gentle snores emitting from his mouth.
Your eyes continuously blinking as you stir in and out of reality. Finally drooping your head downward, gently bonking heads with Killua.
“Hey, (Y/N)…? You doing alright back there?” The blonde at the wheel asking, him stealing a glance through the rearview.
His eyes fixating upon your sleeping figure, and the little boys sleeping on either side of you.
“I guess they are.” Him replying to himself sweetly.
“Aww. How considerate.” Leorio cooing softly from his front seat.
“Hey! Leave me alone” the Kurta quietly yelping in response.
The brunette shaking his head and staring at the passing buildings and cars.
“Sweet dreams, everyone.” A whispered message being the last thing Leorio heard before his own head was lolling to the side.
Tumblr media
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I don't know if you've been asked to write about Kurapika with an older sister, and she falls in love with Chrollo, but the hate for what he did to her clan and the admiration she has for his sensitive side of admiring art (in good sense, no murders) go together. Then she turns to him and says "maybe in another life I could have loved"
Hi, thank you for the ask! I haven’t had this one yet, so it was fun to try out!
Chrollo x Kurapika's older sister!reader
You had remembered that day when you found out what happened to your clan a few years ago. All 128 members dead, many of their eyes taken, and an ominous note stating “We will accept everything, so don’t take anything away from us.” You felt as though your world had shattered in that moment, falling on your knees in the middle of the town you were living in. What about your little brother, Kurapika, whom you had lost contact with after you yourself had left the village inspired by him. Was he okay?
For the next few days, you would wear contacts, discard your Kurta clothing for one that will blend in more with the people of the town. You couldn’t sleep, imagining the kinds of horrors that must have happened to your family.
But suddenly, your dark world seemed to find a glimmer of hope.
You were visiting a museum in the town, one that housed a special music box from the first queen of the country. It was something you admired, especially when the curators of the museum would play the music box in certain hours of the day. While walking around and seeing other artifacts, you paused at an ancient tapestry. It seemed to tell a tale about large monsters and people fighting them.
“Interesting tale, isn’t it?”
The person next to you spoke in a soft voice, startling you a little bit. But when you looked to your right to see the person talking, you couldn’t help but notice how he looked. A sharp jawline, raven-black hair, and soft eyes. You didn’t notice the bandages around his forehead, but his overall outfit was quite formal.
“Yes, it’s probably a fantasy story,” you replied, smiling softly to him.
“Do you know what it’s about?” he asked, looking closer at the art.
“I think so, it might be about the fabled Dark Continent, but no one knows for sure if that place is even real,” you found yourself moving closer to him.
“I see, I have heard tales about such a place,” he nodded. “What is your name, my dear? My name is Chrollo.”
“Y/n, nice to meet you!”
That was how it started. With a simple artifact, you two began a conversation and it turned into a relationship. You two would meet more often from here, going to cafes and local libraries to see the books. You two would talk about everything, but one topic you refrained from telling him was your background. He hadn’t talked about his, and you were sensitive of your past still, so it made sense not to talk about it. The place you two would visit the most, however, was still the museum. You loved how deep he seemed to appreciate the art within the place, and he often asked you for your input on artworks. While you two discussed the reasons for a certain portrait features or a statue’s pose, he would look at you with a glint of interest and appreciation in his eyes. Some days you couldn’t help but blush at how much attention you were getting. One day, you had the courage to ask the man of your dreams out.
“You’re the one that made my days so special, Chrollo,” you said to him one day. “I wanted to ask you this for a long time, but, would you like to be my boyfriend?”
He looked surprised, but soon his lips formed a smile. In the next moment, you would have your first kiss.
Everything seemed so simple those days. Chrollo would visit you often, but he had a job that required him to move around so he could only stay for a few days at a time. You two would text and call incessantly though, so it wasn’t as bad. You were calling him while at the marketplace of the town one day, talking about how the stalls were all on sale today because of a holiday in the country and how some women were gossiping too loudly. He told you to take care of yourself, and you nodded. While it seemed like another day with your boyfriend on the phone, you suddenly found yourself stopping mid-sentence.
There was a boy, blond hair and blue Kurta clothing. He was walking around with a serious face, clenching a fist that had chains on it. You felt your heart skip a beat, you could recognize that face anywhere even if it had been years.
“Kurapika?” you whispered, forgetting that you were still calling your boyfriend. Before Chrollo could ask how you knew that name, you had called off and ran like the wind towards the blond.
“Kurapika!” you shouted. “Kurapika, is that you?!”
The blond boy turned around in surprise, then, eyes widening, he froze.
“Y-y/n,” he muttered, arms slowly reaching out to you. You ran and felt tears welling in your eyes.
“Y/n!” he shouted as he accepted your embrace. You two hugged as your memories started to flood your mind. Those days where you two would talk about the outside world, go finding berries with Pairo, and the many nights you two would simply talk. You had buried them deep after the massacre, but it seemed to all be resurfacing.
“You’re alive! I was so worried about you,” you cried, he patted your head. Your little brother was alive.
You two had to catch up on what happened in the past years. You learned that he became a hunter, a hunter to catch the Phantom Troupe. You had heard about this notorious band of thieves, and eventually found out it was this group that caused the Kurta massacre.
“That’s, a lot in a few years,” you said to him. Gripping your coffee cup as you two sat in your living room.
“Yes, but I feel as though my journey is just beginning,” he said, bowing his head down. “I am not sure how long it will take, but I swear I will reclaim the eyes of our brethren.”
You nodded, swallowing hard as you thought about how your little brother was sacrificing his life. You had been living in a quiet life while your little brother was dancing to a tune of revenge.
“I wish I could help somehow,” you responded, but he put a hand on yours.
“It’s fine, seeing you safe and well is all that I need,” he smiled at you. He looks tired.
You begin to talk about your life as well, mentioning that you had met a man you are in love with.
“I was thinking of marrying him, actually,” you laughed a bit at yourself for being such a romantic. He congratulated you.
“What’s his name?” he asked, setting his cup down.
“Oh, it’s Chrollo.”
Suddenly the atmosphere seemed to shift. Kurapika’s eyes suddenly looked serious, and you weren’t sure if they had flashed red for a second under his contacts.
“Chrollo, you mean Lucilfer correct?”
“Y-yeah, how did you-“
He stood up, looking at you with angry eyes.
“Do you know who he is?!” he started, “He’s the leader of the Phantom Troupe, the people that took away everything!”
“Hey, that’s, that’s probably not the case,” you said, trying to calm him down. But he shook his head.
“No, y/n-damn, he played you! He manipulated you!” he shouted, his anger seeming to boil over. He wasn’t angry at you, but at the man that you were with.
You could only ask Kurapika how this was the case, and Kurapika told you he had met him at Yorknew. He described how Chrollo looked, and it matched your boyfriend exactly. You weren’t sure what to do with this new information.
“I need to go, I have a train that will take me to the capital from here,” Kurapika said, rising from his seat. “I wish I had more time with you, but I’m afraid my goal comes first.”
“I understand, just be safe,” you responded, smiling, and hugging him one more time.
“I’ll try to visit you when I can,” he said, returning the embrace.
Once you were left alone, you immediately looked at your phone. Chrollo had tried to call, and then left a message saying “call me when you can.” You weren’t sure what to do anymore. On one hand, he was the man you loved. He was the one that you could share your feelings and thoughts with and feel unjudged. You danced with him under the stars, listened to his thoughts, and kissed him. You loved him.
But you now had to face reality; that this man was the monster that killed your family. He was the one that destroyed so many lives, destroyed the heart you had into a million pieces. You weren’t sure if you were going to call him that night, and you weren’t sure what your little brother would think of you if you did. But instinctively, you unlocked your phone and started to call your boyfriend.
“My dear, I was waiting to hear from you!”
“Yeah, I just wanted to hear your voice again,” you responded, wanting to forget that the man with the sweet voice was anything other than the man you had met in the museum, admiring the artwork in front of him.
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some hxh reaction pics from tiktok
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the only thing unbelievable about ms marvel is that kamala didn't have to dress up more for her brother's wedding
like i have dressed up way more than that for a housewarming party. no way she could get away with just a kurta when her direct family is getting married. even unrelated guests would be wearing fancier outfits
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You want a part of me Well, I'm not selling cheap
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No words. Just back pain
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God, I haven't post here in a while
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oh boy he's fine
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I miss them, really 🥲
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(horror warning) sketches as i tested out a new drawing program
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Hello! Can I ask what it would be like if Chrollo was in a serious relationship with a Kurta s/o? The Kurta finds out he was the one who killed their clan and now hates him like how Kurapika does. What lengths will Chrollo go through to get them back? Would he even let them go? And this someone he is deeply in love with and has been with for a while.
Hi! Thank you for the ask! This might end up a bit angsty and I made it so Chrollo found out the s/o was Kurta before they find out he’s behind the whole massacre.
If Chrollo was in a relationship with a Kurta, he would have probably not known they were Kurta to begin with. Maybe you left the village like Kurapika to explore the world before Chrollo massacred your brethren.
I also imagine that Chrollo likely killed the Kurta because of two reasons. One, it’s profitable, and it’s not like stealing is anything new for Meteorites (I am calling Meteor City ppl this!). Two, there is likely some kind of a grudge against the Kurtas that either he or the entirety of Meteor City has, thus causing the massacre. It’s likely he thought of the massacre as two birds and one stone.
Either way, I can imagine that the shock for you was so big that you just try to forget it happened and you never mentioned it to him. You even wore different clothing to make sure no one knew you were Kurta in case people were inspired to continue the massacre on you. You first met him while doing something mundane and eventually became friends (though you did not have the chance to meet him a lot due to his work which he said was just “a lot of traveling”). You guys get close, and everything seems to be going well until one day you decide to open up to him about this. He’s always listened to you and was the one that understood you the best (or at least that’s what you believe) and so you tell him the truth.
“I’m actually a Kurta, and I’m trying to find the people that killed my clan so I can take revenge, or at least put an end to this ongoing war inside my heart. I felt like I could tell you this, since I trust you,” you said in a shaky voice, tears welling in your eyes as you remembered hearing the news on the morning papers.
Chrollo wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you closer, you are in a tight embrace. He doesn’t say anything for a while, just stroking your hair with his free hand as you close your eyes.
“Thank you for telling me, I know it must be hard for you. I’m so sorry this had to happen, I can’t imagine the pain you have had to endure all those years,” he says, and you feel tears slide down your face. It was true, he really was the one that you could rely on. He would be the one to stick by your side no matter what happens, he would be the family you lost in that dreadful massacre.
Or so you want to think.
He’s plotting. All those feelings he had before, whether they were genuine or not, disappear the moment you tell him the truth. You’re a Kurta, so he knows you’re bound to plot against him. Perhaps, he could use this chance to get your eyes if you are also fully Kurta, perhaps a whole head to sell on the black market would be better. It could help fund more things for Meteor City, perhaps new gas masks for the citizens that work there or maybe even weapons for the people to retaliate against forces that try to take things away from Meteor City. I just can’t see Chrollo not acting instinctively as his cold self. Even if you guys were in a serious relationship, he might feel a pain in his heart knowing what would happen and how he really liked you, but he knows that leaving a single Kurta alive would be a hassle. Now if he knew about Kurapika, he would know the dangers it would cause to have not one but TWO. So, he tries to shut down his emotions for you as fast as possible, even if it means giving up something he only dreamed and read about: love. He wants to keep you but knows that’s bound to be bad for him and his troupe, so he will let you go pretty quickly. He won’t show it however, and may act like you two are still together in that deep relationship. He’s a master at acting, so why not keep the show going until the finale?
You find out eventually as you find out there is another Kurta survivor. You meet Kurapika one day, while you are in a marketplace close to the Kurta village. You visit here often just to feel somewhat at home, but you can’t find yourself going into forest due to the emotions that haunt you.
“Y/n?” you hear a familiar voice and turn around to see a young man with blond hair. He is wearing traditional Kurta clothing. You drop whatever you were holding and run to him. Another Kurta was alive!
While you to converse and catch up on what happened in your lives, you find out that the Phantom Troupe is behind this. Kurapika talks of a man with a cross on his forehead, and a coat marked with an upside down cross. You feel your heart stop for a moment. You don’t know about the forehead tattoo, but you know about the coat. You had borrowed it one day while it was cold from your boyfriend.
Then things start to connect; Chrollo’s apparent nickname as “boss,” his traveling, how he got his hands on such expensive things that weren’t even on sale, the scary friends he would sometimes bring along.
“His name was-“
“Chrollo Luclifer, right?” you finish Kurapika’s sentence, and he looks at you with a surprised face.
“How do you know this man?” he questions, but before you can say anything, you feel yourself shake your head and tears fogging your vision once again.
You had trusted a man with your life, you had been living in a dreamworld. When you thought you had finally met your other half, he was the one that destroyed your world. You don’t tell Kurapika you had been in a relationship with the killer, in fear he may not trust you.
From there, you plead to Kurapika to work with him, but he will decline saying he’s better working alone and doesn’t want to pull you into trouble. You nod, exchange phone numbers, and bid him farewell and good luck. From here, you now have to decide if you go back to meet the leader of the Phantom Troupe, or just run away. But your heart seems to go to a third direction; kill him.
Something snaps in you as you remember all the faces of your friends and family that you no longer can see. You can’t run in the forest and return to the Kurta homes, you don’t have Pairo, your neighboring childhood friend, play with you. Sadness turns into anger, and you grab your phone and immediately call your boyfriend, no, the man who took away everything you had.
“Let’s meet up, preferably at night, in the place we first met,” you tell him. It was an abandoned church, a place perfect to exorcise demons.
Chrollo catches on, smiling to himself knowing his predictions of your anger towards him were correct.
“Sounds lovely my dear, I will see you soon.”
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kai-chan07 · 11 months ago
Platonic Killua x Reader Storm Comfort
A/N: Guess who’s back!! So much has been going on that I haven’t had time to write or post anything. This is my first hxh post so please be nice!
Warnings: fear of storms
Requests are open!!
Tumblr media
“Y/N? Where are you?” Killua was walking around the house, looking for you. It was storming outside and he wanted to go skateboarding with you. He had already checked the kitchen, dining room, and living room. He had even asked the others if they had seen you.
“Last time I saw her was before it started raining,” Kurapika answered. “She said that she was going to go take a nap.” Killua took off up the stairs and to your bedroom door. He hesitated, trying to decide whether he should knock or just barge in. Eventually he did both, knocking and then slowly opening the door.
“Y/N?” Killua walked over to the side of your bed, perring over you. “Hey, wake up! Want to go skateboarding with me?” When you didn’t give him an answer, Killua frowned. He whined, “Y/N! Come skateboard with me!” He shook your shoulder and then pulled you to face him. What he wasn’t expecting was to see you wide awake and with a tear stained face.
You met his eyes for a brief moment and he could see how scared you were. “Killua?”
“Why are you crying?” he asked. “What happened?” Thunder boomed through the sky, causing you to jump and pull your blanket around yourself tighter. Then it dawned on the boy that you were afraid of the storm.
“Killua, stay. Please,” you whimpered. He nodded, crawling across the foot of your bed and over beside you.
“Can I do anything?” he asked quietly. “Do you want me to get you something to eat? Or, I can find something for us to do.”
Without saying anything, you lean into Killua and curl into his side under his arm. “No, don’t leave.”
“But you weren’t down for lunch, and I don’t believe that you had breakfast either,” Killua comments. “Please let me get you something. I won’t be gone for long.” Looking around the room, the white-haired boy noticed the stuffed (fav. animal) he had given you just a few months ago. He saw it while in Yorknew city with Gon and immediately thought of you. He picked it up off of your desk and brought it back to you.
“Here, hold this while I’m gone, ok? I promise I’ll be as quick as I can.” You finally gave in as you took the stuffed animal from your friend’s hands. If it weren’t for the fact that you were scared out of your mind, you would have smiled at the look on KIllua’s face once he knew you’d let him go.
Staying true to his word, Killua returned not even 3 minutes later with a bowl of fruit. “I didn’t want to take too long, so I just brought you this. Kurapika said he’d make you something better once he finishes the chapter he’s on.” The boy climbed back onto the bed with you, handing you the bowl. You settled back into his side, nibbling at a strawberry.
“Thank you for staying with me, Killua,” you sighed. “I know I shouldn’t be scared, but I can’t help it.”
Killua gave you a small smack on the side of the head. “Baka, everyone’s afraid of something. Don’t worry about it.”
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let’s not talk again for years
til we see each other here
let’s not tell a single soul
all the mysteries we know
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Knowing what Kurapika's character is like, I find it very crazy how much physical contact he has with Leorio.
Pika can be reserved and inaccessible, it is even almost impossible to have a conversation with him (remember all the work it took for Melody to achieve two words from Kurapika), and it is completely understandable, after all his entire family was exterminated by outsiders, he could not trust absolutely anyone, which is why he did not have any other contact until the hunter's exam.
But Leorio can touch him this way without him reacting. Leorio can hold him, tease him, love him, and even take care of him at his worst. Kurapika always allowed it and will always allow it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He really loves him.
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