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The Famous Jaipur Prints
Jaipur is famous for its palaces, monuments, art and culture. This city attracts a lot of tourists because of its vast cultural diversity and rich heritage. Along with its culture and heritage, Jaipur is also famous for its textiles. One can find the top kurti manufacturers and kurti wholesalers in Jaipur. The markets of Jaipur are well-known for their high-quality fabrics and clothing. Customers can purchase gorgeous and elegant traditional clothes at wholesale pricing for their shops and retail outlets from Jaipur wholesale markets.
 The pink city is bustling with designer kurti manufacturers, cotton kurti manufacturers, Jaipur kurti wholesalers. Because of the influx of tourists and travelers to this city, it's an excellent place to establish a business.
 Jaipur's most in-demand textile items are bandhani, kurtas, safas, skirts, sarees, and other clothing materials.
  Famous Jaipur Prints 
Jaipur kurtis designs and prints are different from those found in other cities in India. Jaipur kurtis are usually bright in color, with intricate designs. They are often made from lightweight fabrics, such as silk or cotton, which make them comfortable to wear in warm weather.
 Bandhni Print - The bandhni dupatta is famous all over India which is made from bandhej art. Bandhej is a kind of tie and die art which is made in Jaipur and other places in Rajasthan. Tie and dye technique is also used in batik, lehariya, shikari, ekdali designs. In this method, small portions of fabrics are tied with strings to create a design and then dipped into the dye.  The fabric comes out in beautiful designs.
 Sanganer and Bagru Prints - Other popular alternatives include clothing with Sanganer and Bagru designs that are mostly hand printed designs. Bagru is a kind of zigzag printing. These are done using natural colors made from vegetable and plant extracts. Sanganer prints are done on white background and Bagru is done on dyed background.
 Wood Block Print - Block printing is age-old Rajasthani art used in textile industries. This is done using natural colors and mostly used on cotton fabrics. Incised wood blocks are used for printing and these designs are usually made on lenin, cotton and silk clothes. Wood block printing is a slow process but the designs are unique and cannot be made by other methods. Hand carvings are done on these wooden blocks and they are then covered with dye or ink of different colors and are pressed on the clothes to produce the design.
 Embroidery - These designs are created using needle and thread. To make the design attractive, these designs also use pearls, beads, mirrors, etc. There are different embroidery methods and it is usually a very delicate process.  The designs look beautiful and colorful on clothes.
 Painted Prints - In these prints colors are applied on designs. Great care is taken while doing these prints so that the color is not spread to the area outside the designs. The specialty of painted prints is these paints do not fade away with wash.
 This is a small brief on the famous Jaipur prints. Looking for Jaipur prints on your next clothing collection, Fabculture, Jaipur kurti manufacturer, have them all.   
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Give your wedding wardrobe an update with this gorgeous fabric piece by kurti manufacturer in jaipur, fabculture.
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