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#kwon soonyoung
letter-05262 days ago
17.09.2021 (12:02 AM KST)
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nikis-muma day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉃 PAIRING : ot13 x reader.
鉃 GENRE : fluff, gen.
鉃 REQUEST : hiii!!! can i request svt headcanons (ot13 but if thats too much just the vocal line) with a quiet s/o. like they prefer to sit quietly and listen to conversations rather than join in and are only really social when they feel really happy?? tysm have a good day!! <3 鈥 anon.
鉃 a/n : this was quite time consuming ngl and i feel like I did exactly what vernon accused jeonghan and the rest of doing "the younger the members are, the less sincere you are?" skkslsjkd
Tumblr media
-`,鉁 as we all know seungcheol is the leader of seventeen and seventeen has quite a few number of members that prefer to remain quiet in chaotic situations and just observe. due to that I feel like seungcheol would be absolutely be fine if you didn't exactly feel like talking in a big group since that could be overwhelming but he would definitely encourage you to try and be more social not to mention he has the biggest and most proudest smile on his face when you start going off on tangent whilst talking to him or someone else and not realise that you're rambling about the thing you love. yeah so overall, he wouldn't force you but would definitely give you a little nudge if needed will also not hesitate to silence everyone up if he saw you had something to say.
-`,鉁 although jeonghan is not the most quiet member and is usually the cause of those chaotic moments, he is often quite quiet. in some cases you can see him sit back and observe his members as they have a go at each other so he'd be understanding if you were like that since it may be fun being in the scene but it's also more fun if you're watching it from the sidelines. he'd likely make sure that you're quietness if just your personality and not because you're insecure about something and if it was because of the latter he'd definitely try helping you become less insecure. this right here is common knowledge but we're very much aware of how observant jeonghan is of the people that surround him and so prepare to have a pair of eyes watching you every so often to ensure your comfort. would be nonchalant if you talk alot bc he doesn't want to make it seem like it's abnormal and weird you off.
-`,鉁 one of the quiet members. this man is very understanding if you'd like to just sit back and observe rather than divulging into a conversation that is way too hyped up. the both of you just enjoy the comfortable silence whenever you're in each others presence, is happy to just sit there with you and observe everything with a smile. he's definitely got you talking the most from everyone you know since he'd just sit there and listen if you have anything to say like at all. joshua's a very patient and kind man so he'll have you talking for as much or as little as you'd like. whenever you do talk to him fully and with energy he'd be willing to match your energy, he's just overall quiet and calm when he feels like it and talkative once he's around people he's comfortable with.
-`,鉁 with jun he's definitely a loud person for sure but in social settings where he's not that familiar with people he doesn't know, he'll tend to be on the quieter side with not much to say but if encouraged to he might speak just a few words and so he'd definitely just sit there and be quiet with you if you were in a similar setting but would try and get your opinions on certains things so you don't feel left out. he's definitely a sucker for you and so when he's sees you talking animatedly to him hell just watch you with heart eyes and be as hyper as you are.
-`,鉁 to put it simply, he is one loud mf. skks jk, but he is a very excited person with quite an overwhelming personality if he's close to you and so this man will just let you be quiet and do all the talking for you as you listen to him speak and interact with himself. has a habit of shutting up when you want to talk so he doesn't make you feel as though you're being ignored but will 100% be happy along with you as you speak and agree to everything you say. he's just an extremely loud introvert.
-`,鉁 crickets. that's all that can be heard from near the two of you. you can bet that in a group you two would just sit there watching everyone with a small smile on your faces as they talked all loud and hyper. if someone wanted a healing session they'd just sit with the two of you since you're both just very quiet, relaxing individuals who would silently read books in each others company. the only time anyone ever catches you both talking alot is when you're discussing a book the two of you have read and what your thoughts are about.
-`,鉁 could be just as quiet as you want or as talkative as you'd like. has a habit of talking alot to you especially since you just give him a soft, fond expression as he rants on about the members and their funny episodes that cause you to let out tiny giggle, he feels as though he accomplished the greatest achievement when he receives those. just secretly melts whenever he sees you talking about something you'd like with a happy glint in your eyes and you ramble without even realising that you're doing it.
-`,鉁 this happy virus is just so wholesome. like I'd just imagine him being totally content with carrying on social situations for you and making sure every once in a while that you're fine. manages to always keep you smiling and so whenever you were in a very happy mood which allowed you to let loose and interact as freely as you'd like, he be 10x happier.
-`,鉁 when this man talks, he can talk. loves ranting to you and will talk your ear off once you agree to listen to him ( he's most likely just going to complain about the members bullying him ), you'd just sit there with a smile on your face letting 脿 few giggle when you decide to tease him by saying you agree with the members and then a whole tickling sesh will erupt and by the end of it you lie on your back panting with sore cheeks from laughing too much and mingyu lying on your chest as you played with his hair.
-`,鉁 loves the calm vibes that you provide whenever you're quiet and just observing things, since he took up meditation he'd like you to try it with and so it easily becomes your activity that's usually done with him. minghao is observant himself and quiet at times and so he can understand if everything gets a bit too much and you'd just prefer to stay quiet and just watch. I can just see that whenever you get excited to share something with him he'll just look at you in adoration and grasp your cheeks as you continue talking ( kinda like when he held a yawning hoshis' face in his hands ).
-`,鉁 mr. boo, this man is an extrovert. the amount of friends he's made both surprises you and overwhelms you at times, you'd be tagging along with him at times when he goes to visit someplace and you're shocked at the amount of people he's been stopped by to talk to but he never forces you to interact with them, he merely introduces you to them and the carries on the conversation for a bit, aware of your pr茅sence and tries to cut it short so he doesn't bore you or make you feel excluded. seungkwan loves ranting just like mingyu and will not hestitate to wear your ear off with his rants and nagging but will consistently ask you how your day went when you had something to do earlier on and encourages you to share your thoughts with him whenever he feels as though you've been a bit too quiet than the norm.
-`,鉁 this man just vibes. vernon is someone who whenever he wants to talk talks and if he doesn't then he doesn't, he won't force a conversation if he didn't want to and so whenever your with him it's just doing your own individual things together in peace and some conversations may arise from that, he's someone that encourages you to talk simply because his reactions are absolutely the best and worth you unmuting yourself just to get a smile out of his facial expressions.
-`,鉁 is in a practically similar situation to mingyu where he'd love to have a quiet and observant s/o simply because that means you'd listen to him rant about how useless it is having 12 older brothers who like teasing him without abruptly stopping him and saying what's on your mind or ignoring him completely. there are times where you'd like to pull a prank on him and just flat out ignore him and he'd look at you with such a betrayed face and then get all pouty until you apologise and offer him a kiss. dino, however, would immediately stop his ranting if he saw that you wanted to say something and encourages you to talk about your day similar to seungkwan.
Tumblr media
漏 饾悕饾悎饾悐饾悎饾悞-饾悓饾悢饾悓 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆鈥攁ll content rights belong to nikis-mum. do not plagiarize any works and do not repost or translate onto any other sites.
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shoot-me-and-goa day ago
woozi telling a story when they went to watch excalibur tgt (with hoshi and mingyu), hoshi was excitedly jumping on his seat when his fave song came so he kept telling him to calm down because it鈥檚 embarrasing
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shoot-me-and-go9 hours ago
hoshi talking to woozi and laughing at him for not getting a response and spacing out
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starlightxsvt23 days ago
The one for me |
Tumblr media
pairing 鉃 greaser!hoshi x rich girl female!reader
genre 鉃 romance, fluff, some pinning, angst, smut
word count 鉃 9.2k (I'm sorry)
warnings 鉃 cursing, toxic parents, family issues, reader is a lil brat, hoshi is a tease, lots of teasing, sexual tension, heavy makeouts, lots of crying, implications of sexual activity, too many brand names lol, tiger vs hamster agenda lol.
synopsis 鉃 you're attracted to the annoyingly handsome guy you meet at the car repair shop and despite the differences between you two, you have a feeling he's 'the one' for you.
a/n 鉃 here it is! the heavily inspired fic from anyone special video. this hoshi was so hot and made me feel so many things ugh so i had to write a greaser hoshi. i hope you all enjoy reading and as always don't forget to let me know your thoughts!
Tumblr media
"Listen here dude, I need this within the next couple days you hear me? I'll pay you as much as you need." You speak exasperatedly, your patience running thin. The male with the name tag 'Chan' gawks at you, almost frightened, for some reason like you are here to take his soul as he manages a stuttering reply, "Well- uh, um, you see-"
You are about to scream at him from frustration when you a voice interrupts you. "Woah woah woah, what's going on here?"
You look behind Chan to see a tall male approaching, his steps unhurried yet strong. As soon as your eyes land on his face you suck in a sharp breath, his visuals catching you guard. He's fine, so fine, maybe a bit too fine to be in a car repair shop than in the front of a magazine. His jet black undercut hair is brushed back neatly and his face is constructed strongly yet there is a soft plump on his cheeks; his jawline strong and defined and his eyes, thin yet sharp, alight with a playful but confident glow. He is dressed in a tightly fit t-shirt and leather pants, a pouch that carries small tools hanging from his belt with one of his hands adorned in a fingerless black glove.
Realising you have been ogling him, you quickly cough and meet his eyes, snapping, "Are you in charge here?'
"Yes, missy, I am the owner," he says with a smirk as he scans you up and down while patting Chan softly on the shoulder, "It's okay I got this one."
The boy scurries away as the hot owner leans against one of the cars that's being repaired and crosses his arms, "How may I help you?"
"I need my car fixed, as fast as possible," You huff, pointing to your Mercedes Benz parked beside you. The man narrows his eyes at your car, taking a good look before asking, "What's the problem?"
"The engine makes weird sounds. And sometimes it stops suddenly in the middle of the road. It stopped on the way here. It was hell," you groan, shaking your head at the trouble it caused you. The owner nods in understanding before questioning, "When do you need it?"
"In two days," you speak firmly. The man in front of you laughs as if you said something funny while strolling to your car to open the front hood and take a look inside. "No can do, princess. The earliest I believe I can do is 5 days."
Your perfectly shaped eyebrow arches up, "Excuse me? I need it in two days."
"Like I said it's not possible," he rests his hand against your car. "I have to change a few parts of the engine and it'll take two three days get those parts. It ain't that easy, princess."
You're baffled. "What kind of repair shop are you if you don't have car parts?" You hiss. The man once again chuckles like you've said a funny joke as he shakes his head, walking towards you, "5 days is the best I can do."
"I'll pay as much as you want!"
He laughs harder, amused. "Still five days." You sigh irritatedly. "Well then, maybe I'll find someone else to do it," you threaten. The man smirks knowingly, "Good luck with that princess. There's no repair shop in five mile radius other than mine."
You groan, "How can I believe that you'll do it in 5 days? What if it takes longer? Just tell me if she's hopeless then I'll just go and buy another one." You motion towards your Mercedes in an exasperated manner. The man regards you with an incredulous look. "Princess, you car is perfectly fine. It'll be done in 5 days, I promise. No need to ditch a perfectly good car." You narrow your eyes at him suspiciously, "You better stay true to your word then."
He grins. "Don't worry. You need to pay half now and the other half when you're here to pick up your car," He says walking inside the garage, over to a small desk as he writes a receipt for you while you fetch your black card from your Dior purse, quietly following him. "Your name, princess?" He asks for the receipt, you assume. You hand him your card while muttering your name and he smirks, "You know, this type of work takes about a week to get done and I'm doing it for you in five days. Don't you think I deserve a little extra?" Scoffing you roll your eyes, "We'll see about that if you actually get it done in five days, mister." That playful smile ever present in his face, he nods while doing his work and then hands you back your card.
"I'll let you know when she's ready," he says reaching for a business card before handing it to you. The card has the name Seventeen Repairs on top and underneath is a name and contact number. Hoshi, the name reads.
"Well, I'll be seeing you in five days then, Hoshi." You give him a pointed look while taking one last eyeful of him before turning on your heels, walking away as your Jimmy Choo pumps echo loudly against the floor.
"See you soon, princess," Hoshi calls from behind you.
Surprising you, on the afternoon of the fourth day after you drop your car to the repair shop, comes a message from Hoshi.
Your car is good to go, princess. Pick it up whenever you can.
As soon as you see the text, you rush to get ready, desperate to finally have your car back. You aren't the type of person to use public transport or even uber, neither are you habituated with them and you simply prefer the comfort and luxury of your own vehicle. But as yours isn't present at the moment, you call an uber to get to the shop quickly.
Just as you step out of the uber, you find Hoshi working on another car, a wrench in his hand as he does something underneath the front of the vehicle. He tilts his head down to check his work, oblivious to your presence, too busy with his project. You softly cough to get attention. His head immediately looks up and a playful, almost filrty smile spreads on his face. "Hello there, princess. You were quick."
"Yes. Where is my car, Hoshi?" You address him by his name as he gets up and motions you to follow him deeper into the garage. While doing so you take your time to admire his back and the ripped muscles underneath his fitted tee. Today he is wearing a jumpsuit but the upper half is off and wrapped around his waist, leaving his torso is a fitted skin coloured tee. "Here she is," his voice makes you blink as you are snapped out of your thoughts and looking past him, you see your car.
The Mercedes is all polished and shiny, the white colour of its body almost serving as a mirror as you can see your reflection clearly in it. "It looks....shiny," you observe as you move around the car. Hoshi smiles proudly, "Yeah, I polished it a little. You have a really pretty car, princess. You should take better care of it."
You roll your eyes, "Did you fix the actual problem or were you busy polishing my car which I clearly didn't tell you to?" You cross your arms. He holds up his palms in surrender, "Relax princess, of course I took care of it. Your car is as good as new and all ready to play. I did some polishing because i couldn't help it, you know. It's a nice car you have."
"Well, you won't be paid for that because I didn't ask for it," you say pointedly. Hoshi chuckles, "Okay, whatever you say, princess."
"And stop calling me that," you snap while fetching for your card from your purse. "What? Princess? Aren't you one?" He looks at you up and down as if to prove his point and you roll your eyes once again, handing him the card quietly. He takes it with a smile and walks over to his desk.
"You know, you already owe me a bonus but I actually delivered your car one day early so I think I deserve some more." He leans over his desk to swipe the card before throwing you a look over his shoulder. "Fine, you get extra fifty bucks," you huff. He laughs loudly, yet once more, at your words. "I know for a fact you can do a hell lot better than that," he drawls, turning around and resting against the desk, his arms crossed as he looks you up and down. You realize he's talking about your expensive attire, the Jimmy Choo heels and purse, the Gucci dress and the Chanel jewellery.
"I mean, you're wearing like five thousand dollars right now." Soonyoung speaks, making you laugh dryly. "Seven thousand actually," you correct him. He smirks, tilting his head as if his pointed is proved. You sigh, "Okay, 100 bucks."
He strolls towards you and hands you your card back and you assume he has taken the bonus but he surprises you. "Rather than the money, how about you let me take you out on a date," he whispers learning towards you. You're taken aback, somewhat flustered as you never expected him to say something like that. So the hottie is interested in you? Warmth spreads through your face as you try to compose yourself.
"And if I say no?" You offer him a teasing smile. "Well, then bad luck I guess," he grins back. You smile, shaking your head as you reach into purse. You should have some cash. Thankfully you find a hundred dollar bill and with a smirk you give it to him. "Keep your bonus."
Hoshi is taken aback as he stares dumbly at the note in his hand while you twirl around and get inside your car, giving him a playful wave. As you are about to drive away he shouts, "My offer is still on, you know! You have my number so let me know if you change your mind!"
Shaking your head at his enthusiasm, you drive away, a grin on your face. It's not that you are not interested in him, it's actually quite the opposite but you want to play hard just a little. It's no fun if you give in right away and you want to see if he is still interested in you after you keep him hanging for a while.
You have always had bad luck with the few relationships you had, most of them being obnoxious wealthy guys that your parents forced you to date. Hoshi, on the other hand feels different. He's charming and playful not to mention his insanely good looks and you can actually see yourself falling for him. You wonder if it's a good thing or bad.
About three days later, you sit with your phone in your hands, chewing on your lip as you contemplate on ending his misery. You briefly wonder if he is still interested, if he even has your number anymore. Needless to say, he has not left your mind, popping every so often over the past few days that made you itch to just call him and tell him to meet you in a cafe.
Breathing in deeply, you square your shoulders and type out a message.
It's me. Let's go on that date.
You keep it simple, not showing too much excitement in case he cancels you. Almost immediately comes his reply.
Princess, your message made my day. Let's go. I'm free anytime.
Tomorrow, 5pm then.
You got it, princess.
You smile giddly.
Just before you're about to park your car in front of the cafe you are supposed to meet Hoshi with, you see the man standing by the entrance. Your eyes connect and he gives you a cheery wave, his cheeks puffing up like a hamster's. You smile back, slightly waving at him as you halt your Mercedes. Quickly locking it, you jog over to him as fast as your louboutins can carry you, "Hey! Am I too late?" He shakes his head, "No, you're on time. I came early... didn't wanna be late on the first date." He scratches the back of his head giving you a shy smile.
This man has a knack of being adorable yet hot at the same time, you realize. He is literally dressed in black leather and his hair is sleekly brushed back nevertheless his attitude and enthusiasm equals to that of a kid's. "You look... lovely, princess. But then, you always do," his compliment makes warmth bloom on your cheeks before you reply, "Well, you don't look so bad yourself. Shall we get inside?"
Grinning, he nods and holds the door open for you as you step into the cafe. It's relatively empty and quiet as soft music plays through the speakers in low volume. Hoshi takes the liberty to place the orders as you take a seat by the window before he comes to sit opposite to you.
"You know, my ego was really brusied the other day. I was confident you would agree to go on a date with me but then you left and it kinda dawned on me...I'm sure there are better richer, hotter guys interested in you," Hoshi starts.
You give a little smile, "Well, I'm here aren't I? Besides, they maybe interested in me but I'm not interested in them." Hoshi smiles at you words before sitting straight and leaning on the table, resting his elbows on the edge. "So, tell me about you, princess. How does it feel like being one?"
You wave your hand, scoffing, "I'm no princess."
"Well, you may literally not be one but you look like one and I'm pretty sure you have the previliges like one." He objects. You're lips curve upward slightly, "Well, what can I say, I was born in a well-off family. I mean, it's really nice to have a six figure amount in my bank balance but...there are things that I wish I had...which money can't buy, you know?"
"Happiness?" Hoshi asks in a teasing tone.
You grin, "No. Better relationships."
"What do you mean?" Hoshi questions, raising an inquisitive brow. You narrow your eyes at him teasingly, "It'll be too dark for the first date. Can you handle it?" Hoshi smirks, resting his hand under is chin, "Try me."
Your order is served by a waiter right then, a blueberry latte for Hoshi and a peach latte for you and lemon tarts. Once the waiter takes her departure you take a sip of your drink and exhale loudly, "My parents and I don't really get along for... reasons. I am an only child and they didn't really let me make friends out of their social circle. And the people my family frequents with holds a different mentality from me I guess. I just can't stand them, always talking about how expensive their house is and how much they spent on their latest vacation. So I moved away from them after I turned eighteen. My parents send me a hefty amount of allowance each month thinking that their money will make me go back to them," you chuckle dryly before glancing at Hoshi who seems to absorb all your words like a sponge, his mouth forming a tiny 'o'. You giggle, "Too much?"
"No- I must feel lonely. I'm sorry," he offers sincerely. You wave your hand lazily, "It's okay I kinda got used to it. I run a small interior designing firm and I get along pretty well with the employees there. But they are just employees you know? At the end of the day I can't really share my highs and lows with them." The man in front of you nods understandingly, swirling his latte with the straw. "I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to," he offers quietly. You give him a soft smile, "It's okay, I don't really talk about these but it feels good to share them with someone. But enough about me, tell me about yourself." You clasp your hands together, leaning over the table.
Hoshi chuckles, "Well...there's not much to say. You already know what I do. I guess I always had a thing for cars so I started my shop with all my savings when I was 20. It's been good since then, it pays well and I like doing what I do. As for my parents, they are in my hometown, running a small business together. My older sister is studying to be a fashion designer. She's a real pain in the ass." He grins and you chuckle at the facial expression he makes. "Sounds fun," you let out a wistful sigh. "I sometimes wish I had a sibling you wouldn't be so lonely."
Hoshi regards you quietly for a while, a concentrated look on his face and you wonder what he is thinking about. Abruptly, he changes the topic, "What's your favourite ice cream flavour?" That makes you giggle, the change of topic sudden but welcoming. You don't want to spend your first date talking about your miserable life and your over the top family. "Hmm... can't choose one so chocolate and cookies and cream." You reply after musing over your answer for a while.
From that point the conversation turns light-hearted as you both share your likes and dislikes over a various range of things. It's easy to talk to Hoshi, he keeps the conversation alive well and before you know it you've spent more than two hours just sitting there and chatting.
"Will I...see you again?" Hoshi asks hopefully as you both step out of the cafe. "I mean...I'd like to, if that's okay with you." You turn towards him and throw him a teasing smile, "Hmm...I think it's okay with me."
His eyes light up along with his whole face making him look like an adorable child, "Really?" He grins like a Cheshire cat and the apples of his cheeks puff up reminding you of a hamster. A laugh escapes from you, "Yes, really. You know, you look like a hamster right now."
At that his face falls, all the glow vanished as his lips form a pout. You're taken aback and you deem you have offended him. He interrupts you before you can apologize, "Why does everyone say that? I look nothing like a hamster!" His tone is whiny making you smile. You realize he did not take it to heart. "Okay then, what do you think you look like?"
You double over laughing, holding your chest. His answer wasn't really funny but for some reason it makes you laugh uncontrollably and you discern that it has been so long since you laughed so much. Hoshi regards you with that same pout, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. "Yeah yeah, laugh. You should see me in bed. Then you'll believe me." His words make you stop in a moment as you take a second to confirm that you heard correctly. You feel your face heat up as you register the meaning of his words. Your lack of silence makes Hoshi smirk as he gives a teasing wink. You return his teasing by saying, "Well, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, tiger."
Something dark flashes in his eyes for a second before he asks, "Are you free this weekend?" You shake your head, "Sadly no. It's my mother's birthday and she has thrown a party. As much as I'd rather not visit, I can avoid them for only so long." The man in front of you nods, "It's okay. I hope you enjoy your time. We can go on another date sometime later this week."
You give him a slight nod before smiling, "Okay. I had a good time, Hoshi. Thank you." He smiles back, "The pleasure was all mine, princess." You wait for a beat to see if he would hug you or maybe steal a kiss but doesn't, instead stands there smiling at you. Though some part of you wants to jump on him and devour him, you tell yourself that it's for another time as you murmur a goodnight to him and give him a wave before walking towards your car, not glancing back.
You can't help but admit you're impatient to see him again.
Taking a lungful of air you clear your throat before knocking on the door to your parent's manor. A maid opens it with a smile and as soon as you set foot in the house, you can't help feeling annoyed. Your mother said this was a small family gathering but just by the amount of people on the living area and the porch you can tell it's nothing like that. Most of the people are your father's business partners, you recognize and it irritates you further. This is, once again, just another faction to boast their success and talk business.
Family gathering my ass.
You make your way through the lavishly jewelled, flashily dressed crowd, offering your best fake smiles and nods to the faces you are familiar with. You climb up the stairs, one hand of the banister to support you, your stilettos clanking against the marble floors while your eyes scan around in search of your dear mother. Soon you locate her, standing by the railing, talking to a couple of women animatedly. You're in no mood to approach her first so you stand at a side quietly, observing her and waiting to be noticed. She's draped in a beautiful blue satin dress, diamonds on her ears and fingers, her hair neatly done like her makeup; always so elite and pristine. When her eyes finally lands on you and she excuses herself from her companions as she walks over to you with a smile and pulls you in a rather awkward hug.
"Hey! You're late, you know." Her tone is rather stern as she pulls back to look at you from head to toe. You sigh. "Yeah. There was traffic." It's a lie. You deliberately came late, trying to spend the least possible amount of time here.
"Well, you're here now. You should really visit more you know. And you should really reconsider living alone."
You have to prevent yourself from rolling your eyes. You change the conversation, "Where is dad?" Your mother replies, "Probably downstairs. Some very important businessmen has come, you know."
"I thought this was a family gathering."
"It is!" Your mother interjects in an obvious tone and a mirthless grin spreads on your face. You really want to go home.
"Anyway, you're staying for dinner right? If you weren't, you are now. Your father and I have something important to tell you."
Oh god. You roll your eyes this time. What is it gonna be now? Before you can reply though, some people call for her and giving you a final look she ushers over to them. You groan, leaning against the wall, rubbing the bridge of your nose. It is at least an hour or so till dinner and you already feel suffocated. You have no idea how you're going to kill the time.
As boring as it is, you hide yourself in your old bedroom for the next our, laying on your old bed and revisiting the mostly unpleasant memories you had in this room, in this house. Eventually, when the clock is about to strike nine, you get up to grab something to drink; a non alcoholic beverage and standing in the balcony of the second floor, away from all the noise and the repetitive chattering, you savour the liquid. Just as you finish your glass, you hear footsteps behind you and turning around you find your parents walking into the balcony. Closing the door behind them, they come to stand in front of you.
"Dad," you offer as a greeting. Your father nods, "It has been a while, ____." Clasping her hands together, you mother smiles, "We have some big news for you."
You have a bad feeling about this.
"Okay..." You regard her cautiously. "You have a marriage proposal!" Your mother squeals like it is the best thing in the world while you watch her, stunned. "The CEO of Gucci himself gave the proposal. He's the perfect match for you. He's young, only 30 and really handsome. The best thing is he's interested in you!"
"I- wait- I'm not following," you look at them in bewilderment, trying to catch up with their words. Your father speaks, "It's an amazing opportunity for us. After the marriage he has agreed to invest in our company. You will also own a good share of Gucci. I've said yes to them. They are coming tonight to meet you."
"What!" You scream. "You've said yes?!" You feel like you're loosing your grip on sanity. Your parents are taken aback at your voice. Your mother frowns, "Why? What's wrong with it? You're in perfect age for marriage. Are you... seeing someone, ___?"
"No!" You step back, hollering. "Even if I was, this isn't right! It is my marriage! The least thing you can do is ask me about it first!"
"We are telling you now," your father, objects. You laugh hysterically, "What is wrong with you guys? Am I a possession to you? Can you not just simply treat me as your daughter instead of using me to make more profits? Don't you see how fucked up this is?!"
"____, that's enough. It's for your own good. You don't have to act like this. They'll be here any minute so get yourself together." Your mother's tone is final as she glares at you. You watch her with a humourless smile as tears stream down your face. Trying your best to gather yourself together, you stand up straight and wipe your tears. "Fuck you. Both of you. I'm not marrying anyone. And I've had enough of the two of you. If this is how I'll be treated then I have no wish to see you again or be your daughter. You don't have to send me any fucking allowances or shit so go fuck yourself!" You spit, fury coursing through your veins. You take a second to appreciate the horrified expressions on your parents' faces before you stomp out of the balcony. Behind you, your father hollers, demanding you to stop while your mother throws curses at you but nothing can stop you now. You've reached your very limit.
Without wasting a second your march out of the manor and snatch your keys from the valet, getting inside your car and driving off. It's only until you've reached a safe distance that you stop and let the events sink in as sobs escape from you. You lean your head against the steering wheel and cry, cry all the frustration out, swearing this will be the last time you shed a year over them. Finally when you aren't choking on tears anymore, you're reminded of someone and before you know it, you're dialing his number.
Hoshi picks up on the third ring. "Princess? What's up? Everything alright?"
His voice makes you let out another sob even though you try to stifle it. "Princess? What happened? Are you alright? Talk to me," his panicked voice floats through and even in your pitiful state you manage to smile. Breathing in deeply, you reply, "I'm sorry, yeah...I'm alright. I'm... really good actually. I think I'm finally free." There's silence on the other end of the line for a beat before he speaks, "Is this about your parents?"
"Well, I don't know what happened but I just need to know you're okay. Where are you? Can you drive? Should I come get you?" His concern leaves warmth to bloom in your heart as you smile through your tears. "No, it's okay. I can drive. I just...I really wanted to hear your voice. I... missed you." You whisper. Your hear him sigh, "I missed you too. You know what, text me your address. I'll be at your place."
"What? No, Hoshi it's getting late, you don't have to come." You protest.
"Don't worry about me. Just send me your address. And drive carefully. I'll be waiting for you."
After parking your car in the parking lot of your apartment, you step out, looking for Hoshi. Dressed in a oversized hoodie and jeans he stands by the main entrance of the building, phone in hand, looking around anxiously. Smiling, you quickly walk towards him. As soon as he sees you, he lessens the distance, jogging towards you and pulling you in a hug. "You alright? I was getting worried." He murmurs into your hair.
You snake your hands around his shoulder, "I'm fine. There was traffic." He doesn't budge, holding you against your chest but not squishing you, just a gentle hold. It feels practiced, like you've been doing this for years, like you're an official couple. His presence and his hold on you soothes you in an odd way and in the back of your mind you think you could get used to this. Get used to him. Pulling back you take a look at his face, "You came all the way here, you should come inside. Come on." You tug on the sleeve of his hoodie. "It's alright. I just wanted make sure you're okay. Besides, l live pretty close." He offers you a smile but you don't listen. You drag him with you, pulling him through the lobby and into the elevator which carries you to your floor, ninth. You press in the lock combination and as soon as the door to your apartment opens, you march in, heading straight for the fridge for some much needed wine.
As you pour yourself a drink, Hoshi trudges through your place, looking around with an amazed face. "Wow, your house is nice." He comments making you smile before you take a gulp of the drink, "Thanks. Don't mind me. I really needed a drink. Would you like one?" He shakes his head while starting to take off his hoodie and dropping it on one of your couches. Tracking your movements with an amused smile, he takes a seat opposite to you on the breakfast stool. Resting his hands on the marble counter, he observes you swiging down three glasses. After a while he remarks, "You look beautiful, as always."
You chuckle, somewhat sadly before setting the glass down and sitting on the stool. Combing your fingers through your hair, you try to relieve the tension as you let out a dejected sigh. "You wanna talk about it?" He offers quietly.
"My parents have arranged a marriage for me." You cut to the chase. Hoshi's eyes widen a fraction before murmuring, "Oh." He falls silent as a small frown appears on his brows, indicating that he's thinking hard. You put him out of his misery. "Don't worry, I said no. Well, I did a lot more than that actually," you grin goofily at him.
"Oh," you see the tension leave his body as he smiles. "That's...good, I guess." You giggle, "Oh that's more than good. I'm done with them. I've had enough. I told them to go fuck themselves. Right on their faces! I mean, how dare they! They arrange a fucking marriage for me without giving me a heads up! You know, a '____ we've arranged a marriage for you' would be nice! Like- I go there and then I hear that they've decided to wed me off! Can you believe it? They even invited the guy and his family without telling me shit and they expect me to meet them!" You rant out in frustration, your tipsy brain making you feel light all over. Hoshi listens to you attentively before asking, "Who is...or was the lucky guy?"
"Apparently the CEO of Gucci." You roll your eyes. "He's supposed to be young and handsome and shit."
His eyebrows shoot up. "Damn."
"Yeah," you sigh. "It's a marriage of convenience. My parents want to marry me off to him so that they can become business partners and I can own stocks of Gucci or whatever. How can they be like this? Am I a property? Am I a tool to them? Something they can use to make even more money?" Your bite your lip hard, trying to not spill the tears that burn your eyes. Your hands reach for another drink as you let out a shaky breath. Hoshi watches you with fondness, giving you a soft smile as he reaches for your other hand, "I'm really sorry, princess."
Simply you nod, swallowing the lump in your throat. Him just being with you and supporting you relaxes your stressed self unbelievably and even though you had a tough day, when you see his hand on yours you feel safe, calm. You feel like everything will be fine. In a way it's ironic, considering you've known him for a little while. Your train of thoughts reach a halt as Hoshi whispers, "Don't you think you've had enough to drink? Why don't we get you in bed now?" In your dazed state you throw a smirk at him, "Why, trying to take advantage of me already?"
Hoshi chuckles, standing up, "No, princess. It's late. You've had a tough day. I'll tuck you in bed then go home."
"Mhmm. Who are you, my daddy?" You burst into a fit of giggles. Hoshi stands in front of you patiently, a rather unamused look on his face as he holds his hand out for you to take. His silence makes you pout, nonetheless you get up like a grumpy child and let him guide you to your room, his hands on your shoulders to support you. As you plop down on the bed Hoshi kneels down and carefully peels off your heels from your feet which you forgot to take off earlier. Even though your eyelids fall shut you make an effort to get a look at his concentrated face. "Wow, such a gentleman." You whisper with a grin. Hoshi chuckles softly at your words before pulling the sheets on top of you. He then takes a seat by the bed, reaching to stroke your hair in a tender manner, like it's made of a previous material.
"Will you be comfortable in this dress?" He asks. Even in your drunken state you tease, "Trying to get me naked huh? It's fine." He beams at you, his eyes twinkling. Both of you gape at each other; for how long you have no idea. It feels like a good amount of time and even though you sense yourself slowly being overtaken by sleep your heart only becomes more alive each second, pounding loudly under Hoshi's gaze. His hands continue to stroke your hair as he silently watches you and while you don't have the energy to move a muscle, you're still amazed by how breathtaking he looks. If you weren't so tired you would have pulled him closer and kissed him. And for a second you feel like he has heard your thoughts as be leans down, his lips coming closer to your face until, he presses them against your forehead. He gives you a tender kiss and anyhow a smile appears on your lips despite feeling boneless. Your eyes have fallen shut but you hear him whisper, "Good night, princess."
You desperately want to bid him goodnight too but you can't as sleep overtakes you.
You're jolt awake, possibly from a nightmare or dream which you cannot recall and instantly you feel a light headache. Blinking multiple times, you try to adjust your vision with the blinding sunlight seeping through your window. The clock by your bed reads 10 am. Groaning you flip back onto the bed. You feel groggy and tired all over, almost making you want to fall back asleep. Sighing you reach for your phone and as soon as you open it, 3 missed calls from your mother greets you which you blatantly ignore. Instead something pleasant catches your eye; a message from Hoshi.
Princess, let me know when you wake up. Do you feel okay?
Smiling, you type out a reply.
Just woke up. I've a little headache but some painkillers should do the job.
Okay. Drink lots of water princess.
I will. Also, thanks for last night.
It was my pleasure.
Later that evening when you are sorting through your emails and catching up on the pending work, your phone rings and as you reach for it, you realise it's Hoshi. Smiling you pick up. "Hey."
"Hello princess, how are feeling?"
"Pretty good. Thanks for taking care of me last night, again." A smile sets on your face, unknowingly as you lean back into your chair and stretch your legs. You hear Hoshi chuckle, "It really was my pleasure, princess. I called you to ask if you...are you free right now?"
"Uhm... yeah," you murmur, confused. "Great, I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes. I want to take you somewhere." He speaks and you can imagine him smiling playfully. "And where would that somewhere be?" You tease. "Me and my friends often hangout at this place. We dance, chat, have a few drinks. It's a nice environment, I have a feeling you'll like it." His reply comes through.
What? So he's going to introduce you to your friends? What are they like? Will they like having you around?
Before you can form a reply, Hoshi says, "See you soon, princess." And then he hangs up, leaving you somewhat dumbfounded as you process his words. Soon you are rushing to get changed and fetching your necessities into your purse. Feeling somewhat bold you put on a tight mini skirt and a matching top with boots and just as you are stepping out of the elevator a message comes from Hoshi telling you that he's here. A sports BMW stands just by the main entrance of your building and you see him coming out the car, dressed in a leather jacket and pants so tight you can see the outline of his thighs perfectly... among other things.
You notice as Hoshi comes tostand in front of you, gawking unashamedly at your legs before his eyes stop on your face. You grin at him cheekily. "Fuck, you look amazing, princess." His voice comes out throaty. You wave your hand towards him, "Same for you, Hoshi. Nice ride you have by the way," you grin. He smirks, resting a hand on top of his sports car, his fingers tapping on the roof, "Thank you, princess. Worked really hard to buy her." Smiling fondly at him you motion towards the car, "Shall we?
About twenty minutes later, the car stops in front of a rather plain, two storeyed house and Hoshi chuckles at your confused face. "Trust me, princess," he whispers, while parking his car and then holding your door open. Casually, he slips his hand in yours and you don't object, secretly feeling giddy as you let him lead you inside the building. You both climb the stairs and get to the rooftop, which feels like a complete different place.
The open space is decorated with cozy sitting arrangements and soft yellow lights, one side containing a small bar as people spread out all over chat happily while music plays in the background. With a playful smile Hoshi tugs your hand, walking amongst the small crowd and letting his presence be known. People swarm in around you; mostly Hoshi's close friends as they all shower you with compliments while teasing the man next to you. You're introduced to Woozi, the owner of this building who also owns a karaoke nearby, Seokmin and Seungkwan, two cheerful souls who have taken the role of the DJ tonight and Wonwoo a tall drink of water with glasses, who is in charge of making the drinks. As he pours you a drink, he teases, "Wow, I can't believe you are interested in Hoshi. I mean I thought he was gonna be alone-" "Alright, thanks Wonwoo," your partner interrupts taking your glass and marching away, making you and his friend laugh. Wonwoo throws a playful wink at you before you follow Hoshi towards a plush couch.
"Your friends are fun," you muse, sitting next to him. "And handsome too." He raises an amused brow, "Oh really?" You smile mischievously, "Yes, very." He feigns offence by clutching his chest dramatically before bursting into laughter. You grab a glass of drink and raise it towards him, "I'm gonna drink for the both of us!" Hoshi grins, "Drink all you want, princess. Your chauffeur will get you home safely." He assures with a smirk.
As the night progresses you two keep chatting over drinks occasionally interrupted by his friends; and when you have had quite a lot to drink and you feel fuzzy all over and bolder, you grab Hoshi's hand and pull him towards, motioning him to dance with you, like the others did as Seokmin and Seungkwan played some disco music. Amused, Hoshi follows you, letting your hands rest on each of his shoulders as his grips your waist, while you throw flirty smiles at him and swing your hips provocatively. His face rests dangerously close to yours, so close that you can feel his breath, so close that you can just lean up and kiss him. Which you really want to.
Dazed, you stare at his lips, one hand reaching to trace the soft pink flesh. He doesn't interrupt you but watches you with a heated gaze, so dark and filled with carnal lust. And then his lips inch closer to yours which makes you think for a second that you're hallucinating, the alcohol playing with your brain. But you're not, he keeps leaning closer and you inch forward too, closing your eyes and waiting for his lips to finally, finally touch yours but they never do.
Instead, you feel him whisper against your ear, "I've a secret to tell you."
Ugh. You want to scream in frustration. He can be such a tease. Trying to get your wits together, you sigh and step back a little, hands still around his shoulders and say, "Okay..." He looks at you with a dirty smile, like he's possessing a dirty secret and the suspense kills you almost, your mind running rampant.
What is his secret?
"My name isn't Hoshi," he whispers in your ear before chuckling evilly.
Confused, you gawk at him. "What?" He laughs some more, "Well, my real name isn't Hoshi, it's Soonyoung. Apparently it was too big so my friends gave me a new one, Hoshi, which means gaze of a tiger." You can't refrain from rolling your eyes, "That's your secret?" Hoshi nods grinning a successful smile. "Well, I like Hoshi better. Do you mind if I call you that?" You ask. "Not at all, princess." He replies. You smile, "Good, because I'm going to kiss you now, Hoshi."
Without giving him a chance to reply, you pull him towards you, pressing your lips against his. He's startled for a second before he too, pulls you closer if that is even possible. You're pressed up against him, clutching him tightly as you tongues dance against each other. You can faintly hear the cheers of his friends but they feel like a background noise. You're in a high from kissing Hoshi and it feels like you just can't get enough. Your whole body thrums with pleasure as you feel lightheaded and you just want him to take you home and fuck you till you forget your name.
Ostensibly, the universe seems to have different plans as you loose your footing for a second, almost stumbling on the ground but Hoshi catches you, his arms holding you in a strong grip as you sag against him, white flashing through your vision. "Okay, that's enough. You've had a lot to drink, princess. Now let's get you home." He says helping you regain your balance and despite your protests he bids farewell to his friends whilst carrying you towards his car and tucks you on the seat like a petulant child all the while you keep complaining. Unfazed, Hoshi drives home, occasionally smiling at you and your stubbornness. He's like a man on a mission, as he carries your drowsy body into your apartment bridal style and then helps you rid of your clothes, leaving you in your tank top and panties. He then, just like the other night, tucks you in, except this time he takes a seat by your head and while stroking your hair, gently lulls you to sleep. Even in your drunken state, you grab onto his shirt, babbling him to stay with you as you drift off to dreamland.
Like the previous morning, you wake up with a headache but this time it's ten times stronger. Your first thought is to never drink like that again before you squint your eyes, looking around, trying to find the source of a sound you keep hearing, which seems like clatters of pots and pans. Confused, you crawl out of your bed and waddle towards your kitchen with your bedridden hair.
It's safe to say you are surprised as you find Hoshi in your kitchen, wearing a tank top, mixing something in a bowl and you can't help the squeak of surprise that leaves you. He whips around and grins when his eyes land on you making you feel self conscious as you try to smoothen your messy hair.
"Good morning, princess!" He chirps. "Morning," you say, voice hoarse. "You...stayed." A shy smile appears on his face, "I hope you don't mind. I fell asleep with you. When I woke up it was already morning so I thought I'd stay and make you some breakfast, which by the way, I'm not very good at." Smiling you reply, "I don't mind. I'm really happy actually. And excited to eat your not very good breakfast."
"Freshen up and drink some water. Breakfast will be ready soon," Hoshi grins, turning the stove on as you nod at him before heading back towards your room to freshen up.
A while later you sit on the breakfast stool, finishing two glasses of water as Hoshi serves you his not so very good breakfast which you happily dig into. He comes to sit beside you and watches you, his eyes forming happy crescents.
You're in the middle of swallowing a mouthful when your doorbell rings and with a perplexed frown you leave your seat, telling Hoshi you will get it. Opening the door, you come face to face with the person you least expected, your dear mother. You let out a surprised sound of exclamation as you watch her with wide eyes, "Mother! Uh-" She doesn't let you speak, instead pushing you away and coming inside wordlessly, like she owns the place.
Oh shit.
Chewing on your lower lip you close the door and pad into the living area, waiting for all hell to break loose. In a state of distress, your mother stands like a statue, gawking at Hoshi who looks back and forth at you and her as if connecting the dots. " this!" Your mother exhales a deep breath as if getting that one sentence out was extremely painful as she glares at you, demanding an explanation. Before you can reply, Hoshi bows, "Hello ma'am. I'm Hoshi, ___'s friend." You almost laugh at his attempt to save the situation by introducing himself as your friend.
"I didn't ask you, boy!"
Your mother's reply ignites fury throughout your body as you clench your fists, trying to act civilized before announcing loudly, "He's my boyfriend, mother." Her face looks like she has swallowed a sock as Hoshi raises an amused brow at you, a slight smirk kissing his lips. Recovering herself your mother scoffs loudly, "So this is why you turned down the marriage proposal, huh? You lied to me!" You roll your eyes, "Trust me mother, this has nothing to do with that. I would not have married that guy anyway."
She laughs a humourless laugh before crossing her arms, "I can't believe you, ___. I come here thinking that I would give you another chance but here you are, fucking some stupid guy and letting him stay over." Her words make you see red as you grit your teeth, "Mother, watch your words. And I don't need your chance. I made myself clear that day, I don't want anything to do with the two of you."
"Of course you don't!" She exclaims. "You've found yourself a nice little toy. What do you do by the way- wait, no, don't answer that. I'd rather not hear it." She asks Hoshi before stopping the question midway. Angry tears slip down your face as you try not to throttle her, "If you are going to be like that then please get out. For the last time, I have nothing to do with you for the love of God."
Your mother frowns, as if coming to a realization, "You know what, you're right. I don't want a bratty, selfish daughter like you. I'd rather not have one. You're a real disappointment, ___." She says turning around and heading towards the door. Tears leak from your eyes as you scream at her back, unable to prevent yourself anymore, "You should be ashamed of yourself! It will always be my greatest pain to be born as your daughter! Did you ever care about me?!" Your words fall to a deaf back as she stands still for a second before putting on her shoes and marching out like nothing happened. You sink onto the floor, messy sobs escaping you as you use your hands to cover your face and weep. You feel Hoshi's presence behind you and silently, he engulfs in you in his arms. Your sobs fill the air as you wrap your arms around him and cry into his chest, unable to hold back the pain anymore. Hoshi says nothing, just holds you tightly and strokes your hair.
You choke out, "I'm really sorry for the things she said." Hoshi soothes you, "Hush princess, it doesn't matter at all. Just breathe okay? Let it all out, it's gonna be okay. I'm here for you." He presses his lips into your forehead while repeatedly running his fingers through your hair. All your pain and frustration comes out through tears as you cling onto him and sob. After a while, when tears aren't leaking profusely from your eyes Hoshi carries you to your couch and gently sets you down before fetching a glass of water for you. Gladly you accept it and down the contents as he sits next to you and wipes the last of your tears away. His gentleness and attention makes you want to cry more but you hold back, biting your lip.
"Why are you so nice to me?" You whisper, looking down at your lap. Frowning, Hoshi grabs you by the shoulders and makes you face him, "What do you mean princess? Why won't I be nice to you? You deserve nothing but the best." You chuckle mirthlessly, "Well, my parents definitely don't think that."
"Does it really matter what they think?" He questions before a silence falls among the two of you. You're lost in your head, mind full of negative thoughts as you question your self worth and second guess everything in your life. Hoshi doesn't let you entertain that thought for long as he speaks, "I... I like you, a lot, ____." His voice is somewhat small as if he's shy. Your head spins to look at his face as his words make you forget to breathe for a second.
Did you hear that correct?
He continues, "I know we haven't known each other for a very long time but God damn, do I like you. I was attracted to you moment I saw you. I know this may not be the right time but I need you to know how beautiful, how amazing you are, how happy you make me. I'd even go as far to say I love you because...I do. I really do, ___. You're so precious." His words bring tears to your eyes all over again but this time they are happy tears. "H-Hoshi-" you choke. He gently presses a finger to your lips, "Shush. You don't have to say anything. I'm not forcing you. I just need you to believe in yourself and let me be there for you."
Silently you gape at him, trying hard to keep the overwhelming emotions at bay. His sincere voice and solemn look at you tugs your heartstrings and makes you realize something too. You just might feel the same. You want to speak but Hoshi beats you to it once more, "I know I'm not the CEO of Gucci or whatever and I may not be able to shower you in wealth like them but...I'll try. I'll try my best to take care of you, give you everything you-" You've had enough so you simply press your lips against his. He's tense for a second as your lips remain connected before putting a hand on your jaw and angling your head better. He kisses you, soft, passionate and emotional. He takes his time as his tongue entangles with yours in slow, gentle motions.
When you pull back, you watch him breathlessly for a while before whispering, "I think I love you too, Hoshi. I really want this with you. I want everything with you, no matter how hard it may be. I think...I think you're the one for me." Hearing your words Hoshi lets out a loud, relived breath as a soft smile appears on his face while his hand squeezes yours. "Are you sure princess?" He whispers leaning closer to your face. Strongly you nod, "Yes Hoshi, I am." He smiles, a triumphant smile as he leans in to capture your lips once more. But soon you pull back with a pout, "Now will you fuck me, please? I can't wait anymore." The man in front of you lets out a gaudy laugh, throwing his head back.
"Such a crude mouth my princess has. Don't worry I'll fuck it out of you, " he promises, the timbre of his voice going low as his eyes turn sharper, darker and you can't help but actually realize how much he looks like a tiger right now. With the strength of one, he picks you up abruptly, making you squeal as he carries you towards your bedroom.
For probably the first time in your life you feel safe and truly happy. So happy that you can feel the happiness in each of your bones. The road ahead won't be easy but you know you will get through it, together. Because he's the one for you.
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饾棪饾棙饾棭饾棙饾棥饾棫饾棙饾棙饾棥 饾棧饾棙饾棩饾棛饾棦饾棩饾棤饾棓饾棥饾棖饾棙 饾棬饾棥饾棞饾棫 + 饾棖饾棦饾棖饾棡饾棯饾棓饾棩饾棤饾棞饾棥饾棜
jun ; jun is the sweetest boy in the whole world. cockwarming with him hardly ever leads to anything more 鈥 being inside you really is his favorite way to cuddle. he loves how soft and warm and wet you always are for him, how you鈥檙e always so content to just sit with him, how soft and cuddly you get. he鈥檒l have you laying on his chest, his cock nice and warm inside your lil cunny while he watches a drama or something on his phone. and he鈥檒l start asking you questions about how you鈥檙e feeling just to hear you gush over how much you love him and good he feels inside you and how warm he makes you feel.聽鈥測eah, baby? i love you too, always so good and sweet for me.鈥 he coos, running the fingers of his free hand against your back, barely touching the skin.
soonyoung ; soonyoung is such a tease. of course, he鈥檒l let his lil baby sit in his lap, keeping his cock nice and warm inside them while he works or plays his games. but he鈥檚 still absolutely gonna shift and move around under you, shallowly rutting his hips up into you every time he feels your body start to relax. he thinks you鈥檙e so cute when you start whining for him. and he鈥檒l just start shushing you,聽鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, honey, i鈥檓 right here. you鈥檙e okay like this, aren鈥檛 you, baby?鈥 and eventually he鈥檒l start rubbing little circles on your lil clit, giggling at the way you鈥檙e lil body jerks and trembles in his hold, soft pleas of his name leaving your lips, whatever he was doing before completely forgotten.
minghao ; minghao loves the way you cling onto him. he has you sitting pretty in his lap, the waistband of his jeans pulled down just far enough for you to sink down on him. he loves the way you can鈥檛 seem to get enough of him, resting your head on his shoulder while he works; he loves how you always have to be close to him.聽鈥渟it still, love.鈥 he mutters, letting one hand pat and rub your back in alternate patterns.聽鈥測ou can sit right here with me while i work, baby.鈥 and he loves the way you get so sleepy and mumble incoherently about how much you love him and how warm he is <33
chan ; channie loves to sink himself into the piece of heaven between your thighs. at first he wasn鈥檛 completely sure what the appeal was. what do you mean he could be in you, but couldn鈥檛 move? but when he actually does it? he鈥檚 so whipped. he loves the closeness, and he loves how subby you get; how all you want to do is be close to him and hide your face in his chest while you sit on his lap.聽鈥渕y lil baby.鈥 he coos, patting your back and weaving his fingers through your hair.聽鈥渟o sweet for me. just for me, isn鈥檛 that right?鈥 he asks, his thumb pressing little circles into your clit. all you can do is whimper and nod.聽鈥渏us鈥 for you, channie. only for you.鈥澛 and he just grins, pressing his lips to your temple.聽鈥渋 know, baby. so good for me. cum whenever you want, honey.鈥
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