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iam-chief-beifong · 5 hours ago
Kya: You're pretty cute when your actually being nice!!
Lin: What am I when I'm not nice?
Kya: Hot as F*CK
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lu-writes · 6 hours ago
Angstpril, day 19 - "don't leave me"
Ahhgg, c'mon Kya, You're not helping" young Lin said while dragging her too wasted childhood friend to her house. Only thing she knew was Kya had a bad day, Kya downed couple bottles and here we are. She tried to not hurt her drunk friend while trying to make her walk but failing because of her weight. She huffed,
"You're so lucky Chief and Suyin are in a mission." she said, started to remove her clothes.
"I am lucky" Kya said, while Lin removed her clothes she played with her soft curly hair. Lin got where she was a second ago and picked some pj's for Kya.
"No drink can make you this wasted, what happened?" she said and closed the closet. She bended knee and started to dress her. Instead of answering Kya runned her single hand to Lin's hair again. Lin sighed again,
"What are you-"
For a moment her green eyes met Kya's blue swollen eyes. Her eyes filled with tears again, she tried to hide her face but Lin raised her chin slowly and looked her in the eyes again, Kya cried more. Lin started get worried.
"What happened? You making me anxious." she said.
For a moment Kya wanted to ask her to stay with her. She wanted to ask her to stay with her forever. But no, she can't. Lin belongs to someone else, she will never be hers. All her life she wanted to be someone else but she couldn't. All her life she searched something but couldn't find what she can own. There was just one thing she wished and now It's slipping from her hands slowly. They'll get marry, they'll have children. And she, she just gonna watch her, living her life without any regrets. Kya hugged herself to her chest. Why are you doing this to me, Lin? I just want you. Nothing, she'll ask for nothing.
"No" she said.
"What?" Lin asked, worry started to fill her insides.
"I wanna sleep" she said. She let her tired body fall on the bed. Too tired to speak more.
"Okay..." Lin said, closed the door slowly and left Kya there.
Kya couldn't understand how many hours passed. Her head was spinning and her whole body ached in pain. She couldn't speak or do anything. She just cried herself silently.
"Don't leave me here" escaped in her mouth, while she chased for some peace in her miserable life, and this night.
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iam-chief-beifong · 14 hours ago
Kya: I really think you should drink less coffee.
Lin: Coffee cures depression.
Kya: NO, lin it doesn-..
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lu-writes · a day ago
Kyalin headcanons but fluff (cuz we all deserve some serotonin :3)
Kya loves Lin's cooking. Despite working too hard she still knows how to cook.
Kya is a poetic lover. She writes little notes for her everytime she wakes up and before leaves home.
"I can't live If I'm not seeing your jade eyes looking at me, I love you Lin"
"You're the reason my heart, my soul is still alive"
Lin likes talking with Kya when she's asleep. She tells everything she can't when Kya is conscious. Kya knows about this so she asks what she told her. Sometimes she gets answers, sometimes not.
They like practicing togather. Even their own style mixes up and turns into their style. Some people notices this and comments like "This reminds me of Kya/Lin"
Lin lays on Kya's lap when she has headaches. Kya's hand, her smell makes her calm.
Lin kisses Kya when she has nightmares. Kya presses her to her chest when Lin is the one who has nightmares.
One time Kya (she was little drunk and drunk Kya means, idgf Kya) confronted Toph about Lin. They didn't fight fist to fist but Kya burned Toph alive so bad.
Kya likes teasing Tenzin about Lin. Like "Look I'm dating with your ex. *kisses corner of her mouth* (Lin secretly enjoys Kya's joy and Tenzin's frustration)
After they told Suyin about their relationship Suyin was like *laughing in victory* "Mom owes me 10! Ha!"
They started to inherit each others habits. Lin, tugging her hair behind her ear when she's nervous. Kya, putting one hand on her waist when she's about to pout or just angry.
Lin made a bethoral necklace out of metal. The fabric was night blue and the symbol was a mix up, a flying boar and waves behind it carved on a metal piece.
Lin loves reading something when she's not busy so Kya finds interesting books from other places.
Kya likes dressing up Lin. Lin doesn't really like that though...
"Aww Lin you look so beautiful"
"I literally can't breath"
Lin gets cold so easily so Kya knittes lots of socks, beanies, etc. (They have a little "kya's property" written on behind)
Lin knows Kya bottles up much more emotion then she does. (Because Lin finds a way to release it-doesn't matter healthy or unhealthy - but Kya just can't) So she prepares her favorite tea and sits with her. Asks about how she is really.
Airkids, Mako, Bolin, Asami and Korra are their adoptive kids. Really. Tenzin threw a tantrum at them? Their home full with four airbender nightmares for a whole week. Mako had a fight with Bolin? They made up :) cuz Kya and Lin invited them over to talk. Asami and Korra having a bisexual crisis? "Pftt Lin is a expert girls, stay for dinner. She'll be here in a 15 minutes."
Opal opened up about her sexuality to her aunts.
*crying* "I don't know Aunt Lin. I'm just feeling lost. I don't want to like girls. But I do" Lin assured her that everything she's feeling is totally normal and she let her stay the night. They played card games all night.
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iam-chief-beifong · a day ago
Kya: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Lin: What doesn't kill me should run, because now I'm fucking pissed.
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iam-chief-beifong · a day ago
Lin: Okay, so how does this whole 'agenda' work?
Kya: I have a lot of those, you'll have to specify.
Lin: The gay agenda. To take over the world?
Kya: Okay, first of all keep your voice down, this is top secret.
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mmm-cheif-beifong · a day ago
angstpril day seventeen: out of time
CW: why does lin always sacrifice herself (no death or anything tho dw)
fic under the cut
“Whatever happens to me, don’t turn back!” Lin said to the family, getting ready to launch herself at the airships behind them.
Before she could, Kya grabbed her wrist.
“Lin, stop!” She shouted, pulling herself up from her seated position.
“I’m going to do this Kya, I have to,” Lin growled, trying to pull away.
“I know,” Kya responded, moving so her arm wrapped around Lin’s waist.
“I’m coming with you,” Lin looked at her in shock, opening her mouth to protest, before closing it again and simply nodding.
“What are you two doing?” Tenzin looked behind him right as Lin swung them over to the airships, both women landing hard and rolling.
Lin grunted at the impact, letting go of Kya and standing quickly. She glanced back at Kya, who was getting up herself, before taking up her earth bending stance.
“I’ll cover you,” Kya yelled from behind her.
She nodded and began to lift a large part of the ship’s outer shell, ripping it back to expose the ship’s inner workings. There were two small explosions and the ship began to lose altitude, curving away from where the airbenders were.
Lin turned and met Kya’s eye, running around the hole in the ship and meeting her in the middle. She looped her arm around Kya’s waist and ran them towards the other shift, bending a piece of metal up as they jumped to give them a boost. They flew through the air, Kya pulling away from Lin just before they got to the other ship to give them both an easier time landing.
Unlike on the other ship, several chi-blockers immediately emerged from within, charging towards the two women. Kya pulled the water from her waterskin and deflected their attacks, occasionally sending attacks of her own back. Lin got to work peeling back the metal of the ship, but before she got anywhere really she heard a scream from where Kya was fighting the chi-blockers. She turned to see Kya lying on the metal shell of the ship unconscious, wrapped in the chi-blockers’ electric cables.
She desperately wanted to run to Kya, and to get those awful men away from her. But she wouldn’t let Kya’s sacrifice be in vain, so she focused her energy on the metal below her again. Only seconds later, though, the chi-blockers turned their attention to her.
She tried to bend the electric cables away from her, but there were too many. One wrapped around her ankles, causing her to fall face down on the ship, followed by one tying her hands behind her back. A chi-blocker stepped closer, squatting down to smile wickedly at her.
“Nighty-night,” He said before switching on the cables.
She let out a loud scream at the electricity coursing through her body before falling unconscious herself.
Lin woke up to a loud clattering outside her small platinum cell. Her hands were in platinum cuffs behind her back, her freezing body crumpled awkwardly on the floor.
“Would you stop dropping the keys, man?” She heard someone say from outside the cell.
She shuffled herself so she was on her knees, ready to fight her way out as soon as the door opened. She hadn’t expected the guards to predict her response, electrocuting the entire cell and her along with it before opening the door. This time it wasn't enough to knock her out, but she lost her strength for a long minute as they dragged her messily out of the cell.
“This one’s a fighter,” One of the guards said, laughing and looking down at her.
She growled and spat at his feet, trying to rip away from him before he shocked her again. The other guard joined his laughter and they each grabbed one of her arms, yanking her roughly to the loading ramp of the airship they were still on. They let go of her at the top of the ramp, causing her to fall face first and roll painfully down the uneven surface. She grunted as she landed on the cold stone ground, a new group of chi-blockers surrounding her immediately.
“Where’s Kya?” She snarled as they pulled her towards the centre of the courtyard, keeping her on her knees when they’d reached their destination.
Amon approached on her left, lifting her head with two fingers. He let out a low chuckle at her fierce glare, pulling his hand away. She watched his hand draw back before moving quickly back towards her face, managing to close her eyes just seconds before it made contact.
“Your Kya,” He paused to make sure her eyes were open again.
“Is right,” He put his hand on the top of her head and forcefully turned it to the left.
“There,” Lin felt her heart stutter at the sight of Kya chained up the same way she was, sitting on her knees with her head down.
“Kya,” Lin rasped, leaning towards her.
“Kya, are you alright?” Kya lifted her head to look at Lin, a sad smile on her face.
“I’m fine,” Kya nodded, glancing at Amon before looking back at the ground in front of her.
Amon hummed loudly as Lin looked back at him, an angry scowl on her face.
“Let her go,” She spat.
“Lin, no,” Kya snapped her attention back to Lin.
“I’ll be fine without my bending, you need yours, you need to get out of here,” Kya all but begged.
“I’m not letting him touch you,” Lin hissed at Kya before glaring back at Amon.
“Let. Her. Go,” She repeated, to which he laughed.
“Tell me where the Avatar is and you’ll both be free to go,” His expressionless mask stared coldly down at her.
“I won't tell you anything, you monster,” She shouted.
“Very well then,” He walked over to Kya, making sure Lin was watching before placing one hand on the waterbender’s neck and the other with his thumb on her forehead.
Kya gasped loudly and let out a small cry before falling to the ground unconscious.
“No!” Lin screamed, lurching towards her wife before getting pulled back by a chi-blocker.
“Tell me where the Avatar is, and I'll let you keep your bending,” Amon repeated his request, walking slowly back towards her.
She stared at Kya for a moment, tears filling her eyes, before shaking her head resolutely.
“I’ll never tell you what you want to know, you’re just a devilish freak anyway,” She narrowed her eyes at him as he got close to her, gruffly squeezing her face in one hand.
“Fine,” He said after a long moment of tense silence, tossing her face out of his grip and walking around to stand behind her.
She closed her eyes as he grabbed her head, pulling it back. They shot open again when he suddenly brought his thumb down on her forehead, the blood in her body seeming to stop in its tracks for a split second. The armour covering her body became abruptly very cold and heavy, the earth against her cheek when she fell forwards unfamiliar and stiff. She passed out only an instant after hitting the stone floor.
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lu-writes · 2 days ago
Current mood.
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iam-chief-beifong · 2 days ago
Lin: This is too hot, I can't eat this.
Kya: Your hot too, but that doesn't stop me from eating you.
Mako an Bolin: *Chokes*
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iam-chief-beifong · 2 days ago
Korra, to asami: these two bicker like an old married couple.
Lin: We are an old married couple.
Kya: Who are you calling old.
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iam-chief-beifong · 3 days ago
Lin: I didn't think you could keep it a secret.
Kya: What! I am an excellent secret keeper, I have kept all of our secrets.
Bumi: really like what?
Kya: I'm not gonna tell you, because I'm an excellent secret keeper.
Bumi, wispering: will you tell me later?
Kya: You already know.
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iam-chief-beifong · 3 days ago
Lin: What are you, 5
Bumi: Yea, 5 heads taller than you!
Bumi: I'm sorry PlEaSe DoN't KiLl Me
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mmm-cheif-beifong · 3 days ago
angstpril day fifteen: “They’re dead.”
CW: death, hysteria, grief, swearing
fic under the cut
“Chief, there’s been an attempt on the president,” A young officer burst into her office, clutching the phone to his chest.
Lin shoved away from her desk, grabbing her radio and walking swiftly towards him.
“Coordinates?” She growled, brushing past him.
“Uh- uh, West 53rd and Roku Avenue, Ma’am,” He stuttered, watching her cross the room.
“I’m on my way,” She glanced behind him and nodded, throwing the door open and making her way down to the parking lot.
She got in her satomobile and slammed the door behind her, turning the key in the ignition and turning on her siren. She raced out of the parking lot, breezing through traffic and getting to the scene quickly. She spotted Mako and several officers fighting alongside Bolin and President Moon’s other bodyguards. They were holding off the attackers rather well, and she saw President Moon standing back from the action. She jumped from her sato and ran to join Mako and the others, covering their blind spots and falling into a good rhythm with them.
All was going well until she heard a pained yell from behind her.
She looked over her shoulder just in time to watch the last of Mako’s lightning coursing through the water connecting his body to his brother’s. They both shouted in pain, collapsing to the ground. Lin cried out and tried to run to them, but was quickly attacked by the waterbender that had just taken the brothers out.
She heard a commotion behind her and glanced back to see a man grabbing Zhu Li and shoving her in the back of a van.
“Shit, fuck, shit,” Lin muttered.
She turned back to the waterbender, only to see her driving away on her moped. She saw Saikhan pull up in his sato and motioned for him to put down his window.
“Take my officers and go after the president, and call me a healer,” She shouted at him.
He nodded and pulled away, immediately radioing for a healer as she’d requested. As soon as he pulled away, she ran to where Mako and Bolin lay unconscious.
“No, no,” She said, falling to her knees at Mako’s side.
She grabbed his shoulders and shook him, begging him to wake up.
“Come on, kid, come on,” She ignored the tears running down her cheeks and shuffled on her knees over to Bolin.
“You’re okay, come on,” Her voice wavered as she shook Bolin the same way she’d just shaken Mako.
When neither of them responded, she went into a full state of panic. She was no healer, but she’s gone through the mandatory training for lifesaving that came with being on the force. She leaned over Mako’s head first, watching his chest for movement and trying to feel his breath on her ear.
There was nothing.
She switched over, leaning over Bolin and waiting for a few seconds before sitting back up. She looked around at the nearly empty street. It was apparent that there had been a fight here, but nobody was left behind. Nobody, that is, except for Lin and two young men who were slowly getting cold.
She heard an ambulance’s siren getting closer and decided to do the only thing she could. Leaning over Mako’s chest and locking her arms straight, she began pushing down repeatedly. She would get him to breath again. She would, because she had to.
She kept desperately trying to bring him back, to get air into his lungs again, until the ambulance arrived. She was panting and covered in sweat when it did, practically collapsing into Kya’s arms when she sat down beside her.
“You need… to heal… please…” Lin begged between heavy breaths, looking desperately up at Kya.
“Lin…” Kya looked at the two boys lying next to them.
“No,” Lin shook her head and pulled away from her wife, turning to Bolin this time.
“No,” She repeated, a sob escaping her throat as she tried to do CPR on the young earthbender.
Her arms gave out two pumps in and she slumped over his limp form. She felt Kya’s arms wrap around her as she sobbed, gently pulling her away from Bolin. She tried to pull away from her again, but Kya kept a firm grip on her.
“Put me down!” She yelled, thrashing against Kya, kicking and lashing out in an attempt to be released.
“Lin,” Kya said in a low voice, tightening her grip and barely moving her head fast enough to avoid a direct hit.
“Lin, stop,” She warned, louder this time.
“Put me down!” Lin yelled again, her voice breaking on the last word.
“They’re dead, Lin, they’re dead,” Kya shouted, her own eyes filling with tears.
Those two words seemed to break Lin. She gasped and let out a loud sob, going completely limp in Kya’s arms. Kya lowered herself slowly, pulling Lin into her lap once she was sitting on the ground. Lin was crying harder than she’d ever seen her cry, shaking her head and whispering “No, no,” over and over again. Kya cried too, both because of the pain caused by seeing Lin so distraught, and because Mako and Bolin, although closer to Lin, had been like sons to her, too.
There was nothing they could do in that moment but hold each other and cry, grief overwhelming their senses. At some point Tenzin came and picked them up, taking them back to the island. Neither of them noticed, nor cared. All that filled their minds was the image of the two boys lying lifeless on the street.
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iam-chief-beifong · 4 days ago
Lin: Whomever caused this mess is going to-..
Kya: Me, it was me.
Lin: ...-be forgiven. Because everyone deserves a second chance.
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nerdycanible1 · 4 days ago
Kya's Confusing
A small one shot. It be one sided love, have hurt and of course broken hearts. But of course a sexy Lin Beifong and a sexc Kya Water Tribe.
I hope you enjoy OwO
Lin suddenly leant in and kissed Kya, her hands clasped around her shirt tightly. Kya had frozen under her touch and Lin had her eyes squeezed shut.
The feeling of finally being able to tell Kya she liked her and the way her heart raced when she kissed her all felt perfect. She could feel Kya grab her shoulders and Lin's heart raced wondering if Kya was going to deepen it.
Slowly Kya pulled away from the kiss pushing Lin away slowly. Lin opened her eyes, her eyes dark and her face flushed. It took her years to finally tell her and what more perfect way to tell her then under the cherry blossoms on the island.
Kya looked at her and several emotions flashed over her face. Surprise, shock confusion, hurt, pain and even a small bit of... disgust. Lin swallowed roughly as she saw Kya slowly peel her hands away as she pressed a hand to her own lips.
"Kya?" Lin asked with a tremble in her voice. Her heart was pounding and she began to feel anxious. She would have thought Kya would have kissed her back or even smile but now she saw millions of things fly through Kya's mind. "Kya." She said more firmly.
Kya flicked her eyes to Lin finally seeing her again and she watched Kya rub the back of her neck. "Lin." She grimaced as she felt her eye brows furrow together. "I'm sorry but... I-I don't feel the same way."
Lin could feel her eyes water and she clenched her jaw lightly. Her gut twisted and fell to the ground, her heart constricted and her breathing began to grow heavier. "W-What?" Lin said with a choked voice.
"Lin, I've met someone on the road. I-I'm sorry but I can't." Kya watched as Lin's lower lip wobbled. She reached out to touch her but Lin stepped back and wiped her tears away hastily. "Lin-" Kya began.
Lin shook her head and held her hand up. Embarrassment, rage, anger, hurt flashed over her face. All emotions Kya has never seen before.
"It's fine." Lin said clenching her fists. "Really." Kya watched her best friend break and she reached out again and Lin smacked her hand away. "Please just go." Lin said as her voice cracked.
Kya swallowed roughly not knowing what to do. Torn between comforting her friend or running away from this awkward encounter. Just how did she not notice Lin's crush on her? With one last look at the woman Kya turned and left.
Lin's mind began to race as well as her heart. Just where did she go wrong? She thought that Kya had liked her. All the hand holding, the late night talks, the drinks and the secrets, even the soft look in her eyes as they stared at each other? Just everything. Lin felt her tears continue to come and she growled as she hated it.
A sob slipped slipped through her lips as she didn't expect this to happen. She thought-- just why couldn't-- why didn't she see this coming?! Lin sat on the ground and stared off towards the ocean and at the setting sun. Her heart was ripped out and destroyed.
All she can see in her mind was Kya's face of disgusted face and how her words echoed through her mind. The way she looked at Lin with pity. Lin hugged her legs and sniffled as her fingers were pulling at the grass.
After hours and hours of thinking and replaying everything in her mind she began to notice that they were friend things to do. She never saw the way Kya would pull her hand away after a couple seconds, or the way she would stare at the ocean with dreamy eyes.
Lin shouldn't have ever tried. The sun was down and the moon up, the moon only half filled so everything was relatively dark. She sighed heavily as she wiped her tears away and shook her head. She shouldn't have never listened to Saikhan.
After awhile she could hear the crunching of footsteps coming and the vibrations of their footsteps through her fingers. "Hey." Bumi said carrying a tray filled with food and tea, even a small candle.
Lin didn't look up as she turned her head and faced away from him. She didn't want to see the pity in his face. "H--Hey." Her voice cracked. She coughed lightly to try and clear it out.
Bumi sat down next to her and smiled softly. "Beautiful moon ain't it? Kinda looks like half a pizza if you ask me." The sounds of him pouring tea made Lin slowly look at him.
He was in his uniform, probably meaning he'd leave in a few hours. His jaw line to kill for, the straight teeth he had not to mention his handsome face was sure a lady killer.
His smile friendly and inviting and his hair brushed back but wild in the back. He was rather a goofy and a comforting man.
Her face on the other hand was different. Her jaw softer, her nose small and face shape fox like. Her eyes puffy and red but still holding the sharp look all Beifong's have.
"You always say the moons pizza." She said as she took the offered tea. She held it in her hands as she stared down into the cup, feeling her eyes water once more. "Was I the only one that... didn't know she had someone?" Lin asked softly. "I thought... I thought she liked me too."
Bumi looked at her and sighed softly. "I didn't even know she had a girlfriend." His tone deep but true. It held hurt for his friend. "I always assumed she liked you."
Lin sniffled and wiped her nose as she sipped her tea. "I thought so too." She murmured. "She was my best friend." Lin whispered. "Aren't I supposed to know important things like that?" Lin asked took another drink.
Bumi began to pile Lin's plate up with food and handed it to her. "I don't think she was ready yet." He reached over and gently squeezed her knee. "Please don't hate Kya." He said softly. "I don't think Kya would live with herself if you did."
Lin stared at him and then at her food. A small sad laugh left her lips as she shook her head. "I could never hate her." Lin whispered. "She's my friend."
She looked up at him and gave him a watery smile while tears slid down her cheeks. "I'll always be there for her." Snot began to glide out of her nose as she began to break and she covered her mouth. "Why couldn't she like me?" She cried.
Bumi immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "I don't know." He whispered into her ear. "I just don't know."
Lin stared at the ring in her box as she ran her thumb over it. The ring obviously being larger than her actual size. Years ago she was going to ask Tenzin to marry her but of course that relationship didn't work out.
Lin was currently in her office looking over paper work. She sighed softly as she placed the ring back and stood up. She stared out the window and looked across her city.
After years of heart break Lin called it quits and gave up on dating. It was no biggy really. She loved her job, loved scaring rookies and jailers and even liked the Avatar gang.
They were growing on her. She would listen to Korra's relationship problems, Asam's new inventions and thoughts about the city, Bolin's random chatter and even Mako's awkward moments.
These kids were all under her watch and she had a soft spot for them. She looked at the picture she had of all for of them, they were her responsibility. Even if she didn't want it in the first place.
Lin looked at the time and furrowed her brows seeing that it was 4 o'clock. She swore she didn't have anything planned but her instincts told her other wise.
She furrowed her brows and walked to her desk to look at her calendar. Then her eyes zeroed in down at the date and she could see the familiar scrawl of Kya.
The message, "Don't forget our date! 4:15 p.m. sharp!"
Lin could feel herself panic for a second seeing that it was 4:05 now and traffic was heaviest during rush hour.
She cursed under her breath and gathered her papers and rushed out. She locked her door and placed the papers down on Mako's desk. "Take care of these." She ordered as she hurried out.
How can she forget that Kya was back in town and most likely wanted to go out fo a drink with her?
Upon arrival she realized she was 15 minutes late. She only hoped Kya didn't leave with some floozy. She entered inside, was met with the waiter and soon was brought back to Kya.
Kya looked bored and appeared to be on her fourth cup. "Kya?" Lin called as she thanked the waiter and sat.
Kya perked up and smiled as she waved. "Linny. I didn't think you were coming." She said looking away from the woman she was obviously ogling.
Lin nodded and sat down as she placed her coat down. "Sorry. Was working." Lin said as she flagged down the waitress.
Kya snorted and rolled her eyes. "When are you not working?" She mumbled. It appeared Kya was a bit too relaxed due to her drinks, meaning Lin would probably have to drive her back to the temple.
"Sadly that's what people do when they have jobs Kya." Lin grabbed the clip in her hair and pulled it out. Her hair soon flipped down and unfurled and soon her curls were free.
Kya looked her up and down, going unnoticed by Lin whom was currently looking at the menu. "Sorry for not being employed at the moment cranky pants." She giggled and crossed her leg, her foot sliding up Lin's leg.
Lin gave her a weird look and scooted her legs back a bit to give the woman with longer legs more room and then looked back at the menu. "Did you order yet? Think I'll get the teriyaki beef and misu soup. Maybe even dumplings."
Kya frowned feeling Lin pull her legs away. "I didn't order yet. You can order me something." She said as she hand reached over and began to play with Lin's fingers.
Lin let her be and felt Kya intertwine their fingers together. Lin read over the menu and nodded as she looked up at the waitress.
Lin smiled at her and pulled her hand away to point at the menu. She made the waitress blush and Lin laughed softly. Kya could feel the jealousy burning inside of her. She's been flirting with Lin for months now. Lin soon nodded and soon the waitress was walking away.
Lin looked over and watched as Kya pouted. She raised her brows and looked at the waitress and then behind her. "What? Something on my face?" She asked as she rubbed at her face.
Kya sighed and shook her head. "Nothing's on your face." Kya said holding her hand out to Lin.
Lin looked at it and furrowed her brows. "How drunk are you?" Lin asked looking at the cups. "Did you order a strong drink or something."
Kya huffed and grabbed her hand. "Noooo... hold my hand." Kya whined.
Lin rolled her eyes and intertwine them again. She grabbed her drink from the same waitress and the waitress placed down a paper with her number and Lin blushed. And before she could grab it, Kya grabbed it and placed it in her mouth.
"What the heck Kya." She snapped. Kya began to eat the paper and stuck her tongue out.
"Oh please you'd thank me. She probably wanted a one night stand." Kya said rolling her eyes.
Lin frowned and pulled her hand out of hers. "You don't need to be a jerk." She muttered. She grabbed her soda and angrily sipped it.
Kya stared at her and sighed softly. "Sorry. Want me to ask her for her number for you?" Kya began to raise her hand and Lin grabbed her hand to stop her.
"Its fine Kya. Just numbers." She looked at her and crossed her arms. "So how have you been? I've heard you went to the Fire Nation to see Izumi. Is she okay? How is she?"
Kya waved her off. "She's fine, just said shes tired of the meetings and such."
She smiled up at Lin. "So how about you Lin? Any girlfriend or boyfriend?" She prodded.
Lin rolled her eyes and waved her off. "You know me." She mumbled. "Not looking forward to dating and such. I find it useless. After all I'm 54, I should start looking forward to retiring or something." She muttered knowing she won't be retiring soon.
Kya beamed at the news and smiled as she gently squeezed her hand. "Anyone you have your eye on?"
Lin furrowed her brows, she just told her she wasn't looking for a relationship but she felt her eyes wonder over to the waitress. "Well if someone didn't eat the paper I would've been seeing someone tonight."
Kya tightened her hold on Lin's hand and clenched her jaw. "Well sorry. I'll be sure to ask her."
All throughout dinner it was Kya asking Lin her favourite colour, her favourite hobby to do now, how was she and the kids. All sorts of things. By the end of the night Lin and Kya were stuffed with the delicious food and both buzzed, well Kya drunk.
Lin and her were stumbling to Lin's apartment since both were too drunk to drive and Lin not having the energy to deal with Tenzin.
She plopped Kya on the couch and groaned as she stretched her back. She bonded her armour off and stumbled to her room to change and get ready for bed.
She began to brush her teeth in the bathroom and mindlessly brushed them. Suddenly a pair of arms snaked around her waist and kisses began to align her neck. Lin jumped startled and quickly turned around to be met with the pout face of Kya.
"Kya?" She asked with furrowed brows. She pressed a hand to her neck and watched as Kya grabbed her and tried to kiss her again. Lin frowned and pushed her face away. "Kya." She snapped.
Kya paused and looked at her hurt. "What are you doing? You're drunk. Go back to bed." Lin said as she tried to fix her shirt.
"I don't want to." Kya huffed. "Please Lin let me kiss you." Kya whispered as she reached out to her.
Lin smacked her hand away, her eyes flashing in anger. "I'm not going to tell you again. Go to bed." Kya tried to fight the pain she felt knowing the only reason Kya is trying to kiss her is because she's drunk and doesn't know what's she's doing.
Kya placed her hands on her hip and glared at Lin. "No." She said clearer this time. "Can't you see I like you Lin?" She stepped forward and pressed her agssint the counter. "I've liked you for awhile." She said with a smile. "You don't know how hard it was watching you flirt with her tonight." She whispered.
Lin watched as anger and hurt flash over Kya's face. A red hugh over her nose and cheeks meaning she was buzzed. Lin grabbed her hands and pushed her away.
"You don't know what you're talking about Kya." She grabbed her hand and began to lead her to bed trying not to blow a fuse at her friend who didn't understand what she was saying.
Before Lin could pull her out of the bathroom she felt Kya pull her hand out of Lin's. "I know what I talking about!" She yelled. "Lin you have no idea hoe long I've been having these feelings. You're all I think about, I can't get you out of my head. The way my heart races when I see you, can't you feel it?" She whispered.
Lin furrowed her brows and shook her head. Her heart began to speed up as she began to feel overwhelmed. "Wait Kya hold on-"
"Lin I love you." Kya stressed as she shook her head. "I want to spend my life here with you." Lin tightened her hands on her door frame, the metal slowly warping under her hand. "Lin I-"
Kya didn't understand as suddenly the door was tore wide open and splinters of wood flew all over the place. "Get out." Lin growled. Her face in anger, her eyes closed and her scowl on full display.
Kya jumped and she shook her head. "Lin I don't understand." She whispered. "Didn't you like me-"
"Agni! Kya!" Lin said looking up at her. Her eyes watered but were filled with rage. "What's not to understand Kya?" She breathed still trying to control her temper.
She looked up at her. "That was more than 3 decades ago." Lin said with a strained voice. "Over 30 years ago!" She pressed a hand to her chest, splinters in her finger tips along with small cuts from the metal.
"Don't you remember?" She snapped. "I kissed you, you looked at me as if I'm gross and then tell me you don't like me!" She laughed breathlessly and shook her head.
Kya winced and stepped forward and tried to touch her. Lin smacked her hand away and stepped aside. "Please Kya just... sleep before I hit you." She clenched her fists. "I can't deal with you when you're drunk."
Kya looked at her sadly and stood her ground. "I was a kid Lin. I thought that I met the love of my life." She breathed. "Surely you can't hold that against me."
Lin looked at her and looked away. "You're not the only to say you loved me and you won't be the last." She whispered. "Can't you see I'm tired?"
"Lin please, let me prove to you how much I've changed. I swear I love y-"
Lin reached over and covered her lips. "Stop saying that." She grabbed her arm and began to pull her towards the couch. "Go to bed before I toss you out on the street." She pushed her down on the couch.
Kya gripped onto her hand before she was able to leave. "Give me a chance." She whispered hoping Lin could give her it.
Lin didn't look back at her and closed her eyes. "Goodnight Kya." Lin's voice thick with anger and sadness. And with that Kya let her go and watched as the woman tiredly walked to her room. Tossing the door into the bathroom and closing her bedroom door behind her.
Kya swore to the spirits she'd try her absolute best to be there for Lin. She had to be.
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mmm-cheif-beifong · 4 days ago
angstpril day fourteen: nightmares
CW: reliving trauma, panic attack, swearing
fic under the cut
Cold, everything was so cold. Her body felt heavy as she was dragged from a small guarded room to the pavilion outside. She was forced onto her knees, her hands pulled tightly behind her back.
She could hear every tiny movement. Her head hung low as she listened to the crashing of waves in the distance, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the occasional call of birds. Soft footsteps all around her. She’d have said was almost a beautiful scene had she not known better.
She listened, and she waited. She knew what was coming. It was the same every time, the bliss before the nightmare really began.
His footsteps were heavier than the others’, his clothes looser and louder. The wind whipped his robes as he walked up behind her, taking his sweet, sweet time moving to stand before her. He placed a finger under her chin and forced her head up, the air around them suddenly stilling.
She stared up at him, glaring at his emotionless mask and hollow eyes.
Now it’ll happen, she thought to herself.
That’s how it always went.
But something was different tonight.
As she watched him, he started to change. His body changed first, taking a form all too familiar to her, before his mask fell to the ground revealing his face.
And instead of Amon standing there, it was her mother.
“I couldn’t be more disappointed,” Toph said, staring coldly down at Lin.
“You’ve failed me. You’ve failed everyone.”
Lin closed her eyes, expecting tears to fall. None came. When she opened her eyes again, it was no longer her mother in front of her, but Kya.
“I really did love you, you know. But this time,” Kya paused and everything around them changed.
Suddenly the Air Temple was gone and they were on the beach on ember island, their friends laughing loudly in the distance. Kya’s hair was brown again, her face younger and smooth. She still stood above Lin, lifting her chin with a single finger.
“This time,” Kya repeated, the landscape around them changing again.
Now they were in the middle of a ballroom, masked faces twirling gracefully around them. The lights dimmed suddenly, plunging them into darkness.
“This time,” She said one last time, the air temple behind her returning and the cold biting down to Lin’s bones.
“You’ve gone too far,” Kya released Lin’s chin and walked around to stand behind her.
When a hand reached down and yanked her head back, it was Amon looking down at her again. His icy hand gripped her neck while he stared blankly down at her, raising his other hand above her. He stretched out his thumb and brought it quickly down towards her forehead. She squeezed her eyes shut, dreading the sensation that was about to rip through her body.
She sat bolt upright, breathing heavily and covered in sweat. She glanced to her left to see Kya sleeping peacefully. Her vision blurred with tears and she tried to stifle a sob, pushing herself gently out of bed. She made her way to the bathroom as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake Kya. She closed the door behind her and turned on the light, hunching over the sink.
Her hands gripped the edge of the sink tightly as sobs shook her shoulders. She’d tried to calm herself down and almost managed to stop crying several times, but bits of the nightmare rushed back and she broke down all over again. It was just before she started sobbing again that she heard a knock on the door.
“Shit,” She muttered before opening it, looking up at Kya with red and puffy eyes.
“I’m so sorry, I tried not to wake you up,” Her voice broke and she took in a shaky breath, her vision blurring with tears again.
“Shh, it’s alright,” Kya said, pulling Lin into her arms.
Kya held Lin until her sobs quieted, stroking her hair and rubbing her back. When she was no longer shaking, Kya pulled back.
“Come back to bed,” She said softly, cupping Lin’s scarred cheek in her hand.
Lin nodded and followed Kya back to their bed, curling into Kya’s chest and draping her arm over her torso.
“Do you want to talk about it? Kya asked quietly.
Lin lay quietly for a minute before responding, debating whether to say anything or not.
“It was the Amon nightmare again,” She paused and shifted, finding Kya’s hand and taking it in her own.
Kya hummed in response, letting Lin play with her fingers. After what felt like ages, she spoke again.
“It was different this time, wasn’t it,” She placed her hand on top of Lin’s to stop her fiddling.
Lin sucked in a deep breath.
“Yeah,” She said, moving her head to look up at Kya.
“He turned into my mom, and then you. My mom said I’d failed, and you… you said that I’d gone too far. That you couldn’t forgive me this time,” A tear slipped down her face and she moved her head again, looking down at their hands.
“That sounds awful,” Kya lifted her hand and interlocked her fingers with Lin.
“I’m not going anywhere, I promise,” Lin squeezed Kya’s hand in response.
“Thank you,” She breathed, closing her eyes and relaxing against Kya.
“I love you,” Kya whispered a moment later, placing a kiss on the top of her head.
“I love you too,” Lin replied before they both drifted back into deep, dreamless sleep.
She knew exactly what was happening. She could feel the fog seeping into her skin, filling her lungs, clouding her vision. It took over her senses first, then creeped into her mind. It made her dizzy, then tired, then started showing her all the things she didn’t want to see.
A man she’d found half dead in a cave when she was only twenty one. She hadn’t been able to save him no matter how hard she tried.
This isn’t real. Just wake up.
A woman and her baby, both dead after complications with the birth. It had been her first and last delivery, at twenty three.
It isn’t real. Wake up.
A handful of pale villagers, their eyes sunken and skin almost green. She’d done everything she could to heal them, and had kept the virus from spreading to anyone else, but had lost every one of them. She’d been twenty seven.
Just wake up.
A twenty nine year old woman, the exact same age as her, drained and lying in a pool of her own blood. They’d been travelling together for almost a year. She’d found her too late, and healing the wounds caused by her own blade had done nothing compared to the sheer amount of blood loss.
Wake up.
Jerking out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night to the screams of the others in her hotel. Nearly suffocating trying to get out of the fire. Being the only healer despite being just thirty four. Losing nearly half of the people pulled from the burning building.
Watching her friend step over the edge of a cliff at thirty seven, a year older than her. Screaming his name and running down the path to the bottom, only to find him crumpled. She tried anyway. Nothing brought him back.
Visiting Air temple Island at forty one only to watch her father dying slowly. She was the last one to see him alive. She tried to bring him back. She failed over and over again until someone pulled her away from him.
Kya, please.
Teaching waterbending in the South Pole. Her youngest student, a boy not older than four years old, falling through the ice. Her forty eight years of life somehow still not being enough to give her the ability to save him. The wails of his mother when she had to tell her what happened.
It isn’t real. Wake up.
Coming back to Republic City and going to Lin’s apartment with the intent of confessing her feelings. She’d found her bleeding in the bathroom. She’d never been so afraid, and had somehow kept her alive. She’d been fifty three, but felt like a child again.
Kya, wake up.
Four years later finding Lin the exact same way a second time. The same fear gripping her, her hands shaking as she healed her again. She’d barely been able to breath.
Please, please wake up.
She’d barely been able to breath.
She couldn’t breath.
The air was too thick.
It was the panic filling her lungs when someone she loved got hurt. It was the smoke in that burning building. It was the guilt that grew with every person she lost.
It was the fog infecting her body, her mind.
She was suffocating.
She couldn’t breath.
She was shaking.
The world was becoming fuzzy.
Why was everything shaking?
“Kya, please,” Lin’s voice was the first thing she heard when her eyes snapped open.
Kya’s vision was swimming, tears streaming from her eyes. She pushed herself into a sitting position, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them tightly. Her breathing was shallow and fast, the lack of oxygen making her light headed. She flinched when Lin placed her hand on her back, relaxing after a second and letting her softly bring it up and down. Lin let her be for a second before recgnizing that she needed help getting out of the attack this time.
“Kya, can you look at me?” She moved so that she was sitting cross-legged in front of Kya.
Kya shook her head almost imperceptibly, keeping her stare locked on her feet.
“Alright, that’s ok. Let’s start with five things you can see,” She reached up to pull one of Kya’s hands away from her legs, squeezing it in an attempt to encourage her.
Kya’s eyes moved up from her feet, tracing around the room. Her eyelids fluttered as she did so, threatening to close every time she looked somewhere new. After a moment her stare returned to her feet and she opened her mouth to speak. It hung open for a moment before it closed again and she shook her head.
“Hey, its ok. Do you want me to get your notepad so you can write instead?” Lin watched Kya hesitate before nodding.
“Alright,” Lin stood and walked two steps to the bedside table, pulling the drawer out as quietly as she could and grabbing Kya’s small pad of paper and pen.
She walked back to Kya, who had moved so that she sat cross-legged with her arms wrapped tightly around her torso. Her breathing had improved slightly, but she was still clearly in her state of panic. Lin sat across from her again and placed the notepad and pen on her lap.
Kya closed her eyes for a second before pulling her arms from around her. She grabbed the pen with a shaking hand, glancing around the room again before scribbling a collection of words on the paper. Lin took the notepad and read the notes out loud, looking around as she did so.
“The window, the rug, me, your hands, the blanket. Perfect,” She smiled reassuringly at Kya and handed the pad back.
“How about four things you can feel?” She rested her hand on Kya’s knee.
Kya nodded and used her other hand to rub the blanket quickly. She then touched Lin’s hand lightly, ran her hand through her own hair, and rubbed her fingers on the paper. She wrote down the four things she’d touched and gave the pad to Lin again.
“The blanket, the best hand ever,” Lin couldn’t help but laugh, looking up at Kya, who had a tiny smile of her own shining through her tears.
“Your hair, and the paper. You’re doing great, Kya,” She gave the paper back and reached forwards, wiping one of Kya’s cheeks.
“Now how about three things you can hear?” Kya stared at the paper, listening, before she wrote anything.
“Your breathing, cars, Jin from next door’s radio even though it’s the middle of the night,” Lin laughed again and grinned at Kya.
“Amazing. Two things you can smell?”
Kya took in a deep breath through her nose, closing her eyes to focus on the smells. Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration and she inhaled again, blinking twice before writing.
“The ocean, home. Perfect, you’re almost there,” Lin put her hand on Kya’s knee again as she wrote the last one, not needing Lin to tell her what it was.
“Toothpaste,” Lin read, squeezing Kya’s knee slightly.
“You alright now?” She looked up at Kya, who’s breathing was now a little shaky but much more evened out.
Her eyes were no longer glazed over, and she wasn’t crying. She smiled at Lin, grabbing the pad from her one last time.
Thank you, she wrote, lifting Lin’s hand to her lips.
“Talk in the morning?” Lin asked, sensing that Kya needed time before she’d be able to voice her thoughts again.
Kya nodded gratefully and tucked the pad back in its drawer, patting the bed next to her. Lin crawled under the covers next to her, hugging her and holding her hand as they both fell back asleep.
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synne-i · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
BRUH! @alpyguo s art is AMAZING. Their artstyle really inspired me❤️
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iam-chief-beifong · 5 days ago
Lin: Kya and I have that kind of easy chemistry where we finish eachother-
Kya: -sentences
Lin: Dont interrupt me.
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iam-chief-beifong · 5 days ago
Kya: Yea, honestly I really like guys-...
Lin: *GASPS*
Kya: -ers. Guysers. One of earth's natural beauties.
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