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firelordzumi · 3 hours ago
A little comic based on the incorrect quote "I was left unsupervised" 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
//please do not repost thank you
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klara019 · 5 hours ago
Angstpril day 19
Don’t leave me
(check tags for tw)
Kya idly opened her eyes. She noticed the light coming from the kitchen. “Weird,” she thought and rolled over under a soft sheet. Her hand fell on the cold side of bed when she tried to embrace her wife. She frowned and looked at the pillow laying near her hand.
“Very weird,” she whispered suspiciously and sat on the edge of the bed.
The sun was still down, the sky was dark with a little orange reflection near the horizon. The night was crisp and wet.
Kya rubbed her sleepy face and headed towards the kitchen, where the light was coming from.
“Lin?” she said more consciously. Her hoarse voice was a bit worried.
“I just wanted a cup of tea, go back to sleep, I will join you in a while,” she smiled a little.
Kya sighed. She knew Lin better than anyone. She immediately recognised the lie.
“I also wanted a cup of tea.”
Lin blinked with confusion.
“It’s the middle of the night…”
“So why aren’t you in bed then?” Kya folded her arms with tryumf.
The earthbender gave a sigh.
“Because I wanted some tea?” she raised her eyebrows. She was aware that she wouldn’t convince Kya to let her alone.
“No, Lin, you hadn’t wanted it,” she looked deep in her eyes. Lin swallowed. “You still have those nightmares, am I right?”
She nodded nearly noticeably. Kya came closer and gave her a secure hug. Lin tilted her head to the right and rested it on Kya’s arm. She didn’t notice when tears started to run down her face.
“You need to face it, Lin,” she touched her chin and forced her to look at her. “I will be waiting for you in the bed.”
Kya turned around and was about to go but Lin caught her hand.
“Please, don’t leave me.”
She said emotionlessly.
“Those nightmares… They aren’t about Amon anymore,” she took a deep breath. “They are about you. I’m scared that someday you will leave me like everybody always did. I don’t want to be alone again, Kya. I don’t want to lose you.”
Kya squinted.
“How could you even think that I would leave you,” she took her other hand and clasped their hands together.
“Let’s get back to sleep, you look like you’re going to collapse.”
Lin nodded.
She would go anywhere Kya guided her to.
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alab211 · 7 hours ago
Angstpril day 19 - “Don’t leave me”
"Hey, hey Lin, hey," Kya slurred into her phone. "Listen, do you happen to know where I live? Cause, like, I can't find it." "I'll be there in ten minutes. Don't move," Lin answered shortly as she put on her coat and left the house. She was visibly pissed off, but that's nothing new. Kya's been pissing her off basically everyday. And vice versa. Their relationship has been... pretty difficult recently. They both are still recovering from the trauma after Zaheer and the rest of the Red Lotus. Instead of finding comfort in one another, they pushed each other apart. Truth be told, both of them were thinking about a break up. When Lin saw Kya on the pavement, she parked the vehicle and got out. "Hi," she said with hands in her pockets. "Do I know you?" Kya asked suspiciously, still slurring. "Yeah, you do," Lin answered resigned as she approached Kya and started walking her to the sato. Then Kya recognised her. "Oh, Lin. Yeah, yeah I know you." Lin helped her get into the sato, circled it and went behind the wheel. After 10 minutes into the ride Kya started talking, "Lin, Lin listen to me... You listening?" Lin didn't answer, but Kya kept talking. "Listen, it's been soo long since we talked, don't you think? I mean, I know we're not really... great together recently... but I'm thinking it'll pass, y'know." Lin stayed silent, but her eyes watered. Kya kept going. "Just... don't leave me... okay?" Lin looked to her right and noticed Kya was staring at her. "Sure," she answered unconvinced. "Cool," Kya said turning her head, "cause I still like you. And love... yeah, I love you." Lin felt tears stream down her face. "But I don't love you anymore," she thought.
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incorrectzuko · 8 hours ago
Tenzin: fuck the police
Kya: yeah, fuck the police.
*the next day*
Kya: hey, guess who I hooked up with last night?
Tenzin: who?
Kya: Lin Beifong.
Tenzin: WHAT?!
Kya: you said fuck the—
Kya: you didn’t mean literally.
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katdemedi · 9 hours ago
“Chief, this is Saikhan do you copy?” Saikhan’s voice crackled from her office radio. Lin grunted and walked into her office.
“This better be good Saikhan. I just got home and would like to enjoy my last day of vacation.”
“I’ve got the Avatar here for you.”
“Korra. Welcome back.” Lin said, with a small smile. Ask and you shall receive. “I assume Asami is with you as well. Tenzin has requested a family dinner upon your return home. I’ll let him know you’re back. Tonight. Air Temple Island, 6pm.”
“Uh yeah. That should be fine.”
“Now don’t call me again Saikhan. Beifong out.” Lin clicks the radio back onto the receiver and walks into the living room. “How does tonight sound?”
“For our announcement?”
“Yes. Tonight let’s tell your family.”
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iam-chief-beifong · 12 hours ago
Kya: You're pretty cute when your actually being nice!!
Lin: What am I when I'm not nice?
Kya: Hot as F*CK
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lu-writes · 13 hours ago
Angstpril, day 19 - "don't leave me"
Ahhgg, c'mon Kya, You're not helping" young Lin said while dragging her too wasted childhood friend to her house. Only thing she knew was Kya had a bad day, Kya downed couple bottles and here we are. She tried to not hurt her drunk friend while trying to make her walk but failing because of her weight. She huffed,
"You're so lucky Chief and Suyin are in a mission." she said, started to remove her clothes.
"I am lucky" Kya said, while Lin removed her clothes she played with her soft curly hair. Lin got where she was a second ago and picked some pj's for Kya.
"No drink can make you this wasted, what happened?" she said and closed the closet. She bended knee and started to dress her. Instead of answering Kya runned her single hand to Lin's hair again. Lin sighed again,
"What are you-"
For a moment her green eyes met Kya's blue swollen eyes. Her eyes filled with tears again, she tried to hide her face but Lin raised her chin slowly and looked her in the eyes again, Kya cried more. Lin started get worried.
"What happened? You making me anxious." she said.
For a moment Kya wanted to ask her to stay with her. She wanted to ask her to stay with her forever. But no, she can't. Lin belongs to someone else, she will never be hers. All her life she wanted to be someone else but she couldn't. All her life she searched something but couldn't find what she can own. There was just one thing she wished and now It's slipping from her hands slowly. They'll get marry, they'll have children. And she, she just gonna watch her, living her life without any regrets. Kya hugged herself to her chest. Why are you doing this to me, Lin? I just want you. Nothing, she'll ask for nothing.
"No" she said.
"What?" Lin asked, worry started to fill her insides.
"I wanna sleep" she said. She let her tired body fall on the bed. Too tired to speak more.
"Okay..." Lin said, closed the door slowly and left Kya there.
Kya couldn't understand how many hours passed. Her head was spinning and her whole body ached in pain. She couldn't speak or do anything. She just cried herself silently.
"Don't leave me here" escaped in her mouth, while she chased for some peace in her miserable life, and this night.
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german-demon · 17 hours ago
🌵𝙲𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚜 𝙹𝚞𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝙲𝚊𝚏𝚎´🌵
We are a Avatar the last Airbender, Legend of Korra and Kyoshi themed Server. We have an easy role system that will only show you the things you want to see. Select the role of ships and fandoms that you are interested in. We also have other funny roles you can get such as DnD, Writer/Artist, Suit Lovers, etc. · · ──────── · · ──────── ◇ ──────── · · ──────── · · Channels we have: ATLA: ◇General chat ◇Ship channels ◇fanart/fanfic channels · · ───── ◇ ───── · · LoK: ◇General chat ◇Ship channels ◇fanart/fanfic channels · · ───── ◇ ───── · · Kyoshi: ◇General chat ◇Ship channel ◇fanart/fanfic channel · · ───── ◇ ───── · · Other Channels: ◇Memes ◇Other Fandoms (She-ra, Marvel,...) ◇DnD ◇Community Channels ◇Video-Games ◇NSFW: You can only access those with the +18 role! · · ──────── ◇ ──────── · · ──────── ◇ ──────── · · If you have any questions feel free to send @german-demon a text, they are happy to help!
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lin-beifong-stan · 18 hours ago
At the station, Lin drinks her coffee black, which really isn’t a surprise to anyone.
The first time Kya stays over with Lin, she sees the metal-bender pour an unspiritly amount of sweetener into her coffee and Kya tries so hard to contain her laughter at the small detail that her entire body trembles a little.
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iam-chief-beifong · 21 hours ago
Kya: I really think you should drink less coffee.
Lin: Coffee cures depression.
Kya: NO, lin it doesn-..
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purplewrlds · a day ago
Tumblr media
like this if you would read a comic about young kya coming out, i would
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loeysaeri · a day ago
I’ve been warming up to the Linzumi ship but I feel like their isn’t enough Fanfics of just them 😖🤔 [but I do love some Kyalinzumi]
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mmm-cheif-beifong · a day ago
angstpril day eighteen: children fight their parents wars
CW: death, murder, fire??, burns/burning, swearing
fic under the cut
“Unbelievable,” Lin muttered under her breath, fixing her gaze on the wooden table that the group was seated at.
She, alongside Kya, Tenzin, Bumi, and Su, had been trying to reason with Firelord Izumi for the past hour. This year was the year that marked a hundred and sixty years of war between the Fire Nation and the rest of the world. They all knew it wasn’t their war to fight, it wasn’t even their parents’, and yet Izumi seemed set on keeping up the needless destruction.
“Unbelievable? Well, I’m right here, and so are you, so I don’t see how any of this could be unbelievable,” Izumi smiled at Lin from across the table, folding her hands neatly in front of her.
Lin fought the urge to yell at her right then, instead pushing her chair out and leaving the room. She tended to get the most angry about the war out of their group, her father’s insolence fueling her further with every passing day. She still couldn’t believe he’d come back after all those years, trying to enlist her in the army her mother fought desperately against, simply because he heard that she could firebend.
She stormed down the hall, blood boiling as she walked. Her fists were clenched at her sides as she shoved through the courtyard doors, and she let out a shout of frustration as soon as she was outside. She punched her fist at the sky, a ball of bright white flame shooting upwards and dissipating mid-air. She watched as it streaked across the grey sky, huffing when it disappeared and looking down at the garden she stood in. It seemed too nice for a family so set on hurting people, which only made her angrier.
She wandered down the path lined with cherry blossoms trying to calm herself down. She hated Izumi for all the awful things she’d done to people all over the world, but particularly her family and friends in Gaoling when she’d taken the entire city as a labour camp, stripping titles and stealing everything from her grandparents and every other major family in the city.
Just as she was starting to diffuse her anger, she heard someone come up behind her.
“Your friends are looking for you, troublemaker,” Izumi said in an irritatingly smooth, calm voice.
Lin spun on her heel and glared at Izumi, barely stopping herself from spitting on her.
“You really are the angry one, aren’t you?” Izumi took a step forward and created a tiny flame on the end of her finger, twirling it in small circles.
Lin watched the flame for a second before twitching her finger and putting it out.
“I’m leaving,” She huffed, brushing past Izumi and marching towards the door to get back inside.
“Don’t go,” Izumi called, causing Lin to stop in her tracks.
“Don’t you want to have a little,” She paused and sent a small burst of fire past Lin’s ear.
“Fun?” She finished as Lin turned back to look at her, digging her nails into her palms.
“Are you challenging me to an Agni Kai?” She asked incredulously.
“Only if you think you’re up to it, sugar,” Izumi smiled wickedly at Lin, knowing a taunt like that would piss her off more than anything.
“You’re on,” Lin snarled.
“Wonderful,” Izumi’s smile widened and she sauntered towards Lin, reaching forwards to straighten Lin’s collar.
Lin narrowed her eyes and pulled away from Izumi, clearing the path to the door before following her inside. Izumi led her down several long hallways before they came to another outdoor space, this one with a stone floor and no plant life anywhere. Izumi walked across the empty space, twirling lightly when she was a reasonable distance from Lin. She cocked her head to the side, feigning innocence as Lin stalked a large circle around her.
“How could you,” Lin said in a low voice.
“How could you hurt all those people?!” She shouted, sending a bright flash of lightning at Izumi.
Izumi reached one arm forward and caught the lighting, redirecting it right back at Lin. Lin inhaled sharply and rolled to avoid the strike, swinging her leg out and bending a white flame at Izumi’s leg. Izumi stepped calmly out of the way, a wide grin on her face.
“You still sure you’re up for this?” She teased, dodging two balls of bright flame that Lin punched at her head.
“You hurt my family, my friends,” Lin shouted, continuing her barrage on the Firelord.
“You’ve forced so many people into military service, and countless others into labour camps,” She continued, high-kicking a flame at Izumi’s head.
Izumi ducked the blow and stepped closer to Lin, opening her palm just in front of Lin’s stomach. Lin yelped and jumped back, pressing a hand to her scorched shirt. She growled and launched herself at Izumi again, punching fireball after fireball at her with no relent. Izumi continued to duck and dodge her blows, weaving her way across the open ground and making their fight seem almost like a dance.
Lin was panting when she finally got Izumi with her back to a wall. Izumi put her hands up in mock defeat, smirking at Lin’s dishevelled appearance and heavy breathing.
“Take it easy there, troublemaker,” She hummed, pushing herself off the wall so that she stood mere centimetres from Lin’s face.
Lin let out a feral yell and brought large white flames to her hands, shoving Izumi back against the wall. She was just about ready to make Izumi regret ever challenging her, when she heard a voice from behind her.
“Lin, what are you doing?!” Kya shouted at the top of her lungs.
Lin turned to see Kya standing halfway across the field, her eyes wide in horror. The fire at Lin’s hands dulled, turning back to yellow, then orange. Izumi took her momentary distraction to slip away from the wall, positioning herself to Lin’s right.
“I’m sorry she has to watch this,” She said wickedly, barely giving Lin time to react before creating a fire at Lin’s feet, quickly growing it so there was no way for her to get out. Her screams were muffled by the roar of the fire, but dissolved after only a moment.
Kya let out a loud cry and Izumi looked in her direction, smiling darkly at the waterbender. Izumi stayed where she stood until she was sure there was nothing left of Lin, only then letting the raging fire die. Kya had been frozen in place until their other friends found them there, rushing towards her.
“Where’s Lin?” Izumi heard Bumi ask.
“She just- she-,” Kya stuttered before her shock turned to pure rage.
“That bitch just killed her,” Kya hissed before running full speed at Izumi.
She pulled the water from her waterskin and turned it into a hundred icy daggers, sending them all shooting at Izumi with a raw yell. Izumi created a wall of fire in front of her, melting the daggers before sending a spiral of orange heat towards Kya. Kya was knocked back by the blow, but her companions weren’t far behind her.
Tenzin sent a gust of wind at Izumi, causing her to lose her balance for a split second. It was enough that with Su shifting the ground below her just slightly, she fell backwards. Bumi stepped around a now standing Kya, drawing his sword and extending it towards Izumi, pressing the tip against her throat. Izumi drew in a sharp breath and glared up at the four.
“You’ll only make things worse,” She seethed.
“My father would never forgive you,” She put her hand on the blade, beginning to heat it with her bending.
“The war will never end,” The blade was starting to glow beneath her grasp when Bumi noticed.
He pulled it swiftly back towards him, cutting her hand badly in the process. She grit her teeth against the searing pain in her palm, closing her eyes for a moment.
“You killed her,” Kya said, shoving past her brother to stand over Izumi.
“You. Killed. My. Lin,” Kya stared intently at Izumi as she stretched her hands out in front of her.
Izumi let a cry escape her throat as Kya lifted her off the ground, suspending her in midair. A tear slipped from Kya’s eye as she twisted Izumi’s limbs grotesquely. She felt as it dripped from her chin and rushed through the air towards the cold stone below their feet. As soon as it hit the floor, she clenched her fists to stop Izumi’s heart.
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firelordzumi · a day ago
Kya: I have decided to stop drinking for good.
Lin: Now she says she's started drinking for evil.
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klara019 · a day ago
Angstpril day 18
Alone (alternative prompt)
(check tags for tw)
Lin Beifong couldn’t imagine her life any differently. When she was waking up, there wasn’t anybody next to her, when she was coming home later than usually nobody was waiting for her. Nobody asked how her day was or said that everything will be fine. She got used to never ending silence and empty, cold bed.
Being alone changed not only her behaviour and attitude but also small things that she hadn't noticed at first. When Kya was still with her, she always waited for her to come from work, she always checked if she’s alright. Now Lin always leaves some bandages and gauzes near the front door. Just in case.
Living alone showed her that she couldn't really stand herself. After all these years of avoiding the thought she finally had to face them. Kya used to be always near, always caring and trying to help her struggle with her own mind. They were there for each other. Just in case.
Even after a long period of time she couldn’t get used to going to sleep alone. The bed was too big, too cold, too empty. The nightmares were jolting her away in the middle of the night, she was crying with hopelessness and there was nobody around. She was alone.
Lin still has the one picture of Kya and her, that Korra took when they weren’t looking. They are both smiling timidly, awkwardly holding hands but the look Kya gave her was the most precious thing she has ever seen. It was warm and loving, full of hope and happy. This photo always makes her sad these days so she has hidden it in the drawer. Just not to look at it.
Now she makes tea just for herself.
Because ghosts don’t drink tea.
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