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#kyle valenti
  • So I am done with the code, screw the code:

Instead here are your themes (gif makers/content creators) and fic+prompts (writers) for the Kyle Valenti week 2021:

Day 1: 19 April 2021

Theme: On call-Dr Kyle Valenti

Fic: POV Kyle Valenti

Prompt: “I got mine”

Day 2: 20 April 2021

Theme: General Medicine -Friendship and Family (including found family)

Fic: Gen/BroTP

Prompt: “Unknown brother”

Day 3: 21 April 2021

Theme: The Dr checks for vitals-Romance and Love

Fic: Fluff/Smut

Prompt: “Your Touch”

Day 4: 22 April 2021

Theme: ROSWELL’S (1) braincell-Wisdom, advice and redemption

Fic: Angst/Hurt+Comfort

Prompt: “Too afraid to love you”

Day 5: 23 April 2021

Theme: Humerus-Snark and Humor

Fic: Humor/Crack

Prompt: “Sinister kid”

Day 6: 24 April 2021

Theme: Glitter day-Off hours shenanigans

Fic: Canon divergence/AU

Prompt: “Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down”

Day 7: 25 April 2021

Theme: Suave Daredevil -Free day ft a daring, multi talented, chiseled bad ass Michael Trevino

Fic: Wild card/Writer’s choice

Prompt: “The Baddest Man Alive”

  • Use the tags; #kyleweek21 and #kyleappreciation21 so that your posts can be reblogged on this account.
  • All forms of content are accepted (fics, gif sets, videos, moodboards, photo edits, etc).
  • Please send an ask if you have any questions.
  • All character pairings are welcome don’t be restricted by canon.
  • Themes and prompts are a guideline not a constrain , if you can draw inspiration anywhere else you are still welcome to participate.
  • Please be respectful and have fun!

Happy creating! we cannot wait to see your amazing content.Please be kind and reblog to spread the word.

19 notes

another chance to do things right by salvatorestjohn

“First kisses,” Kyle cuts in, the words slipping from his tongue so casually.

Alex goes still. His stomach drops as he tries to recall if maybe he’s talking about him and Liz. It’s possible, maybe he just didn’t know. But Kyle is watching him as if for a reaction, a glint in his eyes.

It’s almost as if he’s expecting him to have forgotten.

This nostalgic fic lets us explore Alex and Kyle’s memory of their childhood friendship and the painful way it ended. It’s a joy to see them reminiscing about the good times they had when they were young. @biprongs gives them space to work through the pain of their teenage years, allowing them to move forward into a sweet and hopeful future.

If you have any Alex-focused fics you’d like us to spotlight, please let us know by dropping an ask in our inbox!

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Roswell New Mexico - 1x05 Don’t Speak 

49 notes

Ooh, you know what I’d love? If they’re there to discuss alien stuff, and then Michael flirts with Alex every other line or confesses to how jealous we all know he is, and Greg and Kyle just kind of look at Alex as if to say, Is this idiot bothering you?

8 notes

Which means Alex is definitely there, right? He has to be there. I wouldn’t understand how you could have the man Alex loves, Alex’s best friend, and Alex’s brother in a scene without Alex. He’s there. I can feel it.

I had been dreading 2x06 since the mention of the episode’s plot. Please, television gods, let me be happy about 3x06. Let it be so wonderful that it erases 2x06 forever from the minds and hearts of men!

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Um…could we by chance have “plotting to get Malex back together?” Or maybe watching Alex sing again?!


35 notes

I just really appreciate Kyle and Liz’s relationship there is so much love between them regardless of whether it is romantic or not!!

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