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By cleiioo


*TW: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse

Kyoutani had stopped going to volleyball practice, but he hadn’t stopped going to volleyball, not entirely. Mondays he would make it to the Seijou locker room and although his palms itched to feel the weight of a volleyball and the sounds of sneakers squeaking against the gym floor sent shivers up his spine, he never made it on to the court. Realistically there were only a few meters separating the two rooms but to Kyoutani it felt like miles. He wanted to be there, but he was here; close yet far. Here because he had things to do, places to be, jobs to work, and because; his locker was the safest place for him to keep what little valuables he had.

Fandom: Haikyuu!! | Chapters: 8/8 | Words: 33,366 | Published: Jan 19, 2016 | Updated: Mar 17, 2018 | Status: Complete

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I was reading a really nice kyouhaba soulmate au and at some point I thought: “Heck yeah I can’t wait to meet my soulmate I bet they’re nice”.

And then. I relized.

This is the real world. I do NOT have a tattoo that I share with my soulmate.

God, what have I done to myself?

Well it’s too late now. Any good fics I should read?

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SO!!! After all this time, I decided I’m going to give everyone a little teaser on a little fic I’m writing hehe! Enjoy~


Tears dripped down his cheeks for the first time in years.

The silver-haired male, with stitches going down his throat, said nothing. His expression was empty as he stared at the blonde before him. He blinked once, then walked right past the other.

The heart-wrenching noise that came from the male echoed in the hall, and the blonde held the back of his head between his hands. No one had expected to see the “Mad Dog” himself to show so much, but here he was, sobbing his heart out in the middle of the hallway with everyone watching.

The surgery had been successful… But at what cost?

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Here are the prompts for Kyouhaba Week 2020.

Day 1: Fake Dating/Confessions/“What are you looking at?”

Day 2: 3rd Year/Post-Timeskip/Future/“I missed you”

Day 3: Firsts/Pets/“We should do this more often”

Day 4: Magic/Clothes Sharing/“This stays between us”

Day 5: Royalty/Blind Date/“Maybe next time”

Day 6: Soulmates/Childhood Friends/“You’re pretty”

Day 7: Secrets/Chocolate/“I love you”


Tag your works with #kyouhabaweek2020

Kyouhaba must be your main pair, but all side ships are welcome.

All forms of content are allowed!

Please tag nsfw and trigger warnings when applicable!

Add fics to the Kyouhaba Week 2020 Collection on ao3 when you post!

Absolutely no plagiarism.

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archive of our own needs a main relationship feature bc a lot of times the ships I want to read are stuck as the background and they don’t deserve that kind of life

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