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i intend to stay away from new hetalia but if it has a coronavirus strip im still going to combust

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one of my fave geography/urban planning/demography/idkkk crimes of jrrt is how many cities dont have a logical water source. is minas tirith pumping water up from the river anduin????? they even got a whole ass FOUNTAIN at the highest level of the city!!! i doubt there are enough and sufficiently big mountain streams!! same with gondolin except gondolin doesnt even have a big river nearby to pump from. there is hardly any sweet water in valinor. im starting to suspect elves dont need water to survive

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you ever think about how when wei wuxian said to his brother “from here on out, you’ll have to go alone” sending him off blindfolded to “"baoshan sanren”“ he meant not only that day, but jiang cheng’s whole life?

he meant "from here on out, you’ll have to go without me, because i’ll have to stay away to hide the truth about how you got your golden core back. either that, or i’ll die during the procedure. goodbye.”

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inside you there are two wolves, one of them wants post-canon jin ling and lan xichen to be extremely awkward around each other and the other wants them to hug and cry and scream into the void together.

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you know those dollhouse section drawings that show what is happening in different rooms? forgetting the layout of chinese houses for a moment (tho i think it could work with the donghua design maybe??), i wish i had enough talent to draw jinlintai like this. set it at some point after nie mingjue’s death, but before jin guangshan’s, so that it would have:

  • room 1: jiggy talking to nmj’s head (just bros being bros, y’know)
  • room 2: qin su and bicao playing with smol jin rusong
  • room 3: toddler jin ling with puppy little fairy
  • (from behind the window: jiang cheng not-so-discretly checking up on jin ling)
  • room 4: xue yang doing some shady shit
  • room 5: mo xuanyu doing some shady shit but less succesfully
  • room 6: jin guangshan doing uhhh what jin guangshan does best
  • room 7: ancestral hall: madame jin with tablets of yanli and jin zixuan 
  • room 8: xichen visiting his best pal
  • slightly ooc but for comedic effect: nie huaisang sneaking on the roof 
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once again thinking about how jiang cheng’s discipline whip scars would be different from lwj’s since jiang cheng was whipped as a torture, possibly when he no longer had his golden core, and his wounds were not tended to immediately afterwards :)

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