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camilosnovia · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
My Duty
Note: Hello, it’s nice to see you again! Sorry this took awhile, also change of plans! Seems like I’m going to be sick for the rest of the week.
Plus, the reader has a gift almost like Dolores’s gift called super sight, she can see things from super far away!
Pairs: Mirabel Madrigal x Older sister! Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Angst to Fluff
Requested by: @chocotacobread
Tumblr media
"The miracle is dying, because of you!" Mirabel shouted at Alma.
After your youngest sister: Mirabel fixed her bond with her eldest sister, She and her Abuela got into an argument.
A huge crack formed between Alma and Mirabel.
"No, no, no!" Your Tía yelled. The cracks on Casita started to target the candle.
"The candle!" Your Tías husband, Tío Félix shouted, noticing the cracks were going for the candle.
The house started to shake and everyone almost fell down, you and your older sister: Isabela, grabbed Alma to prevent her from falling.
Mirabel started running towards the candle.
"Mirabel!" You shouted. What I’m earth is your sister doing?!
"Casita! Get me up there!" Your youngest sister shouted.
Casita made a staircase for Mirabel to climb.
Your primo: Camilo shapeshifted into the coffee kid to avoid the falling debris.
He then changed into José, to jump over some wooden parts.
Your older sister: Isabela used her vine to get to Mirabel.
But her door stopped shining and her powers were gone.
"Ah!" Isabela shouted when she was about to fall down the floor.
Casita got Isabela on the ground less painfully.
Camilo jumped from the second floor to get to Mirabel.
But he shapeshifted from José back to himself suddenly and fell down.
"No!" Camilo shouted and once again, Casita saved Camilo from landing painfully.
Antonio’s animals came out of his room in fear.
"Careful Antonio!" His father shouted and saved him from getting crushed by his door.
"We gotta get out of here!" Tío Félix yelled and runs for the entrance.
"Mirabel! Mirabel!" You and your mother shouted, desperately trying to get to Mirabel, but Casita prevented the both of you from doing so.
"Mirabel! We have to get out!" Your father: Agustín shouted to reach his daughter.
Casita got everyone outside. You were so worried for your sister.
"Mirabel!" You and Agustín, Julieta and Félix shouted.
"Mirabel, leave it!" Your mother shouted, worried sick for her youngest child.
"Mirabel, it’s not worth it!" You shouted, suddenly you went inside Casita again.
"Y/N!" Your Tía shouted.
"Y/N, Mirabel! The house is gonna fall!" Tío Félix (I heard Fèlix’s voice) yelled.
You avoided Casita trying to get you out. And went for Mirabel.
"Mirabel, Y/N, get out!" Julieta shouted.
"Mirabel, Y/N!" Agustín yelled for his two daughters.
Mirabel finally got the candle.
You grabbed Mirabel and jumped down, Casita made a staircase for you two to not get hurt.
You ran as fast as you could to the entrance.
You got Mirabel out, but you couldn’t save yourself.
The tower collapsed on you.
"Y/N!" Mirabel shouted while tears started kicking in.
The candle died but Mirabel didn’t care.
She threw the rocks away and desperately tried to search for your body. But your body was nowhere to be seen.
An ear piercing scream could be heard from all over the Encanto.
You were the one closest to Isabela and you knew about her not wanting to be perfect for the rest of her life.
Mirabel looked down while everyone tried to search for you.
Tears started running down her cheek.
She heard voices in her head saying "It’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault."
"Mirabel!? Where is Mirabel?!" Your crying mother questioned.
"Where is she?!" She questioned again.
“Mirabel!" Your mother shouted and running around, trying to find Mirabel with her husband.
"Mirabel!?" Tío Félix shouted.
"Mirabel!" Your Papá yelled.
Pepa’s side of the family desperately threw away the rocks trying to find you alive.
Antonio started crying while holding his mother, you were the closest to him after Mirabel.
Alma was speechless. First the house, you were gone and now Mirabel is missing.
You have now joined Pedro.
-Time Skip-
*Insert All of You*
Mirabel inserted the doorknob on the door and the house started glowing.
Everyone looked at the new house in awe.
The window started waving at the crowd.
"Hola, Casita." Mirabel waved back.
Suddenly the doors opened revealing you.
You ran towards Mirabel and embraced her.
Mirabel cried and held you tightly.
"Y/N! H-how?!" Your younger sister: Luisa questioned.
"It seems like I’m connected to Casita or some way!" You answered.
"N/N.. why did you?!" Mirabel tried to get the words out but she couldn’t since she was crying so much.
"Because I’m your older sister, Mira. It’s my duty to protect you." You answered Mirabel and hugged her again.
The whole Madrigal Family joined the hug and was interrupted by Casita making some music.
You all pulled away and Casita dragged Mirabel inside.
"Woah!" Mirabel shouted while getting dragged inside.
"Woah! Come on! Get in here!" Mirabel shouted once she was in.
Casita dragged the Madrigals and the villagers in.
People started decorating the inside and having fun.
Casita dragged the Madrigals for a picture and finally a picture with your Tío Bruno.
"Everyone, together.." Alma said.
"La Familia Madrigal!" You all shouted.
Thank you for reading!
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lalloronamuerte · 15 days ago
Things in Encanto that just HIT different
Antonio’s “I need you” to Mirabel
The waves during Surface Pressure
When Camilo got a baby head and yelled MIRABEEEEELLLL
Bruno’s little “it’s actually me” when he shows Mirabel Hernando
Camilo’s “breathe mamí”
Mirabel’s voice crack exclaiming that Bruno’s room is the WORST
“I will never be good enough for you, will I.”
Bruno’s plate
The line in Waiting On A Miracle that says “All I need is a change, all I need is a chance”
Camilo’s part in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, both in English and Español
Bruno’s eyes glowing when he does his vision
Antonio leading Mirabel to the new door like how she lead him to his
Bruno’s “There’s a lot to say about Bruno” in All Of You
In All Of You when Luisa says sometimes I cry and both Isabela and Mirabel go “SO DO I”
“Mirabel. Mirabel. MIRABEL sorry sorry”
“Think of the family!” “I was thinking of my DAUGHTER!”
Bruno’s door lighting up again
🌺a hurricane of jacarandas🌺 (or, consider, 🌼un huracán de jacarandas🌼)
Bruno’s face when he catches Mirabel from falling
“I’m sick of pretty, I want something true.”
Mirabel finally getting her door
“You’re the real gift kid, let us in.”
Add anymore that y’all feel in the comments and I’ll add some, these are just the ones that hit me in the feels
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stormyskydancer · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Literally 😂🥰
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pariahsparadise · 6 days ago
headcanon that camilo's room constantly changes. so like, one day he wakes up to find it completely transformed into an 80's type arcade, with neon lights, glowsticks, pinball machines and the like. he plays around in it all day, absolutely losing his mind and geeking out over it, and eventually falls asleep on a beanbag in the corner.
he wakes up in a cathedral.
and escapades like such ensue over the years, in a room that's constantly evolving and changing, the perfect match for it's master.
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greatmarta · a month ago
Encanto HC: Dolores' room
Dolores’ room is the perfect zen oasis. Cascading fountain. Wind chimes. Plants that rustle. A fireplace. Perhaps a collection of seashells, rustles or even a monjolo (water scoop). Things that create white noise, to put her mind at ease. Also, the room is completely sound-proof. In this space, Dolores gets to create the kind of sounds she wants to hear, without having to tune out the background noises. (In particular, the kind of background noises that indicated she would be getting a new sibling/cousin). She might possibly have a balcony or a window with multiple layers of shutters to allow some (controlled) input from the general population when she gets bored.
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yumkiwidelicious · 22 days ago
Ok,But Like...
5 years after Mirabel doesn’t get her gift and Bruno disappears, a new door appears in La Casa Madrigal. Everyone’s FREAKING OUT! 
Whose door is this?
Where did it come from? 
Pepa’s pregnant with Antonio, but the doors don’t appear til you’re 5 and this door has a B on the handle. Whose name starts with B!?
Cut to the family on a mad dash around the Encanto to find out where this obviously secret lovechild is being hidden only for 11 year old Dolores to remind everyone tio Bruno had a girlfriend before he left the family. 
“He used to sneak her in through the walls...Like the rats.”
Enter OC Carmen Serrano, Bruno’s old flame and MOTHER OF HIS CHILD, Beatriz Serrano
Carmen has no idea where or why Bruno left and had her daughter in secret
Beatriz is a poorly kept secret in the Encanto since Carmen’s unmarried and Bruno was the town jinx (WDTABeatriz)
Carmen has a LOT of resentment towards the Madrigal’s 
Pepa in particular because they used to be best friends before Bruno “ruined” the wedding.
Carmen showing up at la casita finally gets Bruno out of the walls and it’s all VERY DRAMATIC for a while. Carmen wants Beatriz to have nothing to do with the Madrigal’s and their blessing so won’t agree to have her touch the door. It’ll take bruno, Pepa, Beatriz, and all the grand kids to convince her otherwise.
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echo-bleu · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
My favorite character in Encanto was la casita, so I had to sketch it!
[ID: Digital sketch of la casa Madrigal in blue on a gray background, colored in pastel-ish tones. The second picture below is the same, but not colored.]
Tumblr media
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whinyandcheese724 · 15 days ago
since Mirabel is known to have frequent conversations with the casita, imagine Mirabel having fashion shows in her room, showing off her new outfits and skirts for the casita
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awkward-madrigals · 13 days ago
The Casa Madrigal and its inhabitants are in all similar to Hogwarts, from the Changing Stairs to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
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biancam70 · 17 days ago
I don’t know if this has been done before but someone needs to make an edit of Bruno to Last Kiss by Taylor Swift. Like him in the walls of Casita watching all his nieces and nephews grow up and seeing his family move on without him. I just think that would make me really sad.
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daisygraced · 26 days ago
Guess who finally watched Encanto and is in love with all the characters is obsessed with the animation style and storyline and almost cried three separate times whilst watching it
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lalloronamuerte · 6 days ago
POV: Me reading a fanfic and reading the line “tu madre puta” and cackling because I understood it while simultaneously falling off my chair because I understood it
Tumblr media
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united-states-of-fuck-you · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
casa madrigal!
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luzveldibujos · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In this profile We talk about Bruno ✨😈🤙🏽
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greatmarta · a month ago
The picture of Pedro Madrigal
In the Casita, there is a reasonably large portrait of Pedro. I doubt it’s a photograph, since a huge portrait of yourself is not something you bother to pack when your town is being invaded and you need to flee. For obvious reasons, no photograph could have been made of Pedro after that point. This leaves us with two possibilities: a) the portrait was conjured by Casita; b) the portrait was gifted to Alma by a fellow refugee, who painted it from memory. I kinda like option b, as I am already making my OCs residual Encanto painters, but option a seems just as likely, given the kind of rooms Casita provides for the Madrigals. What do you think?
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persa-tra-i-miei-pensieri · a month ago
Commento del cartone Encanto della Disney:
La Disney sta proseguendo il percorso che ha iniziato qualche anno fa, smettere di creare principessine che incarnano l'idea della perfezione e spingersi su temi che riguardano tutti noi e che non sono facili da inserire in un cartone come : solitudine, ansia, morte, pressione dall'ambiente esterno. Credo che con il cartone in questione, Encanto, la Disney abbia raggiunto davvero quest'obiettivo, dopo "Frozen 2" in cui Anna si ritrova sola dopo la "scomparsa" di Elsa e di Olaf e ritrova il coraggio e la forza di andare avanti e di continuare a lottare per la vita facendo un passo alla volta, e dopo "Raja e l'ultimo drago" in cui la "morte" è un vero e proprio filo conduttore dell'intera trama, dove ogni personaggio continua a vivere sperando in un miracolo che riporti in vita tutti ma soprattutto i propri cari. Ecco in Encanto si tratta proprio di far capire che la principessa perfetta non esiste, che nessuno è perfetto anche se all'apparenza potrebbe sembrarlo, che ognuno di noi ha un peso dentro che si porta dietro e forse non lo dice a nessuno, per non far preoccupere nessuno, per rendere fieri tutti di come sembra esternamente perfetto/a. Perché dico questo?! Perché sia la trama che le canzoni mettono in risalto questo aspetto.
Trama: tutti i componenti della famiglia Madrigal hanno un talento magico donatogli da una candela magica comparsa ad Abuela il giorno più buio della sua vita, giorno in cui il suo amato per proteggere lei e il resto del popolo è stato ucciso da nemici a cavallo, quindi la candela è chiaramente simbolo di speranza che non deve mai spegnersi e di rinascita, come dice la stessa Abuela è un dono per poter ricominciare daccapo, riprovarci e fare meglio. Tutti hanno un particolare talento, o come lo chiamano miracolo, tranne Mirabel, anche se io personalmente a inizio film avevo ipotizzato fosse cucire a maglia il suo dono, beh vediamo che è davvero brava cioè ha cucito il suo abito, il peluche di leopardo che ha regalato al cuginetto e poi c'è un frame in cui si vede una macchina da cucire, ma a quanto pare non è un talento ahah
Poi c'è lo zio Bruno che è odiato da tutta la famiglia perché pensano che le sue previsioni del futuro portino male e si allontana dalla famiglia per proteggere la nipote Mirabel dall'ultima previsione che ha avuto, la previsione significa che Mirabel o distruggerà la famiglia e la casa o rimetterà tutto a posto, ma in realtà non è Mirabel il personaggio che sta mandando in frantumi la magia ma Abuela che costringe tutti ad essere perfetti secondo la sua idea di perfezione ed ecco che la pressione sale all'interno di ogni personaggio in modo differente, ma soprattutto vi si focalizza sulle sorelle di Mirabel: Isabela la perfezione fatta in persona, grazia e bellezza le sue qualità e Luisa forte più di Ercole, ed è lei assolutamente il personaggio che ho preferito perché è la persona più reale di tutte, non è perfetta né nell'aspetto fisico né in ciò che tiene dentro, cioè ansia, preoccupazione, troppi pesi da dover sopportare sia metaforicamente che realmente, non piangeva mai perché gli altri non pensassero fosse debole ed ecco che si accollava tutti i pesi della famiglia e della comunità. Il culmine di questo tema è nella canzone che canta "la pressione sale":
Io non chiedo se sia dura
Faccio tutto con disinvoltura
Maestosa, fortissima, immensa, incombente
Ma dietro il mio aspetto il mio intelletto fa il funambolo, il filo è stretto
Dietro il mio aspetto c’è un prezzo che mi è imposto, il talento mi ha costretto
Si ode un crac, rumore che fa
La schiena che si spezza, non ce la farà
E sale la pressione e non conosce stop, woah
Sta pesando sempre più, sto per fare pop, woah
Dietro il mio aspetto mi sento molto in ansia e nervosa, e questo non lo ammetto
Ehi, ma si calmerà, se scenderà
Il peso delle aspettative su di me
Io vorrei davvero sentirmi in pace
Ma sento invece il peso enorme
Di pressione, tensione
Sono un palloncino che sta per fare pop, woah
Datemi pesi di ogni sorta
Ho le spalle larghe, quindi cosa importa?
Forse mi piego, ma non mi spezzo mai
Come sai
Ma anche Isabela ha un peso enorme dentro, non vuole essere sempre perfetta, vorrebbe poter cambiare, potersi esprimere a suo piacimento, e soprattutto sarebbe disposta a sposare un uomo che non ama solo perché è ciò che vuole la famiglia, solo perché insieme sarebbe perfetti secondo gli altri, ma lei non lo ama e quando lo ammette finalmente ecco che crea un cactus e non i soliti petali colorati, e così comprende che può essere di più di quel che è stata fin'ora di poter fare anche altro. Infatti in "cos'altro farò":
Quel che è dentro è un bel guaio
E se seguissi il mio cuore non temendo alcun errore?
Vorrei non fosse necessario fare tutto perfetto
Avrei modo così di esprimermi
Ma evolversi è un bene, perciò mi stupisce vedere che stai...cambiando
La vita è meravigliosa quando tu te ne riappropri
Ma anche Mirabel nonostante non abbia un peso imposto da un talento, il fatto di non avere alcun talento magico la costringe a fare di tutto per essere vista come gli altri perfetti, come tenersi tutto dentro, non dire a nessuno quanto la fanno soffrire escludendola solo perché diversa.
Così nella canzone "un miracolo" :
Non arrabbiarti nemmeno un po’
Non rattristarti, non lo farò
La mia famiglia è questa, io lo so
Mentre splende, l’ammiro da qua
Io sto bene, che c’è che non va?
La mia vita non mi va
Non resisto in camera, il peso è ormai troppo
Cresce il malumore da tempo in me
Che aspetto come sempre il mio miracolo
Sono sola, però
Non mi accontenterò
Quindi spero che avrò il dono che io
Non ho avuto mai
Voglio darne prova
E risplendere come voi
Vorrei dimostrarvelo d’ora in poi
Capire quale sia il posto mio e raggiungerlo
E ora passiamo al cambiamento, tema strettamente collegato a quello detto fin'ora ciò la comprensione del fatto che non esiste la perfezione e questo lo si nota dal confronto tra la prima canzone " la famiglia Madrigal" e l'ultima "tutti voi" :
E come gli astri delle costellazioni
Ognuno brilla di una luce unica
Confrontandola con:
Casa in frantumi, ma questa è un’occasione
Quando hai dei dubbi, mai dire mai, evvai
Questa famiglia è una costellazione
Ognuno è un astro che brilla e splende più che mai
Ma ogni stella prima o poi
Brucia e cessa di guidarvi
Così il talento in voi
Non può più ostacolarvi
E il culmine è la stessa Abuela che comprende ciò:
Non è perfetta — Chi lo è mai? — Hai ragione!
E naturalmente il cambiamento c'è anche nella metamorfosi da bruco a farfalla espressa nella canzone "Oruguitas innamorate"
Tumblr media
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alaspice · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
So I decided to make one of the Encanto doors. Her name is Ángel and her gift is her wings. I see her as a daughter of Pepa and Felix.
Pls don’t be too harsh this is my first piece of digital art. The door template is from the amazing @abby-lynn-xx
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mask131 · 20 days ago
Encanto is like...
[NOTE: This is a post for fun. I have no judgement here, and there is no accusations of any kind. I know the works I present are very different, but I just wanted to point out fun coincidences of storytelling. It’s all just a big joke, relax. Happy New Year]
Encanto is...
Tumblr media
... a story about a big supernatural family, centered around a house tied with the family’s history, and with one member of the family who is not supernatural like the rest of the clan and thus feels a bit inadequate and tries to prove themselves. It is also a story about magic disappearing and the family needing to adapt to survive. 
Just like the Elliot family of Ray Bradbury (Dark Carnival ; The October Country ; From Dust Returned).
Tumblr media
... a Hispanic story of a family dominated by an elderly matriarch figure, centered around the family house, in a village setting. It is also a story of how untold tensions, smothered feuds, putting on a face for the sake of the other people and a lack of freedom slowly cracks and breaks said family apart, while a daughter of the family has to marry and a “storm”/disasters is coming... 
Just like La Casa de Bernarda Alba, by Garcia Lorca.
Tumblr media
... a story about an unusual family of well-meaning and extraordinary people who live in a sentient house and often get involved in the life of their community. 
Just like The Addams Family
Tumblr media
... and after that I run out of other comparisons X)
Don’t hesitate to add your own funny, weird and bizarre comparisons between Encanto and... whatever you find!
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madrihoes · a month ago
“Yeah I’d like that”
Tumblr media
Y/n panted as, finally, she reached the top of the torturous stone steps leading up to the fortune tellers cave- well she called it a cave but it was probably his room.
She had heard of the Bruno Madrigal and all the rumors that came with it, warning her to be cautious and wary, but y/n didn’t care. She wanted her future told and she was gonna be a big girl about what came of it. She wasn’t going to blame the guy for what happened, she was just curious
Bruno met her at the entrance of his fortune cave- he honestly thought she was joking when she, a very pretty girl, approached him for a vision ‘but then again if it’s a bad fortune she’ll probably flip like everyone else’ he thought as she brushed off her skirts and sent him a beaming smile
“You seriously climb those stairs every time you want to go to bed- god I pity you” she spoke softly never once loosing her smile “I manage-I suppose” Bruno muttered opening the circular door to the cave and gesturing her in “after you”
Y/n span in a slow circle on the spot, taking in the small area, it was quite bleak but she supposed that it wasn’t what most people focused on in the room, she watched as Bruno started drawing a circle around her with sand and decided not to ask questions ‘he probably gets tired of people asking to detail what he’s doing’ she thought as the circle became complete.
“If you could kneel down? I’m sorry it’s just easier that way” Bruno uttered- too scared to actually push her to do what he wanted, he didn’t need ‘pushing a beautiful girl to the floor’ on his list of bad deeds the town seemed to have.
Y/n did as she was told and watched excitedly as he started his ritual, throwing sugar and salt over his shoulder and lighting sage in the four plies of sand he’d made.
He opened his hands out towards her “you might wanna hold on, it gets really windy” y/n happily put her hands in his, feeling a small spark go off at the contact. She smiled at him and said “I won’t judge what you see, I’m simply curious”
Bruno gave a small smile and breathed heavily, that’s what most people said before something bad happened.
He started to view the future and y/n gasped at the beauty of the sand storm mixed with jade she was in the center of. Then through the mist she saw images coming together:
Her holding her fathers hand on a walk
Her with a small bunch of flowers
Her cat in her arms, dead
And lastly her standing infront of La casa Madrigal
The vision stopped and Bruno caught the vision and closed his eyes- ready for the enslaught of negativity, the poor girl would loose her cat and she would blame it on him- just like the lady with the goldfish
She sighed and whispered “I knew he was gonna go soon” and he looked up, she wasn’t shouting or breaking the vision- she was simply looking at it and smiling softly
Y/n looked up at Bruno and said “I wonder why I’m standing infront of your casa? Maybe I come back for more visions? I wouldn’t mind it- they’re very beautiful” and Bruno felt his heart beat faster
This girl
This beautiful girl, had received a bad vision- and wasnt blaming him, wasn’t shouting and crying but saying she would come back.
But not for his sisters and not for his Mamí but for him.
He felt himself smiling softly and stood, offering her a hand- “yeah” he muttered “I’d like that a lot actually, maybe I’ll do something about the stairs for next time” she giggled and held his hand again “maybe a pulley system” she held the vision out to him “so you keep these or should I take it with me?”
Y/n watched as he pondered on it then pushed the vision back to her “you should keep it miss Er” “Y/n, just Y/n to you” they chuckled and Bruno felt a small surge of courage
“Could I possibly walk you home? If you don’t mind that is” Bruno rambled ‘she wouldn’t want you to walk her back, imagine the villagers reactions’ she grabbed his hand once more and headed for the cave door
“Yeah, I’d like that”
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dos-oroguitas · 23 days ago
madrigal grandkids in minecraft headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would be off to a flowery hills/ plains biome in order to pick flowers and.. get a bucket of lava? Not sure where she's going with this but anyway..
Usually in the nether? for some reason? Maybe she likes the flora there.
Most likely be armor-less with bonemeal and flowers the only things in her inventory.
She wouldn't be the builder, rather she'd be the decorator. She would fill the Minecraft houses up with flowers.
Favorite flowers? Probably Allium, Cornflowers, and the Wither rose.
Bonus (flower?) block: Cactus
If her builds get destroyed, she will lure you into a false sense of security and then place lava on your feet.
Aesthetic skin for her character.
Luisa would most likely be the one who gets her siblings and cousins some gear.
Most likely to be decked out in armor. And in the first in game day no less.
Storage room extraordinaire. Luisa would most likely have an auto-smelt/ auto storage room system.
Would probably be in charge of fighting mobs, especially when it comes to Isabela who's practically running around and only armed with flowers.. plus a bucket full of lava.
The actual builder of La Casa Madrigal in Minecraft.
Inventory is filled with different blocks to build, build, build.
Especially loves the loom and would most likely hoard sheep wool to make pretty banners. Most probably would make pixel art or banner art in Minecraft.
Most likely to die first in game. Probably from running around and not seeing a massive ravine in her path.
"Ay! How should I know that the ravine was right there!"
Probably has Mizuno's texture pack installed.
Has a YouTube tab open for relaxing songs to vibe with while playing Minecraft.
Probably tamed a parrot so she could quickly be informed of nearby mobs.
Absolutely loves note blocks and the juke box, pig step supremacy.
Fills her Minecraft room with parrots.
Mutes the group call since it's always composed of Camilo shouting that he was being chased by mobs, and Mirabel and Isabela arguing about their builds.
Has his siblings/ cousins skins saved in a folder so he would trick them in game, to give them free stuff.
Most likely to rig someone's base with red stone connected to bells he stole from villages he passes by. Only to annoy.
Though he would accidentally manage to set a build on fire..
He was promptly banned by Isabela before he begged to be let in again with the condition he'd be careful.
Would probably get lost since he can't figure out how to navigate with the coordinates. Even with the help of the compass.
/spawn or /teleport is on because Camilo can't find his way back when he wanders around.
Randomly attacks his Tio Bruno.
Sweet little baby Antonio would have tamed every tamable mob in Minecraft.
Of course with the help of Mirabel.
His Minecraft room has every mob you can think of. From ocelots to axlotls. It's crowded but he says he likes it that way.
With the help of Camilo, he manages to build cozy homes for each mob.
Constantly has dogs following him everywhere he goes.
The baby uses default Steve Skin.
Bonds with the kids in this block game.
Lives in a square dirt shack next to Mirabel's gorgeous and aesthetic build with a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.
Most likely to wear only leather armor he finds while looting the villages with the kids because for the life of him he can't figure out how to craft other upgraded armors.
Probably has the 'Rats Mod' installed.
Can never understand why he's being attacked by Camilo but just goes along with it since hey, it's bonding with the kids!
Achievement unlocked: Best Tio Ever.
Tumblr media
Don't ask how I came up with this. I was playing Minecraft then poof! Headcanons.
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