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neo--queen--serenity · 23 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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lalloronamuerte · 16 days ago
Things in Encanto that just HIT different
Antonio’s “I need you” to Mirabel
The waves during Surface Pressure
When Camilo got a baby head and yelled MIRABEEEEELLLL
Bruno’s little “it’s actually me” when he shows Mirabel Hernando
Camilo’s “breathe mamí”
Mirabel’s voice crack exclaiming that Bruno’s room is the WORST
“I will never be good enough for you, will I.”
Bruno’s plate
The line in Waiting On A Miracle that says “All I need is a change, all I need is a chance”
Camilo’s part in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, both in English and Español
Bruno’s eyes glowing when he does his vision
Antonio leading Mirabel to the new door like how she lead him to his
Bruno’s “There’s a lot to say about Bruno” in All Of You
In All Of You when Luisa says sometimes I cry and both Isabela and Mirabel go “SO DO I”
“Mirabel. Mirabel. MIRABEL sorry sorry”
“Think of the family!” “I was thinking of my DAUGHTER!”
Bruno’s door lighting up again
🌺a hurricane of jacarandas🌺 (or, consider, 🌼un huracán de jacarandas🌼)
Bruno’s face when he catches Mirabel from falling
“I’m sick of pretty, I want something true.”
Mirabel finally getting her door
“You’re the real gift kid, let us in.”
Add anymore that y’all feel in the comments and I’ll add some, these are just the ones that hit me in the feels
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petal-matriarch · 27 days ago
i love encanto so much that im posting about it after months of doing nothing here.
La Casita can't interact with any of the Madrigal's rooms. After Mirabel's gifting ceremony, it wasn't uncommon for her to cry herself to sleep, whenever she did Casita would gently rock the bed with the floor wood planks in the nursery. Mirabel was alone in the nursery for five years before Antonio was born, during the times where she felt the most isolated and alone Castia was there for her.
Mirabel is the only Madrigal that talks to La Castia as if it where a person, waving goodbye when leaving into the village and being the first to greet it when Castia returned.
there must of been long nights of talking to and comforting from Castia that must of made Mirabel feel less alone in her family. When about to fall into what she thinks is a bottomless pit after chasing tio Bruno, Mirabel calls out to no one other than La Casita.
i just love how the creators put so much effort into the relationship between a girl and her sentient house. i know Mirabel woke up feeling just a bit more loved when Castia would great her with unconditional love.
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blu3bub · 26 days ago
knock, knock, knock on wood. (A Bruno x FEM!Reader story)
Tumblr media
(word count: 2140)
chapter 0 here!
“Oi! Y/N!” A voice chants outside the now finished Y/N’s window.
With a held breath in and her muscles tense, she embroiders the last flower together in with the baskets unique weaving pattern. “Just… un Segundo…”
The flowers stem in and around the coconut fiber, careful to make it look perfect in every way. The green empathizing with the light brown fizzing about, everything just melting in to one beautiful masterpiece.
“Senorita! They kind of need it now?” The voice raises itself to be heard clearer – which seems to be working this time.
“I’m coming! I’m coming!”
Y/N reaches her hand out, sweeping the basket up and in glee spins around. The happiness and relief of finishing the piece painted on her facial features. Smile big, raised eyebrows, it’s almost like the skin around are forced to be thrown out by the more dominating features.
She steps out to her door, opening it up to a familiar face. Señora Luciana.
“That surely did take its time. Ai, Y/N, did you do it last minute yet again?” Luciana can see the stress’ marks that it had left behind on Y/N’s joyful face in all types of ways. Sweat, all kinds of colors stained up her arms and cheeks, dirt almost functioning as natural bronzer, and… was that a tear?
“No, señora, I-“
Luciana sends her a glare, capable of killing a hoard of cows and sure will kill a person, let alone vulnerable Y/N. She crosses her arms and look her up and down. “Dios mìo, Y/N.”
“I’m… sorry.” Y/n hesitates, putting on an angel-like look, the halo barely there to be seen however you can easily imagine one gleaming above her messy up-do of hair. “The… basket? :D”
Luciana grabs the basket by its handles. “Get cleaned up, Y/N, I expect you to be ready in 5”
And there the frightening glare comes yet again. Almost like a laser beam cutting over the tension like it was nothing, though the thickness growing.
“5- 5 is fine! Pshh… easily.” Y/n tries to resurrect her now dissembled confidence.
“AI! Okay! I- “
And with that, Y/N’s own door gets shut in her face. The clock immediately offering her to dance along to the loud ticking from the grandfather clock, intimidatingly raising it’s whispering for every second that passes, and she has yet to be done. Time pressuring her in between suffocating walls closing around her.
And while Y/N yet again stresses her way through her perhaps last living seconds, life at la casita seems to be for once calmer.
“Dolores, take your cousin Louisa to her room, get her dressed, will you?” Abuela says while she puts out the last few plates on the wooden table.
“Si, abuela!”
“Oh, let med help you, Abuela!” Felix swoons in, grabbing the silverware with his as usual big smile. His curls bouncing carelessly as he hums and sways around.
Perfect melody caressing the already cheerful and calm atmosphere.
The kids playing alongside la casita and changing Louisa, small pep talks and playful aura. Felix helping abuela with the table, chatting about what’s to come. Pepa sitting together with Julieta in the kitchen, exhausted as two pregnant women can be. Agustine running back and forth taking order on how to cook the food by the two women, slightly stressed but in a controlled kind of way.
Everybody was happily helping.
Actually… not… everybody.  
The everybody was missing – and by that, I mean that the everybody we were missing were Bruno. Bruno, the distant and most misunderstood family member. The goofy uncle. The clumsy brother. The “fortune teller.” The only single within his sibling circle, and he sure did make way for that to stay the truth for eternity and on.
Bruno is an introverted extrovert, a man true to his word – literally. He is the Madrigal that can tell you what’s ahead and what to be aware of, and although his gift is as incredible as the others’, people tend to forget he doesn’t control the future, he merely predicts it – and once predicted, there won’t be a lot to do to avoid such circumstance.
Let’s say – he isn’t everybody’s favorite madrigal – if anyone’s.
And the truth is, he is hated for what he can’t change, for what is supposed to be his “gift.” People bothered by him every day, not to mention the long walk up the stairs in his room to then just find out the future isn’t exactly what you hoped.
The only person who doesn’t seem to be affected by this fact is the man himself. Bruno Madrigal. The third triplet.
No, today he is completely unbothered.
Shoulders up high, heel after heel leading him down to the kitchen into the comforting energy and wonderful smell of menu del día. A grin shining from his rather tired looking face.
“Hello there famili-!”
And with that short sentence the atmosphere changes.
A pan falls, food flying in the air. Agustine barely on his feet grabbing out and trying to clasp around anything to support him. Rattling kitchen tools landing on the floor, la casita catching every single piece.
“What is happening?!”  Abuela yells.
“Ai, low voice, abuela!” Pepa shrieks as she covers her ears and as she does, tea spills all over her and Julieta’s lap, granted to be a 1st degree burn at least.
“Mi vida-!”
In the background, out from the furthest back of the building in the nursery room, a crying Luisa and a whining Dolores apologizing over and over can be heard as loudly as if they were right in the room beside them.
“Mama!! Tia Julieta! Luisa is impossible!”
“SHHH, LuiSA-“
“Girls! Quiet down!” Abuela yells yet again.
“Abuela!” Pepa, Julieta and Felix say in union.
That’s when Bruno reads the queue to leave. The smirk he had washed away together with his uplifting shoulders. Now both were hanging as low as his eye bags. Whatever glee he had saved up to give onto his family is gone.
His heels turning and leading him on out the door, out to in front of the house. La casita making sure the door opens and closes in a quick pace to help him out.
“Way to go, Bruno…” He mumbles to himself while he clenches his fists.
La casita concerningly lift bricks beneath him, nudging him to his sides, a caring move to show that it cares about him. Bruno of course understands this.
“I’m fine, casita.”
The house once more nudges him on. Clinking trying to communicate with this gloomy figure upon its body – trying is the key word.
The man pushes a hair strand behind his ear and fixes his clothing. Pushing his feet into his sandals further just to make sure they were on right. He doesn’t want to make himself look more of a fool.
“Who would ever think that Bruno was ever a good person? Not the atmosphere!” Bruno says to himself, turning his head to the side, kicking a stone off the step.
He puts upon his hood. “We think you’re a good person!” he imitates a strange voice.
“Yes, we do!” Yet another strange voice comes out of him.
Bruno sighs to himself. “Thank you, Hernando and Jorge.” He pulls his hood off again, hair poofing to every direction.
“Who’s… Hernando?” A voice sneaks up on Bruno – No, doesn’t sneak. It has been standing there, watching him the whole time. The time being from when he stepped out to now. And to surprise, this voice isn’t just something he is making up, it’s in front of him. The it being a her, a woman, Y/N Y/L/N.
“Uh- eh-“ Bruno stammers, his hands clamming to each other, anxiously fiddling with one another, trying to come up with a response. “Hernando- is-… eh-“
Y/N tilts her head, looking curiously on the mentally troubled man in front of her. Popcorn thoughts beginning to pop left and right.
God, he looks tired. Is he okay? Is it the way I look? Is he looking at me at all? Do I have dirt on my face? Did I leave the shower running?
“you see... he is- uh- no its more of uh-“ Bruno fumbles with his words, wheeling his now sweaty hands around trying to refresh his brain, start a chain reaction of thoughts in his head, however he is left with an empty mind and one thought alone.
Who is she?
The two staring at each other, silence growing bigger for every awkward “eh” leaving Bruno’s lips. His face copying the tension, reddening every inch of his mocha-colored skin. Y/N’s head building up to a pile of popcorn corns, popping on top of the other, filling up until there is no room for more.
“Eh-“ He pulls a hand to the back of his head.
A crowd forms behind the feminine figure in front of Bruno. The towns people carrying sparkling smiles and joy filled eyes as well as a present for each 7th head, all coming towards la casita.
“Oi! Y/N!”
Y/N? Oh! I know! Y/n Y/L/N! Of course… of course…
Bruno claims his mental victory with a small smirk sprouting upon his tomato head, almost forgetting the awful and painful – awkward and confusing – atmosphere. Almost.
“Bruno, what are you tryi-“ Y/N’s head still tilted though now her body turned slightly towards the person calling her name.
“Bruno! Where are you! Bru- Where is he when you need him?!” Bruno hears Pepa speak in a rather defeated tone from behind the doors, the ones he is almost leaning up against in search out of the situation.
“Oh! You hear that- someone is calling- better go now! Sorry!” He hurries to open the door. “Sorry! Sorry!” And as fast as he opened the door, as fast he closes the door. “Sorry!”
“Tïo Bruno!” Isabela exclaims out of surprise looking at her crow-backed uncle hiding behind the big wooden door.
Bruno jolts up and turns quickly on his heels once again. And although he is fast acting, he uses a good 5 seconds before having a reaction to his little niece.
“If it isn’t the birthday girl!” His arms spread out, ready to receive a hug from his dear niece. “Come on, give tìo Bruno a hug.”
The girl runs towards her uncle, jumping into a soft embrace leading into a twirl full of giggles and chuckles. Bruno holding Isabela up in the air, acting as if she weighed nothing though his scrawny and thin arms aching to let go.
“Happy birthday, mi Girasol!” He blissfully says with his smile growing wider, examining his nieces gorgeous face decorated in flowers. “What a beautiful get up!”
Isabela giggles. “You’re missing something!”
And with a swish she grows a flower to put behind Bruno’s ear under his disaster of curls. “You look so pretty! Like a princess!”
“I’m a princess? Mi Girasol, it’s your birthday! You’re the princess.”
“No you are!”
“I am?”
“You are a pretty princess!” Her eyes big with an irresistible pout.
Bruno laughs light-heartly. “Fine. I’m a pretty princess.” He rolls his eyes jokingly.
They join in for another close embrace.
Isabela has always seen the good in Bruno although everybody told her otherwise. When Bruno is at his lowest, she would and still will always come to rescue with her vaguely bad jokes that they - despite the quality of the joke not always being good – will no matter the time or space laugh about and enjoy together. The two of them has always had an unspoken bond that originated from back when Isabela could first understand words. Ironically the most loved and the most … unliked… family member of the whole bunch.
The one thing Bruno has, that no other can claim to have and is envied.
“Awwwww!” The crowd awes in union.
Without the two noticing, la casita had let the doors open wide, letting the town people see the sweet sentimental moment between the two opposites poles.
“diOS Mío!” Bruno clenches on tight to Isabela, hiding her in his arms like he is protecting her as a mother bear would protect a cub from a threat. His anxious heart pounding fast.
“It’s alright, tío Bruno!” Isabela snickers.
“nO-“ His voice cracks.
“We have gifts for the birthday chica, Isabela” Y/N sparkle.
“PRESENTS!” Isabela yells excitedly, wiggling her body out of Bruno’s hug to run out and collect her gifts.
Bruno forced to let go, turning his heels yet again to meet the same face as he did before. The woman he had heard so much about from his sister Pepa and her husband Felix.  Y/N Y/L/N. A name assigned to the right owner, a puzzle piece finding it’s place within the others around.
So, this is Y/N Y/L/N.
next chapter
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c0baltist · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
angry isa 😵‍💫 i love drawing expressions, especially ones i feel are related to the character
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lolita-lollipop · 23 days ago
I kindly demand yandere Luisa headcanons! I have become obsessed with big muscle woman!
Wasn’t sure if you meant romantic or platonic, so I just did platonic.
Tumblr media
-Luisa is the strongest in the family, she’s the stronghold, the pillar that supports anybody and everybody. So I feel like her daughter (you), would be quite the exact opposite. After you’re born, everyone elses problems don’t matter, you’re the only thing that ever crosses her mind. Instead of being strong and firm, your personality develops as shy and held back, almost antisocial.
-luisas husband went missing not long after she gave birth to you, so it was always just you and her. Ever since you could talk you’ve been so polite, and sweet, you never were able to demand things of anyone, never able to say a mean word (unlike her older sister isabelas kids). You got along with everybody, she’s always seen you as some sweet little inncoent baby, even after you turned 15.
-You know the whole “protect the family” thing, where they’d o everything for the family and stuff. You just strengthened taht, because you’re part of the family, so of course Luisa does everything for you.
-although Luisa looks really menacing and ya know, strong, she’s the softest cuddle bear ever, when you were a baby, the entire family would do nothing but look at the two of you in awe whenever she held yoi. Because that hard- as- stone exterior that she holds up 24/7 just crumbles completely. She cooes and hold you like you are nothing but a glass doll.
-unlike any of the kids before they get their gifts who sleep int wh nursery, Luisa has you sleep in a little bed next to her own. Nighttime is the only real time where Luisa gets to be alone, and is the time where her internalized anxiety comes out, she likes having her cute little daughter there, her hija, just the sight of you will calm her eye twitching, sometimes when she shamefully feels weak, she’ll pick you right up from your bed and hold you close in hers, just like when you were a baby.
-when it comes time that you get your own door, and your own room, she’s nervous, and excited. She might not show it to anyone but you, but she worried a lot, what if you don’t get a gift? What if you won’t feel as special as you are? What if thsi is all to much for her sweet little baby? She’s right by your side as you open the door, and boy is she relieved that you not only got a gift, but one that suits you, and is not dangerous.
-she desperately wants to be a cool mom, all of your village friends love coming over to la casita because Luisa is always there to show off your baby photos, or demonstrate he strength by juggling them high in the air. It’s pretty embarrassing for you, and she’ll tease you about it later, but you always know she loves you.
-do jot piss this woman off, that’s the rule that the entire village follows, and you do to. Of course your rules with her are more along the lines of “don’t grow up” or “don’t go anywhere without your mama”. This woman is buff, and very very strong, meaning she can overpower you any second of the day. If she decides that you are trying to be more grown up than you are, or that you’re breaking her rules, she’s will just pluck you right up and tuck you between her arms. Sometimes she might throw you over her shoulder like a sack of potato’s
-she is perfectly fine with manhandling you any time she wants, she takes no shit form anybody- especially when the shit is aimed towards you. You sneak out to go to the stream with your friends? She’s hauling your ass out of the water in no time. Your arguing with her about how she shouldn’t get to barge in your room whenever she wants? She’ll pick you right up and hug you tight till you eventually give up and let her.
-la casita doesn’t help you at all either, its almost like the stupid living house agrees with Luisa about how you should be protected. It alerts her of everything you do around the house, and cousin Dolores can hear your every move, every breath, and every footstep, so nothing gets past her, and shes what you could call a blabbermouth.
-Luisa is not a fan of punishments, because she doesn’t really know her own strength, she knows she’s string of course, but now really how strong. I can see her trying to give you time-out and then getting worried that you’ll hate her. Any physical punishments she tries to give you end in pure chaos, because she overestimates how much you can take, and she probably accidentally breaks a few bones of yours, which are then swiftly healed by your abuelita, but she’s still very very sorry.
*cuddles/domestic things*
-hugs, lots and lots of back crushing, warm hugs. You’re really the only person she feels that she can be soft with, that and her littlest sister (your favorite auntie). You can’t help but find comfort in them as you grow up, she’s so warm.
-braids, ponytails, curls, or flat out buzzed, Luisa lives, and I mean LOVES doing your hair. She finds it so soothing to run her fingers through it, and tease it into hairstyles, it’s one of your many bonding moments.
-so all the characters have some kindof customary outfit to their personalities, like how isabela has that pretty purple dress. I feel like Luisa will pick out your clothes, and unless you protest a lot about it, she’s gonna be dressing you up in long skirts and frilly shirts all the time. It kinda just shows your personality through your clothes.
-honey. There is absolutely no way that you’re doing any kindof heavy lifting ever, she will scold you if you so much as try to lift a plant pot.
-I feel like you’re power would be the ability to form til water, because it just feels fitting to how you’re personality is displayed.
-the whole family loves you just as much as Luisa does, protecting you and keeping you safe, even the casita will guard you from any impending danger. No one can hurt you here, no one would ever lay a finger on you,
Of course they wouldn’t let anyone try
Shsnshsjjsjss I literally cried so much during encanto, I was just sobbing under my blanket.
I still live it though, please tell me what you think of this! Im looking for some criticism right now so I can improve on my writing!
Than you for requesting, have a wonderful day today!
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pariahsparadise · 6 days ago
headcanon that camilo's room constantly changes. so like, one day he wakes up to find it completely transformed into an 80's type arcade, with neon lights, glowsticks, pinball machines and the like. he plays around in it all day, absolutely losing his mind and geeking out over it, and eventually falls asleep on a beanbag in the corner.
he wakes up in a cathedral.
and escapades like such ensue over the years, in a room that's constantly evolving and changing, the perfect match for it's master.
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t00niez-t0wer · 28 days ago
Y’all know how in Encanto when Mirabel and Abuela Alma are arguing and right before la casita collapses Mirabel tells abuela that “the magic is dying because of you!!”?? I just realized that Mirabel just voiced Abuela’s worst fear:
Not only is her one place of refuge failing and dying because of the pressure she’s placed on each family member (and herself), but Alma blames herself for Pedro’s death too. Pedro died trying to protect her and the triplets; in doing so his sacrifice or even himself became the miracle/casita to continue protecting the people he loved most. Now la casita is beginning to crumble and if it’s destroyed then so is the last connection Alma has to her husband.
So, when mirabel blames Alma for the cracks and the magic fading, she’s acknowledging what Alma is most afraid of. Pedro died because of her, and if she can’t protect her family and the miracle, his death will have been for nothing.
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mmdisney200 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto deluxe doll set ✨
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baambastic · 20 days ago
Encanto HC: Even before he left, Bruno would hide in the walls to get away from the family and the town whenever he felt really overwhelmed or one of his prophecies went south. On the day of Pepa’s wedding, he hid in there for hours, really worrying everyone. Except Dolores. She was the only person who knew about Bruno’s habit of hiding in the walls, but she kept his secret because she could really empathize with the feeling of being overwhelmed and needing a place to get away from it all.
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panspy · a month ago
Tumblr media
my mother inspired me to make this. please zoom
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neo--queen--serenity · 19 days ago
Thinking about when Luisa tells Mirabel, “last night—when you saw the cracks—I felt weak,” I was struck by how she said “WHEN,” not “if,” not once questioning if what Mirabel said was true, and how it’s the first, possibly the only time she got verbal affirmation that someone in her family believed her and took her seriously the night she told them something was wrong with La Casita.
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lalloronamuerte · 3 days ago
So we all know that Surface Pressure is the oldest sister’s anthem. But also, consider this:
Mentally ill kid trying to live up to everyday expectations of a family that doesn’t understand mental illness. Completely ignoring their own needs to be seen as normal as possible to their family. Not talking about anything or not bring anything up because they wouldn’t get it. Taking on way too much responsibility to make up for being different.
Like take me for example. Imagine a tiny autistic girl with anxiety and constantly shaking hands singing this.
“I’m pretty sure I’m worthless if I can’t be of service”
If I have to break for my mental health I’m worthless
“Who am I if I can’t carry it all, if I falter”
What worth am I if I can’t keep my disabilities in check
“Under the surface, I hide my nerves and it worsens as I worry something is gonna hurt us”
The little voice in your head trying to keep you from experiencing trauma again
“Give it to your sister and never wonder, if the same pressure would pull you under”
If just trying to live like a normal person was as hard for you as it is for me would you succumb to the pressure.
Just saying.
Tumblr media
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iseverelydislikeeveryone · 28 days ago
No cause Casita could've gave Mirabel a regular roomfor herself. Didn't have to be magical. But no, poor girl had to stay in the NURSERY
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blu3bub · 21 days ago
knock, knock, knock on wood. (A Bruno x FEM!Reader story)
Tumblr media
(word count: 1988) warning: sad and stressed Bruno :c
chapter 0 here!
The music has stopped hours ago, the town sleeping heavily, not a soul in sight in the streets of the village, only Y/Ns lost one.
All she had done the whole day was work, work, and utterly more work after giving the basket to its rightful owner. Hardworking is a word that will be used over and over to describe the most wonderful Y/N. Nobody in town has anything to say about her other than that one word.  She has always been hardworking even in her younger days where all she could do was stack blocks.
But sometimes work is hard.
That’s the times where Y/N always searches for her very own spot, one where very few knows its placement – or even that it exists. She has never seen anyone there besides the people she had invited to come with her which was VERY FEW.
It’s her one and only safe place – and she is heading there. A ruana tight around her neck, the hood hiding Y/N’s face. Her feet quickly to move her whole body out of the reach of the city’s lights, lighting her own candle to guide her in between palm trees and bushes full of wild plants.
Everybody Is sleeping, so there was no worry about hiding the light. Nobody was there to notice her anyway… right?
No… not everybody.
“What if I just… wore silencing shoes! Or none! Then I wouldn’t be noticed. Could that be it?” Bruno argues with himself.
He feels restless as always, though tonight it’s especially hard to sleep for him. Not for any apparent reason he can put words on – It was just hard. Perhaps it’s the burden of knowing what’s to come next – or the exact opposite. Bruno could know what’s t come but he is too scared to see because he knows what happens when people get their future told, and he can’t risk his self-worth any more than he does.
“Where do I even get such shoes? Marco? … heh… Polo?” The man walks around the kitchen chuckling in search of a midnight snack, which in doing so he looks out through the window from where he is standing in front of a kitchen counter.
That’s when he spots the candlelight.
What is that?
Y/N hopping by the last few sprouts that lead up to the small pond, humming and lightly bobbing with her head of course doesn’t notice the middle-aged man. She was lost in thought like a needle in a haystack, thinking about the ways of plants and what not. Everything but work. This is her only break and she sure damn will appreciate it.
She has always felt trapped in stress and pressure from being the daughter of her oh so wonderful parents, but now when mama died a few years ago and papa retired, barely hanging on to a thread, the whole business of theirs and responsibilities were laid upon their kid, Y/N Y/L/N.
Though Y/N never complains, how could she? A well-rounded business with decent pay and a respectable social status just being dropped in her hands without a sweat drop from her. She is grateful, of course she is, but as well as a decent future in front of, there is also a reassured stress to be for every hour awake, and well – being Y/N, kind-hearted, it’s doomed to be hard.
She has a dream of a family, however not just any family – a family LIKE the Madrigals. That doesn’t mean she wants children – or a whole family tree for that matter – Y/N just wants a place to call home where she can hear other sounds than that stupid grandfather clock.  It also means that she doesn’t necessarily want to be a part of the Madrigals, even though that’s what her parents always wanted her to be.
All the times where they tried to convince her to talk with Bruno Madrigal – going all the way back when she was 5, Bruno being 10 at the time – but what did her parents think? Poor Bruno was always occupied, busy – maybe that was why they liked him, because he was and are like them. No matter what it wouldn’t have been something, he was five years older. That difference may look okay now but back then it was a horribly big difference, her parents HAD to give up. And they did.
No, all Y/N wants is peace and silence, and that is what she intended to get here by the pond. Emphasis on intended.
The trees dance in the wind, letting go of their weak leaves and letting them get on with their own short-timed life to create anew. A hoard of pond skaters levitating on the black mirror surrounded by high clutches of bullrushes. Butterflies flying in between the tall grass in search of nectar.
Y/N makes her way through the trampled pathway leading from behind the trees to a dilapidated bench by the beautiful pond. The wooden bench being overgrown in light moss with vines crawling from the feet to the backrest.
The only thing odd about this gorgeous nature scene is the seemingly misplaced picnic basket beside the furthest, steel foot of the bench, though it accents the mood, lightening it.  
The feminine figure sits down and picks this weaved basket up, pulling out a rather thick book wrapped in leather to protect it from the bugs living around the area. Her body going from tense to relaxed within few seconds, placing the light besides her and pulling her hood off.
This is where Bruno, the one and only prophecy man makes a mistake of moving his foot behind the other. He had followed her through the trees as fast and quiet as he could, making an effort in trying out his “quiet feet”-no-shoe method, however the thought had maybe its faults here and there for he had bare feet, exposed to all sharp things – and well he so happens to be in between bushes.
The quiet feet idea perhaps wasn’t the…
… best.
In shock Y/N throws her book out in front of her, it landing mid pond, sinking to the bottom in matter of seconds, knocking the light over besides her together with the basket. The candle rolling into the edge of the water, making it go out – leaving the two shocked figures in the dark.
Bruno hopping on one foot, his balance out of control, and Y/N searching for her light source so she can see whoever interrupted her peace. Two does struggling to stand on ice – or rather the mud around the little water hole.
“Where is-“
And there the two clash.
Bruno lost his battle to balance, making him fall face first towards the pond, the poor Y/N mid standing-up motion getting overthrown by the much heavier impact motion landing right in top of her. Her back planting straight down the filthy mud while his whole front body hits hers, rolling slightly off to the side right beneath the tip of the bench.
In response of falling Bruno grabs what’s closest, unfortunately for both Y/N and him – he grabbed onto the person right beside him.
“Get OFF!”
Of course, Y/Ns’ body flight or fight reaction activates quicker than any rational thought, so what follows doesn’t hold a single thought-process other than “escape and survive.”
“ArGh-“ Her hand slams harshly into Bruno’s already weak chest, making the poor man cram together, his head hitting into what appears to be “the other persons” shoulder blade.
“AUCH!” His hand pulls towards his now hurt eye socket, dashing Y/ns’ side in the process.
Their screams and yells out of pure pain and panic repeats and repeats until Bruno finally let’s go of her, in which Y/Ns’ body loses all sense of balance, rolling – no gliding - into the pond. Bruno left with both his eye and chest aching in pain, now grabbing onto the bench, grounding and stabilizing him, while Y/N splashes her way up and out of the pond, luckily for her it’s not even knee-deep.
A moment of silence and panting as well as light moaning gets the two of them to a point of somewhat calmness – at least enough to speak to each other.
“Who are you?!” Y/N yells out, rubbing her eyes trying to get a vision of his silhouette, though with the trees above tightly closing in under the sky, the moons light doesn’t reach them beneath.
“Eh-“ He groans in response, head not working quite right.
“Why were you spying on me?!”
“I- You see-“
“No forget that-“
Y/N rubs her eyes again.
“Who are you?! … Is it you Donatello?!”
“Who’s Donatello?!”
The confusion and frustration hanging heavily, though with a bit of luck, the wind takes a hold of the leaves above them, letting the light hit just the right number of seconds for both to see who the other is.
And with that, they call out in union.
You have to be kidding me.
Y/N looks around shortly for her things. All she wants now is a break from this break, to run away and hide, but without wanting to admit it, Y/N was embarrassed rather than pissed, though her words and thoughts convince otherwise.
Bruno on the other hand – the last person to be able to hide his feelings, which is ironic to some points. No, he isn’t pissed, why would he be? However, he was not embarrassed either, no, he is beyond that. An indescribable feeling that builds for every silent moment he feels her eyes eyeing him in raw anger.
“I’m sorry- I’m so so so sorry-“ Bruno apologizes while the pain in his eye starts getting worse.
The light hits him once again, which is where Y/N spots Bruno’s eye. Swollen, starting to miscolor, a sprung blood vessel, and starting to fill up with tears in the corner of both his eyes.
“I’m sorry- I just saw you and I thought ‘Hey Bruno lets go and-“
“Your eye!”
This takes Bruno by surprise. In matter of few seconds Y/N’s face expressions goes from mad to concerned – but not concerned in a way that it seems pretentious or … meaningless. This is a different look. A genuine worried and shocked look. A face he hasn’t seen on a person in years, not one that has been towards himself and not the others around him who’s been a victim to his chaos of a life.
“Are you okay?” Y/N selflessly forgets herself in a act of kindness, moving her body towards him to get a closer look. “It looks serious!”
Bruno is left speechless with emotions overwhelming him more than he already is. The feeling of being overstimulated rushing over him making him break. Tears spilling out in two waterfalls.
“I- Sorry-“ Is the only few whines that is able to leave his lips.
“It’s okay”
And as if you wouldn’t think it’s possible, Bruno cracks open in two once again.
“Do-Do you need a hu-“
And with that, the chaos comes to the last finishing climax. Bruno latches onto Y/N quicker than he is able to think about his actions, pulling her extremely close.
Y/N surprised and concerned returns the favor after a few seconds of reacting time.
The night still young, wind blowing above them, flashing light upon the top of their heads, grass tumbling together with the whistling leaves, though it is as if time stops.
Bruno caught up in emotions trying to deal with them and his aching pain in his eye. And although his body rings in agony, he feels strangely glad. It feels for him that he is finally able to exist, that he is finally more than a miracle or perhaps less of a miracle. Enough to feel human and being so with a stranger.
He feels at home.
“Do you think señora Julieta perhaps some food we could get to heal you…?”
next chapter
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thedarkisnight · 13 days ago
Viva La Casita
Can we just talk for a minute about how much Casita loves the Madrigals? It’s constantly taking care of them, giving them just what they need in the moment, getting ready for celebrations, making sure they get where they need to go. 
And even at the end, when it’s literally falling apart, it’s still trying to help and protect them. Maribel asks for a way up and it rips it’s railing out of place to give her a ladder. Camilo and Isabela are racing to try and help Mirabel get to the candle and when their powers run out La Casita deliberately moves to save them and break their falls. 
Meanwhile, it’s also getting everyone else to safety, physically forcing them out as the last thing it can do to protect them. Even Bruno - you want me to believe he busted his way through a wall with just a bucket helmet? Na-uh. Casita had to have helped make a hole. 
And Mirabel - still inside and not quite able to reach the candle but trying so hard. La Casita is actively collapsing and still tries to give Mirabel a little push towards the candle. And once she’s got it, La Casita see’s her safely down to the ground. It’s last actions, even while being destroyed are to protect the Madrigals, and Maribel especially. 
And I haven’t seen anybody talking about it yet and I think it needs to be talked about. 
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greatmarta · 2 months ago
Random Encanto thought: do you think Casita influences who gets inside? Like, does she boot unwelcomed guests? Did she try to intimate the boys who pursued Julieta and Pepa?
Further random thought: Should we be referring to Casita as a “she”, as the “a” at the end indicates? Or, assuming the spirit of the grandfather lives inside the house, perhaps “he” would be more appropriate? Or perhaps “they” – the spirit of the grandfather aided by La Muerte?
Upper Power, I am debating personal pronouns of a house. Let’s just stick to La Casita unless the movie says otherwise.
BTW Pepa is short for Josefina, yes? Julieta and Josefina is a fine sister set :-)
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On this blog... It's okay to talk about Bruno.
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foxybananaaaz · 7 days ago
If I had a nickle for every sentient house I came in contact with via fiction(book/tv/movie) in 2021,
Tumblr media
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cutestrawberrycat · a month ago
Casita's floor plan HC
Okay so after talking my friend's ear off for like an hour this is how I think Casita's floorplan looks like.
The first floor is pretty basic imo
Tumblr media
Based on the fact Mirabel goes down the stairs and walks straight across to the dining roon tells me there's an opening there and then another one during We don't talk about Bruno means there's TWO doorways to the dining room (this doesn't sound weird to me, my great grandma has it too) and while talking to Julieta while preparing for the ceremony, we see that the kitchen is directly connected to the dining room. The other side isn't super clear but I think there's bathroom and storage and stuff.
Tumblr media
OKAY so I firmly believe there's two stairs. One with Pedro's portrait (where Mirabel slides down and where Luisa runs about to panic about her gift) and another towards the back of the house (Mirabel at some point walks up the stairs as Alma and Isabela are talking and goes straight to Bruno's tower stairs)
Now, Bruno's tower aside, which we know is on it's own. I believe it's Alma in the middle, Pepa on the left and Julieta on the right. Cuz
Tumblr media
(I just noticed that dark green figure up there imagine if that's Bruno creeping around XD)
Then all of Pepa's kids are on her side, as seen here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which leaves Luisa and Isabela's rooms to be on Julieta's side and since as we see below Isabela's door is to the right of Luisa, this is the only way it works (technically this is also logical from the movie but I have a Yo Ho Ho version so we use the HD material)
Tumblr media
That leaves Mirabel and her nursery, which is a blue door on the second floor, of which there is only one
Tumblr media
In conclusion, this is how I HC Casita's floorplan or atleast until something more concrete comes out.
Extra HC, Casita can and does alter her layout whenever she sees the need/feels like it because well, it's her
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