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#lab rats

Stickers pack “Winter”

Please, don’t mind wet spots, my cat jumped on them ú-ù
(yours won’t have them)

I made three half lists. For Darkwoodtale (winter celebration themed) and for Lab rats (christmas themed).

List 1: 4 big stickers with characters + 7 small stickers
List 2/3: 2 big stickers with characters + 5 smaller stickers

Available on matte and glossy paper.

Now you can preorder them here, just write me a message.
(i have troubles with etsy again ._. once it’s fixed, you can order there, i’ll notify when it’s possible)

One list: 6 € + shipping
Two lists: 10 € + shipping
Three lists: 14 € + shipping

Write me if you want any of them.

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