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allthecanadianpolitics · 6 hours ago
Nearly nine in 10 Canada Goose employees who work at the company's Winnipeg production facility have voted to unionize.
Eighty-six per cent of the roughly 1,200 garment workers voted in favour of joining the Workers United Canada Council, the union said Wednesday.
"This marks the largest private sector victory for manufacturing workers in over 30 years and is a culmination of a three-year effort by the workers, most of whom are immigrant women sewers," a WUCC news release says.
Canada Goose is known for its luxury winter jackets and has operated in Winnipeg for a decade.
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dumbleftycanadianradical · 8 months ago
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When workers ask for a livable wage.
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huckleberrycomics · 5 months ago
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There’s a lot more I can say about how we treat the working class, but nothing I can cram into 5 panels.
Since my mental health is better I guess I’ll do what nobody wants and share my political-adjacent opinions. Hope it’s sunny where you are :)
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probablyasocialecologist · 10 months ago
What would happen if we stopped acting as if the primordial form of work is laboring at a production line, or wheat field, or iron foundry, or even in an office cubicle, and instead started from a mother, a teacher, or a caregiver? We might be forced to conclude that the real business of human life is not contributing toward something called “the economy” (a concept that didn’t even exist three hundred years ago), but the fact that we are all, and have always been, projects of mutual creation. Labor, similarly, should be renegotiated. Submitting oneself to labor discipline—supervision, control, even the self-control of the ambitious self-employed—does not make one a better person. In most really important ways, it probably makes one worse. To undergo it is a misfortune that at best is sometimes necessary. Yet it’s only when we reject the idea that such labor is virtuous in itself that we can start to ask what is virtuous about labor. To which the answer is obvious. Labor is virtuous if it helps others. A renegotiated definition of productivity should make it easier to reimagine the very nature of what work is, since, among other things, it will mean that technological development will be redirected less toward creating ever more consumer products and ever more disciplined labor, and more toward eliminating those forms of labor entirely.
David Graeber, A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse
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Read the entire thread
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economicsresearch · 8 months ago
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page 487 - different types of snow have different coefficients of friction, so you can stack your snow at different angles. Moisture content and so forth.
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trixicbean · 5 months ago
if you were/are obsessed with horrible histories you are probably a leftie with the most wide spanning music taste and a weird fixation on certain historical events and a party trick of being able to name every single british monarch
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nicksand · 6 months ago
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Pro Tip for young people: If you have PTO, USE THAT BITCH!!! It is for you to use and don't feel guilty about it.
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allthecanadianpolitics · 26 days ago
A majority of union members at Cargill's Alberta meatpacking plant have voted to strike if worker requests are not met — among them, COVID-19 related health concerns.
Workers at Cargill's plant near High River, Alta., have brought up COVID-19 related health and safety concerns, a release from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 said Friday.
"They're angry, is the best way to describe it. They're furious … they have co-workers who died from exposure to COVID," said Scott Payne, Local 401 union labour relations officer.
"They continue to be scared to show up to work …They've been through so much."
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dumbleftycanadianradical · 4 months ago
Change is made by the Left. Sorry. There's no such thing as incremental change either. Every instance centrists and liberals take for granted, was hard fought for by the left, the labour movement, activists fighting for tooth and nail, sometimes dying for them.
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thirtytwoelvismovies · a month ago
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Such a shameful tactic. They simply do not care.
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huckleberrycomics · 2 months ago
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Retail sucks and I quit
Not to put too fine a point on it but this is the main reason I’m leaving lol bye Lowe’s
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animeomegas · 4 months ago
While Keigo (Hawks) is in labor, I could imagine that his alpha is very overprotected of him and their pup(s) because Keigo told his s/o about his fear of hero com. plans to kidnap their pup or something like that.
Yes, Keigo’s alpha absolutely becomes extremely overprotective when Keigo tells them about his worries about the Commission.
It’s not even necessarily about Keigo’s alpha believing him, it’s about treating his concerns seriously to keep him happy and his stress levels as low as possible for the pup.
Keigo is so much more relaxed when he knows that his alpha is taking him seriously and protecting him, it’s like this ginormous weight is lifted off of him and he falls so much more in love with his alpha.
While he’s pregnant, all his alpha has to do is stay with Keigo as much as possible and go with him when he checks the door locks and windows every night. He’s okay with his alpha using the bathroom facilities alone (But the door better be open!!) but that’s pretty much it. Keigo and his alpha are attached at the hip the entire time he’s pregnant.
But when the pup is born, Keigo gets even more paranoid.
Keigo makes his alpha swear that the second the pup comes out, they will protect the pup and make sure no one takes them out of the room. He’s so worked up about it, and he makes them promise over and over again that no matter what state Keigo may be in after the birth, they will guard the door to stop anyone from leaving with the pup.
Keigo is deadly serious about this, and if his alpha didn’t follow through on the promise, he will seriously reconsider their relationship, even if the pup turned out fine in the end. Not only that but after he breaks up with them, he will use every contact and bit of social power that he has to ensure that his ex-alpha only gets a handful of supervised visits a year for their pup. There’s no way he could trust them to watch the pup by themselves after they have shown such disregard for their safety.
“Remember what you promised,” Keigo grunts as another contraction sends him curling up in pain. “Stand at the door the second they’re out, as fast as you can.”
“I will,” you soothe, pushing his hair back from his forehead. “I promised, didn’t I?”
“I mean it,” he continues, reaching out desperately for your hand. “I’ll never forgive you if you don’t. If something happens…”
“Look at me, omega,” you cradle his face in your hands. “The second that pup is out, I will be standing in front of that door and I will not move until you have the pup safely in your arms. There’s not a reason on earth that could get me to move. I swear.”
Keigo stares at you for a bit longer before nodding tearfully.
“Okay,” he breathes, “I trust you.”
After the birth but before Keigo is allowed home, Keigo keeps the pup with him the whole entire time. He won’t sleep unless you have the pup, and no matter how exhausted he is, he’ll still only sleep for a few hours at a time so that he can check on the pup.
And every time a person other than you or him enters the room, he uses his wings to shield the pup from view. It’s something that Keigo never really stops doing. Whenever he thinks his pup is in danger, he hides them in his wings.
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getawayfromheryoubitch79 · 3 months ago
I dont think the "Labour went too far to the left" people understand why their party is called Labour in the first place. Nor do i think they understand who it was that founded Labour. Cause it sure wasnt the middle class.
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justine-moritz · 2 months ago
"Yes, the NHS and social care system desperatetly need more funding, our care system needs to be transformed into a National Care Service, modelled on our amazing NHS, free at point of use for all, but this must be funded by a wealth tax on the super rich, not an income tax on the poor."
Zarah Sultana
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tomhollandfics · a month ago
Could you do a masterlist fic rec thingy for the reader giving birth 👉👈
Thankyou 💗💗💗
here's a few for you x
The Delivery - @soulspideys
Through The Tears - @parkers-gal
Finally Here - @sunshinehollandd
Happy Father's Day - @hollandsosterfield
Bundle Of Joy - @etoileholland
You Deserve That - @mrs-hollandstan
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allthecanadianpolitics · 2 months ago
In the past two weeks, workers at two Chapters Indigo stores in Toronto have voted to unionize.
On August 17, workers at the Yorkdale shopping centre Indigo location certified their union, and were then followed on August 25 by workers at Chapters Kennedy Commons in Scarborough. Retail workers at both locations are now members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1006A, one of the largest union locals in Canada.
These two union victories are the latest in a string of union certifications at Chapters Indigo stores across the country. In September 2020, the Mississauga Square One location became the first union shop of Indigo. Seemingly emboldened by the latter, workers in Montreal and Coquitlam, B.C., certified union locals in October. Amid the continued uncertainty of the retail pandemic economy, workers at Chapters in Woodbridge, Ont., then also joined the mega local UFCW 1006A this January.
These six Chapters Indigo union certifications are important wins in the notoriously hard to organize retail sector. The UFCW has now been able to gain a foothold in a giant of retail and online shopping in Canada. Lesley Prince, the union’s director of organizing, told the Toronto Star that workers faced common issues at the newly organized stores and sought union protection to address fairness in wages and benefits, issues of management retaliation and favouritism, as well as input in scheduling and paid sick days. 
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