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#lace baybey!!
elucubrare · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Shoutout to the wind for helping with this photo
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cannibalchan · a year ago
some dabi lovin on chunky reader ? you know how it be the brain requires burnt man - evybun 🍰
BAYBEY OF COURSE I am truly a glutton for Dabi and anything Chubby s/o 🥺
This is basically canon by now, but our skinty boy Dabi is touch starved, whether he admits it or not. So you come along willing to snuggle up to him and he’s hooked. He likes to pretend to fall asleep on top of you so you’re stuck as his personal body pillow for lord knows how long. Dabi will usually nuzzle his face into your chest or neck so he can hide that dorky smile he makes whenever you start petting his head and rubbing his scalp.
It’s worse when the two of you get down and dirty. Now he’s vocal about how much he loves your body and it’s embarrassing. Yes, the humiliating nicknames aren’t necessarily wanted from you, but there’s affection and love laced in his tone as he calls you his squealing little piggy.
Expect to get your brains fucked out so you’re too dazed to fight back when he starts rubbing his dick all over you and fucking any crevice he can find. It’s pretty erotic being able to pinch your pudge together and fuck any part of your body.
Aftercare is always followed up with snuggles. Dabi is usually too eager to bury his face in your soft skin and doze off to even clean himself off. What can he say? He loves your cute lil body.
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astrelle · 2 years ago
Please for the love of everything good!! Tell us More abt the royal au!!!
jdfhjfd thank u for letting me ramble!! welcome to the i fucking hate the pale king but i want everyone to be happy AU (aka the Royal AU)
it all started because i wanted to draw lace (the fabric not the character). and hornet with a fancy cloak. it was all a landslide from there. here are some sloppy doodles......
Tumblr media
basically, the three main siblings are part of the Actual royalty baybey! White Lady convinced PK to stay with the children, and now we have a slightly younger hornet + hollow and as for ghost... well. they’re still baby!
Tumblr media
they’re honestly a happy family who does all kinds of stupid shit. also ghost never loses their memory because they never went farther than the borders of Hallownest! Dreamers are still alive but Herrah decided to give Hornet up still in favor of having her in a higher caste.
Tumblr media
PK is still a piece of shit though so White Lady is our true mvp. doesn’t save her from the shenanigans though.
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mawbwehownets · 2 years ago
Yep. I'm a curious mofo and your one of my favorite blogs.
dam alright…. i cut out the three i already answered
peach: do you have any piercings or tattoos?
i have regular ol ear piercings! i really want a septum and maybe a lip ring someday but like. my pain tolerance is so low its gonna take a while to get there,
raspberry: favorite flower?
ive said this before, i dont really know a Whole Lot about flowers but my go-to is always forget-me-nots
mango: what is your trademark?
agejsh you tell me idk!!!! i guess if this is meant to be. like. physically. i have a baseball cap i wear a lot that says “love always wins” on the side + its got a lesbian pin and a “… you know ;)” mcelroy pin
passion fruit: how would you describe your style?
im…. unsatisfied w it fjehfj
i have a lot of self esteem issues still and also. as a fat person its hard to find anything that fits you right so i dont really have my. desired style yet
preferably i wanna get to some sorta space punk aesthetic? but rn im just in ‘whatever fits and is comfortable’
pineapple: sexual orientation?
lesbian baybey
strawberry: favorite desserts?
ough fuck… its so unhealthy but i love meringue cake fjehf its the perfect combo of cronch and soft
grape: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
i also would like to go to nyc and see be more chill in the theatre but i know that aint EVER gonna happen fjebfh. id maybe like to go to alabama and see some mh locations!! but probably After virginia. id get my best friend to drive us both there. beat a man to death with a rock in a tunnel, yk, get the true experience
blackberry: is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?
this is like. one of those really bad dramas where it inadvertently Becomes a comedy
pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?
uhhhh. when i pretend like i am fhdhd fake it til you make it is Legit Advice yall
cantaloupe: what are your parents’ names?
redacted and redacted but my mom has. a Very white suburban mom name
guava: dark & dramatic makeup or natural makeup?
i hate like. complexion makeup so im gonna ignore all that and pretend like this is only abt eyeshadow and lipstick and in that case WHATEVER THE FUKC YOU WANT i think eye makeup is So Cool no matter which direction its in!!
tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?
idk i like satyrs a lot!! mayhabeth them
plum: favorite clothing brands?
does ANYONE in the world have a favorite clothing brand. legitimate question. i just scuttle into a store, grab whatever doesnt hurt my body and Leave
coconut: favorite perfume?
i dont wear perfume basically at all or rly know anyone who does agehdg
lychee: satin or lace?
ive never felt satin i dont think??? i couldnt tell you
blueberry: what do you want to dress up as for halloween?
i never get invited anywhere on halloween i dont fuckign know fhehr
but. if i Had to choose….
apple: what do you use more, tumblr or twitter?
kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?
i think i have a total of. like. five posts on twitter
watermelon: do you have a job? if so, what is your job title?
i mean…. a lot!!!! the world is so exciting and brimming with life and mysteries like how can you Not be intrigued by all that
papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?
absolutely not im jus out here
cranberry: favorite time of the day; morning, afternoon, dusk, or night?
summertime by my chemical romance… also this danish song called ‘en varm nats kølige luft’ by panamah AND humility by gorillaz its sorta. its different vibes of the same feel
nectarine: would you consider yourself an emotional person?
i really like dusk/nighttime!
orange: do you have long eyelashes?
im literally only up right now because i couldnt stop thinking abt two fictional characters and getting sad and crying over them. Yeah
apricot: what do you do when you’re sad?
i mean. decently. they sometimes brush against my glasses fhebbfb
star fruit: favorite sea creature?
if im at a point where its healthy for me to vibe w the sadness i put on some mellow tunes to cultivate it and channel it and ride it out, but if im Not i usually draw and/or listen to really upbeat music, distract myself w some podcasts or yt videos, stuff like that
ough fuck… idk theyre all so baby. i like whale sharks a lot
if its served 2 me! i dont go out with the specific purpose of drinking but i have a glass of wine with my parents every now and then
dragonfruit: do you drink alcohol?
Tumblr media
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