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#lack of empathy
donnaquixote · 14 days ago
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Also: "you have depression and you're suicidal? You're so weak! Why you let things affect you and upset you that much! Be stronger than this!"
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shernabhumgara · 22 days ago
The Many Convolutions and Intricacies of Blindness
Everyone knows what blindness is – it’s the gradual or complete loss of vision that can occur either at birth or due to other extraneous factors – within or beyond our control. Fairly common medical conditions that cause the loss of sight are cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy- to name just a few. However, there’s another form of blindness that very few people are…
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beatrizmsxavier · 29 days ago
Filters vs Lack of Respect
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howifeltabouthim · a month ago
Nothing close to pity moved inside me. I was sliding over some edge within myself.
Mark Z. Danielewski, from House of Leaves
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judastarkid · 2 months ago
i saw one (1) post about zoey being autistic and it wont leave my brain it just. makes so much sense
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Thinking about that post from earlier that pretty much explained that the “not owing anyone” mindset is flawed because it just opens the door for people to be assholes, and I feel like this toxic mindset has really spread for the last decade or so and how it seems many of us are starting to experience the harm it causes firsthand. I, myself, watched someone who used to be the kindest, most selfless, and honest person turn into one of the most dishonest and manipulative people you could ever meet...and it only took, like, a good year or so to happen--though, I’m sure there were other people always planting seeds in his brain before then.
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imjustangryandbored · 3 months ago
is it really a lack of empathy if empathy doesn’t exist at all?
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thedualist · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
owl szn
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autumnal-prince · 4 months ago
A thought...
I have a feeling that those that vehemently hate Snape are people who lack empathy.
I don’t mean people who just dislike Snape (you’re allowed to like and dislike whoever and whatever you want after all) but those that seem to have a complete meltdown when talking about him.
I’ve seen some truly nasty things from Snaters. Including death threats towards those defending the character.
If that’s how they react to a fictional character they don’t like, I feel bad for real people in their life that they may dislike.
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vanityneedsme · 5 months ago
Benefits of having low empathy:
You can't guilt trip me
I remain calm when other people are in distress
I'm not constantly drained by the negativity of the world (instead I am drained by my own depression)
Disadvantages of having low empathy:
Was that a joke?
Was that sarcasm?
I don't always underatand why people feel the way they do
I don't get happy when other people are happy
People with low empathy are demonized even by mental health professionals :/
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midnightsoliloquy · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
so, I’m just scrolling through tumblr and I come across this and I just... don’t know how to explain this right now. but no. you don’t need empathy. the word you might be looking for is “compassion”.
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learn-change-act · 6 months ago
Every time I hear someone use the word ‘sociopath’ to refer to a person who is irredeemably evil I lose a year off of my life.
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issela-santina · 6 months ago
I feel like psychopathy is pretty normalized especially right now and so identifying psychopaths (esp. trolls) is like playing an extra sadistic version of Among Us with the rest of the world
you need a high enough self-esteem to be a sadistic psychopathic troll, otherwise hurting other people isn't for kicks but as defense mechanism and it's always going to show
it's easy to boost self-esteem to that level of toxicity when you're part of a group that isn't hurt by discrimination and thus, drunk on enough power to impair your social skills, especially empathy
male, white, able, religious, rich/influential, neurotypical, cisgender, heterosexual, populist, bootlicker, any combination of these
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onism-and-rubatosis · 7 months ago
I’m gonna put it in my carrd but like, heads up, I have very low empathy and don’t feel the compulsory need to fake it either so unless you’re someone I genuinely care about, chances are I won’t be the support you need. I don’t get moved by strangers’ stories unless I can relate in one way or another and I don’t say sorry when something isn’t my fault because I don’t understand the meaning. I was told you say sorry when you hurt someone and I’ll do it if I’m actually sorry but if you’re a complete stranger and you tell me your tragic life story, I’ll probably ask logical questions and not be all like “Wow, I’m so sorry, that’s so awful” because none of that shit is my fault and you’re not my friend so I don’t actually care all that much.
Call me an asshole if you want, it won’t change a thing. I have the ability to care, but it’s not instinctive and I need to make an effort for it to happen, which is sometimes more energy than I have on a daily basis because I’m chronically ill. If you want me to care, come back another time maybe, I might have more spoons on a different day.
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onism-and-rubatosis · 8 months ago
Hot take
Empathy =/= good person.
I have to make a conscious decision to care for others, it doesn’t come naturally, but it doesn’t make me a bad person. If you think a lack of empathy is a sign of a bad/deranged individual, you can fuck yourself. See, here I’m making the conscious decision to be rude to your ableist holier-than-thou ass. 
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