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i think they’d all be very surprised. risotto would not say much but he’d be very flustered and even though he manages to keep up a stoic front, everyone thinks its all cool beans but internally he’s like oh god oh fuck. 

pesci would clam up as well and would just not know how to deal with what you’re going through lol. prosciutto is definitely the most mature about this whole thing. ghiaccio would also be very shy and just yell at you to stop making your tits sweat. 

illuso and formaggio would probably try to tease you while melone is just very proud. oh, sorlato will also ask you if they can try some of your breastmilk 

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Motherhood update

Anonymous said to @ask-drferox: How’s motherhood going for you?

Better than it was, frankly.

So the ‘baby blues’ hit me quite badly from about 5 days after the birth, and I didn’t really start climbing out of it until about day 14. The Baby Blues are absolutely crazy moodswings mostly of the depression and anxiety flavors, with lots of spontaneous crying, lethargy, fatigue, fear… it’s like menstrual moodswings but about 50 times worse.

Which makes sense as Baby Blues are associated with the massive hormone crash you experience when you stop being pregnant. (Post natal depression would continue for longer than just a few days, and I was probably going on a bit long, but definitely pulling out of it now)

I am really lucky in that kiddo is down to needing a feed just every 4 hours, which means it’s not too bad getting a bit of rest in between. She’s already changing in terms of growing more strength, being morre interested in things and moving differently, and it’s fascinating to see her start to think about things.

Lactating is an interesting experiece when you’ve only thought about it in the context of cattle before. I have to say cattle are much more efficient, producing the huge volume that they do while I was really proud to express 100ml in a session today. Also breastfeeding is kind of painful and awkward, kiddo is not gentle, has a mouth like a mousetrap and will shake the food source in her mouth from side to side when she’s frustrated. It’s not the serene experience that it looks like in the pictures.

And there is this strong obession with breastmilk and homecures for everything. Skin rash? Put breastmilk on it. Sore nipples? Rub breastmilk on them. Snotty baby nose? Put a drop of breastmilk up there.

But the breastmilks obsession is much, much better than the other mothersgroups obsession of making sure everything is organic and ‘chemical free’… and then adding essential oils to everything.

I’m getting better at fitting life back in around kiddo’s needs, while reminding myself that I’m technically still recovering. My brain wants to go faster than my body is ready to.

Watching the Long Suffering Boyfriend interactt with her warms my heart to a degree that I didn’t know I could feel. She loves his voice and calms so quickly, whether he’s humming to her (which I’m pretty sure is the Halo theme tune) or reading her Dune. He loves her so much.

I also love her a lot. Sometimes the enormity of all the potential futures ahead of her is overwhelming and I worry about how to raise her with enough fortitude, but between the two of us I think we can start her off from a decent home base. We’ll figure out the rest as we go along.

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Size: 34”-42”= 34H

Dose: 30mg

Goal “L” cup (on hiatus)

April is ending this week and that means it’s gonna get hotter again. I’m excited for the warmer weather now that my place is equipped with a working a/c. I can relax in my summer jammies and not have to worry about it being too hot at night. It’s times like these where you gotta enjoy the little things ya know. 

Speaking of which, I finally have an update on my recent order of Domperidone. Good news is that it’s been shipped but the bad news is that it might take 3-6 weeks because of the covid crisis. I’m still waiting, but no doubt it will definitely be longer than last time. 

Since I don’t know when the next shipment is coming, I might have to go down to 20mg per day, but it’s not a big problem though. I can still lactate and my bust size hasn’t gone down so I can probably add some more lactation friendly foods in my diet in the meantime. I’m hopeful for the future, the closer I get to reaching my goal cup, the more I can look forward to my new end goal :) 

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  • alien species of humanoid sentient plants
  • they have no biological sex and all have the same reproductive organs and use whatever pronouns they feel fits them individually
  • they look rather androgynous and in their culture it is polite to give ones pronouns when meeting someone new
  • their society is a theocracy and they worship the sun as a fertility god
  • whenever they’re stable enough and are drinking lots of water and getting lots of sun they become ripe and their bodies begin to bloat with nectar until they either mate or drain themselves
  • if they decide to have a child they go into a sort of hibernation and wither away until all that’s left is just a sort to fruit/egg which the infant hatches out of
  • if they decide not to have a child they avoid sunlight until the possibility has passed
  • they come in various shades of green to slightly purplish
  • their high priest or priestess is kept in an eternal state of ripeness as they are constantly direct sun while sitting in water, due to this they gradually become immobile
  • the angiosians have no need for commerce so they generally devote themselves to various artistic, religious, scholarly, and occasionally agricultural or ecological pursuits
  • the title of high priest or priestess is passed from parent to child but they do not begin their duties until they come of age, an interim high priest or priestess is appointed by the previous high priest or priestess to rule until the child comes of age
  • being ripe is considered the most attractive one can be so many strive to be ripe as often as possible
  • their nectar is addictive and deceptively fattening

Sometimes ya just gotta create an alien race of humanoid plants for kink purposes

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I have done NBE and lactated before. I would love to be in an ANR and lactate again. It’s such a strange and wonderful feeling. 

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Hi! Thanks for the question, the answer to this seems almost kind of silly now since I’ve been doin’ this for so long. When I started this trial, the main purpose was just to increase my breast size to something I was more happy with and that was it. Now I think my objective has changed in some ways, instead of just increasing my size, I do it because I feel like it makes up a big part of my maternal/lactation interests now. I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life where it involves raising a family and lactation the next best thing for me. 


Originally posted by animefoodissugoi

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Size: 34”-42”= 34H

Dose: 30mg

Goal “L” cup (on hiatus)

Being in quarantine has made me realize my need to be outdoors…sometimes. I am a definite introvert but staying at home because I have to, is less fun that staying at home cuz I want to. My partner on the other hand doesn’t really mind, since this gives us a llittle more extra time to see each other. I told them about how I posted the news on my blog about starting a family, and now they’ve been even more adamant than ever to show their love and support for the idea. It’s very fulfilling to know that we’re on the same page,and  I smile ear to ear every time I think about it :) 

I am really eager to start my trial up again, unfortunately I don’t have an update on receiving any new shipment of Domperidone though. Fingers crossed y’all. So far, nipple sensitivity is still active and it almost feels like a permanent side effect at this point, I don’t want to confirm or deny anything since theirs not enough info to tell.

I have been still keeping up with eating some lactation friendly foods such as oatmeal and almonds, so this trial isn’t over yet. oh that reminds me, I’ve been getting a lot of asks about inducing lactation and a lot of the info is already here it’s just been tagged away somewhere. Feel free to take a look and if you don’t see something, I’ll definitely provide a link later!

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My wife was complaining about some breast pain last night and found that expressing her milk helped, so me being the lucky man that I am got to do that for her.

Not gonna lie. I think I have a thing for lactation…

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