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galahadwilder · 2 days ago
Adrien and Marinette are both geniuses who progressively lose brain cells the greater their proximity to each other, regardless of identity.
This applies to reverse crush AUs, enemies AUs, and pretty much any and all situations across the entire multiverse.
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hope-i-dont-choke · 2 days ago
Can’t wait for Adriens ““Who? Marinette? Oh no she’s just a friend.” to turn into “Who? Marinette? ……. No. She only thinks of me as a friend.”
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theramblingdaydreamer · 2 days ago
All I really want from Dearest Family is Chat worrying about Marinette. The rest of her family is akumatised, so where is she? What did they do to her? Chat/Adrien has to be concerned about this and if he's not then I don't want it
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anika-thestollsister · 19 hours ago
Chat Noir: Should I eat my third bag of Cool Ranch Doritos or go for Cheetos instead?
Ladybug: I- why the fuck did you bring them to patrol?
Chat Noir: sorry it's just my dad doesn't let me eat lmao.
Ladybug: Bestie I need to beat your dad up sometime. But like how do you even have that many bags of Cool Ranch Doritos with you?
Chat Noir: My very good friend brought chips to school for everyone.
Ladybug: ANd yoU juST- crashed on top of the cool ranch doritos?
Chat Noir: Um yes-
Ladybug: That's so weird because i literally brought in chips for my class today, and adrien did the same thing like he literally raided the-
Ladybug, crying: nO—
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crocojagged · 2 days ago
I think it would be funny if there was an episode where only Marichat and Ladrien interactions are possible, but somehow Ladybug and Chat Noir still manage to defeat the akuma in spite of not being able to talk to each other and also there's no reveal. Just chaos.
B-plot: Adrienette school project that they can never manage to be in the same room to work on together, but they get help from their superhero partner as civilians.
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Ladybug: Do you want to form an alliance, with me?
Chat Noir: Absolutely I do.
Ladybug: Good, good.
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overworkedunderwhelmed · 5 hours ago
Fake date, real date, or however else we might see in Glaciator 2.0, I just can’t wait to see:
Marinette realize she has already had a date with Adrien.
Adrien realize that Ladybug can actually like movies.
Them both trying to figure out how to manage to get a second movie date with each other.
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cassarilladraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@chatober Day 13 - Ring Oops, there's a fanfic with this one. ;) You Are So Stubborn ------------------------- “Why?! Adrien, why won’t you take a Miraculous? It’s just the two of us trapped in here with the Akuma.” Ladybug was frustrated. “If you don’t want to help me you could at least use a Miraculous to protect yourself. I-I don’t understand. You tried so hard before. You’ve even saved my life. Why are you refusing? I know you aren’t a coward!” “You go, do what you need to do. Maybe we aren’t really the only ones trapped here.” The last thing Adrien wanted was for Ladybug to think he was not willing to help her. The truth was that he just wanted her to go away long enough for him to transform. His Cataclysm was what this fight needed, without a doubt. He’d worry about convincing her that Chat Noir and Adrien both just happened to be trapped in the same building later. “Adrien, just because it didn’t work out with the Snake Miraculous….” “It’s not about that!”
“What is it about then?!” Her frustration only grew as she heard her earrings beep. She had already tried a lucky charm with no success and would have to retransform to try again. But she knew Adrien was brave. He was so willing to help before.
“Does it matter? You’re running out of time!”
“I’m not leaving you here unprotected. It’s not safe and there’s no way out of this building.”
“Do you even know what Miraculous you’d give me?” He hoped it would make her think. Generally, she was good at knowing, but there was no way for her to give him the Miraculous that truly suited him best. She didn’t have it.
“I-I don’t know. I just don’t understand why. I KNOW you’d be a great hero. Please, just take a Miraculous for a little while. I want you to be safe.”
Adrien couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth.
They heard a crash, this one closer than the ones they’ve heard before. Time was up.
“Well, you’re going to be mad at me. But in my defense, I’ve tried to get you to leave me alone here.” He laughed. “You are so stubborn.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Tumblr media
“You don’t have the Miraculous for me.” His eyes narrowed and he gave her a Chat Noir smile. “Adrien?” “Because I’m already wearing it, M’lady.” He held up his hand and the light caught his ring. Ladybug’s stunned expression was priceless as Adrien called on his transformation and became Chat Noir right before her eyes. The smile never left his face. Oh, she might be mad at him later… but her knowing his identity was something he’d wanted for far too long. “Recharge Tikki, I’ll hold off the Akuma until you get back. Then we’ll beat them together.” He ran off, leaving his partner stunned in shock. Her transformation wore off and she absentmindedly caught Tikki in her hands. “T-Tikki… He— Chat—Adrien.” “I promise I will listen to the full freakout later, Marinette.” Tikki smiled up at her holder knowingly, this was bound to happen at some point. “But right now I could really use some food and you need to get back out there to help him.” Marinette pulled herself together and once she was back in the fight her instincts took control. They beat the Akuma easily and bumped fists when the battle was over. It was then that her thoughts of his identity came back full force and she felt her cheeks burn with a blush. “M’lady…” Chat Noir hesitated. Oh gosh. Adrien was the one calling her that. Was he trying to kill her? “I’m sorry, I know you didn’t want to know.” He was happy she knew now, but also didn’t want her to be angry or disappointed with him. “It’s okay it was my fault.” A sentence! She mentally praised herself. She was definitely flustered right now, but the fact that he was currently Chat Noir helped. “Listen, just because you know my identity doesn’t mean you have to tell me yours if you aren’t ready.” She smiled at that. Although, part of her did kind of want to tell him right away. Instead, she settled with wanting to do it soon after she’d taken some time to process. “Thanks, Chat.” “Is me being, you know, me okay?” He felt awkward asking the question, but he had to have at least some idea of how she was feeling about all of this. “It’s more than just okay!” She blurted out a little more excitedly than she’d meant to. “Oh? Uh, that’s good.” He visibly relaxed, although her enthusiasm did confuse him some. “If it’s okay with you, I kinda need to process this some more.” She flailed her hands nervously. “You know, go home and freak out with my kwami about how I tried to give Chat Noir, of all people, a Miraculous temporarily. Then I really do want to talk more about it.” He nodded in understanding. “I’m sure I’d need to do the same if the roles were reversed.” Ladybug tossed her yoyo and it caught on a nearby building. She looked over her shoulder at him. “I was definitely right about one thing.” “What’s that?” “That Adrien Agreste makes a great hero.” She swung away leaving him a blushing mess. *—*—*—*—*—* This and other fics are also on AO3 (CassarillaDraws) ko-fi
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ozzo-the-wozzo · 2 hours ago
So while I am more of a Marichat stan than a Ladrien stan, I do feel bad for y’all so I wanted to point sumn out….
So like, it was recently confirmed there’s a marichat episode every season by Anita right?
Tumblr media
And…. I think the same applies to Ladrien?
Bc like…
Season 1: Simon Says
Tumblr media
Season 2: Riposte/Gorizilla
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Season 3: Desperada
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So like to all the Ladrien stans suffering rn…. there may be hope for you yet. Here’s to Season 4’s Ladrien episode, whatever it may be. Godspeed.
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anika-thestollsister · 2 days ago
Chat Noir: Look at me, m'lady. I finally got a suit upgrade like you did!
Ladybug: No you didn't.
Chat Noir: What?
Ladybug: You're literally the figment of a random Tumblr clown's imagination. How can you get a suit upgrade?
Chat Noir: I- what?
Ladybug: Everything we're saying isn't real.
Chat Noir: What the actual-?
Ladybug: everything is just an illusion, homies
Chat Noir: NO WHaT-
Ladybug: 🦛 yeah 🦛 we 🦛 ain't 🦛 real 🦛
Ladybug: We're just fanmade versions of fictional characters spitting out incorrect quotes.
Me: Damn why you gotta call me out like that Marinette-
Chat Noir: MARINETTE?????
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chatonnoir · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The idea of Ladybug and Chat Noir having official twitters has been living rent-free in my brain for days so take some really dumb “Official’ Ladynoir Twitter interactions
Tumblr media
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