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moonsun2010 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
If I had a nickel for everytime tumblr got fixated on a Gothic vampire-related piece of media during the month of May, I'd have 2 nickels
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marshmallowace · 14 hours ago
I know in other iterations of the story the girls are described as Dracula's "Brides" but I can't help but imagine him as a tired single father to three feral daughters like Lady Dimitrescu.
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ctitan98 · 2 days ago
what about the ladies from RE8 with a SO who is as loyal as a dog, but also a women magnet
Ooh, that's a good question! Let's find out!
Tumblr media
An accurate representation of the Alci pout. She is very dramatic, people. If she's got to suffer, so does Y/N. She'll say she's not pissed, but we all know better than that. Constantly fluctuates between insecurity and full out rage. She's not proud of it, but she has sent her daughters on a few hunts where the targets were women who had been shamelessly flirting with Y/N. Of course, now that Y/N and Alcina are in a committed relationship she is a lot less possessive. However, there are still times where her jealousy gets the best of her and she decides to have an "extra snack" every now and again.
Tumblr media
As precious and cute as Donna is when she's giving Y/N the evil eye... Never mind it's actually pretty terrifying. You best believe the doll maker would not hesitate to throw hands at anyone, however, she does tend to prefer to use her brain to outsmart an opponent. Her effortless charm, her quick wit, and a complete command of all of the dolls and hallucinogenic spores on her property, pretty much keep people from wanting to get on her bad side. She's only once actually given a flirty woman a bad vision, but like, that's honestly on Y/N. Donna was having a bad week and Y/N forgot to fill her Trintellix prescription. It happens, okay?
Tumblr media
Listen y'all, it should come as no surprise that Miranda can be fucking scary when she wants to be. She's also very calculated. She is not necessarily a jealous type, but if she feels, or has evidence, that something that belongs to her (Like Y/N) is trying to be taken away... Let's just say Miranda is literally an evil genius and the sky is the limit with how horrific she could make the punishment. Just don't come for Y/N and you won't have your eyeballs scooped out. Seems like a reasonable request to her.
Tumblr media
So, Bela likes to think of herself as refined and sophisticated just like her mother. The only problem is that Bela is eternally petty. Like, to the bone. She still brings up the time when Dani borrowed her hairbrush and didn't put it back in the right spot. (She literally said that she wanted it put back at a crisp 45 degree angle on her dresser. Like, ma'am? We doing math now??) If she thinks that a woman from the village or a maid in the castle likes Y/N, they are immediately dead to her... No joke, she'll just off them right there.
Tumblr media
Out of all of the RE8 ladies, Cass is the most physically violent, possessive, territorial, lovesick, etc. You get the picture. Typically, all it takes for a woman who's flirting with Y/N to back down is a demonstration of how skilled she is with bladed weapons... If that doesn't work, she can't be held responsible for what she does next. I could definitely see her parading Y/N around the castle and the village like they're some sort of prize and telling everybody that Y/N belongs to HER... She warned ya. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
Dani can't imagine a world where her and Y/N aren't together... In fact, she refuses to even entertain the thought. Y/N means everything to her. I think it's safe to say that she is definitely the most romantic of the sisters, however, she can be a little over the top sometimes. Also, reading these epic romance novels where characters are so in love that it's literally most of their personality, isn't really helping the situation. She can go psycho-cuckoo-bananas at the drop of a hat if she sees ANYONE getting too cute and friendly with Y/N. Rest assured, she will bring the drama and intensity if she feels a need to.
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buriedaliens-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
That one time I watched an old friend play through all of RE:Village within a couple of days while I was obsessively playing Wind Waker and I had a dream where everything in RE8 was the same except you played as toon Link with a gun.
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homoo-wan-kenobi · 2 days ago
regardless if it's sexual or not, we're all whores for alcina dimitrescu.
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lucidmagic · a day ago
Modern AU BusinessWoman!Alcina x PersonalAssistant!Reader (part 1?)
Not me getting another AU idea while I need to finish Phyto's Guide and wanting to expand on my Werewolf/Assistant!Reader story for Alcina 😭😭😭
(Please, don’t steal any of this.)
But anyway. . . here's Modern!AU BusinessWoman!Alcina x PersonalAssistant!Reader that I need to get out of my head and share:
Alcina Dimitrescu is the CEO/president/top dog of some sort of business (wine? real estate? record label? IDK I don't do business people), and has been so for the past decade or so.
She's a mixture of Miranda Presley (The Devil Wears Prada) and Cat Grant (Supergirl)-- some would say an absolute demon, others would say a big ole bitch, but there's no doubt she gets her job done and done right the first time. Very high standards, very efficient.
She's also 6'5"-- 6'9" in heels, which intimidates the fuck out of her insecure male coworkers all the time.
She also goes through assistants like bubblegum, not in the sexual sense, but in the incredibly demanding and near-impossible boss way. The longest someone has lasted with Alcina was five months. The shortest = 1 1/2 months. Her standards are that high. (As you can see I drew a lot from Cat Grant because I was in the Supergirl fandom for a while don't shame me)
She is also an incredibly devoted mother to her 3 daughters, aged 12 to 16 (ages pending) and she somehow balances work-life very well. And those who can look Alcina in the eye can tell her family means the world to her and it's likely the only time she genuinely smiles and laughs when her daughters are in the office or she tells a story about them.
Not that those in the office would know-- they don't meet her gaze lest they chance being turned to stone.
(There are also rumors she's related to Countess Elizabeth Báthory or even Vlad the Impaler himself, what with her Romanian ancestry)
Anyways, she has the world in her palms, uber-rich, super fucking hot, and could get anyone and anything with a flick of her wrist. Top of the line style. Heels and eyes that could slice. And yet, in desperate need of a competent assistant that'll last more than 3 months.
On the other hand, you are quite the opposite of Miss Alcina Dimitrescu: practicality over panache for fashion, rather wear pants and loafers than skirts and heels (more for efficiency and comfort than anything else), not really into flaunting what you got. You come from a simple background, never really had money, just enough that it kept food on the table-- especially when you had a falling out with your parents.
You’re frugal as well. Your clothes are at least two years old, you dare not to shop too much for yourself, as you’ve been insecure with money before because of your parent’s kicking you out. Your phone is too many years out of date. A small one bedroom apartment. You prefer glasses over contacts because contacts are too expensive and its cheaper to just wear glasses everyday.
And yet, you’re whip smart. Efficient, stubborn, and determined to boot if you have the resources. You managed to make your way through college despite your parents not helping and you managed to land a good jig as the assistant to Nepotism Junior, one where you can afford a good, single, albeit small apartment, and you have at least a comma to your name when it comes to savings.
But it’s hard-- especially when you’ve been doing Nepotism Junior’s job for over a year during the year and half stint at the company. Long arduous hours where you are not only doing your job but also his while he does god knows what. It keeps you busy yes, but it also keeps his grubby hands and prepubescent one-liners away from you. So you can’t complain that it is all that bad.
(There is other things that may bring Alcina and the Reader first together, but I don’t want to divulge it here) It comes to a head one day when some misadventures and drunkenness leaves Nepotism Junior down for the count for an important meeting with some head honchos at the company. So you stand before them, giving them a presentation on the work he’s (read: you’ve) been doing for the past month. And frankly, it is some of your best work.
There are little hiccups, mostly just reanswering questions that some old geezers missed the first time. And Alcina has been quiet, for the most part as well, only sounding when she wants you to clarify somethings in “Nepotism Junior’s” presentation.
Somehow you don’t turn to stone when you meet her gaze at the head of table. Somehow your voice doesn’t waver like it would normally do. You know what you’re talking about.
“Give Nepotism Junior our congratulations for his work and presentation. We have a feeling we’ll be moving forward with his proposal.” She says, eyes on you the whole time. You can’t help how your mouth twitches at it.
And they leave. You go back to your desk and continue with your work, while Junior sleeps off his hangover. And that’s that.
Until it isn’t.
Because next week, you’re suddenly transferred to the Alcina Dimitrescu’s floor and you’re now her assistant. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
To say you hit the ground running would be an understatement. It’s more like dropped in the middle of the ocean and expected to get to land miles way by a deadline, no boat or raft in sight.
The first week is hell. Week two and three is practically purgatory. And week four is back down to hell (you swear Miss Dimitrescu was testing you that week and expecting you to break under the strain, however, you’re fucking stubborn like a bull and won’t be pushed around by this entitled, snobbish, egotistical--)
The money is far better than before (like nearly double) and you actually do things in your job description (and then some). And you don’t have to deal with Nepotism Junior’s remarks and alcohol breath at 10am. So frankly, it’s a pretty damn good upgrade.
Week 5 is marginally better, things start to settle. Week 6 is when you begin to get Miss Dimitrescu’s temperament and routine predicted and you start to notice things you didn’t before.
She likes her coffee with two creams and one sugar one lighter days. One cream and no sugar on harder days. On Wednesdays she’s noticeably happier and more relaxed as you’ve learned that it’s her and her girls game night. Her brow creases in a particular way when she’s reading business jargon. It furrows in a different way when she has to read horrible drivel. She likes talking to herself through problems. She likes that you know what she’s talking about and sometimes bounces ideas off of you. When she likes your ideas she hums and follows up with it. If she doesn’t she sends you on a fetch quest.
Alcina Dimitrescu also has a horrible sweet tooth, especially when she’s stressed, and there’s a secret cabinet, you learned, where she keeps her stash. You walked in on her stuffing her face with chocolate one time and was nearly impaled with a fountain pen. (You make sure to keep it well stocked after that)
She’s a stern, but predictable woman. With moods you’re slowly starting to foresee even before 9:30am, before she’s half-way through her morning latte.
By week 8, you got the hang of it and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. All you had to be was adaptable and resourceful. She can still be snippy, even unfathomably demanding, and yet you’ve also learned she tends to appreciate when you snap back (albeit in a more light hearted manner).
The first time it was a mistake, you happened to be drifting away with your thoughts about the day’s schedule and Alcina made a comment on something she received the other night. You replied with a bit of snark and the silence that followed nearly had you retch in fear. Her brow quirked. Her lips twinged. And her breath catch in her chest. She dismissed you soon after that.
(Holy shit, you nearly made the Alcina Dimitrescu laugh.... holy fucking shit.)
And to be honest, some of the verbal take downs she does to some of the other board members and peers is worthy of being quoted. You manage to stop yourself from giggling at the meetings, but you are near certain when you do Alcina Dimitrescu almost looks proud of herself. Like she did that just to see the mirth in your eyes.
The turning point of your relationship was about 2 and a half months into the new stint as her assistant. And it involved her three daughters. You’ve seen them before, in the large picture frame on Alcina’s desk and when you walk her down to her driver and hear the squeals of “Mother!” from the back of the car. But you’ve never properly met them.
There was an emergency with the board and the girls had a half-day for school so they’ll be at the building by noon. Alcina knew the meeting would be far longer than it should be, and the look (desperation? fear?) on her face told you all you needed to know. You placed a hand on her forearm, a sure, confident touch. “I’ll stay with them. You deal with this. They’ll be with me until you get done.”
Perhaps it was your tone or her lack of options, but she agreed.
Hours later, she found you and the girls in an unused conference room, where you set up a makeshift movie theater, projector showing a recently released movie, vending machines thoroughly raided, and girls sated, happy, and alive. Bela was napping on your thigh with your cardigan over her frame, Cassandra leaned against your shoulder and munched on left over snacks, while Daniela was between your legs and relaxing against your front. Cuddle bugs, you mentally called them.
(Alcina heart thawed just a bit when she snuck up on you four, too engrossed in the movie to notice her presence. The girls looked . . . happy and content, despite the situation at hand. Other assistants would have secluded them in a room and just ignored them in favor of work. But you? You didn’t make them feel like an afterthought. For that, Alcina had a profound respect for you in that regard. Plus, it’s not every day the girls are so . . . calm.)
(I’m a firm believer that a sure way to Alcina’s heart is by her daughters. Do good by her girls, you get along with them and foster a good, strong relationship . . . that’s a sure fire way to get Alcina to develop feelings for someone. Her girls come first. If a potential lover gave them the effort they deserve, well . . . Alcina would definitely take notice of them. Sue me for the softness, okay?)
Something shifted into place after that day. You two were a fairly well honed machine for the most part. Sure there were hiccups, typical of the workload, but nothing the two of you couldn’t handle. You wouldn’t say you two were peers or partners by any means, yet Alcina included you a bit more into the business side of things at times-- a second, competent opinion she would call it. Nothing game changing or revolutionary, just asking for your thoughts and perspective on some avenues.
The girls also came by the office slightly more after the impromptu movie day. Mostly to say hi and keep you up to date with school drama when their mother was wrapping up for the day. They also confided in you to some degree on some things they didn’t know how their mother would react to. Some anxieties and second thoughts typical of growing teenage girls. You, of course, keep their secrets, but informed Alcina that one of them may need some one-on-one time in the future. The single mother appreciated it.
She, dare you say, trusted you, to some extent. And for some reason that accomplishment meant a lot.
Next thing you know, it’s been nearly eight months and you’ve blown passed the last record for the longest assistant retention of Alcina Dimitrescu. The office floor has since shifted the when-you-will-be-fired pot to when-you-will-quit-or-be-promoted pot. To say they were surprised you lasted as long would be an understatement.
There are now sly smiles and inside jokes you and Alcina had. You two had a language that only you two could interpret. She would catch your eye across the ball room, where you stood off to the side to let her mingle and make more connections, and would give you a secretive, carmine smile-- a real smile, not those necessary, polite ones for business meetings. Real ones, that crinkled her eyes and deepened her laugh lines and made her gaze soft and bright all the same.
She told stories of her childhood and barely there parents and cute stories about her girls and their misadventures. You gave up some of your own, when the office was quiet and the dusk turned to night on a particularly long day.
Nine months. There’s a mishap in the dressing room and your boss needs help with one of her gowns she is trying on. You enter the space and nearly pass out with the full display of Alcina Dimitrescu’s back. She explains that the she can’t quite reach the back zipper and it takes all your might and will power not let your hands and fingers tremble. It takes a few tries, everything suddenly becoming Alcina and only Alcina, but you managed to zip her up. You still think about that dark look she gave you when you left the dressing room.
Ten months. Alcina adores the opera. She made sure that when business needed to take place in Italy, she invited you over the the centuries old opera house for your first ever live performance. You were mesmerized and were slack jawed the entire time. Alcina teased you that you looked like a goldfish throughout the night. It wasn’t until you’re in the hotel that you question why was she watching your stupid face instead of the opera.
Eleven months. She has tried to quit smoking multiple times. So far she has cut down to two a day and she’s real ecstatic about it because her daughters are. You’re happy for her and it takes you a few weeks to get used to the lack of smoke smell around her. You hate to admit this, especially with such an accomplishment, but you kinda missed it.
Twelve months. Cassandra is in the hospital, a sickness that needed such a drastic medical intervention. You taxi Alcina, Bela, and Daniella back and forth from their house to the hospital whenever they want. It breaks your heart each time to see how frail Cassandra has gotten in the near two weeks she’s been admitted. Alcina looks so tired. Exhausted. There’s a stoop to her shoulders not there months ago. She breaks down one night in your car. It’s the first time you’ve seen her cry and it shatters your heart and you desperately want to make it stop. She’s crying and apologizing, and crying and apologizing for her mask falling. You take her into your arms and hold her tight until the sobs stop raking her body. She clutches you like a lifeline. You two don’t speak about it the next day when you visit Cassandra again.
Thirteen months. She’s chatting with a beautiful woman, who is clearly flirting with your boss. She comes from a good family and is successful with several tens of millions under her belt. She’s a philanthropist and started multiple charities to help people. She’s kind and charming and down to earth. You hate her. And you hate Alcina more for not going back to her room with that woman. It’s stupid. This whole situation is stupid. Alcina can tell something is off with you but you feign exhaustion and retire to your hotel room. She makes sure to walk you to your door. You hate yourself more for letting you feelings go this far.  
Fourteen months. An asshole accuses you and Alcina of sleeping together in the most sexist and homophobic way possible. You go off on him and he looks absolutely terrified of the look in your eye. By the time Alcina comes into the room to see what the ruckus is about he looks to her like she’ll save him from you. “Go on,” You say, voice dripping with venom. “Repeat what you said.” He nearly pisses himself doing so. Surprisingly, Alcina is calm. The asshole’s desk is empty by the end of the day and everyone in the office is giving you a wide berth. For the rest of the day, Alcina is looking at you with this strange glint of being surprised, proud, and . . . turned on? No, no that’s not right. Can’t be. She probably thinks you’ve lost your mind. That’s it.    
Fifteen months.  Alcina tries to kiss you. But she’s fucking drunk. And you’re certain she’s just vulnerable, you’re her only option, and the alcohol is making her do it. (It has to be) You  push her away before anything really happens. She pouts in that adorable  way unbecoming of a woman of her station. She’s confused as to why you don’t want her like she wants you. You couldn’t help but let out a laugh crossed with a sob. “If you even wanted me for half as long as I wanted you, you would’ve have tried to kiss me sober.” It’s cruel to say,   dismissive. And it shows in her glossy eyes. You sigh and lead her to   her room, it’s the very least you can do. An aspirin and some water is   beside her when she wakes. But not you.  
Sixteen months. Things are wrong. So very wrong. Alcina is cold and so are you. Keeping things professional, you think, like it always should have been. It was a mistake to let things progress the way they did. There’s a reason why these types of relationships don’t last, you think. And it fucking hurts. Each time you enter the office and let the unsaid words hang in the air. Sometimes you find yourself glancing after her, like a lovesick puppy and you hate yourself more for it.
Sixteen months and ten days. You hand in your two weeks notice.
Let me know what you think! I had to write this out because it was killing me! Hope you enjoyed!
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geistergreen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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followjupiterslife · a day ago
I will never forgive Capcom for not showing us Alcina’s bare hands.
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alcinasdarling · 2 days ago
𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙶𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚂𝚞𝚗 ~ 𝙰𝚕𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝙳𝚒𝚖𝚒𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚌𝚞 𝚡 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
Tumblr media
Summary: The only time Castle Dimitrescu is quiet is in the early morning. Everything is calm and quiet, or is it? Maybe it's not so quiet after all, oh well. AKA early morning fluff with our lovely vampire girlfriend Alcina Dimitrescu (with an appearance from her darling daughters too!)
Warnings: None! Just the fluffiest of fluff, heh.
Characters: Alcina Dimitrescu x Reader
Word Count: 1,157
Notes: And she's back again! No soul-eating angst like last time, promise~ Just some fluffiness in the early hours of the morning, just in time for spring. Soft kisses and pillow talk, for what could be better?
This is once again a repost from my AO3, you can check it out here. Happy reading, lovelies!
At times, Castle Dimitrescu could be... chaotic at best. With three energetic daughters running around creating chaos wherever they went and the occasional screams from the cellar, there weren't often quiet moments. When Heisenberg comes to visit, it's even more chaotic, but that can be a story for another time.
There's only one period during the day where it's quiet, in the early light of the morning after the girls have worn themselves out from the day before. This moment of quiet was the best because you could enjoy a peaceful time with your darling, the lovely Alcina Dimitrescu.
Well, usually.
The loud squawking of birds woke you up today, them deciding to scream their mating calls in the early hours of the morning, because of course they did. Spring was god-awful. Yes, you supposed the weather was nice and cool sometimes, but otherwise, it was rainy, or too hot, or too loud (like at this very moment). Most definitely not what you'd call a 'great time'. Flipping over onto your stomach you shove your face into the pillow, letting out a groan. With that, you heard an amused chuckle coming from your side.
You glanced to the side and peeked open one of your eyes to send a glare at said person, making them only laugh louder.
"Oh my! Darling, if looks could kill then surely I'd be dead ten times over by now. That glare is terrifying," Alcina says, entertained.
"Ugh, sorry," you let out another groan, "my poor sleep..." you whined.
"Aw, my poor baby didn't get enough sleep?" she said, amusedly again.
You only nodded into your pillow, not finding the will to say anything. Alcina only looked at you fondly before sitting up, pulling you into her lap. Wrapping her strong arms around you tightly, you smiled happily at the contact, leaning closer and nuzzling your head into her chest. You knew you wouldn't be able to fall asleep again, truly a tragedy. So instead you just relished in her embrace.
You also had half the mind to flick the curtains open with a few of your butterflies, the room shining gold in the light.
Moments like this were moments you would always cherish. The simple touches, tender kisses. It was all so easy with Alcina, and you wouldn't have it any other way.
Thinking back to when you were young, your head was filled with stories of characters falling in love, and finding their soulmates. There was nothing more you wanted.
As you grew up, however, your faith in these stories began to fall. It seemed like no one could fulfill the feeling you craved for when you fell in love. Everyone has an idea of how they should feel when they find the one, after all. But that all changed when you ventured to Romania, where you found Alcina. The moment you met, your world was changed. You weren't one for clichés, but when you were with her the world seemed brighter, warmer, beautiful. Just like her.
Although your heart should be whole when you fall in love, so that you can give your partner everything you have, your lover should fill a piece of your heart you never realized you were missing. Alcina did that and so much more. You gave her your heart, and she treated it like a treasure, soft and tenderly.
When you were with her, it felt right. When you were with her, you were home.
As you were lost in your thoughts, you didn't notice Alcina looking down at you in curiosity.
"What's going on in your pretty little head, my love?" You blushed at her words. Even after all this time, Alcina never failed to make you feel flustered with her words.
"Well, I was just thinking about us," you say softly, a bit embarrassed.
"Oh? What about us?" she asks curiously, her head tilting ever so slightly like a child. The sight made you smile inwardly, she was so cute sometimes, even if she was this all-powerful vampiress.
"Just, how much I love you", you admit. "How," you pause, trying to put your thoughts into words, " How much I feel safe in your arms, and how I know that home isn't a place, but instead a person. You. When I'm with you, I'm home Alci," you say, blushing at your admission.
You hesitantly look up at her, and you're met with an expression of pure adoration in her eyes, a light blush across her pale cheeks. You admired how beautiful she looked in the light of the early morning sun. Gods, she was so beautiful. Like a Goddess walking amongst mortals.
"I love you too, my darling," she says softly, placing a gentle kiss on your hairline. "I... I never thought anyone would ever be able to love someone like me. Someone the world calls a monster, incapable of loving or receiving love. But that day you walked through the door without care, meeting my eyes without fear when people would cower away, I realized that you would be different." you met her eyes lovingly. Her words washed over you warmly, she's never told you this before. "I'm not one to believe in things like love at first sight, but I held an affinity for you the moment we met dearest."
Your heart overflowed hearing her words. Knowing you couldn't put your feelings into words, you instead pushed them all into the kiss you placed on her lips. It was a slow kiss, you taking your time. Showing her how you felt.
You felt Alcina's large hands drifting across your body, lighting up your skin with her touch as she went. You shifted up further on her body, wrapping your arms around her neck, kissing her more deeply. Slowly her hands drifted to your thighs, the tips of her fingers just barely pushing up the nightgown making her intentions evident. That was until all of a sudden a figure came bursting through the door.
In your surprise and embarrassment at getting caught in a compromising position with your lover, you let out a squeak as you jumped. A bit too hard you supposed, as you fell on the floor with a loud thud. Alcina stayed on the bed, her hands still floating in the air where you once were. Then she looked down at you in your flustered state and let out a hearty laugh. You only pouted at that.
She let out a sigh and without looking at the door said, "Daniela, what have I said about knocking on the door?" scolding her daughter softly.
Daniela's eyes widened as she realized what she walked into, a blush spreading across her cheeks.
"I- I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!!" as she flew out of the room at rapid speed. You let out a loud laugh at that.
After a few seconds, she comes back hesitantly, hovering outside the door.
"Bela told me to tell you to come down to eat, you were missing breakfast, Mother, Mama," she mumbles, disappearing once again.
Alcina climbs out of bed, picking you up gently from the floor and setting you on your feet. She leans down and places a final kiss on your lips, this one no longer sweet, but hot and passionate, heat spreading across your body.
"We'll continue this later, alright darling?" she says, her mouth turned up in a slight smirk, and sets off to get dressed. You only whimper softly in response, nodding.
Mornings like this were truly the most wonderful.
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soda-pop-frenzy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's about the power guys
(Mark template by @fischyplier!)
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puppetswithpointedteeth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Omg… guys… she’s real… let the simping begin!
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bene-bonv · 15 hours ago
I just love drawing her face yk
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ctitan98 · a day ago
So I know we have all come to agree that Y/N is an absolute dumbass, and that makes me really want to see Y/N going feral while defending Alcina. Like Miranda is having one of her diva moments and goes a little too for causing Y/N to absolutely lose it on her. Idk I just feel like they would have the best insults😌
I love this! Y/N losing their temper is a very funny idea to me. Let's get into it!
Mother Miranda: *Leading a family meeting* Now, I know you're all trying, but I need you to dig deep and really get after it this time! Our research is getting us nowhere!
The Lords: *Collective sigh*
Mother Miranda: Especially you, Alcina. You are the oldest and I expect a lot out of you!
Alcina: *Crosses her arms and pouts*
Y/N: *Currently hiding under Alcina's dress so they can play with their action figures without being seen, ears perk up because of what they heard Miranda say*
Mother Miranda: It's like your trying to upset me! Honestly, I give you everything and this is how you repay me?
Y/N: *Starts fucking growling like a dog*
Alcina: *Frantically poking Y/N's back with her foot to get them to shut up, doesn't want Miranda to know she brought Y/N with her*
Everyone: *Confused because they hear the growling and don't know what it is*
Karl: What's that sound? Anybody hear that?
Alcina: *Fake coughs* Oh, um, that's just me. I have a bit of a tickle in my throat, that's all. *Starts stomping on Y/N's head*
Y/N: *Starting to growl louder, getting more annoyed as they think about what Miranda said*
Mother Miranda: Always interrupting, too! Mother Miranda, I must protest this! Mother Miranda, I must protest that! Can't I say anything without you questioning me, Alcina?!
Y/N: *Fucking loses it, runs out from Alcina's dress barking like a rabid chihuahua at Miranda*
Mother Miranda: *Screams in terror* What are they doing here?!
Y/N: *Chasing Miranda in circles, snipping and biting at her heels as they insult her* You fuckin' Big Bird looking bitch! Maybe you should try taking your head out of your ass, it's not a hat!
Moreau and Angie: *Laughing*
Y/N: You're a dick sucking, toe fucking, boner killing, wheezer geezer, cream cheese schmear of a person!
Karl: *Falls out of his seat from laughing so hard*
Mother Miranda: *Ugly crying* Stop it, Y/N!
Y/N: Aw, am I hurting your feelings? Now you know how the rest of the world felt when your mom didn't swallow the cumshot that created you!
Donna: *Fucking wheezes before covering her mouth, hoping Miranda didn't hear her*
Alcina: *Trying really hard not to laugh at the sight of her lovable little Y/N roasting her more-than-a-century-old mother figure* Alright, Y/N. That's enough, come here. *Leans down to pick Y/N up like a baby*
Y/N: *Runs back over to Alcina, lets her pick them up, snuggles into her* Oh, one more thing, Miranda.
Mother Miranda: *Looks back at Y/N, completely defeated with make-up running down her face*
Y/N: *Smiles evilly* If you ever talk to my wife like that again, I'm going to kick your smart ass to the roof of your smart mouth and shove so much birdseed down your throat you shit out a fuckin' bird feeder. Don't test me, Chicken Little.
Mother Miranda: *Sobs*
Y/N and Alcina: *High five each other*
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dimitrescutie · a day ago
Tumblr media
I bet Daniela took this picture
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justoffwave · a day ago
Donna, Donna, I got your hint.
I will definitely tie you, don't worry.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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brunnetessimp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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lucidmagic · 7 hours ago
Modern AU BusinessWoman!Alcina x PersonalAssistant!Reader (part 2 of 3)
Ugh, fine I’ll do a part two to the BusinessWoman!Alcina x PersonalAssistant!Reader, since you guys asked so nicely.
This probably not the progression many of you were wanting, but I wanted to explore Alcina’s POV of their relationship and what moments solidified her feelings and such. Regardless, enjoy!
Alcina Dimitrescu has everything: money, success, power, three smart, talented, beautiful daughters, a great fashion sense, amazing boobs, and a large mansion with over a dozen acres.
Well everything . . . except a fucking decent, capable assistant that doesn’t run screaming into the hills every four months or so. Alcina swears they do it just for the severance check by now.
She wouldn’t say she was desperate-- Alcina Dimitrescu is never desperate, people were desperate for her, not the other way around. But . . . she was in dire need. Her daughters know of her mercurial ways and has already set up a pot for when the next assistant will quit or be fired.
(Insert scene where Alcina first notices the Reader, I’ll expand on it later on if I decide to write this more thoroughly).
The next day, Alcina is scheduled to meet with Nepotism Junior’s pitch and proposal. Much to her surprise it was you who made the presentation and answered the questions-- saying that Junior is unfortunately out, deathly sick. Alcina knows the truth-- he’s hungover and withdrawing from the lines he snorted last night. It was a well known secret. But the way you conducted yourself before the board, despite your . . . meek fashion sense-- clothes untailored, slightly too worn, about five years out of date-- made up for the lack of Nepotism Junior and your appearance. Alcina wouldn’t say she impressed, but you exceeded her (rather low) expectations.
(Even she has to admit the proposal was quite decent, even by her standards. Sure it needed some elaboration on some areas, some things adjusted, but otherwise a solid proposal. She’s more impressed that Nepotism Junior came up with--
Ah, well that would explain it. . .)
“Give Nepotism Junior our congratulations for his work and presentation. We have a feeling we’ll be moving forward with his proposal.” There it is. The twitch of your mouth and the sharp look in your eye is all she needed to confirm her suspicions.
She went back to her office and made sure to scan over your employee file and Nepotism Junior’s file. Your performance is high, despite not getting a degree in the field, a related subject sure, but not something she would typically suspect. And judging from Nepotism Junior’s performance since you joined the company, his numbers steadily increased since you were hired. Alcina scoffs at how she missed the signs, but she caught it now and that’s what matters.
The next week you were her new assistant, a drab, meek woman who somehow went under her radar. Well, you’re in her sights now and there’s no escaping.
Sixteen months and 10 days. She puts you through the ringer, admittedly. And she had no regrets doing so. If you didn’t do well in the first month how was she supposed to believe you would do your job months down the line? Simple logistics. Some may say unnecessary, cruel, or even diabolical, but she counters with effectual, capability, and obligatory. She requires the absolute best if she’s to do her job properly. It’s an investment, really.
Alcina’s daughters start to fill the pot and giving their dates of when you’ll be fired or you’ll quit. They say about 2 months.
Fifteen months. Alcina doesn’t have to wait long before you’re beside her and handing her morning latte when she disembarks the elevator, exactly what she likes. You rattling off her schedule and the game plan and she only needs to give you a few curt orders before you’re scurrying off to do as she bids. Good. Fast. Efficient. It was a good choice stealing you from Nepotism Junior when she had the chance. Good investment.
Alcina and you mesh surprisingly well, for the most part. There are some challenges with communication and you two’s expectations. But after some clarification, she doesn’t expect to make those mistakes again. Your personality is also surprisingly pleasant to be around, admittedly. You’re considerate, patient, and often sarcastic. You clip back when she gives an off handed, sometimes ill-mannered comment. And . . . the energy returned always leaves her smirking. One time she gives you a back handed compliment and the first time you replied with one back with equal energy, she definitely had to take pause to process it. She could have fired you or reprimanded you.
Instead, she dismissed you. She nearly snorted in laughter the second time it happened.
The pot grows and the girls are getting impatient and starting to change their predictions. They’re extending it to four months.
Fourteen and Thirteen months. The girls adore you, especially after the impromptu movie day. Especially, Cassandra who always had issues opening up to people. You treat them with respect and you take time to listen to their rambles. You are interested in their school tales and hobbies and you make them laugh. It makes a smile grace Alcina’s lips when she watches from her desk when her daughters are due to visit the office and they rush to your desk to greet you, even Bela the most distant of the bunch. You seem to have won her over regardless. Daniella always gives you a hug when they leave for the day. You always rustle her hair and receive a toothy grin in return.
(No, Alcina’s heart didn’t warm slightly and no she didn’t have to hide a smile at the display, it was the trick of the light.)
Twelve to Eleven months. You like heavy metal music, saying it helps you calm your thoughts when things are hectic. You bite the inside of you cheek when you’re concentrating hard on a spreadsheet or schedule. You wiggle or tap your foot when you’re under-stimulated, especially in meetings. Alcina has to physically place her hand on your knee to make you stop. If it took a few seconds longer than necessary, it was because it was to make sure the wiggling would cease. That’s all.
You prefer wraps over sandwiches and you like that rundown smoothie shop down the street. She has started to like it as well, especially the mocha one they make. She learns about how you managed to get back on your feet when your parents kick you out at the age of sixteen. You didn’t get to have the time and money for college until your early to mid twenties and even then you had to work full time parallel to your studies. It puts into perspective Alcina’s own privilege. And why you’re so reluctant about spending money on yourself. She abstains from making comments on your clothes from then on.
You know about her secret stash of chocolate and she made you swear to secrecy about it through a mouthful of M&Ms. The mirth in your eyes told her you wanted to laugh but was stopping yourself. Alcina supposes it was a bit ridiculous. But she has a reputation to keep.
Alcina appreciates the insights on things. She admittedly values your contributions. Sometimes she takes the suggestions and sometimes she can’t. That’s the way of business. But she makes sure she brings up your contribution in the presentations and meetings, which earns Alcina a grateful smile from you. The girls mention she’s a bit sprier when she gets home, a bit more lighthearted. The two are not connected. The girls tease nonetheless.
The pot doesn’t really grow and the girls hesitate to renew their predictions. They still do, but reluctantly.
Ten to Nine months. One time Bela got into a fight at school. Like a real fight. Fists bruised and lips busted kind of fight. Alcina couldn’t get to the school to pick her up, so she sent you to fetch her daughter and bring her home. It was the first time you’ve been inside the Dimitrescu Manor. You’ve seen it from the outside when escorting Alcina to various functions. But you’ve never been permitted inside. It was a far cry from your tiny abode, that’s for sure. Bela was silent for most of your stay, only asking if you needed anything or if you wanted to know where the bathroom is. Her eyes were distant. Eventually, without prompting, she confided in you. She said she punched some kid who has been teasing her for the past year, especially making comments about her mom. She said she lost it after a particular homophobic and sexist comment-- she never had to encounter such a thing due to Alcina’s openness and generally being around accepting people. She never had to actually face bigotry like that before. You hug her to your side as the tears start to form in her eyes and she asks you why some people would hate her mom like that.
When Alcina came home, she made a beeline for Bela-- but you just managed to intercept her. You told her the general idea of what happened-- Bela was defending her mother and she’s still processing things about the world that you think Alcina needs to sit her down and really talk to her about. Alcina looked like she wanted to push you aside before the words registered and then she deflated after a few seconds. You went to keep Cassandra and Daniella company while the two talked. The younger two girls were just happy you were there and knew how to play Mario Cart.
You don’t know if it’s related but the next week, the girls (and by proxy Alcina) invited you to game night. You nearly beat Alcina in Settlers of Catan and apparently that’s a big deal in the household.
The pot remains the same. The girls refuse to make bids. They don’t want you to go.
Eight months. Alcina searches for you in the packed ballroom. You’re not dressed to the nines, similar to most of the assistants off to the side, as technically you’re on the clock. Which is a shame really. She would have loved to see you freshen up and fit into something other than a button up and cardigan. But alas, it seems you had other plans in foiling her hopes. Her eyes finally land on you and yours hers and makes an almost instinctual smile cross her lips. Those are coming easier it seems. She doesn’t want to think as to why. Someone comes up to you and she can just see the words “dance” and “with me” forming on their lips. The smile is immediately gone, replaced by a scowl and something heavy and clutching around her heart. It’s slightly alleviated when she sees you decline politely.
Alcina asks why you turned the person down earlier when you two are resting in her living room, the girls long asleep. You shrug and say you don’t know how to dance like they probably wanted and didn’t want to embarrass yourself. She scoffs and stands and extends her hand to you, eyes leaving no room for argument. She tries not to think too hard as to why she likes your hand in hers and why her heart is beating so rapidly. You’re a fast learner, though you keep your head down, watching your feet so you don’t step on heels worth two months rent. It’s fine, she thinks, she gets to unabashedly admire you while you’re distracted.
Seven to Six months. The girls tease Alcina. Alcina dismisses their claims and playfully threaten to fire you as revenge. They always vehemently protest when she does. But there’s a fleeting thought when Valentines days approaches of her getting you a gift. She can’t really deny it anymore, can she? It’s been like this for a while.
She remembers the exact incident that she knew what her feelings started to develop into. It was about four months into your stint as assistant and she was on her balcony, smoking after a long day in preparation for a long weekend with the girls. You entered with her comfort food from the Romanian restaurant down the street and a bottle of wine. Alcina didn’t even have to tell you. She invited you to stay and rest of the evening was . . . nice. Very nice. Alcina thought she wouldn’t mind if you two had more afternoons like these. It was so small. So insignificant in comparison. And yet, you made it seem big.
Alcina suggests that the pot could be used to give you gift of some kind for the holiday. The younger girls agree wholeheartedly and started to come up with gift ideas immediately. Bela joins in moments later-- after she eyes Alcina for a few seconds, knowingly. Alcina ignores her.
You’re surprised when the girls run up to your desk and hand over a haphazardly wrapped present, courtesy of Daniella’s enthusiasm. You open it at their insistence and you love it, judging by the squeals from the girls. Alcina smiles to herself in her office.
Five months. There’s a gala and the girls are giggling in the foyer. When Alcina finishes up, she descends down her staircase yet nearly trips over her own heels. She doesn’t know what possessed you to dress to the nines this time, but she’s suddenly glad she’s a dozen feet above you so you don’t see the flush across her chest and cheeks. You’re stunning and it’s suddenly very hard to breathe. Ah, so that’s why her daughters were giggling-- her imminent death falling down the stairs. You’re staring up at her with that dopey, goofy grin like when you say an absolutely atrocious pun and are waiting for Alcina to groan in response. The girls continue to giggle and nudge one another when you’re not looking.
“You clean up very nicely,” Alcina manages to say, not a waver in her voice.
You shrug, cheeks darkening, smirk on your face turning sheepish. “Figured just this once I’d try to turn some heads if I can help it.”
Alcina makes a show of looking you up and down, both to make you squirm under scrutiny and for her own selfish memory. “There’s no doubt you will.”
Four months. When you got the call and poked your head in the meeting, knowing that Alcina wasn’t to be disturbed, the moment her eyes land on your face she knew something was wrong. She could barely process your words, the only things getting through was Cassandra, sick, and hospital. Your hand is warm when it lands on her forearm, “I already called a driver to take you to the hospital. Go. I’ll finish the meeting for you.” If it was anyone else, she may have scoffed and did the arrangements herself. But not you. She barely goes to the office for those 23 days when Cassandra is touch and go and nearing death’s door. You give her some things to keep busy, like paper work and reports mostly for signatures and for ehr to review, but you mostly hold down the castle while also chauffeuring the Dimitrescu family back and forth. Alcina is fraying but she has to be strong. For her girls. For herself. She must be strong, she must be strong, she must be strong-- suddenly she’s sobbing in your beat up, over a decade old car two weeks into Cassandra’s admittance. She’s then in your arms, and she’s clutching at your back, tears staining your shirt and she can’t remember the last time she’s cried like this before. But you’re there, cooing in her ear (”I got you. I got you. It’s okay. I got you.”) and your arms are sure and sturdy around her trembling frame. She’s grateful it was you who held her while she was shattering.
Three months. There’s part of Alcina knows that things have gotten too far gone. Professionalism isn’t even in the cards anymore. Part of her, the rational, business, and pragmatic side tells her to end things while they are ahead, it’ll stop future heartbreak and a potential sexual harassment lawsuit. The other side, the lesser known emotional and romantic one, says to just confess and see where things go, then she’ll know what to do next. There are two outcomes: either you feel the same or you don’t. Either way, Alcina Dimitrescu is terrified.
Two months. Admittedly, she drank more than she should around you, her inhibitions are down and things are a bit fuzzy and you’re sitting there laughing at something she slurringly said. The girls are asleep and Alcina decided to break out the vintage before you both head to bed yourselves. It’s a recipe for disaster if there ever was one. She’s drunk and in love, which is one in the same, and the moonlight is hitting your profile just right that it takes her breath away. Leaning forward, she wanted to take your breath away too. But all that turned up was cool air and rejection. She asks why and she can see your mouth moving yet she can only hear is her own thoughts: she doesn’t want you, she doesn’t love you, she doesn’t love you like you love her. She. Doesn’t. Love. You. Alcina’s memory fades after that and, the next thing she knows, she’s waking to a splitting headache, a few aspirin by her bedside, and a empty bed. The girls were confused as to why you weren’t there for breakfast.
One month and 9 days. You’re cold and so is Alcina. Things are okay but also not and it hurts. Business goes on as usual, despite the ache in her chest every time she sees you. But it’s better than not feeling anything at all. Like what you feel for her. Alcina keeps things professional, strictly so-- like it should have been from the beginning. She should probably talk to you about it but she’s angry at herself for being so stupid and stubborn and hurting that she forgoes such things. She hates you. She hates it all. She hates herself the most.
1 day. Her girls are confused as to why you’re not being invited anywhere anymore. You’re still speaking to them like nothing happened and she applauds you for not forgoing her daughters like you did to her. And it’s Daniella who breaks first and asks Alcina directly. Bela and Cassandra look at the mother like she’s the most idiotic woman in the world when she explains what happened. Daniella cusses in front of Alcina for the first time by saying, “You’re a fucking moron.”
Day 0. For the first in two decades, Alcina Dimitrescu was nervous to enter the office. She needed to talk to you. Needed to clear the air and . . . tell you. Her girl’s gave her words of encouragement that morning and by the time she stepped into the elevator that pep-talk is vastly waning. You met her like usual when she stepped off, your voice clipped and void of that usual bite and energy she liked. She should have done this earlier.
“Meet me in the the office. There are something we need to discuss.”
“Yes, there is,” You reply, coolly.
Alcina should have know from that it wasn’t going to go the way she imagined. Because when you entered her office later that morning, you were holding a single piece of paper. She knew immediately what it was and she knew she was too late.
It was the only time her hand trembled when she accepted a two weeks notice.
Don’t worry I’ll do a part 3 :) I wanted to explore the Reader’s and Alcina’s relationship from the other side before a potential resolution. So, you can say things got away from me lol. Hope you enjoyed and hopefully the next part will be out soon, but it depends on my free time. Fun fact I listened to She Gets the Flowers by Beth McCarthy on repeat while expanding on this, which got me in the mood to write so give it a listen if you want to know the vibes.
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undeniablysapphic · 2 days ago
With new fandom discoveries, please remember that the woman who looks like Alcina is, also, a person and we shouldn't be calling her mommy, either
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countdraluka · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Supposed DLC leak from Reddit.
Obviously take this with a grain of salt, but I'm very glad at the possibility of two DLCs - we likely have the one showcasing the Lords as well as the Chris-focused content people are also asking for. This also further confirms the gold edition some leakers already hinted at.
The mods mentioned that there were indeed screenshots provided, but they were not published because they can be traced to the person who took them. Will definitely be keeping an eye on OP to see if there's more information to share.
EDIT: I'm suspecting OP is actually referring to this tweet and the BTS footage found in the RE Youtube channel.
Tumblr media
EDIT 2: I'm seeing people share this still, so just a heads up that this has, as I suspected, been proven as false :)
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ink-pocket · a day ago
Just lost my job, and i'm taking plush commissions. use my commission page or dm me for details.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also feel free to check out some of the new stuff I'm listing every day this week on my shop
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