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I honestly love Chromatica so much. The dark lyrics + dance beat, and personal lyrics are one of the things that I really liked about Lady Gaga in the first place. Like, The Fame was fine, but The Fame Monster was GREAT. I feel like there’s the same relationship between ARTPOP and Chromatica. ARTPOP was fine, but there was nothing that grabbed me about it, and now I realize what was missing.

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Rare picture of Lady Gaga having a beer in the favela of Cantagalo, in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil

Legend has it that the crew lost Gaga for a while and they found her sitting at a bar and having a beer with the locals. I honestly want to believe it is true.

November, 2012

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trump supporters wanting celebrities who donated to help bail out people who are arrested at the riots is fucking sending me because they’re calling them ‘terrorists’ and saying they’re ‘instigating riots’ like ok michelle i’m sure ben schwartz and lady gaga are dangerous people who need to be arrested immediately 💀

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