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Hey hey hey! Im back and ready to write again! I didnt like the way some stories turned out and I didnt like the fact I discontinued so many. Some of my work sounds the same and I felt I had no real creativity within them soooo….introducing the revised versions of these works. 


Synopsis: Alana works at a radio station at night and a diner in the morning. She gives callers love and advice lessons but Alana doesn’t even have a boyfriend of her own and hasn’t had one in years. One night a man only calling himself “Spook’ calls, not asking for advice, but wanting to know Alana as a person. The caller calls every night until Alana agrees to get to know him but it seems they both need to heal in order to meet face to face. 


Synopsis: Porsha is a spoiled 25 year old who lives off of her father’s estate from a big oil company. One day he gets arrested for bad taxes and fraud and everything is stripped from them. Porsha is brought to her knees in despair as she struggles to make ends meet for the very first time in her entire life. She develops a plan: trick wealthy men, drug them, and rob them. Her tricks go well until she comes across Erik. A man with a bad attitude and a shit ton of money. He starts opening up to her unaware of her scheme while she starts developing feelings for him, unsure if shes doing the right thing. 


Synopsis: Sisters Amy, Ashlee, and Amber cant seem to stay in one room for more than 20 minutes. They argue and bicker over the pettiest of things and constantly throw unflattering words. They all live in different states and haven’t been in the family home together for 10 years. When their dying grandmother realizes she doesn’t have much time left, she asks them to come home for what would be her last Christmas alive. The reunion isn’t sweet as secrets and bad memories come out. Will they move past their issues for family or continue to despise one another for the rest of their lives?


Synopsis: The sisters are back with more issues than the last. While things are going good for them as siblings, their personal life is what needs the most work.. 


(originally titled “Letters to Y/N”)

Synopsis: Asha is a goody two shoes who rarely gets into trouble and is close with her college professors. One night she meets Chad. A guy known for causing havoc and getting arrested. She avoids him but he becomes smitten with her and eventually wins her over. She realizes over time he’s not the monster everyone painted him out to be and she falls for him. A jealous ex frames Chadwick and gets him sent to prison. Asha is lost and hurt but he keeps her hope alive as he sends her letters every other week. After 3 years of waiting Asha moves on and Chadwick gets out. Now Asha must choose to go back to her old life or continue with the new one. 


Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama. 


Synopsis: Its been 10 years and Chadwick and Kimberly are still add it. Except there is more drama and lies. Kimberly finds a new love interest in Chris Evans as Chadwick sky rockets to fame. Now with Chris (and Chadwick’s new ego) in the way, it makes Kimberly wonder if its still worth it all, Is HE still worth it. 



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Possible New Story Covers…


(Cover And Title not final) This is just a visual of how I want the story to go…not telling the plot. Starring Lakeith Stanfield


May or may not start on this…Stars Skai Jackson (as twins) and Chadwick Boseman


Now this one I will tell you about. It focuses on Anna and Aaron before the events of Honey Love and Honey Love 2

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You don’t know how long you were sitting at the top of the tree but all you knew is that you didn’t wanna come down. You had never felt so broken. Your grandmother was gone to the promised land and the boy you lost your virginity to was sleeping with your best friend. With the way things were going for you right now, everyone could go to hell. You turned your kimoyo beads and phone off hours ago. You didn’t care who was trying to reach you, you wanted to be alone. You sighed as you looked up at the sun rising against the vibrant sky, creating a beautiful ombre hue of red, orange, and purple. You smiled to yourself as you wiped your eyes. Your grandmother would’ve loved to sit up here with you. You heard leaves and branches crunching underneath the tree you were sitting in. You tensed up as you tucked your legs underneath you. You looked down to see  Eshe looking around as she shouted your name. 

“Fawn you cannot hide from me! Please come out” Eshe screamed as she ran her fingers through her braids. “T’challa told me what happened. I knew he was no good for you. Come out Fawn, we only have each other now” She stood there as you moved and caused leaves to fall. She looked up at you and sighed. “Fawn what the hell? Come down from there”

“Why? I might as well die up here. Everything I’ve ever cared about is GONE”

Eshe sighed and grabbed a branch. She climbed up to the top and you scooted over. She sat there for a minute before she grabbed your hand. 

“No everything’s not gone. Grandmother was sick, it was going to come eventually. Would you rather her to have stayed here and suffered or be with our ancestors and your mother, happy and carefree?”

You didn’t say anything as she pulled you in for a side hug. You laid your head on her shoulder as she rubbed your arms. 

“You graduate in a couple of more weeks, then you’re gonna go on to do very big things. You will meet plenty of other boys and better friends that care about you and truly love you…”

“Who am I gonna live with now?”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that…I’ve been planning on moving to America for a while now…I wanted you to come with me”

You sat up and looked at her. America? The country Wakanda despised the most because of their stupidity and arrogance? She really wanted to go there. 


“I got a new job offer. It pays great money Fawn and you could live with me until you decide what you want to do”

“You just want to abandon the land where grandmother and my mother are buried? Have you no loyalty to our family?”

She sighed as she looked at you. 

“It’s up to you Fawn, I just wanted you to have a new start.”

You sat there for a minute as she looked away. Maybe you did wanna leave all of this behind. There was nothing left here for you but a distant family that you barely interacted with. You held Eshe’s hand as she turned back to you. 

“When are we leaving?”

She smiled as she looked at you. 

“We’re leaving a couple of days after your graduation if you can hold out until then” You nodded your head. 

“Yea just ignore everyone for a few more weeks, got it”

She gave a stretched smile as she started climbing down. “Come on, we have a funeral service to prepare for”


4 months later…

“May all the students please stand.” You smiled as you and the rest of you 224 classmates stood up. You kept your promise and ignored everyone. Nakia would avoid you at school anyway. M’baku and Erik were a little hurt and they didn’t understand why you pushed them away. You guessed T’challa never told them the real reason why you two broke up but you really didn’t care. You worked hard to make it to this point and you wanted to make your mother and grandmother proud. “Congratulations to the Wakanda’s school of elite prodigies. I now give you the class of 2004″ 

Everyone stood up and tossed their caps as everyone embraced each other. A few classmates hugged you as you noticed M’baku and Erik walking towards. You sighed as you fixed you hair and unzipped your robe. They both stood in front of you, not saying anything. You cleared your throat and looked up.


“Wassup Fawn…”

You gave a small smile and they did the same. This was awkward. You closed them out without even explaining to them why. You wouldnt be mad if they went off on you, but they didn’t. Mbaku smiled and picked you up for a hug. 

“We’re finished Fawn! We did it!”

You laughed as Erik joined in on the group hug. Eshe walked up to you 3 in the middle of your mini celebration. She smiled as Mbaku sat you back down. 

“Ndinebhongo ngawe mshana“ (Im so proud of you niece)

Thank you Eshe” You smiled. 

“I shall see you at home. We have things to pack still”

“You're not sticking around?”

“Nah, Go. Have fun, its your graduation night”

She waved as she walked away. Erik and M’baku looked at you with concern. Erik stepped up as he clutched his hat.

“You moving to the other side of town?”

You shook your head. 


M’baku smiled as he pointed. 

“Oh so you’re finally coming to the mountains. I can show you where-”

You interrupted him as you sighed and looked away while running your fingers through your braids. 

“No. Not that place either…Im going to America actually…”

“America?” Both of them exclaimed in unison. M’baku folded his arms as he looked at you. 

“America huh? The very place we all said we would never move to because of their lack of unity and arrogance…”

You wiped your eye as you looked at him. You didn’t wanna leave your friends but there was nothing left here for you. 

“Its not like I have a choice guys…there is nothing left here for me…”

“You have us”

You gave a smile small as you grabbed both of their hands. 

“I know…and I hate to leave but I at least wanna see what its like. Here’s the deal:If I hate it, I’ll come back for good, deal?”

They sighed as you giggled and pulled them both in for a hug. They were like brothers to you and your departure from them would surely hurt you. You sighed as you all let go and laughed. Nakia started walking up as you rolled your eyes. You could care less on what she had to say. You hadn’t seen her in 4 months and you hoped it wouldn’t be a next time. She stood between Erik and M’baku as they looked around, finding a reason to escape the strange stand still. Erik hit M’baku on the arm. 

“Hey lets go see what Yufaru is doing tonight”

M’baku nodded his head. 

“Good idea…see you at the party Fawn”

You waved as they hurriedly walked away. Nakia looked at you as she held her hands behind her back. She were surprised she even graduated with you all. She barely came to damn school. She had a skin tight red dress with a small slit. Bast where is her fucking father? You thought. She smiled as you looked at her. 

“What do you want?”

“I overheard you say you were going to America…how fun”

“Its not a trip, Im moving there”

“Ah too bad, We’re all gonna miss you around here…”

“Yea Im sure of it”

“You know T’challa is really sorry for what happened. He was gonna end it the right way…”

“And what? Be with you?”

You scoffed and pushed her out of the way. You didn’t wanna hear what he was about to do especially from the slut you caught him with. She turned around as you walked away. 

“Maybe that’s why he liked me better”

You stopped in your tracks and turned around. 

“Excuse me”

“You’re too prissy and stuck up. He wanted someone that was laid back and fun. A girl that liked to go mud riding or chasing rhinos. He called you boring once but I thought he was upset with you so I tried to cheer him up and then he took an interest in me. He said I was different from you and it was a good thing…”

You snorted as you folded your arms. 

“Id rather be all of that then a whore. I would’ve never done to you what you did to me Nakia. How would your father feel about your betrayal and behavior? You had to give it up for him to really like you…sad”

“And you held out and he still doesn’t love you…”

You smirked as you slowly approached her with your arms still folded. 

“Goes to show how much you know about me‘friend’…we actually had sex a few days before I caught you with him…in a way I feel like I got the last haha. Tchalla is not a prize to be won Ms. Nakia. I wish you the best of luck with him.”

You swung around, hitting her in the face with your braids. You didn’t bother to see her reaction, you said what you said and that was that. You could care less on how they would turn out. 


You sighed as she held your legs close to your chest. You were officially leaving tomorrow morning. You got invited to a graduation party but you opted out of going. You wanted to sit here on the beach, away from everyone with just you and your mind. Nakia really thought she was important enough to make you upset but you couldn’t help but to wonder…were you truly boring like she said? Or was she lying to piss you off? You scoffed as you put your head into your knees. What was gonna happen once you made it to America? You really didnt wanna go but you wanted to save yourself from the embarrassment Nakia and Tchalla have caused you. No one asked you what happened between the 3 of you. It made you wonder did the Queen really have love for you or was she pretending like Nakia was. Who were you kidding? She probably didnt want her son with a peasant girl anyway. Nakia belonged to a tribe, you didnt. In the end, the rich girls always win. 


You jumped as you turned around to see T’challa standing there. You rolled your eyes and turned back around as he sat down beside you. You ignored him as you watched the waves crash against the shore. You and him used to come out here all the time whenever you got free time. 

“Is beautiful isnt it? I come out here sometimes to clear my head”

You didnt say anything. You just wanted him to stop talking to you and go away. 

“Im sorry Fawn…It truly wasnt what you thought it was”

You shook your head as you sighed. 

“You really want me to believe that? You were groping her and…kissing her. You were gonna sleep with her if I didnt walk in…”

“I know you dont believe me but its the truth…even if it was a lie…could you blame me?”


He sighed as he looked down. 

“You barely paid attention to me Fawn. You focused on school more than us. I felt neglected. Even when we were together, you never cared to discuss things of my interest Fawn. All I wanted was affection”

You turned and looked at him. 

“So you cheat instead of talking to me? So much for honesty huh? I hate you.”

“Dont say that…please dont”

“I dont ever wanna see you again. You used me and embarrassed me. I hope you and Nakia are very happy together. Goodbye T’challa”

You got up and grabbed your shoes as he tried to hold your hand. You snatched away and stomped off, kicking some sand at him in the process. He called out to you as you continued walking away. Not only did he ruin your peace but he pissed you off. You were so ready to leave Wakanda and you were never coming back. 


“Fawn! The plane leaves in 2 hours, get up!”

“Im already up, Thank you!”

Eshe slung the door open to you packing up the last 3 books from your shelf. You sighed as you closed the box and stood up. 

“I think thats everything…”

“Good! Let me go make sure everything is taken care of before we leave”

She walked out as you looked around. You loved this home and you didnt wanna leave it. If it were possible, you’d pack it too. You chuckled as you stepped out of the room and onto the front. You watched the movers pack your things as they went back and forth in the house. Out the corner of your eye, you seen T’challa emerging from behind a truck. You rolled your eyes as he approached you with his head down. 

“Havent you down talked me enough?”

“Youre leaving…why?”

“Eshe wants us to have a fresh start in America…”

He looked up with tears in his eyes. You barely seen him cry before. This was new to you. You looked at him as your frown turned into a bland look. 

“Why are you crying?”

“Because I love you Fawn…I dont want you to go”

“Its not my fault T’challa….I have to”

“You can stay here with me. You can get your own room in the castle”


He hugged you as a few tears fell on your shoulder. You never seen him so vulnerable before. This was the part of him that you missed. Even if you did take him back, it wouldn’t help. Eshe has made up her mind to take you with her to America. You rubbed your hand up and down his back as he held you. It almost felt like nothing was wrong. He looked at you as you wiped his tears. He leaned his forehead against yours as he sniffed. 

“Do you hate me still?”

“I never hated you…I just hate what youve done to me…”

“And Im so sorry, Fawn. I messed up…please forgive me…”

“Youre forgiven…”

“Can we start over”

“You know we cant…I want you to be happy T’challa”

“Im happy when Im with you…”

“You have a lot of responsibilities now that you’re of age. You have a country to run. I dont wanna get in the way of that…”

“Promise me something then?”


“Youll come back and marry me…be my Queen”

You froze as he stroked your cheek.

“Did you just propose to me?”

“Not formally but it works”

He smiled as you laid in his chest. The butterflies you used to have were back now. You regretted ignoring him the way you did but you wanted to find yourself and you wanted him to do the same. You both were too young to know if this was really real. You looked at him as you pulled away. 

“I will come back…”

“You promise?”

“Of course.”

He smiled as he held your hand. 

“I love you Fawn…”

“I love you too T’challa”

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*Some of these stories have put to much on me. As someone who wants to be a film director, I immediately get ideas and put them into a story but if I feel its not good enough or no one is interested, I stop writing it. Sometimes Im just not interested anymore. Sorry to the handful that was into certain stories.


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read; sorry guys. They just don’t do it for me anymore. I know its alot lmao. I lose interest VERY quickly. 


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me but I still wanna write so, therefore, updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!


Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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I posed in the mirror as I held the dress up to my figure. I sighed and threw it on the bed. “No, not that one either”. Steven was out at a dinner meeting with Tucker, his best friend slash co worker. I wasn’t really flattered with Tucker because he always gave me creep eyes. I pulled out another dress as my phone rang. I ran over to the side of the bed and answered it. I put it on the speaker as I went back to looking in the mirror. 


“Well nice to hear from you”

“Hello mom”

“What are you doing? You wanna get lunch?”

“Uh sure, today?”

“Of course today.”

“Fine what time”

“Now. I got something to tell you about this case you’ve been stressing over”

“Mon, I swear I’ll sit and talk about a piece of gum for an hour straight before I talk about that gotdamn case, excuse my language”

“But its really important- that Daniel boy is in the hospital”

I dropped my dress and picked up the phone, putting it to my ear. 


“He tried to commit suicide, at least that’s what my friend, Monica told me. You know the one that works at the hospital. Her hus-”

“Yes,yes mom I know Monica. Get dressed, I’m coming to get you and we’re going up there”

“You know hospitals freak me out”


“Fine. Let me get ready”

She hung up the phone as I threw the dress down and ran to my dresser. I pulled out a regular shirt and jeans. I got dressed and slide on my flats and grabbed my keys and purse. 


I walked into the hospital with my mother behind me. She clutched her purse as she held hand sanitizer in her hand. Someone coughed and she jumped. “Nisha please hurry up, Im not tryna get sick” She then squeezed hand sanitizer into her palm and rubbed viciously. I laughed as I made it to the counter. “Nu uh don't touch that counter. Here” I rolled my eyes as I held my hand out and she squeezed sanitizer in my hand. I rubbed my hands together as Monica rolled over in her swivel chair. 

Hey Tiffany, Hey Tanisha”

“Hey Monica”

“Hello Ms. Monica”

She leaned up as she put some papers against her side to cover her face. “You know that boy you’re representing is in room 32 B. He tried to slit his own throat”

“Oh my God”

She nodded her head as I put my hand up, covering my mouth. “His aunt went by his apartment to check on him and he was found, just in time. Doctor said it was a miracle he even went a full 4 hours bleeding out like that without dying” I shook my head as I rubbed my forehead in disbelief. “I promised him that I would protect him, no matter what…God I suck”. Monica turned her lip up as she stacked the papers up and sat them back down. “Humph, does that including protecting him from himself and his mental illness. He keeps saying something about a damn man that no one sees, that boy got issues Tanisha, you better be careful” 

I nodded my head as I looked at my mother. “You coming up with me?” She shook her head fastly. “Hell no, that boy got some craziness attached to him”. I rolled my eyes as I tapped the counter. “Fine, I’ll be back in a little while” I walked away as her and Monica carried on conversation. I got on the elevator and took the next floor up. I stepped off and found the room. His door was open and he was sitting up, attempting to eat some mashed potatoes. His aunt was sitting on his bed looking at him. I knocked on the door and they both turned. She stood up and wrapped her sweater around her as she tucked her arms under. 


“Hey Karen….Hey Daniel”

He weakly waved as Karen looked at him and then me. “He uh…cut his vocal cord pretty deep so um…he cant talk for awhile” I grabbed her by the arm and looked at him as I whispered to her. “Can I talk to you outside?” She nodded her head as we started walking. She gently closed the door as she looked through the window to check on Daniel. 

“I don’t think he did this to himself Karen”

“What do you mean?”

“A couple of days ago, he came into my office. He looked frightened and…he said the killer was following him”

“Daniel has PTSD and probably survivor’s guilt. He’s gonna say things that don't make any sense Ms. Tanisha.” 

“I don't know Karen, he sounded very sure someone was following him around. I think you should have people around him to protect him”

“He’s moving in with me. You need to worry about keeping him out of prison, that's what we hired you for. Find out who murdered my sister and stop focusing on Daniel. We’re gonna get him the help he needs”

“No disrespect Karen but before this incident happened, have you even tried to discuss what’s going on with Daniel, mentally? I don't think he’s lying.”

She stepped up to me with her arms still tucked under her sweater. 

“Daniel won’t be coming by your office anymore. My attorney will be discussing this case with you from now on. We don’t want to scare Daniel anymore than he already has. By you believing him makes it worse. Good day Ms. Tanisha”

She walked back into the room and closed the door. I peeped through the window as she had her back turned. Daniel looked at me and held up a note. “Come back tomorrow”. I nodded my head as he quickly sat the note back down. I walked away and took the elevator back down to the first floor. My mother was sitting in the waiting room. She jumped up and ran over to me as we walked out of the building.

“How’s the boy doing?”

“Good. He has to tell me something but his aunt doesnt want me around him anymore so I have to come back tomorrow when she’s gone”

She nodded her head as we got in the car. I looked at her as I buckled my seatbelt. 


“You know it”

She smiled as I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. The phone started ringing and it popped up on my car radio. It was my father. My mother rolled her eyes as she looked out the window. I chuckled as I answered it. 

“Yes dad?”

“Is your mother with you?”


I looked at her as she shook her head and pointed at me.

“No dad, why?”

“First of all, you lying. I can hear her heavy chest ass breathing. Tiffany I want my got damn dog!”

My mother sat up and glared at the radio. 

“Fuck you Oscar you aint getting coco. She needs a house with love…and common sense. You’ll have her somewhere starving”

“You hold Coco as bait to get me back to that house well it aint gonna work”

“Oh please. You cant even get it u-”

I yelled as she almost finished her sentence. 

“Hey! I don’t wanna hear it you two! Dad if its that serious, I’ll buy you another dog exactly like coco.”

“I don’t want another dog. I want coco and Im gone get her, call me back Princess when you get away from Maleficent”

He hung up as my mother folded her arms. I shook my head as I sighed. “Why do you and dad do that? Its like you two hate each other.” She looked at me as I stopped at a red light. 

“He’s an idiot but I still love him. I don’t know when that little drift happened but it was there long before we decided to divorce. We stayed strong for you. I wanted to show you what a happy marriage looked like.”

I chuckled as I pulled off. “Mom, you both tried your best. My marriage is very much trash right now so you two aren’t so bad. At least you know what you both wanted at the end.”

She lowered her eyebrows in concern. “Is everything alright between you and steven?” Part of me wanted to vent and tell her hell yes and the other half was just like fuck it. I chose the fuck it option. “Everything is alright ma” She touched my arm and looked at me. “You sure?” I nodded my head as we pulled into the sandwich shop. “Alright. Im heat if you need me” I nodded my head as I turned the car off and unbuckled my seatbelt. 


We walked into the diner and sat down at a booth. It was little people inside so they were fast taking our orders and setting our food out. I bit into my philly cheese steak sub as my mother cut into her eggs. 

Its so nice outside, look at that beautiful lighting”

“Yea its nice”

“How’s your little friend Lenna?”

“Still wild and unpredictable”

She laughed as she ate a piece of egg. “Lord I remember when I was like that. Yo grandmother couldn’t get me to sit still for 5 minutes, that’s how I ended up with you”

“Spare me the details please”

“What? You grown now and by the way, when am I gonna get grandchildren?”

“Probably not anytime soon mama”

“Well your eggs need to be cracked now, time is running out”

I didn’t say anything as I sipped my coke. “Tanisha?” I heard someone say my name and I turned to see Chadwick standing there. I swallowed my soda and smiled. I stood up and hugged him. I cant lie, I’ve been waiting to touch this man for a minute since our little dinner date. My mother looked on as I pulled away and he held my waist. 

“What have you been up to?”

“Not much, just thinking about you”

My mother choked on a piece of bacon. I moved his hand as I held my hand out. “Chadwick this is my mother, Mom this is chadwick” She wiped her mouth as he held his hand out. “Nice to meet you” She nodded her head as she shook his hand. He smiled as he let go and looked at me. 

“I never got your number.”

I looked at my mother who was looking at me. 

“Yea umm…I dont think thats right to do that…” My eyes were telling him to give me his and he knew it. He played along and nodded his head. 

“I understand. Nice seeing you Tanisha” He then turned to my mother. “And Ms….” My mother smiled and intertwined her hands. “Tiffany”. Chadwick smiled and nodded his head. “Tiffany” He then waved as he left the restaurant. I sighed and sat down as my mother looked at me. “Are you trying to mess up your marriage?” I sighed as I ate a fry. “Its not like that mama, he’s my friend”. I looked out the window to see him holding up a piece of paper. My mother was still talking but I wasn’t listening to what she was saying. He walked over to my car and put the paper in my windshield wiper. He smiled at me and waved. I chuckled as my mother called my name.



“You haven’t heard nothing I said”

“Im sorry ma”

She rolled her eyes and ate another piece of egg. “Like I was saying, you don't need to be stepping out, no matter how fine a man is”. I looked at her as she chewed and pointed her fork at me. “I hear you ma”. 

We finished lunch and walked back to the car. I quickly grabbed the note before she questioned me on what it was. I drove her home and waited until she went into the house safely before I opened the note. 

-Since you couldn’t give me your number, mine is 298-457-1344. Call me whenever you wanna hang out

I squealed as my phone rung. I looked down to see it was Steven. My excitement went away just as fast as it came. I answered as I put the note in my wallet. 


“Good afternoon my love”

“Good afternoon”

“Hey Tanisha!”

I groaned at the sound of Tucker’s flamboyant voice. He was so damn annoying. 

“Tucker said hey”

“Yea, I heard him. Hey Tucker”

“Anyway. Me and some guys are having a little get together, wives and girlfriends are invited. You’re welcome to come”

“Why are you telling me I’m invited like I’m not your wife”

“Jesus Christ Tanisha please don’t make this an issue. Be ready by 7″

He hung up the phone as I rubbed my forehead. He was a jerk around his friends sometimes. I smiled as I thought about Chadwick. What if I did step out? Just for one night? Would I feel better? I know some people do that fix their marriage, but would it be worth it? Would he be worth it? I smiled as I started my car. Hell yes he would.

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Updated Masterpost (1/16/2020)


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Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • Doll House (REVISED VERSION) (Chadwick, Trevante. Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • Candy(Chadwick)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Updated Masterpost (12/29/19)


If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read


Stories I will finish but aren't that important to me so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • BPU (Chadwick,Michael,Trevante)
  • Him. (Chadwick)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • Candy (Chadwick)

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Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Things are going good for Trevante and his fiancee Monica. They just bought a new home and are enjoying each other’s company. While at his new job, he meets Nia. A young beautiful woman who doesn’t have any kids or a partner. He’s smitten with her and harmless flirting turns into something more. With guilt and lust on his mind, things start to change as his feelings for Nia deepens.

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Tanisha is a 34 year old lawyer who’s married to the state’s senator. They don’t share any children and her 10 years marriage has deteriorated due to busy schedules and no communication. She’s growing miserable and is desperate for some sort of love and attention. While out with her friends, she meets 37 year old Chadwick, a man who doesn’t reveal much about himself. Tanisha becomes interested and this sparks an affair. While sneaking in the shadows with her new love interest, things come to surface about the men in her life she thought she knew.

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