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Austin (Lakeith Stanfield) is a professional hacker and theft. He knows how to break into any cyber system in under 30 minutes and he does so without a trace. One day while trying to decode a website’s database for illegal activity, a mysterious voice comes from the screen. The voice calls herself “Laila” and she appears to be a real person and not computer-generated. She asks Austin to help her take down men in a corporate company who is responsible for the assault and disappearance of her sister as well as other young women. Austin agrees, unaware of what “Laila” is about to take him through in the next 48 hours. 

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Updated Masterpost (1/16/2020)


If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • Doll House (REVISED VERSION) (Chadwick, Trevante. Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • Candy(Chadwick)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Updated Masterpost (12/29/19)


If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read


Stories I will finish but aren't that important to me so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • BPU (Chadwick,Michael,Trevante)
  • Him. (Chadwick)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • Candy (Chadwick)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Things are going good for Trevante and his fiancee Monica. They just bought a new home and are enjoying each other’s company. While at his new job, he meets Nia. A young beautiful woman who doesn’t have any kids or a partner. He’s smitten with her and harmless flirting turns into something more. With guilt and lust on his mind, things start to change as his feelings for Nia deepens.

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Tanisha is a 34 year old lawyer who’s married to the state’s senator. They don’t share any children and her 10 years marriage has deteriorated due to busy schedules and no communication. She’s growing miserable and is desperate for some sort of love and attention. While out with her friends, she meets 37 year old Chadwick, a man who doesn’t reveal much about himself. Tanisha becomes interested and this sparks an affair. While sneaking in the shadows with her new love interest, things come to surface about the men in her life she thought she knew.

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4.1 (Without You)

Synopsis: Fawn/Reader is now 16 and T’challa is 17. They have been dating for a year and things are going great until something changes everything. 


Time had passed and it was officially a year since you and T’challa had been together. Princess Shuri was born 2 months ago and T’challa was happy about being a big brother. You had gotten closer with queen mother and you were hoping you and Shuri would be best friends as she got older. You were sitting at the lunch table with nakia and mabaku. Erik and T’challa attended private school and it was very expensive. Between you playing soccer and studying and T’challa doing political work as well as studying himself. The only time you had to spend together was on the weekend. There were time you had come close to having sex but you always stopped yourself. You wanted to give yourself to him so bad but part of you still didn’t trust him. You sighed as you scribbled his name over and over in your notebook. Nakia lightly elbowed you and you looked at her.

“Ah bast, you are head over heels for that boy”

You rolled your eyes as you closed your notebook.

“I sure am

Nakia sipped her Yoo-hoo and put it back down.

“Be careful…that’s all im gonna say”

You ignored her as Mbaku looked at his notes.

“Did you guys do page 55?”

You proudly smiled as you pulled your workbook out.

“Sure did”

Mabaku playfully rolled his eyes as you handed him your work. You were graduating early and you were hella proud of yourself. Your friends always turned to you for help, sometimes you and T’challa would even sit down together and help each other. You really did love him and you hoped and prayed to bast he felt the same way. Nakia looked at you as you put all your stuff in your backpack.

“So, what are you gonna do after we graduate?”

“Uh I don’t know yet, probably gonna go into wakanda economics or something”

“Why not skip everything and become queen?”

Bitch, I don’t wanna be queen right now. You sighed as you looked at her.

“Being Queen is not everything nakia.”

She shrugged her shoulders and ate some carrots. She was really getting on your nerves about you and T’challa. Why the fuck was she so bothered about it? School was over and you walked home by yourself. T’challa was at martial arts practice and Erik was gonna talk to death the whole way there and nakia was irritating you. You found it peaceful when you were alone. You made it home and walked into the house. It was quiet and dark.


No reply.

“Ingaba ulapha” (Are you here?)

Still no reply.

You started to grow nervous. She always waited on you to get home from school. You slowly walked to her room and knocked on her door.

“Makhulu ndigodukile” (Grandmother I’m home)

She didn’t say anything. You swallowed spit as you slowly opened the door. She was laying in the bed but she was still. Your heart dropped as you rushed over to her. You shook her and shook her until she opened her eyes. You cried as you laid on her.

“Fawn why are you crying”

“Why didn’t you answer me?!”

“I am sorry child, I was so tired. Forgive me”

You looked at her and then at her night stand. It was full of herbs and medicines.

“Are you sick?”

She sighed as you helped her sit up. You wiped your face as she shifted in bed.

“Mzukulwana bendigula kudala” (Granddaughter I’ve been sick for awhile)

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

She smiled at you and rubbed your cheek

“I want you to enjoy your life with the prince and your friends and school. I want you to enjoy being a teenager, I didn’t want you worrying”

You didn’t know wether to be angry she didn’t say anything or sad because she was dying. You noticed it a year ago but yet you never opened your mouth. You didn’t know what you were gonna do without your grandmother.

“What’s gonna happen when….”

You put your head down and started crying again.

“No, no hold your head up. If I happen to go to the ancestral plane soon, just know you will be fine.”

“No I won’t not without you”

“You are an Okar, you are strong. You will get through it and besides I will always be in your heart. Whenever you need me, you’ll see me in your dreams”

You smiled as she kissed your forehead.

“Are you hungry grandmother? I could fix you some soup”

“Ah no child, I’m gonna lay back down. Sorry for frightening you”

“It’s okay…”

She laid back down as you pulled the cover over her and turned the fan on. You didn’t wanna see her like this but at least now you knew the truth. You closed her door as you walked to your room. Your kimoyo beads started ringing and you looked down to see it was T’challa. You smiled as you answered.

“Hello my prince”

“Hello beautiful, look who I got”

He moved the screen to show Shuri sucking on her hand. She was so cute and she was a quiet baby. You smiled as you started talking in baby talk.

“Hello Shuri, you so pretty”

Shuri giggled as he put the camera back on himself. He frowned as he looked at you.

“You’ve been crying.”


“You wanna talk about it?”


You started crying again as he looked at you.

“I’ll be over in a minute Fawn”

You nodded as he hung up. Maybe you weren’t actually okay with your grandmother being sick.


You were reading a book when you heard a knock on your window. You seen T’challa and you smiled. You hoped up and opened it. He climbed through and hugged you.

“I missed you”

He laughed as he rubbed your cheek.

“It’s only been 3 days my love”

“I know…”

He stared into your eyes for a moment until he looked away. He went and sat on the bed as you scratched your head. You had that feeling again but now a days that feeling was arousal. You brushed it off and turned to him.

“So what had your eyes watering earlier?”

You sat down beside him and looked straight ahead

“Ugogo uyagula (Grandmother is sick)”

“Ah that’s all, she’ll be better in no time”

You shook your head as you looked at him.

“I don’t think so…neither does she”

T’challa just looked at you as you turned back straight ahead. You just stared at your poster of Oshun, the most powerful African goddess. T’challa slowly moved his hand on top of yours. You sat in silence for awhile until a thought came across your brain, something you had been avoiding for a year.

“I want you to deflower me T’challa”

He looked at you as you continued to look straight ahead.


“I want to be intimate with you…”

You had read books, looked online, hell you even asked Eshe for sex advice. You went put yourself on birth control and you even had condoms. You were well prepared and you felt this was the right time. You were hurting and you wanted to feel loved. You turned and looked at T’challa who didn’t know what to say.

“Are you sure?”

You nodded your head.

“ I want you to show me how much you love me”

T’challa smiled as you looked at him. He put his hand to your face and rubbed your cheek.

“I hope you don’t wanna do this because your sad Fawn”

You put your hand on his.

“No I want to be with you”

He sighed as he looked at you. He shook his head as he pulled away from you.

“You’re not ready Fawn”

You got sad all over again and pushed his hand away.

“Get out.”


“I said get out”

T’challa looked at you and shook his head.

“No, I’m staying right here. Sex is something you aren’t ready for”

You looked and him and turned your nose up. How the fuck did he know what he was ready for?

“You say that because you fucked 1,000 bitches in wakanda! You want me to be lose and whorish like them!”

He sighed as he looked at you.

“You don’t trust me. I know I have a past but I was hoping all of that would be erased with you. This past year has been the best for me because I’ve been with you. I want your first time to be special. You aren’t somebody I just fuck, I’m in love with you.”

A couple of tears streamed down your face as she leaned over and hugged him.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s okayy”

You cried as you both laid down in the bed. He was right though, you didn’t trust him. For a whole year his past has been on your mind but you glad you finally got it over with. Both of you ended up falling asleep. The next morning your grandmother knocked on the door and you jumped up.

“Fawn are you up? It’s time for school”

You shook T’challa as you spoke to your grandmother through the door.

“Uh yea, give me a minute”

“Okay, I’ll cook you some oatmeal”

T’challa woke up and rubbed his eyes.

“You gotta go sir”

He stretched out as you walked into your bathroom. You turned the shower on as he walked up behind you. He grabbed your waist and kissed your neck. It caught you off guard so you froze. He laughed as he kissed your neck a few more times.

“I gotta go but I’ll call you after class my love”

He kissed you on the lips as he left through your window. You smiled as you undressed and took a quick shower. You let your natural hair out and wore it down. You got dressed in your uniform and ate breakfast. You headed to school and did the usual routine. Maybe you really did wanna have sex with him, your hormones were getting out of control and you found yourself thinking of him naked. Oh bast, I’m a fuckin mess…

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I stirred in my sleep as my phone constantly going off from notifications. I cursed under my breath as I yanked the covers off and looked at London. I smiled to myself as the constant notification noise sounded off. I got irritated and out the phone on silent mode. I didnt even care what was going on I just know the shit was annoying me. Kelly ran into my room as I wiped the crust out of my eyes. 


“Stop yelling, you're gonna wake London up!”

“You got bigger problems to worry about than her. Grab your phone and look on the fucking shade room!”

I lowered my eyebrows in concern as I reached over and grabbed my phone. I opened it and went to instagram. The very first post had my picture on beside Chadwick and Simone. My heart dropped. 


I looked at Kelly as I let the phone fall out of my hand. I shook my head in disbelief. Who leaked this story??? Why? I picked my phone back up and read the comments. 

  • Stacy_23: She wins hot girl summer! 20 points for Ms. Jackson
  • Reredame:  Well I’ll be damn…
  • Frankie11:  Now who’s gonna have my kids?
  • Courtneynotlove: Homewrecker hoes is not cute at all
  • gege: Why yall coming so hard at her like she fucked herself?! Yall just mad because he’s not as innocent as yall thought he was. 
  • Karmenbarbie: Jesus this is about to be a shit storm
  • Izzy08: So…Wakanda isnt forever? Lmao sis has scored her a bag! 

I started crying as people came to my instagram to make hateful comments. Majority of them called me a whore and a homewrecker while others defended me. I shut my comments off and logged out. Kelly hugged me as I rubbed my face. 

“I gotta get outta here. People are going to try and get a peak at London”

“Where you gonna go?”

“Atlanta maybe I dont know”

I got up and grabbed my suitcase from the closet. It still had clothes in it from the other day. London started waking up and Kelly grabbed her. 

“Good morning Tee tee baby. You mama in lots of trouble and you gotta go bye bye”

“Give me my damn baby you fool. This is not the time to joke”

“You overreacting. This will blow over by tomorrow”

“Are you serious? He’s one of the highest paid actors right now and you really said this will blow over? No it wont Kelly and you know it. The world is about to hate me!”

She sighed as I grabbed london from her. As soon as I sat down to get her dressed there was a knock on the door. Kelly got up to answer it as I continued dressing london. I heard someone stomping really hard to my room. Chris walked in and started yelling. 


“I can explain”




I just looked at KImberly as she cried. She let me have conversations with this man, knowing he was London’s dad. What hurts me the mist was that I got attached to her and this baby. I loved them both but she lied. She has embarrassed me, I should’ve seen the signs. He would look at her in a certain way, he would bring gifts by for the baby and he would get defensive when I trashed talked her baby’s father. Now all of it made sense to me and I was hurt. 

“You lied to me…”

“I am so so sorry…”

She walked over to me to touch my face but I gently moved her hands. 

“I had conversations with him…I laughed and joked with him on set and you- you were sleeping with him the whole time…how could you? I thought I finally found the person I’ve been searching for my whole life”

“You did! You absolutely did! I don’t want Chadwick, I wanna be with you!”

I shook my head as tears streamed down my face. I put her hand on my chest as she looked at me. 

“I cant…I love you but I just cant. I will still help you raise London but me and you are no more…”

I kissed her cheek as I walked past her and picked up London. Now that I think about it, she does look alot like him. I sighed as I kissed her little forehead as she tugged at my beard. I did a little laugh as I laid her back down in her cot. I walked past Kimberly. 

“Please Chris I love you…”

I ignored her as I walked out the door. I gave her chance after chance to tell me the truth and she lied every single time. I was over it and pissed off! Im making a trip to chadwick’s house…and it won't be a friendly one



Me and Simone continue to have a yelling match as Nova cried in the rocker nearby. 


“I DON’T!!!!”

“BULLSHIT! Take a fucking DNA test then”

“That's not the issue right now, the issue is who leaked this fucking story”

“Well it wasn't me if that's what you're implying. Your groupie whore girlfriend probably told the world she was fucking you! You dog ass bastard”

She chunked the wine glass she had in her hand at the wall behind me. I ducked as she started throwing more dishes. 

“After *crash* everything *crash* I've *crash* fucking done for you! Get your shit and get out”

“I'm not going anywhere! This house is in my name and I bought this bitch! Now what you can do is get your shit and leave if you feel some type of way, leave Nova here”

She just looked at me and sighed.

“What is it about her that you like better than me?”

I parted my lips to try and lie my way out of this situation but the bell rung before I could say anything. I sighed as I walked to it and opened it. Chris was standing there and before I could greet him, he punched me right in the damn nose. He jumped on top of me as Simone screamed. 

“You *punch* son of *punch* BITCH!”

I pushed him off of me and we started fighting. Simone yelled stop as she held Nova in her arms. I threw him against the wall and he elbowed me. I held my eye as he kicked my feet from under me. I admit he was kinda beating my ass at the moment but I deserved it. I sat in his face knowing what I knew. I let him get all his punches and what not in until he felt tired to stop. He pushed me away and fixed his shirt.

“Don’t ever speak to me again…you’re disgusting and I thought you really were my friend and I thought she really loved me…both of you are liars and you deserve each other…”

I held my eye as I looked at him.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this man…”

He just looked at me and shook his head.

“Don’t count on us working together in the future. After endgame, that’s it for me and you…my apologies Taylor…”

He walked out the door as I slid down against our island counter. Simone got peas out of the fridge and handed them to me.

“I’ll clean up…”

I didn’t say anything as she handed nova off to me. She cleaned up the mess as I sat in silence. Imagine how Kimberly Janae feels…I’ve ruined damn near everyone’s life, including my two daughters…

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- Stories I’ve lost the spark for and/or will finish later. More than likely some will be continued while others wont. You can still read for the time being while I think about it


-New Fics Coming!

  • BPU(Chadwick B, Michael B Jordan)
  • Safe With Me (Chadwick Boseman)
  • Through Blind Eyes (Erik Killmonger)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


- Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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**Trigger Warning= This story contains a Stillbirth, Domestic Violence, Sex Scenes, Heavy Cursing, Suicide attempt and abortions


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