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#lady love fics

Hey hey hey! Im back and ready to write again! I didnt like the way some stories turned out and I didnt like the fact I discontinued so many. Some of my work sounds the same and I felt I had no real creativity within them soooo….introducing the revised versions of these works. 


Synopsis: Alana works at a radio station at night and a diner in the morning. She gives callers love and advice lessons but Alana doesn’t even have a boyfriend of her own and hasn’t had one in years. One night a man only calling himself “Spook’ calls, not asking for advice, but wanting to know Alana as a person. The caller calls every night until Alana agrees to get to know him but it seems they both need to heal in order to meet face to face. 


Synopsis: Porsha is a spoiled 25 year old who lives off of her father’s estate from a big oil company. One day he gets arrested for bad taxes and fraud and everything is stripped from them. Porsha is brought to her knees in despair as she struggles to make ends meet for the very first time in her entire life. She develops a plan: trick wealthy men, drug them, and rob them. Her tricks go well until she comes across Erik. A man with a bad attitude and a shit ton of money. He starts opening up to her unaware of her scheme while she starts developing feelings for him, unsure if shes doing the right thing. 


Synopsis: Sisters Amy, Ashlee, and Amber cant seem to stay in one room for more than 20 minutes. They argue and bicker over the pettiest of things and constantly throw unflattering words. They all live in different states and haven’t been in the family home together for 10 years. When their dying grandmother realizes she doesn’t have much time left, she asks them to come home for what would be her last Christmas alive. The reunion isn’t sweet as secrets and bad memories come out. Will they move past their issues for family or continue to despise one another for the rest of their lives?


Synopsis: The sisters are back with more issues than the last. While things are going good for them as siblings, their personal life is what needs the most work.. 


(originally titled “Letters to Y/N”)

Synopsis: Asha is a goody two shoes who rarely gets into trouble and is close with her college professors. One night she meets Chad. A guy known for causing havoc and getting arrested. She avoids him but he becomes smitten with her and eventually wins her over. She realizes over time he’s not the monster everyone painted him out to be and she falls for him. A jealous ex frames Chadwick and gets him sent to prison. Asha is lost and hurt but he keeps her hope alive as he sends her letters every other week. After 3 years of waiting Asha moves on and Chadwick gets out. Now Asha must choose to go back to her old life or continue with the new one. 


Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama. 


Synopsis: Its been 10 years and Chadwick and Kimberly are still add it. Except there is more drama and lies. Kimberly finds a new love interest in Chris Evans as Chadwick sky rockets to fame. Now with Chris (and Chadwick’s new ego) in the way, it makes Kimberly wonder if its still worth it all, Is HE still worth it. 



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Possible New Story Covers…


(Cover And Title not final) This is just a visual of how I want the story to go…not telling the plot. Starring Lakeith Stanfield


May or may not start on this…Stars Skai Jackson (as twins) and Chadwick Boseman


Now this one I will tell you about. It focuses on Anna and Aaron before the events of Honey Love and Honey Love 2

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Eye-catching. That’s how I’d describe her, anyways. And it’s not like it was an inaccurate title! She was eye-catching, with her short brown hair and her warm eyes, and her freckled cheeks. And the things she would do! She liked sliding down railings, blowing on dandelions and going to the harbor to point out the types of boats she saw. She never really cared about how she seemed. That’s one of the reasons I like her so much. I wasted so many years caring. That’s all my former company did- care. Not about anything important. Not about how the people around them feel, or how much more beautiful the sunset is when someone you love is lying on your chest and snoring. They cared about their image, and how people thought of them. And, god take me if this is a lie, I was sick to death of it. I wanted to stop caring, to let my soul loose in a pasture and let it run. That’s why I like her so much. If she ever reads this, I hope she understands how much I envy her. And how much I love her.

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… A look into my mind that no one wants at all, but some thought has brought to my attention that I seem to be okay being generally indifferent to/or occasionally enjoy having Horobi be involved w/ other characters (though my ‘otp’ of Zero-One remains solidly HoroFuwa w/ the ‘ot3’ of HoroFuRai)… But I can’t imagine Fuwa w/ anyone else other than those two pairings/threesome and I feel weirdly intense about it?

I have absolutely no understanding of why I have this distinction. It makes no sense to me, either. It was just something I realised. I’m so sorry for my weird thought process.

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Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama.


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What’s this I see? Finally posting a tk fic again? Yup! While I finish up requests, I had a quick idea for a fic between my two OCs, Hana Tazuna and Anko Amaya

It’s not terribly long, but I hope it’s okay!

Fic under the cut!

Keep reading

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Rules: list 5 OTPs from 5 fandoms, then tag 10 people to pass it on.

Nice! Tagged by @barbarianbillyhargrove thanks Lee!!

1. Uhhh Harringrove obvs - Stranger Things

2. Steve/Bucky - Captain America (til the end of the FUCKING LINE)

3. Grizzam (Sam and Grizz) - the Society

4. Evak (Isak and Even) - Skam Norway (but all the Evak versions are good tbh)

5. Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson (just throwing some girl love in there ok?)

Tagging @elsb-hrngtons @a-magey @its-tortle

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“Bug Spray”

So I saw a singular post by @moan-jeutas about Joan and Anna and had to drop everything and write something about them and I didn’t know this much time had passed but I guess it’s Sunday now?? Whoops a daisy. If there’s any mistakes it’s Grammarly’s fault. Trigger warnings? Um?? It mentions death? Only a mention, though. People are mean? That’s all I can think of but lemme know if there’s anything else


The first time Anna properly talked to Joan was at the ladies’ house. Her and Bessie were on Bessie’s bed watching something or other, she can’t really remember what, when a slightly messy mop of blonde hair poked around the open door and blinked a few times, fiddling with the hem of her shirt as she peered in.

“Hello, my darling,” Bessie looked up and smiled at Joan, “come to join us? There’s plenty of space.”

Joan had cowered a little and chewed on her lip, reminding Anna of a frightened puppy. “C’mon, it’s a good film! Sit down, you’re not a bother,” she patted the space at the side of her.

Joan shuffled away from the door and sat in the spot next to Bessie, slowly but surely snuggling into her side. Bessie didn’t seem to mind, she wrapped an arm around Joan and pulled her even closer, placing a kiss to the crown of her head. If Joan really was a puppy, her ears would’ve perked up and her tail would’ve started wagging so fast you couldn’t see it. Joan was only human, though, so she could only flinch and throw her face into Bessie’s neck as she wrapped her arms around her tighter with a shy smile.

The second time was when she came to the queen’s’ house with the other ladies. She clung close to Bessie’s side almost the entire time, save for a few times she would suddenly perk up as Jane passed and would try to get her attention. When Jane inevitably ignored her, she’d settle back into the comfort of Bessie’s arms and cover her hurt expression with a piece of paper she’d brought.

Unfortunately, Bessie eventually had to go to the bathroom, and Joan was alone. Jane still didn’t want to acknowledge her, and she wasn’t too confident with talking to anyone else, so she folded in on herself immediately and buried her face in her hands. Anna decided to try help.

“Hey. What’s that you got there?” She gestured to the paper that was now discarded on the floor and crumpled from Kitty “accidentally” stamping on it a few times.

(It almost made Anna mad at her. She played it on like a mistake, immediately throwing her hands to her mouth and jumping away from the paper in fake shock at the sound of it ripping. Then, she would pick it up, smoothing it out carefully on the nearest flat surface, and go to Joan and lightly shake her shoulder, softly apologising in a voice that almost sounded sincere if it wasn’t for the odd smile and dramatic emphasis she put on certain words. Her stage voice. Joan obviously recognised it, but even if it was fake, Kitty was acting so nice and surely that had to mean something. Even if Kitty had ripped up the drawing Joan made for her as a truce.)

Joan huffed and replied in a voice that was wet with tears that were hiding down in her throat, “it’s a drawing. But it was a waste, anyway, it’s not good.”

Anna frowned and leant over to pick it up, seeing a beautifully detailed sketch of Jane. It was smudged and had a hole in the middle from Kitty’s heels, which she didn’t even need because she was tall enough already, but the talent and time behind it were still clear.

“Christ, Joan, this is amazing!”


Joan didn’t seem phased by the compliment, which was odd for her.

“Hey, cheer up, yeah? Look, Bessie’s coming,“ Anna nodded her head in Bessie’s direction as the bassist came down the stairs. This made Joan’s head snap up from her hands, moving them to tap on the sofa urgently as Bessie rushed back to her.

“Are you alright, my darling?” Bessie looked down at Joan as she sat down, the pianist immediately diving into her side and burying her face in Bessie’s shirt.

“Can we go home?” Joan whimpered, sounding more distraught now that Bessie was here. Bessie sent an accusing look to Anna, causing the German queen to put her arms up in a “I didn’t do anything!” gesture.

The third time was at the queens’ house again, the situation playing out almost exactly like last time, except Joan put the extra effort in to make this sketch a fully painted canvas. It was still for Jane, of course, but the silver queen didn’t glance at it once. This one was also punctured by Kitty’s heel, but she didn’t make an attempt to apologise, instead hanging her head and walking away with a grimace as Joan watched her go with wide eyes as she realised her painting had been knocked onto the floor and ruined. Maybe Kitty had only meant to dent it, or maybe she’d genuinely not seen it this time. Anna was just glad she managed to feel ashamed about it.

Bessie was still gone and before she knew it, Joan had burst into tears and grabbed her dropped canvas with now trembling hands. She rested her forehead on the wooden frame of it and let the tears drip onto the bodice of painting-Jane’s dress and dribble down and out of the freshly pressed hole.

Everyone else had awkwardly exchanged a look that meant “let’s get away from that situation” and went out onto the garden, so Anna rushed to her side. She wasn’t sure why, maybe because it was common decency, but either way, her arms pulled Joan into a hug and swayed her from side to side.

Once Joan had calmed down, she pulled away from Anna and glared down at the painting as if it was the one that recklessly ruined itself. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Anne leant forward to attempt eye contact with Joan, but she refused.

“it’s so stupid,” she spoke up eventually.

“what’s stupid, kiddo?”

“Jane actually knew me in our past life, and she doesn’t think I’m worth wasting her time on. You don’t know me, you never have, but you still do something when I’m upset. Is it something wrong with me? Is there- is there something that everyone I start to talk to eventually finds out that deters them? What is it? When are you and Bessie gonna find out?” By the end off her explanation, Joan was blubbering into her flannel sleeve, “is it because- because- no, no, no-”

Anna pulled Joan’s flannel sleeve out her mouth, “let it out, Joan, go on. Open the bottle, kiddo.”

“I- I’m bug spray, Anna, I’m-” Joan wailed, “I’m- bug spray, I- I make them drop like flies- every single one of- of my queens, they- Jane just- maybe she just doesn’t want to die again, Anna, she- she loves me, I know she does!”

Anna moved to face Joan, putting her hands firmly on her shoulders. “Joan. Look at me.”

Joan continued to sob.


A strangled whimper.


The use of a nickname caught her attention. She looked back at Anna and made a small noise of acknowledgement as Anna sighed in relief.

“alright. Joey, Jane is pretty ignorant, let’s be honest, ok? Don’t argue with me on that. She doesn’t pay much attention to anyone other than Kitty, and that’s perfectly fine. Let her get on with it! You don’t need her! She wasn’t the only mother, you know, Bessie was a mum, too! You’ve got Bessie, yeah?” Anna moved her hands to hold Joan’s face so she wouldn’t look away. Joan’s hands immediately went to hover over Anna’s for a few seconds, before gently grasping Anna’s wrists and burying her face into the contact.

“Bessie doesn’t like that,” she whispered, “she said to see her more like a really affectionate aunt. The one with no kids and a singular niece to spoil with love. She never wanted to be a mum in the first place. Her words, not mine.”

“Right. Well, what about Aragon? Or Anne?”

“what about-” Joan swallowed as she hesitated, “what about you?”

Anna stared for several moments. Joan looked so small, so scared. The image of Joan as a frightened puppy came back to her. “I’m not much of a mum, to be honest. I’m more of a… Big sister type?”

“It suits you. But- that means Bessie has two nieces! I need to be the only one!” Joan giggled softly. It was music to Anna’s ears after all the miserable sounds that had escaped the girl so far today.

“Then I’ll be Bessie’s big sister, yeah? And I’ll be the other aunt that still acts like a teenager.”

Bessie came up behind Anna and tapped her on the shoulder, “that sounds like a plan.”

“How long’ve you been there?”

“A while. It was nice to see someone else being kind to Joan,” Bessie went around her and hugged Joan close to her, making eye contact with Anna so she could see her smile reaching her eyes, “thank you, Anna.”

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You wonderful, amazing, incredible artist @sirene312​!!!! Guys, look what she did!!! I commissioned a piece for my fic When Lady Luck Smiles, a gift for my friend @malenkayacherepakha​ and I’m sure you’ll be happy to have a visual of the scene!! 

Sirene, you already know how much I love this. I’m in love. 🥺 ❤️

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If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE

*Some of these stories have put to much on me. As someone who wants to be a film director, I immediately get ideas and put them into a story but if I feel its not good enough or no one is interested, I stop writing it. Sometimes Im just not interested anymore. Sorry to the handful that was into certain stories.


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read; sorry guys. They just don’t do it for me anymore. I know its alot lmao. I lose interest VERY quickly. 


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me but I still wanna write so, therefore, updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!


Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Mayorri and Chadwick have been married for almost 20 years. Things are normal at home. Mayorri is a devoted housewife and Chadwick is the money maker in the household. After moving into a new house, Chadwick becomes distant and Mayorri notices his lack of affection towards her and the kids. One day she finds out he’s having an affair with a young woman named Gina. Mayorri is heartbroken and angered. She pretends to be Chadwick to meet Gina in order to confront her. The meeting sparks an unusual friendship and the two women discover they aren’t so different and that they both have problems of their own involving Chadwick among other things. 

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The Island Dream

Anjel is 17 years old and very hardheaded. She lives with her absent father who’s rarely home and barely pays attention to her. Anjel acts out in response to her father’s emotional negligence. All she wants is love in attention even if that means fliritng with older men. With her bestfriends Caitlin and Britney, Anjel sneaks into another nightclub and meets a man she immediately becomes attracted to. They form a relationship without him knowing Anjel’s real age or who she really is. She must keep her new relationship a secret from her father and teacher, Ashley. All the while going through changes with her friends. This summer is one Anjel wont forget…

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