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Ladrien June day 6 - Surprise Visit

Adrien: *casually plays depressing piano song*

LB: *silently crawls through window and sneeks up behind him*

Adrien: Plagg i hate my life! I just wanna get out instead of being locked up all day

Plagg: Well kid… you do have super powers so you could just escape that w- *sees Ladybug*



Adrien: … well shit


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Once upon a time, there was a messy ladybug. His name was The Messy Ladybug, because fate was a cruel mistress, and also because his mommy and daddy were not very nice.

The Messy Ladybug was a ladybug who wasn’t drawn very well. None of his spots were the same size, and his legs were different lengths, and his colors didn’t stay inside the lines. The Messy Ladybug was a very sad ladybug.

One morning, he got out of his little ladybug bed, in his little ladybug house, that was made out of sticks and leaves, and he looked out the window. When he did, he saw a frog hopping in the creek. It was trying to catch flies with its tongue.

The Messy Ladybug looked at the frog for a long time. And he thought to himself, “I could have been a frog in the creek.”

But he wasn’t a frog in the creek. He was just a messy ladybug.

And the frog hopped away.

The Messy Ladybug didn’t have any friends. None of the other ladybugs talked to him very much. Sometimes he thought they would all be better off without him, and sometimes he wondered if he would ever find a nice girl ladybug who would like him– or a nice boy ladybug– but he didn’t think there were any ladybugs who liked messy ladybugs.

That afternoon, he took a walk through the forest, which was full of plants and big trees, and while he was there, he saw a bird in a nest. It was feeding its babies with a worm.

The Messy Ladybug looked at the bird for a long time. And he thought to himself, “I could have been a bird in a nest.”

But he wasn’t a bird in a nest. He was just a messy ladybug.

And the bird flew away.

The Messy Ladybug wasn’t very good at anything. He couldn’t dance or sing, and he couldn’t play the saxophone. He couldn’t knit or sew, or play sports, or paint pretty pictures. Sometimes he thought that he made good lasagna, but he was the only one who had tasted it.

That evening, as The Messy Ladybug was walking back home, he took a detour and walked up the dirt path to the tall hill, where he could hear crickets chirping, and leaves rustling in the evening breeze. While he was there, he saw a shooting star, way up in the sky. It was shining and twinkling, streaking across the night and helping to light the way for any other ladybugs who may have been wandering around in the dark.

The Messy Ladybug looked at the shooting star for as long as he could see it, and he thought to himself, “I could have been a star in the sky.”

But he wasn’t a star in the sky. He was just a messy ladybug.

And the star disappeared.

The Messy Ladybug wondered why he had ever been born. He wasn’t pretty, and he wasn’t very smart, and he wasn’t good at anything, and no one liked him.

There was a deep ache in his little ladybug heart. Day in and day out, it ached, and burned, and thumped in his little ladybug chest, and sometimes it ached and burned and thumped until The Messy Ladybug began to cry. He would cry and cry, and sometimes he hoped that if he cried enough, his tears would run down and wash away all his colors and lines, and then he’d be all-gone. But no matter how much he cried, and how much he hoped, he was always all-still-there.

Why couldn’t he have been a frog in the creek? Or a bird in a nest? Or a star in the sky?

Every day, The Messy Ladybug did the same things, and thought the same thoughts, and hurt the same hurt, and went to bed at the end of the day, all alone.

… Help me …

That night, The Messy Ladybug laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. And he thought to himself,

“… No more.

No more hurt, no more lonely, no more ugly, no more tears…

No more messy ladybug…

I’m going to blow up the moon!”

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Adrien gets home after a long day.



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Read on Ao3

It had been a long and frustrating day, which was about par for the course in Adrien’s experience when it came to navigating French law. Most of it just felt like Adrien’s lawyer and his father’s arguing back and forth while Adrien occasionally signed some paper or another that his lawyer put in front of him.

There just wasn’t enough energy in his bones to do this. Especially when all he really wanted to do was crawl under the covers of his bed and wait for months while it all passed.

That desire might be why the sight of people crowding around his door and peering in his windows filled him with such fury. There wasn’t much space left in the world for him these days, but that at least was his.

“HEY!” Adrien shouted with a snarl. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

The reporters turned around, and to his dismay only some looked even surprised at the sight of him. Most were completely unbothered, even looking excited to see him. Anger quickly turned to fear and confusion as they rushed toward him, flashing lights and microphones shoved toward him as they all babbled questions at him all at once.

“When did you learn that your father was Hawkmoth?”

“Did you tell Ladybug and Chat Noir about your father?”

“Why didn’t you notice anything earlier?”

The last question especially echoed in his head, reverberating deep down inside him. They weren’t wrong. He should have suspected at least. Did he ignore the signs? How much of this could have been avoided if he had just been a little more attentive?

“I…” Adrien said, but no words would come out. All his anger from earlier was gone, a flash in the pan that was replaced only with panic - the need to run, to get away, to be anywhere but here.

But there was nowhere else for him. If he couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go anywhere.

Deep inside, something came dangerously close to breaking before-

A figure in red dropped down in front of Adrien before standing up tall. She didn’t even reach his neck, but somehow she managed to tower over the reporters by sheer force of will. He couldn’t see her expression, but it was enough to cow them into silence.

“Do I really need to tell you not to harass grieving civilians?” There was frustration and disappointment in her words, as if she were a parent lecturing a misbehaving child.

One particularly brave or stupid investigator chimed in, “But his father-”

“-Is behind bars, his mother below ground, and here you are beating down his door after having turned the public of Paris against him. Or did you want to lecture me on the fight against Hawkmoth?”

“Chat Noir-” The person quailed under Ladybug’s stare.

“Think very hard on what you’re going to say about my partner.”

They slinked away without another word, leaving Adrien alone with Ladybug. She turned around slowly, a lingering glare on their backs. Her expression softened when she looked up at him.

“I’m really sorry about all this,” she whispered. “This is the last thing I wanted when I imagined bringing Hawkmoth down. I wish-” She sighed. “I’m sure it’ll all blow over eventually. Just remember that I’m watching out for you in the meantime, okay? You can count on me.”

“I- Thanks, Ladybug,” Adrien replied. They stood there awkwardly for a moment before Ladybug coughed and pulled out her yoyo.

“Well, I- um, I’d better get back to… things. Have a good day.” She twirled her yoyo and flew away, leaving Adrien by himself once again.

He shambled into his house and as his kwami cautiously came out of hiding, he had two realizations:

One, choosing Marinette to be Ladybug had been the best decision of his life. She truly was amazing, he realized with no small amount of heartache.

Two, as he looked into the eyes of the kwamis he had to admit that his home was no longer safe.

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#1 - Dragon Bug


Dragon Bug’s design is the freaking epitome of asymetrical balance. Everything about this suit is both smooth and sharp. The curving stripes and spots give the impression of fire licking up her body, same with the flame-shaped horns in her hair. You can hardly go wrong with black, red, and gold. The upward-pointing hair accessories reflect her downward-pointing pigtails, adding more subtle balance, and I love the details on her mask.

#2 - Rena Rouge


This design really suits Alya. The shape of the white front is both slimming and compliments her curves, and the black accents at her extremities are an excellent counterbalance to the white and orange. Also something about the coattails just completes Rena Rouge’s look! It’s the right shape too, because fox tails are on the bushier side, unlike cats and mice.

#3 - Chat Noir


Chat Noir’s costume can be described as “black cat meets knight in shining armor but modern.” Let’s go from the head down. The change in hairstyle balances out his cat ears. His blond hair, green eyes, and gold bell are beautiful contrasts to the black suit, which has a subtle texture to the fabric. There are visible seams over his shoulders, arms, and torso that add visual interest to the design and makes his suit resemble armor - even more so with his boots and gauntlets. Those details are fantastic because black is extremely slimming and they give some emphasis to his shape. Between the ears, eyes, bell, claws, and tail, you could never mistake his aesthetic as anything but catlike.

#4 - Hawk Moth


Do not tell me Hawk Moth’s costume isn’t sleek as hell. The monochrome works for him, the suit pairs well with his weapon being a staff, the overhead silver helmet-mask gives him a great villainous feel, and every pointy detail gives a sense of evil butterflies. I love that his miraculous is the focal point of his outfit, the light color contrast really draws the eye.

#5 - Snake Noir


They definitely combined the best elements of the Chat costume and Aspik costume for Snake Noir. In a word, you can describe his design as “lithe.” The cyan pairs well with the green, especially because there’s a Chat Noir-green diamond on his chest. The snake elements are a bit subtler, with his head smooth, the design tapering down his body, the fangs on his mask, the scale texture on his suit and the lines running down his arms. It’s cohesive, elegant, and stark.

#6 - Bunnix


I think Bunnix is meant to resemble a snowshoe hare. They didn’t give her a tail, but I think that’s what the little rounded ball accents are supposed to represent. The markings are bold and evenly distributed, making her look balanced and symmetrical. She actually has a vague vintage feel to her design: the white torso is reminiscent of a corset, which goes with the gloves, boots, and umbrella/parasol. Like Chat Noir, Alix’s hair makes a great contrast with the light blue and white. Also POCKETS.

#7 - Carapace


I love how much Carapce emulates a turtle. His hood and cowl are shaped like a turtle beak and also hide his face, serving both to protect his identity and give the impression he can physically retreat into his costume. His shield looks like a shell, the designs on his hood look like common markings on turtles’ heads, and he has a tortoiseshell pattern on his chest and shield. Like Chat Noir, the lines of his suit give his arms and legs visual interest.

#8 - Queen Bee


As much as I personally dislike the color yellow, Queen Bee’s costume has a straightforward elegance about it. Obviously the black and yellow stripes resemble a bumble bee but they’re also good for Chloe’s slender body type.. The black “neckline” and “gloves” are regal in flavor, suiting her moniker. You get a distinct bee impression from the sharpness of her stripes (a reminder of her stinging power), the black swirl around her hair, and the antennae-like hair ribbon.

#9 - Multimouse


Multimouse is another example of a well-balanced and symmetrical design. It uses the reliable faux gloves and boots design with colors that go well together. Her buns and jump rope look like mouse ears and a tail. I have a suspicion the animators came up with it to easily combine with other miraculous powers, mainly by changing the color of the pink stripes post-unification. Overall, this costume is very cute. I won’t go over every permutation of the multimice combos since very little changes other than color.

#10 - Lady Noire


Overall, Lady Noire’s suit is minimalist and elegant in a sharp, modern kind of way. Black is naturally slimming, and Marinette is already very slim, so the horizontal green accents help emphasize her curves. I don’t love the green lining of her ears, but I suppose that keeps the design consistent. I’m absolutely in love with Lady Noire’s braid (and I’d be remiss not to take the chance to point out this is the only time we see her hair properly black instead of blue). Her suit has a completely smooth texture, unlike both her Ladybug suit and Chat Noir’s, which I found odd and does’t do her petite frame any favors.

#11 - Mr. Bug


I’m glad they gave Mr. Bug black panels on his sides. The full-cover spots of Ladybug is fine for Marinette, but Adrien has a bigger frame and it would just look ostentatious on him. This design emphasizes his shoulders and slims him down a bit. He actually looks like a football player (American football, don’t @ me about this). He ranks just below Lady Noire because of the hair.

#12 - Aspik


OMG what a cutie pie. I can’t not say it - he looks like he’s wearing a corset in the left pic. Not a good or bad thing, I’m just saying. Look at this cutie pie! Aspik actually looks more snake-like than Viperion, imo: the design is sleeker and he’s got the diamonds over his head, that’s a nice touch. The snake scale pattern is a great detail. I had to step outside my own bias with this one because snakes really freak me out and so does Adrien without hair.

#13 - Jade Turtle


He’s less turtle-y than Carapace, but I was pretty happy with the Jade Turtle costume. The Asian style obviously suits him, and it makes sense because he was originally from China, while many of the others would be more used to Western clothing at a young age. Fu has a tortoise-shell pattern on his hat and shoulder guards and his shoes look like turtle feet. However, His chest plate deviates from the turtle theme

#14 - Viperion


My favorite parts of Viperion’s costume are his mask with the little snake fangs and the scale texture of the suit.As I mentioned above, it’s less snakey than Aspik’s. The lines suit his shape pretty well, but don’t taper down his body in the way a snake slims from chest to tail. I just feel like something’s missing from the outfit as a whole.

#15 - Ladybug


There’s just…nothing all that special about Ladybug’s costume. The red and black do suit Marinette’s pink coloring and dark hair, and contrast with her blue eyes. The bright color and pattern emphasize Marinette’s curves pretty well and make her look a little bigger than her slim stature. All that said, the suit is both busy and plain somehow.

16 - Pegasus


While I do love the hair, something about Pegasus’ costume is both too subtle and too over-the-top somehow at the same time. He has a lot of bells and whistles, though I suppose it’s supposed to look similar to horse tack. The winged shoes seem completely out of place. It’s not that I think he looks bad, but he doesn’t look particularly cool either.

#17 - Mayura


The one sin of Mayura’s outfit is the giant slit up the skirt, but kwamis is it a sin. The colors all go together and the headpiece matches the hem, and it has a distinct cold-weather theme going on with the boots, fur collar and cuffs, and full coverage design. That gets negated by the slit, which exposes nearly all of her legs, something that works far better for a summer evening dress.

#18 - King Monkey/Roi Singe


I’ve tried to figure out what it is about King Monkey’s costume that looks less than optimal, and I’m pretty sure it’s that it isn’t balanced well. He has large gloves, and elaborate crown and hairstyle, a thick collar, and a thick belt high up his waist. It makes him look kind of top-heavy. Similar to Pegasus, but to a greater extent, he’s washed out by the excess of neutral colors that the red doesn’t counteract very much.

#19 - Ryuko


I expected the dragon outfit to be more exciting. Other than the tail design (and the horns???), there’s just nothing dragon-esque about this. Come on, Chat Noir got ears, claws, and a tail; Viperion and Snake Noir got little scale motifs all over and fangs on their masks; Multimouse got bun ears and a tail; Carapace got a shell and a beak; Rena Rouge also got ears and a tail on top of a design reminiscent of a fox’s fur markings. Imagine the awesome tail and claws and fire motifs we were deprived of with the dragon. The best parts of Ryuko’s design is the embellished mask, her reptile eyes, and the red/black/gold color scheme, which are pretty cool.

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I don’t know if y’all know this but I just realized that now that Marinette is the guardian of the miraculous, there is a HIGH possibility Adrien will get to know her secret identity(since Marinette and Adrien both knew Fu’s real identity). Unless Marinette is just prepared for a visit as Ladybug every single time Chat Noir needs help, he may get to introduce himself to Marinette as the new miraculous guardian.

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