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raethelon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this prompt has probably already been done before but i cant help it so have some ACCIDENTAL REVEAL LADYNOIR dsamdfhkjsd
((also my first mlb comic :D if y’all have any prompts to recommend i’m all ears!))
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thesquipproject · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
in love with @katydoodles ‘ designs for their butterfly effect au
they give “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to lovers vibes ok i’m here for it, everyone go read the au
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yeth-tis-ze-gayeth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
UPDATE: I just got a dm to remove this post dkejms what if its hawkie😭😭😭
UPDATE 2: they made the account public and it has an actual picture of hawkmoth and mayura which as far as i can tell is NOT photoshopped wtfmckfjd
UPDATE 3: on public demand the account is @/hawkmothirl666 which very very questionable choice
UPDATE 4: I fucking got akumatised because @shadowmothirl666 doesn’t know how to take a fuckin joke
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e-milieeee · 2 days ago
a good sort of awful—ladynoir
Summary: Ladybug makes Chat Noir do post-akuma-reflection-worksheets. Needless to say, he hates them. 
Especially on days when he's sacrificed himself and been out of commission the whole fight.
Notes: I’ve been literally dead for a year but this was my piece for @theladynoirzine​! Reblogs are very much appreciated :) 
Read on AO3!
Ladybug hopes Chat Noir’s fashion statement today won’t catch on like his last one did.
He’s wearing a combination of bad, worse, and terrible. Everything—from the fuzzy, striped socks that are pulled up nearly to his knees and the crocs over them—screams a complete disaster. It’s not his most disgraceful one yet, but the most unacceptable part is how he’d paired it with the scarf she’d knit. Ladybug’s heart aches every time she sees it; her perfectly acceptable scarf is now a fashion catastrophe on display for all to see.
“Why do you feel the need to do this?” she asks him again as he settles down with his drink from the seat across from her. “It’s…” Blinding. That’s the nicest way to put it.
“Superb?” Chat fills in. “Yeah, I know.”
“That’s not what I was going to say.”
A group of girls pass them, sneaking peeks and giggling. Chat flashes them a charming smile, then winks at Ladybug. “They’re already mooning over me.”
“I’m pretty sure they were laughing at your outfit,” she deadpans back.
He rolls his eyes at her good naturedly. His hands are wrapped tentatively around his cup of hot chocolate (complete with whipped cream and marshmallows) as he leans over the table to peek into her bag, which Ladybug is rifling through. She’d been in too much of a hurry to sort it out properly, so when she pulls out the pieces of paper, they’re crumpled and folded.
Chat Noir groans. “Let’s just get this over with.”
Ladybug slaps his sheet down in front of him. “If you don’t do them well, I have the full rights to make you redo them.”
He lets out a pathetic little sniffle which she promptly ignores. Instead, taking a sip of her coffee, Ladybug turns her attention to her own paper.
“Ladybug,” he whines after ten seconds.
She does not look up at him.
“Laaadybug.” As if to make his point, he drags his pencil across the table to make an awful grating noise.
“How can you say ‘no’ when you don’t even know what I’m going to say? Anyway, can we please not do these today? We can chat about something else. How about the weather? The weather’s nice, right? It’s perfect weather for—”
“Chat,” Ladybug says slowly, masterfully ignoring the way his ears droop and he stares at her with dangerously convincing eyes. “You’re not going to get out of this one no matter how much you ask. Just do the worksheet.”
He makes an awful noise in the back of the throat that had her convinced he was dying the first time she’d heard it. Now, Ladybug has grown immune to his theatrics, because she tunes him out and returns her attention to her own worksheet. For a little while, they slip into companionable silence. Everything but the scratch of the pencil across the page is white noise: cars drone by, a summer breeze whistles, idle chatter threads through the air like music.
Chat finishes at the same time she scribbles down her last sentence. He slaps his pencil down. “Done,” he announces proudly.
Ladybug fixes her toque a bit before opening her sliding her paper over to him, an action he mimics, and they exchange worksheets. The one thing about Chat Noir that always throws her off is how neat his writing is—his letters are ridiculously consistent, almost as if it’s taken right out of a typewriter. Even now, four months of worksheets later, Ladybug finds it hard to match that handwriting to Chat Noir.
“The date is April 18th, not April 15th,” Chat tells her. “Uh… are you okay? You’re three days off.”
Ladybug winces and downs another mouthful of coffee. She’s slept a grand total of eight hours in the last three days—between studying, designing and akuma attacks, there really isn’t much time to rest—and the exhaustion has become something she’s learned to live with, but apparently not function with. Even black coffee has its limits, sadly.
“Just change the date,” she instructs Chat with a groan. “Let’s see…”
The first question of the worksheet is a straightforward one: rate the difficulty of the akuma. On the line, Chat Noir had written a 2/10.
“Chat…” She looks up from her paper to see him sipping his hot chocolate, suspiciously in a way that avoids her gaze. When he sets it down, a mustache of whipped cream settles on his top lip. “That akuma was not a two out of ten in terms of difficulty.”
“Well, I was frozen in a chunk of ice for the whole battle, so it really wasn’t that difficult for me.”
That’s a flawed point, but somehow irrefutable. Ladybug scowls. The next couple of questions all address technicalities, so she skims over them until she arrives at Chat’s least favourite section: the long answer part of the worksheet. (Although their answers are never really long.)
What did you do well today?
He’s written two words: saved Ladybug.
Across the table, Chat Noir has gone silent. Ladybug’s sure she can feel him watching her in her periphery, but she doesn’t dare look up to check. Instead, she forces herself to move to the next question: What did you do wrong today?
Couldn’t help Ladybug in the end because I was turned into a cat-sicle.
It holds his typical tone of humour, but when she raises her head, the smile he gives is more self-deprecating than anything else. For a moment, they do just that: stare at each other as the gap of silence grows wider and wider between them. Heavy behind the green eyes are guilt, and slowly, Ladybug sets down his worksheet.
“Hey,” she says when she finally finds her voice, “are you okay?”
He seals his lips tightly, a habit of his every time they venture into territory he doesn’t want to talk about.
“Lady—fine, what?”
Ladybug sighs. “The point of these worksheets are to reflect, chaton,” she tries, but the guarded, guilty expression remains up. “But it’s not just to reflect. If something happened, you can talk to me about it, you know? That’s also why we do this.”
For a moment, it looks very much like he’s going to shut her out again. It’s not an uncommon occurrence: Chat Noir can wax lyrical about her for hours, it seems, but his own fears and worries remain heavily locked.
But then he lets out a deep exhale. “If you tell me why you wrote ‘should’ve been more careful so Chat didn’t have to get blasted—’” he holds up the sheet to show her, “—then I’ll talk about it.”
Ladybug blinks. “Wha—sure?”
“You don’t really talk about it either, Ladybug.” Another sip of the hot chocolate, but this time, his hands are trembling when he lifts it up to his lips. “You lecture me about sacrificing yourself, but you put yourself into that position to begin with sometimes just as recklessly, and it’s like you expect me to just… stand by when you do something like that.”
“When I do something like what?” she shoots back, immediately defensive. Being a superhero comes with risks, and Ladybug is dead certain that Chat Noir takes much more than she does.
“You expect yourself to be the one who… shoulders the brunt of it.” The words are thick like wading through quicksand, like it takes effort to simply force them out, and Chat averts his gaze from her to stare at the table. He clears his throat. “I know you feel like you have to deal with all of this alone sometimes, Ladybug, but you don’t. I know for a fact that you try to take the most dangerous parts for yourself and that you’d be willing to throw yourself head first into danger if it means protecting others—because yes, that’s what we do. And I know you’re smart enough to have a solution and you’ve gotten yourself out of near-scrapes with quick thinking, but what if you can’t, because you’re not being careful enough? What if that happens?”
Ladybug’s own mouth is dry now, too, because she can’t think of the words to say when Chat Noir isn’t exactly wrong. Still, she tries, “Then what about you?”
“What about me?” he asks back immediately, and Ladybug thinks that she can’t remember the last time she’s seen Chat Noir so upset. “I save you each time because I know you can save me, m’lady, but I don’t trust myself to be able to save you if the position were to be reversed.”
The confession falls into silence. The droning of cars and the breeze and then chatter of passersbys no longer remains white noise but turns into an incessant buzz as they sit across from each other with worksheets abandoned and everything lay bare between them. Ladybug realizes a little too late that it’s impossible to ask him to lay his cards on the table without doing the same.
Chat Noir finally looks up at her and holds her gaze. “I’m sorry,” he repeats, firmer. His hands are no longer shaking but laid flat against the glass of the table. “I’m sorry to worry you each time, but I can’t… I’ll never stand by and watch you get hurt, no matter what.”
As much as Ladybug wants to remain on the defensive, she knows she can’t—because she gets it. She really does; she knows the terror firsthand of seeing someone she cares about hurt (and frightened and in danger and a breath away from being harmed—) and she understands perfectly well why Chat Noir has thrown himself in front of her so many times for her because she’d do the same—she does the same, in her own way. But one’s own fear is always easier to entertain than others’, and while Ladybug knows, she still struggles to fight down a wave of irrational frustration that she herself deserves as much as he does.
But Chat Noir is right, and Ladybug’s aware of that even running on two hours of sleep, four cups of coffee, and a lifeline of stress. “I’m sorry, as well,” she admits quietly, and his eyes widen at the apology. “It’s just… I know being Ladybug comes with its risks, but it’s so different when I’m the one in danger compared to when someone I care about is. And I know you’re my partner and that means that what we do we do together, but it’s still hard seeing you hurt, you know?”
He lets out a shaky exhale which turns into an equally trembling laugh. “Yeah, I know. Pretty well.”
For a moment, there is silence. Not the sort from before; this one is companionable enough for Ladybug to sink into its reprieve and enjoy the wordless mutual agreement they’ve come to. Chat Noir extends his hand across the table and offers an additional olive branch, which Ladybug takes and gives a gentle squeeze.
“We can both try,” he says. “Watch each other’s backs instead of… well, blindly throwing ourselves out there?”
“Only you do that,” she can’t help but shoot back.
His mood once again bright, Chat’s lips lift into a grin and he leans back on his chair. “We have come quite a long way, though,” he muses. “I mean, look at us now.” He lifts a leg, and Ladybug wrinkles her nose at the crocs. “We could barely fight together without getting in each others’ way in the beginning, and now even our clothes match!”
Ladybug practically spits out her coffee. “Say that again, I dare you.”
“My fashion is better than yours?”
“I should’ve left you frozen,” she groans.
He shoots her a cheeky grin. “You love me too much for that. Anyway, are we done? I want to order a slice of cake from the bakery cafe too.”
She rolls her eyes and writes a B minus on his worksheet before handing it back. “You didn’t get a C because your writing is nice,” Ladybug informs him with a sniff. “Here, a sticker.”
She pokes it into his cheek instead of the paper, and Chat lets out a laugh. “Goes with my outfit perfectly,” he decides with a wink. “I’ll be back out in a sec.”
Ladybug watches as he disappears through the door, wincing at the way the sun glances off a particularly shiny part of the get-up. It’s awful. So awful.
But it’s a sort of awful that she's grown to love. Ladybug drums her fingers against her cup and feels the warmth seep through even her gloves. There’s a long road ahead of them, with much more fear and chaos and ruin waiting for them outside coffee shops and sunny days and reflection worksheets—but that’s fine because she won’t have to face it alone.
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I keep forgetting how big the MLB fandom is and the fact that a rather poorly written kids show even has such a huge fanbase and then I see Tumblr's yearly statistics and am reminded of it
we rank #5 on TV shows with most posts ?? we beat the whovians and the Sherlock stans? how???
we have 3 of our main ships in the top 100 of ships which btw are separate ships of the same two people (adrienette, marichat, ladynoir)
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gale-gentlepenguin · a day ago
ML What if Part 4
(What if Marinette did go through with her plan in Ephemeral?)
The winning option
3. Ladybug arrives before things escalate further
Spoilers for Ephemeral, and other earlier episodes of season 4
-Luka was about to respond but heard approaching steps.
-"Ladybug is coming."
-Adrien sighed. Deciding to transform and talk to ladybug.
-Ladybug arrived and noticed the tension between Chat noir and Viperion
-"Chaton you dont need to blame viperion for what happened today. It was my fault."
-Chat noir turned to Ladybug, his expression emotionless. He could see Ladybug was clearly feeling immense amounts of guilt from earlier. She had gotten akumatized over everything. Blaming her for feeling there was no way out? Sure he was angry about being tricked, but Ladybug had more than paid for it. He couldn't build anger up against her even if he wanted to. Besides, he didnt understand the full picture, he doesnt even know what her life is like outside of being Ladybug... but someone here did. And THAT was where his anger was pointing towards
-"No Ladybug, you have taken enough responsibility. You came clean about what happened. But there is someone else that hasnt."
-Chat noir's gaze shifted to Luka.
-"So, how long?"
-Ladybug looked at chat noir in confusion. What was he asking Luka.
-"I told you..."
-"No, you actually didnt. How long have you known both of our identities!" Chat noir growled.
-Viperion looked at chat noir. Not answering. There was no way he could deflect it without being a lie.
-Ladybug looked to viperion, only for her memory to flash back to the events of wishmaker.
-"Wait... you lied to me?" Ladybug spoke in shock
-"I told you the truth. Your identities were..."
-"Take off the bracelet." Ladybug's expression was cold.
-Viperion complied handing it over to Ladybug.
-Chat noir had seen Ladybug annoyed, sad, angry, crushed, but this expression was new. He had never seen Ladybug look at someone with such disappointment.
-"I gave you my trust and you lied to my face." Ladybug's statement was a punch in the face.
-Luka didnt say anything in his defense.
-"Do you know how dangerous this is! You knowing both our identities! I told you how dangerous it was, and you kept the fact you knew hidden?!"
-Chat noir's anger had shifted to surprise as he watched Ladybug go off on Luka.
-"Its because I understood..."
-Chat noir knew for a fact that Luka indeed did NOT understand. And Ladybug's expression shifted to something the cat could not recognize
-Ladybug pulled out the charm she had made for herself. And the colors shifted, matching the color scheme of viperion.
-She tossed him the charm.
-"If you really understand, then you will hold onto that."
-That hurt, but Luka looked down, not saying a word.
-"Chat noir. Could you head out for a few minutes. I have a few words that I need to say to Luka alone."
-Chat noir could tell this was regarding her identity.
-Chat noir moved far enough that he was out of sight and out of ear shot.
-Ladybug waited until she was sure Chat noir was out of ear shot.
-"I will be civil with you as a civilian. I will not let you get involved with Akuma fights while I am a hero. From this moment on, You are forbidden from ever being a hero."
-"I understand."
-"You have lost all of my trust. Consider our friendship over. You are just Juleka's brother, and you will never be anything else."
-"Marinette, I was trying to help lighten the load. I now finally see the secret you had to hide. You dont need to hide it anymore. I understand. And I can accept not being a hero. But let me be there for you."
-Ladybug shook her head.
-"You never understood ladybug cause you wouldnt have lied to me. And if you didnt understand Ladybug, then you could never understand Marinette."
-Luka took a moment. He realized she was right.
-"Im sorry, Marinette."
-Ladybug left after that, feeling like she had just broken up with Luka again, but this time it was definitive. No cushioning the blow, she was cutting him out entirely. It was sad, but in a way, it was liberating.
-She arrived on the rooftop where chat noir was waiting.
-Chat noir could see Ladybug was clearly hurting. He gave her a hug. Because he understood that is what she needed, and Ladybug hugged back.
-"Good kitty."
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cassarilladraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Spirit Comic AU - Part 3  Comic Updates On Monday I’m taking Chat Noir not feeling seen way too literally. My bad. I’m realizing how angsty the beginning of this comic is... *taps “angst with a happy ending” sign* Part 1 Part 2  ko-fi
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ladyofthenoodle · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
preview of my pieces (just the lineart) for the @mlbigbang. both of these are for @sariahsue’s story that she’s working on!
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mon-chat-petit · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“See you soon my kitty…”
“I love when she calls me that…”
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xcatmo · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Look Kitty, it's snowing!"
I drew this a couple months ago because I NEEDED to draw Marinette in a poofy winter jacket, and now that I feel that it is sufficiently Winter™ enough I can post it 😌
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chatonne-rousse · a day ago
Love Tastes Like a Tiny Macaron (and Sometimes Like Camembert)
Ladybug notices that Chat Noir finds the Camembert power-ups less than delicious (to say the least) when he's the one who has to eat them instead of Plagg.
After brewing up a new batch of the power-up concoction, Marinette has a discussion with Tikki about their respective beloved felines, and she decides to do a little something special for the best partner a bug could ask for.
Read it on Ao3 here.
It's been a wild week in Paris, at least in terms of akumas.
"When I get to confront ShadowMoth in person one day, I'm totally punching him in the face. I'll bet his face is extremely punchable," Chat gripes as he ducks around the corner, a crash resounding on the other side of the building.
It's a testament to how exhaustingly ridiculous the week has been - and it's only Wednesday - that Ladybug doesn't even chastise her partner for his threats of violence against their nemesis. Honestly, at this point she'd gladly queue up to be next in line and land the second punch (and the third and fourth and so on).
Ladybug peeks around the corner to assess the damage from this particular akuma. Jacques of All Trades has been a pain to fight from the start, a skilled handyman who'd gone unpaid by a client for a large job and decided to show the entire city just how much his time was worth. So far, they've dodged a barrage of wrenches and screwdrivers, spinning drills and one terrifying, larger-than-life circular saw.
Chat's hand at her shoulder tells her he's joined her in peering out from their current hiding spot. They gasp in unison when Jacques of All Trades whips out and ignites a giant acetylene torch. In the evening's dim light, the blue flame casts eerie shadows on the façades of the surrounding buildings.
Quietly, she hears Chat mutter, "Holy crap, he can weld, too?"
The two heroes turn wide eyes to each other and simultaneously reach for their power-ups, he for his pocket and she for her yo-yo's infinite storage.
"Well, LB, are you ready to get lit?"
She snorts. "I'd prefer not to, Kitty Cat. I really didn't wake up today with a burning desire to be scorched by an akuma."
Chat clutches his chest and swoons dramatically. "My Lady! You know your puns set my heart ablaze!
Ladybug giggles as she picks out the tiny orange macaron she'd infused with the fire power-up potion on Sunday for this week's batch and pops it in her mouth. She's pleasantly surprised by the flavor of tangy orange marmalade; it's been such a crazy week, she couldn't have been certain if she'd chosen orange or mango or peach for this batch. The good thing is that all of those flavors are delicious, she thinks, as her suit transforms to magical Nomex around her body and over her head.
She looks up just in time to see her partner gagging on his own wedge of orange Camembert, his face scrunched into a grimace of disgust as he tries to swallow it without chewing.
"Blech," he sputters, sticking his tongue out. "Why couldn't my kwami eat something, anything, less disgusting than this horrible cheese?"
She smiles fondly as she watches him transform, complete with no less than three different poses. (Her partner is so extra, and she loves him in all his ridiculousness.) She pats him on the back when he's finished, flashing him a sympathetic smile through her helmet. "Come on, let's go extinguish his plans!"
Chat's face lights up. "Hell yes! I'm stoked."
Ladybug's surprised laughter rings through the alley as she follows her best friend back into the fight to save the day once more.
Marinette never imagined she'd have an honest-to-goodness cauldron in her bedroom, but life has been full of surprises lately. The hidden box filled with jewelry to which tiny gods with world-altering power are tethered is testament enough to that.
The pipette's glass stem tinks against the inside of the vial that contains Tears of Joy as she gathers enough for the base mixture already simmering on her desk. The liquid turns a cheery shade of purple when she carefully squeezes in the required number of drops for this recipe. Marinette stoppers the vial and rinses the pipette at her sink before setting it on a towel to dry.
After giving the pot a stir, she steps back and glances up at Tikki, cozied up on her bed watching Nailed It! on Netflix. Without looking away from the phone's screen, Tikki reaches for a macaron on the plate beside her and takes a big bite, crumbs falling to the comforter around her. Marinette stifles a laugh at her kwami's sweet tooth...and her love of televised baking competitions.
When the power-up mixture is ready, divided into vials on a little rack where the additional special ingredients have been added, she reaches for the little round box of Camembert that Chat had supplied her with to replenish his supply. Her nose scrunches and her eyes twitch as she lifts the lid and the cheese's essence hits her senses. It's not bad, necessarily, just very, very pungent. She shakes her head and gets down to the task of infusing each wedge.
She's just finished the space power-up when a thought occurs to her.
"Hey, Tik?"
Tikki pauses her show and floats down to her holder. "What is it, Marinette? Is everything okay?" She pointedly ignores the array of vials and the cauldron on the desk.
Marinette smiles. "Everything's fine. And don't worry, I'm all done mixing. Nothing to see here now except stinky cheese."
They laugh, though Tikki makes a face at the smell.
"I was just wondering...why does Plagg like this stuff? Has he always just eaten cheese?"
TIkki laughs again, her giggle a tinkling melody of joy that warms Marinette instantly. She can't help but smile at her kwami.
"Well, the short answer is: because Plagg takes great pleasure in being a pain in the butt."
Marinette snorts. "I'm not surprised."
"But honestly, he's just always loved savory things, the more...let's say piquant, the better."
"Like what?"
"Well," Tikki says, drawing out the word as she thinks, "he's wild about garlic. He's been overjoyed to find it in the foods of so many cultures around the world. Oh, did he ever stink sometimes!" She shakes her head with a fond smile. "His poor holders."
Marinette can't help but agree. She feels bad enough for Chat Noir and what must be a constant scent of cheese emanating from his clothes and belongings.
"Oh, and Plagg loved onions during our time in Bermuda!" Tikki exclaims, clapping her paws at the memory.
"You were in Bermuda? When?"
Tikki takes a moment to think. "That would have been...the early 1700s, if I recall correctly. The Golden Age of Piracy! Oh, that was fun."
The look of nostalgia on her little face is vaguely unsettling. Marinette decides not to ask her to elaborate.
She instead finishes up the ice power-up and replaces the lid on the cheese container before starting on the filling for her own macarons.
"So...when did he discover cheese?"
Tikki's answer is immediate. "Here in France, in the 1400s. Cheese has been around for millenia, but he didn't find his, um...passion," she giggles again, "until he tried French cheese. Then suddenly he was a cheese connoisseur. And I guess the rest is history."
"Why stinky cheese, though?"
Tikki shrugs. "Remember the short answer?"
"Ah, yes. Pain in the butt. Makes sense."
After a beat of silence, they burst into laughter. Marinette thinks of her silly partner and his penchant for being a bit of a pain, too. She has a feeling her kwami loves her own pain in the butt partner as much as Marinette loves hers.
Wiping her eyes and saving the Tears of Joy for next week, she sighs happily and caps the aqua power-up macaron with its waiting top half.
"Well, I'm so glad you like the same sweet things that I enjoy. I feel awful for Chat when he has to power up. Why on earth does he keep eating something he hates?"
Tikki is silent for a moment, and when Marinette looks up it's to find her kwami's expression soft.
"I think there's a short answer for that, too. A different one."
Marinette's eyebrows furrow. Tikki smiles and continues.
"He loves his kwami, Marinette. Simple as that."
She's helpless to the warm smile that lights her face, mirrored in Tikki's expression. They do have two very special cats, don't they?
"He keeps the Camembert power-ups on hand for the times when he powers up before transforming," Marinette marvels, understanding dawning slowly, "when Plagg has to eat them."
Tikki nods.
"And he just gags them down when we have to power up during battle when we're already in our suits."
Tikki nods again. "Your Chat Noir might be the most selfless black cat holder I've ever known. Plagg says he's the best he's ever had."
Marinette purses her lips as her eyes fill with tears. Her mind whirs, an idea forming and growing and solidifying along with her resolve. It's late, but her partner is worth it.
"Are Chat's pockets infinite like my yo-yo?"
"I believe so, yes. They're magic, after all."
Taking a moment to make sure the burner under the cauldron is off and that nothing is in danger of spilling on her desk, Marinette nods decisively at her kwami.
"What do you say to making an extra batch of mini macarons, Tik?"
Tikki grins at her holder. "I think that's a wonderful idea."
A few nights later finds Ladybug playing a card game with her partner on their favorite rooftop after patrol. The night is quiet and warm, the stillness broken by their laughter and friendly banter.
Chat triumphantly lays down his last two cards, a pair of sevens in hearts and diamonds. With a cheeky grin, he points a clawed finger at Ladybug's last two cards. "Hmmm, I'm going to guess that one of those cards is le pouilleux. Am I right, My Lady? Am I?" he asks in a sing-song voice of friendly mockery.
She scowls at him and sticks out her tongue before they both burst into laughter.
"Fine, fine. You win that round, Chaton. But I will crush you next time. Mark my words."
Chat's laugh trails off into a jaw-cracking yawn. He reaches for his baton and checks the time. "Ugh, I should go. Five in the morning comes early."
Ladybug makes a face. "Ew."
"Yeah, ew. It sucks." He smiles at his partner and reaches for her hand to kiss her knuckles. "Well, My Lady, I bid you good night."
"Wait!" She squeezes his hand before pulling away and unhooking her yo-yo from her waist. Sliding the cover open, she reaches into the glowing interior to extract a little rectangular box and meets Chat's confused eyes once more. Before he can make a joke, she holds it out to him. "This is for you, Minou."
She can't help but smile as his expression morphs from bewilderment to excitement to confusion once more as he opens the box to reveal the contents.
"You made me tiny macarons?"
"Well, sort of. I mean, yes, obviously." She takes a deep breath. "I know you don't like Camembert--"
Chat's snort of laughter cuts her off. "Understatement, LB. It's so gross. But it's Plagg's favorite, so..." he trails off, rubbing the back of neck and shrugging, still smiling with a "what can you do?" look on his face.
"I know, Chaton. That's why I made those for you. If...if you want them, of course."
He cocks his head in confusion, looking for all the world like a real cat.
She reaches over the open lid of the box to point at a tiny macaron. "They're power-ups, Kitty. For you. Camembert for Plagg for when you power up before transforming, macarons for when you're already suited up. No more eating stinky cheese for you! It's a win-win!"
Chat doesn't say a word, but his face speaks volumes. He carefully closes the box, sets it on the rooftop beside them, and envelops his partner in a hug. Ladybug smiles as she wraps her arms around him and sinks into his warm embrace. No one hugs like Chat Noir, and she treasures each one.
"I can't believe you did that for me," he murmurs into her hair.
She scoffs into his chest, still smiling. "It's the least I can do, Chaton. Not a problem at all."
"Still, I...thank you. You''re the best, LB."
Ladybug squeezes him tightly once more before stepping back. She reaches down for the box of macarons and places them in his hands again, then boops his nose, delighting in the way his eyes cross.
"What's a little extra baking for the best partner in the world?"
His smile is so soft it almost hurts. Then his brow furrows just slightly as he asks, "But...why?"
Her answering grin is as warm as her heart. That's easy. It's another short answer.
"Because you're my partner, and you're worth it."
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passionfruitbowls · 2 days ago
one thing that i’m an absolute sucker for is pre-reveal mutual pining ladynoir where it’s like. they’re not in a relationship but…it’s not entirely a platonic friendship either, rather they’re kind of in limbo between the two. and don’t even get me started on the fluff and angst potential it has because holy shit. like, imagine:
them telling each other heartwarming and funny stories to pass the time on patrols
gentle embraces after a close call during an akuma attack, in a place where no one can see them, neither of them saying anything at first because they aren’t sure if it’s just a ‘please don’t do that again’ type of hug or if there’s more to it than that
locking eyes when they didn’t mean to and averting their gaze, but not before they both start to blush
sitting/lying together somewhere on a calm evening, wondering what it’d be like to hold the other’s hand 
knowing all kinds of random facts and details about each other, things that they wouldn’t always be so open about with other people, like embarrassing memories or even some of their most troubling fears
wanting to be together but believing that they can’t, for the sake of their own safety and Paris’
i just. gah i love ladynoir so much they make me emotional 🥺
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