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#lan huan

Things Jin Ling will do to get JC/LXC together:

•ask jiujiu to help him enroll to study at CR

•forces jiujiu to have meetings w/lxc to discuss his classes and materials

•ignores wwx shameless questions bc it’s none of his business

•later on JL questions lxc motives towards jiujiu bc he wants to appear protective and not at all as if he is throwing his jiujiu at lxc

•JL pretends to be sick for jiujiu to visit CR only to suggest his jiujiu to speak to lxc about how his classes have been (JL claims he misses jiujiu and fairy)

•JL threatens to release fairy on wwx if he meddles in business not concerning him

•JL also, sort of, threatens LWJ as well, but in his defense, JL will not stand by and listen to LWJ ridicule his jiujiu. (He throws a Lan rule into LWJ’s face w/o even realizing bc clearly the second jade twin forgot his own damn sect rules)

•JL is for certain he is 100% his jiujiu’s nephew but who fucken cares bc he knows jiujiu also likes lxc

•JL cries bc he thinks it’s so fucken unfair how this damn universe and people keep preventing his jiujiu from being happy

•JL begged jiujiu to stay the night bc he misses jiujiu so much but also bc he knows lxc won’t ask him to stay for fear of offending him

•JL is very happy when lxc wants to accompany jiujiu to caiyi town bc that meant lxc was stepping out of seclusion..for the first time…bc of his jiujiu…and not bc jl was being a brat about wanting to eat something specific that cloud recesses DOESNT have.

•Jin Ling: 1, Universe and people: 0

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During a conference being held at Lanling Jin, Jin Ling was being fussy and wanted only his jiu jiu. He cried for hours until the maids had no choice but to pull Jiang Cheng from the conference to help calm his nephew. Jiang Cheng holds a fussy Jin Ling in his arms, quietly singing him a lullaby, as he walks back and forth thru the quiet hallways. Jin Ling clings tightly to his Uncle, one hand tightly gripping his robe and sucking the thumb of his other hand. Lan Xichen was retiring for the day when he heard the most beautiful voice on his way to his room. He couldn’t help but follow the voice and to his surprised, the owner was none other than the sect leader Jiang. Lan Xichen couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Jiang Cheng being the most soft and paternal—a sight he never allows anyone to see. He doesn’t know if it was because of what he witness at this moment, or maybe he never paid much attention, or maybe it was the way the moonlight shined on Jiang Cheng as he sang a lullaby to soothe his fussy newphew…Lan Xichen couldn’t help think Jiang Cheng looked absolutely beautiful.

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Day 3 (although it also fits on day 2 - nostalgia). 

I chose love song, but please remember that it is a typical sad love song. Otherwise I simply cannot determine:

“Don’t Deserve You” - Plumb

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Little Jingyi idolizes his uncle Wei Wuxian very much just as much as how his uncle Lan Wangji does as well. Whenever his uncle would visit them , he would be over the moon.

They would play and sometimes his uncle will tell him stories usually about his parents when they were still young.

Though some stories had some exaggerated fillers in it, he would instantly believe it. His uncle’s words were like gospel to him.

One day his uncle Wei and uncle Wangji came to babysit him because his parents went to tend something, somewhere. He was so ecstatic!

His uncle spend all afternoon telling him a story about his parent’s trip to hawaii for an anniversary. After telling the whole story, Jingyi wanted more but Wei wuxian have run out of ideas to add. He look at his husband who was sitting peacefully in a chair near the window reading a book. Beside Wangji was a picture frame of Jingyi’s parents in a halloween costume from a party a few years ago, suddenly an idea hit him. He made an evil grin internally.

He turned his attention back to the little kid who was smiling gleefully at him.

He gave him a small smile before turning his expression into somewhat of a stern and serious one.

Jingyi’s mouth turn into an “O” . His uncle is about to continue!

His uncle usually likes to emphasize his stories using hand gestures or facial expression. Little Jingyi gulped in anticipation. He’s excited.

“Actually , there is an after story to that.”

“What is it uncle!”

“How old are you now?”

Jingyi blinked, why was his uncle asking him about his age? It confused him but he was curious so he answered, “6 uncle but why?”

“I see, so I guess its time that you know the truth.”

The little kid was puzzled. What truth?

“The time when your parents went to hawaii, you were still a baby.” Wei wuxian made an exaggerated pause which caused more tension growing inside little Jingyi. The kid’s hand that was placed in his lap is now clutching strongly at his pants.

“ On the last day of that trip, Your Papa was resting near the beach while your dad was taking a swim. Suddenly a loud shout was heard from your dad.”

Jingyi’s eyes went as wide as a saucer. “Oh no! DAD! ”

Wei wuxian’s face darkened and grimly, he said “ He disappeared after.”

Jingyi’s face fell.

His lips quivered, a sign that he was about to cry.

Wei Wuxian noticed it but he continued thinking his next words will wipe this expression out of Jingyi’s face.

“And it was later found out that he was taken by mermaids!”

The oblivious child gasped loudly, astounded, he doesn’t feel like crying anymore.

“ A mermaid..” he mouthed in astonishment.

“Then he became mermaid after!”

“Oooooh” he mumbled as he stared at wei wuxian with huge fascinated ,credulous eyes.

“So my Dad is a mermaid ?”

Wei Wuxian made a short pause, thinking. What is something that his little brother never does anymore with his child that the kid doesn’t remember anymore because he’s been a busy man this past few years.

Hmmmmmm…. ah!

“Have you ever taken an actual bath WITH him?” He asked, gravely.

Little Jingyi contemplated seriously as if trying to solve a hard calculus problem, his chubby cheeks puffing out even more as he stared at the wall thinking. Now that he thought about it , his Papa is the only one who always helps him in the bath and the only one who had ever bathed with him.

So he sternly answered, “NO.”

Wei wuxian bit his lips trying to suppressed the huge laughter that was about to succumb from his mouth then he continued when it was safe.

“Did you ever see him wash the dishes?” another thing which he knows his little brother never does even before marriage.

Jingyi thought again, and remembered his papa was always the one washing the dishes.

Again another, “No.”

Wei wuxian covered his mouth with both hands as he make a dramatic gasped. But seriously he was trying to shield his mouth to cover the unbearable upturn of his lips.

“Its because he doesn’t want to touch water!”

Realization hits the little child and he gasped again for the Nth time that afternoon.

He never saw his dad touch water because his dad will turn into a mermaid if he does!

After that day little Jingyi spend the next few days, stalking his Dad all over the house, waiting for him to touch water even sneakily peeps at the haft open bathroom door whenever JC comes in to use it, even in the kitchen while he cooks!

At first JC thought he was imagining things but its getting more and more obvious each passing day. Something is up or he is going crazy!

Because lately he keep finding a toy seashell everywhere; in the table, sometimes in the bath tub when he is about to take a bath and other times in his own bed! as if it was left there for him.



What the actual fuck is happening?

So one saturday night after dinner he ask his little one if something was wrong.

Jingyi innocently shook his head but JC wasn’t convinced. That night after kissing Jingyi’s forehead and bidding him goodnight. He noticed his drawing pad beside his pillow.

He is not one to snoop around but something told him to open it and when he did, everything just made sense!

Gritting his teeth, he silently walk out of Jingyi’s room and now with heavy feet, he stomp his way towards his and LXC’s shared room begrudgingly swearing under his breaths about stupid brothers and their stupid stories.

“I will break every piece of bone of his body and will start from his legs!

He told LXC that night after telling him what he discovered. LXC just giggled in amusement because his husband was so adorable and he can’t wait to see what His little Jingyi drew tomorrow when he wakes up.

This wasn’t the first time Wei Wuxian did this, the other time Wei wuxian told Jingyi that his Papa was actually a robot that his dad bought online during college because he was a sad grumpy introverted single man that needs a companion.

Little Jingyi was just so convinced, specially after Wei wuxian said, ” Have you noticed your papa’s face? He always has this neverending smile! A normal human don’t do that! Have you ever seen him angry or sad?“

JC in Jingyi’s head :


JC when Jingyi drew him:


You can imagine how proud LXC was when he saw the drawing 💙😂

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Jiang Cheng doesn’t like to show weakness especially not to outsiders. He doesn’t like to show that deep down he has a soft heart and cares more for those he love than anyone can imagine. Lan Xichen learns very vividly from the people of Yunmeng just how much Jiang Cheng is respected. He is love by every single person and is apparently all the kids favorite. One little girl said she would like to have a husband like Sect leader Jiang and when she was asked why? She simply smile and said “Because he is kind even when he pretends not to be.” And that was all Lan Xichen needed to hear to know his love for Jiang Cheng deepens every single day.

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Imagine Jingyi as Xicheng’ son who is now in uni, living away from his parents and lives in a dorm with Sizhui as a room mate.

One saturday night, his uncle WWX called him.


“ U-uncle Wei. You don’t need to shout. I can hear you.”


“Seriously uncle. My eardrums!”

“Oh sorry.”

“The last bus leaves in 30 mins, why?”


“ uhmm. I’m kind of in a middle of a situation right no-”

“WEI WUXIAN!!! IS THAT MY BABY?! ” interrupted a drunk JC.


LXC: Baby? You have a baby Jiang Wanyin?! *cries in the background.* A-zhan! Wanyin has a child! I don’t have a chance anymore!

“W-what the fuck is happening over there?! Are my parents drunk?!”


“Don’t fucking ehe me uncle!!!”

“Xichen-ge, stop crying you two are marrie- ah! Huaisang! That is not a bed! It’s a table! and don’t put your head on that cake! It’s not a- arghhh too late. btw Jingyi, language. ”

“S-sorry, how did this happen?!”

“It’s Muscle-ge and Dimple’s aniversary”

“I guess you threw a private party? But I know my parents, uncle. I would understand about my dad getting drunk, but my Papa too? ”

“JC was supposed to be the only one drinking between your two dads but the lan brothers tried a bite of my food-”

“A weiwuxian-level-of-spicyness kind of food?

"A what- oh! Uhm..yes. And besides the Lan, I was the only sober person in the group so I panicked and the waiter nearby tried to help but accidentally gave them white wine instead of water .”

“Holy shit”

“Again, Jingyi language”



That night WWX drop the drunk Xicheng couple in their home, lucky for him, Jingyi was already outside waiting at the front door.


“Papa stop running around! And please put on some clothes!” Yelled Jingyi, chasing LXC around the living room.

“Catch me first! ”

Jingyi halted on his tracks, panting. His Papa was like a little child with so much andrenaline.

When LXC noticed Jingyi stopping, he giddily hop his way towards him asking “are you tired already?”

Jingyi saw this as a chance to catch his Papa “caught you!”


“Missed!” LXC giggled and run away to Hide in the kitchen.

Jingyi sighed and turned his attention to his Dad.

JC was was laying on the floor next to the sofa, crying.


“dad are you okay?”

“who are you?”

“Uhm- you’re son?”

“You are not, My Jingyi is not here. He is in the dorm! It’s late, he is not allowed to go out late! ” he retorted childishly, giving out the poutiest of all pouts which Jingyi thought was quit cute for someone who mostly wears a scowl 24/7.

“In the dorm..” JC repeated, face slowly twisting to cry again, His lower lip trembed as he mumbled his next words,

“Away from his parents.

Away from me.”

His Dad, cried like a little child after.

“D-dad stop crying..” Jingyi sat in the floor next to JC, wiping off every tear that falls from his Dad’s eyes.

“My Jingyi! I miss my Jingyi!

I want to see my Jingyi.”

“Dad I am here.”, he told JC, now combing his hair gently.

JC either ignored what he said or was too busy being emotional to actually hear his son but he suddenly sat up and look like he had an idea , he grab the hem of Jingyi’s sweater, “Let’s go to his dorm. Please ..” he pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

Seriously, his parents are like children when drunk, thought Jingyi and facepalms internally.


Suddenly he heard something fell on the kitchen which startled both him and JC. His Papa!

“Dad wait here. I’ll go check on Papa. I’ll get you water too.”

JC nods like a little kid, pouting.


When Jingyi reached the kitchen, he was greeted with the most ridiculous scene he has ever seen with his Papa. His respectable CEO Papa.

LXC was standing near a counter covered in flour and chocolate syrup.

“Papa what are you doing? ”


“baking?” It sounded more like a question than an answer to Jingyi because LXC wasn’t sure how to do what he was trying to do.

“Aissshh! Let’s go take a bath. ”

He grabs LXC’s hand and drags him out the kitchen.

“but I want to bake Jiang Wanyin cupcakes! Oh and his son too! I want to marry Jiang Wanyin and be the father of his son.

"You don’t even know how to cook!”

When they reached the living room, JC was already gone.

“Where is dad?”

At the corner of his eyes , Jingyi noticed his room door was open. He walk straight there pulling the teary eyed Lan Xichen.

“ I want to cook for Wanyin.” He complain.

Standing from the door. Jingyi saw JC laying on his bed, sleeping peacefully.

“ I have to help dad change in his pajamas later” he mentally told himself, smiling lovingly at his Dad’s direction.

He went to get his papa in the bath after.

“oh! Bath! ” LXC exclaimed excitedly when they reached the tub and saw Jingyi running the tap.

He immediately took off all of his clothes in front of Jingyi who was kneeling beside the tub and his thing was directly right at Jingyi’s horror-stricken face, greeting him of it’s shaven glory.

Jingyi is now scarred for life.


After making sure LXC was already cleaned up and ready for bed he went to his dad , woke him up, then helped him change.

He succesfully got them both to bed that night but when he was about to leave them to get in his own room he was pulled by both and despite the sleepiness overtaking them again, both father was able to muster a soft “goodnight A-yi” .

Jingyi can’t helped but smile, as he hugged his parents back.

He missed them so much.


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