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#lan jingyi

Wei Wuxian : *see Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi holding hands* So, who finally confessed ?

Lan Jingyi : *proud* It was me !

Jin Ling : Don’t be proud. *To Wei Wuxian* He yelled “Listen here you little shit ! I have feelings for you and it’s about time that you acknowledge them !” From the Koi Tower’s roof.

Lan Jingyi : It worked though !

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Lan Jingyi doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He knows he’s not a sect heir or a first disciple or the best student in the Cloud Recesses, but he is a perfectly capable cultivator. He has led a night hunt, he has accompanied Wei-qianbei on essential journeys for Hanguang-jun, and he can beat Jin Ling six times out of ten when they spar. So, the sensation he feels now—complete helplessness—has been unfamiliar to him for a long time.

It’s the middle of the night. For all that Lan Jingyi has a tendency to stretch or ignore certain of the Lan rules, he generally keeps the proper hours by habit. Everything is unfamiliar under the clouded dark sky, the paths that Lan Jingyi can walk with his eyes closed suddenly new and strange. He had woken, and he hadn’t known why for a moment. But then he heard something outside, the noise of someone walking none too carefully down the paths, and Lan Jingyi was curious by nature and untrusting by recent experience, and so he threw on an outer robe and slipped out of his rooms.

There had been a person in dark robes striding between the buildings, and for a second, Lan Jingyi thought it was Wei-qianbei, but that thought passed quickly. This person was stiffer in bearing and seemed unfamiliar with the Cloud Recesses. They were also carrying a sword, unsheathed and at the ready. Lan Jingyi had not thought to grab his own sword when he followed the noise. He’d been expecting a young disciple sneaking around, or maybe someone returning from a night hunt, or even someone taking a walk to find peace from troubling dreams. How did this person get through the wards?

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jin ling and lan jingyi are two students who got out into a breakout room by a teacher they hate, and they spend the first two minutes in silence or arguing, and the last twenty minutes complaining abt their teachers

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~dream a little dream of me~

the other side of the feared sandu shengshou~

(meanwhile Lan Xichen is combusting in the back from all the love and feels for his little family)

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Imagine if the Lans own a huge company that makes dolls and Lan Wangji especially made a pair for his beloved nephew,

1. To make little Jingyi Happy and

2. To annoy his brother’s husband 🤭

Isn’t it just a Win-Win situation for him? 😂

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oyzz is babey and jl highkey simps for him like ljy simps for lsz.

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*points at that last pic* hey op fuck you

anyway, more zambo au.

I keep trying to think about what wwx’s research was, but i’m not smart so.

the Lans all have miltitary cool boy training, jingyi however, is a fucking high school student, so.



my AUs are here for me to throw ideas out there and do nothing with it

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Young Jiang Cheng: I’m 15, that means I’m grown up now. Stop treating me like a babie!

Young Jiang Yanli: Well, here’s your lotus shoot soup with rainbow unicorn shaped crumbs in em’!

Jiang Cheng: [in small font] thank you….

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Lan jingyi: What are you, 5?

Jin ling (snorts): yeah, 5 heads taller than you.

Lan jingyi:

Jin ling:

Jin ling:please don’t kill me.

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hc that jingyi and zizhen are fandomers and by that i mean they live off of the trashiest of romance books and fanfiction

one of them thought twilight was good and the other hates it and i do not know who is who

zizhen cries over chinese romance dramas (as you do) and jingyi is there to give him tissues and yell at the dumbass main characters

occasionally they facetime and read books together and jingyi makes the weirdest facial expressions and zizhen always giggles

anyways that’s the end, TL;DR: they’re best friends goddamnit

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