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however, the core of this blog is a MDZS ask/rp blog, and despite the rather large following, I have to beg for asks each time. I’m very sorry that I cannot respond with art - I would love to, but I do not have the facilities to create digital art worthy of your expectations. I can, however, hold a conversation and have a chat with you! So please, send me asks!

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A little songbird’s feet pitter-patter overhead, before it starts a cheerful chirping. Sizhui rouses pleasantly, blinking up to the ceiling to follow the bird’s song. It sounds like early hours at Cloud Recesses, just after morning meditation when the sun creeps over the hills and the skies burst into colour behind thin trails of clouds. The ceiling above him, however, is very unlike Cloud Recesses, and the warm smell of wood and bamboo meets his nose. With a squeak, he turns his head to the right, and takes in the secluded room he’s lying in. Lattices separate the room’s sections, and curtains and tassels of sea-green gauze provide some more privacy for the bedchamber.

Lotus Pier, he recognises.


With a swift flutter of wings, his songbird flees, but Sizhui has little time to mourn that loss of peacefulness.

“Sizhui, you’re awake!” In a clutch of flapping white robes, Jingyi deposits himself on the bed, and his face has broken into a wide smile at seeing him.

“Jingyi,” Sizhui returns, and he notices how dry his lips feel when he smiles back. The other seems to notice immediately, and grapples for a set of ceramic cups, in which he hastily pours some water.

“Here, here, drink,” he babbles, and his hand is unsteady when he brings it to Sizhui’s lips. He can’t lift his head too high, but leaning sideways works well enough to sip from it.

“What—what’s happened?”

“You scared us!” Jingyi accuses. “You’ve been unconscious since we were in that creepy tomb, do you remember that?”

He looks away, brow furrowing. Does he remember?

- Chapter 5 up on ao3

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I was pestering @kotaboda the other day with the concept of the junior quartet as a boy band, so now I’m unleashing it on all of you as well

Jin Ling  would be sold as the “tsundere” member, to his immense displeasure. He’s always so pissed off, but for some reason fans eat it up and adore him for it. The times he’s tried to complain about it, everyone reacted with “awwww look at him being embarrassed”, so he has learned to go with it (very begrudgingly).

Sizhui is what fans call the “church boy”. He’s seen as the innocent one, especially in comparison to the chaotic mess that is everyone else. If he says something or acts in a way that is even slightly rude or not as innocent, people go crazy over it.


Jingyi is the true troublemaker of the band. If there’s controversy, it’s because Jingyi either started it or is currently instigating it. Some might say he’s too rude, but everyone agrees he’s the only one that doesn’t give a fuck and so says what everyone is already thinking. Because he’s always justifiably angry/rude, fans always forgive him without a second thought.

Zizhen is the one band member that’s always cracking jokes and making interviews less awkward, he has an insane amount of charisma. If Sizhui is the perfect boy, Zizhen is the nice boy next door. He’s also a huge romantic and whenever he’s allowed to talk he ends up spewing poetry. If you dare call him average looking expect absolute hell from his fanbase.


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Okay so, I wanted the juniors to see and experience the real story of WWX, since they only know about the rumors and WWX never really speaks of his past actions, so they only heard about the ruthless and heartless Yiling Patriarch and how most of his story has always been twisted and inaccurate so i kept thinking how would the juniors react if experiencing what wwx had? how will their view on him change. And so the main idea became a fic which I’m not sure how long will it be since I’m currently working on it but I’ll drop some chapters now.

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I could read a 100k novel about the juniors going on night-hunt adventures, being help (and sometimes, saved) by Wen Ning and occasionally accompanied by Wei Wuxian who would make them question everything they think they know.

No angst. Just fun, mystery and kids being silly

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jl not knowing how to friend is just. canon for me. the first time he meets someone around his age who isn’t attempting to use his status or bully him is oyzz, and they rarely see each other. it’s very sad. so all he really has is fairy. fairy is pretty much his only friend until he starts night hunts w/ the lans. at the beginning he just kinda sticks with oyzz, but eventually he warms up to lsz. he’s not 100% sure about ljy yet, but he knows that ljy doesn’t mean any real harm. he gets much closer to oyzz, but still feels jealousy over the two lans & their close-ness. he doesn’t say anything bc he isn’t gonna try to lose the two friends he just made. eventually, probably much later when he grows more in his friendship with them, he gets over it. lsz probably knew but didn’t exactly know what to do & ljy is an oblivious boi.

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Never Did Run Smooth

by raisedbyhyenas

T, 12k, zhuiling, background wangxian

Summary:  Did you hear? Sect Leader Jin Ling got himself accidentally engaged to Lan Jingyi?

(Or: Lan Jingyi’s very good, totally flawless plan to get his two best friends to hurry up and date each other already)

My comments:  Oh, the angst and stress and mortification and second-hand embarrassment. Jingyi thinks he has such a GREAT PLAN, but then… it doesn’t spawn any of the results he was looking for, and Jin Ling is so terrified of doing further damage to his sect’s reputation that he just… resigns himself to it. And Sizhui doesn’t understand what happened, but he’s SAD and HURT, and Jingyi keeps tripping up in the increasingly tangled web of his well-intended lies.

Happy ending!

post canon, pining, misunderstandings, confessions, matchmaking, bad matchmaking, friendship, fake/pretend relationship, (on one side), angst, @raisedbyhyenas 

(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

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lan sizhui can actually use three sects’ fighting styles??????? he can use gusulan’s since that was what he learned growing up, but easily picked up and copied yunmengjiang’s too by watching jin ling, and also qishanwen sect’s because wen ning might have taught him how. lan wangji really raised him up good and fine, we all know lan sizhui’s gonna be an excellent cultivator.

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So, small poll for my friends and others who are into The Untamed for fic writing purpose:

A fic that I am writing involves small child Lan Jingyi (starting before he meets Sizhui and Wangji), and for plot reasons, small child Jingyi requires a stuffed toy/stuffed animal. Probably this will be some sort of real animal, but I’m open to mythological/story animal suggestions as well.

What should I make the stuffed animal?


  • Cat (has some symbolic elements that work well, but some that don’t)
  • Fox (has some symbolic elements that work well, but some that I would have to wrangle with, and some potential weirdness)
  • Otter (specifically probably one of these guys: Asian small-clawed otter; I would have to do some research on the symbolism to decide if I like it, but adorable)
  • Something else that I have not yet thought of (not: bunny, he doesn’t have that connection yet)

Am I putting way too much thought into this? Maybe. Do small details like this in fic make it more fun to me? Absolutely. Is this stuffed animal going to be used in explaining where Jingyi’s fear of ghosts comes from? Very much so.

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