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#lan qiren

People kept looking at Lan Qiren whenever his nephew performed some shameless act with his new husband. 

As soon as Wangji had said some outrageous thing, or let casual touches become something more despite an audience or simply let Wei WuXian crawl all over him at all hours of the day irregardless of decency, looks would dart in Lan Qiren’s direction.  Anticipation turning to bafflement when he only scowled and carried on with his day with nothing more than a shake of his head.

The truth was, he wasn’t surprised in the least.

Wangji had, since birth, been an aggressive cuddler.

In his cradle he’d cry himself hoarse if he woke to realize someone had dared to put him down.  Once he started crawling, Lan Qiren had worried about a keeping an eye on him - remembering with no fondness the time A-Huan had scooted himself off the porch - but A-Zhan’s destination was always someone’s lap.   As a small child taking his first, toddling steps, he preferred to grab hold of someone - usually an enthusiastic Xichen - rather than any steady bit of wall or furnature like other children. 

During visits to his parents, A-Zhan always seated himself on his mother and father’s laps.  His mother had coddled him; curling her arms around him and pressing kisses over his hair every few seconds.  Qingheng-Jun had tentatively pressed his palm to his tiny son’s belly and pressed him to lean securely back against his front - every uncertain of this little life he’d helped make, but done little to raise.

Lan Qiren himself had been a frequent throne for his second nephew during mediation. 

If he was seated and Wangji were nearby, inevitably determined little steps would bring him to Lan Qiren’s side.  Eyes closed, he would listen to the soft taps, the light swishing of cloth as his nephew decided his method of approach for the day, then a warm little weight would settle on him.  Sometimes on his left thigh, sometimes to the right, occasionally between his legs and then he’d feel a distracting bump of the top-knot he’d help tie that morning against his sternum.

The only tantrums Wangji had ever thrown as a child were when Lan Qiren decided he’d been indulged too often and grown too old for it anyway and began forbidding such clinging.  Especially with Xichen.  It would have done the face of Gusu Lan no good for word to get out that it’s second master was in the habit of winding around his elder brother like an octopus whenever opportunity appeared.

Watching Wangji as a grown man, eyes narrowing in pleasure like a cat’s as his husband plopped into his lap and threw his arms around his neck, winding his own arm around Wei WuXian’s narrow waist, no, Lan Qiren was not the slightest bit surprised.

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The infamous Wen-Lan switch I had in mind. Wen ruohan is the youngest between lan qiren and nie zhenxiang, at the beginning of the fic they’re all pretty young.

Have fun with these almost 500 words.


Wen ruohan almost tripped when he entered the room, in his defense someone had placed a small chair right in front of the door and there was no way he could’ve known that from outside. That wasn’t troublesome in truth, his brothers saw him trip over much obvious things, included his own feet during their first night hunt together, years before, what really troubled him was the small laughter coming from the man inside, the darkness lingering in his voice, the way his lips curved up when he turned his head, the way his eyes had an almost wicked gleam in them. It wasn’t the man he grew to know, it wasn’t the man who became his sworn brother.

“Da-ge told me you were sick.” he started, he pushed that fear he felt away from his voice, he tried to remain calm. “and I’m afraid I need to agree.”

He moved a couple of steps toward him, swallowing.

he’s like a beast, - he thought worried. - I’m pretty sure he can smell fear. So don’t be scared. He’s still your brother… Somewhere.”

“sick?” lan qiren mused and crooked his head to the side. He was sitting as always, by his desk in his personal study chamber, with more papers and books open than wen ruohan had ever seen. “Da-ge worries too much, you know. Come, come here. Let me show you something.”

He wanted to run, run far away and as fast as his legs could carry, run to Qinghe and beg their older brother to do something. To protect him. Because damn, yes, wen ruohan was scared. Really scared this time. Instead he took a tentative step forward.maybe he could help. Yes, yes, he could try.

“good boy. Now, look. - lan qiren pulled out of a sachet a shard glowing darkly in his hand, instinctively wen ruohan took a step back. - isn’t it beautiful? Can you feel it’s power?”

He could. And that scared him even more, he simply nodded and looked away.

“xiang-ge doesn’t want to help, you know? I think, - and here he lowered his voice with a little chuckle, so uncharacteristic of the always serious lan qiren. - I think our Da-ge is too weak to feel it’s power. But you’re not. You will help me, right? You’ll help your er-ge.”

He stretched a hand to touch his head like he did so many times before, but wen ruohan turned and ran out of the room, barely managing to suppress a loud, and very unproper, shriek.

His eyes, once so kind and gentle, had glowed red for a brief moment. That wasn’t his brother anymore.

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(Masterpost) (Other Canary Absurdity

Warning: Spoilers for All 50 Episodes!


Message from the Lan Clan

After dinner the Yunmeng bros go to talk to Jiang Fengmian in his study. They’re quiet and respectful here, with no shoulder-shoving or arguing. This scene has such Brady Bunch energy, where Dad’s Study is the Man Place where boys come to talk about Serious Things.

The boys tell Dad Jiang about the Yin Iron and he says yeah, I know. This is probably why he let them run off on their road trip without punishing them, but he could have, like, shared data with them so they might have actually achieved something related to the Yin Iron, rather than just wandering around the countryside bonding with Lan Wangji and Nie Huaisang.


He shows them a letter from the Lans that basically says the Lan Clan is in the shit, and he tells them they’ve got to go to the Wen indoctrination because otherwise they will also be in the shit. 


He gives the boys a warning about the Yin Iron, which is that 

1. it can be refined and 

2. if you refine it carefully, it will not control you. 

Awesome tip, will definitely use, thanks pop.

(more behind the cut)

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read on AO3

Qiren is of the opinion that if anything bad is to happen, it will most likely happen in the summer.

Something about the heat and long days brings trouble and, of course, this year trouble finds Wei Wuxian.

“Lan Zhan, I’ll be fine,” Wei Wuxian rasps out, pulling his hand out of Wangji’s grasp and shooing him away. “You’ve been here for days. Go take a break. Uncle will take good care of me.”

“Wangji,” Qiren says, standing behind him, “Clan leaders have been kept waiting. Go see to your duties and rest afterwards.”

Wangji sits there, staring uselessly at Wei Wuxian for a few more moments before nodding slightly and moving to stand.

“Uncle,” he says with a small nod, “Wei Ying…”

Qiren almost wants to roll his eyes, but years and years and years of practicing restraint stops him. Qiren has only taken care of hundreds and hundreds of sick and injured disciples. Does Wangji think his own uncle will not be able to handle watching over one sick Wei Wuxian? It’s almost insulting.

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Part 1 Part 2 (here)

So this is part 2 of my WCZ and CZS don’t die and raise WWX and he breaks into Cloud Recess ficlet. It’s longer than I thought it would be and really just deals with the opening ceremony of the Cloud Recess lessons. I did my best, and mostly skipped over dialogue that was in the show but unneccessary to repeat. Also, this story isn’t beta’d, sorry.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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(Masterpost) (Other Canary Goodness)

Warning: Spoilers for All 50 Episodes!


Okay! This episode is a real slice of healthy family dynamics, not triggering in any way. [Uh if this is your first Restless Rewatch: that is sarcasm, dear readers]

Goodbye to You, Goodbye to Everything We Knew

Nie Huaisang asks why Meng Yao has to leave and Meng Yao says “I killed a guy without permission, so your brother fired me." 


Ha ha ha ha no he doesn’t. But he does give Nie Huaisang a sweet, sad smile; he seems touched by NHS’s distress. 


Meng Yao carefully removes Nie Huaisang’s hands from his shoulders and bows to him, wordlessly signaling the change in their relationship from intimate friends to formal strangers, while Nie Huaisang looks crushed. 

They will return to intimate friendship in the future, but falsely. Meng Yao believes that truly loving a person can include destroying their family and using them as an instrument in your murder plots as long as you don’t directly harm them.  Nie Huaisang eventually learns to use people just as brutally, but he doesn’t lie to himself about what he’s doing. This farewell may be the last harmless moment between these friends. 


Jiang Cheng is distressed by what’s going on, while Wei Wuxian crosses his arms and watches, fully in Sherlock Holmes mode, instead of his more usual concerned-for-my-friend mode. This may signal mistrust of Meng Yao, who refused his initial attempt at friendship, and not in a sexy, slice-your-face-off way.  Or it may mean that he’s reserving judgement on a complicated family situation. He maintains his uncharacteristic reserve through the entire encounter. 

(more behind the cut!)

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LQR: Wangji’s knowledge of rules and polite sass mixed with that horrible Wei boy’s skill at breaking any rule he learns and inability to stand by and listen to nonsense. We’re doomed.

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I’ve seen a lot of fics where Wei Ying starts using the colors of the Lan Sect, either completely or certain things only, but I haven’t seen any where Lan Zhan is the one to use his husband colors.

If he were to use all black, or at least a bit of red in his clothes, I am sure Wei Ying and Lan Qiren would die on the spot (for different reasons obviously)

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