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#lan qiren
robininthelabyrinth · a day ago
Cangse Sanren and Lan Qiren being friends and cssr dragging him into shenanigans, like the cloud recesses trio and a platonic version of wangxian?
“I cannot believe you did that,” Lan Qiren said.
“I can,” Cangse Sanren chortled, slapping his back in delight. “I totally can!”
“You do remember that I’m the acting sect leader now, right?” Lan Qiren asked, rubbing his temples. “I can’t just run off and take breaks whenever the mood strikes me.”
“Oh, I’m aware of your role,” Cangse Sanren said. “Don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong with my memory.”
Probably intentionally, that distracted Lan Qiren from the actual subject of conversation at once.
“I assume that you are in jest,” he said sharply. “There is a great deal wrong with your memory. You have the poorest memory of any person I have ever had the misfortune of sharing a classroom with.”
“I wouldn’t say poorest –”
“The only creature on earth that has a memory to rival yours, Cangse Sanren, is the goldfish.”
Cangse Sanren put her hands on her heart. “Ouch,” she said. “Ouch. When did your tongue grow so sharp, Lan-xiao-gege?”
He glared at her. He’d told her a thousand times not to call him that, and she only did it when she felt like being annoying.
“Couldn’t you at least have compared me to a bird, Qiren-gege?” she complained, smoothly apologizing-without-actually-apologizing the way she always did. “That way you could still get the insult in, calling me a birdbrain, only it’d be a little less hurtful –”
“Fine,” he said. “Are you familiar with the golden-headed cisticola?”
It took her a moment.
“Qiren-gege!” she howled. “That bird is less than three cun long! Its brains can’t even fill a thimble!”
“A perfect match, then,” he said tartly. “For a wit like you.”
Cangse Sanren tried to continue being offended, but her lips were already twitching; it didn’t take more than a moment before she was laughing hard enough to bring tears to her eyes.
“How do you even know about that bird, Qiren-gege?” she asked, giggling and snorting like she was an especially cheerful pig. “Doesn’t it mostly reside all the way away in Yunnan?”
“I read books,” he reminded her. “How do you know about them? Weren’t you raised your whole life on a single mountain somewhere?”
“Mm, new subject!” she said, extremely unhelpfully. “You need to go out and gain experience for yourself. How else can you call yourself worthy of upholding the important office of Sect Leader Lan?”
“I’m the acting sect leader, and nice try. Not all sect leaders go out on night-hunts of their own.”
“Lao Nie does!”
“Sect Leader Jin doesn’t.”
“Well, yeah,” she said. “But who do you want to be more like? Lao Nie or Jin Guangshan?”
Lan Qiren winced.
Smelling blood in the water, Cangse Sanren grinned. “It’s not a break, not really,” she wheedled. “It’s a night-hunt! You have to uphold your sect rules, don’t you? Uphold the value of justice! Perform acts of chivalry! Banish demons, establish laws, immortalize the Dao!”
“Why is it,” Lan Qiren said mournfully, “that you can’t remember what you were doing yesterday or if you’ve ever met some important sect leader that you were once classmates with, but you can immediately recall the Lan sect rules whenever you’re trying to be annoying?”
“I can do anything, as long as it’s in service of being annoying. I call it ‘the rule of annoying’. Now just give in already! We’re going night-hunting!”
“We have to make sure nobody finds out about this,” Lan Qiren said, inspecting the damage.
“You’re joking, right?” Cangse Sanren said, bouncing on her heels. “I’m telling everyone we know at once.”
“I heard you went night-hunting recently, Sect Leader Lan,” Wen Ruohan said, settling down into his seat comfortably – the usual set of announcements that kicked off every discussion conference were being made, and that meant at least a half-shichen or even a full shichen in which the Great Sect leaders had nothing to do but talk amongst themselves.
Well, he said ‘talk’, but ‘joust’ might be more accurate.
Lan Qiren’s eyebrow twitched.
“I heard about that as well,” Jiang Fengmian put in, probably innocently – he wasn’t the sort of person who deliberately tried to get a rise out of people, unlike most of his peers. He was, however, closely associated with Wei Changze, who was very close with Cangse Sanren, and there were rumors abounding that he was in love with one or the other. “You went with Cangse Sanren, didn’t you?”
There it was.
“…that is correct,” Lan Qiren said. He sounded as if he were gritting his teeth.
Wen Ruohan’s lips curled up into a smirk and he tilted his head to the side, casting a look over to Lao Nie to see if he could incite him to join in on the fun – now there was a man who was always up for causing trouble, even for people he liked.
Make that especially for people he liked.
“How exciting,” he said smoothly. “That would be your first solo night-hunt since you were confirmed to your role as sect leader, wouldn’t it? You must tell us about it.”
Lan Qiren looked alarmed.
As well he should, if even half the rumors about what happened on that night-hunt were true.
Wen Ruohan had initially wondered, upon reading the reports, whether Cangse Sanren had somehow managed to get Lan Qiren intoxicated – that Lan sect weakness rearing its head in yet another generation, that entire family cursed to be unable to handle either their liquor or their love – but had ultimately dismissed that theory as improbable. She might have managed it once, but multiple times?
Not even he could accomplish a feat like that.
“Oh, yes!” Lao Nie put in, eyes bright with humor: he must have read some of the same reports Wen Ruohan had. Really, Lao Nie would be a lot less dangerous if he actually was the idiotic muscle-bound friendly-but-temperamental dog-man he sometimes pretended to be, but sadly fate had gifted him with an astute set of brains as well. “You must tell us everything, Qiren. If I have to listen to the recitation of rules one of more time, I may be forced to decide between taking my own life out of boredom or flipping a table and starting a fight.”
Wen Ruohan discreetly inched back from the table. He wasn’t the only one, either.
“What’s so interesting about a night-hunt?” Jin Guangshan asked, very unhelpfully. He was fanning himself with a gilt-gold fan – which might actually be a solid gold fan, now that Wen Ruohan was looking at it. Utter extravagance: more expense and less utility. Classic Jin sect. “Surely there are more interesting ways to pass the time than talking about something like that.”
It was not, Wen Ruohan reflected, that Jin Guangshan had not read the reports on the highly entertaining antics that Cangse Sanren and Lan Qiren had apparently gotten up to while tearing a path through the countryside – sometimes literally, in the case of one poor mountain that probably even deserved what was coming for it if Lan Qiren had been involved – but rather that he thought that it served him better to appear older and more mature than the persons who had been involved with it.
He was wrong, of course. Childish behavior had nothing to do with the amount of respect a person got.
Just look at Lao Nie.
“I agree,” Lan Qiren said quickly, clearly looking for a way out. “There has been a great deal of activity in the cultivation world as of late, and –”
“There’s plenty of time to talk business later,” Wen Ruohan interrupted. He wasn’t going to let Jin Guangshan ruin his fun. “I want to hear about this night-hunt first.”
“Me, too,” Lao Nie said, and Jiang Fengmian nodded genially.
Lan Qiren looked trapped.
“Tell me,” Wen Ruohan purred. “What’s this I hear about – chickens?”
“Whatever you do,” Lan Qiren told Cangse Sanren. “Whatever you do, you are not to let anyone – and I mean anyone – find out about the thing with the chickens. Do you understand me? No one.”
“I understand you completely,” she said, nodding and smiling fit to burst. “You don’t need to worry. My lips are sealed tighter than a winecask being buried for preservation.”
Lan Qiren looked at her.
“…everyone’s going to know before the month is out, aren’t they.”
“Absolutely everyone.”
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yukussmileee · a day ago
Lan Qiren: That concludes today class, any questions?
Jingyi: *raises his hand*
Lan Qiren: yes?
Jingyi: If a male shaves his pubic hair,
Sizhui: here we go again…
Jingyi: but doesn’t shave his butthole does that mean he has a dick mullet?
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stellarflex · a day ago
Tumblr media
Credit : Alice Onnanoko Naji
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crossdressingdeath · 2 days ago
Talking about WWX & LQR relationship reminds me of a crack fic I read recently. It's called "as it should be" by Sienne and it involves time-travel; Post-canon LQR travels back to pre-study at CR arc and notices it's way too quiet and peaceful without having WWX around so he goes to Jiangs and takes(read: kidnaps) WWX back to CR 😂
Honestly I can see it. LQR just like "I hate that horrible Wei boy! Want him back, though."
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hattedhedgehog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm absolutely onboard the idea of "Lan Qiren is super supportive of Wangji's sexuality, he just happens to be Wei Wuxianphobic in particular"
(In fairness he never specifies WHICH nephew he's talking about so. Xichen you're not in the clear either.)
[Image description: a cartoon of Lan Qiren portrayed in The Untamed, holding up a sign that says “I love + support my gay nephew, I just wish he had better taste in men.” He has a rainbow wristband on his right arm.]
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neenya · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
au where everything is the same but lan wangji turns into a bunny when he's sad 🥺🥺🥺
(based on iliacquer’s sad bunji thread on twitter, link to thread in the comments)
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junesea · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the untamed + text post meme part 3 / part 1 / part 2
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danhoemei · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Permission granted by the artist. Do not repost or edit without permission. Support the artist on their page 😊
Artist: leafimochi
Sources: 1, 2
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neverdoingmuch · 6 months ago
i would die for the post-canon lqr and wwx dynamic of them becoming close family through extreme acts of pettiness that aren’t even petty. lwj wakes up one morning to find wwx not in bed beside him and usually he would think ‘oh he pulled another all-nighter /: i’ll have to make him take a nap later’ or whatever but last night they definitely fell asleep together. fortunately, he only has a moment to be like i have been abandoned most cruelly, most unjustly before wwx bursts into the jingshi, covered in flour and his hair all disarray. and lwj is like ??? where have you been?? and wwx turns to him and he’s like lan zhan look i’ve made steamed buns for your uncle! his favourite sort! lwj is like that’s nice but why? also how do you know that? (even lwj doesn’t know what his uncle’s favourite type of buns are)
wwx looks him dead in the eye and is like well the other day when your uncle and i had our weekly tea i was telling him about a theory i was working on and then the next day he gave me a book from his personal library that was honestly really helpful and i’m so annoyed at him for doing that so i’m making him his favourite snack as revenge. and lwj has many questions,,, but mainly he’s wondering when his uncle and wwx started having tea together with a dash of how did he find out what his uncle’s favourite sort of buns are,,, but wwx’s already running off and lwj is just left alone in the jingshi to get ready for his day, abandoned most cruelly,,, like three hours later he sees his uncle reading some reports while eating wwx’s buns and every time lqr takes a bite he sends the bun a betrayed look like he can’t forgive the fact that they taste good. 
and honestly,, that’s all i want,, wwx and lqr being like yes (: we have brunch together every tuesday and we know each other’s favourite foods and things the other person would like and i look forward to talking to him but obviously we don’t like each other and lxc is like uh okay (: that sounds about right (: while lwj is just glad that his family is warming up to wwx. 
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neenya · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HAP BIRTH LAN WANGJI. break as many rules as you can; it’s your day, king!!!
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shiruba-tsuki · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back then, during the first siege of Burial Mound, Jin Guangshan led the Lanling Jin Sect, while Jiang Cheng led the Yunmeng Jiang Sect; Lan Qiren led the Gusu Lan Sect, while Nie Mingjue led the Quinghe Nie Sect. The former two were the main forces, the latter could’ve gone without. Now, the Lanling Jin Sect’s leader hadn’t arrived at Burial Mound, having only sent people for the Gusu Lan Sect to command; with the Gusu Lan Sect still led by Lan Qiren. Nie Huaisang replaced his brother’s position, shrunken within the crowd, his face still full of ‘I don’t know about anything’, ‘I don’t want to do anything’, and ‘I’m just here for the numbers’. Only Jiang Cheng was still the one surrounded by hostile energy, face insidious, staring straight at him. But... Wei Wuxian looked slightly to the side. He saw Lan Wangji, who stood beside him, without any of hesitation, any thought of withdrawing. But, this time, he wasn’t alone anymore.
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Literally everyone, but especially WWX: the Lan Sect is so strict, no wonder LWJ is the way he is, he grew up surrounded by those rules...
Meanwhile, in the Lan Sect: *NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED until LWJ says so* *NO PETS ALLOWED except for LWJ's rabbit* *NO DEMONIC CULTIVATORS ALLOWED except for LWJ's husband*
Truly baby of the family priviledge
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