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#lan sizhui

Writing a fic where WWX still dies but none of the Wens or Jin Ling’s parents (meaning he probably died a while before… and also JZX and JYL are in charge of the Jin sect and also MY just straight up never left Nie sect, he’s their kept boytoy) and Lan Wangji still adopts A-Yuan. So. When WWX comes back to life (in a body that still turns out to be JGS’s kid but isn’t MXY because plz let JL have his crazy uncle and also i want JC to adopt MXY and be a super protective parent to him lol this fic is 100% self serving deal with it) it still goes fairly the same as canon with Dafan mountain and WWX calling WN to save the kids. But. Since none of the Wens died. And Lan Wangji is all about family now days. Lan Sizhui knows his family. And as soon as the adults give the all clear that things are safe again. He goes straight for Wen Ning and hugs him.

WWX is very confused. Maybe random Lan baby got attached to his soft ghost???? Sure. He can accept that. In fact, it’s exactly what Wen Ning deserves, is to have a gaggle of teens ready to give him hugs whenever possible. That’s perfect. Thank you, random Lan child.

But then!!! Wen Ning!!!!!! Calls him A-Yuan!!!!!!!!


He be sobbing all over and cuddling the confused (but accepting) Lan Sizhui while Wen Ning is all ‘oh??? Did we not know that was Wei Wuxian???? Cause I knew as soon as I saw him’ and now Jiang Cheng is SOBBING and trying to cuddle WWX in the same way WWX is holding LSZ and JL is super embarrassed at his uncles and trying to hide with MXY who’s just straight up confused by everything and WWX’s convo (him yelling and LWJ shrugging) with LWJ basically amounts to:


LWJ: I mean. Not like you was usin it anymore 🤷‍♀️

Anyways bye.

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The 1st year Lan Zhan starting to raise ah yuan


He has zero experience on how to raise a kid, and with physical & emotional pain of losing Wei Ying and also being in confinement, he became so frustrated, then have this crazy idea to put little ah yuan in rabbit’s colony after he saw 1. And so he did, he put little ah yuan on the ground and let him play amongst the rabbits, giggling in happiness despite everything that had been happening. He looked at his father with a wide smile on his face, Lan Zhan can’t help but smile, he’s sitting nearby with guqin on his lap, doing what became a routine since wwx’s death : inquiry.

He tried and he tried to communicate with weiying’s soul but found no trace of he’s whereabout, the genuine happy smile of Lan Zhan turned into a pained smile knowing he could not find weiying’s soul, in desperation he still talk, hoping weiying would hear it “Weiying … Where are you? I just want to tell you that i miss you and i don’t know how to raise ah yuan so i decided to just put him amongst the rabbits to play with. Can you see his wide smile? Weiying i …” Lan Zhan can no longer speak as the tears began to flow down his face.

As time passed by, Lan Zhan gradually accepting weiying’s passed and focusing on raising ah yuan


When his confinement was over while searching for weiying’s whereabout (bcoz he still has some doubts) when he returned to cloud recess he went straight to find his son and spent most of the time with him. Because in ah yuan he found weiying’s part that lives within the kid 😭, a bittersweet reminder of his love one.

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Lan Wangji: Why did you tell Wei Ying what his birthday present was?

Lan Sizhui: *not lookin up from his book* Why did you tell me my daddy was just gettin milk at the store and not in jail for thirteen years?

Lan Wangji, who didn’t actually expect his imprisoned husband to get parole: …Ahh… *leaves*

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The Untamed is really out there like “here are 3 minutes where barely any words are spoken but there’s lots of silent looks and you WILL get emotional and might even tear up because of reasons” and i’m very here for it tbh!!

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Turns out Lan Wangji says a lot, he just says most of it through music. If nobody understands, that’s not his problem. Until Lan Sizhui. Then, it is precisely Lan Wangji’s problem.

Or, Lan Sizhui learns about his adoptive fathers, a story in three songs.

Rating: G

Word Count: 7k 

Tags: Wei Wuxian/Lan Wangji, Lan Sizhui and his dads, ptsd, grief/mourning, hurt/comfort, music

Read on AO3

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Listen. Wei Wuxian is an absolute force of chaos. He takes the Juniors on a night hunt and they’re all afraid to act out and be wild because they don’t know if he’s gonna encourage them tonight, or ground them for a month. It depends on the type of acting out and also whether or not the payoff turns out to be worth breaking rules for. One time he told LJY ‘yeah, sure, you can punch a bear, but that’s gonna be it’s own punishment’ and I stg it took four whole juniors to hold LJY back from finding out what that punishment is gonna entail. Listen, should he be in charge of these babies? Probably not. But have they learned So Very Much under his tutelage? Fuck yeah they have.

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Alright so at the last grand sect meeting there were exactly FOUR (4) kids who kept calling me ‘uncle,’ some of which I’m pretty sure are my siblings’ kids, others I have never seen before in my life. So I’m just going to go through them all here, from most to least certain that they’re actually related to me.


Okay this one’s easy- Jin Ling, 100% certain we’re related, cuz I was there right after he was born. Calls me JiuJiu but only when he wants something. Kind of a brat, but honestly, knowing how bad Ah-jie spoiled me and Wei Wuxian growing up I shouldn’t have expected anything less. He’s got a heart of gold though, 10/10 would spoil him some more.


Please don’t judge, but it took me a while to remember that this one was actually my kin. But honestly even if he WASN’T, I’d be fighting tooth and nail to take him on as a Jiang disciple. Just??? He’s such a polite little fucker??? He always greets me so kindly and tries to be helpful when he and Wei Wuxian come to visit. The first time he called me ShuShu he looked like he was gonna cry he was so nervous, like how is this kid so sweet??? Who did he possibly get that from???


Alright this is where it gets tricky. Who’s freaking child is this??? He just started showing up to sect meetings with my brother and no one offered an explanation. Did you and Hanguang Jun adopt again??? Should I have sent a present??? Maybe he’s Zewu-jun’s kid??? Idk but this boy can put some food away, I swear to god this lil fucker comes to these meetings just to eat me out of house and home. He calls me Sandu-Shengshou to my face but I know for a FACT he asks Jin Ling if “SHUSHU” will let him swim in the ponds at Lotus Pier (the answer is no!!!)


Okay you CANNOT fool me here!!! This is the Ouyang kid!!! I know this one’s father, and I know that he is NOT my brother, so how could this one possibly be my nephew?! He’s NOT Ah-Jie’s!!! He’s NOT Wei Wuxian’s!!! So he’s not— …Actually if a kid is deliberately trying to create a found-family for themselves, you really shouldn’t turn them away. Idk what goes on in the Ouyang sect, but this kid is welcome in Lotus Pier at anytime. 

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“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Nie Huaisang asked. “A night hunt with those juniors of yours, perhaps?”

Wen Ning shrugged. “Everyone went home for the New Year.”

“And you went…to the Unclean Realm? Which, correct me if I’m wrong, you’ve never been to before in your life? Or – un-life?”

“No. Never.”

Nie Huaisang was developing a headache. “Wen Ning. Why are you here and not in Gusu? You might not have much family to celebrate the holiday with, but you do have one.”

“Yes,” Wen Ning said, ducking his head. “But you don’t.”


“I don’t need your money, Nie-zongzhu.”

Nie Huaisang fanned himself and gave a long, overly dramatic sigh. “I know! You have all the coffers of Lanling behind you, thanks to young master Jin Ling, and naturally Gusu wouldn’t let you go hungry – or, well, you know what I mean – and everyone knows they’re rich. The little drop from my Nie sect would disappear into the ocean of your unclaimed riches.”

Wen Ning stared, mouth agape.

“I was just saying that you didn’t know how to spend it.”


“We’re drinking buddies now,” Nie Huaisang explained.

Wei Wuxian kept smiling, then not smiling, then smiling again. “He – can’t drink.”

“That seems like a problem you should fix, then, doesn’t it?”


Nie Huaisang spent each anniversary of his brother’s death kneeling next to his memorial tablet, as if belated piety could make up for all the years of rejecting his brother’s outreached hand just because he didn’t like his manner, of making a mockery of the things his brother held dear, of preferring Jin Guangyao because of an ounce of indulgence and few stupid trifles given as gifts. He wondered if his brother felt the same way about their father: an entire war against the Wens, justified by external evidence as it might have been, driven by a teenager who felt he hadn’t done enough when it was still possible.

Maybe that was the real Nie curse – a failure to communicate, and then regret.

Wen Ning nudged him a little, shoulder-to-shoulder, to break the pall cast by gloomy thoughts; he’d started keeping him company on these vigils. In return, Nie Huaisang would light incense and burn money for Wen Qing, and helped Wen Ning sweep the site of her grave on Qingming.

Some things only a useless younger brother could understand.


“Wen Ning?” Lan Sizhui was happy to see him, as always, though he couldn’t quite stop the confusion from seeping into his expression. “It’s good to see you.”

“Forget that,” Lan Jingyi interjected. “What are you doing sitting in the sect leader’s place in the Unclean Realm?”

“…Nie Huaisang got bored,” Wen Ning said. “I’m temporarily filling in.”

“As – sect leader?” Jin Ling asked, eyes suddenly intently interested. “Is that a thing?”

“Not really,” Wen Ning said apologetically. “My instructions are to just say ‘I don’t know’ to everyone that asks anything.”

“But Sect Leader Nie hasn’t done the head-shaker routine in years,” Lan Sizhui said, puzzled.

Wen Ning shrugged. “He said that if his sect could deal with it for over a decade, they can deal with it for the week he takes to go to the beach.”

“The beach,” Jin Ling said enviously. “Say, do you think I could pull the same trick with Fairy?”

“I don’t see why not,” Lan Jingyi said at once. “You’re both small and hairy beasts – stop hitting me! You’re a Sect Leader! You should act like one! Wen Ning, tell him!”

“Don’t ask me,” Wen Ning said. “I don’t know.”

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Au idea I’m too lazy to write a full fic for atm

Title: Thoughts to the deceased, may love revive you

As Lan Wangji and had secluded meditation, instead of actually meditating, he would be sending prayers and good thoughts to Wei Wuxian, or simply updating on his life and asking about Xian’s.

Lan Wangji has to keep his eyes closed, not because he truly cares about perfecting his false meditation, but bc his heart feels a heavy weight when Wei Wuxian isn’t in the picture. If he’s going to think about Wei Wuxian, he wants to invision him. He wants to try and reclaim all the looks Wei Wuxian made at him. His irresistible smile was forever ingrained into his mind, the cocky laugh that voiced confidence and the gentle hands that comforted him only once, when they were stuck in the cave.

His messages started off sounding quite childish, but he bared no shame. They eventually grew into him releasing his pent up thoughts.

“Wei Wuxian, the weather is really nice today. I bet you would have loved to go hunting.”

“Wei Wuxian, I hope you are doing well. I hope you are accepted wherever you are and that you are resting.”

“Wei Wuxian. I miss you. You were so misunderstood by those around you and their thoughts caused your misfortune. I miss you. I want to hear your laugh again to let me know I have nothing to worry about. Your smile signaled good things would come.”

“Wei Wuxian, Wen Yuan is doing well. He is very talented, much like you. You both might not be related by blood, but every now and then I see you in him. Wen Yuan is very quick to action and is thoughtful, although he is more well behaved than you.”

“Wei Wuxian, I’ll wait for you. It’s so cold, as though a long lasting winter has cursed me. My body aches for you and your warmth. I’ll wait an entirety if I have to, all just to feel your hands on my body at least once.”

Lan Wangji made sure to send messages to Wei Wuxian at least 3 times a day for 13 years. One day, as Lan Wangji was getting ready to pray before heading to bed, he heard the sound of the juniors whispering in rushed tones.

He walked over to the group, nearly scaring them all to death. “What happens to be the matter to make you all so panicked?” He asked Lan Sizhui.

“Hanguang Jun,” Lan Sizhui bowed, “we didn’t want to disturb you, but we heard this man saying something strange.”

“What was he saying?”

Lan Sizhui made a complex expression before admitting, “he kept saying your name, over and over again. So we took him in, he doesn’t seem like a threat, but we couldn’t get him to tell us why he wanted you. I’m sorry to disturb you during your meditation time.”

Lan Wangji felt as though his heart might beat out of his chest. The man infront of him didn’t look like Wei Wuxian, but he decided to let his hopes go up. Stepping closer to the whining man, did something unexpected happen. When Lan Wangji got fairly close to the man, the man started scurried into Lan Wangji’s lap and started to sob.

The juniors were beyond shocked at the moment, but Lan Wangji felt confused tears surface his eyes.

“Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan I heard you. I got your messages. Lan Zhan I’m so tired. It’s so hard. Lan Zhan please don’t let go of me. Lan Zhan never leave my side again.” At this point Lan Wangji didn’t care about his appearance and started to grip the stranger as tears fell down his face.

“Wei Ying, is it you? Have you come back to me?” So much sadness echoed in Lan Wangji’s voice, everyone felt a sudden pain clench their hearts.

“Yes Lan Zhan. It’s me. I’m back. I made it.”

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33 & 34

1. It really shows the motivations of everyone there when they all ignore Wei WuXian and go for the tiger seal instead.

2. It is really interesting to me that Wei WuXian chooses suicide twice in such a short span of time. The realization that he really was going to die didn’t give him an extra spark of will to live. He threw himself off a cliff and was caught by Lan WangJi but it honestly wasn’t really enough to have one person who wanted to help him. He hates himself too much to give himself redemption and he’s trying to convince Lan WangJi that he’s too terrible too. I wonder who would have won that tug of war if Jiang Cheng hadn’t come and made the decision for him. His life definitely isn’t worth Lan WangJi’s.

3. My mom is so confused about why there’s more story after this. Listen. We did not come all this way just for a tragedy. Tragedy is everywhere, we need a story that offers us a second chance and we are going to get it.

4. Soft WangJi.

4.2 HOW DOES HE SEEM SO MUCH OLDER!? I am truly convinced he’s aged 16 years but I don’t know why!?

4.5 Listen. Three years. That is such a long time. To take three years to recover from and complete his punishment. Wei WuXian meant that much to him. And he didn’t regret a damn thing. He is made of powerful and unyielding love.

4.6 Lan WangJi has changed so much. He has come to terms with things while Wei WuXian was dead and he knows that he has to trust him. And he just does. That’s incredible.

5. I’m definitely thinking about the special edition shot of Lan WangJi in the cold spring.

6. This time around I can tell Lan WangJi is annoyed that his song is being brutalized. Maybe ‘cause it’s so on purpose. Fuckin’ hilarious that Lan QiRen gets so mad he pops out of a coma to yell about it.

7. Okay. How do they not recognize Baxia? I see that it doesn’t look like itself but why? Plot reasons probably.

8. It’s!!! Your child!!! And he’s brilliant!!! Way to give him the recognition he deserves!!!

9. Ultimate Disaster Bi moment. “Excuse me I am an exceptionally good looking human and you must render me as such if you’re going to profit off of me!”

10. I’m gonna teach my nephew manners! *dog appears* I will not be teaching my nephew manners!

10.7 Did he not want to tell Lan WangJi why he’s afraid of dogs cause he’s embarrassed of living on the streets because he was orphaned? The self esteem issues run deep.

10.8 Lan WangJi is so patient with him. That is such a clear indication of his love.

11. I love it when Lan WangJi messes with Wei WuXian. He never expects it so it’s always extra hilarious.

12. God, Jiang Cheng has really just been stewing in bitterness for 16 years hasn’t he.

12.4 You were wrong, I think a little of his mother did make it in there.

12.9 Wei WuXian and his emotional constipation. Can’t just tell the kid he wants to help him. Gotta knock him out.

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Do y'all ever feel so devastated at seeing Wuxian just sit down and crumble upon seeing the Lan Sect uniform and be reminded of an old comrade, confidant & soulmate—who he thinks has lost his trust? Because I certainly do…

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